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You can hear Gohan screaming for his father, but this green bug... thing, it's all you have eyes for, as it treads it's way out of the wreckage of the Son house.

"You wanna know how I got that time machine of mine?" It asks, it's power increasing exponentially, it's limbs thickening as a shockwave pushes you back a few feet, the ground cracking underfoot.

It flexes it's tail, the tip gleaming with still wet blood. "If it's any consolation, she was delicious. I drank your kid." It's mouth opens in a mockery of a grin, it's tongue darting out over it's lips. "Drank her right up."

It cackles as Gohan rushes at the creature, a savage snarl ripping from his throat, but it just catches both his fists and squeezes, you can here the bones in the boys hands groaning and cracking under the pressure.

Gohan screams, as Cell tosses him aside.. all the power and fury of a Super Saiyan... and he shrugged it off like it was nothing. You can feel your blood pumping, hot anger pumping in your veins.

>This thing killed Bra. It dies. NOW!
>Take Goku's body and run!
>Control yourself, ask it (Write in)

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>You killed my CHILD!

>"GOHAN change into the moon and go into the sky!"

Time for SSJ Oozaru.

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>This thing killed Bra. It dies. NOW!

>"GOHAN change into the moon and go into the sky!"
(or blutz ball)

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Did we learn that from Nappa?

I figure if Gohan was the fake moon, he could move around from Cell's attacks and snag his old man from the ground while we distract Cell.

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If you can have blue great apes why not green ones? Course I know he's just gonna go for draining our energy while we're ten times stronger and that'll just be another keikaku.

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You let the anger out, your aura flaring gold, fury boiling in your gut, as Chichi swoops behind the bug man into the wreckage of her home and retrieves Chitsu.

"You killed my CHILD!" You bellow, "I'm going to tear you limb from limb!"

It cackles louder, "Go ahead, you stupid ape, see what happens."

Stupid Ape, huh? Oh that's it. "Gohan! Transform into a moon!" You order. The boy struggles to his knees, as the bug man just starts laughing even louder and with a puff of smoke, he transforms into a floating ball, taking off into the sky.

You stare up at the ball, feeling that familiar feral kick in your gut, as the light shines off it. "Videl? You want to run. Now!"

She's already taking off, following Chichi out of the scene, as you feel your fur sprout, bright gold this time, your snout extending as your hight increases, carrying you up over the bug man.

"Oh." It comments. "Well, that's a neat trick. Mind if I give it a go?"

You stomp at him, but your foot glances off him as his size increases, towering up to a good head taller than you, a hairless Oozaru, bright green and still laughing in your face.

"Well? Any other plans, monkey girl? Any other power ups you wanna pull out of your bag of tricks? Gonna fuse with Chichi while you're at it?"

>How? How are you doing this?
>Write in

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>Write in
(bluff) How are you enjoining the downside of the Oozaru transformation? I bet you will feel it worming inside you soon...

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>Write in
>"You can transform like a Saiyan, you look like the love child of an Arcosian and a Namekian. What the HFIL are you?"
>While he's in the middle of his speech.

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Sounds good, I'm not sure we can beat this guy right now.

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Not unless we bust out SUPER ASCENDED Kabuya.

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You know, we could die, and go train with King Kai. That is a viable option.

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I'd rather wait until after the Cell games to be dead for training.

Master Kaioken, Spirit Bomb and fight Pikkon!

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You snarl in his face, "You transform like a Saiyan, but you look like the love child of an Arcosian and a Namekian. Just what the HFIL are you?"

It chuckles at that, "It's funny cos neither of them has a dick." The tail whips back and forth, the sudden movement letting out a shockwave that rattles the nearby trees. "Well if you must know, I'm-"

Just as he starts monologuing, you whip your hands up, but he's just as quick as you are, mirroring your movements, "OH NO YOU DON'T!"

>Roll d100

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Rolled 10 (1d100)

Shit he's learned how to learn.

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Rolled 82 (1d100)


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Rolled 100 (1d100)

Rolling low is good, right?

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Rolled 52 (1d100)


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I mean.... if you want it to be low, it can

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You'd better hope not.

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Damn Cell you done fucked up good. Ain't anyone ever tell you not to mess with an angry momma?

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You realize that what we're actually doing is blinding him before he can do the same to us, to facilitate running like a bitch, right?

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Oh yes. Gohan is gonna poof his moon form and everyone is going to haul ass.

Get Goku's body and fucking FLY.

Where's Tien with Kihoko when you need him?!

>> No.43443334

We might get a good punch in before that, seeing how badly he is blinded. He be seeing blurry for a week now.

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"Solar Flare!" You roar as it's lips part.

It howls in pain and you lift it by the throat as it covers it's eyes. You blast forward, choke slamming the thing into a mountainside, over and over again, bashing it's brains out against the rock.

"Such anger!" It manages to laugh, as you shake it's neck like a ragdoll. "Go on then! Make my day! Kill me, I already killed Goku, I'm happy."

With a snarl you drive your fist home, crushing his skull in with a sound like crushing a beetle. Panting for breath, you step away, as Gohan poofs out of his moon form, still blonde, he throws a few blasts at the bug, howling his anguish out.

And then the bug man moves again, his skull reshaping itself, wounds closing, that same laugh coming out of his lips.

Oh... what in the hell?

"Gohan! Take Goku and run!" You order, letting off another Solar Flare before the bug can pick itself back up.

Your body starts to shrink again, without the effect of Gohan's moon, you catch up with the boy and take off.

You can sense Chichi heading south, heading for Kame House, Videl stuggling to keep up with her.

>Head back to Capsule Corp, smash that time machine!
>Head to Kame House, it's closer.
>Head to a wasteland, can't risk leading it to a city.
>Write in

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Wasteland. Smashing it's skull didn't work so will just have to destroy it entirely. Lets see it refenerate from being atomized.

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>Write in
>Head back to Capsule Corp
Use the time machine to go back in time couple of days, and warn us about this shit.

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...Arale wouldn't happen to be fixed would she? If we swung by Baba, she'd pop out and deck Cell in the schnozz right?

If not...

Well it'd be a terrible idea to bring Spike getting absorbed so...

Y'know what. Sure. If Cell can fuck with us using a time machine why not go back in time one day and go into the Hyperbolic time chamber for the entire day our other self is doing..normal stuff.

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>Head to a wasteland, can't risk leading it to a city.

>> No.43443418

You know we could go back in time with Bulma, and do some training and inventing to time capsule some Bulmas inventions. Or use dragonballs back in time, to wish stuff like sayans to be alive.

If enemy fucks with time travel, we can fuck with time travel. Get some more sayans up in here.

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>Head to a wasteland, can't risk leading it to a city.
But tell Gohan to head off to try and contact everyone he can?

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Cell is going to be following us. These are dumb ideas unless you fancy cell killing the rest of our family.

>> No.43443428

Cell can't sense energy can he?

>> No.43443430

DBZ time travel is the worst though, since it just creates a parallel universe. It's only worth using if your future is absolutely fucked, or you have no morals whatsoever.

>> No.43443433

I doubt we'd have the time for that Cell will follow us.

>> No.43443435

Because cannon fodder against the enemy that gets more powerful by eating people is a good idea.

>> No.43443442

We can so he can. He knows every technique we know.

>> No.43443445

Why the fuck wouldn't he? He's made to copy everything, that includes copying energy.

He might not. In Canon 1st form Cell favored hit and run tactics as opposed to overwhelming force, and tended to avoid fighting multiple opponents.

>> No.43443455

Hm...wonder where I've seen that before?
Good point. For some reason I thought he couldn't do that until he ate an android. Does that mean Kaioken Cell?

>> No.43443476

Because we can punch him in the gut while he is eating? We don't have to wait and watch till he eats someone like retards.

Also We can just take our family, and friends, and GTFO before Cell becomes a problem.

>> No.43443483

wasteland time

>> No.43443489

I mean... it seems like he -should- be able to, but he's never bothered in any incarnatrion. Similarly I'm pretty sure he legit can't use a Spirit Bomb since that probably requires a pure heart.

>> No.43443497

The time machine isn't that big you know. And Cell might know how to make another one.

>> No.43443499

But man how much of a drooling retard is Goku, to just get one shot eaten...

>> No.43443500

>Don't need to be pure when your perfect

>> No.43443503

He gathers stupid energy

>> No.43443509

He didn't eat Goku, he just killed him.

>> No.43443536

Guess we shoulda worked a bit harder for him to go SSJ.

I wonder if Raditz will attain ASSJ first after hearing the news of his brother's death?

Goku must be kinda annoyed in the after-life.

>D'aaww but I wanted to fight Cell before I died...

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Oh, well shit then.

>> No.43443547

Eh I don't know, I don't really see this as being that different than Gero shoving his hand through Yamcha's heart. Senzu should fix Goku right up.

>> No.43443576

Gero never declared he killed Yamcha. He was just using him to lure the other Z-Fighters. Yamcha according to him was only a 'B-Class' Fighter. Killing him was an after thought.

Cell straight up killed Goku because he was Gero's prime target. In canon, Cell was to busy finding the androids, gaining power and Goku was much stronger.

I do wonder if he's better at Kaioken and Spirit Bomb in this universe though...

>> No.43443598

So, endgame?

>> No.43443605

You nudge Gohan, " You take your dad and get out of here, call for back up! I'm gonna divert his attention!"

The boy nods and rushes on, changing course and heading for Kame House, while you drop to the ground, standing dead in the open and letting your power rise, enough to catch his attention.

"Alright you bastard, let's see what you've got!" You growl.

"You know, if you're planning on killing him, you've got another thing coming." A new voice calls out from a distance. Is that- "Cell's got Namekian DNA, top that off with the ability to survive that Cooler guy had, or that kid you hang around with and he's basically invincible."

"Piccolo?" You growl, dropping into a fighting stance as he floats down from the rocky plateau he'd been standing on.

He lets out an amused little noise. "Hmph. At least someone remembers my name. Glad to hear it, after all the '21 get in the chamber' this and '21 help 19' that." He glances eastwards, back the way you came, "Still, that bastard- Cell- he killed Goku. He stole my thing! I've wanted to do that for years now."

"I'm sure that's very hard for you!" You growl, a green speck appearing on the horizon, rapidly approaching. Can't get a reading on the slug's power at all, whatever happened to him, he's got nothing, just like the Androids you fought.

>Truce? I want to beat this guy as much as you do.
>Blast him, no chances!
>Write in

>> No.43443615

>>Truce? I want to beat this guy as much as you do.

>> No.43443637

>Truce? I want to beat this guy as much as you do.

Well, at least he's not a freaky genetic abomination that drinks people.

>> No.43443644

Truce, I want this fucker gone as much as you do.

>> No.43443646

>"Truce but.."
>"You'd need to merge with Kami and Nail to fight this guy. You're an android now? If you help us, Bulma can give you a Capsule Corp upgrade."

>> No.43443675

Also we need to find the fucker who made cell and mount his head on a wall. He'll be like one of those singing basses.

>> No.43443684

Bulma is shit at Androids. She can't do anything to them.

>> No.43443705

Bulma's genius she'd figure something out.

>> No.43443711


Nail is visiting the Galactic Patrol with Raditz & Risel right now. Elder Tsuno is with them, too.

>> No.43443726

The Namekians left on earth are Moori, Dende, Cargo and Kami. So two old guys and two kids

>> No.43443756

She could not. We got an android parts for her, and she said she can't do squat.

>> No.43443834 [SPOILER] 

You hold your hand out, "Truce? I want that fucker dead, just as much as you do!"

Piccolo grunts non-commitally, tapping the back of his hand against yours. "Every time I just want to relax, some Saiyan shows up and ruins my day." He growls.

"You were relaxing in the wasteland?" You ask. "Not exactly a tropical paradise."

Piccolo ignores you, "Even with the two of us working together, I still doubt we can handle him. That dear brother of mine gets stronger by sucking the strength out of people. People like Goku. And, on top of that, every time he takes a beating, he gets stronger. Sound familiar?" He looks at your tail significantly.

"So what, he's some freak mix of all our races?" You demand.

Piccolo nods as Cell lands. "Every alien that's landed on Earth, he's got a piece of them, every move, every ability, every-"

A rock lifts itself off the ground and hurls itself at Piccolo. He blasts it aside, tossing his cape aside, as Cell tuts loudly. "Now, now, brother! Shouldn't go airing our family's dirty laundry, now should we?"

You check his power level again... he seems weaker than before, like he's suppressing it, hiding his true strength.

Cell looks between the two of you, unimpressed, "Well, isn't this cute? The Super Saiyan and the Super Namekian working together? Former foes turned comrades in ar-"

Piccolo hurls a ball at Cell, and the bugman takes it to the stomach, letting it burn an arm off in one searing blast.

Cell hisses in pain, but his complaint quickly turns to laughter again, as a new arm bursts out of the wound, dripping with a green acid. "Oh come 21, wanna try that again?"

You hear footsteps behind you, another Cell stepping out from behind a rock, then another and another. "Guess who learnt Tien's Multiform?"' Cell chuckles.

>Piccolo, don't stop blasting, we can do this
>Nope, retreat
>Kaged Beast!
>Write in

>> No.43443877

>>Write in
Lets tire him out and try evil containment wave?

>> No.43443907

Is cell 100% pure evil? Because if not we can just call spike in and have him do his thing.

>> No.43443948

better question is, does he have a heart?

>> No.43443950

>Stop Blasting we can do this. We just have to destroy him entirely.

>> No.43443983

>Nope, retreat

If he can multi form and tank a blast from Piccolo, AND he's probably holding back, then there's probably no way we can take him on right now and win. We'd need a fusion or something to challenge him.

>> No.43443990

>Nope, retreat
What are the chances that Gero built in an override or killswitch? It never came up in the canon series, but maybe it's worth asking Piccolo where Gero is right now so we can nab him.

>> No.43443994

If He is 100% evil, we can evil containment wave him, and give him to Popo, or toss him in non nearby star.

>> No.43444089


I don't think anyone knows the Mafuba here aside from Kami and Roshi. And even then, it's risky since Cell can multi form and/or just disrupt the ritual by knocking over the vessel with a blast or by possibly reversing it like Piccolo Jr did in Dragon Ball. We'd need a person of near equal power to hold his attention to make it work like it did on Piccolo last time.

>> No.43444107

votes closed

>> No.43444211

You and Piccolo share a look. "Retreat?" You ask.

He glances around at the enclosing Cells, each one laughing in unison. "Retreat." He growls, taking to the air.

You head northwards, but Cell's power just vanishes entirely. Seems he's content to let you go now. That might just be even more disturbing.

"Kabuya, why is Goku dead?" Kami asks you, as you and the Namekian take a break in a small forest.

"Something came back from the future. Some abomination called Cell, with the mission to kill Goku." You fill him in on the rest of the details, including your new alliance with Piccolo.

"Be careful around that one. I can't get in his mind any more." Kami warns. "But if he dies, I go with him."

"Noted." You growl.

You follow Piccolo as he wordlessly takes to the air. "You know, we're near North City. Could ask your friends here for help." He mutters, "Of course, that's assuming Cell didn't get to them first. He could have replaced any of them and we wouldn't know." He reaches back, rolling his shoulder. "As of now, anyone we can't see could be Cell in disguise."

>He can't have got there before us, let's go!
>I gotta get home, Bulma and Bra are in danger!
>You must know where this android creators base is, right?
>Get to Kami's Lookout, keep the Dragon Balls working
>Write in

>> No.43444232

>He can't have got there before us, let's go!
>I gotta get home, Bulma and Bra are in danger!

>> No.43444233

>I gotta get home, Bulma and Bra are in danger!

>> No.43444247

>Get to Kami's Lookout, keep the Dragon Balls working
We can bring them back from dead, if we have to.

>> No.43444249

>You must know where this android creators base is, right?

>> No.43444283

We can bring them back from the dead, but to do so we need to be able to defeat Cell.

Come to think of it, isn't Kami's old ship still around? Wouldn't it be safer to have Kami and Piccolo sit this out in lunar orbit? Or somewhere around Mars?

>> No.43444344

So realistically, what are the chances that Gero would build in some kind of failsafe to prevent his androids from turning on him, or helping aliens rather than killing them?

>> No.43444355

If Cell is part arcosian, which I'm sure he is because Kuriza, Cooler, and Cold all came to Earth, he could just fly through space and blow then up anyway.

>> No.43444394

There is a bomb inside all the androids.

>> No.43444415

votes closed

>> No.43444450

I doubt that'll help against Cell.

>> No.43444557

You glance back towards West City, "First things first. My family's in danger, and I'm getting them out!"

Piccolo growls in annoyance, "There's nothing I can say that will stop you, is there?" You shake your head, "Fine, then I'm coming with you. Don't want Cell sneaking up on me. But first, lift up your pants leg."

You warily oblige, and he Clothes Beams a pair of bright green socks on you. "There, if we get split up, Cell won't know you're wearing those."

That's actually not a bad idea.

Silently, you both make your way back to Capsule Corp, Piccolo hot on your heels, as you touch down, hurrying into the lab, you find the two of them in the lab, along with both your in-laws, all currently in the middle of studying the time machine, it's mechanical innards exposed while they peer into it's depths.

"Oh, hey. You know where this weird machine came from?" Bulma asks, taking a lemonade from her mother, "It was just sitting on the lawn after you took off."

You cut her off, asking only something Bulma would know, "Before any of that, what colour were those handcuffs the other night?'

Bulma purses her lips as her parents stare at the two of you. "Uhhhh...?"

"Bulma, this is important." You insist.

"Pink?" She mumbles out, hiding her face in her hands. Okay, it's her. "Wait, why is Nail here?" She asks, glancing at Piccolo.

"And you've not let Bra out of sight?" She shakes her head, "Good." Gotta get them out of here, you ask her to double check private information with her parents, promising to explain soon while you think. There's always the bunker Bulma's parents camped out in, under the lab...

>Get in the bunker
>Get to the Lookout, now!
>Head to Kame House, quickly.
>Write in

>> No.43444594

>>Write in
Have Bulma Time travel to Past and prepare plan B in case we die. Collect dragon balls or whatever.

>> No.43444612

Doesn't effect our timeline.

>> No.43444620

>Get to the look out.

>> No.43444632

>Take Bra and get to space, Get as far away as possible.

>> No.43444642

Dragonballs might be able to affect our timeline. Besides Time trawling makes both Bulma, and time machine fade out of existence, with ability to return.
Its safer than the bunker, or lookout. Like even garlic raided the lookout its as safe as anywhere else, and Cell can destroy the planet, if he wants. Bunker or kame house ain't doing shit for safety. Space travel? Maybe. But Earth is not safe.

>> No.43444703


Piccolo knows it

>> No.43444714

>Write in
Have them get ready to hide in space for a bit.
We can take them to Kuriza's ship, and have them take it up into space until it's safe to come back to Earth.
It'll also let us bring Kuriza up to speed.

>> No.43444729

>>Take Bra and get to space, Get as far away as possible.

>There is an evil shape-shifter fucker who just killed Goku.

>> No.43444747


Tien too.

Maybe it's finaly his time to shine?

>> No.43444756


He does have a good record against Cell.

>> No.43444778


>> No.43444780

You know, maybe I'm overly optimistic, but why aren't we trying to fight Cell?

I mean, he just got a cheap shot on Goku and punched an angry SSJ Gohan away. That's not this high on the power level pole

>> No.43444804


I dunno, Kabu was pretty sure he was holding back his power. And that was when he was multi forming and everything.

>> No.43444837


I can't help but think that it's a bluff, at least partially.

Remember, he got Kabu's DNA and tactics, too. Which means he's a sneak, a cheat and a dirty fighter.

>> No.43444849


I mean, ask yourself: what would Kabuya do if she had to kill a group of powerful fighters on her own?

>> No.43444852

>Get to the Lookout, now!

>> No.43444899

You grab Bulma by the shoulders, "I need you take Bra and get into orbit, right now! There's some evil shapeshifter fucker running around, he's already killed Goku and he's basically unkillable at the moment."

Bulma's jaw drops, "Wait, Goku's dead? Again? But Goku's stronger than you are normally, isn't he?"

She has a point. "Unfortunately, yes. And that's why I need you to get going."

She nods, hurrying to the back of the lab and slamming a button on the wall. Risel took the biggest ship, the one you stole from the Arlians on her trip to the Galatic Patrol, while Tore has Frieza's flagship.

Fortunately, Dr Briefs has been working on his own luxury space cruiser apparently, and while it's not fully decked out yet, it's got life support, food and water. "It'll have to do." You growl, telling them to punch the engines. You hand Bulma several scouter, waving goodbye as the ship powers up.

You feel a twinge in your chest as Bra and Bulma stare out a window, waving goodbye as the ship takes to the air.

"What about the Namekians?" Piccolo asks.

Oh shit. They've gathered on the lawn, staring upwards curiously as the ship blasts into the atmosphere. "Wait, where's Dende?" You ask, spotting only Cargo with Moori.

"Training?" Moori explains, "Kami thought his magic could use some work. Speaking of which, do you have any idea when Namek will finally be moved? It's been four years now."

You grit your teeth, "Soon Moori, soon. Not the biggest problem right now."

You spot a ship flying in, aiming for the yard of Capsule Corp. You sense inside, finding... Yajirobe? What's he want?

You make use of your scouter quickly, you ping Kuriza's ship, letting him know what's happening, he promises to be here soon, while Teito... "Damnit!" Hers rings out, leaving a message. She never wears hers when you need to contact her.

Yajirobe is fiddling with a radio as he exits his jet.

>Moori, can you heal Goku?
>See what Yajirobe wants
>Get to Teito
>Warn the others first
>Write in

>> No.43444924

>It's been four years now

Wait what

I thought we decided to wish for it as soon as possible, and then Chuckle said we didn't need a wish for it

>> No.43444926

>Warn the others first
Have someone all all the people.
>Moori, can you heal Goku?
>See what Yajirobe wants

>> No.43444939

Chuckles fucking us over? JEE WHAT A SURPRISE!

>> No.43444941

Kamis working on it. Lotta paper work

>> No.43444958

>>Warn the others first

>Tell Kami to contact King Kai and ask him to make telepathy-coordination between everyone

>> No.43444963

>See what Yajirobe wants
Goddamn, we need to stop panicking and think things through.
Make sure to question Yajirobe to make sure that it's him and not Cell.

Then we have to figure out how to keep the Namekians alive so that their Dragonballs don't go inert.
We should have moved their planet by now; what's the holdup?

>> No.43444970

> Goku heal?
> Nab Teito
> Yajirobi

>> No.43444989


We REALLY, really need to communicate, this time

also, holy fuck, with shape-shiting Cell didn't have to spit out the Androids to use the time machine. Fuck

>> No.43444995

>Yajirobe eats a part of Cell

>mutates like if he had eaten a part of Frieza

>"You mean I can literally make soldiers by feeding pieces of myself to you?...Perfect."

>> No.43445007


>We should have moved their planet by now; what's the holdup?

I don't fucking know. They don't even have access to their DBs, right now.

Heck, I don't even know how it's possible it's been 4 years since Namek

>> No.43445029


>"You mean I can literally make soldiers by forcing you to shallow?...Perfect"


>> No.43445051

>"You mean I can literally make soldiers by forcing you to swallow?...Perfect!"

Fixed that for me.

>> No.43445106

Oh fuck, Videl

>> No.43445114


Panic mode.

>> No.43445129

Panicking is what got the Namekians abandoned here on our lawn. Let's not do that.

>> No.43445153

Get Yamcha, make sure he's not Cell and start teleporting everyone of-

Oh Kami.

Cell already knows IT doesn't he?

>> No.43445159



>> No.43445174

Instant Transmission is a mouthful.

>> No.43445176

You know, I wonder how we jumped from "three years until the Android attack" to "last year before the Android attack" during the tournament

>> No.43445180

Information Technology. Cell works at Geek Squad.

>> No.43445189


No one we've met know this technique, in this quest.

>> No.43445209

Hello, this is Cell, have you tried to turn it off and on again?

>> No.43445222

Butterfly effects nigga. Kabu should be dead already.

>> No.43445227

Though, what the fuck is Cell's gonna do, now?

Anihilate all life on Earth?

>> No.43445238


That's not how butterfly effect works. And yeah, she should be dead, but there has been a time traveler helping her.

>> No.43445272

You tell the others to wait, pinging around on your scouter, alerting everyone else, Diol and his little group in the mountains, everyone at Kame House, Spike over at Baba's, you even leave a message with Risel and the Tech-Tonics ships, neither currently picking up.

That done, you snap your fingers at Moori, "Listen, I need a favour from you, could you fly to Kame House? Goku took a pretty lethal blow to the stomach, but if you manage to get their in time, he might just pull through."

The elderly Namekian nods, leaving the child with you, apparently Cargo is Nail's ward, the next member of the warrior clan. "Welcome to the team kid. Yajirobe, what you want?"

He shrugs, "Yo, saw that ship leaving, and since Bulma's not around, I guess I'm not getting my new protein shake recipe. Anyway, on the way over, I was listening to some tunes, y'know TJ and the Wombat? Well, they got this weird call in, then there was a bunch of screaming, and then this 'guest DJ' guy called you out by name."

He tunes his radio just right, handing it over to you, as Cell's voice leaks out. "And just like every song for the last ten minutes, this next one is a dedication to my favourite monkey ladies around... this one's for you Kabuya and her daughter! Swing by the station and we can have a little chat some time." He starts to cackle again as a song fades in about....


"Oh, you sick, twisted, EVIL son of a bitch!" You reflexively tear the radio in half, ignoring Yajirobe's complaints. "Yajirobe! Where's that radio station?" You demand, doing your best to keep yourself in check.

"Uhh, Ginger Town?" He mutters, picking up the pieces of his radio as Kuriza touches down, already in his second form.

>Everyone head to Ginger Town, Cell dies NOW!
>Restraint, wait for reinforcements...
>Piccolo, where's the Android lab
>Time Machine, time to mess things up for the better.
>Write in

>> No.43445305

>>Piccolo, where's the Android lab

>> No.43445306

>>Time Machine, time to mess things up for the better.

Assfuck the timelines.

>> No.43445328

>>Restraint, wait for reinforcements...

>Hey, Yajirobe, are Korin and the three kids ok?

Let's check if it's really Yaji

>Call Kami, tell him to contact King Kai so that the group can coordinate

>Now, Piccolo, what more can you tell us about this Cell psycho? What does he want?

>> No.43445332

>Piccolo, where's the Android lab

>> No.43445343

>Everyone head to Ginger Town, Cell dies NOW!

>> No.43445345


You want to get assfucked by the Kai of Time, or what?

>> No.43445352

>>Piccolo, where's the Android lab

>> No.43445364


Why ask him this?

Why not checking if it's the real Yaji?

>> No.43445380

Wait, didn't we teach Kuriza the Fusion Dance?

>> No.43445382

Doesn't everyone? I mean look at her.

>> No.43445390

>All those years of training, gone

>> No.43445392


>> No.43445400

Getting rid of the androids preemptively so we only deal with Cell.

>> No.43445403

>Restraint, wait for reinforcements...

>> No.43445406


Does all this time travel mess means she got one version of our daugther?

>> No.43445423

>Piccolo, where's the Android lab
Find more information about Cell before fighting. Find weaknesses, something to use against him. Don't just rush in, make a plan.

>> No.43445438


I don't think Piccolo would just tell us, and we're probably too weak to destroy them all before Cell arrives and shit things up.

>> No.43445450

Can't hurt to ask and we might be able to pull plugs without waking them up

Also >>43445423

>> No.43445459

>Write in
Check that this is Yajirobe. Ask him about Korin and the kids.
Remember that Cell can multiform; this might be a Cell duplicate that's shapeshifted.
>Piccolo, where is the android creator?

>> No.43445630

We should go back in time to warn our future daughter about cell so that way she can still live in ob time line, that way she can still assist us in this time line. If that makes any sense.

>> No.43445647

Just stop, You are so retarded it hurts, Just just stop.

>> No.43445681 [SPOILER] 

You point at Yajirobe, "You! How are the kids, and Korin?"

He shrugs, "Eh. I still think it's weird that Korin's looking after the little runts. The kid's like twenty years old and the old man was fine after just two weeks with some proper food. Bur Korin won't let them go. He's getting kind of kidnapper-y about it."

You stare Yaji down, but he seems legit.... "Alright then. Piccolo, where's this Android lab, if Cell was made there, we might find something on unmaking him."

Piccolo shrugs, "About a dozen miles out from North City. Good luck recovering anything though, as soon as I finished my upgrades, I blasted the man in charge apart, and his freaky pet mime thing while I was at it."

"How much is left of the place?" You press him.

Another shrug. "Not much, blasted half the mountain side off to get out, a lot of his machines went up with him."

Well, I still think it bears checking. "You growl." You wait for Kuriza to show up, before leaving Yajirobe in charge of watching Cargo, alerting everyone where you're going.

The flight is silent, you're just picturing smashing the bugman's face in, over and over again, stomping him til there's nothing left.

Piccolo leads the way, pointing out a mountainside, which, true to his word has a hole carved in it the size of a small house. "In there."

Just as you float down to the entrance, your scouter pings again. Yajirobe. "Uhh, Kabuya, that weird chick with the blue hair is here again, you know the one that looks like Bulma, but badass? Just showed up in her weird invisible rocket thing."

Wait... Bra? "What's she doing?"

A few seconds of muffled silence, "Just... messing around with some satellite dishes or something? Want me to stop her?" Piccolo starts peering around inside the lab, Kuriza following behind him slowly.

The relays! The one's Bulma was working on to turn into Android trackers.

>Put her on the scouter.
>Might be another Cell, keep your distance.
>Just help her, I'm busy
>Write in

>> No.43445718

Time travel isn't to that isn't a bad idea, we could also use it to get stronger.

>> No.43445726

>>Put her on the scouter.

>> No.43445734

>Put her on the scouter.

>> No.43445752

>Put her on the scouter.
>Might be another Cell, keep your distance.

>> No.43445761

Put her on the scouter let's see whats up before we get trigger happy. Also want to make sure the original cell of this time line is gone, we don't need more of those things running around.

>> No.43445762

>>Put her on the scouter.
>>Might be another Cell, keep your distance.

>> No.43445763

>>Put her on the scouter.

Cell would probably have killed everyone, by now

>> No.43445794

>Put her on the scouter.
>Might be another Cell, keep your distance
Just tell her that her mom wants something and throw her the scouter.
Maybe ask Yaj to ask her a question that only Kabu and Bra would know the answer to.

>> No.43445999

Bit of a side note, but we should train Korin to be able to survive the Hyperbolic time chamber when we learn about it. Imagine how great it'd be to grow a decade's worth of senzu beans in 10 days.

>> No.43446023

Hey what ever happened to those aliens we enslaved? We kinda just let them go and we haven't heard from them. I bet they're training to get their revenge or something.

>> No.43446033

The chamber only work for one year per person

>> No.43446036

Didn't Goku go in twice? Or does it have a cool down period?

>> No.43446042


Nah, Korin kept them as his adopted children.

>> No.43446054

It works twice up to a maximum of one year with each use, stay in for more than a year at once and you're trapped forever, IIRC.

>> No.43446059


It's one year total, but you can do it in one go or in small bits. Goku did one month as a kid, then the 11 others years after

>> No.43446079

Can't you just teleport out, or dimension break out?

>> No.43446102

I mean in the dbz universe "forever" translates more accurately to "when the plot needs you"

>> No.43446123


You can't teleport out, but dimension break is a possibility. You have to be ridiculously strong, though.

>> No.43446151

Perfect. Train till you are ridiculously strong, then break out.

>> No.43446190


There's only so much that training in the HTC can do. Vegeta didn't get any significant mileage out of it after his first run in there, and Super Buu & Gotenks weren't conventional warriors.

>> No.43446194

Limited supplies will starve to death before we'd be able to escape.

>> No.43446242

"Put her on the scouter." You instruct, "But... keep your distance, just in case."

There's a short muffling as the scouter gets thrown, before, "Yello? Brrrrr-assica speaking? Sorry, could I get some space mister?"

"Bra? How are you alive... or here. Cell said he killed you and he had the time machine."

You can hear her hiss, "Yyyyeah. So it turns out that coming back and killing King Cold didn't fix everything for me." You hear rustling paper, "Turns out it works on a multiverse theory. While I fixed things here, going home, everything was still ruined. Think of my home as... an alternate dimension, where everything's seventeen years ahead, rather than your future."

"Then... why are you only showing up now?" You ask, brushing some dust off a few dead computer screens. "Why not come back right away?"

She sucks her teeth again, "Well, I would have, but I had to help Chitsu, and in the meantime, the androids blew the machine to hell. Had some repairs to do. Likely nothing irreplaceable was damaged, but it took a while."

"So Cell...?"

"Who's Cell?" She asks. "You keep saying that, and- HAH! I finished it. I mean... it helps that I already had my own version and knew what I was doing, but mom did pretty good figuring it out on her own."

"You finished the scanner?" You ask.

"Sure did." She whistles quietly for a few moments. "Uhhhhh... Watch out! There's an android right next to you!"

>> No.43446262

You glance over at the Namekian, "Oh, that's just Piccolo. He's working with us, for now at least."

"Oh... with Piccolo, huh? Didn't see that one coming. Mom always said you hated that guy for your tail." She whistles a few more bars. "Hang on... weak signals, just below you, about twenty metres down. Deactivated Androids, but they're in there. Must be a sub basement or something?"

"Good work kiddo." You whistle for the others attention, Piccolo screaming and clutching at his head until you quickly stop. "Riiiight. Well, new info. There's more androids below us."

"And?" Kuriza asks. "If they're not turned on... maybe we can program them to be good guys? Like what that old lady is doing to number 11?"

>No chances, gotta get rid of them
>Good idea kid.
>Any readings from Ginger Town?
>Piccolo, thoughts?
>Write in

>> No.43446283

>>Piccolo, thoughts?

>> No.43446295

>Piccolo, thoughts?
"Also sorry bout the leg thing."

>> No.43446298

>No chances, gotta get rid of them

>> No.43446353

>Good idea
>Piccolo thoughts?

>> No.43446354

>Any readings from Ginger Town?
>Piccolo, thoughts?
>Write in

warn Bra about the current situation with Cell, particularly about the shape shifting. If he's gone full guerilla mode, we're going to have to develop a way to flush him out.

If his shapeshifting isn't perfect on a genetic level, then doing a small cutting attack to draw blood to see whether it's green & acidic might be a good measure.

>> No.43446359

>Piccolo, thoughts?

>> No.43446390

>Any readings from Ginger Town?
>Piccolo, thoughts?
>Only program them if there's nothing there.

>> No.43446396

>Good idea kid.
>Any readings from Ginger Town?

>> No.43446428


>Hold that thought, kid.

>>Any readings from Ginger Town?

>Cell is apparently another time traveler, and he has the powers of everyone we faced on Earth so far. He just one-shotted Goku. Can you help?

>> No.43446464


forgot to add:

>In particular, he's a shape-shifter, and can drain people of their energy.

to my vote here >>43446428

>> No.43446614

Honnestly, though, fuck Kami and his paranoia

>> No.43446633 [SPOILER] 

"Hold that thought." You focus on the scouter again, "Any readings from Ginger Town? Cell's apparently another time travelling android... but he seems to be organic. He's got the powers of everyone that ever visited Earth, he's just killed Goku and he likes shape shifting to sneak up on people."

She hums to herself, "Organic, huh? Might have an issue on that one. Buuuuuut... nope, nothing in Ginger Town. He's either gone, or the scanner can't find him." She taps on her keyboard lightly, "Picking up three more Androids, in North City, all of them near Yamcha's house. But these ones... hang on... they have power levels? Readable ones. All at thirty. How can that...?"

Piccolo chips in, "Dr Gero invented power level simulators, after studying your scouter technology. Wanted his Androids to be able to go undetected." He taps his head, "I left, before I got mine."

Right. "Piccolo, what are your thoughts on reprogramming these Androids?"

He shrugs, "It's possible, I guess. From what I gathered, only one is a purely mechanical Android, but he's supposed to be a gentle giant. The other two.... well Gero threw them in cold storage because they were little shits. They're still part organic, like I am, and their old personalities gave them a resentment for the doctor, leading them to try and kill him. I like them."

Your scouter pings with another call, as you sense a power spike in North City. "Kabuya! Ya gotta help!" Yamcha bellows in your ear, "It's these guys from the tournament, I think they're androids or something. I've got a hole in my chest... and Teito's barely breathing! They snuck up on us."

"I'm on my way!" Bra barks on the other end of the line.

>Kill the spare Androids, everyone to North City
>Have someone take the spares to Capsule Corp
>Write in

>> No.43446659

>Have someone take the spares to Capsule Corp

>> No.43446666

>Kill the spare Androids, everyone to North City

>> No.43446670

>Kill the spare Androids, everyone to North City

>> No.43446684

preferably with a write in for who, anon

should have specified

>> No.43446687

Take the spares to capsule corp.

>> No.43446688

>Have someone take the spares to Capsule Corp
>Write in
Maybe Yaj or Krillin can take the androids to Capsule Corp.

>> No.43446721


>> No.43446722

>Have someone take the spares to Capsule Corp
Have Picolo take them, I guess.

O great Babidi is probably here too.

>> No.43446735

Adding to my post >>43446659
>Have Kuriza take them. He's fast.
>Be prepared for this whole thing to be a trap, make sure Piccolo knows that.

>> No.43446741

I don't remember any kids with Korin.

>> No.43446742 [DELETED] 

>>Have someone take the spares to Capsule Corp
>>Write in
Preferably Yaj or Krillin.

>> No.43446780

Probably, I mean Chuckles obviously wants everyone to die, Us included, Otherwise he wouldn't throw an OP as fuck Cell at us.

>> No.43446782

The alien's that we voulentold to pilot us around early on.

>> No.43446810

Oh yeah. They were good slaves.

>> No.43446827

>Kill the spare Androids, everyone to North City

>> No.43446858

he might not even be that OP, considering on that 100 we pushed his shit in entirely as an oozaru, he might have just one shotted goku because gokus a tard that drops his guard

>> No.43446926

He absorbed EVERYONE on earth in his universe, EVERYONE, He has all our powers and power level combined.

>> No.43446947

[citation needed]

You know gero took samples from everyone right? He didn't absorb everyone

>> No.43446992


>>Have Kuriza take the spares to Capsule Corp

>Tell Kuriza or whoever is the closest to bring a healer or a senzu for Teito


It was never said he absorbed everyone, anon.

Cell is just stronger because the stuff Gero gathered was stonger.

>> No.43447005

Votes closed

>> No.43447304

You look to Kuriza, "I'm trusting you to get these spares back to Capsule Corp for me, alright? And on the way back, we'll need something to patch up Teito and Yamcha, alright?"

He nods, asking Piccolo for advice on safely removing them, before you take the Namekian and head for the city.

They're easy to track, all the humans are fleeing, cars crashing, smoke pouring upwards, as the Androids throw blasts at a small section of rubble.

As you approach, you can see Yamcha hiding behind said rubble, clutching Teito and bleeding heavily, the kids from his team clustered in close with him, looking scared out of their minds.

You drop kick one of the Androids from behind, knocking a cap off his head, as Piccolo rushes a second one, a silver skinned giant.

The Android you attacked whips around, smiling at you... it's that cowboy from the tournament, the one that stopped Bra from running. "Well how-do?" He laughs, "If it ain't another Super Saiyan?"

He throws a red ball of energy your way, but you deflect it upwards, only to get blind sided by a purple midget.

The two of them rush you, throwing blows at you from either side, pushing you back. They're strong... much stronger than all the other Androids they've thrown at you before...

The little one gets distracted as a ball of energy slams into the back of it's head, knocking it's puffy green hat off.

Yamcha's gesturing for the kids to run, the small group carrying Teito between them as Yamcha limps forward, the obvious wound in his chest taking it's toll.

Piccolo actually seems to be holding his ground the best, dodging everything his foe has to throw at him, and tossing the giant freely. "Gonna have to do better than that 14." He laughs, kicking his opponent through a high rise.

>> No.43447327

The cowboy cracks his neck and his knuckles, advancing on you again. "Y'all ready for a throwdown little missy?" He asks you. "Where I'm from, we don't take too kindly your kind."

"Saiyans?" You ask.

He glances at the ring Bulma gave you, raising his eyebrows with a grin. "Not quite."

The purple midget is doing it's best to rush at the kids carrying Teito, but Yamcha's got him by the ankles, making him fight for every inch, as the android drags both of them forward.

>Bring it on you hillbilly canopener!
>Get Yamcha out, he's too injured.
>Lead the cowboy out of the city.
>Write in

>> No.43447416

>Write in

Solar Flare at the cowboy, then smash the purple guy into the ground with a downward kick. Pick up Yamcha, then Kabuya cannon at the downed midget as we try to evacuate Yamcha out of here.

>> No.43447484


>> No.43447542


>> No.43447586

>It's just like my daughter says, if you don't like it, move.
Also supporting >>43447416

>> No.43447592

Seconding >>43447416

So the cowboy doesn't like lesbians?

>> No.43447659


>Write in

Solar Flare at the cowboy, then smash the purple guy into the ground with a downward kick. Pick up Yamcha, then Kabuya cannon at the downed midget as we help Yamcha, Teito and the kids to get the hell out of here.


Isn't this forgetting the kids carrying Teito?

>> No.43447673


Nah, he really hates people who wear jewelry.

>> No.43447703


Guys, please. Think of the children and Teito

>> No.43447709

I don't get it either. I live in Oklahoma, cowboy central. As far as I can tell, we really don't care who you fuck. Hell, my Aunt is a lesbian. She's one of the family favorites.

>> No.43447723

Ugh, fine. >>43447586 changing my support to >>43447659 .

>> No.43447731

abridged 13 was a racist to piccolo, why not extend it to homophobia?

>> No.43447750

Helping Teito and the kids get out would mean staying behind to fight the cowboy, in case the purple midget does get taken out. Carrying all of the kids, Teito, and Yamcha would be unwieldy, especially if the cowboy follows us.

>> No.43447755

okay, roll me a d60000+5000

DC is 48,000

damn dirty no good jewellers

>> No.43447757

Me switching to this.

>> No.43447765

Add in helping the kids and Teito escape to >>43447592

>> No.43447768

Rolled 31151 + 5000 (1d60000 + 5000)


>> No.43447770


>> No.43447780

Rolled 49421 + 5000 (1d60000 + 5000)


>> No.43447782

Rolled 35503 + 5000 (1d60000 + 5000)


>> No.43447785

Rolled 33266 + 5000 (1d60000 + 5000)


>> No.43447789

Good job anon!

>> No.43447801

Rolled 710 + 5000 (1d60000 + 5000)



>> No.43447869

We're already in Super Sayian, right`?


Getting Yamcha only out is bad, since he's protecting the kids

>> No.43448175

"Alright cowboy, you wanna dance?" You ask, jumping from side to side, pretending to warm up. "Well then-" You whip your hands up, "Solar Flare!"

He goes reeling, covering his eyes as you dash past him, kicking the purple midget in the spine, driving him into the floor and sliding on his body. "Yamcha! Get to the kids, I'm helping you get the hell out of here!"

He wheezes something affirmative, clutching his wound and staggering off, as you charge a Kabuya Kannon, further blasting the purple midget into the ground, punching your own hole through his chest.

Sparks fly up at you, as you feel a bulky pair of arms wrap around your waist. Before you can react, you're suplexed backwards, your skull ringing as the cowboy drives you into the pavement.

You jump back up, feeling blood trickle down your face, blinking it out of your eye, as the midget slowly picks himself back up, movements jerky.

"Double TRI BEAM!" A voice roars from above.

Two rectangular sheets of ki slam into the midget hard enough to throw both you and the cowboy clear, as they keep on pouring down, obliterating the android under their barrage.

14 is thrown in alongside them, letting out a metallic death screech, as Piccolo surrounds it with dozens of energy blasts, before whipping his arms closed, the blasts all colliding with his target at once.

It collapses in a smoking heap, and the cowboy stares around, as Tien and Diol both land, everyone surrounding the remaining Android.

"Now now..." He glances around, "No need to to hasty. I'm sure we can come to an agreement on this?"

You notice several robotics parts slipping through the air from the wrecked Androids.

"No you don't" A white and red blur streaks past, snatching them out of the air. Kuriza stands behind you, crumpling the pieces to scrap and blowing them up for good measure. Dende's clinging to his head, looking sick, before he floats off to Yamcha.

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead.
>No mercy, put him down.
>Write in

>> No.43448199

>No mercy, put him down.

>> No.43448210

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead

>> No.43448229

>No mercy, put him down.
We got other shit we have to deal with. No time for his bullshit.

>> No.43448234

>No mercy, put him down.
Keeping his hat though.

>> No.43448242

>No mercy put him down.

>> No.43448274

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead.
This guy saved Bra, We owe it to him atleast.

>> No.43448295

Really guys? He saved Bra once you know.

>> No.43448308

I guess he wasn't exactly memorable.

>> No.43448315

That was 16 this is 14 they are two different robots.

>> No.43448322

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead.

>> No.43448324

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead.

>> No.43448340

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead

>> No.43448345

Wasn't that some other guy?

>> No.43448359

>The Android you attacked whips around, smiling at you... it's that cowboy from the tournament, the one that stopped Bra from running. "Well how-do?" He laughs, "If it ain't another Super Saiyan?"

>> No.43448391

>Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead.
Forgot about that actually.

>> No.43448616

You step closer, "Give it up cowboy, Goku's dead."

He tilts his head, "Goku's done shuffled off his mortal coil, huh?" You can literally hear a few gears in his head whirring. "Prime orders after the extermination of Son Goku is to return to base.... Base is destroyed, Dr Gero; terminated.... Revenge protocol is triggered."

"Revenge protocol?" Tien asks. "What's that part then? Do you turn into some sort of Super Android, or something dumb like that?"

You and Piccolo shoot him a glare, but the cowboy just laughs, picking up his hat as a gust of breeze blows it into his leg. "Well folks, it's been swell. And if you'd be so kind to permit, I believe I could sum up what the dear doctor would say right now with a colloquialism." He shoots a finger gun in your direction, "Remember the Alamo! Self destruct in three, two-"

A golden streak dashes through everyone, a flash of silver slicing at the cowboys neck.

Bra drops her speed, coming to a halt and sheathing her sword, as she slowly turns back to face the android. "Give it a sec." She instructs patiently.

"One...." The cowboy whispers, before his head falls from his body.

The body falls limp, the head bouncing along the road, until Bra pins it, triumphantly posing with her hands on her hips. "That's three androids dead in one day! Not a bad record if I say so myself."

You glance around the city, "We'll celebrate soon, but first some repairs, alright?"

>> No.43448634

She pouts, but kicks the head back to it's body, as every sets about putting the various fires out and blowing up the worst of the debris, quickly gathering the bodies and getting out of town as news trucks start to show up.

Dende works his magic on Yamcha, closing the wound, before turning to Teito, easing her breathing back from the brink of death, as Yamcha comforts the poor kids.

Everyone else takes a minute to catch their breath after the fight, except for Bra, who's keenly inspecting the inside of the cowboy's head, this one apparently Android 13.

"What you reckon?" She asks tossing it to you. "Keep it?

>Keep it. Could learn something
>Obliterate them, not taking the chance.
>Write in

>> No.43448658


>Damage him enough that he shuts down, but try to not anihilate him. Maybe we'll ask someone to rebuild him, if that sounds like a good idea.


He didn't save Bra. He just saved us the seconds it would have taken to find Bra, and then delivered some kind of vague threats.

>> No.43448669

>Keep it. Could learn something

>> No.43448681

>Keep it. Could learn something

>Write in
Warn Bulma/Capsule corp about self destruction protocols and stuff.

>> No.43448691

>Keep it. Could learn something

>> No.43448695

>Keep it. Could learn something

>> No.43448702

>Warn Bulma
She's in space with our daughter.

>> No.43448719

>He didn't save Bra. He just saved us the seconds it would have taken to find Bra, and then delivered some kind of vague threats.

> "You'll wanna keep a close eye on this little lady. She's a scurrier if I ever saw one." He drawls, "Y'all have a good day now."
Yeah that's definitely a threat if I ever saw one!

>> No.43448754


When one of your foes tell you to look after your kids, it's generaly a threat.

>> No.43448758

We have communicator, aka Space phone, don't we?

>> No.43448792

>Keep it. Could learn something

>> No.43448795

....Anon i think you've been shadowrunning to hard lately.

>> No.43448830

Keep it could learn something.

>> No.43448856

We have not been shadowrunning nearly enough.

>> No.43448972

To be fair, shapeshifter Cell is around. No one's safe, and everyone needs to be prepared.

>> No.43449244

You stare into it's unmoving eyes, "I think we should keep it. Could learn something. Besides, I'm sure he could make a good friend for Arale if she ever comes back online."

Bra glares at it closely, crossing her legs, "If you say so. Just keep it away from me."

"If we're not being rude... who are you?" Teito demands, sitting upright and testing her stomach.

You and Bra exchange a look, but she speaks first, "No point in hiding it now that everything's tits up. I'm Bra, from the future... well, 'the future'. I came here because I didn't want everything for you guys to be as awful as it was for me."

"Oh yeah, that's working out real great." Tien mutters, jerking his chin at North City."

Bra glares at him, "Yes, Tien, it is by comparison. We saved that city. Where I'm from, there are no cities left. An army of androids wiped all of you out, and left me, Gohan and Chitsu to deal with everything!"

"Well where are they then?" Yamcha pushes her.

"Gohan died..." You add as Bra goes quiet.

"So did Chitsu." She mutters. "After I got her a Senzu bean, she got overconfident in her power boost. Crept out a few months after I got back and tried to take on the androids solo... it wasn't pretty. They were merciless. I only figured out it was her because of the gi."

"Oh, Jesus!" Yamcha groans.

13's eyes flicker to life, "Well hey there folks!" Cell's voice emits from somewhere inside the head. "I hear there was a nasty attack on North City today, but don't go worrying too much, here at The Cell Broadcasting, we're all about kicking back and taking it easy... or at least, I would be, IF SOMEONE HADN'T STOLEN THE FUCKING ANDROIDS I NEED!" His rage slipping into his voice in an instant.

>> No.43449264

Everyone seems taken aback by the outburst. As Cell clears his throat, "So. Here's the deal. I'm transmitting from the beautiful sunny shores just a mile south from the gorgeous Kame House. If SOMEBODY doesn't come with those parts in the next hour, I'm gonna fly on over there, and give everyone and give all the residents a nice big hello!"

"Bastard..." Diol breathes.

"Who's at Kame House right now?" Bra asks, taking the head back and forcing open a panel under the head as Cell rambles on angrily.

"Gohan, Chichi, Chitsu, Moori, Turtle Roshi and Goku." You reel off.

Bra chews her lip, "Goku was already brought back once with the Earth Dragon Balls... if he's even alive now."

"Oh. And if anyone on that lovely little island thinks about making an escape, I'll suck you dry... You've been listening to the Android 13 broadcast system, on 113.8 The Cell. One hour, or they die."

You can hear a pin drop in the silence.

"He can't get those Androids." Piccolo finally tells you. "They must have the parts he needs. Gero says that Cell would achieve perfection, if only he had more of the parts he put in them."

"Well, we obviously can't let him have those." Kuriza adds. Dende glances around the group, pursing his lips and shaking his head.

>Let's use 14 and 15's bodies, bait and switch
>Fuck it, let's go stomp him into the dirt.
>Something wrong Dende?
>Write in

>> No.43449297

>Something wrong Dende?
Hyperbolic. fucking. time. chamber.

>> No.43449313

>>Something wrong Dende?

>> No.43449335

>Something wrong Dende?

>> No.43449385

Also, before we go into battle, we need to make sure that android detector isn't with us and isn't obvious.

>> No.43449418

>Something wrong Dende

>> No.43449559

>>Something wrong, Dende?

>> No.43449642

> Bait and switch
> Something wrong Dende?

>> No.43449809

"Something wrong Dende?" You ask, clapping him on the back.

He glances around at you. "It's just... Lord Kami told me not to tell anyone about it..." He mumbles. "Only for the direst emergencies."

You gesture at the head, "You heard what he said Dende. In one hour, he's going to kill everyone at Kame house. Even Gohan."

You feel his back stiffen at that. "It's... Kami has a room at the Lookout, hidden deep within, he calls it the Hyperbolic Time Chamber... He said you could spend a year in there, come back out, and only a day will have passed."

"He had that lying around and he didn't tell us?" You growl. "Does he have any idea how helpful that could have been?"

Dende's starting to shake, backing away from you. "I-it's not like that! He said that no one can ever spend more than twenty four months inside it over their lifetime, or the room will never let them go. He wanted to save it for when there was no other choice. The only other time the threat was great enough was when Kuriza's grandfather arrived, but your daughter dealt with him!"

"How long is an hour at that rate?" Teito asks, forcing herself upright.

"Two weeks, thirteen hours." Bra calculates instantly. Everyone stares at her for a moment and she shrugs, "What? What do you expect when a super genius mother has free will over her kids genetics?"

"Is there any other catches?" You ask Dende.

He pauses to think, burning time "Only two people can enter at any one time... and the deeper you go from the entrance, the more intense the gravity and heat gets. It's basically infinite, but Kami says because it's so featureless, there have been people that just get swallowed up."

Kami speaks up in your head, "Kabuya, I..." He trails off

>Kami, I'll kick your ass later, I need this chamber, and I'm bringing... (write in).
>Don't hard feelings, but we need it now.
>Let someone else take it first, I can stall Cell.
>Write in

>> No.43449851

>>Write in
Does Bra know fusion?

Kabuya and Bra fusion capable?

>> No.43449913

>Let someone else take it first, I can stall Cell.

Can you enter the chamber whilst in fusion, and game the system?

>> No.43449915

What are the rules for fusion again? Take whoever is capable of fusion, in good condition(aka not pregnant), and strongest.

I say Kuriza, if we can fuse with him? Unless the fusion form can't transform without having heart attack.

>> No.43449925

>Don't hard feelings, but we need it now.
And bring Bra, and whatever senzu beans we can spare.

>> No.43449951

Raditz and Piccolo should take the room first.
Next Kabs and Bra.
Then Gohan and Kuriza.

>> No.43449958

Supporting, he had his reasons.

>> No.43449959

Have to have roughly the same bodymass and height.

>> No.43449977

she does know it, yes

you can certainly try

have to be of roughly equal height and power; neither of kuriza's first two forms are anywhere close to Kabs, either much shorter or taller

Raditz is in space and Gohans at Kame house

>> No.43450054


Does Piccolo gain power through training or does he stagnate since he's an android now?

I'd say him and Kuriza should train in it first.
Then Kabs and Bra and finally anyone else who wants it.

Since Kami is training Dende right now does that mean he's preparing to fuse with Piccolo?

>> No.43450110

That's a nice plan for the future, but we only have an hour right now, so unless we cut training time down to 30 min instead of an hour, we can only train one pair.

>> No.43450133

Well I meant after one pair gets out, the other pair pops off and goes and trains while the second two fight him. We continuously flip out pairs of fighters, who get stronger and stronger until we kill Cell.

>> No.43450197

We have enough time to come up with some sort of cool fusion technique?
Too bad we can't do Kuriza. His magic spins on attacks would have been really good.

Also how is Cells magic resistance? Picolo and Kuriza could try to clothes beam him into weighted straight jacket, and freeze him or something. Or use evil containment wave. (Picolo should know it?).
Too bad we don't have chocolate beam.

>> No.43450215

I bet Cell know the evil containment counter thanks to King Piccolo cells.

It'd be useful against Buu though.

>> No.43450249

Who would be the best person for Kuriza to merge with? I'd say Gohan. Think they can both shape-shift to meet the requirements too?

>> No.43450272

Just wanting to say since i won't be around, If we have to do http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Self_Destruction make sure to say goodbye to Risel, Teito, Bra and Bulma.

>> No.43450278

Yeah that is definitely a problem.

>> No.43450288

It can still be used, if we stun him. We could like smash his head off, and seal him while he regenerates. Or use solar flare or Thunder Shock Surprise attack to stun him. Cell is kinda weak against life force moves.

>> No.43450300

Dude, Cell won't even die when -he- self-destructs.

>> No.43450407

>>Don't hard feelings, but we need it now.

>Bring Teito

We can't Fusion with Bra, guys.

>> No.43450425

Why? Chuckles just said she knows it.

We level out our power level together and BAM!
Mother Daughter...weirdness.

>> No.43450431

We can with future Bra.

>> No.43450465

>Let someone else take it first, I can stall Cell.
I feel like Gohan and Kuriza have the most potential?

>> No.43450485


>After I got her a Senzu bean, she got overconfident in her power boost. Crept out a few months after I got back and tried to take on the androids solo... it wasn't pretty. They were merciless. I only figured out it was her because of the gi."

Gods and angels, alternate!Chitsu. Who gave you the right to make our daugtheru sad out of sheer stupidity?

>Can you enter the chamber whilst in fusion, and game the system?
>you can certainly try

It'll lead to you and your friends get stuck inside, if the door is closed

>> No.43450487

Sadly Gohan is at Kame House while he deals with his dead dad...again.

>> No.43450501

>Gods and angels, alternate!Chitsu. Who gave you the right to make our daugtheru sad out of sheer stupidity?
She probably inherited sadly more from Goku than Chi Chi.

>> No.43450519

We could just tell Popo Cell is trying to destroy his dank weed garden(or somthin'), and have him blink Cell out of existence.

>> No.43450523


It's supposed to only works with people of the same species. Kabu is a Sayian, Bra is a science-created half-Sayian.

Though since Tien and Yamcha managed to do it, maybe it'll work

>> No.43450544


Even without inheriting, she probably wanted to live up to his legacy.

Well, she did.

>> No.43450554

Direct descendants should count as same race. If they are capable of producing a baby, the differences are minor enough.

>> No.43450580

I kinda wanna fuse and then go Oozaru just to see what happens.

>> No.43450582

We should destroy the Androids.

It'll make Cell go mad, but he's already an omnicidal psycho, so it'll just change how immediate the problem is.

>> No.43450613

"No hard feelings Kami. You did what you did for a reason. But I NEED to use that room."

There's silence for a few moments, until, "Very well. Are you bringing anyone with you?"

You nudge Bra, "Hey kid, how's spending a year with your mama sound?"

Her face lights up at the offer, nodding enthusiastically. "I... yeah! Hell yeah!"

"Watch your language." You warn her with a playful wink, "Now, the rest of you... we need you to stall him for as long as possible. Wait out the full hour, then bring the bodies of 14 and 15 to him. "You don't need to kill him... just keep him busy until we arrive, okay?"

Everyone agrees, a sombre mood falling over the group, as you head off with Bra.

A call comes in on your scouter, Risel. "Kabu? I just got your message! We've just arrived on Mars- well not Mars-Mars, they just called it the same thing. We'd be coming back right now, but Raditz and I had our ship impounded until we go through a trial."

Shit. "On what grounds?" You demand.

"We're supposed to prove the innocence of the Saiyan race..." She mumbles. "But I think I have an idea, you.... crrrk... see... I'm... crrrk."

>> No.43450628

I'd say we upgrade Eighter with all the parts and set Super Eight on Cell's ass.

>> No.43450632

The call cuts and a new voice interrupts, "We're sorry, but this transmission was against Galactic Communications Protocol, we have terminated in interest of security. Please have a nice day!"

Damn it! Not going to be getting any reinforcements from them any time soon.

You land at a run on the Lookout, Kami hurriedly snapping his fingers, as a white door appears on the wall of the castle, Kami quickly throwing it wide open.

"Now, Mr Popo has stored this place with enough food to last a human for a year. So I assume you two will burn through it in a few days. Please go easy on your supplies."

He quickly replaces your torn clothes from the android fight with a weighted purple gi, while Bra keeps her jacket. "Good luck. As long as you're inside, you won't be able to send or receive any communications." He warns. "And when you see Piccolo... tell him thank you."

"No time to waste! First things first, we need a raw power boost!" You bark. You let the power inside you burst outwards, Bra going Super Saiyan beside you. "We fly in until we can't even walk, and then train until we can."

She follows you as you fly, deep into the empty white void, the gravity quickly increasing in pressure, thankfully getting to a point where you should stop before the entrance is out of sight.

Struggling to move, you adopt your fighting stance, as Bra throws her sword back to the entrance....

"And.... GO!" You growl. She's faster than you, landing a punch across your jaw, and sending you sprawling to your feet. "Good.... now, again!

She's good... You can only hope two weeks is enough time to get better.

>End of Episode 43

>> No.43450678

Thanks for running!

>> No.43450687

Thanks for running boss, now get some sleep please.

>> No.43450733

Thanks for playing guy, glad you liked it

Sleep? But anon, it's only 7am, why would I sleep?

How's Cell? Other than being OP

>> No.43450788

Thanks for running, Chuckles.

>> No.43450795


I think Cell is OK. He's a bit annoying because he's *really* good at running away by default and hard to kill. But now, he's also very good at blending in via shapeshifting and such.

At least he isn't in his perfect form.

>> No.43450809

>Mfw I realized he can shapeshift

>> No.43450862

I wonder if he'll get a new form by using Cooler's DNA and achieving A NEW FORM!

>> No.43450915

That bit where he played the song was pretty cold
Kabuyas gonna kill that fucker hard

>> No.43450955

We're definitely not going to make the same mistake Vegeta made. As soon as we outclass Cell, we destroy him.

>> No.43450992


Honestly. I'm just kinda surprised that Piccolo is so on-board with joining forces with Kabu, and that he didn't make a beeline for Kabu once he murdered Gero. Either he had enough time alone with Slug to regret his actions, or his treatment at the hands of Gero was bad enough that he just kinda tossed it aside.

Kinda weird that he knows so much about Gero's plans. Gero must not have been very careful around him, or he was planning to make him another assistant android like 19 was, if his little blurb about Gero was correct.

>> No.43451106



Eh, the Android transformation could have anihilated his grudge. It was probably not judged an useful trait to have.

Or he could be playing us.

>> No.43451124


>tfw Piccolo is Cell

>> No.43451186

Oh fuck!
We'd really be falling into Chuckles keikaku then

I love it

>> No.43451257

He can do the multiform and transform.


So yeah. How the hell are we going to test people if they're actually Cell or not?

>> No.43451301

YFW Bra is another Cell from a different timeline mimicking SSJ so she can absorb normal cell

>> No.43451315

>Watch as Piccolo takes our tail a second time as he reveals his identity.

So did Cell use the Namekian growth ability along with Oozaru to be bigger then us?

>> No.43451374

No, Cell's just a tall fucker, dudes taller than Pickle man.

Smaller base= smaller exceptional gorilla

>> No.43451405

Ah. Could he combine the two ? Also why does he never use the stretchy limb things that Namekians have besides using it with his tail?

>> No.43451439

He certainly could combine them, and probably because Toriyama forgot Namekians could do that, like how he forgot trunks and gotens tails

>> No.43451458


So does he have a bit of devil in him too because of our time hanging with Spike?

>> No.43451483


Like he forgots people other than Goku and Vegeta could figth?

>> No.43451503



He has the devil's drink in him

>> No.43451559

He does actually, Gero even bothered to get some from Videl, Kami and Dende after seeing their progress

Remember when Piccolo couldn't beat Zarbon tier fighters? I do.

>> No.43451817


If that was true, wouldn't Cell just have intercepted Kuriza or just hid himself then absorb the androids when he dropped them off at capsule corp?

I'm pretty sure that a Piccolo reckoning is coming sooner or later, but I don't think that Chuckles is going to pull something like that. Cell isn't Aizen.

>> No.43451863

>Cell isn't Aizen

No anon no.

>> No.43451864

Piccolo probably wants to ensure he won't end up one of Cell's snacks at the very least, so murder that first, then plot for greater power.

>> No.43451907

So we stick the nearest cutest thing on him to soften him up?

>> No.43451943

So, Bra and/or Chitsu?

>> No.43451983

Speaking of, Chitsu's getting old enough to walk and talk too

Who's ready for playdates that will level continents?

Oh god, Bra's poor kindergarten teacher, we've been teaching how violence is hilarious

>> No.43451987


Or Raditz Jr

>> No.43452024

Bulma wants another kid, should we try and come up with an original name this time?

>> No.43452126

If it's a boy?

Name the kid Kakarot. Goku doesn't wanna use it.

Another girl? Uhh.... Pantea

>> No.43452146

funny you mention that, I was the one that gave Kato that name

>> No.43452172

My other suggestion is Laser Sword Briefs

>> No.43452194


We need to find a word that is a term for a vegetable and also a word for an article of clothing or underwear.

Or just go for a proper Saiyan name this time around.

>> No.43452246


>> No.43452354 [SPOILER] 


>> No.43452441

>tfw you really like Cell, and think he would make a great antagonist

>but he is always portrayed as a huge "Fuck you lol" character

>> No.43452464

Heyah Kato.

I had fun basically asking you questions all day yesterday. The character limit however is annoying for all my real questions...

>> No.43452536

I like it

don't give up hope yet anon for reasons

>> No.43452704

>don't give up hope yet

>implying I ever had hope

Well, at the very least, it won't be as cringeworthy as SOM's Cell.

With Kato it will probably be the spergiest Cell since he would be able to counter everything without relying on his regen+arcosian toughness+zenkai. With Eail, Cell would be gimped since the most powerful warriors that were on Earth left before they go their powerups, so the genetic sample is showing a very outdated model of strength, and I really doubt Goku could match them at this point, and even if he did, he would lack super saiyan, which would really drop expectations as no sample of that form ever appearing on Earth, so if Eail makes him magically as strong as Arctus and Vegeta, it would be flat out bullshit. That being said, Eail's Cell has the highest likelihood of not actually being an antagonist, which I hope is the case and sorry, SOM, but the Cell Jr. just didn't cut it, it was nice, though.

Man, my work today is really harshing my vibes.

>> No.43452775

He is both, though. I mean, he has their cells, likely some memory or psychological profiles to know where to really dig in and twist the knife, he is constantly growing in the worst ways possible while people can't even find him, and he revels in it. He's straight out of a horror movie is what he is.

>> No.43452909

By "fuck you" I mean, "Iwinlol". He just outdoes you because he is Cell, you can't outmaneuver or outthink him, you can't overpower him (for long), and only one of those should be a given. Cell is the worst guy to brute force, you should be challenged to treat him like an obstacle, not an enemy, but that never happens, all roads end in direct conflict .

If there isn't a big fight, people will bitch, which compounds that problem. At the same time, people will bitch if he seems -too- powerful, which he really is, he simply is the ultimate fighting organism, even if he never achieved his perfect form, he would over time become the single most powerful being in existence (this is not including Gods, real ones, not the Kais, but that's a whole nother can of worms)

>> No.43452914

>Oh Anon. It can get worse.


>> No.43452932

I'm a bit surprised by how many I get, really.

Kabuto Briefs will never die!

I have plans for Cell. And the rest of Gero's creations. It will be entirely possible to stop any Perfect Form shenanigans in the Tuffle Quest timeline.

>> No.43453032

I'm more worried about his huge repertoire of techniques than his forms with you. SOM's timestop shit was annoying as fuck because it was a flat out "I win" button, but with you he will have techniques that, while we can deal with them, he will have so goddamn many. And the fact he will end up being actually smart, and using real intelligence will make him a bitch and a half to fight because I guarantee a bunch of anons won't use their brains fully.

>> No.43453033

Ah. Yeah, that is a problem, though I have ideas for Tuffle Quest. I mean, he hit us with a mist, right? If we can, possibly using it on him may be extremely detrimental. Or forcing something so foul and malicious to drink of the Ultra Divine Water, seeing as how he is a cancerous blight of sorts. But I most certainly see what you mean. This fight may have been better paced as 3 or so threads, give him some time to really bulk up while people scramble to find him, outsmart him. Instead he got a cheap shot from applying his mind to outwitting his foe and became strongest around, and we are trying to catch up.

>> No.43453095

Oh god, wait. What if it's a creative Cell? Like, one that actually works to figure out new ways to use it's tricks, and make tricks of it's own?

>> No.43453101

>Or forcing something so foul and malicious to drink of the Ultra Divine Water, seeing as how he is a cancerous blight of sorts.

>this kills Cell

>he regenerates because some of his biological matter is still alive

kek, 10/10, would zenkai again.

>> No.43453112

you mean like the anons here that didn't think Goku dying of a sugar overdose wasn't suspicious?

>> No.43453142

Add some magic into the mix.

Pretty much.

>> No.43453214

A Cell who uses equivalent exchange? A Cell who can train rather just eats people up?

>> No.43453222 [SPOILER] 

Cell will be a challenge, but beatable. And you'll hopefully all have some people around capable of backing you up. I'm very carefully planning for what shenanigans Cell will entail and trying to work towards something that's fun.

There are things to worry about beside him, too.

>Or forcing something so foul and malicious to drink of the Ultra Divine Water, seeing as how he is a cancerous blight of sorts
Shhhhhhh. Okay it might not exactly be the case with that, but I like that line of thinking.

>> No.43453272


>> No.43453313

Also that anon who keeps pestering about Acer switch over is going to get a fucking rant from me if they show up in the thread. I'm literally typing it now and won't stop until Friday. I wanna see Acer's little Masamune-venture but they're spoiling it!

>> No.43453456

you keep posting that character, who is he supposed to be?

>> No.43453458


I'd imagine that Eail's Cell would be wracked by nightmares that it doesn't even understand. Maybe becoming perfect will help?

it doesn't

>> No.43453503

Eail's Cell drinks not because he inherited it from Arctus, but because he has terrible nightmares and the only way to get rid of them is to get so shitfaced he can't even breathe properly

I don't know how I feel about this. I mean, it's horribly depressing, but at the same time, morbidly amusing.

>> No.43453516 [SPOILER] 

A Majin is not something to be underestimated, even if Ozotto isn't quite as strong as the others that hold such a title.

Just save it for later, anon.

>> No.43453541


Demon Boss in game. Being an avid fan of DBZ it's nice to discover some things you never know about in research...

I figured if Konpei was used and he was an original character of the movie, why not the opposite?

Tuffle Quest seems to focus heavily on demonic foe aspect so he's perfect to throw in right between Cell, Broly and Hatchiyak.

>> No.43453562

Konpei was from another game*

Ok...I suppose it'd only be hurting you.

I'll be good...

>> No.43453579

Found this on the deviant art chuckles raided for Kabs pictures

>> No.43454014

Ah, now it's a space monkeys thread

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