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Last thread died.

Post builds, roleplay stuff, write shit.

Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP
Freeform Rules: http://pastebin.com/tvtc8y42
IRC doc archive: http://pastebin.com/u/MagicalGirlPastebin
Combat System:http://pastebin.com/LLyWhixf
Monster List: http://pastebin.com/bd6KD7j0
Char Gen: http://www.dolldivine.com/sailor-senshi-maker.php
Magical Girl Images: https://mega.co.nz/#!gI1kyLCA!qGB50vUFeu_q4AYcKLnYRguMdes1gI6qdaflW54fzQ4
Combat Imp. : http://pastebin.com/dFQMmCFC
Combat Imp. V2: http://pastebin.com/vUynnsEM

Rizon Chat room: #MGCYOA
Rolz Roleplay Room: MGCYOA Roleplay

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That's gonna get messy, but it's better than nothing. I'm sure "balance" is throwed under the buss, it can be fixed

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Rolled 15, 11, 16, 12, 20, 7, 18, 4, 3, 10, 5, 11 = 132 (12d20)


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Rolled 15, 12, 12, 11, 16, 2, 19, 13, 9, 20, 4, 4 = 137 (12d20)

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I should probably mention that I gave Shining Clock a ToC now.

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So if your Magical Girl had a mech or powerarmor what would it look like?

>> No.42726628

Gauss gets a Phalanx because it's basically her. Poorly armored, not that fast, but with a nasty punch.

Also, the main gun is a gauss rifle, so that too.

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I'd go with the Queadluun myself.

They'd never catch me.

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Rolled 7, 12, 13, 5, 6, 14, 16, 18, 9, 19, 17, 11 = 147 (12d20)


>> No.42727124

Age: 21
Body: Average
Strength: 8
Agility: 7 (3 Bronze coins)
Vitality: 8
Magic: 4
Luck: 5

Power: Stone (Bronze Coin)
Weapon: Fist
Outfit: Flowing

-(Gold Coin) Focused Assault

>(Silver Coin) Allies
Having some contacts is too good. Plus I'm going to need to go somewhere after my sudden "disappearance".
>Enhanced Weapon
Nice. More strength.
>(Silver Coin) Eternal Style
A nigga has to look fly while saving the world
>(Silver Coin) Fated
Worth taking just for the assurance that I won't die to some sneaky shit while not in magical girl form.

Can give a beating and take a beating at the same time. Plus I'm pretty quick too.

Well this turned out great for me. Haven't even taken part in these threads since the beginning and I like this more than my original build. I might actually stick around to rp some with this.

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Rolled 15, 18, 15, 9, 13, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 1, 3 = 100 (12d20)

Oh snap. I gotta make the builds for my other 2 friends now. Welp. 12d20. First 6 are girl number 1 and the other 6 are girl number 2

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Wait. Do the allies get coins as well?

>> No.42727878

>Allies and Big Friends receive no perks and no coins to spend.

>> No.42728051

Oh. Thanks.

Ally One
Age: 21
Body: Overdeveloped
Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Vitality: 4
Magic: 5
Luck: 4

Power: Water
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Skimpy

Power: Hammerspace

Ally Two
Age: 11
Body: Underdeveloped
Strength: 4
Agility: 5
Vitality: 4
Magic: 7
Luck: 6

Specialization: Psychic
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Elaborate
Power: Familiar

So I guess I'm living with Bigtits McGee, her little sister, and their pet dragon now.

>> No.42729381

Besides the fact Ally 1 is 11 also(if it's above 10, -10 from the roll) seems that way. The team seems surprisingly well balanced, you're more or less the strength one, Ally 1 is a ranged shooter, Ally 2 is a psychic loli.

>> No.42730926

Rolled 16, 1, 19, 13, 7, 1, 12, 3, 3, 7, 19, 16 = 117 (12d20)


>> No.42731351

Fallen Angel +3 VIT + 2 AGI + 2 MAG + 1 STR
Ranged [Bow of Light] + 1 AGI
Flowing (2 bronze) + 1 STR
Killing Blow [Arcum Caeli] (1 silver)
Enhanced Weapon + 1 AGI
Fated + 1 LCK
Environmental Sealing
A Way Out
Sorcery [Glyph magic] + 1 MAG
Gifted (gold)
Wings (gold)

STR: 8 [5 + 1 (flowing) + 2 (1 silver)]
AGI: 10 [6 + 1 (ranged) + 1 (enhanced weapon) + 1 (gifted) + 1 (1 bronze)]
VIT: 10 [7 + 3 (1 silver 1 bronze)]
MAG: 8 [6 + 1 (sorcery) + 1 (killing blow)]
LCK: 5 [4 + 1 (fated)]

1 gold (spent on perks)
3 silver (2 on stats, 1 one power)
4 bronze (2 on outfit, 2 on stats)

So. I am a fallen angel. I tried to keep a fairly even spread of stats, though I did put some emphasis on agility (since I'm using ranged weapons) and Vitality (since dying sucks). My weapon is a bow that fires arrows of light. My killing blow involves firing an even stronger arrow. I'm also extremely manueverable, because I have both a decent agility score and the Wings perk, which gives increased mobility if you already have wings.

The main problem with using this is that I can't find any real plot hooks. The only thing that really stands out is Fated, but being pulled along to my unknown destiny isn't really something I'm interested in. If I ended up using this, it would probably just be for a side character in a story focused on a better one.

>> No.42733132

Rolled 3, 19, 7, 4, 12, 8, 20, 16, 19, 3, 8, 10 = 129 (12d20)


>> No.42733285

your actually 11 not 21, the max age is 16

>> No.42733297

your first ally is also 11

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I don't understand why these aren't called KYSF because every single time we normal people read "CYOA" we immediately think "Kill yourselves, fam."

>> No.42733639

It's funny, because whenever I think of a "coward", I always immediately think of "a little bitch that can't shitpost properly".
You know, now that I think about it, you fit that description perfectly.

>> No.42733675



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It's just shitposting, ignore it.

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Rolled 5, 18, 8, 17, 10, 20, 13, 13, 14, 16, 1, 12 = 147 (12d20)

Let's see...

>> No.42733766

Some stuff like fire and light mention purification. Does this mean you can purify monster girls? What would happen to a guy turned into a monster girl, would they just be a normal little girl after that?

>> No.42733796

Rolled 6, 12, 18, 10, 5, 10, 6, 12, 6, 7, 4, 6 = 102 (12d20)

Haven't posted in these for a while. Let's roll.

>> No.42733808

>little girl is the purest form

>> No.42733985

Age: 11
Body: Overdeveloped
STR: 10
AGI: 8
VIT: 7
MAG: 7
LCK: 4
Specialization: Lightning (MAG)
Weapon: Fist "Katzbalger"
Outfit: Flowing
Power: Regeneration
Perks: Healing Artifact, Enhanced Outfit, Sorcery, Patron, Martial Training, Monstrous Metamorphosis

Bronze: Perk (swap 16), Power (-2), AGI, VIT
Silver: Perk (select l12), VIT, AGI
Gold: Perks (l2, l15)

This is pretty great.
I'm lightning fast, hit like a truck and Gods help you if you piss me off.

>> No.42734098

Rolled 7, 10, 1, 16, 10, 14, 9, 12, 15, 18, 8, 4 = 124 (12d20)

new thread new roll

>> No.42734306

13 years
blood magic
+1 str enhanced outfit
eternal style
get out of jail

str 15 (gold)
vit 5
agi 9 (silver) (bronze x3)
mag 9 (silver x2) (bronze)
lck 4

Charging ahead with no regard for her personal safety, on the principle that they can't beat her if they are defeated first, Blazing Demon Kaeko is here to purify you!

Who I CAST FIST here?

>> No.42734478

I cast fist myself, just a bit differently.
See >>42733985

You didn't name your weapon, btw.

>> No.42734554

I did, my weapon's name is FIST

>> No.42734606

your character and mine would make a badass team exept for the fact that you have a patron and don't work for puuchu. might aswell repost my stats for the third time:
Name: Nothere
age: 8
body: underdeveloped
STR: 11
AGI: 6
VIT: 8
MAG: 7
LCK: 9
mana: 15
mana regen: 2/turn (+1 for regeneration)
hp: 37
hp regen: 2/turn (regeneration)
dmg negation: 2 dmg
weapon: melee
outfit: skimpy
power: regeneration
perks:awareness, big friend, natural aging, fake parents, sorcery
her outfit is a sleevless robe with a big hood that shadows most of her face if she wants it to, she has spiraling snake-like tattoos that cover her entire body, even parts of her face, she wields a pole-arm glaive and fucks with peoples minds, she best works with a team as she can distract the target leaving them open for companions to lay down the hurt, she met her lamian friend when she was being attacked by another monster and saved her life, in return the lamia pledged her life to Nothere as a protector and bodyguard, obeying her commands and helping her when needed.
used up all my coins but completely forgot what i used the for, oh well

big friend stats
age: 14
body: average
STR: 6
AGI: 5
VIT: 7
MAG: 12
LCK: 4
mana: 19
mana regen: 2/turn
hp: 30
dmg negation: 2 dmg
weapon: ranged (flamethrower)
corruption: Lamia
specs: ice & fire
outfit: flowing
power: thrid eye

>> No.42734663

Correction: I don't have to work for Puuchu.
I still will half the time.

>> No.42734734

i guess so, but in a campaign if the puuchu found out that you had an outside influence they would probably hunt you

>> No.42735777

>More Shining Clock writefaggotry

I blink slowly as a beam of sunlight lazily makes its way across the unfamiliar garage. Groaning softly, I raise my hands and blearily run my eyes before raising in my head to take in my surroundings. I'm lying back in a gray reclining chair tucked off in the corner of the garage. In the middle, there's a table with a half-finished game of Monopoly sitting on it. One of the stacks of money was substantially bigger than the others.

After a few seconds, the events of the previous night catch up to me. I was sleeping in Clara's grandparent's garage since I didn't have a place of my own. The game of Monopoly that was sitting on the table was the last game we had played, and Clara had been handily ahead just like the rest of the games we played.

Just as I move to curl up into a ball and try to continue my sleep, there's a beeping on the other side of the garage door before it begins to open. I wince as even more sunlight comes flooding in, the open space where the door was providing a much larger entrance than the narrow slit of a window that ran sideways across it. A person is standing there, their figure momentarily obscured by the bright light before they step forwards and reveal themselves to be Clara. She's holding a bag that seems filled with boxy shapes.

Placing the bag on the table—and ignoring the game that had been in progress—she turns to face me.

"Good morning," she says far too cheerfully. I wave my arm at her in an attempt to swat her but am rewarded only with laughter at my pitiful attack. It probably would have been more successful if I had been able to summon up the motivation to move from where I was currently lying down. Recovering from her amusement a few seconds later, she continues to talk. "Thought you might be hungry, so I brought a bowl and a few boxes of cereal from my house. No milk, though, so you'll have to have it dry."

>> No.42735789

My only response is an incoherent groan. Of all the things she could have been, why did Clara have to be a morning person? Seeming to take notice of the fact that I—like any reasonable person, at least—despise waking up, she turns to leave.

"Wait," I manage to croak out. She turns back to glance at me.

"Yeah," she asks.

"I'm up," I say more clearly this time. I slowly manage to drag myself out of the chair, eliciting more laughter from her as I flop down onto the floor. "And... thanks."

Walking back over to the table, she slides down the sides of the bag to reveal the different kinds of cereal. "Well, if you're up I might as well explain your options for breakfast."

She lifts up the first box. It's brown and has an image of a cartoonish orange bird eating brown pellets. "First off, I brought Cocoa Puffs."

Something inside me tells me no. I shake my head to give it voice. "No thank you. What are the other options?"

The Cocoa Puffs are placed back inside the bag, and another box is pulled out to replace them. "Lucky Charms," she asks.

"Yes. Do want." The words escape my lips before I realize I spoke them. She seems surprised at my sudden choice and makes this known. "Are you sure? You haven't even seen the last box."

"As sure as my speciality is time, yes." I narrow my eyes. "Cereal. Gibbit. Now."

She shrugs and sighs. "Well, I guess some people have no appreciation for Cap'n Crunch."

She tosses the box and bowl over to me as I make my way over to the table.

One and a half bowls of the stuff later, I glance across the table at her, taking a break from dropping handfuls of the cereal into my mouth. "So, where's Merry?"

Clara starts. "Huh? Oh right, Merry. She's probably still asleep at her house right now. She never was one to wake up early."

>> No.42735801

Sounds to me like something any reasonable person should be. There's clearly something wrong with people who enjoy waking up in the morning. I keep my opinion to myself. "Oh."

I glance down at my cereal again. I guess someone who would bring over breakfast for a friend couldn't be so bad, even if they are a morning person. "Uh. Thanks for the cereal, I guess."

She grins. "No problem. Besides, now I know what your favorite is. Merry's is Cocoa Puffs, if you were wondering. She probably wouldn't have been too happy if you had eaten her box."

I find myself filing away the information in the off chance I'll need to use it later. A thought crosses my mind. "So, aren't we going to start training some time soon?"

She shrugs and leans back. "Eh, we'll just wait for Merry to get here. Besides, there's plenty more to talk about than what your favorite cereal is!"

And that was how I found myself talking to Clara for the next few hours.

>writefaggotry over
>pastebin: http://pastebin.com/w9Bw6ecT
>ToC: http://pastebin.com/0EkhCRXU

>> No.42736847

you ,puchuu puppets , are the worst kind!

>> No.42736872


>if the puuchu found out that you had an outside influence they would probably hunt you

I thought they normally just competed with the Patron for your attention?

>> No.42737097

Well, that's complicated. Because all puchuus and patrons are different, they act differently. One puchuu may find you're too dangerous if you work with patron and demand your loyalty or death. Another will try to win your loyalty with better rewards

>> No.42737413

Oh, come on. If False Hearts agents can work together with the UGN, such a small difference can't stop magical girls.

>> No.42737441

Rolled 20, 6, 7, 1, 7, 14, 20, 8, 8, 9, 6, 19 = 125 (12d20)

>> No.42737516

Which rules did you use for HP, Mana, etc.?

>> No.42737664

judging by HP regen v.1.2-1.3

>> No.42737918


>One puchuu may find you're too dangerous if you work with patron and demand your loyalty or death.

Is it time to lay hands on the creature then?

>> No.42739114


Does that mean you can attempt to strike the Puchuu down with no consequences?

>> No.42739289

>with no consequences?
If you will try to take on puchuu, you will be top priority on their "exterminate" list. If you want 4-5 MG hunting your ass all the time, you can try to kill puchuu

>> No.42739313


>4-5 MG hunting your ass all the time

Thats it?

>> No.42739413

That will be enough to handle you

>> No.42740193

Rolled this on another site - 8,17,5,9,7,16,13,7,7,3,14,9

Age: 14


Reinforcement Magic +1 STR AGI MAG LCK
Ranged Weapon +1 AGI (+1 EW)
Flowing Outfit +1 STR (+1 EO)

Third Eye /// Bronze /// Regeneration

Healing Artifact /// Silver /// Enchaned Outfit | +1 Outfit Stat

Enchanced Transformation

Envoirmental Sealing

Fated +1 LCK


///Gold/// Interdimenstional Tourist
Gifted +1 AGI

4 Bronze /// 0 Remaining
3 Silver /// 0 Remaining
1 Gold /// 0 Remaining

STR = 7

AGI = 8 | 7 + 1 B

VIT = 4

MAG = 12 | 5 + 2 S / 1 B

LCK = 6

12 MAG support seems pretty legit. I am a Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer.
Was thinking of making a support that also goes in close enough range to use a shotgun and magic shield bash. Thoughts?
I am also terrible with names so if anyone has ability appropriate suggestions

>> No.42740350

If you're having trouble with names, I'd recommend going to a site like behindthename and just browsing until you find one that you like and fits whatever theme you were looking for. You can look it up by theme and limit them to a certain origin.

Just a quick browsing brings up Blair if you don't mind English names. It wouldn't be too hard to limit them to Japanese instead if that's what you were looking for.

>> No.42740461

Completely forgot about that site, thanks I'll have a look later.

>> No.42741229


If you say so.

>> No.42742125

>multiple senpais trying to be THE SENPAI

>> No.42742391


Is there anything saying you can't walk around with a collection of them?

It's a greater wealth of knowledge. They'd also be likely to point out any discrepancies with one another.

>> No.42742571

Holy fucking shit, that magical girl maker flash is a time sink.

Rolled 18, 11, 8, 14, 16, 6, 19, 4, 17, 12, 9, 7 = 141 (12d20)

Name: Levinia Jennifer (redacted) - English, levinia "bright flash/lightning bolt" + modern form of Gwenhwyfar "beautiful girl"
Age: 14
Body Type: Average
STR: 4
AGI: 6
VIT: 9
(This is Mahou Shojou, bitch. I'm as weeaboo as I wanna be.)

Specialization: LIGHTING (Note to creator: the 1.01 PDF is still missing the first N in the results table)
+2 AGI
Weapon: MYSTIC (forked staff)
Has a stabby end and telescopes ~2x, but she has no training
Outfit: UNIFORM (Senshi suit)
+1 VIT

Eye of the Storm: A necklace with a pendant of quartz shot through with purple flaws that look like lightning bolts, when held to the forehead and energized with magic it grants brief flashes of brilliant insight. When transformed, it becomes a circlet that always holds the Eye in position to be used.
Amber cabochon on the lightning bolt clasp for my chest bow.

2 Bronze: MAHO +2
2 Bronze: LUCK +2

1 Silver coin to change Power to REGENERATION

2 Silver: VIT +4

1 Gold: +2 Perks:
A: SORCERY (probably rune-based, but it's one of the details still percolating)

Monster Girl ally:

Rolled 5, 1, 15, 6, 14, 20, 8, 9, 18, 12, 11, 3 = 122 (12d20)

Name: Niamh Dwynwen, niamh "bright" + the Welsh dwyn "to steal" and (g)wyn "fair, holy, white" - a cute thief who has healing and light powers
(Apparent) Age: 11
Body Type: Underdeveloped (+1 Kawaii Neechan Desu Beam puppy-dog eyes!)
STR: 5
AGI: 7
VIT: 7
Monster Girl Type: FALLEN ANGEL
+3 VIT
+2 AGI
+1 STR
Specializations: REINFORCEMENT & LIGHT
Weapon: RANGED (Combat Ribbons)
+1 AGI
Power: TENTACLES (Combat Ribbons)
"Please accept my healing tentacles of love, Oneesan!"

>> No.42742647

>not MAHOU
>not 魔法
>not 魔力, for that matter
Dude, please.

>> No.42742895


Four letter abbreviation, without skill points in moonrunes. It's also a Pani Poni Dash reference.

>> No.42743154


What about a character who doesn't have a Patron but doesn't obey the Puchuu at all, would walk right by it like they didn't see it or just disrespects the Puchuu period?

>> No.42743425

But all the other stats are three letter abbreviations.

>> No.42744493


You'll note I also don't drop the C in "Luck." That makes the physical stats three letters each and the magical stats four, which appeals to me in its own right.

>> No.42744856


Where would a Magical Girl store a Mech at anyway.

Also, could the Puchuu fill in for a Haro unit?

>> No.42745011

Hammerspace is the only real answer I got besides the mech being the outfit itself or something.

>> No.42745284

who said i liked it? i only do it because i take my responsibility as a guardian to keep the world from being overun, and i don't exactly do everything they say, i mean i have a monstergirl friend

>> No.42745303


>the mech being the outfit itself or something

That reminds me of that time in Kill La Kill when Matoi was questioning how some of the Goku uniforms could be considered uniforms when the were mechs and what not.

But what would a Mech fall under anyway on the uniform creation chart?

>> No.42745324

i never said you couldn't just that you'd get hunted down and get the shit kicked out of you by the puuchu

>> No.42745353

in the combat rules in the OP, go check them out

>> No.42745359

A 30 and up, requiring bronze investments to add +'s beyond 20.

...Now I kinda want a below/above the 1-20 range thing just for those that would do this...

>> No.42745448

if they don't kick your ass, then the horde of MG's they send after you will

>> No.42745484


Now to be fair if they just looked the other way on things it wouldn't have to come to blows.

>> No.42745590

they can't really, they just want evil and corruption dead by any means, and the MG's are the best way they have of doing it, if an MG decides to try their luck at killing a puuchu, they will see that MG as corrupt and want to destroy them

>> No.42745651


> they just want evil and corruption dead by any means

They have an odd way of going about that then given some might say they're technically proliferating corruption given how the Monster Girl aspect comes about.

Also if its threatening people then some might say its provoking a fight.

>> No.42745761

monster girls (unless influenced by a MG to turn back to fighting evil) are supposed to be a destructive force that wants nothing but to bring havoc and evil into the world

>> No.42745778


Come to think of it if its threatening a girl then she might start seeing it as evil and questioning its motives.

It did abduct her suddenly and (perhaps) against her will to begin with so.

>> No.42745903

thats because in this setting you somehow killed a magical girl and they turn you into one to "repay the debt"

>> No.42745940


>monster girls (unless influenced by a MG to turn back to fighting evil) are supposed to be a destructive force that wants nothing but to bring havoc and evil into the world

A destructive force they created by initiating the Magical Girl process.

They not be responsible for it but it's certainly going to appear that way unless the Puchuu is deceiving individuals on the exact origins of Monster Girls.

And if they are deceiving using deception then I'm questioning what other things they may be hiding or what their actual motives are.

>> No.42745996


>They not be responsible for it

Entirely responsible I meant.

>> No.42746048

Rolled 3, 20, 19, 8, 7, 17, 8, 2, 6, 20, 17 + 1 = 128 (11d20 + 1)

This is stupidly addicting. Single d20 for corruption if needed.

>> No.42746085

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Rolling for corruption

>> No.42746093

we'll never know, that's all we really know about the puuchu

>> No.42746133

Rolled 6, 8, 4, 15, 12, 1, 5, 2, 10, 20, 3, 2 = 88 (12d20)

Here we go.

>> No.42746315

Dunno, /tg/, this looks like some kinda blood knight to me.

Sex: female
Age: 9
Body: Overdeveloped
Specialization/Corruption: Fallen Angel (Reinforcement, Light)
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Flowing
Power: Regeneration

==STATS== (disguised)
STR 10 (4) (1xS,1xB)
AGI 12 (5) (1xG,1xB)
VIT 11 (5) (1xS,2xB)
MAG 8 (5) (1xS)
LCK 4 (3)

#1 Disguise Artifact
#2 Martial Training
#3 Incognito
#4 Fake Parents
#5 Wings

>> No.42746319


If that is all we know I'm going to question why I'm following an overly opinionated build a bear that may try and kill me later.

>> No.42746366

Fiction Master List updated - you're in the Serials now.

>> No.42746610

I don't see why you have to grimderp up the setting with "evil"/heartless/blue-orange-morality-antagonistic/etc. magical girl mascots - Sure, PMMM is a thing, but generally your mascot critter is comic relief/confidant/scout and entirely loyal to the magical girl, often to the point of disobeying their own superiors in the girl's favor if they have any, bending and breaking rules to help, and so on. I'm still chewing on story bits, but Sir Puuchington (provisional name) isn't going to be an antagonist outside of occasional comedy relief moments, for sure.

While I'm posting, though, anyone have a good idea for a Dark General with fire powers and a magic blaster pistol? See also pic related.

>> No.42746662

for a name, I mean.

>> No.42746790

Rolled 2, 7, 16, 19, 2, 5, 13, 10, 20, 3, 12, 5 = 114 (12d20)

>> No.42746836

Well the setting already assumes a certain amount of alien morality, maleficence, or ambivalence on the part of the Puchuu because of your involuntary transformation. Your helpful companion slot of filled by the Familiar power. You can certainly have a Puchuu with a kindly affect who regrets that your transformation was necessary; but he still DID it and there's a dark element therein.

>> No.42747274


Well it may not actually be evil but if its standing in the way of a Magical Girl's personal happiness then it may seem like it is.

If its stopping me from attaining personal wealth or bending others to my will I may consider it evil after a while.

>> No.42747434

... Have you considewred joining Team Rocket? It sounds like you have the attitude to really go far.

Ganbatte, anon! Denounce the evils of truth and love! Extend your reach to the stars above!

>> No.42747703


>Have you considewred joining Team Rocket?

So I can get beat up by some adolescent kids and have to wear something you might find in a call girl's closet?

I don't think so, that sounds like a trap.

>> No.42747882


And for minimal pay at that.

>> No.42748231


>> No.42748298

>> No.42748326

>have to wear something you might find in a call girl's closet?
>sounds like a trap.

>> No.42748331

Rolled 9, 8, 6, 13, 5, 15, 11, 18, 2, 15, 14, 1 = 117 (12d20)

>> No.42748593


So you can't be self motivated and self-centered on your own?

>> No.42749348


Like this?

>> No.42749432

crossdressing is cute for both genders

>> No.42749676


It is a trap.

If I did somehow join changes to the uniform would be the first thing I requested.

>> No.42750019

Age: 15
Body: Average
Specialization: Light (Silver),
Weapon: Mystic
Outfit: Elaborate (Silver)
Power: Third Eye, Killing Blow (Gold)
Perks: Enhanced Sustenance, Eternal Style (Bronze), Closure, Money, Patron

Str: 4
Agi: 7 (Silver)
Vit: 7
Mag: 12 (Patron) (Killing Blow) (3 Bronze)
Luck: 5

Ojou-sama from a wealthy family, limousine driver ran in to a magical girl. Lady Justice angrily demanded her to become the next magical girl or her family would be killed as payment. Accepted with reluctance, and as a consequence lost all memories and relationship with her family (Closure).

Still gets money from her father who refuses to cut-off a money transaction for unexplained reasons against the ire of his peers, possibly because somewhere in his heart he knows his daughter exists (Money). Has a hateful relationship with Lady Justice who now commands her to kill monsters.

Far-ranged nuker, semi-support. Someone with close combat abilities be her friend and she'll kill things for you.

>> No.42751508

It would be really cool if we could have an actual RP game. One DM/QM, four or so players. Have a session once a week or something at some time. Give weekly monster or SoL situation, players RP, a game that lasts maybe half a year.

Actually, how come we never have RP games here? Only CYOAs and Quests.

>> No.42751526

We sorta have a RP going intermittently in the Rolz room.

>> No.42751615

yeah we currently have a fledgling campaign run by Madbrewer and Beastwood

>> No.42753507

Hello everyone, newbie here.

How does spending Silver on perks work? Does it mean I can choose any other perk from that table?

>> No.42753532

from the side of the perk table you are rolling from yes

>> No.42753609

Thank you.

Another question - is there more written somewhere on the Rebirth system? It's been mentioned literally thrice in the pdf, with no details.

...Hm. Does having one's Soul Jar destroyed still allow for rebirth?

Vampires don't need to drink blood. But does it bring sustenance?

>> No.42753675

Not entirely sure, but I think the Jar works like the Way Out. And sure you don't need blood, but it's so delicios. A little bit here and there couldn't hurt could it? (I read it as an addiction)

>> No.42753710

the rebirth system we haven't introduced into our RP system yet, vampire's don't need to drink blood but it tastes really good to them, with the soul jar i assume you die for good, which is why its so important for you to keep it safe

>> No.42753714

Any Madoka Magica fans here? I'm running a Quest where you play as the Illuminati to control Magical Girls.

>> No.42753917

No, no. I mean - can a vampire drink blood in place of eating food?

>> No.42753942


>> No.42753969


>> No.42754041

Uhh. Probably, but I'm not sure how efficient that would be.

>> No.42754096

How long rebirth takes is left up to the author/GM, but perks and help from other magical girls can speed it up.

I think a destroyed Soul Jar still allows for rebirth. What the perk does is allow you to regenerate your body if it is destroyed instead of having to go through the much slower rebirth process. It doesn't seem to be a replacement for rebirth. It's not explicitly stated anyway, so just go with what works better for your story or RP.

>> No.42754283

>Does having one's Soul Jar destroyed still allow for rebirth?
Yes, probably, but longer than creating new body.

>> No.42754572

Any thoughts on Fallen Angels building their own (beautiful) city in another world or a higher plane?

>> No.42754600


>> No.42754653

Hello guys. Seeing that roleplaying part of this project is on the rise I'd like to suggest remaking that 6 month old bar idea(if anyone still remembers it). Basically it would be an IRC conference where people would join for mild roleplaying. From lore point of view it would be a bar somewhere in the Overcity where both magical girls and monstergirls could meet and exchange stories or whatever. What do you think?

>> No.42754665


I think It'd be a neat idea.

But what would they be doing at the bar though?

I assume if its a bar then there won't be any combat.

>> No.42754679

If it's a bar, there will be a lot of combat.
Just not the directly lethal kind.

>> No.42754682

But there are many groups of MG that will cut each others throats at first sight.Pro-Puchuu girls with pro-Patron and monster girls are sworn enemies

>> No.42754721

Where does this idea that Puchuu and Patrons are mortal enemies come from?
Sure, there might be some resentment, but I see more MGs from different Patrons fighting each other than the Puchuu-loyal ones going aggro.

>> No.42754762

>Where does this idea that Puchuu and Patrons are mortal enemies come from?
from RPing, if patron-girl and puchuu were alive, puchuu demanded death of patron girl from his loyalists
You haven't seen puchuu loyalists,

>> No.42754796


Does that mean you can get away with striking it and its girls down then with no consequences if you succeed?

>> No.42754865

>it and its girls down
m8, I don't who you think you are, but fighting against two girls at the same time is like skating on thin ice. One bad dice roll and you're dead

>> No.42754881

That seems like an extraordinarily stupid move from the Puchuu.
Unless the Patron's goals are directly opposed to the Puchuu's, killing a useful and valuable tool, even if not working at 100%, is a colossal waste.

>> No.42754887 [DELETED] 

Rolled 18, 5, 11, 5, 19, 6, 3, 12, 14, 7, 20, 7 = 127 (12d20)

okay, let's try.

>> No.42754899

Maybe Puchuus know something we don't, that's why they have zero tolerance against Patrons

>> No.42754907


I might not be alone.

Also who says I'd ever immediately fight both.

I could feign loyalty then, when their back is turned, put the blade in it and twist it hard for good measure.

And technically speaking you'd be doing your job as you'd be fighting against the unnatural. Magical Girls and Puchuu aren't natural anyway.

>> No.42754922

Again, where does it say that they have zero tolerance against Patrons?
None of the documentation even remotely suggests that.

>> No.42755010

Patrons are stealing MG from puchuus, why would they tolerate it?

>> No.42755044


What if its a Magical Girl who doesn't have a Patron but also has no respect for the Puchuu and would sooner kick it out of the way than listen any directive it has to give them?

I have Magical Girls too busy building things, turning a profit and fighting other Magical Girls to stop and listen to a build-a-bear who might be lying or trying to kill them.

>> No.42755140

puchuu propaganda machine will condemn those girls. Making loyal girls to be friendly with them

>> No.42755187


Technically I see no binding agreement that says you have to do anything they say or should given they might be as benevolent as they claim.

In fact given they snatched them up and turned them into a Magical Girl to begin with, some girls might say that they're the unnatural monster that needs to be dealt with.

>> No.42755215

I suggest to use the policy of the first bar testing: no fighting within the limits of the bar. It would also be logical for the bar to have some MG staff and to be warded in multiple layers all over in case someone wants to make a mess out of it. So no pro/anti puchuu and no magical girls vs monstergirls within the bar. We are all civilised creatures so we should behave accordingly. Foreseeing weapon policy question you are allowed to carry weapons inside because MGs can summon their weapons at will so there is no way to enforce any rules on that subject.

>> No.42755223

Because a MG with a Patron is no more bound to the Patron's will than a MG without one is bound to the Puchuu's will.
You don't just fire your most competent staff because they have an unrelated side job.

>> No.42755230


Is there anything you're not allowed to bring into the bar?

>> No.42755250

>binding agreement that says you have to do anything they say
Oy vey, we are you greatest ally, why wont you help us?
Technically, girls that don't obey puchuus fall into depression

>> No.42755259


Not to mention the true Monsters stand to benefit from Magical Girl violence and can further destabilize things.

>> No.42755290

"YOU'RE FIRED" - Trumpchuu

>> No.42755295


>Oy vey, we are you greatest ally, why wont you help us?

1.) You're threatening me.

2.) You're getting in the way.

3.) You want me to fix things you broke.

4.) I suspect you may be evil.

5.) You abducted me and turned me into a little girl.

6.) You haven't told me where you come from.

7.) You didn't ask nicely.

> Technically, girls that don't obey puchuus fall into depression

Nothing that can't be corrected.

>> No.42755330

Hmm. Actually no idea. Probably no animals but familliars are ok(because they are sentient). No insanely dangerous stuff but I have no idea how to enforce this(i once saw a MG who stole a nuke-in-a-backpack several kiloton demolition explosive from military). No food or drinks brought with you(it would probably be more of a pub than a bar so you could probably buy a dinner inside). No coming in with too dirty or smelly clothes probably. No idea what else.

>> No.42755345

1.) No I'm not

2.) You know nothing magical girl, so shut up

3.) You know nothing magical girl, so shut up

4.) I suspect you're corrupted by those evil monster girls, we must..fix this

5.) You have to pay your denbts for killing my magical girl

6.) And you don't have to know

7.) Because it's your job

>> No.42755347

>Technically, girls that don't obey puchuus fall into depression
That wouldn't be any different from my current situation, so I wouldn't really feel obliged to follow the Puchuu's orders.
What's even better, since I rolled a Patron, I assume I'd get one whose views are at least somewhat compatible with mine.

>> No.42755365


>I suspect you're corrupted by those evil monster girls, we must..fix this

Monster Girls you created so again I'm questioning whose side you're on in this.

>> No.42755366

this bar could end up as a cool writefag story about an MG meeting all the other MG's that are listed here in the bar

>> No.42755380

>whose side you're on in this.
You wouldn't understand this even if I told you everything, now go back to work

>> No.42755401

Well, you're free from puchuu then

>> No.42755443


> Technically, girls that don't obey puchuus fall into depression

That can't happen to mine given shes always in a rage against other Magical Girls anyway.

One that isn't helped by the fact she lives in a junk yard and spends her time fighting a with Valkyrie Magical Girl.

>> No.42755512

Is there anything saying a Magical Girl can't steal a Monster Girl for herself?

>> No.42755525

isn't that kind off what big friend is?

>> No.42755540



But I meant along the lines of she literally picks her up and steals her.

>> No.42755554

now that would be wierd and puuchu would be confused

>> No.42755585


>now that would be wierd and puuchu would be confused

As long as the Magical Girl is fulfilling he other duties, what is the problem with taking a Monster Girl?

>> No.42755958

Speaking for myself and the monster girl I rolled up, the other members of her former group who wanted to keep their healer, from whom she'd stolen some things and snuck away because being kept in their base all the time was basically driving her into the frustrated depression mentioned for girls who don't follow their natures.

... I'd rather just put it into some writefaggotry, but I write too damn slow. Still mulling it over.

>> No.42756189

Rolled 2, 16, 19, 20, 9, 6, 4, 8, 13, 20, 20, 5 = 142 (12d20)

>> No.42756262

Rolled 3, 16, 3, 10, 3, 17 = 52 (6d20)

Well this is interesting. A Dryad with fake parents. Rolling friend

>> No.42756557


>> No.42757025

You can try, but none guaranties that monster girl will be happy and wont tear you apart

>> No.42757107

For the bar/pub project not to become forgotten somebody should probably make an IRC conference. If no one wants to deal with it I'll do it. Before i do though I need to discuss some things:
1) The name of this place
2) Is it a bar or a pub or something else
3) general rules(both IC and OOC)
4) internal structure, staff, menu and so on(not really important but nice to have)
5) should we use IRC or something else

>> No.42758154

>I dunno, something nice. Like 'The Dead Puchuu'
>no idea, be nice people? Neutral ground.
>poorly lit, full of rowdy magical and monster girls
>IRC sounds good.

>> No.42758523

yeah, I like it

>> No.42758528

My ideas for now are:
1) I'll let you guys choose
2) Pub since it allows to both get a drink and a dinner
3) OOC rules: you need to roleplay as a MG of your creation within the limits of that conference so normal metagaming rules and OOC in IC rules apply. All OOC should either go in the official IRC discussion channel, be tagged somehow("OOC:" for example)or in PMs.
IC: a)Fighting within the limits of this pub are forbidden. MGs who get into the fight will be escorted outside with force if necessary.
b)Standard packet of rules for pubs: you break it- you compensate, no food/drinks brought from outside, no personal transport(there should be a wardrobe or whatever to leave it for the duration of stay), no animals(familiars are allowed though) and so on
4) Something like an Irish pub maybe? 2 floor building made of dark wood with scarce electric lighting. Comfortable hoof- shaped sofas with a round wooden table inside and a bar stand somewhere in the back. That would probably be really uncomfortable for driders and lamias so there should be special seats to accomodate them. Probably up to 10 employees.
5) IRC, skype or whatever gets chosen. Probably IRC though

>> No.42758655

Monster: Zodie (Anywhere, minion)

The spirits of nameless stars that gather around the constellations, nearly any magic user can summon Zodies if they learn the spell, but how strong they are depends on the summoner's affinities and whether a coin is used.

Physically, they appear as tall, shapely women with hair like a nebula and skin the color of the night sky, complete with twinkling stars. The brightest star

on their body is always located at the center of the brow, though if a coin is used in the summoning it will cover this star. The only other universal aspect of their appearance is a black metal band around the throat with a glowing gem in the distinctive color of their summoner's magic, two more unornamented metal bands at the wrists, and a ribbon wrapped around each calf. They wear the bare minimum of clothing otherwise, usually just a one-piece leotard, arm wraps, and low heeled shoes.

How to Summon a Zodie:
Physical foci: Iron neck and wrist bands (with a slot for the magically created gem in the neck band) and two black ribbons, enchanted as a set. They will remain behind and can be re-used if collected when the spell ends or the Zodie is reduced to 0hp and dispelled. The usual paraphenelia for the summoner's casting style (candles, ofuda, a wand, a cauldron and reagents, a fire pit, spell circles, various sacrificial items or animals, etc.) will also be needed.
Base mana cost: 30

Users of SPIRIT, DARKNESS, LIGHT, or GRAVITY can summon Zodies with base stats of 4
Users of FIRE, AIR, LIGHTNING, or ILLUSION magic summon Zodies with base stats of 3
Users of other types of magic or the Sorcery perk summon Zodies with base stats of 2

Summoners who have two or more of these traits use the best then add an extra +1 to all stats

The caster can distrubute a number of additonal stat points equal to their MAGIC stat, +1 per 10 Mana over the base cost.

Roll for a single specialty, rerolling Corruption.


>> No.42758686


Next, did the summoner use a coin?
No: Summoning lasts for a few minutes (a single scene, more or less) and the Zodie has a single magical or physical attack in addition to the ability to drain Mana for the summoner or its own use. It is barely intelligent enough to obey instructions, can't follow plans more complex than "Destroy those meddling girls!" or "Collect as much mana as you can and give it to me," and generally only says "Zodie" with varying tones and degrees of emphasis. Basically only useful as disposable mooks. Physical attacks are generally claw-style using their long, tough finger nails.

Copper: Lasts a few hours, and the Zodie has average human intelligence. Still only has one attack plus mana drain, themed by the rolled Specialty.

Bronze: Lasts a few weeks, and has two custom attacks, or an attack and a non-combat spell. Can assume a human disguise.

Silver: Lasts a year and a day, and has a normal range of spells for their Specialty, plus a Power and and a human disguise.

Gold: Essentially the same as a normal Magical Girl without coins or Perks such as might be gained by the ALLIES Perk.

A Zodie will always obey its summoner's instructions to the best of its ability, or if left without any will drain whoever is close enough or destroy random objects once there's no one to drain mana from.



>> No.42758715

Zodiac spirits? Cool. Is there any difference between the varieties summoned from each sign?

>> No.42758808

Pick a sign that matches the Specialty, I guess. These are meant to just be the monster of the week or mooks to back up your Dark General, not something that gets a lot of development.

It would be cool to have a "zodiac sign" system like in Elder crolls games, for say +1 to a stat or an extra Perk, but that would be a more involved add-on.

>> No.42758944

Having a shape that matches the sign would be better for actual spirits of the constellations

>> No.42758990

Rolled 8, 8, 19, 8, 12, 15, 18, 19, 10, 2, 13, 1 = 133 (12d20)

dice+12d20 goes in all fields.

>> No.42759285

Age: 14
Type: Average
Power: Corruption - Drider
Weapon: Mystic
Outfit: Elaborate
Power: Tentacles, Killing Blow
Perks: Awareness, Hammerspace Handbag, Closure, Masculinity, Interdimensional Traveler.
STR: 5
AGI: 4
VIT: 5
MAG: 20
LCK: 7

>> No.42759300

Kind of generic, monsters of the week made out of random handy objects like stone lions, ice cream trucks, or doorknobs are more interesting.

>> No.42759305

>driderboy with supreme magic powers
Damn, son

>> No.42759309

Rolled 14, 7, 7, 12, 19, 1, 8, 7, 12, 20, 2, 9 = 118 (12d20)

>> No.42759339

>has five Perks, not four (or six from spending a Gold)


>> No.42759341


So they shall fear his multi-legged dominance?

>> No.42759346

You get 5 perks? Two on one table, two on the other, one your choice of table.

>> No.42759361

You get 5 perks by default. Roll 7-11 is all perks. Gold was spent on second power.

>> No.42759679

By taking the Blood Magic perk does that mean I can use VIT+MAG on the MAG ability table?

>> No.42759729

Age: 10
Type: Average
Power: Time
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Enhanced Uniform
Power: Hammerspace
Perks: Disguise Artifact, Enhanced Transformation, Fake Parents, Closure.
Stats: 4 STR, 6 AGI, 6 VIT, 4 MAG, 18 LCK
Focusing on bypassing the STR / MAG system by just using ranged weapons instead, since they're not affected by STR or MAG. Used LCK as my dump stat, VIT may have been a better choice, but LCK seems like it'll be more helpful. Enhanced Uniform seems pretty durable anyways. Hammerspace lets me pull weapons out of my ass, Time lets me do it without getting rekt. Fake Parents seems like a disadvantage, but since my outfit is Uniform and my transformation is only 3 seconds, I should be able to hide it pretty easily.

>> No.42759752

Blood Magic only expands your mana pool, not your abilities. I would assume it doubles the max mana that VIT gives you.

>> No.42760756

Huh, so it is. I missed that line in the CYOA... Guess I'll need to revise things.

>> No.42761094

You're not the only one. It's pretty easy to miss.

>> No.42761573

And here we go. Things just... Fell into a theme, without me noticing.


Name: Cecilia
Age: 14
Body: Average
STR: 4
AGI: 7
VIT: 5
MAG: 20
LCK: 6
Spec: Vampire (Air, Time)
Weapon: Mystic
Outfit: Elaborate
Powers: Hammerspace, Regeneration
Perks: Interdimensional Home, Enhanced Transformation, Absolute Direction, Enhanced Sustenance, Eternal Style

How's it looking?

>> No.42761924

You've certainly got enough magic to be Arc.

>> No.42761938


So if I can get past that then there won't be any problems?

>> No.42762485

I know, right? Rolling a Vampire and seeing the Air/Time thing they have going on, I immediately thought of Arcueid. And Homura, for an obvious reason.

And then I rolled Hammerspace, and the Homura thought was soldified.

So, here we go - lack of STR is negated by MAG, lack of VIT is partly negated by Regeneration at 20, lack of AGI is negated by Air and Time at 20 (Flight and Time Stop FTW), and lack of LCK... Eh. I WAS unlucky enough to get turned into a vampire. Or lucky enough. Life will tell. Either way, dealing with my fate and impulses will be a story to tell.

But for now... With Absolute Direction, magic and Enchanced Transformation, I am an epitome of a night hunter.

>> No.42762772

>13 years old
>wings, blood magic, b̶i̶g̶ ̶d̶a̶m̶n̶ ̶h̶e̶r̶o̶ money (-1 silver), fated, a̶ ̶w̶a̶y̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ interdimensional tourists (-1 silver)

VIT 13 (-1 gold, -1 bronze)
MGK 10 (-1 silver, -2 bronze)
LCK 6 (-1 bronze)

I hope I didn't fuck up somewhere counting the stats.

So, money and interdimensional tourists should allow me to live with relative ease so that's settled. With the money I can help them and should be able to buy everything I need.
Light seem a bit shit as offensive specialization but with my wings I can abuse it's long range power, huge VIT so I can use the blood magic to spam more spells, and barrage covers the fact that light is only single target. Maybe I should have put some coins in agility to improve my skills with the wings.

I need to find some other girls because one vs one I feel like I will be slaughtered. Luckly fated should do that, right? I hope so.

>> No.42762919

>Blood magic
>Looking for others

Hi! I am a newborn vampire magical girl! Let's be friends!~


>> No.42763007

I don't want to enter the magical realm but huge vitality means that a newborn vampire magical girl could feed on me, limiting the desire for blood from innocent people.

>> No.42763105


Does that mean if a Magical Girl bunks with her they're going to wake up in the middle of the night with her nibbling on their neck?

>> No.42763118

Vamps don't need blood, they just find it tasty.

>> No.42763223

With how it was worded I assume they don't need it to live but need it like a junkie.

>> No.42763252

>magical realm
What's that have to do with anything?

>a newborn vampire magical girl could feed on me, limiting the desire for blood from innocent people
See? Already plot points!

Key word being "nibbling". Good thing I won't need much.

And hey - I am throwing good living conditions and decent-ish food into the arrangement.

VERY tasty. And much more nutritious.

>> No.42763305

This is what makes me having a big friend vampire endurable, regeneration and high vit means the magical girl can basically be their feeding target instead of innocents.

>> No.42763393

I'm having this Matrix-esque image of fields of magical girls being used as living blood sacks.

>> No.42763415


What if the Puchuu walks in?

How is the Magical Girl going to explain a Vampire nibbling on her neck in the wee hours of the morning?

>> No.42763465

Can Puchuus really enter Interdimensional Homes uninvited? Because that sounds sligtly unlikely, and VERY inconvenient

>> No.42763467

"It's not what it looks like! We're just playing kinky sex games!"

Oh, wait, NOT supposed to be magical realm.

>> No.42763531

The puchuu fled when he made the vampire, so he's not going to like it. I owe him, so I can't tell him to fuck off.
I suppose he's not going to be able to enter the interdimensional home of the vampire but he could be waiting outside.

>> No.42763629

Well, I imagine a vampire girl could do that with normal people too...

But that said, there's little reason to if you get a single regeneration girl. Drink their blood eternally.

Well, storywise and all, the magical girl and monster girl would both have conflicting desires and a strong urge to kill the other. If they get over that, Puchuu is gonna probably complain just on the grounds that they aren't killed by you.

It kinda does depend though I guess, if staying the night with a vampire means they won't cause havoc, you technically solved the problem for the time being.

>> No.42763634

Rolled 19, 18, 19, 10, 3, 6, 10, 7, 17, 1, 10, 17 = 137 (12d20)


>> No.42763688

>I am a newborn vampire magical girl
>looking for friends
Well, on one hand I can get a friend, first non hostile monster/magical girl maybe, a real home so I have no need to fight with monsters in overcity every night.

On the other teaching new vampire how to NOT drink blood from people and now normal magical girls will hate me even more

>> No.42763755

>a strong urge to kill the other
That's actually a thing?

Aaaaand another vampire. Sheesh.

It's like all MGs are nazi like that or something.

...They aren't, right?

>> No.42763838

>That's actually a thing?
More or less yes

>> No.42763918

>That's actually a thing?
Magical girls are supposed to eliminate the supernatural, monster girls count as supernatural.

>> No.42764098

>It's like all MGs are nazi like that or something.
No, they hate destruction, vampire with desire to suck blood and wreck havoc (as every monster girl) as a friend will worsen my relationship with MGs and puchuus. And it's not that great, if you consider that last time I've met one, she was trying to kill me

>> No.42764324

"When a magical girl or monster girl fulfills their purpose - fighting monsters and increasing order, or causing chaos,they feel a deep sense of satisfaction. A girl can choose to rebel against her instincts, but that lack of everything being ‘right’ when fulfilling their purpose often sends them spiralling into depression. There are rumors about girls who persevere and completely triumph over their instincts. Some say they transform into something else entirely, some whisper dreadful things about being “recycled”, while others claim you simply lose the need to act on your urges."

Basically by resisting this, you would be going against everything that feels 'right' on both sides... well, one side if the vampire was nibbling on you for blood, basically your very primal instincts say to kill them.

That said, it's fully possible to resist. The lingering thought might just hang there, and in the case of vampire roommates, it might be even lesser just because by getting fed on like this you keep them from doing any other chaos, so the feelings may weigh out.

>> No.42764433


What if the Magical Girls you've met have caused you more grief than any Monster Girl ever has?

>> No.42764570

>more grief
In what sense?

>> No.42764637


Suppose you received the dubious honor of becoming a Magical Girl when you had to kill one that was trying to murder you?

>> No.42764652

Like... I think Nothere? ...who nearly got drowned before being transformed, and hates on MG's for ruining her life.

>> No.42764727

oh, no. I was talking not about first magical girl that was trying to kill me, but the MG after her

>> No.42764925

nope not me

>> No.42765002

Well for starters they're probably not a 'good' magical girl and if you know they cause that grief, it probably would be treated much as a monster girl was, possibly even if you didn't if such a question was brought up...

That said, it isn't really fleshed out, it mentions how girls breaking this kind of 'instinct' might have drawbacks like transforming, being recycled or just the flat thing of "you can stop following instinct", and I assume it applies to both sides. For all we know, the act of causing greif and chaos as a magical girl might put you on the side of "Magical Girls are inclined and will feel accomplished murdering you", and alternatively a monster girl breaking their chaotic desires would remove them from that tendancy... or not.

There's a lot of vagueness in this.

>> No.42765508

Rolled 4, 17, 11, 20, 7, 10, 2, 16, 18, 14, 18, 15 = 152 (12d20)


>> No.42765631

Inada Tomomi
Roll 1: (Age) 15
Roll 2: (Body) Overdeveloped
Roll 3: (Specialization) Corruption
- Air
- Time
Roll 4: (Corruption) Vampire
Roll 5: (Weapon) Melee
Roll 6: (Clothing) Flowing
Roll 7: (Power) Barrage

Roll 8: Enhanced Transformation
Roll 9: Wings
Roll 10: Interdimensional Tourist
Roll 11: Absolute Direction
Roll 12: Soul Jar


Strength - 7 (Bronze)
Agility - 8
Vitality - 18 (Gold) (Silver) (Silver) (Silver) (Bronze) (Bronze) (Bronze)

HP: 53
Damage Negation: 3

Magic - 5
Luck - 6

Mana: 23
Mana Regeneration: 1/turn

Tomomi is a big fan of killing children. At first it was accidental - draining a bit too much from her friend at school - but nowadays she mostly does it for the looks on their faces. Recently she's started befriending them beforehand, instilling a sense of trust and sincerity before awakening them to the reality of their situation.

She's very durable and fairly strong but she's a coward at heart, using underhanded tricks - especially as regards the friends and families of her adversaries - and always counts on the ability to flee from a fight.

>> No.42765773

unless you will use gold to change illusion on vampire...that wont work

>> No.42765805

Whatever are you talking about dear, it's all cosplay.

>> No.42765816

How did you determine the HP, damage negation, mana and mana regeneration?

>> No.42765830

Under the combat section in the OP: http://pastebin.com/vUynnsEM

>> No.42765928

pretty old, there is v.1.2-1.3.5 already

>> No.42765955

>there is v.1.2-1.3.5 already
Because the OP only has up to 1.1

>> No.42766019

forgot, 1.3.5 is under work.
here is v.1.2-1.3

>> No.42766204

Rolled 12, 6, 15, 5, 12, 16, 6, 2, 18, 16, 4, 10 = 122 (12d20)

It's dice o'clock again.

>> No.42766288


That might be my Magical Girl.

She nearly got Rasputined over accidentally littering (though to be fair the girl who did had been told that people who litter are true monsters so it was a slight misunderstanding).

>> No.42766358

Had her penis cut off and preserved?

>> No.42766556


No but there was some cutting alright.

>> No.42766576

yeah it's not me, i don't hate other MG's

>> No.42766907

>VIT/5 (down) - if you have 1-5 hp you negate 0 dmg, if you have 6-10 you negate 1 dmg etc.
Either the math here is wrong in the example, or I'm not understanding what "VIT/5 (down)" is supposed to mean (full sentences are a good thing, people).
If I'm reading it right, then it should be:
1-4 VIT: 0 Damage Negation.
5-9 VIT: 1 Damage Negation.
10-14 VIT: 2 Damage Negation.
15+ VIT: 3 Damage Negation.

>> No.42767006

Y'all mother fuckers need grammar.
This thing has a lot of incomprehensible sentences, not helped by all the unexplained terminology (it reads more like a changelog that expects you to have read every previous version of the rules than a coherent version of said rules).

>> No.42767268

VIT/5 down means you divide your vitality by 5 and round down

>> No.42767578

Okay, got an origin segment done. It would have to be broken up into about nine posts so I'm not going to put it up it here - go read the pastebin. Little sister shenanigans abound.
Posts with pics related:



It includes the revised CYOA after my error with the Perks was pointed out above.


>> No.42767795

Okay, so I'm not crazy, the example math WAS wrong.

>> No.42768172

Rolled 6, 19, 19, 16, 5, 4, 3, 9, 10, 5, 10, 2 = 108 (12d20)

Here goes nothing!

>> No.42768283

I haven't published (even for the pathetically low value of anon-posting on the internet as "publishing") much that I've written before, and I know that was much longer than most people seem to do here. Is it good? Or at least okay?

Tobi is a good boy, praise me! Praise me! Praise me! Or something like that. Telling me what needs improvement would probably be more useful.

>> No.42768316

reinforcement (1 str,mag,agi,lck)
fist (2 str)
melee weapon(1 str, vit,stick-knife of loathing)
flowing outfit (1 str, black zipper hoodie, red with black checkers

hoodless robe, random color baggy pants)
hammerspace ability

martial training (1 str)
sorcery (1 mag)
eternal style
patron (+1any>str)
purification artifact

1 gold coin
3 silver coins
4 bronze coins


spend 1 gold for melee weapon(1 str, vit,stick-knife of loathing

spend 1 silver to switch barrage to hammerspace
spend 1 silver to switch illusion to reinforcement (1 str,mag,agi,lck)

11 str
5 agi +1 silver=7
5 vit
6 mag+ 4 bronze=10
5 lck

name: TheRecorder
I am a travelling adventurer from the Kingdom of Loathing, and

accidentally caused a magical girl to commit suicide because I

incorrectly filed her taxes (during a avatar or sneaky pete campaign).

I mainly fight with a close combat mindset, using my magic to

reinforce myself, weapon, or others while manipulating

the audience to my will (in a comedic sense).

my hyperspace ability allows me to store and use items or clothing for

comedic purposes, or for halloween.

I had a sense of authority and coolness during my campaign, and owned a


I also drink booze regularly

>> No.42768335

forgot to link to>>42765508

>> No.42768628

im wondering how do i join a irc?

>> No.42769005

Go to rizon.net
click the chat option
enter a nickname and channel
press connect

>> No.42771397

Rolled 6, 18, 20, 14, 9, 20, 20, 20, 15, 6, 15, 17 = 180 (12d20)


>> No.42771424


Well I do.

And for good reason.

>> No.42771761

For the iron bands, that should probably be modified to specify meteoritic iron. A bit harder to come by normally (barring an Earth MG who's developed a Meteor attack, anyway) and also better tied to the sky/stars thing. Meteors are, after all, shooting stars.

>> No.42772535

pastebin for the Zodies, since the thread will inevitably die:


Changes from the previously posted version: requires meteoritic iron, summoner gets Magic/2 stat points to distribute rather than their full Magic score.

>> No.42772556

Rolled 3, 11, 18, 20, 13, 10, 17, 16, 4, 4, 11, 17 = 144 (12d20)

What kind of magical girl will you turn me into now?

>> No.42772960

A pretty coherent beast-summoner, from the look of it. Should probably use a couple of Bronzes to modify your Outfit and Power, though.

>> No.42774416


Speak for yourself.

>> No.42774608

Rolled 13, 16, 3, 2, 13, 14, 4, 14, 19, 10, 15, 10 = 133 (12d20)

>> No.42774627

>like a changelog
I keep it that way, as barebones as possible. But maybe I should try and make it into "real" rules?
> read every previous version of the rules
Well, only Derp_Herp's rules for understanding, reading of v.1.0 and v.1.1 is not required at all

>> No.42774686


Bursting Valkyrie
Age: 9
Body: Overdeveloped
Specialty: Air
Weapon: Melee
Dress: Elaborate
Power: Duplication

Mystic Artifact, Allies(+AGI), A Way Out, Awareness(Bronze), Monstrous Metamorphosis

STR 5, VIT 5, AGI 16(Gold, Bronzex3), MAG 11(Silverx3), LUK 4

I ballet dance around my enemies, using a rapier to bring the point home. With keen awareness, grace and duplication most engagements end with my enemies more befuddled than damaged. Though when I want to be lethal, I have plenty of time and precision to land the perfect, piercing strike!

>> No.42774689

Also when I'm mad, I turn into an Emu Girl. An angry Emu Girl.

>> No.42775292

>Emu Girl.
the bane of all aussie magical girls

>> No.42775429

i forgot to mention i changed my outfit from skimpy to flowing by using a bronze coin

>> No.42775448

unless your throwing your melee weapon a lot then the agility you pumped your coins into is only useful in defense rolls

>> No.42776051

Holy shit, the autism is palpable.

>> No.42776109

We're all here with some degree of autism. If you're not on spectrum you don't belong to 4chinz

>> No.42776491

Rolled 10, 5, 6, 20, 3, 7, 17, 8, 19, 10, 1 = 106 (11d20)

>> No.42776722

Do Monster Girls get stats from their specs (Air and Time in this case)?
Can't understand how it is possible to reach 20 MAG without spending a gold coin otherwise.

>> No.42776763

>Do Monster Girls get stats from their specs (Air and Time in this case)?
I interpreted it that way since it says Air & Time Specs rather than specifying only the power and not the stats.
Twin soul could also be pretty op since it seems to be implied that coins apply to the base stats before the soul split and subsequent stat penalty, perks, etc..

>> No.42776811

Well, lets calculate it.
4(base)+1(weapon)+1(costume)+2(vampire)+6(2x3 silver)+4(1x4 bronze) = and it's 18 if I have not lost something

>> No.42776842

Don't have the process or the pdf right now, but I really got lucky with rolling Mystic and Elaborate. Then, after buying Regen, I decided to let the perks be and threw the money into stats. Vampire origin also gives what, 3 MAG?

Hm. Will have to count it all up again. Thank you.

>> No.42777976

>Do Monster Girls get stats from their specs (Air and Time in this case)?
I can't imagine that they do, since they get stronger innate bonuses to make up for it.

>> No.42778007

They don't.

>> No.42778030

Rolled 10, 15, 3, 16, 7, 19, 14, 18, 4, 18, 4, 11 = 139 (12d20)


>> No.42778090

Rolled 3, 19, 2, 3, 6, 1, 13, 8, 1, 17, 19, 11 = 103 (12d20)


>> No.42778191

So, rolling 11 gives me Enhanced Sustenance and +1 VIT. Does the +1 VIT given by ES stack with the bonus +1 VIT? Or is the +1 VIT on the table the bonus from the perk?

>> No.42778226

>Does the +1 VIT given by ES stack with the bonus +1 VIT?

>> No.42778242

I mean on the perks table, rolling 11 will give you the Enhanced Sustenance Perk. On the table, it says you get both the perk and +1 VIT.... But if you look at the perk's definition, it also says you receive +1 VIT. I'm probably just overthinking this..

>> No.42778247

Yes, the bonus on the table is the bonus from the perk, just like the bonuses shown with monster girls are the bonuses from their double Specialty.

>> No.42778281

Alright, thanks.

>> No.42779042

And upon returning to the document and rechecking the values, it appears that I did, indeed, "dun goofed". Much appreciated.

>> No.42779273

>General Info
Age: 16
Bodytype: Overdeveloped
Air Specialization
Hand-to-Hand Fighting
Flowing Outfit
Power: Killing Blow (1 Silver)

12 STR (KB, Gold Coin)
10 AGI (1 Silver)
10 VIT (2 Bronze, 1 Silver)
6 MAG (2 Bronze)

Allies, Purification, Training, Style, Enhanced Sustenance

After I rolled, I imagined a wind-based grappler/martial artist magical girl, so here it is! I had to skimp on Luck to raise my other stats, but I think I could go for a Tank-Ish role.

My finishing move is probably named something along the lines of a Suplex or an Izuna Drop named something like... Cyclone Grip? Something along those lines. I also couldn't really think of a character name.

>> No.42779427

Some anon earlier pointed out barebones state of v.1.0 to v.1.3, so I've tried to make it more...normal.

>> No.42780850



So Spirits can fight for you?

>> No.42780878

They will, if you have spirit magical school

>> No.42780929

In the 40k REDUX jump, how does location work?

I can't see a listed price for picking one, and there's no instructions.

Should I just roll a d8?

>> No.42780946



wrong thread

>> No.42781008


>> No.42781189


I was wondering how that was statted before.

The CYOA states that you can have animated objects following you but it doesn't say if they are capable of combat or not.

>> No.42781268

Just rolled this up using my trusty d20.
20, 8, 16, 20, 7, 17, 5, 14, 3, 10
8 STR (1 bronze)
7 AGI (1 silver)
18 MAG (1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)
Age: 16
Body: Average
Spec: Gravity
Weapon: Fists
Outfit: Flowing
Power: Regeneration
Allies (AGI) (Silver Coin)
Absolute Direction

I decided that I wanted to be magicest magical girl about halfway through. This is the result.

>> No.42781292

Shit, sorry. That 14 at the end there should be a 15. Otherwise wouldn'ta needed that silver coin. Bit feverish at the moment. Maybe not the most lucid.

>> No.42781301

> A novice Spirit mage may employ poltergeists wielding various weapons in battle
Spirit magic hardly can attack on it's own, so I've made summoning their bread and butter

>> No.42781400

Rolled 6, 1, 14, 3, 9, 14, 6, 4, 7, 4, 9, 19 = 96 (12d20)


>> No.42781442

Ah fuck, I'll use something else

>> No.42781470

Oh god wait, it worked, sorry, I'll use my first roll.

>> No.42781839

>Spirit magic hardly can attack on it's own,
...Whanow? You say like having maybe two or three spirit attacks tops is that much of a problem.

>> No.42782096

Expanded Monster Girls
Pt 1/6

Thread's closing in on autosage, but I'll post this anyway. Anyone feel like packing it into a nice PDF splatpage? I don't have Acrobat Pro.

As of the MGCYOA v1.01, Corruption can yield one of five monster girls, resulting in several unavailable Specialties. Adding four new ones fills the gap, with #5 making the numbers even. Just use the following results table instead of the one in the PDF. New monster girl descriptions will be posted with the images.

New Roll 3.1 results:
1-2: Lamia
3-4: Drider
5-6: Vampire
7-8: Fallen Angel
9-10: Dryad
11-12: Constellation
13-14: Robot
15-16: Siren
17-18: Slime
19-20: Sphinxgirl

While the Constellation Girl is a similar visual concept to the Zodie monsters I posted yesterday, they are still mooks to her main character, "the nameless stars that gather around constellations."

>> No.42782124

Expanded Monster Girls
Pt 2/6


11-12: Constellation
+1 STR or MAG
+4 MAG
+2 LCK
Empathic & Gravity Specs
Human, if not for the fact that your skin is like a projection of the night sky, with your guidig stars traced out. Whether you put people on cloud nine or bring them down they can't help but be drawn into your orbit, and their emotions are both a tasty banquet and oh so useful. Just watch out for the ones who know their mythology - they'll also know your weaknesses.

>> No.42782160

Expanded Monster Girls
Pt 3/6


13-14: Robot
+1 STR or MAG
+2 MAG or LCK
+2 MAG
+2 AGI
Spirit & Lightning Specs
Human, if not for the metal attachments, and the mechanisms revealed if your skin takes too much damage. You are the ghost and the machine, and can awaken the spirits of other devices to serve you, or burn them out entirely with your high voltage. There's nothing quite so satifying as the despairing wail of a luser who loses it all by forgetting to save.

>> No.42782196

Expanded Monster Girls
Pt 4/6

15-16: Siren
+3 STR or VIT
+1 AGI
+2 MAG
+1 LCK
Sound & Stone specs
Human, if not for the fish tail from the waist down. You can transform the tail into legs with your magic, but you'll always be clumsy on land. Fortunately, you have the perfect powers to get back at anyone who makes fun of how often you land in the dirt.

>> No.42782231

Expanded Monster Girls
Pt 5/6

17-18: Slime
+1 VIT or LCK
+2 STR
+3 AGI
+1 MAG
Water & Beast Specs
Human, if not for being made entirely of semi-transparent jelly. You have a supreme control of liquids and can change your shape easily, making it difficult for enemies to actually land a solid hit. Just make sure you don't get frozen or dried out.

>> No.42782262

Expanded Monster Girls
Pt 6/6

19-20: Sphinxgirl
+3 STR or VIT
+1 STR
+1 AGI
+1 MAG
+1 LCK
Stone & Reinforcement Specs
Human, if not for the wings and the lion body replacing your legs. You stand firm like a monument, reinforced by magical might and all too able to topple the works of the mighty, until lonely, level sands stretch to the horizon. You are weak to Water, which erodes the foundation right out from under you.

>> No.42782308

>maybe two or three spirit attacks tops is that much of a problem.
Nah, they'll have to find way around it

>> No.42782503

And the reference goes straight over your head...

>> No.42782543

Rolled 3, 5, 1, 13, 11, 10, 20, 16, 15, 11, 10, 11 = 126 (12d20)

Been quite a while since I've done one of these.
Bronze coins, huh?

>> No.42782600

>my head today

>> No.42782882

Oh, and I got Big Friend. I guess that one was split from Allies. It looks like allied MGs and especially Monsters got nerfed too. Shame about that.

>> No.42782898

Rolled 1, 20, 4, 14, 7, 17 = 63 (6d20)


>> No.42783309

Pretty nice work.

>> No.42784230

Here's the new monster girls in a PDF, even if it's a crappy one. Just in time to hit the bump limit!

>> No.42784266

>299 replies

>> No.42786026

Rolled 7, 1, 14, 7, 3, 15, 12, 9, 17, 2, 12, 6 = 105 (12d20)

rollan for trvth

>> No.42786377

Rolled 6, 13, 7, 10, 2, 3, 6, 2, 12, 10, 16, 12 = 99 (12d20)

nooo it was a lie!

crap magic, crap power, crap perks

rllin for cake

>> No.42787035

Get outta here, Rome.

>> No.42787411

>Rolled 6, 13, 7, 10, 2, 3, 6, 2, 12, 10, 16, 12 = 99 (12d20)

Name: Kamen Rider Snapshot
age: 12
body: average
str: 4 +1 martial training +3 3x bronze = 8
agi: 4 +1 time +1 wpn +1 outfit +1 flexi +1 enh.outfit = 9
vit: 4 +4 gold +4 2x silver = 12
mag: 4 +1 sorcery +2 silver = 7
lck: 4 +2 time = 6

spec: Time
+1 agi or vit > agi
+2 lck

weapon: ranged
+1 agi

outfit: skimpy
+1 agi

power: hammerspace

flexibility +1 agi
martial training +1 str
natural aging > 1 bronze to become enhanced outfit, +1 agi
absolute direction
sorcery +1 mag

Snapshot has much lighter armor than the norm for Kamen Riders, basically just a one piece swim suit with belly cutout and bikini plate armor plus cowboy boots ad=nd gloves, and a half-helmet with goggles and a pair of mandible guards projecting down along her cheeks. Despite this, her defense power is considerable, while the wide array of weapons stored in her Snap Armory give maximum flexibility to engage different targets.

>> No.42787496

What is the bump limit then? I thought it was 300...

>> No.42787891

Rolled 16, 9, 7, 1, 9, 10, 19, 4, 8, 1, 3, 18 = 105 (12d20)

Wanna play a robot girl. Captcha makes me sad.

Rolling for the rest.

>> No.42788900

I think it's 325 or something now. Used to be 300.

>> No.42789138

Decided to dump everything in MAG and VIT because magic is cool and I don't wanna go out like a bitch like whoever I accidentally killed. Spent all my coins there

Age: 15
Body: Average
Strength: 4
Agility: 5
Vitality: 11 (2 Silver)
Magic: 17 (the rest of my coins)
Luck: 5

Power: Shadow
Weapon: Mystic (I'm a goddamn wizard)
Outfit: Skimpy


>Mystic Artifact
Goddamn Wizard!
>Enhanced Sustenance
I use shadow magic and I ignore some basic needs...
>Soul Jar
Well, there's some Luck, and I guess I don't need to explain to my family how I became a 15 year old lich girl
>Blood Magic
Of course I got Blood Magic. What kind of necromancer would I be without it?

You will only ever see my duplicates as curses devour your life. Fuck I am a terrifying little lich girl.

>> No.42789589

Biribiri Tanuki Savior Mizuki

Aged 13
Average body type

STR - 6
AGI - 6
VIT - 6
MAG - 14
LCK - 7

Lightning Spec (+2 AGI, +1 MAG)
Mystic Weapon (+1 Mag) (Raiden Ofuda)
Flowing Outfit (+1 STR) (Hakama, Miko outfit)
Power: Killing Blow (+1 Mag) (Unlimited Thunderous Sealing)

Combat Perks:
Sorcery (+1 Mag) (Ofuda sealing magic)
Big Friend (+1 Mag) (Monstrous Patron, Dai Tanuki)

Noncombat Perks:
Patron (+1 Mag) (Monstrous Patron, Dai Tanuki)
Disguise Artifact (Tanuki Shapeshifting Leaf)

Used Gold coin to increase Magic by +4
Used Silver coin to increase Vitality by +2
Used silver coin to swap Monstrous Metamorphosis for Sorcery
Used Silver Coin to swap Interdimensaional Tourist for Patron
Used copper coin to increase strength by +1

Used copper coin to increase Luck by +1
Used copper coin to increase Luck by +1
Used copper coin to increase Luck by +1

>> No.42789618

>Fuck I am a terrifying little lich girl.

>> No.42789775

That couldn't be more perfect.

>> No.42789789

That's actually pretty cute.

>> No.42792640

Disappeared from this because it vanished for a while and I needed to run a quest.
I'm so pleased to see it's still happening.

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