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If Medieval people and knights could see what their countries have become today, what would they think of the countries military and people of the future? If they could talk with them, what would they talk about? What would military generals of old think of modern day military if they could see them with their own eyes?

Pic slightly related.

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"Why did you let the Muslims in?"

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"Where the fuck did all these pale-skinned and dark people come from?"

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They'd lament our lack of religiosity, be confused by technology like old people times a million, and military generals of old would be deeply confused by the strategies we use but would have to concede that they're effective for the wars we fight now.

Any general worth their salt knows that wars change and that you can't use the same weapons and tactics forever. If anything military to military comparison would be the simplest and easiest to understand. Barring the technology.

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"Bad news Hans, the archers win in the future. Oh, and apparently half of Europe is heretics."

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They'd wonder how so many people can afford to eat like kings.

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>My king, that country called "America" or whatever is filled with fat people. Just goes to show why you shouldn't let Satanist in your country without burning them to death.

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They wouldn't be even a tenth as /pol/ as /pol/ would have you believe. They'd be too busy marveling at nearly ever day to day convenience that you and I take for granted long before frothing at the mouth in a nationalistic rage.

Even kings would first wonder how they can get this, that and that long before they said "Ewww brown!"

But I can promise you that won't be the tone of this thread.

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Why is America even part of this conversation? Was there some contingent of Sioux Knights that I'm not aware of?

No, the sad thing is, they'd be marveling at contemporary British cuisine. Let that depressing thought sink in.

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I think more importantly is that they'd react more like how most ethnic people react upon seeing a white person in their home countries to white people. Except even more so because we're a globalized society.

Mild confusion, a small sense of unease, and varying degrees of intrigue.

Imagine living your entire fucking life seeing no one of any other race, then suddenly you see them. It's a weird experience. You can't have formulated strong racist opinions because you probably wouldn't have even considered encountering someone of a different race.

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What about all of the pollution?
They would take one look at a map, and start asking questions about the new huge continent on it.

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What about it? Most European cities have significantly less pollution than American or Asian ones and Medieval cities were plenty filthy.

Sure it gets smoggy and they're the smell of cars, but at least it's not literal rotting garbage and feces in every allyway.

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Kebab never changes.

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>What about all of the pollution?
Average person in a medieval town wouldn't give two small fractions of a shit, and would be impressed by how clean and level the streets were before anything else concerning the environment.

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Just because they're aware of Muslims doesn't mean they've ever seen a Muslim before.

I guarantee most of the Crusaders had never seen brown folks before getting off their boats.

Also, I was more talking about the other races like Black People, Desi people, and Asians.

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In the past (and in modern third world countries) towns and cities often had open sewers. People would literally throw their excrement out of windows into the street.

Air and water quality around the time of the industrial revolution was even worse, the lack of regulation regarding the dumping of waste, both human and industrial lead to shit like the great stink of 1858.

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This gives me a setting for a idea...now I need a excuse as to why a Euro knight can cut through a tank's cannon.

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It's a Chinese tank.

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maybe because they lived in their own excrements...? sounds like the main difference right now. Or because they never saw people of a different race.

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His sword has a (∞) armor divisor because its extremely magic.

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"Why aren't you covering your hair? Are you a prostitute? Why can't you ride a horse?? You can hunt? Good!

"Now, show me this amazing medicine!"

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Show them tumblr and 4chan for laughs and giggles.

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>So many heathens and heretics!

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I think it would be something else if they only saw /b/, /d/, /v/, and /r9k/. The reaction is still hilarious however.

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"Hey /b/, my medieval friend is visiting, welcome him with your worst pictures!"

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Their reactions to fetishes...dear god.
They'd be more confused as to what a video game even is, and why people are so angry.
I don't even know really.

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>I don't even know really.
"Why don't they just pick up a whore in a tavern?"

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Prior to the early modern era, being fat was considered a good thing, because it was a sign of wealth

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Like most of them can even read. Hell, those that can would need weeks to translate even a handful of threads and that's being generous. But then again, this is an image board. Who knows how they'd handle...let's call the attached image a 'context clue.'

I can't tell you how many words in the above sentence weren't around in 1600, but I would guess there are several.

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Overweight maybe, but downright useless obese? I sort of doubt it. Maybe it still showed wealth, but I don't think being morbidly obese was seen as a good thing.

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Historical Medieval or Fantasy Medieval?

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Honestly, most of them might think an obese person was some type of fucking monster.

Look up pictures of "Fattest Man in the World" sideshows from the 1800s. They're just overweight people by modern standards.

Even a king couldn't be as fat as people are today because most of his food would still be "clean". No high fructose corn syrup, no trans-fats, none of it.

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Queen Victoria.

And that one prince that had a special whore fucking chair designed for his enormous ass.

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>Their reactions to fetishes...dear god.
>They'd be more confused as to what a video game even is, and why people are so angry.
I'm sure they'd wonder how such fetishs appeal to people, as for /v/, maybe a bunch of leepers arguing over something.
This answers our question.
>picking up the context from images
Their heads would be spinning from trying to understand reaction images.

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Sir why is their this green thing saying "Ayy Lmao" on screen? What does that even mean?

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Reminder that Homer Simpson gets labeled as being disabled for weighting 300 pounds in 1995 (having taken 61 pounds).

300 pounds is probably his normal weight in the current version...

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I'd be more interested in what they thought of our music.

Imagine a guy from the 12th century listening to skrillex or something, they wouldn't be able to comprehend it.

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Well, we are talking about ancestors so in theory you'd have a massive population of all the worlds peoples from history all realizing they're the ancestor to one light tan colored kid.

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This just in, Queen Victoria was a monster.

And before anyone posts a picture of some guy that had to be cut out of his apartment and hoisted by a crane, she was morbidly obese even by today's definition. Posting the human equivalent of Jabba the Hut from Florida doesn't change that.

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Considering some of the shit that they have found looking at what was scratched in graffiti in ruins, and the sketchings they've found in ancient texts, they'd fit right in.

Fuck, in Pompeii they found a doorway with a conversion going:
>I fucked the barmaid
>^Is a faggot
>Penis penis penis
>Jim wuz here

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What about feminist and tumblrtards though?

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>>I fucked the barmaid
>>^Is a faggot
>>Penis penis penis
>>Jim wuz here
I feel proud to have inherited their spirit.

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OP said medieval people and knights.
The time we found America is the end of "medieval".

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Know how some people started riots to kill people they didn't like on accusations of mysticism?
That's tumblr.

Feminism was laughed at in the civilized world, and wasn't a concern where survival was an issue since man or woman did whatever work was needed to be done from soldiery to profession.

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The "Jim wuz here" is particularly funny, since it was a long drawn-out speech going "Lord (I forgot the name) has thoroughly inspected this establishment and found that it was worthy of three nights of is presence" with a guy below it putting his own name and an arrow and a third guy making fun of both of them.

I mean, go into a subway bathroom to look at the graffiti and you're seeing human history that has existed without change since a caveman put a mark to show that he had been there. Or drawn a penis, or made fun of someone he knew.
There's antique references to which hookers are better scratched on a brothel door, there's an alley where someone wrote "I peed here", its absolutely stunning when you think about it.

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Queen Victoria lived in pretty modern times. Though you make a point in regards to the anons comment about types of foods being important.

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Speaking of Jabba the Hutt, we're all talking about how they'd react to seeing humans that look different than what they're used to. That would be the absolute least of their troubles considering they'd have no reason to disbelieve any image or video. They'd take every monster, every alien, every piece of tech and every explosion at face value.

Sort of like /x/ but even more unable to separate reality from fantasy.

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You know, ancient people had fiction too.

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>II.2.3 (Bar of Athictus; right of the door); 8442: I screwed the barmaid
Yeah, all they were missing was computers and they'd fit in.

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We all have this idea that people back then were sophisticated and perfect but then you see they write shit like

>Secundus likes to screw boys.

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>VI.14.36 (Bar of Salvius); 3494: In one bar, a picture depicts two men playing dice. One shouts, “Six!” while his opponent holds up two fingers and says, “No, that’s not a ‘three’; it’s a ‘two’”. By the door of the bar, another picture shows a short man driving a group of men out. Above his head are the words, “Go on, get out of here! You have been fighting
They were us.

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Well yes, but it didn't look that fucking realistic.

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Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

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>tfw you will never be Gaius

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Vibroblade upgrades.

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Ya, but they snarked better.

>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1904: O walls, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.

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Where have all the stars gone and why are so many blinking?"

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We have peasants in the middle east who thing the US is fielding robots NOW.
They would think we were angels and demons.

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Yeah but they didn't have movies or even photographs.

With no prior knowledge of how we fabricate these images, much less video recording, it would be very different from seeing an artist drawing a hairy thing with teeth. This would all be hyper realistic to them, and very difficult to just handwave away.

To them, they'd be watching a real living, breathing person get brutally ripped apart by something whose shape they'd never even imagined, in the case of some horror flicks.

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The area I live in has been settled since prehistoric times. The city less than a kilometer away has existed in some form since before the Roman names for it was documented and used over whatever it was called before. I wish I could grab people from there randomly from random times and ask them what's up.

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>VI.14.43 (atrium of a House of the Large Brothel); 1520: Blondie has taught me to hate dark-haired girls. I shall hat them, if I can, but I wouldn’t mind loving them. Pompeian Venus Fisica wrote this
Not sure what to say.
>VI.16.15 (atrium of the House of Pinarius); 6842: If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girl friend
>VII.6.35 (Brothel of Venus; on the Vico dei Soprastanti opposite the Vicolo del Gallo); 1645: May Love burn in some lonely mountains whoever wants to rape my girl friend!
I don't know what to say.

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>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1863: Take hold of your servant girl whenever you want to; it’s your right.

>> No.43002270

>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1882: The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
Even Romans knew not to stick their dick in crazy.

>> No.43002351

>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1811: A small problem gets larger if you ignore it.
I would like to think some wise old man wrote this but in reality it was probably some guy that was shitfaced drunk off cheap wine

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>From the Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio: "Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men's behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!"

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>shooting from cover
>everyone is in camo
>no visibly distinguishable officers
>no real unit cohesion
>no formations
>no flags or drummers
>no organized volleys
Historical generals would be disgusted by modern infantry doctrine.

It would basically look to them as if we had adopted the tactics of bandits.

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And he had heard that off some cheap whore he had one night, not off a wise old man.

>> No.43002420

>impressed by how clean and level the streets were
they'd be impressed with the streets fullstop

>> No.43002443

After they learned about that gun, they'd wonder why we didn't just stick to swords.

>> No.43002453

With few notable exceptions, most pre-19th century people would be shocked to learn that the sewers had been moved underground rather than flowing in open ditches beside the road.

>> No.43002479

To be fair, most medieval tactics are fairly retarded if you use modern weapons. Officers are a good target for snipers.

>> No.43002494

How about the general odor of a modern city compared to a medieval one?

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If Charles Martel could see the muslims in France he'd probably go
"Come to me my brothers, the moors are invading again!"

>> No.43002526

Somebody already mentioned it'd smell of pollution, not shit. Wouldn't take so long to get used to.

Wonder if it'd all ruin their little lungs?

>But these moors voted for me and made me their mayor!

>> No.43002545

Like other anons have said, many medieval cities had raw sewage in the ditches on either side of the street.

>> No.43002550

Well, we sort of did adopt the tactics of bandits.

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It really is nice to see that shitposting is just a part of human history and nature.

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>If Medieval people and knights could see what their countries have become today
Imagine how upset Burgundian people would be.

>> No.43002688


Maybe for you Europeans. Us asians are fucking proud.

>> No.43002690

>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1864: Samius to Cornelius: go hang yourself!
Humans really are natural shitposters.
The medium may change, but the shitposting is universal.

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Not nearly as upset as Prussians, or really any of the people from what is now Germany or Italy.

The idea that all their culturally distinct sovereign city-states would end up lumped together in bland, corrupt countries would be pretty much the worst of all possible outcomes in their estimation.

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>what do you mean we're part of France?

>wait so the spanish sissyboys got their land back
>germany is some split off from our empire
>the byzantines were conquered
>and muslims are FRANKS?


Byzantine man comes to the present
>instant suicide

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You lot have never won any wars, except against your own people. It was the same back then, and it will be the same in the future.

>> No.43002754

I mean, becoming a single country was really the best thing that ever happened to Germany.

>> No.43002781

Yes, because China is almost the same size as Europe, of course all it's wars have been civil wars. If all of Europe counted as one country it would have plenty of civil wars too.

Check this out, three of the top ten deadliest conflicts in human history are Chinese civil wars.

>> No.43002849

It really wasn't. Within a single lifetime of unification, Germany lost two World Wars and ended up being divided between the various victors as an occupied territory.

>> No.43002862

The Prussians are the ones that united Germany. They'd be happier about it than, say, Austrians.

>part of France?
Burgundy was divided. France, Germany, and Switzerland.

He's Christian, so Martel probably wouldn't be that upset about it. But just wait until he hears about the schisms.

>> No.43002876


Yes, but there is a reason they say to never start a land war in Asia.

>> No.43002911

Better than being gobbled up by other nations in the first world war equivalent.

Also, despite all that they've done pretty well for themselves.

>> No.43002913

>The Pope is christian.
No shit bud?

>> No.43002969

I am totally imagining an order of Cherokee Knights which just might make it into my next setting

>> No.43003007

When did they start saying that though? European powers have been very successful at land wars in Asia before the late 20th century.

>> No.43003038

Like what? Other than just straight colonialism.

>> No.43003073

>So you beat France after they'd conquered most of Western Europe?
>And then you forged the largest empire the world has ever seen?
>And then lost ALL OF IT in under FIFTY years?
>And you willingly gave the Holy Land to the JEWS!?

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Well, the Vikings had gender equality to some degree. Women and men often wore the exact same clothing. Their goddesses were pretty important and powerful, one had a sled pulled by housecats.
One of their primary gods switched genders a lot. He was a villain later, but in their early mythology he was just another god.

So in a way, Vikings were Tumblr.

>> No.43003246

Try a bit further north

>> No.43003253

>Yeah, but the Jews are okay now. They fight kebab, all is good.
>Who's your main enemy today?

>> No.43003255

True, but they were also pretty big on the whole slavery thing.

Like, half of all their Viking raids were about getting slaves and they had an entire social caste of slaves.

>> No.43003296

Tumblr would be okay with slavery, so long as it isn't just one race.
Pretty sure the Vikings don't mind who digs the ditches.

>> No.43003315

>find a viking grave in England
>everyone is buried with swords
>"Oh, I guess they were all men"
>years later, actually examine the skeletons
>half are women
Modern perception of vikings really does highlight modern biases a lot.

>> No.43003379

Do you think Rome had sexual equality too? The Vikings still raped any woman they could find in raids. Women were restricted to household duties, unless so many men died that they were the last resort to defend their homes out of desperation.

I'm tired of people ascribing egalitarianism to societies that only differed slightly from medieval Europe.

>> No.43003461

The only record of women fighting for the Vikings was a single battle where they were on the ropes and running out of bodies. It was noted by several writers at the time as an extremely rare event and shocking.

Wealthy women throughout history are often buried with their husband's treasures. There are Egyptian pharaoh wives buried with clay soldiers, no one is dumb enough to say that means they ran the army.

>> No.43003476


From a Christian standpoint, the crusades were a failure from a militaristic perspective. Everyone was a winner in economics and trade that the various wars ended up leading to.

After that, the Europeans decided it was better to manipulate the population to fight themselves, because it was clear that for them to wage war in Asia was awfully expensive and pointless. Better to exploit economically.

Before firearms became reliable, Europeans have never truly won an asian land war.

>> No.43003487

>Let everyone one in love come and see. I want to break Venus’ ribs with clubs and cripple the goddess’ loins. If she can strike through my soft chest, then why can’t I smash her head with a club?

>> No.43003554

You think viking women didn't rape a few captives too?

>> No.43003561


>> No.43003566

I wonder just how lonely one man has to get before he starts making threats of violence against the goddess of love. It's probably pretty damn lonely.

>> No.43003581

I don't get it. Is it a metaphor for foreveralone?

>> No.43003588

Shit, this is beautiful
the feels

>> No.43003628


No. It's him lamenting about people telling him it's wrong to beat women who break his heart.

TL;DR: she broke my heart with her words, so why is it wrong to bash her head in?

>> No.43003643

>Love dictates to me as I write and Cupid shows me the way, but may I die if god should wish me to go on without you
fuck man
roman wall writers were just like us

>> No.43003707

By Viking women do you mean women married to Vikings, or are you talking about the nonexistent female warriors that people think existed because they found that half the burial ground of norse migrants were female, which the head of the discovery even says this might confirm that actual warriors took their wives with them at extended invasions.

>> No.43003865

>Pastae cascading frvm my toga
e-et tu...

>R O M A
>O L I M
>M I L O
>A O M R
So finally we understand the origin of


>tonight on the 6:00 roman news, another school swording.

>> No.43003917

>tonight on the 6:00 roman news, another school swording.
A gladius in the hands of a virtuous rhetorician would have prevented this!

>> No.43003937


We have written documentation and historical evidence of women warriors spanning throughout western and central Asia in the steppes. It wasn't for lack of men either. Women leaving the military in Asia completely is something that's only really happened within the past 100 years. It wouldn't be much of a stretch that Vikings had a few female warriors. Europeans considered Vikings savages and barbarians for a reason.


>> No.43003961

>So finally we understand the origin of
God do I hate people who post shit like that. If I could press a button and execute everyone who has ever posted a certain meme, it'd be a tossup between people who space text out with linebreaks and people who end posts in "tbh fam"

I don't get why someone would voluntarily act like a retarded attention-whoring nigger.

>> No.43004019

Hark! Ye thinketh not of looking into a man's past before bestowing upon him a halberd! A burgh with no personal armaments is one of peace!

>> No.43004102


>> No.43004138

But sir, my farm is a half-hour's ride from the Baron's keep, and the countryside is overrun with bandits!

Without a stout polearm to fend off these brigands, my family and I should surely be dispatched to our final judgement long afore a single man-at-arms could come to our aid!

>> No.43004164

Nay, what falsity. If ev'ry law-abiding man were to give up his weapon because of his good character, then only those blackguard who cared not for the law would be left with them.

You would disarm the righteous and leave them defenseless against villains and bandits.

>> No.43004223

>thinks only barbarians should have bladed weapons whilst roman plebeians give up their arms for "peace"
methinks we are being tricked by a goth!

>> No.43004268

Maybe, but if nothing else it means that viking invaders brought their women with them, and therefore clearly weren't the raping marauders that the English depict them as.

>> No.43004285

The L85A2, which is the current variant, is apparently good now.

>> No.43004307

No it's not, you idiot. He's expressing anger at a personification of love itself, not at some actual woman.

>> No.43004333


You so sure?

>> No.43004338

>not bringing a virtuous Christian maiden back to camp and double-teaming her with your wife
Do you even plunder?

>> No.43004351

You absolute simpleton.

>> No.43004373


How do you not realise he is using her as a metaphor for another??

>> No.43004391

How do you not realise he is using her as a metaphor for love??

>> No.43004404

>being this literal
Yes, clearly another actual human being literally stabbed him in the chest. That is the act that he's referring to, and not the metaphorical heartache induced by the goddess.

>> No.43004444

Not at all.

By the 17th century they'd grasp instantly they were seeing skirmishers operating in loose formation. Good for covering ground and seeking out cover and concealment. The clothing makes that abundantly clear.

They'd wonder why they don't seem to fear cavalry, why they aren't mounted, and how they stay in communication without riders and messengers.

Radios, motorized transport and rifles would explain that quickly. They'd seem unfair, and like magic, but given some time even Alexander the Great could grasp the logic of it, even if he wouldn't agree until he'd seen just how effective it was.

They'd be surprised, mostly, at the level of discipline and training that the modern soldiers show. Used to skirmishers that had to be ready to run and hide at any time to escape being attacked by cavalry or trapped by a real infantry formation that would tear though them like tissue paper, they'd be shocked at watching modern troops dig into the landscape and any scrap of cover like ticks and repel even massive human wave attacks, or cut down cavalry in a moment.

>> No.43004445


Love? He's clearly saying love is a sham because a woman hurt him! He wishes to beat her but knows it is wrong!

>> No.43004454

Good? No, it's barely tolerable. It's shit even against the M16, which is the most middlish rifle west of Berlin.

>> No.43004509


I'm not being overly literal at all!

"Come others and see. A woman has torn out my heart with her words; and I wish to reply with my fists, yet I know it is wrong."

He's just being poetic.

>> No.43004510

It's complicated, and they didn't really write enough down for us to be sure how they lived day to day. We've got some scattered accounts by literal people, but few primary sources.

That said, it dose seem like they weren't really savage rapist marauders. Long ships showing up were as likely to be traders as there to steal things.

It'd odd that Barbary pirates don't get a worse historical rap. They were rapist and raiders that took slaves from all over Europe, but people forget about them.

>> No.43004573

I interpret it as love in general

>> No.43004584

Weeeeell it could said that he is a Spaniard
>AGAIN!!! Damn those Borgias!!!

>> No.43004622

The modern M16 family is pretty good. The M4A1 is a very good rifle and it's pretty much become the standard.

The L85A2 isn't bad, but it's heavier and clumsier then the M4A1 with few real advantages.

>> No.43004644


People probably debated over its meaning back then too.

Whoo, art!

>> No.43004721

Because barbary pirates don't let white people jack off about what badasses their ancestors were. Also there's probably an element of "look at how awful these people were before we brought them christ!"

>> No.43004936

As a 'Murican, I can say safely that the Vietnamese did not lose the Vietnam War. For that matter, Korea is still "Undecided."

The only war in Asia we conclusively won was WWII, when we made two cities evaporate in an instant and swore up and down we'd turn the entire island of Honshu into a radioactive wasteland if they didn't surrender.

And that's a pretty monstrous extreme to go to.

>> No.43004948

Europeans are salty about it because the barbary pirates enslaved white Europeans for a few centuries, but the minute they tried that shit on a still very-young America, we built our first navy and stomped their shit in. Twice. Stomped them so hard that the barbary coast was subsequently effortlessly annexed by France. Literally, the original six frigates of the united states were built for the purposes of getting the barbary pirates to knock that shit off - "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute" might be a phrase you remember from history class, and they were referring to the tribute demanded by the barbary pirates.

America: Cleaning up messes on Europe's behalf for as long as we've fucking existed as a nation.

>> No.43004999

>For that matter, Korea is still "Undecided."
One half of Korea is ruled by a petty tyrant the rest of the world treats as a fucking joke, and lives in such abject poverty the extent of their lack of basic amenities can literally, LITERALLY, be seen from space. The other half is a modern, western democracy competitive with white European states.

Yeah, who won the Korean conflict, again?

>> No.43005057

You will notice that both countries still exist.

>> No.43005104

So does Japan, does that mean the pacific war is undecided?

>> No.43005135

Japan isn't trying to conquer anyone anymore, so no.

>> No.43005175

Ah, I forgot about all those wars of conquest North Korea has pursued lately.

>> No.43005229

Conquering the South is still their goal, and conquering the North is still the South's goal. Just because there hasn't been active conflict lately doesn't mean it's decided.

>> No.43005254


Man, that's wrong.

The US involvement in the Korean civil war was a successes that achieved all military objectives. Divided Korea was a diplomatic compromise that had nothing to do with military requirements, the US and ROK led UN forces could have driven all the way to China if they had to.

The cities that were nuked didn't evaporate. They were heavily damaged and burned a lot, but both were quickly and easily rebuilt postwar. Japan was ready to surrender on reasonable terms, no extreme threats were needed. The nukes did LESS DAMAGE then the firebombing that had already been completed.

The Vietnamese conflict was, in most part, a Vietnamese civil war. The US achieved military objectives but there was never a real possibility of a victory when the locals were either indifferent or actively opposed to the French/Western friendly government in Saigon. The US military won battles, but there was never a realistic endpoint to the military intervention.

The US led invasion of Afghanistan was this but more. An incredibly powerful and effective military able to win any battle asked of it, but there was no goal or endpoint for the intervention that made sense. They teach us the limits of military power.

>> No.43005258

South Korea is the nation equivalent of an amputee. We cut off the damaged part and left it to rot.

>> No.43005262


No one won.

Welcome to Asia!

>> No.43005283

If we'd won the Korean conflict, ALL of Korea would look like the South does today.

The Korean War is the original Operation: Enduring Clusterfuck. Only phrased in some snappier, 1950s manner.

So, Operation: Enduring Clusterfuck.

>> No.43005293

there's nothing I wouldn't give to see someone from the early medieval period watch the thing or alien.

>> No.43005301

>conquering the North is still the South's goal

That's totally wrong.

After 1959 the ROK has totally rejected any plan or strategy to reunify Korea though military force. No modern ROK government would ever, under any circumstances, attempt to 'conqueror' the north. The ROK will accept peaceful reunification or the status quo.

>> No.43005314

Whatever happened to that automated turret South Korea prototyped or designed or something that shits out a million billion bullets at people for border security?

>> No.43005329

It never got beyond prototype because it's silly.

>> No.43005410

Unless the North attacks first. Half of OPPLAN 5027(South Korea's war plan) is the siege of Pyongyang and the push to the Chinese border.

>> No.43005460

>If we'd won the Korean conflict, ALL of Korea would look like the South does today.
If we'd won the korean war, we would care as much about making sure Our Korea was a decent place to stick it to the reds. South Korea beating out North Korea really only postdates the energy crisis, before that north korea was pretty much better in every way and south korea was another shitty american puppet military dictatorship.

>> No.43005499

Yeah, to end the war if the North goes apeshit and starts trying to charge across the DMZ.

The ROK doesn't want to add millions of starving people to feed with no useful skills, education or the basic social and personal values common to the south. Reunifcation, to the South, would be like America getting 20 more Alabama. It would ruin the economic and political engines of the country.

>> No.43005509

>south korea was another shitty american puppet military dictatorship.
this is true
>north korea was pretty much better in every way
this is false.

North Korea has always been shitty even by communist bloc standards. I would rather live in 1950s Moscow than 1990s Pyongyang.

>> No.43005520

Worth looking at is how many problems German reunification caused. It's only now starting to be seen as a thing of the past due to the first generation of Germans to grow up post-reunification are just now becoming adults, and east Germany is still noticeably poorer than the west.

>> No.43005552

> before that north korea was pretty much better in every way

No it wasn't. In the 1960s the ROK became the world's shipbuilders and it's economy took off while the North was only doing well because Moscow was massively subsidizing them.

>> No.43005557

East Germany was notably poorer than the west before too, that wasn't caused by the reunification.

>> No.43005560

Fuck man, China doesn't even want a Re-unification or war.

It would mean that they'd not only lose their nice little buffer zone but they'd also have to deal with a third to half of all those starving North Korean refugees.

>> No.43005584


This is exactly the premise of GATE.

>> No.43005628

Gate is literally Japanese military propaganda. Or at least from what I've seen of the anime.

>> No.43005643

>caused by
Obviously not, it was caused by Communist rule.

But that's what would happen to South Korea too - they'd basically have this huge area almost the size of their own country that is backwards as fuck, dirt poor, and with poorly-educated citizens who would contribute next to nothing.

It's not hard to see why reunification would be a losing prospect for the sorks.

>> No.43005660


And American Sniper is literally US Military Propaganda. I don't see the issue here.

>> No.43005767

I know, it's why both of them are shit.

>> No.43005782

At least it's open about it. The US military subsidizes pro-US Military films with access to US military equipment, secure locations and even soldiers to help train the film crew.

Yep, if you are a US taxpayer you helped pay for Transformers.

Fuck you.

>> No.43005790

...and? Its author is pretty right-wing but I don't think it was, like, LITERALLY commissioned by the JSDF or something. Unlike >>43005660
The Pentagon actually supports a LOT of media in the US, mostly stuff like Black Hawk Down and American Sniper, but they've even supported shit like Michael Bay's Transformers movies.

It's kinda odd to complain about a work having a pro-JSDF message when just a ton of popular movies and TV shows in the States are explicitly supported by our own military.

>> No.43005816


The US Military hasn't got a history of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity under its belt though.

>> No.43005828

Some police departments in major cities do this too. Like the NYPD actually has an entire district just for supporting movies and TV with things like consulting, traffic management when filming outdoor scenes, security for actor appearances, even extras playing the NYPD.

That's right, when you watch Law & Order, all those police officers milling about in the background putting up crime scene tape and shit? Actual police officers.

>> No.43005845

I mean, my main problem is just becomes ridiculous when it seems like half of shit that happens in GATE is Japanese military forces being the only competent one in the entire world and killing other countries soldiers for basically no reason.

>> No.43005846


That makes the Gamer episode even more funny.

>> No.43005860

>The US Military hasn't got a history of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity under its belt though.
Neither does the JSDF, considering it was only formed post-WW2. Meanwhile our own military has operated concentration camps, imprisoned American citizens without trial, continues to operate extrajudicial torture facilities, and has attempted to genocide native Americans on a few occaisons.

>> No.43005921


That's because the other countries illegally tried to kidnap people that were guests of the Japanese government.

>> No.43005926

So does Germany, I guess WWII is still undecided too.

>> No.43006022

A Japanese work makes the Japanese military look good?

Clearly this is propaganda! It differs significantly from REAL works, which make the American military always look good!

>> No.43006070


The Japanese Military has never fought a real war, because they have America protecting them. Somehow a force with no real experience of war is expected to steamroll all opposition with no problems at all?

>> No.43006114

>If Medieval people and knights could see what their countries have become today, what would they think of the countries military and people of the future?

Over 50% of British WW2 veterans surviving today disapprove of the direction their country went in, so I imagine if you went back to medieval times it'd be even more pronounced.

>> No.43006129

When their opposition are either extremely small in number, or armed with goddamn swords?

>> No.43006168

Oh fuck, England is still around. There goes the US revolutionary war.

>> No.43006228


Japan still maintains that it did nothing wrong in WWII.

>> No.43006239

I mean, the US military is legitimately pretty tough. Having more funding than the rest of the world combined will do that to you.

>> No.43006259

>literally four apologies to China for Nanking, two of which they accepted

>> No.43006334

Well, they still frequently say shit like that it has been totally exagerrated and blown out of proportion and that they didn't do anything other countries didn't.

Also their current conservative leadership is pushing that kind of thinking pretty hard, not to mention the younger generation is starting to eat it up.

>> No.43006363


Between that and shit like GATE trying to make military service attractive, Japan seems to be preparing for another war with China over the Spratleys.

>> No.43006492

>most 'apologies' constitute pushing blame onto unit commanders and claiming that units deserted and became bandits, or outright deny that anything other than a completely ordinary, warcrime-free siege of a city occurred.

Yeah sure. Apology. If Hitler apologised for that little border dispute involving Polish Jews that accudentally lasted six years, would Europe have accepted it?

>> No.43006568

the knight is wielding a katana

>> No.43006681

It sounds like a terrible border protection method; machines are pretty prone to needing repair, and until that's done, it's pretty much useless. On top of that, you'd still need to go out and top them off with bullets, and they can't make decisions like people do, like, 'Hey, maybe I shouldn't shoot these civilians.'

It's like that MetalStorm thing; looks and sounds cool, but when you think about it, why have x when you can have 20 more y?

>> No.43006720


No, it's the part where rank-and-file JSDF grunts with no combat experience and whop have middling to poor training and equipment manage to easily defeat the special forces of other countries with minimal casualties.

>> No.43006747

Are you trying to tell me-

Wait, wait, hold the fuck up here.

Are you telling me that a manga in which a portal to a medieval fantasy realm opens up and the JSDF fights dragons with AA guns and so on-

Are you trying to tell me this manga and anime might not be entirely realistic?


>> No.43006776

>poor equipment
Nigga they're one of the highest funded armies in the world even if they don't use any of it ever.

>> No.43006796


a) A lack of realism doesn't excuse a lack of verisimilitude.

b) A crappy real-world army beating a fictional fantasy one is an exercise is speculation and fiction; a crappy real world army beating the best soldiers in the world is masturbatory.

c) Acting as though any departure from verbatim realism instantly justifies everything is idiotic and the argument of a butthurt child.

d) You're a raging faggot.

>> No.43006816


The individual soldier's kit sucks and they only get away with it because they never fight.

>> No.43006894

>Theophilus, don’t perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog
good job theo

>> No.43006915

>a) A lack of realism doesn't excuse a lack of verisimilitude.
It absolutely does to at least some degree. Getting hung up on minor shit nobody cares about is autistic as fuck.

>b) A crappy real-world army beating a fictional fantasy one is an exercise is speculation and fiction; a crappy real world army beating the best soldiers in the world is masturbatory.
Your best reason for whining about some anime is literally that it makes the JSDF better than they should? By that logic, you must really hate like 99% of all American military fiction, huh?

>c) Acting as though any departure from verbatim realism instantly justifies everything is idiotic and the argument of a butthurt child.
Acting as though any departure from your preferred country always being the best in a fictional setting being some kind of insidious propaganda effort is idiotic and the argument of a butthurt child.

>d) You're a raging faggot.
Nuh uh.

>> No.43007001


>> No.43007177

>Other countries do it so shut up it's great don't ever complain about it.
What if I don't like American Sniper either? Why is this cop out shit the follow up to everyone that ever rolls their eyes at shit like GATE? I'm not saying no one can like it, but please for fuck's sake stop acting like no one can dislike it because X country also did Y.

>> No.43007219

>Poor training.
>Poor equipment.
Their literally protecting what is the best thing that happened to them in years. Perhaps the Amerifats are just misinformed retards? Seriously, use your mind for ounce. They don't send rookies to defend something so damn important, so the Americans were simply unprepared, what else can we expect from the country that voted for Donald Trump and George Bush?

>> No.43007248

>what can we expect from americans
Complete destruction of any combat force that stands up against them besides geurillas.

>> No.43007316

Little hard when they come unprepared. They thought they were facing rookies, while going after what could be one of the most important things at the time for Japan. While Japan KNEW that other countries might try to attack it.
If you think their going to use rookies, your seriously retarded.

So I guess America should win no matter what?
Have them fucking flying on the backs of bald eagles?

>> No.43007362

Great. And now this is another fucking GATE thread.

>> No.43007363

It's not about American Sniper.

Pretty much every damn movie or TV show made by an American company that features the US military was made with the full support of the Pentagon. Even classics like SPR, Black Hawk Down, and so on. If it was just about one movie, fine, whatever, we do it too - but the point is that you have no goddamn idea how truly prevalent it is because you're used to it. But when you see the media of another country do it to their own military, it looks weird and offputting to you.

But your shitposting about
>b-b-b-but amerika stronk how could they think that's acceptable to show jsdf beating american troops?
is hilarious to the rest of us, so please continue.

>> No.43007397

>Before firearms became reliable, Europeans have never truly won an asian land war.
IIRC the Near East, Persia, and parts of India were ruled by Greeks for like 200 years.

>> No.43007415




fuck off you're done, you got slayed weeb

>> No.43007448

>America came unprepared and not with 60 tanks/jets/giant eagles
I am confused as to what nation this is that does not use ludicrous overspending.

>> No.43007463

Well when all else fails, resort to shitposting.

I think I'll put on an anime in your honor.

>> No.43007486

The Euros paid the pirates the go after other Euros. We didn't do that because no Euro was our enemy, otherwise we totally would have. Mujahideen much?

>> No.43007519

>But your shitposting about
>>b-b-b-but amerika stronk how could they think that's acceptable to show jsdf beating american troops?
>is hilarious to the rest of us, so please continue.
And this dumb faggot completely ignored what I said and crawled back to this stupid shit just as soon as he possibly could. This is why I hate when GATE is brought up. If that other shit you mentioned had a defense force as fucking rabidly obnoxious I'd hate that even more. But they aren't here, you are, defending your little bitch ass Nippon wankfest and pathetically trying to hide behind
I don't fucking care. Fuck your shit show and fuck you.

>> No.43007536

I've never seen GATE.

I just think getting triggered because a show has a single scene in it in which Americans get killed in battle is hilarious to watch.

>> No.43007599

Fuck off shill. America is to hardcore and never afraid of anything. Drones will bomb weebs all day every day, mountain dew and Doritos. No scopes.
Cheese burgers.

>> No.43007610

>Americunts flood the whole fucking world with media literally produced with the help of their military
>they get touchy and call some obscure anime "propaganda" for florifying any army but their own
Why are Americans always the biggest hypocrites when it comes to this shit?

>> No.43007655

>non-USA /pol/ being angry about USA's huge defense spending making other militaries obsolete
>USA/pol/ being angry that japan is making them the villain yet again

/pol/, you so wacky.

>> No.43007659

>Another GATE thread.
Truly this is a bad time.

>> No.43007678

>yet again
The US is almost never hte villain in Japanese media.

>> No.43007696

>If Medieval people and knights could see what their countries have become today, what would they think of the countries military and people of the future? If they could talk with them, what would they talk about? What would military generals of old think of modern day military if they could see them with their own eyes?

First, they'd ask, "What the hell is a country?"

>> No.43007706

There was a manga where the US president fucked a baby.

>> No.43007708

The only reason it is here, is because of Donald Trump.

>> No.43007715


You haven't experienced much Japanese media then anon.

>> No.43007720

Britain hasn't deserved its reputation for bad food for quite a few years now. Compared to the rest of Europe, the british are more adventurous in their tastes, do more home cooking and use more fresh produce.


>> No.43007723

you may be slightly misinformed.

>> No.43007727

You sure it was a manga and not a hentai?

>> No.43007729

That's easy, "a demesne owned by a corporation formed by the mutual interests of a class of men known as citizens."

>> No.43007744

It was a manga, the one where the girl can't die and her mistress sells time with her to powerful sociopaths.

>> No.43007755

You could also just tell them it's a big republic.

>> No.43007762

But it's know that they cultural didn't consider it a norm. Of the few account we have of "viking women" they are mostly sieges and defensive battles where they were short on men. I'm all for female warriors but the grave found was from the Viking migration period. It's possible but it's unlikely. Like finding a bunch of women that were killed in the hundred years war, they could have fought, but their sheer lack of mention and the surrounding circumstances make it highly unlikely.

>> No.43007778

So one manga doing it means all manga does it?
I don't even think it was all that good, based on your description really.

>> No.43007794

is this going to turn into one of these conversations where the one side rattles off two or three examples, then you say it's not illustrative, and nobody gives enough of a shit to go dig up more because internet arguments don't actually change anything?

>> No.43007809


Now I know what I'm doing if I ever happen upon a medieval person that somehow wound up in our time: showing them every modern alien/monster/superhero movie I can think of and claiming they are 100% factual depictions of real events.

I can just imagine the look on an ancient warrior's face when he realizes that he's entered a world of chaotic suffering on a daily basis and when he decides he must go back to the past to right the evils that have been committed.

With the power of visual entertainment, I will forge my own Samurai Jack.

>> No.43007824


>> No.43007825

a hentai manga then.

>> No.43007897

I didn't get a boner from it, I remember that.

>> No.43007924

So something like Mai-chan's Daily Life?

>> No.43007933

I think that was exactly it.

>> No.43007949

Well, that's a classic.

>> No.43008011

>british are more adventurous in their tastes
I've never met a brit who wasn't picky as fuck and didn't throw a bitchfit about having to eat anything that wasn't blandly familiar to them. Where are all these so called "adventurous" brits hiding?

>> No.43008025

>flood the whole world
Dude, you know people voluntarily watch most of that shit right? Not saying that America's culture isn't over blown, but the us is having its turn on the world stage. It will pass at some point. Also most people who watch Gate just think it's retarded and aren't actually offended. The rest is just the strangeness that Japanese artists would show their "allies" troops dying. It dosent bother me, either way.

>> No.43008094

>The rest is just the strangeness that Japanese artists would show their "allies" troops dying.
Oh like that isn't the plot of every other movie made in America.


>every other force on earth is either useless or actively evil until the Americans show up to save everyone

>> No.43008107

notice how all of everyone else in the world gets all pissy about those whenever it focuses on them?

>> No.43008146

London, apparently.

>> No.43008184


>> No.43008185

HAHA, no seriously, where are they?

>> No.43008236

Jesus, just fucking go to the UK.

>I met a brit once and he had shit taste!
>I refuse to believe any brits have taste!

>> No.43008286

>live in the uk
>never met anyone who wasn't a picky little cunt

I'm calling bullshit on all of it.

>> No.43008374

Good for you, I've linked the article, scroll up. World's top Michelin starred chef says London's the food capital of Europe and British cooking is actually pretty good these days.

>live in uk
>I don't associate with picky little cunts, get better friends

>> No.43008597

>O walls, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.

>> No.43008665

Top french engineering right there.

>> No.43008687

the people near me would be mostly miners with black lung back beyond the romans building the waalll

>> No.43008864

the vikings raped the male captives just as much, hell, lots of vikings would take a couple as their personal sextoy thralls, and the guy would get just as used as the girl

>> No.43008867


Mon frère!
Les visiteurs was my fave growing up.

>> No.43009011

LOL at all the /pol/-fags who think that meeting a black person would have blown people's minds before 1700. Sure, most people were living their whole lives without traveling far, but there are always adventurous souls in all times and nations. We have records of Han Chinese names marrying into Hungarian and German families in the 1300s, black people in England from the Roman occupation forward, and a wealth of artwork depicting people of all races in everyday life across classes.

Arguably, the idea of racial supremacy came about as a moral justification for slavery and colonialism. Humans are bastards. Nothing particularly terrible or great about whitey except that his continent has lots of little peninsulas and mountain ranges that forced millennia of constant techno-military advancement and resource competition.

With that said, I would not trust them not to join the Westboro Baptist Church.

>> No.43009052

>With that said, I would not trust them not to join the Westboro Baptist Church.
Dirty protestant heretics.
I wouldn't trust them not to become sedevacantists after coming up to speed on the Church, though.
I don't doubt it but that sounds biased enough that I'mma need a source.

>> No.43009078

just about every change of the guard at the neutral site is a fucking battle of conquest, the Southies have a 30+ step programme to prevent being kidnapped and taken prisioner when they open the fucking door, they are still at war, its just HYPER focused now

>> No.43009182


>>White people did what?!

>> No.43009247

>Axe Murder Incident
Yeah, the border is fucking scary.

>> No.43009283

They solved most of the shitty problems with early production models.

It's still heavier than it's counterparts whilst not actually being better than them so yeah it kinda sucks, just not in the way it's mainly depicted as sucking.

For example, in Upotte we see the shitty early period of the M16 in Vietnam, then it's fine. In the anime SA80-chan should just be overweight, and depicted as not being able to keep up with the others as well because of that. So she cans till shoot and shit, but her endurance is worse because of the weight issues, although I guess anime dislikes depicting main characters as overweight, so you could just give her PLOT that bounces around and gets in the way just as easily, then make jokes about how others are jealous of her until they realise it's a drawback.

>> No.43009343

if you hang out with chavs maybe, in the last week ive eaten my way round the world twice

>> No.43009409

Depends if they were invading to settle it or if they were just pillaging, those are two different types of invasions to engage in.

>> No.43009427

it does have the Barrellength/Totallength advantage over the rest though, and Britain actually keeps up bayonet doctrine

>> No.43009562

They show JSDF beating back the Russians, Chinese and US Army - simultaneously -.
Come the fuck on.

Not even merican/ruskie/chink, by the way.

>> No.43009606

>TFW showing a Medieval general footage of the Tsar Bomb
and a map of the effected regions super imposed over where they were born, just so they can visualize it more easily.

>> No.43009653

the 1632/Ring of Fire books get a lot of play out of this, especially in the side tales where people are arguing about which bits are real and whats just bluster

>> No.43009658


Naw, it's field ready and operational. It's medium silly, but so awesomely Korean that I can't help but love it.

>In 2006, Samsung Techwin announced a $200,000, all weather, 5.56 mm robotic machine gun and optional grenade launcher to guard the Korean DMZ. It is capable of tracking multiple moving targets using IR and visible light cameras, and is under the control of a human operator. The Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot can "identify and shoot a target automatically from over two miles (3.2 km) away." The robot, which was developed by a South Korean university, uses "twin optical and infrared sensors to identify targets from 2.5 miles (4 km) in daylight and around half that distance at night."

>It is also equipped with communication equipment (a microphone and speakers), "so that passwords can be exchanged with human troops." If the person gives the wrong password, the robot can "sound an alarm or fire at the target using rubber bullets or a swivel-mounted K-3 machine gun." It was reported in 2006 that South Korea's soldiers in Iraq are "currently using robot sentries to guard home bases."

>> No.43009820

>Nothing particularly terrible or great about whitey except that his continent has lots of little peninsulas and mountain ranges that forced millennia of constant techno-military advancement and resource competition.

>what is Western polyphonic classical music
>what is Hellenic philosophy
>what is Gothic architecture
>what is Classical art
>what are the Homeric epics and the Eddas
>what are computers
>what is space travel

>> No.43009842

Fuck that. My Samsung Phone can't recognize me half the time. I don't want their wannabee ED109 trying to figure out if it's me or if it's supposed to shoot me in the balls with rubber bullets.

>State password or be fired upon


>I didn't get that. You have two more attempts before you will be locked out. And shot in the balls.


>I didn't get that. Please repeat your password clearly. You have one more attempt before you be shot in the balls.

"Suckie suckie five dolla srord frish"

>Passroard accepted

>> No.43009959

>The time we found America is the end of "medieval".
>The Americas didn't exists until white people discovered them

>> No.43009970

>The Americas didn't exists until white people discovered them
Well not as far as anyone important cares.

>> No.43010037

People like you are why it's so hard for me as a hardcore casual to learn about pre-columbian Americas excluding the Inca, Maya, and Aztec.

>> No.43010059

Native American tribes just honestly did not do anything of consequence other than built some monuments to animist deities and occasionally kill one another.

>> No.43010087

kek but youre right tho

>> No.43010122

one of the most well known chinese symbols started out as a brythonic unit marking in one of Crassus' Legions, shit went back and forth from Da Quin to Cathay for millennia, go back far enough and its possible that the Vandals ariving in spain was a result of Darius' attempts to conquer greece

racial supremacy does seem fairly a fairly logical conculsion to come to, given that africans were selling ship loads of their kin (as far as most euros knew) for fucking beads

>> No.43010224

>The US Military hasn't got a history of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity under its belt though.

This is what happens when you do have proper education system in a country.

Try reading about Vietnam and the village of My Lai. Go check a few articles about Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib as well.

Actually since Japan was mentioned go read about WW2 in the pacific and how the US soldiers made trophies out of the bones of their enemies or the war in Europe and how US troops executed prisoners without trials. Oh and just a reminder that the reason why German navy started taking no prisoners was because when they did and were transporting them on the top of their submarine a bomber from USA attacked them (despite the red cross and the German's using radio to notify the bomber of the presence of British prisoners.)

>> No.43010297

The US Military doesn't have as well known a history of war crimes. Just look at the Phillipines when the US took it from Spain during the Spanish-American War. Rather the rather bloody and violent attempt at revolution by the Filipinos that failed when they noticed we weren't interested in just giving them their country to them after ousting the Spaniards. Put it like this, A military force will at some point engage in some less than moral behaviors and whether they're called out for it seems entirely arbitrary.

>> No.43010298


You forgot "get wiped out by horrible plague then blame it on whitey"

>> No.43010334

The explanation behind this is legit fantastic.

The modern world, in its entirety, is based on the fact the Brits shat into the same water they drank.

Literally every other civilization figured out doing this equalled plague and catastrophe. As a result, literally every other civilization, given the choice between 'build a shitty machine that can maybe do a sixteenth of a person's work if the inventor isn't just a crazy fucker' and 'go get another person to work for you' went with option B.

But since the brits did not understand shitwater was not good drinking, when they reached the point they could invent the 1/16th of a person machine it was cheaper than hiring one of the ~23 people alive and capable of working in England away from their employer.

Anyone who tells you technological advances have to come from the most advanced cultures is a fucking idiot, and the industrial revolution is proof.

>> No.43010341

Seems to me like the big bad USA doesn't give a fuck about anything

If they want you dead, you're dead

>> No.43010362

All I can ever imagine is someone setting one up, forgetting about it later, and getting shot in the face strolling down the hall, and now nobody nobody has the goddamn password so they can't get to the only functioning toilet or even pick up the poor bastard's corpse

>> No.43010397


USAfag here and I'm pretty sure you're right.
We get a lot of shit from the rest of the world for this and that, but if there's one thing I've learned living here all my life it's that the federal government is gonna do whatever the fuck it wants to do and if you've got a problem with it then you're just a goddamned terrorist.

>> No.43010469

>Native American tribes just honestly did not do anything of consequence other than built some monuments to animist deities and occasionally kill one another.

>> No.43010498

I still love the only reason the US is a thing is that the French Revolution happened at the most convenient time imaginable

Without our debtholders suddenly being in a fight with all of Europe, our asses become South Canada real goddamn fast.

>> No.43010547

I am late to the conversation, but I recall the Russians, Chinese, and Americans ending up fighting each other in that scene when they ran into each other and were surprised by enemy combatants. And then the loli killed everyone else.

>> No.43010556

no, lets be acurate here, in fighting against the tyranny of a (constitutionally restricted) king by allying with the 2 WORST absolute kingdoms in europe, after complaining about no representation because the guy they sent to represent them in london preferred to spend his time in paris chasing poon with voltaire

>> No.43010626

"Representation" means that you actually get a vote, not that there's someone talking to the guys who get voters who thinks favorably of you. That would be called a lobbyist.

>> No.43010701

It think you're forgetting the part about how the taxes were to help pay off war debts accrued during the French-Indian War we kind of had a hand in starting by antagonizing both french fur traders/trappers and native indians in the area. Turns out you can't just declare a section of land to be owned by your wealthy buddies in the Ohio company and expect the folks using said land to leave.OR it could've been British judges coming in and finally cracking down on American smugglers and illegal goods. OR Americans just don't like to be told we can't do a thing.

>> No.43010706

There's one theory going around that due to the excessive time norsemen spent grooming that the English guys were actually butthurt cucks.

>> No.43010767

Germany forgot to formally end WWII so technically it was still in a state of war that absolutely noone noticed until fairly recently. I forget which decade but it was no earlier than the 90s.

>> No.43010851


Wherever you aren't apparently, like most sensible people.

>> No.43010900

A little fact that generally gets left out is that the African Kings that refused to cooperate with slavery tended to have their heads cut off.

>> No.43010939

Medieval peasants would saw off their left leg to live in a modern first world country even if it was just as a janitor.


>> No.43010983

The American's got surprised that the Japanese had special forces when America happens to be the one training all of the Japanese special forces.
There's unprepared and then there's utter clusterfuck as you put in incompetent people for one of the most important black ops in the history of mankind.

They had cities, invented most of the concepts the founding fathers of America cribbed for the constitution, left evidence of massive trade routes going from at least central America to the great lakes, and tamed enough of the wilderness that exploring from coast to coast was an actual walk in the park. I'm not exaggerating with that last part. Explorers were outright saying "this forest looks suspiciously like a properly maintained British park with little walkways and log benches"

>> No.43011001

Then again a lot of the people who were born in the UK around 1870 would say the same thing about WWII era Britain. And those born in 1800 would say the same thing in 1870.

>> No.43011018

I mean... we literally are fielding sky robots that rain death in their countries so... thats not too unreasonable

>> No.43011037

>Thinks about "Racial Homelands"
That makes as much sense as saying the crusades were about sending to the middle east a Marxist revolution.

>> No.43011053

>invented most of the concepts the founding fathers of America cribbed for the constitution
'Most' is one hell of a stretch. The Constitution is a masterwork of Enlightnment-era thought.

>> No.43011066

>Explorers were outright saying "this forest looks suspiciously like a properly maintained British park with little walkways and log benches"
I read that cracked article too

>> No.43011084

You people are too nice. Why haven't you killed these whores and heretics?

>> No.43011176

Except the US military has a pretty big record of kicking ass (and then fucking up the politics and overall nation building mission after).

Japs are pussified former nationalists who are still xenophobic but total bitches to America.

>> No.43011188

As an Australian, I reckon they'd be chuffed.

>> No.43011201

Alot of the people involved in sparking the revolutionary war were smugglers or people who stood to lose alot of wealth if Britain gave reparations to France like planned.
The tea tax that everyone was protesting was for higher quality tea that costed less than the smuggled tea. Said smugglers were not too happy about suddenly losing their illegal source of income so they bitched about how the king was unfairly raising taxes even though they'd be paying less far money via the taxes and retards bought it. In the end though only 1/3 of the people actually supported or gave half a fuck about the war and then America kicked out everyone that didn't give enough support postwar.
Not really. England really didn't seem to give much of a fuck about stomping out the revolution. In order to win the British would have had to had each individual soldier subjugate hundreds of colonists and they had to do it with a commander that openly didn't want to fight and wanted to go home already. They had 45k soldiers worldwide and had millions of colonists to deal with.
> I just want to go home already
>I bet it's teatime there.
>We don't have teatime here. The poofy colonials keep on throwing all the good tea away.

>> No.43011231

The US Senate admitted it years ago.

>> No.43011280

Important thing to note: Native Americans as we knew them were fucking Mad Max post apocalyptic survivors.

It's thought that the plagues the euros brought over cut the continent's populace from roughly 20 million, to 2 million. 1/10 surviving.

A lot of those "nomadic buffalo chaser" tribes were originally sedentary city dwellers who left when there weren't enough folks to maintain the infrastructure.

There are stories of people traveling along the coast and seeing "great fires, smoke rising in huge amounts" everywhere, and then it simply vanished.

NA got fucking wrecked and we only ever saw the ruins.

>> No.43011545

See, I've heard about this before, and it always gives me this weird sense of vertigo whenever I think about it. The idea that there was this whole fucking series of civilisations chilling on the other side of the globe, and the only decent records we have of them is after it all went up in smoke. It'd be like if a bunch of aliens nuked the earth, and then tried to work out who we were by talking to the ones that crawled out of the rubble.

>> No.43011877

Asia and Africa too, perhaps especially Africa. Entire empires went by before we found a way of record-keeping that could survive long enough to be eventually discovered by archaeology.

>> No.43012012

I give up whenever I hear that word. Here, have this pic.
Not to mention that soldiers in this comic is bloodthirsty and shows NO sign of PTSD. Ever.

>> No.43012031

Oh boy. This arguement.
You know why your arguement is invalid? Because I don't like murican sniper either.
Don't you see? Country wank is obnoxious to see regardless of which country it came from. Yes. Murican sniper is country wank like gate. And that's why it's a piece of shit, like gate.

>> No.43012091

The part I'm triggered about is the scene where a female soldier kills like 10 soldiers with sword&board on melee with a fucking bayonet. A FUCKING BAYONET. I mean, the murricans getting killed at least gives some reasons why the failed, but this is just wrong. And also said soldier shows NO sign of PTSD and is even bloodthirsty for more combat. This isn't JSDF, this is just some psychopath.

>> No.43012138


If you saw your father murdered in front of you as a child, you'd be pretty immune to most shit I'd imagine.

>> No.43012143

What am I seeing here?

>> No.43012337

>not traumatized

>> No.43012615

>one of the most well known chinese symbols started out as a brythonic unit marking in one of Crassus' Legions, shit went back and forth from Da Quin to Cathay for millennia

>> No.43012663

It was a confluence of availability of credit, availability of coal, widespread literacy, and a good infrastructure. Furthermore, the price of labor has fluctuated so much in history that various periods of mechanization and demechanization had happened by the Industrial Revolution.
Your analysis is stupid.

>> No.43013055

>not casting BACKBLAST CLIR

>> No.43014005

Naw, it's super hard to learn about that because they were literally pre-historic. Without a written language anything older then 20 years or so was nothing but vague story. Most tribes contacted by the 17th century had no history of a time before horses.

>> No.43014445


Maybe it wasn't mentioned because it wasn't worth mentioning? No one really gave a shit about the peasants.

You got people who could fight to a degree, round them up, arm them, and send then into battle. You don't really give a shit about who they are.

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