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"Your mom told us to stay down here until she got back." Aiko meekly hides in the corner with her sister. "She said Asai is loose, and was going to stop him."

Wait, I was just at Fortune. I just talked to Asai. How can he be loose already?

..Did he somehow escape when I got out of prison? How can that be? Did I let him out?

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I may have made a bad thing worse.
No, no, I shouldn't think that way. I went out and tried to find out what Asai was up to. Maybe this is all just coincidence.

I just got back from scouting out what Asai was planning, and what I found was almost a little insulting. Asai had constructed a fake army and a fake building on the spot where his real army and real headquarters used to be. I don't know what the purpose was, except maybe to intimdate us into thinking that he has a larger army than what he is letting on.

Either ways, I couldn't find his army. His building, monsters, and everything except himself were nowhere to be found. He seemed to be the only thing that was 'real' in the entire magical prison.
So with that in mind, I came home to tell Mom that Asai was trying to put on some kind of diversion. Only when I got home, Mom was also nowhere to be found. She already left under the pretense that Asai had escaped despite the fact that I had just talked with him.

Something isn't right, and this is Asai's plan all along: To keep us worried and confused.

I'm inside of a secret room below our house. This is where Mom instructed everyone to hide before she left, and I just found it.

"He lied to Mom about escaping." I deduct, "I'm going back out there!"

I turn around and grab onto the ladder leading upward. I feel a hand on my shoulder.
It's Julie.

"Are you coming with me?"
"No, I want you to stop and stay safe for once."

>You know I won't do that!
>For how long?!
>B-But Mom!
>I don't care, come with me or don't.
>Just for a little while.

Include a 1d20 with your post.

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>B-But Mom!
>For how long?!

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Rolled 18 (1d20)

>B-But Mom!

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>>B-But Mom!

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Rolled 7 (1d20)

Oh, didn't notice the roll prompt.

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Rolled 6 (1d20)

>You know I won't do that!

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>>B-But Mom!

>Rolled 18



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"I know, I'm worried too." Julie grabs onto my hand. "But she wanted us to stay here and be safe. She knows what she's doing, Masami."

"I know what I'm doing, too!"
"She doesn't need to be worrying about you, right now!"

"And I don't need to be worrying about her, either!"

I turn around and try to grab onto the ladder again, Julie grabs my hand.
I feel another set of hands on me, it's Haruko

"We're serious about this!"

"I know you both are." I gently push their hands off of me. "But you know I won't do that! I need to be there with Mom, no matter what happens! She can't escape whenever she wants, what if Asai captures her again?"

I turn around to face the ladder, and then grab onto a rung.

Though, I find great difficulty doing so when my hands are tied!
"Masami, no." Julie and Haruko put their hands on my shoulder again. "You're going to listen to Mom this time, because this is really serious this time. You could get hurt."

"W-what!? You two are the worst! I thought you were on my side!"
"We ARE, Masami." Aiko walks over and hugs me. "Which is why we don't want you going out. The adults are going to handle it, please just stay put, okay?"
"Yeah. You'll go out alone again if we don't." Haruko hugs onto my arm.

I can't believe this!
I look at my hands, it appears to be some kind of soft rope constricting them.

"NO!" I shrug off Aiko and quickly make it over to the ladder.
"No! Don't climb! You'll fall!"

My feet find the rungs of the ladder very easily, quickly I put one over the other as I swiftly climb up to the top of the trap door leading to my living room. I burst out and make a break toward the front door.

"Wait!" Aiko yells from the trap-door. I erupt out of the house and to the yard.

But now what?

>Keep running aimlessly!
>To the school! I need to find out what's going on!
>Back to Fortune! To chase after Mom!
>Just go back, maybe they have a point.
>Time to enact my card plan.

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>>Time to enact my card plan.
Awwwww yisssss

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>>To the school! I need to find out what's going on!

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>To the school! I need to find out what's going on!

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>Time to enact my card plan.
if we can turn asai into a huma, even if it's only in the carld world taht mans we can stab him

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>To the school! I need to find out what's going on!

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Whoo, that was a close tiebreaker.

>To the school! I need to find out what's going on!

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I quickly unbind my hands and drop the rope, then I quickly take off down the sidewalk.

Something is amiss, something is happening and I'm completely unaware of it!
I could text Mom and ask what is going on, but then she'd know that I'm not staying home like I'm supposed to be.

I can't go back home, because Julie and Haruko are probably waiting there, or maybe even stalking around the neighborhood looking for me.
Which means that I can't stop running now!

My feet swiftly move below me as the usually deserted streets seem to take on a life of their own. Emergency vehicle are filing in the distance. I can hear their sirens slowly increase in pitch, and then slowly fade away.

Something weird is definitely going on.
School is deserted, which is just as well because I'm pretty sure classes and clubs were called off for the day.

"Hey! What are you doing here!?"
My eyes snap up to notice Maeda. She looks irritated.

But a nice new bracelet on her arm! Cute!

No no no! Now isn't time the to admiring jewelery, Maeda is here and she doesn't look happy.
"I thought you were at home! Why are you out here?"

"Maeda! Maeda! It's terrible! My family tried to keep me home, and Mom is missing, and Asai is loose I think and-"

"Calm down. I know they tried to keep you at home."
My eyes perk up.
"Because Asai IS loose, Masami. The bubble went down after you left here."

My eyes widen, that doesn't make any sense. I was trapped inside of the bubble imprisoning fortune. So how could it have gone down before I even got to Fortune?
"What's more" She continues, "Asai wasn't there, he apparently escaped yesterday and no one knew. He's hiding."

That makes even less sense! I talked with him, face to face!
What, is there two of him?

>Tell Maeda everything you saw
>No time! You need to go find Asai!
>Get Maeda to come with you
>Is your brother here? Let's have a quick meeting
>Ask her for advice.
>Cry into her shoulder

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There are some weird typos in this post. I hope this isn't an omen for the rest of the night.

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>Tell Maeda everything you saw
c'mon maeda, help us!

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>Tell Maeda everything you saw
Gotta spread the news so maybe someone who knows what's going on hears about it.

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>>Tell Maeda everything you saw

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>Tell Maeda everything you saw
>Get Maeda to come with you
>Is your brother here? Let's have a quick meeting

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>Tell Maeda everything you saw

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I'm back

>Tell Maeda everything you saw


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"Maeda! None of what you said makes any sense!"
Her head tilts, but she remains skeptical.

"I just talked to Asai! Not even ten minutes ago! He was at Fortune!"
"That's not what I heard."

"Who did you hear it from!?"
"The principal called me and told me about it."

That makes even less sense.
"Where did the principal say he was?"
"At Fortune."

"Woh, hold it. Principal was at my house, for hours. He came by when Mom was acting all murdery."

Maeda's face goes blank.
"But.. Okay, keep going."

"Right! So, I went to Fortune earlier and noticed that all of Asai's stuff was missing from Fortune! His building was this goofy inflatable thing, all of his monsters were just statues in the parking lot, and-"

"You lost me, what do you mean 'goofy inflatable thing'?" Maeda scratches her head.
"I mean like, a balloon. Fortune HQ was replaced with a giant balloon replica of the building!"

Maeda's scratching turns into rubbing.
"Masami, that's bizarre for even me to believe. Are you sure that's true and you didn't just see them doing some remodeling?"
"Where did the building go, then?"
"I don't know!"

Now that she mentions it, it does seem a little far fetched.

"So, there's a fake army and a fake building in the parking lot where Fortune's building used to stand? "
"I know it sounds weird, but you have to believe me! I think they're using it to lure Mom and all the adults over there while Asai does something nasty!"
"Did you see Asai?"
"Yes, he was waiting there."
"Then, he can't really make a diversion if he's at the place he's diverting to, right?"

>Um! Maybe that wasn't really him!
>Maybe the person you talked to wasn't the principal?
>Maybe he has a body double!
>Maybe.. maybe. I don't know
>Maeeeeda! You're supposed to be the smart one!
>Please give me ideas, mine sound silly in my head.
>want to go to Fortune and look?

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>>Maybe the person you talked to wasn't the principal?
>>Maybe.. maybe. I don't know

>> No.43240726

>Maybe the person you talked to wasn't the principal?
>Maybe he has a body double!
>Maybe.. maybe. I don't know
>Maeeeeda! You're supposed to be the smart one!

>> No.43240736

>Maybe the person you talked to wasn't the principal?

>> No.43240810

>Maybe.. maybe. I don't know
>Maybe the person you talked to wasn't the principal?
>Maeeeeda! You're supposed to be the smart one!
>Please give me ideas, mine sound silly in my head.

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>>Maybe.. maybe. I don't know
>Maybe the person you talked to wasn't the principal?
>Maeeeeda! You're supposed to be the smart one!

Writing slowly, I have company over and I'm cooking for them.

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"Maybe." My mind races over the possibilities. They all seem equally ridiculous, but also equally plausible.

"-I don't know."

Maeda starts looking through her phone, she taps several tiles and has a shocked expression on her face.
"..Maybe he called from your house?"
"Why do you say that?"

"His number didn't show up on caller ID."

This seems strange, but-
"Do you think the person you spoke to was actually the principal? "
"Who else would it be?"

"I mean, what if you spoke to someone who could change their voice?"

"I don't know Masami, that's a really complicated plan that doesn't seem to have a point. Asai could be doing that, but I wouldn't see what the point would be."

Okay, then I'm all out of ideas.
"Maeeeeedaaa, You're supposed to be the SMART ONE!"
"I know, I know.." She pats me on the head.

We walk over to a bench and sit down, both of us still considering the possibilities.

"I don't know, and what's worse: I think the confusion is playing into Asai's hands."
"Want to give the principal a call? I'm afraid of calling Mom because I'm supposed to be home."
"I'm not supposed to be here, either. And my parents think Ryouta and I are in our rooms."

Well, phooey. I guess both of us are in trouble when we get home.

>Let's go investigate!
>Get Ryouta, we need to have a meeting and discuss our plans.
>I have a cool card that could turn Asai human, can you think of a way we can get it to him?
>Let's just wing it and try going to Fortune right now, planning isn't my strong point!
>Tell Ryouta to meet us at Fortune.
>Investigate the school grounds, see if this place has anything to do with Asai's plan.

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>Investigate the school grounds, see if this place has anything to do with Asai's plan.

>> No.43242237

>Let's go investigate!
>Tell Ryouta to meet us at Fortune.

>> No.43242293

>Let's just wing it and try going to Fortune right now, planning isn't my strong point!

>> No.43242296

>>Investigate the school grounds, see if this place has anything to do with Asai's plan.

>> No.43242605

Rolled 2 (1d2)

Bit of a tie

1.) Let's wing it and go to Fortune to investigate, call Ryouta on the way
2.) Investigate the school grounds


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School grounds it is!

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"Maeda, this is a strange thought but-"

"Asai wasn't expecting anyone on school grounds today, right? He doesn't know about your bracelet, does he?"
"I don't think so."

"So." I think of terrifying possibilties he could do with a school at his disposal. "What if there's something around here? What if he hid something here or is planning on kidnapping someone? He did it once."

"Well." Maeda looks around her, anxiously. "I don't see the harm in having a look."

This actually feels like a plan! I love it!

We split up to investigate the various parts of the school. Maeda takes the parts that I'm still not too familiar with like the cooking club (oh right! I was going to join them, but I forgot. Darn.) and the athletics fields. The athletics fields were mostly places I went to cry when I felt lonely at one time, now they're just places I don't visit at all due to bad memories.
I take the club rooms and the classrooms. Two things that I've had enough exposure to know when something was amiss.

The club rooms are mostly quiet, and completely vacant. I check the occult room, which is Kaori's favorite place to go sleep during class. Nothing in here except the several beds she keeps out in case someone does decide to join her strange club. I shut the door and proceed down the hallway to the boxing and martial arts clubroom, still nothing.
Then I start combing the classrooms. Most of them appear to be in working order, and I'm not seeing anything to be suspicious of.

Maybe I just wasted Maeda's time, I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about it.

Suddenly, my phone rings.

I pick it up, and before I can even say 'Hello', I'm met with a strange and ghastly voice.
"Masami.. The gym.. Can you come?"

I pull the phone away from my face and look at it.
No caller-id.

>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Calmly hang the phone up and try calling Maeda again
>Hang up the phone and call Ryouta
>Scheme and plan

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>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Hang up the phone and call Ryouta

>> No.43243560

>>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>>Calmly hang the phone up and try calling Maeda again

>> No.43243562

>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Hang up the phone and call Ryouta

>> No.43243594

>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Calmly hang the phone up and try calling Maeda again

>> No.43243616

>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Hang up the phone and call Ryouta

>> No.43243733

>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Hang up the phone and call Ryouta


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The panic is vital.

>> No.43243969

Masami exists in a state of near constant panic, just of varying intensity.

>> No.43244051

It's when she's not panicking you got to worry really

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Was delayed, writing continues!

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I'm confused, I don't really understand the words coming out of the phone.
"Maeda?" It sure sounds like Maeda. Like if all the color was drained from her voice.

"Come.. to.. the.. gym.."

That sound, it's like a zombie is giving me this command.


"Come.. to-"

I can feel a lump in my throat.
This is not how I expected this to go at all!
Wait, hold it.

Why did it sound a little like Maeda? Who was it? How did they get my phone number?
Could it mean..


Worriedly, I take the phone back out and tap Ryouta's tile.
He's her brother, he'll know what to do!


He didn't answer!?

That's even worse!
That's even-

I don't know what to do.
"Oh no.."
Hello sinking feeling in my heart, my old friend. I've gone a whole hour without panicking, it seems. So you came by to pay me a visit.

That's okay, I'll just let it happen now.
"What do I do, what do I do, WHAT DO I DO!?"
I can't go to the gym, I would be stupid if I did! I can't go look for Maeda, because it sounds like something has her! I can't call Mom, because I'm not supposed to be here!


Something just grabbed onto my arms!
Slowly, it starts to shimmer and materialize in front of me! It's like I'm looking at the outline of a ghost!


>Struggle! Try slapping it away!
>S-stay calm, I-I'm calm!

Roll 1d20 with your post.

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Rolled 3 (1d20)

>S-stay calm, I-I'm calm!
Night, sleep-time calls.

>> No.43244808

Rolled 4 (1d20)

>S-stay calm, I-I'm calm!

>> No.43244833

Have a nice night!

>> No.43244834

>Struggle! Try slapping it away!

>> No.43244835

Rolled 18 (1d20)

>S-stay calm, I-I'm calm!

>> No.43245047

>S-stay calm, I-I'm calm!


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Oh my god.

This is it, this is the monster. I'm done for.
I'll never see Mom again, I'll never hug my sister ever again, I'll never even get to find out if they beat Asai.

My tears, they're flowing.

Tears, they're streaming. My cheeks are burning. The invisible figure continues to phase into existence.

"(Masami!)" It yells at me.


It slaps me.
I'm calming down. I'm calm.

I can do this. My cheeks are extremely moist, and I can barely see. I'm still calm. I am the essence of calm!

Slowly, the figure phases into existence.

I feel so happy! I can barely contain it! Here's someone who can fix all of my problems!
"I WAS SO SCARED!" I wrap my arms around her tiny form, she awkwardly tries to push away from me.
"(Masami, you're a wuss.)"

She gently hugs back, as she pulls herself away.
"(I'm here to take you back home, Masami.)" Mir shifts uneasily. "(What were you talking about a 'gym'?)"

"Listen! I need help! Maeda is in trouble and I really need backup! I'll go home with you when this is all done, but I really need to rescue Maeda!"
"(It sounds like you're just trying to get out of this.)"
"No! Really! I'm serious!"
I think! It's unclear what has happened!

"(I'll go with you, but if I'm not happy with what I see, I'm dragging you back home.)"


The Gym is quiet, as is any sign if Maeda was even searching here, at all.
You tried texting Maeda, but you got the same cryptic message back in return.

Speaking of which, the front door of the gym is wide open. Like some force is keeping it propped.

"(What's your plan?)"


>Sneak in and tell me what you see
>I'll go in the front, you get ready to pounce if I get in trouble!
>Through the windows! Dynamic entry!
>No! We're doing this carefully!
>There's a back door, let's try that.

>> No.43245914

>Dynamic entry!

>> No.43245933

>>No! We're doing this carefully!
>>There's a back door, let's try that.

>> No.43245938

>Sneak in and tell me what you see

>> No.43246161


>Sneak in and tell me what you see
>>No! We're doing this carefully!
>>There's a back door, let's try that.
>Dynamic entry!

Let's try all three!


>> No.43246720

We carefully approach the Gym, and scan the outside for anything waiting to pull me in.
"(I don't see anything)"
"Mir, I hate asking this, but can you use your 'ability' to poke your head in and see what's in there?"

"(Masami, first rule of being stealthy: You can't be stealthy if they know you're coming.)"
"Well! Um!" I try to think of a way to at least have a look inside. "There's a backdoor! Let's go try that!"

We walk around to the other side of the Gym, it's a more overgrown and lesser-known section of the building. Fortunately, no one seems to be around or waiting for us back here.

Better yet: The door back here has been propped open with a rock.

"This is perfect!"
"(I don't know, suspicious that this is propped open, but-)"

Mir's shadowy hand points toward something.
"(That window is propped open. I can slip in through there and exit through the door)"

I give Mir a boost as she shuffles up the wall and disappears through the window.
The door quietly slides open, and then back to it's resting position.

"See anything?"
"(There's three things in there, Maeda and Ryouta, one is a monster."

A monster? Darn!
"What is happening right now?"

"(Maeda is standing, facing the front door. Ryouta is immobilized. The monster is on the top floor)."
"What do we do!?"

"(Why are you asking me?)"

Okay, okay. I know what to do. It's crazy, but I can't let the monster taunt me with whatever trap he has planned.

No! If I'm going, I'm doing it now!
"DYNAMIC ENTRY!" I shout, pointing toward the door!
"(What?)" Mir cocks her head as I grab her!


"What?" Maeda asks, confused.
"What the-" is as far as the monster gets before my shield smashes him straight through the top window!

"W-w-w-w-w-w-" Maeda is studdering. Mir has disappeared.


>> No.43246791


>> No.43246852


>> No.43246868

busta wolf

>> No.43247062

>All the things!


I'm noticing participation is slowing down. This is about what I expected to happen.

So here's my plan: We can keep this thread alive until morning to continue it, or tomorrow we can have the Thread 100 Part 2 thread! Or we can just keep going with the numbering to Thread 101. Let me know which you think is best! If no one cares about precise numbering, I might have a part 2 thread to get everything I wanted out of the way before we entered the LAST PART!


>> No.43247656

I don't understand why you would want to make it 100 Part 2, although I probably wouldn't be bothered by it too much.

>> No.43247751


You're right, I'll just make it 101.

>> No.43247995

"I'M HERE TO SAVE YOU!" I yell at her. She awkwardly paces around in a circle, turning to me.
"(Uh, Masami?)" Mir reappears behind me.

She kind of mumbles something, maybe I'm just yelling too loud to notice what it was she said.

Oh right, I just rammed a monster out of a window. I'm a little excited right now.

"(Masami! Something isn't right with Maeda!)"

"HOLD THAT THOUGHT!" I tell her, Mir cringes at me yelling right in her face. "I NEED TO FOLLOW THAT MONSTER!"

I burst through the front door and past Maeda, who is still staring at me with this weird, awkward stare.


But never mind that! There's a monster I need to beat up!

I run outside to the courtyard adjacent to the gym, and notice the monster!
"There you are!"

"I admit, I did not expect that. You're a real blast to be around, you know that?"

It's the joker, again.
"Why do you always kidnap all my friends!?"

He stands up, uneasy on his feet.
"Simply put, fighting you would be dumb!" He laughs. "I thought I would have some fun, but it looks like we're just about out of time."

"Forget it!" I scream at him, "You're going down this time, Clown!"
He giggles, "You kids are annoying, but it's too late for us to have fun now! I lost track of time!"
"It's not too late for me to kick your ass!"

"No, but it's too late for it to matter. It's time for a new age, Masami! I wish you could live to see it!"

He points up, toward the cityscape.
Toward Fortune.

What is that awful noise?
It sounds like.. Concrete scraping against metal.

"Remember that army of statues you saw, earlier?"
He's taunting me, screw him.

He smiles at me, "Tearing a weapon apart and assembling it into little statues, Good disguise. That's why Asai is our leader, he has all the best ideas."
With a leap, he bounds off in the direction of the sound.

More importantly, something is rising above the cityscape.
I have a terrible feeling that I know what it is.

>Thread End

>> No.43248029

Thanks for the thread everyone!

Hey, I haven't done one of these, but if this thread is here in the morning, maybe I should do an Omake (A new thing for this quest!) and then continue! If it doesn't last, that's okay! Thread tomorrow!

Take care everyone!

>> No.43248078

Thanks for running.

>> No.43248166

Sounds good.

Thanks for running.

>> No.43251632


>> No.43252893

It's still here! Great!

Give me an hour or two and we will resume. I'll post an annoucement on twitter right now.

>> No.43253960

Bump for Masami.

>> No.43254056

I'll have to replace my keyboard soon due to a worn-out F5 key.

>> No.43254109

Oh no!

I just got back, thread resuming soon.

>> No.43254624


I shift through the hedges outside of Aiko's house, Masami would surely hide here!
"Anything?" Dear sis peeks her head out from around the side of her house.

"Nothing!" I cross my arms. "We've checked the hedges here, we checked the hedges outside of Mom's house, we even checked the neighbors hedges! She's no where! It's like she disappeared into nothing!"

"Julie.." Haruko suddenly seems very cold. "Have you only been checking the hedges this whole time!? I thought you were seriously looking!"
"I am seriously looking!" My fists clench. "If she wasn't hiding in a hedge, we would have found her by now! What? Do you think she's just standing out in the middle of the street?"

"Julie! There's more places to look than just hedges! Like.. Trees! Or how about under something?"
"We're not looking for a cat, Haruko!"

I'm really pouting right now. Has she even been looking? It feels like she's just taking all the easy spots while I'm the one searching through all the hedges.

"Can you at least try looking somewhere else except hedges!?"
"Like where? Where else would Masami hide!?"

"Like.. Maybe inside somewhere? You can look through walls, you do it."
"You can look through walls, too! What's stopping you!?"

That Haruko, she's always trying to get me to do all of her work.

"Can you at least try checking bushes, too?"
"Don't be silly, how would she fit inside of a bush!?"

"Hedges are bushes, Julie!"

My face feels like it just went blank.
"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, Haruko?"

"I don't have a phone! Neither do you!"
I go back to my duty of searching between every branch in this hedge.
Suddenly, Haruko taps my shoulder.

"Hey, What is that?"
She pulls me out, and points toward a strange object rising above the treeline.
Just seeing it makes my stomach churn.

"I think that's where Masami is."

>Quest resume

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>> No.43254679

Oh boy.

>> No.43254785

Oh god, an interlude as two of the very few people dumber than Masami. This is gonna be fun.

>> No.43254811

They're probably decently smart when separated anon. But what monster would do that?

>> No.43255077

By the way, does Julie's uniform include pants or a skirt? I remember Haruko insinuating that it makes Masami look like a boy, but on the other hand I seem to remember a skirt mentioned also.

>> No.43255222

Pleated skirt, with a simple pair of shorts underneath for good measure.

>> No.43255333

Haruko has strange taste in boys.

>> No.43255550 [SPOILER] 

>Quest Resume.

There it is, rising slowly above the cityscape. It's..

I don't know what it is, but it's huge. It's like a giant slowly standing up over the city.
Oh no.

It starts as a small blob of black along the trees, maybe a kilometer away? No. It's further than that. This means it must be even BIGGER than how I think it is right now.

Slowly, it starts to take on a humanoid form as more of it becomes visible.
Even though it's just a building, it's terrifying to watch. It's like a building split itself into pieces, and a big humanoid section is peering out from the inside of it. It's almost like a titan wearing a set of armor.

I'm scared.

Quickly, I take my phone out of my pocket, and I tap one of the tiles on it. This tile should be Kaori's phone.
"Masami? What's wron-"
She tries to say something else, but I've already hung up.

I then scroll down the list of contacts until I reach another number. This one is for Mom's phone.

"Mom!? Where are you, Are you-"
"Can't talk right now! Busy! Call back later! Please stay safe!"


I really should have expected that.
I turn around to see Mir almost right behind me.
"(It's Maeda! She's not acting right!)"
"Nothing is acting right! What do I do first!?"

"(Come look at Maeda!)"

At least I don't have to stand out here and look at that.. thing.. in the distance.
I probably have some time, it hasn't even stood all the way up just yet.

We rush inside, and notice Maeda is still standing in the same spot that we left her.
"Maeda! Cut it out! There's a real emergency happening!"

"E..mer...gency." She says back to me in a ghostly tone.

Uh oh.

>"Snap out of it! "
>try slapping her!
>Try hugging her.
>Run over to Ryouta and see if he's okay.
>Shut the doors and leave her here, she'll snap out of it soon now that the monster is gone.

>> No.43255580

>Try hugging her.
>Run over to Ryouta and see if he's okay.
If that doesn't work.

>> No.43255610

>>"Snap out of it! "
>>Try hugging her.
>>Run over to Ryouta and see if he's okay.

>> No.43255616

>"Snap out of it! "
>Run over to Ryouta and see if he's okay.

>> No.43255628

>"Snap out of it! "
>Try hugging her.

>> No.43255644

>"Snap out of it! "
>Try hugging her.

>> No.43255667

>"Snap out of it! "
>Try hugging her.
If hugging doesn't seem to work
>Run over to Ryouta and see if he's okay.

>> No.43255677

>"Snap out of it! "
>try slapping her!

Hugs don't work anymore. The end is nigh.

>> No.43255695

Hugs always work!

>> No.43255705

Masami might not have mom hug-powers but hers are pretty good too!

>> No.43255765

>>"Snap out of it! "
>>Try hugging her.
>>Run over to Ryouta and see if he's okay.


>> No.43255773

But the end, anons...

>> No.43255824

We can do it!

>> No.43256099

"Maeda!" I leap over to my friend and grab onto her shoulders. "Snap out of it!"


My hands shake Maeda back and forth, her head bobbles around like some kind of plastic toy in my grasp.

I'm out of options!
My arms reach out and squeeze her as tightly as I can.

"What!? Can't what!? Can't stop!? Can't help!? Please tell me!"

My arms almost feel like they're falling asleep from squeezing her so tightly!
She slumps over in my grasp, pulling me down with her.

"Oh oh! Oh no! You couldn't breathe!"
She coughs, weakly pushing me off of her.

"Feel... Tired.."
"Okay! Okay! You're tired! Just snap out of whatever is going on!"

She coughs again, "That monster, sap energy."

I go to hug her again, but she weakly tries pries from my hands.

Oh no! I completely forgot! Ryouta is slumped over on the bleachers!
"Mir! Take over here! I need to check Ryouta!"

I hop up and bound over toward her brother. He's not responding either!
"Ryouta!" I start shaking him.
He's not responding!

I check his breathing, he's still breathing. Okay, that's a relief.
His body is extremely heavy, my hands heave him into one of the chairs. Slowly, he starts to move. His breathing is shallow, and fast.

"Oh no! This isn't good at all! I don't know how to fix this!"

"(Hey! Try giving him CPR!)"
"What is that!?"
"(I saw it in a movie once! Put your mouth to his and try to breathe for him!)"

That sounds gross!
"That's not what you're doing to Maeda, is it?"
"(She won't let me get close enough!)"

This seems like a dumb idea.
I lean in toward Ryouta, but inches away from his face.
He coughs all over me, gross.

"I-I'm fine.." His breathing is steadying.

>Okay! Back to the problem outside!
>Wait here for a minute, make sure they're okay!
>Run back to Maeda, her brother is disgusting.

>> No.43256152


>> No.43256170

>Call Aiko and make her look after them. This will also keep her out of trouble.

>> No.43256184

>Wait here for a minute, make sure they're okay!

>> No.43256193

>Wait here for a minute, make sure they're okay!

>> No.43256195

Backing this, or just tell Maeda to do it

>> No.43256202

>Wait here for a minute, make sure they're okay!

>> No.43256216

>Run back to Maeda, her brother is disgusting.

>> No.43256293

>Wait here for a minute, make sure they're okay!
>Maybe even call Aiko to come help watch!


>> No.43256340

Note to self: Mir has terrible plans.

>> No.43256490

The sleeve of my uniform runs across my mouth, with it brings cleanliness and relief.
"Yuck!" I yelp.

"Mir! This is all your fault! Why did you tell me to do that?"
"(How did I know that would happen!?)"
"You learned that from a movie!"

"(It was a good movie!)"

I guess I can't argue with her on that.

Ryouta tries to stand up, but I keep him in his seat.
"No. Stay seated. Get some rest."

"No buts. The monster is gone, you need to rest."

This isn't going to work.
I pick up my phone and search for a certain number contained within. I tap the tile with her contact info on it.

"Aiko! Maeda and Ryouta are hurt!"
"Stop! Panicking is my job!"

The line is silent. I guess she can't argue with that, either.

"Listen! They just need some rest, but they're still trying to move. I know it's dangerous out here, but can you come to the school gym and watch them?"
"R-right! I can do that?"
"Great! When can you get here?"
"In about five minutes!"


I hang up the phone and sit down next to Ryouta. Maeda is slowly trying to sit up on the gym's floor.

"Just lay down, Maeda!"
"C-can't.. Monster.."
"He's gone! There's something bigger to worry about outside!"

Way bigger.
"(Do you know how you're going to deal with that, yet?)"
"I'm going to find Asai and use my card on him, of course!"
"(How do you know that will work?)"
"I just do, okay!? You're beginning to sound like Mom! "

"(Eep, sorry.)"

The gym door bursts open, and Aiko rushes inside. That was not five minutes, that felt more like forty seconds.
I'm not going to ask how.

"Yes, I did!"
"What are you going to do about it!?"
"Why does everyone ask me that!?"

>I'm going to go use my card on it! Right now!
>I'm going to see what everyone else is doing, first!
>I'm gonna...um
>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!
>I'm going to go confront Asai!

>> No.43256542

>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!
>I'm going to go confront Asai!

>> No.43256560

>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!

>> No.43256568

>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!

>> No.43256582

>>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!

>> No.43256593

>I'm going to go confront Asai!
inb4 it IS Asai

>> No.43256616

>I'm going to go use my card on it! Right now!

>> No.43256640

>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!
>I'm going to go confront Asai!

>> No.43256678

>I'm gonna make sure everyone is safe, first!
>I'm going to go confront Asai!


>> No.43257684

"Aiko! I need you to stay here with everyone!"
"Stay here? Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm going to go make sure everyone is safe!"
"You're going where now?"
"(Hold on! You said you were coming back with us when this was done!)" Mir protests, stamping her foot.

"I know I said that, but we have bigger problems right now!"
"Nothing is bigger than keeping you safe, Masami!" Aiko grabs onto my arm.

"Do you really think we're going to be safe as long as that thing is out there?!"
"I think we should let the adults handle it!"

"And I think" I pull my arm away from her. "That the adults are already in trouble! And I need to go check and make sure that everyone is safe!"

"So where are you going to go!?"
"First I'm going to go check on your mother because I guarentee she's left her house by now."
"Wait! Shouldn't I be doing that?"

"YOU'RE going to stay with Maeda and Ryouta, because I don't trust them to not go get into trouble, either!"
"(What makes you so certain about that? You're the one that ran off in th first place!)"

"Why are both of you arguing with me at a time like this?!"
"You know what? It's fine."


Aiko sighs, and sits down next to Ryouta.
"Nothing we say is going to keep you from going. So just go on ahead."

"..Are you sure?"
"Sure, why not?" She crosses her arms, and starts acting snippy with me. "I mean, it's not like us caring about your safety has helped so far. If you want to go get hurt? Go right head."

"(Aiko! You don't actually think that, do you?)"

Her tough exterior melts away, and she seems more defeated than irrirated.

"Look! Aiko! I'll be right back. Just stay here while I make sure no one has gone off to do something stupid!"

"And if someone has?"
"Then I'm going to Asai and teaching him a lesson myself!"

"No! Absolutely not!"

>Then what should I do?
>Want me to take someone with me?
>I'm leaving, take care Aiko
>Mir, come with me.
>I'll go get Kaori, does that make it better?

>> No.43257751

>Then what should I do?
>I'll go get Kaori, does that make it better?

>> No.43257762

>>Want me to take someone with me?
Find Julie and Haruko.

>> No.43257763

>I'm leaving, take care Aiko
I've had quite enough of these negative Nancys.

>> No.43257775

>Then what should I do?
>I'll go get Kaori, does that make it better?

>> No.43257786

>I'm leaving, take care Aiko

>> No.43257791

>Then what should I do?
>I'll go get Kaori, does that make it better?

>> No.43257793

Supporting, lets get those with the powers left

>> No.43257827

>that picture
Now I wished we had a bancho costume for Masami.

>> No.43257877

Seconding this.

>> No.43258251

>Then what should I do?
>Find Julie and Haruko

Writing, very slowly because company came over unexpectedly again. Normal speed resumes when they leave.

>> No.43258313

Then I must go to sleep. Kick Asai's butt for me, anons.

>> No.43258646

Thanks for playing!

>Writing continues!

>> No.43259084

"Then what should I do, you two!?"
"Just stay here!"

"But Mom is out there, with that thing!"
"She's a grown-up, she can handle herself."


Aiko suddenly realizes that she's not one to speak about that.
I take advantage of the situation.
"You know that wherever your mother went, you would go. You followed her to the ends of the Earth just to make sure she's safe."

Aiko looks extremely guilty, right now.
"I'm the same way!" I grab her hands, "I can't just leave Mom out there with.. That. I need to be right there, with her, fighting it!"

"Just do me one favor." Aiko pulls her hands away.
"What is it?"

"Just make sure my mother didn't run off to fight it, as well."

"(You're not serious, are you Aiko? I was hoping you'd help keep Masami here!)"
"You know that neither of us can do that, Mir."

"Thanks, you two."
"Just go! I'm already beginning to regret this." Aiko hugs me, before gently pushing me away.

I make my way out of the gym, that thing in the distance has gotten much more 'defined', so to speak. I hope I'm not too late.


I knock on the door to Aiko's house once more, receiving only silence in return.

She's already gone. Now I have two people to worry about.
What's worse, I don't even have a way to find her. Plus, I don't know what kind of plan she has in store.

I spin on my heel, just to be met with Haruko, and Julie!
"What are you doing here?" They seem confused.

"What are YOU doing here? And what's that in your hand?"

"Oh, right!" Haruko perks up, "Look! We found a kitty!"
It squirms awkwardly.

>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.
>Why are you two out here at a time like this?
>Have you seen Marie anywhere?
>Maybe you two should go home.
>Why a cat?

>> No.43259129

>>Have you seen Marie anywhere?
>>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.

>> No.43259132

>Have you seen Marie anywhere?
>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.

>> No.43259143

>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.

>> No.43259149

>Why are you two out here at a time like this?
>Have you seen Marie anywhere?

>> No.43259706

>Have you seen Marie anywhere?
>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.

>> No.43259770

Still company, still slow.

>Have you seen Marie anywhere?
>Can you two come with me? I need to go fight.. that thing.


>> No.43261696


>> No.43261778 [SPOILER] 


Why are they looking for cats when there's a giant monster on the horizon?!

"I thought so, too!"
"We came out here for some reason, but we found this poor kitty trapped in a tree."

"Huh, what was the reason?"
"Who knows, probably something boring." Julie smiles and pets the kitty.

"L-listen, have either of you seen Marie?"

"You know who! Aiko's mother!"
"OH OH, Yeah! No. No we didn't see her." Haruko sets kitty down, it flees as quickly as it can.

"Okay, two things then." I put my finger up, pointing toward a tiny scratch on Haruko's arm. "Stay away from stray animals."
"But they're cute!"
"Yeah! Who are you to talk about bringing in strays!?"

That hurts, Julie.

"SECOND THING!" I stomp my foot. "Can you two come with me? We need to find Mom and Marie before they do something dumb like try to fight the big monster!"

"Wait, WAIT!" Julie pushes Haruko to the side. "I just remembered! We were out here to find YOU! And then we were supposed to bring YOU home!"
"Now isn't the time for that, Julie!"
"Why not!?"

I grab her arm, and push her in the direction of that thing on the horizon. Even now, it's grown very slightly in posture.
It almost looks human-like, now.

"What are we supposed to do about it!?"
"We are going to go get Mom back, then kick Asai's butt!"
"What would that do!?" Haruko grabs onto my other arm.
"Asai is controlling it, obviously. We break Asai, we break that thing."

"Is that a good idea? We don't have a good track record against Asai."
"Neither does Mom or Marie! That's why we need to hurry and stop talking!"

"Okay, okay. We'll go look. But no fighting! Okay?"
"No excuses!" Julie hugs me. "We can't fix you if you break!"

That's sweet, but now really doesn't feel like the time for it.

>Call Mom's phone again.
>Search Fortune's parking lot, that's where she would go, right?
>Go right toward the giant.
>Back to the Mansion.
>Where would Asai hide until his weapon was done? Any ideas?

>> No.43261812

I'm back. I hope no more interruptions happen for the rest of the night.

>> No.43261876

Impressive monster.
>Search Fortune's parking lot, that's where she would go, right?

>> No.43261911

>Call Mom's phone again.
>Where would Asai hide until his weapon was done? Any ideas?

>> No.43261915

>Search Fortune's parking lot, that's where she would go, right?

>> No.43261919

>>Search Fortune's parking lot, that's where she would go, right?

>> No.43261975

>Call Mom's phone again.
>Where would Asai hide until his weapon was done? Any ideas?
>Search Fortune's parking lot, that's where she would go, right?

>> No.43261980

>Search Fortune's parking lot, that's where she would go, right?

>> No.43262199

>Call Mom's phone again.
>Where would Asai hide until his weapon was done? Any ideas?


>> No.43263414

I can hear sirens in the distance. There are many more of them than what I heard earlier.
That's a problem, the city is beginning to realize that it might be in trouble.

I take out my phone and tap the tiny tile on it for Mom.
"The number you have dialed is not in service."

What's wrong with Mom's phone!?

Oh, now I'm worried more than ever!
"JULIE! HARUKO! I can't get Mom on her phone!"

"So! We need to get to Fortune right now and find Asai!"

"Are you sure he's at Fortune?! Why wouldn't he be with that thing?"
"Because I think Mom went to Fortune, and he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to tease her!"

"Okay.. Well." Julie seems uncomfortable.
"Lead the way, I guess." Haruko grabs onto her sister's shoulder.


Most of the streets are closed off now. Policemen are setting up roadblocks and yellow tape on every city block leading to the giant monster.

It's escalated.
News helicopters buzz around it like annoying flies; it continues to stand motionless as parts of it continue to form around its skeletal structure.

I checked my phone while waiting for the subway. Some news sites have front page speculation ranging from secret military projects to aliens.
A couple of them mention a possible repeat of the 'incident'. I try searching for more info regarding an 'incident', but all the information has been buried beneath the sea of up-to-the-date info on this new monstrosity.

The subway closes down maybe five minutes after we arrive. So instead we try teleporting, despite the poor experience from earlier. We phase into reality just outside of the crossing gate of Fortune.

The parking lot, is completely empty. All the statues? Gone. I remember the Jester saying something about them being used to make the building, but I don't know.

There is something here; Mom's black SUV.

>Go investigate! Quick!
>No! Do this carefully!
>I don't see anyone around..
>Julie, Haruko, what do I do!?

>> No.43263447

>Go investigate! Quick!

>> No.43263479

>Go investigate! Quick!
oh shit oh shit

>> No.43263503

>Go investigate! Quick!

>> No.43263589

>No! Do this carefully!
>I don't see anyone around..

>> No.43263629

>Go investigate! Quick!

>> No.43263936

>Go investigate! Quick!

>> No.43264847 [SPOILER] 


I hop over the wooden barrier and rush toward the black SUV.
"Hold up! Don't go in alooone!"

Julie and Haruko are right behind me, climbing over the parking barrier.
I'm not slowing down for them, though!

I rush over to the black SUV and throw open the door. I crawl in and start searching for something, anything!

M-Maybe I should calm down.
There's no one in here. The car is completely empty.


I hop out of the drivers seat, Julie and Haruko rush over and scold me immediately.
"What were you thinking!? What if this was a trap!?"
"This isn't what Asai would do, Julie."

"No." Haruko seems to be out of breath. "But it might be what HE would do!"

I walk around the front of the car to notice something else standing in the parking lot.
"I hate clowns." I cross my arms and pout.

>Put on Belle and rush him!
>Hold on, he just needs a talking to.
>He might be a good test subject for this human-making card.. Hmm.
>Warn Julie and Haruko about what his power is, then think of a plan to fight him!
>Maybe I should keep my distance.

>> No.43264875

>Hold on, he just needs a talking to.
Ask about MOM!
Gonna sleep, thanks for writing

>> No.43264883

>>He might be a good test subject for this human-making card.. Hmm.

>> No.43264896

>He might be a good test subject for this human-making card.. Hmm.
>Warn Julie and Haruko about what his power is

>> No.43264902

>Hold on, he just needs a talking to.
>He might be a good test subject for this human-making card.. Hmm.

>> No.43265167

Rolled 83 (1d100)

>Hold on, he just needs a talking to.
>He might be a good test subject for this human-making card.. Hmm.

Hey, with this roll a 1d20, would you?

>> No.43265180

Rolled 1 (1d20)

hmm, not sure if this is good or bad

>> No.43265237

Rolled 15 (1d20)


>> No.43265247


>> No.43265263

Rolled 16 (1d20)


>> No.43265273

Rolled 11 (1d20)


>> No.43265295


>> No.43265335

We made it almost to the end at least. It was good playing with you anons.

>> No.43266358

I'm still here. I'm sorry.

Writing continues.
100 STILL won't get as far as I was hoping, but we're approaching a good stopping point soon!


>> No.43266834

"Masami! Quick! We need to fight him!"
"No! We should stay away from him, I don't know what he does!"

I don't think either of those are the correct answer!
"We're not doing that."

I confidently stroll toward the Jester. He stands motionless, waiting for me.
"Masami! No!"
"Shoot him! Use your magic! Or something! Do you even have a gun?"

"He's been as much of a tool as anyone else in Asai's game. I'm going to have a talk with him."
"Because if I don't talk with him now, I'll never get to ever again!"

"Is that a bad thing!?"

I ignore Julie and instead inch closer to the Joker.
"Just follow my lead, I'll need you two to help pin him down!"
"Pin him down!?"

He springs into action, running quickly in my direction!
I feel Belle's armor overtake me as I use the shield-

But he already knew that was coming! He swiftly leaps over and attack from above.

I didn't realize it, but Julie is still WAY far behind me.
I got a little ahead of myself, and the clown knows it.
He kicks the shield to the side and comes down HARD on my armor. I feel bits and pieces of it wince and strain under the pressure of his blow.
"I JUST WANT TO TALK! STOP THIS-" I yell in his face.

Using me as a springboard, he darts off and toward both Julie and Haruko.
Oh no! I forgot to tell them something!


I was too late; he taps Haruko, and she drops to one knee. Julie does a far better job keeping him off with her sword, but the Jester simply ignores her and doubles back toward me.

Oh no!
I put my shield up to block him, but he's too fast! Why is a clown this fast!?

My back foot gives away, and I fall backwards onto the concrete. Him pinning me from on top.
I don't know what he's planning, but I have only one choice.

My right hand is free, it reaches into my pocket and grabs my secret weapon.

I lunge the upper half of my body that's not pinned, and press the card against his face.


>> No.43267325 [SPOILER] 

The other world.
This place I call my own.

I feel myself, and one other person enter the house I've made for myself here.
The idea I had to make a welcoming home for Asai to come to, but I'll let this other one join too.

I sit on the living room couch, a small tea set in front of me on the table. That's when I hear a set of footsteps walking from behind me.

A girl, one who looks oddly similar to Julie and Haruko, walks in front of me with an angry and irritated gait. She's wearing a silly hat, with an equally silly outfit.
She flops down on the seat across from me, and gives me a glare that I can almost feel.

She pouts.

>"No, not until you tell me why you're trying to hurt me."
>"I want to know more about you."
>"Why are you working with Asai?"
>"Doesn't he treat you like a tool, too?"
>"What is it that you're 'missing'?"
>"I-I didn't expect this either, this is all new to me."

>> No.43267377

Rolled 20 (1d20)

>>"I want to know more about you."

>> No.43267383

>"Why are you working with Asai?"
>"Doesn't he treat you like a tool, too?"

>> No.43267562

>>"I want to know more about you."
>"Why are you working with Asai?"
>"Doesn't he treat you like a tool, too?"

Folks I am wearing down, so this thread may have to come to a close soon, not quite where I wanted it to. But that's okay. This is a good jumping off point for next time.

>> No.43268990

Next update is the last. I am sorry. I had an IRL thing come up and just got back.

Finishing last post of the night.

>> No.43270045

"I-I can do that, but first, Tea?"

I pour her a cup of imaginary tea in the imaginary house in the other world. I slide it over to her gently.

She picks it up and tries throwing it in my face, but it's imaginary, so it phases straight through me.
"Is that a no?"

"I want you to talk to me!"

"I don't want to talk to you!" She pounds her fist on the table.
"I want to know more about you!"

"NO, We're done here!"

She has to be the most stubborn one.
"Why do we have to be enemies!?"

"I don't know how you think the world works, but it's not hugs, and rainbows! Asai is making a better world for the both of us! He is making a place in this world we can call our own!"
"Do you even know what that looks like, though!? He treats you like a tool! You're just someone he would throw away, if it was convenient to him!"

"Every war has to have soldiers!"
"You're not a soldier, you're a child, just like I am!"


"Neither of us are monsters! You're a person!"

She goes quiet.
"Look, I know it's easy to sit with your family and pretend that your safety is free. But it's not. You realize the only reason you have a home is because Asai pulled some strings and gave it to Empress?"
"She would have earned it on her own, anyway!"
"She CAN'T earn it on her own, she can't work because she's not a person. YOU can't work or go to school without Fortune's help because YOU WERE NEVER BORN."

"That's wrong! No matter what would happen, Mom would find a way to make it work! Humans aren't as mean as you make them out to be!"

"..You know what, I think you have a point."
My eyes light up.
"Yeah! I mean, never mind that we're abominations that came out of no where. What matters is that we have the power of love on our side, right?"

I nearly jump up and hug her.
"See!? You DO understand!"

I stare at her. She sticks her tongue out at me,

Converting her is not going to be easy.

>Thread End

>> No.43270125

Everyone, I'm sorry that last post took so long. An emergency came up.


Thanks for the thread everyone! This is the longest quest thread I've done to date.

Even though we didn't get to the point I was wanting to stop at.

Thanks for everyone who stuck with me this long. I really appreciate it. CPM has come a long way, and I'm glad that it has. It's amazing that this silly idea I had at one time of a Magical Girl quest that was played straight has come this far.

Thanks again for the thread, have a nice night.

>> No.43270146

Thanks for running.

>> No.43270283

Night night. Thanks for running.

>> No.43270874

You see? Hugs have stopped working. The end is nigh, I say.

>> No.43271059

We are simply not hugging her enough.

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