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Can we talk about some cool IRL stuff that could fit into a game?

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Oh fuck

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Here's real stuff which are not really spooky. Just explainable.

Though if I wanted 2spooky4u cosmic artifacts 'd read Roadside Picnic or play the Stalker games.

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Are you msan enough to reforge the blade of Paladin Roland?

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Here's some stuff from the dragon magazine.

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what issue/edition is this?

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Neat. Thanks for these.

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Once you're done posting these we should make our own artifacts

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And here's the last one.

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Let's make up stories about weird real old real life pictures of things.

Or weird found old pictures of people, and come up with character ideas.

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I knew that was gonna be posted here

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I don't know if i should laugh at the video or the fact that that i thought of that same thing before i even checked the link

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240 pages about plants, herbs and their medicinal properties.

Only none of the illustrations match any known plants and the text is in an untranslatable cipher.

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Forgot my image

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When I die I want to do a bunch of bullshit to fuck with future archaeologists

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Thank you so much. I could not for the life of me find that gif of it.

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I love the story behind it.
>Roland is dying.
>Try to break Durendal so it doesn't fall in the hands of the Maurs.
>Break a fucking rock with it.
>The sword is still intact
>Laments on the fact that he can't break his own sword
>throw it
>the sword fly two hundred kilometers and fix itself into the Rock of Rocamadour.

I fucking love Roland.

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my grizzly bear has six legs

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I hate that with a passion, if D&D and other games want to have high fantasy magic users then martial users should be just as high fantasy beowulf level fuckers at equivalent levels

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I like to think that most mysterious artifacts were literally just practical jokes in their time

Some dude thought it'd be hilarious when centuries after his death they uncover his stuff and theorize about it's meaning

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>The Stone Mask (石仮面, Ishi Kamen?) is an artifact known historically by a certain Vampiric cult hidden within the Aztec Empire.

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Ah, JJBA? What's with the sepia filter?

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the only ones I know of are based off of philsophers.

one is that Jeremy Bentham guy is mumified in british parliment or something, or whoever it was that coined "The Panopticon"

then Rene Descartes' corpse. I gues his head and fingers are missing becuase he died away from the town where he was to be buried, and people took little momentos of him.

Benjamin Franklins Wiritng desk, his inventions

also Edisons writing desk

shroud of turin

the seven secret herbs and spices inolved in KFC's chicken

the gun that shot JFK

movie props

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>shroud of turin
Wasn't that a fake?

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Pic related

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There is this ancient steam mashine/clockwork, or at least parts of it.
I dont remembr how it's called

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The spot where the radiocarbon dating was taken was also restored during the medieval period using cotton and dye.

This was independently verified by microscope from archived strands of the sample.

All in all, the shroud contains the following;
>biologically accurate body
>accurate UV florescent blood pattern's including the telltale "corkscrew" pattern
>pollen from plants native to the area in and around Israel / Palestine

Finally, and most amazing of all.
>By analyzing the image of the shroud based on how it would be draped on a body, it produces a perfectly accurate human form.

This of course doesn't prove it was Jesus at all of course. But it *IS* proof that a man was tortured, crucified, then buried with this cloth.

Someone should try duplicating this at least... For the interest of science....

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Shaka Zulu's spear
Coils of Tesla
Anne Frank diary
Lord Nelson's admiral hat
Tojo's glasses

Each of these items hold some mystical abilities when held or adorned, what powers do they possess?

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The Kilo:
All international Kilogram measurements are based off this item.

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>Anne Frank diary
>some mystical abilities

ayy lmao
But why not the Spear of Longinus?

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I can translate this article to you if you wish, but it pretty much tells a shocking story about some mysterious artifact that belonged to the precolombine civilizations:

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>metric system is like being raised with a harness on your brain
Spot the American.

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Cus I didn't give you that as an example to write about. And why not her diary? It'd be all.. Necromantic.

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In particular:
Since 1889 the magnitude of the kilogram has been defined as the mass of an object called the international prototype kilogram,[28] often referred to in the professional metrology world as the "IPK".

Or for the tl;dr because you were too busy getting a snappy image macro response to do your research.

1kg of water wasn't exact enough. So they made an artifact that was the exact what and more accurate.

Not all Americans are that bad, give us some credit.

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The sword of Attila.

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The Princess Xipaguazin Moctezuma.

A story almost unknown, which makes us think of the great pre-Hispanic culture that we sometimes forget, is very interesting, mystical, hermetic history of Princess Xipaguazin Moctezuma.

In Catalonia, Spain, near the French border there is a village of 14 inhabitants called Toloriu, like all good people that price has a church with a twist, on its website shows a plaque that reads: Princess Xipaguazin Moctezuma, daughter of Mexican emperor and wife of Juan de Grau, Baron Toloriu, died in 1537.

The plaque, written in French, signed by the "Knights of the Order of the Aztec crown of France" and a certain Chevalier L. Vidal Pradal Mir. Here things started to get good and to understand the meaning of that almost forgotten plate, we will start by telling it from the beginning.
It turns out that in those years in which ships and boats were coming from Spain to America, there was Don Juan de Grau, Baron Toloriu, seeking adventure who sailed to the New World by Hernán Cortés. While in Mexico and falling in love was set in one of the daughters of Montezuma, which are known, had 19 children.

Here several researchers have different versions, because while some say they were married, others argue that just 'stole it'. Outside one thing or another, the truth is that the princess traveled to Catalonia to live with John, who, unable to call his wife by name (not a little effort would have cost nothing), chose to call her Mary (which waste of originality).

Xipaguazin not come alone, she brought with her to one of his brothers and his personal entourage, were installed together in a Name property located in Toloriu Vima House and still remains standing. There, one year later, on January 10, 1534, died giving birth to her son, Juan Pedro de Grau Moctezuma, Baron Toloriu and legitimate emperor of Mexico.

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And here comes the mysterious touch of the story, as many claim that the princess knew she would die soon and took the precaution of Vima Home bury the treasures he had inherited from his father. This was never confirmed in any way, but the legend was passed from one generation to the point that 400 years later, in 1936, his tomb was destroyed and outraged and Vima House was bought by a German treasure hunters who were engaged to go digging holes here and there with the sole desire to find a chest full of precious gems that never located. All that remained of the life of the people Xipaguazin Toloriu was the plate of the church.

And since we played again the subject of the plate; Chevalier L. Vidal Pradal of Mir, which was signed, apparently, one of the SMI heteronyms Prince William III de Grau-Moctezuma, a descendant of Baron Toloriu, which in the sixties of the twentieth century made a killing selling peerages in Barcelona and decorations of the Aztec crown to the people who wanted and could afford a place in the royalty.

This character was a descendant of Xipaguazin and John Grau, incidentally, is also known that there was or is a descendant in Grenada named Pedro Luis, who bore the lengthy title of Lord of Tula and the Village of Monterrojano of the Peza, first Earl of Moctezuma Tultengo, first Viscount Ilucán and knight of the Order of Santiago.

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here's something for you guys to get started on

>101 Legendary Treasures of Medieval Europe

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>hurr durr someone found a ring it must be real special
it's just a fucking carved ring there's literally nothing strange about it jesus christ you people disgust me

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Grants favored enemy: Moors

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Oh I got you OP. I got you.

> The Skull of Ghengis Khan
Good luck finding that body tho

> The Rifle of Simo Hayha
That'll be not too hard.

> The bowl and mantle of Muhhamad
Good luck dawg.

> The Third Imperial Egg
Someone got that shit in a scrap meet. Should be fun to get.

>The Piri Reis Map
Easier to get Crazier Back Story.

>The Hammer of London
Holy shit that thing is old.

>Third Dynasty Korean Crown presented to Richard Nixon
Well shit I hope you enjoy field trips to Langley Virginia.

> The Eight Missing Minutes of the Watergate Tape
Speaking of nixon and weird shit.

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Anime has it.

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The three imperial treasures of Japan, the sword, mirror and magatama

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orlando furioso would make such a kickass HBO miniseries

it has fucking everything: evil wizards, beautiful damsels, magic swords, sea serpents, giants, epic heroes, huge battles, and wild adventures

>that time they take a hippogriff-led chariot to the moon--home of all lost things--to recover Roland's wits from a small bottle

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Sauron pls go

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antikythera, a celestial alignment calculator powered by HUMAN STRENGTH

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its on the moon dude, you're going to have to take it back

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Sauron wouldn't ever say that. Sauron worked hard on the rings he gave as gifts and wouldn't call them crap. He would want people to go get said ring.

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it will decay to the point where it is not exact, I think it might have already

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It has they may have to replace it again with one of the many replicas or copy it based on an exact replica.

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I'll be the rouuuuuundabout

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El Cid got allied with the moors against the spanish at some point though...

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Any hunter could have a chair made from a single grizzly bear. But the quotient of grizzly a president requires is greater than that of the common man. A grizzly chair fit for a president requires grizzly bear components in numbers of two or greater. This chair meets that minimum requirement and therefore was a suitable gift for Andrew Johnson.

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>at some point

Important words in that sentence. He removed kebab quite a bit before that though.

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Can you show me on the doll where the fun touched you?

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I once had my players discover a translation of the Linear A script on the Phaistos disc. Long story short. Secrets man was not meant to remember.

The Antikythera Mechanism or a reconstruction are always fun.

It's bee pretty conclusively proven to be a device for measuring the movement of stars, but you can always fudge it so that's just the cover story or what have you.

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Motorglobe. When his daredevil father died in a motorcycle crash, Steven Danger set out to create a better bike. His prototype exceeded expectations, as the rider was perfectly safe within their iron globe. However, said prototype was far too expensive to manufacture en masse, and Steven took to despair.

In the height of that despair, Steven took to driving his new prototype down the Minnesota turnpike. The night was a drunken haze, but in the morning Seven found his prototype in the paper. "Mysterious Globe Mashes Man Flat."

"Clean Air, the dangerous supervillain powered by fossil fuel alternatives, was struck down last evening during a dangerous hostage situation, flattened by a mysterious sphere. The hostages were safely recovered afterwards by the police. One of them claimed to have seen an angel within the depths of the globe, riding a motorcycle. Perhaps this "Motorglobe" is a new superhero, taken to protect our city from dangers like Clean Air."

Horrified yet relieved, Steven Danger swore never to drink again, and instead took to the streets. He has since dedicated himself to protecting our city from dangers such as the Clean Air, resurrected by a dark cult of environmental extremists, and Noise Purification, the criminal killer with the power of peace and quiet; utter silence under which no individual can utter a scream, and even the roar of a moterbike becomes the quietest purr. Motorglobe protects us from these and more, in the hopes of one day proving his prototype a valuable tool in protecting human lives, worthy of mass-production.

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What happens if I manage to pull that sword from the stone?

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A loaf of bread from pompeii.

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thumbnail looks like an old anus, I assume it tastes the same?

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They're pretty hilarious by themselves, but nothing is stopping you from adding a few verses about the end of the world, CoC-related stuff or anything else.

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Blutfahne, a lost sacred relic of the third reich stained with blood of its first martyrs killed during Munich Putsch.

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This sounds like ya'll need to watch warehouse 13

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on that note the Chiemsee Cauldron.

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>R O M A

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I didn't know this meme was so stale.

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There is also a lost pile of SS honour rings.

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Anime with good music? What sorcery is this?

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It's almost like a bunch of people wanted to get rid of theirs in a hurry somewhere around the mid forties.

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Get a load of the tinfoil hat on this guy!

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The magic of Licensing. The JJBA team are massive western music fans.

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The Seven Kill Stele
A stelle supposedly erected for chinese rebel leader and a true Khorn follower.
>Heaven brings forth innumerable things to nurture man.
>Man has nothing good with which to recompense Heaven.
>Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

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No, all of people who had those were already dead. After ss-man that got awarded one of these died in battle they were sent back to Himmler and were supposed to be stored in a special room in his castle. Those ones are missing.

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And people often forget that Imperial measurement was created in Europe and is still the mainstay in most of UK and Latin countries.

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Grunwald Swords
Two medieval swords kept for centuries in Poland as a reminder of victory during battle of Tannenberg in 1410. They disappeared without a trace in 1853. With or without magical powers you could probably get a rather nice check from poles if you found them.

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>still the mainstay

>Metrication in the United Kingdom remains equivocal and varies by context. Most of government, industry and commerce use metric units, but imperial units are officially used to specify journey distances, vehicle speeds and the sizes of returnable milk containers, beer and cider glasses (though fresh milk is often still sold in multiples of pints, with the metric equivalent marked). Imperial units are also often used informally to describe body measurements and vehicle fuel economy. In schools, the use of metric units is the norm.

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Thats just dwarven bread

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>Roland's Breach (French: La Brèche de Roland; Spanish: La Brecha de Rolando; Aragonese: La Breca de Roldán; Basque: Errolanen Arraila; Catalan: La Bretxa de Rotllà; German: Rolandsbresche) is the name of a natural gap, 40 m across and 100 m high, at an elevation of 2804 m in the Pyrenees on the border of Aragón, northern Spain, and Hautes-Pyrénées, France. According to legend Roland's Breach was cut by Count Roland with his sword Durendal in an attempt to destroy that sword, after being defeated during the Battle of Roncesvalles in 778.

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So far a little, weird romance story.

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You become executed as King of France.

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Ivan Ivanovich, your friendly soviet mannequin-astronaut. But i don't really know what kind of mystical powers he could posses aside of being creepy as fuck.

>> No.43482408

>Coils of Tesla
Permit the owner to make any marvel they can conceive, but none of those marvels can be sold for any money - instead, it costs money to operate and develop the items.

>Anne Frank diary
This book, given careful study, allows a reader to make truly mind-shattering feats of self-discovery. They can find and remove any ongoing condition that negatively affects them via careful study and comparison. This ability has been removed in most print editions, along with the relevant passages about self-exploration.

>Lord Nelson's admiral hat
The wearer of this hat cannot die while in combat, no matter how many wounds they suffer. Instead, they will only perish after the combat has resolved.

>Tojo's glasses
Allows the wearer to realize when someone around them has made a mistake, but only too late to stop it.

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Mmmm, crunchy.

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Possessed by the souls of all the cosmonauts who died? Especially the ones that we don't know about.

>> No.43482962

Have you been living under a rock? A lot of anime have great soundtracks.

>> No.43482981

>Especially the ones that we don't know about.
And the ones they don't know about.

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The Shroud is such a mystery it has a scientific field of its own: Sindonology.

>> No.43483092

But has anyone tried using it?

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It's obviously a triforce posting.

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Look at the shroud and then look at a cgi character skin layed flat and try telling me someone was wrapped in it.

Most evidence is suspect, the head is the wrong size for the body and sits in the wrong position.

It's a fake.
A clever fake but don't even think for a moment that it's even vagely genuine.

Problem is finding the right evidence as nearly ever source is from those with the preconcived bias that it,s genuine and they have actively fought to dismiss any evidence to the contrary.

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>Can we talk about some cool IRL stuff that could fit into a game?
Like the Crown of Thorns?
no Idea what it would do, but in a fantasy setting it's bound to do something amazing!

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It makes to immortal and impervious to harm, but once you put in on, you can't take it off and have to spend forever with it digging into your skull.

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I see a lot of anime references here, but this just reminds me of Loki's mask.


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For a country everyone loves to shit on, Poland used to be pretty cool.

>> No.43483327 [SPOILER] 

the inclusion of the cup is always a great quest artifact for the paladin to seek. for The search for the Grail is the search for the divine in all of us.

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You chose poorly...

>> No.43483379

When we are on religious artifacts there are always missing gospels and theoretical scrol containting theology of Mithraic mysteries.

>> No.43483390

what? Last Crusade is one of my favorite movies.

>> No.43483412

Get with the times, grandpa. Nowadays grall is a chick.

>> No.43483446

dude, please keep your sexual frustrations/blue balls out of my fantastical adventures please!

>> No.43483454

That would be a fun twist though.

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>> No.43483479

How about the katanas from the Nanking Massacre contest?
A sword used for something so amazingly assholish has got to be cursed.

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>> No.43483511

>fun twist though.
no it wouldn't, it'd be an ass-pull.

>> No.43483516

But anon, Rape of Nanking is just a vile propaganda! Nippon did nuthin wrong.

>> No.43483546

Isn't this basically the plot to the da vinci code?

>> No.43483549

I've got it. The swords have minds of their own, compelling their wielders to commit acts of incredible brutality, but cause the wielder to forget everything they did with it drawn when it is sheathed again.

>> No.43483561

Wouldn't know, never read it. Never intend to either.

>> No.43483579

This would be extremely painful

>> No.43483592

The wooden hand of Jean Danjou.

For context: he was the captain of a 65 men strong French Foreign Legion company that fought at Camarón against 2000 Mexican soldiers. Of the 65 only 5 survived and were spared for their valour (Danjou was killed in the fighting).
The hand is nowadays the most precious relic of the Foreign Legion and is displayed on each anniversary of the battle.

>> No.43483608

I've got as similar idea: Basically, the swords are still locked in the contest. If you hold one, nothing happens, but if you were to hold both at the same time, the spirits in the swords reignite the contest and make the bearer go on an unwilling, puppet-like killing spree. When one of the swords reach 99 kills, it'll inmediately behead the bearer to claim the 100th kill and be the winner.

>> No.43483641

>if you were to hold both at the same time
Change that to 'if both are held', so you can have two nutters running about murdering.

>> No.43483646

Those weren't katana's. They were called gunto. They might resemble katana's, but were mass-produced. Some of the types of gunto more rsemble Western sabres than Japanese swords.

But yes, I'm sure those swords would be cursed. The Chinese during that time also produced tons of knock-off pistols. Those might be interesting to have in a campaign, too. Have to pass a check to see if the gun is a knock-off, and if they fail they only notice when they try to get a sight picture and it turns out the sights are non-functional.

>> No.43483682

The pistol used by Gavrilo Princip to assassinate the austrian crown prince in Sarajevo.
Gives a penalty to aim but does additional damage

>> No.43483709

Better idea, all of the bullets you fire with it hit someone, including you.

>> No.43483777

No, excluding you. He faild to kill himself with it.
Aso, everytime you fire it leads to farreaching political consequences

>> No.43483789

>How to create cursed weapons.jpg

>> No.43483800

Don't forget blowing his horn so hard his brains exploded.

>> No.43483838

>still the mainstay in most of UK and Latin countries

fuck off amerifat

>> No.43483846

Apparently it's from some Aztec pyramid, meant to be a religious offering.

The items also include 3 human figures.

It's the goddamn pillar men.

>> No.43483849

>Antarctica is grey

>> No.43483856

Metric system is governmentally imposed but people are still using imperial measurements.

>> No.43483937

People are retards

>> No.43483954

The rallying cry of fascists everywhere. God forbid we allow the people to govern themselves.

>> No.43484046

On the topic of nazi-artifacts there's also the alleged human skin lampshade.

>> No.43484061

I've got a few.

>Drake's Drum
Said to beat itself when England is in danger, and protect the town of Portsmouth from harm.

>Robert Johnson's guitar
One of the greatest early blues players, he supposedly sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads for his talent. Died, like so many later musicians, at 27.

Charlemagne's rainbow sword. No real powers, just looks pretty.

>The Grecian Buddha
A statue of the Buddha dating back to the ancient Greek Kingdoms of the Hindu Kush, a unique fusion of cultures lost to time.

>The Byzantine Imperial Regalia
Cast off by Constantine IX before his last charge against the Turks, this cloak and circlet is a last echo of Imperial Rome

>The Statues of the Capitol
Containing two statues great figures from each of the 50 states, it is said that one can ask these great men and women for advice once per decade.

>> No.43484069

The Holy Right Hand of St. Stephen, of course.

The thousand-year old mummified hand of a King who founded a kingdom and was also sanctified ought to hold the power of wisdom.

>> No.43484071

It's because the Antartica belongs to no one or something (see the Antartic treaty)
People are idiots, more news at 9

>> No.43484109

The more exotic artifacts like the soap, lampshade, and all that was proven fake.
At the least there is still Hitlers gun, his paintbrush, and Gobbels pen.

>> No.43484162

Less "chick is the grail" and more "the grail is just an euphemism".

>> No.43484163

Wasn't Hitler's gun the same one that his niece shot herself with?

>> No.43484183


>> No.43484187

Kept in byzantium as a part of the imperial regalia untill the Latin conquest, who eventually pawned it off.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Lance Made a shit ton of franks froth at the mouth and absolutely murder anyone they saw, in antioch

>> No.43484257

By that point the spanish were half-moorish anyway.

>> No.43484271

>reveal thine breast or leave domicile

>> No.43484326

XKCD did a thing about it.
but you already know this.

>> No.43484330

...That's a frigging baculum isn't it.

>> No.43484423

Dear god, just like the Nasaghasts

>> No.43484437

Exactly! But with fewer dinosaurs.

>> No.43484461

So it's not a country, and shouldn't be coloured in at all.

>> No.43484490

Pretty much, yeah. It's that the "grail" is supposedly Mary Magdalene's remains, which provide proof that Jesus married and had kids.

>"the grail is just an euphemism"
For her vagina.

>> No.43484516


>> No.43484520

It'd be cool if the Rosetta Stone were placed into a campaign. With all of the languages inscribed on it's surface, it's actually a trapped god of language that was responsible for subtle influencing man to build the tower of babel, invoking a greater god's wrath and spreading different languages around the world. Why it wants to diversify language in humans is unknown, but it grows in power each time a new dialect is born.

Think of The Marker from Dead Space combined with your 9th grade Spanish teacher.

>> No.43484574

Wouldn't it want to unify languages? The whole importance to the stone was that it helped people understand all three languages.
I feel like it would seek to let everyone communicate, repairing the damage done by god's wrath, to build another tower of babel.
For nefarious purposes of course.

>> No.43484611

or maybe make it a universal translator for celestial language.

>> No.43484641

The glasses are far better than people will think

>> No.43484659

Yeah. It would be really fucking good for realizing when your opponents have made a mistake. Because normally it's best to hide them so they can't be exploited.

>> No.43484723

No we don't.
The metric system is Just more pratical.
Nobody uses the imperial measurents anymore. nobody WOULD.

>> No.43484756

That's wildly generalized. I'm a Canadian and I use pounds and feet far more often for daily measurements. Though I prefer centimeters to inches and kilometers to miles.

Same with most of the British people I know. A few of them I've met have evened used "stone".

>> No.43484769

Even if you can only see your own mistakes, an objective measurement of how you failed would be a hell of a good learning tool

>> No.43484788

Brits all still use stone in relation to bodyweight. It's 14lbs.

>> No.43484789

At first the glasses look terrible. But then you realize just how much knowledge it gives you.
You know when failure HAS happened. And IS completed.
Its the dream item of anybody in charge of anything.

>> No.43484834

It just seems really inaccurate to me.

I dunno.

That said, all the Commonwealth countries seem to prefer to pick and choose metric or Imperial units based on personal preference. I know other Canadians who use kilos but also miles or inches but also meters. That's my experience at least.

>> No.43484861

Soap was real. Just it was made in small amount and used to clean gas chambers and such. It was basically just an experiment, nazis never produced it on industrial scale.

>> No.43484871

Here in NZ it's all metric, apart from casual conversations and height. He's not 180 cm, he's 6'0". I blame American TV. Or, in my case, American RPG books.

>> No.43484898

That's just the name giving an impression of just using actual clusters of stone on a scale. It's as accurate as any other standard unit.

>> No.43484916

Does it hold the information in the palm of its hand? Convey them through sign language? Write?

And what kind of wisdom?

>> No.43484957

They made a new one not too long ago, made out of silicone and milled down to a sphere with an exact number of atoms.

>> No.43484959

I don't think you understand what industrial scale was, or how the rumor went.

>> No.43484992

Plenty of funny non-metric units still about in the UK, some more used than others. League, Hand, Furlong, Nipperkin, Mil. More common but less used ones.

>> No.43484994

thats a neat idea.

so the stone was created by a lesser god to make the higher gods perturbed, by teaching humans the language of god.

too protect their secrets the higher gods fucked the humans over and made them all speak different languages

>> No.43485001

That could be cool, a desiccated hand that could be asked question and then it would answer with one word in sign language.

>> No.43485026

And that it's not really any wiser than it was in life. People would assume otherwise.

Thinks highly of itself though.

>> No.43485042

>To the one defecating here. Beware of the curse. If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.

Found the next crux of my campaign.

>> No.43485159

Rumor went that nazis produced soap from remains of killed concentration camp inmates and used it on comercial market. But in reality it was produced on a small scale. Still technically it existed and was produced in Danzig or if you prefer, Gdansk.

>> No.43485181

>The Hammer of London

Kind of ashamed to be a britfag and not know about this.

>> No.43485183

Is this Doctor McNinja?

>> No.43485253

Don't feel bad, it was found in London, Texas.

>> No.43485312

>The Buddha
An ancient stone Buddha statue. Simple and unadorned but has no seems, apparently made from a single solid stone. Despite this, it is apparently hollow and contains the remains of a person seated in the lotus position.

>Lost Vikings
A small stele, discovered in a Mayan ruin, clearly depicting a group of helmeted and bearded individuals with spears and axes disembarking.a longship. A brief skirmish between the invaders and the locals results in the victory of the invaders. They briefly install themselves as the leadership of the settlement, with the stele having apparently been carved under their rulership, before the natives appear to die off rapidly of some respiratory illness. Stele carving abruptly ends with piles of native corpses and disappointed looking invaders.

>The Kurgan burial
A massive pyramid of human skulls discovered at the bottom of a lake east of the Black Sea. The heads of almost 3000 individuals can be found as well as the shattered remains of hundreds of animals. The rest of the bodies are found in a nearby caved, with the bones haphazardly piled. Most bones show flensing and burn marks from butchering and cooking, with marrow extracted.

>Jade Emperor
A jade coffin, apparently chiseled from a single giant piece of nephrite jade. Contains the body of a disturbingly perfect preserved pre-Dynastic Chinese ruler.

>> No.43485486

......still ashamed that there are yet more places in the US with stolen names from the UK that I didn't know about

>> No.43485601

Fucking penguins.

>> No.43485650

>meant to be a religious offering.

That's archaeologist talk for "We have no idea what the fuck even"

See also: 'Ritual purposes'

>> No.43485767

Yeah, if future archaeologists would find ruins of our civilisation all our gaming memorabilia and other hobby shit would be seen as religious artifacts.

>> No.43485820

He allied himself with the moorish that were fighting against other moors when he was EXPELLED by a butthurt king because he was too popular.

>> No.43485846

Yes, there's even an Age of Empires campaign about that.

>> No.43485965

>33% MSG

sounds legit, actually

>> No.43486119

Bentham's embalmed body is on display at University College of London, which he had a strong intellectual influence on.


>> No.43486507

Not glorious looking enough.

>> No.43486607

As long as we're on the subject of artificial hands, here's my favorite: the Iron Hand of Götz von Berlichingen. Among his many accomplishments as a mercenary captain, he popularized the phrase "kiss my ass" in Germany.


>> No.43486701

>Jade Emperor

The ancient Chinese actually made a few burial suits entirely out of articulated plates of jade.

Could be gamed as either a phylactery-like artifact, or a suit of armor that keeps the wearer horribly, unnaturally alive beyond the bounds of death.

>> No.43486760

The Church explicitly denied that it's real.

That's pretty strong coming from the recent popes, all of which do believe in demons that need to be fought by exorcists and lead a cult that claims that dead people heal the living from beyond the grave.

>> No.43486767

Bonus points if it's Jupiter in the astronomical sense.

>> No.43486809

It's a hammer that was found encased in a stone, wooden handle and all.

>> No.43486870


>> No.43487007

Easily my favourite german mercenary.

I had an idea for a setting of a country of mercenaries Landschneckt style, always fighting in any war, and that all the mayor lords are maimed one way or another, that they use different metals as prostetics, and use them as nicknames. Like King Goldeye, Lady Silvermane, lord, ironhand, lord cooperteeth, and so on.

>> No.43487083

There's the Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Dannan:
>Lia Fáil
A stone which cries out beneath any king who took rule of Ireland (not the most impressive thing, honestly)

>The Spear Lugh
"No battle was ever sustained against it, or against the man who held it."

>Claíomh Solais
The Sword of Light, it apparently slew all who it was wielded against and all who fled from it. I think it's got an almost Muramasa blade curse where it needs blood. All the time. Thankfully there's...

>The Cauldron of The Dagda
A Cauldron which infinite food could be drawn and could sate any appetite, even a blood thirsty sword. And thus, Ancient Celtic Jack Black had really cool shit.

>> No.43487123

Demon Core up in this thread.

>> No.43487216

Do you reckon the Elephant's Foot counts?

Its basically a lump of solidified lava made from the melted reactor 4 core at Chernobyl. During the disaster it was so radioactive that the robots they sent to try and take pictures of it had their circuits melted by the radiation. Anyone who looked at it died. They only got a picture by sending in someone who was already dying of cancer to take the snap using a series of mirrors.

>> No.43487311

The fuck is that?

>> No.43487325

Sure as hell seems like a cursed modern artifact, but I really don't know how or why anyone would make use of it unless expressly immune to radiation.

>> No.43487361

Pretty much anything related to the Matters of France, Britain and Rome.

>Rasputin's dick.
>The tables of the 1621 Plymouth Thanksgiving
>Da Vinci's notebooks
>The pieces of Manfred von Richthofen's last aircraft
>The stolen FIFA World Cup trophy

For a really threadheaded campaign, I guess the last Panzer VIII Maus could count too.

>> No.43487403

Scientists being retarded during the fifties-or-something

>> No.43487405


A mass of plutonium involved in two seperate criticality accidents.

>> No.43487576

One of the radioactive cores used during the developpment and perfectioning of the nuclear bomb. It got its nickname after going critical twice, which was unpleasant for everyone involved.

>> No.43487609

Literally Scientist poking plutonium with a screwdriver while making the atom bomb.

>> No.43487656

>Coca-Cola bottle front and center

>> No.43487683

Two accidents where scientists manually tested how close they could get nuclear cores before they went into runaway reaction.
Both times, with the same core, they were dropped and massively irradiated the scientists performing the tests, as well as spectators, before they could be levered off a second or so later.

The actual core was properly exploded eventually, but in a modern fantasy style game I'd write that as a lie and say that the real demon core is locked away somewhere, and continually tempts people to let it react and release whatever entity is sealed within.

>> No.43487754

Except that the IPK and its identical copies all weigh different amounts now, and all of them actually weigh less than 1 kg of water.

So I suppose that plan was a complete failure.

>> No.43487792

Shard of Corium

This shard of glass-like, brown material is a piece taken from the lump of fused reactor fuel, zircaloy cladding and concrete known as the Elephant's foot. When you hold it up to the light, countless tiny spheres can be seen throughout it, but what they are you cannot tell. It serves as a powerful link to the countless souls which were lost directly and indirectly to the Chernobyl catastrophy, now held in eternal purgatory within it.

>> No.43487816

Yeah that fucking thing is about as terrifying as it is fascinating.

>> No.43487830

On a similar note

>> No.43487846

>They only got a picture by sending in someone who was already dying of cancer to take the snap using a series of mirrors.
Fucking Russians.

>> No.43487857

Ukrainians, actually.

>> No.43487910

>> No.43487937

Oh yeah, definitely. Doesn't hurt that its made out of bits of thunderbolt iron.

>> No.43487946

Oh, slightly better then.

At least Ukraine is the birthplace of god-tier waifus such as Natalia and Yulia Tymoshenko.

>> No.43487965

Oh woe, it's not as if the founders of these towns named them from after where they were from or anything!

Dumb ass.

>> No.43487983

Making a knockoff fantasy artifact out of it, I'd have it be a creation of the first council of wizards, and a cornerstone of magic.
It is the device that creates and manages the reagent requirements for ritualistic casting, allowing a static and understandable system in place of chaotic wild magic or spirit magic.

Only the highest archmagi know that it's decaying, and subtly shifting the function of magic globally.

>> No.43488028

Sounds like the ultimate Black Soul Gem. Gonna need that shit for some serious enchanting crafting.

Similarly, I've heard of a shard of "radioactive glass", which was basically the melting of silica sand from areas where the A-bombs were tested, and currently only some Arab Prince owns a piece.

>Send a rocket into your mouth for an explosion of flavor.

>> No.43488108

>Similarly, I've heard of a shard of "radioactive glass", which was basically the melting of silica sand from areas where the A-bombs were tested, and currently only some Arab Prince owns a piece
That's bullshit, there's tons of that stuff. If the whole site weren't so radioactive people'd be making off with it by the truckload.

>> No.43488272

A piece of radoactive material would make a great "cursed" item in a world where modern day physics and chemistry is little understood. Just being around an object makes you sick and eventually kills you? Must be cursed, no science here

Those shards of radioactive glass are called Trinitite, named after the Trinity test when the first atomic bomb in the world was set off in the Jornada del Muerto desert.
You can actually purchase small pieces of it, since at this point in time it's a lot less radioactive.

>> No.43488299

What powers have the six US flags on the moon gained during their decades of being bleached pure white by unfiltered UV radiation?

>> No.43488310

I see now, this is where the whole "the right to bear arms" confusion comes from for gun owners.

>> No.43488331

Bad PS is bad though.

>> No.43488341

...what powers would it possess or confer to its wielder though?

>> No.43488362

No one remembers.

>> No.43488365

>Legendary figure wields an impossibly heavy cursed sword that can crush even the thickest armour and burns the flesh of anyone who goes near it
>Tragically, they died of a mysterious wasting illness soon after their triumph over their enemies
>Party goes looking for the sword
>Turns out some chucklefucks found uranium and somehow managed to make a Ferrouranium alloy before they died

>> No.43488371

Speaking of preconceived bias...

>> No.43488402


>> No.43488422

only the stories remain

>> No.43488440

You become aware that you´re in a story, and can see the DM´s rails clear as day, with all the pros and cons that entitles.

Fuck you. FUCK YOU.

>> No.43488453


>> No.43488473


Ilsa Koch actually did make those lampshades, but she was just one woman.

>> No.43488482

That's wrong though, you can easily find the amount of energy needed to boil a room temperature pot of water. It's not like the concepts of volume, energy, time, and phase changes are different between systems. I know, because in engineering you're often forced to work between systems, and they both work fine. Whoever made that picture is a stupid motherfucker, and whoever uses it is too. Metric is better because everything being in sets of 10 is better than everything being related by arbitrary and varying values, not because it actually does anything better.

>> No.43488508

If that was a joke, on the other hand, then I'm an engineer and what is humor

>> No.43488509

If you can call her that. So fucked up, even the SS tried to lock her up.

>> No.43488805


Know what i'm thinking?

...Chinese mummies

>> No.43488943

Did someone say Chinese mummies?
>Xin Zhui's body was remarkably preserved. Her skin was soft and moist, with muscles that still allowed for her arms and legs to flex at the joints. This preservation allowed doctors at Hunan Provincial Medical Institute to perform an autopsy on 14 December 1972
>Died 163 BC

>> No.43489057


>> No.43489207

The spanish system doesn't even look anything like the british one besides using the same roman derived names you dumb fuck.

When people say "livre" in french they mean 500g.

>> No.43489323

>Read the book
>Play the games
>Not mention the movie at all

>> No.43489366

Except for one they haven't. The recent popes use intentionally murky wording to say what it is without standing firmly on "It's Jesus" or "It's not Jesus", but all of them have considered it important in some way. Francis prayed in front of it and John Paul II was pretty moved by it.

Also, you're a cool enlightened dude calling a 1.2 billion member religion a cult, despite it not making any sense in the common or sociological definition of the word.

>> No.43489395

>The Enduring Wayfinder Standards
>Representing the spirits of pioneering, determination, and leadership, each flag protects its bearer against a type of tragedy that can befall a long journey (besides combat), as well as protecting their followers as well
>To have all six and weave them into a single standard allows a group to travel to any undiscovered land or world while ignoring any environmental hazards

huh, thanks for the info on Trinitite.

Asian mummies you say? This guy is so well preserved, he grabbed a pair of shades to stop the sun from burning his sockets.

>> No.43489479

None much. It's just really, REALLY good at cutting.

>> No.43490074

Mummies, huh?
>"Sokushinbutsu (即身仏) were Buddhist monks or priests who caused their own deaths in a way that resulted in their mummification. /.../ It is believed that many hundreds of monks tried, but only between 16 and 24 such mummifications have been discovered to date. The practice is not advocated or practised today by any Buddhist sect. /.../

>For 1,000 days (a little less than three years) the priests would eat a special diet consisting only of nuts and seeds, while taking part in a regimen of rigorous physical activity that stripped them of their body fat. They then ate only bark and roots for another thousand days and began drinking a poisonous tea made from the sap of the Urushi tree, normally used to lacquer bowls.

>This caused vomiting and a rapid loss of bodily fluids, and most importantly, it made the body too poisonous to be eaten by maggots. Finally, a self-mummifying monk would lock himself in a stone tomb barely larger than his body, where he would not move from the lotus position. His only connection to the outside world was an air tube and a bell. Each day he rang a bell to let those outside know that he was still alive.

>When the bell stopped ringing, the tube was removed and the tomb sealed. After the tomb was sealed, the other monks in the temple would wait another 1,000 days, and open the tomb to see if the mummification was successful.

>If the monk had been successfully mummified, they were immediately seen as a Buddha and put in the temple for viewing. Usually, though, there was just a decomposed body. Although they were not viewed as a true Buddha if they were not mummified, they were still admired and revered for their dedication and spirit."

>> No.43490319

Cult is term defined so poorly that you can call any religious organisation "a cult".

>> No.43490768

There are no artifacts in Tarkovsky's Stalker desu

it was a good film, but stop trying so hard

>> No.43491197

Ah, shit, it's the Fun Police. Cheese it, boys!

>> No.43491351

>no Idea what it would do, but in a fantasy setting it's bound to do something amazing!
something something magical wmd something something

>> No.43491490

>get out of here, stalker

>> No.43491560

>that feel when the skull of ghengis khan is used to reconstitute his body and soul using his descendants.
>all of them.

>> No.43491572

This thread is as if /x/ and /tg/ had a child.
But we all know /x/ and /tg/ are relatives so...yeah.

>> No.43491606

>Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?

>> No.43491611

No, child of /tg/ and /x/ would be a quest thread with a lot of shitposting.

>> No.43491635


How about a Holy Book made from Saddam's blood. All it needs is human skin binding, sown with nerves.

>> No.43491664

Muhammad's teeth when thrown they destroy buildings they hit

>> No.43491892


My favorite treatment of the Shroud of Turin is in The Descent (the Jeff Long novel, not the horror movie). His big thing is that the Figure in the Shroud is, like, six feet tall, at a time when the average human height was considerably shorter than it is now (something that's not really particularly true but whatever, it's an adventure novel). Why did nobody mention that Jesus was a fucking NBA player? I mean, he healed people, sure, but why didn't that ever come up?

Then there's this whole thing about who the Figure in the Shroud is if it's not Jesus, and some big supernatural reveal, and at one point Satan shows up and he dual-weilds katanas and just the whole book is like a batshit crazy Da Vinci Code oh fuck I need to read it again.

Anyway, the Shroud's a good one. Lot of potential for plot hooks.

>> No.43492001

funny part is that, according to Islamic beliefs, isn't that heresy while destroying a Quran is also heresy, forcing most people to not be able to do a damn thing about it?

Also, I believe lots of old medical texts from the renaissance period and such oftewn were scribed on the flesh of the very subject often dissected.

Seriously? Man, Muhammad must have had some chompers.

I'd probably say something like "your blood gains healing properties as long as you wear it." You know, to fit in with the themes of sacrifice.

That, or "guilt trip 5d20 Jews".

>Nails of the Cross
Can pin even gods in place.

Actually, don't the nails already have mythical properties according to Christianity?

Got'cha covered.

>> No.43492072

>the meathook of Mussolini
>grants the user incredible charisma, turning people that slightly agree with you into diehard zealots for your cause
>grows more effective when bathed in the fresh blood of cattle
>the hook eventually turns on the user and impales them as it sees fit
>covertly acts based on the will of the people you oppose

>> No.43492157

It's permissible to burn or bury a quran that is either unusable by wear or dirty. There isn't a real religious issue in destroying it, but a sectarian one. The new gov't doesn't want symbols of Saddam lying around, but others want to keep it around.

I've been wanting to dig up passages appropriate to slaughter and war, and seal it to armor like those purity seals, but more Khornate.

Also, I've been thinking about Arkiipov's launch keys. I have no idea if keys would have been used in the sub, but I like to think that they held apocalypse in check for that much longer.


>> No.43492183

this is a drawing i made of Roland's horn.

>> No.43492888

Linking this

I mentioned it in the WoD thread

>Produces an image of a brown guy
"I don't know if that's Jesus"

>But it *IS* proof that a man was tortured, crucified, then buried with this cloth.
To be fair that's not really surprising.

>> No.43493077


>> No.43493220


>> No.43493318

>Then there's this whole thing about who the Figure in the Shroud is if it's not Jesus, and some big supernatural reveal, and at one point Satan shows up and he dual-weilds katanas and just the whole book is like a batshit crazy Da Vinci Code oh fuck I need to read it again.

>> No.43493348


Fucking exactly.

>> No.43493400

>the joke

>your head

>> No.43493457


>> No.43493460

A hundred years from now, Hitomi Tanaka's tits will become a relic of legends.

>> No.43493626

why the colour shift?

>> No.43494645

Anime had it

>> No.43494931

Thanks to you I rented 3 submarine movies.

>> No.43495352

Fucking living buddas

>> No.43495569

I have a little collage type thing of people who have saved the world, he's on there. Some friend of my roommate came in and got pissed off, calling me a commie and such because I had a pic of a soviet on my wall.

I don't think they had individual launch keys, especially he wasn't usually on that sub, iirc he was a higher-up using the sub as his flagship or something.

>> No.43495731

>milled down to a sphere with an exact number of atom
I was about to point out how autistic that sounds, but I remembered I'm in the middle of obtaining a STEM degree.

>> No.43496108

...because just detonating it would've released the entity, due to being some sort of supernatural horrorterror, so they CAN'T just dispose of it, have to lock it away, but someone'll eventually forget about the reason why, or not believe them, and it'll be used, and everything it irradiates and/or kills before being released only makes it stronger

>> No.43496281

>sweater, wrist watch, and coke
This is some proper fucking scientific shit right here.

>> No.43496331

Cocaine was used by scientists alongside coffee for those extra long hauls.

>> No.43496423

>> No.43496642

These probably will be artifacts someday. Luna 2, the first human made object to reach the moon, carried some soccer ball shaped objects made of engraved segments. They were made to survive the impact and scatter around area.

>> No.43496656

another pic

>> No.43496823


>> No.43496861


>> No.43497046

>Not glorious looking
its the cup of a carpenter, what'd you expect?

>> No.43497598

You'd expect some of the disciples or guys who relic'ed it in the first place to spruce it up a little bit like they always do.

>> No.43497868

That'd be heresy.

>> No.43499531

>altering sacred relics from their pure original forms to suit your own lowly ideas of holiness


>> No.43499641


Have you not seen all the gem-encrusted saints? Religious folk--especially Christians--love to bling the shit out of their holy relics.

>> No.43499731

Stuff directly related to Christ is different. He lived simply and preached a simple life. They only remember that when stuff is directly related to him though.

>> No.43499955

Making new blingy shit is fine, but altering the simple everyday items of a man you worship who advocated simplicity/ humility/ and selflessness seems to defeat the entire message of his cause.

>> No.43500942


huh, turns out thats what guts artificial arm is based on.

>> No.43500990

"Quick, girl wonder! to the Tamponmobile!"

>> No.43501054

some stuff i always thought would be fun to put into a modern day game for some spooky elements.

30 silver roman drachmas, from Judas
a piece of the Tunguska Meteor
the stone that cain used to slay able

>> No.43501114

>30 silver roman drachmas, from Judas
have you read the dresden files?
there's a team of baddies that each have one of these...

>Tunguska Meteor
"it calls to its brothers"

>> No.43501139

I think pieces of those big meteors are pretty common on the collector's market, too.

>> No.43501224

thats where i got it, but in a BRPD/hellboy universe RPG im working on, its basically the physical embodiment of greed, the nazi's had both the spear of longinus and the 30 drachmas, after the war, the soviets got the silver and we had the spear.

the spending war that was the cold war resulted in the soviets eventually committing economic suicide through the power of the coins.

>> No.43501609

For you

>> No.43501659

Catholics are heretics and saints are false idols.

>> No.43501662

The Tunguska impactor got vaporised in an airburst, though. That's why it gets brought up in various UFO/conspiracy theory things, since there was no evidence of the meteor on the impact site, or a proper crater (the thing exploded in midair, so you just had anythign in the vicinity flattened by the pressure way, rather than a big chunk of ground being vaporised by the impact).

>> No.43501689

>on the internet, nobody knows you're Martin Luther, father of the Protestant faith

>> No.43503244

Codex Amiatinus

one of the oldest and most complete Vulgate manuscipts

three copies were commissioned by Abbot Ceolfrith of Wearmouth-Jarrow(who also educated Venerable Bede) in 692. they took over 20 years and 2000 cow's worth of parchment to complete with each copy weighing over 75 pounds

Ceolfrith died in 716 while travelling towards rome to present one of the copies to Pope Gregory II. that copy later ended up in a monastery in Tuscany

the other two copies were presumably destroyed along with the rest of Wearmouth-Jarrow's extensive library when the abbey was burnt to the ground by the Vikings in 794

>> No.43503314

Do you reckon the Gutenburg Bibles would count? I mean, as the first books to be made with the printing press, its been said that they represent the dawn of the age of reason.

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