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Hey guys, I'm going to be running a Greco-Roman themed game and I'm looking for character and npc art. I'll dump what I have. I'm especially looking for civilians and other npcs.

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Source: Darkness Over Cannae (great book, btw)

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Do you mind other mediterranean people like the Iberians, Thracians, Illirians, Lybians or Sirians?

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The balears are cool too.

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Some iberian women.

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I can definitely use other Mediterranean people. I'm not doing a strictly historical campaign, so anything with 5th cent. BC to 1st cent AD is good. I'm not looking for strictly historical stuff either. I'm doing fantasy so I don't need stuff to be historically accurate. I just want that greek-roman flavor- lots of loose flowy tunics and robes, white dresses, togas and such. Some iberian, punic or asia minor type stuff is also welcome.

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Fuck something has gotten in my eyes...

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Some merchants.

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Do you know about Glorantha right? If not the setting has plenty of inspiration for Bronze to classical age games.

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Shame I don't have lots of Thracians in civilian clothes...

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I'm diggin it. Keep posting

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Civilian clothes are hard to find.

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What kind of characters will your party be playing?

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It's gonna be a low fantasy based on D&D 2e Glory of Rome. So mostly warriors and rouges. I've already got a load of warriors and osprey type historical illustrations. So now I'm looking for thieves, merchants, evil magicians and such to illustrate npcs.

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Sounds fun. Is the primary culture going to be a greek or roman one with the other playing a secondary? Or will it be a combination of the two?

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Primarily Roman.Greek will be secondary, with celts, punics, persians and africans as tertairy characters. It's sort of a pastiche setting. Ahistorical in the strictist sense, but still pretty closely based on the real cultures.
But I doubt my players can tell the difference between a toga and a himation (or any other aspects of greco-roman clothing) so anything white, loose and tunic-ish is good.

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Sounds like a fun time. If you haven't yet, I suggest reading Steven Pressfield. I'll post his three works I have on PDF.

Gates of Fire is a semi-fictional narration of the Spartans and the events at Thermopylae.

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Tides of War is a semi-fictional narration of the Peloponnesian War.

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And finally, Virtues of War is a semi-fictional telling of the story of Alexander the Great--from the perspective of Alexander himself.

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I am Roman, Ja?

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Germans go home

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I'm especially lack male "commoner" npcs

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Does anyone have any of the suppliments for 5th Edition that can be shared?

The Campaign I'm in is running into the phase where people are getting very powerful, so Book of the Warlord would be the most desired book.

If anyone can help, thanks!

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artist on this
and on this

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the thracians is Angus McBride

the other one is a crop out from a larger image so there's no signature on it, but it's from an osprey book I have. I'll have to check but I'm thinking that's also McBride

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>approach the general's davter
>pastae cascading from my toga.jpg
>e-et tv...

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Roman women look fantastic, yeah.

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>not .parchment
Missed opportunity, there.

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...ok, I cant find the book right now, but it's one of the Osprey books, "Macedonian Phalangites" or something, but I'm thinking that's also Angus McBride. He was like the grand old man of historical military illustrations. He also illustrated a lot of the old RoleMaster based Middle Earth RPGs, particularly the covers. I think he's dead now.

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They know that most Gladiators didn't die in combat, right?

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Clearly, this one has.

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Priapus give me strength

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Are there any torrents for his books?

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That Latin is wrong. Should be fratres

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Any recommendations on good movies or tv shows about Rome and war? I remember Gladiator and the Sparticus show had a few scenes, but it wasn't the focus.

I picked up The 13th Eagle or somesuch a while back and that was okay.

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I'v never seen a major movie with a good portrayal of roman warfare.

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What kind of psychopath dressed your eight year old daughter up in combat armor. Why are you even allowed near children you fucking freak.

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I think it's a reference to Caligula, who was so named because he father would dress him in a miniature soldier's uniform (Caligula meaning "little boots" in latin). Of course, Caligula didn't turn out so great. But I doubt the dress up alone was what did it.

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Late Greco-Romans best Greco-Romans.

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What is this duplicate post bullshit why can't I image dump anymore

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Daily reminder that romanboos are even worse than faggots worshiping katanas.

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Most Romaboos just wank over the pop-culture version of the early Dominate.

Autists for Republican or Late Imperial Rome are more acceptable.

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Hell yeah my nigga

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Igor Dzis' artwork is great, but goddamn is his watermark fucking pretentious.

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Are late era barbarians exceptable?

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They were all basically Romanized by then anyway.

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Commercial truck captchas that's a new one

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I also got some republican romans which are more what op wanted

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And some pics of other cultures

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Minoan Bull Dancers?

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>Bitch, what ARE you wearing? Oh honey, those belts with those scarves?

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Hardly. They don't try to emulate Roman culture to the point of worship.

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Well, I do, but I'm the special living history kind of romaboo.

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Glorantha images incoming.

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Damn, them some skinny arms.

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Not sure about TV shows, but Gladiator is kind of okayish. (Soundtrack is fantastic.) The Eagle is more two dudes' epic journey to recover lost honor, but what I like are the series of books by Conn Iggulden about Caesar's rise and downfall, although I apologize, friendly Anon, because I forget the name of the series.

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More so than delusional Greeks.

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>why can children dress as soldiers for Halloween?
I don't know anon. You should go call child protective services.

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You know he important 'cause he got the swaggest hat. Shit he stylin' so hard even his horse has a balla hat.

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>implying we want to be associated with those malakes

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The main superpower in my world is not!Rome, and I definitely need more inspiration. Does anyone have anything along the lines of classical cities?

Pic related.

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Imperator ?

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>They don't try to emulate Roman culture to the point of worship.
Isn't this more or less what western civilisation was doing for last five hundred years?

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this guy looks a little doofy.

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HBOs Rome. Generally just glimpses of the front lines, but a fantastic portrayal of Roman society (both high & low)

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I hope the thing I see there are no stirrupĀ“s anon, or by god I will have a bad day

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