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Alright, so I have this idea I'll give the long version and short version

Long version:
I want to give my players the ability to create 1-2 different characters that they'd like to play. They start a guild, an adventuring guild. The purpose is so they can play different characters based on what they feel like or depending on the situation. So the player to choose one of three characters to play, all part of this guild. The rules would be obvious. No trading items, unlesd special circumstances. Gold is never shared between personal characters. You play your character for 1 month of in-game time before you get the chance to switch. Inactive characters gain a set amount of xp and gold which is their "off-camera" quests and junk.

Gold my be donated to the guild hall to get upgrades. (Personal amory, smith, potion maker, etc) But those are benchmarks and will be expensive.

Short version:
I'd like my players to be able to play 1 character, but be able to select from 3 they've also created.

They are part of a guild.

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I had an idea for a Final Fantasy campaign where every player would make three characters, then start with the first character they made. As the campaign progressed, I'd introduce a new playable character whenever a player wanted to switch or when it fit the story.

It would probably be a lot more complicated in reality, but in my mind it might be fun.

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Destroy your game? I can't see why it would. That sounds pretty fucking awesome actually and you sound like a cool DM.

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My group is literally already doing this and it works great. Plus it allows for shit-hits-the-fan 'we need the entire guild for this' shit.

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Hey this is a really cool idea.

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Building on this idea.

Monthly gold should be measured by how willing to take risks the players are.

For their other characters I'd ask this.
"The guild offers side-contracts for members who aren't performing a main contract or aren't off in their free-time. What sort of contract would your side characters take?"

On a crit failure, your character fails the contract and must roll again to confirm. If they get two crit failures in a row, they are dead or captured. (Which could allow for some fun)

Contracts: (all give a leveled xp reward)

Deathtrap (Chance for a magical item+chance for a guild upgrade) 1d4 (No confirmation. Character dies on a crit-failure)

Risky (1000 gold) 1d6

Challenging (750 gold) 1d12

Run-of-the-mill (500 gold) 1d20

Easy (250 gold) No roll required

There is to be no throw-away characters. When one of your characters dies, you take an xp-penalty.

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>tfw DMing a BS game soon
>tfw my players have no idea what they are in for

BS2 needs to hurry up and come out damn it.

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look up and play Treasure of the Rudras

basically, in it there's 3 playable parties that all have an intertwining narrative

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>BS Game that I'm not in
>I don't get to be a Varl warrior in the snow-covered, war-torn lands of olde.
>Feels man

In related news, did you hear about this? http://stoicstudio.com/the-banner-saga-warbands/

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I've done something similar before, it worked pretty well.

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Needs a better name.

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I want to cum insider Tinkerballa

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Your idea is awesome and you should feel awesome.
Why would you think that this could destroy your game?

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