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Hi /tg/, fairly new DM here. Does anyone have any advice for getting players to open up and rp a bit more?

I've provided slight bits of info on a ton of the NPCs they've come across, I try asking if their characters are doing anything around the campfire at night (pic related, and ripped straight from google images), but they still don't really bite. The players are all fairly introverted, which I think is the biggest cause of it. They're also all new to the game. The group used to have one outgoing person who seemed to inspire a bit of rp within the group, but he can't make it to games anymore.

Is there something I should be doing differently when the entire group is introverted? If it was just a lack of role-playing, it wouldn't be that big a problem, just the groups taste. There's also some people that aren't sharing information with the other characters though, which concerns me quite a bit more.

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Make sure they are actually interested in it. One group I had could never get their RP shit together, but after talking with them they basically just wanted to play a miniature combat game.

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Character goals and beliefs, son.

Ideally you want to establish them at chargen, but it's not to late to do it now. Just ask each of them:

> What's a short-term goal of your character?
> What's a long-term goal of your character?
> What's something your character believes in?

Then work in opportunities for those goals to be accomplished in-game, and ways for the goals to be challenged or affirmed.

Also nobody wants to RP smalltalk at a campfire. If it happens, cool. If you really want to make it happen, have an NPC ask them stuff (basically the same as above, but in-game).

It does take a while to get into RP for newbies, and having an experienced RPer definitely helps.

pic related, the same advice I just gave your more-or-less.

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I am assuming the players do actually want to roleplay and are just having a hard time warming up to it. And that the problem is essentially they don't know HOW to roleplay. The idea is just to have the PCs as engaged and connected with the rest of the game world as much as possible. This maximises the 'RP hooks' available, which should start them RPing.

Also having shared backstories so there's more interesting dynamics than "this is our first adventure together" with every other character. Having pre-existing friendships and rivalries really livens up a party.

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The problem is basically the same problem that comes with aspiring actors in an intro class or an improv group or something. They're not comfortable and are afraid of looking silly. They just need to loosen up a little.
Since my solution to getting people to loosen up is simply "give them a few beers" you might wanna wait around for some other suggestions, but it's something to keep on the back burner. Just remember that drugs are a crutch, not a cure.

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How do you talk with them?

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This will not be a popular opinion, but I promise you it is true.

If a player does not roleplay, they never will. You can encourage it, you can reward it, you can demand it as much as you want. Most players just will not roleplay, ever.

OP, you're wasting your time.

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>The group used to have one outgoing person who seemed to inspire a bit of rp within the group, but he can't make it to games anymore.

I've been that person a couple times. One GM asked me to come back because his players weren't roleplaying anymore. Some people are just idiotic followers. They have very little initiative to do or say anything, and they are essentially pets to people who actually give a shit. If you can make them feel like you are their "master," they might start acting like you want them to, otherwise they'll just do what they want: nothing.

But sometimes non-RP behavior becomes a problem because one player hates roleplaying enough that he'll start steering the other players away from it, trying to talk people out of doing sensible things (like avoiding combat with tough people), rolling his eyes at players conversing in character, complaining that he isn't rolling the dice enough, whining that there isn't enough combat going on, checking his phone as someone talks, etc., all out of character. If this thing ever happens just kick the faggot out of the group and tell him to play some video-games alone like the anti-social fag he is.

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>rp a bit more

Good luck -- I set my players up with a long ship voyage,tied to engage them, get them to do something, interact, rp to get to know each others PCs better, and all I got from them was "Can't we just say '...and we're there?' "

I was of a mind to pull a Kraken out of my ass and sink 'em with it, but I managed to restrain myself...

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See, it depends on the game system, the setting, and how much fun they want to have. (Also, how well they know each other. If everybody's been friends for awhile outside of the game, they'll relax easier)

Plus, even if you're playing a grimdark game, don't be afraid to let players crack wise on stuff either IC or OOC.

Just had my first Deadlands campaign, as a mad Scientist son of German immigrants, so I spoke in character with a thick German accent. (Dime Novel/Module: The Forbidden God) When we saw the Spanish Galleon in the middle of the Utah salt flats, my character got the Heebie Jeebies.
>"Zis boat is touching Science in it's no-no spot!"
I got a fate chip for that one. And another one later when I got to shoot the lightning-gun Plot macguffin for the campaign.
>"I want to use Thor's Moneyshot!"

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