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You have sixty seconds to justify why a society with access to FTL starships, energy-based handguns, and all the standard sci-fi insanity would have individual people who sometimes use swords without resorting to Dune personal shields or Star Wars psychic powers. Keep in mind that it must be a rarity to see dudes with swords instead of guns.

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Because they're cool.

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Two people in good social standing may have a duel over serious disputes.

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Maybe because using blades inside a ship (especially while traveling through space) or advanced installation is less hazardous than using ranged or kinetic energy weapons. A stray shot might hit something sensitive. Dunno.

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>Posts a picture of Raiden
>A cyborg person with a High Frequency sword that can cut faster than the naked eye can see into almost any material

You answered your own fucking question.

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Cyborgs/androids can move swords faster than bullets can reach them.

Molecular edges that are able to slice through things far more efficiently than firearms.

Firearms are tightly regulated, perhaps even having an on-board OS or fingerprint IDs that can prevent unauthorized users or be shut down/self destructed.

Guns are simply not that useful in close quarters combat.

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laser swords would be useful for cutting through metal barriers, walls, and people in armor

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With so many planets, that vary a lot in technology, many of them are bound to have melee weapon tradition.

Also, fashion.

I have a question though, are they common or standard issue in the cadia-like-standard regimen? I don't think they are.

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What kind of swords?
Can they somehow reflect energy based handguns or some other shenanigans?

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> ranged energy or kinetic weapons*

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High-speed regeneration could make melee weapons useful again, specially inside space ships where you shouldn't use powerful explosives.

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Hilariously, all four of those are used in the Metal Gear games.

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It's pretty easy, actually, when those people move faster than the bullets your guns shoot.

When too individuals are fast as fuck to outrun firearms they start relying on melee combat.

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With access to medicine that can basically cure death, the only effective weapons are those that cause mass disintegration (probably only possible with a star ship or gigantic cannon).
You can make honor dueling a thing, or perhaps instead of training thousands of troops, whole wars over resources are settled by a few ultra-elite warriors.
Since they can be regenerated later, they prefer weapons that cut cleanly and don't exasperate the healing process.

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melee combat is a test of skill, strength and honor.

Some settings it does not belong in, like Mass Effect. Remember that one jack off from Mass Effect 3? fuck that guy. He was a clown.

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regular swords? no
high frequency blades? yee

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He wasn't a clown. Clowns are entertaining. He was a little bitch. You can tell by him dying like one.

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Fair point, anon. fair point.

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New body armour is basically invulnerable unless you use a particular material to damage it. This material is extremely expensive, so making bullets out of it is prohibitive. Instead you just make a blade.

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So not arming all forces with swords this way (logically) you only arm a handful (why?)

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They're just so fucking good that a sword is enough for them to butcher armed future soldiers.

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Some kinda HF/submolecular blades exist that can cut through armour that small arms find troublesome.

Cyborgs could be fast and durable enough to get close without being confetti'd.

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>posting Raiden as your example
>not that Nightwing-looking asscunt from ME3

That fucker was so annoying.

I don't even care about the cyborg ninja thing. Cyborg ninjas are cool and I'm currently making people look foolish as one in the Overwatch beta. But that cunt was such an insane shitter.

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I didn't read the "rarity" part. Still, change so that ranged weapons are not useless but they need sustained fire to make a dent or they are ray/laser weapon that while they don't penetrate they overheat the armor causing damage to the guy inside.

Still se the "extremely expensive" part for why you arm with swords only an handful of your best guy.

see the extremely expensive part.

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>Clowns are entertaining
since when

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See: extremely expensive and rare

You ARE arming all the people you can: like 1 badass out of every X thousands

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Because energy storage has become really goddamn insane and with the right knowhow a guy could wreck some serious shit, so energy weapons are only used in full-out bald-faced war.
So even occupying forces and peacekeepers use slugthrowers. Citizens with the proper permits can carry sidearms openly in public for defense and have bigger guns at home for militia duties, but anyone can openly carry a blade.

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They can fuck up the equipment something fierce, though.

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Let's try and come up with something unusual...

Massive energy shields are the norm.
Not omni-directional fields, but like unidirectional hardlight shields or some nonsense. Shooting won't do shit, and you're often in buildings or cities so you can't really surround someone, and besides you're hiding behind your hardlight shield too.
Thus you want to get in close and fuck them up. And you don't want to be waving a gun around the edge of the shield and hoping you hit them, so you bring a blade. And the other guy with the shield knows it so he brings a blade too.
And then you get into this weird standoff with people slamming shields into each other and trying to entrap the other's shield or strike around it.

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>Guns are simply not that useful in close quarters combat.
/k/ here, you get that silly talk elsewhere, mmkay?

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Phalanx fighting but with gun kata and occasional swords?

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So 5 non badasses has to fire 5000 shots combined, made of extremely expensive shit, when those 5000 shots could have been used to make say 5 swords that can be recycled when they die. I fail to see the logic in this.

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standard military body armor can easily stop 4 or 5 good hits from your typical military rifle of similar quality.

however it's also possible(and moderately expensive) to generate a plasma sheath around a specially made blade that can cut through that armor like its nothing. the tech can't be economically miniaturised enough for use as an effective ranged weapon (the sword needs to be hooked up to a backpack mounted battery,). guns have decent rate of fire so there still the better weapon in most situations, but in close quarters such as building clearing or boarding actions sometimes a sword is more useful, thus most militaries maintain a small number of specialists who primarily fight with swords.

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grenades are gonna be real popular here.

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Pretty much. Plus shield charges. Maybe with jump packs.
Maybe even with collapsable laser polearms if we're willing to make the sci-fi even softer.

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These desu (to be honest) senpai (family). Duels can still be a thing and you can use swords in those. This thread was over by the 2nd post, bakas. (shake my head)

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When are they not?

I'm guessing for the whole "point your shields down the corridor" mentality they'll be in small groups or pairs to avoid a single grenade taking out a force though.

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You don't want to accidentally break a window when it's nothing but VACUUM outside of one.

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The unobtanium needed to produce phase swords is so rare that only a dozen can be made per year in the whole galaxy. But they can cut right through a starship.

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Depends how close the quarters are - I'm pretty sure it's agreed that if an engagement begins within a certain distance, a knife is better to have than a gun.

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because some people have class, unlike of you, filthy casual

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Someone overdid the armor/shield. Small rocks at high speeds are pretty bad at penetrating them, actually most things are. Some fire arms are still in use against shields if they are big enough thanks to the speed of the projectile. To deal with it someone thought of launching some big energy balls/pulses kind of thing that moves at subsonic speeds. Melee weapons are popular because you have suits that enhance your physical capabilities and honestly a skilled person can dodge such a thing even without that, and those guns are fairly predictable. There is also the fact that melee weapons can usually deliver way more power with more precision compared to ranged energy weapons.

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Ship based combat could be a bad place to shoot lasers in
Close Quarters is always a possibility

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Widespread gun control.

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Why would anyone build a spaceship with such a blatant disregard for structural integrity when you can just project a live video-feed of the outside on walls to simulate windows? Or just use materials that withstand small arms fire?

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In the Forever War, Earth's military scientists designed this sort of null field that neutralized bombs and guns and fried any living being that wasn't properly insulated in a combat suit. It projected a sphere about 50 meters in diamater and a team of soldiers would carry it around, making them for all intents and purposes invulnerable.

Then the aliens they were fighting walked into the shield carrying spears and started tearing open the humans' space suits. So the humans started carrying shields, swords, and bows.

It was the year 3000 and they were all back to fighting with Bronze Age weaponry.

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>You have sixty seconds to justify
No, I don't. You either justify the trope yourself in your own setting or don't use it at all. There is no gun to my head, only a thread on an image board.
Now do you want ideas, or do you just want to sound smart by bitching about something intentionally ludicrous?

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-Low complexity
-Can be obtained and used virtually anywhere

If you're going to end up in close combat situations, you're going to need close combat weapons.

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Congratulations on being a bigger faggot than OP.

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Hell if I know.

Also, Cameras can be tampered with in ways a window really can't be. All a person would have to do is show a loop of SPACE outside the moving vehilcle and the camera is rendered a blind spot that the crew is completely unaware of.

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Thanks, I try.
>You have sixty seconds to justify why you move forward in a video game by pressing a button or stick, when in real life you have to move one foot in front of the other repeatedly. MUH REELISUM!!

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A knife in the throat is as deadly today as it was two thousand years ago and will likely be as deadly in two thousand years time as it is today.

...assuming we still have throats by then.

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implying our neck fat wont be thick enough to stop the bleeding, if not prevent the knife from reaching the arteries.

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If there is a space marine like soldier, then sword-fucking like 20 dudes with guns would be faster, more resource efficient, and safer, due to that the guns may hit something critical.

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simple, phase resonance.

Just like the ruststalkers in 40k. Their weapons have to hit you a few times to find the frequency to bypass your armor, which is different for everyone made. And lasers and bullets dont tend to get a second chance to hit something.

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Congratulations on again beating the Thread Faggot record. How do you feel to be the undisputed champion? Any words for the people at home trying to become massive faggots?

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The 21 foot rule only applies when your gun is holstered and your opponent is already attacking. It also assumes that you're stationary while your opponent is moving.

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That's kinda retarded. 50 meters is well within the range of ordinary bullets.

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>Keep in mind that it must be a rarity to see dudes with swords instead of guns.
Why this arbitrary restriction?

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Because it's a great way to kill someone in space, just slice their suit into ribbons and vacuum does the rest for you.

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I destroyed his shield and his HP bar on Thessia, bringing it down to 0 before he could recharge. The game still had the gall to just regenerate everything two more times so that the entire sequence would play out just as Bioware scripted it.

Kai Leng was symptomatic of everything wrong with ME3. It was an on-rails shooter.

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The main character says that any projectiles fired into the shield will slow down rapidly because nothing can move faster than a certain speed (faster than a person can move but slower than a bullet) then disintegrate when it leaves because of energy displacement or something.

The protagonist internalizes that he has absolutely no idea how it actually works because his degree in physics predates the technology by centuries.

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Don't forget that epic letter be wrote for you or how the other NPCs talked like he was death incarnate.

Such a badass.

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That still doesn't mean they should be using swords and shields, just slow moving projectiles. Hell, they're still in flamethrower range.

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They do. Read the goddamn book. It's good.

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Space is so impossibly vast that looking out a window is really not a good way to determine what's out there. It's a pretty sight, but not overly helpful. It's better to use long-range sensor systems instead.

Which is why cloaking devices in space should focus more on hiding the ship's thermal/radioactive signature rather than actually concealing the physical hull of the craft.

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Because they exist in a bizzaro universe like 40k where armor technology has managed to mostly outpace weapons technology.

>> No.43579255


They use bows and arrows.

Because of the physics of the field, no complex projectile weapons can even function because it requires a level of energy displacement that just isn't possible when inside the field. A flamethrower just can't work inside one of these.

I probably should have mentioned that light can't even move into or out of it and the soldiers have to use some weird filter in their suits to see at all.

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Because Human Beings are not Logical. We do shit because it's cool or because we just want to.
When someone says "I want to look out into space" they don't mean through a Camera, they mean a Window. So Space Ships have Windows.

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If i remember right the field actually fucked with how fast things could move at an atomic level so a lot of chemical reactions just didn't work.

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Didn't you know Jack? The desire to seek perfection and use of the blade is a Meme, encoded into the very soul of warriors. No one is immune to the control of the Memes, especially not you.

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They're a race of peaceful scientists, so they use two swords: one that cuts everything so they can look at it, and another that puts things back together.

Of course, they are also believing in other races' natural right to liberty and freedom so they don't believe in restraining, kidnapping or knocking unconcious anyone they want to study the insides of.

So swords and non-lethal battles across the galaxy.

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Why the fuck are you going through extra effort to indicate that you are intending to use your shitty twitterspeak? Just fucking drop it.

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the worst part is when he jumps into the helicopter or whatever and despite being a vanguard and being capable of fucking teleportation you just barely miss catching him and stop trying (what the actual fuck Bioware)

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It's a meme you dip

>> No.43580240

I thought there was No Stealth In Space™?

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So memes excuse autistic bullshit?

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Because a relatively common level of body armor can withstand gunfire/energy weapons reasonably well, while a power field/molecular edge/other sci-fi justification is able to largely negate that durability. Therefore it is quite reasonable to arm certain soldiers that are dedicated solely to close-quarters engagements with a melee weapon, and it is often reasonable for them to prefer it over a firearm.

Also/Or, there are enemies that fight almost exclusively in close combat, meaning that a close-quarters engagement is almost inevitable when facing them in any significant number.

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You weren't wrong the first time. Those weapons have a lot of kinetic energy.

>> No.43580671

But what's to stop people from developing a suit of armor that also gives you a shield on the other arm or the back?

>> No.43580674

Because a sword in the hands of a badass works just as well, if not better, than a gun in the hands of a badass.

Why? Because they're a badass. It doesn't works like that? The sword badass just cut up the 12 man kill team sent to murder them, so obviously it does. I don't know what's so confusing about this.

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The same reason marine and navy officers will have swords in uniform: tradition and pride.

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I seriously hope someone was fired over that character.

I get that Cerebus needed someone to fight against Shepard, and the Illusive Man wouldn't work as a combatant, it just isn't his thing. I really do get that.
But that fucker was just awful. In every way.
What they should have done is throw more AI robots at you for boss battles. Shepard could actually fight and win pyrrhic victories as he destroys the mech but fails in stopping whatever objective it had. Shep would be seen to still be a damn good soldier and not some pansy who can't shoot straight in cutscenes and forgets he has hardlight drones/magic/snipingskillz.
I mean Cerebus can build mechs that can keep up with a Spectre strike team and they build ONE. And for a spy mission to steal data and that's it? Nah, they'd print out dozens of sexy robot assassins, and you know it.
It just makes sense, it makes the robot assassin shit make sense at the beginning if it was the buildup to fight more and more upgraded versions down the line. But then the Snake Wannabe's Wannabe showed up.

>> No.43580798

I'm going to say power constraints and emitter strength and a heaping handful of handwavium. I don't know how superspace shields work so I'll pretend they work that way. Otherwise you'd just make hardlight armor and take 0 fuckin dmg.

Loosely based it on a fic I read elsewhere which had similar energy shields, with different races going for superheavy shields or ultramanouverable. Humanity going for a mix that was fairly manoeuvrable, unless linked into a shieldwall in which case it became stronk enough to tank serious turret fire.

>> No.43580936

Well, you could probably still end up making a suit with 3 shields if you made it large enough, but all that means is you effectively get really heavy armor that can't be shot in the back as easily.

Not having a full bubble shield could be due to the limited shapes the shield emitters could make. They couldn't handle fine contours to work as actual armor, so you'd only be able to have a bubble at best. The bubble itself would be many overlapping shields, which means they'd need to be rather stationary to get proper coverage, and would also use a lot more power compared to just one or two.

>> No.43580985

No. He's simply infected with a memetic virus and compelled to spread it.

Welcome to the future, where viruses are digital.

>> No.43580988

At that point you've got a mech. And that's fine. I like mechs. Mechs covered in hardlight armor plates is cool.
But the infantry will have single super-resistant shields and jump packs and... This is Titanfall isn't it? Mechs with complete energy shields, jumpy around infantry in small groups which both specialise in urban combat.

Gunkata hoplite Titanfall isn't something I intended but I'm happy to imagine.

>> No.43581021

Not to mention his role as "Cereal Killer" in the novels.

>> No.43581034

Well, you don't need to have the mechs or heavy armor with multiple shields be nimble. Heck, maybe three shields is the most effective they could have on a small humanoid frame, and all the other heavy armor is just tanks with shields.

>> No.43581084

The arms race is fucked.
No weapon lasers yet.
And all normal guns have muzzle flashes, allowing melee droids to deflect them effortless.

Even inside Spaceships, you just need armored suits that is a little stronger than the walls. The end result is that if the enemy open fire with high power weapons, you risk breaching, friendly fire, and damaging systems.
The suits don't have to entirely be physical, parts of it can be carried by exoskeleton muscles and a supplementary force field.

And maybe something like a high explosive gas that is undetectable, to prevent enemy from fielding high caliber weapons.

This is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and why there is battleaxes in SPACE.

>> No.43581099


I remember a thread here once where someone talked about how they like making villains empathetic. Someone responded by saying that the best villains are the ones you outright despise, and posted a picture of that shitfister.

None of us were having it. There's bastard characters, and then there's cringeworthy nothin' personnel kid characters. And then there's Kai Leng.

>> No.43581131

I'm not even sure if I hated him. I just didn't want to have to deal with it and wanted him to go away so I could play the good parts of the game.
I hated more what he stood for, the design behind him and the lack of editing than the character himself who was so 2-dimensional I didn't even care about the dude himself.

>> No.43581197

Actually, that's pretty much the exact scenario I was trying to imply. All of humanity a worthless mass of Dredd-styled Fatties or cyborgs.

>> No.43581198


I don't know, I really hated him.

I hated his idiotic anime ninja cyborg art design.

I hated how he served no narrative purpose other than to show up and kill characters from ME2

I hated his shitty 2good4u attitude

I hated how I beat him several times with all the dignity afforded to Team Rocket, but he still sent me that goddamn email just to tell me how much I suck.

He's not the worst character I've ever encountered in a work of fiction, but he's pretty bad.

>> No.43581222

You see raiden has cyborg implants that allows him to outrun bullets and missiles.

>> No.43581226

Probably used more as a tool for cutting through stuff like hulls or walls than a weapon

>> No.43581248

I loved that about him, really, espcally the email.

His head was stuffed so far up his ass, it made eventually just casually snapping his blade, and then beating his face in all the better.

>> No.43581354


Hence the hiding your bloom...

Seriously though, stealth in space is possible, but not for very long if you have to move people around in space. A big-ass radiator that you _know_ is pointing away from your target is about the best you can do, but that's not going to work for very long

>> No.43581365

Noblest weapon.

>> No.43581400

Because defensive technology has become so advanced, from inertial fields to advanced ecm to anti-balistic nanoswarms that instead of spending the time and effort to figure out what sort of protection your opponent is packing and try to figure a way around it the simplest solution is usually to walk up to them and stab or slash them somewhere vulnerable with something sharp.

>> No.43581452

Perhaps man-portable weapons have become so powerful that their use is restricted under some kind of future Geneva Convention, and even allies would rescind their support to anyone barbaric enough to use them.
This society might also be actively working to keep war from becoming impersonal proxy wars between say AI controlled ships.

>> No.43581467

Seriously, Kai Leng was a joke. In fact, i actually WANT to see him like that, because it`s too hard to actually believe someone thought that kind of character was a good idea.

The guy was supposed to be this all around badass, but was so freaking pathetic. I mean, he was stopped by a terminally ill guy! But somehow, everyone says he is a badass and we should fear him, and somehow he manages to kill a biotic who is WAY more powerful than him and any of the supposed "awesome" things he did.

Seriously, Kai Leng was as bad as a dick shaped Reaper.

Actually, a dick shaped Reaper would be pretty funny.

>"Hey guy, you know what would be cool?"
>" The faggot lovechild of Nightwing and Raiden"
> "Brilliant"

>> No.43581524

so G-Gundam?

>> No.43581565

We're playing Traveller, and nobles in that setting use swords for social duels and stuff.

Most fighting people carry guns, but nobles are socially obligated to possess swords, even if they don't carry them on their person.

>> No.43581567

Swords don't as easily cause hull breaches when you miss.

>> No.43581586

Because in a society with all those things, having a guy standing around with a gun is just as realistic as a guy fighting with a sword. They should be piloting some kind of autonomous weaponry by then.

Guns are not forever. We'll find better ways to kill each other eventually.

>> No.43581928


You're clearly not using swords properly.

Remember, the cutting edge and sharpness of a blade is proportional to the fighting spirit of the welder.

>> No.43582309 [DELETED] 

wow look family (senpai) to be honest (desu) you should really just chill because you're making me shake my head (baka)

>> No.43582383


I was certain that it meant "So Much Hate" actually.

>> No.43582719

The sword users are able to teleport, a la Nightcrawler.

>> No.43582868

Guns are illegal outside of the military/police in most colonies and stations, and advanced sensor technology makes this ban actually enforceable. As a response to this people started getting good at swords as a means of self-defense and/or doing illegal stuff. Companies realized that there was a market for melee weapons, and so they started selling high tech vibroblades and shit all over the place. Over time this led to a culture where a soldier carrying a sword was considered as normal as a soldier carrying a sidearm.

>> No.43582878

Since ur a comdom

>what are shotguns.

>> No.43582994

Yeah, because sensors are great.
Your eyeball, meanwhile, isn't so hot.

At the kind of range space combat would be occoring at, the patch of light from the enemy ship would be smaller in your vision than the individual rod cells in your retina.

>> No.43583043

The shields emit electromagnetic fields which extends from the sides. Placing them in proximity, especially perpendicularly, results in interference which reduces shield coherence.

>> No.43583189

it was a statis field generator, and it had an upper limit maximum speed inside it, so missiles and bullets would pass through, but immediately drop in speed... when they hit the otherside, they would regain speed, but dump energy and, effectively, explode.

>> No.43583236


Only if the person with the gun doesn't have it out and the person with the knife does have it out and is standing right in front of the other.

Or are you one of those guys who think people actually have to pull the slide back on their handgun after they draw it?

>> No.43583259

So why couldn't they just shoot heavy chain shot in there to knock people on their ass and drag them out with sheer mass.

>> No.43583375


Wasn't anything Haldeman conceptualized, though it was revealed later on the aliens were really bad at war because they hadn't experienced it in thousands of years

I don't think that would have worked anyway given how he described it. Since the soldiers were wearing heavy combat suits, were thoroughly trained in how to use them, were operating on all sorts of planets and moons so gravity was an issue, and again the ceiling for maximum speed was so slow I don't think anything like that would have successfully pulled anyone out of the shield anyway.

Not that that would have been particularly effective since once dragged out, the chain shot would disintegrate and the soldier would probably have just been able to get right back up and walk back into the field.

>> No.43583462

Honor duels determining major matters of state.

Also: rule of cool.

>> No.43583669

Space pope blessed 777 swords and distributed them across the multiverse according to the will of our lord, meca-Jesus 3.

>> No.43583723

You have sixty seconds to justify why a society with access to FTS æroplanes, explosive-based handguns, and all the standard information age insanity would have individual people who sometimes use knives without resorting to Dune personal shields or Star Wars psychic powers. Keep in mind that it must be a rarity to see dudes with knives instead of guns.

>> No.43583911

So here is the deal: think of the development of personal armor just like the development of tank armor over the last 70 years. So initially tanks were just guns mounted to big iron boxes that bashed the piss out of each other with bigger iron bullets. This is basically like knights in shining armor pounding the piss out of each other with warhammers and maces. To mitigate the damage of large kinetic weapons tanks just added thicker and thicker armor until the big bullets couldn't penetrate them anymore.

Now weapons technology has to advance if it wants to defeat the thick iron plates. So they develop smart weapons that simply bypass the thick armor. Now you have shaped plasma charges and explosively formed penetrators that can melt through thick armor in a millisecond and fry everybody inside. How did armor defeat this? It removed a lot of the thick metal layers and added heat absorbent ceramics, reactive explosive armors, and standoff disruption cages that defeated the new smart weapons. This is akin to our modern soldiers wearing ceramic body armor that can stop several shots from larger caliber bullets.

So, now weapons technology has to evolve again, but this time it takes a step backwards. The current state of armor is highly adept at stopping fast, smart weapons if has backed off on the primitive side and left itself wide open to a type of attack it never thought it would see again. Modern tanks decimate thin ceramic armor with depleted uranium sabot rounds. Basically a tank fires a thing that looks like a lawn dart with the force of a thousand suns. It is traveling literally a mile a second and slices through armor like butter, all the while shedding layers of metal that combust into smoldering death.

To be continued...

>> No.43584089

So lets suppose this: the soldier of the future wears a power armor suit which allows them to carry so much thick armor that solid projectile weapons can hardly leave a dent in them. Laser weapons require a power source that is not man portable, even with the additional load capacity of their super suits. However, it does have enough energy to apply a super human amount of arm strength. Thus each soldier carries a mono-molecular, super hardened sword. The force of the blow from a physically enhanced chop can cleave though power armor. Perhaps not on the first slice, but an attack on an armor joint will easily slice into the supple flesh beneath.

Now the load out for a modern soldier is their power suit, a diamond hard mono-molecular sword, and a short ranged (300 meter) 40mm grenade launcher with armor penetrating plasma rounds. Sure, tanks and heavy weapons can vaporize a foot soldier, but when it comes down to mano-a-mano the fighting starts at a mere 300 meters. There is a few minutes of maneuvering fire where soldiers engage each other with grenades while they they move forward, and then in close quarters they hack each other to pieces.

I like it.

>> No.43584126

Why wouldn't you wear a Dune personal shield?
I mean, what enemy fires slow bullets?
And fuck lasers

>> No.43584180

What exactly are we considering slow? I mean .45 ACP will wreck your shit, but the bullet travels slow enough that you can literally see it travel from your weapon to your target.

>> No.43584184


Reminds me of what Heinlein predicted for future tactics in Starship Troopers. The soldiers were decked out in heavy power suits with jump jets, hand flamers, and grenade launchers that fired small-scale nuclear ordinance. This effectively allowed a squad of these guys to fill the roles of infantry, armor, and air support all in one.

At one point they're in a tight engagement where they can't use grenades or flamethrowers, so they just start punching the shit out of things.

>> No.43584220

Probably been posted already:
1) Strong warrior culture (e.g. Klingons) continues to see swords as the best way of demonstrating one's skill in combat, thus they remain in use as a dueling weapon for the upper classes.
2) Energy based handguns may be TOO powerful, and risk breaching the hull when used in boarding actions. And if the internal layout of the ship has very twisted corridors, the advantage of having a ranged weapon is negated.

>> No.43584242

But if you have the capability to make materials strong enough to withstand enemy fire, it doesn't seem cost effective to me to armor your troops with it instead of your ships.

Why worry about a boarding action taking over your ship, when there's a more realistic possibility of something actually hitting your ship and just destroying it?

>> No.43584263

The armor is expensive too, so the swords and armor are used by the elite warriors, equivalent to medieval knights, for fighting each other.

>> No.43584275

I'm reading book of the new sun right now, and I believe that the reason given here is that most people can't afford guns and normally only the military gets them.

>> No.43584279

Easy - Armor becomes able to largely negate ranged weaponry without significantly compromising mobility. The reason we don't use melee weapons right now is because we're able to quickly, easily, and repeatedly incapacitate an armored man at over 200m, which is far greater than the distance at which he can move into melee range.
As soon as that set of conditions breaks, melee weapons become viable. That would require either extreme mobility (ex personal teleport), large recycle time on ranged weapons (ex. crossbows) or unreliable armor penetration (ex. primitive black powder)

>> No.43584479

Similar reason why guns won out and the technology developed in the first place, it's easier to train someone to proficient levels to be able to kill with a gun than a blade. In an environment with a high time to kill it would still be worth it from a cost of training standpoint to just have a large number of people shooting at each other like they're playing with toy guns, so only career military / the most elite warriors are granted the training necessary due to the time investment needed to reach the levels of proficiency in a futuristic environment.

>> No.43584544


>> No.43584581

You start with a centralized empire with Star Trek type technology -- near infinite energy, some form of replicators.

The empire gives out replicators freely, both to secure loyalty and convince outlying provinces that they needn't invest so heavily in technological development. These replicators -- let's call them forges -- are bound by some basic level of AI, with the primary rule that they aren't allowed to build weapons of war (such privilege is retained to the imperial house). While they can build just about anything, construction of more complex devices is *extremely* time consuming, such that having time on a forge is something you have to petition the local nobility to access.

The empire is centered on Terra, and in a failed coup, a would-be emperor forces Sol to go supernova, destroying the central military power.

So, the outlying provinces try to rebuild -- their forges still work. But they lack military technology, and while they start to rebuild it, they rely heavily on the forges.

At some point, an aspiring knight figures out he can convince his local forge to build him an augmented space suit for asteroid mining and an industrial plasma welder; and so, for centuries, the elite warriors go to battle in power armor and energy swords...

>> No.43584636

>You have sixty seconds to justify...


>> No.43584659

Somebody already did this. Try harder.

>> No.43584783

I'm no professional--so disregard my thoughts entirely--but here are my thoughts on the matter.

Neither guns nor blades are objectively better; they're just built for different purposes. Knowing how to use them both and knowing when to use them is better than focusing on one or the other entirely.

For example, guns (and presumably lasers) are "easy" in the sense that they don't require as much in the way of physical strength as a melee weapon. Firing them with any degree of accuracy still requires fine motor control, relatively keen vision, and (if indoors without a suppressor, i.e. on a spaceship) eardrums of steel.

Another factor is ease of manufacture and maintenance. Even a relatively crude weapon requires not only regular cleaning, but also examination and maintenance of whatever firing/reloading mechanism the gun uses. Swords and other edged weapons require regular sharpening and cleaning (for rust; even that assumes iron/steel are the primary metal), but little else.

In addition, edged weapons are useful for purposes beyond fighting. Chopping firewood, bushwhacking shrubbery, and cutting a tauntaun's carcass open so you can warm up that stupid psychic farmboy that the princess insisted you take along as pretty damn hard to do with a blaster.

If I were a space pirate, I'd use a (laser) carbine, put some bayonet lugs on it, and keep a nice choppy/stabby knife on hand.

>> No.43584973

There really isn't any without stretching things to ridiculous limits.

In almost any situation, being able to inflict damage from far away is vastly superior to being able to inflict damage only when up close.

>> No.43585235

Space station and ship corridors are close quarters. Not to mention that a hole in the bulkhead means everyone dies.

>> No.43585393

You will always have reason to have cutting tools, which are more likely than swords admittedly, but a blade is more useful in confined space where you may be forced into melee combat, or times you are in a more fragile area of the ship where some idiot with a gun could get you all spaced.

>> No.43585437

Because a tertiary weapon is always a good idea, especially if you still have to worry about any situation you may end up stranded on an alien planet or in a terraformed wilderness.

>> No.43585660

It is generally a very bad idea to bring a projectile weapon onto space habitat; they can easily withstand micrometeorite impacts from outside, but slower-moving projectiles from the inside are more of an issue. And energy weapons are even more dangerous, as far as penetration goes, and you REALLY don't want to start a fire in a space habitat - it's about on par with a hole in the hull, really.

Plus, spaceships and space habitats have really short sightlines.

Thus, blades. These days the rough-and-tumble pioneer days of Belt prospectors, tin cans, and starships built like submarines are passing, and so slugthrowers and energy weapons are back in favour, but much like the persistence of martial arts, the swordwork of Ceres and Psyche and L-2 and the Outer Belt has not yet died out, especially since bullet and plasmoid resistant armors tend to be much more vulnerable to a blade, especially with modern materials and skin-effect knives.

>> No.43585985

Don't want to poke a hole in the hull of a spaceship. Rapier and throwing knives, for poking holes in enemy vacc suits.

Also remember, every halfway decent army in the world arms their soldiers with knives. Even the shitty ones arm their soldiers with fists. A sword is better than a knife in a fight; if you have some way to make it light and easy to carry with your sci-fi insanity, then hey, you've got yourself a keeper.

>> No.43586082

Some people can't afford the fancy projectile weapons and have instead decided to go a cheaper route. My assumption is that with all these advances in technology it is probably fairly easy and quick to fabricate a blade. Additionally some people either due to attempting to preserve the art of swordsmanship, being utterly incompetent with a blaster, or simply thinking blades are neat will continue to persevere for their own personal reasons.

>> No.43586212

Badges of honor and or clearance cards. You earn one by being a soldier of the absolute highest caliber, usually one that holds a high rank, or one that earns it after death by doing something extremely noteworthy before their passing. There could be multiple types of swords, each of which would to allow access into certain restricted areas based on the model that a person carries. The weapons and their sheathes could be DNA imprinted and contain tracking devices to avoid theft, or at the very least, ensure the weapons could not be used by some random schmuck beyond using the sheathed sword as a club.

>> No.43586707

because the difference between "swords" and "bullets" becomes basically nothing when bullets are seeking death missiles and swords are mounted on people who are seeking death missiles. Rockets and all.

>> No.43586924


The thing about hating villains is it has to be the right sort of hate.

Senator Armstrong is a fantastic example of this, and right on theme. He's an egomaniac bastard who triggers every single hate point of Raiden, and the player. He rambles and monologues about his superiority and his ideology constantly, and pulls off the EVERYTHING YOU DID WAS MY PLAN shit. You hate him. HATE him. They even designed the boss fight to make you angry by giving him five phases and multiple damage-don't-count phases, and huge health and damage so that it's infuriating to spend ages whittling him down but get hit at take like 50%, and even gave him a fucking heal.

Except then they pay off every bullshit in the game.

His ideology is bullshit ,and he actually admits it when called on it.

He may be superior, but he recognises your worth and keeps trying to convince you so you join him.

You played into his hand all along - not because he magically predicted your every move, but because he takes advantage of you winning to also kind of win.

And you get to punch him in the fucking face to earn his respect.

His fuckery mechanics are actually fine, because it makes up for his super health and silly high damage by making him very much dodgeable. His five phase fight is fine because you get checkpoints at each one, and after the forced-to-lose fight you get all your health back free. And his heal is fine because it is easy to interrupt and interrupting it lets you do slabs of damage, actually making it a net benefit unless you fuck up appallingly.

And the most important parts; his simple character is actually interesting and his bossfight is actually fun.

Armstrong does everything you make you hate him in-game and get righteously angry. Whereas Kai Leng makes you personally angry and hate his writer.

>> No.43586954

If hulls were gun-proof, they would make armor out of them. Then they would guns that can puncture it.

>> No.43587483


Consider Cyborgs, Posthumans, Transhumans, Xenomorph and Carnifex style Aliens, etc.
If your physical form is so superior to your regular enemies then you want to press your advantage in close quarter combats.

If you shoot and get shot at back by a lot of people even if your armor and toughness is massively superior they might hit somewhere good. But if you rush them, and get in their midst, then you can butcher them by not only relying on your superior toughness and armor but your superior strength, speed, etc. that are not going to matter for a already aimed gun.



>> No.43588055

A strong historical culture of sword skills and usage leads to the optional usage of swords as secondary or tertiary weapons by the military and law enforcement, as well as competitive swordsmanship as a sport. They are well known to be fairly ineffectual against foes using military grade ranged weapons in most combat scenarios, but the occasional close quarters fight brings cultural admiration and heroic tales of the skilled and lucky swordsman overcoming his rifle/SMG/knife/shovel armed foes keep them in the hands of the rich, the talented and the traditional. Unpowered armor is too heavy and bulky to be used on the whole body, so generally only the chest back and head are armored, if any armor is worn at all. Powered armor is expensive, and while it fills a critical nitch that unpowered infantry, tanks, wheeled guns, IFVs, and rotocraft all cant quite match, its roll is limited enough that unpowered infantry still make up the overwhelming majority of infantry units in even the wealthiest and most advanced militarizes, with no plans for this to change even in the 50 year roadmaps, long range plans and the like. Other more exotic melee weapons occasional find themselves used in the same role, including but not limited to the combat ax, club and short spear, but the sword is usually preferred.

TL;DR all of this means the sword can still be effectively employed against infantry during close quarters combat regularly enough that it sees some usage, but not so often it sees standard issue.

>> No.43589092

I'm not gonna lie, I would hate Kai a lot less if he wasn't 'nothin personel' incarnate

>> No.43589115

They're ceremonial, a status symbol, a last ditch backup plan, or all of the above.

>> No.43589163

And what about if you miss with the sword, or it gets deflected away? You can still hit vital components with swords and with plasma sheaths and wot not like has been described above, they'll still fuck up your starship...

>> No.43589257


>> No.43589319

>I'd hate Kai less if he wasn't a horribly written farce of a character

>> No.43589383

Depends on the ship Anon. You fire a glock in the ISS and you're going to have a bad time

Plus unless the material was very heavy and thick, you'd probably make armour out of the hull, and if you did then someone would invent a gun to shoot through it

>> No.43590140


>> No.43590189

Kinetic based shielding and armoring in an environment where soldiers are all cybernetically augmented or wearing powersuits. Weapons technology hasn't reached the level where you can carry a portable weapon that can nullify a shield / penetrate armor as effectively as a weapon but due to cost of training the chosen method of battle is rapid fire weapons from a larger amount of troops while maintaining a small amount of specialized warriors.

>> No.43590485

>His ideology is bullshit
Whaa? You definitely didn't play the game to listen to the talking.

Not only does his plan make 100% sense, but his ideology made so much sense that after Raiden kills him he takes it up and travels around trying to make it reality...

>> No.43590808

Care to refresh my memory on it?
Not him, but it's been a while since I've played

>> No.43591153

There's always a variety of reasons this is valid. If you are on a spacecraft, as many others have said, having ballistic weaponry missing shots can easily damage vital elements of the ship. Not to mention it will assuredly wind up in a close-quarters engagement, in which case you can rapidly close the gap and cause extreme damage with your bladed weapon, knowing you no longer need to worry about hiding behind cover.

On the ground, it is useful as a means of morale breaking for the enemy (HOLY SHIT THAT GUY IS LITERALLY SLICING OUR ALLIES APART), morale raising for your allies (IS OUR COMMANDER ACTUALLY USING A SWORD IN A GUN FIGHT? HE'S SO BADASS I WANT TO KEEP ON FIGHTING HARDER!), and a variety of tools (Cutting, Sawing, Shredding, maybe even digging to a lesser extent, etc.). If your sword is durable and sharp enough, it will definitely have a wide variety of applications, and if it's uncommon to see on the battlefield, it will definitely serve to be a confusing/demoralizing element for the enemy to deal with.

Think World War I, where all the battles beforehand were lined up, well-organized, and for the most part, notably quick. Suddenly, trenches are dug, thousands of landmines are dropped, gas bombing and aircraft become elements of war. War has changed dramatically, and very few are ready for it. The old fucking bayonet suddenly becomes an extremely important element of this war because, even though it's outdated and hundreds of feet too far to do any damage, it definitely will kill people when it reaches its destination, and will always catch these gun-armed opponents off guard as they run headfirst into what they initially assume is simply a storm of bullets.

>> No.43591293

>LoGH Assault Power Armors

>> No.43592184

You missed out one very important point, Anon.

Armstrong's fight theme was fucking awesome.
Good music can make all the difference when dealing with bullshit bosses.

>> No.43592632

Power belongs to the literally powerful. That's why he's doped up to fuck on nanomachines. All the women, children, old people, handicapped, and anyone not willing to kill their neighbor to get ahead doesn't deserve to live in his new America.

>> No.43593210

How can you hate such a unique and excellently written boss that is so super mature and serious and with such complex morality?

>> No.43593410

It hurts, it hurts so bad

>> No.43593716

He's going to end all country-level War on Earth by destroying all the private military companies and disbanding all the worlds militaries with his insane level of power/being president.

Then once every military is gone, he's going to make it okay for people to fight and kill for what they believe in, instead of what political leaders tell them too.

A little too anarchist to work in real life, but not too terrible for a video game.

>> No.43594086

>he actually got into the Overwatch beta
how many twitch followers do you have? Do you stream often?

>> No.43594539

>molecular edges
Why don't we use molecular-edged bullets with larger charges for faster velocities?

>guns are simply not that useful in close quarters combat
Nigga wat.

>> No.43594560


Because a Molecular Edged Bullet would either tear through the barrel of your gun OR it would just pass through targets and anything behind them, imparting very little momentum or energy into targets, thereby losing any stopping power compared to cheaper bullets.

>> No.43594614

If its a magical point of pierce anything it won't touch the barrel, you're not molecular edging the rifling.

>> No.43594632

>tear through the barrel
How. If you made something like a bullet with a flat head to mount the edge, it wouldn't touch the barrel.

>go straight through without imparting momentum
Again, how. Flat-head rounds with molecular edges would tumble after penetrating or just create big-ass wounds. Besides, penetrating your foe is still doing damage and tearing up vital organs even if it doesn't tumble straight through.

Or make high-explosive rounds with molecular edges to get them inside the body before detonation. Maybe a laser designator like in Elysium to help with the round's detonation range. If the cyborg ninja in question tries to cut them out of the air he fucks up his blade.

Or hell, speaking of Elysium, air-bursting rounds. Try slicing all those fragmentations out of the air you weeb fruit.

Give me a gun that fires supercharged hammer-head molecular rounds or fragmenting air-burst murderrounds over some weeaboo with a sceince-fuled memetana any day.

>> No.43594654


United States Marine here. The only reason we use rifles in CQC is because our limbs suck. Highest rank black belt in MCMAP gets wrecked in the ring sparring with a professional Muay Thai nak muay. Our knife techniques are very simplistic, and always gain more valuable reach when used as a bayonet. But of course we never affix bayonets or sometimes even don't carry the knife, since weight reduction is far more valuable than all the tacticool crap we're issued.

Ideally you don't get into a melee fight at all IRL.

>> No.43594671


What about 5.7 ball ammo? How do you put a molecular edge on an object with only one side and no edges?

>> No.43594749

You don't, put it on a bullet that doesn't fucking suck.

>Ideally you don't get into a melee fight at all IRL.
This. Everyone that isn't this dude needs to realize IRL combat is shooting at shit you don't see 90 percent of the time and its generally far enough you won't get into CQC unless you go on a five minute jog towards the enemy.

>> No.43594920

Oh look, it's the guy who won't be satisfied that something is realistic until it knocks on his door, pushes him over, and jizzes in his face.

>> No.43595006


"This isn't what cum tastes like!"

>> No.43595025

Extreme ability so they dodge lasers and cut kinetic weapons

>> No.43595071

There's realism and then purposefully stupid designs that you refuse to address. We don't need to be doing NASA certified checklists but demanding we have windows so you can demand they're a threat kind of sucks from a story building perspective.

>hey guys can we lock this door?
>but my character would want to lock the door after hearing horrible screams outside

>> No.43595226

Most murders and assaults are committed with non-firearms IRL.

Ease of use, ease of acquisition, low cost, stealthy (guns are loud), less collateral damage.

Less relevant to law enforcement and military, but if we deconstruct the issue it might give some ideas of how to address it. We don't use blades in combat anymore, not because they lack lethality, but because they take more training to be very effective and you need to close a serious distance to put them to use. Problems that guns don't have.

Two approaches; Eliminate the advantage of firearms, or mitigate the disadvantage of melee weapons. More likely, apply a combination. Some examples (as mentioned by other posters), maybe the majority of engagements happen on board starships where collateral damage is a concern, or perhaps they're cramped to such a degree that ranged weapons are unwieldy. Pirates of the high seas used blades for this reason. Bayonets are used for this reason.

Perhaps some individuals are enhanced, via cybernetics, genetics, magic, the force, or whatever the flavor of the setting, which gives them the advantage of deflecting, avoiding, or misdirecting incoming fire. Maybe they can dodge bullets, maybe they can't be seen, maybe they can block projectiles. Maybe they have enough speed to close into melee range without taking fire.

Just some food for thought. You can also more arbitrarily include cultural, logistical, or political restrictions, like civilian ownership of guns is outlawed, a culture reveres the use of swords, or guns are so expensive and require such maintenance that simple blades remain popular.

>> No.43595310

To be fair, it's not necessarily the cutting power of Raidens HF blade that you're touting. It's his Zandatsu speed that lets him cut a man into 80 pieces in 3 seconds. So really, physical limitations wouldn't matter so much to a swordsman as they would a gun. Guns can jam and barrels can overheat, in a fight it's highly unlikely a sword is going to fail you and your weaboo-fightan powers.

>> No.43595378

>not because they lack lethality
They're objectively dangerous but realistically ballistic wounds are way worse for you.

>starships where collateral damage is a concern
See, my problem with that is people almost never choose a weaker weapon in exchange for protecting property. We still use guns on planes, but we use frangible rounds to avoid penetrating the aircraft.

>individuals are enhanced
but all of those would be better used by a gun user. Being super fast or invisible just means using a gun will capitalize on those advantages instead of reducing them. If you're invisible you'd still want to be far away to avoid being heard, and if you're super fast you're still giving people a chance to shoot you as you attack.

But I actually have an answer: teleporation. If you have a gun, you might actually hurt yourself if you teleport to point blank range and fire, and since we're already dealing with teleportation its not insane to suggest most guns would be damaged by the trip. But there's also the fact that you would be silent, wouldn't have to reload, leave any shells or mags; in fact keeping the same mass might be a requirement anyway so you'd either have to 'replace' the mass you fired with a weird gas exchange system or just stab someone.

>> No.43595497

>teleporter calibrated carefully to your mass, can only differentiate to account for small mass change from food/water loss
>can't lose rounds, as you would need to get something else like rocks to make up for it


>> No.43595798

Cirque du soleil clowns are nice

>> No.43596015

Anyone with a few credits to their name can have a bullet pulled out of their face if they lose a duel. Real extreme sports connoisseurs duel by hacking each other to pieces while off their tits on the rarest of combat drugs so they don't feel anything until they wake up in their personal healing vat the next day.

>> No.43596261

I'd say it's not because of the risk of making a hole into space; it's because one of the outer layers of the ship contains a fuck ton of pressurised water as a radiation shield. Any leakage is a serious risk to all of the passengers aboard, especially if the hole is big enough to flood the rooms it empties out into as it would be very difficult to patch it up.

>> No.43596311




>> No.43596510

Personal shields don't actually exist, though many armies often employ a 'redirector' a devices that detects incoming projectiles and energy bursts and simply changes their direction. The thing is, a redirector only stops things going at high velocity because it's all very taxing on a redirector's power supply. The swinging of a sword or melee weapon, even the firing of arrows, is still slow enough for a redirector to ignore.

>> No.43596950

Wouldn't shooting a hole in their suit with a bullet accomplish pretty much the same thing?

>> No.43596973

In my current setting there are some of the things that you mentioned but the main reason for using melee weapons is due to futuristic genetic BS. Every single culture in the known universe in this setting has been genetically advanced to make all species much more resilient than they should be. Effectively, everyone regenerates very slowly and are also resistant to damage. There are also plenty of people with cybernetic enhancements that can make them very resistant to projectile weapons and energy blasts. A low caliber pistol will hurt an unarmored person but will not kill them with only a shot or two.

This means that a person with a sword can still wade though a few gunshots and take some arms off which is not as easily survived. Sure a swordsman is no match against someone with a shotgun or a sniper rifle, but most people don't carry large guns around all the time. People are more likely to carry a knife, pistol, or short sword.

>> No.43597145


Did he get done beating those dudes to death with a column?

>> No.43597185


>using projectile weapons, plasma that melt hulls on ship to ship boarding combat.

Lasers could work, but with advanced tech, personal shielding could be devopled to the point to make it ineffective. A monofilament blade, or sono edge blade on the other hand....

>> No.43597208

Dunno, maybe the evolution of sapient life tends to converge to a point where brain patterns are suited thousands of times better to melee combat than they are to aiming, leading to stuff like MGR Raiden being the norm, and any person who tries to pick up a gun has worse aim than a stormtrooper.

So people who try to use guns are just laughed at unless they practise for years, and then they might be able to hit a can at 100 feet. People with [sufficiently advanced alloy] swords on the other hand are gutting starships and engaging in bullshit anime duels with other sword dudes..

>> No.43597329

>faggot lovechild of Nightwing and Raiden

But both of those characters are good

>> No.43597376

The problem is, Armstrong's version of the plan doesn't stop at 'end the war economy'


>> No.43597381


He's more like Red Hood wearing Nightwing's costume merged with Raiden's costume.

>> No.43597440

>> No.43597460

So? He's not going around killing people, he's saying "Live for yourself, or fight me and die."

They'd still be doing only what they want, so it would still be part of his ideology.

>> No.43597511

Yeah, except look at the kind of people he hires

In his world, he sees absolutely nothing wrong with letting Sundowner or, fuck, Raiden, do whatever they damn well please. If what pleases them is mass murder, so be it - if they CAN do it, they SHOULD do it.

The problem with Armstrong is that Armstrong's plan is literally
1. Tear America out by the roots
2. Burn it down
3. ???

>> No.43597568

>you have 10 seconds to justify X without resorting to justifications for X
Why are you such a faggot, OP?

>> No.43597600

Honestly, I think that swords would be used in a more ceremonial manner (as a tradition, perhaps). For example, officers of an army could carry a sword at their side as a side-weapon. For combat, however, the use of the sword is very circumstantial

It depends solely on the scifi world it is in. Some swords can be used to deflect bullets (perhaps by emitting a repulsive field, or well-placed sword-strokes). Otherwise, the sword should also probably be a laser sword, not unlike a light-saber; if it can cut through practically everything, it is obviously an effective weapon. Everything I said can be proved wrong, but, as Aristotle once said: "Don't mess with clowns."

>> No.43597604

>Firearms are tightly regulated, perhaps even having an on-board OS or fingerprint IDs that can prevent unauthorized users or be shut down/self destructed.
But Jetstream Sam's sword had the same exact thing

>> No.43597643

That just turns off the vibroblade function

You can still shank a nigga with it

To be fair, that DOES still mitigate its usefulness significantly.

And if you look, ALL the vibroswords have triggers, which suggests that all HF blades could be ID locked and Sam's just the only one who bothered (that and Raiden's versions of the boss weapons are explicitly rebuilt copies from Doktor, whereas the Murasama is unique because katana stronk folded 1 million times etc)

>> No.43597650

The fool here is you

>> No.43597688

Why not omnidirectional shields of limited but wholesale protection that can be focused into an impenetrable unidirectional shield when it's time to Phalanx up?

>> No.43597712

He's a ends justify the means sort of guy.

It only makes sense in the Metal Gear universe, where Private Military Corporations do basically all the war.

His main plan is: End all PMC's, disband all the countries militaries using America's military, then dismiss all the people in America's Military.

As the president, and with all his money and power, he doesn't give a shit if people die for his plan because he wants to save the world.

>> No.43597759

Nah man, the whole sheath was locked down IIRC. Now you could club a nigga with the thing, but then you may as well just be using any old hunk of metal.

I could be wrong, but either way scifi melee weapons can be similarly locked down if need be.

>> No.43597772

He already had it unsheathed when he comments on the ID lock

Admittedly, the gun-sheathe might also not work while the ID lock is on, but he clearly has it out at the time, because right after that he does the fancy sheathing bit.

>> No.43597831

Ah, right. It's been a while since I played the game. But like I said, the sword was locked down either way. You may as well say an ID locked gun is still usable since you can shank someone with the bayonet or beat them over the head with the butt of the gun.

>> No.43598429

Something something micrometeoroid armor is effective against man portable projectiles but not cutting edges. Sorta like kevlar loses to stabbing.

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