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So the idea is that each kind of social interaction has different effects on your character's standing with that person(s) it's used on. This is a fledgling idea that has little ground work, but I need a brain-storm hub.
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- Successes lower other's ability to manipulate that person, and your ability to use other social actions on them, but make it easier for you to charm them again in the future.
- Failures make it more difficult to charm that person in the near future, but this anticipates over time.
> Uses Intelligence or Willpower

- Successes & Failures make it more difficult to Goad that person again in the immediate future, but this penalty fades over a short time.
> Uses Intelligence or Willpower

- Successes make it easier to intimidate that person in the immediate future, but more difficult to use other social actions on that person.
- Failures make it more difficult to intimidate that person, dissipating over a very long time.
> Uses Brawn or Willpower

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So yeah
Different effects?
More interaction types?
I like the idea; I've got a more involved version of Charm jotted down on some paper, but it's not worth going into as it's liable to change before long.

Giving different kinds of interactions different effects, particularity mechanical consequences for failure, makes it important not only to consider how well/in what ways your character would communicate, but what sort of interactions would have the best effects.

also, counter-rolls
what about a R/P/S situation, like,
Charm > Goad > Intimidate > Char, giving some kind of bonus to using specific approaches over others.

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>but this anticipates over time.
should be dissipates

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