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Which role-playing game components need to be 'broken in'?

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The men.

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If that fatty jumped on the threadmill and pumped some iron, I'd fuck it in a flash.

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Admit it anon, youd fuck her in a flash without those.

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It takes a while to get used to snorting coke off your players.

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Too much of a titty monster for me.

Height's about right though.

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>The dame walked into my office with tits as big as a stack of 4e books. Straight away, I knew she was trouble.

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The system, anytime you introduce new players to it.

Roleplaying, anytime the players have to start interacting with each other.

Really just about anything that comes up that hasn't come up before.

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the elves.

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>Too much of a titty monster for me.

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>oh no she's a little overweight which means her body is softer and she has really big thighs and ass what a horrifying complication to this scenario
I don't want to get all HIGH TEST here but I never got why dudes get turned off to slightly fat chicks, at least for casual hook ups

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Are you from Ireland?

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Hey, if not like tits as big as my head makes me gay, then stick a dildo in my ass and call me Caitlyn, because I'm a raging faggot

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How comfortable are you with casual hook ups?

Also, she's not just a little chubby. She's definitely fat. Not bad fat, but still fat. And I generally prefer athletic girls.

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I don't know if it's intended or not but this is the most self derailing thread in recent memory.

On subject, the ability to differentiate IC/OCC many players/GMs never get it.

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But anon, fat chicks are so much more eager to prove they're good in the sack.

And the fat actually makes them tighter.

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The butt.

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Been there done that, I still regret it, fat chicks can't fuck worth shit.

Skinny tight asses are the way to go, being a tabletop nerd doesn't mean you should let yourself go and fuck below your standards.

I have a qt patootie pixie girlfriend right now and its the best, don't let fat wenches trick you bro's.

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Bailey Jay sure let herself go

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Fair enough. I also just want to point out that >>42743321 isn't me too.

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Honestly, if I knew her and liked her, I'd consider it more. And I think it's statistically proven that girls are less likely to want casual hookups.

But as it is, I'd turn her down and not accept a soda from her after.

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I'm pretty sure that's not...
wait a second!

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>Skinny tight asses are the way to go, being a tabletop nerd doesn't mean you should let yourself go and fuck below your standards.

>mfw my huge nerd MtG friend has a landwhale girlfriend that treats him like shit
>mfw we helped him break up with her before graduation
>mfw he's back with her today and she's still saying how he's a terrible person that will hardly amount to anything

I'm in the middle of helping the bro get rid of the leviathan, but the dude's kind of dead when it comes to relationships. His first in High School was a 10/10 nympho willing to do anything with him and he just sort of drifted apart from her after a 2 year relationship, and after that he's said he'll never find a girl better than that.

Guy tasted the big leagues and now that he's back in the kiddie pool he's just given up.

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I wouldn't let her go. Not even if she wanted me to. And if she escaped I'd drop her like an elk! AN ELK!

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Nah, I'd say the chairs...

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Because fat women have no fucking self-respect, if you let yourself go to become your own planet, what the fuck must your personality be like?

I had an ex girlfriend who let herself go during our relationship and it was just terrible, I tried talking to her about it and she would get horribly angry about it.
I never met any nice fat people in my entire life, all fat people I hung out with have been people that I wish I never met.
Skinny girls look young, adorable and sensitive and are marriage tier, fat chicks aren't even worth being pissed on by my dog.

The only good thing about fat chicks are the big tits to rub your peepee on and even then you have to deal with a fat whale pussy and their turban stomach.

And have you ever seen the ass on a fat chick?
It's the stuff of nightmares, small petite asses are so spankable and tight.

This, she's horribly fat, do people even know the difference between chubby and fat anymore?

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>fat chicks are so much more eager to prove they're good in the sack.
fun fact: fat people aren't very good at strenuous activities

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Are you guys seriously casting aspersions on this role-playing goddess? If she travelled back in time, she'd be made a queen within a few days!

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>I never met any nice fat people in my entire life, all fat people I hung out with have been people that I wish I never met.

Fucking this.

There's a reason the "Fat Acceptance" movement is universally fat women picking on everyone who so much as looks at them funny.

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>casual hook ups

>> No.42743669

>Horribly fat
I wouldn't go that far. She's more than chubby, sure, but she has legitimate curves rather than just a radius.

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Whilst I pity your experiences, but have you considered that you just had a shit luck with them? or that your preconceived notions fucked over your perception.

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That sounds exactly like my first relationship, a controling dominant bitch who told me to stop hanging out with all my friends until I did and it was just me and her hanging at her place while she stuffed her face and we watched Twilight without asking if I even wanted to.

I only saw the light after 5 years, and I dont mean in my 20s, I met her when I was like 14 and even then she was this spoiled yuppie bitch.
Better get your bro to see the light soon too, getting back with exes just doesn't work practically all of the times and will give you twice the hurt.
I got back with my ex too and after getting me to have sex with her, she didnt call for a week and then only left me a message saying she fucked 2 guys and felt bad about it and needed me to hold her.

So morale of the story younger readers, don't go for the fat women, not just because they're unattractive but also because when you have a body that visibly shows you have no self-respect there's a huge change the person will not be enjoyable to be around.

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>If she travelled back in time, she'd be made a queen within a few days!
If she went back some 30000 years, sure.

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You don't think the likes of Charlemagne would be drawn to her robust figure?

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No, Charlemagne would want a reasonably attractive woman that would secure him a political alliance.

Robust girls with fat tits are a dime a dozen even then.

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>she didnt call for a week and then only left me a message saying she fucked 2 guys and felt bad about it and needed me to hold her.

I want to hear the story behind this.

Because I imagine you said "fuck off" and she tried to spin it as you being the asshole?

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This, I love the fact how they try to push fat being healthy when there's absolutely not a single useable scientific research backing them up except maybes and misinformed beauty magazines and clickbait websites trying to gain more readers.
Just twice Anon and I regret both, now I'm horribly old-fashioned.
More than curves is fat, and being fat is terribly unhealthy.
Girls naturally have a little more of a stomach because of inner girl parts and that's all the chubby I need, that's my curvy.

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Anons, there is a difference between chubby and fat. Girls with a lil something extra is alright (depending)

This bitch is FAT. Unacceptably fat. This is beyond "she just doesn't work out". This girl has never exercised in her life, and on top of that she eats like a pig. She's laying on her back (which makes her look skinnier) and she is *still* fat. I would never fuck her

I've heard that fat girls give the best head, though I guess I'll never know

Unfortunately, I can't post a pic of "acceptably chubby" girls because all the ones I have are nsfw

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Most of the flab is being disguised by good old gravity. Whales tend to be pretty careful about how they set up images.

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>mfw this reminded me of the screencap stating no fat woman should have to "settle for a fat man."

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>I would never fuck her

You'd never even have the chance m8.

>> No.42743916

>start weight argument
>suddenly pictures of fat and athletic girls

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Thank fucking christ for that.

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How could they give good head when they're so disgusting that your dick literally shrinks to the point where it forms a vagina?

>> No.42743926


It honestly just sounds like you know a ton of assholes. I know plenty of fat people who are pretty nice and lots of skinny people who are complete cunts. Same with fat assholes and skinny friends.

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Yo dude, if she was cool and din't, like, smell funny or something, I'd absolutely destroy that.

Mainly because I'm a chubby hairy awkward immature virgin.

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I'm doing my best to help him find another girl but he's just too damn timid around women, and I'm beginning to suspect part of his hesitation from finding another woman is what his (former ex) girlfriend would do if she finds out.

God, on a related note why do asshole fat chicks have that squeaky saccharine sweet voice they use to get what they want or talk down to people?

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only royalty can afford to be fat
if you're skinny then you look like a peasant because peasants work all day and can't afford to eat anything good
some amount of chubbiness was definitely in style for charlemagne.

>> No.42743978


She's not obese, she's just overweight.

>> No.42743985

If (or rather since) not fucking below my standards means never fucking at all, I'd gladly fuck below my standards.

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First things first, get him to just break up with her. Then get him to fix his life up before going dating.

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>She's not obese, she's just overweight.
She is certainly not morbidly obese, but she is flirting the line between overweight and obese

I don't know her height or weight, but a guess would be 5' 3" @ 160lbs, which is dangerously close to obese. I might even be being lenient on the weight. Hard to tell with her laying on her back, hiding the real amount of her fat

>> No.42744100

>some amount of chubbiness was definitely in style for charlemagne.

Nigga I don't think you understand just how chubby we're talking here.

It was fucking tough to actually become a landwhale, and the types of foods available to nobility, while fat-rich, weren't the type of processed crap we have nowadays that produces McBloat.

A girl like her would look unattractive to the likes of Charlemagne because she's unnaturally fat, the kind of fatty fatster that even people back then would recognize as unhealthy. The kind of chubby people wanted was a little meat on the hips and some heft to the breasts.

The kind of weight we would consider healthy and normal NOW, it's important to point out that people weren't suffering from malnutrition back in the day, since the average height of your typical Medieval European was actually not that far off from the average height of those ethnic groups today.

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Thing there are a lot of skinny nerdy girls out there. Like a lot. No one is saying you should only settle for the 10/10, but to be so desperate that you will scrape the bottom of the barrel and fuck people that are to awful they don't even register on the x/10 scale, then you just don't respect yourself.

Having sex, while obviously really fucking nice, is not that important that I would sully myself to that degree just to get it. I honestly would rather never have intercourse ever again over only having access to fat disgusting landwhales.

And we're not talking a little chub here, a little chub is fine, nice sometimes even. But the really fat ones are just not worth it on any level.

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>Obese americans outnumber overweight americans

>> No.42744135

>Go live with a female friend of mine because she needs a roommate and someone to clean up her life (drugs, alcohol, bad boyfriends)
>Tell ex
>She wants to see my house
>Sure, why not
>Acts super bitchy to my roommate
>Wants to cook for me like the old days
>Wants to talk to me about our hobbies like the old days
>Wants to watch a movie we both loved like the old days
>Puts on our sex album on my laptop
>I feel kind of flattered but this woman fucking dumped me because I was suicidal and needed proffessional help
>She starts being more and more bitchy to my friend, making snappy comments about her life and shit
>Friend goes to bed early
>Girlfriend starts ranting on loud volume about how she's walking around in skimpy clothing
>We go to my room
>It's pretty fucking late
>She gets on top of me
>"I missed you, I want to try it again, I made a mistake" etc etc etc
>We have sex
>She hugs me the whole night and spends most of the next day with me
>Goes home
>Text her
>No response
>Try a few more times with no luck
>Week later she responds that she tried one night stands and had sex with two different guys but now feels dirty
>I tell her to go fuck herself because I still love her
>She says that's not her problem and I should've read her better
>End up falling in love with a girl on 4chan (/lgbt/, we're both bisexual and learning to deal with that)
>We now live together
>Friends tell me my ex is saying she wants me back now and that bitch gone
I got a little carried away and I'm sure there's nice fat people, but for me it's a good indication that they're probably not the type of people that I would want to hang out with.
It's kind of like going to a place to buy a dog and then having to choose between the energetic happy dog or the lazy dog that doesnt even bat an eye at you.

Oh god I know exactly what you mean, or try to justify their fatness because atleast I have big boobs!

Hit the gym, grow some standards,you deserve it

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Isn't the BMI mostly intended for military personnel?

>> No.42744157

The blobs on the abdomen and the size of the shoulder hint at a higher weight than just 160.

>> No.42744171


Ehhh, the issue with height by weight is that it doesn't account for muscle mass. While you're probably right about that girl, my dad is 5'8" and about 180 lbs. He's really muscular with a small layer of fat.

>> No.42744183

And that somehow makes it not a problem? She's still at an unhealthy weight relative to her height and is more likely to develop the problems related to being overweight than a normal sized woman, by which I mean a woman with an appropriate weight for her height.

>> No.42744203

I also forgot to mention, my ex girlfriend told me I was disgusting whenever I brought up my conflicted feelings about my sexuality, hence why it's still pretty damn hard for me to come to terms with.
The more I think about it the more I realize how hard she has been playing me to stay with her and feel bad about things I shouldn't feel bad about.

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I suppose this thread had no hope of being good, but I'm still surprised by how shit it turned out.

>> No.42744226

Oh no, it's still an issue, but not an overwhelmingly bad one. If she fixes her diet and exercises more then she'd probably be pretty hot in a month or two.

>> No.42744230

Every even remotely skinny and remotely nerdy girl I have ever met is either taken, not interested, or one of my three exes.
One of those is aromantic, the other asexual and I never found out what the third one's issue is/was.
The point is, even when I was in a relationship, I never even had so much as petting.

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Yes, but it's shit. My maximum "healthy" weight for my height is the exact weight when I was right out of Basic and cut like Christ. I always got by on the Rope and Choke, not that my PRT scores would have sent me to FEP anyway.

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Don't worry mate, Nothing wrong with wanting to fuck men And women.

>> No.42744261

>someone repeats what I posted in another thread a week ago

>> No.42744262

I'm sorry Anon, I've caused this, I'm the second post.

>> No.42744292

Fuck if I know. There's still 0 excuse for a normal person to ever be a weight that even approaches "obese" according to this chart, whether it's designed for military or civilians
You right. I got curious and she's actually some fetish model that is popular in japan. She is 5' 10"

She is actually gigantic. An actual land whale. With a body type listed as "curvy" kek

True, but this girl is fat

Pic related to everyone saying she isn't fat. She is huge. She is gigantic, and almost obese if she isn't obese. She does extreme corset training, and is likely to be wearing a corset in this picture as well. The only reason he fat seems self contained and "not blobby" is because she uses corsets. This does not change the fact that she is obese

>> No.42744306

Really? Given where it went this thread is actually alright I think.

>> No.42744315

She's 5'10 for what it's worth.

>> No.42744341

I have hit the gym, to no avail, I do have standards, which I wish i hadn't and I know deserve it, but that knowledge is useless to me.

>> No.42744347

>5' 10"
yikes, I wouldn't be surprised if she's approaching or exceeding 200

>> No.42744349

Gross, she has some of the same dice as me

>> No.42744361

I said at the time it was a good post. Just think of me as the "Blackie, the Mystery Boy" to your "The Lynx".

>> No.42744379

We've got mostly civilized discussion.
That's pretty good for a /tg/ thread.

>> No.42744387

Don't worry, as long as you've good taste it doesn't matter what you're tasting. That being said you at the very least have a poor track record with taste in women.

>> No.42744395

>normal person

but most 'normal' americans are overweight compared to the rest of the world.

>> No.42744526

I'm happy for you faggot

>> No.42744532

Girls operate largely on "preselection". It's why there is slight truth to harem anime

She thought you were a loser, but this other girl (who she subconsciously finds equal or superior to herself) seems to like you. Whether or not she has "preselected you", it looks like she has. Old bitch gets insecure; you seem to have upgraded or at least side-graded, so maybe you aren't the huge loser like she thought you were. There must be something awesome about you that she overlooked. It's evident; you had no trouble netting a superior/equal girl to her.

She gets intrigued, and wants to know what's so cool about you as well. Girls operate like this. If you have a friend circle and one girl starts to like you (if that has ever happened to you) preselection is the reason that girls seem to want you in bursts; they see that other girls want you. It makes you more desirable, and a girl is programmed to keep as many "good" options open as she can, to select the best man to pass her genes on with.

If she sees an equal/superior girl removing you from her "options", she's programmed act that way. There is actually a lot of real life truth in PUA/TRP

You fucked up by being so easy to get. She saw that she had nothing to worry about because this new "equal/superior" girl wasn't a threat. If she were a threat, you wouldn't have had sex with her again so easily. Your ex knows that you are always an option for her... until the next girl at least

>> No.42744583

Eh, as long as it isn't Androidal fat distributions...

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