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New Filename thread.

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My most recent one, and another part of my efforts to bring more WoD to the Filename threads.

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I wonder if "Guardian of the Veil" might be better.

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Is that a guy or gal?

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Does it really matter?

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Jack o Nine Tails.

Check /d/.

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>Not a horse

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Is that tattoo Ghandi or Orlok?

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Why is Mr Rogers spanking a person of indeterminate gender?

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Because you don't know the reference.

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I laughed really fucking hard

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tau are the worst

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Gal. Cadence Cross, from episode 5 of 50 Skills of Grey.

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Many thanks.

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I am a pretty new 40k player with a meh Ork army and at the GW on Friday a Tau player asked if I wanted to play and the employee told him only if we traded armies for the match. He declined.

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Tau players are worse than Eldar players.
A faction that is full 1984 with cancerous players who pretend they are the good guys.

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Got both armies, prolly a good thing the guy saved you, unfortunately Orks take a helluva lot more thinking than Tau. I hate that Tau have such a bad image atm :(

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DM: "Ok roll disguise"
PC: "I got an 8 total"
DM: "Pretty sure people are going to notice"
PC: "Fuck it I just tell everyone I'm black and stand at a distance they'll get penalties on their perception, I got 73 bluff"
DM: rolls "Sigh, they believe you"

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Lotte no Omocha.

The gay trap is only a minor part though. After his miniarc is over, I don't think he's ever seen again.

Most of the manga is about the MC's relationship with the Succubus whose harem he's in, and occasionally his relationship with her mother, who /ss/ed him as a child and dumped the resulting baby in his 12 year old lap 9 months later.

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can I get some sauce on that?
Googles giving me just 4chan posts

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Are you sure you want sauce?

That's a Peta manga.

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>Peta manga

What the fuck

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This oughta be good.

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Why exactly does a GW employee have the right to make demands like that? That's just fucking dumb.

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now I want that sauce more, just cause I need to know

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John K. Peta, not the ecoterrorists. It's porn.

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Not like, PETA PETA.

Artist named Peta. Known for his rather weird porn. Not like, freaky as hell porn, just pretty weird.

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Still curious, if you can help

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I run a gimicky 1250 Dread Mob list that current tau would apparently ruin. It would have been my fourth game.

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>New Ork player vs Tau player
>Saving him from more than likely getting tabled to keep his interest in hobby

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>the morpher is a fucking cheesburger
>the sheriff star is the cheese
FUCK! you win this time japan

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Yeah he probably woulda blasted you unfortunately, that is a sick army if its yours in that picture, have any advice on running a Dread Mob list? I have 3 Deffs and 9 Kans that I havent touched with the new codex

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I ended up facing a Necron player instead, it went well until I was too big of a pussy to keep charing my Deff Dreads foward.

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What is he making? And can I get one?

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I love that trend in Japanese bars. It's got all the technical artistry and showmanship of a formal tea ceremony ... but for people who want to get drunk.

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Rum Martinez

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I am still fairly new but I do really like my list. I am slowly working towards building a normal CAD since I get other new players refusing to play since I use forgeworld list.

My Deff Dreads are in two units of 3 and can be run as Troops, they have two powerklaws and two rokkits each, basically I run those bastards into the thick of things and work it out the orky way.

I have 5 Kans with Grootzookas that work well with blowing up infantry.

I run my Lootas in two units of 7 and 8 in order to spread my support out, seems to work well but I want more Lootas more than anything.

My Big mek is a unit wiht my 20 spanna boyz he is basically decked out to the T with a PK, BP and KFF, they lumber behind the Deff Dreads and offer atleast some protection my first turn or two, then they break off to hold objective.

If I was more serious about this list I would look into the Meka Dread I believe from forgeworld because the special warlord trait for my big mek is kinda made for it I think.

All in all more experienced players all love playing against it since it is something you dont see often I guess.

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>cap is an ultramarine

>Bucky is Alpha
not even close, because you know that he is there. would make an awful Aplharius. he would much better be an assassin, not sure what ordo though

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Bucky is way too in control for an evisorator. He's more of a heavily augmented Death-Cult Assassin.

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>Rum Martinez

This is beautiful, it is elevated to an art form.

Frankly, it might taste like crap. no idea.

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I highly suspect that cigar is going to taste like shit, but the lighter might contain cedar scented oils, which would actually enhance the flavor.

Still, you're better off using an actual cedar stick though.

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>implying zues wasnt also a rapist

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Congrats, you missed the joke.

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Anatomical fanfiction.

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Another one has a guy massaging ovaries through the girl's skin.

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This file needs a name

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>this is supposed to be super duper serious, guys
>Batman's face in panel 3

And this is why I hate DC/Marvelshit.

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and why doesn't he just shoot him?

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He doesn't have a gun, and it's his old friend.

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>He doesn't have a gun
Bullshit, he's clearly in America, guns aren't hard to get here

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>no gun


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this should not expand dong

but it does

god help me

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source pl0x

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I laughed so hard at this. What a great opening move

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What was the sauce for this one, last thread?

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Secret World I believe

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>there are autists on this board that can't laugh at a skit

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>This file needs a name
"Typical PC logic"?

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>1 hour of google later

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That dude is fucking dead

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10/10 fucking rolling

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>Waiting for parachute to deploy
>Any time now
>Come on buddy
>realize he hit his head on the railing on the way down


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What is this?

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Is that just reversed, or did he actually do some reverse corruption for once?

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>wears progressively less on her legs

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Thats my fetish, and no one does it. That and holding hands

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Reversed unfortunately.

>> No.43267695

>that finishing choke out
>that blank stare of contemplation
Holy shit, Kangaroos are brutal.

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It's reversed, but it's so much better this way.

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Florida Man goes on vacation.

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>muscle time wizard.png

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Too bad. Would be great to see him do some.

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>it takes a year to turn a $5 Thai hooker into an American inner-city prostitute

Does this paladin serve a goddess of fertility or something?

I don't understand. These things are supposed to read from right to left, yes?

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It took a minute, but then I laughed.

>> No.43267933

>American inner-city prostitute

That type of dress isn't uncommon (though not standard) on college girls here in Houston.

Well, at least in the daytime.

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don't get it.

>> No.43267983

It's about a sentence in english that contains every single letter. I don't remember the exact sentence

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>tfw keyboard is 6 years old

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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

A sentence with every letter of the alphabet.

>> No.43268026


you cheeky bastard.

>> No.43268030

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog or some shit.

>> No.43268059

They are. My understanding is that someone just inverted the image order so that rather than the woman depicted becoming progressively more corrupt, she instead becomes progressively more, eh, chaste I guess would be the word.

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>> No.43268066

Ah, I get it now!
-and It's not particularly funny... .gif is cute though.

>> No.43268069


impossible to determine without additional points of reference.

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because all the good artists have plebe tastes

>> No.43268133

She's still looks slutty though

>> No.43268140

come play ss13 if you want the chance to murder him

>> No.43268158

She* my bad

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>> No.43268179

I uh... is there something hidden here or have I been browsing for too long?

I popped one

>> No.43268207

The one in the dress is a guy, and the one in the suit is a girl

>> No.43268240

Yeah, I couldn't think of a word other than chaste. Obviously not the best choice given her choice of shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush.

>> No.43268250

Sauce please. Google does nothing.

>> No.43268284

Far less than in the previous images.

>> No.43268321

Mizuryu Kei

>> No.43268322

It is reversed, turning a shit fetish into a good one.

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>> No.43268356

So I'm not alone.

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He's gone too far.

>> No.43268391

I see this in every filename thread. What show is this from?

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I run the Dread Mob formation from Ghazghkull and my biggest advice to you is not to run that. It loses to just about everything.

Using the Dread Mob list from FW is my next step. Maybe I'll see if people will mind me using my Gorkanaut and Morkanaut as Kustom Meka/Mega Dreads.

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Captain America doesn't represent what America is, he represents who we should be. Namely, the America that was punching Hitler in the dick 70 years ago.

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>> No.43268529

I thought weagle was forever banned for being a dumbass and just made a hobby out of shitposting the ss13 general.

>> No.43268548

>> No.43268556

Nernums got high again and unbanned him recently

I still want to know where he gets that dank kush, it does crazy shit to him

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I really like that camera effect. Makes it a lot easier to watch the action.

>> No.43268621


Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Yes, that's an illustrated version but that goddamn story is in the original.

They should do the one with the scholar and the wasp onee-san too.

>> No.43268739

Those series of images begin after the corruption had already started, that's why.

>> No.43268768

>playing at a GW
>Not a FLGS or home...

>> No.43268842

I know why I'm just saying even after the "purification" from the context of the image she still doesn't look like the type of girl you'd show your parents. Just an observation.

>> No.43269005


Why is Captain America a black woman with blonde hair now.

I also heard something about Thor being a chick?

>> No.43269055


This is wrong though, my female DM loves manly men and impregnation.

Also pixies.

>> No.43269056

so, anyone got source on this comic?

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>> No.43269129

Did he died?

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>> No.43269203

My grandmother said this.

"He who walks the path of Heaven shall rule over everything."

Kamen Rider Kabuto. Starts out serious,but then writing issues happen. The cast are obviously loving overacting, though, so it works out fine.

>> No.43269220

Pollinosis: REDLEVEL14

>> No.43269225

alice no takarabako Is the artist. Who knows what specific one it's from.

>> No.43269235

He fell into a cart full of hay and was uninjured.

>> No.43269236


Okay, thought that was that weird rangers series where they were delusional, but wasn't sure.

>> No.43269263

Nah. That's Akibaranger.

>> No.43269308

Then why does the one in the dress have breasts?

>> No.43269346


>> No.43269369

This is a terrible edit. Why would someone do this.

It's like I'm staring at the 2D representation of pure failure. It's a yawning maw from which I can't look away from, it's taint spreading to everything it touches even this replying post.

>> No.43269383

That's how nature works, anon. Women have hips, tits and a vagina, men have hips, tits, a vagina and 1-6 penises.

>> No.43269406


>> No.43269436

So is this just a whole genre I need in my life?

I watched power rangers as a wee babby, and liked it well enough, but I understand Kamen Raider is a very different beast. If I just want wacky japanese humor with occasional cyborg morphsuit fighting, is Kabuto a decent place to start?

>> No.43269457

it an alternate universe cap in secret war

>> No.43269488

It's not always this wacky mind. Akibaranger is a parody more than anything.

>> No.43269525

What you did there.
I see it.

>> No.43269539

Hogwarts has a satellite campus in Tijuana now? Sweet.

>> No.43269616

I would say Kabuto is a good start for the whole genre, yeah. It's gonna have at least one bugman fighting rubber monsters per episode, though.

Kabuto has a number of silly moments, and as >>43269488 says, it's not usually so silly.

It's just the latter half suffered from some writing issues, which led to that silliness.

If you're wanting to get into Rider, I'd say Kabuto, Den-O, or W is your best start.

With regards to Sentai... Shinkenger, Gobusters, or maybe ToQger make for good entry places.

>> No.43269641


I will need a source in this.

>> No.43269662

Little Witch Academia.

>> No.43269756

>> No.43269785

>> No.43269829

The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog

I think

>> No.43269876

>The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog
No s.
You could change it to present tense so it is jumps as the e and d are both found elsewhere.
Might be missing another letter too, but I am too lazy to check.

>> No.43269899

literally just add s to the end.

>the quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dogs

>> No.43269908

>> No.43269991

I laughed

>> No.43270012

Fuck. I think you're right. My B

>> No.43270170

Little Witch Academia

>> No.43270175

Pretty sure its
The Quick Red Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Brown Dog

>> No.43270191

I'm not gonna lie: that video made me sexually aroused

>> No.43270221

There we go, that's all of them

>> No.43270280

The Italian military, ladies and gents.

>> No.43270300

"Red" is redundant.
You're supposed to hold both Shift keys and type "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" to test a keyboard.

>> No.43270315


Workaholics, it's alright. Really hit or miss, some of it's fucking hilarious and some is pretty bad.

>> No.43270444

what? That's basically all martials CAN do in pathfinder.

>> No.43270492




>> No.43270537

Took someone long enough

>> No.43270561



>> No.43270575

To get angry at it I mean

>> No.43270598


>> No.43270612


The timing seemed right.

>> No.43270636

>Taking comics seriously

>> No.43270671


At first I didn't notice that.
>mfw you pointed it out.

>> No.43270808


>> No.43270812

>Chaotic Neutral
>GM stops the magical realm

>> No.43270824

>> No.43270957


>> No.43271074


>> No.43271080

>> No.43271094

No Game No Life

great show

anyone who says Blank could not defeat Keima at vidya is a lying shit

>> No.43271139

>> No.43271234

>> No.43271296

I dun get it.

>> No.43271310

look up onepunchman

>> No.43271326

>play orks
>pussy out

>> No.43271376

Why the fuck am I laughing so hard.

>> No.43271394


>> No.43271422

>mutagen grand discovery.webm

>> No.43271444

I want to marry Sucy and be her live in guinea pig and fuckboy.

>> No.43271449

>> No.43271458

please be bait

>> No.43271500

>> No.43271561

I wish people would translate "toilet" as "cumdump". It's a much more accurate translation in regards to meaning.

>> No.43271595

I don't get it.

>> No.43271645


>> No.43271711

Pretend I don't have an hour. TotalBiscuit got cancer?

>> No.43271722

Someone link me this image that got deleted.
Or an artist name.

>> No.43271746

No, it isn't.

Cumdump=used for sex. Toilet=used for scat or piss.

You only wish I was joking.

>> No.43271795

I've seen most of the manga in question. It's a toilet for semen. Hell, I recently hard translated a bunch of wokada images that use the term "toilet", and that's clearly not for shit. http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=wokada

Hell, that's why I wish translators would use "cumdump", because I don't want to think of poop.

>> No.43271831

About a year ago TB got cancer, though now he's officially done with chemo and is cancer free. I can't say I know the context of that screenshot though, probably just E-Celebs being fucking idiots per usual.

>> No.43271920

He's not cancer free. They found it in his liver. Inoperable. He's gonna die from it.

>> No.43271972

>cancer free

>> No.43272002

That was actually pretty sexy.

>> No.43272035

>It's a toilet for semen.
No, it isn't.

>> No.43272074

Sometimes it's a toilet for piss. But usually it's used in manga that's completely free of watersports as well as scat. I even just linked an example of that.

Trust me, I've seen a lot of porn. While sometimes they're getting pissed on, that's more coincidental, "Cumdumpster" is a more accurate translation in terms of connotation.

>> No.43272112

>I'm doing my part!

>> No.43272125

Fuck you and your pandas. I wish those fuckers will go extinct!

>> No.43272183

are there any news on that?

>> No.43272213


>> No.43272263

The thing is that "toilet" is the most accurate term because it describes something that is unique to japan.

>> No.43272266


>> No.43272313

why are they walking toward that?

>> No.43272331

What a pleasant test.

>> No.43272332

Because some times, your enemy is just slowed down by a nuke and you need to send in the infantry to bayonet a bitch.

>> No.43272382

Literally to see if they would listen to orders to do so.

>> No.43272410

This is adorable.

>> No.43272426

Fuck, is that a grizzly? Black and brown bears can be dealt with but grizzlies are straight-up motherfuckers.

>> No.43272545

Literally comparable to Hitler.

>> No.43272552

Yeah but it's anime, so what's the difference?

>> No.43272564

Sometimes an a-bomb just ain't enough gun.

>> No.43272625

He left his at home.
He's in civvie clothes.

>> No.43273081

Tried for 10 minutes but can't find sauce. Don't like doing this but could someone please help?

>> No.43273107

Where'd you get those photos of Davis Aurini?

>> No.43273114

>> No.43273123

>> No.43273141


>> No.43273696


>> No.43273777

Toppest of keks.

>> No.43273833

>> No.43273867

Is this Phoenix Wright?

>> No.43273968

remains my favourite fight in any capefilm ever

>that fucking flying knee

hype as fuck for these guys directing more cap films.

>> No.43274017

>Had to crop out several replies in the thread you posted this in that explained that it was unlikely the real ND
>Including a post from the real ND saying that even he knows enough about 4chan's culture to be aware of what not to ask for.
>When you posted it in the other thread, no one believed it was the real ND and expressed valid reasons why it wouldn't be
>Now you're posting it here pretending you weren't BTFO in two different threads on your false flagging attempt

Keep failing, anon.

>> No.43274109

The choreography in that scene is awesome.

>> No.43274144

What's interesting is that Marvel hasn't really done "cape" films. Winter Soldier was an action packed sci fi spy thriller. First Avenger was a WWII movie. Guardians of the Galaxy is a space opera.

... okay, actually a lot of the other ones really do kind of have to be called "cape" movies. I mean, Iron Man isn't your typical Superman style movie, but I wouldn't know how else to describe it.

>> No.43274261 [SPOILER] 

You are seeing stars!

>> No.43274323


>> No.43274430

my fucking sides

>> No.43274450

I think it's more the fact that he's completely brainwashed, pumped up full of drugs and hallucinogenics, does not utter a single word and is only taken out of storage to be unleashed on a specific target, only to be put back in afterwards.
That right there is 100% Eversor.

>> No.43274471

How is a female dwarf obscure?

>> No.43274477

>He's more of a heavily augmented Death-Cult Assassin
That's what eversor assassins are.

The screaming psychopath shtick is a meme.

>> No.43274515

>> No.43274545

Glad that magnificent bastard can still get some laughs.

>> No.43274560

This video makes me so fucking angry. Everybody's acting like this poor little angel was cruelly shot by a racist cop for no reason at all, when he was PURSUING a police officer who was retreating, and REACHING FOR HIS FUCKING BELT WITH HIS REAR HAND.

For all he knew, the cop thought he was about to be shot (or, far more likely, stabbed).

This upstanding 'young black man' acted like a goddamned moron and got killed for it, and everybody's acting like he's a victim of anything but his own retardation.

>> No.43274579

>Act in a threatening manner toward police
>Get blown the fuck out
What did he expect to happen?

>> No.43274582

This makes me really really fucking angry.

Because the cop is supposed to wait until you've shot him in the head to see if you've actually got a weapon when you're making obviously threatening moves and then seem to attack.

If the criminal had been armed and shot the police officer five times in the head nobody on twitter would shed one crocodile tear.

>> No.43274585

That looks justified to me. He was be aggressive to a cop and did a motion that looks like drawing a weapon.
I am not white or American.

>> No.43274610

>You have to be a perfect angel or you deserve to be shot by the police
Also, no one said he was an "upstanding young black man". They said that cop shot him three times when he was unarmed.

>> No.43274618

We see him at the end, where he ends up with the vampire chick. Seemed like an asspull to me.

Also, Asuha was given to him when she was 3.

>> No.43274626

>when he was unarmed
And pretending to be armed.

>> No.43274631

It's still a dude and chick. That's way too normal for me.

>> No.43274645

Because you can't punch, kick, tackle, or any other things with your body without an external weapon.

>> No.43274650

one side shitstorm here we go

>> No.43274665

The issue is that the only way he'd know if he was unarmed or not is if he waits for the guy to physically attack him to see if he's being stabbed by an actual knife or shot or just being punched.

When you convince an armed officer, who is retreating from you while you advance, that you're armed and have hostile intent, and then make a sudden violent movement, what's he supposed to do?

Wait an extra second or two to see if the suspect is armed, presumably by just letting him kill him?

Now granted I think the guy should have been tazered the instant he started advancing threateningly but the suspect was completely in the wrong and the only reason we're seeing any outcry is because people on twitter want to feel good about being racially sensitive.

>> No.43274688

Man, I love watching those gopro vids.

>> No.43274701

>putting words in my mouth

If you threaten a police officer, pursue them when they try to de-escalate the situation by retreating, and are pretty much behaving like you're going to draw a knife and stab them, you don't deserve to be shot. But you WILL be shot because you're doing everything you can to antagonize someone who is armed and make them feel as if you're going to attack them.

>> No.43274713


>> No.43274722

You have the one where they shot at the side of a tank and the turret just turns toward them?

>> No.43274730

The real problem is that people cry about dumb fucks like this, which lets retards like /pol/ lump actually unjustified killings in with this.

>> No.43274749

I just can't understand the train of logic that convinces someone to pretend to draw a knife and attack someone who's pointing a gun at their chest.

What the hell was he thinking was about to happen? That the cop would just get scared and run away? Have a heart attack and fall over?

>> No.43274765

>The Supreme court knows you're a Druid, Sal. You filed the paperwork.

>> No.43274766

All I hear is one less retard in the world.

>> No.43274773

I got you.

>> No.43274789

Fried fucking gold.

>> No.43274794

The funny thing about this is that the guy who bailed out of the tank was probably closest to the pressure wave from that shot.

>> No.43274801

>That bouncing flag

>> No.43274814

>not Caesar Salad.jpg

>> No.43274819

I love that ISIS still put that up as propaganda to convince people to join them when it's a massive failure to attack their target.

Hell that's probably an Iraqi Abrams meaning it's a half-quality machine piloted by one third quality crew and they still totally fail.

Seriously they tried using a Molotov Cocktail against a modern MBT, they deserve everything they get.

>> No.43274835

What game?

>> No.43274836

Yeah, I believe the guy who panicked and bailed was the only person there who died, everyone else was fine, at least in the context of that shot.

>> No.43274871

No doubt. The gall is amazing.

>> No.43274976

And people say Americans don't have culture.

>> No.43274992

good job

>> No.43275223

>how to trigger /k/
that not how boolets werk

>> No.43275259

>Street Sam fight

>> No.43275311

I think this is to show that the enemy is a bully and a brute, to get that underdog sympathy.
Also it probably means something like "they drive tanks into our households, because they are the aggressors". Remember that ISIS rhetoric is about retribution for transgressions against them. There was an interview with one of the ISIS leaders and most of it was "our attacks are not as brutal as the ones we've received and your civilians are as guilty for allowing their governments to attack our homes; this isn't terrorism, it's justice".

>> No.43275369

different empire, same tyranny

>> No.43275477

He charged an armed cop who was backing up and ordered him to stand down.
It looked to me as if he was reaching for a gun or knife.
And even if he did not have a weapon, he was taking a swing at the cop with his fist.

I find the US cops out of control, rude, and power crazy; but this time the cop acted 100% correctly.

>> No.43275517

>that cop shot him three times when he was unarmed.
Without the knowledge that he was unamred and with him making threatening movements close enough to grab the officers gun and reaching behind his back for who knows what.

Sorry i know there is a brutality problem in the US police force, but this really doesnt seem like one of those cases.

>> No.43275611

It's contextual but he's right, cumdump is usually a more accurate translation.

>> No.43275654

>Florida GOP candidate
You think that guy's weird, take a look at this one:

>> No.43275709

It's possible to make friends with any bear.

>> No.43275727

I'm pretty sure that guy's a pretty powerful villain one of the Champions splatbooks.

>> No.43275741

Sex friends?

>> No.43275758

With a name like that, how are people shocked?

>> No.43275769

>those ginormous swords
The everything else being realistic just makes it look more wrong.

>> No.43275800

Yeah, a Senator voluntarily inhabited by a manifestation of the power of a sun god called Sol Invictus. He's actually incredibly powerful.

>> No.43275826

well, today I learned that nobody but Japan has toilets.

>> No.43275833

I don't know. If you try it and survive, report back.

>> No.43275848


>> No.43275953

Well fuck, if I was Floridian I'd vote for him.

>> No.43275976

Nobody but Japan refers to people that they're having rough, debauched, potentially dirty sex with as a toilet. We're talking about "(sperm) toilet" as a metaphor. "Cumdump(ster)" is a more fitting translation.

I don't like when translators don't edit for connotation.

>> No.43276010


>> No.43276051


>not romaine

It's a bad idea to tempt the wrath of Caesar.

>> No.43277166

I'm STILL impressed that they managed to get the Marvel-style banded metal arm design to look so good, and in live action no less.

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