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>Rules databases
>40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).
>Forgeworld Book index

Unused to "reading" rule books edition

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I wonder how well a horde style skitarii army would fare. 80 vanguard, with 3 haywire guns in every squad. That's only 840 pts and along with some bullshit IOM formation it could be pretty hard to beat right?

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Is it just me or have individual paints been removed from the GW online catalogue?

And all the bundles cost more than the individual paints did two days ago?

Can you still buy individual paints in store? was there a price hike?

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Oops it's 1160 pts I mean.

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I don't know if it would be particularly hard to beat, but it does sound interesting and fun.

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Is there any lore-precedent for boys with the Pariah gene becoming Space Marines?

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Hey guys, I just got some thin super glue from GW, and I was wondering if it was normal for the part where you squeeze the glue out to be sealed.

Is it normal? How do unseal it? I tried heating and poking it, noting seemed to work.

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Well, their alienation aura dealie would generally rule them out of getting through the induction process by normal means.

There's not really enough pariahs going free for a chapter to start inducting them on a wide scale intentionally, and if the inquisition tried to arrange it they'd start facing pointed questions from the Culexus temple.

Still, it wouldn't be completely out of lore for an individual to be inducted by a chapter who know what they're looking at, or for an Inquisitor to manage to arrange a small Deathwatch squad's worth of blank marines so long as he didn't get too ambitious with his recruitment drive.

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someone said something about a bloodthrister and a D weapon... I was curious about what that was

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it tends to happen with all super glue, cut the tip off

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One of the Bloodthirsters in the Daemonkin dex comes with a SD melee weapon I think.

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Meq/teq are all the rage nowadays and thus most armies are better equipped to beat that than hordes. Every lascannon etc will be a waste of points. Also vanguards with haywire can threaten every single thing in the game, though at pretty close range. -1 toughness in combat will allow any allied IC's or counter charge units to really shine. Maybe allied space wolves with all their cavalry/beast units would be a nice complement?

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I suppose. I play Tau, so hordes aren't a problem for me, so it doesn't sound so difficult for me, but I definitely see your point. Space Wolves or Grey Knights sound like a fun compliment to me.

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What interpretation is correct for homing weapons?
I've been told (via an email to FW) that you can't shoot through the walls on ZM, but you can shoot around corners.

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They put out rules for new bloodthirster types that can be used instead of a normal thirster to go with the new models. One of them has a strength D axe.

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Cheers man.

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>reminder that stomps "removed from play" rule killing 250+ point characters isn't a problem if you don't take 250+ point characters

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So i bought a command squad and noticed that there are non terminator crux terminatus' why are they there?

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They symbolise that the marine has the honours to wear terminator armour but is not as it will be difficult to do his role in terminator armour (in this case, commanding the army properly).

They're simply called terminator honours.

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Marines who earn the crux terminatus is given the privilege of fighting in terminator armor. This does not mean they MUST fight in terminator armor if they prefer mobility over brute strength.

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If I have a detachment of space marines and my main army is skitarii can I use the librarian formation? (I'd need one HQ plus the formation(3 Libs) + troops choice correct?

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Ghostkeel rules? Ghostkeel rules

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Yey im a tau player

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Ghostkeel rules!!!!

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RIP tanks

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>though in fact it's rarely "sighted" at all

those cheeky fuckers

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If I'm reading this right, then on top of all their other bonuses to survivability, you can stick five of the units's six free drones up front and laugh as the first five ablative wounds you take remove exactly zero utility from the unit.

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Here is your reply.

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but then you can force a leadership test

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Are minor proxies ever allowed in tournaments? I run a small Iron Hands army with Smashfucker (Vanilla not Raukaam), but really don't like the looks of thunder hammers. Do people get pissy if I say a power sword is a thunder hammer or would that be alright?

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Neat, looks fun.

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true, but it's also not fearless so that would force a morale check

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Cenatide? How does the double stealth/shroud work? For some reason I can't wrap my head around it. Does it means Stealth is 5+ and Shroud is 3+? Stealth and Shroud make it 2+? So this thing, as long as the drones are there, has a 2+ in the open?

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In a tournament? Doubt it. They tend to be pretty WYSIWYG.

Try emailing them or something.

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are skitarii ranger and vanguard on the same sprue?.....can I make vanguard with ranger bodies? this would make me so happy

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Wow. I'm more excited to see if any other units can have stealth drones than I am for the Cenatide though.

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Don't worry, you can also buy it FNP to make it a little more survivable.

And, y'know, you have the final ace in hole of making your opponents shots snap fire.

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Doubtful, the Stealth Drones aren't upgrades. They're free wargear.

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So if this thing forces an enemy unit to take snap shots at it, does that mean it can't fire templates at it?

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Stealth is +1 to your cover save, Shrouded is +2 and they stack. A model with both gets a constant 4+ cover save in the open, in any sort of cover bar shitty razorwire, you're looking at a 2+ cover save.

The Ghostkeel has Stealth only, but the Drones give stealth to its unit if it doesn't have anything, shrouded if it already has stealth and nothing if they already have both.

The Warfare Suite affects the Ghostkeel ONLY, so that +3 to your cover goes to a +6, which basically guarantees a 2+ cover save even out in the open past 12". It's pretty boss. The weakpoint is the drones as they have 1 wound, 4+ armour and only give themselves the basic Stealth, so only 6+ in the open.

In my opinion, the optimal usage would be keeping the drones firmly behind the Ghostkeels at all times. It's a big model, shouldn't be a problem to constantly screen the drones. If they die, the Ghostkeel becomes far less potent.

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Template weapons can't snapfire.

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Well gee, guess I'll just have to spend 3 points on Bonding Knife Ritual then. What a terrible embuggerance.

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Damn. I'm getting excited now.

Thanks. I knew, I was just reaffirming so nobody thinks I'm retarded when I proxy this thing this weekend to see if I want to buy it.

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I love you

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The wording just seems like it may be available to other things, because it says "All models in a unit with Stealth Drone." Seems like it may imply that other units will have the option to take it, but I'm probably completely wrong.

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>Another S8 Large Blast
My Tyranid Warriors would be shaking right now but it not like instant killing them was hard before...

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Well gee, guess I'll have to take a 3 point tax to get Bonding Knife Ritual so my 3 Ghostkeels don't stay running if their drones die.

What a horrible embuggerance.

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Me too bruh. I want to see Stealthsuits and formations next. I'm loving the sound of the Ghostkeel. It's pretty balanced as it's pretty strong, efficient and fun but it also has a gaping wide flaw you have to keep in mind.

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T5 alone seems kind of balancing. At least with the way the game is looking right now.

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So for the Holophoton Countermeasures it says once per phase a MODEL with this can force an enemy unit to snap fire at the Ghostkeels UNIT. So if you take 3, you can force 3 units to snap fire at your unit every single enemy shooting phase? Wow, any generalized list will never kill these fucking things.

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The Ghostkeel gets to double it's cover save, the drones do not.

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Oh misread it, it says once per battle. That's much less broken now.

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If a model in a unit has shrouded, the unit counts it's cover save as 2 better.

So even though the drones only have stealth, they still have 4+ cover save in the open.

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This is true.

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Errr, what is this gaping flaw? This thing looks nearly unbeatable other than the usual tau thing of being shit in close combat. To start with it's got a pretty nice 3+ save, toughness 5 and wounds 4 making is a pretty tough nut to crack and can survive a few failed saves easy. It has a 3+ cover save from beyond 12" which is stupidly easy to bring to 2+. Add on that each MODEL has a holophton counter so the first 3 real threats to shoot at it will be forced to snap fire. We need a weapon that is not a template, is at least ap3, ignores cover and is strength 5 or higher to reliably hurt it.

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What? Elaborate. I know Stealth and Shrouded are conferred rules but does that still trigger in this situation? Ghostkeel has Stealth, drones get added which give the Ghostkeel Shrouded which then bounces onto the Drones?

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The drones are the flaw. 4+ armour, and 1 wound. Once they go, the Ghostkeel's cover gets significantly worse. You need to protect the drones at all costs.

Also the drones don't replace stealth with Shrouded, it gives a rule. If there's nothing, it gives Stealth. If there's Stealth already, it gives Shrouded. If there's both, it gives nothing.

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see this is why i play tau

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Seems fair enough.

>> No.42909789

Both say "A unit that contains at least one model with this special rule..."

So the drones have stealth and give it to the suits, the suits gain shrouded and give it to the drones so the drones have a 4+ cover in open ground and the suits have 2+.

>> No.42909821

That's (essentially) my reading. The suits have stealth, the drones check to see if the suits have stealth, since they do the suits get shrouded.

The drones don't have shrouded, but the unit doesn't care. As long as one model has shrouded, the unit treats it's save as 2 better.

In the case of attaching Shadowsun to a Riptide, it's clearly gaming the system - here, it seems like the intent.

>> No.42909825

Thank god its T5, no if only it didn't have a ++ but since its tau, so it will probably get a dirt cheap 4++

>> No.42909840

Yeah but its armament isn't anything amazing really, and if you get ignore cover on anything or get into melee with it, it will fold. Its essentially a less tough daemon prince without the cover save.

I'm fine with it. I think its fucking cool. Can't wait for my mate to buy one.

>> No.42909874

And how do you even plan on killing the drones? They have toughness 5 so bolters wound them on 5+ and then get AT LEAST a 4+ cover save for having stealth and shrouded and this is assuming the tau player doesn't just put his 4 wound suits in front of them.

In fact you don't even need all the drones to get the special rule, so why not put three in front and three behind. The first three act like ablative wounds with no loss if they die.

>> No.42909909

not a guardfag but doesn't a Russ have a strength 8 ignores cover

>> No.42909934


>> No.42909964

They have strength 6 ignores cover but it's a template weapon so they can just pop one of their holophotons and ignore it.

>> No.42909991

So, which support systems? FnP seems like a given, but a shield generator might be neat too, for when your opponent brings Ignore Cover.
Also, cyclic ion raker seems clearly better than the fusion collider...

>> No.42910032

Yeah, blast melta's are pretty meh, only in the unlikely case of bunched up termies without SS, or Warriors/MAN's

>> No.42910091


Advanced targeting system. Cheap, and with ion/burst loadout you've got plenty of shots to focus fire out those specialists.

>> No.42910092

The bombard does I believe.

>> No.42910297

>two support systems
Vectored Retro Thrusters and Stimulant Injector, all day 'erry day.
FnP takes the edge off the worst of the damage to make it past the impressive cover save *and* the snapshot defense, and Hit&Run (at I4) allows you to bail out of melee after throwing a few drones into the grinder.

Three of these guys or one Stormsurge? Tough question, but I am leaning towards these guys.

>> No.42910302

Bascially what you want to hit these guys with is a S10 AP3 ignores cover weapon.

You know, after you've already baited them into spending their ability to negate your S10 AP3 ignores cover weapon for a turn.

Or you could get into combat with S6 Monstrous Creatures with a Jet move who can back off an average 7 inches and use skyborne and move through cover to hide in the upper floors of a ruin without taking terrain tests.

Utter bastards to shift if their player isn't an incompotent boob. Even against the D they can try to JSJ out of sight or sacrifice a few drones.

>> No.42910346


>S10 AP3

I assume the Deff Kannon or Bursta Gun works for that then.

>> No.42910427

Nah. 2+ coversave pretty much negates that.

>> No.42910432

Isnt the bursta D/2?

>> No.42910602


Overkill then?

>> No.42910620

>he thinks D always ignores cover

>> No.42910664

And its 24"

>> No.42910699

This thing is dead meat once my Gargoyles have bogged it down and the Crushingfexes are in assault range. Man I wish Riptides were T5 too...

>> No.42910713

So when can we potentially expect a nice clear pdf leak for the tau codex? This week, or the next?

>> No.42910723

Kinda matters not what your T is against stonecrush-fexes since you just instakill everyhing.

>> No.42910747

With in a week of the release. Be patient, poorfag, beggars can't be choosy

>> No.42910749

Probably after they release the codex. The e-version leaks in moments.

>> No.42910775

The money isn't the problem, it's the principle of an overexpensive art gallery book with a few pages of rules and a million pages of colour schemes.

>> No.42910783

I assume you get this a lot but I was wondering what's the best way to get started in this game? Should I just read the rules and try to pick a faction I like or what? How does this work? Should I look around and see what I like and pick something or what? How do sets of characters come out? What are the most popular ways to play the game? Am I faggot?

Please help

>> No.42910784

I'll rather take normal fexes with Crushing Claws because they have access to Adrenal Glands and have more attacks in general

>> No.42910805


I believe the Bursta Cannon does.

It's why I pointed it out.


I'm aware of its limitations but I usually get it into range fairly quickly.

>> No.42910819

>5 ▶
>>>42910620 (You)
>I believe the Bursta Cannon does.
>It's why I pointed it out.
naa it dosent. its just the D

>> No.42910845

the fuck?

>> No.42910865

When is the codex released then? This saturday or the saturday after that? Pre-orders are for a week before release yes?

>> No.42910938


Next week's pre-orders will not include the codex.

So a minimum of two saturdays to even pre-order.

>> No.42910956


I do believe you are correct sir.

My mistake.

>> No.42910967

A unit of three can comfortably stall most of the game's LoWs for a long fucking time. S10 Ignore Cover without some form of Template is very rare, so Holophotons will lock that down to zero. And non-Blast S10 Ignore Cover hits will have to chew through five ablative drones before it affects the suits.

Also, T5 drones? Awesome.

>> No.42911015

>take stormsword/hellhammer
>shoot something next to ghostkeel

>> No.42911025

So around about the end of this month/start of november. Fair enough, I guess. Would've been nice to be able to get the codex for my birthday mid-october but I'll be patient.

>> No.42911155


>A unit of three can comfortably stall most of the game's LoWs for a long fucking time.

I'm not seeing how entirely.

>> No.42911164

>What is Hit&Run.
>What is sensible movement.
>Gargoyles doing jack against tau.
>Stonecrushers ever getting anywhere in time.
Uh-huh, I'm sure that'll work out great.

>> No.42911210


Not him but he Tyrannocyte could perhaps get the Carnifex's there.

Only problem with that is they have to wait before they can charge and Tyrannocytes are expensive.

>> No.42911304

Hmm, if IA14 buffs Hazard suits I imagine the Ghostkeel could also pretty easily double for a conversion base.

Admittedly I say this as someone with an almost irrational aversion to resin. Too many bad experiences with it.

>> No.42911399

>Hazard suits

What are they? Never heard of them.

>> No.42911429

So, can a tech priest become 100% machine? If they can does that make them abominable intelligence?

>> No.42911487


XV9 Battlesuits.

They've been around for quite a while and are in the Taros campaign book.

>> No.42911501

That requires a lot of set-up and luck as well as some poor decisions on the tau's sice, so anyone that can pull this off deserves that kill.
- catch the Ghostkeel in melee with a bunch of Gargoyles
- do that before you pass the reserve roll for the 'cyte
- pass that reserve roll before the Ghostkeel H&Rs out of melee
- don't scatter
- unload and position the carnifex in such a way that you can intercept the Ghostkeel after its inevitable Hit&Run move next turn
- don't wiff on the charge
- actually kill the fucker

>> No.42911503


The other XV9 size category suit, a forge world model.

They're basically T5 Crisis Suits with heavier weapon mounts, but at a points cost premium that's rather offputting.

They certainly aren't monstrous creatures at any rate.

>> No.42911582

Is there any way to acquire only female guardian models?

>> No.42911620

victoria does great female cadians

>> No.42911642

Who should I team up with skitarii for maximum fun? Grey knights, tyranids, or space marines

>> No.42911662

Iron Hands CSM. Go full Dark Mechanicus!

>> No.42911667

>dirt cheap 4++
>25 points
>dirt cheap
bruh...theres a reason no one ever uses shield gens...

>> No.42911685

I really like the dreamforge female panzergrenadiers. They have a look that could let them count as Sisters, Eldar, Space Marines, Guard Vets, etc..

>> No.42911690

Fuck I meant IRON WARRIORS, not Hands. Although if you wanted loyalist SM I GUESS you could go Hands.

>> No.42911793

I team up my Skitarii with Black Templars, just because they're the models I have.

The Skitarii always punch above their weight, and the templars always WELL below. I wish I just had some fucking Ruststalker models or a viable "counts-as" option. They are way too fucking expensive.

>> No.42911803

So some research on the wikis and codices. See what army lore fits you. Play it. All armies are viable to some degree.

>> No.42911825

The BEST way is to have a lot of disposable income. I'll be fucked if this game were financially reasonable.

>> No.42911829

an imperial knight
for maximum F.U.N

>> No.42911843

I play Tyranids and I would pay 60 pts for 5++, you Taufags are spoiled by your wargear...

>> No.42911862

Something with Drop Pods. Skitarii love that shit with their ridiculous alpha.

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File: 118 KB, 715x726, 1438383740209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok ok I have it, the perfect counter!

You get a nurgle daemon prince and give him wings and armour at that point he has a 2+ cover save and a 3+ reg save so even if he uses all his marker lights to remove his cover it's weapons still can't contend with his armour. Next you give him a balesword for 4+ poisoned and instant death and boom, for 240 points he is moving 12" a turn hitting them on 3+ and KILLING them on 3+ with a reroll on close combat. Drop an extra 75 points on him to roll thrice on biomancy to get iron arm, warp speed or endurance and you have one mean murder machine on your hands for about the same cost as a squad of three.

Sorry tau but it looks like papa nurg wins again.

>> No.42911917

i feel your pain nid friend
but really we can get even cheaper 4++ in a 12 point shield drone so yeah

>> No.42911918

As a chaos player that new tau suit scares me.

>> No.42911948

I put them on my commanders sometimes. So somebody uses them.

>> No.42911972

Nothing we can't headbutt to death, brother.

>> No.42911984


As an Ork player it's just another challenge to me.

Nothing special.

>> No.42912006

Will Tau soon be better than Eldar?

>> No.42912018

As a Chaos AND Tau player myself, I can only recommend you get 3 and fluff it as a Sorcerer mind-controlled a bunch of Tau and then infected their tech with daemons.

Convert the Ghostkeel with spiky bits and the god symbols of your choice.

>> No.42912033

>and the templars always WELL below

How so?

>> No.42912047

we shall see...

>> No.42912077

They kind of already are. I can handle Eldar wraith spam, but I don't know how I'm going to deal with Missiletide and Ghostkeel spam.

>> No.42912083

I seriously doubt it.

Unless the Tau suddenly gain psykers I don't think so.

>> No.42912106



The what?

>> No.42912141


>> No.42912144

The Stormsurges.

>> No.42912188

Take a Knight and tear blueberry's ass wide open
>inb4 Tau shoots it turn 1

>> No.42912198

>IA14 buffs Hazard suits
I hardly believe IA14 will redo IA3 again. Don't expect for that, but for new units (and XV107, XV109 and KX139 final rules)


>> No.42912213


Are those the ones that lack the jetpack and fire a large number of STR 5 shots in addition to whatever the other gun does?

>> No.42912239

I take the Black Templars as the melee accompaniment to my Vanguard and Rangers, and they are just completely incapable of making their point value in melee capabilities. The Emperor's Champion is alright, but with only two wounds and 2 base attacks, he is almost always in over his head against any other characters (except the Guard's). And the crusader squads are really shit at melee. Base 1 attack marines and scouts with a pistol and ccw..? It leaves them with not enough firepower to outdo anyone in shooting except melee squads (who will be close enough to charge them), and not enough melee skill to overpower anyone except shooting ones (who will be far enough to not be charged) and even that only on a relatively good day.
Someone may tell me I'm full of shit, and it may be that I just built this army like shit. But these are the models I've got and I haven't got the overflowing coffers necessary to change it up anytime soon. I can barely field 1250 points.

>> No.42912246


That's cute.

I'd fill it full of seeker missiles, but it's cute.

>> No.42912297

Yes 4D6 S5 AP5 missiles, as well as having the SD shotgun, and the ability to fire a weapon twice in one shooting phase.

>> No.42912306

"titan killers" but actually horde killers

>> No.42912333

No. We don't spam long-ranged or template D weapons, we don't have 48" moving 3+ armour S6 spam objsec jetbikes, we don't have good melee weapons, we don't have psychic support.

Tau was better than eldar for 2 months back in 2013. Now it won't even come close.
And that's a good thing - better remain at SM tier. If SMs can play with their toys at tournaments and casual games without house rules, it'll bw better if we do the same.

>They kind of already are.
Nigga wat?

>> No.42912369

Like I said, I can handle Eldar easy enough. It's the sheer mass amounts of high strength shots that Tau pumps out that does me in every fucking time. I can only make so many 4++ as a Necronfag. If Tau get turn 1, I may as well just call the game there.

>> No.42912384

Ought to try playing with more congested boards.

>> No.42912391
File: 107 KB, 250x241, MarkofNurgle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh well if you get to bring friend then I bring some slaanesh heralds with telepathy. Dominate, Hallucination and invisibility. What now blueberry?!

>> No.42912396

How do I unglue finecast models?

I was assembling a Dark Reaper exarch and I accidentally glued his gun on wrong. Using superglue obviously.

Any idea how to fix this guys?

>> No.42912410


I see.

Well in general I never fear infantry killing weapons.

It's the anti-vehicle and destroyer weapons I usually worry about.

>> No.42912411

Like Tau ever gave a single fuck about cover or line of sight.

>> No.42912412

i think alcohol dissolves superglue? or was it acetone? not sure tbh

>> No.42912430

Dude just bring three exalted chariots and slap invisibility on them.

Watch the enemy shit himself in terror.

>> No.42912447

I guess I made the mistake of trying to play a cool, fluff army, instead of metagaming it up and going super competitive.

>> No.42912541

Speaking as a Knight player, Ghostkeels scare me. We have a crippling weakness to 2+ cover units, and the snapfire lockdown mode shuts off very nearly all good weapons entirely or reduces them to insignificance. On ther other hand, S7 into the side or back will hurt a lot, even with the ion shield taking the edge off.
Meanwhile, actually catching one of the fuckers to give them the D will be hard, and even then they can just throw a couple of drones under the bus to ward of what few D swings a knight has, take a 3+ save and 5+ FnP against most stomps, and then jet away with Hit & Run to shoot some more.

>> No.42912606

I would say you're fucked because you pretty much have glued two turds together, but perhaps someone at WIP has a remedy to your problem

>> No.42912619

This. The Ghostkeel doesn't seem that bad at first glance, but the more I think about it, the scarier it gets. It's just so damn difficult to bring down, and 130pts is fucking crazy cheap for what you get.

>> No.42912913

Guess everyone else is about to get keelhauled.

>> No.42912957
File: 19 KB, 500x367, 1345788758085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42912970

Everytime I hear the name I think of Ahmed the dead terrorist.


>> No.42913072

1d4 says take a librarian formation

so....space marines

>> No.42913074

Couldnt a Vindicare Assassin blow the Ghostkeel away with one shot?

>> No.42913095

if our pathfinders can't get decent beads then the army suffers tremendously

>> No.42913132


50/50 chance of doing 1d3 wounds? Nah, worst case scenario he leaves it three quarters dead.

And that's without factoring in the option of FNP.

>> No.42913138

My Tetras out perform my Pathfinders.

>> No.42913170

An iron arm wing prince takes seekers to the chest like they're nothing

>> No.42913173

And a cheapo Commander with a marker drone squad outperforms both.

>> No.42913182


See, this is exactly why you use a Commander in a drone unit instead.

Mobile markerlights that can hide, people.

Good coverage of secondary marker units also helps.

>> No.42913226

Its T5 dude.

Use the S10 shot and its instant death.
No cover, no armour save, no FNP

>> No.42913241

I got 3 rangers with 2 arquebus each (5 extra on one troop)

2 vanguard

infiltrators (the formation)

dunecrawlers x3 neutron x3

and I have about 500 points left....what nuttiness can I do with marines?

>> No.42913258

thats why you use all three
redundancy is key

>> No.42913264


>> No.42913278

thunderfire cannon
droppods for the sicarians
HQ and troops to season

>> No.42913318

they hyper penetrater only counts as strength 10 vs vehicles, it just does 1d3 wounds per shot vs monsters and infantry units.

>> No.42913322

he uses it once then shoot again

>> No.42913375

Then he uses it again. 3 Ghostkeels, 3 Holophotons.

>> No.42913377

He can use the S10 shot to ID it

>> No.42913432

isnt it once for the whole squad? jeez thats insane

>> No.42913434

Except he can't, read it again.

>> No.42913450



A Vindicare could reliably shave one wound off them each turn to kill one in four turns if he wanted. Technically it would even count as earning his points back in a very lame way.

Literally any other assassin would be better for this. Callidus maybe. Get enough drones under that template and she'll generate a good number of wounds.

>> No.42913509

Get yourself some vanguards with plasma/haywires and shove them into drop pods. Either use regular marine CAD with 3 pods or just plain Flesh Tearers Strike Force and take up to 6 pods.

>> No.42913538

>400+ points of 3+ 4W T5 close combat operative MCs
>people are worried about this

Even with JSJ, this thing likely won't get off more than a shot before you can put something in CC with it and slay it in a turn.

>Has to pass initiative test on 2 I to Hit and Run

>> No.42913640

>Callidus maybe
As with most targets, culexus is probably the best. Natural defense against ranged attacks and the chance for instant death is too good.

>> No.42913643

It has I4 drones to help it with.

>> No.42913694

He's not bad if you use the turbo pens, 50% chance to do d3 wounds could kill one and injure another come turn 2

The best assassin though would be the culexus, 5 attacks on the charge, he may wound on a 5+ but a 6 to wound causes instant dead no armour saves allowed allowed him to insta-gib 5 models a turn if he rolls perfectly. His main advantage is that on top of his 4++ he has etherium, all units shooting at him count as being BS1 with no way to improve it.

>> No.42913745

>implying those drones will survive combat

>> No.42913767



Speak for yourself.

>> No.42913776

.....so droppods....everyone says drop pods

I hate painting the insides of those things

>> No.42913804

>50% chance to do d3 wounds could kill one
Ghostkeel has 4 wounds

>> No.42913817

>come turn 2

>> No.42913821

If you can't shave one or both of them then you got some problems, but an average unit of bloodletters on the charge would slay one outright and I'm assuming the same is true for typical assault marines or any other AP3 troops

>> No.42913864


Oh look it just shot your combat unit then hopped to the top level of a nearby ruin.

>> No.42913894

Wounds don't spill over, they're applied to a model.
In fact, a single vindicare firing ceaselessly at a ghostkeel with FnP would need 8 turns (7.19, to be exact) of average rolls to kill it, assuming it has no invuln.
All other assassins will probably never catch it.

>> No.42913896


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Bloodletters getting to charge a jet unit.

>> No.42913919



Almost hurt myself laughing.

>> No.42913966

are we talking about absolutely ideal scenarios, then?

Okay, my combat unit passed all of its armor saves and rolled the maximum charge distance.

>> No.42914011


What the hell kind of sparse ass tables do you play on where being able to stay within 7 inches of a ruin most of the time is an "Absolutely ideal scenario"

>> No.42914288

>This product is subjectively more expensive than I would prefer
>Thus I am justified in stealing it

Pirate it if you must, but at least admit to the fact that you're performing theft, don't try to justify your shitty behaviour with more "lol GW shitty prices" shite

>> No.42914305

Rolled 9 (1d66)

Rolling on the boon table.

>> No.42914320
File: 43 KB, 286x310, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my picture.

>> No.42914339

Then dont. Glue them shut and pretend you are a retard.

>> No.42914363

I think the entire unit must use their holophotons at once, it says: "declare that the unit will use the holophoton countermeasures" so even though each model is equiped with them they all have to use them at the same time.
It might say one model before that because the drones aren't equipped with them.

>> No.42914393
File: 114 KB, 683x957, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 49 (1d66)

Let's try this again.

>> No.42914431

A guy in ATT sent an e-mail to the WD team about GMC shooting and they answered. Maybe if someone send to thema bout Holophrons, they'll anwer and give rest to this thing?

>> No.42914559

What was the WD's team answer to GMC shooting?

>> No.42914595

So to get past the amazing cover save you bring a flamer, but then it forces you to snap shot, meaning you can't shoot your flamer...

>> No.42914636
File: 35 KB, 500x288, 21346695914_f924078aab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42914818


>> No.42914918


>> No.42914938

Does anyone know how much each 40k army is played? Besides Space Marines being like 40% of all armies what percent are the others?

>> No.42914972

Torrent of Fire have tourney numbers. FLGS, garage and meet-ups are probable impossible to know - and GW don't do market research!

>> No.42915026

Given the chart you've provided, I would say homing weapons may shoot around corners and the like (within reason, such as two or maybe three corners, your chart is a bit too much for my logic) but they may only travel a combined distance equal to their maximum range.

So neither of those paths would be okay, because Blue shoots through a wall, and Red is considerably more than the maximum range of the weapon.

>> No.42915050

Thanks! Tons of info there!

>> No.42915192
File: 369 KB, 900x695, chicks_dig_giant_robots_by_jodypschaeffer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to play a 40K army full of badass giant robots. What do I choose /tg/?

>> No.42915220

Tau. Unless you want your robots to punch, in which case not Tau.

>> No.42915255


>> No.42915274

imperial knights

>> No.42915303

Imperial Knights, mechanicus/mechaicum, Tau, Eldar wraithost, dreadnought space marines

>> No.42915305
File: 233 KB, 854x1029, IKErrant_battle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds nice, looking at the range and I'm liking the designs of the battlesuits.

Just detoured into the page with these Imperial Knights. How do these guys play? They look absolutely massive when compared to regular infantry and have XBAWKSHUEG chainswords and cannons.

>> No.42915315

If you didn't use a lot of superglue, just snap it off, shave off any excess frosting and you're golden

>> No.42915349
File: 117 KB, 873x627, maulerfiend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man these things look awesome. Are there any more Daemon units like these?

>> No.42915354

I heard that some places ban imperial knights, anyone know why?

>> No.42915370
File: 123 KB, 1000x867, hawkshroud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're powerhouses, you can plow through armies unless they're tailored to fight you, but even then you can fuck them up pretty properly.
Each knight is really expensive money-wise but since you'd only ever use about three or four in a game you get off kinda easy.

>> No.42915374

Chaos get a fair complement of daemon machines. Defilers/Soul Grinders/Forgefiends/Helbrutes and I guess even Chaos Knights/Lords of Skulls/Kytan Daemon Engines would count

>> No.42915386

hellturkey mostly forgeworld stuff though
most armies cant deal with them especially more than one

>> No.42915394

because people are whiny faggots and all knight armies aren't that much fun to play against.

>> No.42915416

They are proud holders of the lowest model count army but they are by no means the cheapest army(I think that honor still goes to the GK). They are bullies, plain and simple. Big, hulking brutes that tank shots and punch things in the face. They are not without their problems, however. Low model count is the primary one and if someone tailors a list to beat you, you're likely fucked 3 times out of 5. They are not super versatile and while they seem scary on paper what with being a super heavy and all, it's not all a bed of roses.

Note also that the tau is in the middle of an update and should see their codex drop in the next 2-3 weeks. Wait for that to happen before committing, I say

>> No.42915434

are they any fun to play? im looking to get into the game and i like mechs and individually strong melee fighters

>> No.42915459

I haven't played them so I can't say how they play. At 2500 points, a huge game, you'd only be fielding about 6 knights.

>> No.42915463

be aware that bringing that army might get you kicked in the nuts

>> No.42915474

>if someone tailors a list to beat you, you're likely fucked 3 times out of 5

So if someone makes a list EXPLICITLY to beat me, I'll still win 40% of the time? Sounds terrible.

>> No.42915515

it wouldnt be the first time ive been in a fight over a game
so with a smaller game at like 1500 points which is what i typically run would be like what, 3 knights, 4 knights? how the fuck does that win anything?

>> No.42915533

It is a game of dice rolls.

>> No.42915539

Knights are that resilient and there's always rolling shitty (for both players).

>> No.42915565

a basic knight is 375, plus upgrades you'd probably average a bit more than 400 points a knight, so 3-4 knights depending on how you equip them.
One knight can cause a lot of damage in assault, in shooting they're a bit weaker but you can compensate for that with specific knights and carapace weapon upgrades.
A lot of units simply can't affect you in games so you can just plow through them and target the ones that can hurt you.

>> No.42915569

I don't think those odds hold up for other armies in the same situation.

>> No.42915612

You charge and you assault things and you stomp things. Don't be fulled by the guns. The guns are just there for you to do something while you're on your way to charge shit. 3 Knights can easily take on 3 shooty units with ease. Maybe more if you angle your stomps nicely. Combat units might give you trouble depending on the unit in question though - hammernators, dreadknights, dreadnought squadrons should be able to either down or knight or at least trade with it.

>> No.42915635

>it wouldnt be the first time ive been in a fight over a game
story time!

>> No.42915658

I admit, I pulled the number out of my ass. In my defense, it felt about right and gives a solid approximation in my mind about a knight's chances of winning vs a list tailored as hard as possible to beat it. The numbers will definitely change depending on the exact list as some lists are just better at countering knights than others but in general, being fucked 3 games out of 5 feels about right.

>> No.42915815

A lot of my stories are from either MTG or super smash bros melee but the people i played with were kind of cuntish

I had a friend in melee that would pop off at any given opportunity and would just start going nuts even if he got a single stock kill. he wasnt very good at the game either but he typically end up beating me because i wasnt use to that amount of cheese and retardation
anyway one day i got a bit drunk and he went nuts over some weird shit, i think i got a phantom hit on a falco dair and then he turned that into a stomp which killed me because the hitbox is fucking dumb and on ganons nipples. he thought he was so great and wouldnt shut up so I told him if he didnt be quiet id punch his fucking teeth down his throat and shut him up for good. he still did it and i tackled his shit (i was 190 at the time and pretty fit, he was maybe 130 at 5'11")
we were good friends so it didnt really matter but he did shut up after that

i also got attacked when i drew the single copy damnation in my monoblack vampires deck against this guy's reanimator deck when i was at 1 life and went on to win the game. we had a little scuffle but it was quickly broken up.
on a related note, i once one a draft tournament even though i had never seen any of the cards from the entire set after i lost my voice. the pop-off sounded like wiz khalifa trying to do a frog impression.

I think i have a few more but i cant remember them now. games are no joke man

>> No.42915867

Welp, never playing against knights.

Actually, I don't know why, but that's it. I'm done with this game

>> No.42915970

one knight is fine tbh
its when you bring more that it becomes annoying to deal with

>> No.42916095
File: 541 KB, 708x599, It gets Attention.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I forget, what's the toughness of the Canoptek Tomb Sentinel/Stalker?

>> No.42916153

6 i believe?

>> No.42916211


>> No.42916258

>mfw I just bought a Typhon a fe weeks ago.

Fuck Xenos.

>> No.42916350

Depends. Against squads of 5+ just sweep with the bone mace.

>> No.42916393

>- catch the Ghostkeel in melee with a bunch of Gargoyles
Not that hard really. The gargoyles can potentially cross 24 inches into combat in 1 turn. Unless it totally fucks off and forgoes attacking my army I can catch it.

>> No.42916454
File: 361 KB, 1024x768, Tank[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When a vehicle runs out of hull points, it is not automatically wrecked, instead it is considered on its "Last Legs"
>When a unit gets on it "Last legs" for the first time, Roll a D6; on a 1-3, it is immobilized, if 4-6 up to three weapons are destroyed
>While a vehicle is on its last legs, add 2 to all results on the vehicle damage chart
>If a vehicle has all its weapons destroyed and is immobile, it is considered wrecked; leave it on the field, becoming dangerous terrain that blocks line of sight
>Treat any glancing hits against a vehicle on its last legs as a Crew Shaken result
>If a hull point is restored to a vehicle when it's on its last legs, the effect ends, and the vehicle is treated as though it had its new total of hull points, though it retains any immobilization results or weapons destroyed.
>Hull points cannot go into the negatives; if a vehicle is on its last legs, its hull points remain at zero unless repaired

Is this a good house rule that fixes tanks and walkers being glanced to death?

>> No.42916513

No. Glanced to death vehicles was a fix of vehicles that would take like 50 damaging hits and keep on trucking.

>> No.42916539

but now vehicles are shit
there is no fucking middle ground
good fucking job GeeDubya

>> No.42916561
File: 49 KB, 600x620, Armoured Interdiction Cadre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think I find the Armored Interdiction Cadre more troublesome than this "Ghostkeel":


>> No.42916571

What is the polite thing to say to someone that sneezes in the Imperium?

>> No.42916710

Now is the middle ground.
Before they used to either explode with the first hit or take 50 hits with no ill effects. Now they usually take a more reasonable number of hits too kill.

>> No.42916745


Why not just raise the armor on all vehicles?

Like the Predator tank could go up to AV 14/14/12, or the Orkanauts could go up to AV 14/14/13 and so forth.

Could just make glancing them extremely hard.

>> No.42916754

So when do you guys think 7th ed Tyranids will be released?

>> No.42916844


Hopefully railguns now have armourbane, while the skyray has access to destroyer missiles.

>> No.42916858
File: 151 KB, 570x566, mini.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know if there are digital 3d models for warhammer figures available anywhere online? I may soon have access to a 3d printer and if possible I'd like to use it to supplement my armies.

>> No.42916874



I should hope not.

STR 10 is good enough for the likes of them.

> destroyer

I don't think so.

>> No.42916892

The following items are now marked as sold out on the GW site:

-Tau Empire Battleforce
-XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
-XV8 Battlesuit Commander
-Pathfinder Team
-XV25 Stealth Team
-Tau Empire Shield Drone Upgrade Pack

>> No.42916931

next year
but no one likes vehicles now though

>> No.42916945
File: 36 KB, 600x620, 99060103109_WarbossBigChoppaNEW01[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This Ork warboss used to have a name before he was made generic. What was it?

>> No.42916962

railguns arent that great right now so a buff would be great for them

>> No.42916966

You're gonna need a SUPER fine detail printer. And even then you're gonna have to file off the ribbing pattern it makes when being printed.

>> No.42916978

'dat zoggin git witout da powa klaw'

>> No.42917017

Is it so fucking hard to ask for a plastic Ethereal model? Christ...

>> No.42917050

Normie here

I dont understand 95% of this thread.
Its like yall are speaking another language.

I like 40k art tho...

>> No.42917062

Emperor bless you.

>> No.42917068
File: 41 KB, 503x307, warhammer40kr-4_503_dp[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why, of the most recent Warhammer 40k games, is Regicide the best looking one with the most respect to the original material? It's space marine chess! It has no right to be this way.

>> No.42917071


Maybe they are holding out until the last moment. Notice how you can still buy Crisis Suits.

>> No.42917097
File: 6 KB, 236x236, trapped in an endless white plane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Malcador or Typhon?

I love the potential trolling for each and they're both within my points limit.

>> No.42917100
File: 2.53 MB, 1484x1208, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's something for you.

>> No.42917115

malcador is p lame

>> No.42917119

True. Maybe we can also get a pose able Aun'shi, too. Or even actual characters other than Shadowsun, Aun'shi, Aun'va and the Farsight crew.

>> No.42917152


I'm not seeing it.

>> No.42917212


So the Jammer thing has unlimited range and it is an ability without downsides? I'm going to troll people with this so much when they bring their special snowflakes.

>> No.42917276

Once per game per model. And only if you target the squad with the model in it. So unless the special snowflake is targeting your ghostkeels, the trolling will be minimal.

>> No.42917335
File: 15 KB, 300x300, 2dd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How does Adamantium Will work towards psychic powers that are blessings or otherwise don't target an enemy unit?

Does he just negate it on 5's anyway?

>> No.42917361
File: 1.16 MB, 1733x1815, 1395889136550 copy 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I played 40k when I was in high school, stopped for a while because it was too expensive while I was in college. I recently reinstalled Dawn of War and I'm getting the itch again. Anyone wanna be a nice person and bring me up to speed on any major changes that happened in the past 4-6 years or so? Sadly I don't think I still have any of my old figures, think I sold my 'nids and traded my chaos guys for a guitar or something. But starting fresh might be a good thing.

I see a lot of people talking about Tau in this thread, are they getting a new codex or something? Right now they're the main contender for which race I'm considering playing, since I really like the look/lore/playstyle.

Sorry for asking this kind of beginner question, I'm doing some googling on my own but it's helpful to hear it directly from people on the front lines as well.

pic tangentially related, giant robots are my jam

>> No.42917386

With Ghostkeel and Stormsurge, what is the purpose of Riptide? Just to be a frontline "tank"?

>> No.42917433


>what is the purpose of Riptide?

It's not 300 something points and it doesn't die to STR 10 if it fails all of the appropriate saves.

>> No.42917507
File: 38 KB, 429x395, Shielded_Missile_Drone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find strange how the Stormsurge doesn't have any specialized drone or any drone at all.

>> No.42917512

do you just mean hammerhead railguns? if so they dont have enough punch for a single shot weapon but we will see with the new dex anyway
pretty sure it HAS to target the unit with ad will (so maledictions and psy shooting) to deny on 5s

>> No.42917537


I agree, but is there a source? The rulebook is worded horribly

>> No.42917584

unfortunately due to how bad the rules are written its pretty up for debate should be under adamantium will rule and rules for denying psychic powers

>> No.42917586
File: 219 KB, 1085x1410, Tau_Armored_Interdiction_Cadre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42917602


A hammerhead is already STR 10, AP1.

If they're going to add Armor Bane then they either need to crank the price up dramatically or shave some AP off.

>> No.42917615

make em D then :^)
thats old apoc bud

>> No.42917623

Reread the part in the BRB about Denying. It's the last paragraph. Word for word quote is: If none of your units were the target of the enemy’s psychic power (the power in
question might have been a blessing, a conjuration, or some other power that only
affects the Psyker’s own troops) you can still attempt to Deny the Witch. To do so,
follow the same process, but apply no modifiers to your dice rolls – you will
require rolls of 6 to nullify Warp Charge points.

>> No.42917625

Why? Have you seen the current state of the game? Just a single plain S10 AP1 shot for those points is shit.

>> No.42917635


Old, but it might give an idea of what they have in mind.

>> No.42917645

I should have rechecked the formatting when I copy and pasted from the BRB...

>> No.42917680


>> No.42917687

Google it.

>> No.42917692

Ghostkeel doesn't seems to have infiltrate. Maybe is so you have to deep strike with it? A monster creature deepstriking regularly at last?

>> No.42917694

That's because the Stormsurge has no relation to any existing Tau design philosophy. It's just a box-ticking exercise to get another giant kit out.

>> No.42917736
File: 48 KB, 390x409, Venerable Dread BT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love dreadnoughts, how do I make a dread heavy list that is remotely useful?

>> No.42917745

I love them too, but they're not that great.

>> No.42917746


>has no relation to any existing Tau design philosophy

Well the Tau seem to be forsaking the idea to mount the majority of their heavy weapons on Aircraft that are quite vulnerable or easy to destroy like the Tigershark.

>> No.42917759


TL Railgun turret in the background?

>> No.42917762

>Cause fish and tau lolololololol

>> No.42917763

I'm going to Deep Strike mine. I don't know how well that's going to do though, because deep striking 3 of them without Homing Beacons would be difficult. I suppose I could start bringing Stealth Suits.

May not be a great tactic, but sounds fun to me.

>> No.42917775

scratch build from warhammer world

>> No.42917805


What is this "Fire Team" rule?

>> No.42917808


Just play 3 Knights and ally in the rest. You still get nice bonuses for using 3, and it gives you flexibility, while giving your opponent a more interesting/fun game.

>> No.42917848

Oh fuck yes. Going to go and shove this down the throat of the fuckers who do the AusFAQ who claimed otherwise.


>> No.42917849

we shall see
>THREE knights

>> No.42917927

With Dark Eldar, is the Archon Court even remotely worth it? I'm thinking about taking a few Sslyth or something.

Or is an Archon alone in Venom useful?

>> No.42918014

>How does Adamantium Will work towards psychic powers that are blessings or otherwise don't target an enemy unit?
It doesn't have any effect.

>> No.42918033

The rules are written fine in these regard and there's no debate among anyone who as actually read the rulebook. Admantium will only effects powers that target the unit with it.

>> No.42918045

>Colonel Straken. What's a Tau battlesuit doing on an Imperial planet?!

>> No.42918083

Well yeah. It's been a running theme with their stuff since their first codex.

>> No.42918370


I think the last Battlesuit Straken faced on an Imperial planet he defeated it on a Knight World in the Damocles Novel.

A Riptide at that.

>> No.42918570

Anyone know of a Renegade Guard/Cultist codex that isn't ChaosGerbils? I know of Imperial Armour 13, but I can't find a good scan to check it out before I dump money into it.

>> No.42918748


IDK if this is the scan you're talking about, but


>> No.42918750

Strake... how did you take out Shas'o Raven's Riptide on foot?

>> No.42919001

whatever happened to the novels database?

>> No.42919085

chaos destroyed it

>> No.42919142


>> No.42919339

Through liberal application of violence

>> No.42919510

S6 powerfist @ initiative.

>> No.42919517
File: 544 KB, 1200x922, ZPWLh6V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone ever played Renegades & Heretics?

Leafing through IA5 has really got me interested in running an Ordnance Tyrant in a The Purge detachment.

Coming from CSM, i'd like to know if there are any pitfalls/traps in the army, you know, something that looks good on paper, but is actually shit.

>> No.42919518
File: 120 KB, 396x401, MGS3SigintPP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's right Snake. I've heard the Soviets have been working on some kind of new stealth weapon able to walk through the battlefield unnoticed on plain sight. I thought it was just a rumor made to confuse the west but seeing what you just witnessed I guess it was the truth. That thing seems to be equipped with all sort of jammers and disruptors so don't rely on any high tech weapons to bring it down. Try to outsmart it Snake!

>> No.42919522

Faggotts are too retarded to update the pasta to the kat.cr torrent.

>> No.42919555

Let loose the dogs of war, let the FUCKING GALAXY BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

new csm codex when pls

>> No.42919561


He did it with a Knife.

Oddly I can recall him somehow damaging a Knight Titan in combat on the table before.

>> No.42919582
File: 462 KB, 569x694, vendetta wing art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys I know this thread is pining for the fjords, but I was wondering if I could get some help reworking my 2000 point list

I have most of what I want for my sisters part of the army planned out, but I plan on dropping the Knight crusader from my list after seeing him get mediocre results and not make his points back. As such I'm also dropping my Techmarine as he was only there as a cheap HQ to occasionally repair the knight.

HQ- St. Celestine- 135

3x Sisters squads of 6 gals, 1 flamer/1 Heavy flamer, and an Immolator w/ multimelta - 441

FA- 2x Dominions Squads 5 gals each, 4 meltas/1 combi melta - 230

Heavy- 3x Exorcists- 375

Fortification- Void shield generator w/3 void shields- 100


I plan on taking Space marine allies so I can get Drop pods for the dominion squads, possibly adding another unit of Battle squad sisters and a 3rd DP to allow me to drop in more melta on turn 1.
So first question, What Flavor of Space Marine should I take? I've heard good things about ultras, but I've also been hearing some boss shit about Blood Angels kitting out a unit of Death Company to roll with Celestine and ruin someone's day.

Second question kind of requires the first but What would be a good SM HQ choice for this army now that the Knight is gone?

>> No.42919611

With the new Codex they are very good.
4 attack each, amazing.

Yes, a Dread heavy list is very possible. The best player in my area has one.
Iron Hands (Clan Raukaan) of course, and then go wild on the various types and weapons. Experiment with them to find the combination that suit you best.
Just add something for extra support, a formation possibly. He use a Armored Task Force.

>> No.42919683

If November is plastic heresy/AOS, you're looking at next year at the earliest

>> No.42919704

I've meet one. Vraks Renegade Unending Host.
For the Dark Gods, that was insane.

You kill a unit of infantry and they return with a 2+ outflanking AND they give 3+ cover to your other stuff.
Also you get Baneblades at a nice discount, which with a 3+ cover saves, surrounded by infantry, and no effective space to deepstrikes since you'll easily cover the entire map, meanwhile giving fearless to your stuff, are amazing.

Renegades are awesome.

>> No.42919732

Stealth Suits and pathfinders have always been my favourite units and hopefully with the new codex they will get individual formations OR at least move Stealths to Troop choices. Im fine with either.

>> No.42919750

Yeah renegades sound super fucking great.

What im looking at right now is a list with 135 renegades with lasguns, TWELVE Laser Destroyer batteries(Fucking TWENTY POINTS EACH WHAT), 3 Leman Russes, 3 Basilisks, 3 Wyverns, 8 Quad Guns.

Every barrage blast makes the ground they hit dangerous terrain, it sounds fucking awesome, peppering the field with blasts, while all the renegades run up the field being a nuisance.

But the list as it is now is ~$2000 if i buy everything brand spanking new, kind of what makes me think real gud before i commit.

>> No.42919809

Quads and Rapiers you'll have to go to third party artists or recasters for cheap minis, the rest can be found on ebay for cheaps.

>> No.42919821

Yeah, but i really dislike buying painted shit, because stripping properly is such a hassle, and most people cant assemble for shit.

I'd just really like to hear from someone who actually plays R&H, to get some actual experience on what works and what doesnt.

>> No.42919843

Oh IG tanks are piss easy to clean.

>> No.42919882

>Once per battle

So, just hope you survive till next turn.

>> No.42919895
File: 62 KB, 800x680, infernus1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42919933


>> No.42919985

I don't get why GW don't do a couple of patches (like videogames) when this things happen.

You just need to write "Now every other FerraCastrum Dread has 4 attacks in the other codices too." on a pdf and boom, you make players happy and sell a lot of Dreads to them.
I don't think anybody would complain about the change.

So easy.

>> No.42920015

>275pts minimum
>needs four turns of shooting to kill a stock GK that does nothing
>Holophoton makes it useless for a turn
>no Torrent
>can be immobilized
>FnP is still a thing
>no facing is immune to S7
Amazing. That'll surely solve all problems forever.

>> No.42920044

Yeah, that'd be, y'know, sensible. Can't have that.
At the FLGS we ruled that all dreads from BA, GK and SW get +2A to bump them up to SM standards.

>> No.42920068
File: 43 KB, 538x540, SonicDreadnought000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Chaos ones.
Don't forget Chaos ones.

Would you negate the extra 2 attack to this cutie?

>> No.42920098

Yeah, im not worried about the tanks, more the 135 guardsmen ill have to strip and then dissasemble to get those FW heads/torsoes on em.

Besides i don't want more than 3 Russes, no chimaeras either, just footslogging from trench to trench.

>> No.42920174

For guardsmen id just get those warzone bags of men, distincly non cadian uniforms and autoguns instead of las.

>> No.42920243

Heck, if they are going to work with The Purge the gasmasks they all wear will just add to the look.

>> No.42920278

I use them for my conscripts. Still debating if to headswap all my regular guard with warzone heads and give them the warzone backpacks.

Imperial Trench Militia to be exact.

>> No.42920298

Its a great deal, but i really dont like the minis.

>> No.42920310

Obviously I wouldn't, but I forgot about them since we don't have any real chaos players (anymore, I guess).
The last few years weren't kind to CSM and people here either play theirs by loyalist rules (Raven Guard for Nightlords, Siege Vanguard Imperial Fists for Iron Warriors, Space Wolves for World Eaters) or have moved to other armies.

>> No.42920320

There was the 80 minis bag from Warzone Mutant Chronicles at 28 dollars.
They only recently stop making them, but it's findable i think.

>> No.42920414

I don't like paying Fw prices for 3 point models.
1$ per point is my max.

>> No.42920430

Price is irrelevant, you could offer me 1000 minis for a dollar, if i dont like how they look, i wont buy them.

>> No.42920470

Up to you.
Im lucky enought to like them since my first minis were Imperial Trenchers.

>> No.42920609

Any advice?

>> No.42920634

Archons ktnly exist to haul Webway portals around.
Sslyth can play ablative t5 armour if you want them them to.

>> No.42920642

You'd rather buy 1 model for 1000$?

>> No.42920796

>huge template
>covers more than just 1 unit
>2+ poison
>BS1 doesn't mean it's useless, just unlikely to hit

Boy, those T3 Fire Warriors and T4 Suits sure can resist 2+ Poison well! :^)

>> No.42920804

Are the Krieg Gorgon Assault Squadrons playable? Because a D-Day charge out of your giant-ass lumbering troop carrier is baller as fuck, and melee Guardsmen seem like something that would be different from the norm. AV 14, 9 HP and a 5++ seems like it would be enough to get close, but the main worry is that aside from spamming meltas there would be very little anti-tank. Also, almost no AA.

>> No.42920833

Remember when Synapse made you immune to instant death? Man, those were the days.

>> No.42920854

Are you an autist?
It was quite clearly a metaphor, if there actually was a shmuck selling 1000 minis for $1, i would buy them purely for reselling.

But would i buy a model for $1000?
If i wanted it bad enough, yes.

Would i buy 100+ models for $1000 each to make an army? ofcourse not, thats ludicrous.

>> No.42920895

As was mine, you double-autist.

>> No.42920920


Thats too much.

>> No.42920923

Its not just BS1, Its snap shots, Snap shots bar the use of template and blast weapons and reduce others to BS1.

Also GJ, 1wound down 3 to go.

>> No.42920968

>what are sponsons?
>what are the additional uses of the malcador
>template hits 10 FW, 4 Crisis Suits and Ghostkeel
>b-b-b-ut it's shit!

>> No.42921015

Templates are still not allowed to fire snap shots.

>> No.42921020

Dude at bs 1, what the fuck good is it going to do? Who cares about its sponsons?

>> No.42921081

For their vehicles
Not fucking battlesuits

>> No.42921128

isn't the Infernus Torrent 18"? or is that just for my solar auxilia? It'd still be shit because countermeasures but I want to know

>> No.42921154

>Not having enough AT
Aside from the obvious GIVE EVERYONE A MELTA, all your dudes have krak grenades. All of them. That's a shitload of S6. People always seem to forget that Kriegers charging is fucking horrifying for non-walker vehicles. Ork players looking on in confusion as you charge his Battlewagon will never not be funny. You also have access to a fucking S8 armourbane shred model, Leman Russes, Devil Dogs and the rapetastic Rapiers. And heavy weapon teams if you just want to glance shit to death with a shitload of autocannons.

As for AA, you could always just bring a Firestorm Redoubt. I mean, you're playing Death Korps, fortifications are kind of your thing. Hell, one of your warlord traits specifically deals with fortifications.

>> No.42921163

where can I get them? can't find them anymore

>> No.42921184

I thought Krak grenades were strength 7 for some reason.

>> No.42921278

>template doesn't go off at all if the GK pops snapshots, meaning it does jack against any other model also under the template
>sponsons have to get past 2++ cover, FnP and, possibly, snapshots
>b-but it has other uses
Sure it does, but the point of the discussion was its use as a Ghostkeel killer, which is a job it's shit at.

>> No.42921317

That would probably be a tad too powerful since it would put them firmly in "fuck your dreadnoughts" mode with a unit of ten having a pretty decent chance of taking one down in a single turn. And as we all know, dreadnoughts suck bad enough already. Glancing Knights to death with Guardsmen would be hilarious, though.

>> No.42921356

The snapshot is only if you target the ghostkeel. It won't be hard to target another unit and still cover the Ghostkeel under the gigantic template.

>> No.42921399

Oh i see, yes very effective with enemies clustering up after seeing the titan sized flamer deployed.

>> No.42921405

This. One Knight is a big and impressive piece that's maybe slightly undercosted for what it brings to the table, but you can bring it down with some dedication. And since it only has D weapons in melee it's not crazy killy like the Wraithknight. Three to five Knights and nothing else on the table means your regular infantry are most likely completely useless, anything on foot will get rekt by battle cannons and a bajillion AP3 shots, and if he brought that one formation that gives everyone BS5 and makes his Warlord practically invincible, you will have an extremely hard time unless you maxed out on your armour hate.

They still die to deep striking meltas, particularly since their invulnerables only cover one facing, and if you have Objective Secured infantry you can keep safe they're really struggling to win. But really, out of all the cheese lists out there, Knights barely rank. The only reason it's really a problem is because since it's a separate codex it's very easy for people to just go for it, only to find out it's a skew list that will curbstomp most "regular" lists full of weapons that can't even dent it.

>> No.42921525

Had another idea with this: how about adding 2 rad grenade inquisitors and 2 land raiders? Marines would get t2 in cc so the charge should be rather brutal.

Also, do sicarian aura work from transports? Should be nasty in a storm raven or LR.

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