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Last thread hit the image cap, but was filled with goodness.

Does anyone have any female Duergar / Dark Dwarves?

Will try and fulfil requests in return.

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I need more of this kind of "battle-dress"

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I am brainstorming characters for a "medieval-ish" high-fantasy game set in a big city, home to everything from elves to orcs to lizardmen. Any art to steal inspiration from would be appreciated. Sorry about how incredibly vague this request is.

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The City (they never call it anything else in the games) from the Thief games might be of some inspiration. It's admittedly part medieval and part steampunk but its big as hell and might be worth checking out.

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I was hoping anyone had art for a paladin who is also black à la Diablo 2.

Some slutty Dark Elf art in return for this. If he also happens to be gigantic, that's a bonus. Dudes last name is Montenegró.

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Does anyone have a spider merchant? Just like a normal spider (not a monster girl pls) but about the size of a dog and carrying bags, goods, money etc.
If that's not possible then maybe just a spider that looks sentient. Thanks.

Sorry that the picture is not that great but it's all I've got of Duergar and I didn't want to make a request without contributing.

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Close, but no cigar.

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This one's more magicky but is also male.

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More modern.

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Last one, from the 5e handbook.

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This might fit?

That sounds adorable. I don't have any, unfortunately.

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Very nice. Not exactly what I was looking for, but at the same time it's just an NPC. I could probably just change him to a her, if that's the best one I see today.

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These are fantastic. Thanks a bunch.

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Looking for slightly modern, slightly futuristic infiltrator if possible, not so much combat as much as it is sneak. Thanks.

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dick status: muh

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Anyone have older male adventurers? I mean actually old, preferably warrior types but anything will do. I'll post some from the last thread to help kickstart things.

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This might be too specific, but I'm looking for a female dragonborn, with horns. contributing to help bump the thread as well.

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Comrade Anon, After searching for hours i think i found what you are looking for

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Anyone got noblewomen or princeses?

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Running a caster only game with pic related as the headmaster set in an eberreon/ industrial revolution setting.

Any other clean shaven modern wizards or casters?

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Anyone got more faceplating? pic related

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Looking for aliens with a fantasy bent.

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Anyone have egyptian-themed girls? Things like sneks and sphinxes would be fine as well.

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Aztec and steppe themed also work

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gnolls pls

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Does anyone have "Tough" looking elves?

Elves that aren't all prancing pretty boys and tiny little princesses.

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Am I doing it right?

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He's gonna trip himself on that chain.

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Got any blonde scholars or bards?

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Yea, posing is cool and all but if your next move is to trip and fall on your face you may aswell go home.

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I'm looking for female spear wielders. Preferably human-like with light armor.

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One on the right, obviously.

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Pretty close to what I'm looking for! Not as elf-y.

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Looking for pyromancers! Dumping a few odds and ends in the mean time.

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-"Dark Knight"
-somewhat older looking

pretty please?

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here's another that I have

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I need a relatively well-dressed man that just seems smug as fuck/has a constant shit-eating grin.

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Does anyone have a male, red-skinned (like a tiefling might be) brawler type sitting around? I've been having little luck finding something decent.

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Incidentally, this is my current PC.

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Requesting pictures of pseudo-parties. Like, several different characters who are obviously together. Just looked through my folder and realized I have only two that fit this description.

There's a fairly popular one of a bunch of warriors in samurai-ish looking armor, gold and black, with a mix of guns and melee weapons, that I wouldn't mind having. Used to have it, but most of my character art is locked on a malfunctioning computer for a while if not permanently lost.

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Only other one I have

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Maybe not the party you're thinking of.

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Here we go

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Finding your desired stuff is... not easy.
I have 2 that are not terribly shitty.

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And 2

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Now back to other adventuring parties.

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And I'll leave it there so I don't clog the thread up dumping my whole folder.

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Aztec Elf. Welp hello new favorite thing and my new way of doing Elves.

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I need images of CUTE necromancer or lich girls!

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Requesting various savage/minion races, I need some inspiration for a new BBEG for my game.

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Does anyone have any pictures of the Moth People race that was posted about a while back?

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>having minion races
I know it's a common trope of fantasy worldbuilding, it just always rubs me the wrong way.

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I meant to put "minion race" in quotes, and also, in this case, I was actually thinking of having the BBEG possibly make them. But other BBEGs enlist the help of various Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins... etc.

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Play an all-human world. Then you just need to figure out which culture would serve the part.

I think the Britons that were North of Hadrian's Wall make for a good "minion culture."

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I always enjoy fantasy races in pretty much anything, not that humans aren't interesting, I just like more variety in appearance.

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I need bards, swashbucklers, and vagabonds! Preferably male.

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Looking for a Half-Elf Bard, but not a goofy Minstrel, a selfish Trickster.

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Personal favourite minion race.

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Looking for a good look for a grappler/monk.

Face doesn't matter so much as he'll be wearing a pelt of a riger.

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