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Hello and welcome, little different from a civilization in that it will be more about story


Namefag up and read the picture as MANY things are different, any questions just ask

ANOTHER being i have decided we are starting in the ancient ages, dont be deterred from this, i will give solutions, and it won’t be as slow as you think

to make it easier for me, and more fun for you guys, i would prefer bi-pedal or up-right(standing) races, first to 3 wins
i will start with drow if no consensus for too long, and no not the R.A. salvatore edition unless it will be played seriously

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A reminder that i already have a place/location in mind no matter what you pick, although you may suggest and i will reconsider

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Goblins in a Canyon. Hopefully a canyon with caves offshooting from it, if possible.

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this is doable, just to make sure you know, goblins are around 4 feet maximum with low chance of hob-goblin(6-7 feet) and an EXTREMEMY low chance of a goblin-king(oversized goblin)

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thats the second goblin vote, one more individual namefag and we can start

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Goblin King you say?

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Goblins 4 life

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haha i like it,havent watched the hobbit series, is it good? (quite serious)

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I've not seen all of them, but it looks quite interesting. I have heard that they did a bit of namedropping shit near the end.

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That's right Goblin King

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Someone called?

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Damn, beat me by a minute!

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interesting ill check them out, thanks
Finally escaping the clutches of the Slaver naga, the goblins have washed ashore, in front of their eyes they see a canyon, the rocks are shaped like daggers enclosing in on the shore, almost like a shield, or maybe you goblins just like weapons, who knows. Your people are barely tribal, if you can even call it that, in fact any ramblings you ever hear are from the oldest goblin! No one ever listens to him so who cares. You have taken 3 of the nagas tridents but you only have 1 hobgoblin to equip it (its too big for a goblin)You also took broken boxes for scrap wood and even though its wet you still hold certain ideas in mind for what you need to do.


Roll d20’s for actions(research X, scout, etc) and roll 100’s for ideas(solutions and things like culture etc)

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why did everyone leave...?

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Rolled 8 (1d20)

Here but I'm at work. I may have to stop suddenly but I'll be back.

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explore? where? and how far? are you scouting?

Population<Adults:13(6M,6F)(1 hobgoblin)
Housings and or buildings<none
Food<8 turns(im going to do turns-based instead of numbers because its easier)
Materials<wet wood
Tech<rudimentary agriculture, rudimentary tools,
Items<3 tridents(1 equipped)
there is alot of infighting going on and arguing over mostly everything, right down to the females, time to pick a leader!
The hobgoblin, She knows some about magic, and She would be interested in learning more.
The Biggest goblin, he likes the taste of blood (literally) but hes not a vampire. blood consuming also makes him slightly bigger and stronger

either one, GIVE HIM/HER A NAME(unless you want me to name them)

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Rolled 3 (1d20)

I suggest the Big Goblin be the leader, and should be named Alaric.
Also, Action: Start using stones to dig out a small burrow-like shelter.

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>Name Graka-the-not-so-dumb
Explore the immediate area send go into the valleys look for a suitable place to squat.

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rolled 3, failure, one of the goblins finds a small pit of quicksand, the rest shrugs, and Graka(pending) laughs...oh well

-1 goblin
roll, also just want to mention that they will both stay(you are just picking the leader) so name both of them please

where is the rest of the anons? slap on some names and join already

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Rolled 14 (1d20)


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rolled a 14, great success, you find a plain FULL of all sorts of animals and plants.you spot bison, caribou, even some bear, although it seems like they are standing up for some reason

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Rolled 19 (1d20)

Use mud and grass to make huts!

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Hey, QM, You got a map if this land we are in? would make planning easier if we know where stuff is

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rolled a 19, undeniable success, the goblins have united together as a team for once and set to work on making huts out of grass, mud, and the occasional branch. they are inspired by what they did.
+2 to craft(building) rolls for 10 rounds
i was going to make a map after this thread, i could make a very crude one, since you still havent explored much
i know, i dont like goblins either but oh well

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Rolled 17 (1d20)

Hmpf, Can we get some general directions where stuff is then?, Anyway, We should probably try and dig into the canyon wall, Much safer then living on the surface, And we can start mining into it.

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>i could make a very crude one
A drawing in the dirt is better then nothing.

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Rolled 94 (1d100)

do research in animal breeding

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you may start digging but you will lose 50% of your tools as they are only bone tools right now
it will also take 6 turns, are you sure you want to do this?
here you go,brown is mountains/canyon;black is towards swamp;grey is towards plains;green is towards forest area;

i will save this roll, but seriously? with what animals? and you should specify a bit more than that or else its just me playing

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Rolled 6 (1d20)

construct a pen
take a look at the plains; take a few of the more peaceful animals;
if there are sheep bait them with some of our food then put them in the pen and think about how to breed them so we can get more food and wool out of them

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Rolled 20 (1d20)

rolling to save

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construction will take a day, as they will need to figure out how to properly make a fenced pen.
also you are low on wood
you head out into the plains ready to start capturing some animals to you, the bison start following you, and you even manage to bring back a small reptile capable of making web

what will the reptiles be called? they are about the size of a large iguana and they produce the web by coughing it up
+Rudimentary animal husbandry+

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>reptile capable of making web

I may lurk this one, can we get a pic of that thing?

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just remember its a homebrewed setting and this does not exist (to my knowledge)

but pic related what they look like, just a little bigger

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Rolled 10 (1d20)

I'd like to see the female hobgoblin as the leader
also: we should reproduce; goblins have strength in numbers

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it is up to the rest of the people if they want her to be leader (still do-able)
as far as reproducing, dont worry just focus on building a culture/making it an actual civ first, ill start population growth when needed

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Silkoughers... We're goblins we don't have to be clever.

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Rolled 16 (1d20)

okay, set up a lumber camp at the beginning of the forest area

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Rolled 1 (1d20)

Lets build some tools, and see if we can't find some seeds to plant.

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no, you dont have to be clever, but the most story/backstory you have, the more fun i can make it, trust me...
rolled a 16, with dubs, extraordinary success, you set up a lumber camp at the beginning of the forest area, and get to work. although there isnt a path or designated way back, the lumber will be harvested
rolled a 1, CRITICAL failure, you have no materials other than wood to make tools, and the goblins complain about splinters too much (wooden weapons and tools now give permanent negative modifiers)....no seeds found either, although i guess the goblins should stop looking in the sand

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Rolled 32 (1d100)

have the idea to make gloves out of the web we can harvest from the reptiles

>> No.42598532

Rolled 2 (1d20)

Have Graka-the-not-so-dumb build start practicing with some fire magic. Maybe we could also scan the valley walls for any-mineral veins or flint and such to use for tools

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I'm gonna stop rolling now.

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Rolled 10, 4 = 14 (2d20)

>harvest seeds on the forest, look for fruit trees or bushes.
>and plant said plants near our base

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Oh man, you where going so well.
l will leave this here in case OP is kill >>42598317

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just to let you know from now on, you roll a d100 for things such as that
you dont even know what the web does yet etc
rolled a 10, with dubs, found some seeds in the swamp border, and started planting
done in 3 turns

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Rolled 92 (1d100)

okay; do research into the web of the reptiles

>> No.42598889

meaning the properties; consistency; etc.

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Rolled 39 (1d100)

>use the wood gathered to make short bows, use the web as stings

Just in case u kno

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there you go, thank you
you found out that the web is actually edible! it tastes like sugar...maybe thats why its sticky, doesnt matter though as its quite durable for being so good!
rolled 39,low success,using the web material from the lizards your people decide to try to make a bow
yea where DID everyone go? and roll some ideas/culture ideas/etc more...

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Rolled 52 (1d100)

pray to a god(des?) for fertility and harvest; basic religion

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Rolled 61 (1d100)

>praying to a god that did not revealed itself to you

yea no, instead, we need a culture to bring our people thogeder, to help each other, better team work, less civil unrest, more cammaradie

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in that case we should finally decide on a leader

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Didn't we already decided that graka the-not-so-dumb was the leader?

Also, OP, how hobgoblins come to be? there is a chance of them being born, they envolve, or they other race?

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i can barely keep my eyes open, we'll continue this later on today, or tommorow

cheers guys

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Fuck I missed it.

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Fresh Game here.

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