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Because the other guy is kill.
We can pick up from dominative slime, scorpion people >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42132125/#42132125
or magical swamp treants >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/42487078/#42487078
Or start a new one, i'm down for anything.

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minotaurs in tundra

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Draconians in Mana-Wastes.

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>he Posts on /Tg/
>he posts on /a/ with the Name: NotATripcode
>he posts on /r9k/

I want you to kill yourself and or stop using this name ever again.

A shame I had to reactivate my Trip for that.

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>he posts on /a/ with the Name: NotATripcode
Never whent there and this is my only trip.

>he posts on /r9k/
Trips are innefective in there, so now i just baitpost as anon.

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lol pleb
What that image even means? regardless, stop shitting my thread, vote of get out.

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>not shitposting while lying comy on your bed
>shitting up YOUR thread
Just because you're Op doesn't mean you have any right to moderate it.

Just stop posting with that name.

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Sure buddy, i will stop namefagging because it triggers you :^)
1 for minotaurs in tundra
1 for Draconians in Mana-Wastes.

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If you are still alive op I vote this one.

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I'm a tough guy, will be alive for about 9 more hours.

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I'll say Minotaurus

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Damn connection

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Very strange...
Your martial civ lived in the tundra for years, composed mostly of tough warriors, with the weak ones being the pesants ones in the lowest class, "cows" they where called, they where rather submissive and prefer to eat vegetables. but them one a portal opened, and ilithis came and subdued all the warriors male and female alike, toook them all tru the portal and vanquished.
over 80% of your population was slaved and gone just like that. Now only the cows remain.

>Pop: 10 males, 15 females. human sized white fur minotaurs, not nearlçy as agressive and mainly as the normal ones.
>buildings: 2 "moss" farms, 2 big board pens, 1 barrack, 1 meeting hall, multiple houses, 1 mine
>tec: they have more than the basic
>magic: no one gave a shit about magic, it was all about muh muscles, so, none.
>food: farms make 2 food that goes for the pigs, who also eat shit, pigs themselfs will make 2 food a turn, with less people you'ill make less shit, but for now
7 units of mossfruit, pigs consume 2 a day, farms make 2 a day
30 units of board meat, board farm makes 2 food a day
minus 2 food a day

Your population can eat both, but they prefer mossfruit.

>wat do?

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have a competition to find the smartest minotaur and make him leader

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It goes without saying we are leaderless, but i didn't tough the idiots in here would figure it; you're a pretty smart guy Dexter.

Rejoicing the fact the stupid brutes where gone the smartnotaurs need a leader, a smart one, so they started a debate, after hours one of them was particulary impressive in its debating skills and [decide what, will give bonus] knowlege, and so [decide his/her name] became the president of your now small group.
>Turn one over
>Pop: 10 males, 15 females
>food: 30 units of board meat, 7 units of fruitmoss
>morale is very high

>What to do now?

I don't list options unless they non-obvious, hand-holding players ruins immersion.
if you have any question just ask.
Some events are based on day, others on a dice i'm rolling, and others are triggered by actions.

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I guess mathematical knowlegde, naming him Pytaurugas
and then build another fruitmoss farm

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What do you plan to do with al that food?

l need at least 1 more player to continue.

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well; how do you handle population growth? do we have to say we do it or is it automatic?

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Count as a event, but you can do it manualy, it doesn't cost actions.

Forgot to mention, pig feces are used as fertilizer on farm, but i guess that was rather obvious.

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I see; then the president takes 3 females he wants and the others do an orgy

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Still here, just waitig for more players.

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i´m in

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so? your votes?

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2nd'ing Dex mostly, but if we have two actions and the orgy doesn't take an action, then I'd add scouting in a circle around the camp.

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Rolled 46 (1d100)

The minos where happy and decided to comemorate, all of the females are pregnant.
A new farm is being made. there are currectly no one harvesting lumber btw.
The man scouted around the camp, nothing new to report.
>Turn 2 Over
>Pop: 10 males, 15 females
>food: 30 units of board meat, 7 units of fruitmoss
>resorces: 5 units of wood, some weapons are armor (too heavy for the nerds to use)
>morale is very high
>new mossfruit farm will be done in 7 turns

>What to do now?

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harvesting lumber and begin construction on a palisade

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How many will harvest and where?

uh, mate, it's a pretty big place, it wuld cost a lot and take a lot of time and keep people busy, you sure you want that?
Reminder i can't play with just one player.

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Send two minos north to look for trees if none are in sight of the village, have the rest train in combat (unless this may be too strenuous on the pregnant females, in which case exclude them)

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oh wait; send some people to work in the mine

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why not use the ones at northeast?

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Joining in!

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we should also clear the leader thing now that other people are here

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Well them, i'm going to sleep, see you guys in a few hours.

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