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Post builds, roleplay stuff, write shit.

Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP
Freeform Rules: http://pastebin.com/tvtc8y42
IRC doc archive: http://pastebin.com/u/MagicalGirlPastebin
Combat System:http://pastebin.com/LLyWhixf
Monster List: http://pastebin.com/bd6KD7j0
Char Gen: http://www.dolldivine.com/sailor-senshi-maker.php
Magical Girl Images: https://mega.co.nz/#!gI1kyLCA!qGB50vUFeu_q4AYcKLnYRguMdes1gI6qdaflW54fzQ4
Combat Imp. : http://pastebin.com/dFQMmCFC
Combat Imp. V2: http://pastebin.com/vUynnsEM
Combat imp. v3: http://pastebin.com/BRYcuwPy
Even less offical Summonable minions-of-the-week: http://pastebin.com/zqqXhqaj
Equally unoffical Expanded Monster Girls PDF will be posted next

Rizon Chat room: #MGCYOA
Rolz Roleplay Room: MGCYOA Roleplay

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five more Monster Girls to give full coverage of the Specialties when you roll Corruption

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This is Herp-Derp's combat system v3 before Madbrewer integrated it with the original so you wouldn't need both files

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Hey Cinder, you there?

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Rolled 9, 12, 4, 13, 18, 6, 14, 20, 20, 3, 16, 1 = 136 (12d20)


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where is beast? It's so sad without him

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MGCYOA Fiction list updated with the only new link I found on the last thread


(I am not QuasarBlack, just saving the link)

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15 years
mystic (ink)
familiar (horse)
third eye (gold)
+1 agi allies
training (visual arts) (bronze)
fake parents
+1 lck fated
+1 mag sorcery

str 4
vit 7 (bronze x2)
agi 8 (silver) (bronze)
mag 13 (silver x2)
lck 5

Myuu Takojima sees things, sometimes she draws them, and sometimes they come to life.

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ROlled 13d20: 6, 2, 19, 13, 11, 1, 4, 20, 16, 14, 14, 5, 7 = 132

name: Roboko Senshi Denki
age: 12
body: underdeveloped
str: 4
agi: 6 (+2 spec)
vit: 4
mag: 25 (+5 spec +1 wpn +1 outfit +1 power +7 perks +6 silver*3 +4 bronze*4)
lck: 4

Robot Girl - Spirit & Lightning
+1 mag or str
+2 mag or lck
+2 mag
+2 agi

weapon: mystic
+1 mag

outfit: elaborate
+1 mag

power: killing blow (Lightning End or Internet Hate Machine)
+1 mag

big freind +1 mag
sorcery +1 mag
patron +1 mag
allies +1 mag
gifted +1 mag

1 gold for +2 perks
enhanced weapon +1 mag
enhanced outfit, +1 mag

Denki's patron is a collosal Gemstone Dragon, whose sports stadium lair in the Overcity is awash with the mana coins he mints. His agenda for the girls is mainly for them to collect mana to forge into more coins, a fraction of which he lets them keep as incentive. He doesn't really care how they go about this, but monster hunting is usually more effective than draining random civilians, and less distasteful to the girls as well.

big freind:
12D20 => (9 +15 +4(auto-Corruption) +20 +14 +15 +18 +1 +15 +18 +2 +8) = 139

name: Pyramid Senshi Haboob
age: 15
body: overdeveloped
str: 5 (+1 spec = 5)
agi: 5 (+1 spec = 5)
vit: 7 (+3 spec = 7)
mag: 7 (+1 spec +1 wpn +1 outfit = 7)
lck: 5 (+1 spec)

Sphinxgirl - Stone & Reinforcement
+3 str or vit > vit
+1 str
+1 agi
+1 mag
+1 lck

weapon: mystic
+1 mag

outfit: elaborate
+1 mag

power: regeneration


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24D20 => (2 +11 +18 +11 +13 +14 +17 +3 +20 +12 +13 +7

name: Utaime Senshi Chorale
age: 8
body: average
str: 4
agi: 5 (+1 spec)
vit: 4
mag: 8 (+2 spec +1 wpn +1 outfit)
lck: 5 (+1 spec)

spec: Sound
+1 agi
+2 mag
+1 lck

weapon: mystic
+1 mag

outfit: elaborate
+1 mag

power: duplication
Chorale is her own band and back-up vocalist

+14 +6 +9 +16 +1 +9 +9 +15 +5 +9 +12 +1) = 247

name: Kemono Senshi Gunko
age: 10
body: underdeveloped
str: 7 (+1 spec +2 wpn)
agi: 6 (+1 spec +1 oufit)
vit: 4
mag: 5 (+1 spec)
lck: 4

spec: Beast
+1 str
+1 agi
+1 mag

weapon: fist
+2 str

outfit: skimpy
+1 agi

power: barrage
Dervish Assault - a spinning, bounding attack that strikes an entire crowd of enemies one after another

Despite Gunko being two years older than her sister, they're easily mistaken for twins, something that irritates her whenever it's mentioned. Chorale's songs can always calm her fury, however.

>> No.42799673


Chrysolanth the Resplendent (Patron)
age: 2493
body: adult
str: 36 (+3 spec +2 wpn +1 perk)
agi: 36 (+4 spec +1 outfit +1 perk)
vit: 32 (+1 spec +1 perk)
mag: 42 (+7 spec +1 wpn +1 power +3 perks)
lck: 33 (+3 spec)

Spec: Gemstone Dragon
Fire, Reinforcement, Psychic, Water, Stone, & Beast specs
+3 str or mag > mag
+1 vit or lck > vit
+3 str
+4 agi
+4 mag
+3 lck

fist +2 str
mystic +1 mag

outfit: skimpy (a bit of jewelry and a coin purse, if that)
+1 agi

Killing Blow (Burn A Nation) (+1 str or mag > mag)
Focused Assault
Third Eye

Enhanced weapon (+1 str +1 mag)
mystic artifact
gifted (+1 mag)
flexibility (+1 agi)
disguise artifact
enhanced sustenance (+1 vit)
enhanced outfit (+1 mag)
healing artifact
sorcery (+1 mag)
purification artifact
absolute direction

Chysolanth is the patron of nearly a hundred magical girls and monster girls who he can call on to act on his behalf if neccessary, and in his long lifetime he's picked up a smattering of all the magical styles along with the half-dozen he's mastered. He also has effectively unlimited funds, both mundane and mana coins, and a considerable collection of magical artifacts as well. That said, he's a dragon, and doesn't keep a hoard by being a generous soul, so such items are only lent to his girls rarely and only if required for a mission he sends them on specifically.

While not quite identical to the Interdimensional Home perk, girls under his patronage can be assigned apartments in a nearby building, which he also owns. A small enchanted key and a bit of personal mana is needed to teleport to one, rather than the simple concentration of the perk, and the location is known to various outsiders, some hostile.

Rumor says he is linked with the Overcity's banking system, but that could simply be because he's one of the few who openly creates mana coins. Then again, given his power, only a fool would try to steal from him.

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eh, patron stats? Never seen one making em

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>> No.42801684


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Rolled 10, 16, 6, 15, 3, 14, 13, 16, 19, 16, 12, 19 = 159 (12d20)


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Rolled 10, 10, 3, 14, 8, 8, 9, 3, 12, 10, 12, 10 = 109 (12d20)

New thread, new roll.

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Rolled 12, 20, 17, 1, 13, 9, 14, 3, 15, 17, 10, 20 = 151 (12d20)


>> No.42802981

Age: 16
Body: Average
STR: 4
AGI: 14
VIT: 6
MAG: 11
LCK: 4
Specialization: Air
Weapon: Mystic (Eye of the Storm)
Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Focused Assault (Jetstream)
Perks: Enhanced Weapon, Wings, Absolute Direction, Natural Aging, Enhanced Outfit

Bronze: Outfit -4, VIT +1, VIT +1, MAG +1
Silver: Swap Perk 9, MAG +2, MAG +2
Gold: AGI +4

>> No.42803050

Rolled 19, 4, 6, 6, 2, 7, 19, 18, 19, 8, 16, 19 = 143 (12d20)


Since it's boring to just roll idly, I'mma do a boring thing with my boring roll.

>My name is Rhode. I have a first name, but I usually keep it to myself. My parents were kinda dorks.
>Life tends to suck for me. I tend to really get screwed on luck.
>As a kid, on at least three occasions, dogs in fact did eat my homework. Nobody believed me.
>As a teen, I was the latest bloomer of the batch.
>In college, I always caught the worst professors in one way or another
>I always had the sort of luck that left me stranded without reliable contacts.
>My twenty-first birthday blew past me a few weeks ago and nobody remembered, including me.
>And as of about thirty seconds ago, I just saw this little girl in a green dress get mauled to death by a giant...
>bear... thing. Abomination seems apt.
>Well, I suppose the tiniest shriveled husk of luck chased it off.
>Now this little critter just showed up.

>I don't know what's about to happen, but I can guess.

>It won't end well for me.

Backstory established.

Rolling like it matters.

>> No.42803153

>Rolled 12, 20, 17, 1, 13, 9, 14, 3, 15, 17, 10, 20 = 151 (12d20)
Age 8 silver to 16
Stone +3 vit
Melee +1 str +1 vit
Elaborate +1 mag
+1 vit, Patron
+1 vit, enhanced weapon
Soul Jar Bronze to wings
Hammerspace Handbag

Str 7 2 bronze
Vit 14 2 silver
Agi 4
Mag 9 Gold
Luck 4

Right. Need a name. I'm thinking Karpinsky.

As for patron, not sure. Thunderbird might work, what with the whole association with earthquakes and volcanoes.

>> No.42803335

Rolled 18, 20, 4, 19, 20, 8, 9, 10, 20, 10, 5 = 143 (11d20)

Time for a new one

Gonna roll for corruption if it happens

>> No.42803432

Rolled 11, 18, 4, 11, 2, 9, 18, 6, 19, 1, 3, 9, 7, 20, 5, 4, 19, 4 = 170 (18d20)

Spending a gold coin for Allies and Big Friend, rolling first six for ally 1, second six for ally 2 and third six for the monstergirl

>> No.42803783

Oh, hey, speaking of - finally got my second page of corruption together. Assuming the servers don't shit the bed like the LAST time I had an update ready, I'll throw it up when I get home tonight.

Nice to have a backup - I'm not hanging around in threads all the time. Original Master List updated as well.

>> No.42804088

That totals up to the following.

Wyrd is quite possibly one of the most powerful Spirit girls around. Quiet, calm and ever-smiling perky goth type, with a penchant to get physical when encountering a problem, she's often seen chatting with her three younger "sisters" - two lesser magical girls and a drider, who banded together to reap the benefits of Wyrd's fake parents - a pair of restless spirits tasked by Puchuu with acting as her caretakers.


Yeah, too tired to come up with anything better. Feel free to grab this and run with it if anyone wishes to, Anons.

Name: Wyrd
Age: 14
Body: Overdeveloped
Specialization: Spirit (+3Mag)
Weapon: Fist (+2Str)
Outfit: Uniform (+1Vit)
Power: Focused Assault

==STATS== (disguised)
STR 6 (3) MAG 20 (5) x3s,4b
AGI 4 (3) LCK 4 (3)
VIT 6 (3)

#1 Blood Magic (+1 Vit)
#2 Hammerspace Handbag
#3 Fake Parents
#4 Absolute Direction
#5 Gifted (+1 Mag)
G1 Allies (+1 Mag)
G2 Big Friend (+1 Mag)
Ally #1
Age: 7
Body: Overdeveloped
Specialization: Spirit
Weapon: Mystic
Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Barrage

==STATS== (disguised)
STR 4 (3) MAG 8 (5)
AGI 5 (3) LCK 4 (3)
VIT 4 (3)
Ally #2
Age: 14
Body: Underdeveloped
Specialization: Air
Weapon: Melee
Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Barrage

==STATS== (disguised)
STR 5 (3) MAG 4 (3)
AGI 9 (3) LCK 4 (3)
VIT 5 (3)
Big Friend
Age: 8
Body: Overdeveloped
Corruption: Drider
Weapon: Melee
Outfit: Uniform
Power: Hammerspace

==STATS== (disguised)
STR 8 (3) MAG 6 (3)
AGI 4 (3) LCK 5 (3)
VIT 7 (3)

>> No.42804312

>got the second page of Corruption together

Groovy! I'll be interested to see how my girls stack up to the official version.

>> No.42804425

It would be cool to have a full 20 monster girl types, or maybe one fixed specialty for each type and roll for a second. Song/Empath would be a sick combo!

>> No.42804464

At a glance? You doubled up on Stone & Reinforcement to round out the block of 10, rather than my use of 9 doubled specs and making the 10th slot a Dark Magical Girl with a wildcard power.

Your weaknesses are barely inconveniences compared to some of the page2 monsters. In fact, I've been a little concerned that their weaknesses and drives are too harsh compared to the initial five. Also, I think you've only got one monster there that I have in my update - Siren, and even then My Siren is Water/Sound rather than Water/Stone. Everything else is different.

>> No.42804479


After much fiddling

>19 -> AGE: 15
>4 -> BODY: Underdeveloped
>6 -> SPECIALIZATION: Psychic *BRONZE COIN* Time (+1 AGI, +2 LCK)
>6 -> WEAPON: Ranged (+1 AGI)
>2 -> OUTFIT: Skimpy (+1 AGI)
>7 -> POWER: Focused Assault
>19, 18 -> Awareness, Purification Artifact
>19, 6 -> A Way Out *SILVER COIN* Closure (+1 LCK), Incognito
>16 -> Sorcery (+1 MAG)

>4 Bronze Coins - 1 = 3 BRONZE
>3 Silver Coins - 1 = 2 SILVER
>1 Gold Coin = 1 GOLD
>AGI: 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 6 SILVER 8 BRONZE 9
>VIT: 4 = 4 SILVER 6
>MAG: 4 + 1 = 5 GOLD 9
>LCK: 4 + 2 + 1 = 7

Magical Girl Rhode
Age: 15
Body: Underdeveloped [How did I know this was going to happen?]
Specialization: Time [... uh... jackpot?]
Weapon: Ranged [Bullpup Dragunov Rifle. Jack, pot.]
Outfit: Skimpy [Oh good. I can't have a nice outfit, I have to wear something that looks like it's been shredded slightly.]
POWER: Focused Assault
: Awareness [Considering I'm slightly better than made of paper, I think knowing the fight is going to happen is nice.]
: Purification Artifact [I don't like getting into fights so much. This helps me with that. Good enough.]
: Closure [This was my choice, honestly. The few people who do know me would probably ache over it, and I don't want to bring them into this... whatever it is.]
: Incognito [Eh. Less people who pay me mind, the better.]

STR: 6
AGI: 9
VIT: 6
MAG: 9
LCK: 7

>> No.42804565

I couldn't resist making the Siren a rock singer, and their thing in mythology was luring ships onto the rocks, so I rolled with it.

And yeah, the flavor text for them is mostly kind of weak. I figured there would be further commentary leading to a revised version, but nope, barely even a word.

>> No.42804763

I was tryin that with the list here now, but couldn't think of enough types to fit all the specializations

Fire: Lamia
Ice: Beargirl
Air: Sphinx
Reinforcement: Fallen Angel
Psychic: Catgirl
Time: Vampire
Lightning: Robot
Sound: Siren
Darkness: Drider
Illusion: Doppleganger
Wood: Dryad
Water: Slime
Gravity: Constellation
Stone: Golemgirl
Beast: Werewolf

>> No.42805303

Rolled 5, 18, 6, 6, 14, 20, 11, 11, 14, 17, 5, 13 = 140 (12d20)

Oh, hey, new thread.

>> No.42806507

Rolled 5, 17, 16, 7, 11, 12, 17, 15, 20, 1, 13, 1 = 135 (12d20)

rolling for a Sound girl with this for a Mystic weapon (it's an ocarina)

Just figure I kept rerolling until that came up, 'cause I'm ignoring the dice for those.

>> No.42807373

Rolled 14, 4, 1, 5, 14, 15, 19, 17, 16, 15, 15, 5 = 140 (12d20)

Rolled 5, 17, 16(ignored), 7(ignored), 11, 17, 12, 15, 20, 1, 13, 1 = 135

name: Ocarina Princess Ryuuko
age: 11
body: overdeveloped

str: 4
agi: 5 (+1 spec)
vit: 10 (+4 gold +2 bronze*2)
mag: 15 (+2 spec +1 wpn +1 outfit +1 perk +6 silver*3)
lck: 5 (+1 spec)

Combat system v3 derived stats:
HP: 34
regen: 2/round or 4/round w/2mp (power)

MP: 25
regen: 4/round (3 +1 power)

Specialty: Sound
+1 agi
+2 mag
+1 lck

Weapon: Mystic (dragon tooth ocarina)
+1 mag

Outfit: elaborate
+1 mag

Power: Regeneration

Enhanced Outfit (+1 mag)
Monstrous Metamorphosis > 1 bronze > Money
Fake Parents > 1 bronze > big friend
Interdimensional Tourist
Healing Artifact

2/4 bronze
3/3 silver
0/1 gold
Rolling for Big Friend

>> No.42807537

Just as a hypothetical and assuming we only outright need to keep what we have already in the main PDF...

Fire: Lamia
Ice: Yuki Onna (Or at least a Yeti)
Air: Harpy
Spirit: Lich
Reinforcement: Machine
Psychic: Nightmare
Time: Vampire
Lightning: Thunderbird
Sound: Siren
Darkness: Drider
Illusion: Doppelganger
Light: Fallen Angel
Wood: Dryad
Empathic: Demon
Water: Undine
Gravity: Constellation
Stone: Medusa
Beast: Werewolf

Why is the Lamia Fire/Ice anyway? The others at least make some semblance of sense even if you have things like Vampire not getting Darkness despite being explicitly a creature of the night. The only reason I can really think of is Drider being thought of first.

>> No.42807710

I left Vampire as time because they're immortal, and nothing fit it better. (Also so do the "I am standing right behind you now" trick) Darkness and Psychic, or even Beast, all would fit well for Vampires, though.

Yukionna def. fits better for ice! I liked the slime girl for water, though... Granted, that was basically the ONLY non porny image I could find of one.

I don't know for sure, but maybe fire/ice has something to do with the mythological lamia/naga?

>> No.42807812


For some reason, when I think "Fire" and "monster" the first thing that comes to mind is "Dragon".

Is Lamia there for the sake of legacy?

>> No.42808071

I guess there aren't too many mythical creatures with any sort of affinity for Time, so vampire would get it as the leftover.

As far as I know, Slimes don't have much of an actual basis in myth, which was what I was shooting for. I'm pretty sure they're just a classic DnD monster (which is conveniently both alien and very easy to represent in miniature).

Lamia was the queen of Libya according to Greek myth. She caught the eye of Zeus and since that never ends well, Hera slaughtered her children and turned her into a child eating demon.
Nagas mostly seem to have Hindu roots, being especially related to the king cobra and portrayed not strictly as good or evil.

Pretty much, yeah. Lamias are great, but a dragon, salamander, or phoenix would be far more fitting to the element.

>> No.42808255


>Ice: Yuki Onna (Or at least a Yeti)

I hope they're not as scary as this one then.

>> No.42808561

Rolled 8, 4, 14, 1, 9, 2, 7, 3, 12, 18, 15, 5 = 98 (12d20)

Lets roll up someone new

>> No.42809482

I have no comment, just a cute snake girl

>> No.42809608


14 years old, Underdeveloped, Empathic, skip the 1 as it was for corruption, Ranged, Skimpy, Focused Assault. +1 Wep Stat Enhanced Wep, +1 Outfit Stat Enhanced Outfit, Eternal Style, Money.

Spend a gold to switch power to Darkness, a silver to change Eternal Style to Absolute direction, then spend the rest on stats.

AGI 12
MAG 10

There's evil creatures out there, in the night. They prey on humans, hunt them for food or just for sport. But now, "the hunters will face the hunt." This little girl is short for her age, dark-haired, pale-skinned, dull-eyed, scrawny, weak. Human. But with those magic words, the darkness becomes her ally, and the creatures that prey upon humans, her prey. Her weapon of choice is a long-barreled bolt action rifle, neatly engraved on the barrel and the stock, dark silver and brown. While the breach must be cleared between each firing, no ordinary bullet has the malicious power of the magical bullets this gun fires. As the girl stalks her prey the shadows aid her, wrapping themselves tightly around her as her armor, hiding her from sight, silencing her movements, while she stalks, and lines up her shot. Those she helps never see her, but they don't need to. Her targets don't understand the crippling pain that the bullets spread. Sometimes she just maims instead of killing. Lets them run. For a more sporting hunt. They would tear her apart if they could find her. But they can't. And they can't escape her once she's found them. They die helpless. Scared. Alone. The way they should.

There's not much else to her life. The money, untraceable cash, is enough to eat and keep a roof over her head. For her, the hunt is everything. Another day, another notch on the belt. Her only fear is that she may someday kill them all. Then what would she do? Her old life was snatched away long ago. And even if it wasn't...

The sun sets, and another hunt begins.

>> No.42810092


Perhaps better is a system for randomly creating the monster girl stats. Then someone could take "their favorite"/"any other random entity"+girl

In case you want to make a flumph-girl or a whatever-the-hell-this-pic-is-girl.

>> No.42810192

Pic related is a shoop of three different characters, so save it if you like it, you won't find it again when the thread is gone


Big Freind:
Name: Ophidia

Age: 10
Body: underdeveloped

str: 11 (+6 spec +1 wpn)
agi: 4
vit: 6 (+1 spec +1 wpn)
mag: 5 (+1 outfit)
lck: 4

Combat system v3 derived stats:
HP: 33
MP: 11
MP regen: 1/turn

Fire & Ice specs
+3 str or mag > str
+2 str or mag > str
+1 str
+1 vit

Weapon: Melee (huge sword)
+1 str
+1 vit

Outfit: Elaborate
+1 mag

Power: Focused Assault

>> No.42810722

Man, all I can say is that all these new Monster Girls are making me excited.
Looking forward for your second page Quasar.

>> No.42811381

Rolled 9, 11, 17, 12, 20, 3, 3, 6, 9, 12, 2, 8 = 112 (12d20)

>> No.42811473


Wendy "THE WALL" Wolowitz
Age: 15
Build: Average
Stone (Vit)
Enhanced Weapon, Fated, Incognito, Big Damn Hero, Enhanced Outfit

Str 4, Agi 4, Vit 24(ALL THE COINS), Mag 6, Lck 5

>> No.42811653

Surprizingly viable when I think it over - Vit gives you lots of HP and MP, while Hammerspace means you can store lots and lots of weapons and ammunition and Stone/earth magic also covers metals, as in ripping them up out of the ground or from shipwrecks etc. to buy lots of goodies to store away.

>> No.42811684

Yet hard to actually kill someone, with only 6 MAG it's hard to kill anything.
And following v.1.3.0 maximum HP you can get from VIT and damage negation was nerfed

>> No.42811906

Was reading the CYOA and I have a question.

Does it assume Monster Girls have an Outfitt or does their illusion stand in for that?

>> No.42811954

Version 1.2 finished. May tweak as needed - the page 2 monster girls have some harsher changes than the page 1 monster girls.

>> No.42811969


I like the Dark Magical Girl specialization.

>> No.42811974

Monster Girls have an outfit, but it's basically magical clothes fitted to their new monstrous form. The illusion is just to allow them to try and get around humans and human society with a low detection probability.

>> No.42811998


I see.

Also any thoughts on the Outfit naturally having Enviromental Sealing or turning into whatever gear you require at the time on its own (like a spacesuit, diving suit, etc.) but otherwise not changing in stats or function?

>> No.42812038

My feeling is that the outfit isn't a Swiss army knife. It provides protection - from physical harm and for your identity. It won't change on the fly to provide you oxygen, radiation blocks or pressure though. If it changes in looks it's not a distinct outfit anymore, and if the space/diving suit actually gives you air and protects you from pressure/radiation, it's changed in function.

If your suit changes to whatever you need to survive your environment, it greatly reduces the worth of Environmental Sealing, Soul Jar, and Enhanced Sustenance. Of course, I suppose becoming various kinds of survival equipment is something you could fluff as part of Enhanced Outfit without it being over the top.

>> No.42812088


It always seemed kind of odd to me the outfit didn't naturally do that so environmental hazards wouldn't slow the girl down.

>> No.42812169

Oh, other change I'm trialing - Your body type now gives you a stat point. Luck for Underdeveloped, Agility for Average, and Strength for Overdeveloped. Hopefully incentivizes some of the other body plans a little, as I see a LOT of overdeveloped builds.

>> No.42812278


Now how would that affect Enhanced Sustenance or Soul Jar?

>> No.42812314

>Now how would that affect Enhanced Sustenance or Soul Jar?

Your question is rather vague. How would what affect ES/SJ?

How would auto-survial outfits as standard negatively impact those perks? ES has 'don't need to breathe' as part of it's package. Soul Jar allows you to not give a fuck about things that would kill you. Let water flood your lungs, you don't care. Giving everyone free scuba gear lessens the usefulness of those perks.

>> No.42812527

Switch the rolls for Were (17-18) and Golem (13-14).

>> No.42812535

Rename Siren with Mermaid

>> No.42812542

Rolled 19, 18, 20, 14, 19, 17, 3, 8, 2, 1, 8, 13 = 142 (12d20)


>> No.42812588

Perhaps give a perk instead of the one point stat boost to the worse options? Were could get Bestial Transformation, Golem Enhanced Sustenance, Genie Soul Gem (lamp shaped), and unsure on Siren and Dark Magical Girl.

>> No.42812891

Family name: Gouriki (強力)
First name: Azami (薊)
15 years
dark magical girl (empathic) (2x bronze - had to)
+1 mag killing blow (bronze) [Mind F***]
duplication (gold)
monstrous metamorphosis (bronze)
+1 str martial training
interdimensional tourist [enslaved Puchuu with alternate human form]
get out of jail
healing artifact

str 8
vit 6
agi 7 (silver)
mag 9 (silver x2)
lck 5

No no no, I don't think you Chuchuu, or whatever you assholes are called, understand. I make the rules here.

The two formerly flying plush toys are there too. Stupid cunts asked for it, and paid the price. Notice the scratches on the wall. No. Escape.

Same for the little whores over there. They had this interesting thing, it treats wounds. Now that I have this, not even death can save you.

So here's how it goes: I lock you here and proceed to have fun with you until you break. Call the Mystic PETA, I don't give a fuck.

Hurts, doesn't it? There's more where it came from, little shit.
You will.
And give ME the power I so deserve!

>monstrous metamorphosis
I'm so gonna gangbang you all with this after Killing Blow, while I heal myself with the Healing Artifact.

>> No.42813208

>I lock you here and proceed to have fun with you until you break. Call the Mystic PETA, I don't give a fuck.
Damn she's crazy, but what should I expect from corrupted magical girl

>> No.42814307

When will you post more of the story

>> No.42814394

Would gladly be mindfucked into loving/10

>> No.42814507

So, could we describe Dark Magical Girls in MGCYOA as effectively Monster Girls, but in their soul rather than the body?

I'd propose VIT for overdeveloped.

>> No.42814664


But making a build around Luck is pretty rare. So underdeveloped should be magic. Or overdevelop gets nothing, besides boobs.

>> No.42814724

Why not make overdeveloped luck, because lucky you, you get boobs.

>> No.42814804

Lightning spec is still missing the first N in the roll results page.

The monster girl disads probably will need some tweaking to get them into line with the first five, though it's not as far off the line as the alternate set posted before the new official version were the other way (too soft.)

Body Type modifiers make some sense. I'd guess people keep switching to Overdeveloped either because looking closer to adult makes their lives easier, is less stressful on the SI's mindset than being really kiddy, they can't find a picture to use for the character that isn't a boob monster (just go ahead and TRY to find a snake girl without a huge chest and clothes that barely qualify for Skimpy let alone Elaborate or Uniform, I dare you) or it's their magical realm.

As for the rest...

Power of Friendship would be pretty crap as a perk, why is it even on the Powers list to begin with? You could swap it with Blood Magic and it would make more sense, since that has a big effect on your ability to cast and can get you in a pinch if you overdo it, while PoF has absolutely no game mechanical effect.

Third Eye is pretty weak too, maybe have it give you a stat point? Or demote it to perk too and add something new. An ability that only has an effect against one Specialization in eighteen is not significant enough to to a Power.

A Way Out could be dropped to make room, since its only effect is that your character stays dead if they're killed, which is even more of an un-perk than Twin Soul that drops all your stats and gives you a twin with no Power of her own unless you spend your gold coin on it. I don't know, the Perk that's the worst and should go would probably need to be discussed some, but that's my pick.

For the new Power, how about Shaping? The ability to transform yourself and others/things (just not back into your old self, because reasons) is one of the iconic magic-user powers, but not something that can be done as the CYOA currently stands.

>> No.42815001

>Power of Friendship would be pretty crap as a perk, why is it even on the Powers list to begin with?
In magical girl series, it's the most powerful force in the universe, second only to love.

>> No.42815031

As fluff, it's an awesome power. As something to base your mechanics around, it's an auto-coin, if not outright reroll.

>> No.42815346

If you're looking at Power of Friendship as the (second) most powerful thing in the universe, then it's TOO powerful to be a Power you roll/pick off the list

>> No.42815450

>second only to love.
I though most powerful force in anime is power of MCs dick

>> No.42815586

But in magical girl anime the main character doesn't have, y'know, a dick, so the powers of friendship and love take its place.

>> No.42815649

power of thirteen roll fixes it. Hm, maybe power of friendship even works differently, like power of harem

>> No.42815857

Not with MGs. The greatest force of all is LESBIANS.

>> No.42815868


>Not with MGs. The greatest force of all is LESBIANS.

So Hitomi was wrong then?

>> No.42816180

>So Hitomi was wrong then?

>> No.42816345

>Reading some PMMM quest on Spacebattles
>Hitomi gets offered a wish by kyubi
>"I wish that girls could love girls!"
>Kyubi can't grant it
>"Then... then does that mean it's already true!?"
>Forgets about the whole thing, runs off to confess

>> No.42817551

Rolled 18, 13, 15, 12, 15, 8, 12, 20, 19, 20, 8, 2 = 162 (12d20)


>> No.42817560

Does anyone have an old copy of the CYOA saved? Like before the monster girl nerf that was mentioned somewhere above. It makes me curious.

>> No.42817576

Look here: https://archive.moe/tg/search/subject/magical%20cyoa/

>> No.42817741

It was originally just a couple long images rather than a PDF. I'll post the earliest I have.

>> No.42817827

and here's part 2/2.
Originally, there were a lot less options in the later sections and those that existed were more ambiguous.

Allies for example just specified two Monstergirls or MGs (not specified as being of your own faction) that were experienced but lacked your potential in terms of growth.

>> No.42817838

Who /gonefishing/ here?

Strength 6 (bronze coin)
Vitality 6 (bronze coin)
Agility 8 (silver coin)
Magic 12 (2 silver coins)
Luck 4

14 years age
average body
water specialization
mystic weapon
elaborate outfit
focused assault power
regeneration power (gold coin)
enhanced outfit +1 mag
enhanced sustenance +1 vit (bronze coin)
fake parents
get out of jail

>> No.42817853

Rolled 20, 8, 16, 9, 16, 7, 8, 19, 3, 9, 7, 12 = 134 (12d20)


>> No.42817990

Thanks Anon

I think I prefer some of the old pictures - Fist and Skimpy especially - but monster girl differences don't jump out at me aside from only being four of them

>> No.42818430

Probably the biggest mechanical difference (not that the mechanics even meant anything back then) is for Allies. It doesn't specify what they do and don't get, so one could easily assume they got the same coins-for-upgrades opportunities (rolls of Allies would be discarded or matched to the other members of the trio for the sake of sense) as you did. A Monster Girl with two Monster Girl allies would be a terror to behold compared to what you get now.

It was awfully powerful for the price of a single perk and much more concrete than Power of Friendship ever has been. As such, I can understand the reason for the nerf.

Still, I did somewhat like the idea that they're probably nearer to or at their limits while you're already able to match their raw abilities but not experience starting out.
As it is now, Allies/Big Friend are definitively weaker from the get go, though it doesn't mention their abilities' limits. It would seem more like having an old master if it marked them as experienced. They can be good in one stat or respectable in two, but the only other advantage they have is a power.

>> No.42818472

Rolled 20, 18, 5, 17, 5, 13, 13, 8, 2, 17, 10, 15 = 143 (12d20)


>> No.42818797

Age: 16
Body type: Overdeveloped (+1 STR)
Power: Stone (-1 Silver, +3 STR)
Weapon: Fist (+2 STR)
Outfit: Skimpy (+1 AGI)
Power: Duplication, Killing Blow (-1 Gold, +1 STR)
Perks: Healing Artifact, Disguise Artifact, Closure (+1 LCK), Soul Jar, Absolute Direction
STR: 18 (-2 Silver, -3 Bronze)
AGI: 6 (-1 Bronze)
VIT: 4
MAG: 4
LCK: 5
>Duplicates keep physical stats
>But they die in one hit so VIT doesn't work
>But they're just as strong as me

>> No.42818903

I would think that if they actually take damage, they pop/dissolve. In that case, VIT would just determine how big of a blow it takes to damage and destroy them.

>> No.42818928

Well, as to the current Allies/Big Friend, I figured it was a case of not wanting them to overshadow the protagonist. Powering them up is a matter of farming monster parts and captured magical items to forge into coins and buy what they're missing, I'd guess.

>> No.42818981

It doesn't say anything about how VIT affects them, just that they can't survive any real attack, whatever that means. So i would think it would be a waste to dump VIT into them when they get blown up by a 'real' attack anyways.
Besides, I could start a demolition company with this many 18 STR magic girls and make a ton of cash.

>> No.42819212

I just had an idea, maybe Driders are psychic type because of the connection between spiderwebs and dream catchers?

>> No.42819266

The coins weren't relevant outside of chargen in the early build, so that makes more sense. I definitely like the new role for the coins. That they exist now and can be handed out brings forth great dilemmas for characters.

If you're stuck pulling most of the work to get these coins, does your friend who can't keep up get first dibs on them? Will the upgrade it gives keep them relevant and alive or are you the best shot your group has? And should they be saved for emergencies or used to power up at the first opportunity?

And that's not even going into their uses as spell catalysts...

>> No.42819374

It also gives the monster-of-the-week or its master a reason to want to drain energy from people, though where to set the mp needed per coin is an open question, given it's a renewable resource for everyone.

>> No.42819380


Let us not forget

these are also coins

and therefore money

What would be the monetary value of the MG coins? What could you buy or sell with them?

>> No.42819568

Perks are definitely an option. On the other hand, I think I might just detail some benefits or reduce the drawbacks. I'll think on it.

I don't want to give Luck to Overdeveloped because Luck is the hardest stat to get at the moment, and is all-around useful for both offense and defense. Magic is also an option but I wanted to give the more robust bodies physical stats and the underdeveloped a mystic stat. I just felt the 'lucky youngster' archetype is more thematic than just more magic power, but I suppose more magic power is more attractive to folks. I could change Overdeveloped to VIT. I suppose Overdev could be STR or VIT, Underdev could be MAG or LCK and Average could be AGI, but I feel like that might weight both ends of the spectrum over Average and at the same time give a little too much weight to Overdeveloped.

Power of Friendship is not only thematic but possibly most OP over time. You use it to turn monster girls to your side, convince MiB's to let you go, police to look the other way etc. And if you're homeless, convince random girls to put you up for the night out of sympathy. It's totally worth a power, especially with, lets face it, this being /tg/, lots of us probably could use the social safety net it grants.

Third Eye is meant to be investigative. You can track monsters down, suss out magical traps and disarm them, see what effects people are about to throw at you as they cast them, and see through not just Illusion and Light illusions but also the monster girl disguises. Clearly I haven't described it well.

A Way Out is not 'stay dead if killed' it's 'if I get sick of this, I can choose to stay dead instead of being forced to hang around.' It's a choice, not a 'no immortality for u' anti-perk.

Well, >>42818903 is right on the intent, so if that's not coming across, I clearly need to reword it.

>> No.42819613

>Switch the rolls for Were (17-18) and Golem (13-14).

Yeah, messed up there. Were was originally lower left and I had to shift it when I couldn't find a horizontal were picture but forgot to change the numbering.

>> No.42819644

You do really need to define what a real attack is. Can they survive Magic attacks depending on how much VIT they have, but blow up as soon as they take physical damage? Is a real attack damage that the VIT of the user can't shrug off?

>> No.42819649

Rolled 17 (1d20)

Anudda shoah

>> No.42819681

Rolled 18, 9, 19, 10, 14, 15, 17, 4, 4, 18, 15 = 143 (11d20)

Oy vey

>> No.42819772

Everything you said about Power of Freindship is better handled via narrative than a non-mechanics based mechanic. It's basically "Protagonist Power in a can," but there is no can.

... Would you be offended by an attempt to rewrite the whole thing to suit my own notions, and called it, I don't know, MGCYOA Forked Edition or something? You've obviously put a lot of work into refining it, but not quite in same direction I'm looking.

>> No.42819812

It's any attack that would actually hurt you - so if your VIT is high enough that you laugh off handguns and it takes rifle rounds to wound you, any spell or attack that isn't equivalent to a rifle round or better will not pop them.

>> No.42819858

Does a twin soul inherit stats gained from coins or just start at 3 in all stats ? It seems a bit underpowered compared to Big friend or Allies

>> No.42819895

I generally consider CYOA's to be self-GMing narrative games or writing prompts rather than the jumping off point for actual tabletop or online games, so it's not really surprising that I consider it such and give weight to Power of Friendship that way. It's also why so much of my CYOA document is written in vague terms. It can be hard to write the story you want to if you're constrained by D&D 3.5 style 'your powers only last X minutes and have Y range and Z effect.'

I'm not a primadonna - if you want to do a combat-focused, no-narrative-powers fork, feel free.

>> No.42820105

I'll kick it around and see what falls out then, thanks. Credits will also be included as in your own document if it jells, of course.

As a note, it won't be using the current combat rules if I do. I hate dice pools.

>> No.42820343

What if you had 20 specializations, and a Black Coin that could be chosen to have more power at the cost of more weaknesses and mental corruption due to having to leave out safety features/cram in more power than is wholesome? So you always get a normal MG if you discard the Black Coin, or always get a monster girl is you use it. Obviously it wouldn't be the puchuu giving it to you, more like a grinning devil who pops up as the empowerment spell goes off to offer you *just a little more.* For such case, probably the old five monster girls should have their flaws increased to match the new ones.

Or maybe have a list of weaknesses that go with each spec when you use a black coin and just roll twice on the list to get flaws and specs, and let people be whatever kind of monster they think fits.

>> No.42820369 [DELETED] 

dice+12d20 chuuu

>> No.42820397

I mean like,

blah blah description
Black coin weaknesses: two specs

>> No.42820523

Depending on how efficient draining and minting coins is, you might need to drain several baseline humans to even get a copper out of the process. Humans only have 2 MAG on average, so they can't be worth much even outright soul drained. I think creatures of a more mystical bent would make for riskier, but far juicier targets.

The coins can be used to make magical effects, bolster the user's natural abilities, and add new and fantastic powers. The temporary Coppers you might at least be able to treat like rare and pricey performance enhancing drugs that work without all the negatives. Bronze could still be in the reach of some of the wealthy, but only a scant few of the ultra rich might be able to get their hands on a Silver.

Of course, all that disregards the possible infinite worlds and the Money perk. I suppose the latter might represent any number of things, only one of which is the Puchuu outright creating currency from nothing.

Since you can mint coins from creature bits and artifacts, a somewhat loose barter system seems the most likely method of trading currencies. Coppers being used as gifts and to pay for favors and services seems to support this method.

>> No.42820700

So I take it Dark Magical girls don't have to use an illusion like other monster girls?

Also would you say that a Dark Magical girl with crystal powers falls under the Stone spec or would it be its own unique specialty.

>> No.42820704

A while back (I think it was the thread before last but I'm not sure) somebody wrote a code that would roll the dice and spit out the results whenever you ran it. It took the liberty of updating it to match the latest version of the pdf. I put the code up on pastebin with instructions on how to use it here:


>> No.42820812

You shouldn't need an illusion if you have no monster bits to hide.
As written, Crystal would probably be a unique spec if it isn't supposed to be an evil Stone recolor.

>> No.42820894

I like this idea

and this script is really handy. Thanks anon!

>> No.42821120

I like the idea of a cynical, experienced magical girl like the redhead from PMMM who still keeps her Black Coin, takes it out and flips it now and then, but knows she's still not completely fallen because she still resists that temptation.

>> No.42821304

The idea was a hard sell for me until this. I love the potential of the Black Coin as something you could use immediately, discard/destroy, or hang on to for whatever reasons you may have.

The only real concerns are if it might provide a distinctive opponent to the mysterious Puchuu and perhaps how it interacts with Patrons.

>> No.42821370


>cynical, experienced magical girl like the redhead from PMMM

You mean Sakura Kyouko?

>> No.42821372

Probably it's just one of the evil patrons who makes Monster Girls to begin with? I mean, if they're only one per ten magical girls the puchuus have already won.

>> No.42821866

Its pretty awesome. The only thing it needs is adding specialization stats to the base stats and it will be a fully fledged generator.

>> No.42821908

Specialization and perk stats*

>> No.42822038

That would be hard because some of them are "this or that" bonuses. There's also stat ups from body type now, plus weapons and outfit, and Killing Blow.

>> No.42822124

Not particularly difficult but time consuming for all options. The script is still leagues better then manually rolling dice.

>> No.42822610

I wouldn't be able to do that with Python. I had to rely on memories from a workshop by in high school and context in the program for the changes I made. I'll try doing one in C# though. That should be more doable, if time-consuming.

>> No.42822712

God bless your soul anon.

>> No.42822738

LCK build go!

>> No.42822752

Rolled 13, 3, 11, 2, 8, 9, 11, 10, 14, 17, 12, 13 = 123 (12d20)

Forgot to roll.

>> No.42822936

Move out of the way, most luck coming through!
Age: 9
Build: Underdeveloped +1 LCK
Specialty: Illusion +2 STR +1 VIT +1 LCK
Weapon: Melee +1 STR
Outfit: Flowing +1 STR
Power: Barrage
Perks: Enhanced Outfit +1 STR, Hammerspace Handbag, Patron, +1 LCK, Soul Jar, Fated, +1 LCK (-1 Bronze)
STR: 9
VIT: 6 (-1 Bronze)
AGI: 4
MAG: 4
LCK: 18 (-1 Gold, -3 Silver)

>> No.42822981

Rolled 12, 9, 14, 7, 19, 13, 8, 7, 18, 10, 8 = 125 (11d20)

Don't know if corruption is the 4th or 12th dice, so I'll just roll it if I need it.

>> No.42823621 [SPOILER] 

Age: 16
Build: Average
Specialty: Dark Magical Girl (Reloading)
Weapon: Ranged (Single Action Army)
Outfit: Uniform
Power: Barrage
Perks: Disguise Artifact, Enhanced Transformation, Eternal Style, Absolute Direction, Masculinity
STR: 6
VIT: 6
AGI: 7
MAG: 10
LCK: 6
This roll was pretty good

>> No.42824247

>implying 12 bullets isn't enough to kill anything that moves

>> No.42824463

Rolled 4, 10, 1, 4, 12, 6, 13, 16, 4, 12, 16, 20 = 118 (12d20)

Why not, a new roll on a new version.

>> No.42824499

Rolled 12, 8, 9, 8, 9, 2, 9, 2, 3, 10, 11, 9 = 92 (12d12)

One more, for story reasons because why not...

>> No.42824516


Someone should try telling Law Enforcement that.

>> No.42825331

Rolled 1, 19, 10, 7, 19, 1, 12, 18, 18, 9, 10, 1 = 125 (12d20)

I'll take another swing. I don't do anything with these characters but I like making them.

The randomization factor in this is really top notch.

>> No.42825385

Rolled 3, 16, 12, 3, 11, 17, 3, 9, 14, 16, 15, 6 = 125 (12d20)

New version, eh? Dice, don't bore me now.

>> No.42825452

Rolled 11, 3, 3, 8, 16, 6, 19, 15, 11, 6, 3, 7 = 108 (12d20)


Wow, 7 years old, okay. Overdeveloped, Darkness spec, Ranged, Uniform, Killing Blow, Enhanced Outfit, Purification Artifact, Eternal Style, Big Damn Hero.

...eh, I'm not getting anything from this. Reroll!

>> No.42825469

I just had an idea. The description for the Dark Magical Girl just gives off a cult leader vibe to me. So I was thinking that whatever chaotic power opposes the Puchuu, if there is any, might commune with and manifest to the Dark Magical Girls in a manner similar to the way Magical Girls and the Puchuu do it, but not with any of the other monster girls, giving them only vague instincts. Which means that the Dark Magical Girls would be the mouths of their "god(s)" with all the implications that brings.

>> No.42825571

Current progress: Finally started to actually get into the specialities. Holy shit this is going to be more code than I expected. I'm already at 155 lines and nowhere near done. At least I can just copypaste a lot of it.

Still, this is going to be a pain in the ass. Especially when I have to do the perks like Gifted.

>> No.42825596

Okay, time to roll allies and see if this is as Shin Getter Robo as I'm hoping it will be from the main girl's rolls.

>> No.42825617

Rolled 14, 19, 20, 14, 2, 20, 3, 3, 14, 5, 17, 15 = 146 (12d20)

>forgot the dice
I am so smart. S-M-R-T.

>> No.42825688 [DELETED] 

Hey Quasar Black. If you're still on, what do we do if an Ally rolls Corruption?

>> No.42826015

And then I realized I was reading the numbers wrong, and those aren't Allies on the perk rolls, that's a Patron. Whoops.

>> No.42826521

>That pic

>> No.42826773


7 years old again, okay. Underdeveloped, Air spec, Ranged again, Uniform again, Familiar, Awareness, Monster Metamorph, Big Backpack, Incognito.

I'll use a silver to switch Ranged to Fist, and another silver to make Uniform into Flowing. I'll also spend a bronze to get Focused Assault instead of a Familiar. And how about another bronze to get Enhanced Sustenance instead of Big Backpack.

STR 11
AGI 10

Gerry was once a normal homeless man, but he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The girl had died on her own, he'd just been rummaging for something valuable when the nightmarish little hallucination wandered by and made him into the scrawniest little girl that ever lived. It's been positive overall, though; homeless men go to shelters, homeless little girls are wards of the state. The orphanage is a godsend after the years of hell on the street, and while the other kids mope she (started calling herself Candy, the name of the first and only girl Gerry ever banged) enjoys the shelter and the regular meals. But something still calls Candy to the streets, and she finds things out there that she's never seen before. Things that hurt others, like she used to be hurt. Her mind's a lot clearer now, and it wants to give to others what it received. But she gets a bit frantic when she's up against the wall.

Her weapons are claws that grow from her fingers, named the Scrabblers. Her transformed outfit is a set of flowing white fur pelts. Her magical girl name is White Rat. She fights in a fast, frenetic way, using her air powers to leap around and attack her opponents from odd angles. She tears at their guts with her claws and teeth, just like a wild beast, and she roars like one too, blasting out gusts of airs that knock away projectiles and smaller foes. Her focused assault ups her speed, her blows coming so quickly that they can't be defended against. And if she's in a rough spot, she goes into a full frenzy.

>> No.42827419

I'm working on something to try to put a trial version of this out for comment. Shouldn't be too much longer.

>> No.42828045

Rolled 16, 4, 9, 9, 18, 16, 4, 15, 1, 15, 6, 13 = 126 (12d20)

>Luck is the hardest stat to get at the moment

It may be, but I also feel it is the least well-defined. So I just avoid it. Without a clearer understanding I worry I'd just end up abusing it and creating some magic girl named Mary Sue.

>> No.42828106

And finished. It's ugly as fuck and probably longer than it needs to be, but it works.

There are a few parts of the code where you'll have to add the stat points on your own, mostly the perks like Allies or especially Gifted. I could easily see gifted taking at least a half hour to write, given just how complicated the code would be. This also applies to the last perk, which would have taken several times longer to write.

It doesn't do coins yet either, but that would be even more annoying to do. I'm sure you can apply the coins on your own.

I don't know of any places you can just copy-paste the code to run it, so you'll have to find one on your own.

The code:

>> No.42828453

Str 6
Vit 5
Agi 9 (1 silver 1 bronze)
Mag 8 (1 silver 1 bronze)
Luk 10 (1 silver 1 bronze)
Corrupted Magical Girl (Gold Swap) Specialization: Candy
Candy Slingshot
Flowing Outfit
Killing Blow (Eternal Confectionery)
Blood Magic, Closure(Bronze swap), Fated, Absolute Direction, Big Backpack

Story Time: http://pastebin.com/XxaPmNKQ
Apologies if it's long, I figured I should make it rather... dark though. As creepy as such an innocent seeming power might feel at least.

No, I don't know where the other girls went. Want a snack? I'm sure I can make you a tasty, tasty cake...

>> No.42828492

Rolled 17, 17, 13, 6, 19, 2, 19, 16, 11, 20, 19 = 159 (11d20)

Ahhh! 1.2! Been a while since I rolled.

>> No.42828693

Rolled 1, 5, 6, 8, 20, 11, 10, 17, 3, 10, 1, 1 = 93 (12d20)

Shit, how the hell did I miss this earlier?

>> No.42828762


>> No.42829231

Version 1.21 done, edits were pretty quick.

* Body type now allows a choice of two stats. Only Underdeveloped gets mystic stats.
* Lightning typo in the Spec table finally fixed.
* Coin spending for Spec and Corruption altered
* text for Djinn & Were edited, drawbacks lessened.
* Text for Power of Friendship, Duplication and Third Eye altered for some clarification.
* A Way Out expanded on for clarification

>> No.42829290

Wow, you pretty much answered all my complaints with this. That's awesome, though I'm still not sold on PoF. That's fine though.

Hey! Wait! I got a new complaint!
The VIT bonus for Blood Magic isn't listed on the results table, only the perk descriptions. This isn't critical, since you should be reading the descriptions anyway, but does make it a bit harder to remember when deciding whether to spend coins on perks by looking at the table, and all the others with a stat bonus are there.

>> No.42829333

Done in my working file, though I'm not going to put out 1.22 until I can think of a decent edit for the Golem - it still is a touch harsh. I'm okay with Siren and DMG, but Golem's still over hard and has some thematic overlap with Siren in desiring companionship, so I should try and differentiate it more.

Also, I need to clarify and tweak Twin Soul more. That damn perk has been a pain in the ass since the old CYOA, constantly needing tinkering.

>> No.42829425


You could always have the Golem motivated by a need to fulfill orders while the Siren is motivated by a need for companionship.

>> No.42829432

Rolled 1, 18, 4, 20, 11, 12, 6, 17, 8, 7, 20, 10 = 134 (12d20)

Let's see what happens

>> No.42829452

Rolled 20, 2, 13, 8, 13, 10, 10, 7, 9, 8, 19, 8 = 127 (12d20)

Update, New Roll

>> No.42829503

Rolled 11, 2, 16, 20, 11, 10, 1, 5, 6, 8, 20 = 110 (11d20)


Well now I really want to make a dark mahou shoujo since it's the new hotness. I'm going to roll 11d20 and just assume I hit dark. I'll make a unique spec based on whichever one I roll.

>> No.42829622

Roll: 8,15,19,19,12,4,6,9,18,2,7,13
Name: Lady of the Ladder
Age: 14
Body: Overdeveloped
STR: 8
AGI: 8
VIT: 8
MAG: 12
LCK: 8
Speciality: Corrupted
Corruption: Dark Magical Girl (Genetic Modification)
Weapon: Mystical (A bright pink staff made up of multiple squirming threads that causes a horrible pain in the back of the eyes of those, other than the owner, her familiar and those "touched" by her, who view it, that will always be ten times worse than the worse pain they have experienced and will linger for roughly thirty minutes after viewing)
Outfit: Skimpy (Dark Red and Black Striped Chitin Bikini (pic related), which lives and has a fleshy underside with mouths on the "sensitive parts" of the body, edgy and disgusting, wow!)
Power: Familiar (A Goose the size of an average two-story suburban dwelling with no legs, a belly that acts as a suction cup acts as a replacement, the ability to fly despite physics saying otherwise, the ability to vomit bile that ranks as a 0 on the PH Scale without harming himself, permanently at least, is completly plucked of all feathers, and a pissy attitude, like all geese)
Blood Magic
Spend Bronze to get Eternal Style (Originally Purification Artifact if you're too lazy to look and haven't memorized everything yet. You can see how that might be troublesome, yes?)
Enviromental Sealing
Healing Artifact (A human skull, bare except for its mouth, with it's infected gums and and rotten teeth, gushing blood at the slightest gust of wind towards, stinking like the high hells, the teeth looking more like swiss cheese than anything else, but despite all this, it's a miracle cure! You need to get the teeth out first, which usually give with nothing more than a little tap, then simply get the tooth into the patient somehow, you can be as rough as you need, that'll heal up too, but it'll cost more of your power)

I know I'm stretching it a bit, but why not?

>> No.42829700

Age: 16
Body: Underdeveloped +1 MAG
MAG 16 (2 Silver & 4 Bronze)
Specialization: Gold Coin; Dark Magical Girl, +2 MAG +1 STR/AGI/VIT/LCK, Unique Spec: Bone
Weapon: Ranged, +1 AGI
Outfit: Elaborate +1 MAG
Power: Barrage
Hammerspace Handbag
Enhanced Transformation
Big Damn Hero
Silver: Soul Jar

Now I just need a proper dungeon.

>> No.42829770

Rolled 17, 11, 9, 2, 10, 20 = 69 (6d20)

Rolling for Big Friend

>> No.42829906

Rolled 16, 6, 10, 12, 17, 12, 5, 2, 20, 4, 7, 3, 10, 13, 17, 11, 11, 14 = 190 (18d20)


7 years old, underdeveloped, Gravity, Fist, Elaborate, Barrage, Dual Weapon, Gifted, Incognito, Get out of Jail - A silver to get Mystic Weapon, bronze swaps Barrage with Friendship, silver to change GOOJ to Eternal Style, and last silver makes Dual Weapon into Sorcery, that sorcery being voodoo. Spend gold to get Big Friend AND Allies. Dump remaining bronze into Mag.

New specialization is Dolls, same stat bonus. Mystic weapon is a heavy silver ring with a wooden eye set in it. The elaborate outfit is classic gothic lolita, black and white.

Str 5
Agi 5
Vit 5
Mag 18
Lck 5

Rolling for Friend and Allies, should be neat.

>> No.42830531

Okay! Here's v0.5 of the Black Coin alternate Specialization and Corruption system I said I was working on, ready for trial and comments. It just wouldn't stop growing...


>> No.42830564

Ah dangit, I forgot to put Metal in a group for Silver coin use. Make that Group A/column 1 on the CYOA PDF. Also, the Dark Magical Girl has the flaws from the PDF, so she doesn't take an elemental weakness as well, having already traded them out.

>> No.42830742

Rolling new magical girls is nice, but having one good old build is even better.
Moe right now is down, so hard to find my roll, but at least I remember what I got.
Age: 16
Body: overdeveloped +1 VIT
Specialization: Vampire
Weapon: Ranged , deagle with longer barrel
Outfit: Uniform +1 silver=> Flowing +1 STR (Dark flowing coat with red shirt underneath it, simple trousers and boots)
Power: Tentacles +1 bronze => Killing blow +1 MAG
Flexibility +1 AGI
Disguise artifact
Absolute direction
Masculinity +1 LCK
Patron +1 AGI

STR: 5
AGI: 10+4(2xsilver)+4(1xgold)= 18
VIT: 5
MAG : 7+3(bronze) =10
LCK: 7
After accidentally shooting MG several times, puchuu tried to turn me in little girl, but "thanks" to wrong transformation, Patron hijacked me. Now I'm vampire with Patron, enemy of other corrupted magical girls, yet enemy of my enemy is still my enemy in case of normal MGs. So this and the fact that there is no backup(as patron is not strong enough to power more GMs) turned me into nervous and paranoid person. Always carrying magazine with silver bullets, one or two incendiary grenades in my costume and aviators during day, damn that sun burns, several M82A1 stored in overcity in case I need to kill bigger targets. But don't worry everything is stolen from American military base, so it works just fine. Yeah and having drinking problem kills me

>> No.42830754

v0.51, with those two issues addressed

>> No.42831833

[/k/ autism intensifies]

>> No.42831858

>taking 9-10mm in magical girl fight
.50 m8, if you can find me any other handgun with good calibre I would take it

>> No.42832020

AKS-74U with the stock ripped off.
Or you could use magic to make, say, a 1911's bullets more powerful.

>> No.42832117

>a 1911's bullets more powerful
or make deagle more accurate. I know that it can't hit shit from 5 meters, but it looks nice. Furthermore, the quality of magic upgrade is defined by starting calibre of weapon, in PDF it's stated as such.
>Heavy weapons will draw more on your mana for ammo
That means they hit harder also

>> No.42833216

Rolled 12, 16, 9, 17, 16, 11, 8, 10, 15, 19, 2, 3 = 138 (12d20)

Here we go.

>> No.42834570

Rolled 19, 7, 4, 7, 4, 1, 19, 18, 8, 6, 13, 17 = 123 (12d20)

okay, lets try

>> No.42835165

Age: 15
Body: Average +1 VIT
Spec: Spirit +3 MAG
Weapon: Ranged +1 AGI a bow
Outfit: Skimpy +1 bronze => flowing light red coat and skirt +1 STR
Power: Killing blow +1 MAG, spirit lance

Purification artifact
Get out of jail
Healing Artifact

STR: 5
AGI: 5
VIT: 5
MAG: 8+4(gold)+6(3 silver)=18
LCK: 4+3(3 bronze)=7
So...I've had three times thirteens out of last four rolls and healing artifact is too shitty to ever be picked, but still better than having more Guy builds than Girl in Magical girl CYOA.

She's very friendly and tries to help even monster girls with her purification artifact, therapy or other way that can remove corruption from monster girls. Doesn't like to fight and is scared of blood, all "dirty" work is done by her army of spirit that protect her. Using her bow rarely and mostly for killing blow

>> No.42835364

Rolled 4, 19, 1, 18, 6, 10, 8, 9, 18, 17, 2, 1 = 113 (12d20)



>> No.42835575

Rolled 2, 11, 14, 14, 11, 1, 20, 7, 20, 19, 3, 15 = 137 (12d20)


>> No.42835665

I think there should be a focus on the golem trying to get a feeling body back and a siren would try to get a ton of friends/servants/slaves depending on how evil she is.
A quick question about golem spec: does it need to be made out of solid material with a soul bound and moving it or it can be a magitech mechanism? If the last one is true can she construct another body and transfer her new "brain" into it? Also what is her new brain based off? I would've totally gone full "Orion's Arm" transhuman if I rolled a golem then.

>> No.42835680

Rolled 6, 4, 1, 14, 11, 5, 16, 14, 11, 16, 20, 11 = 129 (12d20)

What sort of bullshit awaits?

>> No.42835999

So on a scale of 1 to 10, how lewd can the write ups be?

>> No.42836018


>> No.42836093

7 years old, underdeveloped.
Spirit (I pick +1 mag)
Gothic Lolita (I spend 1 bronze)

Dual weapon (I pick Mystic), monstrous metamorphosis, interdimensional tourist, +1 patron, Soul Jar.

STR 4 + 2 (fists) = 6
VIT 4 + 3 (silver coin/bronze coin) = 7
MGK 4 + 3 (spec) + 2 (items) + 8 (2 silvers/gold coin) = 17
LCK = 4 + 2 (2 bronze coins) + 1 patron = 7
Well, an exorcist/necromancer loli. I had to pick Soul Jar because between it and metamorphosis I can be as close as possible to a lich. My new patron is contained in the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, probably a dead god who wants me to have enough power to summon him.

The thing I am not sure is if I should spend one bronze to switch my outfit to elaborate. Flowing gives me the Hakama, which would fit an exorcist image more, but on the other hand I always wanted to be a necromancer gothic lolita.

>> No.42836321

Rolled 17, 3, 13, 9, 15, 17, 3, 16, 7, 11, 14, 6 = 131 (12d20)

Mafuggin' muh rollin'

>> No.42836875

Leah Heiffer, Minnie Flachland, and Jane Smith

Leah Heiffer
Age: 10 Years Old
Body: Oppai Loli
Specialization: Fire, +3 Strength
Weapon: Fist, +2 Strength
Outfit: Flowing, +1 Strength
Power: Barrage

Perks: Disguise Artifact, Blood Magic, Eternal Style, Soul Gem (Clit Stud), Martial Training (+1 Strength)
Bronze: +3 Vitality, +1 Strength
Silver: +6 Strength
Gold: Allies (+1 Strength), Patron (+1 Vitality)

19 STR, 4 AGI, 8 VIT, 4 MAG, 4 LCK

Champion of Y'golonac, the God of Depravity and Perversion, and first among his Harem, Leah hardly remembers the dark times when she did not worship at the altar of her Master's sacred Cock. He first came to her in dreams, when she was a freshly made magical girl, an obese man near four times her size, with a pecker as long as and wide as one of her arms, who pressed her into the ground, raping her over and over until she was a numb, sticky mess. While he fucked her, he whispered secrets of Blood Magic and the nature of souls, which burned themselves into her memory as she came, over and over, with every thrust. He made her see the light, the foolishness of the Puchuu, and the beauty of love in all of it's forms, whispering that the time of his manifestation was near, tasking her with spreading the love she felt for him to all the Magical Girls she could.

Marking them, of course, with a blood ritual, that he could visit their dreams as he does her own.

Physically, Leah is a virgin, planning to save her first time for her Master when he finally manifests in the real world. She has, thus far, brought two girls into her Master's harem - Minnie Flachland, a young magical girl who has taken to using her empathic powers to get men of Y'golonac's impressive build to rape her; and Jane Smith, who has taken her Master's teachings to heart and has become the school bicycle when she isn't helping Minnie and Leah plan for their Master's arrival.

>> No.42836919

Stats for Minnie:

Age: 8 Years Old
Body: Average
Specialization: Empathic
Weapon: Mystic
Outfit: Elaborate
Power: KILLING BLOW: EVERLASTING ORGASM. Fills the target with such a powerful lust that they cream themselves until their mind breaks from the pleasure. Leaves her aroused during the charging period as well, which a smart opponent can take advantage of to turn her into a mewling sex kitten.

>> No.42836977

Forgot: 4 STR, 4 AGI, 4 VIT, 8 MAG, 6 LCK

Stats for Jane:
Age: 16 Years Old
Body: Average
Specialization: Reinforcement (Keeps her pussy nice and fresh, despite riding over a hundred dicks)
Weapon: Fist
Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Third Eye

>> No.42837000

And forgot: 7 STR, 6 AGI, 4 VIT, 5 MAG, 5 LCK

>> No.42837232

Moriyama Mayumi

Age 13
Power of Wood
Ranged Weapon - Bronze to change it to Melee
Elaborate Outfit

Enhanced Weapon
Environmental Sealing
Big Backpack
Patron (+1 VIT)

STR 10 (1 Silver, 1 Bronze)
VIT 17 (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze)


Mayumi is very timid and aloof. She believes that people are fundamentally good and this applies to non-humans as well. Mayumi does not understand why people would want to hurt each other and she doesn't like fighting.

That said, when she does fight her strategy essentially boils down to smashing her opponent with her crosier until it stops moving. She gets hit a lot in the process, but she's a tough girl and heals quickly.

She has a Patron who seems very interested in having her fight and making her mad. It seems especially pleased when she draws blood, but Mayumi doesn't like the sight of blood and grows faint whenever she has to be around it.

>> No.42837265

Rolled 10, 20, 8, 8, 2, 17, 16, 17, 7, 17, 12, 12 = 146 (12d20)

Let's Roll!

>> No.42837272

If I put this up on CYOA General as well, think I'd get more (any) comments than you lazy bastards made? Even just "it sucks, cut it out" would let me know to stop wasting my time...

>> No.42837344

If someone manages to outrape her Patron, will she change her mind?

>> No.42837351

I just quickly read through it, it's interesting but it feels like it should be its own CYOA honestly.

>> No.42837352

>He first came to her in dreams, when she was a freshly made magical girl, an obese man near four times her size, with a pecker as long as and wide as one of her arms, who pressed her into the ground, raping her over and over until she was a numb, sticky mess.

>> No.42837376

M8, they never answer on pasterbin posts even though they look at it
>1/2 power during day (worth two)
>(worth two)
what does this mean?

>> No.42837420

Rolled 11, 8, 12, 11, 19, 13, 20, 12, 13, 13, 6, 19 = 157 (12d20)


>> No.42837472

It means it's worth two element weaknesses

And I put it in a pastebin because I don't have Acrobat Pro, and it would take a dozen or so normal posts...

>> No.42837517

Infinity plus one is still just infinity, anon. She will gladly take the D from anyone who wants once she's given her virginity to her master.

>> No.42837544

On a second reading, I'd keep the "other uses of the dark coin" part and expand on that, offering dark choices for outfits, weapons, perks. Remove the part about turning into a monstergirl and keep that as it is now, ie random roll.

>> No.42837549

>once she's given her virginity to her master.
what if someone will manage to steal it?

>> No.42837617

>Stealing Virginity
>From a girl with 19 STR

Ganbatte, anon! If you do manage that, she'd probably devolve to full human toilet mode, with Y'golonac's approval.

>> No.42837638

So what you're saying is the basic premise is a bad idea, but some of the feature creep is interesting... sigh...

Pic is the best candidate I've found for a pic to go with Metal spec. Anyone have n alternate a suggestion on that, at least?

>> No.42837746

Well you know, really it's just the "pick your monstergirl" part that doesn't convince me. Which yeah, I guess it's the basic premise.

>> No.42837856

then I went to the next page of the image search and found this, along with a pretty decent one of Black Rock Shooter, and a chain-user similar but more visible at small size than the first one.

But there's just so many other interesting types of monster girls than could possibly be fit into a single postable PDF... even more so, being able to get any spec combo for mechanical diversity was what drew me into it, though.

>> No.42837865

Magical girls shouldn't do lewd things!

You need to reflect on your actions!

>> No.42837896

the force of a thousand suns guides me.

Okay lets look at this thread, who can do it:
okay..only 2 builds with masculinity
The first one: Magical ?trap? with power of weapon...close to 0 chance of succeeding
The second option...hmm... one chance of ZA WARUDO only with less knifes and rollers and more dick in vagina

>> No.42837901

pic pops at small size

>> No.42837913

Please tell me you're going to IC with this once it appears. This will be a delight.

>> No.42837922


The idea of a Metal specialization makes me think of this.

>> No.42837927

>But there's just so many other interesting types of monster girls than could possibly be fit into a single postable PDF...
Maybe make a list, like, "if you have x and y spec you are Z monstergirl"? at least for some of the combinations, leaving people to pick their own in other cases. It would take a LONG time though.

>> No.42837931

Could Black Rock Shooter be Best Girl?
It's a possibility...

>> No.42837941


Or this.

>> No.42838156


Might as well for for Insane Black Rock Shooter.

She's got chains all over the place.

>> No.42838192

Your punishment for not commenting on the simple pastebin is having to put up with the shit OpenOffice excretes for PDF export.

I hope you're happy, anon.

>> No.42838270

Lemme dig up that Delta Green MG I made.

Looks like it's time for a Night at the Opera.

>> No.42838371

>posted original suggestion

It sucks, cut it out faggot

No but really it looks okay

>> No.42838532

Rolled 1, 9, 19, 11, 19, 10, 1, 10, 14, 13, 4, 11 = 122 (12d20)

trying it out

>> No.42838657

>>42836093 here
I use the black coin to get a second specialization, beast.

7 years old, underdeveloped.
Spirit (I pick +1 mag), Beast (+1 LCK)
Gothic Lolita (I spend 1 bronze)

Dual weapon (I pick Mystic), monstrous metamorphosis, interdimensional tourist, +1 patron, Soul Jar.

STR 4 + 2 (fists) +1 (spec) = 7
VIT 4 + 3 (silver coin/bronze coin) = 7
AGI 4 + 1 (spec) = 5
MGK 4 + 3 (spec) + 2 (items) + 8 (2 silvers/gold coin) = 17
LCK = 4 + 2 (2 bronze coins) + 1 patron +1 spec = 8

Bit of a weird combination, beast and spirit.
Discworld's Death liked cats so I imagined a young skeleton girl that likes/liked cute animals.
The weaknesses (illusion, air, psychic and sound) are so-so, I'd drop air and I'd say I could give an explanation for the three of them.

>> No.42838975

Rolled 5, 10, 14, 2, 2, 16, 17, 13, 18, 20, 19, 20, 20, 3, 5, 14, 11, 4, 19, 2, 12, 17, 6, 14 = 283 (24d20)

rolling for allies

>> No.42839002

Allies are 6d20 each m9.

>> No.42839055

yeah but I'm a dumbass

>> No.42839128

If you use the coin, do Allies become dark magical girls?

>> No.42839542

If it fits your story/the GM allows it. Otherwise, no.

>> No.42841064

Wow, all these changes in one thread and here I am just finally getting around to finishing what I rolled at the end of the last one:

Rolled 3, 5, 1, 13, 11, 10, 20, 16, 15, 11, 10, 11 = 126 (12d20)

Name: Belinda Patil (Blazing Serpent)
Age: 9
Body Type: Underdeveloped - +1 MAG

STR: 6 (4+2) x1 SILVER
VIT: 8 (4+1+2+1) x1 SILVER, x1 BRONZE
AGI: 6 (4+1+1) x2 BRONZE
MAG: 15 (4+1+3+1+1+1+1+1+2) x1 SILVER
LCK: 4 (4)

Affinity: Fire - +3 MAG.
Weapon: Mystic - +1 MAG. Pendant "Dragon's Breath"
Transformation Phrase: "Burn with blazing passion!"
Outfit: Elaborate - +1 MAG. A fine red ballgown and plenty of glimmering jewelry.
Power: Barrage
1 Big Friend - +1 MAG
2 Sorcery - Scrying, +1 MAG
3 Money x1 BRONZE-> Monstrous Metamorphosis
4 Big Backpack
5 Absolute Direction
x1 GOLD - pick 2 more Perks
6 Gifted - +1 MAG
7 Blood Magic - +1 VIT

Even before her transformation, Belinda craved knowledge of the sorcerous arts. While her interest began with the relatively safe practice of scrying, it did not stop there. Instead, it culminated in her joining with a group of diabolists to summon and bind a demon. The summoning ultimately proved far more successful than the binding did, particularly with a Magical Girl sent to interrupt the ritual. While neither entirely at fault nor blameless for what followed, Belinda was ultimately the only one still alive to hunt down the demon and banish it once more. Naturally, the Puchuu wasted no time in drafting her to do so.

Despite whatever scars may have resulted, Belinda appears confident, even prideful thanks to her new abilities. She still craves power, but now that hunger is tempered with a cautious and analytical streak. She bears something of a debt toward the Puchuu, but her rough first impression of Magical Girls has soured her on them. When taken together with a monstergirl friend and possibly some residual demonic taint, even she doesn't know for sure where her allegiance may fall.

>> No.42841125


I am!

Also, I think this black coin thing is being used too simply. You should keep Corruption random the way it is, and just allow the black coin as an additional option for all categories, with a penalty for using it. Like a way to get a second Gold coin, but at a steep cost.

>> No.42841177


I stuck with the initial five monstergirl values, partly because I had more ideas for Lamia than Drider and partly because I'm not one to discard a character concept if I can help it.

(Big Friend) Rolled 1, 20, 4, 14, 7, 17 = 63 (6d20)
Name: Melissa Kokinos (Mel the Red)
Age: 7
Body Type: Overdeveloped - +1 VIT

STR: 8 (4+2+1+1)
VIT: 6 (4+1+1)
AGI: 4 (4)
MAG: 8 (4+3+1)
LCK: 4 (4)

Monster Type: Lamia - +3 MAG, +2 STR, +1 STR, +1 VIT. Fire & Ice Specs. Snake below the waist, often hungry and not especially picky.
Weapon: Mystic - +1 MAG Ouroboros Bracelet "Snake Charmer"
Transformation Phrase: "Guess it's time to shed this fake skin."
Outfit: Flowing - +1 STR A white sundress and matching hat. Easily stained, but slowly self-cleaning.
Powers: Regeneration - Boosted healing and mana recovery. Can spend mana to further boost healing up to almost instant. Great for long battles.

Melissa, more commonly known as Mel the Red, is a Lamia of unremarkable power who has gained some infamy among her city's Magical Girl population. Those that would hunt her have numbers on their side, but she knows the layout of her city well and has an excellent grasp of planning. Ambushes and traps, a fast healing rate, and the ability to wall off passages with fire and ice all lend themselves well to surviving against the odds.

Mel claims she knows all there is to know about the areas of the city the normals tend to shy from. To hear her tell it, every back alley and condemned building, plus all the sewers, basements, and other such underground hideaways are hers to use as she sees fit. For someone so keen on avoiding MGs, she has an uncharacteristic willingness to put up with Belinda. Mel is unrefined in her speech, a criminally messy eater, and from time to time, a messy eater of criminals.

>> No.42841201

Well, the idea for making Corruption into a choice was that you had to, well, CHOOSE to allow it, versus keeping the pure heart of a true mahou shojou.

>> No.42841354

Rolled 2, 13, 20, 10, 20, 11, 6, 4, 14, 10, 12, 7 = 129 (12d20)

Welp, time to roll.

>> No.42841405

Metal/Beast robot monster girl, anyone?

>> No.42841845

Once what appears?

>> No.42843309

Age: 14
Overdeveloped (VIT)
Skimpy - Bronze to Flowing

Dual Weapon (+Mystic)
Enhanced Sustenance
Eternal Style
Enhanced Weapon

12 AGI (Gold + Bronze)
10 VIT (Silver + Bronze)

12 MAG (Silver + Silver + Bronze)

Battleship-Symbiotic is a good match, art wise. Shadow powers and duplicates are largely just for evasion; though in a fight, she's nearly impossible to track. Even her complex weapon is designed for misdirection and deception. Mystic projectiles are a large part of her combat style; switching up her attacks as well as the direction they come from on a whim. She's not strong enough to escape if someone catches her, however, and she can't dodge forever.

>> No.42843585 [DELETED] 

The night of her transformation, Master came for her.

In her dream, she floated through an endless field of stars, curled up in a ball of loneliness, but not alone. Y'golonac stood beside her always and forever, her rock, her pillar, her Master, because above all else He loved her. She feared Master, in those days, because she was a fool of a girl who had yet to learn her place in the world, still clinging to the shreds of masculinity that remained in her heart. And, to tell it true, Master took a form that had no beauty to it. A repulsive man, squat of face and rotund of body, who reeked of every bodily fluid imaginable; that was the humble form Master took, and that was the body that Master used to teach her the true meaning of love.

Yet for all that, even as a young and foolish girl, frightened and reluctant to receive her Master's love, her cunt could not help but weep in Master's presence. It was not the soft rolls of fat that she came to love being crushed by that set her off, nor the stench of dried piss, sweat and cum that would one day be her aphrodisiac, or even the squat, pug like face that lacked any distinctive feature beyond its ugliness. She could not help but stare at the thick rod of meat hanging between his legs, as wide as her forearm and just as long. The back of her mind wondering what it would be like, to let that thing penetrate her, and her loins frothed in anticipation.

She soon got her wish, whether she wanted it, or not.

>> No.42843605 [DELETED] 

The first night Master took her, she tried to struggle, but even her mightiest blow did not halt the ministrations of Y'golonac. He pressed her down with His massive weight, her sizable breasts all but crushed beneath His skin, His pungent stench filling her nostrils and clouding her mind with thoughts of disgust. His Cock filled her little cunny far and beyond what it was meant to take, but instead of ripping her in two, His Cock reshaped her pussy molding it with every thrust until it fit around him like a snug leather glove.

She wept that night, first tears of loathing and disgust, and later tears of joy as each thrust brought her to new heights of ecstasy, her mind forgetting why she should have been angry, why she should have hated the man who pressed down upon her, and opening up to His boundless love. As he took her, he whispered secrets into her mind, promises that He would brand her as His cattle, his cock-sleave, his Bride and teach her the joys of submission to His will. She joyfully accepted, and once again, He changed her.

He gave her a name. Leah Heifer, a Cow.

She woke from that first night with her bedsheets soaked through with her juices and her clitoris pierced with a diamond stud that she knew to be the crystalization of her soul.

But something was off. She had forgotten the name her parents had given their son, 19 years ago. She had forgotten what it was like to have a manhood between her legs. Thoughts of Master's Cock flew through her mind. She tried to push it out of her mind, tried to forget the vows she made to Master when He brought her to orgasm over, and over, and over again. What a foolish little girl she was, then, refusing her place in the world. Master would come again that night, and the next, to reminder her.

She was a Bride of Y'golonac, His beloved cock-sleeve, and she would learn the true meaning of love, and submission.

>> No.42843640

Not to be a wet blanket, but isn't this supposed to be a relatively SWF board? It's blue rather than red background, at any rate...

>> No.42843711

Fine. Used to see some porn quests on here, but if it offends your ever so delicate sensibilities, consider it gone.

>> No.42843725

Please leave those stories on /d/ or minimally a marked nsfw pastebin, not here.

>> No.42843727

Text is technically always considered SFW until mods decide it isn't for arbitrary reasons. That's always how it's been.

>> No.42843864

Rolled 6, 3, 12, 9, 4, 9, 8, 9, 12, 4, 2, 4 = 82 (12d20)

They see me rollin'.

They hatin'.

>> No.42843953

Rolled 14, 19, 19, 11, 16, 16, 8, 13, 20, 4, 6, 1 = 147 (12d20)

Yeah, I'ma just reroll that. Unsalvageable.

>> No.42844335

Rolled 5, 4, 3, 9, 14, 15 = 50 (6d20)

Big Friend!

>> No.42844410

Rolled 2, 13, 7, 9, 12, 7, 10, 4, 14, 19, 15, 9 = 121 (12d20)

Time to make a truly strong and empowered magical girl.

>> No.42844450


MGCYOA v1.21
Black Coin v0.51
madBrewer's combat rules v3

Pic related is the youngest-looking roboko I could find that wasn't crap

name: Machine Princess Matsuri (festival)
age: 6+ 1 = 7
body: 9 average (+1 agi or vit) vit

str: 15 (+2 spec +2 wpn +1 outfit +1 power +4 silver*2 +1 bronze)
agi: 4
vit: 10 (+1 body +4 spec +1 perk)
mag: 8 (+2 silver +2 bronze*2)
lck: 10 (+1 spec +1 allies +4 gold)

hp: 45
dr: 3
mp: 18
regen: 2mp/turn

19 metal
+3 vit or lck > vit
weak to ice/lightning

black > 11 illusion
+2 str
+1 vit
+1 lck
weak to beast/darkness

monster girl type: robot girl

weakness tuning:
ice > swap for high density body
beast > dropped

Due to being cocomposed mostly of metal, Matsuri's weight is easily five times what a normal child of her size would be. She can lighten this by using her control of Metal to avoid sinking into soft ground or being too clumsy, but she's still only about as agile as a normal human and can't float in water.

weapon: 19 fist
+2 str

outfit: 10 flowing
+1 str

power: 1 killing blow
+1 str or mag > str
Drilling Rocket Fist of the Machine King

10 hammerspace handbag
14 allies (+1 any) > lck
13 masculinity > bronze > healing artifact
4 training (Martial Arts)
11 enhanced sustenance (+1 vit)

>> No.42844461

ally #1: Rolled 5, 10, 14, 2, 2, 16,

name: Sensational Princess Manako (insight)
age: 6+ 5 = 11
body: 10 average (+1 agi or vit) > vit

str: 6 (+1 spec +1 wpn)
agi: 5 (+1 outfit)
vit: 6 (+1 body +1 wpn)
mag: 4
lck: 6 (+2 spec)

HP: 28
DR: 2
MP: 10
Regen: 1mp/round

spec: 14 empathic
+1 str or mag > str
+2 lck

weapon: 2 melee
+1 str
+1 vit

outfit: 2 skimpy
+1 agi

power: 16 third eye

>> No.42844471


ally #2: 17, 13, 18, 20, 19, 20,

name: Lasso Princess Musubi (knot)
age: 6+ 7 = 13
body: 13 average (+1 agi or vit) > agi

str: 7 (+1 spec +2 wpn)
agi: 6 (+1 spec +1 body)
vit: 5 (+1 outfit)
mag: 4
lck: 5 (+1 spec)

HP: 27
DR: 2
MP: 9
Regen: 1/round

spec: 18 beast
+1 str
+1 agi
+1 vit or lck > lck

weapon: 20 fist (+2 str)

outfit: 19 uniform (+1 vit)

power: 20 tentacles

Manako and Musubi arrived just too late to help their original team mate, or to see Matsuri before being transformed bby Puchuu. They did destroy the monster that had caused the original disturbance, but between her young appearance and Manako sensing her absulote confusion and terror at what was going on, refused to attack the newly made monster girl, instead taking her in and vowing to help her be a force for good. They remain entirely oblivious to how much their new ward outclasses them in combat ability, either magical or in their civilian forms thanks to having previously marginal martial arts skill upgraded to grandmaster level during the transformation.

>> No.42844757

Suzie Lou Manner
AKA: Agent Chronos

8 Years Old, Average Development (+1 VIT)
Time Wielder (+1 AGI, +2 LCK, +1 VIT (Gifted))
Ranged Weapon (+1 AGI): Mark 47 "Desiree" Autorevolver
Outfit: Elaborate (+1 MAG)
Power: Focused Assault (Five Rounds Rapid)
Hammerspace Handbag - a Purse larger on the inside than the out.
Mystic Artifact - A scrying mirror designed to track down enemies of the Illuminati.
Patron - The Illuminati. An ancient Cabal that has controlled the course of human history throughout the millennia, tracing its heritage to the counsel kept by King Gilgamesh of Uruk.
Awareness - Agent Chronos possesses preternatural awareness, rendering her nigh impossible to successfully ambush.
Money - Agent Chronos receives funding from the Illuminati for her work for them.
Sorcery - Agent Chronos has been trained in the sorcerous arts of thaumaturgy by Illuminati instructors.
Gifted - Agent Chronos is extremely talented in the field of chronal manipulation.

4 STR, 6 AGI, 6 VIT, 16 MAG, 6 LCK

>> No.42845892

Rolled 10, 9, 19, 2, 12, 9, 3, 3, 6, 18, 2, 4 = 97 (12d20)

Why are snake girls so cute? At least with the Black Coin rules you can play one more easily...

>> No.42845916

Rolled 14, 4, 3, 5, 6, 12, 13, 18, 4, 14, 16, 12 = 121 (12d20)

Age is totally wrong there, and I already made a Metal girl.

>> No.42846619


name: Sclepia
age: 6+ 4 = 10
body: underdeveloped (+1 lck or mag) > mag

str: 7 (+1 spec +1 wpn +1 perk)
agi: 9 (+5 spec)
vit: 15 (+1 wpn +1 perks +4 gold +4 silver*2 +1 bronze)
mag: 9 (+1 body +1 spec +1 outfit +2 perks)
lck: 5 (+1 spec)

HP: 47
DC: 3
MP: 24

Air - weak to metal and psychic
+4 agi

black coin > Reinforcement - weak to fire and wood
+1 str
+1 agi
+1 mag
+1 lck

monster girl type: Lamia

weakness tuning:
using classic CYOA lamia weaknesses

weapon: ranged > bronze > melee (+1 str +1 vit)
outfit: elaborate (+1 mag)
power: 13 duplication > bronze > Power of Friendship

Purification Artifact > silver > Blood Magic (+1 vit)
Mystic Artifact
Patron (Aesclepius) (+1 any) > str
Twin Soul > bronze > Sorcery (+1 mag)
Enhanced Outfit (+1 mag)

Though still far less choosy than most about the source of her food once its dead, while they yet live Sclepia is heavily influenced by her patron Aesclepius to keep the ones smart enough to be considered people that way. She is well equipped to heal bodies, minds, and hearts, and even willing to sacrifice her own health to do it. It's also possible to power magical healing with the sacrifice of another, but she would only do such a thing to save a life without risking more than temporary harm to the donor. She is quite capable of defending herself with her staff, however, or with whirling or cutting winds, and the spritely personality such a magical alignment encourages helps her maintin a cheerful bedside manner.

(as an aside, the CYOA's picture for Air looks one heck of a lot like the snakegirl I posted with the first roll, who this character is meant to represent...)

>> No.42846729

>versus keeping the pure heart of a true mahou shojou.
But then there is no "I never asked for his" monster girls, who don't want to be one but by twist of fate turned into and now have to fight against their primal instincts. All dilemma we have now is to use or not to use black coin

>> No.42846740

getting transformed into a young girl, monster or not, was foisted on you already. And there is such a thing as buyer's remorse, too

>> No.42846784

Rolled 7, 7, 17, 15, 5, 19, 2, 7, 19, 4, 12, 2 = 116 (12d20)

don't bother looking for my next post, ill save the results on a .txt file on my PC.

>> No.42846786

One one hand yes, you could, but you don't have to change it to be neutral/good alignment. With black coins it's black and white, everyone who is monster girl(because of black coin) is bad, no exceptions

>> No.42846809

I disagree.

The corruption of their power is no more all-consuming than in the original CYOA, and a Patron with a different agenda can still poke their fingers in, or the girl can just decide that even if being bad feels so good, she's still going to try to follow more accepted morals.

>> No.42846842


What does the coin do if you were already twisted and wicked to begin with?

>> No.42846855

>This coin will bring you power, unrestrained, as it was meant to be. The price of true power is steep... but its taste is sweet

You pay price for power. To be reborn bad and to overcome your evil nature through great effort is one thing. To open yourself for evil and than say "Lol, I'm actually good, but with more power" is different

>> No.42846857

I suppose you wouldn't consider its effects a problem, in that case. Free power! Yay!

>> No.42846878

And your point is?

>> No.42846882

Of course you can use your coin to turn into "Beware a magical girl with nothing to lose" and your one intent to destroy anything that forced you to become one

>> No.42846903

> to follow more accepted morals
Why would she? Why would you follow morals.
It's not "free power with minor drawback" in IC

>> No.42846942


>Why would you follow morals.

I've been wondering that from the first line of the CYOA.

>> No.42846945

Because what you feel can be different from what you know is right or wrong. This is known as "man versus self" conflict. Likewise, "accepting" the power of a black coin doesn't mean you've pledged your soul to the dark gods, it means you were told there would be a price and said yes, even if it was just a moment of weakness or without really thinking it through.

>> No.42846963

I don't really see the black coins as "evil". If anything they just weigh you down with more weaknesses and move you further away from humanity in return for greater power, not make you a villain inherently.

>> No.42846988

They do still give you the drive to act wicked and spread chaos just like the corruption in the main CYOA, barring Patron intervention or the hints about fighting their nature. Both bonuses and (number at least) flaws are directly taken from the CYOA, just applied in a different way, and with more options.

>> No.42847029

>man versus self
No, that would be old monster girl. How would voluntarily accepting it be fighting against yourself?

>> No.42847043

Are you seriously saying you never made a decision you kicked yourself over later? Because if you are, I am calling you a liar.

>> No.42847070

>never made a decision you kicked yourself over later?
Yes I have made, but never it was on such scale as this one. Person that would use coin in weakness would be to weak to overcome it's corruption

>> No.42847091

It's still only "evil" from a human perspective because you're fighting against them in a way. There is no objective "evil" or "good".

>> No.42847111

That gets into the realm where neither of us can do more than spout of our opinions, I'm afraid. I'm not going to jump through your monitor and twist your arm to make you use it, though.

Manifestly untrue in a mahou shojou setting. There is evil that does eee-vil for the evulz, and things that are pure and good in a way that goes beyond "good for me" or "good for us."

>> No.42847115

destroying order and killing people for sake of destroying order and killing people is objectively evil.

>> No.42847125

>That gets into the realm where neither of us can do more than spout of our opinions
Next thing I though you would say is "Hitler was actually good guy"

>> No.42847140

Well, no, any specific example you try to make will have a counterexample that someone wholeheartedly believes in. Objective evil is better defined as "opposition to the socially accepted morals because they are the socially accepted morals."

Nah, that ain't me. There are people who believe it, though. I'm sure he was one of them, for that matter.

>> No.42847149

How? I mean, I guess I can make an exception due to the setting, like >>42847111 said, that some fucking how there is an objective "good" and "evil", but in any other case, no.

>> No.42847194

>counterexample that someone wholeheartedly believes in
No, it's impossible. If your justification of killing someone is just pure killing, you're just be lying to yourself about it being in ANY way good.

>Nah, that ain't me
You're the one trying to press "I can do evil things by my own free will, but I'm good guy"

>> No.42847267

>you're just be (really) lying to yourself about it being in ANY way good
Well since there's no such thing as "good" we don't need to worry about that, do we?

>> No.42847312

>You're the one trying to press "I can do evil things by my own free will, but I'm good guy"

Stop putting words in my mouth, that's not what I'm saying at all. Though now that you put it that way, that's basically any and every "darker and edgier" protagonist ever, so you've convinced me that it's at least plausibly true.

It does not, however, directly bear on the descicion to use a black coin, because that is in and of itself not a good or evil act, it just twists your reactions so that things that would have felt wrong feel right, basically setting you up to be reconditioned to act in evil ways. Whether you actually do so is still your choice, it's just been incentivized... and given the situation as described, with dead little girl on the ground for reasons that could be reasonably construed as your fault, a little marshmellow thing telling you you're going to be her replacement whether you like it or not, and possibly having just been involved in a monster attack depending on how you-the-author wirtes your-the-character's situation, you would be under a hell of a lot of stress and quite possibly ready to grab at any straw that loooks like it will increase your chances, in other words the perfect circumstances to act without fully thinking things thrugh.

>> No.42847442

Well yeah, that way it's possible.

>> No.42848513

Rolled 2, 4, 19, 19, 4, 7, 7, 17, 17, 11, 10, 10 = 127 (12d20)

Magical powers? Seems kinda "deal with the devil"-ish, but whatever.

Captcha: bring me more pictures! Pictures of street signs!

>> No.42848553

well ill post it here afterall.

Name: ria wave
roots: As I was sleeping outside, i saw a late-night skirmish between 2 magical girls. When I rushed in to intervane, one of the magical girls used the distraction to attack us both with powerfull magic- the other magical girl took the blunt of it, but i was also caught in the aftereffect. as we both drew our final breath, the dying girl used the last ounce of her strength to revitalize me- as in, only by becoming magical could I survive; and surrvive I did. And thats how I became a magical girl.

Age: 13
Body: avarage- no standout features.

physical stats:
STR 10
VIT 10

magical stats:
MAG 10

Specialization: stone.

Weapon: melee (giant hammer)

Outfit: Uniform (sailor uniform)
untransformed stats:
phys 5/3/5 mag 3/3

Power: Killing blow ('Divine fissure!')

Combat perks:

Enhanced Transformation: Your transformation takes only 3 seconds, and you are invulnerable while it happens.

Awareness: You become much more aware of everything your mundane senses tell you. This will make you harder to surprise or ambush

Enhanced Sustenance (sleep less, eat less, need not breath, +1 VIT)

Non-combat perks:

Training: Gain complete mastery of one subject, martial art, trade skill or philosophy. (Hammertime!)

Natural Aging:While other girls in your situation are locked to one age, you will age naturally, though only at half the rate of normal. If you die, your reborn form will be your starting age rather than the age you died at. It’s easier for you to
rebirth yourself after death.

Closure (+LCK)
Everyone who has ever known you forgets about you. Fate is re-written to make it so you never existed, or died some time ago.

Interdimensional Home: 10 secs to an interdimensional apartment. no connection to outer world. window to an alien scenery. max 6 denizens. food is aplenty but unhealthy.

>> No.42848649

Rolled 13, 20, 17, 12, 11, 17 = 90 (6d20)

Damn, all those repeats. Anyway, rolling for corruption and possible black coin use. (Taking my existing roll for corruption will require a reroll on perks)

>> No.42848663

Alright, partner. Let's keep on rollin' baby.

>> No.42848680

Rolled 16, 3, 11, 2, 13, 14, 4, 18, 19, 19, 15, 9 = 143 (12d20)


>> No.42848690

Or I'm an idiot. I don't roll spec with corruption.

>> No.42848715 [DELETED] 

so how to calculate hp and mp?

you don't need to roll for corruption, the corruption roll is already included in the 12 rolls you took initially. without corruption you only need 11 rolls.

>> No.42849182

I prefer CN myself, but i see how CE looks more robotic.
missed a perfect opportunity to use an image of another robot girl there tough.

>> No.42849379

>>42848513 here...

What if I want to use the black coin, but I'm already a dark magical girl? Does a second spec give me another monster template? What does a use of it aside from a second spec do since I , again, am already a DMG?

>> No.42849749

You graduate from regular darkness into... advanced darkness!

>> No.42849874

Jeez, I go to bed and suddenly there's been this whole debate on the morality of using the Black Coin and how objective it is. Rather than walking into that minefield, here's my understanding of how the Black Coin rules change things.

What changes within the premise:
1. A clear, intelligent force directly opposes the Puchuu and is able to get away with it.
2. Corruption is always a choice, instead of being random chance
3. Monster Girls are no longer fixed to the classifications provided by the base CYoA
4. An unspent coin remains available to do with what you wish.

What changes within the mechanics:
1. Spending the coin induces two weaknesses in your given element.
2. The Metal and Unique Specializations are now available.
3. Monster Girls are no longer fixed to the elements provided by the base CYoA. They must have three flaws/weaknesses that may be based in their character or elements.
4. Retaining only a single element when using the coin results in a Dark Magical Girl.

>> No.42849974

What is this black coin people keep mentioning, and how do I determine my hp and mp?

>> No.42850086

Black Coin is an idea that vastly changes things up and is arguably different enough to be its own ruleset. It's here:

HP/MP are in the linked rules at the top, if you feel the need to use them. There are some people who would rather have different mechanics, though I don't think there is a clear alternative yet.

>> No.42850138

Thanks man.

>> No.42850424

Name: Anne Strife

Age: 14

Body: Average


STR - 12
AGI - 8
VIT - 8
MAG - 4
LCK - 5


Fire - +3 STR


Fist - +2 STR


Skimpy - +1 AGI


Killing Blow - “Dragon Punch!”


Awareness - You become much more aware of everything your mundane senses tell you.

Enhanced Weapon - Your weapon hits harder. +1STR

Absolute Direction - If you have a destination or object in mind, you know what direction it is in.

Training - Gain complete mastery of martial arts.

Closure - Everyone who has ever known you forgets about you. Fate is re-written to make it so you never existed, or died some time ago. +1 LCK

Money - You get $3000 USD a month, adjusted for inflation from this point on.

Who needs magic when you can just punch things fast and hard enough?

>> No.42850589


STR: 8 (+1,1,1,1)
AGI: 5 (+1)
VIT: 14(+1,1,1,1,3,3)
MAG: 12 (+1,2,1,4)
LCK: 5 (+1)

Name: Hagane
Age: 16
Body: underdeveloped
Spec: Corrupted, Dark magical girl with metal spec
Weapon: Melee (Hammer primary, also known to use blades)
Outfit: Flowing (Long battle-dress made metal fibers, covered by plate)
Powers: Hammerspace and wire/chain-tentacles
Perks: wings, soul jar, enhanced sustenance, absolute direction, incognito

Hagane had fully embraced the darker side of life, using her powers to make herself live more comfortably. Rumors tell of a person who can procure or create anything of metal that someone with the cash may request. Weapons, vehicles, strange technologies, it's all available. Also, this enigmatic individual is also said to be able to transport anything anywhere, without a trace of detection! Need a shipping container full of illegal materials moved across a border? No problem! The trick is finding this individual. No-one who has used Hagane's services ever seems to remember her for long, but there are always methods to contact such a person.

She is more a defensive fighter, but her hammerspace, metal control, and wire/chain-tentacles are often combined to create a colossal mass of writhing steel ready to cut and choke anyone who should get within the large potential range. A truly devious use of this combination is to make the tendrils impossibly long and thin, divided into thousands of nearly invisible steel threads. As a victim runs into more and more, their fate becomes sealed! Should anyone manage to get close, Hagane is exceptionally durable, able to shrug off even rifle rounds while she attacks with fluid weapons either blunt or sharp. Should defeat be imminent, she is more than willing to shunt her soul jar into the alternate hammerspace she controls, returning when her enemies have conveniently forgotten her. But aside her own self interest, what darker forces employ her?

((Roll analysis and coin(including black) omitted))

>> No.42850916

Those are the facts, now for my opinions.

The good:
1. Metal specialization. This should have been in the CYoA already.
2. More possibilities for Monstergirls. The dangerous, unpredictable nature this permits is excellent. Two lamias having completely different elemental powers would be a nasty surprise for any MG.
3. The coin sticks around if not immediately spent. This gives so much story and character potential.

The bad:
1. Clearer enemy to the Puchuu independent from the Patrons. Comes down to personal preference, but I prefer the Puchuu's motives to be entirely unclear.
2. Corruption is now a choice rather than random. This factor is the central problem. It removes too much of the ambiguity inherent in the MG/Monstergirl conflict. Additionally, the loss of randomness in monster creation seems like it would impact a lot of characterization. I much prefer monsters just being dealt a bad hand by fate or chance and then having to choose where they go from there.
3. DMGs are no longer quite as appealing when they are unable to choose their specialization.

The so-so:
1. Elemental RPS. This is mostly intuitive as it is. It shouldn't need to be strictly defined, nor only applicable to Black Coin users.
2. Depending on how often the Black Coin is offered, it could greatly change the ratio of and balance of power between MGs and Monstergirls.

>> No.42851037

Rolled 8, 19, 1, 12, 10, 9, 12, 2, 9, 6, 20, 8 = 116 (12d20)

As perfect as Cecilia had turned out to be, let's try to roll again.

>> No.42851156

Open Office isn't great but it is free. I'd suggest using Draw instead of Writer though, for more control over the placement of text boxes and the ability to give yourself background images and such. If you have a little spare cash, I use PagePlus X6, which only runs $30. Which is a little more robust and has a wider suite of options for .pdf output.

As for the rules thus far, it's okay. I get the how the Black Coin works, but it's not instatnly clear - I had to read it twice. It also looks like you skipped listing the Dryad's weaknesses, which ought to be 'overempathy for plants,' 'desire to spread plant growth' and 'compulsive troublemaker'

I also agree with >>42850086 in that this could almost spin off into it's own CYOA or be a major module beyond what it currently is.

>> No.42851972

You've already used your Black Con if you're a Dark Magical Girl... or else didn't use the BC rules to start with. Dong so is not covered by the rules, nor is a story arc where you crash some other gil's rcruitment, steal her black coin, and try to use that. You'll just have to decide what results fit your story and write it your way.

>1. A clear, intelligent force directly opposes the Puchuu and is able to get away with it.
Well, in the provided scenario, only the puchuu itself is there to oppose it, since previous girl is already dead, and from any evidence presented in the CYOA and general genre tropes the puchuu as mascot critters can't or don't actually fight, themselves. So whatever the shadowy grinning thing is, is taking the opportunity to slip in and meddle while there's an opening.

As noted upthread, if monster girls were really only one per ten magical girls, the Puchuu would have swept the board already.

>I also agree with >>42850086 in that this could almost spin off into it's own CYOA or be a major module beyond what it currently is.
I suppose if it feels that different to people, I can't argue, but when it shares eighty-mumble percent of the same rules as the stock MGCYOA, there's no point in making it an independent CYOA.

I do get how non-random Corruption could change the way people react to and interact with the setting, but it's very much like flipping a coin to choose your faction, even if "but I fight my evil nature, because I know right from wrong even if it feels so good to be bad" is the effectively the default story arc for Corrupted girls.

Even more so, having the species and powers of monstergirls with such limited selection is a serious straightjacket on the stories that can be told, as my cute healy Lamia above shows off. Snakes have been assosciated with medicine for 3000 years or so. Metal and Custom specs being available is gravy.

Ideally, at least those would be rolled into the main MGCYOA.

>> No.42851974


Name: Veera
Age: 14
Body: Overdeveloped
STR: 18
AGI: 8
VIT: 4
MAG: 4
LCK: 4
Spec: Fire
Weapon: Fist (1 Bronze)
Outfit: Flowing
Powers: Power of Friendship (1 Silver)
Perks: Martial Training, Enhanced Outfit, Incognito, Big Damn Hero, Soul Jar - an earring (1 Silver)

Once, there was a strong girl,
Who wanted friends very much.
Talentless, she finds happiness the only way she can.
And so the bones break.

>> No.42851987

Alright guys. Looks like it is time to kickstart a pub that we've discussed recently. Pick a name and I'll create an IRC roleplaying conference.
Here is what we came up with:
1) "Lil' D'ark"
2) "Fifteen Seconds"
3) "the Wand and Circlet"
4) your writein

>> No.42852017

Oh, hello there. Just as I finished the build, even.

Voting 2. Order is ready before you transform, or your money back!~

>> No.42852019

Having suggested #3 originally, I must vote for it, though 15sec isn't bad. Maybe it could be #15 Second Avenue anyway, if 2 doesn't win?

>> No.42852200

voting #3, the same as in IRC

>> No.42852279

Do any evil organizations need a metal-storm smuggler? Or shall Hagane be working solo?

>> No.42852435


>> No.42852596

how about The Love Shack for #4?
Like the B-52s song

>> No.42852609

3 is the best of those, though something about 2 is appealing as well.

>> No.42853604

>3. DMGs are no longer quite as appealing when they are unable to choose their specialization.
If you want to choose your spec and be a DMG, just spend the Black Coin in place of a gold to choose your (single) spec. Done.

>> No.42853744

Rolled 15, 4, 2, 12, 9, 6, 2, 10, 1, 13, 15, 18 = 107 (12d20)


>> No.42853870

Looks like the current voting is:
1)- 0
2)- 1
3)- 4
4)- 1
The conference will be created as soon as I wake up because it is a little bit too late here.

>> No.42853969

Magical Guy Arkan-Tora
Age 11
Underdeveloped (+1 luck)
Ice Black Coin to Dark MG Beast (tiger) +2 str +2 agi +2 luck
Mystic Bronze to Ranged +1 agi (Kalashnikov clone)
Flowing Silver to Uniform +1 vit
Familiar (tiger cub)
Martial Training
Hammerspace Handbag
Interdimensional Tourist
Masculinity +1 luck

Oh my god, he's perfect.

Not gonna use him, but this was a fun thought exercise.

>> No.42855234

Why no coffee-spec girl, anon?

>> No.42855482

Too busy being a desserts candy magical girl.

>> No.42856220


Not sure if I should.

>> No.42856511

Rolled 17, 3, 12, 5, 6, 18, 11, 10, 6, 5, 10, 20 = 123 (12d20)

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' like a River!

>> No.42858623

>with a straw

>> No.42859185

Cold-brewed coffee is a thing, man.

>> No.42859778

Rolled 1, 4, 9, 6, 4, 5, 19, 13, 18, 7, 5, 1 = 92 (12d20)

Slow my roll? That's crazy talk.

>> No.42860625

Serbia pls go

>> No.42860987

Rolled 5, 18, 10, 15, 19, 10, 18, 5, 2, 3, 18 = 123 (11d20)

I think we should only roll 11 times at car creation. additional rolls- corruption, company etc- should only be rolled if the need arise.
the reason i think so is because after i rolled 12 dices i had probems deciding weather to take my 4th roll as 3.1 and discard it or as 4 and instead discard the 12th roll. such a question shouldn't be there if we went to the trouble of rolling everything in advance.

>> No.42861177

Maybe specify the 12th roll as always being Corruption or ignored? That way you don't have to question it, and all the dice are always for the same things

>> No.42861318

>page 8
new thread where?

the corruption roll is not the only extra roll. for example, several perks require rolling for additional characters.

>> No.42861378

Spent some time hacking out a fresh combat system, because dice poker seemed like an iffy core mechanic.

>> No.42861666

keep calm and carry on. New thread will appear when this one archives.

>> No.42861716


Am I crazy, because even when I have corruption I only use 11 of the rolls? I'm pretty sure that's how it worked out every time.

>> No.42861913

Yeah, you're doing something wrong.

>> No.42862054

Combat-wise, this seems to favour those who focus on a single stat, especially Strength or Agility, since they're used for both attacking and defending. Perhaps there should be incentives or spreading out your stats too?

>> No.42862088


Actually I'm not sure I am. When you get to the last section it says to use rolls 7-11 for your perks, of which there are 4, right? And really that's roll 8 because there's your 3.1 corruption in there somewhere. So you use rolls 8, 9, 10, and 11 to pick four perks. That still leaves you at 11 rather than at 12 like it should.

Or to put it another way, if you just decided you would use your last roll for corruption if you got it, you would be filling in perks with your 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th rolls, right? No need for the 11th. First determines your age, second your development, third your spec, fourth your weapon, 5th your outfit, 6th your power. That's six things, and then four perks left to determine, which is only 10 things, 11 if you include Corrupting

>> No.42862116


7th and 8th are for left side perks

9th and 10th are for right side perks

11th is for either side.

It's why they're listed side-by-side like that.

>> No.42862119

5 perks. 2 from the left column, 2 from the right column, and the last one from either.

>> No.42862140


Oh, I see. Never saw that part for some reason.

>> No.42862145

7-11 is five numbers m9

>> No.42862328

Ehhh... read it closer, man. You're kinda fucked if you don't have a decent MAG and VIT, and after that you really can only afford to focus on one other score. Plus, Luck is ridiculously good and passing it over is a bad idea (limited pool, but those 2 guaranteed successes go a long way).

>> No.42862538

I did a thing, and this thread isn't quite dead yet...

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