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>>Ancient Roman amuletts from Pompeii showing a phallus

Looks like my magical realm is actually just historically accurate.

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check please!

I'm out

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have a pewter pilgrim's badge, worn by french or flemish peasants in the 14-15th century.

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Ah yes the cult of the phallus. I forget the actual god but it was a fertility god I believe and the Christians went out of their way to remove as many refrences of it as they could, pompeii being pompeii would have been spared a lot of christian desecration.

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and have a vagina on horseback, going 'hunting', armed with a crossbow...

Again 15th century.

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what the hell is wrong with these people?!

this kind of dick obsession cannot be healthy!

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Kinda looks like a portal to Oblivion

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a monument consisting of a four-sided shaft tapering inward from top to bottom and bearing a head or bust; those of Hermes usually had an erect penis, which passersby stroked for luck.

They were used as road and place markers in Greece. As place markers, they usually indicated a tavern/inn and acted as corner posts for delineating market areas.

Greeks and Romans, man. Sex was fundamental to story telling.

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Or maybe a rather different meaning of "spitroast"...

here, the penis is impaled on a spit in front of fire, while the vulva serves as the dripping pan.

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>>Greeks and Romans, man. Sex was fundamental to story telling.
Truly an enlightened people.

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It's not a dick obsession, it's a lack of inhibitions in regards to genitals. Many athletes competed in the nude for a long long time and seeing a dick or vag wasn't seen as horrible because everyone had them. In fact, in Ancient rom penises were kind of a comedic thing. Like if someone's dick fell out of their toga no one would gasp, they'd all laugh their asses off.

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Vaginas aren't evil. They're a portal to a magic place.

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A magical place full of lava, and spider demons, and pointy metal stuff everywhere!

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>Ha Ha, look, Crassus' dick fell out!
>Drunk in public are we again, eh Crassus?

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you need to date a better sort of girl then.

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well it could still be considered a 'magical place', if your a cenobite.

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I'd wager, that's herpes, crabs and piercings.
So basically what >>43202973 says.

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No, it just means faggots like you existed back around 80 AD as well.

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or centipedes.

... its more likely than you think.

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No shit Sherlock. And minotaur was born because a woman made a wooden cow to hide inside to sate her lust for bull-cock.

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They had dicks on the gates to protect the city and bring good luck.

Penis = good

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Minotaurs don't have dicks for horns. This here is a fucking dick wyvern for god's sake! It has dicks all of its extremities except its wings!

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No dude, vaginas are holy as fuck.

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I don't know if that's true but I don't know enough about bull-cock lust to dispute it

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Always crack me up

I like to think all the walls of Rome were just full of people shitposting all day

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Demons don't like having to go home. She has a portal to his home.

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>Secundus says hello to his Prima, wherever she is. I ask, my mistress, that you love me.
Even in roman times /r9k/ couldn't get a gf.

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>woman going mad with lust for an animal, giant bull cock, monstrous births

To think, one's fetishes truly go back so far. It's inspiring.

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fucking furries i swear

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>meanwhile on roman /tg/.
In one bar, a picture depicts two men playing dice. One shouts, “Six!” while his opponent holds up two fingers and says, “No, that’s not a ‘three’; it’s a ‘two’”. By the door of the bar, another picture shows a short man driving a group of men out. Above his head are the words, “Go on, get out of here! You have been fighting!”

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It's weird to really feel the meaning of "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

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>79 AD or earlier
>They did it for free even then

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Satyrs on the other hand were known for screwing women. And men. And goats. And of course doing some amazing tricks with their cocks.

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Actually, that's a dick in there. Notice lack of boobage on the person.
Cute boys in dresses lifting their skirt in general direction of evil to ward it off was a thing historically.

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Well the latrines certainly were.

That was the original, literal shitposting.

Also, why are people so surprised all the time that penis and vagina were considered good and holy thing that you used to fend off evil?
Or were they just pretending to be retarded, and I fell for the clever ruse?

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Nah, vaginas were protecting from evil. This is why sheela na gig were a thing.

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oldschool /d/

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Culture shock.

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Jesus also had a wound-pussy.

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Well given that there are only ever 2 individuals in any given thread, I'll have you know that my personal relationship with Jesus Christ (or something) makes me deeply offended by anything more than a bit of ankle.

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Holy shit is that a Swedish flag in the background


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>R O M A
the shitposting is real

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But is concealed boner ok if it belongs to the Lord himself?

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It really is sad that there's only one story in all of Greek Mythology that doesn't involve rape, murder, incest, and/or bestiality, and that one involved the first man who got his waifu.

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>>R O M A


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I think the cultural treatment of genitalia as being sinful or something to be hidden is a cultural backlash against the perceived excesses of the French monarchy before the revolution. Something between becoming more prudish because you don't like the French, and because you don't want peasants to riot and execute you.

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Yall like to talk about Rome being the same as 4chan but listen to this.

The word "Trivia" means "Three Ways"

However, it came to mean "useless information" because the Romans put up local news on message boards at every fork in the road.

Since no one updated the message boards, the info rapidly went out of date and became useless.

They were also constantly covered in vandalism and drawings of dicks.


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>It really is sad that there's only one story in all of Greek Mythology that doesn't involve rape, murder, incest, and/or bestiality, and that one involved the first man who got his waifu.
apparently the Greeks were horny bastards. My guess most of these Greek storytellers were suffering from the worst case of blue-balls in recorded history.

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What? The worship of Fascinus fell away naturally with the rest of the Roman Paganism, there are multiple non-Pompey examples of amulets and trinkets.

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Nah, puritans were doing this shit even before that. And there were various sects that seen all evil in the world in penis and/or vagina even back in antiquity. It's fairly simple reasoning really. Sex makes you feel good -> pleasure is sinful -> penis is evil.

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>penis is evil.

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>Atimetus got me pregnant
this shit is amazing makes me want to become an archaeologist so I can uncover other ancient human shitposting

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>Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here. The women did not know of his presence. Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion.

You will never be this alpha

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Not necessarily. They were just seeing sexuality as what it really is: a vital part of virtually everyone's life.

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who are you kidding?

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If it is full of teeth, feed it a metal phallus first to break them.

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The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

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Ah, there's that medieval dragon cuck porn I've been looking for.

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That doesn't explain the woman getting preggers with Zeus in his swan form...or all the monsters made because Zeus can't stop putting his disk in everything...or the gods just generally being assholes...come to think of it that explains why the Greeks were mostly gay.

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In a way, Greek religion was like what happens when /d/ goes too far. You give a bunch of emotionally stunted perverts absolute power, and that's what happens. Swans raping everything and people being murdered for not fucking you.

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All joking aside the real reason for a lot of the rape and incest was not because this was 'normal' in ancient Greek society, rather the opposite. the inclusion of these extremes was to show why you don't do these things, like for example: "NO! Incest is bad! Look at Oedipus! you want to end up like Oedipus?! No of course not! And that's why we don't fuck our own family members, because then you end up like Oedipus!"

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Yeah, they were mostly cautionary tales. But just like Reefer Madness and other moralistic tales they were using this opportunity to be as exploitative and titillating as possible.

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Quit staring at my ballock dagger, you perv.

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And let's not forget being turned into a monster for being raped.

I guess the moral of their story was that no matter how fucked up things get, people in power always have more disdain for the plebs than they do for each other.

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>exploitative and titillating as possible.
well... you still gotta tell a good story if you want to keep the audience around long enough to actually hear the moral...

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>not having a codpiece to show off your manhood
Just look at this pleb!

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Only because they can get away with raping and murdering the plebs to a horrific Bad End. It's the only way the petty fucks can get back at each other without inciting a cosmic genocide.

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In all seriousness, sexual and physical taboos as we know it are actually super recent and the USA/GB got hit with the thick end of it durring the Victorian era.

Its under the padded coat and blending in with my hosen.

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>the codpiece in general
Yes we know you have a dick, no one's forgotten that you are a dude, you don't have to remind us every five seconds.

really now, how immature were the nobles? be honest.

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>how immature were the nobles?
You ever see on the television where some rich person is primping and preening like the viewer should give a shit?
In every feudal fantasy game I play the nobles are 2/3 the sort of dipshit who ends up on MTV Cribs and 1/3 Machiavelli with a heavy dose of inbreeding for taste.

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>Being such a jealous peasant.

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It started as a means of allowing easy access to piss while laced into your hosen.

Its not our problem you lack vision and taste.

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That's nice, now answer the question, is it fun?

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Are cocks fun? As an owner of one i must say: immensely.

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Wouldn't trade mine for anything


Being born with a dick is like winning the lottery in life

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It's pretty good. It's even better if you can share it with other people, but it's best to get consent first.
Plus you can stuff things into the foreskin like m&ms and small coins for safekeeping.

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except, you know, the reduced lifespan, dulled senses, fucked up neuron wiring, and other biological issues.
but if you'd been born a few centuries ago and not gotten sent off to die in the wars, it would have been great!

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I'll take increased muscle mass and a dick, with the ability to piss out a windown over that nonsense, anon.
bara bara

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The winged phallus was actually the symbol of Pompeii. Expect to find it everywhere in that town.

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and you wonder why we keep sacking you?

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Not to mention how male figures in Greek comedies would have enormous (depending on the character) fake phalluses which they'd jiggle around in front of the audience for cheap laughs or to give a bawdy line emphasis.

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I've had some enjoyable experiences, but then I've never had a vagina so I don't really have anything to compare them to.

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>>Well the latrines certainly were.
>That was the original, literal shitposting.
Are you acting like toilets these days aren't full of shitposts? The only place I can find more racism is /pol/

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Most of the grafitti is gone. Pompeii is a unique specimen because the ash meant that;
A) The walls are still standing
B) Nobody fucked with the site
C) The biological elements of the paint haven't been eaten by bacteria

I suppose there's still carvings

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>In all seriousness, sexual and physical taboos as we know it are actually super recent and the USA/GB got hit with the thick end of it durring the Victorian era
>this myth again

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I remember those. Ursula vernon drew a few, that's how I learned about them.

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Have you read any Shakespeare?
Shit's bawdy as fuck. So that gives us a time period within which sexual mores became more conservative, between the start of the 17th century and today. The 17th and 18th centuries, looking at the art and the writing and the behavior of the common folk, were pretty loose when it came to junk and the touching thereof. We don't really see a sexual backlash until the French Revolution. Protestant/puritan sexual oppression really wasn't a thing until the end of the 18th century.
So, yeah, it is pretty recent, and the Victorian era didn't help. That being said, the Victorians were way sexier than people give them credit for.

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That, and it helped keep your half-rotten syphilis dick from rubbing up all over your underwear.

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>Shit's bawdy as fuck.
Still tame compare to let's say 'Tis Pity She's a Whore.

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You don't know the times well do you?

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>Have you read any Shakespeare? Shit's bawdy as fuck
doesn't mean people then didn't have standards

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Or Rabelais, or anything by that Chaucer motherfucker.
However, a good portion of Shakespeare was pretty strongly Bowdlerized in the later half of the 18th century.
Meaningless statement, dubsman. Standards are relative to the time in which they are, you know, standard.

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I have those books. They're pretty good, though the author does have a tendency to include exciting bits that are probably not actually true.
Still 8/10 history books, fun to read and very accessible.

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Fun fact: Roman cock idols are how we got the word "fascinate".

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I thought it meant "witch" or some shit...

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Was in a lecture for a class on Pompeii during my master's. Prof put pic related on the projector and pointed out that Priapus (the god of male fertility and occasional slapstick [pun not intended] comedy) was weighing his junk against gold.

I burst out laughing and the whole rest of the class just sort of looked at me.

The Romans were awesome.

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It's dickwolves all the way down.

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A "fascinum" was a phallic amulet meant to ward off the "evil eye" of a witch intent on cursing the wearer.

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>>43207996/>>43208027 here

OP, you can look up "Pompeii wind chime" on Google and get probably hundreds of pics of these things.

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I feel I need to direct you to >>43203842
Because my feelings on the matter are quite similar.

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Yes, considering that that there is almost 700 years difference between us and you....

...Myth? Really?

Privacy as we expect it just didn't exist. Nudity was nothing. Cosleeping the norm. Having sex behind a curtain in bed, in the same room as the rest of the family was nothing.

Or Chaucer.

>Hasn't read any shakespeare outside of highschool

They fuck you smoking? Most people owned more underwear than out wear! The average man owned two to three pants/hosen/trousers, and maybe two doublets (not counting coats/cloaks etc). Even the lower class would have several shirts and braise.

Its how you keep your outerwear from getting stunk up by your sweat and body between washes. Its easier and cheaper to bulk wash linen shirts and braise than your heavier outer garments. We see this right up until the industrial revolution.

Standards change, friend.

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I think the myth is society being uniform at any given date.

During the Middle Ages, the Church tried to enforce some degree of prudishness but it was nowhere near as powerful as old movies and Enlightenment authors want us to believe. Peasant culture was still bawdy as fuck and Italian nobility included some highly notorious homosexuals. It was the Spanish nobility, in the light of the Reconquista, that became the "no fun allowed" nobility. Until they were out-"no fun allowed" by Protestantism, that is.

As for the 19th century, the prudishness was mostly enforced by the upper classes... of Britain and America. The commoners remained as bawdy as they'd ever been. As for the rest of Europe, need I remind you that this is the same period in which the French accepted "Déjeuner sur l'herbe" (which was scandalous as fuck because it had a naked woman in public surrounded by clothed men) and saw the opening of the Moulin Rouge (which was scandalous as fuck because you could actually see the skin between the dancers thighs and knees)?

And then there's Victorian pornography. Yes, that's a thing.

tl;dr: There are always prudes and there are always perverts, the only thing that changes is how much influence each group has. As far as Britain goes, the only difference between it then and now (other than London no longer being a British city) is that now the perverts are in charge rather than the prudes. That doesn't mean every Brit is suddenly a slut.

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You admit you were generalizing just as much as me.

You still proved yourself wrong.

Skeet skeet.

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That post was my first post in the entire thread, bruh.

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Those look pretty darn comfy, are they available for sale perchance?

>> No.43211191

No idea, maybe try looking up the source in the pic? Name looks like a company

>> No.43211292



Most good reenacting brands sell various period underwear.

That said, the patterns are retard easy, and its much cheaper to get linen (or cotton, for the rich folk) and learn to sew your own.

And yeah, they are super comfy.

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Look, mainstream fantasy literature, historical fiction and random adventure novels frequently feature sex and perversion to a degree that's above and beyond the stuff that /tg/ routinely screams "m, mh, magical realm!!" at.
People are perverts, people fucking love sex and all kinds of weird shit.


The entire reason that role-players come off as a bunch of Talibans on the issue is really simple. They love it too, but no way in hell do they want to sit around and marinate in it together with a bunch of other dudes.

That's it.
ANY amount of "justification" for "magical realm is pointless, because it does nothing to change the fact that most guys playing pnp don't want to sit around sharing the erotic charge with 4 other neckbeards.

It's like, you know all your friends watch porn, but you prefer it if they keep it out of casual conversations and when you're sitting there in front of pornhub having a raging wank-session, you don't really pause and go "you know what, I should call the guys over and we can have a spankathon together"

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Is that one of those trick goblets that spill wine all over you if you drink too much, though?

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