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Why are brown elves so fucking superior?

Post brown elves

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It's because you have shitty taste, anon. Literally.

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And yet you come and post a brown elf.

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There's nothing wrong with having a shitty taste.

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If everyone likes it is it shit taste?

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Absolutely. Consider Twilight, or fifty shades of gay.

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because human brains are hardwired to seek out the most diverse mate possible (which still fulfills requirements for attractiveness) in order to give your offspring really diverse immuno-responses.

for white people, brown skin counts big time

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Really? gonna need some sort of theory name so I can look that up.

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Is that why Japanese girls like gaijin boys?

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>For white people brown skin counts big time
Only if you're a filthy nigger fucker. Keep the blood pure.

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>for white people, brown skin counts big time
No, it does not. Whatever your personal preferences are, you will see 95% of white people going for their own race.

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Yeap. Natural instinct for diversity to stop the stagnation of the gene pool, both metaphorically and literally.

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Hi pol

i believe the term is 'oil driller'

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>In the Forgotten Realms, the setting which AD&D used as its flagship, two of the five major Elven subraces were brown
>Sun Elves, the most magically powerful of the elves were known as Bronze or Brown skinned with light or golden hair
>Wild Elves, also known as wood elves, tended to have brown skin with flecks of green or green areas near the extremities, they were physically tougher than other elve subraces

>However due to TSR being afraid of marketing anything that wasn't a Strong White Male, we rarely saw characters that were not.

So is it safe to say terrible marketing and dare I say, a fear of inclusion, led to the fact that most people don't know the biggest D&D setting had brown elves since the 80s?
With artists and most writers told to ignore that shit, it make sense why there's no recognition.

It gets even worse when you look into some of the religions of the Realms, few people could tell you that one of the most famous Sun Bros is a brown skinned girl whose family was from the jungles of Chult.

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This whole thread. Better than anything on /d/ right now.

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that's a really deep-down part of it, the higher level view is because japan just likes american culture a lot.

this is generally a really bad idea for a laundry list of reasons.

that's largely cultural, especially in america were there's a pretty big culture divide between "black americans" and "white americans". if you met a black girl that "acted mostly white", she'd get big bonus points in your subconscious because of how different she is physically

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as an example, take most of the elves in this thread and just make their skin color more white. i guarantee the image will somehow seem more "boring"

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>It gets even worse when you look into some of the religions of the Realms, few people could tell you that one of the most famous Sun Bros is a brown skinned girl whose family was from the jungles of Chult.


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>that's largely cultural
And I'm out. Gonna fap to this thread and then leave. It would be nice if you had some trip so I could hide your posts and enjoy this thread a while longer, but we can not always have nice things.

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did you have an answer to >>43370801 ?

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your frontal lobe doesn't like change and doesn't like different things, usually.

and let's be real, going cross SPECIES to elves will give some seriously diverse immunoresponse, brown elves even more than that.

there's also a couple studies showing that "mixed" kids in general end up being more attractive to more people

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there's a couple good citations attached to this section

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you first

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It's not one umbrella theory, there's assortive mating and disassortive mating theories, look up mate diversity on pretty much academic / journal site and you'll find a few

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>there's also a couple studies showing that "mixed" kids in general end up being more attractive to more people

lefty /pol/ fuck off with your propoganda

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It's money. Within TTRPGs white males tend to predominate. Our demographic is large, so a lot of marketing is going to be aimed at us. The companies market to where the money is. It's just good business.

The numbers have been changing over time though. The female demographic has been growing since about the 90's, and since this gets bundled together with comics and video games as 'nerd culture' interest in TTRPGS has been growing along with them over the last few years in circles outside the usual grognard base.

The growing pains haven't been near as bad is comics or VGs though, since it's a bit more involved than buying the materials. Thank whatever god you care to name, since it means the discourse on the subject remains fairly civil here.

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So that's why furries are a thing, they just want to breed immunological Ubermensch.

And they're also wierdos and freaks, but that's just a given

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All elves are great, but I prefer classic blonde high elves

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I don't like elves at all.

I prefer gnomes, dwarves, halflings, or even kobolds and goblins over elves.

I like 'em short. Makes my dick seem bigger.

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/pol/ please don't strawman

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not my fault he's a bigot

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Brown elves are nice for a change but you can't beat the original.

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Now this is fairly plain vanilla taste, although I can relate even if I prefer Irish ginger elves myself.

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But everyone doesn't like those.

In fact, a lot of people actively dislike them.

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Nothing wrong with wanting to fuck QTs of all colors

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A lot of people actively dislike elves too, what of it.

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I can't help but think of her as a trap because of this doujin.

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>people posting generic brown elves with light colored hair
>people posting drows unironically
>wanting to see a brown or black elf that doesnt have vomit inducing white or blonde hair

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I'm going to need some sauce

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I want to smell an elf butt.

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I think he's referring to Holly Ha<something>

She's in one of the early harpers books, and later on helped with some god shit.

But her parentage was from Zakhara, iirc.

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Brown Elves went out of style with imperialism

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I was just pointing out that twilight and 50 shades of grey don't have universal acclaim.

That's all.

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>going nopan in this outfit

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>inb4 ten thousand posts about how all elves are sluts
It's just warm where they live. And they move a lot.

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What does it smell like?

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Like a butt

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Probably not very different from a human's...

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>because japan just likes american culture a lot.
Still no.

Most Japanese folks will be marrying other Japanese folks because the vast majority of Japanese are IN Japan, which is one of the single least ethnically diverse countries on planet earth.

If you meet a Japanese girl out of Japan, you might be more likely to find her into you if social pressures don't keep her from doing so; this isn't because of any special genetic bias or attraction to white guys over asians, but because in a lot of places Asian guys have what I'vs heard called PAMS (Passive Asian Male Syndrome), and while being nice is good being totally spineless is not, especially when you're passive and yet still deeply and heavily objectify women like Japan does as well as most parts of China.
A lot Asian girls I've known date white guys simply because they want to NOT be anywhere involved in dating Asian men because it locks them into what I've heard one call an "Asian Bubble" where in effect they don't ever know and meet anyone outside of their pre-approved culture.
This is only speaking to girls I've known here in the US; in Japan or China this might not be true simply because they aren't exposed to any other cultures whereas in the US there's really no such thing as an "all-Asian high school" and thus they know that objectifying women while still somehow being passive is NOT necessarily the cultural norm.

Then again, apparently Japan as a country is having less sex then any other country on earth and they're literally dying a little bit each year as less children are born then people are dying, so who knows?

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And so neither do elves in general, or brown elves in particular

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That's a big picture.

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Bro, you trippin'

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High elf butt smells like mint.
Brown elf butt smells like the jungle.
Drow elf butt smells like dominance.

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A picture can't be big enough when its a picture of a big blue butt.

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I just find that in real life the actual explanations for things aren't elaborate shit like "genetics" and such, just boring and simplistic stuff that you can find out by actually asking people about it.
It's actually kinda depressing; the first explanation is usually the correct one AND the dullest of all.

I can't speak to what's going on in China, just amongst Chinese-Americans and Japan since I've some long-term friends there.

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Nicer. Elves are probably cleaner

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/tg/ you don't even need other boards anymore.

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That's a big butt

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I don't know if this is due to my connection but I really have problems loading it fully.

I want to experience this butt.

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Drow elf butt smells best then, followed by high elf butt

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Never mind, it worked.

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I think it's funny how much higher quality the butt is compared to, say the face. He clearly had a body model picture open for the ass.

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>Having elves in your setting
>Making them brown
You know how I know your setting sucks?

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What does dominance smell like?

Honestly I do figure they'd smell more like a fresh breeze

Good thing you like it then, out of the three, those are the most likely to use a human face as a chair

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No that's actually real stuff going on.

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This. Drow are vastly superior to brown elves (though the two stacked ones in OP's pic are nice).

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>What does dominance smell like?

You'll have to get it's permission to sniff it to find out.

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For you

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Honestly I think Twilight and fifty shades get a lot of shit because people judge them on what they're not.
It's female masturbation aid. Which means it's literature in the same way Ron Jeremy fixing the plumbing is movies.
Neither is going to win awards based on the merit of the story, but they do what they're supposed to, which is getting dicks hard and slits wet.

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What, you don't like half-jap half-white girls?

>> No.43372010

I know that on tumblr fifty shades gets a ton of hate because it's an abusive dom/sub relationship rather than a healthy one.

But, I mean, rape fantasies are a thing so I don't see why that's any different.

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>brown elf thread
>/pol/ starts up

Every time.

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Well, it's also universally hated by a lot of the people on FetLife and other BDSM circles for the same reasons.

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What a shitty word for the female genitalia, but they all seem to be shit in english.

>> No.43372055

Every half-caucasian half-japanese girl I've seen has been smoking hot.

>> No.43372077

Seriously this. It makes ERP difficult.

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But what if you've already been ordered to lay down cause she's gonna use your face as her seat?

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Yeah I know, I paused a bit trying to find a better one. Vaginas was a bit to clinical, beaver suggest hairy, cunt makes people butthurt.

Get it together english speaking world, we need a good causal term for vagina.

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box isn't that bad. Neither is whispering eye if your poetically inclined

Also, sea elf is best elf

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Then you shouldn't be asking questions. Furniture doesn't talk.

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Pussy is the only one that's even remotely sexy, and I don't even like it. I just recognize that it's the least shit.

>> No.43372279

Cunny? Box? Ravine? Love Canal? That one from that one Maya Angelou book that I can't seem to remember

>> No.43372282

>cunt makes people butthurt

Depends. My wife prefers it as a name for genitals, but just doesn't like it used as a term of abuse. I.E., 'I love your cunt,' or 'she got kicked in the cunt' is fine, but '"Oh my god I'm such a cunt," cunted the cunt, cuntishly' isn't.

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Rape fantasies are done under controlled environments where you can trust your partner to stop when you ask them too.

In Fifty Shades the dom had all of the control because he just didn't stop when his sub asked for it. In reality, in a healthy BDSM experience, the sub actually has all the power because the scene starts and stops when their comfort level hits its break point.

>> No.43372327

Pussy. Also, cunt is fine when it's being used to talk about pussy. It's like the difference between using the word dick to talk about dicks and calling someone a dick.

>> No.43372342

What's the shorthand for this half-breed so I can look it up?

>> No.43372343

Can someone explain what the rape part is? I thought this book was all about the bdsm and in the few short parts I read she loved all of it.

Does it happen in the beginning and she falls afterwards for him?

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He basically forces her to sign a contract that says that she does what he wants, when he wants, and she has no choice in when it ends. He stalks her, taps her phone, and violates her privacy against her permission. This is not okay in a BDSM relationship unless the sub and dom agree to it, and it stops when the sub wants it to stop. That's the point. You need to be mature to be a dom, because you NEED to be able to stop when the sub says so.

Gray was not mature. He couldn't stop. He was overly domineering against the wishes of "his sub," and it wound up turning into rape at the end. The only reason she liked it and fell in love with him is because the author understands none of what I am telling you.

>> No.43372424

Yeah my bad. I meant rape fantasies as in fictional, imagined things rather than roleplaying it out.
Like, as a movie it seems like that'd be the same thing.

Although I guess it might be that the movie is a "first taste" for a lot of people and could cause bad mimicking.

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Thanks. Sounds like some mind-break doujin.

>> No.43372463

You wouldn't imagine.

>> No.43372478

Better question: Why are most brown-elf pics animoo and why do animoo characters have tiny noses, huge eyes and lipless face slits. Always makes characters look like they have down syndrome.

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>rape fantasies as in fiction, imagined things rather than roleplaying it out
Those pretty much always stay fantasies. Hardly anyone actually likes rape, and I can tell you from personal experience that, having talked to my wife and women I dated before her, rape fantasies are always something that they never want to actually experience. My wife was only into the idea of roleplaying a rape fantasy after several years of a very solid and trustworthy sexual relationship.

>it might be that the movie is a "first taste" for a lot of people and could cause bad mimicking
That's the point of why anyone who is even vaguely familiar with BDSM realizes that this is a horrible, horrible piece of media to expose to anyone who is curious. It's unhealthy. It's horrible and ethically disgusting, written by someone who has no idea what she's doing.

It's the sexual equivalent of that woman who basically advises feeding kids bleach (MMS) to cure their autism with toxic enemas. It's absolutely disgraceful.

Yes. Exactly. We can read mind-break doujins and find it sexy because it's fake cartoons. But I would never ever imagine doing that to my wife or any other real person. It's disgusting.

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Because too many neckbeards today grew up in the anime. They were born in it, molded by it.

>> No.43372511

Because this >>43371294 is a lot harder to draw and paint than this >>43370625. They both require talent, but one of them requires far more so.

>> No.43372514

If you really want some lulzy commentary on how 50 Shades works and how the author's a hack, look for caps of the twitter "feud" between the author of 50 Shades and Mara Wilson (the actress from "Matilda" and "Mrs. Doubtfire").

She basically points out that the author didn't even fucking bother to read the basic Wikipedia article on BDSM before she had her shit published. ...then again, it's to be expected when the original draft of 50 Shades was a Twilight fanfiction.

>> No.43372528

It's funny how cunt and pussy both refer to the same part of a woman's anatomy, but when used as an insult they both have very different connotations.

>> No.43372538

Language is pretty cool like that. Pussy was something I always found funny too, because cats aren't actually that afraid of much. They're brave to the point of stupidity.

>> No.43372559

I hate it so much, on both ends of the spectrum. Tumblr and /pol/ are two sides of the same coin, I don't like it when either of them get involved with my hobbies because everything they touch turns to shit. You can't have a simple chocolate elf thread without people bringing up theories about people preferring interracial breeding or some shit, and then other people reflexively bitching about niggers and jews, sometimes it's the other way around as well.


>> No.43372586

Then google chocolate elves, dude. Not all of this conversation is bad.

>> No.43372604

That elf is not nearly chocolate enough.

>> No.43372616

Plus, "rape fantasies" are almost always 'fantasies of having sex with someone they already want to have sex with, who initiates sex with them in a forceful but enjoyable manner to which they'd consent in theory, and they'd actually stop if they wanted them to'.

This is almost always what women actually mean when they say 'rape fantasies', but it gets interpreted in the media and otherwise as 'BOY WOMEN ALL REALLY WANNA BE RAPED BUT THEY SAY RAPE IS BAD ISN'T THAT CRAZY?'.

It makes things rather confusing when people think 'rape fantasies' mean 'actually being raped by some horrible rapist'.

>> No.43372626

I just want to remind you that the first one who raised his voice was tumbr this time.

>> No.43372684

>Why are brown elves so fucking superior?

because people that like them will never stop talking about how great their fetish is whenever they possibly can

example: making a thread exclusively about your fetish in a board about traditional games

>> No.43372703

This is probably the most important aspect of what I was getting at in >>43372483. Rape fantasies aren't really "rape" fantasies. It's effectively just an "aggressive sex" fantasy with someone who she finds attractive anyway. And it has the included safety net of--and I really, really cannot emphasize this enough--when she says "stop," her partner will stop.

>> No.43372708

Hey, I learned a lot about 50 shades of grey and the english language through this thread.

>> No.43372722

>superior fucking

Orc women are better though

>> No.43372731

/tg/ should start a clothing store for high school kids and call it Off Topic.

>> No.43372733


I like blonde white elves with my dark skinned characters. White guys and brown elves, brown/black guys and white elves. Yellow guys with blue elves.

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>> No.43372796


I'm sure that nothing but nice things and polite compliments happen to her.

>> No.43372808

Dude, /tg/ has been like this since 2009. What rock did you crawl out from

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>> No.43372858 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.43372868

That's not an Orc. That's a slut dyed green.

>> No.43372876

...that's why I made the joke.

>> No.43372877

Let's call orcs green mean elves, and post more.

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>> No.43372903

Thats a green elf.
I can tell by looking at her asshole

>> No.43372905

Lime elves?

Eat your greens?

>> No.43372906

As a British guy I can speak from experience when I stayed in Hong Long Asian girls wanted to jump my bones purely for being British.

>> No.43372917

>you will see 95% of white people going for their own race.
Counterpoint: The prevalence of Yellow Fever.

>> No.43372920

I apologize, I thought you were being an asshole instead of just joking. I've just been getting tired of the occasional Nazimod Apologists

That's not an irc, that a tumblr slut with body paint and fake teeth

>> No.43372936

>Why are brown elves so fucking superior?

Elven grace and looks but less prudish and arrogant.

Though some people get a kick out of haughty, stuffy vanilla elves.

>> No.43372960

3% asians, 2% hispanics, 1% everything else.

I'm pulling these numbers out of my ass but you might get what I mean

>> No.43372961

That's okay. I do know that there's a big difference between off-topic discussion and open shitposting.

>> No.43373023

Teasing a haughty, prideful high elf and nibble her ears until she melts in my arms is my fetish.

>> No.43373056

If only they were occasional.

>> No.43373058

I think it really helps when places like China and Japan legitimately have massive gender descrimination issues, and in China it's particularly bad because they weren't pressured at any point to not treat women like garbage by American occupation so they don't even have the surface desire to appeal to that.

I mean in the Japanese Diet when one of the only women serving there tried to speak they jeered and literally did the Japanese equivalent of calling her a whore right there in public on the Diet floor when speaking until she shut up.

>> No.43373104

Fucking USA Mang, and they shit racial system. Do it right or not at all.
Pro tip, all of them are hispanics in this pic.

>> No.43373136

>if everyone likes it
Speak for yourself

>> No.43373227

>Generally a really bad idea for a laundry list of reasons
I bet you're some liberal arts nigger or someone who doesn't live in the Midwest. There are more incentives for a white person to seek out another white person.

>> No.43373249 [DELETED] 

Weeaboo off topic shitposting is open shitposting.

We need nazimod return, these cancerous whyfoo and fapbait threads are garbage and only kill this board as fast as the quest shit.

>> No.43373269

I got dark skin so I'm attracted to white girls more than anything else

>> No.43373294

Yep, happily so.
Yep, happily so.
Nope, not a nigger fucker.

>> No.43373303

Where can I buy an orc like that?
Mine always look like this.

>> No.43373313

oh pol

>> No.43373324

that's literally just a spray painted elf

>> No.43373329

>Olive skin

that's better tho

>> No.43373343

No, you can't have nice things for accepting interracial shit.

>> No.43373360


>> No.43373368

betterer even

>> No.43373378

I need sauce on this, it looks hilarious.

>> No.43373383

That looks more like a Hobgoblin tbh fam

>> No.43373384

/tg/ has been full of quests since 2009. The waifu and fapbait threads are slightly older.

>> No.43373428 [DELETED] 

And they should have never come here in the first place.

What's your point? They're not /tg/, and they're cancer. Period.

>> No.43373434

Because early anime took heavily from Disney and over the years adapted the style

>> No.43373438

The Strain

it's a Del Toro thing so you know expect all the good and bad that comes with that.

Dat Angel de la Plata though

>> No.43373457

There are things better left unsaid, or not thought about.

>> No.43373469

Snu snu always best
Second only to bone cracking snu snu

>> No.43373471


>> No.43373501

Yours is better looking though

>> No.43373539

Of course, same for this one.

>> No.43373558

/tg/ is a containment board for quest threads. That's why there are so many /a/ quests. The mods kick them off other boards and send them here.

>> No.43373606

>> No.43373610 [DELETED] 

/tg/ should never be a containment board for shitposting, weebfaggotry, and cancer.

>> No.43373655

Quests should go to wherever the erp threads got booted off to.
It's basically the same thing.

>> No.43373675

This is not how I remember the lithe and graceful elves.

>> No.43373677

>> No.43373702

Anon, let me remind you that /tg/ was established as a containment board for 40k. While there's was weeb about that, shitposting and cancer were granted from the get-go.

>> No.43373704

Nazimod was a bigger cancer who turned the entire board into a dead wasteland where anrthing that wasn't Spess Mahrine spamming was banned. there was no writefagging, no world building, nor any actual discussion about roleplay advice.

I'll gladly take the weebs over nazimod any day, and right now you're acting like an even bigger shitposter than the weebs on this board

>> No.43373722

>Detest brown girls
>Love brown elves more than cumskins
Explain this witchcraft.

>> No.43373738


>> No.43373749

That's a load of horseshit parroted by faggots that enjoy shitposting. We did not start out as a containment board for weekly thread based on a nerdy, not well known UK-based hobby.

>> No.43373750

Instead now we have writefagging/world building, but they don't get any posts because it's buried by a sea of weeb shitposting, whyfoo faggotry, /a/ quests, etc.

I'd rather it be 24/7 40k, because at least that's actually a traditional game. Get fucked weeb cancer.

>> No.43373760

What a heck happened to Ibarera?

>> No.43373761

Because, for the most part, drawn brown girls are just white girls with tinted skin. You don't get the wonkey face of anyone of west African decent.

>> No.43373771

They look like white girls with brown skin.

The facial structure of the brown elf is not different from the vanilla elf.

Also 2D>3D

>> No.43373777

It's because, ignoring the color, they always have caucasian features.

It's pretty much bullshit.

>> No.43373783

they haven't set up a ethnic neighborhood in your city/town?

>> No.43373786

I think it's hilarious that there's nothing you can do about this.

>> No.43373795

>We did not start out as a containment board for weekly thread based on a nerdy, not well known UK-based hobby.
Warhammer Wednesday threads are what brought to m00t's attention that there was an audience for traditional games. You're wrong, I was there.

>> No.43373820

>Instead now we have writefagging/world building, but they don't get any posts
Then maybe you should spend time making content and actually contributing to topics you like than whining about badwrongfun, bumping these threads, and giving the weebs vindication you retard.

Hell, I take part in world building threads and discussion, and they are a lot of fun and really enjoyable. You just need to learn not to be a butthurt brat and worrying about how some random group of faceless strangers might be doing something your not interested in.

>> No.43373837

Yes and no. Warhammer Wednesdays and the furry fight were a thing on /b/. Those provided some of the impetus behind the creation of /tg/

But to call it a containment board, there's the misnomer. There were a bunch of people who liked board-/card-/wargames and RPG's back then and thei got their on place. Yep, that's it.

>> No.43373854

I kinda want to lick that ass.

>> No.43373860

How you want the universe to be and how it actually is are two very different things.

>> No.43373870

Wat. Is this a real racial slur?

>> No.43373874

>You should contribute to topics you like
I did. Those topics no longer exist because they were always buried by the quest threads. They went from having an active community to no-one in under 6 months.

This is what happens when you create specific boards for specific topics, but don't actually enforce rules and let anything go anywhere.

>> No.43373903

>fifty shades gets a ton of hate because it's an abusive dom/sub relationship

I never really got why this was such a big problem. Sure, BDSM relationships in real life aim to be safe, sane and consensual and all that shit because they happen between real people. But I wouldn't hold a BDSM fantasy to that same standard, you're allowed to write fictional stuff where the rights of fictional characters are violated. Unless you live in fucking Australia, at least.

>> No.43373926

>They went from having an active community to no-one in under 6 months.
That's bullshit, because I still participate in them to this day.

You're just delusional and seeking to create hyperbole to justify your butthurt.

>> No.43373939

I think the issue is that since it became mainstream it was the introduction for a lot of normies, so they didn't know anything about what a dom/sub relationship is SUPPOSED to be and would think the movie is how it's supposed to work.

>> No.43373946

>Your hometown will never be ground up and pulverized between a giant brown elf's massive tits

>> No.43373952

See >>43372483 and what it was responding to. It gives people who actually want to get into BDSM the wrong idea of what it is because it's absolutely NOT BDSM.

>> No.43373971

He's either an autist or a troll, either way ignore him

>> No.43373988 [DELETED] 

You said threads you like, dipshit. The threads that I started, contributed to, and built up had a life cycle of less than a year. It took dedicated teams of people to keep the threads bumped. Otherwise people didn't know they existed.

Why? Because quest threads, ERP faggotry, smut, and whyfoo faggotry.

>> No.43373989

To my understanding, the BDSM is not really the main point of 50 Shades, "poor woman will do virtually anything for validation from a rich man" is.

>> No.43374007

I don't blame you for wanting to live in an escapist fantasy but most boards grew from /b/ as containment.

>> No.43374039


>> No.43374064

>needing things to be "contained"

It's more that subjects had proven they would be better off with a dedicated board. It's not like /b/ has any specific subject matter to protect.

>> No.43374099


>> No.43374154

I think for white people maybe? I ve never heard of it before tbh

>> No.43374183

Let me tell you about /pol/, a magical place for friends and fun.

>> No.43374185

That's because "racial slurs" aimed at majorities don't really have any weight behind them. It's hard to take "cracker" seriously.

>> No.43374218

What threads in particular?
Maybe your ideas are just boring?

>> No.43374254

>It's hard to take "cracker" seriously.
If I as a black person am completely honest, all racial slurs sound silly.


If you forget what the words mean and just listen to the sounds in isolation, they all sound fucking hilarious.

There will never be a time when calling someone a nigger has the same gravitas as calling someone a dork

>> No.43374255

Black woman played elf in some DnD movie IIRC.

>> No.43374264

I dunno it seems particularly hurtful whenever they call somebody a honky or a cracker on Stratovsky and Hutch

>> No.43374280

just say you're black what are they going to do? respond with a burning lower case t?

>> No.43374285

Or maybe the thread, like all legitimate on topic threads, got derailed or buried by a sea of shitposting and weebfaggotry.

>> No.43374287

From the 3.5 PHB:
>They have the same range of complexions as humans, tending more toward tan or brown hues. A typical elf’s hair color is dark brown, autumn orange, mossy green, or deep gold. Elves’ ears are long and pointed, and their eyes are vibrant blue, violet, or green.

Apparently D&D elves DEFAULT to brown.

Why don't we ever see that in the art?

>> No.43374309

Di you really have no problem with nigger? Honest question.

>> No.43374315

>"Wah my thread died and I'm butthurt"
>meanwhile I'm having a jolly good time in the Ecology threads and "share your setting threads
Must suck to have autism, you have my pity. Maybe if you learned to lurk, search, and observe threads you'd learn to have more fun and not ram aluminum rods up your anus

>> No.43374330

>Y-Your race used to own mine! So there, Nyah!
>Your race built western civilization while mine was addicted to opium! We were hot shit 300 years ago!
>Two hundred of your ancestors slaughtered our entire civilization and colonized us because we never invented the wheel! You guys suck so hard lol!

The only anti-white insults that work are South African ones, because those guys are genuinely fucked. Even then, Zimbabwe is so fucking pathetic that nothing any of them say can be taken seriously. These days they're begging the white man to come back and grow their crops for them.

Pls big bad boer, we know you can farm, it's literally in the name, w-we've got clogs and mayonnaise for you! Wait, please mister Musk, don't go to space, don't leave us behind, we'll pay you like twelve cents if you teach us how to plant potatoes!

>> No.43374338

>I'll take Strawmanning for 600, Alex

>> No.43374350

>I like when everyone shitposts and posts off topic cancer where it doesn't belong, please fuck my anus with a thorned cock

Whatever you say, fag.

>> No.43374361


this one?

>> No.43374373

Not really no. Of course, if it's used as an insult then it's obviously insulting, but I wouldn't mind being called a double nigger by some friends if I mess something up.

It's just a word, to me the intention behind it is a lot more important.

>Outsource the printing of PHBs to Japan
>It's full of brown elves
>Somehow they have +5 tentacle resistance

>> No.43374379


>> No.43374395

Depends, is that a woman or man with a boobplate?

>> No.43374421

Frankly I look forward to seeing what the Chinese do to Africa. I doubt they'll make the same mistakes.

>> No.43374427

The passivity is probably why all the porn is made, they seek novelty and can't find I for real, there culture is basically a bunch of repressed beta males, * I do not mean this as an insult I'm simply extrapolating*

>> No.43374428

So you have no examples?

>> No.43374430

In most polls it still comes up as most widely played, so why the hell it shouldn't be?

>> No.43374431

>setting ecology and sharing
>literally world building
Now I know your trolling, or your just genuinely retarded. Do you even visit other threads without aiming to shitpost on them! Please leave /tg/, you are clearly incapable of providing anything of value to any form of discussion, and go back to sucking your boyfriend's (pic related) salty cock

>> No.43374451

No, he even thinks the setting ecology thread is off topic. He's clearly an idiot autist with anger issues

>> No.43374456

Because we have good tastes?

>> No.43374518

/tg/ has been like this since the first few months of it's existence. This is not a new development.

Actually, I'll take that back. It's BETTER than it used to be. There's way less blogging and almost no avatar fagging anymore. Remember all the 40k-chan waifus that aren't around anymore? Do you want them back?

>> No.43374541


>> No.43374547


Turns out the etymology of 'pussy' leads it back to some archaic slang for 'princess.'

>> No.43374574

They didn't see any actual people until they were men, and by then it was nothing to them but 3DPD.

>> No.43374594


>> No.43374610

>Remember all the 40k-chan waifus that aren't around anymore? Do you want them back?
They were fun and we had many drawfags and writefags making stuff about them
That was a good time

>> No.43374612

Oh. Well, that's fine then.

Cata-chan did have dat gap.

>> No.43374743

Greaser is a racial slur? I thought it was those guys in the 40s with the slicked back hair.
Though I suppose you could call anyone with a cultural propensity to do the same thing a greaser.

>> No.43374844 [DELETED] 

Where did I ever say ecology and worldbuilding are off topic?

Jesus, you weeb shitposters really have a hard time reading.

>> No.43374887

Here >>43374350, you implied it when you said
>>I like when everyone shitposts and posts off topic cancer where it doesn't belong, please fuck my anus with a thorned cock
In response to
>>43374315, particularly
>>meanwhile I'm having a jolly good time in the Ecology threads and "share your setting threads

>> No.43374903

>Brown elf thread
>Barely any brown elves

Let me fix that

>> No.43374928

>> No.43374929 [DELETED] 

I wasn't responding directly to what he said, just the person.

Holy fuck, you really are retarded.

No wonder you've contributed to the death of /tg/.

>> No.43375002

>> No.43375032

aww hell, I should recognise those outfits, but it has been so long and it's some C-grade or D-grade

>> No.43375068

>Curvy brown elves
Godspeed anon

>> No.43375085


it's called fat

>> No.43375095

You'll find sauce on booru

>> No.43375116

Not him, but if the hips are broader than the waist it's not fat.

>> No.43375125

Stop responding to him. He's already been asked to provide examples, and all he did was avoid answering and draw out more responses.

He has contributed nothing of value.

>> No.43375133

Dude, the anorexic skeleton models in the media have really warped people's perception of what is healthy

>> No.43375177

>> No.43375223

I don't care if thats healthy or not, I just want to tongue bath brown elfs like that.

>> No.43375243

Well, that and fat acceptance types who insist that 'having curves' is the same as 'being built like the fucking Michelin Man'.

>> No.43375250

My urge to impregnate shouldn't be so huge when browsing /tg/

>> No.43375264

>> No.43375269

>Wanting to tongue bathe
>Not being tongue bathed by two adventurous dark elves, curious about human nature
>Not wanting to quiver and beg them to stop as their wet, nimble tongues explore the most sensitive parts of your skin

>> No.43375283

>> No.43375306

No , that's normal for /tg/

>> No.43375358

>> No.43375386

Why does she look so tired?

>> No.43375410

Being a maid is hard work.

>> No.43375419

It's from the lack of oxygen.

>> No.43375424

background npc in infinite combo fightan game

>> No.43375431

She works the whole day and some rude human just slapped her ass.

How would you react, knowing that you now have to go upstairs with him?

>> No.43375465

I don't see any cocks blocking her air passages.
Maybe thats the problem?

>> No.43375481

>background npc

>dark elf
>shoulderless sweater
>thigh highs

We almost reached perfection.

>> No.43375523

This one was a waifu made by anons from I forget, maybe this place or /ic/

>> No.43375546


>> No.43375547

I think it was /a/.

>> No.43375555


>> No.43375562


if you guys make another Chimera-fu.......

>> No.43375574

quads confirm brown genki elf childhood friend christmas cake tomboy that wears nothing but sundresses for best brown elf.

>> No.43375583

Well at least they have good taste

>> No.43375589

It's the lack of nose. And yes I'm autistic enough to still be going on about that.

>> No.43375637

Are you blind?

>> No.43375651


>> No.43375685

Blue guys with orange elves.

dabadee dabadie

>> No.43375700

What are you talking about? She has a nose

>> No.43375715

THat's not a baby, that's a midget albino tau without the headslot

>> No.43375750

>tfw no brown genki elf childhood friend christmas cake tomboy

>> No.43375767

What are you on about, it's right >>43375555

>> No.43375775

Dude that's not even remotely true, studies show literally the exact opposite.

>> No.43375791


>> No.43375795

Because you are a weeb.
Seriously, that's all there is to it.

>> No.43375801

Yeah, but not in my apartment

>> No.43375847

My only question is if she's a Christmas cake and a childhood friend, how old are we in the situation? Because even counting for anon's poor social skills, taking that long before getting into a relationship when your ideal waifu is right there seems out of character

>> No.43375850

And you're a dweeb, and also probably gay

>> No.43375869

Time wizardry. Shut up.

>> No.43375876

Maybe she's a few years older and by childhood friend it means she used to babysit you?

>> No.43375880

You know you can't compete with these two beasts

>> No.43375897

Well let's assume she's anon's oneesan and maybe 5-8 years older, and had to move away to lounge around on the beach for a decade or something

>> No.43375908

I was friends with the neighbor's kid's mom growing up

gardening and shooting and shit

>> No.43375920

How old do elf lolis get before they arn't lolis anymore?

>> No.43375933

Military brat would explain that pretty well. Or kid of an anthropologist that got dragged along.

Loli is more of a body type than age, from what I've seen.

>> No.43375990

No need to get buttmad.
I am merely stating an observation. OP asked a question, I answered.

Every single brown elf posted in this thread is in a japanese style, not a single western, northern, or southern.

The reason you think brown elves are the best is because they are preferred by the Japanese. More likely than not you are a white male living in either the US or Europe. ergo, you are a weeaboo.

>> No.43375997

Too big tits

>> No.43376018

>gardening and shooting and shit
I envy you.
I miss shooting, but I can't since I'm not in the military anymore and euro-land won't let me

>> No.43376072

>Every single brown elf posted in this thread is in a japanese style, not a single western, northern, or southern.
Someone post Wakfu to shut this nigger up.

>> No.43376085

>Every single
look again

>> No.43376106

I'm not even a DFC-fag but I must second this. Elves shouldn't be about big tits, not primarly. Doujins are really guilty of this and I'm not even sure why they portray elves as titty-monsters when therer is nothing elfy about them.

>> No.43376162

sucks friend

>> No.43376188

>More likely than not you are a white male living in either the US or Europe

Wrong on both counts, but nice try. Liking a charactertype such as dark elf in and of itself doesn't make you a weeb, just because most of the good art for them comes from nipland. Your shitpost would make some sense if people here were talking about anime and how much they love Japan.

Other types of characters are actually way more preferred by the Japanese and dark elves relatively rare, because they have shit taste.

>> No.43376204

I'm afraid I did, and I report a serious case of sameface. Perhaps African artists can portray the same character with more distinquishable features.

>> No.43376242


also not a brown elf but still: >>43371294

>> No.43376244

DFC is for faggots and pedos. There's a reason its illegal in Australia.

>> No.43376254

What's wrong with you?

>> No.43376273

>Elves shouldn't be about big tits, not primarly.
Says who? Tolkien didn't invent elves, nor does he have a monopoly on their creative depictions.

>> No.43376283

>> No.43376336

I wonder what would be louder, her tits hitting the table as she sits down or my dick hitting the table from below as she sits down.

>> No.43376358

Big breasts are the anathema to what makes elves alluring.
>Powerful yet unassuming
Big breasts would get in the way of all except magic and power.

>> No.43376363

>Table flips over

>> No.43376368

Woa, this is some nice art style.

Anyone has a source? Google onlyy shows me /tg/

>> No.43376387 [SPOILER] 

Here's some pettan anon, you happy now?

>> No.43376389

>Smug titty elf with key
What's the key for?

>> No.43376392

Yet again I'm not a DFC-fag, but I like variety and I like when something fits what it is supposed to portray. When I think about the graceful elves, I don't think about huge knockers and plump asses.

>Says who?
I, but I'm not an authority on this matter and so aren't you. But I can complain and voice my opinion on it.

>Tolkien didn't invent elves
He did invent our modern perception of elves.

>nor does he have a monopoly on their creative depictions
Certainly, he also didn't write doujins about elves getting gang-raped by orcs.

>> No.43376404

My heart

>> No.43376405

Her chastity belt.

>> No.43376406

Your chastity belt

>> No.43376409

Just like to point out that this entire thread does not have a single male brown elf.


>> No.43376423

Her character design was hot as hell but goddamn was that a boring series to watch.

>> No.43376430

There is a normal male elf tho, that should be enough.

>> No.43376439

>''Have you already decided for your partner for tonight?''
>''If you haven't, then...shall I keep you company?''

>> No.43376447

If her tits look like that when they are under clothes, Imagine what the gravity will do to them when they are unleashed

>> No.43376452

>>43376405 has it right anon, you may be wearing it but it belongs to her
Just like your dick does

>> No.43376490

>submitting to wearing a chastity belt
What do you think I am? Some kind of fag?

She finally got her hands on the key and is indescribably excited to finally fuck.

>> No.43376503

>> No.43376509

Naw, greaser is another word for either Italian (especially Italian) or Hispanic (Usually Cuban, Puerto Rican, or some other) ganger, hoodlums basically. Phillipinos too in my area, at least back in the old days. Anybody who looked white but didn't act the same. In Irish neighborhoods like mine, the hate was pretty vicious for a long time. And I live one hell of a long way from Boston or any of the places it got really violent.

And it was also for any poser white boy imitating the style. Fifties-era wiggers.

>> No.43376516


>> No.43376542

>> No.43376557

Too smug, she's gonna have some fun with your captive little dick
And you'll love every second of it

>> No.43376572

>Why am I so flat?

>> No.43376604

Then move here to America! Hell, even move up to Montana, I'll take a pro-gun immigrant over a homegrown Democrat any day.

>> No.43376612

From the outside the US can be fascinating. It's like the barbarians trying to be as roman as possible, but then there are romans that try to be barbarian as possible.

>> No.43376616

Dio is not brown.

>> No.43376620

Because you're still only, like, 60 years old

>> No.43376633

>> No.43376660

Because you're tits will come in sometime after your second century

>> No.43376672

It's true. We're a weird lot, but hey, so was Rome for a varying number of reasons.

>> No.43376673

>> No.43376716

There's some part of me that would really like to, but it seems that my career prospects are tied my native language. So I would have problems getting a job there.

Also there might be some serious shit going on soon in europe and I rather stay and fight

>> No.43376737

>> No.43376740

Nope. Better to die on my feet than live on my knees, regardless of the situation or woman involved.

Again, fuck you for assuming everyone is a sub on this board. Faggot.

>> No.43376757

>read that as treasons

>> No.43376767

>thread is dying
Post really lewd things.

>> No.43376779

>not being a siwtch

>> No.43376780

Where? checked the whole thread.

>> No.43376785

>Better to die on my feet than live on my knees,
>When talking about femdom
A bit dramatic aren't you?

New thread when?

>> No.43376787

>> No.43376822

>Thread dying

>> No.43376849


>> No.43376851


>> No.43376905

I want to adopt a sad little brown elf and cuddle her.

It's not dying, it's moving on to make space for better threads. Ones with more brown elves.

>> No.43376922

Dramatic? Maybe. But I can't justify giving up my liberty in any measure for any reason.

I'm of the opinion that liberty is the highest of virtues and no price is too high for it.

>> No.43376942

/pol/ please go away and stay away

>> No.43376944

Well I'm just about done dumping too, so good timing. See you next time anons

>> No.43376980


>> No.43377003

Here: >>43371388

>> No.43377057

If you seriuosly think that importing millions of young male muslims into europe won't cause any trouble I hope you will generously offer your asshole to your new muslim overlords to please them.

>> No.43377076

good end

>> No.43377598

Look on the good side: at least you will finally get laid.

>> No.43377783

Wow that's gross

>> No.43377838

>/tg/ did not become the greatest board that ever was or ever will be
>morisco con española

>all of them are hispanics
Nah. I can actually appreciate the spaniards for bothering to mark so many levels of brown and black. Must be the moor occupation.

>> No.43377953





>> No.43378334

>unironically being a white knighto

>> No.43378373

Why are you guys posting /e/ content on /tg/?


>> No.43378428

We're not, we're posting /tg/ content on /tg/

Also I had no idea you could do that with linking to a board

>> No.43378500

A lot of these images are porn and nobody is eve pretending it's not.

>>43376572 "why am I so flat?"
>>43376542 she sees your dick.png
>>43376387 "here is some flat chested porn"

What traditional games are these?

>> No.43378526

But so many of these threads are really fucking old.

>> No.43378539


>> No.43378540

>What traditional games are these?
Elf watching

>> No.43378549

What's the problem with that?

Does it use dice or tokens?

>> No.43378582

>Does it use dice or tokens?

>> No.43378589


>> No.43378595


You're not really fooling anyone, though. Please post porn on the porn boards.

>> No.43378613


>He doesn't know how to play elf watching

>> No.43378656

/e/ is a really fucking slow board.

>> No.43378669

Yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious. Why is that a problem?

>> No.43378674


>> No.43378736

Tell me where I said it's a problem.

It's just the way /e/ works.

>> No.43378752

True as a generalization, but man...

Dem white elves.
I like chicks of all skin colors, but as a white guy, chicks with light skin are hottest to me. Red or black hair, eyes of basically anything unusual (any blue, light green, etc.)...

I dunno mang. White and asian women are hottest to me.

>> No.43378761

>But so many of these threads are really fucking old.
why the but?

>> No.43378797

>not liking something
>better downvote it with a report!

>> No.43378818

>>But so many of these threads are really fucking old.
Who are you quoting?

>> No.43378836

this post: >>43378526

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