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FAQ: http://pastebin.com/MhAQAJiw
Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ijwopa42ke49q1/AAA40vUS2BzstD9eHyyBLTr8a?dl=0

Ok blackmail anon, I made a cyoa for you. So please post my story like you promised. Did I make new thread right?

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I can't read that cancerfont.

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I can't read shit.

Someone post Titanlands already

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It isn't easy. However, I'm pressing on anyway.

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If you have it, please post the Angelic Guardian image. It looks great but is harshly compressed.

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For fuck's sake, come on. Reading the fucking choices shouldn't be a bloody chore.

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here, I can read it with some patience, but it is annoying.

>Tech Upgrade
>Magic Upgrade
>Rebellious Princess
>Princess Of The Undead
>Forbidden Love
We undead hell-scape apocalypse with our lesbian lover by our side now.

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Thank you.

Under pet dragon, "doesn't mind being rode" improved as "ridden". Just sayin.

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Guys, how do I bone the step-sister?
Necromancy puns welcome but actual advice proffered.

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Fix that atrocious text.

>Happy Peasants
>Magic Upgrade
>Mistress of Dragons
>Warrior Princess

Mother fucking Warrior Princess who rides into battle on a dragon and leads an army of wizards to aid her.

You can't. The best you'll ever be able to do is touch cooches.

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fuck that font, man.

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Seems interesting, lad.

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Please change the font. I get almost instant eyestrain with it as it is.

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>You can't. The best you'll ever be able to do is touch cooches.
I'm taking my no penis and going home.

Nice pic.

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It could use more challenges or categories. Equipment. Magic. Companions. Depends how much you want to flesh it out. You have a few disadvantages but I'd like more.


Dark Princess:
>Blood Princess
I'll wear heavy clothing and summon clouds
>Princesss of the Undead
Army on demand
>Warrior Princess
Something to do, plus combat skills.
>Power behind the Throne
Better than being a figurehead.
>Magic Upgrade
More power.
Something to do with ridiculous power

In the grimdarkness of the fairy sparkly magical kingdom, there is only war.

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You made the thread just fine.

As others have said your choice of a handwriting font makes it very difficult to read. Otherwise it looks nice.

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Futa princess, best princess!

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>Light Princess
>Magic Upgrade, Adventure!
Core build, go on magic adventures in a world running on Light Fairy Tale rules.
And... that's all I really want. I'd take Forbidden Love and BFFs for filler, maybe Happy Peasants if the threat level decrease doesn't make the adventures lame. I guess Angelic Guardian; I like the magic tutoring but I was worried about having a super nanny always looking over my shoulder making adventure less fun, but it could work, just needed to roll it around in my head a little.
I want Rival Stepsister too, even though I'm out benefits I want so the bonus benefits are wasted, just because. I'd even pester dad to make her a duchess or something so she could have some real power, unlike me, the perpetually in-line-but-never-having-any-power princess; unless kings don't get dream immortality, then I'd be happy to make her regent if she would be better at it.
I specifically don't want Rebellious Princess, but I'm going to be rebellious anyways. Having my adventurebros help bust me out of the castle when I'm grounded and adventure calls is just more fun. Although I definitely have room for it if it turns out the punishments are worse than I want to deal with.

So, yeah, could do with more substance. I basically have 3-4 slots that are empty or filler.

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This should be made into a proper expansion.

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Hello friends, I am the guy who owns the Dropbox linked up top. I added a notepad to the dropbox. If you are a CYOA author and wish to see your CYOA in the dropbox, the most expedient way would be emailing my new Yahoo! account '[email protected]' with the CYOA. Adding a name either in the subject or body attached to the email would be helpful.

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Fixed font.


Sounds romantic.


Fixed. Thank you.


Ultimate adventure build I think.


I made a lot of it kind of vague because I wanted people to just use their imaginations like you did, but I could add a little more sometime.



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You did good with the font. I suppose a sans serif font makes for good readability, but it does clash with the cursive headers, which one can argue are mostly serifs with a little lettering on the side.

Good job keeping the headers cursive, by the way. A little flourish in the font seldom hurts, at least when headers are concerned.

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>as a Princess, you're father
>as a Princess, YOUR father
I would continue but the grammar is atrocious.

>Neutral Princess
>Magic Upgrade, Tech Upgrade
Let's make this interesting.
>Happy Peasants, Rebellious Princess
Going to be needed to make a good society.
>The once and future queen.
And my time shall come.

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Neutral Princess
Little Girl
Magic Upgrade
Rival Stepsister
Mistress of Dragons
Warrior Princess
Rebellious Princess
Futa Princess

Fuck being a princess, I'm gonna be an adventurer! Stepsister can be the princess, if she is so good at it.

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>Light Princess
>Happy Peasants
>Rebellious Princess
>Angelic Guardian
>Magic Upgrade
>Technology Upgrade

Found a typo under Angelic Gaurdian
>and wven help you ascend to angelhood
should be
>and even help you ascend to angelhood
There are might be more, but I'm half asleep right now so I'm not looking very hard.

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oh great cyoa creator, when will you upgrade this?

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>Stepsister can be the princess, if she is so good at it.
Since she's better than you at everything, she can probably shift all her duties onto you easier than you could shift yours to her, enjoy doing the work of two princesses.

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>Happy, Peaceful Life option
Happy Peasants
Angelic Guardian
Forest Princess
Rebellious Princess
Rival Stepsister
Magic Upgrade
Technology Upgrade

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Now that I can actually read the text, I change Little Girl for Forbidden Love

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I've adapted to the font. Here is my buildz.

LIGHT PRINCESS, because I want my populace to be happy. Seriously, needs of the meany vs. needs of the few.

1 Happy Peasants, same as above reason.
2 Forbidden Love, it's the closest thing to happiness I'll get, I think.
3 Angelic Guardian, be an angel, fly, totes worth it.
4 Magic Upgrade, yay.
5 Adventure, something to do, something to kill, something to struggle against.
6 Wise Matron, what I remember of my two sister's teenage years, shit was unpleasant. Their bodies were causing them pain, things were not okay. I'll spent a point to be a sensible adult. Plus I wanna be as close to my really real world height as possible.

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Would it be amiss of me to request certain types of cyoas?

im looking for ones like that slime girl one from a while ago. cozy, fun, slightly sexy cyoas that prod my imagination in all the right places and make me want to write again.

i have no skills, passions, or talents, but maybe if i keep writing things will get better...

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Dark princess typo:
>Your father is to busy
father is TOO busy.

Lots of cyoas these days are making that error it seems.

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Cyberpunk CYOA

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>not going neutral

more freedom with any of the options.

Rebellious princess
forbidden love
magic upgrade

you know the problem with peace? With immortality? It gets boring. let's flare up some love and some ass kicking to see if i can stay happy for the next immortality.

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>> No.42641145

>Mind Over Matter

>Science Skill 4
>Hacking Skill 1

>Enhanced Senses
>EMP Mesh
>Enhanced Musculature

>Hyperawareness Implant
>Mnemonic Augmentation
>Reflex Package
>Linguistic Augmentation
>Social Analyzer
>Endocrine Control

>Mental Speed
>Universal Interface

>The Reporter
>The Synthetic

>Edited Memories
>Modified Behaviour

>(Home turf) Baghdad Research Institute
>(Neutral ground) Atlantis
>(Enemy territory) New York Arcology-2

>Iteration Zero

>Tech Lab (18 metacurrency)
>Server (15 metacurrency)
>Cyberdeck (11 metacurrency)
>Titanium Upgrade (2 metacurrency)
>Security System (0 metacurrency)

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no problem, this one is more your own thing.

this one will make you write for a long time.

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Thanks for the font fix. Going for something a bit more unusual:

>Neutral Princess

>Angelic Guardian
>Demonic Contact
>Magic Upgrade
>Once and Future Queen
>Forbidden Love

Time to wander the dreamworlds with both and angel and a demon at my side. A balance of corruption and purity, always at odds but no side ever claiming my soul in entirety.

My father is a reflection of 'me' -- when I die IRL, he dies, and I become the kingdom's eternal ruler.

Hot waifu just because..

Wish I had one more for adventure though - although I figure i'll be spending most of my adventure time drifting between dream-scapes with my angel/demon bros, so probably good to have some stability back home.

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Dark Princess. I shall be as beautiful and terrible as the morning and the night, all shall love me and despair, etc.

1. Blood Princess
2. Power Behind the Throne
3. Once and Future Queen
4. Magic Upgrade
5. Demonic Contact
6. Princess of the Undead
7. Forbidden love. Yeah. I know this is against the rules. That's why it's forbidden.

Hey baby wanna forbiddenly /u/

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A couple of suggestions:

Label each column with your Handwritten font with their names. Light, Neutral, Dark. This isn't really needed but does make things easier to understand and keeps your fancy font showing up a bit more often.

Try one of these fonts for your body font. They are a bit fancier then a plain sans serif but still easy enough to read.

Champagne and Limousines
Caviar Dreams

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>Magic upgrade
>Tech upgrade
>Forbidden Love

Steampunk magical girl yuri where the power of love and friendship conquers all? Sign me up

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>Hey baby wanna forbiddenly /u/
>Blood Princess

>> No.42641588

Baby ima tenderly corrupt the shit out of you.

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Hunger Control
Off the Clock

Metalbane - Gold
Metalbane - Silver

Host: Pearl Watte (Rolled 2)

Strength: 3
Speed: 2
Durability: 2
Intelligence: 6
Attractiveness: 4

Regeneration: 2
Telekinesis: 3
Natural Weapons: 2
Shapeshifting: 3
Unnatural Attribute: 2

I attack people shapeshifted as a dracula impersonator, using telekinesis to hold them in place while I suck their blood or eat their flesh. I generally try to keep them alive since it'd be fairly difficult to trace the attacks back to the pregnant girl. Of course, I'd have to do something drastic if they touch me with silver or gold.

As for the pregnancy, I might have to try a coathanger abortion or birth the child in secret. Regeneration and shapeshifting should help with either.

>> No.42641842


Fixed some typos anons noticed.




Redid the labeling, I might try a whole different font later. Thank you for suggestions.


Mega cute.

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My attack form

>> No.42641911

I gotta bad feeling Angelanon is gonna have a field day with this CYOA.

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Uh. You did see who created it, right?

>> No.42642019

Oh shit I'm a huge dumbass.

That does explain a lot, actually.

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Posting another favorite.

>> No.42642095

>You will never have your neck tenderly kissed by your QT3.14 vampire girulfrendu, erotically hinting at the danger within, but having absolute trust in her, as she has in you.

>> No.42642122

Battlemaid Become
Ero Orders 37
Extended Contract 42
Cat ears 45
Enhanced Senses 39
Durability Boost 31
Speed Boost 23
Cooking, Cleaning 13
Melee Weaponry, Grace 3
Condensed Tech 0

>> No.42642176

Ley Lines
Solar Power

>> No.42642220

Warrior Princess
Forbidden Love

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>> No.42642317

Posting TITANLAND (and I think all of it).

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>trip starts a thread
>Angelanon made a CYOA with ineligible text
This is off to a great start

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My least favorite part of CYOAs are the companion parts.

It's so much to read through and I never end up liking any of them in the first place usually.

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Here is a written CYOA. Pick an attribute to be added to your life. Each one doesn't have negative elements. You can't know what each one is before you pick it.


>> No.42642526


>> No.42642529


Unusualness please.

>> No.42642531

Could use more options.

Maybe an option that makes all the women in the kingdom open to lesbian advances. Or an option that makes everyone think you're really classy when all you do is party and fuck.

>> No.42642540

I Made a text based CYOA but I got tired of copy pasting it

>> No.42642552

Wealth. I got family yo. GOOD family, not just people who happen to be related by blood and arent cunty enough to be disowned like a lot of people have.

>> No.42642579

Per: 6 (9 transformed)
Str: 16 (19 transformed)
End: 10.5 (13.5 transformed)
Cha: 4
Int: 5 (1 transformed)
Wis: 2 (0 transformed)
Agi: 7.5 (10.5 transformed)
> Giant
Body Type
>Emperor Koba
>Boiling Blood
>Spacial Awareness
>Bone Manipulation
>Fire Production
>Become Fire Elemental
>Enhanced Literacy
>Mind Manipultion
>Skimpy Wear (sell for 6)
>Noble Wear+Occult Armor (54)
Primary Arms
>Martial Arts (44)
>Clawed Gauntlets (34)
>Runes, Burning Gauntlets (23)
>Burnt Book (8)
>Seer Eyes (0)
>Lady Syness
Great Quest
>Blood-feud, try to take the throne

I think a 3 story tall vampire werewolf that's on fire is kinda out of control. I'm not sure about you guys.

>> No.42642605

Does anyone have the other versions?

>> No.42642640

It's why I never finished Space Refuge
Wealth. Fame and unusualness can still be bad if they aren't to my liking

>> No.42642645

Definitely want to avoid that guy, yeah.
At least10.5 agility isn't fast or anything. Nope.

>> No.42642657

Matchstick? Why don't you just compile it into an image?

>> No.42642696

>Fame and unusualness can still be bad if they aren't to my liking
I'd think stuff like that counts as "negative elements", which the CYOA states won't happen.

>> No.42642710

>Muscular, Rugged, Rough, Adventurous

Warrior, Knight, Barbarian, Rider, Vanguard, Faithful
Projectiles, Blink
Enhanced Smithing
Silver Tongue

>Plate (Free) with Skimpy (Free)
>Light Shield: Free
>Great Axe: 90
>Gauntlets: 80
>Martial Art: 70
>Horse: Free
>Armours and Attire: 55
>Banner: 45
>Cure Tome: 30
>Grapple: 23
>Phys-Elixir: 15
>Great Maps: 5

5 extra gold for later use. I'm assuming a free item means it won't take up slots, but I can ditch the gauntlets for a banner.

Tael Ku'manei
August Brightore
Sealord Saltgob

I got a healer, a fellow warrior, and a mage. Fairly balanced.
Maybe it's useless but I don't need the other ones.

>War of the Ways, Respect Your Elders, Princess Rescue
I'll get a Castle, followers, a dragon baby, and if I'm lucky a princess as a wife.

Where ride the horseman, death shall follow.

>> No.42642724

But being famous because you look like "that new star" isn't negative, but I wouldn't want that

>> No.42642753

Feel free to, Too lazy. Plus adding all the DLCs in and making it pretty would get old fast

>> No.42642784

What's your stats bro?

Thinking about this, I think I could get away losing mind manipulation, getting sacrifice, and bumping either my Int or Wis up. If I could take it twice I would do both.

>> No.42642832

Hey Angelanon you did a nice job on this. I'd like to see a few more options pre category or some other added stuff if you think of anything. Maybe type of castle you live in, who's your daddy, dark secret you have (gives you extra points) etc..

>> No.42642850

You could add stuff like "Fairy Godmother Gift", a magical item of some sort that you inherited or found. Maybe Evil Fairy Godmother Curse for more points etc..

>> No.42642878

Per is 4.5
Str is 11.75
End is 12.25
Cha is 7.5
Int is 2
Wis is 0.5
Agi is 5

Maybe I should take deformed for more strength. I'm a really fucking stupid guy with almost no wisdom, but ample strength and endurance, along with a fair bit of charisma. Good thing there's a gnome mage to help me out with the thinking.

>> No.42642893

Neutral Princess
Magic Uprade
Demonic Contact
Angelic Guardian
Warrior Princess
Rival Stepsister
Blood Princess
Princess of the Undead

I know so much magic but my sister is even better v.v

>> No.42642951

Subjectively negative is still negative. CYOA states the attribute has no negative elements, ergo whatever the chosen attribute brings to your life will be non-negative.

In other words, whatever fame you'd get would be in a manner you like, or at the very least don't dislike.

>> No.42642954

I'm reading these options, I cannot help but think this is a complete blueprint to Angelanon's entire outlook on fantasy, roleplay and escapism.

>> No.42643043

That's 'cause it is.

>> No.42643051


Your life is going to be a lot more unusual. Because this attribute is less specific than the others, it's harder to explain what it'll mean. For starters, life will be stranger in innocuous ways. If unusualness is throwing the ball, cats will play fetch. Stores that cater to what unusualness likes will pop up near where the person lives, sometimes in astounding numbers. A tea fanatic will find six high end tea shops, an authentic high tea room, and a cute garden with benches within a 5 minute drive of their home, and each one will have something unique about it. Traveling outside of their city, they'll happen across a tea shop built inside a hollowed out tank. They'll drink it sitting in the gunner's seat. You'll have a hard time running out to things to do, and will have an easy time finding new ones. Even if you want to go from a cat cafe to a FLGS to indoor minigolf while living in an American city.

>> No.42643068

I don't know if I should be amazed that it can be summarized so elegantly in just 18 choices or pity, that her idea of acceptable roleplay and fantasy is so narrow.

>> No.42643085

In what way it'll be unusual will depend on what you like, because unusualness being annoying would be a negative effect. If you think your family is boring or have wanted an extended one, your family tree will be full of diplomats who now own restaurants, rock stars from 50 years before you were born, eccentric artists who paint insane things and give them to you, and game designers who have test copies of unnamed lambda game 2 and two halves. They'll invite you on vacations with them or you'll see things written about them in the news. If you love your family, they'll be the same. If you want to play /tg/, you'll find getting a job with whatever company you want to be easier than applying for an internship twenty years ago. They may not let you rewrite codexes or give you the CEO's spot, but you'll be able to mess with traditional games and get insider information that nobody else has. You can get Matt Ward's home address and send him blue toilet seats in the mail. Nobody will catch you. If you're in college, your professors will talk excitedly about building hologram projectors and explain how much they enjoy blowing things up in their offices with chemical reactions. Sometimes they'll suspend class to build something for a DARPA robot challenge event, or encourage you to invent your own instrument for a music class. It won't make the class harder, but you'll enjoy it more. It falls to you to decide what your life is like. You are capable of unusualness feats rivaling Sir Bearington.

>> No.42643262

It's easy. Acceptable CYOA's:
>you're a man
>you're a girl but you can't fuck any female companions
>you're a beautiful female (angel) and everyone loves you and all the girls want to fuck you

>> No.42643280

You can have a crazy family, work for a /tg/ company, and talk with people building killer robots at once. There isn't a limit on how many parts of your life unusualness can effect.

You are in the top 1% of billionaires, and have become this way without anyone noticing. Your bank accounts are secure and you have the knowledge needed to use your money in a way that will make it impossible to know how wealthy you are. You are immune to the fates of lottery winners and people who are mugged for their money, because that would be a negative effect. You'll still be able to find love without thinking your girlfriend is a gold digger. You still can't buy love, but girls who like you would still like you without money. You'll be able to keep your money indefinitely through investments, but you can't spend all 70+ billion of it on guitars and have the same bank balance the next morning. You would need to earn it back million by million, or through working for years on a IPO which would be time consuming but would work.

>> No.42643288

Through using your money secretly, you can exert huge force on elections and companies without anyone knowing. If you want your town to develop houses in a certain way or enact a proposition mandating the construction of a FLGS in every city, you could theoretically hire a top level campaign staff and get it done if the people don't think it's insane. There are other billionaires to contend with at national and state levels, but your funds are effectively infinite. You could beat the Koch brothers in an endurance duel over enough time. If you don't care about politics or buying billions of dollars of Warhammer figures and making them freely available, you could live a life of luxury like nobody else on the planet or fund research projects that would otherwise take years. How fast would cold fusion be developed if someone gave 10 billion dollars to the research team? You could spend another 50 billion making it the first word out of every 2016 candidate's mouth, and a few hundred million over the next four years making sure whoever wins the White House and the legislative branch makes it a priority. It may prove to be impossible, but that's a risk with investing. It could be discovered in six weeks and published a year later. If you want a safer bet give Stephen Hawking or the LHC scientists that much money and ask them to discover something the world thinks is impossible.

>> No.42643376


I actually thought about a fairy godmother choice but didn't do it... Since lots of people are saying there should be more choices. I'll probably add another page later.

>> No.42643402

Nice. Looking forward to what you come up with.

>> No.42643437

A'nar Khri
Muscular, Rugged, Educated, Social
Gohtant the Caregiver
>Spells, Skills
Light: Lightning
Earth: Geomancer, Sand Dancer, Stoneskin, Metal Manipulation
Life: Heal, Return to Body
Arcane: Blink
Science: Enhanced Literacy
Cunning: Silver Tongue, Thief, Merchant, Mystical
Prowess: Warrior
>Gear, Weapons
Martial Arts, Spell Gauntlets(Multitool), Spell Dagger(Multitool)
Grapple x3(one for each arm and tail), Great Maps
A Ship
Elemental Affinity(Light: Produce Light Beams)
>Great Quests
The Roving Horde: +3 Unaffiliated Points
The Great Voyage: 3 Jewels
Talons of the Owl: +1 Unaffiliated Points, 20 Gold
Fiva Kov-Kov, Sala'dula Kit
>End Stats
PER 3.5
STR 5.5
END 8.5
CHA 6.5
INT 4.5

An avid treasure hunter, historian, and expert of antiquities. I roam the world in pursuit of knowledge on my vessel The Stargazer. The grand ship of light is both sturdy and light enough to sail both land and sea. Though it doesn't hurt being masters of our respected elements like Kit and I. We do but heads time to time(he likes the wet, I the dry) but he is a wise and useful companion to have. As for Kovy, we are near inseparable at times with our love of relics and adventure, often telling stories or bragging to any who hear. I just love learning about new cultures and people, old and present, to better know our world and our place in it. For absolute knowledge is the key to our ascension.

>> No.42643446


>> No.42643449

16, brown skin, white hair taller and fitter than average
-0 stars: the "Something in the Dark!" challenge, because ADVENTURE.
-3 stars: a futuristic fantasy world, magic is common but people with the ability to crush cars and destroy buildings is super rare, technology is similar to magic and GIANT ROBOT GUNDAM MECHS exist but are new. Culture is mostly similar to today only with more actual equality and less marxist feminism and politcal correctness. Treating someone different based on what they are born as instead of their actions is seen as incredibly stupid since with magic and technology anybody can be equal with enough work. Ahem.
-3 stars: athleticism, gonna need to be /fit/ to fight that evil!
-4 stars: beauty, because muh vanity. If imma be a cute grill imma be the cutest grill.
-2 stars: window seat, because of the chance of clues, and because it wont effect my grades or social life
-4 stars: super sugar candy, because nearly unlimited stamina is fucking insane, especially with my fitness.
-3 stars: wealthy, because money really helps, I can buy useful tech and magic to help me find the cause of the missing students and it basically includes the benefits of alone without any of the negatives.
-1 star: Kojiro, the cool slacker uncle, because he apparently knows the streets, which will help me uncover the mystery.
Thats twenty stars, lets see extra credit.
+1 star: Rival. I'm sorry, but you're telling me there's a girl who's smarter than me, even prettier than me, even /fit/er than me, and is paying attention to me? And there's a chance to win her over? That's not a rival you silly motherfucker, that's my new waifu.
with that I'll buy:
-1 star: Yuyu, popular kohai, because she will also help with my investigation into the missing students and will help me in winning over my rival.

>> No.42643518

>That font
Fuck off

>> No.42643624

>Not reading the thread and seeing that it was fixed already

>> No.42643636

>That font
>Fuck off

Tell me you're not too stupid to find the other versions posted that are quite legible, making your post superfluous garbage.

>> No.42643731

I think any writer will know that feeling of desperately trying to cram something extra in at the last moment while knowing that it's probably only going to get bloated if you do.
This might be a little bit too much of a Traveller/Demonic Possession smash, but at least there's something new. I normally get carried away with writing fluff, so I decided to roll with it and create a mashup between a CYOA and prose.

>> No.42643813

>those options
I chose death, in this dream world

>> No.42643817

Are you black?

>> No.42643896



Desired sacrifice
Off the clock

metalbane: silver
metalbane: gold

Kim powell
Strength 3
Speed 2
durability 3
intelligence 5
attractiveness 5

unnatural attribute 3(intelligence)
Telepathy 3
Teleportation 2
Shapeshifting 3

I needed to choose Kim for her high attractiveness stat and her drawbacks wouldn't interfere with staying at the college indefinitely.
I can use a mixture of my telepathy, pheremones and shapeshifting to fuck my way across the campus with incredible ease, while avoiding any suspicion towards host by changing my appearance. I can manipulate people in relationships to fuck me pretty easily(even easier if transforming myself into their partner counts as "Making someone willingly cheat on a loved one with you"), and can probably break a major taboo against group sex by unleashing strong lust pheremones during a party and steering people with my telepathy. Feeding should me mostly trivial with these abilities.
I knew I wanted to use unnatural attribute so I can maneuver stat points around to where they are needed without leaving myself with "dump stats" at 1, and put them into intelligence since that's where they would be most useful when at rest.
Teleportation was chosen as an escape skill so I would never need to get into any physical altercations, and could just bail fast if anything went wrong, like I accidentally came into contact with gold or silver.
With my skills and intelligence I should be able to remain completely undetected indefinitely.

>> No.42643924

>so I decided to roll with it and create a mashup between a CYOA and prose.
I don't want to sound like that guy, but for me you immediately flew into TL;DR territory and then continued onwards into space and directly into the sun.
At the very least you need a much better hook. Or any hook at all.

>> No.42643937

If you don't want to read it, it isn't for you. It's not to sound condescending, but my reason for writing something prose-based was to give something to the people who (like me) consider some CYOAs too thin on the fluff front, and who also like to read. If you're not one of them, that's fine, but something being long isn't a flaw in itself.

>> No.42643986

>but something being long isn't a flaw in itself.
No but being long without reason or being long without being compelling are both serious problems. You don't even have a basic summary about what the CYOA is about at the top. The header "premise" has a full fucking page of prose underneath it, and as far as I can tell it doesn't explain shit. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if you removed that entire section and the cyoa as a whole didn't suffer a single bit. That means any competent editor would cut it the fuck out.

>> No.42643999

King Zharika's Social Rugged Slim Vampiric Lycanthropic Beastman with Skimpy Stealth Attire & Marital arts using gold claws & grapple
Perception 6
Strength 7.5
Endurance 3
Charisma 3
Intelligence 2
Wisdom 3
Agility 23.5 (+3 after quest)
Mounts - none, too slow
Companions - none, too slow
Quest - roving horde, for more fast
45 gold used, couldn't find how much i start with
do i need to 'multitool' martial arts to use it with equipment? if not i can take a light polearm for another +0.75 AGI

>> No.42644009

Okay, you've proven that you aren't in the target group - anyone who stops reading because there's prose without a summary isn't in the target group. That's fine, but it has nothing to do with it being good or not. You don't like the style, so please move on.
There's nothing that you said that I didn't know and intend.

>> No.42644042

Did the handler cyoa ever update

>> No.42644046

Excluding you, does that target group even exist?

>> No.42644054

>anyone who stops reading because there's prose without a summary isn't in the target group
Mate you arent listening. The prose isn't gripping. There's no hook. There's nothing inherently wrong with starting with prose if you really want to go with prose only, but it needs to be good. By not being engaging and making the reader want to go on it is objectively bad. It would be objectively mediocre if it wasn't the beginning of the fucking CYOA, the first thing the reader will see. People arent talking shit when they say you NEED to start strong in a piece of text. Needing a hook isn't just fucking marketing talk.
And starting with a summary is good for a variety of reasons structurally and just because your cyoa is mostly prose doesn't exclude it from being structurally bad. Not that you always need a summary to begin with, but I figured that it would be the easiest fix for your problem. You gotta walk before you can run and all that.

>> No.42644074

The point still stands that she thought it was a good font

>> No.42644117

I got called 'lazy' for not doing a pdf, so there's at least two That love reading only fluff

>> No.42644131

Well then.
You have succesfully demonstrated your superior font understanding.
Maybe next time you can use this talent in a constructive way.

>> No.42644145

And? The problem was already addressed and dealt with. There was literally no reason to bring it up again. Next time actually read the thread and you might be able to avoid embarrassing yourself.

>> No.42644155

I wouldn't put it pass me to think there are people and trolls that hate angelanon that much.

>> No.42644560

Light princess
>Happy peasants
>Rebellious princess
>Angelic Guardian
>Technology upgrade
>Magic upgrade
Kinda mad about having my dick cut off. I'll try to go full Saber and get a magical prosthetic and otherwise try to be as manly as possible.
Angle guardian is my loyal healer, not slut
I don't give a shit what happens in my kingdom, but at least the peasants will be happy while I'm out slaughtering orcs and conquering shit.

>> No.42645189

I have a CYOA i still need to update and one of the main points of critique is that the companions are not all likeable, some even are off-putting.

>edgy vampire general
>edgy necromancer
>others i can't remember

>> No.42645207


>PER: 3
>STR: 4.5
>END: 4
>>CHA: 16
>INT: 2
>WIS: 4.5
>AGI: 5

>Slim (+0.5 AGI, -0.5 STR)
>Androgynous (+0.5 CHA)
I choose to believe this makes me hot, not a trap.

>Social (+0.5 CHA)
>Rough (+0.5 STR, -0.5 WIS)

>Sem (+2 WIS/CHA)
I was very tempted to choose Unaligned, but this is the best for a pure Diplomancer

>Silver Tongue (+3 CHA)
>Musical (+1.5 CHA, +1 Fiddle)
>Greater Light Elemental
>Shade Guardian

>Noble's Fur Coat (-32 Gold, +4.5 CHA, +1 END, - 1.25 AGI)

>Rapier (-5 Gold, +0.5 AGI)
>Gauntlets (-10 Gold, +0.75 STR, +1 AGI)
>Martial Training (-10 Gold, +0.75 STR/AGI)
>Fiddle (free)

>Gargoyle Jewel (-20 Gold)
Embedded in my fiddle, this grants me the Wind spell Acoustics
>Grapple (-7 Gold, +0.5 AGI)

>Riding Appropriates
My Light Elemental now serves as a mount!

I'm taking one extra because the rules say 8+ CHA grants an extra. Then I'm taking another because I have double that.
My martial might. My protectors.
A potent combination of technology and magic.
My adviser. To help me navigate both the battlefield and manage touring income.

>Trader (+1 Caravan)
We begin our tale of one bard out to seek great fortune and the ragtag group he convinced to accompany him.

>Roving Horde
I'll take Arcane's Blink, Cunning's Merchant, and Air's Spacial Awareness.
(+1 CHA, +1 Sem Mask, +4 PER)
>Princess Rescue
+1 human waifu
>War of the Ways
+1 Castle, +100 soldiers
>>The Coming
+3 CHA (which puts me at 20)
Custom companion: Human pupil to teach.

>> No.42645214

if you post the worst offenders, maybe we can help? It's notl ike much else is going on

>> No.42645248

>pages 15-16
I'm not interested in posting all 4 pdfs, and the pdf host link is dead, so have the album i made.

I'm thinking of replacing kobolds with tieflings as playable races. There's a number of issues, including a duplicate lair, that i'm aware of, but the companions are probably the issue to consider first here.

>> No.42645276

>4 pdfs,
jesus christ lord no. At that point you should really just write a book.
I ain't touching that with a 100 foot pole. I like my sanity how it is, thank you very much.

>> No.42645300

but while on the subject of pdf's, how do you do them so they don't look like shit?
Just open all your images in powerpoint/word and hit 'save as pdf' ?
I think mine is gonna be a few too many pages, and I know someone will whine about a pdf

>> No.42645340

Well this is a really cool and good-looking CYOA. But I'm not sure you need the companions at all.

>> No.42645357

good CYOA, Laughing Mr. Skeletal best companion

>> No.42645359

Here's the other one i'm planning to rework these holidays, i'm going to bring the power level down from Heroes-tier to Alphas-tier hopefully, and branch off from T1-2-3-4 to T1-2-3a/b.
I'm also open to any powers not shown that can be explained well, and have 3 tiers.
>At that point you should really just write a book.
I kinda want to.
>I ain't touching that with a 100 foot pole. I like my sanity how it is, thank you very much.
Don't read the Liber Necromos's fluff then.

I use Illustrator/Photoshop and tweak the compression settings, typically you can downsample the images from 300dpi+ to about 72-100dpi since screens can only show a maximum of 72dpi anyway.
If it's not image heavy, try other things until you can achieve the results you wish.

>> No.42645366

Thanks, i started it mid-late last year and finished v1.0.0 early this year.

>> No.42645380

We're really talking about Necromancer, right?

First things first I remember there being a 20MB .pdf on dropbox that combines everything in case you're not aware of that/someone else combined it.

Kobolds are indeed trash. The idea of picking a short-lived, ugly, quickbreeding race doesn't really mix well with the general escapism of a cyoa. I don't think anyone would shed a tear for them if you replaced them with Tieflings... just don't make them too elven imo.

Which companions do you specifically want input on? All of them?

>> No.42645431

>We're really talking about Necromancer, right?
Yes, i tend not to trip unless really necessary.

>First things first I remember there being a 20MB .pdf on dropbox that combines everything in case you're not aware of that/someone else combined it.
I had a 20mb-odd pdf on pomf.se that seemed to have been broken, but if it's not that particular one re-uploaded then it's probably a cobbled-together one with lower quality, but that's fine.
>Kobolds are indeed trash. The idea of picking a short-lived, ugly, quickbreeding race doesn't really mix well with the general escapism of a cyoa.
I was going for a buddhist communist kind of race, and some other authors from the IRC channel suggested kobolds.
>I don't think anyone would shed a tear for them if you replaced them with Tieflings... just don't make them too elven imo.
I was thinking of taking the general physical looks and discarding everything else.
>Which companions do you specifically want input on? All of them?
The companions that seem the worst, most undesireable and least pick-worthy are the main concern. If there's any others that seem like they need attention please feel free.

>> No.42645439

I think the map/Countries could do with a change. I didn't really feel it looked like a world for Necro. I always pictured the world something like a massive Holy Roman Empire style world with league wars raging capable of destroying entire regions, and the 'region' itself no larger then mainland Europe with plenty of land borders and fringe regions. Also flags, I say do away with the flags or give them a good use, look up some decent HRE estate flags. The flags just look too modern.

>> No.42645465

>Yes, i tend not to trip unless really necessary.

>> No.42645694

Doing a vampire CYOA where you're the first of a new bloodline. You pick personal abilities and bloodline traits.

I need ideas

>> No.42645742

Loli vampires

>> No.42645754

Blood feuds.
See, it fits thematically but it's also a pun.
Your bloodline is in permanent rivalry with another bloodline, could be another vampire line, could be a hunter family, could be lycanthropes.

>> No.42645775

Use less common bloodlines. Eg-
> Estonian Pond-dweller
> Butt-loads of African spider people
> Awkenase Green Bat
> Turag 'Jumper'
> East Geatish 'Dager'
Then yer standard Eastern Euros, Romantic Euros, Chinese Corpse Walkers and maybe some Japanese Double mouth, it seems to fit the theme even if they aren't 'true' vampires.

>> No.42645790

something that isn't slutty.

>> No.42645873

I always liked being a shit-kicker oppressed by powerful paranoid elders, ala Vampire the Masquerade. The Joe Pitt Casebooks exemplify how it could be.

>> No.42645888

Not yet. I was lazy, working on it now.

Being a little girl. Adapting to live in a cityscape. Little girl option. Elemental magic. Daughteru mode where you're the daughter. Bloodline traits that only your descendants receive, you don't. Have I mentioned that I like playing as a little girl vampire? And not even for a lewd reason.

>> No.42645922

Frozen fortress

Liber Mortis
Create undead (duh)
Command undead
Ward undead
Detect undead
Create death knight
Ray of enfeeblement
Feign Death
>Lvl 2
Enhanced undead
Create lesser lich
Create greater undead(from -1 companion)
>lvl 1

Necromantic staff
Bones of the dead
Suit of armor

The Laughing Man
no need for more +1 spell

Wight - My right hand man -10
Death knight - main commander of the undead -8 guard
Zombie gang x10 - my main forces, they guard the way, -20
Alchemist - works for me -3
Scholar - this place is full of secrets and he will open them for me, free
Groundkeeper - keeps scholars and alchemist not dead, -2
Accomplice - someone needs to get those bones for me, -3
Master Smith - makes armor for my zombies, -3
Totenhunt - sniff out the living intruders, -3
Angry mob, Wild elf tribe +7 points for free. Those guys wont survive in tundra, the elves wont hunt me, I'll hunt them.
Rival fa/tg/uy - who out you guys want to GET OF MY LAWN!? +15 points

So I live in chilling in my fortress with Laughing Man and death knight comes in reporting that stupid elves attacked caravan of food for my living servants. And what I did? Of course sent my death knight with dogs and half of zombies after those stupid elves. In this frozen place not many can find shelter and escape the tireless undead.. Their small tribe is tied to wild animals so death knight quickly found them, it wasn't long when they came back with corpses of elves for new zombies. Meanwhile my Smith is working hard for new weapons for my undead, who said they can't wear better one?
Alchemists works on anything he wants, unless it's dangerously explosives, we will build him/her small place outside just for those tests

>> No.42645998

>not going neutral
>more freedom with any of the options.
You didn't pick any dark options. Might as well go light and get some happy peasants or BFFs along with the rest.

>> No.42646059

I'll give some general criticism on companions. Consider all of it nothing more than my personal opinion. I'll also try to categorize them to make it all more relevant and specific.

1. Teachers: all companions whose purpose is to teach you some shit. They all have the same two problems. One, since the cyoa begins by giving you your independence, it feels stupid to instantly tie yourself to a new master. Two, most of all they seem very untrustworthy, and you can't help but wonder why they're supossedly willing to share their Necromantic secrets. "Ya want some candy, erm... free magic, boy?"

2. Royal Beggars: all companions who want something of you whether it's help in conquering something or resurrecting stuff. Problem with them is that they're all shady people and that some of them are even 20x as powerful as you are or have tons of backstabbingly shaped armies or political power.

3. Powerhouses: all strong, maybe loyal, individual companions. I'll keep it short; if it's unrivaled at something or a legendary practicioner of something, there is no way in hell it gets to be my companion. That's how Necromancers tend to die in movies, books, etc. after the predictable betrayal.

4. Friends: all companions who (just) want a friend. BEST category of companions. Only problem with them is that they're hard to integrate in a single build if you pick more than one: where is that Socialite vampire living, what's that Ghost girl doing here, how do they interact with eachother, etc. Still fun.

5. Misc.: whatever remains. Things like the kobold maid and created life. No opinion. It's a lukewarm category.

It's hard to pick a set of companions because the more you immerse yourself into being an "evil" Necromancer, the stranger the concept of picking companions becomes. That 80% of them sound edgy and untrustworthy doesn't help.

Hope that helps... somehow?

>> No.42646093

>kobold maid and created life
Weren't those in the Minions category?

>> No.42646436

Loli vampires and lewd stuff.

>> No.42646489

Also futapires.

>> No.42646491

Umm party princess

>> No.42646523

>3. Powerhouses: all strong, maybe loyal, individual companions. I'll keep it short; if it's unrivaled at something or a legendary practicioner of something, there is no way in hell it gets to be my companion. That's how Necromancers tend to die in movies, books, etc. after the predictable betrayal.
I hate bullshit op companions. "can never be killed" "immune to magic entirely" "kill anything in melee", fuck all of that noise.

>> No.42646665

My suggestion is not to include these suggestions.

>> No.42646695

I'll add it to my long list of critique, and i'll add my ever-evolving skills to the mix.

It helps, and i intend to fix the edgy/backstabby companions in the future.

Though with the evil necromancer picking companions, i fully intend on letting people trade their companion slots for more spells and/or minions.

>> No.42646711

You called?

>> No.42646734

One more post before i leave.

Would people like to see more of this CYOA with different bands?

>> No.42646771

Cool, I really like Necro, and hope for the best for it.

>> No.42646817

My suggestion is to include this suggestion.
There are enough lewd/gross (vampire) CYOA's

>> No.42646881

>> No.42646935


Thanks anon, that was a nice positive little write-up :-)

>> No.42646939

is that part 2 or version 2?

>> No.42646942

needs a drawbacks page for munchkining

>> No.42646970

Damn. That's fuckin dark

>> No.42646990


>> No.42647069

I would definitely, I'd like to see what it could do with daft punk.

>> No.42647080


And very advantageous for the player. Unlimited money, super-powered harem? It's the best choice of the CYOA.

>> No.42647215

Complete misrepresentation.
I don't have glasses.

>> No.42647236

Are you new to these threads?

>> No.42647241

Yes please

>> No.42647258

The "I want to be a little girl" people aren't fat and gross?

>> No.42647261

Anyone have part 1?

>> No.42647314

Beastfolk - Humanoid Goat (think image, but bulkier)

>Body type




Dearest Sem

>Spells, Bonuses and Proficiencies
Shadowcrawl - Shadeblend - Shadowgrasp - Illusion
Produce Light Beam - Lightning - Light Armory - Glow
Underwater Affinity - Produce Fog/Rain/Mist
Warrior - Barbarian

Skimpy Wear

>Arms and Equipment
Great Axe - Martial Arts

>Misc Items
Sem Mask - Cure Tome

>Mount, Mount Miscs
Bat - Armours and Attire (STA)

Faust, the Snarky Human Ranger
Azul Razorgate, the Veteran Dwarf Monster Hunter
Melcey Jesneruses, the Helpful Satyr Apprentice


The Roving Horde - Operation: Gravedigger

Stats: PER:2.5 STR:7.75 END:4.25 CHA:5 INT:2 WIS:5 AGI:5.5
Bat Stats: ATK:4 DEF:4 STA:4 AGI:6 SPD:5 INT:4

>> No.42647381

My suggestion is to not listen to these suggestions.

>> No.42647467

One of those two anons took the perk that makes you older.
Regardless, being female is mandatory in the cyoa.

>> No.42647476

Per 8
Str 2
End 3
Cha 4
Int 3
Wis 4.5
Agi 4.75



Lady Gwenu-Sil

Summon Animal Companion
Summon Treant Companion
Greater Summon Earth Elementals
Heal (Granted)


Instrument + Sceptor Multitool

Ghost Jewel
Home Cloak

Giant Cave Frog

Yori Oshiro
Marek Czajka
Melcey Jesneruses


Roving Hordes
The Coming

>> No.42647538

>multitool bomb + gauntlet
>exploding punches

>> No.42647561

Pretty much exactly this, only I'd be shorter and more petite instead of taller. But yeah, everything you said. I like the cut of your schoolgirl jib.

>> No.42647603

Jeez, I've been trying to bust my ass and make a cyoa, but hoyl crap.

Just the sheer amount of lore I need to put in to make it anywhere near acceptable my terms is astonishing. I was sure adding the pics and editing it would be the hard part, not the writing.

My has is off to you people who actually manage to write one of these. I'm gonna keep trying.

>> No.42647621

Are you me?

Well, I'd kill myself after posting that many typos so I guess not

>> No.42647644

doesn't /d/ have a CYOA thread up still?

>> No.42647655

Well, it was very much a rushed comment, and sorry if it seems to make you feel like putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger, only to later realize nobody gives 2 shits you died and actually made the world improve by doing it.

But I will say I at least make an effort to quadruple check my spelling when I actually write.

>> No.42647677

>I like the cut of your schoolgirl jib.
Made me laugh. Thanks.
>that spoiler
Damn, that's harsh. Don't bully poor anons.
It has one fairly often but unfortunately it keeps dying.

>> No.42647689

I love you too, anon!

>> No.42647695

yeah, I'm glad only one of my options relies on lore.
But all the lore is conflicting....

>> No.42647702

Keep trying anon, it gets better.

>> No.42647730

Dark Princess

Mistress of Dragons

Demonic Contract

Princess of the Undead

Warrior Princess

Magic Upgrade


Little girl/Wise Matron-12

Rivel Step Sister
I get saved as a kid by my stepsister so she can make fun of me but I don't listen while shes doing it because I became enamored with her heroic figure while saveing me. So I sell my soul to the Devil in order to be friends with her at which point I stop ageing and start worshipping her. I am now Yandere for my stepsister.

>> No.42647802

Hey who has the other copies of this? I need it because Dystopia.

>> No.42647830 [DELETED] 

>> No.42647869

Dude there's like ten versions bro
I only have that and this

>> No.42647891

Christ, thanks m8. I know about all the bloody copies but it's impossible to find them out of here.

>> No.42647947

>it will never be finished

>> No.42648078

That sucks

>> No.42648079

This is a major update of sorts, with the new concept of modifiers. though I think I haven't thought up enough of them.

I'm open to suggestions, though I think we're really scraping the bottom of the barrel in Fetishes already, with people suggesting some despite probably not actually wanting to pick them, so I'd prefer some ideas about how to refine what's already in it rather. And new modifiers and suboptions and other stuff.

>> No.42648157

ay. It (the blue version) was one of the first CYOA I ever saw.

>> No.42648332

Quiet, I know you're here somewhere
Does Jenny have Love Triangle or Revolution ?

>> No.42648477

Yeah, that is definitely enough fetishes.
I think disease immunity should be in the madness boons, since that would be a physical change, right?

Also, how about a mod to Forced to Orgasm that says "whenever you orgasm, the person responsible experiences one too. Everyone knows that their orgasm will be proportional to your own. Expect to get the extra mile." I imagine this would probably also fall under the madness section.

Lastly, how about a perk for somnophilia that says "your dreams somewhat show the treatment you're receiving when you wake up. Waking up should be less jarring." That could probably be in the Handler section. A potential madness perk could be "you are now a sleep fucker. You actively participate in your wakeup sex. You're actually a better lover asleep than some are awake."

What do you think?

>> No.42648552

SF: 5
AF: 15
AS: 1
SxF: 18

Location: Green

Home: Average House

Race: Asian

>Hair color: Black
>Hair Style: shoulder-length
>Attractiveness: Cute
>Height: 5'0

Physical Features:
>Dat Ass
>The Gap
>High Metabolism
>Toned (Free with swimming)
>Dreamy Eyes
>Sexy Hair
>No Body Hair

Breast Size: 75cm~ B-C

Ass Size: Bubble

Sexuality: Straight

>Pushy Parents

>Humanities (a)




>3rd Wheel

>> No.42648625

>I think disease immunity should be in the madness boons, since that would be a physical change, right?
One one hand, why did I not think of that. On the other, why did no one point it out until now.

>Also, how about a mod to Forced to Orgasm that says "whenever you orgasm, the person responsible experiences one too. Everyone knows that their orgasm will be proportional to your own. Expect to get the extra mile." I imagine this would probably also fall under the madness section.
Yupp, that goes on the list. And yupp.

>your dreams somewhat show the treatment you're receiving when you wake up. Waking up should be less jarring
I personally don't see why anyone would pick it, so I'm not sure. You get 0p from Somnophilia but now you're not jarred from it?

>you are now a sleep fucker. You actively participate in your wakeup sex. You're actually a better lover asleep than some are awake
Same problem as above. Having sex while drowsy from just waking up is one thing, but sex while asleep sounds like you wouldn't remember it, removing the enjoyment.

>> No.42648671

had it for purposes of making the page 2.

>> No.42648743

I see your point on the somnophilia stuff.
I have an idea for Hypnotism too that I just remembered. +1: when someone uses one of your triggers, they learn another one immediately. They can, and probably will, use this to learn all of them.

Also, if you apply the "only people you're attracted to" to a fetish, does it just basically replace all instances of "people" in the general sense to "people you're attracted to"?
Also, how about a perk that makes you perceived as more attractive by someone based upon how attractive you find them. You can't be perceived as less attractive than you are.

>> No.42648762

It's because the best part was changed.
>you may live in a country of your choice, or the USA
After losing something as brilliant as that, there really wasn't a point anymore.

>> No.42648767

>silver lining to every cloud

>> No.42648770

And thanks for listening!

>> No.42648784

age 1
background 8
personality 7, 3, 1
knowledge 10+7
hobby 11, 8, 7+1
height 10
skin 7
eyes 5
hair 2
build 6
DD 4
features 16+4
special feature 18+6, 20, 2, 6
weird features 4
monster girl 9+10
enchanted 9+3

>> No.42648841

>lolipire feet

welp afk

>> No.42648931

>I have an idea for Hypnotism too that I just remembered. +1: when someone uses one of your triggers, they learn another one immediately. They can, and probably will, use this to learn all of them.
Just the right level of sadistic, I'll add it.

>Also, if you apply the "only people you're attracted to" to a fetish, does it just basically replace all instances of "people" in the general sense to "people you're attracted to"?
People doing the activities come from a smaller pool.

>Also, how about a perk that makes you perceived as more attractive by someone based upon how attractive you find them. You can't be perceived as less attractive than you are.
Is good for the same thing as some other boons ("dating"), but better. On the other hand, I wouldn't really want to add it as a 4p boon.

>> No.42648948

>>I think disease immunity should be in the madness boons, since that would be a physical change, right?
>One one hand, why did I not think of that. On the other, why did no one point it out until now.
The physical transformation boon currently has two versions, so you should be good with just explaining that it's AoM that provides the immunity. If you're dead-set on putting the immunity thing in the Madness boons category, you should also retain the original immunity in the Handler boons, and have the Madness version be just a bit different, as the Madness boons tend to be.

>> No.42649147

I like fluff, don't get me wrong. Whenever i play tabletop, i like to get my hand on every single book about the current setting and read my heart out. But here's the thing. All that stuff is interesting. You just dumped tons of stuff that doesn't even matter and also is boring to read. Remember, it doesn't matter how artistic a piece is if no one wants to delve into it, which while partially is fault with the audience, majorly lies with the writer. Hook us in, and don't let go.

Also, a CYOA about being one of your donut steel OC characters isn't very appealing, and feels like some major railroading.

>> No.42649148

For the mod on teasing, is it still only people you find attractive that are checking your arousal?

>> No.42649246


I'm inclined to do it that way, but I'll see.

You're welcome.

>> No.42649466

Madness perk for frotteurism: people get sexual pleasure from rubbing themselves on you. But like before, that's what you're body is meant to be used for.
What do you think?

Also, do you think you'll flesh out more family members, either in this cyoa or others?

>> No.42649671


I fixed some more typos and made some tiny changes to the look. Second page won't make it to this thread. Probably later this week or sometime next week. I still don't think there will be enough choices to need to break up into more categories and there definitely won't be companions. But I think there will be castles or castle improvements and items and more choices that go along with what it has already since some people suggested those. Not sure about more drawbacks yet....


I thought most cyoas were about escapism.....


That's kind of sad. Lots of other anons found fun and adventurous builds.

>> No.42649696

>Madness perk for frotteurism: people get sexual pleasure from rubbing themselves on you. But like before, that's what you're body is meant to be used for.
Could work.

>Also, do you think you'll flesh out more family members, either in this cyoa or others?
I was thinking about making a "family tree" CYOA, where you'd have to network: family members are the options (or prerequisite of options), and you can only pick members connected to members you had already picked. Though I probably won't make it for a while.

>> No.42649728

Hey Angel? Never change.

>> No.42649765

I really need to play that game again. I got started on it, but gave up quickly when none of my friends did.

Also, mystery box option?

>> No.42649813 [SPOILER] 

>I thought most cyoas were about escapism.....
Against stupidity even Gods struggle in vain
It never hurts to say 'please, friend

>> No.42649880

There is a wicked waifu cyoa that has had a few iterations where you choose dark beings as your waifu, so this looks like a version 2 and not a second part to the first one....these are "nicer" then the first cyoa.

>> No.42649968

The family tree one sounds awesome. Hope to see it someday.

>> No.42650102

Anyone got any more like this one?

>> No.42650151

Dirty Talk seems like a subset of Sexual Harassment.

>> No.42650213

Yeah, I kinda ran out of steam and didn't care enough with these new Fetishes. It's not a subset though, "People will consider vulgar sexual terms to be polite methods of referring to you" =/= "make sexual innuendos/jokes about you". They're similar though, I'll give you that.

>> No.42650253

the different versions, or character creators?

>> No.42650274

Now, don't take this the wrong way, and I say this in all seriousness:

Needs lewd options.

>> No.42650280

>"family tree" CYOA

>> No.42650309

Character creators with similar details and such. I wish to be the cute girl.

>> No.42650375

Anon, please, I beg you, don't go down this road.
I'm willing to do things for you if you don't

>> No.42650378

Hyperdetailed character creators tend toward the lewd end of the spectrum. News Flash is actually probably the tamest of the bunch. I suggest Slut Life or the Exalted version, because I honestly can't think of anything with an equivalent level of detail.

>> No.42650405

>Exalted version
As in the RPG?

plis gibe

>> No.42650406


it's why I love it.
All dem D E T A I L S

>> No.42650407

Tis a pirate's wife for me.

>> No.42650430


>> No.42650438

For all the flak that Angelanon gets here, this is a perfect princess CYOA. I like the light/neutral/dark worlds devision and it allows for both lighthearted and more serious builds.

>> No.42650450

I have no problem with that. What's Newsflash?

>> No.42650473

Welp there goes my productivity for today.

me love you long time

>> No.42650476

1. Meh to kobolds. Let them remain as a mindless race of stupid lizards (with maybe 1 sapient companion) or kill them, I don't care.

2. No to Tieflings. They sound too high-magic for the bleak world you painted. I may understand a few tieflings, but not the entire race. Again, either make a tiefling companion/perk (a devil fucked your mother, now you have horns), or don't do that.

3. BUFF PURPLE MAGIC! I want liches to finally be awesome, but green/red is much better. Make create undead two spells (lesser/greater) instead of 999. I don't want to waste a valuable spell slot just for the sake of death knights.

4. Stay awesome.

>> No.42650480


>> No.42650488


Dark Princess, Magic Upgrade, Adventure, Little Girl, Once and Future Queen, Princess of the Dead, Demonic Contact.

I shall be the demented necrololi queen of a kingdom of the dead.

>> No.42650495

I don't care, so long as it involves the human race enslaved by girl-vampires and other monstergirls, us having to do everything they ask.

Some things just never will be....

>> No.42650519

>Slut Life
that's for degenerates
It's way too easy to break, and doesn't offer anything (imo) that Slut Life doesn't

>> No.42650524

Judging by how often she reposts her builds and desperately tries to get any RP started, she might never let go or finish updating the CYOA.

Just imagine it, a year from now, Dream Princess CYOA reposted in every single CYOA thread and receiving a dozen or so updates and expansions until its as long as traveler's CYOA.

>> No.42650540

*Ahem* when you get done reading that. If you would feel like giving me some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm still working on beta v2 at the moment, you see...

>> No.42650548


Animation, Gestures, Fairy. Work up to transferring my soul into some kind of unstoppable killbot, then run for President of the USA.

>> No.42650567

>she might never let go or finish updating the CYOA.
You can't "finish" a creative work like a movie or CYOA. There's always room for improvement.

>Just imagine it, a year from now, Dream Princess CYOA reposted in every single CYOA thread and receiving a dozen or so updates and expansions until its as long as traveler's CYOA.
That actually sounds fun. Its concept is niche enough that it becoming huge wouldn't be boring. Assuming that the options are meaningful, of course.

>> No.42650570

What sort of things are you still planning on adding, but haven't figured out how to word it all?

Also, are Scriptures under Enlightenment, or are they their own separate category?

>> No.42650572

Working on the points at the moment, to try to not get it to break, so if you would lend your advice beyond pointing out the obvious I'd be willing to listen.

Also, it only offers one thing Vanilla SL doesn't: the Exalted setting. That's the only reason I'm making it.

>> No.42650592

My take on companions:
1) I would make two sections: companions and allies/enemies. This way you can get rid of too powerful/weak companions like vampire overlords/murdermummies/courtesans/escaped slaves etc.

2) Speaking of which. Either remove weak companions nobody takes (slaves), give them some personality and a name, or take them into the minions section. Again, why is unique Evdokiya a minion, while some shitty slave is a companion?

3) Kobolds are trash, you said it yourself (though I consider tieflings far worse; honestly, elves and humans sound fine to me).

4) I wouldn't include someone much more powerful than the protagonist into companions, especially patronising assholes. Nobody likes them. Eddie is fine though, but again, he's better off as an "ally" than a person who would tag along and "join your party", so to speak.

>> No.42650594

>There's always room for improvement.

Careful now you don't want to turn this into Jumpchain.

>> No.42650619

Oh, duh. I can read, guys, I swear. But yeah, I'm hoping to find some cyoa stuff that involves similar details to newsflash, but with slightly more lewd options.

>> No.42650627

They're under Enlightenment, and v2 currently has features to identify what is under what. You're the second person to ask me that.

For your first question: not much. My ear is always open to suggestions though, and if an option of fluff piece seems anemic or badly worded I'm always happy to rework it if you point out where I went wrong.

Not all of the fetishes tickle my fancy, and unlike Vanilla SL my wordy style of writing can really show where I can't invest myself in a section.

>> No.42650655

might be a day or two, but i won't forget you

>> No.42650661

the only thing I dislike about angel is
a) Reposting builds >inb4 "can't have favorite build
b) quotes a shitload of posts at once
Then there's the maymay answer of "she was a moron in Battlemage / psycho in Magical Realm", but I weren't there. And of course I don't like not knowing if I'm talking to Angel or someone else

>> No.42650690

We can only identify Angel because of a specific intersection of bad habits, a construct that cannot be maintained indefinitely. If she acts like a normal person the rest of the time, what's the problem?

>> No.42650691

Oh Lord, I can see it happening already.
She's gonna post her own CYOA + her build in every thread.

>> No.42650693

Also, still no ovipositor/egg laying is SL.

>> No.42650740

Bliss, if you're here, can I make you into a companion? It'll fill a niche nicely

>> No.42650772

>Needs lewd options.
Magic Upgrade should be enough for that. With all them magics, surely some of them have at least potential for lewd, and with the mastery of it all, inventing even lewder ones should be a piece of cake.

>They're under Enlightenment, and v2 currently has features to identify what is under what. You're the second person to ask me that.
Considering this isn't the first time I'm asking, it might've been just me.

>For your first question: not much.
Really? From the thing regarding being undead in the Workspace section, I'd have thought there was still plenty of stuff to go through.

In any case, how about something the creator of Slut Life shot down: Upgrades for Orifice Teat Transformation, where instead of nipples being just generic fuckable orifices, you could have mouths (think lipples) or vaginas (or even dicks or tentacles) instead?

Also, for additional ideas for bodily deformation/mutation/whatever, you could take a look at No John, You Are The Demons.

>> No.42650790

>If she acts like a normal person the rest of the time, what's the problem?
Anon pls.... can't you just let me hate her for absolutely zero reason?
There's just something about the way she writes

>> No.42650839

I said I'd do that for somebody else, and I forgot to do so Thanks for the reminder.

>No John, You Are The Demons
Actually, I wen't there first for a lot of ideas, but it's been a while since I went back. I should do that.

>> No.42650860

Are there any CYOA that you roll through? Like Magical Girl CYOA.

>> No.42650877

Yeah, I'm here. Go ahead, I don't mind.

>> No.42650912

light princess
rival step sister
technology upgrade
magic upgrade
happy princess
rebellious princess
angel guardian
forest princess

>> No.42650931

RYOA's are best posted after bump limit has been reached.

>> No.42650956


How the hell does height work?

>> No.42650973

>> No.42651016


>> No.42651023

>"she was a moron in Battlemage / psycho in Magical Realm"

She wasn't a pyscho in Magical Realm, just a insecure and over reacting twat who thinks if we don't include her realm Sapphoshire in all of our RP in some way or other, she interprets that as hate.

For example we had a discussion about where we should host a UN meeting of all the realm lords in one thread, some of the players were having second thoughts of hosting it in Sapphoshire (originally planned meeting realm) because they read the description more carefully and didn't want to be slowly assimilated into a docile lesbian party girl. We later made a compromise and just decided to create a pocket dimension hub that intersects all of our realms, without the threat of malignant realm intrinsic magic corruption or changing you over time.

Angelanon didn't take in very well. And then there was her stubborn refusal to admit that her realm's assimilation properties was inherently wrong, which led to a lot of trolls and shitposters targeting her.

Much later on, she kind of caved in to all the peer pressure, and devised a evil scheme to brain wash the entire Human populace of earth with J-pop music, forcing them to be docile, happy and unable to harm or kill anyone or thing.

As for Battlemage, she wanted to freely travel everywhere she wants, helping/healing people along the way and not being affiliated with anyone, which was completely inappropriate to a setting where the last vestiges of civilization are getting their collective shit pushed in by Not!flood/Lovecraftian nightmares and every able bodied battle mage in the setting is trained by a central military academy to fight them off, follow orders from a command hierarchy or be accused as a spy or sleeper agent.

Which she was targeted alot by the other more aggressive RP'ers. She later rewrote her background and MO to reflect the setting, but when that happened battlemage RP was dying.

Again her acceptable forms of RP is just... narrow.

>> No.42651043

It doesn't.
Or you can just say that
>+0,5ft height
is +2/4 inches. That's what I did.

>> No.42651102


>> No.42651115

>I want liches to finally be awesome, but green/red is much better
Liches are awesome and purple magic is the best
>cast death ward on blades of your zombies
>they kill anything
>even fucking half-bred vampires and all Promraen Caro minions beside greater abomination and maybe ghoul

>> No.42651116

So...Slut Life?

>> No.42651135

Yes, I was even thinking of making one myself. It wouldn't look as good, but everyone has to start somewhere right?

(Band would be Symphony X)

>> No.42651171

dark princess
rival stepsister
mistress of dragons
blood princess
princess of the undead
warrior princess
power from behind the throne
technology upgrade
magic upgrade

>> No.42651179

Death ward is arguably the best spell in the game (beyon the immortality rituals, of course), but otherwise I find the purple grimoire lacking compared to other books. I mean, create undead, create mass, create death knight, create greater undead - it all feels very redundant.

>Not enchanting small stones and throwing them with a catapult into the besieged town.

>> No.42651205

Hot dang I rolled a naga waifu

>> No.42651219


Spirit form with Possession
Replacement immortality
Person location with ZERO additional area (my powers ONLY affect the person I haunt),
Powers of Durability, Strength, Speed, Magical Defence, Insanity, Mind Control and Command.
Weaknesses of Specific Victims (girls) and Nocturnal.

My modus will be to possess a troubled teen or tween girl, and use my powers to drive her into total insanity, culminating in an axe-happy kill frenzy.

>> No.42651237

Wealth. Might not be money; might be wisdom or something.

>> No.42651266

I rolled a ninja girl

>> No.42651281

Meta wise, Liber Anima, the spooky ghost spells offers the most utility and flexibility.

What the heck is the point of reanimating a undead servant, turning people into vampires or creating stitched monstrosities when you can just summon up a spirit from your pokeball/Soulfask and have them possess the servants of the other undead schools?

Death ward, most curses and disease can't touch a spooky ghost who has no physical body to suffer those curses, be sickened or even die.

>> No.42651309

>(originally planned meeting realm)
you dopey cunts.
That whole "denies being wrong" was what made me hate her in the Battlemage threads. not the "lalala, I'll fly around not giving a shit about humanity being wiped out", but retconning her previous statements so she was actually such a nice girl teehee

>> No.42651359

How do we even know that Angelanon is she?

>> No.42651363

I remember going through every individual companion that had iffy or bad traits and detailing why. Did you keep it? I could probably find it on foolz.

Still, from what I remember the fleshmancer companions had the most trouble.

>> No.42651411

Same. Details are great in character creators, especially lewd details.

>> No.42651413

My genetics are

>> No.42651433

Oh, I remember that time. Especially starting whole shitpost about Alita and other, like Bone? Sea that is actually lake

>> No.42651470

The thing was, in magical realm, there was always revisions happening, magical realms themselves were a constant WIP. Nobody wanted to keep track of it all and nobody cared, because we were all concerned about making our own realms more awesome and exciting to read and share as the discussion progressed. So it didn't bother us that Angelanon tried to retcon her realm with 1 million battle angels, magical alicorn wizards or some shit, dragons and fairy tale castles.

And yeah I get it, Angelanon wants to RP the perfect girl who does no wrong who everybody loves and gives attention to.

What I find hilarious is that she has no other roleplaying mindset besides being that perfect girl archetype, no matter what throw away builds she tries to come up with to prove she can break out of her own mold. But at the end risk sounding like something a 5 year old would write and build. Stupid and nonsensical.

>> No.42651477


Go away Google AI, you're not sapient enough to shitpost on 4chan.

>> No.42651511

Around the time of the magical realm rp, some anons supposedly spoke with her on skype. But they were white knight types and wouldn't post any pics. They might've even made it up. Who knows or cares?

>> No.42651567

>some anons supposedly spoke with her on skype
I'm 99% sure that was Angelanon shilling for himself

>> No.42651594

Blood Princess
Magic Upgrade
Forbidden Love
Warrior Princess

Time to find my rule 63ed Vlad.

>> No.42651601


>Angelic Guardian
>Warrior Princess
>Once and Future Queen
>Technology Upgrade
>Rebellious Princess


>> No.42651646

Free Point, Perfect Health, Explanation, Immortality
Normal Height
Mystery Box(!)
Burn the Wardrobe
Sexual Harassment
Martial Artsx2
Anons Choice (!)
Anons Choice (!)
Anons Choice (!)
Mad Scientist

Special Request (>>42641106)
Self Made Man
Armored Systems, Armored Skin, Stability System, Enhanced Senses
Hyperawareness, Muse, Reflex
Self Repair, Oracles
Combat 4, Tech 4
Console Cowboy (Ally), Fixer (Enemy)
Settings: Other CYOA
Ascension Core
Shock Monoblade (5/25)
Tech Lab (12/25)
Exoskeleton + all Upgrades (24/25)

>> No.42651666

>no choice to be little boy

>> No.42651678

The Lord of chaos has granted me theses boons


>> No.42651745

>she has no other roleplaying mindset besides being that perfect girl archetype, no matter what throw away builds she tries to
It really does feel like all her builds are the same. That's why it's so easy to tell its her

>> No.42651746

I will never understand this. And tracking it down in /tg/ history to the point when it was created might be impossible

>> No.42651752

I didn't Evan bother with the snakes and ladders cyoa cause I rolled 4 and landed on a 5 with absolutely nothing

>> No.42651763

neutral princess
magic upgrade
technology upgrade
once and future queen

>> No.42651772

Perhaps. But did you read her cyoa though?
>forbidden love...fierce love for one another...father's approval
>never backstab or gossip to much
Not to mention loving father vs bitchy stepmother and stepsister. Comes off as pretty feminine to me.

>> No.42651786

I choose to believe it's just a regular pretending to be retarded for shits and giggles.
It's the only possibility that doesn't frighten me

>> No.42651798

it can be argued that since it a princess CYOA it just fitting for the setting but it does seem like it

>> No.42651818

If you do get back in, don;t forget to join thr tg channel. Though it seems it's not s popular here as it once was...

>> No.42651823

Everyman (Face in a Crowd)
Media (Website)
Insanity, Vanishing, Temptation, Strength, Speed, Pursuit, Magical Defense
True Name, Specific Material (Wood of at least 100 years of age, Specifically used against me (I/e, Not a houses floors) )

>> No.42651867

>Not to mention loving father vs bitchy stepmother and stepsister. Comes off as pretty feminine to me.

That's not feminine anon, those are fairy tale archetypes with a lot of Christian and feudal overtones.

>> No.42651880

My life plans are


>> No.42651886

It's for the Chaos God Gifts CYOA where you roll for powers

>> No.42651925

Hey, what do you think of a perk that increases the number of attractive people in your life?
Attractive people are now more common around you. Your job hires people attractive people. New neighbors are more likely to be good looking. Your favorite coffee shop just hired several new sexy baristas. Good thing you can't get diabetes from eye candy.

>> No.42651949

Pretty sure they meant that they didn't understand the point of posting a build for a CYOA not present in the thread. Other possibility might be "posting roll results only". Perhaps even both.

>> No.42651964

Yandere is always the best option.

>> No.42651967

The point of Wicked Waifu was that they had actual downsides...

>> No.42652013

You might be right at something, but as anon pointed out such scenarios are old archetypes. That biggest part that concerns me is the fact that NONE of scenarios you have mother, only evil stepmother in dark princess scenario....
There must be reason for this

>> No.42652018

wand but not small harry potter faggot like but staff (that should be possible should it?)

>> No.42652036

Can you add a feature that lets you convert Handler points to madness points?

>> No.42652040

I love you guys. I love CYOas. The rest of /tg/ is pretty shit in my opinion but you folks are alright.

>> No.42652053

SF: 11
AF: 11
AS: 1
SxF: 18


Home: Average House

Race: Caucasian

>Hair color: Blonde
>Hair Style: shoulder-length
>Attractiveness: Cute
>Height: 5'3

Physical Features:
>Dat Ass
>The Gap
>Sexy Feet
>Flexible (free with gymnastics)
>Dreamy Eyes
>Sexy Hair
>No Body Hair

Breast Size: 72cm~ A

Ass Size: Petite

Sexuality: Straight


>Humanities (a)




>3rd Wheel

I'm satisfied with this outcome.

>> No.42652057

take a listen to theses nice jams

running free
another life
total eclipse
sun and steel
aces high
heaven can wait
the evil that men do

>> No.42652064

>Good thing you can't get diabetes from eye candy.
Anyway, it sounds like the Handler will be updated soon so I'll wait for that to happen before I do it again

>> No.42652066

Don't misunderstand, it's not as if I post to make you happy or anything! Jerk!

>> No.42652263

what was the point of color coding 7 regions if they only give bonuses to 3 of them and make shooting unavailable to 2 of them?

>> No.42652284

Probably was planning to include more. Or autism.

>> No.42652324

Sorry, me again (>>42651925). Have you considered am option to allow for fetishes to combine? Some examples: milking and forced orgasm / feeder and nyotaimori / voyeurism and onarism.

>> No.42652410

Not the author, but I believe that's up to you as a player. That's kinda one of the basic assumptions of a CYOA. "How do these interact?" The player decides!

>> No.42652530

Fair enough. I was just thinking of combining in the sense that they always occur simultaneously. So you can't get one without the other.
But if it can already work like that, then I'm fine.

>> No.42652571


I have 180 points left over at the end of my build. Is there some massive point sink I've overlooked?

Because as it stands I'm pretty sure there are going to be erotic temples raised in my name, in which rites unimaginable will be performed, and the morals of entire civilisations corrupted. Of course as a goddess of love and fertility I will be very... very accommodating. I took quite a lot of submissive traits. My multitudinous children will be my priesthood and will spread my word throughout the world, bringing the true way of self-abandonment and sexual generosity to all.

>> No.42652610


Solar Exalt -50 -50
Curvy 2 -48
Beautiful 6 -42
4'9” 4 -38
D-cup 2 -36
Bubble 4 -32
Adaptive 6 -26
Age 19 2 -24
Redhead 2 -22
Green eyes 2 -20
Pale 2 -18
Feminine 0 -18
Hyperfertility 2 -16
Tools-make-the-Craftsman 2 -14
Addictive -3 -17
Youthful Mountains Prodigy -1 -18
Eloquent Dimorphic Argument 1 -17
Man-pelt Amendment 1 -16
Pleasure-Pain Synthesis 8 -8
Pleasure-Body Annexation 8 0
Overthrow of Lunar Tyrant -2 -2
Throat-Taming 1 -1
Seven Gates Yielding – Path is Narrow -1 -2
Tattoos – Erotic x6 6 4
Piercings – Erotic x6 6 10
Compulsory Poise 2 12
Ardor-Glance Indication 1 13
Easy, Rapid Pregnancy, Orgasmic Birth -6 7
Endless Lactation, 5.5l, wine, helpless, habitual, addictive 5 12
Eternal Virgin Purification 1 13
Cleanliness Near Godliness -3 10
Vitriol-Gut Digestion -3 7
Maiden-bent Cognition 3 10
Broken Will Affliction 5 15
Fetishised Temperance 5 20
Fetishised Compassion 5 25
Shortened Durance -5 20
Girly Trainer 5 25
Older Sisters + Historical Revision 20 45
Engineer Dominatrix 20 65
Sadist Dominatrix 25 90
Amazon 25 115
Empress 15 130
Slime Girl 15 145
Archetypical Combination – Older Sisters + Sadist Dominatrix 5 150
Archetypical Combination – Engineer Dominatrix + Empress 5 155
Archetypical Master – Engineer Empress 50 205
Restricted Raiment 10 215
Fetish Wear -2 213
Exposure x2 4 217
Healthcare -5 212
Mortal-Taming Collar 4 216
Livestock 10 226
Enlightened Essence -2 224
Essence Refinement x4 -20 204
By Prayer Nourished -1 203
Erotic Martial Art -2 201
Sorcerous Initiation -5 196
Time-Denying Kata -2 194
Longevity x3 -15 179
Immortality -5 174
Behemoth Apotheosis -10 164
Sutra of the Bountiful Maiden, burning, consuming 0 164
Sutra of the Fruitful Maiden, burning, consuming 0 164

>> No.42652615

SXF: 19
SF: 10
AS: 7
AF: 12
T: Mechanical 1, Housework
H: Shooting
F: Freckles, Daisy Dukes, Glasses, Slutty
Rural Home
Glasses (21)
Sex (22)
Sexy Aunt
Geeky older Brother (19)
Black Hair
Long Hair
Gorgeous (13)
Height 4.5 (14)
No Body Hair (10)
Sexy Hair
Dreamy Eyes (8)
Gap (7)
Breasts: D (4)
Butt: Hourglass (1)
Job: Cafe (3)
All 3 Leftovers

>> No.42652641

I'm turning up the costs on the enlightenment options, and owners are getting debuffed. Care to share how you managed to break the game so badly, and how I can fix it?

>> No.42652707

Wouldn't doing that as a celestial deity give you another 200 or so points from all the warped destinies?

>> No.42652730


Let's see... 30 points for True Love with Linked Lifespan. That's my High Priest and he'll be my master once Durance ends, because I'll need to be told what to do because I'm that sort of girl. Incredible cosmic power and all but I just need a real man to guide me in applying it.

That leaves 134. So, at the temple they build to my beauty and fertility I suppose I'll initiate the novices into the 64 Supernatural Styles of Erotic Martial Arts, and leave over 8 points to pick up any body upgrades I missed (I think there was a joint flexibility upgrade that might be nice...)

>> No.42652803


I think I got way too much from the Owners, and the half-and-round-down thing on all the Enlightenment benefits really added up. Cleared out that entire section for a song.

I'm going to spend the entire Durance being dominated to hell by everyone in sight, but after that I meet my True Love and we establish our fertility cult, and raise ourselves a priesthood of our many, many, many children, and I myself provide the sweet sacramental wine for our swelling congregation...

>> No.42652820


Hair: Long, Red.
Race: Asian (+Pushy Parents)
Features: Dreamy Eyes, Sexy Hair, Flexible, Long Legs, Hot.
Measurements: 4'1'', 82cm, Apple
Sexuality: Straight
Talents/Hobbies: Second Language (Japanese), Cooking, Martial Arts, Gymnastics
Job: Student
Group: Jocks
Other: 3rd Wheel

11 SxF
08 SF
09 AF
03 AS

>> No.42652840

Shit. 4'11''.

>> No.42652855

Neutral Dream Princess,
- Light - Happy Peasants
- Light - Angelic Guardian
- Neutral - Magic Upgrade
- Neutral - Technology Upgrade
- Dark - Demonic Contact

"I am quite curious on both sides of magic, but I have a feeling my 'tutors' don't particularly care for one another. It does help me keep balanced view point at least. I don't want to become truly evil, though I suppose my curiosity to understand the dark does make my angelic guardian sometimes suffer from some level of headache."

"The kingdom is prospering and advancing towards a new age, but who knows what lays ahead in the coming days."

>> No.42652860

Is this CYOA by the same guy who did Overlord CYOA? Because the same Eldritch Abnomination that was an enemy in Overlord is mentioned in this one.

>> No.42652913


I'll try;)


I think you can be lewd parts with these choices and your imagination. I'm not going to add any super lewd stuff.


>allows for both lighthearted and more serious builds

Thanks! That's what I was going for.

>> No.42652943

I liked it aswell. >>42642220
Don't have to be a stereotypical princess which is nice.

>> No.42653271


I'm glad you liked it! I do like the adventurous builds people are coming up with. There's going to be more choices sometime too.

>> No.42653400


>> No.42653411

I like you.

>> No.42653420

>still on page 8
calm down

>> No.42653434


>> No.42653558


>> No.42653618

spadessy, super soldier anon and spesrefuge.guy gives me a long tender hug and tunebuggy goes on vacation with me

>> No.42653724

christ thought i was on wfg a second

>> No.42654077

age 1
skin 4
eyes 3
hair 4
breasts 5
butt 7
background 10
personality 9
intelligence 4+10
interests 15
height 1
weight 6
features 7
magical 4
insanity 2
weapon 7
tell 1

>> No.42654278

>those spines
Good luck with clothes and chairs. Fuck.

>> No.42654300

Race: Human
Bodytype: Muscular, Rugged
Upbringing- Rough,
Curse: Vampirism
Titan: Voldog
Spells/ Proficiencies: (10 L,F,D 2 unaligned, 1 occult)
Fire Production
Boiling Blood
Light Production
Shadow Grasp
Explosion Conjuration
Sacrificial offering
Im assuming we can sell our free items.(106)
Occultist Armor (71)
Brewstock (Blood) 0
Followers: Mlo'bawg
3 Bitches
Quests: Princess Rescue, Voyage, Blood feud.
Current Stats w/o Sacrifice
Per 3
Str 3+3+1+2+0.5+3+1=13.5
End 3+0.5+2=5.5
Cha 4+1-3=2
Int 2
Wis 3
Agi 3+3+0.5+0.5=7
If I sacrifice the 3 noble ladies will it count as 15+ any stat or just 5?

>> No.42654613

Im a retard, I didnt add my upbringing and patron titan stats
Per 2.5
Str 15.5
End 7.5
Cha 0
Int 3
Wis 3
Agi 7

>> No.42654791

Who in their right mind would want to be a fucking princess? Did your feminist mother give you a daily estrogen injection while forcing you to play with dolls?

Holy fucking shit.

>> No.42654837


Two things first

>posted by Angelanon

Second. Where do you think you are?

>> No.42654923

>Not wanting to be a girl.

>> No.42654974

So for Lady Icelle, do you just fuck her once and never see her again, or do you have the chance to stay behind and be with her?

Because damn those titties are big and I want them.

>> No.42655027


I don't get the small bleshing text under humans.

>> No.42655120

Vilges is the skeleton dude. His 'blessing' is turning you undead. It basically means that most Undead are human.

>> No.42655123


I specifically want to be that girl.

>> No.42655173

My suggestion is the listen to this one; magical realms are stupid to include.

>> No.42655267

In the race section, under eastern european, what type of squatting are we talking? Living in a building without permission or with weights or what?

>> No.42655273

Before this thread falls down, just wanted to say that this is my favorite lewd CYOA. I love the idea of the TV and National Security modifiers - I'm now imagining the idea of a Most Dangerous Game show where women hunt me down to force themselves on me, or the government sending sexy CIA agents to ply secrets from me as a training sexercise. I'm out of ideas right now, but trust me, I'll be thinking of some fun new modifiers as the day goes by.

>> No.42655299

gopnik squatting, its a meme subculture from russia

>> No.42655364

Demon (Demonic Strenght)



Cult (100)
Extra Sustenance (Hatred)
Unbound (when the planets align)

True Name
Rare Material (Antimatter)


Despair, for I am the end of days.

>> No.42655424

>posted by Angelanon
Should I care about that name?

>where do you think you are
I'm not complaining. I've been here for a while and still get amused at how pathetically devastating prolonged isolation is to the human mind. It's like their father abandoned them and their mother fed them chicken hormones mixed with heroin.

Then why dont you chop off your penis for a start?

>> No.42655440

Neener Neener ne.

>> No.42655441


Light Princess

Happy Peasantry
Technology upgrade
Angelic Guardian
Forest Princess
Royal Stepsister

Does Adventure! cancel out Happy Peasantry, or do the monsters become happy?

Anyway, Rebellious Princess and Forbidden Love

>> No.42655455


>Should I care about that name?

>I've been here for a while


>> No.42655476

On one hand he obviously hasn't been here for any appreciable amount of time. That could mean he's new or that the total time here is very low, whichever.

On the other hand he's far better off not knowing that name, so it's yourself you should be laughing at in this situation.

>> No.42655547

I don't tend to entretain namefags. Even less if they're degenerates.

Your point?

>> No.42655579

>Then why dont you chop off your penis for a start?
What makes you think she hasn't?

>> No.42655597


>> No.42655657


>> No.42655737

You're rather adept at shitposting, I give you that.

>> No.42655841

Well Merica for me then

>> No.42655878

NEW >>42655870

>> No.42655937

Well time to take my meds

wish pill
painproof pill disease
immunity pill

>> No.42656089

Ladies and gentlemen I've just created the speedforce

custom world

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