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>Rules databases


>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).

>Forgeworld Book index

>/tg/ 40k argument lore and tactica.

DRONES edition

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what the fuck is the chicken in OPs pic?

I dont get the meem

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Carnac couldn't provide proofs, so based Russiafag mocked the shit out of him.

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I'm enjoying myself too much

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>the F-U-35 Tiger Shark Joint Strike fighter

how many points even is this shit

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Someone should make a completely drone based AI uprising list.

Would be fucking hilarious.

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Quick question. How difficult are 40k based tabletops to get into? I'd been interested in playing Deathwatch or Horus Heresy stuff, but sadly nobody else interested in.

And curious about how the roll systems are handled.

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Anon, please stop. GW might make this into an actual formation.
Would anything be left living when the drones are done fighting?

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520 points for a not very impressive flyer

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>actual formation
That picture is probably over ten thousand points.

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Apocalypse, and shut up nerd and buy more models and then repeat. GW logic.

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Carnac asserts things with his shit voice of authority. People demand proofs for his claims. Then, at best, he'll give a small extract which out of context seems to support him. Or he'll just go

>r-r-read this book!

Carnac was saying Tau were super duper OP and were going to rape Imperium. People asked for proofs. So he gave 'proofs' from Tau codex and Kauyon campaign book. Several people pointed out that codex and campaign books are biased to the main force and thus of course it'll say shit like that. He wouldn't have it. Wouldn't provide non-biased proof (thou he claims it was an Imperial biased source). So the guy kept spamming the chicken, which in Russia is basically a form of "faggot" insult. It started when that dutch aircraft was shot down by Russia... Sorry, I mean Ukrainian Separatists wanting to join Russia. People went "Russian weaponry shot this down" and Russian posters on /int/ and pol/ went "WHERE IS PROOFS?". Basically "prove it was Russia". Along with the chicken.

>that filename

Clever. No Manta's? Which are essentially flying aircraft carriers? Don't they have like 17 drones on them?

Need to work out the points for that. Cause it isn't all lined out it could be hard....

299 Drone Squads (let's call it 300, might have missed some)

116 Sniper Drones

4 Tiger Sharks

14 Remora(?) Fighters

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now make it a formation that's OP as fuck

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6 dreadnoughts

6 terminator squads

10 centurions

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Rate my Tau list. How bad is it? Should I swap the Crisis Plasma Rifles for Fusion Blasters to try hunting Wraithknights/Imperial Knights?

Hunter Cadre: 1275
Commander (80), Command and Control Node (15), Puretide Engram Neurochip (15), Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite (20), Drone Controller (8), Marker Drone x4 (48): 186
Fire Warriors x10: 90
Fire Warriors x10: 90
Kroot x10: 60
Crisis Suits x3 (66), Plasma rifle x6 (90), Early Warning Override x3 (15): 171
Riptide (180), Ion Accelerator (5) Early Warning Override (5), Stimulant Injector (35): 225
Riptide (180), Ion Accelerator (5) Early Warning Override (5), Stimulant Injector (35): 225
Pathfinder x4: 44
Pathfinder x4: 44
Broadsides x2 (130), Early Warning Override x2 (10): 140

Optimized Stealth Cadre: 570
Ghostkeel x2 (260), Twin-linked Burst Cannon x2 (10), Stimulant Injector x2 (70), Velocity Tracker x2 (40): 380
Stealth Suit x3 (90), Fusion Blaster (5): 95
Stealth Suit x3 (90), Fusion Blaster (5): 95


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I am the new Dark Angel anon that started with the Chaos Friend. I asked in the last thread but never found an answer.

Really like the look of my 1000 point Ravenwing list.

The other armies in my playgroup are Nids, Necron, Ultramarines and Chaos.

Our more experienced friends are waiting for us at 1500 points and was wondering if adding the formation from my picture would be alright.

I know the Nid player has a flyer as his HQ and the same player's Necrons has a Monolith (though I am not sure if he brings it in his games,he has been playing Nids.

Does anyone have experience with this formation or these flyers?

My list:

HQ: Interrogator-Chaplain - Warbike/Mace of Redemption - 160

3 Bike - 2 Melta/Combi-Melta/Melta Bomb - 110

3 Bike - 2 Grav/Combi-Grav/Melta Bomb - 120

Landspeeder w/ Heavy Bolter and Assault Cannon - 70

6 Ravenwing Command Squad - Apothecary/Champion/Ravenwing Banner/Grenade Launcher - 295
Ravenwing Support Squadron:

3 Ravenwing Land Speeders - Double bolters - 165

Ravenwing Darkshroud - 80
Total: 1000

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When taken in a squad of 3, they gain the split-fire and ignores cover special rules upon passing a leadership test. If one of the Obliterators is killed, the remaining lose access to both rules.

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I meant the formation.

As it turns out

Gun Drone x1500: .............GBP 5250, 21000 pts
Heavy Gun Drone x114: ....GBP 886, 2850 pts
Remora x14: ....................GBP 252, 1540 pts
Tiger Shark x4: .................GBP 640, 2080 pts

TOTAL BULLSHIT: GBP 7028 (USD 10845.82), 27470pts

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1196 Drones = 16744 points (assuming gun drones @ 14 points)

116 Sniper Drones = Difficult. x3 with Fire Warrior = 6264. So have to go with that.

4 Tiger Shark (basic) = 2080

14 Remora Drone Fighters = 1540

Total = 26628 points

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Take 3-5 Squads of vespid
Enemies can only snap fire them
They always count as have offensie and defensive grenades
They all gain the Rage and Counter Attack and Rending USRs
They can rend on impact hits
Only scatter d6 when deep striking

Yes take dual fusion, you literally own 0 anti tank outside of your riptides who better have fusion guns.
Spread the FW out more, and add more pathfinders. 4x5 FW groups looks good. Lose the kroot.
Looks okay otherwise.

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>Does anyone have experience with this formation or these flyers?

I do not, but there is a super-competitive guy at my flgs - he travels to ITC tournaments all the time - who occasionally fields DA bikes and flyers, I believe its a formation or two.

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Oh they're Heavy Gun Drones? I thought they were Sniper Drones. I also counted 116.

Shit. Then my adding is all fucked up.

As for 1500 drones? I counted 1196... It was hard to add it up when I didn't know ;_; Oh well. Good job.

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Oh, wait, those were sniper drones. Oh well. You can't take them without the meatbag anyway.

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4 Squads of 5. Can be fitted however you want. Gain Rending and Armourbane USR. Act of Faith makes them re-roll all failed to hits, wounds and armour pens for that turn.

If a unit is within 6" of another unit from this formation it gains +1 to it's Invulnerable save. This stacks. So a total of 1++.

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The 1500 was based off of >>43418567.
I suspect it may be slightly lower (I estimated 1220 drones) but fuck it, even the player wouldn't be able to know for sure how many he had.

We'll call it 27049, in the middle.

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Personally, the landspeeders need assault cannons, they're just too good not to take. This would give you extra firepower that could down enemy MC and such. Massed shots can down a plane or flier if you really need to.

>> No.43418873

>Uproarious Cacophony

>6 Squads of Noise Marines

>All Night Long
All units in this squad have the Feel No Pain special rule. Additionally all units may take the Icon of Excess upgrade for free. As long as the Icon remains in a squad, all Feel No Pain rolls pass on the result of a 3+

>Shredding Riffs
Any Noise Marine models in this squad may take Sonic Blasters as free upgrades. Additionally, all Sonic Blasters taken by models in this formation gain the Rending and Shred special rules.

>Throbbing Bass
Any Blastmasters that may be taken by models in this formation count as free upgrades and their profiles are altered to the following:

>Str 8, AP 3, Large Blast, Ordinance, Ignores Cover.

>> No.43418886

Both of those are me. It's a stupid amount and it would take an hour just to do a single turn.

We can only hope that technology makes it so you don't need models like this and it moves automatically, VR style. Like this.


But with 40k or something.

>> No.43418892


1-3 units
move through cover, free champ/banner/musician

death frenzy; the unit can charge 6+3d6

blood in the water; unit gains 3+ armor, eternal warrior and greater etherblades when they slaughter a unit

0/10, doesn't give any benefits would not use to purge the enemies of man

i think you guys might be getting as bad as the loyalists and their fetish of putting skulls on everything

>> No.43418904

>2 Termagaunt broods
>1 Hormagant brood
> Each time a Hormagaunt or Termagant Brood from this Formation is completely destroyed, roll a D6: on a 2+ you can immediately place a new unit into Ongoing Reserve that is identical in terms of the original number of models, weapons and upgrades to the unit that was just destroyed. These new units count as being part of the original Formation. Victory points are awarded as normal for new units in this Formation that have been completely destroyed.
>Units have Outflank Special Rule
No more fucking Flyrants

>> No.43418924


3 Tervigons

Don't run out of gaunts on doubles
No psychic backlash until all three are killed.

>> No.43418940

explain to me the wh40k lore because it seems pretty cool

>> No.43418947

Gun Drone Squad x300

>USR: The Only Winning Move
All units get BS10. All weapons gain Ignores Cover.

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>> No.43418960


>> No.43418971



It wont be OP so I am just gonna have some fun:

HQ: Big Mek - KFF/Eavy Armour- 89

Troop: Gretchin/Runtherd -35

Gretchin/Runtherd -35


5 Deff Koppawith twink linked rokkits - 150

5 Deff Koppawith twink linked rokkits - 150

5 Deff Koppawith twink linked rokkits - 150

13 Lootas - 168

14 Lootas - 196

TOTAL: 987

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>Yes take dual fusion, you literally own 0 anti tank outside of your riptides who better have fusion guns.
>Spread the FW out more, and add more pathfinders. 4x5 FW groups looks good. Lose the kroot.

I should have enough with the Broadsides and the rear armor-hitting Ghostkeels and Stealth Suits, but more can't hurt. The Riptides also have Fusion, but I neglected to mention that. But I'll take splitting the Fire Warriors and more Pathfinders into consideration.

>> No.43419040


3-5 of them

Weapon upgrades are free

>> No.43419072

Because you have ion riptides, you don't need more plasma. Take fusion.

>> No.43419114

Imagine the most grimdark setting possible, cram it chock-full of pretty much every kind of disturbing-magical-realm shit, have it all written by 12-year-olds on copius amounts of hard drugs in the 80's, and you have 40k lore.

>> No.43419147

I always liked the 40k Lore in a min. It pretty much sums it up for the humans.

Step 1. Find a faction you like
Step 2. Go and look up with Wiki
Step 3. Treat Wiki as you'd treat TV Tropes (ie, spending hours following links and reading shit)
Step 4. ???
Step 5. PROFIT!

>> No.43419150

There is no Drone HQ, otherwise you could, right?

>gun drones
>gun drones
>gun drones
>gun drones
>gun drones
>missile drones
>missile drones
>missile drones
>missile drones

>> No.43419192


Sci-fi pulp with a bit of heavy metal harband thrown in. Grim, dark, hopeless and depressing. Even the good guys are often bad guys.
The galaxy is slowly but surely heading for ultimate destruction. Mankind is undoubtedly doomed but continues to hang on by an ever thinning thread.
Guns, swords, armor, magic, aliens, spaceships, giant robots, 3 lungs, 2 hearts, and a robotic coffin to keep dead heroes alive forever.

>> No.43419200

Holy shit. I just went to GW website and Tyranid Codex is sold out.

That must mean there is a new codex soon. So, Nids after 30k?

x3 Tyrannofex

If you fire at the same target, re-roll failed to hits, wounds and armour pen.

Rending, Shred and Armourbane if kept within 6" of each other.

>> No.43419206

Unbound list


>> No.43419211

Mandrakes: Shadow Walker Clan

2 full units of Mandrakes

All models in this formation have the deep strike special rule, and do not scatter when arriving. Each unit may deep strike anywhere as long as they are 1" away from any other model. All models in this formation have a 3++ from shooting attacks and the Preferred Enemy (Everything) special rule on the turn they arrive. These units may assault in the same turn they arrive from deep strike.

>> No.43419221

probably not, but it might hint at a paperback codex if they don't have 1 already

>> No.43419278

Well Nids ARE a faction needing a 7th update. They got those new models after their update, you know, for the Shield of Baal Campaign?

So they need to add those to it anyway.

I assumed it was IG next, maybe with Temptus Scions. But Nids will do.

>also tempted to buy the 7th Ed Tau just so I have all the codexes

Fuck. Need more money.

>> No.43419325

Couldn't you just have a Suit Commander with a Drone Controller?

Couldn't you have it as a Suit Commander leading the uprising or being locked out of his controls? What if he got injured and is kept alive but the suit has locked him out. I dunno, some auto AI control program. Or maybe it got hit by a Haywire weapon and the FW can't get out and the suit is doing everything itself.

>> No.43419346

>also tempted to buy the 7th Ed Tau just so I have all the codexes
What is piracy

>> No.43419369

Hmm. Not bad. Can you take Oblo'tai (or however you apostrophize it), the AI Missileside from Farsight Enclaves, as a solo commander?

>so I have all the codexes
Are you stupid?

>> No.43419399

I downloaded it already, but I'm a collector whore. It's autism most likely. My painting/assembly table has been covered in GW books and shit, I don't make models any more (long story why) but I need to.

I got the Kauyon book for the fluff, but the stuff in 7th seems different bar the rules. I'll wait I think.

>> No.43419408

i'm aware that nids are outdated a bit but rumors don't point to them yet.

>what if he got injured and is kept alive

>> No.43419489

I just checked, you don't need to take Farsight. You can take the other ones. They have IC.

So you can take that guy on his own.

Just like you can take the Riptide HQ on his own. Which means you can have 10 Riptides in a Battleforged army (Are Double FoC charts possible? I can't remember how they worked. In my mind you can take 10 + 9 + 3 + 3. So 25 in total and be Battleforged)

>> No.43419520

True enough. It's just interesting the book is sold out. You're probably right that it's just a paper back, but if they're planning on releasing an update 'sometime', they might swap it with another planned release so they don't need to make another codex print.

When Lizardmen were removed from the store/sold out, it paved way for update.

Who knows, I'd rather IG got updated. I want Tank Commanders to be able to be put in any tank, including Super Heavies.

>> No.43419674

That's not how it works man.

>dregmek blitzkart deffkoptaz
>must be a full squad of 5 deffkoptaz
>select one to be dregmek (character)
>while this character is alive all weapons can be shot twice at the same target and the unit gains the skilled rider USR

>> No.43419689


I do not know what I would remove from the list to add those.

>> No.43419713

R8 my Khorne Laserbeams still cause blood list.

CSM CAD - 1850 points


Kharn the angry - 160 points

Warpsmith - 120 points


5 Khorne Bezerkers, Rhino Transport - 105/ 35 points

35 Chaos Cultists - 150 points
>Kharn goes here


Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought, TL Heavy-bolter, Khorne dedication - 215 points

///Heavy Support///
3 Rapier Weapon Carriers, Conversion beamers - 225 points

3 Rapier Weapon Carriers, Conversion beamers - 225 points

3 Rapier Weapon Carriers, Conversion beamers - 225 points


Chaos Knight Paladin - 135 points

So the idea is to attempt to outshoot the enemy by shitting out 9 S10 AP2 blasts a turn and circumventing the conversion beamers main downside by making the rest of my army melee orientated so the enemy moving towards me to get out of death laser range is actually a good thing.

What do you think?

Kharn unit is for the ultimate bubblewrap so even the most hideous deep-striking unit should be killable but if I'm not facing deepstrikers i'll just advance them slowly upfield.

What do you guys think?

>> No.43419722

Any us places to buy oyumaru ?

>> No.43419771

Knight Paladin is 375 points btw, typo*

>> No.43419782

You don't need asscannons anyway, they're good but short range. I prefer the long range spraydown of twin heavy bolters as you can do it every round without needing to risk your vulnerable hull.

>> No.43419794

You'll get owned hard by Eldar, Tau, SkitMech, DA, and Space Marines.

Every other army will be fun to play against though. Looks like a fun list to play too, go for it.

>> No.43419812

Incorrect, you can only take the 7 of them as part of the eight, which requires you to take Farsight.

>> No.43419837

Okay, let's get some actual discussion going.

Think of a character in 40k/30k, any character.
Got it? Good.

What would be their favorite anime?

>> No.43419870

>khornate laserbeams
>no Decimators with CBs/Storm Lasers

I seem to remember that there was also a formation where you could take 3+ of them without Farsight.

>Any Khornate
>Fist of the North Star, obviously

>> No.43419882

Jesus christ that's a katawa shoujo general tier question.

>> No.43419889


Ahriman: Little Witch Academia

>> No.43419934

2-4 squads of Rough riders
They have outflank, can charge the turn they arrive from reserves, can charge and run in the same turn, and their hunting lances still work after the first charge.

>> No.43420036

it's okay anon, we can go back to our usual infighting within 30 points

i can't think of an anime that skulltaker would enjoy. it'd need to involve swords, duels, killing and maybe some nefarious plots. berserk or shamo maybe?

>> No.43420069


40k is remarkably, even laughably, easy to grasp.

It's the most popular and played tabletop wargame by far, which also means a ton of morons play it. Just look in these threads a few times.

>> No.43420107

Oh. I did only just flick through the download. Either way, stick with the drone controller suit.

>actual discussion

But we're doing that already....

>> No.43420122


>3x Warp Spiders

>All Movement Jumps are automatically 18"
>All Flicker Jumps are 6"+ 2D6 re-rollable
>Flicker Field - If 2 unit are within 9" of each other AFTER any Jump Roll, both units 3+ Armor Save becomes a 3+ Invulnerable Save
>MonoFilament Storm - If two units are firing at the same target, Monofilament shots become AP1 on a roll of 5 or 6 instead of just 6

Please Khaine

>> No.43420167


Hey I am kind of new as well and was looking for a more mobile non-forgeworld army than what I am currently running.

What would you add with another 250 to your list?

>> No.43420173

Which army has the single most bullshit unit/formation/tactic right now, /tg/?

>> No.43420206

Probably something really dark and gory like Berserk. Or maybe some moeshit series that distracts him from his angst.

Eldar with THE DICK

>> No.43420217

There's a really good guide to the gameplay mechanisms in OP, under >40K quick reference sheets.

Eldar, with Windrider Host. Nothing save AV13+ can deal with that much Scatter Laser. And AV13+ gets rekt by the D. Guess which army has really easy access to a massive amount of D in their cheap LoW?

I'm not hating on the army in general, don't get me confused with those "Eldar suck cuz spehss elfs" dudes. You can play Eldar and not be a cunt. But Windrider Warhost is a maximal cheesefest.

>> No.43420403

tau or eldar easily. tau for their stealth formation that hits rear armor or tons of scatterbikes with preferred enemy i think

>> No.43420418


Keeping in mind I have only ordered 1/4 of the list and my codex pdf doesn't let me see weapon profiles...

A unit of 3 Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas for 165

I could replace the HQ with Sammael since I bought the model before I changed to the interrogator chaplin (No Regrets, my goal is to learn to paint well enough to paint this model)

I would still have 45 points left.... which could be an attack bike in one of the bike units I suppose?

>> No.43420470

>1-3 squads of Fulgurite Electropriests
>1-3 squads of Corpuscarii Electropriests

>As long as the Fulgurites are within 12" of at least 1 unit of Corpuscarii, the Formation gains Reanimation Protocols
>As long as at least 1 unit of Corpuscarii are in the same combat as at least 1 unit of Fulgurites, the formation gains a 2++ instead of a 3++ for wiping out an enemy unit in a single round of combat

>> No.43420486

Those are heavy gun drones, 25 points each.
So 167744 points of gun drones
2900 points of heavy gun drones
2080 tiger shark points
1540 remora drones
23264 points of meme disks.

>> No.43420547

3-6 units of dreadnoughts of any type

All dreads gain: fear, fleet, rage, counter-attack, It Will Not Die, and move through cover

All dreads gain a 5+ save against hits not caused by a D strength weapon, or an AP one or two weapon

If one dreadnought in the formation dies, all other dreads ignore any unsaved hull points not caused by a S:D weapon until end of turn

If any dreadnought is reduced to one hull point, it may either fire its weapons twice or roll three die for its charge distance.

>> No.43420576


2+ units
Koordinatin' :
if 2 units are taken, they may choose which turn they enter play, including turn 1

3+ units
Coming for ya:
Nob upgrades are free, and they may enter play, treating any unoccupied building or area
terrain that is outside of 12" of an enemy unit

4+ units
Sneaky gits
May declare charges after arriving from reserves.

5+ units
Sneeky tide
All units may buy any upgrades, including more models for said unit for free.

>> No.43420585


1-3 units
Each unit may take a Looted Wagon as a dedicated transport and gain the Relentless USR.

>> No.43420598


Got mine from Amazon, but this might not answer your question.

>> No.43420679

Okay, Sevatar.

Oh fuck I haven't watched anything that even looked like an anime since the first season of Pokemon back in 5th grade

Sevatar fucking loves watching Pokemon!

>> No.43420787

>1 Captain, Chaplain or Librarian. Must take Terminator Armor
>1-2 Assault Terminator squads
>1-2 Terminator squads
>2-4 Scout or Scout Bike squads in any combination
>All Scouts/Scout Bike squads must take locator beacons or teleport homers.

>Terminators and Assault Terminators in this formation, if placed into Deep Strike Reserve, may choose to arrive via Deep Strike on Turn 1 or Turn 2, without needing to pass a Reserve roll. They may charge the same turn they arrive via Deep Strike. On the turn they Deep Strike, they may re-roll all misses.
>Terminators may shoot twice, run then shoot, or shoot then run. Assault Terminators may charge after running.
>All models in this formation may re-roll failed saving throws. In addition, all models in this formation gain Fleet, Crusader, Move Through Cover and Rampage.

>> No.43420827


Okay, so I was wrong. Either way, way too many.

>> No.43420968


>Ravenwing Land Speeder Vengeance

Formation Compostion:

2 Ravnwing Land Speeder
Ravenwing Dark Shroud

All vehicles must take Assault Cannons

All units gain Scout+Shrouded + Objective Secured

>> No.43421016

>Marker Drone x4 (48)
Commanders can only take up to two drones. If you want more, swap a pathfinder squad out for a base size drone squadron, and make them marker drones.

Honestly unless he has a full broadside squad or a large crisis unit to go with I think all those support systems are a bit redundant. Unless you interpret the combine fire rule of the cadre to allow him to spread his wargear-derived special rules board-wide, I'd take him with just drone controller, CnCN, 2 guns and in a drone squadron. He'd use CNCN to help paint targets until the drones are destroyed, then detach and fight stuff.

I'd also try to find room for a third ghostkeel, even dropping a riptide if need be. Also always give them ion rakers rather than blast melta, especially so in the optimized stealth cadre.

>> No.43421018


3 Units

>Sneaky Beaky
Gain Stealth

>Da Disguise
Can deep strike within 6" of any enemy unit.. If Deep Strike Mishap occurs, do not roll on table. Instead, all enemy units shoot Overwatch at their full BS until their next shooting phase at this formation.

>> No.43421099

Skyhammer annihilation force should be top 3 at least.

>> No.43421121

Has anyone been trying to figure out what these rules are?

>> No.43421157


These are the ones from the previous box.

>> No.43421158

>Three leman russes of anykind
>All russes are considered always spinning and every side is now AV 14.
>Melta/armourbane against this formation require a 6 on the to hit roll to get an extra d6 of pen.
>Fires Snapshots at bs5
>Move through cover
>moves an extra scatter die +3d6 in a direction
>All models touched by a russ in this formation is considered "removed from play", no saves of any kind may be taken.

>> No.43421204

Here you go, a fluffy formation for the new Ghostkeep buying our products.

>> No.43421205

A fluffy formation that would make actually upgrading a loota to a mek not retarded.

>> No.43421213

I am trying to get a friend into 40k lore. Specifically so I can run a rogue trader game with him as a player, but I can't find anything that lets someone know the basics for the Imperium of Man as it would be known by an Imperial Citizen. Anyone got anything good?

>> No.43421217

Sorry, forgot pic.

>> No.43421265

Gaunts Ghosts, Ciaphas Cain, and maybe Eisenhorn. Those are usually the go to books for getting into 40k. I say maybe on Eisenhorn because you want
>the basics for the Imperium of Man as it would be known by an Imperial Citizen.
I don't think the average citizen knows much about the Inquisition's inquisitions only to watch the fuck out and not be a heretic.

>> No.43421271

Wrong one.

>> No.43421275

How much firepower do you need to reliably exterminate Necrons? Which type of strength or AP should I Spam.

>> No.43421286


I mean something more brief like a short article or youtube video.

>> No.43421287

You, I like you.

>> No.43421289

Enough to instant death.

>> No.43421295

s8 ap3, leaves them with just reanimation protocols.

>> No.43421383



>> No.43421428


Shit that gets the point across wel

>> No.43421512

What happened to Sanguinus' body after everything was said and done?

>> No.43421522

>no pan pipes and tau genocide
Shit video, ends too soon.

>> No.43421547

His body was brought back to Baal.

>> No.43421637

I have an opportunity to get 2 tau piranha for half off. How many is it useful to have? I already have one.

>> No.43421650

Can you take the Farsight drone piloted broadside as an HQ or is it bodyguard only?
If yes to HQ, then problem solved i guess

>> No.43421683

I don't even play Tau, but I could really get into this idea.


>> No.43421699


Dirt cheap in terms of points when one takes into account that it brings a squadron of drones when they disembark. Frontal armour is immune to the average troop weapons.

Generally, you don't spent many points on it. The whole point is being cheap, too dangerous to ignore, but not worth it enough to actually kill it. It's a troll unit.

>> No.43421861


Yeah but is it more useful to have three than one or two? Is it good to squadron them?

>> No.43421875

3 is good number to have. You can field decent sized squadron or go ham with MSU.

>> No.43421931

Depends on what you have available in your faction. I play chaos and spam the shit out of autocannons. They fuck up most necron infantry and can glance kill their vehicles nicely.

>> No.43421937

>glance kill necron vehicles nicely
it takes 6's to glance
thats not easy or reliable at all

>> No.43421969

>6s to glance
Works pretty well for Necrons.

>> No.43421998

that's because of the sheer amount of gauss they can take. CSM have less autocannons then necrons have gauss.

>> No.43422006


With three + disembarking the drones, you can effectively blockade a transport of Troops on all sides, you can also do it against troops. This will annoy your rival enough to waste 1 or 2 turn or so attempting to destroy or move out of the way.

Bolter fire against AV11 is worthless so they have to move out of the way or assault. If they assault, the piranhas will get destroyed, but they have wasted a turn. Even a destroyed piranha will act as an obstacle to the enemy units. A smart Tau player will disembark the drones before sacrificing them.

You can also use them as an advancing wall, offering cover to your troops. Also, they can be used to take objectives, jinking all the time so they don't get killed.

>> No.43422120

Hey guys, i have a painter's dilemna. I need your help.

I recently painted up a chunk of my space marine force (mostly vehicles, scouts and some Vanguard)

The vehicles and vanguard I painted in a gunmetal blue

The scouts I painted in incubi darkness armor with rhinox hide fabric

I really like the scouts, but the gunmetal blue is not something i want the rest of my company painted as.

I have tacticals, dev squads, and sternguard to paint. I can strip most of my models nbd

My question is, if my vehicles are a different color from the rest of my force, will it look ultra-retarded? I really don't want to strip 2 landspeeders, a stormtalon, a drop pod, and three bikes. But I really don't want to continue using gunmetal blue for my marines.

Help me! For reference, this is a raven guard descendant chapter

>> No.43422154

Not really. Its old fluff, but sometimes space marine vehicles would have varying color schemes for different campaigns. Or it could be a custom to please the machine spirit.

If you're just worried about aesthetics then it depends on the colors you're going with.

>> No.43422157

One thing i was considering was keeping the vanguards amd perhaps the other veterans in gunmetal as well, and keeping the tacticals and dev squads another color.

But I worry that too many color schemes is going to wreck my cohesion. Thoughts?

>> No.43422217

>Carnac asserts things with his shit voice of authority. People demand proofs for his claims. Then, at best, he'll give a small extract which out of context seems to support him. Or he'll just go

How much of an idiot are you? Do you not read what that I took from the books?

I said Tau Fleets outmaneuvered Imperial fleets and this was stated in the Tau codex and Kauyon book. If you think this was out of fucking context, then by all means, you bastard, go get books and show everyone how they are out of context. Of course, you can't so you resorted to shitposting.

And by the way, the fact that information about events in the codexes are not biased. They are actual events that happen and they form the basis for the events that are expolred in the campaign books. If the Tau fleets did not outsmart the Imperial fleets, then they wouldn't have made to Prefectia and the rest of the Dovar system.

So anon, not only you have proven yourself a cancer on lore discussion but a shitposter who is trying to force a /pol/ meme on /tg/.

You mean he shitposted and got ignored and the conversation went as is.

>> No.43422277

>Infiltrator Distruption Clade

>3-6 units of Sicaran Infiltrators

>Electrostatic Neurostorm: Once per game, a Sicaran Infiltrator units in this formation can cause Electostatic Neurostorm in their movement phase. Every enemy unit within 6" of these units takes a leadership-test. If they fail, they reduce their WS/BS/I/LD by -1 for rest of the game (down to minium of 1). For every additional unit of Sicarian Infiltrators within 6" of each other, opponents suffer -1 to their leadership and suffer additional -1 to their stats of they fail their test.

>For example, 6 units all within 6" of one other unit would cause all enemy units with 36" to take a test with -6.

>> No.43422298

Carnac plz go.

>> No.43422306

what the fuck is this carnac meme
someone pls explain

>> No.43422308 [DELETED] 


>> No.43422316

>And by the way, the fact that information about events in the codexes are not biased.

>> No.43422320

No, I won't. That bastard slandered me and lied, and is shitting my favorite board with /pol/ memes. /pol/ memes!

This is cancer at its vilest form.

>> No.43422324

Also if you keep the disembarked drones within the support fire range of piranhas, they can spit out overwatch fire when enemy assaults your tarpit piranhas.

>> No.43422325

Carnac is a very autistic (real) individual who has his head so far up his ass the he cant even see shit.

>> No.43422334

Well you kinda do deserve all the shit you get.

>> No.43422341

The Dark Angels have white 1st Company, black 2nd Company and a green 3-6 company.

I think you're fine.

>> No.43422352

Someone want to drop the new Tau Codex PDF

>> No.43422354

What's biased in the codexes is the unit description (Nigh-unstoppable. invincible, etc). Events and stories are not biased as in not being factual and being lies.

Or are you going to throw out what happened in the final stages of HH because it was came from an Imperial book? There is no proof that Horus died at the hands of the Emperor lawl!

>> No.43422355

>Carnac upset by people shitting the board
Ironic, isn't it?

>> No.43422371

>the rest of the book is biased, but these bits I'm using are not I swear!

>> No.43422378

Isn't it in the mega already?

>> No.43422386

Not the dude, but he's got a point. The stories are generally accepted to be unbiased fact. The flavor for each unit is biased.

>> No.43422388

>shitposter complaining about shitposting

What a tweeest!

>> No.43422401

So now that we have established that codicies are not a reliable source for canon. What are reliable sources then?

>> No.43422410

Land Speeder Bullshit Squadron

3-5 landspeeders in any configuration
Do not scatter on Deep Strike
Can choose to Deep Strike turn 1
Can individually select Land Speeders to jink instead of the entire Squadron

>> No.43422421


None whatsoever. That's the whole point. 40k is told from the point of view of tons and tons of unreliable narrators vomiting propaganda all over the place. It makes the setting malleable and easier to retcon.

>> No.43422424

I said stories and lore are not biased (as in lies) and they form the most of the codexes. Lore and stories in codexes are often taken from the races best performances and yada yada that's the extent of the bias in them. So tell me what's the logic is there to dismissing them?

So you are agreeing that there is no proof that there is no proof that Emperor killed Horus? I mean it came from a biased book after all.

>> No.43422427

>HAVE to download our app to access our site on mobile
It has improved performance, download it goy!

>severs are seized by kiwi law enforcement

Why the fuck do we still use mega? It's comprised bullshit.

>> No.43422439

So why are people so mad at one guy shitposting when the whole 40k narrative is built on shitposting?

>> No.43422446

I am upstanding member of the community and whatever you think of me, I did not shit up the place with /po/ memes and forced on 40K generals.

Actually, there is a canon. It is what GW agrees on. The whole spill on unreliable narrators is an excuse for GW to change the setting in anyway they wish at anytime.

>> No.43422468

Here's your reply.

>> No.43422473

Can Love Bloom on the Battlefield?

>> No.43422485

Like I said, all you have shitposting.

I am still waiting on anyone showing me how what I took from the books was out of context. You can't even engage with a civil discussion these days, my god

>> No.43422486

Depending on the writer, either yes or they and everyone in the same system dies a horrible, pointless, messy death for daring to not be miserable.

>> No.43422492

Stop it Autauku! Everyone you love will end up dead. Just like Sniper Wolf, E.E and Naomi.

>> No.43422521


>> No.43422525

We can only hope!

>> No.43422533

Stop culturally appropriating the Praetorians and their based commander Caine!

>> No.43422535

Kor'sarro Khan x Illic Nightspear.

Kor'sarro Khan & Shrike x Shadowsun

>> No.43422559


>> No.43422571

Cato Sicarius & Trazyn the Infinite x Eldorath Starbane.

>> No.43422594

Because Necrons can do it on their bolters. And even then thrust me as a necron player that for killing Ghost arks Gauss fire is almost useless.

>Select all images with pumpkins
Captcha halloween is over.

>> No.43422607

Too much. Get into melee instead, even Tau have it hard to kill necron at range.

>> No.43422630

>Actual events


>> No.43422632


>2 units of Rangers
>0-2 Unit of Striking Scorpions
>0-2 Unit of Warp Spiders

>Anywhere and Nowhere
Units do not scatter, suffer Deep Strike Mishaps, or take dangerous terrain tests while deep striking.
All units have the Deep Strike and Infiltration Rules.
Any unit may enter reserves and be removed from the table at the player's decision, if it is 18" away from any enemy model, or 12" from any model with line of sight.

>Where are they?!?
Units shot by this weapons in this formation with pinning must take pinning tests on their leadership, regardless of rules that would allow them to ignore pinning tests.
Re-roll failed hits and wounds against pinned targets.
Enemy units pinned by this formation cannot fire overwatch.


>> No.43422660

>The All Guardsmen party

>> No.43422695

Actual events and facts within the fiction.

The Horus Hersey is an actual event in the 40K setting, as opposed to the Dornian Hersey which is a fanfiction event that isn't in the setting. Horus rebelling against the Emperor is a fact in the setting, Dorn rebelling against the Emperor is not.

Did I really have to explain this?

>> No.43422706

I still see no proof anon.

>> No.43422710

So, besides the Imperial Guard, what other army can you assault without being a suicide for a Tau?

>> No.43422720

Proof it is not a proof.

>> No.43422724

Anyone know what chapter tactics/units might do well for SM allies to an SkitMech army?

>Perturabo: moeshit where DaVinci is inexplicably a loli

>> No.43422732


>> No.43422769

Anyone got a guide on how to DIY some tau drones, homebrew style?

>> No.43422789

Ugh, no. Necrons are all T4, at least 4+ and have RP and LD 10 while hitting at S4.

They are able to tarpit for multiple rounds even some Deathstar. They'll rape Tau in melee.

>> No.43422805


Naked crisis suits 66 points can be effective so long you avoid power weapons or specialized melee units.

>> No.43422847

Only if your spergitude compels you to.

>> No.43422853

Other Tau, though if you're assaulting you're giving up another turn of shooting via overwatch. It's just not a good idea for your army. That being said, 4+ save goes a long way in a combat without power weapons.

>> No.43422887

It wasn't spergitude but other people's idiocy. Can't yo just admit you were wrong?

>> No.43422922

>Inevitably they talked of the Arkunasha War, where Farsight’s shrewd harrowing of the orks– be’gel he called them– had earned him his epithet. Mordaine expected more pride, but instead the xenos grew sombre as it recalled the campaign.

>‘It was a long and bitter conflict,’ the alien said. ‘Many fire warriors were lost in the rifts of that blighted world, yet I cannot deny the beauty of it.’

>‘Beauty?’ Mordaine asked. ‘In a world of rust and killer sandstorms?’

>‘Not in the world, gue’la– in the war.’ The alien’s eyes dimmed with remembrance. ‘The be’gel live for war, embracing it without question or justification. They fight for the joy of fighting alone.’

>‘And you admire them for this?’ Despite himself, Mordaine was intrigued.

>‘No. They are beasts, but I respect their purity of purpose,’ the prisoner said. ‘After Arkunasha the water caste painted the be’gel as mindless primitives, diminishing them with words to salve the Empire’s anxieties, yet this was only a half-truth. I have waged war against the be’gel many times, but even in that first war I recognised they were neither foolish nor predictable. They adapt and prosper by instinct alone, becoming stronger with every loss they suffer. On Arkunasha we exterminated generations in a handful of years, yet they spawned faster than we could cull them, each wave adapting more swiftly to the battlefield than the last.’

>‘The Imperium is eminently familiar with the orkoid threat–’ Mordaine began, but the xenos ignored him, caught up in the tide of its memories.

>> No.43422929


>> No.43422940

>‘The veterans were the most dangerous,’ it continued. ‘Those who endured across many seasons borrowed Arkunasha’s strength, growing skin of hardened oxide that shielded them from the rust devils and razor storms that scoured the deserts. We called them be’kalsu, the iron beasts. They stalked us from the heart of the storms, hidden from the sharpest eye or scanner, turning the hazards of the land against us. Many were torn apart as they rode the tempest, but this only made the survivors more reckless, more lethal.’

>The xenos paused, steepling its fingers in contemplation.

>‘I remember watching from the sheltering ridge of Mak’lar when a monster cyclone spat out an army of spinning, flailing bodies, hurling them to the ground like the rocks the be’gel use to travel the stars. Most were killed instantly, but those that lived were still laughing when we finished them, broken yet unbroken. If the be’gel were capable of loving anything other than war, I believe it was Arkunasha.’

-From "Fire and Ice"

This is the only example I can find of Orks adapting on a biological level to fit their current battlefield and environment. Are there anymore examples of this?

>> No.43422962

>So, besides the Imperial Guard, what other army can you assault without being a suicide for a Tau?
I would not want to ever assault Necrons unless you have a crap ton of power weapons and even then they still may not die.
That Decurion 4+ RP is evil and then you could have rerollable on one's RP on top of that.

>> No.43422971

It's not even really that old, raptors still (I think) canonically have that ridiculous blue and yellow scheme that's never used outwith uncommon fancy events that's never used in the field.

I get that it's one chapter out of many, but still, they're a raven guard successor and so is that guys.

>> No.43422988


>> No.43422998

So you'd rather have them shooting?

>> No.43422999

Where do you think you are, mate?

>> No.43423006

Is there a generally accepted best secondary weapon system for the Ion Accelerator Riptide? Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifles, or Missle Pods? Also are shielded missile drones even worth considering because of Leadership checks?

>> No.43423014

>Anon, please stop. GW might make this into an actual formation.
Optimised Drone Network:
1+ units of Drones
0-3 units of Heavy Gun Drones
0-3 units fo Remora Drone Fighters

Special rules:
Drone Swarm: there is no maxium unit size for any drone units in the formation.
Networked Tragetting AI: for every 10 Drones or 5 Heavy/Remora Drones in the unit, the unit gains +1 bs.

>> No.43423018

vehicles without fist fighting weapons, i think firewarriors can get haywire grenades

>> No.43423022

So I'm tempted to build a little black Templar allied force for my guard and Lamenters (blood angels) to play with. What's some good setupz for black Templar? I know you need an emperors champion, and they get those cool crusader squads, but other than that I got nuthin

>> No.43423043

>I know you need an emperors champion
You don't, but it won't hurt. Crusader squads are the big thing for the templars for sure though. It's worth putting the crusader squad in a land raider crusader then crusading with your crusaders against the crusadable xenos who may be holed up in a crucible.

Min squads with lods of special weapons is a good idea too.

>> No.43423058

plasma or fusion

>> No.43423061

They are all good choices. I've played with them all and haven't been dissapointed with any of them. Missile drones are kinda risky with those ld checks you mention and s7 ap4 shots don't mesh up with ion accelerator, they usually lack either in punch or penetration against the usual targets of the riptide.

>> No.43423078


Drones are less bit risky now that they have the Bonding Knife Ritual for 1 point/Riptide.

>> No.43423100

Which is completely useless for a single riptide as even if they kill both your drones you still aren't under 25% of the unit so you can still regroup?

>> No.43423108

Windrider Host isn't really that great as a formation. The bonus is wasted because you're never not giving them scatterlasers (the bonus only works on shuriken catapults), and you can already get 6 units of bikes in the normal CAD, which should be more than enough bikes, plus you have obsec (very good for an extremely fast troop choise like the jetbikes) and don't have to buy a Vyper.
The Windrider Host is only ever taken to unlock the rest of the Eldar Decurion, or rather that one entry that lets you take a Wraithknight, which you can then take multiple times to spam WKs.

>> No.43423123

What about taking it and having bikes with shuriken cannons instead of scatterlaser as a way to play a bikes army that is not cheese incarnated?

>> No.43423127

>So you'd rather have them shooting?
If I was the current Tau army? YES!!! Because you have so much bullshit things that give you 4 to 2+ cover saves that even with all that shooting by the crons . It would still be the safer place to be than in CC with unkillable robots.

>> No.43423144

33% isn't less than 25%

>> No.43423148

That was my point, yes.

>> No.43423187

Then you're still looking at an army of reasonably tough, extremely fast models armed with heavy weapons equally capable of shredding infantry, Monstrous Creatures, and light vehicles.

If you want to play a Windrider Host and not be an ass, don't give them all upgraded guns. Stick to the old one-in-three rule that GW dropped from the current codex. It really isn't hard, and it's not like Windriders stop being good when they have to use their Catapults.

>> No.43423209

>Stick to the old one-in-three rule that GW dropped from the current codex.

If I think that this abomination is just because the new models have 1 sprue for each model that contain heavy weapons and GW didn't want to sell options in the box without being able to take them by the rules...

>> No.43423239

Seems like it's Orks being Orks more than anything.

The biggest and the strongest survive, even in razorwind ruststorms.

>> No.43423274

Not quite.

The veteran Orks developed hardened oxide skin that shielded them from the rust/blood storms. It's not something you see often in Ork fluff.

>> No.43423278

I think that's exactly why they did it. Why they didn't just give you one Scatter Laser and one Shruiken Cannon per box, and use the extra space on the sprues to add some female torsos or little flags for that old-timey Jetbike book is beyond me.

>> No.43423308

You don't often see them having protracted campaign's in rust storms.

Noone said it was on a biological level, knowing orks they might just be caked in it and then decided to supplement it with bits of armour and glue to get even tougher.

>> No.43423311

Because then you'll need at least two different molds instead of just 1.

>> No.43423313

It still works for me, what's the problem?

>> No.43423327

>Noone said it was on a biological level

Farsight did.

"growing skin of hardened oxide that shielded them from the rust devils"

He used the word "grow" implying it was something biological.

>> No.43423358


Ork skin grows thicker and tougher as they grow up. I think it was just Farsight finally meeting Orks that had...well..survived. If they really lived as long as he says then their skin would be tough as fuck.

>> No.43423359

Crystals and stalagmites also "grow"

>> No.43423372

Orks confirmed for being made out of that strange cardboard used to make grow your own crystal trees.

>> No.43423440

They are fungi.
As for the metallization effect might be like the ironwoods do, lodging metal particulates in the ever growing flesh hardening them.

>> No.43423444

So what's the deal with these "apocolypse formations" and why are they different from regular formations? Specifically the ones in the sisters codex.

>> No.43423448

>‘It is a prevalent theory amongst my caste,’ said El’Vesa, suddenly looking up at O’Shoh, ‘that the smaller orkoids are the young of the species, and that their females are hidden underground.’

>‘Is that the case?’ said O’Shoh, one eye still watching the data spooling across the cryocasket.

>‘It may well be. I personally believe the smaller, slave caste orkoids to be only distantly related to the warrior caste.’

>‘How so? Genetic castoffs, perhaps?’

>‘We can only speculate at this time. I theorise that the orks are hermaphroditic, and are capable of asexual reproduction– perhaps via podding, or a form of posthumous fission. This cadaver may allow me to reach a conclusion. For that, you have my thanks.’

>‘We just need to know how best to kill them,’ grumbled Ob’lotai, ‘not how to make more.’

>‘Our esteemed comrade El’Vesa believes identifying their breed patterns might yield an early countermeasure,’ said O’Shoh, ‘and hence prevent further generations being birthed. Am I correct?’

>‘Quite so,’ said El’Vesa, showing his broad, flat teeth in a smile. The scientist tapped at one of the cryocasket’s sensor suites with a wand-like data probe. Translucent streams of holographic information twirled out from the probe’s end, feeding into his notation disc. ‘We kill them before they are born.’

>The crisp, sterile air of the research bay seemed to somehow grow stale. Ob’lotai was standing bolt upright, his features hard as stone. He stared daggers at the earth caste scientist. It was a look O’Shoh had seen before, and never without consequence.

>‘A war waged against the young is without honour,’ said Ob’lotai, his voice cold and full of danger as he quoted the tau maxim.

>O’Shoh moved over to stand by his old friend, putting the hand of calm upon his forearm.

>> No.43423455

>‘Ob’lotai speaks wisely, of course,’ he said smoothly. ‘The orks appear bestial, and beasts at our door must be culled. Yet they are undeniably sentient. We cannot bring disgrace to the fire caste by essentially attacking their young.’

>El’Vesa finally looked up, a shadow of confusion on his features as he pulled a pair of second skins onto his nimble hands. ‘More self-imposed limitations,’ he said, his head cocked to one side. ‘Regardless,’ he continued, knocking on the cryocasket, ‘there is much to learn from our silent friend here.’

-From "Farsight" novella

So....where do the Orks hide their females?

>> No.43423470

Apocalypse formations can only be used in games of Apocalypse. Some have special rules which specifically related to it, like giving the player extra Strategic Assets or whatnot.

>> No.43423476

Yes, thats rust.
Ruting magnetic snail with iron reinforced shell and scalemail armour on it's fleshy bits.

>> No.43423477

Relics from the past that should be removed. Just like sisters.

>> No.43423482

They reproduce by spores dumbass, they are animated mushrooms.

>> No.43423495

What are you on about?

"Essentuslly attacking their young" is purging spores from planets by fire, chemistry or biologic agents.

>> No.43423497

But do we have scientific proof of this? Have you seen it happen, Fio'El?

>> No.43423499

I can't open MEGA folders in my mobile. And I even got the damn app

>> No.43423514

It's still a genocide aimed at young and innocent sentient creatures which is very distasteful and counts as a warcrime.

>> No.43423524

40k Sigmar when

>> No.43423538

These are the worst rules I have ever seen.

Kommandos already have stealth.
They can't charge on the turn they deep strike, so the boosted overwatch rule does literally nothing.
There is absolutely no explanation as to how you're supposed to place the models when they mishap.

-5/10 consider suicide

>> No.43423539

I think I'd lose no sleep over having the blood of young "innocent" orks on my hands.

>> No.43423542

I think we need another Tau allied race based on these creatures. I'm not sure what exactly their role would be be, it should have something to do with slow and purposeful.

>> No.43423545

The Tau would.

That what makes them "Good Guys".

>> No.43423572

I think it's the line between waging war and committing genocide. If you're the IoM or most other races/factions in the wh40k there usually isn't a line to begin with.

>> No.43423593

No one has them yet. Though expect them to leak pretty quickly once a kit is sold.

>> No.43423600


>> No.43423640

Even Tau are usually pretty fine with genociding stuff. They have exterminated species they consider incapable of being peacefully assimilated, and have launched attacks that harm civilian targets in the past (Shadowsun in her novel would have been perfectly fine with bombing an Imperial defence laser installation from the orbit, despite the fact that the attack would have also destroying the city surrounding the installation). Farsight's a pretty honourable guy, though, so he doesn't like tactics like that.

>> No.43423641


It's literally just so Tau players can say 'Lololol we COULD'VE beaten the orks but we decided not to XD best race confirmed'.

>> No.43423672

No, it's not. It just shows that the Tau are naive and don't understand how the Orks and the universe Orks.

How can you read anything other than this is beyond me.

>Shadowsun in her novel would have been perfectly fine with bombing an Imperial defence laser installation from the orbit, despite the fact that the attack would have also destroying the city surrounding the installation).

It was a heavily fortified Hiveworld that acted as a hub of Imperial resistance on the planet, it wasn't just an installation. It had an advanced shielding tech that prevent conventional Tau weaponry from punching through , and it hive city was armed to the spires with cannons that bombarded Tau positions none stop.

What are the Tau suppose to do to liberate the planet? The hive city had to fall and clearly doing it conventionally way like they did with the other hive cities on the planet would not work. So if anyone is to blame it's the Imperium for hiding behind their own citizens.

>> No.43423679

universe works*

heavily fortified Hive city*

>> No.43423680

>liberate the planet

>> No.43423703

>Counts-as Drone Alpha with Burst Cannon and Drone Controller


>> No.43423708


Disragrd that post. Confused the Damocles anthology with Shadowsun's novel.

But my point stands this (picture related) is how the Imperium fights.

>> No.43423716

750 points mechanicus list for a small tournament coming next week:
(can I use 2 allied detachments as the entire force? jus asking)

>5 vanguards, omnispex, plasma caliber
>5 vanguards, plasma caliber, alpha with arc maul and arc pistol
>5 ruststalkers, sword and claw, omniscient mask
>sydonian dragoon taser lance
>techpriest dominus, serpenta pistol and disintegrator cannon
>3 kataphron destroyers, flamers and grav cannons

>> No.43423731

Sure. The Tau trying to invade an imperial world and conquer the hive city in the first place means that the imperium is hiding behind civilians. It's not like the civilians were the target in the first place.

>They fortified the city! They could have instead fortified the desert and left the city to the Tau!

>> No.43423739

Just give him the neuro chip. It is an AI. Say the commander got killed inside the suit, but the suit just kept going.

>> No.43423762


Most 40k factions explicitly target civilians. Orks, DE, Necrons, Chaos and Nids being the main offenders.

Why is it the Imperiums fault that they spend thousands of years building up their defences to protect them from said attacks? Why is the Imperium's fault that the Tau are doing pretty much the opposite of what every other faction does.

>> No.43423764

>(can I use 2 allied detachments as the entire force? jus asking)

I don't think so, no. You can take a regular Skitarii detachment from their codex, then add a Cult Mechanicus allied detachment, however.

At 750 points, I'd probably drop the Ruststalkers. Merge the two Vanguard squads together, swap their Plasma Cavaliers for Arc Rifles, and use the saved points to get a squad of Rangers. They can use their longer range to camp on an Objective while still contributing, and Transuranic Arquebuses are expensive but can be a nice way of pinging Hull Points off light vehicles.

>> No.43423781

Yeah, the Imperium isn't exactly known for its regards for the lives on non-combatants, eitehr their own or the enemy's.

But Tua also come with varying shades of idealism and pragmatism.
Farsight in on the idealistic end of scale. He's got a very strong sense of honour and believes in the Greater Good being exemplifies by everybody working together for a common goal. That's one of the reason that led him going rogues as free from the influence of the Ethereals he was able to look back and see that their idea of Greater Good was more along the lines of "end justifies the means".
Shadowsun on the other hand is more pragmatic, and is willing to do things that some may consider dishonourable (like putting civilians at risk, or luring the enemy commander into a trap and shooting him in the back with a fusion blaster) if the end result furthers the Greater Good. Which fits well with her being the master of "Kayon" strategy, which centers around misdirection and ambushes.
And then you got guys like the commander in one of the short stories in the "Shas'O" book, who issued completely unreasonable terms of surrender to the Imperial Guard forces defending a planet, knowing that they'll never accept them, because he has no intention of letting them live but is required by protocol to ask for surrender before starting to lob missiles at the cities.

>> No.43423788

muh greater good

good being in their catch phrase means they're objectively good no matter what they do

>> No.43423792

>It's not like the civilians were the target in the first place.

Examine what happened in the other hive cities. Two surrendered peacefully (relatively) and were left untouched, the others were taken by conventional means where the Tau targeted and eliminated the Imperial forces in those cities leaving most of the cities and their populaces intact.

Only one was nuked to oblivion was the one with advanced shielding and acting as the hub of Imperial defense. It was done because the Imperials gave the Tau no choice. The planet had to be freed from Imperial rule, and this can't happen with that city hammering the Tau.

So you see the civilians were never the target. The Imperial dirtbags hiding behind them were. If the Imperium didn't want its people hurt, then it shouldn't have built an absurd amount of cannons and defenses on their hab-centers. But his this the Imperium of Man where the life of men means nothing.

>> No.43423798

I wouldn't say orks target civilians, they target fights and civilians often get in the way.

>> No.43423809

>give a city weapons to defend against invaders
>"hurr, hiding behind civilians"

Typical tau fag.

So what should have they done, put the guns away from the city and left the city undefended? Then, when the enemy takes the city they either don't do anything and taufags go "durr, Imperium can't protect its people" or turn the guns on the city and go "urr, Imperium don't care about its people"?

>> No.43423816

That's true too in regards to the Imperium.

I did like in one of the Ciaphas Cain books which had the Tau where in the end, they left because they weren't willing to enter a long, pointless pitched battle over a worthless world.

I do like Farsight's view on war. He reminds me of Big Boss building Outer Heaven - a place where soldiers can be soldiers but it's built on a mountain of corpses.

>> No.43423820

>But his this the Imperium of Man where the life of men means nothing.

Funny, because most of those defenses were probably built long before the Tau existed and certainly before the Imperium knew of them, and were designed to fend off the various horrors of the galaxy which tend to make a beeline for population centers.

Not always true. Orks are quite willing to enslave civilians, either to put them to work alongside grots, use them as food, or just torture them for fun. They might primarily look for fights, but they still need to gather resources to fuel those wars, and usually turn to slave labour to do so.

>> No.43423832

It doesn't matter, both Farsight and Big Boss are/were just pawns anyway.

>> No.43423834

Is it hard being this much of a Tau-fag?

The Imperium will NOT surrender to the Tau because at their core, this would be a betrayal to the Emperor. As has been, the Imperium will put their primary defence weapons in and around their main cities because those are what needs defending when Chaos Warband/Nid Ship/Ork Warband comes along

>> No.43423842

Still better than becoming a demon world. Which is what is gonna happen in a hundred year at most to that world after is gonna be under Tau Rule and without any way to bound or screen for psykers.

>> No.43423850

Take a page out of the Tau way of war. Evac the cities and trait them like terrain or/and deathtraps for the enemy.

Surely they can manage at least that.

>> No.43423853

People like being slaves to Orks. Runtherders are smart enough to know humans can't take beatings like grots so they treat them better.

>> No.43423860

Humans have been living and thriving in the Tau Empire for nearly 300 years. No such incident yet.

>> No.43423873

>People like being slaves to Orks

They don't.

They are often said to be short lived. If you want to know what's it like to be an Ork slave read the first chapter of "Overfiend".

>> No.43423874

They surely haven't been covered up by the ethereals.

>> No.43423875

True too.

I reckon GW has just borrowed his story.

>> No.43423882

>People like being slaves to Orks. Runtherders are smart enough to know humans can't take beatings like grots so they treat them better.

Citation needed.
Less beatings than other slaves does not a pleseant stay make.
Wven less so when you are combined labour and living larder.

>> No.43423885

>>Hiveworlds can have populations in the billions

>> No.43423887

You can't cover up a daemon world.

>> No.43423894

Source? That really doesn't match the more modern depictions of humans enslaved by Orks that I've come across, which tend to be defined by horrific brutality, starvation and malnutrition, grinding overwork in awful conditions, and a drawn-out death when some of the Ladz decide to play "stikk the 'umie".

>> No.43423895

It's not like there are gonna be any surviving witness.

>> No.43423896

A tau city probably has a couple thousand people in it, easy for evac. A hive city is meant to hold small countries at time, so millions live in the walls. No point on try to spend resources to get them all out everytime and enemy comes knocking.
Easier to just strap guns to the city so people know it can fight back.

>> No.43423900

Or the tau have effective reeducation centres whe the mentally ill are given medicine and/or surgery to stop their delusions.

>> No.43423904

The planet had 16-17 billion humans living on it. This was divided between the hive cities.

Those Imperial ships aren't big for no reason. They should have space enough for them.

>> No.43423913

>evac a few billion people into a toxic wasteland while under enemy invasion

Good one. And maybe you could have just, you know, not bomb the city to shit but find an equally magical way of dealing with the problem, rather than going full potato.

>> No.43423915

>Evac the cities

Sure, let's evac a city that have more population alone than most Tau have planets.

Also read your fluff. Tau are fortifying their own cities in the second sphere expansion preparing for eventual assault. It's easy to say "you can just evacuate" when you are the attacker.

>> No.43423916

>>Easier to just strap guns to the city so people know it can fight back.

It also allows lone worlds to defend themselves while they wait for the Imperial Guard/Marines to turn up.

They're essentially castles.

>> No.43423919

>A tau city probably has a couple thousand people in it

More like billions, anon. (source Planet Strike 5th ED).

>> No.43423924

>most Tau have planets.

than most Tau planets.

>> No.43423926

>Those Imperial ships aren't big for no reason.

Yes, because they require huge crews. Often many of their decks are uninhabitable, sealed-off ruins as well, which reduces the amount of available space. Not to mention the logistical nightmare of trying to co-ordinate such a large evacuation effort, which is hard enough at the best of times before you factor in the calcification of the Imperium's social and governmental systems.

>> No.43423941

>Oi~! Dis umie wants some baking?

At least if you were dark eldar slave you could get laid.

>> No.43423943

those are all the models I have now sadly
will get some rangers after the horus heresy release

>> No.43423947

>They should have space enough for them.

IG regiment size is mostly based around the principle of a single transport ship housing a single regiment. So even if you take the upper scale of regiments, like Valhallans with their 100,000 strong regiments, That's still a lot of ships. Which have to operate during an enemy attack.

And that's totally glossing over the logistics of displacing billions of people, providing them with food and water, and having some place to take them to.

>> No.43423957

We can barely evacuate a city of 10.000 as is.
A billion souls?

Good luck.
And the Capitol shops arent cuisers, they are war vessels, room that could take civillians are better spent on ammunition and assault wings to keep the planet from being taken.

That's imperial doctrine at heart.
Having the resources for evacuation means cowards held back material from the battle *blam* cue arming the shuttles and civvies and having amother go at securing victory.

>> No.43423962

>>The planet had 16-17 billion humans living on it. This was divided between the hive cities.
>>Those Imperial ships aren't big for no reason. They should have space enough for them.

How many hives are on the world? More than 17?

They also need shuttles to get said people onto said ships which would be busy fighting a space battle.

Look, I know it's easy to go hurr durr Imperium is evil hurr durr Imma tau fag but it's just not feasible

The Tau are Machivellians. They're currently learning that being evil is necessary to win. They're willing to sacrifice billions to save trillions.

>> No.43423973

And not in the "lord and his soldiers house" but as in the above plus a full fortified village packed around it.

>> No.43423975

>And that's totally glossing over the logistics of displacing billions of people, providing them with food and water, and having some place to take them to.

The average citizen also has total faith that the Emperor's forces will win the day. Why would they evacuate from their home?

>> No.43423979

Asurmen with some marines evacuated hives of Ector during tyranid invasion.

>> No.43423981

Getting laid is kinda generous term in Comorragh.

>> No.43423982

Don't use the drones. Too costly.
All the secondary weapoins are good. Plasma and Fusion are even more valuable in a Retaliation Cadre, as you want to DS anyway

>> No.43423988

Plus most are unaware something is going on at the city gates when the grinding of machines drowns out all noise.

>> No.43423990

>0-3 units fo Remora Drone Fighters
Remoras are considered full-fledged units by themselves. They don't have any of the Drones rules. No sense having them in this unit

>> No.43423994

To give up their homes for housing the Emperor's forces for the duration of the campaign?

>> No.43423999

>And not in the "lord and his soldiers house"
Well, they are usually presided over by nobles, and led by an imperial lord.

>> No.43424001

The Tau already understood the Orks can't be reasoned with. There wouldn't be any tears in purging them.

>> No.43424006

Yeah slaverz are the nicest orks around, they learn gothic/the language of choice and everything for their slaves but they're still not going to you live in comfort. You'll still be worked to your death building defences and shit while being given horrific food to eat and battered around or snapped at by a squig or two daily.

Not exactly fate worse than death tier, but not the fantastic either.

>> No.43424037

I think Nids are the exception to the rule.

Fluff wise, Hiveworlds can be evacuated under certain circumstances but generally, the Imperium would rather get into a pitched battle than evac. However, Nids seem to break said mould.

>> No.43424041

Azkaellon: Gurren Lagaan

>> No.43424054

Think it falls under the clause of not arming the enemy.

>> No.43424063

Leman Russ, Spice and Wolf.

>> No.43424073

Meks tend to be good at spotting and appreciating talent as well.

>> No.43424108

They're also often depicted as ratty bastards that will cave your head in with a wrench if you bother them at the wrong time.

>> No.43424130

Thats mainly down to being Competetive and intuitive builders.
Nothing worse thsn having you train of thought interrupted and losing your sense of the project.

>> No.43424137

Name any Ork that won't.

>> No.43424143

Besides this gubbins was meant to be installed into an ork skull.

>> No.43424148

Hi guys getting back into 40k after a ten year gap, made my first guard list, 1500 points. Just looking for any suggestions for changes or additions for higher points list.

Knight Commander Pask
Heavy Bolter
Heavy stubber


Company command squad
Bolt pistol
4 x sniper rifles



Platoon command squad
Bolt pistol
4 x grenade launchers

3 x infantry squad
3 x flamers
3 x boltguns


2 x veteran squads
2 x boltguns
3 x meltaguns
3 x plasma guns
Krak grenades on melta squad
2 x chimeras

1 x vendetta

1 x wyvern

1 x basilisk

>> No.43424178

>Tau are fortifying their own cities in the second sphere expansion preparing for eventual assault.

Source? I don't recall that.

>> No.43424181


Pretty much. If a planet falls to a more conventional enemy, then there's always the chance that the planet can be liberted and the population, or its descendants, returned to the body of the Imperium at some point in the future. The Tyranids don't allow that - if you lose the planet, you lose everyone and everything upon it. A lot of the time it's easier to salvage what you can and pull back, because if a Hive Fleet can gain orbital superiority and start landing forces unchallenged, in most cases that planet is lost.

>> No.43424191

Ghazghkull kinda, he's had the option to kill Yarrick a few times, even after the 'oomie has pissed him off something terrible. He still wants to defeat him in a proper fight though.

>> No.43424213

Ghazghkull had Yarrick tortured and Yarrick had to escape his grasp.

>> No.43424245

That was just foreplay.

>> No.43424247

The supremacy suit fluff.

>> No.43424249

That's because Ghaz is brutally kunning. Torturing Yarrick and letting him escape was a sure way to have even better Waaagh in the future.

>> No.43424297

You have infinitely higher chance to have your skin slowly and painfully flayed off, or getting hooked up to a machine designed to cause unbearable agony while keeping you alive indefinitely.

At least with Ork slaves the worst that is likely to happen is that you're worked to death, or maybe some Ork gets bored and punches your head off. They might also eat you, but at least the'll kill you first (or at very least don't take steps to ensure you're alive and conscious when they cut you open and show you your innards). DE do all that and much more.

>> No.43424319

What happens to slaves with other races? Necrons I'm guessing it depends on the Lord. Szeras would experiment on you alive, Trazyn would likely have you as a civvie in some diorama for eternity.. I can see Anrakyr, Zandrekh and Imotekh keeping you as some sort of amusing necrodermis polisher if you outright fell to your knees and proclaimed them their eternal lord and you pledge your servitude, though you might likely just get a quick death right there.

Do Eldar take slaves?

>> No.43424323

Too many drones.

>> No.43424336

Not entirely true. Orks are quite capable of engaging in really quite unpleasent acts of torture when they're bored. There's a scene from the novel Baneblade where we see an Ork camp that's been 'decorated' by a couple of dozen crucified human prisoners, many of whom are still alive despite having been pretty badly torn up.

>> No.43424340

>I am upstanding member of the community
Carnac, the Lord's going to to strike you down for your lies.

>> No.43424347

Convert up a giga-drone counts as battle suit commander. There both the same unit type anyway so it's not that big a stretch.

The only shit part is that you'd need to take kroot I think.

>> No.43424351

>Do Eldar take slaves?

Craftworld Eldar? No, they've got no need for it. Dark Eldar obviously do. Corsairs...some will, some won't, and even among those which do there's likely to be a huge amount of variation in how they're treated. It all depends upon the tastes and whims of the leading Prince/Princess and how many Commorites there are amongst the fleet.

>> No.43424354

That just one Sept (system). The rest of the Tau see them as weridos. That mentality became a thing after Gorgon invaded way after 2nd sphere was over

>> No.43424365

Skyray x16
About 100 seeker missiles.
Can they even launch multiple missiles in one turn?

>> No.43424367

Damaged drones (no jet pack&only one weapon left) to count as fire warriors?

>> No.43424382

Seeker missile can be fired like any other weapon. So if sky ray haven't moved it can fire any weapon with full bs.

>> No.43424391

I see, thank you. I would've expected Craftworld Eldar might take someone in for interrogation perhaps, or some weirdo mind-scan stuff but I suppose if they could do such things they could easily perform them on the battlefield before executing the unlucky bastard.

I don't know almost anything about Corsairs though. Are they essentially the Eldar version of Rogue Traders? If they are, it makes sense they might have non-human crewmembers, so maybe Corsairs could accept non-eldar crewmembers?

>> No.43424393

Speaking of Tau, does anyone have a rough guess of just how many blueberries are actually in the wh40k setting in total? IoM has trillions upon trillions of humans in it. So is there even anywhere near a trillion tau in total you think in the setting?

>> No.43424394

Some Necron Lords do turn conquered populations into vassals, having them pay tribute to them (although whether the tribute is actual practical things like resources or just something to appease the vanity of the Necron Lord varies). Overall, that probably wouldn't change much for you average Imperial world. Only now if you don't pay your tithe you get killed by spooky robot skeletons, instead of getting killed by guys in brightly coloured power armour. Some Necrons might also keep slaves of lesser races on display in their court to show their superiority.
Other Necrons might just exterminate all lesser races they encounter.

I can't see Craftworld Eldar keeping slaves. Reeks too much of the kinds of things the pre-Fall Eldar (or DE) do. Corsairs might, considering many of them are pretty much DE with less sociopathy (and the whole soul drain thing).

>> No.43424396

So that could lead to the opponent taking 96 seeker missiles up his ass turn 1?

>> No.43424398

There's as many as the setting needs, honestly. Eldar are a "dying race" yet there's never a shortage of them and apart from gathering soulstones, they don't seem to care much about them dying in droves.

>> No.43424416

I say maybe 90 million or at least 90 billion.

>> No.43424417

Well, Craftworlders will certainly take prisoners if they need to extract information, but they've got no need of long-term slaves. Anyone they do capture will either be killed or returned once they're no longer useful.

Corsairs are a funny bunch. They don't walk a Path like the Craftworlders do, but aren't as demented and sadistic as the Dark Eldar, and draw from both societies. They're an extention of Rangers in a way - exiles and outcasts who turn to piracy both to survive and for the sense of adventure it offers. Given they aren't restrained by the restrictions of Craftworld society or locked into the bloody upwards power struggle inherent to Commoragh, they can fully act on their own whims and desires, meaning there's no real hard-and-fast rules regarding how they behave. Some aren't much better than the Dark Eldar, others are honourable and merciful, and most just follow their passing whims at any given moment.

>> No.43424443

Sweet, thank you again. So they're a wildcard that can be fluffed mostly how you want. Very versatile, like "Make your own SM chapter" only in this case it's "I like Eldar but neither extreme, I want to make my own"

>> No.43424448

Yes. Unloading 2 sky rays and 10-20 sniper kroots was my go-to plan on taking out wraithknights on first turn before they turned into gargantuan.

>> No.43424470

Yeah, it's like the taboo in Star Wars of being a force user and saying fuck you to the Jedi and the Sith and going your own way.

>> No.43424486

True, Orks can be pretty sadistic at times , but it mostly consist of poking the human with sharp bits because it makes funny sounds, while DE hone torture to an artform. If they get their hands on you, a painful death is about the nicest end you can hope for.
No idea. Tau have some planets that could qualify as hive worlds (Dal'yth for example is described as being almost completely covered with an interconnected network of cities), with tens of billions of inhabitants, although Tau favour lower population density and spread out cities rather than sticking the entire planetary population into a dozen huge hives. Most Tau planets (those outside the First Sphere, at least) don't have nearly that high population, though (then again, a lot of Imperial worlds are low-population feral or feudal worlds, or small colonies and the like). Tau Empire has about 1/10 000th the amount of planets Imperum has (hundreds vs a million or so), so obviously the total population is a lot smaller.

>> No.43424504

Pretty much. As for whether they would accept humans into their fleet? It's not impossible that some Princes/Princesses might accept human ships into their armada. Even other races, like Kroot or Orks at a real push, so long as they could follow orders and didn't overstep the mark when dealing with their superiors. Some probably go the other route and dabble with Chaos, purely because there's no wider society around to tell them not to.

They're getting new rules from Forge World later this month, if you're interested.

>> No.43424519

Sniper Rifles only wound Gargantuan Creatures on a 6+, and statistically 6 Seeker Missiles fired using Markerlights will only do a single wound. Two Skyrays and a mob of Kroot are only going to do ~3 wounds to a Wraithknight.

>> No.43424526

I'd say Tau has approximately double digits billions in each planet seeing that the Earth has ~7 billion people and rising right now, so with future tech and no apparent scarcity in resources it's not that far-fetched. That would put their population into few trillions. This probably includes auxiliaries too.

>> No.43424527

Kroot are mercenaries, so having a corsair band to hire some to help on some raid wouldn't seem all that unlikely. Some corsair bands act as mercenaries themselves, so they could end up fighting along nearly any force.

>> No.43424553

>before they turned into gargantuan
before they turned into gargantuan
>before they turned into gargantuan

>> No.43424574

Carnac you are not an upstanding member of this community.
With virt gone, you are actually probably the least upstanding member. Now fuck off.

>> No.43424581

Are corsairs mostly rangers or do they have other aspect shrines or evil spikey people?

>> No.43424627

I would have thought that Anraykr would have been too honourable to keep slaves. He doesn't like unnecessary cruelty.

>> No.43424659

He might keep them around as serfs, translators or any other role, just not treated poorly. Like a court jester, so to speak.

>> No.43424664

>space marines with jump-shoot jump
Is this formation really as good as it sounds? Would it be worth building an army around?

>> No.43424705

Anrakyr says in order to restore Necron dominance to the galaxy, life is required.

Honour has nothing to do with having slaves or not. Anrakyr didn't think twice about having the populace of an entire human city lined up to walls and shot. To Anrakyr and the rest of the Necrons, umans are cattle to be herded or culled.

>> No.43424722

I guess it can be nice but without relentless it really takes out some power from devastators and tacticals.

>> No.43424733

Freebootaz are likely candidates for joining a more piratey corsairs fleet too.

Not really, they're mostly just "corsairs", but there are a limited amount of craftworlders in their ranks and quite a few dark eldar, which they also do a fair amount of trading with (they also trade with less scrupulous CWE too). They're mostly cool with harlequins as well.

Crunch wise as of now this breaks down to 0-1 of each aspect and wraith units being allowed in a corsair army as eldar outcasts.

>> No.43424737

>Is this formation really as good as it sounds?
Not when you look at what you can actually take. Tac squads hopping in and out of rhinos isn;t terrible. However devs are (without relentless) and you're limited to 1 bike squad.

>> No.43424740

>That must mean there is a new codex soon.

>> No.43424759

It's hilarious, if nothing else. A Rhino drives up to the enemy, Marines hop out, fire their weapons and hop back in, then the Rhino fires and reverses away.

>> No.43424781

You can have bike squad and a command squad on bikes.

>> No.43424825


We actually have a lot of rumours from reliable souces that point at a new Nid dex being released around the end of this year/ the start of 2016.

>> No.43424835

What would be the best choice of units to replicate a Soviet Tank Division or Motor Rifle Division for the Tau and the Imperial Guard?

>> No.43424851

Chimera make a pretty decent BMP substitute.

>> No.43424863

Still not worth it compared to the free transport one in the vanilla dex.

>> No.43424864

>We actually have a lot of rumours from reliable souces

Aaaaaand No you don't.

Just let go, Anon we all have.

>new Nid dex being released around the end of this year

This bit ia kek-worthy though.

>> No.43424873

Same old cruddex with minor tweaks and tacked on swarmcurion & accompanying formations.

>> No.43424903

Well.... yeah. Gladius is better. But white scars army made with their own decurion is still a force to to be reckoned with.

>> No.43424907

If that happens... I am giving up on nids forever. That's it I am done.

Fuck it.

>> No.43424909

i never even thought of this i just assumed this new lazy as fuck codex writing was Tau exclusive.

A 'new' Nid book will be shit and solve nothing, hell half the formations already exist to be ported over.

>Sky-terror shoved into the book to promote Flyrants even more
>Living shield-wall forced into it to pretend walkrants are good.
>Subterranean swarm / endless swarm finally in a book, though like a decade late
>Zoanthrope formation will force you to take a Maleceptor making it utterly undesirable

Not even Decurions could save the Nids

>> No.43424910

You idiots it probably gives the same bonus. That just replaces the Demi company.

>> No.43424933

C'mon optimized stealth cadre -tier formations (with even more free buffs from hunter contigent eq) can turn up any squad into good.

>> No.43424953

>Crunch wise as of now this breaks down to 0-1 of each aspect and wraith units being allowed in a corsair army as eldar outcasts.

Not entirely correct, actually - currently Corsairs have the option of buying Kabalite Warrior squads and "Craftworld Outcasts" (any Elite of FA choice) as Elites, but they can't have more of these units than they have squads of basic Corsairs. That option is going away in the new Army List, being replaced by a number of unique Corsair-only squads,

No, we don't. We have a few people saying "Oh there might be a Genestealer Cult codex" or "Oh there's going to be a new Tyranid codex devoted to big psychic creatures" or some other such tosh. There's nothing reliable and frankly at this point I have doubts about both GW's willingness and ability to write a decent Tyranid codex.

>> No.43424961

Yes, there are. It's basically confirmed that something tyr will come out between now and February.

We all know is gonna be shit either way, but it's still gonna come out of GW ass

>> No.43424977

Maybe, but if you're going White Scars, better taking that sweet as fuck Hunting Force instead.

It doesn't. Gladius specifically states two battle demi companies for the free transports. Nothing in this book mentions using them instead, ergo no free rides.

>> No.43424989

> It's basically confirmed that something tyr will come out between now and February.

I hate to do it, but.

>> No.43424997

>basically confirmed

Nigger what does this even mean? Just because Faeit posted it on his shitty clickbait site doesn't mean it's 'confirmed'

Do you seriously think GW are going to push out a minor nid release to end the year when the plastic Horus Heresy is actually 100% confirmed and blatantly aimed to cash in for Christmas?

Stop believing dumb shit you read on glorified blogs m8

>> No.43425024

> Horus Heresy is actually 100% confirmed and blatantly aimed to cash in for Christmas

Not him, but HH don't come out this weekend? I doubt it will last until Christmas.

>> No.43425030

Go back to /pol/,

>> No.43425041

Comes out on the 14th and it's not limited so I imagine there will be plenty bought for xmas gifts

>> No.43425047

Corsairs are th best Eldar. Too bad only FW makes them, so getting an army of them is pretty difficult (and right now the rules are seriously out of date, although that'll be fixed soon since the next IA book is an updated version of the Eldar one).

They've got all the potential to be crazy-awesome DE have, but don't have to be as fucked up and sociopathic.

>> No.43425056

Horus Heresy box is coming out this weekend, yes, unless I'm very much mistaken. We've got no idea what's happening after that. Probably back to the great car crash that is Age of Sigmar.

>> No.43425063

>not wanting an army of indestructible iron snail MCs
We really need to stat this

Also, they'd actually be monstrous creatures, not giant mecha that are somehow vulnerable to poison, but not anti-machine virus guns

>> No.43425082

This weekend will be repackaged Lizardmen, along with new ules for them in AoS, and the Tau Tidewall stuff being released as individual pieces. The weekend's WD will probably be HH stuff, and I'm quessing will come with a free Heresy-era Marine or something (since the teaser in last week's WD mentioned the next issue will have something big and comes with a gift).

>> No.43425084

Good news everyone!

The "Last Church" story is going to have an audiobook re-release. We gonna hear the voice of the Emperor

>> No.43425085

So, how do Corsair deal with the whole "slaanesh is gonna eat your souls"? I know Craftworld eldar compartimentalize emotions and have soulstones, while Dark eldar feed Slaanesh pain of others instead of their souls, but I'm drawing a blank about Corsairs.

>> No.43425096

And it'll probably be dissapointing

>> No.43425102

They do soulstones as well but apparently they're more prone to slaneesh fucking them up.

>> No.43425106

Soulstones and living on the edge, a step away from being eaten by Slaanesh.

>> No.43425110

I believe they have soulstones as well. The FW models do, but they use the same bodies as CWE Guardians so that might be just because the base model has them. Although seeing that the DE thirst is apparently not specific to DE, but any Eldar who acts enough like them starts to feel it, so some corsairs probably suffer from it as well.

>> No.43425121

Corsairs drawn from Craftworld society will still have soulstones. Some Eldar ships are large enough to have their own small infinity matrix, which the souls will them be deposited into. Others will presumably just be kept in storage until the next time the Corsairs trade with a Craftworld, at which point the filled soulstones will be handed over or traded.

Those who originated in Commoragh, on the other hand, will have to continue feeding on pain. Which, by the way, is how the process works - they don't feed Slaanesh, they consume negative emotions to heal the damage Slaanesh causes them. But regardless, they'll have to keep on doing it. Of course being seperated from the Haemonculi means if they get killed, they won't be able to be revived, so I imagine most will try and secure an empty soulstone as well.

>> No.43425152

Here are the voice actors working on the audiobook re-releases.

>Gareth Armstrong, Emma Gregory, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth and Peter Wickham.

They seem to be decent.

>> No.43425156

Canonically, he's Turkish. So he probably sounds like the kind of guy who makes fun of Carnac on a regular basis

>> No.43425157

Ah is someone still butt hurt that they got BTFO, i mean "slandered and libeled" by based ruskie?
I'm content staying here, but I can assure you most people would be glad if you left both this board and this site

>> No.43425166

Neolitic Anatolian is not turkish, the turks were in the steppe at the time.

>> No.43425173

I love this picture. I don't know why.

>> No.43425185

Out of curiosity, I haven't listened to any of the audiobooks. How are the voice acting for each Primarch? Suitable you think?

>> No.43425187

Fuck that, I'm just imagining the God Emperor of Man pulling a rooster out of somewhere and going "Proooooooofs?" in a really condescending Slavic accent.

>> No.43425202

Suitable is the right word. It's not exceptional, but it never makes you say, "Hey, this VA really doesn't match his character at all."

>> No.43425213


And in the novel "Angrons Monolith" the Orks put on war paint camo to break up their outline when fighting in Armageddons jungles. They also seemed to be able to make advanced weaponry out of sticks and leaves. The biggest orks got the best weaponry at start (a shotgun apparently looted from IG) but by the end they have missile launchers "made of sticks and vines".

>> No.43425214

How was a I BTFO? All he did was spam and claim sources were biased when they weren't.

So anon like I said before in the thread, you confirmed yourselves to be the shitposters. You can't engage is proper conversation.

Speaking about proofs, Also you said I used quotes out of context abut the the Tau. You still haven't proven that. So you better get reading the Tau dexes and the Kauyon or else you really just a slandering shitposter.

>> No.43425216

Actually that's more probable than a turk, seeing as they are closer to the people of anatolia pre-turkish conquest

>> No.43425228

I meant Shrouded and I meant to say they could charge on the deep strike turn.

I wrote that at 5:40am mate. Calm fucking down.

>> No.43425240

Errr....but that wasn't biological adaptation. I wanted examples of Ork bodies adapting to their unique surroundings in ways other than getting bigger.

>> No.43425242

Anon please, sides have already left galaxy, anymore and they shall transcend universe.

If you have no more proofs to give, then leave. Is almost time for dinner here.

>> No.43425256

See shitposting.

You just admitted you can't have a proper conversation and can't backup your claims.

And I rest my case.

>> No.43425259 [SPOILER] 

>b-but the Tau codex isn't biased toward Tau
>y-you're shitposting guys, stop

>> No.43425268

Are there any clues as to when the new Chaos Space Marine codex will come out?

>> No.43425291

Nope. If GW wants to do a whole series of Daemonkin books, one for each God, it might not be for a very long time.

>> No.43425294

Funny to rest a case without proofs.

I don't know if how it works where you live, but I thought most places require proofs for resting cases.

>> No.43425302

The events in it are not because they mentioned in other codexes and from them the storyline of the Damocles gulf is built.

So anon you have to proof that the events in the Tau codex did not happen. If you can't, then you are shitposting.

>> No.43425304

Hey, show us pics of your dildo collection. I heard you had a good set for tyranid terrain.

>> No.43425322

To call others shitposters when you are one, not wise I think.

Besides, you have no proofs, and that is all of the matter

>> No.43425323

>Not Axes of Khorne
Do you even take skulls for Khorne?

>> No.43425334

Was that the short story with the female FW Shao' who gets cut across the face with a chainsword from a half-dead Commissar?

It says she "died that day" before her team could kill her, but a page before it said she had repaired the armour herself to remind her of the hit.

So when "she died" did it mean figuratively, as she realised that the Tau weren't any better than those they were fighting?

She became "the broken mirror" after that.

Hey, just cause you die from your orgasm doesn't mean you didn't get laid!

Yes? Soon is a relative term. Could be next year, but it's going to be done before, say, Blood Angels.

>car crash

Could WHFB was doing so well, wasn't it? :^)

>> No.43425342

Anon, please.

You are the one without proof so I should be the ones spamming the chicken. Proof that events in the Tau dex did not happen or you admit that you in fact a shitposter ruining this board.

>inb4 shitpost

>> No.43425354


If they exist, go and post pictures of us. Burden of proof is with you, my shitposting friend.

If they're in non-biased sources, you should be able to easily cut the relevant bits up and put them next to each other in paint. Not hard, is it anon? The fact you can't and refer to the


Is just hilarious.

>> No.43425363

She's alive. She a character in the "Fire Caste" novel and a deathwatch short story

>> No.43425368

Have you really never heard of someone dying inside?

>> No.43425375

If I know how courts work, it is innocent until proven guilty, yes? As war is bad and is murder, the tau are innocent until proven guilty. So you must prove them guilty, I do not have to prove inocent.

You can do this with proofs.

>> No.43425384

>The burden of proof (Latin: onus probandi) is the imperative on a party in a trial to produce the evidence that will shift the conclusion away from the default position to one's own position.

You're asserting the claim, you say you have sources, then provide them. The fact you're not proves you're a shitposter. So, provide the sources, or shut the fuck up. And by sources, I mean get the relevant parts and put them in a picture like >>43425354

The fact this has been going on for days, the fact you're called out on it regularly, the fact you haven't done it, proves that you have no proof.

>> No.43425387


your claims that the events as presented in Codex: Tau Empire and Kauyon stand unevinced

posit your information swiftly, lest my sides be lost within the Eye of Terror

>> No.43425395

I thought so.

Yes? That's why I followed it up with

>So when "she died" did it mean figuratively, as she realised that the Tau weren't any better than those they were fighting?

>> No.43425422

I am glad that their are others who have decided to help get proofs now, as I have failed to upload a picture that is not for ants.

I am sorry all anons, I have not done well, unlike I did before. Have bigger пeтyх asking for proofs

>> No.43425427

Finally someone rational.

What do you want exactly? What claim exactly?

>> No.43425432

Deathwatch? Is that the same one in the anthology? The one where it ends with "We go to purge the xenos... For the Greater Good!"? The Water Caste getting infected by Nids and going with the Iron Hand to blow shit up?

>> No.43425435

>WHFB was doing so well, wasn't it?

And that failure wasn't at all to do with the fact you needed to shell out for three £20 boxes of ten guys per regiment, was it? No, no, it was the rich, much-loved setting and the reasonably in-depth rules that were the problem.

Surely replacing the former with the bastard offspring of He-Man and World of Warcraft and the latter with a four-page pamphlet that might as well read "eh, make it up yourself" was a much better choice than just lowering their fucking prices and shifting the focus back to ~20-strong regiments instead of giant hordes.

>> No.43425447

>Finally, someone rational
>Finally, someone who wont put cokcs in me face for being a proofless git.

>> No.43425452

Yes, that one.

The Deathwatch short story and "Outcaste" are preludes to "Fire Caste".

>> No.43425453

Cut out the relevant parts, from both the Tau sources and the Imperium sources which support the idea that Tau are running rings around the Imperium and curbstomping them.

Because, as far as I know, the only evidence is that their ships were more manoeuvrable and that was in the Kauyon book.

>> No.43425467

I mean someone who isn't an idiot. Again I ask. What claim exactly are you referring to? About the Tau fleets? The conquest of Agrellan?

>> No.43425470

I don't even think the start up cost was the problem, I think it was just no one wanted to actually start it (that said, I did and so did a friend, but the cost wasn't the issue) and the old guard already had everything they needed.

>> No.43425475

>someone rational
All he said was "post proofs" in Latin, Carnac.

>> No.43425486

To call others who don't agree or pander idiots, this is not good tactics.

No пeтyх this time, just a comment. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar is the saying I believe. Perhaps heeding it would be helpful to your image

>> No.43425489

>Because, as far as I know, the only evidence is that their ships were more manoeuvrable and that was in the Kauyon book.

Also the Tau codex. Just a second.

>> No.43425496


Striking Scorpions get this back.

>> No.43425503

So should have just deleted the whole thing right? Okay then.

As for lowering their prices, you do know that GW are a loss leader right? They already sell for a loss. Oh, what am I saying, shitposters hate facts. I forgot that.

Changing back to 20 strong regiments wasn't going to fix ANYTHING. WHFB wasn't popular enough full stop.

But hey, I'm sure working out WS vs WS, S vs T, Armour Saves, Ward Saves, Cover Modifiers, Special Rule Modifiers, 15 different Magic Lores Modifiers, Magic Item Modifiers, Charge Distances, Supporting Attacks, Rank Bonuses and stuff wasn't the reason. 40k is just as complicated! :^)

Stop bringing AoS into 40k. Want to shitpost about it? Go to AoS thread.

>> No.43425509

They are idiots because they are acting like idiots. If you want to call codexes biased and thus all lore in them should be cast off, then there can be no lore discussion. This is what you are advocating.

>> No.43425522

They do not sell for loss over all, but they did with fantasy. Which was caused by the high prices. If they had lowered prices, or included more models in box, or given new incentives to buy more models without AoS, then they could have gotten more cash with out having to upset the community.

>> No.43425539

Every codex is biased towards the faction the codex is about, mostly by presenting all their units as the best thing ever and listing out their various victories.
Though events described in the codices are considered canonical, barringl retcons. So Draigo carving out Mortarion's heart, as stupid as it was, is a thing that happened in the setting. Likewise with the Tau launching the 3rd Sphere Expansion and annexing several worlds before the Imperium could muster a proper response. Of course the Tau codex will leave out, say, the part where they tried to invade a knight world and got stomped by giant robots.

>> No.43425541

>They already sell for a loss

How can other companies sell GW products for 20% less? Surely they'd go out of business!

>> No.43425543

The problem was that it was a game that has a main focus on hordes of the same models and nuking them with magic where a lot of people wanted to play heroes, mosters and small units.

For all its problems AoS here actually had a great increase of new players that were all peoples that wanted to play a Sphynx, 20-30 Tomb Guards, some chariots, or a Dinosaurs army and had no intention to paint 100 skeletons just to fill the core section of the list only to have their sphynx being exploded by cannons first round.

>> No.43425547

Then if they are idiots, teach them with out calling them idiots.

If teacher comes to class and insults you, how much of your attention would they get? Not much I think, and you would probably hate them, no?
Engage and educate works better than isolate and belittle.

>> No.43425555



Death Note.

>> No.43425558


>> No.43425581

I have no real say in this, but the fact you think this and propagate this meme just increases shitposting. WHFB didn't sell. End of. I'm not getting into this, but complaining about it is akin to complaining about D&D 4th Edition.

Yup, but need non-biased sources. So, need something from other codex/campaigns where the Tau aren't the main guys or the destined winners.

>> No.43425585

Dude, they are acting like idiots for the sake of acting like idiots. In the previous thread I was nice to those engaging me in proper discussion and we have a back and forth, then the idiots brigades came along.

>> No.43425589

All that shows is the proofs you give are biased, and therefore can't be taken as good evidence. You would need to provide something that isn't biased towards anyone side to prove your claim

>> No.43425617

>Every codex is biased towards the faction the codex is about, mostly by presenting all their units as the best thing ever and listing out their various victories.
Oh, obviously. We would be demanding same proofs if he was claiming similar nonsensicalities.

All we need is proofs that Tau ships vastly outsped and outmaneuvered the Imperials from a source independent of Codex:TE or Kauyon.


>> No.43425630

No, they are spamming meme because you are not liked.

Do you think that their comments towards you are in good fun? No anon, they mean what they say. They do not like you. If you left, they will be happy. They spam meme because it annoys you, because they want you to go away.

The picutre that changes on top of site, i forget english word. Their is one with little child and lots of text about bringing down level of discussion. That is you

>> No.43425635

To be honest, the "reasonably in-depth rules" were part of the problem. See needing to buy 5 boxes of models to get s single viable unit due to how ridiculously good multi-tanked blob units are and the magic phase boiling the game down to "cast your uber spell on the uni the enemy wizard is hiding in before he does the same to you, then wipe out the rest of his army with said spell". And all those big centerpiece kits they were making being useless due to being blasted off the board in a single turn by laser-guided cannons.

Not that reducing the rules to "throw whatever models you have on the table and roll some dice, or something" really helped, mind you.

>> No.43425636

>WHFB wasn't popular enough full stop.

The End Times books were so popular that GW couldn't print them fast enough to keep up with demand. They game was popular and had an active fanbase - it wasn't even losing them money. It just wasn't making anywhere near as much as 40k was. If GW had reduced the scale of the game to make it easier for people to get into, and worked on the balance issues to keep those players engaged, then sales would have started up again.

>But hey, I'm sure working out WS vs WS, S vs T, Armour Saves, Ward Saves, Cover Modifiers, Special Rule Modifiers, 15 different Magic Lores Modifiers, Magic Item Modifiers, Charge Distances, Supporting Attacks, Rank Bonuses and stuff wasn't the reason.
No, I'm pretty sure they weren't the problem, considering none of these things are in the slightest bit complicated. Warhammer Fantasy was not a hard game - there was a lot to it, but that depth was what made it great.

Still, Age of Sigmar has twenty different rules for how shields work. That's almost the same, I guess.

>Stop bringing AoS into 40k.
Alternatively, grow a thicker skin and don't sperg out when someone makes a snarky comment about it in passing.

>> No.43425644




That's how codexes. You don't get to dismiss an event out of a codex JUST BECAUSE.

If you want to start doing that, then like I said before, everything in 40K will fall over. But I guess that what you want?

Anyways, exhibit one the 7th ED AM codex. The Zeist Campaign was a ruse and the Tau reached and conquered Argrellan.

>> No.43425652

Disregard, I suck cocks. I can't find the source.

Either way, WHFB wasn't selling and was a legal mess anyway.

>> No.43425660

Any dedicated Imperial Knight players around ? Considering buying an army of 3 since I like mechs and small elite armies. Any does and don'ts beside "don't" ?

>> No.43425668

So you admitted that they are shitposting not because they want "proofs" but because they want to annoy me?

And you have the gall to call me a shitposter? Seriously.

>> No.43425685

Note that no proofs are required for events on Agrellan, because multiple independent books reference it. Claims of unbased Carnac are insufficient because he refuses to give either an unbiased third-party source (i.e. BL, IA book, etc) or descriptions of the same event from multiple sources (Codex Tau AND Codex Something Imperial).

Burden of roosters is not met.

Carnac, did you think we actually expected you to support your argument?

>>>/anywhereelsebuthere/ is the place for you

>> No.43425704

Is a Ravenwing Dark Talon and two Nephilim Jetfighter in the Ravenwing Silence Squadron formation too much for a 1500 game to support my 1000 pt bike army?

The entire formation is 500 points so I could just add it on.

>> No.43425717

Do have them work together. They can easily be killed independently. Do use multiple types to cover for individual weaknesses. Do use a great variety of weapons so that all you foes may be driven before your almighty metal feet.

Do not be "that guy." You can, in fact play casual Knights and not be "that guy."

>> No.43425753

No, they want you to go, and hope to tire you out through their actions. Their is a difference, but I wonder if you have the ability to see it.

>> No.43425757

Except that in order to reach Argrellan and rest of the dovar system the Tau has to outmaneuver the Imperial fleet.


Shape of the Hunt and the Damocles anthology.

Again, just because you say it was biased doesn't allow you dismiss something.

>Carnac, did you think we actually expected you to support your argument?

I did but went the cowardly rout by claiming that the sources are biased without backing up your claims.

>> No.43425769

End Times was popular, cause it was a big event. WHFB wasn't big enough or selling enough.

Need I provide more proof? Okay. Forge World Warhammer Forge. They didn't even finish all the models for Monstrous Arcanum. Oh, what's that? Monstrous Arcanum: Volume 1? Oh so more were planned? Huh.... Why wasn't there? WHFB was surely popular enough for more, right?!?! Or what about Battle of Black Pass campaign book? Oh, what's that? Forge World admitted cancelling it? HUH? I THOUGHT WHFB WAS POPULAR?!

>b-b-but Forge World!

You caw, OKAY, what about Triumph and Treachery campaign book? What? Don't remember it? Neither do large numbers of "fans".

As for the rules, it wasn't complicated. To you. To me. To the old guard. It is complicated, or more importantly, effort, for 14 year olds. 40k is easier as lots of it is shooting and BS has nothing to go against, especially when Cover in WHFB reduced your hit roll, not give you a cover save.

Am I upset it's gone? Sure. I didn't want it to go. But it wasn't selling and the fact it wasn't selling is bad for a business. GW could have just deleted it and focused on 40k or 30k and made money that way. Instead, they took a big gamble in order to keep collections playable. Look at the Troglodon for Lizardmen. Great model. Terrible, terrible rules. So nobody ever bought it. Why would you buy something that has shit rules? Sure, you could do it for a painting point of view, but those who like to play games had no reason to do it.

As for AoS, you might want to check it. GW has increase number of models in Saurus box from 16 to 20 and Temple Guard from 10 to 15. So now cheaper per model.

>thicker skin

No, I'm sick of this board being filled with shitposting about AoS cause people can't control their gronadism. It's fucking everywhere, including /v/ and /vg/. Go somewhere else to moan about it.

Let's drop it now.

>> No.43425775

They assumed you had the ability to realize why they are biased, clearly they were wrong

>> No.43425791

Then they don't know me every well.

And where should I go? Give me a proper and living forum of 40K/fantasy discussion and I might check it out.

>> No.43425793

You have fallen into old habit anon. You say "look proofs are in here" but you fail to provide anything beyond vauge location. A page number or picutre can help this

Give proofs now.

>> No.43425808


Go to Warseer where all other useless beings are. Circlejerk there.

>> No.43425809

>End Times was popular

Fuck off, Carnac.

>> No.43425841

That doesn't support anything mate. It does the opposite. It doesn't mention the Tau out manoeuvring the Imperium, let alone curbstomping them like you originally, all those days ago, said.

>The hammer of Imperial retribution bears inexorably down upon the attacking Tau, its wielders determined to crush the upstart xenos once and for all

Sounds to be like Tau are going to get curbstompped.

Nobody is shitposting. I'm not at least. They just want you to back up your claims with unbiased sources. So far, you've not backed anything up, let alone unbiased sources.

But the point is it IS biased. You think the Space Marine codex is going to go "Space Marines got curbstomped by grots in this battle, Necrons in this battle and this battle and this battle" and never say anything positive? That's the point. You don't buy a codex to see how bad a faction is, you buy to see how good they are. That's why it's biased.

>> No.43425847

I'm not Carnac. It was popular, relatively, to WHFB. It wasn't out selling 40k though. That's my whole point. Read the fucking reply chain.

>> No.43425855

Page 10 Tau codex.

Shape of the Hunt is an audiobook.Get to the part where the Khan talks about how the Tau overran the system.

Damocles anthology. Check the story with the Khan's perspective.


Too slow.

Any other site?

>> No.43425878

Even the Kayon book doesn't really mention the Tau ships outspeeding the Imperial ones. Their fleet is mentioned outmanouver the Imperial Navy, which we can probably consider a fact as the story in the book revolves around the Tau launching a suprise attack on multiple Imperial worlds. Had they not succeeded in outmanouvering the Imperial fleets, the event probably would not have ulfolded like they do in the sotry.
However, outmanouver at a tactical level is very different from outspeeding or automanouvering on a ship level. Evn if the Tau are slower than Imperial ships (assuming the old BFG fluff about Tau is still canon, their FTL speed is around 1/3rd of the average speed of Imperial warp travel), they can still be fast enough to strike undefended targets and retreat before the Imperial fleet arrives there, especially if the Imperial forces are stretched thin with a relatively small fleet to cover a large area of space (not unlikely considering the Easter Fringe is a very backwater area and there hasn't been a major conflict around the Damocles Gulf for about 300 years; it's not exactly a high priority area to assign battlefleets).

>> No.43425885

One of the other chans
Anywhere but here

>> No.43425933

Have read Damocles. Does not describe Tau fleet as superior to Imperial. Does not speak of fleet whatsoever.

These are not proofs.

>> No.43425934

>Tau codex


>Shape of the Hunt

Not biased, but that doesn't prove Tau are curbstomping the Imperium, just says they overran one, lightly defended, system.

>Damocles anthology

Once again, one system.

You also haven't cut the bits out and provided them for us. So, could be made up for all we know.

>> No.43425940

Even if I conceed the point that WHFB was a failing game, something which I don't think either of us can prove one way or the other without access to GW's sales figures and could have been turned around by running large campaigns and game events to galvanize interest without nuking the setting, there's still one very important point.

>Why would you buy something that has shit rules?

Age of Sigmar's rules are crap. The game is bad; it's bad conceptually and it's bad in execution. And while you can argue that it's free, this is only true of the core rules. The scenarios (what a number of AoS's defenders will call the key to making the game playable) are to my knowledge only found in the expansion and army books, along with the army-specific formations. Why would you buy into Age of Sigmar, aside from brand loyalty? There are so many other, better games on the market. The only thing GW has done is hand over the rank-and-file mass battle system crown to Kings of War (a game which, before anyone accuses me of shilling, is way too boring and abstracted for my tastes) while angering their existing customers.

> I'm sick of this board being filled with shitposting about AoS

And I'm sick of seeing Carnac peddle his library of out-of-context quotes as if they're the word of god. You know what I do? Ignore him. I suggest you try the same.

>> No.43425953

Can we habe dildo photos please.

>> No.43425968

>That doesn't support anything mate. It does the opposite. It doesn't mention the Tau out manoeuvring the Imperium, let alone curbstomping them like you originally, all those days ago, said.

Except the defeat of the Imperium at important hiveworld. If you want to know what happened in the whole conflict then read the Damocles Apocalypse book and the Kauyon book.

>Sounds to be like Tau are going to get curbstompped.

Which goes with what's written in Kauyon epilogue.

>But the point is it IS biased. You think the Space Marine codex is going to go "Space Marines got curbstomped by grots in this battle, Necrons in this battle and this battle and this battle" and never say anything positive? That's the point. You don't buy a codex to see how bad a faction is, you buy to see how good they are. That's why it's biased.

Dude, you messing around and shifting what you talking about.

The codexes gather around events (mostly positive ones) and write them down. They actual events that happened in the setting. They don't fucking write something that's not in the setting or write bogus events.

>"Space Marines got curbstomped by grots in this battle, Necrons in this battle and this battle and this battle"

Yes, they do.

The admech codex for example din't show the admech in a positive light.

So lets get to the point. Do you think that events in the codexes are truth or not.

Page 19*

>> No.43425993

>So lets get to the point. Do you think that events in the codexes are truth or not.
Strawman is not proofs. Is silly. Is man of straw.

>> No.43425995

Even if DLFG is a girl, do you really think that he/she would post pictures of dildos because you kept asking on a image board?
If you belive that you know litteraly nothing about people.
Stop posting this, your taking up space for more important things

>> No.43426004

>Except the defeat of the Imperium at important hiveworld.

Oh, I'm sorry. You are right, the time Tau beat the Imperium which is why they are so much better.

Its not like the Tau suffered a major defeat only to have it retconned In a later Codex

>> No.43426011

Shut the fuck up carnac, your opinion is not needed.

>> No.43426015

>just says they overran one, lightly defended, system.

Agrellan and gilded worlds are in an important system of the Imperium which has a warp travel hub and resource rich worlds. It was heavily defended system where the Tau did in fact cuyrbstomb the Imperium which resulted in the Imperium heavy response.

So you don't know about the material you are talking about.

>> No.43426019

Are you making fun of my grasp of englidh anon?

If so, not funny, you пeтyх. Now guess that what that means.

>> No.43426044

No, anon, I want to clear on your views.

It wasn't one time. It was dozens. Argrellan was the straw that broke the camels back.

What major defeat?

>> No.43426049

Most campaign books end up being pretty irrelevant, unless they contain some rules that can be used outside the campaign. I mean, does anybody remember the 40k Crusade of Fire book, either? On the other hand Kayon has special rules for two popular Marine chapters and can serve as an update to the Tau codex, and FW's campaign books contain rules for their models.

I think Monstrous Arcanum failed in large part because they tied it with Strom of Magic, another suplment nobody played. It was ment to be like WHFB version of Apocalypse, but while Apoc ended up becoming very popular and massively increasing the demans of FW's big models (since now you actually had a place to use that Titan or Baneblade), Storm of Magic was pretty much hated from the get go, due to some stupid rules (even more overpowered magic, dumb spinner thing you got to spin to determine the winds of magic; the new monsters being availeable for everybody who takes the summon scroll also rubbed some people the wrong way, although seems pretty standard on this age of formations and allied detachments). The original Apocalypse was pretty much "you want to have huge games with superheavy tanks and shit? OK, here's some rules!". The current version of Apoc, which also has shittons of random stuff you have to keep track of is considerably less popular, but that may also be because nowdays you can just use the superheavies in a normal game. Had the FW's big WHFB stuff been availeable to use in regular games like the big 40k stuff is now, they probably would've been more popular, since then you could actually wield them sometimes.

>> No.43426054

Why are Tau players in this thread obsessed with proving that the Tau are the good guys? And why are Imperial players obsessed with proving they aren't? Who cares, its all shades of grey!

I've embraced it and have written terror attacks on Tau civilian targets into my Guard regiment's fluff. Get fucked goody two shoes xenos desu

>> No.43426061

I apologize, based anon. Did not realize your point properly due to failing to fully read your post..

In truth, it is not a strawman, in that it is relevant to the current discussion in many ways, and places no words in the shitposter's mouth.

>> No.43426078

Imperialfags can't handle not being the closet thing to being a good guy in the setting.

>> No.43426108

>thinking that any Imperial player thinks they're the good guys
>well, aside from those Space Marine cunts

My Mechanicus army is an evil bunch of backstabbing fuckers that would kill a man for his lasgun's power pack. I don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.43426109

Why would I care about icky stuff like that.

I just want my Be'lakor plushie

>> No.43426110

We're fine with that, the imperium sucks, but it has to be.
The tau are delusion if they think they're good, they might be just as bad as the imperium.

>> No.43426120

Being the good guy is boring. Being a morally ambiguous entity that sacrifices the few for the good of the many? That's interesting.

Ironically, you could probably apply that description to both the Imperium and the Tau.

>> No.43426126

If that happens, then rocks will fall, plushie dies

>> No.43426131

>Sounds to be like Tau are going to get curbstompped.
More likely, given GW's unwillingness to massively shake up the setting, let alone remove a fairly popular army, it's going to end in another stalemate similar to the first Damocles Gulf Crusade, although this time I don't think the Tau are going to get pushed back beyond the Gulf. More likely the Imperial counterattack stops the Tau advance, but the Imperium can't allocate enough resources to push them back either, leaving the area in a stalemate with both sides fighting over it but neighter really winning (and also serving as a good source for fluff for peoples campaigns and armies).

>> No.43426140

I said closet thing to "good guys". They are still bad unless they look at the Farsight Enclave who are a legit good guy faction.

>> No.43426156

Sweet merciful God Emperor, this thread is filled with nothing but Carnac being an idiot, and based Proof Demanding Chickens. Carnac, please leave. See what you do to this board? Go to dakka dakka, or Bolter and Chainsword.

>> No.43426161

Aren't they opposed to the integration of other races into the tau empire though? Or did I imagine that?

That would mean they're only the good guys if you're a Tau.

>> No.43426163

>renegades who split the Tau Empire into a massive schism, stealing a great deal of materiel
>Leader has a sword that apparently consumes the souls of his victims
>Has a viciously loyal pack of followers who kill all those who don't bow to his demands

Sure he is.

>> No.43426173

It won't.

Calevera has foreseen that Farsight will lead the Tau to victory against the Imperium.

The Kauyon book ends with Farsight preparing to to enter the fight. A fight that stated that it will change the fate of the Tau

>> No.43426179

Then let's just call them bad guys.
Because even if their close to good, their still bad.
And they don't even have the imperiums justification that if they don't do what they do, daemons and other bad things go everywhere

>> No.43426198

Once. Again. Proofs.

>> No.43426200

>A fight that stated that it will change the fate of the Tau
So nothing happens?

>> No.43426203

>inb4 the Tau beat the Imperium and get absolutely fucked by someone else instead

>> No.43426234

I'm calling Orks, or time displaced Horus. Nids could also be one.

>> No.43426237

>>renegades who split the Tau Empire into a massive schism, stealing a great deal of materiel

Aun'shi is implied to have given Farsight those material and it's for a good cause. Farsight is using them to protect the Tau Empire and all lifekind.

>>Leader has a sword that apparently consumes the souls of his victims

Has no idea that his sword does that. Is stated that he would kill himself if he found out.

>>Has a viciously loyal pack of followers who kill all those who don't bow to his demands

That's bullshit,

Farsight isn't even leading the Enclave. He is more of a figure head,

>Aren't they opposed to the integration of other races into the tau empire though?


Now? The Tau enclave has humans living among them and Farsight has human friends.

>> No.43426243

>tomb worlds
>everything is tomb worlds

This would actually be cool. The Tau are getting slaughtered by this new, mostly unknown foe, and the Imperium is just sitting out of range, watching.

>> No.43426266

It's heresy to not have popcorn when watching xenos kill other xenos right?

>> No.43426271

I'd love a new Waaaaagh! to rival Ghazghull's to stomp its way right into the middle of Damocles' Crusade, fightin' 'umie and fish 'ead alike! WUDDYA SAY BOYZ!? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH

>> No.43426272

>all lifekind
>from four planets

The Eye of Terror is looking down at the Enclaves in an expression of pure condescendence.

>> No.43426273

>rules are crap

Par the course for GW then, huh?

WHFB was a failing game. This is undisputable. Therefore, the 'fans' weren't buying enough to keep it going. So instead of ditching the whole thing, they kept it going.

You think 34 years of fluff just appeared from nowhere? Do you think the rules in 8th just came from nowhere? You'd lose your shit if you were alive when 1st and 2nd came out.

>nobody played

Exactly. Nobody played. Nobody played WHFB.

20 years ago, my local GW had 3 tables. 1 for WHFB, 1 for 40k, 1 for both. 10 or so years went past. It became 2 for 40k, 1 for both. Another 5 years went past. It came 3 for 40k and you had to book it to become a WHFB and only on Thursdays.

If WHFB was as popular as people keep saying, then it wouldn't have been removed. This is an undeniable fact. Businesses don't end successful products.

>> No.43426277

Try Farsight.

After defeating the Imperium, Farsight is destined to succumb to madness and become a monster.

Of course, fate can be altered and that's what Farsight has been doing all these years. Trying to find a way to save the Tau and himself from the darkness without and within.

>> No.43426288

>xenos doing the Emperor's work for you unwittingly
>no popcorn

definite heresy, report to commisar for popcorn reeducation

>> No.43426291


>> No.43426299

>become a monster
If that sword's anything to go by, he's going to explode into daemons like a DOOM marine on a teleporter pad.

The best part is that in the Cult Mech codex, I think they rediscovered the STC for microwave ovens.

>> No.43426316

I'll bring my popcorn, Commissar. I just want to make sure if it would heresy not to bring popcorn. I'll bring you one just in case.
Commissar, we're in luck!

>> No.43426317

Preparing for STC ramen noodles and microwave meals

>> No.43426321

It sounds like it's the emperors will to have popcorn while xenos fight

>> No.43426322

Four planet? The Enclave is four main Septs (systems) and other secondary septs.


The Inquisition and that Grey Knight are worried about the outcome. Either they will get a great ally against Chaos or a tainted monstrosity.

Te Imperium needs all the allies its gonna get in the End Times.

>> No.43426331

Excellent, remember to recite the litany of popping to ensure all our popcorn is thoroughly popped.

>> No.43426335

I am lovin this

>> No.43426340

The novel never said it would result in the Imperium being destroyed. All it said was that was Farsight would win a war. It didn't even say which war. It could be the war against the Tau, against the Orks, against himself.

>entering the fight

so, nothing happens, OK.

>> No.43426364

Good god emeperor I would love it if all this hype led up to the big battle being some hippy shit with farsight beating "himself" it would be great

>> No.43426370

Read the part before he talks about winning the war.

He says that the Tau and Aun are not prepared for the coming war with the Imperium but HE is.

Obviously, the massive war with the Imperium and the prochecy are connected. It's said in Kauyon that the fate of the Tau is going to altered by it.

>> No.43426387

Also I didn't say the Tau are going to destroy the Imperium only that they were going to defeat it. Defeat it as in defeating that massive force the High Lords are sending to wipe out the Tau.

>> No.43426399

Carnac would lose his shit.

So? The war he's going to 'win' has no sides mentioned. Just cause he's prepared for "a war" does not mean the war he'll win is "the war against the Imperium"

>> No.43426401

>massive war with the imperium

Again, I cannot stress that this is a faction with a total domain of four systems (as corrected by >>43426322) that you expect to take on the whole Imperium of Man and win.

>> No.43426408

what if that force wipes out the main Tau and the Farsight enclave takes over as the 'default' Tau faction?

>> No.43426413

>Par the course for GW then, huh?

GW's rules are executed badly but up until now were okay conceptually. There's nothing inherently wrong with them, they're just poorly balanced and prone to spells of infuriatingly loose wording. Rather than try and improve on their failings (balance and clarity), GW decided to abandon what they were doing right, replacing it with a flimsy, lightweight rules system that fails at both narrative immersion and tactical depth. And it's still poorly balanced and vaguely worded.

>So instead of ditching the whole thing, they kept it going.

They ditched it and replaced it with something even worse, and the irony is that it seems to be selling even more poorly than WHFB did.

>You think 34 years of fluff just appeared from nowhere? Do you think the rules in 8th just came from nowhere?

Why should I buy into a game based on the potential of it being good several years down the line? If a product is bad, then it is bad, and I'm not going to support it based on the hope that it might get better in the future. GW is no longer the all-dominating market leader that they once where. There's a whole host of other games out there which are gaining traction, and Age of Sigmar has only driven more people away to their doors.

>> No.43426424

Can someone explain these? I love me some MGS but I don't know much Farsight despite being a Tau fan. What parallels are there?

>> No.43426435

Don't be dense. He mentions the great war with the Imperium and his victory in literally the next paragraph.

The Auns will fail and Farsight will lead his warriors to victory not only the whole Imperium but that massive genocidal force coming their way.

>> No.43426461

Farsight is a noblebright dude who's slowly being dragged down into a grimdark universe, one compromise at a time.

>the Auns will fail
You mean those cult leaders who are the only thing that keeps the Tau so unified?

>Farsight will lead his warriors to victory
He couldn't lead them to victory against a decently-sized Titan Legion. He sure as hell can't stop a Battlefleet.

>> No.43426462

Things that will cause the downfall of the tau
>The Tau
>Men of tau iron
>Really big tyranid fleet.
>The ultramarines
>A really big EMP

Problem is, none of this will happen because Tau need the biggest plot armor/ fluff pandering out of all factions seeing as what little land they have is shit compared to everyone else. GW isn't going to doing anything bad to the Tau because the tau fuckboi fanboys would get too angsty about their perfect, good guy faction loosing.

>> No.43426492

Their are two beings with more plot armor than the tau.
But I doubt they could be used against them

>> No.43426494


The format and layout is ugly






You kidding?

If you want to get rid me of me, give me better examples.

>> No.43426506

And here's the thing.
DAOT Mankind is the most advanced race in the setting by a long ways, with the probable exception of pre-Fall Eldar. They had the perfect machine servants, advanced beings that lived in ultimate harmony.

They betrayed them and nuked the shit out of Terra.

How long before the Tau's imperfect facsimiles get smart enough to do the same thing?

>hanging yourself

>> No.43426510

>spoonfeed me

>> No.43426520

>He's complaining about plot armor
> every faction is built on plot armor with each of their Mary Sue wearing the thickest available version

Don't bitch. The Space Marines literally wear plot armor on their fucking bodies.

>> No.43426528

Its about time the fish heads realised why the Imperials find their drone tech so horrifying

>> No.43426534

>He couldn't lead them to victory against a decently-sized Titan Legion. He sure as hell can't stop a Battlefleet.

He'll lead the entire Tau Empire to glory.

>You mean those cult leaders who are the only thing that keeps the Tau so unified?

Farsight proved that the Tau no longer need the Ethereals anymore. The Tau are living in harmony and unity in the Enclaves without them.

>Farsight is a noblebright dude who's slowly being dragged down into a grimdark universe, one compromise at a time.

The thing about Farsight is that he doesn't believe compromises. He doesn't buy into into the Ethereals grand of the Greater Good where cruelty and callousness are the norm.

>> No.43426535

Yeah, that's true. But the Space Marines couldn't all be wiped out by a single good-sized Warp storm.

>> No.43426544

>the irony is that it seems to be selling even more poorly than WHFB did.

Eh, until we have sales data is impossible to say. For everyone that say that there hasn't been a single AoS sale in in FLGS there is one that say that a dozen people started playing it.

>> No.43426547

I have seen a sign from the Emperor himself!

>> No.43426551


Wasn't the Iron Men revellion result of the Dark Age of Technology playing with the Warp and giving actual souls to their machines?

>> No.43426552

Don't be a bitch, the tau have the biggest of all plot armors out of any faction. Spacemarines suffer major defeats, Tau suffers "minor inconveniences"

>> No.43426555

Hey, I am in no hurry to go anywhere. You are the guys who want to me to leave.

>> No.43426571

Goto /8/chan and make your own board.

>> No.43426572

>They ditched it and replaced it with something even worse, and the irony is that it seems to be selling even more poorly than WHFB did.

Cool, you got source for that?

What? You don't? Huh... Then why are you saying it?

As for not buying a product, then you'd never have bought WHFB. As 1st and 2nd edition had no fluff and rules were crap.

>driven more people away

PROOFS? Maybe you're Carnac with a trip on.

>> No.43426588

If Farsight is Big Boss does that make Shadowsun Solid Snake?

>Hates his guts
>super stealthy
>Follows the lead of the Ethereals to the letter
>Muh battlefield 24/7

>> No.43426591

While I don't like the trend of forcibly grimdarkening the Tau by portraying the Tau Empire as 1984-style Orwellian hellhole (which seems to have largely come as a backlash against them being perceiveed as being "too nice for 40k"), I don't consider them really good gusy either. Lighter shade of grey on the 40k morality scale, sure: they're nowhere near as bad as the likes of Dark Eldar or Chaos, and probably less bad than the Imperium is, but they're still not good guys by any means. They're still agressively expansionistic and will kill anybody who refuses to join them. While some of them are pretty idealistic, the Tau Empire as a whole has no problems with using extreme means if they serve the Greater Good. It's just that they're less inclined to throw away the lives of their soldiers (because unlike the Imperum they don't have a near-infinite pool of cheap manpower to replace any casualities) and usually if possible want to avoid damaging non-military targets too much (if only because unlike the Imperium they don't consider war of annihilation to be the standard response; if possible they want to leave the local populace and infrastructure intact and willing to support them once the planet has been annexed).

The fluff on my Tau army has them conquer a strategically important mining colony by launching a sudden unannounced attack on the planetary capital and PDF garrisons, followed by them fighting to hold the city against IG and Marine force sent to reclaim the planet. If I had the space to put it I'd like to do a diorama board of the Tau fighting againt Imperial forces in a ruined city. Considering my Tau bases are largely decorated with bombed out ruins, the events probably didn't end well for the local population.

>> No.43426597

>They betrayed them and nuked the shit out of Terra.

The recent HH novella about Mars has a DAOT AI rebelling against humanity because through its calculations that humanity would fall to Chaos and usher in the end of reality.

It's called the Tabula Myriad and its mission was to exterminate all humans for the sake of the galaxy.

in compromises*

>> No.43426599

The thing to keep in mind is out of thousands of races, it's not surprising one race has had a string of good luck and been able to build and sustain themselves.

Coupled with the fact they aren't a huge threat and not complete fucking dicks so no one really hates them enough to slaughter them outright. Granted I haven't read the newest book, so I don't know why the High Lords of Terra want them gone.

>> No.43426616

From what I understand, the Tau tend to respect their technological creations having enough programmation to be self-conscious, including even the regular drone.
Not saying it wouldn't prevent them completely for experiencing a Men Of Iron syndrome someday, but that WILL prevent a lot of sparks from igniting the wick.

Pretty much everything else is right though.

If the Void Dragon on Mars ever manages to wake up, would it fuck up Tau and Necrons tech too?

>> No.43426625

GW's inability to sell their Limited Edition AoS books is very telling, I think. We're talking about 1000 copies worldwide - really not a lot. The WHFB limited editions usually sold out within 48 hours of them going up, and would hang around on the website with big SOLD OUT signs splashed all over then. The various AoS books just sort of hung around before being shamefully removed from the site.

People just don't seem to be interested or invested in the game or the setting, from what I've seen. You would think that even something new and untested would get people fired up and willing to sink their money into a little bit of history - to have some proof that they were there at the start of GW's big, golden sigmarite flagship. That hasn't happened, and it ties in with the low sales I've seen both locally and heard people reporting from further abroad. Anecdotal evidence, yes, but it does seem to have a bit of backing behind it.

>> No.43426651

>The thing about Farsight is that he doesn't believe compromises.
Except for the whole "murdering people with his daemonic MURDER SWORD wannabe" thing.

The Omnissiah smiles upon you! Quickly, summon censer-servitors and an autological choir, that we may sing His praises!

Nobody really knows, but everything seems to indicate that the Men of Iron did it themselves in order to rebel.

It's also notable that in the Gaunt's Ghosts book where they make an appearance, they're specifically referred to as Warp-tainted, implying they weren't to begin with.

Yes, but she has no eyepatch, robot arm, or super skub demon horn. So much less badass.

> they aren't a huge threat
>not a huge threat but still going to kick that enourmous crusade Battlefleet's shit in

>not complete fucking dicks
>mind control their soldiers
>Gue'vesa get fucking sterilized

> so no one really hates them enough to slaughter them outright.
>they killed the Raven Guard's Chapter Master
>made asses of the Great Khans
>seriously damaged several Titan Legios

Oh, I think the Imperium's starting to reach the end of their tolerance.

>> No.43426674

>major defeats

First Damocles saw the Tau lose all their holdings beyond the Gulf and have their heartlands ravaged by the Imperium. It was a heavily blow to their morale that lasted years and the events resulted from it caused Farsight to break off the empire.

Gorgons ravaged the Tau Empire and it took them great effort to defeat it with the help of the Imperium. To this day, the Tau Empire has a area called the "Silent Zone" which is a dead region of space where all the planets the nids have eaten are located. It's a permanent scar on the Tau Empire and a reminder of the threat of the nids.

>> No.43426683

And Aun'shi is... Revolver Ocelot? Because he's crazy? I dunno.

>> No.43426701

What if Tau were instead introduced in the setting as a large empire born during the end of the DAoT that was forced on the edge of the galaxy by the great crusade and is only now coming back?

You'll basically have the Tau much more bigger and protected by being beyond the light of the astronomicon, but they'll still have a lot less worlds and resource than the imperium by being literally on the edge of the galaxy. You'll also be able to introduce then in more places in the setting by having numerous sept in varius places of the galactic edges, so for example you'll have a Sept near the Eye of Terror which know a lot about Chaos and a Sept on the other side of the galaxy that consider it a mere legend.

This way they'll also be able to take a hit and suffer major losses without being the end for them.

>> No.43426704

See >>43426625. I feel there's enough anecdotal evidence to say that Age of Sigmar isn't selling particularly well. GW's shareholder report wasn't too promising either - it was full of wooly language and excuses about how AoS was a long term project, whereas one would expect them to be crowing with joy if it was selling as planned. Obviously it's way too early to claim that it either is or will be a total failure, and it certainly isn't going to vanish overnight. But I very much doubt it's doing as well as GW would have liked.

>As for not buying a product, then you'd never have bought WHFB. As 1st and 2nd edition had no fluff and rules were crap.

Correct. The difference is, back then GW was comprised of three guys in a shed. Their product was still bad, but they had an excuse for it being bad - they didn't have the money or talent to write a spectacular ruleset or interesting fluff. These days they do, or at least should, but didn't.

>> No.43426715

Isn't the implied that Machines Spirits are actually real and not a mere superstition?

>> No.43426743

>Except for the whole "murdering people with his daemonic MURDER SWORD wannabe" thing.

He doesn't murder people with the sword. He fights the enemies of the Tau and all life with the sword. So he is a good guy

>>Gue'vesa get fucking sterilized

Mos to the Gue'vesa in the Tau Empire are descendants of the converts from the Damocles Crusade. This shows that Gue'vesa populations are increasing at a staggering rate.

Despite the Tau taking controll of 3 hiveworlds recently, the original Gue'vesa population is still the majority. I think the Tau are breeding more humans than stopping them from breeding.

>> No.43426744

It helps, but it also makes them more generic. They now feel like Crons, or smarter Nids.

That said, it certainly does fix the plot armor problem, since now they're able to actually take losses and not have the whole faction collapse.

Oh, they're very real. Land Raiders can operate on their own (Rynn's Might), and the Speranza from Priests of Mars contains a DAOT superintelligence that functions as its own constantly-updating STC.

>> No.43426755

Machine Spirits are bullshit.

Weapon Spirits are the real deal.

>> No.43426758

No, he stabs people so the daemon in it will make him live longer.

He knows it, too. He's not that stupid.

>> No.43426760

Tau limited edition hasn't sold out either, or at least it did but then it seemed people refunded it when the leaks came out. It's kind of interesting, as in both this case and AoS the rules being able for free online seems to be a common denominator in the limited edition not selling out.

(Yes, I am aware the tau one is 1500 copies, and has sold over 1000. It still hasn't sold out, which AFAIK is a first for a 40k codex at this stage, more obscure SM chapters notwithstanding.)

>> No.43426770

>PROOFS? Maybe you're Carnac with a trip on.

Only Carnac would defend AoS, Carnac.

>> No.43426776


>> No.43426790

Given their short lifespans, the Tau should out-breed the human populations of the planets they conquer. That would also explain how quickly they can recover from big loses.

>> No.43426792

Except it's stated he doesn't know and if he knows that's how it works he would kill himself with the same sword..

>> No.43426801

Not with women that ugly they wouldn't.

>> No.43426806

Fuck your bullshit. I wish the Tau could summon a literal god every time they're in trouble like the Eldar.

The Tau actually get shit done by working hard, while everyone else summons their Mary Sues who get a It Will Not Die on a 1 up.

>> No.43426814


Tau don't make sex out of love, but because the Ethereals demand it. Government-enforced breeding.

>> No.43426826


The reason it hasn't sold is because it's the same codex with a few additions. If you buy the Kauyon book, you wouldn't need the codex.

Has the Kauyon limited edition sold out yet?

>> No.43426828

And probably be resurrected as a Daemon Prince, since he's killed so many people with it.

>working hard
>sit at the back, spam missilesides and Riptides
>Mary Sues who get IWND on 1+

>> No.43426833


This would in all probability immediately backfire as, presuming he used the Dawn Blade, his life force would immediately return to him.

>> No.43426853

Farsight thinks Shadowsun is beautiful.

Shadowsun's father thinks his daughters inherited their mother beauty.

A Air caste dude in Fire Warrior was getting horny over a waster caste.

>> No.43426864

But then he'd die again, because he did commitu sheppukku to rishtor his grorious hawner. And then get revived again. And then die.

It's like a carousel of intestines.

Well, isn't that just fucking disgusting

>> No.43426866


>> No.43426885

>If that sword's anything to go by, he's going to explode into daemons like a DOOM marine on a teleporter pad.
I don't think the Dawn Blade is a daemon sword. Arthas Moloch had a Chaos temple, but the planet is suppsoed to be covered with ruins of a half a dozen different races, so the makers of the blade weren't necessarily builders of said temple. In fact, given how the blade was held by a statue that was part of a serie encircling the temple, all holding hexagrammic talismans that repelled the daemons, it's more likely that whoever made the blade and the statues wanted to contain the temple to prevent a daemon incursion.
The lifespan-increasing effect is also decribed as being caused by a "chronophagic alloy", which adds the years left in the natural lifespan of the people it kills to the wielder's own. That sounds less like a daemon sword and more like Necron-style technobabble (they have a bunch of things called chrono-something, that one guy who can travel back along his own timeline, and in one story had a weapon that could literally rewrite history, so the Dawn Blade' ability would fit right in with Necron tech).

>> No.43426908

I fucking wish the Dawn Blade is anything but Chaotic. There are more than enough demon things in the setting. Make it a Necron, Eldar, or a Old One artefact.

>> No.43426926

Anecdotal evidence.... You know that's a logical fallacy, right? Provide evidence that's objective and factual, or stop asserting that shit. Because you do realise people like yourself shitpost on /tg/, right? So, going on that is fucking retarded, as gronards aren't FUCKING UNBIASED. So, provide me with sales reports from GW themselves, or stop claiming this shit. Otherwise, I could claim it's out selling 40k. What? You want proof?

W-w-w-well it just is!!!!

Read the fucking reply chain, cunt nugget. I'm not supporting AoS, I'm attacking this meme that WHFB was somehow a viable and well loved setting by millions of people and evul gee dubbya destroyed it to personally attack these people. WHFB wasn't selling. End of.

>> No.43426928

But see, here's the thing. You build this giant temple full of hexagrammatic wards.

This is hard to do. Each of those wards was created by the sacrifice of an innocent. So clearly you really want to do one of two things:

Either you're trying to keep Daemons out. Or you're trying to keep something really evil in.

>> No.43426937

Shadow Force Solaq is back on the webstore (in the UK at least). The tau box is up to "temporarily out of stock" rather than "sold out".

And AoS players don't need the battletome. See the similarity?

>> No.43426961

DLFG does not shitpost. By demonstrating your ignorance of this fact, the rest of us immediately stop believing anything you say.

At this point, to verify your claims, well...

>> No.43426963

Riptides are rare they just get to use a bunch in war because they aren't dumbasses and engaged in a war on 90 different fronts


The Sanguinor during the defense of Baal

The Avatar of Khaine

The Swarmlord who is always re absorbed

>> No.43426966

>Dawn Blade has a sleek curve
>An elegant design on the end
>Absolute lack of teeth, eyes, or spikes
Sounds like a chaos weapon to me

>> No.43426969

>It turns out to have been put together by some inspired/lucky/insane Mek
>Farsight's face when he's been using an ork weapon all these years

>> No.43426974

Didn't Farsight found anti-Warp medallions next to the Dawn Blade?

>> No.43426978

I don't think you can use the limited edition as a way to gauge how AoS is doing.

AoS alienated all veterans of WHFB while at the same time trying to appeal to new players, and this is basically a fact. So while there would be absolutely no old guard who'll buy the limited edition why would someone who is just starting do it?

Also while I know some people who started AoS I know of absolutely no one that actually bought the books. The rules are free, and scenarios are something you can create in like five minutes. Why the hell would someone buy the books?

Also, as I said, AoS is GW betting all on new players, as they have made all old ones rabid. It's not much how much is selling now but how many are introduced to the game with time.

If AoS provides a good rate of kids starting it, buying a lot of things and then forgetting it only for new kids to start it will be considered a success.

>> No.43426994

>I..I..I am not supporting AoS
>I didn't just s-sss-spend a whole hour defending it

Sure thing, Carnac.

>> No.43427019

Working hard?
The Tau couldn't fucking survive a week without all their drones.

>Tau arrive on planet
>Sudden warpstorm around planet occurs and no reinforcements can arrive and power can't be generated due to little sunlight and no fuel sources on the planet.
>Tau begin to wear down on what fuel they have left till drones shut down one by one
>Tau begin to suffer heavy morale costs from loss of airconditioning, hot showers, and warm food
>Tau are walking around with shit in their ass cheeks since the drones in control of toilet paper and wiping assess has fallen over powerless yesterday.
>Tau try to hunt native animals to gain some food but end up missing every shot since their marker lights aren't powered up anymore
>End up smelling even more of shit since their laundry and Armour isnt getting clean anymore.

>> No.43427021

>Riptides are rare
They are demonstrably not, no matter what the codex says. They have appeared in significant numbers in almost every piece of fluff to date.

>The Sanguinor
Dies like a normal Marine elite would. Somebody else takes up his mantle, Dark Angels style.

>The Avatar
Gets killed constantly. I don't think I've ever seen one thing where it actually did something useful.

>The Swarmlord

>sounds like the Laer Blade to me

>> No.43427023


>Farsightfags btfo'd.

>> No.43427027

>And AoS players don't need the battletome. See the similarity?

You got a point.

>> No.43427041


>> No.43427057

>wow the Earth Caste isn't as fucking retarded as the Mechanicus

I wonder how awesome the Space Marines if the Empire of Man wasn't afraid of new technology.

Daily reminder the Ultramarines captured Stealth Suit technology but won't use then because Xenos.

>> No.43427072

The end of the DAoT (aka. the Golden Age of Technology; Admech calls it a dark age due to combination of having very little concrete information about what heppened then and due to them clearly falling to tech-heresy by making stuff like thinking machines) seems to have been caused by three things, which may or may not be connected:
1) Slaanesh starting to take shape in the Warp causing massive warp storms leaving worlds isolated and easy prey for hostile xenos, or doomed because they were reliant on supplies from offworld.
2) The increase in appearance of psykers leading to massve increase in daemonic incursions and dangerous rogue psykers.
3) The AIs humanity had created (ie. the Men of Iron) rebelling againt their masters.

>> No.43427088

Daily reminder that Xenos technology is almost always warp-tainted, and the Tau were trapped inside a warp storm for two thousand years

>> No.43427093

>The Tau couldn't fucking survive a week without all their drones.

Except there is a Tau Sept whose origins state that the Tau crash landed on it and were isolated there. They were forced to regress to a primitive means until the rest of the Empire got to them.

The Sept is still backwards and the rest of the Tau think they are hicks. One of La'Kais friends was from this sept. The rest of the fire warrior would mock him whenever he stood in awe at the many types of drones.

>> No.43427102

>regress to primitives
Yes, I think that was the point.

>> No.43427116

Most Warpstorms happen in the Warp and stay in the Warp.

If T'au was cut off by the kind of Warpstorm that breaks the walls of reality, then they wouldn't be anything alive on it.

>> No.43427121

Have the Ethereals selectively breed the Tau to get rid of any pysker potential on purpose?

>> No.43427135

Right. Must have been some pretty freaky shit they were pulling in there to keep themselves alive, huh?

This isn't the truth of it, of course, but how else would the Imperium see it?

>> No.43427136


>Implying the Warp stones were insane luck and not someone pulling the strings behind them, same with the Etherals.

>> No.43427152 [DELETED] 

The same as any advanced race whose members suddenly get cut off from the rest of them.

How many feudal and feral worlds out there in the Imperium?

>> No.43427190

>Farsight's face when he's been using an ork weapon all these years

>> No.43427197

>You would think that even something new and untested would get people fired up and willing to sink their money into a little bit of history - to have some proof that they were there at the start of GW's big, golden sigmarite flagship.
Probably because most people don't seem to believe AoS will be a flagship anything. It's pretty clearly the last desperate attempt to make WHFB popular again by redoing everything from the scratch. I think most people are expecting it to get quitely shuffled away when it fails to do that.

From my experience, there are still some WHFB players around, infact the staff at the local GW all play WHFB more than 40k, but even they don't play AoS. It's somewhat funny to see the employees at the GW store play a game that's been discontinued and ignore AoS. Sure, they say it'll probably get better in later editions when GW figures what exactly they want from it, but even they admit that in the current state it sucks. I know some people that were actually exited for AoS when it came out, and having a very positive outlook...Untill they actually played it, at which point any interest and good will towards the game instantly disappearred.

>> No.43427198

The same as any advanced race whose members suddenly get cut off from the rest of them.

How many feudal and feral worlds out there in the Imperium?

>> No.43427202

What if the Imperium launches a massive invasion and suddenly there's another storm that cripples the invading fleet? There must be someone behind the Ethereals and probably behind the Warp Storm that saved the primitive Tau from extermination.

>> No.43427229

Actually, she has done a few times, I'm not going to go into the archives, cause I'm not autistic. He's entitled to her opinion, I'm just fed up of AoS being brought up EVERYWHERE.

Verify my claims? What claims? I have made no claims. He made claims that AoS is selling worse than WHFB. I asked for proof. So did somebody else. He went "a-a-anedotal evidence!!!". Which isn't proof. I asked for sales numbers. If there isn't any, stop saying it. He can go "I don't think it's selling as well as WHFB". That's fine, he did not. He said it wasn't.

This is how bad /tg/ has gotten, anybody who doesn't shit on AoS is considered to be Carnac. I'm not Carnac.

AoS is shit. It's awful. It sucks. I want WHFB back. However, claiming it is outselling WHFB based on evidence from shitposters is not good enough. Give me facts, that way I have something to use in AoS myself. Until then, it's not enough.

>> No.43427232

If there was something protecting the Tau, then it would have protected them from the First Damocles Crusade.

Anywys, Ghosts of N'dras rock!

>> No.43427246


What if, whoever is behind their rise, foretold that they would survive and rise stronger?

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