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Rolled 20 (1d20)

Hello, /tg/. I am from [s4s], the resident funposting board on 4chan.

We are doing a cultural enrichment initiative where we travel around to different boards and learn, mainly, about their memes.

I'm a bit different. I'd just like to know about the culture as a whole. I do play a little MTG, but not a whole lot. I main a mono-blue mill deck, mainly focused around 1 on 1, because I have a lack of cards that mill multiple people (Yes, I do have a millstone, but it's too slow to do much to everyone, so I tend to "group up" with the others. I have an Elixir of Immortality, so it can be self replenishing, but it's overall weak.

Anyways, because I have never played a TRPG, I wanted to ask: I can understand rolls like 2d6 (2 six-sided dice) and 3d12 (3 twelve-sided dice), but what do terms like 2d20+3 mean? What does that plus mean? Are there any other things like this I should know about?

Pic related. Is of the jerks I talked to last time, /g/.

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Okay, I'll bite. You'll often here the phrase "That Guy" bandied about. It basically means someone who does obnoxious things in roleplay games, which /tg/ pretends to hate but only because we know that we are all, in fact, /t/hat /g/uy.

There are also quest threads which everyone hates except for the people that don't hate them, and all lewdness has been recently removed.

Enriched enough? Good, run along to /s4s/ and leave us to our quagmire of neckbeards and d20s.

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In a 1d20+Y roll, the Y is your modifier to that action. Namely, attacking, using a skill,or a variety of things, with a set DC that determines failure or success. You could make the argument that skills naturally scale with level and thus keeping set DCs for simple, complicated, and difficult tasks would be enough, yet it gives flavor to a character to specialize in some areas, even at the cost of being weaker at others. Thus, the modifiers exist. For example, let's set a DC 20 task of making progress at crafting an armor. An untrained person with no particular innate attitude towards it would just roll a d20, namely meaning that only 5% of the time it would make some progress to finishing the armor. In the meantime, a master smith, who might just have a +19 or higher in the modifier, will always succeed at making progress towards making the armor.

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>that filename
>[s4s] poster calling others terrible
You are scum

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In a die roll, XdY+Z, X is the number of dice, Y is the number of sides, and Z is a static modifier. If you roll 1d6+2 and the die comes up 3, the result is 5 (because of the +2).

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Thanks for the info.
By the way, nice dubs.

I have a little something from [s4s] that I made that felt like it fit well with the culture. It's based off of the dubs thing.

The main reason I made it was because I rolled a natural 20 on my first post on the board.

We shitpost because it's funny to us. Sorry that you don't share our sense of humor. We're usually kind people, if you treat us kindly, and if you kindly ask us to take our shitposting elsewhere, a number of us probably will.
A good number of them were complete jerks. There were some nice folk in there, but most of them didn't want to be nice. /tg/ seems to be nicer, so I'll be fair and assume that /tg/ is neutral, and not all jerks.

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Failed to actually upload it. Whoops.

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I get the feeling you're totally taking the piss right now

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[s4s] isn't actually so bad, just unimaginative and with an extremely selective sense of patience

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Kind of. I'm just excited that happened. It's twice as hard to get a natural 20 than it is to get a dub.

Nevertheless, you guys can use it if you want. If not, that's fine, too. I can understand that it may not be a thing any of you want to use.

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>It's twice as hard to get a natural 20 than it is to get a dub.

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Let me guess: I screwed up the math, and it's logarithmic.

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I found an acurate description of /TG/ (or 4chan in general)

Also please dont say/use dubs, its like a red cloth for most Ca/tg/irls

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Too late.
I have, as /vg/ would say, startled the Witch.

Okay, actually, they would say I got "0wnd". It would be the L4D players that would say I startled the Witch.

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New world vegetables.

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Rolled 59 (1d100)

We used to be friendlier, but then stuff happened. It was a gradual change, so I can't quite remember what happened. I blame generals and text-only quests.

Also, we have dice.

Here, have a golem/doppelganger made of rancid butter and toilet paper.

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Decent roll.

Do the dice work in the options bar as well, or just the e-mail bar?

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I came here to post this.
Instead, have a completely different facet of tg

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well, yeah, that happens too

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>e-mail bar
that was replaced a few months ago with the options bar?

also check out some of the user made sites from /tg/
1d4chan.org is a wiki
suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com a selective archive with summaries.

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Esfoures a qt

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One of the greatest ironies of 4chan is that the subjects of /tg/ are, arguably, the subjects that require the most social acuity. Watching anime, playing video games, papercraft, porn, discussing politics, reading books, watching sports, fitness, fashion, music, on and on and on: ALL of these are easily done alone or with incredibly minimal, whereas the interests that form the root of everything /tg/-related literally require you to interact with other people on an in-depth, regular basis. For a lot of them, you have to have multiple physical people in the same physical room. This means that a lot of the anti social, self-defensive bristling that helps all the other subjects thrive just didn't have a place on early /tg/, and when the nazimod showed up and started encouraging all the lonely shut ins and the general attitude that permeates the rest of 4chan, most of the people who came here to begin with went 'oh' and just left to go find other places to talk about games.

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We hate bread.

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No, THIS is the nature of /tg/

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and the opposite as well

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He's right, though. The chance of a nat20 is 1/20. There are 10 "dubs" pairs on all numbers from 00 to 99 and 100 total possibilities, so the chances of dubs is 10/100 or 1/10.

The only caveat is that post numbers are not random and you can time your posts to get dubs, but if you do that then you are a cheater and odds don't apply to you. Waiting to post to get dubs is like rolling loaded die. Dubs aren't something you time, they are a happy accident.

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fuck off cunt

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that's /fit/

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Humanity, Fuck yeah threads also happen here from time to time.

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As someone who works in retail, i just can't take HFY seriously.

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What about meatbread?

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Never took them seriously myself, just one of types of fiction that I enjoy. Nothing bad about a fantasy seting where some humans are not depressing to the point of suicide.

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Oh anon, this is too hillarious. I actually cried.

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hilariously underrated post - anyone who's seen and served the retail masses knows HFY is utter bullshit.

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There is a reason it is called fiction annon. I don't go talking that 40k is shit because warp is not an actual thing.

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>I don't go talking that 40k is shit because warp is not an actual thing.
people don't pretend the warp is a thing.

HFY, on the other hand...

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This, we hate flour

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So another otherwise semi-okay or better thing ruined by fans?

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>HFY, on the other hand...

What thing do they pretend it is exactly?

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here's a classic /tg/ cap that's been going around 4chan for years

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here's another story that may or may not have happened, the point is its fuckign awesome

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can we please forget this existed?

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lurk more

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d12s master race.

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Congrats. You have shit taste. Now you can fuck off and get out of /tg/ and stay in [s4s].

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Just lurk moar, like four months to a year, look at stuff in the archives, and then you'll officially be an initiate. Simple.

No, I'm not joking.

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>/t/hat /g/uy
for what purpose?

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I'd like to add, though others have mentioned it, that this board is the best place I've found on the net for stories.

Ignoring the quests, there's writethreads and worldbuilding and storytimes popping up fairly regularly, and while they're not what you'd call "high literature" they're FUN and I enjoy reading them.

/tg/ accounts for pretty much all of reading time outside of audiobooks these days, which either says something about how much content comes from here, or about how little time I have to read...

>Throwing another 1d4chan storypage link on the pile as well as a short from the same guy: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/All_Guardsmen_Party

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Well this may be a problem for you, as your search for board memes will yeild interesting results here. /tg/ has a huge gap in it's board culutre from a period when we were under the rule of the nazimod/janitor. This janitor essentialy deleted almost any thread that wasn't 100% /tg/ related and that, combined withother actions essentialy killed /tg/ culture. So if you do head over to 1d4chan.org, be warned, as quite a few memes there no longer represent modern /tg/ culture. But that in mind 1d4chan is the best place to get to understand /tg/'s culutre, it can easily speed up the "lurking" process signifigantly

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It's also filled with all sorts of myths, exaggerating how much people like or dislike something, and even the board creation story is off, spinning the old tale of how moot made this board because of warhammer Wednesday, when there's no actual evidence of that, and it's just something constantly repeated by 40kids in order to justify their asinine behavior.

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>implying the plebs are human
Life becomes much easier once you idolize an idealized human or role model, and then fiercely (but quietly) scorn everyone who doesn't live up to that ideal.

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>Having fun
You must be new here

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/tg/ is famous for its derails. With bait threads quickly devolving into absurd topics.
Best Quest is Ruby Quest. All other quests are shit.

Also, we have a wiki.
What >>42788722 Said

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Dare you enter our Magical Realm?

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