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Stop letting it die edition
Old Thread: >>43356685

A thread dedicated to discussion and feedback of homebrews made by /tg/ regarding anything from minor elements to entire systems, or even inviting people to test your system in Roll20.

Try to keep discussion as civilized as possible, and avoid non-constructive criticism.

>Useful Links:

>Online Play:

>RPG Stuff:

>Dice Rollers

>Tools and Resources:

>Design and Layout

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kicking the ball off here with this.
this is the setting document and all the fluff I have.

I'm brewing off the system for World of Darkness

I'm chipping away slowly, I have some monster stats, but I still need maps because I'm shit at them and nothing I try to make ever turns out good...

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and here are the creature-stats I have...

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Here's something cool posted in previous threads.

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I made a simple roleplay system for myself.
It's made to be easily adjustable for most roleplays.
Looking for feedback.
I'll be adding my own setting rulebook eventually.

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Anon here, requesting assistance with a list of physical attributes or characteristics that players can pick from to create a mutant race?
>eg; PC has crab hands, a prehensile spike tail, and a snake body
>Weeaboo in group wants wings of course

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might be good for the villages but I meant a relatively detailed country map...

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might be good for the villages but I meant a relatively detailed country map...

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Ok everyone, I have put a large amount of gin into a liter bottle of lemon tea. I'm planning on starting a thread in the next few minutes and having a "I keep homebrewing and posting bits until I either pass out or become too intoxicated to type." session. Not sure how it's gonna go but I need something to do today.

Wish me luck fuckers. It's all gonna be improv.

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godspeed you beast of a man

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I've come to the realisation that my team arena mech game would bear mechanical similarities to Mordheim and Necromunda.

What is tg's opinion of adapting other systems as a base start?

(pic is a cover I made since I've settled on the name Hard:Suit)

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adapting other systems as a base start is usually the basis of most homebrews, there's nothing wrong with that

but if you plan to publish this anywhere, try to avoid being "x system but with y changes" because that's gonna end up being a heartbreaker

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Is this only for /tg/ homebrew or homebrew from other places be okay too?

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what do you mean, anon

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Give him wings, but make them small, deformed skin-flap things that are only good for occasionally gliding.

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Ok well I have no intention of copypasting systems, just riffing off what seems to already work so i'll just keep to how i'm going until its a unique thing of its own

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Can we only talk about homebrews that were posted on /tg/ or we can talk about homebrew from sites like giantitp, etc?

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oh, actually this is the first time something like this has turned up

i don't see why not, we usually talk about our own brews but there's nothing wrong with sharing brews from other places

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How open should I be with character ideas if I'm DMing my homebrew?

The players have read my lore and seem to understand the basic concepts (My setting is a Blade Runner type cyberpunk setting with STALKER thrown into the mix, for context) but they come up with character ideas that are completely out of left field. For example, one of them wants to be a literal robotic raptor named 'Robo Raptor' and the other wants to be a 'hivemind' that can split up into different body parts that all have a mind of their own. Both of them seem completely lore-breaking to me but I don't want to make it less fun for them by just shutting down their character ideas outright.

What do I do, /hbg/?

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Here's my player's handbook. It sadly got a lot longer then I wanted it to, I'm gonna scale this shit back a bit.

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Let's talk about this.
There are two ways to do it.
1. Let the players choose mutations
2. Have them throw you, the GM, a concept or general idea of what they want, you choose them for them. More balanced.

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Dont know if this is the right place to ask but im trying to find a setting I saw on here a while ago.

It was basically a world that was set entirely on the edge of a giant cliff with the rest of the land obscured by thick woods and fog. There was also a lot of fluff about airships and trees that had many different properties ( being lighter than air, etc.)

Anyone have any ideas?

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how about at some point they start building downwards into the abyss on the side of that cliff

actually i should've updated the thread name as "homebrew and worldbuilding general" since there really isn't a worldbuilding general and they go hand in hand most of the time

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Pls be gentle /tg/

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Going well so far, I'm over in >>43468218

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I'm still relevant guys. Also I'm selling the rulebook on drivethruRPG, will probably add the expanded monster list soon.

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Please don't, we talked about that last thread and the idea sickens me.

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Just because you can't be bothered to find the /wbg/ doesn't mean it doesn't exist

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Im just looking for the name of the setting, not trying to expand on it m8.

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Read through animal wiki entries when you're bored, you'll finish up the list eventually.

If you want a compromise, you could help them create a back story that fits the lore of your homebrew.

While discussing an off-site homebrew is fine and all, there's not really a point if the creator isn't around to receive the advice. Then there's the daunting task of reading 26 pages of discussion to get up to speed.

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I need more feats for my d20 monster tamer game. any novel ideas?

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Reposting the latest version.

Aegeos: Shattered Shards is a skirmish wargame that uses a D12-based system, and it currently trying out a one roll resolution system.

This one roll system and he general durability of models is the biggest focus right now for changes and playtesting.

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Is this a place where brainstorming ideas for mechanics would be welcomed or should I make my own thread?

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Post it. People will either respond if they are interested, or ignore it if they don't. Some times you can't be sure anyone will care, so either way.

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If I'm still awake, I'll give input. My baby is built around a core mechanic I can't view objectively, so I know your pain.

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Alrighty, here it goes:

So I was hoping to collect some ideas for a game I'm homebrewing for my friends. The idea centers around what boils down to advenutre + Lovecraftian themes.

Originally the idea was that players would look for a resource called "knowledge" and that knowledge could be expended to cast magical spells, but... this doesn't feel quite right.

I was hoping /homebrew/ would help me come up with interesting or cool ideas for a Lovecraftian magic system. Probably I would have several different types of magic. Undoubtedly, one school of magic slowly transforms you into a hideous beast with random mutations as you use it more and more through a table you roll on, but that's the best I've come up with so far.

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Couple of ideas I have here.

If you want to the go with the scholarly thing; call it Esoterica. Each magical thing you touch, observe, research, kill, and so forth will give you points towards this. You cannot cast spells using this, but you CAN start to see patterns and control them. Your tricks will not work multiple times you see, the things you are dealing with are neither stupid nor do they appreciate a joker more then once. You can, for instance, use the power of this resource to figure out that feeding the vampire-cloud can be stunned with a certain element or a drugged person to act as bait, or that speaking a secret name of a nameless thing can turn one of their mortal servants to stone, but these are far cries from the truest of Sorcerers.

The second power is that of Taint. Taint comes from all things touched by the elder things, the dark ones, whatever you call them. Touching them, their followers, their objects, resting in their domains, even viewing them or learning of them is a bit of a danger. Essentially, this is like being cursed EXCEPT you carry this curse inside of you and unleash it to what you need. You can manipulate the world from all the negative power you've touched, almost like radiation, but that won't stop the adverse physical and mental effects.

The third power, and the best power, is that of Warding. All it does is stop the bad things, the outsiders. Wards of ancient symbols, smells, words and actions that keep the things either away, or make them glance over protected people or places. It is purely defenses, but for that reason it is among the most useful.

Just an idea.

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Maybe check out Call of Cthulhu or Trail of Cthulhu first to see if they can scratch that itch. Lovecraft's works themselves don't really have magic, usually focusing on weird or inexplicable happenings. Maybe the Dreamlands have it, but I'm not sure.

Maybe instead of having magic be blatantly used, have them come about unconsciously instead? Players could gain knowledge about an ancient thing, they start having dreams, they then notice a change in some aspect of their life brought about by the "magic", and find out the "magic" grows stronger the more they know about the ancient things, at the cost of increasingly becoming unhinged. The "magic" would be subtle at first, becoming closer to traditional magic as the player grows more devoted to the ancient thing.

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Lovecraft's work had a lot of magic in it, actually. Its just that its rarely practiced, since it either takes the form of advance technology that appears like magic, or the more traditional forms are only used by evil people. The only time I remember magic rituals being used by the good guys was the Dunwich Horror, where professors used magic to banish a shaggoth.

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You could use the knowledge mechanic, but instead of spending it to cast spells, you could use it as a resource to learn them.

If you want it to feel Lovecraftian, it needs to be incantations and rituals. Some ideas could be using that knowledge mechanic to learn or "find" the spells, but you need to keep a physical copy on you to cast it, adding in a mechanic that the more you use it, you get to a point where you don't need the physical copy to recite it. Something like, every time you use the spell, you earn a point towards committing it to memory, the bigger the spell, the harder to memorize and the more you need to use it. You could have it as something where you roll to see if your character memorizes it after an encounter with the points accumulated adding to it, or just have it an EXP like system, where you just have to earn the points by using it until you hit a goal.

Other ways to make it feel Lovecraft is make i subtle and take time. Curses and hexes, not fireballs and such. The flashiest spells should be illusions, summoning dead spirits, and banishing. Make it so casting in combat takes time, they have to recite the right incantations or perform the correct rites. It gives an old-school, folklore style of magic, instead of shooting lasers out of your hands like high fantasy does.

If you want to include the effects that show tampering with magic is bad, outside of the standard sanity points lost sort of way, you can do things like you mention with physical changes, draining of vitality, or things like outsider magic that draws the attention of other-worldly things the more you use it.

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oh yeah i forgot we were gonna leave this one for mechanics and shit
carry on then

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Dang, I finally managed to sit down and update. If someone still remembers, I made a card game focusing around teamwork and exploration. Next version of the rules are done, with a bunch of editing and updating happening. It was especially work heavy this time since due to added and changed words, I had to edit big chunk of the actual cards too. Either way, I'm glad if anyone bothers to check it out. I can post cards too if asked.

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Yeah, that was what I tried to explain, but did so terribly. Magic is there but it isn't prevalent, mostly implied instead of being blatantly used, and any users are probably not the good guys.

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What are some good health/damage systems that don't involve HP? Just checking my options here, HP and flat numbers are kinda boring to calculate.

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My system is based on wounds.
Players have a dice pool. Wounds have five levels. The deeper the wound, the more from the dice pool is affected. Eventually you get hit to a vital organ, have your head chopped off, or just bleed to death.

Pic related.

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> masonery

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So, presently I'm working on a magic system for my game, I have a system in place now for physical combat called "Vigor" which is a number of points per turn you have to modify an attack or defense, that resets every turn.

For magic, I'm considering a dual system, of "mana" which is a thing in this setting that everyone has, as well as vigor. So vigor would put a cap on your actions per turn, and mana, a larger pool, would cap your actions per combat/rest/larger time frame.

Now I feel the need to stat that pure magic users are not a viable option. You will never be a spell slinging wizard or anything like that. That kind of magic isn't really something that exists.

There would be 4 "bodies" of magic, the names might be a little confusing out of context but they make sense in the setting.
>Druidic: Inward-Personal magic: basically self buffs, things like increased perception or strength, personal healing, memorizing complex patterns and the like.
>Thaumaturgic: Outward-Enviromental Magic: spells that do things to the outside work, boiling water, starting fires, enriching soil, sharpening blades, producing light.
>Necromantic: Outward-Personal: Things that effect other people, healing spells, speaking to the recently dead, causing paralysis, forcing mana from corpses and in the right circumstances, hurting people.
The final category is Ancient Magic which works differently. Normally any magic cast on another person is reduced naturally by that persons own mana, so a soldier who never uses spells will resist the majority of offensive spells used against him, where as a combat caster who juices himself up will be vulnerable to spells. As such, most magic is non-combat because it just won't work against most people.

Ancient magic, however, increases in potency based on the more mana a target has. This of course means it is invaluable in combat. However, basically NO ONE knows ancient magic, and the players will typically NEVER get their hands on it.

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what game is that

>> No.43485658


So players get the 3 "normal" branches to pick and choose from (depending on class choices and roleplay things) and if a characters life goal is to learn ancient magic, they might get like, a spell.

Any thoughts on this system? Is having both Vigor and Mana as a resource too confusing? Is not having mages shooting fireballs for days a mistake or do you think it will help push for more hybrid characters? That's my goal, to make players want to try a lot of different things, rather than over specialize.

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Since I finally have the time again I'm starting to put some serious thought to my Fate magical girls game. Being powered by Fate the base system needs no introduction, some system highlights instead:

Hope aspect: your virtue, creed, mission statement or whichever. In short, what you hope to be true. When this aspect gets compelled, you Gain Hope.

Despair aspect: the opposite of hope aspect basically. This is what you fear to be true. Invoking this aspect is always free (no fate point cost) but when you do so, you Take Despair.

Despair stress track: Three-tiered stress track with 4 boxes each tier. When you Take Despair, you check boxes. When you Gain Hope, you clear boxes. When you end a scene with more despair than you started with, you make a check against tiered difficulty or take a despair consequence. Despair stress obviously does not clear normally, you have to Gain Hope to remove stress. Similarly, despair consequence cannot be cleared normally, it goes away only when your despair stress has been lowered to previous tier. Every character at second or third stress tier increases GM's fate point pool by one. Every character at third stress tier grants the GM one free invoke of their despair aspect per session.

Four ways of Gaining Hope: story events, hope aspect compels, though your friends, dulling despair through vices.

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Fate has a track system that's sort of interesting. When you take x damage you check off x on the track, and if x is already checked you move up to x+1 and check that, and so on. I think Vampire works like this, too.

PDQ and Risus have a system where damage is applied against your skills. As you take wounds you become less competent, until you're beat up and defeated. Sort of weird in my opinion but it's different.

Song of Swords I haven't played, but I've heard it has tables with rather gruesome sorts of results depending on rolls. Someone else can add detail to that.

I've seen a couple homebrew systems where players have HP, but only a few, so it works out more like a "x strikes" setup than a pool (ie. you can take 3 major hits).

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Judging by the UI, that's Tabletop Simulator.

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>just wanted to put together a little system that would allow more space for a little hand to hand combat.
>mfw it's now and over 40 page monstrosity, and it it shows no signs of stopping

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i feel you

>I only wanted to make a small system where your stats played a big role on your rolls and you learned from usage and practice rather than sitting every time a session ends to put numbers into little boxes for an hour
>oh hey a science fiction + heavy magic fantasy world could be cool

>35 traits and counting
>complex combat system full with counterattacks
>4 different schools of magic
>gorillion tech devices
>locational damage
>3 pages of weapon charts that were written, deleted, then rewritten
>an entire world and lore that affects/spawns certain rules
>2 different planes with different creatures
>at least half a notebook full of beast descriptions

might as well go all in and make complex example characters for everything and make a comic with them as well to serve as extra explanation and examples as well as shedding some light into the entire world because i apparently shit time and effort now

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Everyone aboard the homebrew train! I too revel in this shared suffering...

>Players clearly need a setting/genre-agnostic system with detailed combat-system and high character customization
>Challenge accepted
>2,5 years, pre-alpha-phase game, alpha-phase game, beta-phase full campaign, post-update beta-phase campaign (in progress), and 75 pages of content later
>Detailed combat system with locational damage, actions and reactions, critical tables and weapons ranging from archaic to sci-tech
>Wounds, pain, fear and stress are all measured - only very minor bonuses to character durability through experience
>Physical and mental sicknesses with various levels of progression
>Loads of character physical/mental/social/background traits
>40+ skills to learn + languages
>Pages upon pages of purchasable and cutomisable gear
>An alternate earth setting with gods and magic spawned alongside, with timeline stretching ~400 years ahead of our times, with multiple other planes of existence
>Highly customizable magic and martial feats (both unarmed and armed)
>Mfw I'm at 75 pages and I have the lore written down only vaguely, and there are still important rules to make (eg. vehicles, buildings, large monsters, and how the three work in combat)

And darn it, I don't know why on Holy Terra did I decide to make all this in my native language instead of english?! Now I find myself full-on considering translating it to english, including rearranging of the whole document.

At least my gaming group really likes the system and the setting wholeheartedly.

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I've told you guys about the Traits system right
basically instead of spending points after leveling you gain points towards a certain skill when you use it and practice it

thing is there's 30-40 traits and i can't fit them all into the sheet so i was thinking of leaving a section of blank chart to track a maxmimum number of acquirable traits that the character fills in as they progress, practice and use those traits, picking new ones along the way without going completely batshit and becoming an endgame bethesda main character that can do everything

but i sense there's something wrong with it even before putting it to the test, could i get some input on this?

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I ain't letting this die. I'm going to give this thread a bump

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How might repairing a mechs disabled body part work?

A repair test based off of a pilots intelligence?
Restoring all the Hull points or a fraction?

Suggestions and ideas welcome

>> No.43490721

Also OpenOffice is a piece of shit to format stuff

>> No.43490822

It is.

>> No.43491130

Probably based off of how busted it is. Also, whether repairs are done in the field or a shop and how mechanically intensive they may be.

I'd say a check to see if the pilot can bang a critical piece back into semi-operation. Return it to operation at a lower hp and possibly include a negative modifier for further checks that might utilize said part.

>> No.43492045

Was doing some preliminary brain-storming of a concept that included an MMA type fight system.

Didn't want to get too super technical about it, just came up with some basic technical skills covering punches/kicks/grappling/etc as well as your usual stamina/agility stats.

What I did want to do was include a "balance" stat. Movements, attacks, being tired out and such would negatively affect the balance stat, which in turn could lead to your opponent scoring a critical if their attacks connect. Criticals could be anything from getting the wind knocked out of you, to suffering a sudden ko depending on the attack.

Sound interesting? Any suggestions for systems to look at?

>> No.43493612

Seems fine, and the dual system does seem pretty neat. Players would still probably focus on one magic thing that they like though (sharpen blades + increased senses during combat) since it's just human nature to want to follow a familiar path.

Doesn't look like there's a problem? Why not make a long list at the side and tick off/assign points to acquired traits there though? Might look better than a large box on the sheet.

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i meant something more like this
but now i have an ugly empty space next to this and the basic stats, fug

i tried to make it like a list of traits with the dots underneath so i could encompass all of them but it looked ugly as shit

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You guys ever work hard on a system over a long period of time, and then after all that you realize you just fucking hate what you've created?

I've never really understood the appeal of systems involving lists of predefined options. Looking at DnD and GURPS. And now when I was getting into my own, I realized I don't care anymore.

I guess I'll at least throw it up before I throw it out. shh not a bump

>> No.43493983

That's honestly not bad, but I would trim the whole second column, and have only the one column of 5 blank slots to be filled in as the player wants. Too many traits and it'll just become a bunch of fiddly shit no one wants to deal with.

Fuck, I think everyone goes through that at some point. For example, I'm a nerd who grew up on BECMI/RC D&D, and love the shit out of it. However, when I saw the idea of generic weapons from LotFP, and the various "wepaon tag" systems it's inspired on a couple of different OSR blogs I tend to lurk, it's hard to go back.

Personally, when given the choice to follow a strict list/table/code or customize shit within limits, I like that customization factor. Being able to be all "Nah, my guy's not using a sword, he's got a shortened trident" and not only be able to do that but not get penalized mechanically... Well, it's a damn fine feeling.

>> No.43494021

i gave it a maximum of 10 because it's a mixture of all the things the player knows, but that includes schools of magic, weapons, items, and survival/craft

a cap too small might make players feel frustrated when trying to learn new shit

i'll take your observation in account though, maybe the cap is too high for no good reason

>> No.43494132

I honestly can't see why you shouldn't use flat numbers for the traits, other than for maybe aesthetics. You can probably make the dots a lot smaller too, since it's main purpose is to just get ticked off anyway.

Actually, I just thought of something. How about something like the victory point tracker in board games where it goes around the whole board, and the player's tokens signify where they are? You could number the traits and use the numbers to track your trait progression on a single track. And if you have multiple types of traits, you can group those together and have their own tracks.

>> No.43495426

throwing my attempt in

abilities ranked from d4 through d12
rolls are ability die x 2

basic, right? but also looking into these additional mechanics;

optional 1 - your speed determines how much you can act in a given round. like person a has 12 and person b has 8; person a, having more, goes first. you can spend any number of your 12 actions to get that in dice (e.g. I spend 6 actions and roll 2d6, or blow all 12 and get to roll 2d12 instead). This is limited to your actual score (can't spend more than 8 if you only have a d8 in that ability).

the person with the current highest amount of actions goes first, so it will separate those who do one huge attack, and those that do more rapid-fire. Reactions (block, dodge, ice-shield) also cost actions. this way, if you gang up on someone, it's easy to hang them up on the ropes.

- option 2: blessings and burdens. if you have a burden (unaware of your attacker, trying to run away with a twisted ankle), when you roll your 2dx, you take the lesser die and double that, instead of adding both.

alternatively; if you're at an advantage (you have a silver weapon against the werewolf, you have studied this area of knowledge all your life), you instead add the BETTER die and add it twice.

e.g. 2d6, and you get a 2 and 4. with a burden, you get 4 (2+2). regularly, you get 6 (2+4). with an advantage, you get 8 (4+4). this is enough, that a really prepared novice is nearly a match for a really under-prepared master. more than just an HP race

>> No.43495540

Anyone got the link to the most recent version of the Halo rpg rules?

I'm interested in a generic style space rpg where the players have access to military-grade weaponry

>> No.43496163

Version 0.11 of Aegeos: Shattered Shards. Had to fix some things and some point values.

I'm having some issues with the Sadists side objective, though, since I changed how damage works. I may have to change it into something else entirely.

>> No.43496881
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Made some additions. It's not a lot, but there's some terms I've added to help clarify things while I work on other sections.

As always:
1) Does it currently make sense?
2) Am I missing something obvious?


>> No.43497430

>Picture illustrations
>Nice page numbering
>Table of Contents
>Two column-ed text

It seems like you cared a great deal anon, don't throw it away. Maybe one day in the far future you'd like to continue, or make another homebrew and keep this one as a template

>> No.43497514

So, /hbg/, I've hit a roadblock with my mecha game.

This game uses a dice pool, and I've run into an issue with how Armor works.

Most weapons in the game have you rolling a number of dice equal to the relevant stat, then comparing it to the weapon's to-hit stat. For example, you fire a cannon, your Stability stat is 7, so you roll 7 D12s. The cannon's Accuracy is 9, so you need a 9 or better to hit, and you get lucky and score 4 hits. The cannon has a Rate of Fire of 3, so you can only get three hits max. The cannon's Damage is 2, so it deals 2 damage per hit.

Now, somewhere in here, your target gets to roll his Armor check. Armor checks will work essentially the same way as attacks do; you roll a number of dice equal to your Armor, trying to roll equal to or higher than your Armor's Hardness.

My question is, should succeeding on an Armor check deflect Hits or Damage? Thematically, succeeding on an Armor check represents the shell bouncing off the mech's armor entirely, but if you make Armor deflect hits, you encourage nothing but spamming lots of high ROF guns that will get a lot of little hits. By the same token, if you make armor deflect damage, you'll encourage spamming lots of low ROF guns that deal lots of damage with each hit.

So I need some sort of middle ground; does anyone have any ideas?

Note: Damage that goes through is dealt directly to the mech's Armor stat, reducing it and making the armor worse at deflecting from damage in the future.

>> No.43497527

Quick Survey for homebrew makers to keep it alive and relevant:
>Do you prefer the text in two columns like in most offical corebooks, or not?
>Do you think homebrews should include some if any illustrations or pretty visuals?
>Do you include extra basic stuff such as "What is a roleplaying game" "How to GM" "Example of Play" ect?
>Do you think that a glossary at the end of your work would be necessary?
>Do you make an appendix at the end including things like monsters, character sheets, and other?

>> No.43497545

>I work in one column but plan to switch it to two once I produce the booklet
>Yes, I am commissioning art from several people to get my mecha drawn.
>I will most likely add those once the game is complete
>No, but I will have to explain that "Mecha" "Platform" "Suit" "Knight" "Tripod" "Armor" and "Justiciar" are all synonymous
>Doesn't fit with a wargame

>> No.43497554

Well in the game I've been making a module for, armor merely took away from the number of dices the enemy can roll damage with. So if the enemy can roll with 7 dices due to their stability, but the enemy has 3 armor they only get to roll with 4=(7-3)

Alternativley, you could allow damage deflection only if the Armor check reaches some sort of critical score. (Since bouncing back projectiles doesn't happen often)

>> No.43497575

Deflection just means it doesn't hit at all, not reflection.

Also, this system probably won't roll for damage. Cannons and artillery shells deal a flat amount of damage to anything in their radius(double damage on a direct hit), Beam weapons simply remove the enemy without rolling. Melee weapons will probably roll for damage though.

>> No.43497611

Well I say deflect damage. Technically that's what armor is for.
If you want to deflect hits, you should do something related to evasion.

>> No.43497651

Not really. It's a semi-realistic thing. In most tank combat, the purpose of the armor was to make shells bounce off the tank entirely, rather than to absorb the kinetic and explosive force of the shell. That's why later tanks in WW2 had such sharp angles on their armor; a 30 degree angle is much better at deflecting shells than a 45 degree angle. This is represented in the game stats by Hardness.

Meanwhile, some ability to absorb force is needed, and that just relies on thickness of plating. This is represented by how high your armor stat is.

The mecha I'm envisioning for this game are big, brutish things, not particularly fast moving, and dodging would kill that. I don't want them to be nimble.

>> No.43497712

Well I still say that mechanically it should be the damage, but if you insist, you could divide between them I guess?
Maybe have different types of armor, with different amounf of Hit/Damage deflect. You know make the armors as divere as you did with the weapons.
If you don't think that's too complicated to play with, that is.

>> No.43497853

I think that would be too complex. Part of the appeal I'm going for in this game is it's excessively simple(for example, the rules on infantry almost boil down to "if something happens to an infantryman, he dies") because the game is on the company level, so you might have lots of mechs involved.

I might make armor deflect individual damage points because that would encourage bigger guns, simply because that's what happened in real life with tanks.

>> No.43497942

Should note, this was me. Also, just ran into the concept of "Electric Reactive Armor"

"Two conductive plates separated by air and acting like a capacitor. A high voltage power source charges the plates(in this case, the crystals) When an incoming body penetrates the plates, it closes the circuit, discharging the capacitor and dumping energy into the penetrator, vaporizing it or even turning it into a plasma"

I'm definitely going to have to work this in as a unique ability. Mechanical effect will be not taking double damage when a shell scores a direct hit.

>> No.43497980

In some other thread the idea of a dice pool system where you assign dice to different actions in combat came up. I'd imagine everything would be based on the same type of die (let's say d6) so that everything could have dice spent on it in combat.

As a general idea, let's say a character gets 3d6 a turn in combat, and could either spend one die in attack, defense, and move, or spend all the dice in one of them or any of the other combinations. Maybe a chase could be some combination of dividing your rolls between acrobatics dice and move dice.

I like the idea from a gamist perspective on paper. In practice, I'd hate to wait on a player to decide how they allocate their dice every turn, but that'll always be a problem in one form or another.

>> No.43499335

Definitely interesting, though you might have trouble assigning affects to certain moves at certain balances and stuff due to how it works. Maybe take a look at BattleCON, an attempt at turning fighting games into a board game.

Looks interesting, both mechanics does help give some control over your rolls, though the speed mechanic might not work how you think it will due to how consistent a 3x 2d4 is over 1x 2d6.

>> No.43499478

Note that with your dice pool, accuracy, ROF rules you have created a bounded system. With this, you have capped the damage that can be done but also created a situation where accuracy times ROF informs the players what the Best Weapon is. They will not fail to mount as many of the Best Weapon as possible, ignoring all the others.

Deflecting damage with armor may be problematic solution as you've already established that the attack is not a skill shot but about the number of shots (rate of fire). You'll run into a situation where you are declaring a machinegun can penetrate something a rifle shot at equal power cannot, because machinegun spits out more equally ineffective bullets.

>> No.43499678

>I prefer the text in two colums for the most part now that I finally figured out how to edit the column settings in Word
>Illustration isn't mandatory, but highly preferable, as it will help with immersing
>I will add examples of rules with in-game examples, might add something else too when the rules are ready
>A glossary will be nearly mandatory with the scope of content my brew will have
>Appendix will be added too

>> No.43500644

Consider asking different questions in order to illicit better responses other than "I gueeeeeessssss..." and "Nnnnnooooo?"

Rolling for Evasion seems kind of weird. Evading in Ace Combat has always been about flying perpendicularly to the missile instead of hoping it doesn't hit. Maybe make missiles travel the same way planes do, restrict their speed and turning, and if the missile flies past the plane, it misses?

Not too sure about targeting rolls either. Maybe try having a targeting stat which determines how long a plane should be in front of the plane in order for a lock on to occur? It could also determine the angle of which a lock on can occur too.

I'd go for deflecting hits. You can balance high RoF guns and low RoF guns by letting the high RoF guns deal less damage per shots (volley?) via either modifiers to damage or to the opponent's Armor check rolls. High RoF guns would not only have higher damage, they could also have modifiers to their rolls to make damage be dealt easier.
Eg: Against a high RoF gun, Armor check rolls by targeted player gets a +2 modifier. Low RoF guns get a -2 modifier.

>> No.43502247

I'm all for a new survey every new thread ala /bgg/.

>Do you prefer the text in two columns like in most offical corebooks, or not?
Yes, since I think two columns look pretty spiffy, single columns look like thesis reports.

>Do you think homebrews should include some if any illustrations or pretty visuals?
Only if necessary, maybe to illustrate movement and such. It would make reading the rules less dull though, at the cost of looking dumb if the illustrations are mostly unrelated to the homebrew.

>Do you include extra basic stuff such as "What is a roleplaying game" "How to GM" "Example of Play" ect?
Probably not, though "Example of Play" would be pretty useful.

>Do you think that a glossary at the end of your work would be necessary?
I'm honestly not sure, the only homebrew I've completed is targeted for series fans anyway, and the terminology would've been familiar to them. The other WIP doesn't really have complicated words, though I guess it might benefit it.

>Do you make an appendix at the end including things like monsters, character sheets, and other?
Only if necessary.

>> No.43502369
File: 71 KB, 720x770, TROOPER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Two columns reads better for some things I think but large tables are sometimes better shown on one page
>Yes definitely. They cement the world you're trying to make in an instantly understandable way (that and I like making them)
>Sometimes yes but only if its processes that'd be different from a regular roleplaying game
>Only if there's lots of made up terms, organisations, factions that are needed to be known to enjoy the game further
>Probably yes, stat lines for common enemies, weapon blocks and a character sheet ready for play.

Question - which of these settings is more interesting for a mecha team roleplaying game

A) Far future: Post-apoc world environmentally recovering from war but now split into many soverign states all hoping to be the next super power. Mechs are considered the standard combat unit and mercenary bands have grouped together to ply their trade to these desperate countries.

B) Strangereal: A different but recognizable parallel to the real world, engaged in a long Cold War between super powers. PMCs hold huge military sway and mech squads are used to carry out missions in areas deemed too politically sensitive to otherwise allow all out war.

Personally i'm edging towards the recovering post-apoc world but if anyone has better ideas please share

I'm open to suggestions and any help is appreciated

>> No.43502778

Looking for some feedback on a project that I'm working on. Dropbox below:


These are rules for dogfighting using Greg Stolze's One Roll Engine, primarily the Wild Talents version. The goal here is to simulate combat between high speed fighter craft, in space first and foremost but also potentially in a modern or WWII setting. I'm aiming for something simple and smooth flowing that can end up either extremely graceful or totally chaotic depending on the performance of the players and their enemies.

>> No.43503099

I myself like the post-apoc better. Altough I'd like to think in interstellar powers as well.
Think of a mecha fight in the red deserts of Mars

>> No.43503103

>turning fighting games into a board game

Which made me realize another concept that would be integral to the "balance" system. "Action Priorities" could be broken down to a simple fast/med/slow that would allow a player to interrupt an off balance opponent and potentially score crits. Jabs and simple clinches could be thrown out fast while while simple kicks might be med and something like a roundhouse might be slow.

That's not getting in to how a grapple check/defense would go or how to integrate the balance stat.

>> No.43503398

Far future is pretty common and is probably the safest choice, though I'd encourage trying to make it stand out. Strangereal is much harder due to the needed research, but can be pretty interesting, and the effort made towards drawing parallels are unlikely to go unnoticed.

I would suggest fantasy mechs powered by magic thing, but it probably wouldn't fit what you have already done.

>> No.43504011

Yeah I definitely don't want to fall into the generic Wasteland/greybrowneverything post-apoc but maybe instead something a bit like 'Laputa' or 'Dragon's Heaven' where the apocalyptic war and its advanced technology only just being re-discovered by squabbling nation states and put to use for their own ends.

(one thing being the basic mech technology re-discovered a few years ago and spread throughout the world)

>> No.43504987

What if, to avoid the generic wasteland type thing you have it set in a completely wild, totally out of control ecosystem?

>Nuclear war
>Superpowers want to prevent ecological collapse from nuclear polution, expecting they will come out alive
>Spread biological and nanotech agents across the earth, designed to bolster ecosystem against nuclear fallout
>Superpowers experience mutual destruction
>Decades of technological darkness

Without the superpowers monitoring their nuclear polution countermeasures, Earth's ecosystem goes crazy. You end up with stuff like mech battles in forests with trees the size of sky-scrapers and mushrooms as big as houses. Abanzoned cities colonized by wasps the size of dogs. Tropical jungles where the native life has evolved into an army all of its own.

>> No.43506061

I am making something similar. I'm using the Street Fighter roleplaying game as basis.

>> No.43506084

Nothing for this at all?

>> No.43506357

I like it!

So civilisations, isolated by the unfathomably wild ecosystem for (centuries? decades? a period of time long enough for only the oldest generation to vaguely remembering the last remnants of the superpowers)

These places might have devolved into semi-feudal kingdoms, principalities and nation states still pitted with anachronistically out of place tech; remnants of the superpowers half forgotten.

How does that sound? Good/bad?
I'm wondering how mech suits fit in enough to become a standard throughout the world

>> No.43506429
File: 61 KB, 960x540, Tone, Conceit, Conflicts, Outcomes, Mechanism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just going to post some things relating to design philosophy that help me realize when my ideas are kind of shit.

>> No.43506461


>> No.43506502
File: 8 KB, 512x232, Types of Games.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43506527
File: 231 KB, 1403x1228, Principles and Fallacies of Game Design.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43506565


>> No.43506613

"Design Patterns of Successful Role-Playing Games" and "Rules of Play - Game Design Fundamentals" are both too large to post.

>> No.43506702

The following have some overlap with what I just posted, but also some stuff that isn't in there.

>> No.43506732


>> No.43506763


>> No.43506841
File: 51 KB, 651x794, Mastercraft Campeign Method.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the best way I have seen for organizing a campaign.

>> No.43506929
File: 32 KB, 1088x253, random is love.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember that how the players think about how games should be run can have a huge impact on how they use your rules.
D&D can be used for epic, planned out sagas, but there are random encounter tables for a reason.

>> No.43506963
File: 309 KB, 1529x1175, What not to do.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try to keep your character sheet from resembling a tax form or pic related.

>> No.43507082


>> No.43507637

...why does this make me so angry

>> No.43507642


>> No.43508114


>> No.43509142

You'd assume that if it didn't make sense you'd post something more informative than "maybe...?". However you're right. The questions aren't really the best they could be. I'll try to use better questions.

In regards to Evasion and Targeting, I'm using AC:AH Legacy as my main inspiration (the one for 3ds. It's also the inspiration for plane modifications). Targeting and Evasion rolls mimic their Combat Maneuver mechanic where you would snap to a 6o'clock position, or juke a missile. I realize it's even less realistic then titles before AC:AH, but it seems to be working best for tabletop conversion with the size I'm working with.

Missiles do actually follow plane rules, but because normal missile range is 2 squares, it doesn't come up much. This will definitely matter more with longer range missiles like SAAM or XLAA that might have a range of 8+.

The rolls themselves represent the time and effort spent in the battle to get a good 6o'clock position, or to avoid giving them a lock/opportunity to evade. Because each square represents 1/2 mile, many of those twitch actions won't be visible on the grid (also, planes can get up to 9 squares of movement per round. I don't want movement to get crazy like dnd3.5 could when you expect to put things on an acceptably sized battle space). A lot of the specifics should happen within the theatre of the mind, and that's where the rolls help tie things together.

With this new information, do the Targeting an Evasion rolls fit better, or are they still too weird conceptually? I do still have some with to do with Plane mechanics and how they relate to the rolling, so perhaps that section could provide some clarification.

>> No.43509350
File: 51 KB, 500x500, 1435355020046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

working on rules for:
• Stress & Distraction
• Starvation, Thirst, Exposure, & Exhaustion
• Fear, Sanity, & Addiction

anyone have some ideas?

>> No.43509446

Considering Ace Combat's world is literally called Strangereal, I'm going to vote for that. Its parallels to the real world are what make it so intriguing. Ace Combat 5 itself is essentially "What might happen if Germany tried to get revenge on USA and Russia by making the Cold War hot?". In relation to mechs, you can have your alternate timeline happen through certain technologies being developed while others weren't. Perhaps they had the right kind of Eureka! moments where mechs could easily be fielded instead of Tanks perhaps, or even Aircraft. Maybe Aircraft are as mysterious to them as widespread bi/quad-pedal mechs are to us (huge breakthrough in stabilization tech perhaps).

You also don't necessarily have to explain everything. The world of Ace Combat has nukes, but nukes have an even larger taboo on them than in real life. Despite this, nations still field huge armies and offensives because nuclear attack isn't a deterrent for some reason. None of that is explained, but it's how the world works. Perhaps you could even make it pre-space travel Star Wars, countries fielding the precursors to AT-AT and other walkers.

Plus, post-apoc means scarcity to me, and Mechs would seem more like a luxury you couldn't really afford to have, but that's just my view of the aesthetic.

>> No.43509475


I would say make all of them being able to be 'ignored' for a single roll based on the stat being afflicted.

For instance; Rolling your wisdom to try and ignore something dangerous or seemingly dangerous (like an illusion), and avoiding being distracted.
Rolling body/con to resist the effects of starvation and thirst, etc.

>> No.43509619

Dunno if you were going for this angle, but have Stress and Distraction oppose each other on a scale. Things going wrong cause stress, which in turn increases focus (making tasks easier to accomplish). However, too much stress causes damage in some way. Distraction is gained from resting, but lowers your focus (making tasks more difficult to succeed).

The key is balancing your incoming Stress and Distraction to progress throughout trials.

>> No.43509639


follow up
Stress as a persistant state, not unlike a poison. at a certain threshold it makes you suseptable to things (Charm/Deceit/Command type skills, affects immune system, some magics.)
Stress and Distraction should ideally interact. maybe distraction is a combat based result of Stress.
maybe some combat actions can take advantage of Distraction. some actions should attempt to apply Distraction to an enemy

>> No.43509673

this is very close to my line of thinking.
Stress & distraction are linked.
Stress is also mixed up with Exhaustion & Fear
thinking that Sanity & Addiction play into Stress more indirectly - eg through Fear

>> No.43509737

Ace Combat anon here.

I looking the overall look of the rules. They seem to be pretty abstract which can have it's benefits. Reminds me a bit about how two atmosphere skimming SCRAM jet craft might fight each other.

>> No.43509838

To balance things out, you could have different effects happen during high Distraction, like addiction becoming more likely, or Starvation/Thirst from apathy caused by Distraction. Then you could have damage caused by those things add to Stress, which moves your Sanity towards normal levels (representing when instincts start kicking in).

Ultimately, Sanity is your scale with Stress and Distraction on opposing sides. The closer you are to either side the more likely you are to gain detrimental effects as well as affecting your skills either positively or negatively.

Sounds like it has some promise in a survival/horror/similar kind of game.

>> No.43509918

having Stress and Distraction as part of sanity could work, but high stress IS a distraction

fantasy survival horror is definitely a big part of the system. 'brashness in the face of overwhelming brutality' was on the cover before i realized how shit that sounded.

>> No.43510560

* Hypnotic Suggestion
* Royal Aegis
* Grace Aura
* Bloodline Pact
* Oathbound
* Oathbinder
* Voice of Command: Morale buff/debuff
* Summon Royal Guard, magical (bloodline pact)
* Item: Symbol of Nobility (ring, crown, jewelry; heirloom) gains XP through leadership
* Desmense: bond to the land
skills: charm, politics, language, diplomacy, accounting, intuition, strategy

>> No.43510913

im drunkposting things i im afeared to sober

>> No.43511022

Hm, well what if I try to combine the two. I'm more inclined towards the strangereal now.

>extended cold war between the nations involved. Mech tech focussed on over aircraft (I don't know, super advanced gyroscope tech found?)
>1980 strangereal Cold War goes hot between superpowers
>It ends very poorly for everyone involved (also bio-weapons used screw around with the environment and jump it into overdrive (agent orange-a-like defoliates and worse)
>1990 strangereal Super powers Balkanise due to infighting between countries post-war
>Most soldiers now without nations or armies to fight for turn to either banditry or mercenary groups in the chaos
>Mercenaries eventually form loose organisations and are hired and used by bitter and aggressive balkanised nations on their neighbours. (usually petty disputes mining rights, political ideals, pro-skub anti-skub etc)

Players are a band of these mech pilot mercenaries in it for the cash and with it, the hope of a better life

Better/more interesting?

general feedback appreciated

>> No.43511250
File: 160 KB, 761x915, ARBITER page 0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so um this is page 0 on my heart and soul so

feedback welcome. i know its just a page but im working myself up to posting real documents.

>> No.43511283
File: 143 KB, 706x806, page1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


and now i see all the things on the next page that arent there, so

>> No.43511518

>>43511250 a barebone character sheet might be like?
Name:____________ Race:_________

Vit: /10 Sta: /10 Foc: /10
Brawn: ___ = Power ___ + Resilience ___
Guts: ___ = Tenacity ___ + Potency ___
Grace: ___ = Precision ___ + Swiftness ___
Wits: ___ = Insight ___ + Acuity ___

Defense [Evasion: ___ | Block: ___ | Base ___]
•Threshold: •Resistance: •Speed:
• Traits:__________________________________________
• Skills:__________________________________________
• Abilities:_______________________________________
• Gear:____________________________________________

>> No.43511661

i really like the idea of items as characters (not sentient), item exp, not items changing physically with exp, but items gaining inherent qualities.
in my setting the majority religion is an animism. here is some drunk notes i haven't refined but here you go
## The Path is a religion that says that there is Divinity/Godliness in all people and things.
## It does not recognize a soul. It does not recognize an afterlife. It does not offer salvation.
## The Path is concerned with the Trueness of Nature. Acheiving greatest potentialities is the goal.
## Masterful craftsmanship is one of the High Paths. A Masterwork object is inherently divine by virtue of being the best.
## This object is a testament to the artisan that created it, that is his memorial, that is his afterlife. The object itself,
## be it a shoe, or chair, or sword, or house, if it is the best it can be then it is exalted.
## As an object that is wellmade expresses its natural Godliness, so does a person that rises to greatness.
## If you be something, be it well. ""Do things right"" could be the commandment of this faith.
## Wholeness and Purity are the building blocks of the Path. Evil and Good are the results of following or abusing
## the True Nature of Being; they are not traits in themselves. Good and Evil are historic labels for events.
## → nonbinary, nondual.
## → animism
## → numen
## → shinto kami
## → manitou

i like heirloom items
i like legendary items.
i really like MonHun style making/upgrading gear from monster parts

>> No.43511697
File: 30 KB, 670x335, items.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i didnt attach the image for that one so im gonna back off a bit and get some drinks.

im kinda dying here waiting on some responses

>> No.43512228

What tools do you all use to create your campaign maps? I've got a few paper drafts but I want a digital template that I can fiddle with between geography/soveriegn borders, etc.

I love this, totally stealing it for my campaign.

>> No.43512266
File: 6.45 MB, 10000x5000, simple-ausos_NOLABEL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is my map.
i see problems with it, but i also its my baby and i love it.
if you see weirdness you want to talk about lets do it, but know that some weirdness is on purpose, its the not-on-purpose-weirdness i want to make better.
this is Ausos. original idea-themes were a frontier fantasy. swordsages and gun-knights. it was also looking at the similarity in geography between mainland china and eastern north america.
Culturally the people are kingdoms built upon colonies of an ampire far away and long ago. the rice culture of colonial southern USA and east asia are a big influence.
in Ausos i take as many cultural similarities between east asia and colonial New World settlements, mix it up and try to make it a -fun-, interesting, world.
I try to make a timeline, and then build forward, so that by the time we get to "now" in setting time, things make sense.

and now ive started rambling and im drunk so

>> No.43512281

>>Do you prefer the text in two columns like in most offical corebooks, or not?
No, reading normal text is fine. I actually hate the two-column rulebook text.
>>Do you think homebrews should include some if any illustrations or pretty visuals?
Yeah, they should. I'll add lots of drawings to mine when I get around to it.
>>Do you include extra basic stuff such as "What is a roleplaying game" "How to GM" "Example of Play" ect?
No, those are just padding for corebooks. My homebrew is kinda like a supplement; if you're reading it as a player, you'll get by because we've already played a session or two, and if you're reading it as a GM, you're well versed in RPGs already, there's not much newb-stuff I should explain.
>>Do you think that a glossary at the end of your work would be necessary?
For uncommon/fantasy words? No, I write simple.
>>Do you make an appendix at the end including things like monsters, character sheets, and other?
Naw, keeping it short. I don't have character sheets; just use any bit of paper, slap your stats on it, current weapon, class and char name and we're good to go. Will instruct people on how to make this papersheet, but I won't make a printable version.

>> No.43512297

if you do, please let me know about any changes or improvements or anything really

this is my only 'monotheism' in my setting
its either a burned-witch-turned-full-on-cult or animism for the mainland

>> No.43512329

Read The Riddle of Steel.
It basically uses that system, with d10s.
You can allocate a number of dice for attack/defence per round, and any wound reduces your dice you can allocate. It has fun moments like hitting a stronger foe in the groin and watching his strength (number of dice he has) drop dramatically, where he is left with a funny desperate jab at you; and you can finish him off.

>> No.43512350

Firelight keeps away Mist, which is both the source of magic, but also the source of (mutant) wild beasts. What the nightclouds hide, the home-fire repels.
Witch-stones and bone-fires, both, are a form of ether-beacon, repelling mistspawn
adapt it as you will

She Burns But Will Never Die.

>> No.43512416
File: 193 KB, 400x400, hopeless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do you do when you lose all motivation to do the things you know you should be doing to progress in your project

the only thing that's really keeping me writing is the fact that giant beasts = lower gravity = easier lift for skyships + really high jumps available for combat and vertical dungeons on cliffsides

>> No.43512476

I've got a culture of people who worship a monotheistic god in my setting, but at the moment its basically just Catholicism. I want to add more flavour, so I think I'm going to fuse your thing with a bit of Catholicism.

If you run out of steam, just stop altogether and work on something else for a while. Pushing yourself to work on a setting will just burn you out and you won't like it anymore. In my experience anyways.

>> No.43512506

i guess you're right

time to work on that setting i had where all characters are skeletons until i hate it and i drag my ass back to the fresh air of skyresh

>> No.43512726
File: 10 KB, 1000x500, symbols.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

works for me, my vanth isnt at all like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vanth but it started there.

"how do you make a goddess people actually want to follow?"
in Ausos, endless clinging fog and constant overcast are the norm. magic exists in 3 forms. Ember - which is easiest to explain as 'ki', or 'soul' which everyone possesses and every fight knows and every baker and farmer uses, Mist, the sorcery of shadow and and echo and phantom, and crystal, which is a natural magic possessed by animals and geographic features and the world itself. sort of a rock-paper-scissors thing going on. other High Magics are around, but thats the meat of things.
in that world. a poor dark place,isolation and smallness and cold darkness are the norm. hearth and home, light and protection. thats a need people might look to the supernatural for.
so thats the base idea.

first and second images are for Vanthic cult/church

>> No.43512813

What'd you use to make it?

>> No.43512819

Fire cooks your food and keeps you warm and it keeps bears and wolves away.

extrapolate into a magical fantasy interpretation

>> No.43512870
File: 4.74 MB, 2700x2000, Ausos Map _Huge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

photoshop. CS5
i like krita and also ms paint, paint.net is ok but i get mad with it. i cant into gimp. pixia is ok for some effects but not for me, same with Sai.
making maps is my favorite<3
this is the version of the map i just posted but in a different style. 2 years ago iteration. changes happened. changes will continue to happen :)

i wish i had an unlabeled version to show

>> No.43512965

I'm so put off from trying to make a map for my setting. I know there's going to be shit wrong with it.

>> No.43513001
File: 1.73 MB, 8000x5000, Gebrol 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will make you a map if you want
i will now post some unclaimed maps i have made you may 'steal'

this is Gebrol same planet as Ausos, it will be my next project so it is largely blank very much just vague ideas

>> No.43513022
File: 113 KB, 999x415, map_misc_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43513039
File: 606 KB, 2400x1600, Shatterworld.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43513054
File: 23 KB, 1024x768, map_misc_0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43513059

Were the first two symbols inspired by Romuva paganism?

>> No.43513086


try looking at this.

>> No.43513088
File: 491 KB, 1275x1641, Map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43513117

no but now im reading a lot of things i like and will use so thanks
>fire altars

fuck me, this is why i focused PIE as a base-seed for everything.

>> No.43513136
File: 143 KB, 2944x2550, Map2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think i originally drew this on canvas, inked it, then scanned. maybe 8, 10 years old

>> No.43513147

My favourite CK2 playthrough is reformed Romuva Lithuania

Guardians of the Sacred Flame all day long

>> No.43513253
File: 6 KB, 202x237, Holy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its kinda a mindfuck when you see an article about a thing thats been around for centuries but you fucking got drunk and wrote about on your own and they match up this close.


nigga you fuckin with me

>> No.43513312

Rolls still don't feel right to me, since you already have interesting maneuvering mechanics which can represent the effort of getting behind the plane just fine, though it could be I'm just spoiled by Wings of War's system. But if you like it, I say keep using it, and do some playtests once you're done with the most of the rules. You can always change the rules then if you don't like how things go.

Also, about maneuvering, do both players play out their maneuvers at the same time or do you take turns?

Looks good. Maybe mech tech gets focused on after the bio-weapon changes the environment? Something like the environment gets too crazy that attacking from the air (dense foliage, system jamming spores, etc) or using tanks (gaps everywhere, earth switches between being hard and smooth as glass and quicksand on a whim) becomes unfeasible, and they have to resort to the more mobile mechs.

>> No.43513336
File: 298 KB, 1998x1737, Magesk Redraw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this a map from 2007 (maybe a year or two before, changed harddrives since)
for a D&D3.5 campaign i ran

a lot of my shit lies here.
am i misusing? or abusing? homebrew general?
i mean, i made it all, but its just me talking to myself about things i made a decade ago.

>> No.43513378

reading that whole article and i still have no fucking clue what that religion is about
what do those people believe? like

shit, i thought i was a vague fucker

>> No.43513518

do any of you remember this game?

players have four stats. intelligence, force, cunning, and charm. they assign a set of die from an array for each; 1d6, 2d6, 2d6, 3d6.

the gm assigns rolls to the difficulty of challenges faced. 3+ is a basic challenge, 5+ a testing one, 9+ a difficult feat, 11+ a heroic challenge, 14+ a legendary act. The gm can assign bonus die due to situation or well thought out roleplay.

and that's it. that's really all there is to the system. it was so simple I could recall all of the rules out of the blue in an afternoon, but still cannot remember the name. Was this an actual thing, or likely just something thought up by a GM who wanted to show a group I was in what was fun about tabletop systems without the hurtle of crunch to cross?

>> No.43513552

I dunno, old Baltic paganism. Fire gods, feasts, that kind thing I guess.

>> No.43513588

Looks nice, basic but usable. The dice reading is nice and simple, though that grand list of stats is rather daunting.

Interesting, but how does these things affect the game mechanics?

Don't worry about getting quick responses, the thread is generally pretty slow. I'm running off to do something after this post myself.

>> No.43513635

I'm going to try out Krita. Never heard about it before, see if its easier to use.

>> No.43513673

>43511661 is pure setting fluff. but it explains some of my Legendary/Heirloom/Items-as-Characters ideas

and if you want to read more i have a 25 page 'quickstart' pdf ready, its not 100% done, but its got enough to fuck around with.
2d10 read as sum and percentile is the core. skill has a *chance* to increase with each use. DM is expected to work more than players, disease, dismemberment, poison, and survival are core

>> No.43513707

I like it a lot. It feels like something that's plausible and really does increase my interest in your system. Keep us posted here. I'm not normally one to get into mech games, but I just might use this.

>> No.43513883

Yeah, playtesting will definitely tell me what I need to know. I know in the vidya you can either dodge missiles like normal or let them lock on and use quick reactions to dodge basically everything. It certainly makes it cinematic, and the roll mechanics afford both those options still.

As far as turns go, it isn't really intended to be a pvp system, but should that be the case then each player with advantage would go first. The player with advantage would be the one in a killing position, or determined by the GM if it isn't clear.

>> No.43513935

right so,
• Volvex, 10,000 Cholvex (100m years)
• Cholvex (Khovex), 10,000 years
each Cholvex is prone to a great upheaval, a remaking.

>> No.43514934

pretty drunk but im bumping but its relevant

>first person
>framing and intermissions, Chronicler is separated from main characters by hundreds of years.
Chronicler at the Worldgrave
1: From the tower I can see everything. Sitting at the edge of a starry void looking down into the burning ruins of a shattered world, the task before me seems impossible. For a moment I'm drowning in the weight of so much destruction. So much what was now unmade. There is no future left. This is the end. All we have now are memories and dreams.
I dreamed of the past. I dreamed of a living world.

I drink deeply from the well and writhe. A brief agony and another poison dream overtakes me and I dream of the Crowncaster, centuries dead.

A voice in the dark. “One more step and you die.”
Four inches of crimson steel glistened in the fire’s light and a yell went out.
I watched the sword withdraw from the bloody face in front of me, back between the eyes, back through the brain, and finally back out through the bone and skin. Thick strands of black and red mixed with pink on the shining blade. A body, limp and twitching, hit the earth beside me.
I struggled off the ground and tried to wriggle out of roughspun ropes.
Why kill prisoners? The siege had barely started.
Screams started and were silenced in the distance. Fortress Eagrostle was falling.
As the fire died I saw the gleam of death move towards me.

time is a wound

>> No.43515199


Freshwater Fish



Saltwater Fish


>> No.43515579

>Spend the last 2 and a half hours making a passable, not good, but passable map in Krita
>Go to add text for locations
>Crashes and lose all my work

>> No.43515586
File: 246 KB, 1440x1440, Map of Thundercrown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2006 city map ThunderCrown

>> No.43515593

shit dude, save often :( that sucks

>> No.43515752
File: 1.41 MB, 3185x2145, City of Nibion Map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.43515798
File: 75 KB, 850x715, atbs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck do i do with that empty space now
also is 5/5 too high for learnable traits?

combat would be separate weapon categories and/or schools of magic
utility would be any craft, art, job or survival ability like camping or cooking or first aid

>> No.43515799
File: 13 KB, 500x500, Sphere of the Omniverse.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

from the archive, dated 2006

>> No.43515853

Character portrait obvs

>> No.43515992

are they worth including? I have one a bit higher in the sheet but the test drive and another campaign i participated in has shown me that regular people can't draw for shit

>> No.43516010

It was pretty crappy anyway.

>> No.43516036

speaking from experience, despite being a good free piece of software krita is really unstable and will slow down and crash any chance it gets, try to use any other program until they optimize it, i personally recommend sai for drawings and adobe illustrator for pretty much anything else, it's what i'm using to make the character sheet

otherwise you could try Inkscape since it's a free vector program

>> No.43516489
File: 89 KB, 850x715, test.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an implementation of a single track with numbers/symbols to mark which trait has progressed how far.

>> No.43516565

I appreciate your suggestion but in practice that's gonna end up being a mess, and I'm currently aiming for clarity

The image might look big because it's zoomed in but once printed is much smaller and the whole section takes up less than 1/4th of the sheet

>> No.43516723

What does the whole thing look like? Maybe you can trim down some other section, or add a new thing that isn't already covered by existing sections.

>> No.43517115

Those are great maps.
I can't draw for shit, so I make interconnected ... "hub" or something areas, like Diablo 2.

>> No.43518548
File: 157 KB, 720x504, Aegeos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gave Sai a try. The terrible result, but it gives the idea of the geography.

>> No.43519152
File: 106 KB, 525x719, the whole thing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

like this
but i'm shuffling things around

>> No.43519228

I'm working on a homebrew tactics game on a square grid. It plays a lot like if TF2 used the new XCOM formula. Got any ideas for classes? Each class has a special ability and I've got a ton already, but more is always helpful.

>> No.43519410

What's the theme? Modern military like TF2?

>> No.43519455

Futuristic for purposes of gameplay. One class, for example, gets a kinetic converter that lets their armor reduce damage below 0, and the negative damage then heals them. Really gamey stuff like that.

>> No.43519823

Definitely one that uses portals to teleport around the battlefield.

Tesla guy that specializes on chaining between guys.

Holomancer, throws out illusions.

Chemdog, sprays acid and corrosive goo on people.

Guy with a railgun that's shots pierces through in a line.

>> No.43519981
File: 210 KB, 798x788, MAP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since maps seem popular here's my one.
Missing country names but showing how divided the world is border wise
(most of the east is an uninhabitable mess)

>> No.43520037

oh and ideas and feedback welcome.

>> No.43520090

I'm jealous of your map skills.

>> No.43520098

The fact that the water is not the same color as your post triggers my autism desu

>> No.43520188

Sold my first copy of Guns ' n Grenades on ebay yesterday!

>> No.43520216
File: 76 KB, 600x605, dosh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

congratulations man i'm proud of you

>> No.43520238
File: 226 KB, 798x788, MAPAUTISMSOOTHINGEDITION.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there there

>> No.43520247

Thank you; My autism is appeased

>> No.43520422


>> No.43520910

It looks vaguely like a toucan. Huh.

>> No.43520974

Completely agree. Maybe if the whole timeline was different and we were having this conversation shortly after DnD came out, it would make sense. But now the bones and meat of games are so far estranged it makes no sense to put them together.

>> No.43521008

>Ace Combat

Dogfight anon here

Appreciate the nod. That's pretty much what I'm going for-- I'm trying to invoke the impression of fighter combat rather than the minutiae, since that would inevitably slow the game down.

Would you say that there's anything glaring that I'm overlooking on the whole? Any special maneuvers that I can add in?

>> No.43521021

and then opening all the spoiler tags to see the full extent of his work. No thanks.

>> No.43521089

>I need country/region maps
>yesterdays thread about inkarnate complains they cant do local maps
Its like there is no crossover between /tg/ threads.

Thanks for Dave's.

Have you looked at inkarnate.com?

>> No.43522690

Ayyy, just sold a second copy

>> No.43522698

What is /hbg/'s opinion of fictional country names.

Are there any interesting naming conventions when it comes to countries?

Linguistic things to try/avoid?

>> No.43523469

I'm absolutely terrible at naming things. I just go with something that sounds good and close enough to the theme I'm going for.

>> No.43523772

Heya /hbg/.

I just finished version 1.0 for my Symphogear tabletop RPG, Symphobattle.

I have not posted a PDF of it before, so this is the first time I'm showing it to anyone. I've been working on this for a good two months now, and I think I got a good base so far, albeit I need a lot more Ability/Spell components.

That's enough of me talking, so take a glance if you can. Character sheet looks like shit, quickly made it in Paint.net.

>> No.43525194

Boob Plate is still in development!
Playtesting on roll20.net has been quite fruitful.

>> No.43528143

That's good to hear. Been wondering about how that project had been going.

>> No.43528226

A bit slow since I started my new job and I've been getting moved into a new place.
Latest version still has some edges to smooth out, and a few places where I honestly got lazy and copy/pasted from the previous version instead of doing a full rewrite like I was supposed to. And it shows.

But it's coming along nicely otherwise. I still have a few changes I need to make before the playtest next Friday.

>> No.43528743
File: 256 KB, 798x788, MAPWITHPLACES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now with places (small for file size)

>> No.43529242
File: 117 KB, 700x497, Map-of-the-Edge-the-edge-chronicles-1187381_700_497.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The Edge Chronicles! Loved that book series way back.


>> No.43529296

I loved that when I was like 13 or so.

>> No.43529731

I've never heard of the source material you're going off of. To me these seem like anime battle suits, is that right? Not like Gundam but more like Samus? You may want to have a section on the lore for those who aren't familiar with it.

>First, a new Gear User rolls 3d6 each for their Strength, Fitness, and Ability, choosing the higher of the two dice per roll.
May want to rephrase to something like "the two highest dice." Also a lot of people don't like rolled stats; you may want to offer a stat block or a point-buy system. Even as simple as "The GM will roll up a stat block. All players assign those numbers how they like to their own Gear."

>1d20 for Phonic Gain
Not sure I'd like my vitals being attached to such a volatile chance.

The wrapping on that page is really distracting in general. But the ribbon is light enough that you'd be fine wrapping it just around the girl, like it is on the next page.

Are Alchemists' Dolls realistic-looking? Would a normal person confuse them for a living being? If not, you may want to consider traits like that, as well as traits (and maybe Abilities?) that have out-of-combat application.

Anyway, sounds neat. I personally like the relative simplicity of the system, and the concept sounds like fun.

>> No.43529924

The wording is my least favorite part I agree.

For the 1d20, it's never only 1d20. It's 1d20 plus something almost always.

I might change it to be something like 6d4 or something with better odds, I'm playtesting with friends on Monday.

In the case of Alchemists' Dolls, you can look at the characters hiding around the Alchemist section. Look at their knees. I'm allowing Alchemists free-form creation of what their dolls look like, as long as they are the same size or smaller as the Alchemist.

Traits are something I'm always up to discuss. More traits are better.

What did you think of the component system for abilities and spells? Can you think up of any more Components i can use?

>> No.43529975

Additionally, I have some fun characters in mind as well to make templates with.

I'm thinking Saitama (from one punch man) as an alchemist with only melee-range spells (punches) and a Genos Doll that just sits there.

And a Symphogear User that uses an ancient Egyptian text as a relic. I'm trying to make it so the system is very freeform.

>> No.43530369

Something I made in like, an hour when I was tired and it seems interesting now. Any comments/concerns/criticisms/death threats?


>> No.43530864

Use donjon.bin.sh, it randomly generates names and shit like that. I use it all the time.

>> No.43530922

I *can* think of some components, but I guarantee they're gonna be ripped straight from /tg/'s battle suit CYOA. If you ask in that thread I'm sure someone has it there, if it's not already posted. And I mean even if it is and you ask, sure you get called an idiot and a faggot, but you still get linked to it

>> No.43532361

Oh boy oh boy, saved.

For starting memories, a flat +5 modifier seems weird, wouldn't an older alchemist have more compared to a younger one? Limiting the amount of memories used per day is odd too, especially since at the end of GX the alchemist user used all few hundreds of years of memories in a single day. I understand the logistical reasoning though, having 1749 starting memories looks cool but probably damn hard to keep track off.

I think you forgot to include a section on explaining how a player levels up? Though I assume it's mostly via encounters.

Traits I don't really want to mess with since there isn't a real way to test them for balance. Though maybe include a random spell generation method for Alchemists as a trait? For components:
Successive Attacks, multiple attacks on several or a single enemy. Use this for multiple projectiles as well.
Pierce, a single attack in a straight line, hits everyone in that line. Maybe a major version as well.
Movement, moves the character as they attack a certain amount of distance
Self AoE, a smaller AoE attack centered around the user.
Size Buff, increase damage, range, etc.
Projectile, the attack isn't connected to the user after firing. Might be unnecessary since you have the melee + range components. Though I think there were instances of melee at longer ranges than 5 feet, so maybe include an option for that.
Emphasis, the song lyrics are emphasized/yelled during the start of the attack. Increase Phonic Gain available by an amount, then reduce the amount gained for a few turns. Maybe more of a trait than a component.

Good luck with the playtest, and good work writing this.

>> No.43534379

There's a core there, but its needs a lot more work.

>> No.43534435

How about a commander class that can scan for units on the map, grant a leadership bonus to nearby troops, and call in drone-powered air strikes.

>> No.43536355

It's looking pretty solid. As far as maneuvers go, I'm not seeing a whole lot that couldn't be covered by your current options. One thing to note however, you can use the Inertial turn in the atmosphere to perform a tumble. It might also be covered mechanically by reverse pursuit, so there's that. Based on some of the descriptions and low total amount of maneuvers, it has the feeling of not... offering enough I guess. Technically Reverse Pursuit should cover almost all applicable maneuvers, but it doesn't seem exciting when you have 1 option in air, and 2 in space. It might just be an aesthetics complaint.

>> No.43538267

Glad you like it so far. The +5 modifier is so you dont start an alchemist with only 1 memory.

Might take it away and make it a 6d4 roll or something with the same effect.

And yes, I did infact forget leveling up section. I knew I'd forget something. Though its really just based on what the GM wants.

Thanks for the components. I'll be working on V1.1 sometimes this week, after I do some playtesting tomorrow.

I'll try to keep you guys informed.

>> No.43538888

Thanks for the advice. I'll do some research to see how I can add some diversity to the options. I want to hit a sweet spot where there are enough options that the player feels like he is in control but not so many that he can't internalize them all.

>> No.43539780

If anyone's interested, here's a tool that generates maps that you can see in 3d too


aside from this and davesmapper, are there any other links you'd like to see added or removed from next OP?

>> No.43540100

I couldn't wait, so I clarified a few things and added more traits and components I received from either here or another source.

Also added a paragraph about leveling up in encounters section.

>> No.43540271

Thank you based anon. I was thinking I would never find it again.

>> No.43541333

This might be a little technical, let's say someone have used excel to balance out like 80 different spells and special attacks in a table, each has different damage, effects, requriments etc.

Is there another way to past it into word or any other text editor normally? Not as a table but putting the values to their respective place, or I'll have to do 400 Ctr+C Ctr+V

>> No.43543109

I'm not entirely familiar with Excel, but that definitely seems like a feature they would have. Try googling "export excel into word" or things like that.

>> No.43545811

Finally got around to adding gear, and a couple things to keep weapons useful in the face of bullshit techniques.

Still not sure what setting I want to roll with this.

>> No.43546664

Any particular things I should brush up on? I'm really disappointed with the grammar on some of the rules and I'm going back to it to make it consistent.

>> No.43547530

I'm having trouble writing backstory/lore in my game. In my attempt to capture the Strangereal feel, I've already become bogged down in pages of lore that i'm not even sure is useful. My questions are:

How much backstory and history lore does /hbg/ enjoy in homebrews? (personally I like lore-lite systems that give the feel of a world over concrete events)

How important is lore, canon and setting history to strangereal places or your own games?

Feedback always appreciated.

>> No.43547983

I like games that capture a general feel, or mood. Basic setting assumptions are great. Creative scaffolding is great.
What I don't like is specific cannon, meta-plot, and untouchable NPC's.

>> No.43548049

Making the backstory too detailed is often detrimental to the players-- it can make them feel like they're out of touch because they have to either read a massive tome of lore or stumble through the setting blind.

Instead there are are a couple other ways to go:

-You can write-up your huge detailed backstory, but keep it mostly to yourself and only use it for reference if specific events come up.

-You can intentionally leave large parts of the setting undetailed, and encourage the players to fill in the blanks themselves. You might call this 13th Age or *World storytelling. It makes them more involved but perhaps at the threat of making your overall setting less coherent.

It's a good idea to refer back to Tolkien about this kind of stuff. He was totally obsessive when it came to worldbuilding, but he left most of the nitty gritty to appendices. That way anyone interested can look into it, but it doesn't slow down the action.

>> No.43548103

>How much backstory and history lore does /hbg/ enjoy in homebrews?
Our preferences more or less match, though the concrete events themselves vary on detail. Just enough events and detailed enough that players would know what is going on and make them feel that they are a part of the force shaping this world.

>How important is lore, canon and setting history to strangereal places or your own games?
If you mean in terms of character creation, not that much. For example, sure you can be fighter pilot in a mech game or vice versa, but be prepared to have things stacked against you though.

In terms of game creation though, pretty important. I usually start with a game mechanic and a theme, then expand on the lore, and use that lore to think up of more mechanics that fit the theme.

>> No.43550561

Go ahead an write out all the convoluted plot you feel like. You don't have to publish everything you write. Once you get a good block made, look at the big picture and take only the most interesting parts. Events that affect more than one organization, or causes and effects for why an organization acts the way it does are for candidates. You should be able to summarize each organization's history in a paragraph.

>> No.43550947


A few changes I'm working on implementing before playtest next Friday:

>Malice Overhaul
Malices will be presented more like status effects or conditions.
>Asset Creation Excise/Overhaul
Assets will either be dropped altogether or changed significantly.
>Dungeon Exploration Revamp
I'm planning to include more information on traps, treasures, and encounter balance.
>Enemy Overhaul
Enemy creation and encounter building is going to go through some changes.
>Class Fine Tuning
I'm going to add/adjust class abilities and advances.
>Monster Spells
As you get extra skills depending on how many weapon proficiencies you take through your Battle trait, I'm also going to give players free spells depending on their Monster trait.
Also adding more spells.

>> No.43551717

Updated. Thanks /tg/ folks who messaged me on Reddit and the folks over on Symphogear General on /m/!

>> No.43552586

The numbers the level up charts are cumulative with the levels before, except for Doll Damage and Doll Maintenance?

At level 1 it seems odd to me that the amount of phonic gain (hp) a battle swimsuit gains every turn is comparable to the amount of max hp a lewdwitch has, because lewdwitch looks extremely squishy at level 1. I guess having a doll for hp sponge and extra damage helps. I'll have to sleep on it.

Looks okay, I've definitely played worse systems.

>> No.43553489

Flurry and Double seem to do the same thing for Gear users.

>> No.43554183

The language can use some cleaning up.

Other things need better definition. For example, battles, turns, and the game are not clearer defined. So of instead of saying "The game is broken up into different phases", you could say "The game is broken into 10 battles, and each battle is broken into different phases", then proceed to explain how the game ends and what the phases of each battle are.

You also need to clarify things like choosing models for attacks and such. It doesn't need to be extensive or rule heavy, a simple "When a model makes an attack, it chooses one model within its range". It seems condescending, but the best way to write a game is as if the people playing have never played any form of tabletop game before.

Your format is also kind of all-over the place. I personally find it easier to go by phase, as that flows more with how a game runs. Explain characteristics first, but the actual rules for resolving an action should be in the phase description. For Damage, describe the basic function: "This is used to determine how hard an attack hits. It is comparative to a model's Survivability", and then when you get to the attack phase, you can go into how a model makes an attack, how Damage is used, how Survivability is used, how Guts works, how you remove a model when its Guts hit zero, etc. It helps with the flow of reading how mechanics works and how they interact together. Don't worry if it seems to stretch out the rules, its better to be clear than make a short ruleset.

What's left after that is just finishing fleshing the game out. You should have the basics to start expanding and making the specifics for models, tables, and equipment.

For the actual mechanics, its a little simple, but that's because its lacking the rest of the game to define them. There's obviously more there, you have rules in your model example that show while the base is simple, the whole won't be. You just need to finish them first.

>> No.43555469

this is a setting ive been working on for about 10 years on and off. its a backburner project so despite that much time its still pretty barebones. It's now more of an Alternative History based Science Fiction.

themes: Existential Horror, Transhumanism, Technomysticism
influences:GitS, Alien, Dune; Outlaw Star, Cowboy Beebop (starwars, sg1)
summary: it is ~2150. Civilian ships can travel from the Pluton Belt to Earth in a month. Late-model military ships can low-phase the journey in a week.
Mankind is fractured, a constant struggle; so far bloodless but increasingly tense between earth and its colonies and sects of rebel colonies and stations. the United Earth Confederacy (Terrestria), The Clarion of the Brotherhood of Man (Celestia), and Black Charter Stations, so called independents.

The Pactworlds
The first transphase gate prototype was activated in 2045, 26 years after the Birthright Wars.
the first 'true' FTL drive was completed in 2066, 8 years before Black Easter.
in the two decades following the first transphase space voyage manking met the Atrasi and the Cyphyll, who quickly became allies and founded the First Pactworlds - Zoqaab, Cnedir, and Durant-Green. Later the Ualzur, Gahaak, Vorq’a, Fajhuun, were met, often resulting in bloodshed.
Black Easter changed the nature of exploration as "demons" began using the original phase-gates to invade 'realspace'
more recent pactworlds include the now Clarion-sworn Quetzalcoatl and Augria, and the Terrestial Dominions Caesar, Tholen Thox, and Durant-White

The Solar System:Sol, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluton Belt ( Haumea, Makemake) Eris
Alt-Hist notes: Lemuria is an archepelago SW of the African mainland, Mu is a volcanic island chain in the south pacific, Atlantica is an unstable quasi-subcontinent of Iberica.
-WW1 was a shortly ended by Tesla superweapons - primarily the Teleforce Array
-WW2, the holocaust was in essence a large-scale apotheosis ritual

>> No.43555546

-2019, WW3, "Birthright" Wars begin, and end within 8 months
- 2045 – First Phase-Gate built
- 2066 – FTL engine test flight successful, first man to see an exo-star with the naked eye.
- 2074 – “Black Easter” …demons begin phasing into realspace on Mars-2 and several colonies
- 2095 – Wukong Arrangements, declaration of alliance with Pactworld species.
- 2150 - current year
United Earth, “Terra Invictus”, Terrestial Union/"Terrestial Dominion" (outdated)
•Symbols of the Union: Red Eagle “Arrowhawk”
•Flag of the Union: One large white star on a field of red.
•Colors of the Union: Red and White
•Corporate Theocracy
•High Lords of Terrestria
•Dominar-Shogun: A military title awarded to Lords-Dominar who are also Knight-Commanders of the Dominion or otherwise ranked officers.
•Lord-Dominar: Nonmilitary governmental official overseeing a fiefdom of the Dominion. The lowest and most common noble title. Essentially the ruler of a Citystate or, in most cases, a space-station or ground-sector.
•U.E.M. United Earth Military - “Knights Militant”
••C.D.F. Civil Defense Force – “Knights Lictor”
••A.M.P. Aerospace Military Police – “Knights Viligant”
•U.E.A. United Earth Administration
••Judicial, Legislative - “Knights Justicar”, “Knights Arbiter”
••Central Cultural Authority - “Knights Curator”
••Intelligence Acquisition – “Knights Venator”
American Federal Empire: Canada, USA, Mexico, South American Protected Zones

>> No.43555647

"Clarion"," The Brotherhood of Man", Order of Allied Colonies (OAC), Colonial Zone, Realm of Colonial Powers
•Flag: Two black horizontal bars and one blue, 1 large silver star in the middle and 2 smaller stars on either side.
•Colors of the Order: Blue, Black
•Mobile Assault Force
•Allied Defense Force
Major Capitals: Cahokia (independent citystate), Londinium (Britannic Pact States), Neo Rome (European Confederacy/Europa), Carthage (N African Alliance), Shin-Edo-To (Pacific Rim ), Laoshan (Chinese Central Kingdom) Mars1-Tharsis, New Sparta(Leonidas), Mogmos (Clarion-Fortress Station), Basillicum Pentius (Central Clarion Cathedral on Ceres*)
Who make weapons? XXX
Who makes medicines? XXX
Who makes bionics? Trigon Interactive
Who makes mechs? Vulcan Motor Group
Who makes spaceships? Vulcan Motor Group

Pan-national Corporations
•Achilles GeoTrust
•Vulcan Motor Group: Located on the Fortress Colony Magmos
•Confederate Trading Company
•Trigon Interactive
•Tengu Electronics

*Ceres is the planet Realearths astroidbelt became, the Pluton Belt is an analogous ring where Realearths Pluto is. its not real science, its make em ups.
•Martial Arts: Kindokan (Golden Path Style), Rasendo (Spiral Way)
•Languages: Terrestial (mix of major modern world languages), Atrasi Pulse Code,
•Banewolves, Colonial Shock Troopers
•Halsyne, Pink Gas
•Lacothien, Orange Gas
•Coraxium, Blue Metal
•Coronite, Hard Rock
•Leodium, Glow Sludge
•Capysite, Prism Ore
•Eitrec, Psi Crystal
•Tetrium, Heavy Metal
•Glass-Ceramic Blend: primarily used in the production of personal armor and military vehicle plating.
•Aleaplasm, fleshy warp matter, yet-stuff, potential-physique. Byproduct of mass-shunt and nullspace breaches

>> No.43555730

Mechs and shit area big deal

Powered Armor, Mechs, Vehicles;
• Raiju, powered armor, electric
• ATLAS, heavy powered armor, used in construction and terraforming
• Okami, 2 person siege-mech
• Ogre, superheavy powered armor
• Valkyrie, hover dropship
• Qirin, motorcycle (ninja style)
• Cataphract, motorcycle
• Longma
• Coyote, motorcycle (Harley davidson style)

Standard ship designations ("classess"):
• Starfighter (ex.: Gungnir)
• Interceptor (ex.:)
• Dropship (ex.: Valkyrie)
• Harvester (ex.:)
• Carrier (ex.: Shenlong)
• Destroyer (ex.: Mjolnir, Balmung)
• Tanker (ex.: Dilong)
• Transport (ex. Sleipnir)
• Research/Explorer (ex Thoth, Draupnir)
• Drone (ex.:)
• Exopolis/Colony (ex.: Yggdrasil)
• Cruiser (ex.:)
• Frigate (ex.: Fenghuang)
• Temple-ship (ex.:)
• Palace-ship (ex.:)

Specific ships:
• “UEV Jiraiya” Mjolnir-class Destroyer
• “UEV Pendragon” Balmung-class Destroyer
• “UEV Pythagoras” Draupnir-class Research Vessel
• “ UEV Immanuel” Thoth-class Research Vessel
• “Rex Aeternum”
• “Pax Atlantica”
• “UEV Hohenheim”
• “OAC Arrowhead”
• “UEV Wrights”
Apostate Vessels: pirates, traitors, and unaffiliated starships.
• Palatial Leo -
• Malleus Grand -
• Trius Serpens -
• Tsurugi Crescent -
• Aquilla Nyx - Privateer Captain Orville Auratius, Signitary of the Black Charter.

so for this project i am open to ideas and new content. i am ok with this baby being a group effort, thats how it started.

>> No.43555808
File: 2 KB, 100x100, cy_ne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Biophage, The Thousand Hooves, Swarm, Corruption, Omega Therion
Harvested Biomass, Organic Resin – no bones.

Demons, Necrodemons -Necrodemonic plague, Hellborn psionic virus. Converts infected hosts into
zombies under the influence of immaterial malevolent entities. Infected consume biomass to induce guided mutations.

Ichrij, Starbeast swarm, hyper-evolved lichenous organism.
Spaceborn globuals held together by a composite psychic field, controlled by a central mycetic
stem. Sentient at larger densities

Humans, Newtypes?

>> No.43555955


The hivemind one sounds pretty cool, you just have to balance it on the same level of other PCs.
About the robo raptor, I wouldn't allow it because it sounds a lot like a "YEAAAAAAH DUDDD SO COOL YOOOO" and then he'll get bored of it in 2 sessions and will want to change PC.

>> No.43557675


>> No.43557947

Oh right, better if I would fix that confusion.

Yes, Dice and Attribute points are cumulative, while Doll Damage and Doll Maintenance is not. An asterisk is there now saying this.

I kind of agree with you on Alchemist Health being really low and squishy, and in-universe that's extremely true. However, for game-play balance I will take your advice and make it a starting 3d6 + 5 and 3d6 + 2, 3, 4, 5 for levels 2-5 and 3d6 + 5 for the rest.

Double was what Flurry was before, guess I just never removed it. Thanks!

Doing some playtesting today with character building, pretty hype!

>> No.43558314

All you're showing us is a list of names with practically no context. What's the overall purpose of the setting? What roll to the players fill in? What details are you looking for that you think are missing from what you've presented?

>> No.43559122


>> No.43559465
File: 329 KB, 958x946, REVISED MAP SMALL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I revised my map - Just a few major capital cities, environmental place and sea names instead of a billion countries.

Hopefully enough to indicate places but enough room for GM story creation.

Enough for a world map?

>> No.43559485

Looks good enough to me. What scale is it?

>> No.43561604
File: 308 KB, 838x828, REVISED MAP SMALL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

with scale thingy

>> No.43561814

So is the Ecozone a totally uncivilized region dominated entirely by hyper-evolved wildlife?

>> No.43562265
File: 79 KB, 837x381, ss+(2015-11-09+at+04.22.56).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realized locational HP was gonna be a gigantic mess so i tried something different this time!

Each part has a set limit of empty cells (I haven't decided on a specific number yet) and small empty circles tied to those cells.

Instead of adding up to a certain amount, damage instead causes small injuries ( / ) and severe wounds ( X ) in the cell corresponding to the number rolled. If the attack befalls on an armored cell, the armor must be broken before causing wounds, and the character's life is calculated by how many injuries they can withstand overall before losing a limb, getting KO'd or dying.

The only thing i don't like is that in this thing i can have like "universal" injuries and severe wounds, and if i wanted to add things to the formula like blunt weapons and magic or gunshots for anything other than numbers and narrative effects the cells would become a mess.

I do like that fact that i can make things like certain attacks and spells causing damage to the cell they fall in AND the ones on the sides, or armors that instead of clumping on one side could be extended throughout every other cell to make attacks trickier to land, things like that.

Any thoughts?

>> No.43562374

If i understand it correctly, the problem you see with blunt weapons and firearms is that it would not make any sense for them to sever a limb? Just rule that only cutting weapons can sever limbs, if a limb is wrecked by any other sort of damage its just mangled beyond use, and can still heal.

>> No.43562494

Pretty much.

An incredibly hostile biological no-go zone where nature went into overdrive due to a biological weapon. (think hyper evolved plant, mushroom and mold life rather than crazy mutant creatures)

The straight borders are only rough estimates since the nature of it means it expands and retracts slightly each season.

There is a lot of scientific interest in this area for potential new medicines derived from the plant and fungal matter

>> No.43563113

I have an idea for spellcasting wherein the caster would be given an incantation to read, written in some strange language and would have to speak it to vast the spell. If they miss speak then a different effect would happen. This lets the PC actually learn the spell. Thoughts?

>> No.43563160

Hows life along the border? Weekly scorching to keep nature away?

>> No.43563188

This is the kind of mechanic that lets some player be more effective than others because of out-of-character-skill. I hope none of your players are dyslectic, I know I wouldn't be able to handle something like that.

>> No.43563259
File: 147 KB, 1288x1600, Fencer_Female_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question for all:

How do you like to approach swords and other close quarters weapons in futuristic settings?

Obviously I'm in no way leaning towards realism here, more towards a space opera type setting, where that thematic combat is appropriate.

>> No.43563325
File: 118 KB, 900x563, Glowing_Katana_by_bramLeech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean, a good mechanical reason to use them instead of all the cool futurespace guns? I'm a fan of heavy armor piercing capabilities myself. Also, don't forget to take whatever few realistic factors there are, such as guns being cumbersome and receiving a penalty at melee range, and being capable of killing quietly.

>> No.43563424

Personally I've said that guns and ranged combat is simply not developed enough to be used very commonly by people who don't know how to handle them, and even then they're crude and hard to maintain

Anyone can pick up a sword or an axe and start swinging it, some others with more skill than others, but guns in my universe are more difficult to handle, require knowledge for usage and upkeep, and are in constant need of fixing and training in order to use properly, thus usage of these weapons befalls on those who know what they're doing and rewards them with distance and sheer firepower in combat

>tl;dr: melee is easy, guns are hard

>> No.43563797


Good suggestions. Here's what I'm leaning towards:

-Combat ready characters frequently wear clothing made from deflection fiber (D-fiber), which is lightweight and, when subject to an electric charge, severely mitigates damage from directed energy weapons. The stuff offers no real protection from bladed edges and blunt force, however.

-Guns are unfashionable in general among space travelers, for fear that an errant bolt will cause a hull breach. This is partly superstition (most habitats can sustain being shot at by hand weapons), but also practical (most energy weapons that can pierce a heavy layer of d-fiber actually might endanger a pressurized chamber adjacent to space).

>> No.43563855

Another potential reason than those already listed is the arms vs armor race. All development of weaponry and armor went into guns with varying degrees of energy projectiles, leaving more ancient means of combat forgotten. Some people dug up ancient tomes of the middle ages and converted those ideas into the setting's present day. You can easily outfit people in armor that defends against the popular weaponry of the day, but no one has the armor to defeat something sword-like.

Tldr: it's like ceramic-kevlar vests that still stop all sorts of bullets, but is useless and potentially a hindrance against bows and knives.

>> No.43563862

Life is difficult but manageable there.

Maintenance of a dead-zone border via defoliates, clear-cutting and slash/burn techniques mostly keeps the border in check but rising political tensions has meant less attention is being paid by the countries that usually maintained them so its slowly growing at a glacial rate.

>> No.43565304

So, I'm starting work on a Zombie, squad based tactics game, presently my plan is that players start with 1 character each, and then as more people join their team, they basically get some starting traits and then the players either take turns making them into custom characters or do it as a team. As the group grows they can split their group into smaller teams, presently named Amiss, Beholder and Creation. Basically, a "Frontline" group that has a higher chance of complications but gets the most action, Beholder, which is either your back up or scouting team, and Creation, which is your newbie or home team, which get experience faster (to a point) but gets less action and has to deal with more Social conflicts.


>> No.43565640

I could always manage that train of thought narratively, but in a situation like enemy A has a sword and enemy B has a mace, while enemy C is casting arcane missiles against a single PC, i have to find a way of tracking those things without making a clusterfuck of symbols

>> No.43566045

Combat knives are given to soldiers but they're more utility based than anything.

The few that do mainly use close combat weapons are so drug addled they can take a few shots and still come in swinging and swinging hard.

>> No.43566253

Been updating and sharing Symphobattle with /m/'s Symphogear General, so I'm sharing it again here.

I'm having some fun, already got my own campaign set up and some folks from the general are trying it out.

Good stuff.

>> No.43567092

What's your favourite tidbit of information about your game?

Mine's the fact that Skyresh has an overall slightly lower gravity compared to earth because it implies
>Larger monsters
>Taller people
>Oversized weapons that don't hinder the user into uselessness
>Higher lift and carry capacity
>Easier time thinking about how to lift skyships and floating vehicles
>Gigantic jumps
>Vertical dungeons
>V E R T I C A L D U N G E O N S

>> No.43567245

Yo buddy. I slept on lewdwitch and I guess the class's squishyness is made up for a little by having easier options to cause healing compared to the battle swimsuit class, but a little more health isn't going to wreck anything.

>> No.43567847

I've got two games currently in the works.

The first is that Ace Combat game I've been posting. My favorite part is how well it translates some of the mechanics from Ace Combat games. Other than the actual flying, the more you know about Ace Combat the more familiar you'll be with the system.

My other game is an undefined fantasy (likely a heartbreaker) system combining mechanics that I enjoy. You create your own Weapons, Spells, Attacks, and choose your own path. You can do all this while having a bit more structure than more freeform systems. It treads a middle ground between class and classless, static array and point buy, wounds and hp, ect. A lot of systems try to gravitate towards one or the other, but I've tried to combine the concepts.

Unfortunately I can't post anything about the fantasy system because all of it is on my broken computer. It's the reason I'm working on Ace Combat which is purely done through Google Docs and my phone.

>> No.43569248

Mine is the Unity system, you earn Unity for good roleplaying during Camp Scenes and Town Scenes, and then can spend it to do last ditch saves during combat like throwing a knife to deflect a foes sword before he ganks your buddy as well as getting bonuses to Team Tasks and things.

>> No.43569751

>Other than the actual flying, the more you know about Ace Combat the more familiar you'll be with the system.
Please make rules for a TLS system

>> No.43570697

You'll have to elaborate on TLS. I can't think of anything I'm familiar with that would be applicable, but your interest has sparked my interest.

>> No.43570705

I like it, the universal injuries aren't really a problem since the main purpose of the table is to keep track injuries anyway, not a description of injuries that a character has. Kind of reminds me of Kingdom Death: Monster's wound system too, which also has minor and severe injuries.

If you want weapon specific effects, maybe have roll tables for each limb corresponding to different weapon types? Players can then jot down the injuries somewhere else instead. Maybe even have the injuries as a removable trait? Stuff like Scars, Mangled, etc. Though, given the number of traits you already have, that might not be a good idea after all.

Probably the same way I'd approach mechs in settings with other viable military weapons: specialized usage due to being developed to handle special circumstances, then running it through multiple situations to develop more aspects that result from it. Using the first example in >>43563797:
Close-ranged weapons used to penetrate D-fiber clothing. Due to the clothing being used often, these weapons increase in popularity, often used while wearing D-fiber clothing to protect themselves from energy weapons. However, assuming balanced opposing forces, this means almost no one would use weaker forms of energy weapons, leading to energy weapons to be used mainly as high energy turrets that would still kill even with D-fiber clothing. This way, both close ranged and energy weapons can still be relevant in combat.

>> No.43570831
File: 1.41 MB, 3500x1400, House Lienis Enforcers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been drawing beings for a setting I am working on.

>> No.43570850
File: 1.66 MB, 3400x1500, House Baryx warriors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43571011

Fuck, I guess I should have described them somehow. My brains aren't working that well at this hour.

The setting takes place in what amounts to basically an ancient, massive, organic "city", whose denizens are the deranged and degenerated descendants of humanity. Biotech is the dominant form of technology, but even it is poorly understood, as the city has decayed, and regressed into a state of near total collapse. The ruling bodies that remain, are the various Noble houses, who bicker and fight for the last scraps of power, be it from resources, territory or technology.

Anyways, these guys >>43570831 are elite warriors of one of the Noble houses of my setting. They are basically biological golems each controlled by a "core" which is a veteran warrior from House Lieni's militias, that has been surgically and genetically altered into the "combat computer" of the golem like organic suits. These cores retain their combat skills and cunning, but most other aspects of their minds are suppressed via a chemically induced combat trance.

These guys on the other hand, are elite warriors of another Noble house. They themselves are genetically engineered, biologically nearly flawless beings, that surpass the average denizens of the setting (such as the freak next to the human silhouette) in pretty much every way. They are however, relatively rare, due to the time it takes to create them, making the Noble house they serve rather reliant on milita forces conscripted from the average denizens of the city.

>> No.43571107

Oh cool, Geigerverse is still alive!
How's it going, Nad?

>> No.43571188

TLS = Tactical Laser System
Look into the ADFX-01 Morgan/ADF series.

>> No.43571218

Better than a year ago. Dealing with my depression semi successfully, and hopefully will be able to get back into education soon, as there is an entrance exam I am attending on December.

>> No.43571223

I assume he's asking in terms of how it'd work in-system

>> No.43571944

Oh no, I know exactly what that is. I thought you were talking about a whole separate game for me to make a system for. The Laser is definitely going to be included, but I'm not sure if I want that in the hands of players. It's always been more of a boss weapon or novelty item once you've far passed beaten the story in the games. Rules will definitely be made for it though.

>> No.43572132

Different anon, but I have a suggestion on it: Why not base it off the version of it that's in ace combat infinity? (The F2P PS3 one) It's nerfed enough for the players that it doesn't oneshot things straight away yet is still viable. (From actual gameplay, it seems to do damage every tick, that is, damage is dealt every second the laser is trained on the target)

>> No.43572935

Celestial Spring
Empyreal Summer
Ephemeral Autumn
?? Winter

can you help me fill in the blanks?

also, whats an alternative place to talk about homebrew rules and settings?

>> No.43573478

That's essentially how it works in AC legacy which I'm using add my main mechanical inspiration (it has the best physics and engine of all the games imo. A good mix between Infinity and ps2 AC). And ultimately, it's really just Gun+. Perhaps harder to aim because it doesn't track (worse targeting DC)but ticks for higher damage. There's no real damage upgrade for the gun, but it could act as an improvement over the Rocket Launcher and Gun Pod special weapons where it naturally fits.

I just need to make sure I have solid targeting, evasion, and damage rules in place before I get around to really knocking out individual weapons. I just need to do some more testing to get to that point.

>> No.43573499

Is there a particular reason for a short Autumn?

Winter could definitely be Halcyon to reference the mythical bird.
Autumn then could become Idyllic

>> No.43574557
File: 94 KB, 474x741, 1432157637966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rewarding good roleplaying with combat boosts
i like you, anon

>> No.43574841
File: 8 KB, 511x134, tracker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit man that looks pretty sweet

roll tables for different weapon types could be pretty cool, specially since a friend of mine pointed out that if i had d4 knives there'd be more chance to hit a specific cell instead of a d12 axe
i'll be sure to implement it later, it's a pretty good base to work on

also here's the current graphic for it, but i might change it to a wider and less designed chart thingie so i can stack more of them in a smaller space, currently they're kinda taking up half the page

>> No.43575276

Ok so i'm writing up some basic lore for major places in my game.

Is this the thread to share the little i've written for feedback or would there be a better place to put it?

>> No.43575337

Go for it. I don't think there's a worldbuilding thread up right now.

>> No.43575469


Ideas and improvements welcome

>> No.43576850

That's the goal, the game is very much about a group of people exploring new places together, and the bonds that form in doing so. Along with normal things like combat and exploration traits, there's going to be a list of traits that just effect how you interact with your companions, from friendly rivalries that boost your skill when your rival is trying the same check to the ability to tutor an ally in a specific skill to being a team mom/dad and getting boosts when your friends are in danger.

>> No.43577600

So is there still a sporified ceiling for atmospheric flight leftover from the war, or has that dissipated by now? Because I kinda like the idea that a primitive ecosystem has evolved even in the lower layers of the atmosphere.

>> No.43578120

Yeah, there's still the remnants of an enriched atmosphere but its less dense (you can't visibly see it at ground level any more) than at the height of the war.

I'm going for the idea that aviation technology hit a wall soon in when the sporified ceiling meant ground forces could easily shoot down any low flying vehicle used so investment was put into environmental protection for ground troops and their eventual evolution into Hardsuits.

By a primitive ecosystem do you mean single cell organisms or slightly more advanced?

>> No.43578454

Slightly more. Like I'm thinking of big cloud-fronts of floating fungal masses that blow over landmasses and cause potentially toxic storms.

Maybe there's a perpetual spore hurricane that hangs out in part of the ecozone and periodically migrates towards the civilized part of the world

>> No.43578923

Hm, well the ecozone expands and retracts seasonally, the plant and fungal life pumping out pollen and spores during the Spring so maybe during this great pollination, those kinds of miasmas could manifest and blow over and into civilisation.

>> No.43580626

since we're close to the limit and it doesn't seem to sink itself, are there any links you'd like to see added to the next OP?

I already have http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~amitp/game-programming/polygon-map-generation/demo.html and http://davesmapper.com for maps and shit but i might be missing more stuff

>> No.43583253

The big question to ask about those storms though, is what exactly do they accomplish? The pollen storms might sound cool, but what is their purpose? If they aren't integral to the setting as a whole then it could just be bloat.

The pollen existing is definitely something to make note of. As far as you've said the pollen helps prevent air vehicles from traveling. However, storms that move in and out of civilized areas and create toxic environments could be left up to a GM and their own world building.

>> No.43583323

Yeah i'm inclined to agree here, a pollen storm wracked city with vision obscured and slime-mold swiftly growing on equipment could easily be a fun setting but in general I think its more of an idea thread for GMs to use.

>> No.43583536

You can still include it in your setting purely as a GM plot thread. You can include things that can happen without setting them in stone in the setting, you can mention the rare occurrence of a pollen storm moving out if the ecozone, and then decribe the effects. It'll encourage people to explore the idea.

>> No.43586196

So time for a new thread?

>> No.43587129

Not sure what the bump limit is any more. Is it back up to 350 again?

>> No.43587146

Bump limit is reached when the leftmost number in the group of numbers on the bottom right of the thread is in italics.

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