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I'm fairly sure we all know how this works? We'll be starting out in a Savaanah, First three to a race.

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OP, you kill?

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I am in no way Kill.

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Ok, but can you start the quest, I do not think anyone will come untill we get this civilization up and running

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Celestials! I've never seen a civ using them, though that's probably for a good reason.

Going to vouch for it anyway, because fuck yes angels.

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Waiting for people to pick a race. Not gonna start Scorpionfolk based on one vote and 25 minutes of waiting.

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Let's do this!

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Alright, one more vote and we'll see what we can do.

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I want to see scorpionfolk, never seen a civ game with them

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Fauns sound cool but I've never done this before so I don't think I really wanna participate

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Hello friends! I'm most certainly not the guy who suggested celestials, but under a tripcode! But let's go with that handsome motherfucker's idea.

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Yeah. Sure. You definitely didn't vote for angelic beings, did you?

2 for Celestial
1 for Faun
1 for Undead, There is no mountain, you're in the Savanaah.
1 for Elves

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I feel somewhat obligated to mention that Scorpionfolk also got two votes

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Oh yeah, Shit.

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A few minutes more, and I'll roll for it.

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Rolled 3 (1d7)

1-2 Celestial
3-4 Scorpionfolk
5 Faun
6 Undead
7 Elves

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The misery.

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Why can't we do a hybrid? Let's have a Civ quest that is actually a hybrid of two choices.

I vote giants

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Actually, I feel like the "Cannot create original ideas" that the Giants has is unfair. I don't think any other race has such large disadvantage.

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A Champion and a Challenger circled one another, one holding a net and a spear, the other holding a trident. They scramble around in the gritty, blooded sand of the arena, cheered on by the seething masses of humans. The champion lunges forward with the trident, only to receive a sound slash across the face with the spear. His view clouded by burning, black blood, he is an easy target for the weighted net. The challenger drags the struggling champion toward the human, all dressed in purple, standing ready on an outcropping of stone into the arena. He raises a fist, as the Challenger approaches.


The figure speaks, but the slave does not obey. Instead, a spear flies, and bone is torn apart as the humanoid is pinned to the wall, his guts spilling out from the hole caused by the spear.

The Challenger cut the Champion's bonds and fled, letting the old one lash out at the surrounding guards. The Challenger manages to escape from the arena through the bloodworks, his assorted compatriots fighting their way out alongside him. They reach the gateway to the settlement, and sprint, out into the wilderness.

Weeks pass, and only a few remain, exhausted, starving, and with almost nothing to their name. These are your people. Slaves and gladiators, only now knowing the first degrees of freedom.

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>Population: 20 Humans, 20 Hobgoblins, 5 Scorpionfolk Leaders (Which are fucking expensive as slaves) and 1 Half-Giant, by the name of Uurgos.
>Equipment: Leather Padded Armour, Chitin or the occasional metal helmet.
>Tools/Weapons: 30 Sets of Tridents and Nets, 5 Spears, 10 Shields
>Food: 1 Turn
>Water: 1 Turn
>Structures: None
>Technology: None.

2 Actions in a turn, 1d20 each, one action per person. 1 Idea is optional for a 1d100. Construction/Excavation is 2d6-2.

Also, get names, it makes it a lot easier.

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Rolled 19 (1d20)

I say that we first of all find a source of food and water. We can hunt, and if that doesn't work/there's no prey, we can always begin farming.

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Rolled 11 (1d20)

this is a good idea, also as an ideawe should get a good look at the nets in case we find a river/lake

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Rolled 4 (1d20)

>Weeks pass, and only a few remain, exhausted, starving,

Go hunt/forage.

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