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Define your character's morality in one picture.

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This is so fucking creepy.

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Found the degenerate.

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This is literally my Psyker in a Dark Heresy campaign.

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Good taste

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He had to fake his own death and give up the preachin' game, but he'll still school a nigga on his own insane quasi-gnostic form of Christianity.

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Paladin here.

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That woman has a textbook "there's no name for the things I'm going to do to you tonight" look.
The fact that she's giving what seems to be her daughter that look makes this so much hotter.

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Good morning, Mr Magpie. How is your lady wife today?

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Fucking incase.

He, others and /fit/ is responsible for my path to actually be attracted to twinks and thinking about being with one.
Wtf, I was definetly not born gay. Never thought about guys in school.

N-no h-h-homo.

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You sir put the tradition into traditional games.

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Kill yourself faggot

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Do you have daddy issues?

It's okay, Anon, you can cry on my shoulder.

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I'm just trying to make the human race better, why are all these people attacking me

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Being a Paladin can be taxing on the soul

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Victor von Doom did nothing wrong.

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>Hurr he's not a populist so he's a bad guy

While I'm not totally on Doom's side he has presented a valid point tbh.

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I look at this image and it just looks to me like the dad's hoping that if he prays hard enough God will be too distracted to notice him diddling his daughter, so he's doing the slow reach around to avoid suspicion

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This is how I remember that /tg/ is on the same website as /d/ and /b/

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How the fuck is cancer still a thing in the marvel universe?

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Except he made that assumption, which basically proved that his view of who deserves to be above another is entirely based on his ego. Because richard is the smarter man in that room.

I mean shit, dooms whole character is that he had a shitfit over the realization that there are people better than him all around the world.

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Reed Richards, probably

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>throwing a tantrum over something as insignificant and retarded as that
Thank fuck the dumb idiot has never read any Ayn Rand

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>How the fuck is cancer still a thing in the marvel universe?

All the cures turn you into a villain with superpowers.

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also Deadpool.

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>someone invents chemotherapy that actually works well
>a sudden horde if chemical themed villains appear

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I'll make the party face I said. It'll be fun I said.

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He probably has but have never actually taken in the message because "it's beneath him."

His whole character is "I AM GREAT, LOOK AT ME, MY EGO!"

And here's another petty cunt who did everything wrong "No guys I swear I'll totally start fixing humanity after I kill the fuck out of this overpowered doogooder because humans will totally stop inventing shit just because one super guy is flying around!"

God damn, talk about a flawed and perfectly insane villian ruined by writers actually thinking he's right.

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Right forgot I saved two of those... eh. Might still apply. There was a noodle incident with a Hutt.

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>find site of an ancient inland sea battle, including well preserved remains, pottery, and a few magic items
>get in a tense in-character conversation about whether to use them or ship them back to the arcane university we work for

This has been an interesting campaign.

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I fucking hate when writers fall in love with their own villains.

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It misses out the page immediately after it.

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Dude, there's several comics where he has basically just gone "Superdude, you are the reason nobody researches against cancer or stuff!" and then he either wins, magically starts humanitys hidden research potential or superman feels bad because "He's right."

Same with doom

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if you've read the comic in question, it doesn't really ruin him

it's a good comic

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I want to buy that patch

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>Raptoid thighs are succulent.

Homo-erotic love in an elite-fighter squad is badass, guys, I swear.

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Its because Lex has a point. Superman is a god, and like all gods there is the risk that people will just choose to rely on him for everything. Thats why the "inspire the masses" part of Superman is so important, and why he tells common cops "The park is safe because WE'RE here, not because I'm here."

Because Superman cannot be the savior of the world, people have to save themselves, strive for greatness, even suffer, know loss, and rise above it.

Superman represents the very real danger of a safe but weak people coddled by a superhuman savior, a Messiah that stands in the way of mankind developing.

That is why there is always such a big emphasis on Superman being an icon and a symbol to people more then simply the guy who punches away the world's problems. Because the world cannot survive its problems being punched away, and Lex knows this. Most of the stories where Superman goes insane are the ones where he cannot accept that he cannot use his powers to save everyone, he has to let humanity deal with its own problems to some degree or another.

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I might be moving to Columbus, GA temporarily. I can't find online any larps or gaming stories there. Am I screwed while I'm there?

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No, only Freedom.

Enforced Freedom!

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Chaotic good or chaotic neutral?

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Goddamn Hotline Miami gives me such a goddamn hard on.

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Because Reed Richards is fucking useless.

Yours truly, DOOM.

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He's really a remarkable man. I couldn't stand Futa until I got hooked on Incase. If there's anyone who can change your sexuality, or at the very least, make ANYTHING attractive, it's him.

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I second this anon. That's really, really creepy.

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>born gay

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Do any Latverians have cancer?

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Its just the way the people are painted can give of the uncanny valley vibe to some.

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He's deliberately 3edgy5me, just fyi.

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> Because Richards is the smarter man in that room.
That's arguably wrong. Richards is better at science and engineering, and Doom is only just behind him in that regard. Where as Richards is completely worthless when it comes to the supernatural, and Doom is in the top five Human practitioners of the occult.

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More the 'American propaganda' type vibe I think. I know the States likes this kinda stuff but to an outsider it seems awfully cult-like.

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How so? Its just an image of a religious family at church.

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I really need this on a poster or something. Way more inspirational than a fucking cat on a branch

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Nah, I get what he's talking about. What's creepy is the Perfection of it. The doll faces on everyone, looking proud or happy, but with dead eyes. And there's something else that I can't quite put my finger on.

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Cultural marxist indoctrination makes people cringe at healthy traditional values and families.

>oy vey too white! needs more diversity!

This is the little voice that triggers on the mind of these brainwashed fools when they see that pic.

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What if I WAS acting like the person Mr. Rogers knew I could be?

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Eh the kids look pretty normal, I've seen ones like that irl. Mom and Dad look a little off though.

You'll never be as good as that

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I can't bring myself to do the Genocide run

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It's so much more than that. It's the golden light from above, the US flag in the background, the perfect cereal-box family with rosy cheeks and red lips and perfect clothes that bears so much resemblance to Stalin's propaganda back in the day.
Image very much related.

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It's alway fun playing the non-violent cleric of Sarenae.

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Trust me, I'm no Marxist, and I sure don't feel the need to press 'diversity' or 'representation'. As a Brit though, your healthy traditional values do not intersect with ours at all. Hence the image seems creepy to my eyes.

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I know how you feel. I just love the Genocide fanart they've got going around,

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He's a cunt, that some comic writer trying to be edgy and sophisticated, and social darwinism is generally p. dumb.

I assume this was Doom's 'edgy' phase in college. Like some people become hippies.

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who called the /pol/lacks?

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"happy mundane family is secretly creepy/dysfunctional despite having the outward appearance of being normal" has been a thing since Dickens wrote David Copperfield

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Luckily for me, I have a friend who is simultaneously a soulless completionist and decently bad at video games, so I'm doing the Sans fight for him. So I get to do the Sans fight without having to put myself or my own save through that trauma.

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>people commenting on the politic undertones of this image
>all I managed to notice is the mom making bedroom eyes at the daughter
I clicked by mistake on /u/ once.


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And then all the other times you clicked on it, it wasn't an accident?

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The allure was impossible to resist.

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This, mostly.

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Mate, refer to this one >>43377724

You aren't alone, just so you know. It's just that girls and guys with girly features are just too cute sometimes.

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he likes controlling animals, I swear

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Mate, refer to this one >>43377724 (You)

You aren't alone, just so you know. It's just that girls and guys with girly features are just too cute sometimes.

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Mate, refer to this one >>43377724

You aren't alone, just so you know. It's just that girls and guys with girly features are just too cute sometimes.

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Well, to be fair Ruka was a woman for a short time. Then he got turned back into a man.

And yet, man or not, I'd hit that so hard...

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its lots of fun

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Go true pacifist first. Please anon. It's for the best.

After that, do what you will. Just remember... you're not above consequences.

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He was always a woman in that timeline

Ruka ending was fucking tragic though

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>Its because Lex has a point. Superman is a god, and like all gods there is the risk that people will just choose to rely on him for everythin
Sure, cops maybe. The military might also be way to lax. But those aren't really end goals anyway. People would maybe take more risks because superman will be there.
But it's not like people beleive superman to cure cancer by punching it, he's not solving world hunger nor is he curing the ill. People still die for many reasons and one of them is also because superman cannot save everyone, because he's not a god he's just a person with extraordinary powers.

Lex could literally be saving the world with his technology, nothing, I tell you nothing from superman is actually keeping him from progressing humanity forward other than his dumb ego. Which is why he's a good villian, he's an dumb twat so delusional about his own greatness that he has to make up far fetched lies about how he's the good guy.

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...so i googled this, and I just want to thank you for improving my life

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>he didn't know about InCase
Anon, how long have you been on 4chan? Next thing you'll be telling us you don't recognise this one either.

Also this is how I one-shot.

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fuck nigger, I was trying to forget about this

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Another anon, I haven't been here that long(only 3 years) and I would LOVE sauce.

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That one's not hot though

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flee while you still can

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[ShindoL] Pig

Get back to us when you finish. Reading.

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This is how I gunslinger

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Never let a questionably sane necromancer claim dominion over a fey realm.
Don't end good.

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What is it, Frisk? Not enough DETERMINATION?

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This is a blue board, take your NSFW elsewhere.

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Go to bed Flowey.

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After the ambush, his sanity hasn't really been the same.

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Hope you enjoy fun games with shitty endings.

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Fucking ShindoL

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I played the fallout and elder scrolls so that is not a problem.

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Yep. All the fucking stories end tragically except like one.

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She is literally trying to steal the PC's soul and destroy mankind. She can eat shit and die.

>best fighter around
I beat her to death with a ballerina shoe. First and second playthroughs.

She also needs to learn to lead her targets. Not sure how she ever hit anything with her spears in the first place, when half the NPCs move much faster than the PC.

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I've only read those two comics about crippled girls which were pretty nice. I get the sense I should be glad I haven't read any others.

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I should also add that when playiNG those games I enjoyed get shamed for being fucking intelegence enough to save everyone and not be a fucking idiot and save the wasteland myself. Instead of sending in, you know, the guys that could survive radiation, what was i thinking, being smart?
Pic related.
because I know 4 will end the exact same way, because Bethesda has no idea of planning post campaign shit.

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I't a bit long but its a perfect fit for my necromancer character.

>> No.43379340

Do it for her.

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>you didn't buy a donut from me for a thousand gold
>so I'm going to murder you, eat your corpse, and sell your soul to the highest bidder

We have a word for that back in the human village. It's called mugging.

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A character willing to help anyone, with seemingly obvious intentions masking whatever true purpose they might have for assisting you, and holding a power truly beyond the imagination of mortal beings.

>> No.43379596

Well considering we almost wiped out the monster race and they're shown to be rather peaceful even after near genocide, It's rather fair I think.


>Papyrus advocating a genocide run

You're a sick fuck.

>> No.43379647

Maiden also best waifu. I mean holy shit, 2cute.

Sucks there's so little good fan art of her.

>> No.43379648

Haven't done a pacifist run yet. Worried that flowey's going to screw the ending.

I... figured it would mean less heartbreak doing genocide before pacifist

>> No.43379667

>read this
>understand why necromancers are usually evil

>> No.43379677

>figured it would mean less heartbreak

I don't even know what to tell you other than you fucked up.

>> No.43379689

You have no idea how fucked you are.

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>> No.43379729

can someone make an angron version please

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>> No.43379765

Anon, it's going make you regret that you ever took up that knife.

Make sure you delete everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Because flowey will remember, chara will remember. Everyone will remember what you did, even after the reset. If you want a truly happy ending, you going to have to have a truly clean slate.

Because you fucked up.

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>> No.43379805

druid 3.5

>> No.43379823


You dumb motherfucker

You fucked up. You fucked up hard.

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>> No.43379848

DA HOOTCH's Legend of Zelda is fucking amazing. That ending is the kind of thing that makes me go sploosh.
I get turned on by snuff, especially when it comes after willing degradation
ShindoL's comic about the cripple girl is super heartwarming and depressing, and not even in his usual way.

Unrelated to everything I just said, this is my image.

>> No.43379850

Thanks, I figured I'd need to delete everything after flowey's final form. Also I killed him, which probably means even more fuckery.

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Ok this looks hilarious. Sauce?

>> No.43379953

you actually got some with that b8

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And you never had to click it again because you always had the tab open, I presume.

>> No.43380022

this is how I battle medic

>> No.43380040

>I can see your SOUL

He has a point, but he's also full of shit.

>> No.43380072

I once went through an entire campaign without killing anyone or anything (human).

Goddamn, that is legitimately good.

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>> No.43380091

Sure alot of necromancers are evil but mine is a good guy, and good necromancers are 100 times more interesting than evil ones :)

at least thats my opinion.

>> No.43380121

Rory go to bed

>> No.43380185

....what the actual fuck?

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What gave it away?

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>> No.43380331

>I can't bring myself to do the Genocide run
nether can I, I can only do it by watching someone do a let's play on youtube of it.

>> No.43380346

Essentially tried to do the best she could for others but she didn't have money or resources. By the end of the campaign she managed to persuade her scumbag lover to try for an honest life. GM has yet to have the heart to tell me if he stays faithful in the after story or leaves her.

>> No.43380397

>watching someone do a let's play
you're not helping your position here

>> No.43380398

Not a ninja, per say, but a cute and fluffy outside with a thousand yard stare if he takes too long in combat. Hence.

>> No.43380405

>>not MGSV.jpg

>> No.43380437

based akumetsu

>> No.43380494

>> No.43380516

That was adorable, thanks

>> No.43380568

Good thing 4chan taught me how to do huge leaps of logic. otherwise I would find most of the actions carried out by the party completely despicable.

>> No.43380569

>> No.43380598

>the world's only honest politician.jpg

>> No.43380620

>>doing their best
you wot

>> No.43380646

That spike went *wayyy* into his leg.
Surgeon Simulator to the rescue.

>> No.43380681

she does a great battle music though. That really made the fight for me

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>> No.43380702

I really, really want a marvel comic where dooms doing his all "yada yada am I the real DOOM or just a doombot ooohhh" thing and the fantastic four are like "how can we ever know?????" And they stumble into the real Dr Doom at the grocery store and he's totally forgiven Reed and it turns out every single appearance of doom has just been a robot he made in his edgy college phase or a robot that robot built or a robot THAT robot built etc. Like, his "I'm so cool and smart and awesome I'm just misunderstood and not at all a jackass" phase got immortalized and he looks at it like someone would their old emo poetry.

>> No.43380707

> people call then statesmen, anon, they don't exist, sadly.

>> No.43380715

>posting pattern
>willing snuff and degradation

Pretty obvious.

>> No.43380718

>> No.43380723

Surgery is subtle when you're working with soft tissues - bones actually need saw and hammer sometimes.

>> No.43380741

I'm the bear.

>> No.43380744

Then, at the end of that issue, they reveal that THAT doom is actually a Doombot who just retired early.

>> No.43380758

Well I don't know who YOU are :T

Although as always I have my suspicions.

>> No.43380759

I'm playing a rouge.

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>> No.43380838

>try to be hardass distributor of JUSTICE
>party never does anything reprehensible enough to warrant more than me and our LG cleric going "guys come on..."
>focus on dispensing all of my JUSTICE to the enemy instead while buffing my friends

>> No.43380872

Why can no one on this god forsaken website spell Rogue correctly? Unless you mean you're playing a make-up kit component or the color red.

I'm sorry anon, I've been here for years and this has just been building up in me over all that time. I understand it's an easy mistake but I just can't take it anymore.

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>> No.43380993

This is why every English speaker should learn very basic child tier French.

>> No.43381034

shut up frenchie, s'il vous plait

>> No.43381042

and German too. two largest influences on the language. Duolingo make it easy

>> No.43381052

At least one of us is making The Light proud, I'm pretty sure my guy is wanted in the 3 cities he's been already, even if he hasn't spilled a single drop of blood.

>tfw take bludgeoneer to do non-lethal damage and offer repentance to my beaten foes
>tfw it doesn't matter because my foes are killed by a single attack from my party members afterwards or while I soften them up.

>> No.43381210

Which hurt you more?

Killing Papyrus, or killing Sans?

>> No.43381308

I'm not that guy, but Papyrus is what'd stop me. I couldn't care less about Toriel, mainly because mother figures don't interest me in games, but Papyrus is by far one of my favourite characters.

I wish I had friends like him.

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>> No.43381539

Now, I generally hate to use autism as an insult, because most people on the internet don't seem to understand what it is, but...

Are you suggesting that a poster who made a typo is autistic when you're flipping out over the typo? Or are you poking fun at yourself?

>> No.43381840

It's fucking magnificent you swine!



>> No.43381885

>going for anything other than No Mercy
They're not people.

>> No.43381902

Not him but I'm gonna guess he didn't notice the gif that went along with said picture.
He essentially fell for the bait.

>> No.43381968


>> No.43382218

I should try to play a character like Papyrus someday. Jovial all the time, puts his all into everything, forgives everyone even when they're trying to kill him. Weird and kindof stupid. Always goes for the nonlethal takedown.

He wouldn't last five minutes.

>> No.43382219

I'm surprised I have so many Filenames that work for this thread.

No, I think it was just a typo. The gif was saying that his Rogue is cautious and paranoid.

>> No.43382247

To be fair I'm pretty sure that's from like the 3rd Spider-Man story made so a pretty long time ago

Or is the story I'm thinking of a crocodile person

>> No.43382341

>> No.43382508

>> No.43382836

>> No.43382978

>Augustus Sol Invictus runs for senate.png

>> No.43383258


>> No.43383340

Wrong thread mate. Go check the game finder thread.

>> No.43383470

Is this all there is? I coulda sworn there were more of these somewhere.

>> No.43383590

>> No.43383638

>> No.43383660

No, but that's probably because they're all dying of dysentery.

>> No.43383677

> Reed Richards' machine.
He then proceeds to not use it.

>> No.43383695

>> No.43383750

>> No.43383913

Because all cancer is actually bleedover from the cancer dimension.

No, I'm not fucking with you, this is actually canon.

>> No.43383934

It really says something that what is apparently the answer is indistinguishable from you just fucking with us.

>> No.43383946

>>I can see your soul
It wasn't meant to be literal. The idea is that Lex sees Superman as flaunting his powers, regardless of whether or not Supes actually is.

>> No.43383959

Ever since the rich guy's petty childhood rival stole our wish and made himself the god/king of the entire world it's pretty much been this.

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>> No.43383976

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>> No.43384019

>> No.43384052

Oh for fuck's sakes.

>> No.43384154

I often put $ on the wrong side for English.

>> No.43384196

But anon all arabs deserve that...

>> No.43384223

I just realized that Sans would have been an incredibly easy Halloween costume. Pretty much just a skeleton mask and a blue hoodie.

>> No.43384717

The Cancerverse doesn't actually cause cancer in the MU. It's just an alternate dimension where Death was killed by the Many Angled Ones and as such is basically one giant organism.

>> No.43385200

Actually, at one point some villains (or maybe it was S.H.I.E.L.D.; but same difference) invented a cancer-curing bullet in an attempt to assassinate Deadpool.

I raged pretty hard at that one. So. Many. Levels. Of. Rage.

>> No.43385238


Ah, the /pol/acky is here. Do you really need tone make this a game of bingo? I got "indoctrination" "traditional values and families," Something that implies the jews, and something against diversity. I'm one away.

Or maybe you just scream "Brainwashed! Idiots! Sheeple!" Until someone calls you out so you can repeat "Don't call me brainwashed!11"

>> No.43385277


You know, I think they're missing the point of the game in this artwork. It's not about the protagonist being an edgy little shit with"dark eyes, blood, and a knife." It's about how you lose your empathy when you don't see them as people, but instead as enemies. The game, even in genocide, is too innocent to have over the top grimdark.

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>> No.43385524

Yuugato Club=>Kaname>Sumizome

>> No.43385534

Sorry m8

>> No.43385808

Each time you come back, Sans says that he can tell how many times he's beaten you by how frustrated you look. Plus I'd say that the picture pretty accurately shows how the player is feeling by that point.

>> No.43385867

Is Sans a hard boss?

>> No.43385917

>Is Sans a hard boss?

>> No.43385995

>But it's not like people beleive superman to cure cancer by punching it,

Actually in one recent very shitty run, Superman starts just waking around the united States because some woman gets pissed at him in public because exactly this. Her husband died of cancer, and she blames superman by proxy, because he should've seen it or something.

>> No.43386043

here's your reply

>> No.43386066

Fuck, image limit reached that fast?

>> No.43386090

So Lex was right then?

>> No.43386120

Its a good thing you can buy one for 7 g at the start of the game and save it for that fight.

>> No.43386278

That ending was hot.

>> No.43386292

>playing as a jain in ckii

>> No.43386349

you're gonna have a bad time

>> No.43386448

I've never played Undertale. I don't know if I want to.

>> No.43386523

so ive never played the game, but this guy sans is like laid back and super chill? The comic relief?
Does this mean he's Comic Sans?

>> No.43386599

He also talks in Comic Sans so yeah I'm pretty sure that's the joke.

>> No.43386866

That's exactly it.

He's a sentry, but he sleeps at his posts, or uses them to enact different pranks/scams. He's also secretly insanely powerful and intelligent.

I'm playing a dwarf bard that's pretty much exactly like him. Slacker/scam artist with a heart of gold.

>> No.43387014

That black guard is how all of /tg/ paladins.

>> No.43388536

Wakanda and Norman Osborn have both discovered the cure.

Wakanda doesn't hand it out to anyone, but their citizens, because they're isolationist assholes

And Norman only developed it to kill Deadpool and never gave it to anyone else because he's Norman Osborn.

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