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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Alchemy Edition
Remember to thank your alchemist for being a well-balanced and hard-to-fuck-up class, that's also fun to play and potent without being broken! Don't forget to ask if they've cooked-up something new!

>Pathfinder tier lists: http://pastebin.com/5ekDL471 [Embed] (why is the psychic sorcerer tier 1?)
>Pathfinder tier chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OG15EBUB1n4IEHl5GhzpV10hYqPkgtbfj4PIxZFh0E0/edit#gid=0
>Downtime guide (first draft): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qO_xb3s3X_w18Pa2z2uf3fvmXYf9CJC8z2hi1TSbl3g/pub
>Path of War - Expanded links: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?444869-Dreamscarred-Press-Path-of-War-Expanded!-(Thread-VII)
>Akashic Mysteries links: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?409134-Dreamscarred-Press-Presents-Akashic-Mysteries-Thread-2
>Psionics Augmented - Soulknife: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?369960-Dreamscarred-Press-Psionics-Augmented-Soulknife
>Steelforge playtest: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?430138-Dreamscarred-Press-Announces-Steelforge-Playtest
>Tzocatl truenaming playtest (now being worked on by the Akashic Mysteries guy): http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?380602-Dreamscarred-Press-Tzocatl-The-First-Language-Open-Playtest
>Skybourne (by the Spheres of Power guy) race playtest: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?425793-%28Drop-Dead-Studios%29-Skybourne-Races-Playtest

Old Thread: >>42956634

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I want to marry an alchemist!

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Everybody wants to marry an alchemist.

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Can we talk about how alchemy isn't magic? What do you guys think about that, I've seen people argue a lot about whether it should or shouldn't be.

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By and large, I ignore the whole "Alchemy isn't magic" bullshit because an alchemist that wants to focus on crafting magic items should be able to. Promethean Disciple just helps with that.

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I let it count as magic myself. Let them take arcane strike and crafting feats if they want.

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The question is, what race is the alchemist? The best alchemists are short folk fluffwise in my opinion, so what's your waifu, a halfling, goblin, or kobold?

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If we're gonna have every single DSP thread linked in the OPs now, I feel totally justified in shilling for people to give the Path of Iron devs more feedback.


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Inconsistent bullshit and you should ignore the errata.

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Tieflings make the best bombs.

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There's also a new-ish Alchemist discovery that gives them the ability to prepare a single spell from the wizard/sorc list, meaning they'd be a caster proper with an actual caster level. It's not a SLA, it's an actual spell you have to prepare.

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When the devs come to /tg/, answer our questions and are transparent with feedback, I will have no problems with their links being put up.
As is, there is a fucking WORLD of difference between your shilling and the people who actually put in the time to stand on the firing line.

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>but also of fashioning magical potion-like extracts in which they can store spell effects.
>When an alchemist creates an extract or bomb, he infuses the concoction with a tiny fraction of his own magical power

Seems pretty obvious to me that is it, indeed, magic.

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>expecting most devs to even know what /pfg/ is
Face it anon, we're niche as fuck.

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They say you should start a story at the most interesting part of your characters' lives. Why not have them be the first to find an abandoned floating city and then have to figure out why the fuck anybody would leave a perfectly good flying city laying around.

Related campaign seeds:
>What the fuck happened here?
>Oh shit, the city is about to crash, let's stop that
>Oh shit, we can't stop it, we need to warn/evacuate everyone at the impact site
>Fuck, now the local region is devastated and underground monsters are rampaging on the surface
>Fuck, now the city's magical engines opened a gate to the plain of whatever and unpleasant things are coming through

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Is OP's pic from Teeny Witches?

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For me, it's a choice by the alchemist made at first level. Some alchemists learn to do their alchemy with magic, some learn to do it mundanely. Both methods have minor pros and cons.

Not if you ask JJ or Bulmahn, apparently. For whatever reason. What was their justification, again?

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What discipline is best for boosts?

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You've gotta be kidding, /tg/ is constantly referenced all over the RPG-sphere.

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Some clearly do, as DSP, and at one point Paizo both did.
They put in the work, they get the attention.

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>What was their justification, again?
Being cripplingly retarded. Everyone forgave them.

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What kind of boosts?
Movement, self buffs, ally buffs, defensive, offensive?

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I wanna make a Druid in this campaign I'm joining.

What do you think about starting without an animal companion and just picking one from a random encounter that a GM throws at us?

Since we're gonna be level 1/2

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I don't, i want to marry a demilich

Grippli, of course.

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You can't just 'pick' an animal companion, y'know. There's a 24-hour ritual that has to be performed in the creature's native environs. I guess you could try to knock something out and then... tie it up and pray over it?

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Does anyone have the map that outlines what happens when all of the Bad Ends occur? I'm going to be running a hack of Skulls and Shackles in the context of the following bits, but I'm not sure if I've got everything/enough, or if my conclusions of what would happen make sense.

-House Thrune has been deposed and Cheliax is under the Thumb of Mammon and his Son, who is wed to the immortal Queen Ileosa. What was once merely "Star Wars' Empire" on a level of evil is now "Caligula" levels of evil.
-Mendev has fallen and Demons have poured from the World Wound. The grand Alliance of the Inner Sea holds them back, mostly through Cheliax sending hordes of undesirables as they slowly replace the population with Devils and the Devil blooded.
-Eternal Winter has spread across the land, though some lands are worse off than others All in All, kind of cozy. Queen Elvanna of Irisen has wed herself to the heir of King Sveinn of the Thanelands cement the alliance that keeps the demons out of their part of the world.
-There is a lifeless desert where the Stolen Lands used to be.
-Thasillon has been restored, becoming a the physical manifestion of the Plateau of Leng in this world. Mhar lies Atropal, hatched from his egg Mhar Massif, waiting for the Stars to be right.
-Kyonin and its neighbor states are now a massive crater thanks to the Starfall. Whoops. Fortunately, Weather Control and Druid Bullshit kept this from being an extinction level event, and life went on, minus a few countries.
-There is no bad end text for Legacy of Fire, so I'm going to ignore that one.
-Ydersius walks Golarion once more, and the Serpent Folk make plans to enslave the Surface World.
-The Whispering Tyrant walks Golarion once more.
-The Jade Emperor rules Minkai, becoming a decadent, depraved blight on Tian Xia.

Did I miss anything?

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What if I use Call Animal and just sorta make it my best bro ever?

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Unity metaphysic virus extending like the plague.

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The marriages you've proposed are all clumsy. Council of Thieves is dumb and should be written off entirely; literally nothing changes, and Drovenge isn't remotely high-power enough to do anything but grovel at Ileosa's feet. Speaking of which, Ileosa isn't gonna depose House Thrune that quickly. It'd like spark a Kuthonite/Asmodean conflict as Kazavon's influence grows and Nidal takes Ileosa's side.

Likewise, Elvanna wouldn't marry some generic thane. She's the heir to Baba Yaga. She doesn't have to do shit if she doesn't want to. The demons aren't even that big a deal once she gets going; she won't drive them out, but with the winter fey at her command, she can set up a front strong enough to negotiate.

Also, you're wrong about Legacy of Fire. The bad end there is that Jhavhul merges with Xotani and proceeds to trash Katapesh before fucking off to the Plane of Fire to court Ymeri. This will result in a much easier conquest for the Sky Pharaoh.

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No, it's from Little Witch Academia.

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You could ask your GM if you can play a Feral Hunter Druid instead; it trades away their Nature Bond for the Animal Focus class feature of the Hunter, which is actually not too bad of a trade.

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You know, it just occurred that Bazzy Thrune's retarded plan in Hell's Rebels is probably partly a reaction to how non-plussed everyone was at the end of CoT.

>"Oh no, a single city in the evil nation got slightly... more evil? Such terror grips me."
>"W-well what if it's the whole country that's evil? Like, literally. He makes the country evil. Because he turns into the country. Like the dirt. He turns into an evil continent made of evil dirt. STAKES ARE SO HIGH GUYS"

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What were the bonuses of not having a caster level? Their stuff can be dispelled anyway. Its not like I was saying all their powers were magical. I was more saying that they count as having a caster level, so they could choose to alchemy up a +1 sword.

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koala men

>> No.42964736

But their Int is abysmal.

>> No.42964919

I play a character who obviously uses magic, but is delusional, swearing that it isn't magic. I haven't gotten to use this hook yet, because bad gm.

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Humans, because other races are scum

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I once had a player who thought it was two turns to throw a bomb, one turn to make it and one turn to throw it.

I think I had to tell him four or five times before he got the message.

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Are Alchemists the lewdest class ever released, /pfg/?
>Constantly taking mind-altering drugs that make them more stupid or less willful in order to get a better body, or are taking mind-expanding drugs that make them weaker and more easy to manhandle
>Various extracts and formulas have body-changing uses such as genderswapping, becoming big or small, growing body parts, etc.
>Creates various materials and illicit substances for fun

Does any class come even close?

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The guy who stated then did a penalty to Wis not int to showcase fear effects

>> No.42965354

Reminder to get your DM to let your Alchemist take the Ectochymist's Ghost Trap ability as a discovery.

>> No.42965372

Needs more wildshape.

>> No.42965386

Beastmorph alchemist?

>> No.42965392

Don't forget about
>create new bodies to constantly be a virgin every night
>threesome? foursome? harem? all the same alchemist

>> No.42965398


The Witch might come close, since you've got the Patron to consider along with a Witch's own alchemical abilities.

The Alchemist is however pure lewd, and the best waifu outside the church (Cleric and Paladin make best waifus.)

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>> No.42965420


>Can you take the knot?
>He's going to find out

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Alright /pfg/, I have a challenge for you.
Stat Sucy.

>> No.42965452

Challenge? She does potions and herblore. She's a human alchemist. What challenge is there?

>> No.42965461

What is this from?

>> No.42965477

Little Witch Academia, what Studio Trigger got up to between Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill.

>> No.42965499

Well there's also a big fancy Sky Pharaoh revived in Osirion, taking over the desert too. It'll probably be easier for him as well if the events of LoF fucked up the Katapesh region.

As to Giantslayer, the canon statement for the bad end is that while the Storm Tyrant succeeds in his united giant empire with a flying castle, he's second- or third-rate at best and someone, such as Tar-Baphon, will take his goodies away from him.

>> No.42965512

So we're in agreement that it's either the Alchemist or the Witch that is the lewdest class. The question is, who would win in a one-on-one contest in the four places of best waifu, best party-member, best enemy, and best class to play as?

>> No.42965513

So, since we're on the topic of Alchemists, what's the maximum number of bombs that you can throw in a round?

>> No.42965526

You know folks, if you want other devs to come here someone with an account on the appropriate forum can always sling 'em a PM informing them that they've got customers & readers this direction. Not sayin' it's the right or wrong thing to do, just noting that I didn't find /pfg/ until my co-author from LotN found customer questions via obsessive Googling. They may not realize that they have folks here with questions or interest.

Evenin' /pfg/.

>> No.42965562

Little Witch Academia.
It's a quite cute and rather comfy little one-shot that Trigger did basically just for fun.
It was surprisingly successful, and they decided to make a second 20 minute short.
Then a kikestarter got them enough money to do 50 minutes instead.
The sequel hits Jap theaters tomorrow.
If that does well, they've mentioned a possibility of a TV show or full length film.
I'm happy as fuck about this because it means more Sucy.
Sucy is love.
Sucy is life.

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All of them are Alchemist because Alchemist is the perfect class.

>> No.42965692

It must be a sylph to win best waifu

>> No.42965703

>best waifu
Harems while remaining monogamous, or your waifu could magic jar someone you fancy if you're not a good alignment

>best party-member
"Hey Barbarian, how would you like to be able to cast Form of the Dragon?"

>best enemy
Pic related is an Alchemist. You can have alchemists who are terrorists that make suicide bombers. You can kill the same alchemist several times, each time in a clone body.

>best class to play as
Witch, obviously. 9th level casting is more powerful than 6th level insane shenanigans and badassery.

>> No.42965704


It has a sequel.

>> No.42965723

They mentioned that. Nice reading comprehension!

>> No.42965727

A sequel that is alright out, mind you.

>> No.42965767

Did you actually read the rest of my post before you posted an autistic kneejerk?
There was an advanced showing at Anime Expo 2015, and the backers got to see it in July. But the actual general release that I would say is the point where it actually counts as being "out" is tomorrow.

>> No.42965851

>penalty to Int
>no actual Witch options
Friggin hell Paizo.

>> No.42965874

Best waifu: Sylph Fey Adept. Basically unlimited shadow illusions to make all your dreams reality.

Best party-member: Probably Vitalist. I've never felt bad with a vitalist in the party.

Best enemy: Halfling alchemist, because she can tempt you with everything you ever wanted.

Best class: Personally, I love the soulknife/metaforge. It's a very shounen hero vibe, forcing armaments into being with nothing but the burning passion of your manly soul.

>> No.42965938

>anon rolls a 1 on his Reading check

>> No.42965951 [SPOILER] 

>best waifu
>best class to play as
The answer to these is the same.
Synthesist Summoner with a couple levels of Bard and ranks in Perform: Sing.

>> No.42965960

Hey y'all, i'm about to start a campaign (a whole campaign) with my arcanist illusionist/veiled illusionist, starting from level 1. Since i do plan to work a lot with illusions, should i bother with metamagic? Are there any talents that work on illusions exclusively?

Illusion seems to be the forgotten child of every wizard, but i wanna give it a go.

>> No.42965999

>forgotten child
Color Spray, Shadow Evocation, and Shadow Conjuration would like to have a word with you.

>> No.42966035

There's not really a good reason why Color Spray isn't an evocation, is there? Because when I think "illusion", the first thing that comes to mind isn't "magical flashbang grenade"

>> No.42966036

I think the more freeform stuff that people love (silent image etc) are more that anon's intent. Just a guess, though.

>> No.42966038

Greater invisibility too.

>> No.42966053

>Best Waifu
>Best class
>Not Warder

>> No.42966096

Sure, Illusions looks great... as a side school, not a main focus. What about Silent images, projected images, phantasmal killers even?

>> No.42966114

Should Investigators be able to take Bombs as a talent?

>> No.42966240

>Sylph Wind Listener with Illusion focus.
Get Illusion stuff AND Spontaneous Divination
You now know everything, can predict most everything, and can trick people into believing they think they know things but are actually wrong.
>Fuck with everyone, and always know when magical barriers and traps are around
>enemy about to close in on you? Turn invisible and if that don't work you have some DR for free.

>> No.42966261

If we're including DSP material then I gotta go with Warlord using a lot of Scarlet Throne.

>> No.42966273


moar beautiful knights defending cute shounen

>> No.42966280

Can a familiar use aid another to up my intimidate skill check using the enforcer feat?

>> No.42966307

Silly anons, alchemist is only one component of the ultimate lewd party.

>Bladebound Hexcrafter magus, laying into you with her sentient whip until she's satisfied, then making you pass out with a glance once she's bored
>Sacred Huntmaster inquisitor, a master of Outflanking his partners with a wide variety of mounts, then buffing his Constitution to keep it up all night long
>Demon Dancer skald arranges orgies that leave everyone covered in bruises and bite marks, using his music to ensure the party doesn't stop no matter how long they've been 'attacking' each other
>Clone Master alchemist sits at the center of it all, providing the necessary alchemical remedies and ensuring that nobody ever has to face consequences in the morning

>> No.42966430

>Bladebound Hexcrafter
>not Bladebound Kapenia Dancer
Do you even Lewd Gypsy?
Though it's kinda nebulous whether or not you can also add Hexcrafter on to that as well. I suggest asking your DM

>> No.42966487

how do I armstrong?

>> No.42966509

Of course you can combine those three, what's stopping you?

Not to say you should, mind. Bladed scarves aren't lewd at all, especially compared to whips.

>> No.42966542

Eh. Whips aren't my sort of lewd. Scarves are at least alluring.

>> No.42966592

Silk to Steel is a spell.

Use your scarf AS a whip.

>> No.42966597

Eh, personally Scarves turn me on far more than whips. Also she can wear it and use it as an accessory to emphasise her sexuality and eroticism.

Plus since its an Ancestral scarf usually that the Varisian use, the Blackblade probably has a long knowledge pool and experience of various sexual techniques. Just imagine having all that knowledge being whispered in sultry tone into your mind.

It's like having a built in ara~ara

>> No.42966658

Mummification discovery, Stoneskin, Fluid Form, Kinetic Reverberation, Ablative Barrier, Eruptive Pustules, Thorn Body, Caustic Blood, Fire Shield (set to cold), and Detonate.

Mummification and Ablative Barrier means the first 5 points of damage from any source are removed. ANY source. Stoneskin and Fluid Form grant DR 10/Slashing or Adamantine. Kinetic Reverberation forces a Fort save for anyone who hits you with a melee weapon to not deal the same damage to their weapon, potentially shattering it. Detonate for his explosions, and all the other spells to deal 3d6+2/level+1d6/level when someone hits you with an attack.

At level 16 get the Elixir of Life discovery for a 200% life bar.

>> No.42966684

>built-in ara~ara~
>not playing the straight man character who's fed up with the constant sex being pumped in via telepathy
>not being always in a sour mood because there is literally a voice in her head going on and on and on like the soul of a dead cumdumpster
>not eventually cracking under the peer pressure and playing town bicycle for a night
>not turning into an exhibitionist slut halfway through the campaign

>not playing this all as the blackblade scarf winning the ego fight

>> No.42966718

>It's like having a built in ara~ara

Or the blade can be old and ornery, constantly nagging you about your status as an old maid while fussing over your "boyish hips" and lack of social graces.

Imagine the blackblade loudly wondering, while at the campfire, when the Magus is going to finally stop spying on the Paladin when he takes off his armor and just ask him out on a date.

>> No.42966744

and can I punch people's shit?

>> No.42966752

>Erastilean scarf
This pleases me.

>> No.42966775

Feral Mutagen is designed for punching people's shit.

Take a level of Barbarian to become 200% mad

>> No.42966814


And then get a Vest of Stable Mutations, to nullify the major disadvantage of the class.

>> No.42966845

>want to play a warder
>IRL group will never allow third party stuff, even if its good.
Wish they weren't the only source of games around, really want to try out POW classes

>> No.42966873

Fuck them.
Start your own group.
With Dreamscarred Press!
And hookers!
Actually, forget the hookers!

>> No.42966923

Oh man, alch sounds like the best 1st party more and more

>> No.42966948

Synthesist Summoner is pretty cool too, but it tends to get banned.

>> No.42966977

>Actually, forget the hookers!

>He doesn't play with hookers

They're the best at faking it, anon.

>> No.42966984

Run your own game, and show them how good third party stuff can be.

Pic related. As soon as I find out what the stat modifiers are on a Sahuagin, they're getting access to the Piercing Thunder discipline.

>> No.42966986

My irl GM told me he wanted to ban synthsum from the table because all the forums he read about it on said it was super strong, and I killed his whole argument with "Action economy, tho".

He's reconsidering his sources now.

>> No.42966991

Ooh what's that about?

>> No.42967030

Instead of summoning your Eidolon as a separate entity, you "wear" it, like a gigantic battle aura, or a Magical Girl, or a Rider, or...
Well, I think you get the idea.
They ARE rather powerful, due to using the Eidolon's physical stats but the Summoner's mental ones, but their action economy is inferior to a normal Summoner. Really they're just a big, nasty beatstick.

>> No.42967067

Oh man, I love crazy martial types. They get cool spells right?

>> No.42967073

Why would I want to play with ur mum, you cheeky cunt?

>> No.42967085

All the Summoner spells, yes. Including early haste.

>> No.42967090

>Not even having the little giggle with the shark teeth smile at the end

Inferior gif.

>> No.42967119

Synthesist is probably my favorite magic/martial fusion ever.
I would greatly appreciate the longer version in webm if you have it, anon.

>> No.42967135


Because my dad's already playing with yours, only seems fair.

>> No.42967136

They're pretty fucking fun. The shittiest non-NPC archetype is probably the Ectochymist, and even that gets the ability to be a Ghostbuster at level 8.

>> No.42967142

Stat me, /pfg/.

>> No.42967172

Fuck, between those two I don't know who I'd play next. Was also thinking an OP as fuck wizard build. my campaign isn't even near to over. dhampir zwei still super fun though

>> No.42967185

I'm on my phone. So all I can do for now is criticize you from my Ivory tower.

>> No.42967206

Hector sort of strikes me as a Cavalier with the Knight Errant Order.

And probably one of the archetypes that trades out the mount.

Knight Errant Cavs with high crit mult weapons make me happy.

>> No.42967291

PoW classes are the only Martials you will ever need.

>> No.42967321

Has anyone else noticed that Spheres of Power makes it possible to acquire pounce with but two feats?

Step #1: Take Basic Magical Training (page 148).
Step #2: Select the Alteration sphere (page 10).
Step #3: Select the Lycanthropic drawback (page 158) for the Alteration sphere.
Step #4: Use your bonus magical talent to select the Bestial Reflexes talent (page 11) for Alteration.
Step #5: Take the Advanced Magical Training feat (page 148).

As a 6th-level character, you now have a caster level of 3 and a spell pool of 1 + your highest mental ability modifier. You can spend 1 spell point as a standard action to gain pounce for 3 minutes.

I know that martials really should be receiving pounce by default, but under the context of pounce being unavailable to martials by default, this seems rather powerful for a two-feat investment.

I am not so sure I like the idea of "make martials better by having them literally use magic to attack more frequently."

>> No.42967375

How do you folks recommend converting from 5e to Pathfinder?

We had to play 5e for a campaign, but one of the characters might make an appearance in a later Pathfinder game. Should they be a butchery of abilities to keep them consistent, or mostly just stick to that same class in Pathfinder?

IE Monk in 5e can turn invisible/teleport in darkness or cast ki spells, whereas that would require a number of weird archetypes and level dips for a much less effective version in Pathfinder.

>> No.42967399


>How do you folks recommend converting from 5e to Pathfinder?

I wouldn't

>> No.42967469

iirc you don't get the free talent if you got a Sphere from BMT, so you'd have to grab another feat to get an extra talent.

So that's actually 3 feats to get Pounce.

>> No.42967474

The abilities shouldn't matter so much as the core stats. HP and AC probably don't need to change much, and any resistances he might have should be tweaked for the level he's meant to appear, but other than that it should be fine just using the character as-is.

Conversion is a pain in the ass. Alternatively, just make a new fuckin character for the sake of your sanity.

>> No.42967498

You should rebuild the character from the ground up to function in Pathfinder. A monk in 5e is a highly efficient, mobile controller, who's got strong cc, strong stealth, or various spells.

A pathfinder monk has none of these things. Use a cleric with Improved Unarmed Strike, or a PoW class, or something.

>> No.42967503

That's pretty fair, it likely won't be enough of a deal to bother with specifics, as long as its obviously thematically the same person, they'll be happy.

Thanks, anon.

>> No.42967656


Is that so? Page 156 of Spheres of Power says:
>Drawbacks come in one of two forms: general and sphere-specific. General drawbacks must be selected as soon as the caster gains her first level in any spellcasting class. Sphere-Specific Drawbacks must be chosen as soon as the caster gains the drawback’s prerequisite sphere.

Page 158 mentions:
>Rather than grant bonus spell points, sphere-specific drawbacks grant the target an extra magic talent in their prerequisite sphere. A creature does not gain this bonus magic talent until they gain the sphere-specific drawback’s prerequisite sphere. A sphere-specific drawback may be removed by spending a magic talent, in essence ‘paying back’ the talent gained from the drawback.

Is there a specific rule I am missing that prevents a sphere-specific drawback from being taken with Basic Magical Training?

>> No.42967696

Really late response, but it was that their stuff couldn't be dispelled. That's just how I had it work in my games. Also, none of your stuff detects as magic, nor do people when under the effects of your stuff, which comes into play when you have paranoid NPCs that won't talk to PCs when they've got magical buffs up and other situations like that. Lastly, if your alchemy was mundane, you got the Infusion discovery for free.

>> No.42967850

What are the rules for crafting while adventuring? I can't find them.

Also I'm building a hyper support crafting wizard.

Dwarf Arcane Crafter Universalist Wizard with a Valet Familiar.


Spark of Creation

With these feats as they progress:
Spell Focus (Transmutation)
Scribe Scroll
Craft Wondrous Items
Brew Potion
Crafting Magic Arms & Armor
Craft Wands
Forge Ring
Craft Rod
Craft Construct
Craft Staff

At level 5 the character will be able to make 1000+1000(dwarf favored class bonus)*2(rushing)*2(valet familiar)

The plan is also to find a hireling, because my DM ruled you can have up to two cooperative crafters if one of them is a valet familiar, this will up it to *3 for the cooperative crafting. At level 5 this will put me at 12kgp worth of magic item produced per day, enough that I will likely be able to do the entire party's worth of crafting in just my character's down time. Since I am buff and battlefield control focused I won't have to worry overly about DCs and mostly stay in the back lines. This kind of character wouldn't be too obnoxious to play with, right? I'm always worried about being an ass as a full caster.

Posted this in the last thread, but now I must also ask. How much should I pay a cooperative crafter? Likely they are an expert or an adept (expert with master craftsman).

>> No.42967852

Yeah, your right, I just misremembered.

Still, in terms of power, its not that bad. Really you can flavor it instead of magic being capable to focus your mind into a bestial state, or perhaps a remnant from a lycanthropy in your bloodline which you've decided to exploit and develop.

>> No.42967908

You're missing that you don't get a Tradition from Basic Magical Training. You get it from Advanced Magical Training Assuming the DM lets you, so you'd need to take that first.

That mostly just changes the order of operations though.

>> No.42967934

What's the most all-around good build path for a mystic/empyreal sorcerer/bladecaster?

>> No.42967976


I feel like there's a little too much overlap with the alchemist if you do that. The investigator is lifting the chemistry set from the alchemist, not the explosives or body mods.

>> No.42968049

I feel like if it were in place of either individual talents on a 1:1 basis or it replaced talents entirely, that would give it a semblance of reason. They're more the poisoner types, anyway, so ???

>> No.42968057

What would be some interesting animals to make into lycanthropes? I'm going to reveal/turn a PC's love interest into a were-something.

>> No.42968062

How much would everyone here pay in gp for a slotted magic item of evasion, on a character with reasonably high Reflex? It would not upgrade preexisting evasion into improved evasion though.

A Ring of Evasion costs 25,000 gp, but I get the feeling that that is vastly overpriced; that could get you a +5 resistance bonus to all saving throws.

Would 10,000 gp be a fair price point, or would you ask to pay even lower?

As a separate question, would you ever one-level dip solely with the intent of gaining evasion (assuming that the class had mediocre class features for you otherwise), or would you hardly even consider it?


It is literally magic that can be detected and dispelled.


That is a fair point.

>> No.42968079



>> No.42968083

were-leeches make sense and can be very scary looking

>> No.42968139

Attack of the Were-Platypus!

>> No.42968153

Were-gnome. Oh, wait, an animal? Um... Were-Dweomercat.

>> No.42968160

>Take a level of Barbarian to become 200% mad

WHY oh WHY, is there no Barbarian-Alchemist Hybrid class?

No Bombs. No Alchemy. No Poison Use. No Infusions. No Poison Resistance.

Give an alchemist a rage mutagen to simulate rage and then give him options to add both rage powers and alchemist discoveries to his rage mutagen. done.

>> No.42968180

'It can be dispelled' isn't that much of an argument.

It's likely you're already where you need to be by that point, and if someone actively dispels it, that's a turn they've spent not doing something else.

>> No.42968183

I'm missing something; why is a scarf incompatible with also having a whip?

>> No.42968221

>I'm going to reveal/turn a PC's love interest into a were-something.

Were-Mantis. Duh.

>> No.42968224

The fact that all of Kapenia Dancer's feats require wielding the scarf, and magus can't TWF? The fact you can only have one black blade?

>> No.42968227

He's saying that it's literally magic is the point.

>> No.42968243


>> No.42968249


>> No.42968262

Do you guys think Paizo will ever make any more Hybrid Classes?

>> No.42968263

>tiger beetle
>gelatinous cube
>blink dog

>> No.42968275

Yes, but why do you need to wield the scarf at the same time as the whip, given that this isn't exactly a plan for actual combat?

>> No.42968276


They tried something similar with the Ragechemist.

It...didn't go so well.

>> No.42968286

Yes, if I expected to fight a lot of dragons.

>> No.42968304

So can someone sell me on the magician bard?

It's listed as tier 2. Picking spells from other lists is incredible, but what else do people like about it?

>> No.42968311

Ragechemist doesn't actually do what it promises. If it did it would do something like the Bloodrage spell, where you gain bonuses to Strength as you take damage.

>> No.42968336

Because the bladed scarf is shit? The only advantage it has over a generic club is the disarm property. And the archetype ability that grants reach does so on a point-per-round basis.

>> No.42968356

Druid Monk. Imagine a hermit martial artist who uses "crane-style" by emulating the motions of his crane animal companion.

>> No.42968357

Why do I want this?

>> No.42968360

Alchemist with Unchained Barbarian multiclass?

>> No.42968368

I might not allow it while on the road.


>The creator also needs a fairly quiet, comfortable, and well-lit place in which to work. Any place suitable for preparing spells is suitable for making items. Creating an item requires 8 hours of work per 1,000 gp in the item's base price (or fraction thereof), with a minimum of at least 8 hours. Potions and scrolls are an exception to this rule; they can take as little as 2 hours to create (if their base price is 250 gp or less). Scrolls and potions whose base price is more than 250 gp, but less than 1,000 gp, take 8 hours to create, just like any other magic item.

>> No.42968372

Why Unchained?

>> No.42968373

Because Dweomer-Leap is some of the best abilities in the game and I've spent weeks trying to get a Dweomer for an animal companion instead of a familiar.

>> No.42968383

Given the post that spawned this line of discussion, I think you missed the point.

>> No.42968384

>Any place suitable for preparing spells is suitable for making items.

>> No.42968392

I swear that if I hear a screeching mewling retard say "roleplay not rollplay" I'm going to eat the entrails of an elf.

>> No.42968393

I want Rage and Mutagen to be tied together as one feature.

>> No.42968396

"If the caster is out adventuring, he can devote 4 hours each day to item creation, although he nets only 2 hours' worth of work. This time is not spent in one continuous period, but rather during lunch, morning preparation, and during watches at night."

>> No.42968417

I mean the variant multiclassing from Unchained, where you give up half your feats to get staggered other class features.

Alchemist with Barbarian Rage.

>> No.42968424

Use Variant Multiclassing with one of the Alchemist archetypes as the base.

>> No.42968429

That was my post. Nobody has provided any good reason to use Kapenia Dancer, or to add an unlewd weapon like a bladed scarf to the concept at all.

>> No.42968450


Huh. You could also fluff that as a dude whose fighting abilties are derived from chugging powerthirst.


Or even...

>> No.42968465


And if the campaign was not especially dragon-centric, how much would you pay for a slotted item of evasion?

Also, bear in mind that many a dragon demands a Fortitude-based saving throw.

>> No.42968470

I rule that the PC still needs a forge to create or modify a suit of magic armor or a magic sword. The campfire isn't going to cut it.

That's pretty much my only restriction.

>> No.42968474

It's an aesthetic thing; the scarf isn't necessarily being wielded as a weapon. Though it works equally well (or better) as someone just having a non-magical scarf. Which I am admittedly confused why they didn't go for over adding on another archetype.

>> No.42968487

So which planar alignment faction is the best?

>> No.42968494

>Being a caster
>Not preparing a demiplane with a complete library and laboratory, thus providing you bonuses to crafting and scribing.
>Not building several automatons that craft mundane items for profit
>Not changing the laws of your demiplane that time moves faster so you can craft several wondrous items in a day with your valet familiar.

>> No.42968499

The same price as a ring.

>> No.42968515

Are demiplanes a meme? Because I've never even heard of a PC actually accumulating the money and being high enough level to create one. They rarely even come up as plot points.

>> No.42968517

>Implying all casters are high enough level and with the resources to do that.

It's like you forget that levels below 15 exist.

>> No.42968518

>25,000 gp for evasion

>> No.42968520

What slot are we talking, here? Also, again, if not specifically dragons, how many evasion-based things are we likely to encounter?

>> No.42968546

Personally, when I play an alchemist I like to buy an alchemy lab and put it inside a heavy wagon (which I almost always buy for any kind of character). For a magical crafter, I'd imagine it'd be reasonable to do something similar.

I've actually been thinking about doing it in a Kingmaker game I'm in, but I've been heavily weighing whether it's actually worth it, since there's not really much of a reason for me to actually do it when I'm limited to Lesser Create Demiplane (which I am, for complicated reasons). If I were a wizard though, I'd totally be making a private demiplane at some point.

>> No.42968552

Pls respond

>> No.42968566


>> No.42968581

For murderous hyperlawful robots, they're surprisingly adorable.

>> No.42968585

Are those



>> No.42968595

I still can't get over the fact that that image is in the D&D 5e Dungeon Master's Guide.

>> No.42968597


lesser create demiplane
>1625 gp (summoner)
>2275 gp (clr/wiz/wch)
>2400 gp (unchained summoner)

create demiplane
>2400 gp (summoner)
>3000 gp (clr/wiz/wch)

greater create demiplane
>3825 gp (clr/wiz/wch)


>> No.42968601

If I ever GM, I now know how to punish my players.

>> No.42968605

What do you think of the new Psychic spells, like Retrocognition, Psychic Asylum, Aversion, and Babble?

>> No.42968634

>muh magic mart
The fuck kind of 13th+ level wizard wastes his time crafting scrolls to sell to random adventurers?

>> No.42968635


The glorious lawful exemplar race from AD&D is disappointed in being associated with that rabble.

Modrons are some of the strongest outsiders in AD&D, actually. An absolutely terrifying faction to be on the wrong side from.

>> No.42968646


Feet slot.

Assume a generic "you will be encountering a wide variety of enemies" campaign.

>> No.42968652

Same here. All my wizards and alchemists have a wagon.

It kinda became a thing of paranoia for my DM.

One time, I rolled a Siege Mage / Alchemist and eventually transformed my little wagon into a Tank powered by a bound elemental (its rules legit. Check out modifying vehicles.)

It was equipped with a cannon and 2 constructs to serve as my loading crew.

I had enough levels to fire a cannonball loaded with spells that dealt additional bomb damage.

I am saddened because the campaign ended before I could bound an air elemental and make my wagon a bomber plane.

>> No.42968658

Just tack on a scroll of permenancy, too. If you've got the cash for scrolls of create demiplane, you can probably afford to make it permanent. The only thing stopping a high-level mundane PC with UMD from getting his own demiplane is having an easy way to get to and from his demiplane.

>> No.42968729

Aeons a best. Entire race devoted to stopping Wis-dumping wizards from destroying reality. Somebody asks "hey why don't wizards just stomp everything forever with simulacrum armies"? Pleroma aeons beat them to it, and they've got divination workshops running 25/7 to catch those thought-criminals who'd try to one-up them.

>> No.42968748

That image doesn't make them look less Minions.

These are Minions.

Oh my god D&D canon includes Minions.

>> No.42968754

The kind who lives in a metropolis, apparently.

>> No.42968755

Eh, modrons came first. What you mean is "Despicable Me includes Modrons."

>> No.42968772

I love Azata, but it's too bad that JJ makes me feel guilty for liking CG. They still make great waifus and husbandos, though.

>> No.42968776

I'm not really trying to scare or hurt this character.
I like this idea, but my players would accuse me of going into a magical realm if a NPC that one of the characters is getting romantic with suddenly sprouts tentacles.
I think being a lycanthrope is already strange enough.
I love Dweomercats, but I think that would be a bit too OP in this game.
I'm pretty sure one of my players actually has a Mantis fetish, but it's not the one interested in the Were-character.
Imagine that poor sucker who gets the luck of becoming a Were-Oytugh.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

>> No.42968791

If a GM is too clueless to realize the purchase limits aren't universal, he deserves whatever happens to his game. No different than the guys who want to craft use-activated true strike swords for a couple thousand gp.

>> No.42968806

If it makes you feel any better, just imagine them without faces or eyes, and just as walking shapes.

>> No.42968830

This sounds familiar.

>> No.42968844


Momiji and Aya really don't get along, do they.

>> No.42968850

sure, we'll craft our use-activated true strike swords in our permanencied demiplanes and drink tea as we laugh about how silly the game is

>> No.42968912


>Aeons build order from the chaos of the Maelstrom, seed new life upon barren worlds, and halt the rampages of forces grown overbold. They rend nations to vapor, dismantle planets into cosmic dust, and pave the way for calamities. Their ways are at one moment beneficent and in the next utterly devastating, but always without ardor, compassion, or malice. Every aeon dispassionately but determinedly strives toward the same objective—an ever changing, amending, and readjusting pursuit of multiplanar equilibrium.

They sound like extradimensional Harpers.

>> No.42968929

Even if the player with the Mantis fetish isn't the one whose PC is interested in the Were-character, it could still work out well if that PC's player has an NTR fetish.

Anyway, I'd comb the list of magical beasts for something interesting but low CR.

>> No.42968943

Sounds like BBEG material.

"What happens when extraplanar aliens decides that your mortal plane is next on the chopping block to make room for a new one?"

>> No.42968962

You haven't read into the history of the Forgotten Realms. Harpers are the BBEG.

>> No.42968980

They're more like the "I'M BALANCING SHIT" race.
>So you want to fuck up the downstream? I don't give a shit if it will save billions, you don't fuck with that.
>shit, there's too many buildings, I need to balance that shit out.
>there aren't enough dead things. Why is everything alive?

>> No.42969087

I'm partial to Psychopomps myself. Look at this guy. I would love to have him as a familiar.

>> No.42969132

>there aren't enough dead things. Why is everything alive?

Funny enough, I just finished reading that new Deadpool and Thanos teamup comic.

>> No.42969133

Pretty much. The aeons are technically responsible for the existence of all life, since they maintain the Antipode which powers the Positive Energy Plane which all souls come from.

They just operate on a scale about ten steps above what anyone bothers to think about. No individuality, because that's not efficient. No language, because non-verbal telepathy is simpler for the rare occasions when they need to communicate with non-aeons. They don't have individual personalities or souls or memories, and they just recycle when they die.

Aeons are basically the personification of "no sense of right and wrong", except it's an entire race of 20th-level arcane/divine casters instead of just one wizard.

>> No.42969167

It is truly surprising how much non-(Su), non-(Sp) class features there are in Spheres of Power.

The fey adept's Shadowstuff class feature is non-(Su), non-(Sp). Apparently, using faerie "solid illusions" to curse people, create objects, create creatures, shoot blasts of energy, and create natural disasters is non-magical.

Likewise, all of a hedgewitch's class features (other than spherecasting and bardic performances) are non-(Su), non-(Sp), so feel free to curse someone or turn your sword into a Dancing Shock sword non-magically.

A soul weaver's Bound Nexus is non-(Su), non-(Sp). Conjuring and commanding spirits of the dead for a wide variety of purposes is totally non-magical.

A thaumaturgist's invocations are non-(Su), non-(Sp). Drawing on occult powers from beyond the pale for an assortment of superhuman empowerments is nonmagical too.

The thaumaturge's Devourer and Pactmage archetype are also composed entirely of non-(Sp), non-(Su) abilities, because as we all know, devouring people's life force and channeling the powers of extraplanar outsiders is nonmagical business.

>> No.42969172

>an extremely powerful Aeon is somehow cut off from it's home and grows a soul
>it's a race between the party (probably good guys) and other groups of varying savoryness to get to it first and have it on their side

>> No.42969177

I do dig psychopomps, and probably would have sprung for a nosoi familiar if my PC wasn't waifuing a necromancer.

>> No.42969186

Dragons are also non-(Su), non-(Sp) creatures.

>> No.42969198

Okay. So my current character is about to get some "helpers" whose explicit purpose is for covert operations, and he is letting me build them, with some restrictions. They have to be Lizardfolk and are small-sized (so their racial attributes would be +2 Dex, +2 Con after size adjustments). Neither of them can be full-casters, they cannot be multiclassed, and they should work well in tandem with one another to perform such tasks as reconnaissance and, if necessary, assassinations.

What are my best options/builds? Which two classes would work best together as part of a two-man team? First-party only.

>> No.42969216

>race is slightly complicated by all the normal aeons, who "perceive their rogue brethren as high-priority disturbances in the balance of the multiverse and seek the destruction of such rarities with all haste"

>> No.42969226

Different rules govern creatures.

>> No.42969233

Rouge and Monk
One is the mouth and legs, the other I'd the big muscle arms that won't fuck up stealth.

>> No.42969258

What level are we talking for these lizardfolk?

>> No.42969263

>eventually everyone gets caught up chasing it
>even the proteans, who wanted to piss off the modrons by taking away their likely victory

>> No.42969311


Oh duh, knew I forgot something. They're starting at level 7, and only with weapons and armor in terms of gear (which can be enchanted, but any wondrous items or stat enhancers I'll need to scavenge / barter for).


Eh, I don't really need one of them to be the Muscle in the traditional sense. I'm actually getting another Lizardfolk for that purpose, but I have a pretty good idea how I'll be building him already. I'm looking for a focus on getting the job done without raising alarms or being noticed when possible.

>> No.42969326


Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead are the only creature types directly implied to be held together by magic as per the description of the Antimagic Field spell, and even then, they are so intrinsically magical that they do not wink away in an antimagic field.

Even so, the individual abilities of such creatures often are magical, either as (Su) or (Sp) abilities.

A dragon is not held together by magic (instead, it is held together by physics-breaking mundane qualities), but even so, its breath weapon is (Su) and its spells and spell-like abilities are most definitely magical.

The individual abilities of a fey adept, a hedgewitch, a soul weaver, or a thaumaturge are certainly magical in flavor, yet they are considered nonmagical mechanically. They do not appear at all to any mystical senses, nor are they affected by antimagic fields in any way.

>> No.42969362

>the rogue aeon realizes it's the only one of its kind
>proceeds to multiply to shift the balance

>> No.42969403

Assuming it's a standard lizardfolk tribe they're coming from, I would go with a Huntmaster Cavalier and a Strategist Cavalier. Level 7 gives you a level 3 and 4 animal companion (reptile themed of course) for the huntmaster, unless you want to spend two feats on Boon Companion. Which, if you do, leaves two free feats. Benefit of this is that you can split them up to scout. Strategist to impart teamwork feats the first one and it's pack do not have.

If your GM doesn't consider Alchemists as casters, switch out the Strategist cavalier for that.

>> No.42969534


They're definitely not standard lizardfolk by any stretch of the imagination. It's a long story, but the easiest way to put it would be that they're former humans transmogrified as part of an experiment in the vein of Spider-Man's "The Lizard".

He doesn't consider Alchemist's casters, no. What kind of Alchemist would be best suited for this kind of role? The Huntsmaster Cavalier does give me some ideas though... If I could convince my DM to allow him to take Giant Geckos as his mounts, I could have the two be riding around on walls and ceilings. Or velociraptors I guess, though that's not as hilarious.

>> No.42969550

>Oh, you filled out a Myth-Weavers sheet? That's a shame.
>We only use the Roll20 sheets here, they're much quicker to make, stable and easier to read than Myth-Weavers

>> No.42969599

I die a little on the inside every time I hear a DM say that. Roll20's built-in sheets are awful.

>> No.42969651

I use necero's one. Pretty good I think

>> No.42969653

Vivisectionist is the one you'd want to go to for assassination, it's basically a rogue with 6th level casting (including Greater Invisibility). Combine with Beastmorph for a level 10 pounce greater invisibility sneak attack combo.

I dunno what you want the other one to do, maybe Mindchemist or Inspired Chemist for skill checks out the ass?

>> No.42969670

The ability to program macros is useful though, so having the DM convert them over is helpful.

>> No.42969681

can ya'll tell me your roll20 red flags?

i keep getting campaigns that suck dick.

>> No.42969694

Macros aren't worth the trouble in my mind, and I say that as someone who has been both a DM and a player on Roll20.

>> No.42969696


I think I may try the Vivisectionist/Beastmorph combination, as he'll probably be flanking with his partner whenever possible, so sneak attack will be easier to land. Any recommendations on specific Teamwork feats to pick up on the Huntsmaster?

>> No.42969698

Where would these rules be found? I took a quick look on the SRD and found nothing.

>> No.42969701

>This a 19 PB game. No casters.

>> No.42969723

>can ya'll tell me your roll20 red flags?

>Poor punctuation or grammar
>Poor description of campaign
>Missing information on character creation, including but not limited to level, classes allowed or banned, races, point buy, etc.
>15 PB
>The DM wants you to roll for stats
>You must make a character for this campaign first

>> No.42969726

GMs looking for more than five players. I have been in games with nine players on Roll20. It's not fun.

>> No.42969728

>You must make a character for this campaign first

What's wrong with this?

>> No.42969739

Vessels and Vessel Customization.
There's a small loophole in the rules that applies the customization to Vehicles of other kinds other than just ships.

>> No.42969746

Anyone running 15pb is fucking dillusional to start with, or lower than 25pb for that matter, 20pb at an absolute minimum.

Core only games, likewise.

Anyone who says they want a designated party set up.

If they ban anything tier 3-5.

Paizo only games.

ANY mention of anthros is a massive red flag.

>> No.42969760


There's something wrong with it when the DM doesn't have the good sense to include character creation rules in a sticky or part of the advertisement.

>> No.42969762

He might be using rules from Eberron.

Artificers would bind elementals to ships and trains to make them move faster.

>> No.42969765

Surprised this didn't come up but.

>Player looking for GM

this never turns out well

>> No.42969778

>"You're older than 18, right? Cause we do some crazy and kinky stuff in our games.

I'm 27 years old, but from the way the chick was breathing hard on the mic and the way she said can't stop giggling when she said she has a few "houserules", I didn't even fucking bother.

>> No.42969793

>ERP games
>Mic and/or video

D-do people actually do this? I mean, why would they? Even people who want to do ERP usually just want to keep it text-based because otherwise it gets really weird.

>> No.42969801

Oh, I just found a new one that's a fucking fantastic example of red flags.

>Pure steam game
>NO 3rd party classes or races

Is this game DMed by Chris Rock?
Because I'm not sure if this nigga is serious.

>> No.42969832

I think that bad thing about Roll20 is that all of the half-decent campaigns get fucking swarmed.

Like, me and my friends tried out for a Pathfinder campaign looking for 4 players.

115 applicants

not even joking.

>> No.42969844


>115 applicants
>100 of those are "hey I want join pls" or "I got this pre-built Kitsune rogue can I play her pls."

>> No.42969974

>'sup, chummer? Ready to run the shadows?

...I am SURE I applied for a PF game, omae.

>> No.42969977

What is it with rogues?
>roll20 game
>goblin rogues, multiple
>elf rogues, halfling rogues, one catfolk rogue
>hey can i join i want to play a rogue

>> No.42969988

We had an all-rogue game which essentially became a heavilly stealth-based Assassin's Creed knock-off.

>> No.42970015


Consider the average Roll20 player.

Consider Rogues are Chaotic shadowy characters with criminal pasts and a large array of skills that will be put constantly to use

>Fuckin' Stealth
>Fuckin' Sneak Attack

>> No.42970024

I heard about that.

>> No.42970031

Rogues have a lot of traits that relate to the stuttering mouth-breathers that play in these campaigns.

With a wicked sense of humor.

>> No.42970037

>I wanna roll a Dhampir Paladin
Me: You know you'll hurt yourself bad if you use channel or touch, right?
>I don't care, I'm just here to roleplay.

She became a monologuer dripping with Anne Rice references.

>> No.42970050

Which loophole would that be?

Too busy playing MGSV to find it myself

>> No.42970062

> Emerald Spire Dungeon
> Level 2 Party
> Boss has DR5/Magic and Bludgeoning

I don't think it's possible to have magic weapon at level 2...

>> No.42970069

The spell, magic weapon.

>> No.42970142


>Apply for game
>It's a husband and wife duo
>Husband's character is sexually involved with wife's character
>Wife's playing a Kitsune

Same thing with just two or three people applying as a group, I fucking hate that.

>> No.42970171

I've ran games with two husband/wife duos so far.

It worked out pretty well. They used some of the time between sessions to come up with coordinated attacks.

They never knew each other in their backstories.

>> No.42970183

that whole reversed energy healing is pain, seriously

>> No.42970209

If you want to be a snowflake, you pay the price.

>> No.42970219


But anon, it adds to their character!

Speaking of Roll20 characters, why do so many insist on having a dark and broody or posh noble background? Why can't we have some village stonemasons or happily married guardsmen?

>> No.42970225

Eh. I've applied to games with people. Sometimes with my girlfriend, other times with friends, or just tossing ideas about with people I met in the application thread. If it works, it works really well.

>> No.42970240

In fairness, 'happily married guardsmen' usually, y'know, stay town guards, rather than going off to do extraordinarily dangerous things for dodgy rewards, while stonemasons are often not very qualified to adventure and would just die even if they did go out.

>> No.42970249

>Join campaign
>It's amazing
>Want it to go on for months and months
>Discover DM is 8 months pregnant

It's going to be a long winter.

>> No.42970260

Need a rules clarification:
Can a Monk proc Medusa's Wrath in the same flurry they stagger/stun the enemy they're flurrying?
First Hit against non-stunned - Stunning Fist to Stun, Succeeds
Bonus Hits from Medusa's Wrath

>> No.42970265

>In fairness, 'happily married guardsmen' usually, y'know, stay town guards, rather than going off to do extraordinarily dangerous things for dodgy rewards

I don't know, I quite like the idea of the guardsman being a retired adventurer who needs to scratch that itch one more time, or make quick cash to support the woman at home and their growing brood.

This is also why starting at level 1 is terrible, you can make backstories like this if you start at level 5+

>> No.42970274

Hey man, I felt like changing things up a bit
Plus, I really don't try to play it up I'm trying to appear human at all costs basically

>> No.42970279

> village stonemasons
not enough experience / strength to adventure. Level 1 PC is already stronger than normal people.

> Happily Married Guardsmen
Why would he go on adventure then? He has his family, he has his job. It doesn't makes much sense for him to go away into some faraway land and leaving all those behind.

>> No.42970331


So, what you're saying is every PC needs to be dark and broody, have a tragic backstory, or be a posh nobleman?

>> No.42970343

Oh, it's definitely possible. Just that adventuring does tend to self-select for people who are fucked in the head in one way or another.

>> No.42970351

Maybe his wife has been burned, his field has been raped, and house salted by the BBEG.

>> No.42970442


>> No.42970459

> Thinks channellers need to select themselves out.

>> No.42970461

I'm looking at the inquisitor and notice they get bonus teamwork feats, but I also notice that a lot of the teamwork feats are pretty useless. Is there anything that's actually worth grabbing or should I just archetype them out instead?

>> No.42970472

Come back when you've stopped being an idiot. I said that those specific examples probably wouldn't go adventuring in most cases. That doesn't mean that there's a requirement to go dark and broody or be a posh nobleman, nor did I specifically mention a tragic backstory.

However, some reason for them to leave the place with everyone they know definitely helps explain why they're doing this.

Tragic backstories are common because some form of revenge is a simple go-to, whether it's direct or symbolic; besides, depending on your definition of tragic, it can cover everything from "I'm going to be the best Paladin there ever was and show everyone who treated me badly growing up!" to "My whole town was wiped out and I'm going to carve a bloody swath through every bandit in the kingdom, then move on to the people who let it happen.". They're not required, but they're also not something that can really be thrown out as something that's ever viable.

Dark and broody is an approach, not a backstory or anything similar, so my points are entirely unrelated to that.

Posh nobleman is again rather unlike,y for the opposite reasons - they can afford training, but they also have the means to do things to keep from getting so bored they want to go monster-hunting, and they're often going to be duty-bound to remain and take over their house after their parents die.

>> No.42970487


>> No.42970502


Is it wrong if this is both very meta and vaguely reminiscent of the plot to Dragon's Dogma?

>> No.42970526

I don't know if it would work, but it seems like that might be interesting to have actually be a thing in a game. People get some chance at greatness, but quite likely at an awful cost. Starts off at level two-three or so with people who are just getting their offers, perhaps?

>> No.42970538

I've never played Dragon's Dogma, so I don't know.

It is indeed meta.

>> No.42970545

Probably. Can't imagine why not. You don't need to specifically target any particular foes at the start of full attack. You are allowed to change target if the first one drops, or even take a 5ft step in the middle. For this reason, there should be no reason your target needs to be stunned before you start your Medusa's wrath attack.

>> No.42970552

>tfw it's coming out on PC soon

>> No.42970554


>> No.42970567


This is what the dieties in my setting are

>> No.42970584

>I've never played Dragon's Dogma, so I don't know.

God-Dragon slams a random human so hard he becomes a PC, the rest of the campaign is the PC dealing with shit that should've been dealt with ages ago but didn't because that's what NPCs fucking do.

God-Dragon constantly points out how PC is a PC and that makes them intrinsically better than everyone else and they're able to make decisions no one else can because, you guessed it, PCs can do that.

>> No.42970625

I believe it should work. I can't really see something that should suggest it wouldn't work. If your monk has legs like that, she can do whatever she wants.

>> No.42970642

>A player plays a cleric of himself

>> No.42970667


Those are the legs of an Asian Red Dragon polymorphed into human form.

And people wonder why I'm a fan of dragons doing that.

>> No.42970691


Grigori should be required study before ever including a dragon in your campaign, if not to just steal some of his lines.

>When the weak court death, they find it

>> No.42970719

I'm not going to say that regular summoners are better than sythesist summoners by any means. The fact remains though that a Sythesist Summoner will over take any melee fighter at their own game unless they powergame, so I can see reasons for banning this class. Not because of its raw potential but because of its ability to invalidate certain niches.

>> No.42970720

B-but red dragons can't polymorph!

>> No.42970733

And a damn shame too, apparently.

>> No.42970786

Dragons still get casting, don't they?

>> No.42970791

So I'm playing a character with maxed profession (butcher), profession (chef), profession (baker), profession (herbalist), and profession (brewer). Is there any kind of third party material that expands professions so that I can use them to make more detailed foods, or possibly somewhere there might be lists of what kind of animals produce what cuts of meat and what not.

I'd love to find this because playing a war chef is fun.

>> No.42970828


>> No.42970838


Relax, Meiling would be an Imperial Dragon, probably a Sovereign.

Imperial Sovereigns get Change Shape.

Sadly, the only dragon I can think of that gets a semi-permanent change shape are Steel Dragons.

>> No.42970847

I don't think they do by default, no. It's possible for them to have class levels, insofar as anything with an INT score of at least 3 can, but they don't normally. A great wyrm with twenty levels in wizard, sorcerer, or hell, pretty much any class, would be ridiculous- a CR 42 encounter I think, assuming that this dragon's horde counts as appropriate WBL for a 20th level whatever. Fuck, they could be rogue levels or kineticist levels or commoner levels and it'd still be a dangerous motherfucker because it's still a GOD-DAMNED DRAGON.

>> No.42970930

Yes, they do. Dragons get innate casting.

>> No.42970973

This is actually the reason why I'm doing it. I was debating between orc and dwarf, the class is probably going to be a forgepriest.

>> No.42971014

So the rogue Aeon is Q right

Actually that could be a weirdly amusing campaign
>Rogue Aeon goes all Q/Batmite on the party, party must figure out a way to get this fucker back into the collective before he destabilizes things so much the rest of the Aeons notice

>> No.42971253

Daily reminder that POW is overPOWered

>> No.42971276

and they're working on errata to change that.

>> No.42971302

>Scarlet Throne
>not Thrashing Dragon

>> No.42971331

>Reality Warping Wizard - not broken. no nerf.
>Martial that gets +3d6 damage as early as level 2. OP! NERF! BROKEN!

I don't understand this.

>> No.42971358

Well it's pretty simple, the wizard will only be getting 2d6damage at level 2.

>> No.42971388

Initiators will never cast Miracle or Wish outside of a Gestalt campaign.

>> No.42971392

>ability to instantly end encounters in one round

>> No.42971419

Every class has abilities that allow that, or at least every T4 or higher class. Wizards can cast Color Spray or Sleep and walk up to people with a Coup de Grace, let alone having a full party with him to let THEM CdG for him. A raging barbarian erases things from existence. A bard can distract everyone to, again, allow for CdG.

>> No.42971424

if it ends them in just one round, that means it's only one monster. shit GM. never rely on just one creature.

>> No.42971430

New thread:

>> No.42971513

I don't think you can CdG an opponent while the bard distracts them with Fascinate. They're not helpless.

>> No.42971560


>> No.42971565

>Sleep or Color Spray

>> No.42971787

>Reading through Skybourne Races
>Race of engineer bugs

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