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Remember this insanity /tg/?

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Yeah, that was pretty insane. I had no idea Keane had any inkling that 40k existed much less that he would make a reference to it and a correct one at that.

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I thought this was an edit so I went to look it up on the website. Amazing.

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I'm pretty sure it's his son who penned that one.

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I still don't understand what lead up to this. Does the son just play a ton of Dawn of War or some shit? Did he hear of space marines second-hand, wanted to make a "joke" about a kid wanting to be a space marine instead of a ghost and looked up something to make it sound real?

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I think it's likely that Dawn of War was somehow involved, given that BLUDH REHVENS are mentioned.

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Wait, so this isn't shopped?

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Nope 100% genuine.


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Oh, gods, yes. I work with a couple of guys who play and we had the paper in the break room. I almost forfeited my break to go tell them, then decided against it and told them later, when I should have been working.


We talked about this a bunch that day, and the day after. IIRC someone mentioned that Keane's son is actually a pretty big nerd, a staple at his FLGS kinda thing.

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Mother of god.

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It's mostly just a joke that touches on a couple things
>Parents out of touch with what's cool or what their child likes
>Child requesting extravagant costume
>Child requesting insanely specific costume
seems pretty simple

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this is amazing, thankyou /tg/

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I still can't believe it wasn't a troll. I didn't believe that was a real image until I saw pic related

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>running marmaduke

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>It's real
Holy fuck

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So the real question here is:

Did GW sue the comic author for infringement?

I'll be more surprised if they didn't, than if they did.

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Same for me. When I first saw this it was on /tg.

Then I checked online and saw it was a legit picture.

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Why Tarkus, though?

Cyrus and Avitus were the cool ones.

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I'm quite frankly surprised that the GRIMDARK 40k gets mentioned in a comic once known for it's heavily Christian overtones.

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>implying super catholic space knights isn't christian as fuck

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>I'm surprised that the popular British sci-fi setting that's been around longer than I've been alive and is about space crusaders fighting for God in space against heathens was featured in Christian comic
You shouldn't be

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>space crusaders fighting for space God in space against space heathens and space heretics*

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Because Tarkus was a good guy, while Avitus was an asshole and Cyrus was edgy.

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It's less that he made a reference to 40k. That would be simple enough.

But it's a reference to a specific character out of a specific game of 40k, which is just kind of weird. Like, there's a good portion of 40k players who wouldn't know who Tarkus was.

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"Hey son, what's a famous character with a complicated name or title in that nerd stuff you like? I want to make a comic about >>42615676 "

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it shows that he cares about his kid.

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>>Did GW sue the comic author for infringement?
exactly my question.

Fan-movies? HERESY!

Anything that gives a dying franchise some PR?


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Print comics are protected pretty extensively by parody law in ways that may seem like they wouldn't be.

Also Imagine how Games Workshop would look trying to sue something as iconic to America as Family Circus. Not even they're that stupid. Not for a case that'd be hard to fight.

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Actually, it's all Bill's son at this point. He passed away in 2011 and this comic was 2012.

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Holy shit, I'd expect a reference to Warhammer in Pearls before Swine maybe, but FAMILY CIRCUS?

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>running anything besides PBS, The Boondocks, Dilbert, Get Fuzzy, and The Argyle Sweater.

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>Sargent Tarkus from 40K
>Not Black Iron Tarkus from Darksouls

Obviously the Author is a Pleb

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Tarkus' sexy voice alone makes him better than those two. Not even including the fact that he, among all the heroes of Aurelia, was a true leader and knew what it meant to be a marine. He was the one that tried to help Thaddeus come to terms with his new life, he was the one that always corrected Avitus on his hatred towards normal humans. Tarkus was the best of them all excluding Thule and we are all privileged to have the Ancient among us.

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