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>> No.42718452

What the hell do you guys look like? Do you have a singular form you favor? Do you have numerous different Alt.Forms you shift between depending on circumstances? Are you a Shoggoth Jumper that's an everchanging mass of nope?

>> No.42718530

I'll favor two forms, really:

-One is my 'in public' form. 5'11", red hair to the shoulders. Human, but purple eyes to give SOME kind of hint away. STYLISH. AS. FUCK.
-The other is when I just want to say 'fuck it', or if I can ever get away with it more often. Anywhere from 8ft to 300+ft, black sclera with slitted eyes. Sharkey teeth (because TEEEEEEF), four horns, hair's down to the waist. Sharpened fingernails, long elf ears, just going for it.

There are some things that still stick around for both forms. Like /fit/ looks, shapely, pale skin. I'm actually really kind of boring when it comes to my favored forms.

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I have basically every appearance perk there is.

Past that, I'm mortal tall- inside 6'- and wearing the most impractical-but-sexy stuff I can get away with, because Perks.

>> No.42718630

Currently a walking nope factory.

>> No.42718671

Like Alexander Anderson, motherfucker has style in his own heretic purging way

>> No.42718681

Any embodiment of vanity would gain alot of power from you Red.

>> No.42718703

I'm not that much to look at, honestly. I average around five feet tall, long black hair, green eyes, no real major continuous distinguishing physical features.
Even my own companions often get to play a little sidequest whenever a new jump starts, called, "Where's Konata?!"

Of course, it changes a bit between jumps, based on what's considered "normal". Sometimes I'll have red eyes, if that's allowed. My skin tone changes quite a bit. My height does tend to vary a bit, but is always "just slightly below whatever is considered average."

But whatever it is, it's generally very understated.

I don't really go in for the whole "behold my radiance" angle.
I prefer to fly under the radar, and occasionally give people very poignant lessons about why they shouldn't try to mess with seemingly defenseless young girls.

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Alright so I sold the formulas for pokemon medicine (potions, burn heal, paralyze heal, and revival herbs) and pokeball tech along with automail tech to oscorp my first week in return for a large cash amount up front and 30% of the profits and funding for research with two scientists they employ of my choosing.

Im picking auto octavius and professor conners. How many villains did I just keep from happening and how much should I make in 10 years cash?

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>> No.42718759

>"Where's Konata?!"
I can't imagine that searching all the couches in the area for people that refuse to get off is really anything more than time consuming.

>> No.42718787

It's plans like that that make me realise that comic book characters are not so unrealistically stupid after all. If you think that's going to work and has no chance of backfiring horribly you are totally insane.

>> No.42718843

I mostly switch between two. Mostly I either take the for of an adult (20 or so years old, 6ft) or a child (8-10 years, 3-4ft) depending on my mood and what's more entertaining. They both really share most traits, just being different age versions, such as incredibly long golden hair, blue eyes, pointed teeth and some form of fancy dress because fuck yes fancy dresses.

I guess the most change I put in at any regular intervals are just changing around my hairstyle. There's just so many to show off with.

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I think you're going to need this. You know, just to see how your scheme is going. I'm told it's a good indicator.

>mfw captcha is tacos

>> No.42718928

That assumes Oscorp will actually use that technology rather than hold out.

Actually...when and why does Norman become GG in the comics? That's important.

>> No.42718952

I look like a softball size black sphere when I'm not projecting a form. I've Assimilation and the Powered Armor System from Worm that I assimilated to thank for that. Though I most of the time project a 201.168cm tall version of pic related sculpted to perfection when it can be helped. Black hair, white eyes.

If my Powered Armor System didn't have the Imaginary Form power shard thing I'd look like the biggest mess of nanites you ever did see.

>> No.42718991

This, pretty much. Various accessories optional, as befitting the situation.

Simple and clean, as is the best.

>> No.42718996

The scientists went bad for funding cuts and osborne because of a failing company, and if it fails it will be fun.

>> No.42719065

I think you will make a lot of money but I think you actually made the situation worse.

>> No.42719194

Most of the time I'm a planet.

Before that, and even now when I project a human avatar to do things that require a smaller scale, I use a gender-neutral, androgynous form clothed in its own hair, and use my shapeshifting talents to adjust my appearance to be a medium of the preferences of any observers.

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>clothed in its own hair
Pic related?

I wonder how many jumpers do this?

>> No.42719274

Okay, so...

Recently, I finally cobbled together my GI Joe jump. I know it's pretty old by now, but I'm lazy and bad at things, even if there were perks that I knew I wanted and generally acted as if I had taken them in later jumps because I was so sure.
But now that's done, and everything is cool.

This jump brought something to my attention. I am talking about The Drawback. THE Drawback.
"Six hundred points just to go to a setting that is only described as 'really dumb'?" I said.
"Come on. I think all GI Joes are dumb." I said.
"This can't be that bad. I'm going to find this online and see how bad it is."
... I said.

This is a thing of beauty. This is beautiful. This is Art.
If this show had been made a decade later, I'd swear it was a parody.
I want you to imagine the whole of the 90s condensed into a single half hour cartoon show, aimed at kids, trying its very hardest to be edgy and cool and extreme and totally radical.
Then I want you to take whatever pussyverse image you conjured up in your head and crank that shit up to eleven before you rip the knob off because you didn't even come close.
There aren't words to describe this.

I want to be part of this BECAUSE it is so bad.

But it's not enough that I just BE there. I also have to RUIN it. So, please, /jc/, help me come up with a plot to ruin GI Joe Extreme as a setting.
The more grandiose and meta the better.
The more confusing for the people who live there, the better.
Help me, Jumpchain.

>> No.42719293

I imagine quite a few, because you have things like Gift of the Twilight Imperium, which makes your body immune to magic, but not your clothing. However it includes your hair, so if you can make your clothing out of your hair, you don't have to worry about your clothing being blown away by a fireball.

>> No.42719296

Pretty consistently a guy with a stick. The look of the guy and the look of the stick varies from setting to setting.

>> No.42719315

> Not also negotiating a stock option, eventually accumulating enough to have the 51% majority necessary to control the corporation.
> Not using Oscorp as your stepping stone to becoming a megacorp.

You have forgotten the face of your father, jumper.

>> No.42719334

I realise that might be a woman but a small element of androgyny never hurt anyone. Also apostrophes are back so fill your boots.

>> No.42719344

that's easy, dismantle the terrorist organizations and bring about world peace. The whole of the setting runs on violence,the fish rots from the head.

>> No.42719353

Um... oh shit I don't know.

Capture scientists around the world to make an orphanage in space? Because while they sleep you harvest their dreams to make delicious candy to sell back for an amazing profit through which to rule the world?

That or make dream guns. 'cause why not.

>> No.42719354

Is that the one where Cobra sets up a fast food chain with Red Rockets that are actually nukes aimed at the US, or am I thinking of a different G.I. joe?

>> No.42719391

Also if someone could upload this to the drive that'd be nice.

>> No.42719498

Damn youre right! Im sorry... ah well its not a failure if you dont mind it.

>> No.42719507

First, create world peace. Second, ensure global communism with basic income by bringing about a post-scarcity economy.

>> No.42719592

Nah, G.I. Joe Extreme centers around a brand new terrorist organization called S.K.A.R. They're basically the more EXTREME version of Cobra.

What you're describing sounds more like something that would show up in the original cartoon.

>> No.42719671


I have my "average" main form That beneath is either a [PROTOTYPE] or a Hellsing vampire depending on the setting.

and amy favorite forms...
2)NGE angel
4)Armored chainsaw dragon yoma from claymore
5)Darksiders archdemon

>> No.42719749

Well, it was a somewhat productive two days.
>I have most basic perks set down to put prices on
>need to add some descriptions still
>armory is done
>also drawbacks
>currently doing a little re-read looking for alie froms to buy

if it's there anything I'm missing or any suggestions for the 600 perks im all ears

>> No.42719975 [DELETED] 

Anyone have ideas for improving natural weapons? Like spiders webs, campire claws, werewolf teeth, Viper poison and such?

>> No.42719981

What's a Gantz?

>> No.42719987

Anyone have ideas for improving natural weapons? Like spiders webs, vampire claws, werewolf teeth, Viper poison and such?

>> No.42720013


Gantz is the old guy in the black sphere

>> No.42720034

What about the series?

>> No.42720036

Set. It. On. Fire.

>> No.42720064

It's Gantz

>> No.42720094

You're a dangerously unhelpful anon.

>> No.42720115

People die, big black ball brings them back to battle bastard aliens in groups for bodacious bounty. They enter a marked area where an alien is, they hunt it down and kill it, more likely get killed themselves. Whoever actually succeeds gets points to buy more equipment or bring people back to life. I think. Been some time since I read it.

Also the final boss has Hitler for a stomach and Jesus for a face for some reason? And some guy thigh fucks a giantess alien after the masquerade goes down as Earth is victim to a full-on alien invasion?

>> No.42720191

Yep that's about it. Forgot the gore and the ton of unanswered questions tho.

>> No.42720227

God of War or Van Hellsing monster perks.

>> No.42720249

I love Tomb Rider jump !

>> No.42720269

How strong is the magic reflection on the Wedding Dress from Ragnarok Online?

>> No.42720287

Und done.

One assumes that that is left to your own sense of plausibility.

>> No.42720290

So tell me again why a series featuring onscreen bestiality sex is something you consider acceptable here?

>> No.42720312

Must we do this every day?

>> No.42720319

Same reason Fate and Game Of Thrones are allowed.

>> No.42720330

It wouldn't happen if people didn't keep trying to sneak weird porn by.

Neither of those have beast that I know of.

>> No.42720335

They aren't. Not on my watch.

>> No.42720345

So tell me again why stirring shit is something you consider acceptable here?

>> No.42720354

Lets all campaign to have all that lewd shit banned guys. That's totally a good idea.

>> No.42720356

There's pedophilia and necrophilia which are probably worse than beast.

>> No.42720371

There's rules against lewd. Sorry to tell you this, but you need to accept that.

How much of it is onscreen? I'm pretty sure there's versions of Fate without even any sex scenes. I look this anime up on the other hand and episode two this girl is fucking a dog.

>> No.42720373

Step one: ban Mass Effect. Xenophilia is haram.
Step two: Ban Halo. Xenophobia is also haram.

>> No.42720379

What jumps will let me make ridiculously high quality items and imbue magics into them?
Also what are some jumps that will get me singing/music abilities? I like the idea of singing purpose and soul into the weapons I make while I make them.

>> No.42720386

Arbitrary application of rules based on popularity. That how it has worked so far.

>> No.42720388

On a slightly different tangent from thread as it's headed now...go with >>42720287. Unless you really need a hard figure, it's a wedding gown that's been enchanted to reflect most forms of magic. Is it likely to reflect a killing curse or meteor without further upgrades? Probably not - but it's not like upgrading the item is implausible.

That being said, running around in a wedding gown can be awkward.

>> No.42720389

Actually, there are no rules against lewd.
There's rules against lewd jumps, but that doesn't apply in this situation.

Unless you get aroused by violence I guess.

>> No.42720403

You shitposters really can't get it through your head that its different when this girl is fucking dogs onscreen here.

Actually, there are rules against lewd jumps. And this is a series where a girl fucks a dog onscreen. So that's lewd. And horribly disgusting at that.

>> No.42720405

Primarily whatever I roll for the jump because I don't want to stand out too much. When I can get away with it, a big dog.

>> No.42720420


>> No.42720433

Which reminds me, we have to ban 40K as well.

>> No.42720441

Does 40k feature illustrations of someone fucking a dog?

>> No.42720458

Oh, it's lewd. But a couple scenes of lewdness do not a lewd jump make. Or else Mass Effect would be banned. As would Game of Thrones.

The rule is and always has been "if you removed the lewd, would it still be a viable jump?"

>> No.42720469

FF6, Magitek Mastery
ANY magic setting which has enchantments
Macross and other such places for singing
Aquaria and Ar Tonelico for magical singing/construction

Have fun.

>> No.42720476

Pretty sure Mass Effect doesn't feature onscreen nude bestiality.

And no, the rule has always been 'No lewd jumps', anything else is you making shit up.

>> No.42720504 [SPOILER] 


>> No.42720513

How is Liara a non-sapient animal anon?

>> No.42720532

So considering the jump doesn't mention it at all, that means Gantz is 100% okay going by that rule.

>> No.42720537

Ban Dresden Files. White Court option is too lewd.

>> No.42720545

The Wheel of Time would be a good jump for making stuff, right? I made it to book twelve and if I remember right they could weave items down to the atomic level.

>> No.42720547

Because she's alium scum.

>> No.42720554

it was a joke

>> No.42720561

That rule is fake. There's never been a 'if you don't mention it it doesn't exist!' corollary. It's always been no lewd jumps.

Does Dresden Files go into written porn territory describing bestiality?

This isn't a time for jokes. We have people trying to defend dogfucking of all things.

>> No.42720563

So, let's get it straight.

Ban Fate
Ban Mass Effect
Ban Game of Thrones
Ban both Dragon Age Jumps
Ban Fire Emblem Awakening
Ban Assassins Creed
Ban Berserk
Ban Black Lagoon

Fuck it, I'm done. I can't do it anymore.

>> No.42720575 [DELETED] 

>530 threads of this cancer
>almost all tripniggers
What the fuck are the mods doing

God damn 4chanX deleting my filters

>> No.42720581

You can't shitpost and misrepresent an argument anymore? That's good. Because you keep trying to claim that "This people are implied to have sex" or "Lets flash someone's back while they have sex" is equivalent to "this series outright shows a girl fucking a dog onscreen"

>> No.42720585

>Checks out wiki to refresh her memory
>"Kato watches in amazement as Kuwabara continues to hump its face. Sadly, the sexual assault fails to kill the Nurarihyon and Kuwabara loses all four of his limbs. "
Gantz was hilarious, let me tell you.

>make ridiculously high quality items and imbue magics into them
Look into Darksiders, Cardcaptor Sakura, Negima, Endless Legend and Tsukihime.

>singing/music abilities
Ooooooooh snap.

Ar Tonelico

Have fun.

>And no, the rule has always been 'No lewd jumps', anything else is you making shit up.
Incorrect. But actually, just see >>42720386 for a rule of thumb.

>There's never been a 'if you don't mention it it doesn't exist!' corollary. It's always been no lewd jumps.
Please, do point me to it. The rules are right up there.

>> No.42720586

>This isn't a time for jokes

>> No.42720595

Can we just ignore the dog shitposter?

Is there any way to get the planet TARDIS from the big katastrophe aliens?

>> No.42720596

>Black Lagoon
What about this is lewd?

>> No.42720600

Your entire claim is 'some anon told me so so that anon is right', no you dumbass. Not how it works. You can go dig through the archives if you want.

>> No.42720602

Can someone recommend a good low level jump? For someone around jump 6 pleasr? Ive done pokemon and some low power settings.

>> No.42720610

That PT they use gives me a boner.
Ergo, lewd

>> No.42720614

Just primal forces of nature. Does that count?

>> No.42720616

Are you retarded? I mean, outright. This series is bestiality porn. That is not acceptable and never has been.

>> No.42720631

Harry Potter
Ace Combat
Log Horizon

>> No.42720645

I don't know, I never got that far in the book. Though it does mention a lot about weaves and stuff, so I imagine if you had a ridiculous amount of control it could work?

I imagine using Crystal Mechanics from Type-0 could let you make some magical version of nanomachines as well. So taking the Oneness/One Power from WoT along with that, you could probably do some balls-out crazy things.

>> No.42720648


>> No.42720666

Because it's a one off thing and portrayed as something disturbing instead of schlicking material. Similar to why Eva is allowed despite including the protagonist masturbating to the sight of a naked coma patient.

No lewd is for when the behavior is central to the jump.

>> No.42720679

>Trying to compare Shinji masturbating out of frame to a girl fucking a goddamn dog.
No. Not equivalent. This show features a girl fucking a dog onscreen. This is not and never has been acceptable for jumps.

>> No.42720680

Hey now, be nice to dogs. We have a dog right over here >>42720405 and I'm sure your words are all sorts of hurtful.

>> No.42720694

Pics. or it didn't happen

>> No.42720703

Go watch episode 2, freak.

>> No.42720707

>Your entire claim is 'some anon told me so so that anon is right', no you dumbass
Except I didn't trust this anon, I have supported their message.

>You can go dig through the archives if you want.
Devil's Proof, anon. If you say something exists, you have to prove it. I can't prove that something doesn't exist.

So what, now we ban Harry Potter for the matter of Umbridge MAYBE having been gang-raped by centaurs off-screen?

>> No.42720710

Neither is rape and we have Game of thrones

>> No.42720711

Warhammer 40K Redux.

No, seriously. Go tech-priest and keep your head down. As long as you don't draw attention to yourself you have an alright chance of never even getting into a fight, much less dying.

>> No.42720720

Nah, we just ban Umbridge.

>> No.42720724

>Go watch episode 2, freak.

>using the GANTZ anime


>> No.42720728

So you support dogfucking. Good to know.
>You have to prove it.
You mean lewd being banned? People have told you this for as long as you've been here, moron.

And again you compare something offscreen to something that happens IN FRAME IN DETAIL.

>> No.42720740

Revy was shown being raped that one time in her backstory, but that was after having the shit kicked out of her and the shot wasn't nearly as blatant and it didn't last as long, and was meant to make you feel bad. I'm pretty sure it was a cop that did it.

>> No.42720743


Ar Tonelico has been mentioned, though at least in Shurelia's case (the very first Reyvateil, and therefore a buggy mess in some respects) she's actually tone deaf and crap at singing when it isn't proper Song Magic. IIRC I made sure to never quite say that anything actually made you a *good* singer, mostly for my own amusement.

At the same time though, the whole tower system and suchlike technologies would allow you to have a full orchestra whenever you feel like it, so it's still useful. Song magic can also create (temporary) matter and energy as well as permanently transmute empower things to a fairly ridiculous degree.

>> No.42720753

Ew, gonna have to delete my Revy folder.

>> No.42720768

Shurelia still manages to be more competent than Frelia and Tyria though, despite her flaws.

>> No.42720769

Ban everything based on mythology. Loki fucked a horse. Zeus fucks everything. LEWD!

>> No.42720772

I just looked up Gantz cuz it sounded familiar. She most definitely gets done by a dog and just before I believe almost was raped. It was lewd as fuck.

/jc/'s selectiveness strikes again.

>> No.42720777


Guys we have to ban Bloody Roar.

It's a furry setting that people made a lot of fan art for, so obviously it's too lewd.

>> No.42720782

Stop fucking responding to him you guys, he isn't listening to reason, all he wants is your attention and to cause an uproar.

>> No.42720792

But at this point we're enjoying the shitposting. Its so nonsensical its just laughing at him rather than really arguing.

>> No.42720796

I know right? I think most of these idiots don't even know what I'm talking about, they're just going "Waah I don't want an argument so I'm going to side with being a passive bitch!"

What reason? All I'm seeing is you guys saying "It's okay that she fucks a dog because in Harry Potter you could almost assume this woman got raped offscreen!"

>> No.42720809

>People made fanart of this.
>Girl fucks a dog onscreen
What's the difference I wonder?

>> No.42720820

Listen to >>42720782 if we keep responding to DogAnon we gonna get pruned

>> No.42720827

Sorry, but you have literally ignored everything that counters your points unto now. I'm going to start shoving it in your face now.

>> No.42720832

Tomb Raider, Steven Universe, any of the real-life jumps (Cooking Show, Youtube, etc.), Princess Bride, FF XIV (if you stay the hell away from the scenario), Disney Princess, Rosario+Vampire...

>> No.42720836

Oh, and don't forget that Dumble's brother was ostracized for fucking goats. And up it was implied that their sister was sexually assaulted when she was like 6

>> No.42720843


>> No.42720845


Oh totally.

Well, Frelia is by far the least powerful due to fairly reasonable politics and Raki being a bitch-bot, and Tilia (I will never call her Tyria, I like all their names ending with -lia) was fucked up something hardcore by that fucking fuck, fuck that guy.

>> No.42720847

Thank you

>> No.42720849

Fuck off with this shit

>> No.42720850

Implied. That's the lowest tier of anything you can do. Again, how is this comparable to onscreen depictions of bestiality?

>> No.42720854

Well if you're refusing to acknowledge that Fate and Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire have a fucktonne of lewd material and yet are still jumps we're just gonna make this argument absurd.

I mean for fuck's sake. Fate/Extra - the main villain Heaven's Hole masturbates using the fucking world. Where were you during that?

>> No.42720858

>was implied that their sister was sexually assaulted when she was like 6
Way more than implied.

>> No.42720860

The goat thing was implied about as heavily as you can get without saying outright.

>> No.42720869

Extra isn't rated AO far as I know.


>> No.42720896

>So you support dogfucking. Good to know.
Speaking of which, let's quote wiki!

> When Kishimoto arrives and is sitting on the floor still confused due to the recent events, Rice tries to lick her vagina.
Tries, anon. Disturbing? Yes. Bestiality? No. Shit dogs actually do? Well... Story of my damn life.

>You mean lewd being banned? People have told you this for as long as you've been here, moron.
1. Those were people like you, anon. Exactly like you. Aggressive like they are fighting for social justice or something. 'Tis not a trustworthy behavior, let me tell you

2. Let me just quote you on the matter:

>Your entire claim is 'some anon told me so so that anon is right', no you dumbass

By your own statement, I can not trust people here to actually know the rules. Including you OR myself.


And please, do refrain from insults. It's unbecoming.

Please, do provide the necessary links.

It's "passive-aggressive", thank you very much.

And again, insults. Please don't.

>> No.42720898

>Extra isn't rated AO far as I know.
And that just makes it worse, these evil Chinese people trying to corrupt our youth with their mass beastiality-masturbation!

>> No.42720917

To the people comparing stuff like Gantz to stuff like A Song of Ice and Fire I'd suggest you put both of those titles into google and have a quick look through the images that come up.

Not taking a side here, just pointing out that sexual stuff seems to be a hell of a lot more of a focal point in Gantz.

>> No.42720930

And, that's lewd. Which by your ruling would get it banned.

>> No.42720937

You should just admit that you're a dogfucker considering your defense of it.
Haha, no. You can quote your wiki if you want, but I've seen the actual scene. The dog eats her out.

>Those people were mean!
So? Again, lewd has been banned forever. You can go back through the archive and see this happening long before you got here.

Onscreen bestiality. I don't care about the background, or what's implied, or what's glanced over. None of that is as bad as onscreen bestiality.

>> No.42720962

It still passes that "if you removed the lewd" test.

Also, if you gauged a series's lewdness by what the fans are like, well that's just another nail in Harry Potter's coffin.
And Mass Effect
And Strike Witches

>> No.42720973

Only reason lewd was 'banned' was to prevent us from having it as bad as CYOA General.

Seeing as how we're comparatively shittier, I think we still failed at even that.

>> No.42720975

Oh wait, re-reading your post you seem to imply this is something you've actually done in real life. So you must literally be a zoophile, not even juts an insult tossed at you, it seems you actually are one. God how much I hate you right now.

>> No.42720981

Guys please don't take the damn bait just report.

>> No.42720996

There is no 'if you removed lewd' test. That's something you made up.

>> No.42721005

>focal point in Gantz

The point of the whole 300+ chapters? No

More common because thriving in exploding gore is not good for your head? probably.

It's not a shonen its a seinen(?) frendchips don't save the day. blasting the guy trying to eat you does.

>> No.42721014

I was going to post something fromBerserk next, but instead, I'm going to tell you to look it up yourself.

Berserk is straight up bestiality at times, you don't need to look far.

>> No.42721022

>You can go back through the archive and see this happening long before you got here.
Pics. or it didn't happen.

>> No.42721027

Not that Anon, but have you EVER been around dogs for an extended period of time?

They lick things they probably shouldn't lick. And leg humping isn't something made up for comedic effect.

>> No.42721033

Jumpers, how are you preparing for the Skeleton Wars?

>> No.42721036

>I'm too lazy to research something commonly accepted as true.

I have, but I sure as shit haven't let a dog get me off like Annette apparently has.

>> No.42721043

>Please, do provide the necessary links.
Literally just look you dumb fucking faggot, holy fuck.

>> No.42721058

Lots of mace weilding golems.

>> No.42721061

Fuck the bait. Kinda early to be asking something so minor, but could the Mechs have a hangar attachment in the Warehouse? I hate shit that exists nowhere since I'm unable to modify it without wasting the summon.

>> No.42721104

>Haha, no. You can quote your wiki if you want, but I've seen the actual scene. The dog eats her out.
You'll have to forgive me if I trust my memories and wiki more than, a quote from you again, "some anon".

>You can go back through the archive and see this happening long before you got here.
I can't help but notice you did not refute any of my arguments. Debating in bad faith.

>You should just admit that you're a dogfucker considering your defense of it.
Oh dear. You ARE trying to get a raise out of me, then? Such a pity. Another day, with no discussion worth having... Good day to you, my dear sir.

Have to admit, I am not seeing a dog anywhere there.

>> No.42721127

That's not good enough anon. Show proofs or your argument is invalid. It already is invalid because I won't acknowledge your points anyway and will simply ignore them unless there's something to nitpick that in some way justifies my immediate and unceremonious dismissal of them.

>> No.42721151

I'd link you but I'd get banned. You can go search it yourself if you care.

You don't have any arguments. You keep trying to pretend lewd isn't banned despite EVERYONE telling you so.

And no, you implied outright in your post that you're a zoophile. There's no more "Trying to get a rise". there's a statement of fact.

>> No.42721168 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.42721172

I'm pretty boring and I'm attached to my original form, slightly more buffed and with red eyes but that's as far as I usually go.
6'3° male, short-ish black hair and I usually wear the manliest thing I can think of that's appropriate in the settings: full plates, power armors and the likes. I often go shirtless

>> No.42721177

You're insufferable. Gantz is lewd as fuck. Not just this.

>> No.42721190

Skip to 1:20

>> No.42721194


Cant really say. I like to keep things minor, I mean the bigger one is the size of a mountain, but I might just put it.

>> No.42721200

Berserk should be banned too.

>> No.42721202

Rape. Horse.

>> No.42721225

I think friendcast explains it well

>> No.42721226

Not seeing any dog fucking there, anon. "Tries" is right.

>> No.42721243

The dog is eating her out. Fucking is a better verb than just saying 'oral'.

>> No.42721258

Yes, but is not 'The Point' of the series.

else we'd ban HS DxD, HS of the dead, Kill la Kill, Fate/, Got, Berserk and so on and so on.

>> No.42721275

It's... Not. It's really, really not.

>> No.42721277

Again, where are the onscreen depictions of bestiality? You've only got Berserk to lean on, and hell if you're trying to make an argument it should be removed from the drive you're doing a pretty good job.

>> No.42721278

I think this one fits the current thread better

i just wan an excuse to post sbfp

>> No.42721281


Long as Lewd is not the point of the jump its fine. that's why there's no MGQ jump, ALL of it is Lewd.

>> No.42721284

Straight out fucking happens in Gantz it's getting a pass. The whole series all the MC thinks about is fucking. From the first episode.

>> No.42721298

Doesn't Fate/ has a Sakura drowning in penis worms?

>> No.42721300

Yes, yes it is. Or are you deaf?

No. Lewd is banned. There's no 'if you don't show it its allowed' bullshit.

I could've gotten pissed at him fucking that girl but the bestiality is far more disgusting.

>> No.42721326

why ban lewd tho, this is a worksafe board but text should be ok, i don't think people will come and fanwank on their porn jumps, they don't do now and i'm sure everyone of you do lewd stuff on a semi-regular basis

>> No.42721329


Ban Fate/. It has penis worms.

>> No.42721345

Because we don't want this to turn into a porn fest full of shit like Sissy Life.

Does it show them actually penetrating her or is it 'oh no she's in a pile of worms'

>> No.42721352

>The whole series all the MC thinks about is fucking. From the first episode.
Like Sora from No Game No life?

And no.

don't you act like a social justice warrior.

You saw up to that part in an Anime (which was shitty at best).When the manga goes on far longer.

>> No.42721354

The logic was that we don't want to be CYOA General. Which is an admirable goal.

>> No.42721369

The manga probably contains even more instances of zoophilia.

>> No.42721373

....So we take a chastity vote during the 100+ years in the jump?

>> No.42721378

And in the pursuit of that goal we have become something far, far worse.

>> No.42721393

God no. You people must not go there if you think they don't have stupid shitstorms.

>> No.42721397

Nah, for all the shit CYOA General gets from here, they don't have a shit-throwing session once per thread like this place does.

They crawl in every feckin orifice.

>> No.42721419

Again, is it depicted?
>New IP
Bet you're from the general defending it.

>> No.42721423

I AM LITERALLY DDAnon THAT MAD CoC, I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Gantz is lewd as fuck. Even I'm telling you to ban it, you dumb fuck.

>> No.42721436

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN >>42721369 (DogAnon AKA SoccermomAnon AKA BeastAnon) HASNT READ THE MANGA

>> No.42721445

I don't understand. Are you angry at the fiction for having depictions of sex in them? The isn't what the no lewd rule is for. The no lewd rule is for settings where sex is intrinsic and inseparable from it's greater setting, like CoC, or MGQ. Settings like Fate shouldn't actually get a pass because when you look at it you realize that it kind of actually is a fetish setting like those mentioned above, where as something like Berserk, and now Gantz, the setting itself isn't actually lewd, but the story, plot, and characters are.

>> No.42721448

No you're not.

>> No.42721460

Lewd is banned. Get over it. There is no corollary.

>> No.42721473

What is lewd, anon?

>> No.42721475

>Only Soccermoms are against people fucking dogs!

>> No.42721485

That explains everything.

>> No.42721489

I vote dogfucker, I mean seriously he's talked about nothing else for a straight hour. Dude's got issues.

>> No.42721497

Whatever I don't like.

>> No.42721500

The world doesn't revolve around Lewd. its not banned.

>> No.42721508

The people trying to defend it are the ones who have issues since they apparently approve of the act and the jump for the setting.

And no shit. Do you think I'm going to suddenly stop arguing this when people are still trying to defend it?

Nope. Lewd is banned.

>> No.42721512

>> No.42721532

Gantz may have dog fucking. But Gantz isn't about dog fucking. Gantz isn't about lewd. So Gantz isn't banned.

>> No.42721533

You're breaking your own rules. Gantz has straight up fucking multiple times, sexual themes, and all the MC thinks about is sex and not even in a subtle or cute way. It's also a terrible story.
I didn't start this.

>> No.42721534

Or shitposting.

One or the other

>> No.42721535

You are reading the typical inane bullshit, you should be used to it by now.

>> No.42721540

I repeat, what is lewd?

>> No.42721545

Go away Caster.

I know what you were planning to use those tentacled monsters for.

>> No.42721549

>Gantz isn't lewd
Good god is that a lie.

>> No.42721553

yeah yeah your dogs your dogs

Second it

>> No.42721569


>> No.42721676

You don't get to decide that.

The community decides that, and we decided that lewd settings are banned. Not lewd in general, lewd settings. We, the community, are also the ones who decide what is, and is not, lewd. Your own judgement in this area isn't valid. If you disagree with us about what is lewd and what isn't, then you're wrong. You are the only one who thinks that Gantz should be banned for being a lewd setting, despite numerous counter arguments that it isn't a lewd setting, and that the lewd isn't more than is present and accepted in other non-lewd settings. You are thus wrong. You have been overruled. Shut up.

>> No.42721705

>You are the only one
Two others have spoken out against Gantz. True I'm the one who is sitting here and doing the bulk of the arguing, but I'm not the only one against this setting.

And the rest of you don't even know Gantz. You want me to stop because you're passive. You would take ANYTHING to stop arguing. You don't care what happens, you're the equivalent of a child crying for mommy and daddy to stop fighting. You don't care about the end result, or what's happening, you just want there to be no argument like that will magically fix anything.

>> No.42721735

Well, I gotta leave.

Seeing the shitstorm that the Gantz jump has caused, I believe it will be for the best to go full steam on it.

Thanks for the inspiration DogLoverAnon.

>> No.42721745


>> No.42721748

You do realize that if you keep posting a zoophile jump that you're going to cause more shitstorms? And if it ever made it onto the drive it's probably going to cause another thread split and shitposting until it's deleted.

>> No.42721759

Oh wow. Three whole people.
Let's see, how many posters are in the thread...
Hmm, three isn't a significant percentage of 34.

>> No.42721761

No. I want you to kill yourself. I want you to go away and never post again. Because you're attacking a jumpmaker, and attacking a valid jump.

>> No.42721777

This implies that all 31 other people are involved in this argument with no basis.

>Valid jump

>> No.42721788

Shut up. If there's conflict it's your fault. Non of us support your arguments.

>> No.42721793


Wasn't the shitstorm caused by you in the first place?

>> No.42721795

>Watched two episodes.
>Expert on entire setting.

>> No.42721807

Again, that's a blatant lie. And no, any conflict is the fault of someone try to push a this shit.

>> No.42721810

It's almost as if he's a shitposter and a troll.

>> No.42721828

No. It's your fault and only your fault. Don't try to divert the blame. You are wrong and pretend to speak for the majority.

>> No.42721836


>> No.42721842

No. It's his fault, and your fault, for trying to push a lewd setting.

>> No.42721867

It's only your fault. Those of us who support the jump maker are right. You are wrong. It's your fault.

>> No.42721878

>I'm right for supporting bestiality!
No, you are wrong. You can scream to the heavens in favor of your fetish, but that will never make you right.

>> No.42721879

So, this here (http://pastebin.com/QL4S04VU) is Muyo's WIP - sans drawback right now.

Now, we're at a bit of a quandary here. If we take the perspective that Perks are the core of the jump, then Muyo's basically outlined that completely. As I stated previously, out of respect for Muyo and his work I have no intentions of changing any of those perks. In a similar line of thought, I don't intend to write a scenario for this jump, since Muyo's style differs from mine significantly (and out of respect to anons who sincerely believe that canon veracity is most important), and in efforts to not taint this jump I'll keep any influence of mine to a minimal.

So at this point I have the following choices:

a) I can toss in items, add companions, finish off whatever missing perks there were, repackage the pdf and deliver it as a final product.
b) I can take add on extra perks, do the companion/item stuff (but they'll overlap due to the nature of certain capstones in the existing jump), repackage and deliver.

Either way, this jump will be credited to Muyo since really I'm just doing salvaging and repackaging, so I leave it to the community to choose what path to take. As I said before this jump is largely focused around the cast of Disgaea 1/AoD, and the mechanics are implied to be such as well, so there's no reason why we couldn't have another Nippon Ichi IP made into a jump. (I intend to do this with Makai Kingdom actually)

If there is no opinion at all I will default to option a) to satisfy those who wanted to see Muyo complete the jump, as unfortunately his situation IRL does not permit him to do so.

>> No.42721987

If you want to add extra stuff of your own, far be it from us to say no. Things you write tend to be flavourful and of use more often than not.

>> No.42721994

I doubt anyone would disagree that more is better, so b is probably the way to go.
Though Muyo's jumps tend to wind up not having enough points, and you jumps tend to wind up not having enough points, so this advice may lead to the most difficult jump so far.

>> No.42721999

I don't really mind if you put in extra perks.

>> No.42722049

Add what you think it needs.

>> No.42722121

>Implying I won't split continents anyway
Suck it

>> No.42722122

What I need to do in E.V.O. to go to next age ?

>You’ll be confronted with challenges and >threats to nature and evolution that you will >need to struggle against to prove yourself >victorious, ranging from evolutionary >abominations, to other creatures who seek >the be the victor. Triumphing over these will >require roaming a large portion of the world in >it’s current state, and can easily lead to your >death if not careful. Once successful, you’ll >be transported to the next Era to once again >face the threats and challenges it poses.

What I need kill? Every living being, some evolution monsters or what ?

>> No.42722141

In the game, you defeat a boss and enter a portal in time. Bosses are usually the most powerful creature of that age.

>> No.42722148

Ok thank you.

>> No.42722162

definitely needs a option to pick up classes and monster races forgotten realms style, maybe allow reincarnation after the jump?

>> No.42722176

Am I blind...

Or is there no Metroid jump?

Where's my Samus waifu.

>> No.42722204

Waifus are banned because of lewd.

>> No.42722207

Muyo's current existing system is 1 Class free, can reincarnate after jump to pick up a new class. Nothing with monster races, so I'm considering adding that in separately.

>> No.42722219

Super Smash Bros?

>> No.42722228

Someone is working on it

>> No.42722232

Rule one, Get to work!

>>She's in super smash brothers,You'll need a pod though.

>> No.42722236

Last I heard, South was still working on it.

>> No.42722238

There was someone working on it at one point, but I haven't seen anything about it in a while.

>> No.42722275

Noticed MGS jump v2 was still in the upload folder, so I added a notes section for FOBs, due to all the extra mechanics involved.

>> No.42722330

I just read up a bit of thread.

Who the fuck things that Gantz's main focus is sex?

No, the focus is being given second chance in a lethal "game" that has you hunt aliens of various forms and bodies, with the possibility of you dying being the same as whether or not you will get wet if a car drives next to a puddle near you.

It has cool equipment. It has body horror. It has psychic powers.

It has attack on an alien colony ship.

It has something that some might consider a god. A thing of human-like body with many faces of various people, with ability to just recreate people the way that one of the prizes from Gantz ball is and then explode them as you look at it, horrified.

The character thinks about fucking because that's the type of character he is. He's actually kind of realistic because WE THINK ABOUT FUCKIN ALL THE TIME.

Especially when confronted with sexy naked women having to undress in room nearby because we can't escape yet, we have to wait.

Yet those who spoke against Gantz apparently don't know what it is actually about and only seen some sex scenes.

>> No.42722344

You fucker.
We had finally moved on.

>> No.42722424

Mainly 2 forms I go around unless I'm trying to pass myself off as completely mundane human.

Smiling Father Form: I take the form of an older man with greying hair, big bushy brows and huge fluffy beard. Wearing an easy smile with a tank-top and comfy pants.

Frowning Father Form: Similar to as above but engulfed in flames, rippling with far too many muscles for a human body and with a massive tree made of eldritch horrors, screaming souls, twitching body parts, hair and swarming insects growing out of my back. This is placed atop some several dozen Fear, Terror and Intimidation Perks plus a nifty perk that lets my face tell people exactly how I'm feeling. This is for emergency purposes and for when someone hurts my Family.

Things will get scarier as I continue to Jump and add more to my angry dad form. I hear Asura's Wrath has some nifty stuff waiting for me.

>> No.42722452

I took that perk from the Bayonetta Jump just so I could always have just the right clothes for the situation. Also so my clothes could strangle people.

>> No.42722465

so if you get a peace Walker does it ever get replaced if it blows up?

>> No.42722563

you get a busted up Peace Walker in the hanger that can be repaired back to functionality.

>> No.42722580

I found people talk about Golden Chains and Ensoul for purpose of granting powers to people.

Which jumps are these

>> No.42722607

So the whole thing with groups stealing my stuff takes place in a completely separate space from the Gear setting, and doesn't affect it? Or do I actually get a Base deployed somewhere on Seychelles? Because that'd be weird.

Smite and Cardcaptor Sakura. Also see Medaka's Box and Dishonored.

>> No.42722634

Bestiality episode two. It's not acceptable.

>> No.42722669

your FOB exists in nowhere particular, but the factions that can invade or defend you do appear in the actual jump, where you can befriend them or attempt to wreck their shit

>> No.42722731

It's only there as a joke and not shown in detail

>> No.42722750

>The dogfucking is funny that makes it acceptable!
No it doesn't.

>Not shown in detail!
Naked woman being eaten out by a dog. That's detailed enough to warrant it being banned.

>> No.42722766

Sex exists in every setting where anyone has ever been born.

Bestiality exists in almost every setting, just like in the real world, we just never see it.

What's the cut-off for when something is "too lewd?" Implied sex? "That's what she said" jokes?

>> No.42722786

When it's outright shown, how about that?

>> No.42722800

Ah. Then, another question - having taken the Legacy of the Boss and destroyed the memes of the War Economy and PMCs, will attacks stop?

Granted, it only gives me ten years of the calm out of fifty, but still!

>> No.42722818

We have already ban a setting without any actual sex as lewd. When was the rule not just a popularity contest and subjective as hell?

>> No.42722848

Any setting where something explicit is shown, even if was only once and it doesn't affect the plot, is enough to render a setting ineligible? Does this mean we need to delete any anime setting that's ever shown boobs? Do we need to remove the Dragon Ball jump because, early on in the manga, we saw Goku's little boy dick?

>> No.42722856

And what setting was that exactly?

>> No.42722865

Mage 900
Female 13 yo
Blank 1100
Drawn into love war 1400
Sceptum virtuale 1200
Focus free
Gift of thousand master 800
magic free
Gift of chao 0

Who am I? How did I get here? Where did I get this awesome stuff from and how can I improve it? Oh God is the teacher looking at me? Play it cool... just an average superstrong kid here with a shapeshifting set of armor and a spider thing going on... nothing to see.

>> No.42722873

So you are trying to equate nudity with dogfucking like a delusional idiot.

He's trying to shill for Monster Musume because he didn't watch the blurays.

>> No.42722887

Monster Musume doesn't have any sex. It has boob shots and lust. No sex though. Still too lewd.

>> No.42722895

How is it different? It's something sexually explicit, why are you okay with some forms of it, but not others?

>> No.42722907

>Nudity is inherently sexually explicit.
Okay, anon? Even I don't go that far. Sex is explicit.

>> No.42722919

No water gun? Let me add that here right quick.

Water Gun: Free
The refilling port has been finely calibrated, allowing for easy access and for a smooth draw of water into the internal tank. The transparent body is made of reinforced plastic, the water nozzle is tightened for more precision and the pump mechanism is pumped automatically with each slight pull of the trigger. In addition, the pump mechanism's been mated to the frame for a precise, tight fit, with the frame itself having been laser measured and scraped down multiple times, for maximum precision and accuracy. A rougher texture has been added to the grip to avoid slippage due to water, and trigger guard's been adjusted for a higher grip. This expertly crafted water toy designed for children of ages above 3+ also has an effective range of 30 feet and allows 20 squirts before refilling is required

>> No.42722927

Unless you're trying to tell us you got off on seeing baby Goku naked.

>> No.42722935

You've been trying to equate settings designed primarily for lewd with settings that featured lewd briefly. I don't get why you're surprised, I don't think anyone could discuss things with you without some kind of fucked-up logic.

>> No.42722951

No, a setting that features out and out fucking bestiality. You seem to keep forgetting that.

>> No.42722956

to be fair, stopping the war economy does not mean destroying the very concept of mercenaries, so there will be some resistance, but not much.
adding now

>> No.42722958

Are you saying you got off on seeing a girl fucked by a dog?

>> No.42722980

Nudity isn't inherently sexuality explicit. Sex is sexually explicit, inherently. To say you found Goku not wearing pants as a baby to be sexually explicit is to say you got off on it, which makes you a sick fuck.

>> No.42722995

This is the only thing you ever talk about, are you that obsessed with fucking dogs you have to drag it all over this thread, or is there nothing else to complain about.

>> No.42723018

It's the most visceral example and thus the best to use. There's less likely to be complaints about the same girl dreaming she fucks the main character, or the main character fucking that giant girl.

>> No.42723029

Your ignoring the central complaint here, that you're saying series that contained brief dog-fucking are the same thing as settings that revolve around sex. Based on your posts, you're taking this fact as a given and not explaining this at all, but you need explain why these are the same thing and then maybe you'll have a position that doesn't look like shitposting.

>> No.42723031

Fair enough. Thank you kindly for the jump and all the answers.

>> No.42723054

This show has explicit depictions of sex. Making it lewd. Making it banned. There's no corollary of equality in lewdness or whatever the fuck you think you're arguing.

>> No.42723082

So anon why are you picking a fight with this guy to drag this shit up again?

>> No.42723097

Why are brief depictions of sex the same as a setting that is intended primarily for lewd? You're not answering this, you're just jumping to "it is because it is."

>> No.42723113

See many examples given above of other Jumps based on other material. They also have explicit depictions of sex, but still exist as jumps.

>> No.42723133

It's banned. Again, there is no 'equality' or 'equivalency' meter that is measured for this.

I saw most of your examples and they were bitching about shit offscreen or that didn't show any nudity.

>> No.42723152

Okay look, at the point where you are ACTIVELY BRINGING THE SUBJECT UP TO ARGUE you make yourself as bad as him because you fucking started it now. Why can't you people shut up?

>> No.42723178

You ever read the Dresden Files? Harry stares at every pair of tits that cross his path. Every female description involves nipples poking through clothing. He has had full sex scenes written out with multiple women throughout the series. The white court fucks people to death.
>off scene.

>> No.42723203

Didn't we just have a talk about nudity? And how the White Court's biology means shit all if it's not happening where you can 'see it'? How explicit are these sex scenes? Is it Commander Shepard "And they fucked and she was naked oh man" or is it equivalent to, you know, showing a girl having sex with a dog?

>> No.42723213

Okay. can I ask just one question.

If all 'this' shit you guys are talking about is 'sexually explicit,' how the everloving FUCK was Saint's Row ever passed when you quite literally anally probe and then explode people with a weapon that prompted Australia to ban the entire game?

Not to mention, y'know, the giant veiny dildo-bat.

>> No.42723217

>there is no 'equality' or 'equivalency' meter
False, the restriction is on primarily or exclusively lewd settings and always has been, you're making shit up, and ignoring all evidence that you're wrong you shitposting troll.

>> No.42723218


>> No.42723249

Because he's a lying shitposter who doesn't know/care what he's talking about.

>> No.42723253

So again it is down to popularity. Because obviously >>42723054 Isn't going to be upheld.

>> No.42723260

No, the restriction is on lewd. You are making anything else up.

>> No.42723283

You didn't even bother to respond to anything I said, hypocrite.

>> No.42723343

They are fully written out sex scenes. They take up more reading time then it takes to watch your 15 second dog clip. There is no fade to black. He ties up a woman that is turning into a vampire and fucks her into submission to calm her down. What is your definition of explicit?

>> No.42723383

A full description of the activities. Like what you'd see in text porn.

>> No.42723401

Why do you continue this argument instead of shutting up for everyone's benefit?

>> No.42723437

40K, God of War and warhammer fantasy isn't banned. Checkm8.

Look, I appreciate you're striving to not become CYOA general but at this point you and all your buddies who're chiming in are killing the thread worse than actual lewdity-which in any case is acceptable in moderation on /tg/ of all places, and which I don't even support in these threads.

So it's time for a change of subject. Jumpers, describe the greatest party you've ever attended or thrown. If you're not the partying kind, describe the biggest surprise you've ever arranged for someone.

>> No.42723467

Because I am allergic to stupid. It makes me break out in yelling. I will drop it now though.

>> No.42723470

You mean those settings that don't explicitly show or describe sex? Slaanesh existing isn't the problem, if 40k had fucking sex scenes with Daemonettes instead of just implying this shit it would be a problem.

The people who are killing the thread are these idiots who are going out of their way to defend bestiality. These people must have some special fucking interest to be THIS much in favor of it.

>> No.42723529

Surely the reason for the no lewd clause was because lewd discussion would shit up the thread. Instead arguments about what constitutes the lewd is shitting up the thread. Maybe we should have decided to collectively flip out whenever anyone actually discusses lewd stuff rather than whenever anyone discusses whether something is lewd or not, at least then we wouldn't have these stupid 'no you're wrong' arguments endlessly.

Seems like you can jump a world with an instance of bestiality without bringing it up in the thread and by talking about how you were watching from the bushes masturbating.

>> No.42723542

You're the one who's been obsessing over it for four fucking hours now, you're the only person in this thread who even knew that scene existed, all conversation with you has made a pretty solid case that's the only thing you know about the show, you're the one who started fantasizing about a namefag fucking a dog in the middle of the thread, so if anyone has a problem it's you.

>> No.42723568


Also you're still killing the thread worse than they are by whining instead of talking over them about something on-topic, and not drowning the thread in arguments.

I once threw a peach pie the size of the mountain at the Buddha's face.

The surprise part happened when it somehow hit me in the face instead.

>> No.42723571

Why would anyone who gets their rocks off in such a way go to such great lengths to argue with a shitposter?

It's not like there are dogs or equivalents in EVERY FUCKING SETTING EVER

>> No.42723575

The only reason I'm still arguing is because you keep arguing with me. It takes two to tango, if you'll notice. There was a big gap there where I didn't say anything at all because you weren't talking about this. See how that works? If it was up to me, I'd be able to actually sit down and read this fucking article about Halloween decorations but instead you keep dragging it back the fuck up.

And no, you haven't made a good case. You have tried to defend bestiality.

>> No.42723613

I agree with you but seriously can we talk about literally anything else. Anything.

Who else got Death's signature in Discworld?
Exactly what is the god mentioned in Aquaria capable of?
What happens when you try to splice up a chakra bloodline with Tonberry DNA?
Is Jibril cuter with or without fluffy tails?

>> No.42723619

Because nobody is actually against you doing whatever you want during a jump.

>> No.42723634

It isn't defense of beastiality, it's defense from someone screeching beastiality at a setting about alien killing

>> No.42723648

>halloween decorations

Fine, sure let's go with that.

Which holiday did you promote the most in Nightmare Before Christmas, and what's your excuse for it not being Christmas?

>> No.42723653

A setting that explicitly depicts bestiality.

How any of you can whine about the continued arguing being my fault when I didn't even bring it up again is beyond me. It's on you now. It's on you for dragging it up.

>> No.42723679

Halloween, what do you think?

>> No.42723682

Question about Blazblue-exactly what do Observors do? The perk says it just stops probability and time shenanigans as long as you're looking at them, but according to the wiki Observors are more powerful than most people just overall?

>> No.42723689


Because thanksgiving is the superior turkey-coma-related holiday

>> No.42723708

I think you're on the naughty list

And I think coal is, all things considered, quite a boon in underdeveloped cultures that need a fire in a hurry more than they need toys.

>> No.42723732

Is there a setting that lets you turn or make machines into organic tools?

>> No.42723735

I've already been Santa, I've had my fill of Christmas.

>> No.42723784

I believe that was the original point. Good kids get expensive gifts that will last for years, bad kids get more practical and boring things like coal that will last a few weeks, at best.

>> No.42723794

God of War for weapons at least.

>> No.42723805

Not entirely, you're going to need to combo some things together.

My suggestion? Cobra-La Biotechnology + Geneforge is a good start in studying.

>> No.42723812

If you're had your fill of Christmas then you never understood the true meaning of it.

And you will be all the less for it, every time a burning ball of gas illuminates the planet on the date recognised as Solstice by a majority of humans.

Biomega-just brush up on yo' biology, and you're all set.

Actually, I think Geneforge has a few canon examples of that.

The upcoming Blame! jump is gonna be a doozy for that, too.

>> No.42723845

Actually-Soul Eater can get you an organic weapon too. Dunno if they're more or less potent than God of War's, but I do know Soul Eater is all about soul fuckery.

It does make life easier for the bad kids living in parts of the world that're freezing cold, though. Even the snuggest sweater only keeps the good kids so warm.

>> No.42723866

Thank you

>> No.42724008

Thank you is banned because of lewd.

>> No.42724066

haha, what a story anon.

How many "power of the seasons" perks are there in Jumpchain? There's Four Seasons Four Loves from Narnia, the Salamander perk tree from Aria, maybe certain Fae magics from Dresden Files-what else?

>> No.42724109

Don't forget Changeling.

>> No.42724114

I look like a short buxom red headed goddess of beauty that makes other goddesses of beauty look like ugly old hags by comparison. I find myself often though using shape shifting to tone it down. There are some definite down sides to stacking every appearance perk you find. I don't even have to take drawbacks to get creepy stalkers anymore and the amount of traffic accidents around me skyrockets anytime I am outdoors walking around.

>> No.42724210

6'6. Buff enough to make one think "damn, s/he lifts" but not Mr. Olympia/roidmonster levels. Short hair in a varying array of colors up to and including glow-in-the-dark. Covered in tattoos from the neck down (thanks LH!)

>> No.42724332

I always try to forget about Changeling. I can't think about candelebras the same way after going there.

Oh hello Merela, how's the Unconquered Sun doing?

I am picturing either Vas or his crazy cultist sister from Far Cry after cracking open some glowsticks on their hair.

>> No.42724364

> I can't think about candelebras the same way after going there.
I make ONE METAPHOR and people never let me forget about it.

>> No.42724392

That just means its a good one.

>> No.42724426

For my money, it's one of if not the setting for magical and magitech crafting. Bonus points, for me at least, because the jump doesn't really go into that; it's a hidden book nerd bonus.

But for crafting, it's got both ends of things covered. For obscene magical artifacts, it's got stuff like the Horn of Valere that summons dead heroes to serve as your army. You've also got all the *angreal, that provide fairly disgusting levels of raw magic boost.

For the magitech side of things, you've got the whole War of Power, which was Clarktech the War for the most part.

Lots of that know how is lost, mind you, but the magic available in that world makes those types of items possible, so it's just a matter of time and ingenuity to recreate them.

Wouldn't hurt to mindrape a Forsaken or two, maybe get lucky with a magictech cache.

>> No.42724437

That's probably not an entirely inaccurate picture.

>> No.42724492

I dont get it.

>> No.42724551

Being a Changeling involves a painful process of violation as you are twisted and warped into being a living feature of the True Fae's domain. A Changeling who manifests as a fire elemental, for example, might have once been a candle. So when someone asked me if going to Changeling was a good idea, I responded "That depends on your feelings about being raped into becoming a candelabra".

>> No.42724576


>> No.42724658

>The Wheel of Time
Incredibly underrated jump in terms of power, and jump construction. Given the setting that thing could have been an abomination, but its a good representative of the setting and its fairly well balanced.

>> No.42724683

>I look like a short buxom red headed goddess of beauty that makes other goddesses of beauty look like ugly old hags by comparison.
You. Your taste. It is awesome.

>> No.42724708

Yeah, that guy just came in all of a sudden, made the jump no fuss, and people thought they did a pretty good job. Don't think I've seen 'em since though.

>> No.42724938

Like this?

>> No.42724966

Generally I tend to be a fairly normal looking 195 centimeter human in a nice business suit. Admittedly if you look beyond the Mask the features become indistinct and there's weird writing all over my skin. In more medieval settings or when I'm trying to make an impression I go for robes and my Pointy Hat with little bits of string coming down from the brim (A fond memento from Soul Eater, my first jump). If I'm in a mecha setting I've got my bandana from G Gundam that I wear to have something on hand in case of sudden enemy mecha (Haki plus It's All In the Mind means I can actually do decent damage with it).

If I'm actually expecting serious combat usually I'll go swap out for my Jakra Spyrer armor, and still keep the Bandana on on top of it. The suit itself is also covered in runic arrays to help with its function and further boost me (plus they look cool).

My other major form is NGE Angel, which I modeled after Silver Chariot Requiem, the apparent body is the giant humanoid shadow which itself casts a shadow away from the onlooker, with the actual body being an orb a bit behind the head of the viewer (due to general metaphysical fuckery only you can interact with the orb positioned behind your head, it doesn't exist for everyone else). Generally that gets popped out when I need to make an impression, fight something a good deal larger than my human form, or just make use of the lovely buff stacking you get when body, mind and soul are one and acting in concert.

Also there's my EVO from, that's best described as the bastard child of a shoggoth and a DG cell infested pillarman. Also has a bit of very early Entity mixed in, mostly use it when I need to do some dimensional hopping.

>> No.42725171


All of this.
I have seen a HUGE number of people who vastly underestimate what the One Power can do, it's almost silly.

>> No.42725226

Well, people mostly just talk about Balefire

>> No.42725333

Most people only notice the flashy world-breaking shit, rather than what's just useful and practical for all situations.

>> No.42725415

This. SO MUCH THIS. I mean, my build for this was:

(Wheel of Time)
Background: Drop-In (Free) -Leeeet's keep this simple.
-The Oneness (900CP) -This could be useful. Yes, it could be.
-The One Power (300CP) -Oh my sweet mercy, what. Whaaaaaat. I excel in Spirit sure, but what.
-Dice (Free) -Neat. I'll keep it as a trophy.
-Great Serpent Ring (200CP) -Some nifty jewelry! Not bad!
-Dull Knife (0CP) (Discount) -Fuck shadowspawn! I will have it easy street here!
Dice Rolls: Seanchan, 19 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So while not much, I did have some groundwork laid out. Stuff to let it grow, stuff to explore and discover. The way I see it, it was a fucking steal and I'll always take utility over flashy.

>> No.42725428

Did you go Sadida in Wakfu?

>> No.42725476

I went Cra.

>> No.42725481

Ah, also fitting.

>> No.42725549

I've always preferred to just look an athletic version of myself with slight longer hair and no glasses. I haven't checked my height in forever but I think I'm around 5'8'' or 5'10''.

I keep my regular human appearance in the vast majority of jumps, but pretty much whenever I'm in a setting with magic I'll use my dragon or pokemon form to set myself up as some kind of magical creature.

>> No.42725723

Red actually ended up describing me better than I could when I fed her the details, so...
I might just nab the highlights from there:
-about 5'10
-"shoulder-length black hair straight as an arrow, with tanned skin and large, floofy black bunny ears on the top of his head"
-"almond-shaped green eyes"
-Feminine face and hips
-stage magician-inspired outfit with that long hooded jacket. The jacket itself was black, but it had green stars along the corners of the jacket and the cuffs of the sleeves, with green lines along the edges.
-a grey button shirt and dark green vest combo, but the vest had a black crescent moon on the breastpocket.
-Gloves had the palms missing, star-shaped hole to show off 'fake' moonstone gems(to throw off enemies)
-Black business slacks

I change a lil bit as I go on, but I also have a few alt forms, most notable my full Al'miraj form and I believe my full Gem form!
Pic not actually related, but hey

>> No.42725740

Cra a best

>> No.42725778

>The race that doesn't have any sense of independence and just serves as servants to the Sadida

>> No.42725824

On average, I'm basically Terminator Arnold with the leather jacket and everything at or between 6.5' to 7' (depends on the average height of humans in the jump).

For the longest time, my primary alt forms was either a cyborg that looked like a cross between Robocain and an Xcom MEC trooper or a nanomachine enhanced super organism which looked something like a human version of a Yagh from mass effect (great for Halloween parties).
Both of which are 8ft tall (I just like being tall)

My end goal is to be a super technorganic organism with things like Proto-Adamantium for skin. I don't really know what I would like then. My best guess would be a... cybertronian warframe?

>> No.42726218

What perks are there that let you convincingly explain your powers to someone? Also I seem to remember a perk that did that and let you make up stuff about your background that also made the stuff either true or something that couldn't be proven false, but I can't remember where it was from?

>> No.42726265

That's All There In The Backstory, from Dodgeball. There are a handful of others throughout the chain. I know Civilization has one.

>> No.42726317

I'm way late, but I'd like to add that I'm voting for option b.
And also that I'm really sad there will be no scenarios.

>> No.42726322

All Because of the Wasp from Terraformars

>> No.42726331

There's two! Skullgirls has one that lets you explain most powers as 'themed' to your cybernetics, and "It's all because of the wasp, you see" is more what you're talking about, from Terraformarrs!

>> No.42726438

While not exactly what you're looking for, I think Cosmic Fact from Marvel or DC makes it so everyone just knows and accepts that you're a dimensional traveler.

>> No.42726532

Am I losing my mind? I could have sworn there was an Eve Online Jump.

>> No.42726558

Would having Cosmic Fact and going into Dresden Files mean everyone tries to kill you because they know you're an outsider?

Not that I know of, but that would certainly be an awesome setting for a jumper to visit.

>> No.42726688

Does anyone else track the CP that they've had invested in them?

>> No.42726718

Only if you take Drop In. Cosmic Fact's thing is that it works you in as part of the backstory. If you have any other origin it just further integrates you as part of the setting than the origin itself would. You're not just some guy, you were part of the characters' lives. So with Drop In it has to reconcile that with you not having a history in that universe, so it makes you a known dimensional traveler.

>> No.42726725

I Three main forms, and a bunch of ones for situational uses.
My "normal" form is my Tech-Adept form, 6ft high, Fully augmetic except for my face starting at my upper jaw, and the palms and underside of my fingers on my hands. Augmetics are made of a composite vibranium/necrodermis/adamantium alloy, I have a couple of Mechadendrites with various tools on them,made of the same alloy.

Form two is me as I was before the chain, just physically perfected and no eye issues.
The only augmetics I have in this form are nano-augmetics or things not obviously augmetic. . Like eye implants.
It's mainly moving around in areas where being made of a metal that radiates dread is a bad idea.

Third is actually one that sees only a little use, but more than the others.

A Stereotypical arch-angel. Wearing the armour and robes of tyrael from diablo, made, again, from the necrodermis composite material, just with a bit of gold colour put in during forging.
Bird wings though, not the energy ones.
Mainly used for scaring the shit out of peasants, and frightening people away.

My various, lesser used forms include my tower administrator form from ar tonelico, Munchkin cat from nintendogs, and An Amalgamation Grim reaper.

>Greatest surprise

I entered the imperial palace unmolested by security, and was heading into the imperial throne room. I had just achieved my position as fCon't
abricator general, and was going in pilgrimage to the throne room of the god emperor as a sign of faith to the Ecclesiarchy and the mechanicum. The companions watched me as I entered, and walked up to the throne to read off some diagnostics and say my prayers.

>> No.42726754

>Worshiping the false god of the Imperium

>> No.42727008

I like my base form.

Height: 7'5" (226cm)
Weight: 280lbs (127kg)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Dirty blond (bleach white)

I keep my hair in a high pony tail. Body like a Greek statue. Much like Pillar Men.

>> No.42727042

Stopping time with a scroll from D&D, then stopping time again to stop the original time stop from running out, then repeating the cycle about fifty times gave me theoretically a year in the split second to perform my work. Opening the warehouse and dragging out a vat of phoenix tears collected over a millennium. I had the companions weave whatever healing magics they had at their disposal, and dumped everything on the rotting near-corpse of the god emperor all at once. Taking about five minutes to bask in the marinade of healing power, the emperor was fully healed. He was kind of asleep though, as one of the spells put him into a healing near-coma, he was waking up though.

After millennia of constant agony, the emperor wakes up and sees.
>A frozen in mid-step custodian walking over to the throne
>A hole in the nearest wall which appears to lead straight to mars
>Two mechanicus priests high-fiving at such a rapid pace and with such force that he can barely see the hands, but can feel the air shockwaves.
>Too fucking many servo-skulls.
>A mad-scientist look-alike from an old terran holo-vid
>And six oddly dressed people around a card table, playing five-card with a pot that appears to entirely consists of gold bars.
>The male tech-priest walks over and offers him a bottle of beer

The look of divine confusion was priceless.

After explaining what the hell just happened.
We explained in exhaustive detail what the in the *EXPUNGED*-Damned-*EXPUNGED* was going on for the last ten thousand years, and what had just happened in the last fraction of a second.

The real surprise though, was when time un-puase, the companion walking towards me had been used as a coat-hanger for the last two weeks, and was dropped to the floor by a long-coat made of a contained singularity, which had a practical weight of only about a ton.
And of course
Where the fuck did the emperor go?
The confusion was delicious, until of course, the golden throne went mecha-mode

>> No.42727168

>One Power
. . . Now, this is one of those episodes of Jumper! that I'd love to watch. The first time someone tries to collar a jumper who can channel. Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

>> No.42727178


A week of fooling around with the throne had turned it into a large, gold version of a Lagann.

The utter "what in the omnissiah-worshiping shit is this" face by the custodes and attending tech-priests was worth every moment spent on it.

It actually had practical purpose though, as it the reviving of the emperor had made me the new Malcador of the imperium. I then sped off back to father to secure an alliance with some of the necron dynasties. Which let me get away with what was basically the ultimate heresy.

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