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>What the hell is this?
The 4chan Winter Ball is a cross-board event for the purpose of inter-board communication. It's a fun time of OC-making that involves the board-tans, the avatars of their respective boards, preparing for / going to a fictional ball. Last year's event, while being plagued by the shitfest that was the /v/ versus /pol/ incident, was still a fun time for /tg/.

To quote /qa/,
>/qa/ has agreed to play host to the cross-board OC event known commonly as "the winter ball"
>the ball has been scheduled for actually winter this time, after Halloween, before thanksgiving. date TBD.

Last year's OC:
Writefaggotry: http://pastebin.com/5Wv9zHzx
Drawfaggotry: http://imgur.com/a/rb9JE

FIRST CHOICE: /vp/ - 381

Second Choice: /d/ - 446
Third Choice: TIE /x/ & /co/ - 528
Fifth Choice: /mlp/ - 730

271 submissions made
179 ballots submitted
5 invalid ballots discarded
174 ballots counted

>The first filter question: "It's not ____ if it's an elf."
The correct answer was "Rape". "Gay" was also an accepted answer. 20 attempted answers were incorrect.

>Second filter question: "What is the theme of the original Magical Realm?"
The correct answer is of course, "Piss". 20 attempted answers were incorrect.

>Third filter question: "What do morally bankrupt wizards just leave lying around?"
The correct answer is "Shotguns". This one tripped up the most anons, 44 attempted answers were incorrect.

Other News:
/x/ has formally asked us to the ball. Not necessarily as a primary date, but to be able to tag along with us and /vp/ (assuming they accept). Currently waiting on /vp/ to approve after formal invitation.

Old Thread: >>42822946

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I'm looking forward to the qt /tg/-/vp/-/x/ oc

>> No.42829130

Even if it's unofficial or /x/ was just a friend, it'd be cute.

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We can have a new OP thing, if you want, guys. Just let me know if you want a new template.

When are we going to start collecting this year's OC? We've got some good stuff so far.

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So here's what I've got so far.

>Sir Bearington - An Ursaring that to almost any other living being, looks exactly like a Machoke.

>Los Tiburon - A Hawlucha with underdeveloped wings incapable of flight. It is the only being to have fully read all 5000 pages of the Grapplers Compendium.

>Oinkbane - An Emboar that has mastered the art of subtlety and always seem to be one step ahead of even his trainer Teej. Doesn't follow orders.

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Machoke/Champ Barbarian from the one all barbarian campaign story?

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To the drawfags, I have one thing that may be a bit too fitting to ignore regardless of what happens: /x/ as a yamask. Considering the number of times people call it dead, and the shadow of what it once was, staring at it's old face...it seems too fitting for everything talked about.

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Remember Superman, the Warforged? Maybe we could have him be a Brozong or a Metang.

Oh god, I typed 'metal pokemon' into Google when looking for the names of those pokemon. I've gotten old.

>> No.42829260

Well seeming how we've gotta leave a space for Sableye, we've only really got two spots left.
How about Edgardo? I'd recommend Lucario or Hitmonchan for him but we seem to have a lot of fighting types already.

Also the golem from The Golem's Garden. A Golurk seems pretty fitting.

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Golurk might work better. Not steel type, but fits the body type. Also has rocket legs it uses to fly.

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Anons, why must you hurt my heart this way? How can one man choose between to heartbreaking stories about friendly constructs?

>> No.42829391

That does make a lot more sense, but isn't it one of the really rare ones?

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>tfw I've spent zero time on my board I'm representing after that mess
Abomination-sama I missed this, is this you? >>>/vp/24387503
Because I really want that to be a thing.

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Alright anons, hows this for the final list? Subject to change of course.

>Sir Bearington - An Ursaring that to almost any other living being, looks exactly like a Machoke.

>Los Tiburon - A Hawlucha with underdeveloped wings incapable of flight. It is the only being to have fully read all 5000 pages of the Grapplers Compendium.

>Oinkbane - An Emboar that has mastered the art of subtlety and always seem to be one step ahead of even his trainer Teej. Doesn't follow orders.

>Dyce - A very particular Sableye, Dyce was born without gemstones for eyes, leaving him virtually blind. Teej crafted a pair of crystal d10's for the little critter and the two have been inseparable ever since. Dyce has a penchant for escaping his pokeball and it has gotten to the point where it's simply too much of a hassle to try and contain him. He is presumably Teej's strongest Pokemon.

>Superman - A Golurk that has never been seen touching the ground and always hovers above it with its boosters in its legs. Teej has attempted to teach it to speak but as of right now it is only capable of saying "like" and his name. Exclusively in that order.

Edgardo - A rough and tough Lucario who loves to fight. Possesses a strange ability to normalize any move it uses, bypassing typing completely.

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Golurk can't be caught in the wild, but his pre-evolution Golett is a relatively early game pokemon in XY

>> No.42829439

He's still about the right height and similar enough to a Warforged wizard. Works for me.

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Sure hope your other threads wont be hijacked by /pol/posters next time.

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It was pretty funny, and the ones toward the end are useful in getting that thread to the bump limit. I'm still baffled as to why they didn't even touch the poll. Like that would have been the easiest method of sabotage but instead they just embarrassed themselves.

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>No Old man Henderson Mr.Mime

>> No.42829484

Because /pol/ can only mouthpiece and know nothing outside of their 13 year old circlejerk board.

>> No.42829509

Like I said, subject to change. Though I can't really see Old Man Henderson as a Mr. Mime. I did consider the story but nothing really stuck in my mind as a good fit for the team.

>> No.42829520

>Crazy humanoid Pokemon
>Fairy typing to be super effective against Dark and Dragon types.

>> No.42829586

Ahh, I guess. While I can't see it being on his team, how about this.

>Teej found Henderson being chased by an angry horde of Tangela and Tangrowth. After accidentally saving it, the Mr. Mime has taken to following Teej around. It is very brash and responds horribly to most pokemon, screaming and attacking without remorse. At the behest of Vanille he released the Mr. Mime.

>However, Henderson never quite got the memo and constantly stalks Teej from the shadows, planning and plotting to take his place back on the team.

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I'm just thinking as a Pokemon team, we don't need a Lucario when we already have two fighting types.

Makes the team thematically quite dull.

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I agree, OMH is also probably one of the most prevalent stories on /tg/.

>> No.42829661

/vp/ here, I've never read OMH.
Somebody mind posting it so I can read it and maybe come up with a better candidate if Mr Mime doesn't quite fit the bill?

>> No.42829672

oh man you are in for a fun ride.


>> No.42829710


I see what you mean about the typing and OMH being prevalent.
Edgardo is also a largely known one though. Do we drop Oinkbane for OMH? Perhaps we change Edgardo to a Krookodile?

I appreciate it /vp/. Much obliged.

>> No.42829745

I really haven't seen Edgardo mentioned in the past 2 years, while I have seen Oink get a thread or two along with some mentions in that same time so I would really debate it being largely known.

>> No.42829757

Huh. Interesting. It must be my nostalgia goggles fogging up. Of course he could always have a few in the PC along with his seven billion fucking Zubats.

>> No.42829934

I'd probably drop Oinkbane.
Aside from a one-time joke forced into the ground quicker than GET IN THE FUCKING BAD, there really isn't much to it.

>> No.42829952

Er,bag not bad.
Damn keyboard.

>> No.42829953

eh, he is a funny character to use for a pokemon though. And its not like the story would be long enough to run it into the ground too hard.

>> No.42829973

Who the fuck is oinkbane?

I have been here for years now and I have never heard of this character.

>> No.42829975

Why not take a Bronzor and name it "Coaster"?

>> No.42829977

Er, Rotom maybe?

>> No.42829985

so in other news i just found out we finally got a western porn board in /aco/
and the folks down in /co/ are flipping their shit over it.

anyways so are we taking /vp/ and /x/; in addition are we gonna end up buried in stupid drama shit this year?

>> No.42829986

If I'm not mistaken OMH has a mohawk right?

I propose Scrafty

>> No.42829989

Another vp-goer here. As I am also a tg-goer, I know the story of OMH. Personally, I'd suggest smeargle with his own tailored moveset. Because OMH was an asspull, and smeargle can be the same (though not as competatively viable in the top tiers).

Otherwise... I dunno, maybe toxicroak or weavile or something.

>> No.42830015

Personally, I always thought Loose Cannon Paladin Jake Dagger was more iconic than Oinkbane...

>A pilot shades-wearing Kadabra with no regard for the law.

>> No.42830059

Why not Alakazam so one of the spoons can act as the crossbow and the other as the holy symbol.

>> No.42830097

Can someone repost Commisar Mittens' art?

>> No.42830110


>> No.42830156

Works too, as long as the beautiful mustache stays...

>> No.42830176

Thanks m8

>> No.42830185

Dammit forgot to flip that question mark

>> No.42830188

Mittens a cute.

>> No.42830194

Oh fuck my sides, I had a cat(rip ;_;) that would do that with pens/pencils if you left them on a table.

>> No.42830208

Going out of the topic of the thread: why do people let their cats on their tables? Every cat i've ever had went rocketing as soon as it put it's hind paws on any surface above our chairs.

>> No.42830213

fuck yeah anon

i respond with ridiculousness

>> No.42830245

Sounds right on par for the course with /tg/,that screencap.

>> No.42830247

Never really had a problem because he stayed off the dining/food table for some reason, and stuck to getting on the coffee table.

>> No.42830250

I'd reckon cats don't give a damn about where they can't go,at least when their owners aren't looking.

>> No.42830301

>tfw somebody saves and later reposts your first screencap

>> No.42830339

So, when will rhyhorns trigger Teejs ptsd from all the siege rhinos?

>> No.42830347



>B-But Smogon

Jake Dagger doesn't play by the rules.

>> No.42830356

As much as Gogoats with Thragtusks.

>> No.42830381

Goddamnit, this shit is cancer.

But adorable cancer that generates OC, so fuck it whatever. I'm just glad we didn't have weeks of shitposting about people being unhappy about going with /vp/.

I mean, I personally don't get the whole pokemon thing but it's not like someone put a gun to my head and forced me to come into this thread. And honestly any card game is better than MtG.

>> No.42830385


I would love a /tg/ region or a /tg/ villain team now.

>> No.42830391

Basically /vp/ and /tg/ crossposting is apprently pretty civil and mixes well.

>> No.42830401

Man, swagtusk was fun.

>> No.42830426

What would our villain team want? What they be based on, gotta be something tg. What would their outfits be?

>> No.42830431

Wow, you are complaining about /pol/ on here too. Get a life you fags.

>> No.42830445


Wow, you tracked down every winter ball thread just to see if they had mentioned /pol/. Get a life fag.

>> No.42830486

Actually got here from searching aco. Foolz is down, but 4plebs isn't.

>> No.42830511

Focus Punch Alakazam used to be a thing

>> No.42830570

So we have what, 6 weeks before the ball?

I think we can get the Grappling Compendium ready if not finished by then. What say you /tg/?

>> No.42830585

i'm down.
so do we have rules on what happens if someone tries to grapple multiple people?
do we have modifiers for situations yet?
what about if people start using improvised weapons like barstools and shit?
these are the important questions.

>> No.42830595

>what about if people start using improvised weapons like barstools and shit?
Penalty unless they're holding a baby and don't want no trouble?

>> No.42830599

I think the last thing we did was maintaining grip. But what improviserade weapons are there for grappling? Rope?

>> No.42830608

But if you declare that you WANT trouble, you have to roll on the trouble table to figurer out what kind of trouble you seek.

>> No.42830643

I hate posting from a phone, *improvised.

>> No.42830668

punch bowls, tables, chairs, all kinds of random crap really.

>> No.42830680

not me, I have standards. Also, I got a trip now.

>> No.42830685

List of grappling weapons:
Kumade - additional rules for securing it to a suface and climbing its handle
Barbed arrows or bolts - for use in long-ranged grapples
garrote - additional rules for choking


List of Submissions, Grappling Techniques and Counters - Each technique contains instructional videos

Americana Armlock - Americana Keylock
Americana Armlock Escapes - Americana Keylock escapes
Anaconda Choke
Anaconda Choke Escapes - Anaconda Choke defense or counter
Ankle Lock - Achilles Lock or Foot Lock
Ankle Lock Counter - Achilles Lock counter or Foot Lock counter
Armbar From Guard
Armbar From The Mounted Position - Armbar from mount
Armbar From Side Control
Armbar Defense - Armbar defenses or Armbar escapes
Arm Triangle
Armless Triangle
Banana Split
Bicep Slicer or Bicep Crusher
Brabo Choke or D'Arce Choke
Brabo Choke Escapes
Butterfly Guard
Butterfly Guard Counter
Butterfly Sweep
Calf Crusher or Calf Slicer
Clock Choke
Clock Choke Escapes
Cobra Choke
Crucifix Choke
D'Arce Choke or Brabo Choke
Double Ankle Grab Sweep - Double Ankle Sweep
Double Ankle Sweep Counter - Counter to the Double Ankle Sweep
Double Leg & Single Leg Takedown
Elbow Crank
Elbow Escape From Mount
Elevator Sweep
Electric Chair
Ezekiel Choke
Ezekiel Choke Defense
Flying Armbar
Flying Triangle Choke
Granby Roll
Guillotine Choke
Guillotine Choke Escapes - Defenses against the Guillotine Choke
Half Nelson
Handstand Sweep
Headlock Escapes
Heel Hook
Heel Hook Escapes
Helicopter Armbar
Hip Crank
Hip Throw
Hook Sweep
Kimura From The Guard
Kimura From The Side Mount
Kimura Defense
Knee Bar From Closed Guard Position
Knee Bar from Side Control
Knee Bar Defense
Knee On Belly Escape - Knee on stomach escape
Leg Ride
Macarrao Sweep - Another overhead sweep technique

>> No.42830691

Neck Crank
North South Choke
North South Escapes - A variety of north south escapes
Omoplata Shoulder Lock
Overhead Sweep
Passing The Half Guard
Peruvian Necktie
Push Sweep - Push kick sweep
Quad Crush
Rear Naked Choke
Rear Naked Choke Escapes - Rear naked choke defense
Rear Takedown
Reverse Armbar From Mount
Rolling Armbar
Rolling Knee Bar
Rubber Guard
Sambo Knee Bar
Sambo Leg Lock
Scarf Hold
Scarf Hold Escapes
Scissors Sweep
Sickle Sweep
Side Control Escapes
Single Leg Takedown
Sleeve Choke
Sleeve Choke Escapes
Spider Guard
Spider Guard Sweeps
Standing Elbow Crank
Standing Guard Pass
10 Finger Choke or Ten finger guillotine
The Three Fundamentals of Takedown
Toe Hold
Toe Hold Escapes
Triangle Choke
Triangle Choke Escapes
Triangle Choke Escape From Guard - Defense against triangle choke
Turtle Attacks - How to attack an opponent who is in the turtle guard/position.
Turtle Escapes - How to escape an attacker when you are in the turtle guard/position.
Turtle Guard or Turtle position
X-Guard Sweeps

>> No.42830704

We must also account for all 721 pokemon, 46 of which can mega evolve, and 2 of which have 2 megas

>> No.42830721

More details on all of these can be found in the link I posted in the first post; www.blackbeltwiki.com/grappling

I'm not too knowledgeable myself, and I'm terrible at crunch, so I'll leave the rest to you guys.

Ah, of course we must. And each pokemon will have its own specific grappling rules and techniques. Such as lickitungs tongue, and machamps four arms.

We must also remember all the -tans for the boards, and other beings they may bring to the grapple, such as cultist chan etc.

>> No.42830730 [SPOILER] 

>making a pokemon supplement to accompany the 5000pg /tg/ Grappling Compendium


>> No.42830745


This is where we shall create this legendary compendium. At the moment, it has but one, blank page, let us see how far we can take this.

>> No.42830747

Yo, question to Survey when he gets on, can we get an actual ballot about whether we want to bring /x/ or not? we have yet to actually vote on it

>> No.42830753

He was adding a separate poll for the /x/ question last I heard.

>> No.42830757

Pokémon typing, as well as egg group, body type, footprint, nature, IVs, EVs, and held items must also be accounted for.

>> No.42830764

Seconding this, though tentatively.

/vp/ seems to have already accepted /x/, and seeing how quickly OC was made for it, I'd be disinclined to reject /x/ now.

>> No.42830769

You guys are mad.
Absolutely insane.
Completly bonkers.

But that's part of the reason why I love this board

>> No.42830771

Don't forget physical and special moves, and specific moves such as defence curl and rollout that specifically affect the effectiveness of another move.

>> No.42830776

don't forget the obvious weight and size parts of the equation!

>> No.42830786

And terrain and battlefield positioning!

Are we using a hex grid or a square grid to portray the map? how will we allow for 3-dimensional manoeuvres that require aerial positioning, such as those performed by flying type pokemon?

>> No.42830796

Thought of drawing Vanille in a Chandelure outfit (akin to that Volcarona one I did last year),but I'd need ghost pokemon choices for Viol and Teej to go with her.


>> No.42830798

Multiple Hex Grids. You have the Land hex grid, the Low flying hex grid, and the high flying hex grid.

>> No.42830800

it's not hex or square, it's octogon+squares alternating

I like it. Teej is a honedge based one obviously, no idea for VIol

>> No.42830805


>> No.42830809

Shuppet/Banette for Viol, and Drifblim for Teej.

It's the perfect joke.

>> No.42830832

Here are all battle formats used in pokemon, excluding the inverse battle, where the type chart is literally inverted, but we can apply inverse battle rules to all battle formats for even more pages of explanation.

>> No.42830835

Wait so we are actually taking /x/ along with /vp/?
aw lawd, dis gonnan be gud; i wonder if this is the push we needed to get off our collective asses to go fix /x/ of its bullshit.

>> No.42830868

>Shuppet/Banette for Viol
Something like pic related?

>> No.42830880

So, this is mostly just a bunch of guys without any writing or drawing talent, trying to convince people with some talent to contribute to their pointless project by showering them with praise regardless of what they produce, while they argue about how they can force their ideas upon each other?


>> No.42830886

we still need to hold a vote, it's not official.

>> No.42830917

The grappling rules also need to include morale bonuses and deficits, along with the effects of morale boosting chants from the audience, or inspiring background music. Also, how things change with multiple people cheering.

I've also punted a lot of stuff into the google doc as suggestions of things to add or expand upon. I'm no good at working out crunch myself, so I've left that part to my betters.

>> No.42830923

I have a feeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRwJvOm395E is starting to sound more and more relevant as a thread theme.

>> No.42830936

That raised an interesting point with flatulence; how does indigestion and other maladies and illnesses or debilitating effects affect the grapple?

>> No.42830947

I think we're overlooking something WAY more important the video poses.


How do we stat bad boys from outer space?

>> No.42830954

In order for this to be finished on time, we also need to think about what system we can easily steal/borrow/modify/cobble something from to create our compendium. We can't just make it from scratch, can we?

Also, we need to make sure that the google doc link goes in the OP of each thread.

>> No.42830966

wait, will we need new rules for Muscle Boyz and the Adeptus Luctatio?

>> No.42830980

Oh fug, I forgot to mention pokemon abilities!
Malamer, for example, may come with the Ability Suction Cups, meaning that water dwelling pokemon that can be caught with a fishing lure are less likely to escape, or he could have contrary, meaning that any attempt to change his stats have an inverse effect (i.e. Galvantula may have sticky web as an ability, but contrary malamer's speed would rise instead of drop if he successfully performs a physical attack).

>> No.42831002

ah, but do we consider pokedex entries canon or no? if so, magmar will be unstoppable

>> No.42831020

Pokedex entries, when factored into the grappling compendium, should be case-by-case.
If we followed the dex 100%, Dragalge could escape any grapple performed by a steel type when that's hardly accurate.

>> No.42831074

When speaking of Pokemon for /tg/, I always thought a Gogoat would fit the best.

>Goats are GOAT
>Goatee seems to be a common motive with /tg/

>> No.42831168

also, just going to say, on the chance that we and /vp/ end up not allowing /x/ to come along for whatever reason, why not suggest /x/ going with /jp/? Japan has some seriously awesome paranormal shit (like the kuchisake-onna for example), I'm sure those two could get along fabulously.

>> No.42831203

>like the kuchisake-onna for example
Should we account for Japanese ghosts and their mind fuckery in the Grappling compendium? What are the chances of the Kuchisake Onna getting a critical Glasgow smile on a Skinwalker?

>> No.42831225

Of course! Don't forget to add it to the doc!

>> No.42831228

indeed, about what about spirits with noncorporeal forms? can they even participate?

>> No.42831250

If they have an avatar in our physical plane, or a cult following, then they can participate to a certain degree.

>> No.42831280

This is the stupidest fucking thing. Every year I'm confronted by the fact that you people get any enjoyment out of this. Ever year I grow more and more disgusted.

>> No.42831285

It's okay, anon. Just let it all out.

>> No.42831326

People do indeed like things that you don't like. The horror.

>> No.42831593

>or a cult following
>a Machamp versus one thousand cultists

Truly metal.

>> No.42831598


>> No.42831619


Nice work, anon.

>> No.42831627

Did you figure out how you want to theme the rest?

>> No.42831642

Teej with Honedge outfit is more or less locked in

Viol as Banette maybe,if I could think up something.Feel free to suggest a different ghostmon though.

>> No.42831663

>It is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and holds on to it could wind up missing.
>These Pokémon are called the "Signpost for Wandering Spirits." Children holding them sometimes vanish.
>It tugs on the hands of children to steal them away. However, it gets pulled around instead.

-Pokedex entries of Drifloon.

>> No.42831683

I think Viol would go as gengar.

Their hair is the same, gen1 favoritism, and most importantly Viol has a major boner for competitive play and mega gengar is OP as shit

>> No.42831711

>Their hair is the same

I'll admit to a chuckle.

>> No.42831712

either this or Giratina because its an OP as fuck undead dragon.

>> No.42831722

And they just let kids try to catch these things?

The world of Pokemon is a frightening place.

>> No.42831731

dude pokemon is a fucked up place when you look into it more. There's tons of boogeyman monster shit there.

>> No.42831749

Now I kinda wanna play a PTU game, just to know what sort of themes a DM can come up with in the setting.

>> No.42831751

Most people don't like to play in the Ubers rank (which is the rank for legendary pokemon and generally broken pokemon) for several reasons, so Viol would be called a fag if he dressed as Giratina

>> No.42831778

These guys sink boats that enter their waters, and make underwater castles from the sunken wrecks.
And not a single fuck is given for the people on those boats.

>> No.42831782

Dude, Yamask is a ghost type that is exclusively the spirits of dead human. If you are catching a Yamask, that's an actual dead person's soul you are using to battle wild animals with.

>> No.42831792

Fug, forgot my pic

>> No.42831797

>implying viol isn't a fag at heart.

>> No.42831814

Yeah, I think we can make some a /tgxvp/ thing work, guys. Lavender Town alone is enough, but it seems like the later generations are more than spooktastic enough.

>> No.42831839

Viol may be a fag, but he isn't a cheap little shit who uses OP instant win tactics.

/x/'s ace pokemon should be Zoroark. It's like a skinwalker that uses elaborate illusions to trick and punish attackers

>> No.42831843

>Despite everything, we ended up chaperoning /x/ together with /vp/ for their protection this year

We can't help ourselves can we.

But seriously, /x/ seriously needs to find a proper guardian for next year.

>> No.42831845 [DELETED] 

don't forget the history of the pokemon world, which was a post WWIII apoctalyptic mess and pokemon are literally genetically engineered monsters created for the purpose of being weapons of mass destruction.

shit gets really dark really fast if you look past the kiddie overtones thats in full frontal display.

>> No.42831850

ugh. Do we have to keep chaining ourselves to /x/?

>> No.42831857

Nice headcanon

>> No.42831868


Nice theory but legendaries and prehistoric pokemon make it fall apart.

>> No.42831877

"Alright everyone, the game's called "Pokémon Tabletop United", the setting is starting off in an archipelago infamous for it's shipwreck and is claimed to be haunted"

"... trumpets"

"I... I don't understand"

>> No.42831879

You can literally run PTU with a dash of CoC. Make it about trainers discovering horrible eldritch secrets about the fabric of reality while on their Pokemon journeys.

>> No.42831886

A Zoroark with Flamethrower is a good defense against monsters.
Monsters hate being set on fire

>> No.42831887

Shit it's actually pretty hard to think up this outfit

That mon gives a more Xelor vibe because of the colours,despite being basically Rubilax

>> No.42831988

I'm on my phone so I can't post pics vut I'm hacking PTU for a Jade Cocoon one shot which is basically pokemon by way of princess monanoke

>> No.42832003

Gengar eh....?
Frankly I'm not sure,there's not much to base on design-wise

>> No.42832043

>Viol would be called a fag

to be fair a lot of people are planning on having him be gay as fuck anyway.


we still haven't voted on it technically

make it a onesie that he insists isn't gay or childish while blushing

pic related, shiny version is a bit more rubilax-y

>> No.42832053

>Teej holding a Honedge's hilt
You do realize that's actually lethal, right /tg/? Honedge forcefully drains the life force of anybody who grabs its hilt.

>> No.42832069

It's just a constant fortitude save, right? Teej's armor gives him a con bonus, so it's fine.

Everything's fine.

>> No.42832070

Is that shown in game or is it just a pokedex entry?

>> No.42832084

But cursed artifacts are the best!

>> No.42832086

Well I'm not complaning too much,Xelors are awesome after all
Wish we could see more friendly Xelors in the show though

Aww shit.
Er,there should be a way to handwave it right?
Maybe the gloves.Yeah,gloves.

>> No.42832091

If I remember correctly, Honedge actually gets angry if you touch its hilt in Pokémon Amie

>> No.42832098

>draining life force of that which has no life
Good luck Honedge!

>> No.42832100

no, it drains lifeforce with the scarf, it just gets mad if people it doesn't trust touch its hilt, and hence often scarfs them

>> No.42832116

So it's just a daemon weapon?
That's cool, we can handle it.

>> No.42832133

it can actually be handwaved as I said over >>42832100 by just saying that this honedge trusts him a lot.

>> No.42832144

I like this answer. We should use it.

>> No.42832154

also, shiny Aegislash is even more rubilax-y

>> No.42832169

>Teej grabs Honedge
>it starts to try and drain him
>nothing happens
>the eye starts glaring at Teej
>"Hah. Good luck with that. I'm a level 25 Wizard."

>> No.42832182

>implying Teej won't want to be the Lich

>> No.42832190

Then shouldn't it be a Duoblade or Aegislash if it trusts him so much?
Unless Teej spent hours molesting and halfswording a Honedge in Amie, that shit's deadly, yo.

>> No.42832203

A true swordsman fears no blade.

But wizards get meteors and prestidigitation. And they can read Greater Wish scrolls.

>> No.42832221

If we're considering pokemon pokedex entries then that emans we're going by lore, not game mechanics. In the shows and shit pokemon often become incredibly loyal long before they evolve. Also he might have accidentally given it an everstone and forgot to take it back.

>> No.42832246

As it happens, in PTU, the Honedge evolution line has a capability that allows them to be wielded as weapons.

>> No.42832268

does anyone have a pdf for PTU?

>> No.42832281

>Also he might have accidentally given it an everstone and forgot to take it back

>Teej's Honedge got stuck on the everstone in a similar fashion to Excalibur or whatever.
>Teej just rolls with it and uses his Honedge as a hammer.

>> No.42832316

>"Teej, I think you need to take that Honedge to a Pokecenter."
>"Whaaaat? Nah, Excalibur is fine. He loves it."

>> No.42832323

like in Magika?

also, unrelated, but MFW I was working on a pokemon tabletop for this before finding out that PTU exists and then found out that PTU and PTA do basically everything I had planned and more in more well-done ways

>> No.42832330

Everything you need to get things up and running, looking forward to the Pokemon/Princess Mononoke style you mentioned.

there's even a sci-fi supplement called "Do Porygons dream of Mareep?" that looks useful for anyone out there following the cyberpunk theme!

>> No.42832397

Or the Game of Thros fantasy supplement, for running a typical fantasy adventure with Pokemon.

Or that one that treats legendaries as gods rather than simply strong pokemon.

>> No.42832402


>> No.42832411

>The fuck are you pointing at me?
>"Teeg, the Tabletop Gaming Pokemon! Addicted to games of pretend, this pokemon sacrifices social skills to focus on creating Magical Realm to entertain itself."

>> No.42832416

I'm going to worship Meloetta.

>> No.42832427

Please tell me the /vp/ twins have a snarky pokedex that makes fun of people and pokemon with its descriptions.

Completely possible! In fact, lemme pull that up right now...

>> No.42832434

please delete this, we don't need more boardhate and raiding.

>> No.42832450

Oh god, you are the worst faggot alive.

Those are literally the shittiest, most spammed, stalest pieces of shit to come out of /tg/.

You are literally the shame of all /tg/.

>> No.42832468

Really? I mean I man alive I may not like them but this should not be a question.

>> No.42832483


>Dark Vengeance Helbrute

Don't worry. It can take the abuse.

>> No.42832498

That's not what the winter ball is about.

We shouldn't be banning boards that are controversial.

>> No.42832538

Here we go. Meloetta, with the Domains of Creativity, Love, and Peace.

Minor Gift is Dazzling the Stage, giving you a boost when using song or dance for the Intimidate, Guile, or Charm skills.

First Major Gift is Soundproof, giving you the Soundproof ability. Second Major gift is Relic Song, giving you the move Relic Song.

>> No.42832543

Yeah, it's about forming little cliques, and then cliques within cliques, and then pretending to be inclusive but instead just trying to form and maintain clear separations between the cliques.

>> No.42832558

Probably looks a bit too casual/streetwear but whatever

>> No.42832566

> giving you the move Relic Song.

holy dicknipples that's OP. I love it.

I like it.

here's your response

>> No.42832568

I figured it was a given.
Snarky pocket computers are great!
Though I'd imagine Teeg prefers a nice, quiet servo-skull or familiar.

>> No.42832586

From quests to this your art never fails anon. Good on you.

>> No.42832588

Well to be fair, the entire splatbook is about dealing with gods. Everything's OP.

>> No.42832635

More interaction than usual then?

>> No.42832651

Heh,no problem m8

Too bad HSQ's running times aren't that compatible with Britbongistan's timezone

>> No.42832709

I'm thinking of starting earlier than usual in the future, actually. Cause running until 3 AM gets tiring after a while, and running late means I usually can't run on weekdays. Also, I thought all this art looked familiar.

>> No.42832727

What is /vp/ doing?

>> No.42832741

Reminds me of this.

>> No.42832761

Kek, that's actually what I was thinking of when I typed that.

>> No.42832808

Eh,it's not all that hard to recognize

How large is an everstone though?
If it's holdable by a pokemon then it shouldn't be very large.

Doesn't sound like a bludgeon weapon to me

>> No.42832834

just get a very fucking big one made from a lot of them stuck together. It is so many everstones stuck together that other pokemon he hits with it de-evolve

>> No.42832846

If the giant moonstone in Mt Moon is anything to go by (probably not, who even likes the anime anymore, amirite?), than there might be bigger versions of evolutionary stones, which would include the everstone.

>> No.42832881

Midnight in Britbong would be 7 or 8pm in Murica,guess I'll see how long as I can stay awake then.RIP my tea supply

Well then.
I'm still not too keen about that (makes shoving it back to its scabbard impossible,for one) but if we're going by Rule of Funny then why not.

>> No.42832905

Dammit /tg/, with this and the recent PTU threads I've noticed, you've made me want to play Pokemon RPGs again.

>> No.42832921

The Pokeball can fit anything, can't it? If it can fit a Wailord, a Honedge with a rock on it won't be a problem.

I think the recent PTU threads are because of this, and because of last year.

>> No.42833036

ain't that what a Bag of Holding is for?

>> No.42833085

What kind of pokeballs would teej use?

>> No.42833141

Spess Marine Ball

Really, it's just a space marine helmet that he hurls at them, knocking them out. He then drags them around and 're-catches' them until they learn not to escape

>> No.42833143

Dice Balls.

>> No.42833171

I don't know why, but I really like the idea of a 20 Sided Pokeball

>> No.42833187

I change my answer from 'Pokeball' to >>42833036. He'd carry it around like a sack, and every time he knocks a Pokemon out for capturing, he says,
>"What's that? You're a shiny? YOU'RE GOING IN THE SACK!"
>"A legendary Pokemon? INTO THE SACK YOU GO!"

>> No.42833218

teej is death?

>> No.42833223

>D20 ball has 20 Pokemon inside. The higher the number you roll, the better the Pokemon released is.
>Rolling a 1 releases a Magikarp who only knows Splash.

Alternatively, the d20 pokeball gives the Pokemon inside a random buff or debuff depending on what's rolled.

>> No.42833235

I'm not sure it's really.........


He doesn't speak in all caps and I don't think he likes cats a lot (Mittens probably just annoys him) so no he can't be DEATH.

>> No.42833260

No, he just likes acting like it sometimes.

>"Man, I got a lot of Pokemon in my sack."
>"Teej, please just capture them like a normal trainer."

>> No.42833365

I would say Aegislash or Gengar for Viol, actually, seeing as they are considered ubers on Smogon (well, Mega Gengar is anyway)

>> No.42833472


>> No.42833488

From experience, it can go pretty much wherever your heart desires. Just because it's October, haunted house and paranormal activity, to start, just requires a little knowledge of their ghosts. You could go full Silent Hill with a dusknoir settling at the entrance of a town and the Distortion World, for starters.

>> No.42834015

>a world filled with nothing but ghost Pokemon

I'm not sure if that'll be scary or just silly. From what I've seen on various media, ghost types are just pranksters and goofballs.

>> No.42834174


>> No.42834283

Another dress for /x/?
Leafy headpiece, leafy collars, a sleek black dress underneath with woody overwear

>> No.42834338

That'd be pretty cool, but I'm assuming the point he was making is that some ghost types don't fuck around. Like at all.
Trevenant's pre evolution Phantump's pokedex entry says:
>According to old tales, these Pokémon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest.
I think that might be the first and only pokedex entry that outright mentions death.

>> No.42834430

no, plenty of them talk about death. Yamask is a soul of a dead human who carries a mask that looks like its face and sometimes looks at it and cries.

>> No.42834477

Depends how angry they are, really. Ever have a Shuppet screaming about how you'll never forget it again while trying to kill off the rest of your team after you, for example? Or a yamask so desperate for its humanity back, so jealous of the humans around it, that it grows more and more deranged?

>> No.42834938

I think that Ghost types are the most fucked up inside, hence why some of them play pranks. It's a coping mechanism. Anyone specializing in Ghost Types is probably really good at helping Pokemon through their issues.

Now I wanna see a Ghost Type Gym Leader/Elite Four based off of a Psychological Counselor.

>> No.42835044

the idea of the ghost trainers cuddling their gengar after a long therapy session and gengar having a good cry sounds adorable. We got a drawanon in here?

>> No.42835094


I am actually using that kind of set up currently with my pcs in the game I run. Basically, Ghost types need a lot of support as they grow, becoming more distant from what they were. Players have to either help them come to terms with what they are, or if they just ignore it watch as it becomes obsessed with what it had before. If they help it along, then it ends up a protective spirit of great power. If they ignore it, it begins becoming more and more outwardly violent, trying to steal what it wants with no idea how and disastrous results for the living it corners.

>> No.42835467

I like this idea. I wish you luck good sir.

>> No.42835973

Thanks, it's been going well enough so far. However, the big test is coming up. Ghost elementalist just managed to reconnect with her starter after they had been forcibly split. Now she gets to try and reverse the damage years of neglect and abuse from thieves has done to her friend, who I should note started the encounter by using the corpses of her tormentors as meat puppets, bashing them apart as she got angrier. Might get a nice little bonus at the end if she does well.

>> No.42836424

SurveyMonkey, wherever you are, please do us a solid and help with this /x/ debate.

>> No.42836451

After /vp/ approves or disapproves. Not before.

>> No.42836478

After all the OC they've been producing, I'm pretty sure they approve.

>> No.42836483

When is the ball anyway?

>> No.42836485

I thought they already approved?

I'll check their thread again.

>> No.42836501

From the /qa/ thread -
>the ball has been scheduled for actually winter this time, after Halloween, before thanksgiving. date TBD

I suggest the first Saturday of November. There's going to be a cytube up for the event. It's currently being worked on by some friendly anons.

>> No.42836527

That would be November 7th, not a bad choice. there was a handful of drawfags going through midterms so /qa/ may want another week, but im down.

>> No.42836528

Yeah, I've prepared a form for /vp/ over it. Pretty much all that's left is to decide when/who will make the thread over there to finish our polling and announce your invite.

>> No.42836560

As somebody from both /vp/ and /tg/, I don't quite know what I should be doing at the moment...

>> No.42836583

I'll be the one to do it. Use the neutral invitation from the last thread and whenever we get that comic today, but without the trip.

>> No.42836592

Just sit back and relax.

Me, personally, I'm planning some writefag stuff. But it probably won't show up for a while.

>> No.42836604

Sit back and enjoy the ride?

Now that I've given it some thought,I might take up that cyberpunk comic.I'm going to need some serious help with that damn bike though

>> No.42836657

Cool. So it'll just be that one message and the comic from you in the OP? Want me to post the polls in the first reply or something?

>> No.42836682

Stop forever. You are the actual worst. These things individually are awful and repetitive and fake as shit, and you are jamming them all into a boring ass pile and calling it fun art. It's not. The contrast is making it even more horrible than it would be normally. Please cease.

>> No.42836684

I like it!

>> No.42836687

Man, forget the bike. The bike isn't important. The cyberpunk is.

>> No.42836711

That's what I'm hoping. I'll post here just before posting the thread.

>> No.42836739

I can't remember if I posted this or if I only thought I posted it due to sleep deprivation. If I did post it before, shit, sorry.

>> No.42836762

Very good. I'll also make a note informing the people to go to the /qa/ thread in case we have to camp out there or here. Also probably wouldn't hurt confirming that /x/ approached me first and that it was their idea, though I don't want to get too wordy. Good luck, you guys.

>> No.42836801

You've got the hard part man, good luck to you!

>> No.42836831

I'll do my best. We'll probably have to make more than one thread, though.

Which reminds me. SurveyMonkey, if you get b8 could you let us know in ghost?

>> No.42836861

This time last year I was trying to play a PTA game. I had high hopes for it, the DM seemed interested in the subject matter and I got hyped enough to really create a personality and history for my character, down to the mannerisms and vocabulary.

Then it turned out to be a total edgelord campaign, the DM couldn't control pacing at all, the other characters were all Important Adults With Many Important Things To Do, and it just sucked. I wanted a pokemon campaign. Not watch some smoke worm devour all the lowbies in some shitty desert.

>> No.42837125

Well my guys hit plot, but how do you feel about pbp PTU? I try and give people games when I can. Considering starting a tertiary group anyway since I keep veering one towards horror campaign (ghost type is too fun to write for), the other...well I admittedly started this shit on years worth of sleep deprivation. They are currently about to see what other realms there are besides the Distortion and the real world.

>> No.42837166

Why was /mlp/ even a fucking option?

>> No.42837222

I haven't played a PBP for more than a decade. It makes me wary, to be honest.

>> No.42837261

They got votes. There may or may not have been rigging from a crossboard shitposter.

>> No.42837330

Fair enough. I mean, I will admit, I have made mistakes here. Lots of them, though I try and make it all work. But I have a disruptive work schedule and just wanted to give people a chance to play, and for both sides to learn the system. I can honestly say, though, that I prefer the lighter stuff, with the darker aspects coming in when people make darker choices with their characters. But it is an offer, and it is a game I made mostly to let people choose plots to chase while we all learn a system together so new people can learn.

>> No.42837333

Since the built-in archive seems fucked up, here's that comic idea again:
>Vanille and Viol talking to each other about who they want to go to the ball with.
>Viol scoffs at Teej, thinking last year was a one-off, starts talking up Sc/out/.
>Angry voice from outside the door "DO I HEAR FUN IN THERE?" they quickly shut up
>Teej in a cyborg outfit blows through the wall on a motorcycle or some shit.
>"Come with me if you want to go to the ball"

>> No.42837392

If a motorbike is hard to draw why not have teej riding a rhyhorn?

>> No.42837399

Because it's supposed to be cyberpunk. Also, a Rhyhorn is definitely more difficult to draw.

>> No.42837437

Have Teej ride in on a flying Genesect. It's like a Cyberpunk Kabutops.

>> No.42837439

It's a Terminator reference. Also Cyberpunk.

Maybe the line should be "Come with me if you want to have fun"

>> No.42837449

Magnezone maybe? Or metagross?

>> No.42837450


>> No.42837451

And it's blasting 80s synth and chip tunes all the way back to Teej's hideout.

>> No.42837470


>> No.42837480

Kind of a shitty comic, to be honest. The dialogue is hard to follow, and the figures and angles are too static. I appreciate the effort, though, and definitely don't want to scare you off.

>> No.42837514

Perfect. Only thing I'd change is the last line from /tg/. We need to use this as an invitation, so we need to pose it as such. "Come with me if you want to have fun/go to the ball" works because it's still a suggestion rather than "hop on, we're doing THIS."

>> No.42837516

This is right around when their mod is active anyway. And I've gotta do a quick errand. Guys should figure out if this is good enough or we should wait for that other drawfag.

>> No.42837550

>>42837470 here. Now that I saw what >>42837480 was saying, I can see where he's coming from. Following the initial dialogue is a little difficult.

>> No.42837552

I think it just needs a slight tweak with the wording at the end, just to pose it as a question or request more, but otherwise, I think we're good to go.

>> No.42837553

Yeah I've noticed about the dialogue,figured I should swap Viol and Vanille's places so that it flows more naturally.

Hmm fair nuff,give me a sec

>> No.42837612

"Come with me if you want to have fun" is a better line.

>> No.42837618

Should I go ahead and swap Viol and Vanille's places?

I'll have to rehaul those frames but that shouldn't take very long hopefully

>> No.42837648

That would probably do well. Would flow better like you said.

>> No.42837664

Yeah the initial dialogue is a tad hard to follow, try shuffling things around so it flows more naturally. Just the first two panels need work really.

>> No.42837674

I would say yes, it'd help clear up any confusion. This edit looks much better.

>> No.42837717

The first three. And the fifth panel is just confusing. What is the space in this room? It's not clear the motorcycle is flying.

>> No.42837747

Nah I'd say the motorcycle is okay, though some speed lines could help, or a steeper arc

>> No.42837755

so guys, /vp/ says they're waiting on us to make a new thread.

>> No.42837788

Main problem is the mod. Rocannon, you said around 11 EST, right?

>> No.42837812

Either/or. As SurveyMonkey said the hot pockets tend to be pretty spicy this time of day. Don't feel rushed.
That's when all the lewd dumps tend to run rampant so yeah.

>> No.42837855

You should split the top panel into 2, ie make it a 7 panel comic instead of 6.

Too much text to fit in a single panel, and it switches from left->right and right->left which is extremely confusing.

>> No.42837902

An indicator of a floor would do more.

>> No.42837964

Reminder that /x/-tan is not /x/.

>> No.42838033

Is this better?

Or should I just start over?

>> No.42838098

Looks good.

>> No.42838106

You fixed all the problems. It is no longer shit.

>> No.42838107

I think we're ready to go guys, this is perfect.

>> No.42838139

You have done well.

>> No.42838150

I'd certainly say so.
>pic unrelated

>> No.42838175

Near-Perfection, Anon.

We're proud of you.

>> No.42838197

Good show anon! I think we're finally ready to ask our dates to the ball!

>> No.42838213

Don't think it's paced too well. Is the mod in the room when Teej busts through?

Still have to wait for the /vp/ mods to go to sleep, and then there's that other drawfag who's working on the comic.

>> No.42838251

No we don't. There's a qa thread for them.

>> No.42838262

I'll court a possible ban to post the thread. I'll just point out that there's a /qa/ thread, and they can take refuge here if they accept.

>> No.42838278


They're gonna love it! Everything is ready on my end. Have the polls, a short update on the situation with our other candidates, a disclaimer on the /x/ situation, and cross-link to the /qa/ thread in case the hot pockets blow up in the microwave.

Make tweaks, wait on more stuff, wait for the mods, whatever, but I'm ready when you are.

Yes we do. The turnout from the /qa/ thread was half of the original and I'm not comfortable doing this with dumbasses lurking around there.

>> No.42838280

It's better to put it in their board. Less chance for shitposters.

>> No.42838282

Nice job omae.

>> No.42838306

I love that we're on the ball with this. Thank you, blessed survey anons.

>> No.42838319

Show us the post you're going with. We'd like a chance to polish it.

>> No.42838332

Which gives zero exposure to actual /vp/oreons.

No, I'll take it. It'll likely only be a localized ban anyway, and I can stand to post for three days from my phone.

>> No.42838355

We as in /vp/ or we as in /tg/? I can post it in our /qa/ thread if you want.

When are you thinking of doing it?

>> No.42838415

Probably once the other drawfag posts work and we can figure out which to use. Probably a couple hours. I'm in no particular rush. We have time.

>> No.42838450

Good to me. Have to cook dinner right now anyways.

>> No.42839025


>> No.42839861

Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.42839994

There is your... 11 hour late responses, poster. Good job.

>> No.42840060

Here on /tg/, we pride ourselves on prompt responses. We've gotten so good at being prompt that we can respond within the same day, now!

>> No.42840070

I'm still working on the comic, its just taking me some time.

>> No.42840130

That's an cute style you have anon. Keep at it man.

>> No.42840131

looks nice so far

>> No.42840174

Cute style. I like that Viol talks more like a child, even if he is almost 17.

>> No.42840198


Are you the same drawfag who did that comic with /v/ and /pol/ arguing over /x/ last year?

Just noticed the art style,that's all

>> No.42840250


>> No.42840284

Yeah fair enough,I don't draw comics much so my layout-ing and paneling skills are pretty bleh.

>> No.42840291

>pokemon is gen 6

>DnD is gen 5
>Shadowrun is gen 5
>GURPS is... 4th?
>Pathfinder is 3.75 or 1rst I suppose
>Warhammer is 8th
Overall, we seem to be a few editions younger
Is this /ss/?

>> No.42840323

D&D isn't five generations in. AD&D is numbered to five. There's not even just five iterations of AD&D.

>> No.42840358

It's okay. It just takes practice.

Like writing, it takes a lot of trial and error.

We have many editions spanning many tabletop games. Also, Teej's age isn't determined in the same way as the /vp/twins. He's in his mid twenties.

>> No.42840369

Pokemon gens. First gen Pokemon was 1995. First gen D&D was 1974. Wargaming is even older than that.

Plus, if you REALLY want to get semantic, each game's gens would count into the whole of /tg/ gens, so right there, you've counted 19 gens. Add Gurps, L5R, 2 gens of Fate, even multiple gens of /tg/ homebrews like AdEva (3 gens). These gens add up.

>> No.42840395

>not adding them all together
>not intentionally flubbing the numbers to seem even more impressive

So we agree each of the 20th Anniversary WoD books counts as 20, right?

>> No.42840411

Is /tg/ undead?

>> No.42840463

He is an uncertainty lich.

He is Schroedinger's Lich.

>> No.42840464

No, then he would be infected with Negative energy and healing items would hurt him.

>> No.42840692

Aww yiss. This is gonna be gud.

He might just be an immortal. Or an elf.

>> No.42840735

Well, we've never seen Teej's ears...

>> No.42840753

He does some pretty good shit. If it's him, I'd be happy.

>> No.42840761

keep practicing, you don't get good at things with the first try.

>> No.42840796

>mfw all the lewd ss of /x/-tan and Viol to come out of this.

>> No.42840813

It'd be nice to get more anything of /x/. Half of what seems to be posted often is from a few years back.

>> No.42840860

He's 16, though so does he even count as that? Unless Viol is a late bloomer shrimp. Which would be pretty great actually.

>> No.42840866

All of the drawfags of /x/ are gone, apparently. I'm happy to have some stuff come out for them, too.

>> No.42840899

Too be fair, our local drawfags haven't had much reason to draw new content of /tg/ and /x/.

Have you seen how scrawny that kid is? He's got the build of a teenage elf and the height of an adult dwarf. He's quite a choice meal for cougars.

>> No.42840964

But is /x/ a cougar? And why would our local drawfags be the ones in charge of drawing /x/?

>> No.42841034

Not in charge per'se but considering this is our home board, most of the pictures you've seen of /x/-tan are with Teej right? Those are the ones mostly posted on this board anyhow.
As for if /x/ is interested in twerps, My boner hopes so

>> No.42841106

Oops. I thought you were talking about /X/-tan Xena? Xenu? Xhana? being made in general. Nah, our local drawfags haven't had much reason to draw them before now. Not for at least six years.

>> No.42841195

I'm a /vp/ drawfag who cant draw humanoids. Any ideas on what to draw for you fine folks?

Enjoyed last year.

Also, this is why you don't trust /out/

Yes I'm aware you guys are d-lite

>> No.42841221

cyberpunk/fantasy versions of your favorite pokemon?

>> No.42841228

Calling us /d/-lite is a sore spot for a lot of fa/tg/uys, but I'm willing to let it slide. Can you draw a Delphox making a potion for us? I'd say to make it look like a witch, but it's already a witch.

>> No.42841255

You could always draw Teej's pokemon team if you want. I believe we decided on Ursaring, Hawlucha, Krookodile, Mr. Mime, Golurk, and Sableye.

>> No.42841321

I've grown fond of Delphox over the more recent years, she's a new favorite of mine after using in game, so thats definitely something I'll do. As for the potion making, It's been done better than I can (pic related), but you've given me an idea!
>Calling us /d/-lite is a sore spot for a lot of fa/tg/uys
That doesnt change the fact that you're still lovable deviants.

Never drawn any of those before, but Krookodile gives me a ton of trouble. I'll still do something with it though.

>> No.42841378

Thanks for drawing for the event anon. You're a trooper.

>> No.42841442

We love you, too, /vp/. But this opens up a new avenue of good-natured teasing, you furries.

It doesn't matter if you draw good or bad. Like I've said countless times, OC is OC, and it's always appreciated. It helps keep shitposters off of our backs, oddly enough.

>> No.42841467

Legal Shota, awwww yiss.

Well, if it IS bad, we'll just politely ignore it, unless someone starts spamming it. At worst give some constructive criticism.

>> No.42841506

If it's legal, isn't it not shota anymore? Not to be nitpicky, but I'm kinda being nitpicky.

>> No.42841634

And I thought we were the board with bug-lust.

>> No.42841700

Spoiler that shit next time, you idiot. You're going to get banned by Yappy if you keep doing this shit.

We do not have nearly as much lust for animals as /out/ or /an/. /k/ is concerned about his wife and child.

>> No.42841726

unless he's a vrylocka, because they're fucking bullshit


>> No.42841755

>MFW this means all Viol x Teej will now not exist

>> No.42841840

There were plenty of /vp/oreons who said they were going to make plenty of gay shit in the first poll. I doubt /x/ is going to stop them. Assuming the votes pass.

>> No.42841844

It all assumes that things would pan out between the two. It might, it might not. Just saying, at least hope for friends, at most hope for more.

>> No.42841877

That implies that literally every combination wont.

>> No.42841912

fair enough, I shall have hope. Besides, we're on 4chan! this is basically homo city!

>> No.42841916

Did Teeg just unintentionally got the haram flag?

>> No.42841945

do you mean Harem? if so Teej has been a Harem anime protag several times before.

>> No.42841963

Lanky nerd with niche hobbies and has had a history with women? Might as well have.

>> No.42842056

Sorry, shitty phone is prone to that. If Teeg has a harem I can't wait for all the draw and writefags to jump on that.

>> No.42842075

new thread when?

>> No.42842078

What about a Muscle Delphox?

>> No.42842090

Hmm... I'm not sure I want Teej to have a harem, honestly.

For one thing, there's already a bit of discrepancy with how people want to see the /x/ situation. Until that's resolved, OC regarding it is going to be a hot issue.

For another thing, having a harem just doesn't seem to be /tg/. I've seen quests about it, sure, but I just don't see our board really being into that kind of stuff. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

>> No.42842121

When it's on page 10. I'll make a new OP to make it more up-to-date.

...yeah, that works. A tad fetish-y, since Delphox is usually seen as female, but that's cool.

>> No.42842130

No thanks, no harem stuff.

>> No.42842143

ya, I don't want it, I was just saying that it's happened before

>> No.42842153

fetish in small doses isn't a bad thing, I know people who get off to frilly dresses and I don't see a blanket ban on hoop skirts.

remember fa/tg/uys are /d/litefully capable at using fetishes in small easy to enjoy doses.

>> No.42842189

It's difficult to stop, once you've had a small dose. But you're right. We'll have to see where people take it.

Anyone have an OP picture I should use, or should I just summon one from the aether? Personally, I want to use Tiji-tan.

>> No.42842202

we could use the winterball, or we could if it wasn't shit. We could also use the newer version of the comic

>> No.42842226

this is a classic in the making

>> No.42842227

I'd rather save the comic for the actual invitation. I'll be using the Pokeball, for now.

New Thread incoming - please wait.

>> No.42842288

Git in 'ere, ya grotz!


>> No.42842300

holy shit really? I said that jokingly, my pokeballs are shit

ah, kind of what I expected ;_;

>> No.42842328

Sorry, anon. Your Pokeball is really good, and I'll use it for another thread.

>> No.42842393

stop shitposting in the /qa/ thread.

>> No.42842427

it's k, it was a 10 minute shit recolor

am I even shitposting? honestly not sure at this point

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