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"It's gone." I say, a sinking feeling deep in my heart. It seems so strange not to see it.
I was just here a few hours ago, and I remember it perfectly then. Within a few hours, the most prominent landmark has completely phased out of existence.

I wouldn't even know where to go looking for it at this point.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today is the last day before Asai escapes from his prison, and he seems to be busy. The entity known as "Fortune HQ", a tremendous building both in size and scale, was always visible almost anywhere that I went. Whether it was in the real-world or this strange magic-world.
It's especially visible in the magic world, as it's the only thing that I can see in the distance when I'm over here.

Now, it's gone. An entire building whisked away like a complicated magic trick. The only difference is that there's no one around to explain to me how it works or what this means for me.

"What's gone?" says Mir. She has a problem being 'visible' so-to-speak.

"Fortune, the entire building, it's-"
Let me step outside and see if it's on the horizon.

I almost burst down the door in my scramble. Mir follows behind me slowly, unsure what is going on. I do a quick spin on my heel to survey the horizon.

"Where... is it?"
Nothing, it's gone. An entire building is just gone, like that.

My idea for using a card to turn Asai into a human has a shorter time limit than I once thought if his hideout has gone missing.

"Mir, um." I'm not even sure what to say, or how to say it at this point.
"Y-yes? Would it help if we told someone?"

"No no, I can just call them."
I take out my phone, and realize that I have no signal.
As expected, being on another plane of reality and all.

>Let's go home and tell everyone.
>Wait, calm down. Let's investigate from here.
>Let's see if Fortune HQ is still in the real-world.
>Wait, I can't go over there, Mom told me to stay home.
>Call Asai and demand to know what he's planning!

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Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/E9ZihSBV

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>>Let's go home and tell everyone.

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>Wait, calm down. Let's investigate from here.

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>Let's go home and tell everyone.

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>Wait, calm down. Let's investigate from here.

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>Let's go home and tell everyone.
that can't be good

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>Wait, calm down. Let's investigate from here.

>>Let's go home and tell everyone.


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I growl and tap the tile on my phone. It blips off as I shove it back in my pocket.
"Let's go have a look."
"Wait, over there!?"
"Why not? It's safe."

I think.

We start making our way over in the direction that I remember Fortune HQ being. It's not a long walk from here, distances can be traveled relatively quickly in this world.
It doesn't change the sense of dread I'm experiencing.

Mir uses her natural powers of invisibility to become almost indistinct from the background. I can only sort-of know that she's walking along beside me.
Mostly because she hasn't let go of my arm the whole time. Maybe she hides in her room so much because she's a coward. I need to have a talk with her about that.

We arrive to where I think Fortune HQ used to be located, but I see nothing. No sign it's ever been here, or of the monsters who used to roam around it 24/7.
It's all gone. Spirited away, in a sense. Maybe it's to keep me from spying on him?

"Let's go home and tell everyone. If nothing else, they need to be ready for Asai as much as we are."

I say that, but I'm really only doing it because I'm a little creeped out to be here. There's no telling what could pop out at any minute.
Asai might have even been able to see me here, I have no idea.


"It's gone?" Mom's eyes widen.
"Like, Poof! All gone! I don't even know where to look for it!"

She stays silent, thinking about what this means. Mir stayed back in the room, and Kaori is busy playing around on her phone.
Why isn't anyone serious about this, this is important!

>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!
>Mooom! Can I go over there?!
>I'm panicking.. it's fine.. it's fine.
>Nope, I'm still mad at them. They didn't believe in me. I'm going back to my card idea
>Passive-aggressive jab, "So, how is your little bracelet going to help with that?"

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>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!

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>>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!

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>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!
>I'm panicking.. it's fine.. it's fine.

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>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!

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Whoa, actual art of Masami? Looks nice.

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A bit older than I envisioned, but the design is great!

>Kaori! We need to go scout out Fortune right now!


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It's Masami in her delinquent teenage years.

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Also doesn't look much like what you'd expect a crybaby like Masami to look like.

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"Kaori!" I hop over and grab her arm. "We need to go scout out Fortune, right now!"
"M-Masami! Wait!" Kaori is irritated at being awoken from her trance.

"Why!? We need to act now!"
"Masami..." Kaori points over my shoulder.

That's when I notice that Mom has her arms crossed, and is staring at her feet.
"What about it?"
"We're not supposed to go to Fortune today, Masami."

"We're not going to Fortune! We're just going to go spy on it from a ways off! There's a huge difference!"

"Sweetie." Mom taps her foot. "I-"
She looks up at me, I can tell tears are on the horizon.

"..I can't argue with that." She's frowning.

"Wait, what? I thought you said not to go!"
"I-I know, but. Um." Mom looks back at her feet, "She's not really going there, right? Just going to go have a look."

"Mom, think about what you're saying. Asai said to have nothing to do with him today. That includes spying on his building."
"-Yeah, yeah you're probably right." Mom pouts.

I'm in shock.
"Kaori! Why?"
"Because I don't think you should go over there, Masami. At least not alone."

"Good!" I smile as I grab her arm, "Let's go then!"

"I thought I just said-"
"I'm not going alone, you're going with me! You know I'm going one way or another, so you might as well!"

"It doesn't work that way, Masami! I don't think you should go at all!"

"Well I'm going anyway!"

"Fine!" She turns away from me and crosses her arms.
Oh no! My bullying didn't work this time!

>"Pleeeeeeeease go with me?"
>"F-fine! I'll find someone else!"
>Sit in silence and pout
>Maybe I'm panicking about nothing.

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>>Sit in silence and pout

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>"F-fine! I'll find someone else!"
like haruko and julie
or the nice monster

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>Sit in silence and pout

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>"F-fine! I'll find someone else!"

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>"F-fine! I'll find someone else!"
Why does nobody believe in Masami's hero status? These people are too mean and practical.

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>"F-fine! I'll find someone else!"


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"Hmph!" Kaori huffs.

"I'll just find someone who will!"

I scan the room, considering the possible candidates.

Emillion and his 'sister' are looking lethargic on the couch. I open my mouth, and immediately the small blond girl speaks.
"I'm not in either." Emillion answers before I can even ask.

Okay! Those two are no-gos. But what about everyone else?
My eyes scan over toward the other side of the room. Where Julie and Haruko are arguing. They're too entranced in whatever little squabble they're in to bother looking in my direction.

Maybe they're not the best candidates for a stealth mission.
Okay! Okay! Stealth! That means Mir! That means-
"EEK!" The secretary dives under the dinner table, "MOM! HELP! The predator is after me again!"

Mom sighs and walks off to help the terrified blue girl. Mir goes back in her room and slams the door behind her.

I'm starting to realize that I may not have a very functional family. Let's try looking outside my family, then.

The friendly monster looks absolutely depressed, I'm not sure what to make of it. He swings his metallic legs slowly on the back porch.

My eyes slowly scan to where Aiko and her sister are sitting, they're playing video games on their phone while chatting. They don't have a single care in the world.

I look back toward Kaori, she has this snide grin on her face.

>Go get Emillion and his sister, anyway.
>Haruko! Julie! Stop squabbling and come help!
>Miiir! She didn't really mean it that way! It's fine!
>Aiko! Come help me scout fortune!
>Mom, can you come help?

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>Mom, can you come help?

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I'm going to have to take a break for maybe an hour, something has come up.

I'll be back soon, think of a plan of attack on scouting Fortune! Do you want to:

>Go in the front door!
>Spy on them from a nearby building
>Try just teleporting there, surprise them!
>Ask around town, see what's been happening.

>> No.42875613

>Spy on them from a nearby building

>> No.42875628

>>Haruko! Julie! Stop squabbling and come help!
>>Ask around town, see what's been happening.

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>Miiir! She didn't really mean it that way! It's fine!

>Ask around town, see what's been happening.
>Spy on them from a nearby building

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>Spy on them from a nearby building

>> No.42875700

>Ask around town, see what's been happening.
>Spy on them from a nearby building

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Three way tie on who to take with us.

>Spy on them from a nearby building

1. Kaori, 2. Mir, 3. Julie and Haruko

Writing very slowly. I'm still technically busy.

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Rolled 3 (1d3)

It's a good day when I forget my dice.

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Alright, time for bickering!

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Did you miss >>42875613 ?

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It's always time for bickering!

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Did you miss >>42875570 ?

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Okay, I'm sorry. I just got home. I could not help that.

Writing continues for what time we have left. I apologize.

>> No.42878496

Okay, I gotta sleep now anyways so.

>> No.42878504

I did. I'm sorry. Fortunately not much was written yet so it won't be hard to change.

>Writing continues.

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Have a nice night, I hope mine improves!

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I put my best pout-face on. Reddened with just a hint of tears for good measure.

Kaori slams her phone down in frustration, and then turns to me with an angry glare.
"Masami! Every time you try to talk me into something, it's always to get me in trouble!"
"But I'm not getting you in trouble this time! It'll be easy, no one will know-"

"Every time!" She stands up, "Every time, you're trying to talk me into doing something! Can't you just be happy with something, Masami? Just stay home, listen to Mom!"

"No! Asai is a jerk and he doesn't want me there because he knows that I could mess up his plans! It's best to at least see what he's doing!"
Kaori clenches her fists, and pouts.

"I'm not going to be there long. I'm just going to go to one of the surrounding buildings, have a look, come right home!"
"It's never that easy with you.."

"Kaori, I'm not going to force you to go if you don't want to." I cross my arms.

She sighs, pocketing her phone.
"Let's go before I realize how bad of an idea this is."


"What are we even looking for?" She asks, dawdling behind me.
"I just want to make sure Fortune is still there."

"You haven't explained where it would go, Masami."

"I don't know 'where it would go', it's just I didn't see it in the other world. That's never happened before."

"You think Asai just picked it up and hid it?"

She grumbles as we both hop up to the rooftops. I'm glad I still have some of my cards for times like this.

In the distance, we can see:
The building looks... off somehow. Like something important is missing. I can't tell what.

"Can we go home now?" Kaori pouts.

>No, something is wrong.
>Awright, fine.
>Let's look around some more. Something seems up
>Let's try getting inside!

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No something is wrong, the building doesn't look right.

>> No.42879287

>Let's look around some more. Something seems up

>> No.42879289

>>No, something is wrong.

>> No.42879510

>Let's look around some more, something isn't right
>No, something is very wrong


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"Hold on, we can't just leave yet. This isn't right."
"What 'isn't right', Masami?"

"The building, don't you see?"

I point toward the flat textures of the windows, the seemingly silky-smooth surface of the glass, the reflection of the sun off the plastic-y exterior.

Something is very wrong.

"Kaori, Fortune isn't like that. It's convincing if you're not paying attention to it, but not if you're staring right at it."

She gives me an incredulous smile.
"So what, someone stole the building and put a replica in it's place?" I can feel the sarcasm almost dripping.
If only I had an answer to it.

"Um.. Maybe?"
"Masami, Let's go home."
"Wait! Wait! Let's just go check out the building."

"Just trust me! Something isn't right and-"

That's when I notice, the parking lot is different.
Rather, there are people in the parking lot.

Standing in almost military formation, rows and rows of steely creatures seem to dot the surface.
Monsters, but I thought there weren't any monsters inside of Fortune anymore except for the few that were Asai's aides.

"Where did they come from?" I whisper, worried that any of them can hear me from almost a kilometer away.
"That's more than I thought ever existed." Kaori shares my hushed tone. "Where were they even HIDING? You would need a small city to hide that many monsters."

"Someone would notice a big city right under Fortune, Masami."

She stands up, dusting herself off.
"I'm convinced. Let's go have a look. How do we do it?"
"Y-you're asking me?"

"You're getting me into trouble anyway, Masami. I want you to decide how I'm getting into it."


>We could jump on the roof from here. We've done that before, and there isn't anything posted there.
>Let's try getting behind the building and examining it from the ground.
>Underground! Just like the last two times!
>Let's just teleport straight inside! Everyone is outside anyway.

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>>Let's try getting behind the building and examining it from the ground.

>> No.42880186

>Let's try getting behind the building and examining it from the ground.

>> No.42880199

Examine it from the ground.
If we haven't figured out that Asai is the building yet then we are the dumb. His name is Fortress, it's right there in his name. Going inside him is a bad bad idea.

>> No.42880200

>Let's just teleport straight inside! Everyone is outside anyway.
Let's take the direct route.

>> No.42880219

>We could jump on the roof from here. We've done that before, and there isn't anything posted there.

>> No.42880285

>Let's try getting behind the building and examining it from the ground.
why do i feel like these monsters are made of cardboard...

>> No.42880563

>Let's try getting behind the building and examining it from the ground.

Writing last post of the night!

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"Kaori, we're going to try teleporting behind the building. Where none of the monstersw are."

"Okay, but what do we do when we're over there?"
"First thing's first: Make sure that Fortune HQ hasn't turned to Jello or something."
"I think that's silly, we should look at the monsters."

I turn my head slowly toward her and give her a deadpan stare.
"Do YOU want to go risk being spotted by a whole bunch of monsters far away from home?"

She thinks about those words for a second, and shivers.
"No, let's go check out the building."


We blink back into existence a few meters from the edge of the structure.
Strangely enough, there's no one back here.

"We gotta hurry." I tap Kaori on the shoulder.
"Eh? Why!?"

"If Asai didn't put any monsters back here when he has so many, that must mean he can see this place somehow."
"I-it doesn't mean that!"

Maybe I shouldn't have told her my thoughts. She just seems panicky now.

We approach the usually demure concrete of Fortune's exterior.
Already, we're noticing some things.

"The texture is completely wrong." Kaori notes as she reaches out to touch it.
I grab her hand before she does.

"Careful! You don't just touch things that look weird, do you?"
"..N-no, you're right."

Instead, she reaches into her pocket. Gently, she takes out a ballpoint pen.
She takes the pen and gently prods against the building's exterior.

Slowly, the wall bends inwards.
"I-is concrete supposed to be this soft?"
"I'm not a buider, so I don't know."


Without warning, the pen goes straight through the wall!
From the tiny hole it created, a powerful stream of air exerts itself.

"Uhh?! Fortune.. is full of air?" I fumble with my words.

"Masami.." Kaori is soft, "I can't believe it, your stupid crazy theory was right."
"Which one?"

"They took the building, and put a replica in it's place."

"But.. where's the building?"

She turns her head, and gives me a look that fills me with worry.

>Thread End

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Thanks for the thread everyone.

I'm sorry we had that interruption. I don't like having only seven story posts in a thread.

It used to be Saturdays were my day off, and I could use it however I wanted and to catch up on threads.

Now Saturdays are my busiest days. Even more so than my work days.
I hate that. It's backwards.

Thanks for the thread everyone, let me know what you think about the new reveals.

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Thanks for the thread! The inflatable building both amuses and worries me.

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thanks for running

haha inflatable buildings, why not clown while you're... oh shit

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running.

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