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>This is a quest taking place in an alternate version of the Naruto world during the same time period as the story, with a few notable differences. You will be playing as Kon Karagowa, a Leaf Genin. Your character is defined by your choices, so write-ins are always encouraged. And remember to have fun!

>Quest Info:http://pastebin.com/UnPKxi2q

>Previous threads:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Leaf%20Ninja%20Quest

>And thread #17, which got misarchived:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/42522357/

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Okay, so, Tenten and Sasuke use wires to slow Gaara down enough for Shikamaru to hit him with a proper Shadow Possession. We drop down from above with a Judgement Kick (tm) which is basically putting a fuckload of our shockwave chakra into a single axe kick from above. Even if this doesn't kill him, it should fuck with his defenses enough for Sasuke to finish him with a Chidori.


>> No.42541291

I just realized looking over the pastebin that we haven't come up with a name for our unique jutsu yet. Part of that I guess is because we still haven't decided on a name for the element, but still. We need something to yell when we do a big awesome attack with it. So what to call our shockwave blast?

>> No.42541295


Gaara roars again. "Are you afraid of me? Come out and fight!"

A ways away you see Temari cowering in fear, trying to stay out of the fight.

Sasuke notices your group and comes over to your hiding spot while Gaara is still searching for him. Gaara is bashing trees apart with his morphed arm with little effort, snarling all the while.

"So you guys made it." Sasuke pants. He looks pretty worn out. "I've used Chidori twice today, and this guy is stronger than ever. I feel like I might just be able to pull it off a third time if I get a few minutes to rest, but I'm drained otherwise."

You assess your situation. Sasuke isn't doing so hot. You, Tenten and Shikamaru are all at decent chakra levels, and Kiba and Akamaru are totally fresh. Gaara's strength is unreal, so you need to avoid taking hits if at all possible, and he's closing in on your position as you speak.

"Well?" Kiba asks. "What do we do?"

>A.Throw everything we've got at Gaara right now

>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke

>C.Try to mount a full retreat

>D.Let someone else come up with a plan


>> No.42541318

>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then
get him in position for Sasuke

"But that's just my opinion." and turn to Shikamaru.

>D.Let someone else come up with a plan

"Got any ideas?"

>> No.42541320

Okay, so, Tenten and Sasuke use wires to slow Gaara down enough for Shikamaru to hit him with a proper Shadow Possession. We drop down from above with a Judgement Kick (tm) which is basically putting a fuckload of our shockwave chakra into a single axe kick from above. Even if this doesn't kill him, it should fuck with his defenses enough for Sasuke to finish him with a Chidori.

Get Shikamaru's assessment of the plan, and make sure Sasuke's up for a third Chidori.

>> No.42541332

>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke

>> No.42541334

>>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke
"Most importantly stay safe. We can't do anything reckless with this guy."

>> No.42541336

>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke
Be evasive as fuck.
Also ask shikamaru what do

>> No.42541343

>>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke

>> No.42541369

Rolling Thunder

>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke
Pack tactics. Stay alive and wear him down until either help arrives or he runs out of juice.

>> No.42541382


Also, Judgement Kick. Terrible name

>> No.42541407

Something that occurs to me: He needs to compact the sand in order to defend properly against a Chidori. But compacted sand is shit at taking a shockwave, so he'll be vulnerable to our attacks then. Likewise, if he tries to cushion the blow from one of shockwaves his sand won't be dense enough to block the Chidori. So a one-two punch between us and Sasuke might be able to hurt him. So use Kiba and Tenten to harry him, Shikamaru binds him with shadows while he's distracted, and then Kon and Sasuke move in for the kill.

>> No.42541412


Shock Release.

Which jutsu? The one where we throw a blast? Or the one where we sorta reflect the force of an attack onto the attacker?

>> No.42541426

Seconding this.

>> No.42541428

The blast. Reflecting the force back was kind of unintentional, until we learn to do it consistently I don't think we can call it a jutsu.

>> No.42541446

If we charge in behind Sasuke we can substitute out with him at the last second and strike with a shockwave, allowing Sasuke to follow up.

>> No.42541469


I like Shattershot, but I think that needs to actually shatter something (or if we find out it shattered part of Lee's arm bone(s)) until we call it that.

Like how Chidori was called Lightning Cutter because it actually "cut" through lightning.

>> No.42541494


I'm >>42541469

I mean how the "2nd phase" of Chidori was called Lightning Cutter.

Made a mistake.

>> No.42541498

I still don't like "shock release" at all. Thunder makes more sense as Wind+Lightning, and is a more accurate description of the whole effect rather than the stunning side effect.

It also wouldn't immediately give away the existence of a secondary effect if someone overheard the phrase "Thunder Release".

>> No.42541514

We know it broke Lee's arm badly. That was explicitly stated. Also it's a concussive force, which was also explicitly stated.

"Shattershot" would make sense.

>> No.42541527


Thunder Release sounds more like Storm Release to me, though I do like the "hidden" secondary effect part.

>That was explicitly stated.

No. It was stated that he messed up Lee's arm badly.

Never said broken.

>> No.42541561

How else do you "mess up" an arm, anon? We didn't give him a cramp.

And Storm is Lightning+Water, so Thunder for Lightning+Wind seems fine. I don't see at all what the problem is.

>> No.42541573

What about "Force Release"? I'm not overly keen on Thunder release because it seems more like a derivation of lightning, rather than it's own thing. Not to mention it's closeness with the next Thunder-god; Tenten

>> No.42541578


>Give Sasuke his sword

Will this help?

>> No.42541591

Could be nerve and muscle damage from the electric component of the technique causing spasming. Though we probably did cause at least some bone damage.

>> No.42541616

How about Impact Release?

>> No.42541620


I agree, but it was still not explicitly stated that his arm was broken. Just "messed up", which implies broken but is not explicitly stated.


Shattershot is a good name.


Force keeps reminding me of the Force from Star Wars.


It could, if he uses it to extend Chidori somehow and stabs Gaara in deep.

>> No.42541641

>B.Guerrilla tactics, keep him occupied then get him in position for Sasuke

Give Sasuke his sword.

>> No.42541643

>It could, if he uses it to extend Chidori somehow and stabs Gaara in deep.
Nah, the reason we're holding onto Sasuke's sword for him in the first place is because he doesn't know how to use Chidori with it yet. So that won't work.

>> No.42541671

Not only does that sound too much like Star Wars for comfort, it's not as descriptive. Thunder is literally the result of Lightning and Wind/air interacting, it's as accurately descriptive as you can get without suggesting its stunning effect.

>> No.42541689

>because he doesn't know how to use Chidori with it yet.

Now might be the right time to try.

Or we can if shit gets even more dangerous later.

>> No.42541717


"If Tenten can trip Gaara up with wires, then Shikamaru can grab him with the Shadow Possession Jutsu." you start. "Then Sasuke and I can double-team him with our strongest moves."

"You don't what to try that too soon." Sasuke interrupts. "If you want me to do another Chidori, you're going to have to stall him for a bit. One you can hear the sound of birds chirping, that'll be your cue."

Shikamaru speaks next. "Which means we'll have to distract him until then. Let's just go take potshots at him while Sasuke gets ready. Try to keep away from his attacks if you can, you won't be able to take many."

All of you except Sasuke make a break out of your hiding place, and take positions around Gaara.

"What is this?" He growls. "You think your friends will be able to defeat me? You are only making yourselves weaker by relying on each other! You can only become strong by looking out for your self!"

Tenten throws some kunai, but Gaara blocks with his morphed arm, and they are enveloped in the sand. He launches them back at Tenten, who is forced to dodge. Gaara then launches himself with his tail towards Shikamaru absurdly fast. Shikamaru doesn't look like he'll be able to get out of the way.

>A.Try to get Shikamaru out of Gaara's path

>B.Attack Gaara, try to stop him

>C.Let someone else handle it


>> No.42541733

>B.Attack Gaara, try to stop him
Kiba pull Him away!

>> No.42541744

Call it Watt Release.

So when people ask 'What release?' We can just say yes

Volt Release, Blitz Release....

>> No.42541748

>A.Try to get Shikamaru out of Gaara's path

>> No.42541749

Thats not bad, on the same lines. How about Jolt Release.

>> No.42541755

>B.Attack Gaara, try to stop him
Just a burst of wind, try and push him off-course.

>> No.42541757

>>A.Try to get Shikamaru out of Gaara's path

>> No.42541758

Except in-character we speak Japanese, so that pun will make sense to no one.

>> No.42541771

>C.Let someone else handle it
Go Akamaru!

>> No.42541773

Those are both basically just Lightning, same problem as "Shock".

>> No.42541774

>A.Try to get Shikamaru out of Gaara's path

>> No.42541775

Use our knife on a rope to pull him out of the way.

>Get over here!

>> No.42541781

I like Impact, Jolt, and Thunder, in that order.

>> No.42541805

>>B.Attack Gaara, try to stop him
Vacuum wave maybe?

>> No.42541806

The character used for "Shock" in Japanese has no relation to electricity, though. It's more like "Impact".

>> No.42541810

Strike Release

As in a lightning strike.


>> No.42541817

That seems OK. But does remind me a bit of One Piece's dials. Very fitting for the technique we used against Lee though, since we used his attack against him.

>> No.42541821

>B. Attack Gaara, try to stop him.

>> No.42541828


Too much related to electricity for my tastes.


Shock is more of a shockwave.

Like how Shocker isn't like Electro.

>> No.42541831

So for New release we could go for Thunder, Impact, Shockwave or Concussive

>> No.42541846

Jolt as a verb means to surprise, knock sharply or to stun in boxing. You are thinking of Jolt as the noun.

>> No.42541850

We ARE faster than Gaara, so that could work.

I actually kinda like it.

>> No.42541855

The Kanji used could be Shock, but for English Reading how about we use Impact or Concussive?

>> No.42541879

But we're not stronger.

>> No.42541882


I vote Impact or Shock.

Maybe Thunder if we manage to somehow add in Lightning to it.


>> No.42541884

Impact is a pretty awesome name tho

>> No.42541899

cool but we're still faster

So we can pull >>42541850

>> No.42541908

I assumed he meant grabbing Shika and pulling him out the way, rather than grabbing Gaara.

>> No.42541920

I wonder what Haku is doing right now.

Maybe assisting Jiraiya against Orochimaru?

>> No.42541936

Not nearly as effective as punching gaara with a shockwave-enhanced fist.

This might work though.

>> No.42541951

I can't think why he would be. He's probably just defending Ino and other members of the audience.

>> No.42541956

Someone has to fight the Kaiju snake

>> No.42541959

Grab Shika not Gaara.

Should have made that clear.

>> No.42541962

Yeah, but the association is there, so it sounds kinda shit.

>> No.42542026

>>A.Try to get Shikamaru out of Gaara's path
We should have got Tenten to put a seal on all of us.
Assuming she can summon selectively, the tactical benefits of being able to escape combat instantly without a clear route are immense.

>> No.42542048

Guys. I've found an image that illustrates Kon perfectly.

>> No.42542057

She did, in the last thread.

Come on, mate.

>> No.42542071

And of course I don't add it.


>> No.42542079

All of us? I thought that was just Kon.

>> No.42542082


You quickly pull out your kyoketsu-shoge and toss it around Shikamaru's leg. You're able to pull him out of the way just in time to avoid Gaara's attack.

You notice that Gaara's body is slowly becoming more and more enveloped by the sand.

As he's tuning back around, Kiba and Akamaru launch a Fang Over Fang at him, but his arm and tail form into a shield around him, preventing any damage.

Once the attack stops, Gaara goes back on the attack, swinging at Kiba and Akamaru. Kiba takes a hit blocking Akamaru, and hits a tree.

At that, Gaara starts to shake and grab his head. He lets out another scream as more sand covers his body.

>A.Attack him now

>B.Stay back, keep waiting

>C.Check on Kiba


>> No.42542084

No, she put a seal on Kon. She didn't do it for the rest of the team.

>> No.42542093

Oh. Yeah, misread. I've been shouting at my dumbass flatmate so I'm a bit distracted.

>> No.42542103

>B.Stay back, keep waiting
>C.Check on Kiba

>> No.42542108

>B.Stay back, keep waiting
We need to wait for Sasuke to power up the Chidori.

>> No.42542111

Do we hear the Chidori yet?

>> No.42542116

>>B.Stay back, keep waiting
>>C.Check on Kiba

>> No.42542118

>C.Check on Kiba

>> No.42542128

>C.Check on Kiba

Make sure he's OK, if not, get him to go back to the village.

>> No.42542157

>>C.Check on Kiba
If he can't fight, he needs to evac. Who knows, he might even be able to get reinforcements. We're pretty boned without them.

>> No.42542172

Ino mentioned a monster.

It must be trying to get out.

What if we got a reverse summon on Gaara?

Would that pull him away from the sand?

>> No.42542184

That would require Tenten getting in close, and she's neither fast enough nor strong enough to handle the job.

>> No.42542204

Also getting in under the sand, which I just can't see us managing.

>> No.42542215

I doubt it, since the sand probably counts as an extension of his body, being a sealed tailed beast and all.

>> No.42542251

Then have her apply it to Sasuke.

When he uses chidori, she can poof him out of harms way.

>> No.42542266

Which is kind of weird, since every other tailed beast's shroud remains made of chakra until it reaches full manifestation. Shukaku's the only one that goes straight to matter.

>> No.42542305

A perk of being a one tailed beast?

>> No.42542316


You head over to Kiba and check on him.

"I'm okay." he coughs as he gets up. You can see a bit of blood running from his mouth, but he manages to stand on his own.

You glance at Sasuke, and he's still not quite ready.

Gaara however, is now completely covered in his sand, in the form of what seems to truly be a monster.

"You are all going to die here!" Gaara screams. "All because you let yourselves be dragged down by each other!"

>A.Try to say something to him

>B.Mount another attack

>C.Keep him moving after you


>> No.42542340

>A.Try to say something to him
"Oh, come off it, we'd be just as likely to die fighting you if we were doing this alone."

>> No.42542351

>C.Keep him moving after you

We're twice as fast as him.

>> No.42542356

>"There is no way to fight with everything you are unless you fight for someone else."
Honestly, mildly upset he hasn't pinned Tenten to a tree, yet. Would totally vote for berserker mode, then.

>> No.42542362

>>A.Try to say something to him
and yet, if any one of us were alone, we'd all be dead already. Having a team you can trust makes you a thousand times more dangerous Gaara.

>> No.42542379

Where's Kurama?

>> No.42542381

Perk of one tail, I guess. He's pretty much a one trick pony, but that one trick is versatile and he's really, really good at it.

>>C.Keep him moving after you
Is it weird that I saw that image and went 'cute'?

>> No.42542385

>C.Keep him moving after you
>A.Try to say something to him

"Don't really know what you're going on about. You said before you were going to kill everyone anyway. Least we got to enjoy our lives before then. Have you?"

>> No.42542409

He's dead, Jim.

>> No.42542414

>>C.Keep him moving after you
Taunt him

>> No.42542458

>A.Try to say something to him
"I haven't given up protecting my village, or my friends. Unlike SOME people."

Then fucking stay away from him.

>> No.42542598

Who left you Gaara? Did someone you care for try to drag you down? I bet it hurt you so much, you gave into the monster.

We all have our demons Gaara but I will not let you're hurt my friends or my village!

>> No.42542611



You try to run interference and use your speed to keep him distracted.

As you jump back and forth dodging blows, you taunt him. "I don't know what you're tlking about, Gaara. If we were alone we would have already been killed. It's because we're working as a team that we can become stronger."

"Shut up!" Gaara roars. "Sand Shuriken!"

From his arm, Gaara shoots sand projectiles at you, moving at a blinding speed. You try to dodge, but some manage to glance you.

Gaara looks like he's about to attack someone else, and he turns around. That's when you hear the sound. Chirping birds.

>A.Try and help Tenten bind Gaara with wire

>B.Try to get Gaara distracted again

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack


>> No.42542633

>>A.Try and help Tenten bind Gaara with wire
Gotta do it fast.

>> No.42542644

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542649

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542650

Hey guys, I need to run some errands, I'll be back in a bit

>> No.42542651

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542658

>C. The others can handle their part, build up your Chakra for a huge attack
>D. "That's the signal!"
Kiba, Shikamaru, and Tenten are all great at harrying and immobilizing an enemy. Let them do their part.

>> No.42542663 [DELETED] 

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack
When Sasuke's about to strike, do that thing where we substitute ahead of him and hit him with a blast of Thunder/Shock/Zap to soften him up.

The Sasuke's Chidori will be that much more effective.

>> No.42542672

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542678

>>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542700

You know what, nevermind. Too cute.

>> No.42542701

>>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542716

>>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

All or nothing now.

>> No.42542785

>>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack

>> No.42542790

>>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack
Thunder and lightning. Good combo.

>> No.42542870

>C.The others can handle their part, build up your chakra for a huge attack
Kinda of was the plan from the very begining

>> No.42543090

I wonder if we can stick a bunch of kunai and shuriken into Gaara and then force them through the sand with a concussion, like shrapnel.

>> No.42543126

He'll probably make them bounce away instead of letting them stick to his sand

>> No.42543169

How? Either it's sand and they sink, or it's hardened and they stick.

He's not made out of rubber, anon.

>> No.42543187

We may be looking at another half hour or more guys, so sit tight

>> No.42543196

>Gaara: "That garage wire won't do shit for dicks against armor this thick. What's that, Alfred? How thick is it? Well, half as thick as muh dick, so thick enough that you'd need a fucking A-rank technique to pierce it. And I don't even see a jonin among you skinny asses."
>Kon: "Sasuke, if you would..."
>Sasuke: "Bitches love A-ranks." *Chidori*
>Gaara: "Oh fuck, that's an A-rank Technique. OH FUCK THAT'S AN A-RANK TECHNIQUE!!"

Sorry, I got bored.

>> No.42543203

Messed up my words there

I meant that he would swat them away

>> No.42543228

>not mentioning lightning piercing properties in you reference
Step it up anon

>> No.42543238

Words cannot express the raging erection coming back to that reference gave me.

>> No.42543242

It's cool, take your time.

>> No.42543243

That entire line is cribbed from Hellsing abridged anon.

>> No.42543246

Guess someone is ready to get penetrated.
Dont tell me Sasuke's gonna blow his load all over garaa's inside too
no homo tho

>> No.42543268

i know but you should consider two things

One: I'm a snarky cunt
Two: I'm kinda drunk

>> No.42543274

>"What's a blood rage?"
Still gets me.

>> No.42543305

Never mind, I got out of that shit


>> No.42543317

>Never mind, I got out of that shit

What happened?

>> No.42543322

Thank god, I'm almost passing out here

>> No.42543326

Chakra is bullshit. Depending on the mix of mineral components in the sand, it can do odd things.
He's effectively made of whateverthefuckhewantsium.

>no homo tho
>not going full homo
What are you, gay?

>> No.42543331


>> No.42543361

Wait... What

>> No.42543384

I made a strawpoll for the name of Kon's release.

>> No.42543385

On the flipside, our chakra's two natures that have never been mixed before, so we're making shit up as we go anyway.

>> No.42543395


>> No.42543428

We don't know, exactly. But his chances of existence don't look too good.
Or, to put it in a slightly more concise manner: Not Enchantment.

>> No.42543442

I'm personaly fine with either impact or thunder

>> No.42543447

Put the top 3 in a separate poll.

>> No.42543458

Well, we don't know that for sure, but something going horribly wrong during his sealing explains the differences in this timeline compared to canon. Naruto dies, Jiraiya becomes Hokage because he's not busy running a misinformation campaign on Naruto, Uchiha Massacre never happens because of butterflies and Obito not being there to make it worse. It hasn't been confirmed, but it seems plausible.

>> No.42543460

Alternate names for our Release: "Blow" "Wave" "Vibe"

>> No.42543464

Impact, Force or Concussive are my votes

>> No.42543465


>> No.42543496

Thunder's too closely linked with lightning for my taste, makes us seem like another generic electricity user

>> No.42543497

>I still don't like "shock release"
Would it help if we just went all out and called it "You wa Shock Release"?

>> No.42543501

Since really Thunder and Impact were the only ones getting votes... here ya go.

>> No.42543515

"Hey Tenten, Want to see my Blow Release?"

>> No.42543520



You begin to build up your chakra for your attack.

While Tenten gets her wires ready, Kiba and Akamaru use Fang Over Fang to keep Gaara still. Gaara however, is having none of it, as he just bashes both Kiba and Akamaru to the ground. They don't get up.

At that moment, Tenten's wires envelop Gaara, who isn't amused. He takes a deep breath. "Wind Release: Sandstorm Devastation!"

Clouds of sand burst from Gaara's mouth and blow both the wires and Tenten away. Tenten hits a tree, and stays down.

In the time this is happening, Shikamaru manages to grab Gaara in his Shadow Possession Jutsu. It's clearly only for a moment, as Gaara is already struggling to break free, but it's enough.

Sasuke comes running towards Gaara, Chidori in hand behind him. You approach too, readying your attack.

>How do you attack?

>> No.42543524

I like Enchantment. But, Not Enchantment.

Was this meant for the anon below me?

>> No.42543546

>How do you attack?

One above, one below.

>> No.42543555

Hit the spot that Sasuke makes to paralyze Gaara!

>> No.42543557

Seconding this.

>> No.42543559

Go for the head while Sasuke goes for the heart.

Electricity to stop the heart and concussion to rattle the brain.

>> No.42543562

>How do you attack?
Try to use a chidori wannabe strike so we can have maximum piercing power

>> No.42543574

Slam our hand into the sand, release the chakra point-blank. Strike fairly close to where Sasuke is, so that the sand is the same consistency where both are hitting. That way he can't change the composition to defend against both.

>> No.42543577

Lots of us are fine with Shock Release.

>> No.42543583

Go to

Ctrl+f : Thunder
The distinction from our release and lightning wont be distinct enough as lightning techniques are often called "Thunder blah blah blah"

>> No.42543589

With an axe kick at full chakra power. Smash him to the ground and leave him mostly insensate through his sand. Sasuke follows up by running through Gaara and hitting the ground.

>> No.42543613

straw poll says otherwise

>> No.42543619


>> No.42543630

Sounds good.

So guys, according to the poll we get a victory for Impact release.

>> No.42543637

Thin beam of raw force right over where his heart is.

>> No.42543644

Kick him in the dick

>> No.42543663

we should make the a name for the tech we're about to use

Use the Impact name since it looks like its winning the poll

>> No.42543675

We need to flood his defenses with concentrated whatever we name our release chakra. With any luck, it might loosen his grasp on his sand enough to let chidori do some major damage. Ideally, go for the head, but the torso is probably an easier target.

>> No.42543680

This >>42543546 seems to win, but I also need to know how you plan on releasing your chakra

Like a punch or blast or what

>> No.42543684

Meet sasuke in the middle. Brofist where Gaara's heart used to be.

>> No.42543691

Kick a kunai at his dick!
It'll be amazing!

>> No.42543695


>> No.42543709


I say a punch, but blast is fine, too.

>> No.42543710

Punch him! Allow our fists to be the fists of impactful justice!

>> No.42543724

A really concentrated "Shattershot"?

>> No.42543728

Blast the impact chakra through the sand?
Try and shake it off for sasuke to get a clear hit

>> No.42543732

Punch, since we need to penetrate the sand armor.

>> No.42543734

Focused blast released as a palm strike, for a point-blank shot.

>> No.42543745

Came back from the crapper too late, but this may have been the smartest plan. Do it Boondock Saints style.

>> No.42543748

>Lightning and Thunder, one attack that punches through and another that blows him away.

>> No.42543754

Short range blast. Nobody wants a friendly fire incident now.

>> No.42543755

In a kick. Let a blast of chakra go from our foot as we axe kick him from above, hopefully fucking his sand enough that we impale him on Sasuke's Chidori.

>> No.42543828

Sasuke goes below him, then we hit him with an Impact-enhanced kick that knocks him right down into Sasuke, who will use Gaara's own weight and the force behind our kick to enhance the piercing abilities of his Chidori.

>> No.42543832

It's "garrote wire", though they use the common mispronunciation "guh-rot" which stems from the alternate spellings "garrotte" and "garotte".

>> No.42543841

Blast Release?

>> No.42543852

Garage doors are typically held up using thin ropes of steel wire. Garage wire is a thing, man.

>> No.42543859

Theres already a blast release mate

>> No.42543958

Spike Release?

>> No.42543968

Punch release

>> No.42543972

You run at the temporarily immobilized Gaara and ready your fist. As Sasuke approaches from below, you jump up to strike him from above.

You punch and release your chakra right into Gaara, the sand covering him wobbling and falling out of place.

As Gaara is stunned from your attack, Sasuke comes straight in for the Chidori right into Gaara's chest.

Gaara doesn't react for a bit, but Sasuke immediately falls and passes out as soon as his move has hit.

"Guh." you hear Gaara grunt, He coughs up blood. The sand around him begins to quiver around his body. You notice that Gaara's eyes are closed. He must be unconscious, but the sand is still moving.

In fact, at that point the sand begins to erupt upwards, destroying everything in its path. You have to move, but your teammates may be hit. Shikamaru is the only one who is still mobile.

>A.Hurry and get out of the way

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>C.Go help Kiba and Akamaru

>D.Go help Tenten


>> No.42543975

Thought that was "Explosion Release".

Honestly, Thunder is appropriate for its component elements. That's what made the decision for me.

>> No.42543976

Just sayin', if this doesn't work, can we please bail and try to keep everyone alive? Stopping Gaara is waaaay above our paygrade, and he's well outside the village now.

But yes, a masive force punch down onto Sasuka's Chidori sounds solid.

>> No.42543986

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>> No.42543989

But there's so many things that are already called Thunder, not to mention, it's super close to lightning. Impact is an original and more interesting name.

>> No.42543991

>D. Help Tenten

>> No.42544002

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help
>Shikamaru shadow posses the other gets them to move!

>> No.42544003

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help
>D.Go help Tenten

We get these two

Shikamaru gets Kiba and Akamaru

>> No.42544008

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>> No.42544009

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>> No.42544011

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>> No.42544012

>B. Sasuke is the closest.

>> No.42544022

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help
Sauce fainted mate go help him

>> No.42544023

Why not compromise and call it "Impact Thunder release"?

>> No.42544024

Rope Sasuke out of the way but move towards Tenten. They're both unconscious, so they both need help.

If it comes down to it, moving towards Tenten with Sasuke at least lets us try and repulse some of the sand.

>> No.42544025


>> No.42544032

A Palm Blow

>> No.42544039

I like it.

>> No.42544044


>> No.42544047

...So, Laze, when's that backup showing up?

>> No.42544050


Too much of a mouthful.

Plus Impact already won the strawpoll.


You really need to have autoupdate on.

>> No.42544052

Look at the wires Walter uses. Do you really think those are pic related?
Fuck no. It much more closely resembles piano wire, which in the cultural zeitgeist is associated with use as a garrote.
Also, watch the scene again.
Jan uses a glottal stop at the end of the word. This is consistent with how he pronounces terminal "t"s in his other lines.
>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help
Yell at Shikamaru to get Kiba and Akamaru.
>D.Go help Tenten
On our way to safety.

>> No.42544055

>>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>> No.42544069

Pretty much this

I'm okay with thunder but impact is so much better because we wont be mistaken for the other guys that also use thunder as a tech name(theres a lot of people that do that)

>> No.42544075

>C.Go help Kiba and Akamaru

>> No.42544081


>> No.42544100

So what? It's not like it's a completely new element, and it's not like the fact that the word "Thunder" is used detracts from the fact that it's a new kekkei genkai. And it's not even set in stone that concussive waves are the only shape it can take: that was just the one we chose. We've never even tried it in a stream, which apparently does something different according to the QM.

It's a combination of Lightning and Wind. Thunder describes that perfectly.

>> No.42544109

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help
Plus he can't exactly dodge as is.

>> No.42544118

>>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help
Then if we can do it without overencumbering ourself
>>D.Go help Tenten
on the evac. We are not the strongest. Carrying two people might be pushing it.

>> No.42544130

Seconding this

>> No.42544150

we have str 1.5 is that enough to carry two people around our size?

>> No.42544153

>B.Sasuke is closest, he needs your help

>> No.42544157

We need to learn this.

>> No.42544177

The Lightning Release Armor, that cool axe kick, or nintaijutsu in general?

>> No.42544180

Haku could carry Zabuza and his bigass sword without any difficulty, and he has 1.5

>> No.42544213

But zabuza's sword is made out of plastic

>> No.42544218


Okay then we can definitly carry tenten and sauce

>> No.42544263

All of the above. In fact I think we just in general need to meet B already so we can learn to be that awesome.

>> No.42544269



You quickly grab Sasuke and head to safety.

"Shikamaru, grab the others!" you shout.

He makes for Kiba and Akamaru and hauls them out of the way, but you don't see what happens to Tenten before something huge lands where you were all standing.

However, a figure immediately appears next to you and sets Tenten down.

Still conscious, she looks up at the boy. "Neji? Is that you?"

"Today was supposed to be my day off, since Itachi was covering for me." he scoffs. "But these Sand ninja just had to come and ruin it."

>A.Ask who he is

>B.Thank him for the help

>C.Try to find the others

>D.Observe what happened to Gaara


>> No.42544273

Do this.

>> No.42544281

Actually by this point it's probably made mostly out of blood.

>> No.42544303

>B.Thank him for the help
>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544307

>B.Thank him for the help
>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544309

"Thanks for helping..."
"Though could you tell us who are you?"

>> No.42544310

>A.Ask who he is
>D.Observe what happened to Gaara

>> No.42544312

>>B.Thank him for the help
>>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544314

>>B.Thank him for the help
>C.Try to find the others
>D.Observe what happened to Gaara

>> No.42544320

>B. Thanks for your help.
>E. "I saw Sasuke get a clean hit on Gaara, and he was out. But now this fucking thing is here...I dunno, man. If I had more time...this is above my pay grade. I say we fall back and let someone bigger handle this."

>> No.42544331

>B.Thank him for the help
>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544332

>D.Observe what happened to Gaara
We haven't checked the corpse for a pulse yet, we shouldn't just assume he's dead.
>Neji saves Tenten
Oh this mother fucker better back the fuck off of her right the fuck now.

>> No.42544333

>A.Ask who he is
"Step off my girl, bro"

>> No.42544340

"Thanks for the save. You got any wide-scale jutsu in your arsenal? I don't think standard Gentle Fist strikes are going to do much against this thing."

>> No.42544342

>E. Hug Tenten.

>> No.42544346

>>C.Try to find the others
>>D.Observe what happened to Gaara
Aw shit. Hopefully he's less of a bitch than he was at this point in canon.

>> No.42544351

>C.Try to find the others while D. Observing what happened to Gaara

>> No.42544357

>B.Thank him for the help
"Thanks, I owe you. But this isn't a Sand ninja we're fighting anymore. Gaara himself is unconscious."

"You have any ideas?"

>> No.42544362

but anon they're childhood friends
im pretty sure Kon knows jack-dick about Gentle Fist and just about anything Byakugan users are capable of

>> No.42544363

>B.Thank him for the help
Tenten's husbando came to her rescue. Nice.
>D.Observe what happened to Gaara

>> No.42544364

>B.Thank him for the help
>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544370

>>B.Thank him for the help
>>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544375

"We don't need your help, Hyuuga, step the fuck back."

>> No.42544382

Oh, and
Also check on Tenten to make sure she's okay.

>> No.42544396

We didn't rescue Tenten anon, you're confused

>> No.42544398


>> No.42544403

>childhood friends
Well, that's good.
If there's one thing my vietnamese finger paintings have taught me, it's that the childhood friend never wins.

>> No.42544416

"Thanks... I wouldn't have been fast enough to save everyone that time."

"You have any plans, new guy? It's someone else's turn."

>> No.42544418

Whatever we do, we also need to check up on Tenten.

>> No.42544429

No I'm not.

>> No.42544431

>B.Thank him for the help
>C.Try to find the others

>> No.42544433

Not cool. We haven't even had a date. Aggressive jealousy is unbecoming.

>> No.42544457

Agreed. Lets not have a psychotic break when he just saved her life. That's a good thing. Besides, we have bigger sand-monsters to fry (or run away from. That should be an option, right?).

>> No.42544472

We don't even know Neji or anything about the Hyuuga clan

>> No.42544493

My aggressive jealousy isn't over Tenten. It's over this douche coming in and acting like some too old for this shit veteran when he only has a year more experience than we do. He doesn't even have any useful skills for this fight, you can't block chakra pathways through a dozen meters of sand. If he wants to pull people out of the way of attacks, fine. But don't act like you're going to matter when it comes to actually defeating him.

>> No.42544497

Too bad we don't have a giant animal we could bring forth to help us fight this sand monster.

>> No.42544502

We are her friend and we should be grateful that she's not hurt

>> No.42544524

>Insert lewd joke here

>> No.42544532

Kon doesn't have any experience with women, he probably considers helping her at the shop a date

>> No.42544535

You think we don't know about one of the largest and most powerful clans in Konoha, when one of our classmates was one of them? I think we'd at least know the basic knowledge of "the Hyuuga's style shuts down chakra with a touch". The only reason Naruto didn't know that was because he was an idiot who never paid attention to anything.

>> No.42544539

Yeah, I may want Kon and Tenten to be shipped, but let's not be a bunch of yanderes.

>> No.42544547

But anon, if we knock the sand out of the way, he can dig through and kill Gaara through it.

>> No.42544557

Isnt he working with Itachi?
Itachi is also next in line for hokage

That to me kind of implies a pretty high skill level

>> No.42544562

Tentenfags showing their asses. Be happy he came when he did.

>> No.42544575

Who /Temari/ here?

>> No.42544592

Mate Kon has no experience but that doesnt mean he's retarded

>> No.42544599

Shikamaru. Obviously.
Why would you ask such a silly question?

>> No.42544609

Anon was projecting hardcore.

>> No.42544610

So, based on both strawpolls, Impact is our new release name?

>> No.42544613

better yet, who /Anko/ here?

>> No.42544614

Dude, not all of us want to go nuts over a guy saving Tenten. We should be thanking Neji for showing up when he did.

>> No.42544616

We have no evidence that he works with Itachi, just that he was able to take the day off today because Itachi was covering. There could be any number of reasons that is the case. It says nothing about his skill. And even if he is skilled, that doesn't mean his skills are applicable against Shukaku. Again, dozens of meters of sand.

>> No.42544634

She ain't my first choice, but she's better than Tenten easily.

Best girl is Fu anyway.

>> No.42544645

Neji is fucking perfect, we don't stand a chance and can't compete with him

>> No.42544656

Where is Temari, anyway? Is she with Kankuro fighting Shino, or did Sasuke just already take her out and she's unconscious in a bush somewhere?

>> No.42544662

Dude i'd suggest dropping this topic

You're kind of a loser

>> No.42544667

Chomei a shit

>> No.42544674

nah shes freaking out over the fact that gaara's going fucking full murderhobo

>> No.42544679

She was last mentioned standing nearby looking terrified. Probably fair enough, too. Wouldn't be surprised if she's high-tailed to a safe distance by now.

>> No.42544686

Yes, I am, which is why I like to have some feeling of success in quests. I already loathe myself enough, do I have to loathe my imaginary escapism character?

>> No.42544687

When we first met up with Sasuke she was hiding behind a tree cowering or crying or some shit as Garra was transforming

>> No.42544688

"Thanks for the save." you tell the new arrival.

You check on Tenten, and she manages to stand on her own.

You look up and see quite the sight. The sand that erupted from Gaara has formed a giant monster. The monster even begins to speak.

"Yahoo!" it yells. "I'm free! Hop you're all ready to die!"

The monster begins to hop around a bit, causing massive damage to the landscape.

Shikamaru lands next to you, Kiba and Akamaru in tow.

"There is no way we can fight that thing." Shikamaru says bluntly. "I'm taking Kiba and getting out of here. Tenten, you should take Sasuke and do the same. You two should come too, there's nothing we can do now."

"Wait." Neji interrupts. He turns to you. "That Sand boy is on top of the monster's head. That has to be his weak point. Let the others fall back, but if you could help me, we could have a chance to take this monster down. We can't let it run amok in the village! As shinobi of the Leaf, we must protect it!"

>A.No way, we need to leave

>B.Okay, I'll help you


>> No.42544698

She's hiding somewhere nearby. She's just smart in not getting in Garra's way.

>> No.42544702

inb4 If we get together with Tenten before the timeskip, she'll dump us for Neji during or right after the timeskip.

>> No.42544712

well then...

At least you're honest

>> No.42544718

Now is the time, we should go and comfort Temari.

>> No.42544724

>B.Okay, I'll help you

>> No.42544725

>>B.Okay, I'll help you
"I hope you have a plan."

>> No.42544732

Its not your character though asshole

>> No.42544733

>B.Okay, I'll help you

"I'm gonna kick your ass in the afterlife if we die, though!"

>> No.42544734

"I don't know if we can do it, but it's worth a try to protect the village. I'm in."

>> No.42544736

Best girl is Naruko, but with no Naruko, then yeah, Fu.

>> No.42544737

>B.Okay, I'll help you

>> No.42544739

>A.No way, we need to leave
"We'll get someone more qualified to do it. Neither of us is capable of this."

>> No.42544742

>B.Okay, I'll help you
"You saved Tenten when I couldn't. That'd be reason enough on its own to help you."

>> No.42544751

>B.Okay, I'll help you
>C. "Tenten, got any spare tags?

>> No.42544754

>>B.Okay, I'll help you

...But I'll be damned if you seriously expect us two, by ourselves, to actually somehow manage to distract something that is easily a hundred times larger than ourselves.

We need back-up.

>> No.42544755

>B.Okay, I'll help you
Ask temari about Garaa...if we can find her

>> No.42544768

>A.No way, we need to leave

>> No.42544769

Anko is best girl.

>> No.42544774

>>B.Okay, I'll help you
>Flashback to our uncle talking about our parents being willing to give their life for the village
"I'll make them proud"

>> No.42544775

>C. "Alright, you've got the experience. I have a Kekkei Genkai, Lightning/Wind Release mix. I can create shockwaves using simple blasts of chakra, but since I'm a mutant freak instead of someone with an established clan I haven't developed anything more creative. It can still disrupt his sand, though, and the sand armor does nothing to stop it."

>> No.42544780

>>A.No way, we need to leave
And do what? Throwing our lives away won't accomplish anything everyone here but you is a gennin still! The only one who is near one hundred is you. It took everything we had just to get to here.

>> No.42544787

>>B.Okay, I'll help you
Ball hard or die trying

>> No.42544788

Fishnetfags pls go

>> No.42544790

She should be around here somewhere, not engaging anyone because she doesn't want to risk being in Gaara's line of sight.

>> No.42544796

>A.No way, we need to leave
Yeah, even with Neji we can't do this. Evacuate, get someone more competent to handle it.

>> No.42544801

>B.Okay, I'll help you
>We die, I'm kicking your ass in the afterlife.

>> No.42544804

>B.Okay, I'll help you
Shukaku has such an interesting design. For all of it's faults, Naruto certainly wasn't lacking in setting.

>> No.42544813


>> No.42544820

Wait, I'm>>42544751
Let's have Tenten place a Reverse summoning seal on Kiba since he's hurt, then have him get backup and supplies then teleport back.

>> No.42544837

And the glue holding that threesome together was broken.
War is cruel.

The fuck you say about best bijuu?

>>B.Okay, I'll help you
If it can be done quickly, but that seal on Neji too. If the others get to some available backup that stands a better chance than us, we can be recalled.

>> No.42544841

>A.No way, we need to leave
Just because you're suicidal over your dad's death doesn't mean you can take us down with you.

>> No.42544845

The feels

>> No.42544851


>> No.42544861

>>B.Okay, I'll help you
Here's hoping we live to make chuunin.

>> No.42544881

He's cool, but I feel kind of bad for him. Always having to support himself on his tails like that, it can't be a comfortable way to fly.

>> No.42544889

This is it. This is the moment. Are we heroic in true Naruto style, or is discretion the better part of valor? This is like our defining character moment so far.

>B.Okay, I'll help you

Has to be it, doesn't it? Possibly a pithy line about keeping everyone safe to Shika and Tenten or we'll kick their ass.

>> No.42544898

Just got back from grabbing food. Personally it was meant as a joking bit of commentary, not any sort of suggestion for an in-character reaction.
Forgot for a moment that this is /tg/, where people really are as retarded as I was pretendig to be, so the joke was poorly planned.

>> No.42544900

>Best bijuu
Thats not how you spell Kurama m8

>> No.42544909

Not nearly as much as you though, eh?

>> No.42544946

chomei still a shit m8

Tsunade is a sexy milf yet got a shitty student like sakura

>> No.42544949

Isobu so much better.

>> No.42544962

Can we get this girl?
If so then.....i am ok with it

>> No.42545025

If we survive this, the last words to our teammates before passing out need to be
>"... does this mean I win?"

>> No.42545030

Chomei is too based and cheerful to be hurt by your tomfoolery.
But pic related.

I remember the days when people honestly argued over whether Fuu was male or female.

>> No.42545047


"You're right." you agree. You have a duty to protect the village at any cost. "I'll help you. But you better have a plan, or when we die, I'm kicking your ass."

Shikamaru and Tenten wish you luck before they leave. Now you're alone with Neji before a rampaging monster.

"I can reach his head and find a way to stop him." Neji explains. "I just need you to run interference for me so that monster doesn't take me out during the ascent. Maybe use your special release or something."

Without another word, he takes off towards the monster. The monster is just swiping at random countryside, but it'll surely notice Neji once he begins his climb.

>A.Blast the monster

>B.Try to say something to get its attention

>C.Go up and hit it


>> No.42545068

Well, if Tenten goes for Neji and Laze gives us the chance, I would be fine with Fu...

I just want the weapon mistress tho.

>> No.42545070

>A.Blast the monster
>B.Try to say something to get its attention


>> No.42545073

>Try to blow off its toe REALLY fast

>> No.42545076

>>A.Blast the monster
Because people have a death wish.

>> No.42545087

>A.Blast the monster
try a shattershot at the fuckers joint

>> No.42545099


>> No.42545103

Climb on it our self. Make it have to deal with two things climbing it, keep it too busy scratching all over to get either one.

>> No.42545110

Follow Neji close, use wind or our kekkei genkai to try and counteract Shukaku's attacks against Neji or at least soften them enough for Neji to pass through.

We're not going to accomplish much straight-up attacking, but at least we know where Shukaku's attention is going to be.

>> No.42545113

>B.Try to say something to get its attention.

Insult time? "Stupid cat, what are you doing?"

I'm worried it's just too damn big to worry about our best blast or hit.

>> No.42545130

Shukaku is a racoon IIRC

>> No.42545133

>A.Blast the monster
>B.Try to say something to get its attention
use a sand pun so bad that he froze for a moment

other than that...can we make a really high-explosion that can blow his leg?

>> No.42545139

>D. Rush forwards and knock out a limb with a blast-enhanced punch. Use even more chakra than before.

>> No.42545142

>B.Try to say something to get its attention

>> No.42545149

>>B.Try to say something to get its attention
"You know if you're that big you'll never be able to get drunk, right?"
We are the worlds most annoying flea. Let us taunt the giant ragemonster.

>> No.42545151

Uh yeah. Exactly haha. Sorry, the cat was part of the insult.

>> No.42545161

>B. Try to say something to get its attention.

I'm not sorry

>> No.42545171

If we could find Temari's fan, now could be a good time to try channeling our own nature through it.

Like Wind Scythe, but with more concussions.

>> No.42545178

No, he's a dog. The tanuki is a breed of wild dog, it's just often referred to as the "racoon dog" because of its facial markings.

>> No.42545197


my god

>> No.42545222

>A.Blast the monster
Hey guys.
Maybe we should try using it in a beam?

>> No.42545241


>> No.42545252



>> No.42545267

Why not just fire the beam directly at Gaara? Skip this "climb the monster" issue entirely.

>> No.42545281

oh god yes


>> No.42545287

Do we know how to use our release like that? Surely that would take practice, rather than 'fuck it, go!'. I mean, sure if it works, but...

>> No.42545292

Because Neji has a plan to shut Gaara the fuck down, and we're not really sure what effect an untried technique will have on his plan.

Creating an opening for Neji would be the safer option.

>> No.42545299

Yeah, sounds good.

>> No.42545306

Ma man

>> No.42545345

We know what hand seals work with a concussive blast, and we know how to tap that release. So I see no reason why something couldn't be made up on the spot.

>> No.42545389


You try to get the monster's attention. "Hey you giant cat! It time for you to get your just deserts!"

The monster stops it's rampaging and looks towards you before chuckling. "Oh so you think you're funny do ya? Have a laugh at this!"

The monster swings at you. As it does, you release all of the chakra you can, to your absolute limit.

The blast is huge, and blows away the monster's leg, knocking it off balance. It has to catch itself with the arm it was going to hit you with, while it gathers the sand for its leg again.

"Oh, you're gonna get it now!" the monster barks at you. It takes a deep breath, its stomach swelling. "Wind Release: Air Bullet!"

A giant blast of air shoots out of it's mouth, right towards you.

>A.Try to get out of the way

>B.Defend yourself somehow


>> No.42545392

>mfw someone else makes the connection
Glad to know I'm not the only one who remembers the Spirit Gun.

>> No.42545424

>>A.Try to get out of the way

>> No.42545427

>A.Try to get out of the way

>> No.42545432

>>A.Try to get out of the way

I'm a bigger fan of the spirit fly swatter. Simply because it's ridiculous and kuwabara.

>> No.42545438

>A.Try to get out of the way

>> No.42545441

>B. Defend yourself
Curl up in a ball, encase yourself in chakra, use your special release to disperse the impacts around you.

>> No.42545446

>B.Defend yourself somehow
Lightning-based attacks can pierce through Wind attacks. Channel our kekkei genkai into a stream and shoot it through the center of the Air Bullet.

>> No.42545463


See >>42545389
>you release all of the chakra you can, to your absolute limit.

>> No.42545470

Take the hit. We just exhausted all our chakra, so we're likely too drained to even move. We're done for.

>> No.42545474

This anon has the right idea. Destabilize that shit.

>> No.42545477

>A.Try to get out of the way.

Dooooodge! We might have to try to blast chakra out our feet to leap faster, IIRC the air bullet from Shukaku is massive.

>> No.42545490

>A.Try to get out of the way
Try a small release under our feet as we jump away to speed up our dodge.

>> No.42545495

>B.Defend yourself somehow
Use our air cutter?

If we survive...tell him it was breezy

>> No.42545496

>A.Try to get out of the way
Evasive maneuvers.

>> No.42545501

Reactive armour?

>> No.42545505

>A.Try to get out of the way
Let's make Mr. Piccolo proud!
Yu Yu Hakusho is pretty much neck and neck with Rurouni Kenshin for the spot as my favorite shonen manga of all time.

>> No.42545507

We just released all our chakra to the absolute limit, how do we manage to do this?

>> No.42545512

Use a shockwave to blast a hole in the bullet for you to jump through.

>> No.42545523

no it doesnt

Wind beats lightning m8

>> No.42545529

>>A.Try to get out of the way
Gotta go fast

>> No.42545530

I'll back this. We can call it a Wavedash.

>> No.42545533

>>A.Try to get out of the way
We're out of chakra, dodge as best we can

>> No.42545534

We released all we could in one burst, but that doesn't mean it was all our chakra.
Engage the reactive armor.

>> No.42545547

Yeah, it's fire that beats wind. Lightning beats earth.

>> No.42545554

Fuck, I forgot about that. Great memories.
It's probably my favorite overall given the fact that the hand-to-hand fights are fucking beautiful.

>> No.42545558

>>A.Try to get out of the way
Yeah, let's not be where that is.

>> No.42545559

In canon Lightning can actually beat Wind, but okay. Believe what you want.

>> No.42545574

Futon moves are just wind with lots of pressure, right? Try to use one little burst of our technique right at the central mass of the wind bullet and depressurize it. Pop the bullet.

>> No.42545605


>> No.42545606

>tfw Bleach starts airing and my cousin who's just a couple years younger than me gets really into it
>I enjoy it well enough, but I absolutely love that every time we hang out and he brings it up, I get to make cracks about how I liked it better when it was called Yu Yu Hakusho

>> No.42545608

I wonder if we could even use this to change directions midair? That'd be sweet shit.

>> No.42545622

>that doesn't mean it was all our chakra.
>all of the chakra you can, to your absolute limit.

>> No.42545638


You dig into any tiny bit of chakra you can scrounge up, and use it to dodge as best you can. It isn't enough to get out of the path of the blast, and you take a huge hit. You've done your job however, as while you're sprawled out on the ground aching, the monster begins to collapse into sand. Neji must have pulled it off.

You manage to get up, and are sore, but can still move.

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>B.Just rest for now


>> No.42545648

If we'd used all of it at once we wouldn't be able to move at all. Because we'd be unconscious or dead.

>> No.42545666

>Dust as only a kekkei genkai

>> No.42545668

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji
no rest for the wicked

>> No.42545669

>B.Just rest for now
Sleep sounds good.

>> No.42545671

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji
Decapitate Gaara, take the head, use it to demoralize the remaining Sand forces.

>> No.42545681

It's like you don't even Proper Rasengan Usage.
>A. Go find Gaara and Neji.
If nothing else, we can give him some parting words before we pass out.

>> No.42545684

Don't fucking sleep or rest, shit ain't over
>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>> No.42545699

>>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

Lets find them first. Even as a hostage, we can use him to force the sand to back down.

>> No.42545700

Push ourselves up with what strength we have left and get to work.

>> No.42545705

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>> No.42545709

>B.Just rest for now
We've done our good deed for the day

>> No.42545714

Pic related?
>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>> No.42545715

>>A.Go find Gaara and Neji
Ain't no rest for the wicked.

>> No.42545720

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>> No.42545723

we're not naruto and his almost infinite chakra wells thanks to fox m8

>> No.42545727

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji
"Next time someone else gets to be the bait, I'm done with that shtick for the day."

>> No.42545744

idk i just picked the first image that i found on google with the elements

>> No.42545747

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>> No.42545763


>> No.42545779

Dust is a Tottei Genkai. Mixed Fire, Wind, and Earth.

>> No.42545794

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

>> No.42545811


You make your way over to the clearing where Gaara and Neji fell, to find Gaara conscious but immobile. Neji is standing, but looks beat up. The way up must not have been without its hazards.

Temari has made her way over as well, and is kneeling next to Gaara. "I guess this is it, isn't it Gaara? We failed."

>A.Say something

>B.Do something

>C.Do nothing

>> No.42545819

>A.Say something
"So what happens now?"

>> No.42545826

>C. Do Nothing

>> No.42545827

>A.Say something
>B.Do something
Cut off the head.

>> No.42545828

>A. "We done, Neji? Because after that last blast, I'm officially out of Chakra. In a 'Have Tenten use that technique because I'm gonna nap instead of head back to the village' way."

>> No.42545830

>A.Say something
"Failed how?"

>> No.42545833

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji
If we get a chance, fist bump Neji.
"And that Gaara is why Leaf is awesome. Teamwork."

>> No.42545837

>A.Say something.

"You see, Gaara? You're strong. Stronger than me, than any of the leaf Genin. But you still lost, because you were alone. That's not the way forward. You need friends."

>> No.42545839

>>A.Say something
"Failed what?"

>> No.42545846

>>A.Say something
"You care for him, don't you."

>> No.42545847

>>A.Say something

"What was the point of all this?"

>> No.42545860


>> No.42545864

>A. "You seem to care an awful lot for that kid, even seeing what just happened to him. What is he to you?"
Guys, trust me. You want to fix Gaara, let Temari speak.

>> No.42545868

>B.Do something
Kill Gaara. Why are we leaving him alive? There is no in-character reason to. Like, at all.

>> No.42545869

"This doesn't have to be the end, Temari..."
Then turn to Gaara and say this.>>42545837

>> No.42545872

>A.Say something
"Of course you failed. The moment Gaara gave up his dream of protecting his village, he failed as a ninja. The moment you and Kankuro abandoned him to your father, you both failed as siblings."

"If you don't even fucking try, of course you're going to fail. But Neji, Sasuke, and all the rest of us were willing to give our lives for what's important to us. That's why we won."

>> No.42545873

>>A.Say something
"Yyyyyup. You did. Seriously. Synergy as a force multiplier. Look it up. Now, I don't suppose you'd mind telling us the point of all this?"

>> No.42545891

Which is why we can't listen to her. If we let her talk we'll feel sympathy and not want to kill him anymore. He needs to die, now, before we make that mistake.

>> No.42545907

What the fuck did i tell you about the shonen hero bullshit?

>> No.42545914

>Say something
Well then.fighting him is not as breezy as it looks

>> No.42545921

Seconded. There's no time to waste.

>> No.42545923

>What is ooc knowledge?

>> No.42545927

Third would be so fucking proud.

>> No.42545929

I agree

>> No.42545940


why not.

lets give it a shot. No ones in a condition to fight now.

>> No.42545956

>A.Say something
"Look, I don't know what you lot were trying, and honestly I really don't care. I'm more interested in why you seem so concerned about a guy who constantly rants about how he's going to kill everyone."

>> No.42545960

He told us his fucking life story in the hospital, retard. Everyone tells us their life stories, because we're in a fucking shonen.

>> No.42545965


>> No.42545969

>>A.Say something

So what was this about?

>> No.42545972

We're not in a condition to fight, but we are in a condition to kill. Let's do it. It would be so easy.

>> No.42545973

shouldnt we leave that for neji?

>> No.42545979

This, we already killed Gato and he couldn't even fight for himself, we will certainly want to kill Garra after he personally tried to kill our friends and destroy our village. From a meta perspective he is probably better to save but in character we want him dead.
>B Kill him

>> No.42545983

>A.Go find Gaara and Neji

We have them already. No hurry to kill them.

Also they might be useful hostages.

>> No.42545985

no anon.
you are the shonen

>> No.42545988

too easy. which would be the point.

>> No.42545994

> B. Kill him.

>> No.42546007

ya but he is still with Temari, and we are out of juice and tags. might be good to talk for a sec while we wait for backup

>> No.42546010


>> No.42546014

Stop with all the bs friendship and happiness speech, this is war, we aren't trying to inspire children watching our show with good morals

>> No.42546018

>A.Say something
Whats going on?

>> No.42546022

>in character we want him dead
And yet, we spared Haku. Not only that, we actively kept him alive.

And killing Gato was necessary to the mission. Even Kakashi admitted it was probably unavoidable.

>> No.42546027


>> No.42546029

>we already killed Gato and he couldn't even fight for himself
He was still an active threat, due to being the employer of a large group of immoral mercenaries. By killing him, we cut off their chance of getting paid to fight us, causing it to be in their best interests to leave.
I feel like I have to point this out to you retards EVERY FUCKING THREAD because none of you can wrap your heads around the difference between a soldier who kills for the sake of the mission and a psycho who ENJOYS killing people who are no longer a threat.
Gaara is currently not an active threat, and is FAR more valuable as a source of information.

>> No.42546031

we killed gato and got reprimanded for stepping out of line by kakashi stop being a shit ninja

>> No.42546039

this is good, seconding.

>> No.42546040


>> No.42546043


And if we kill this one, it might spark hostilities that would not end.

>> No.42546045

Careful not to cut yourself on all that edge, anon.

>> No.42546047

>A.Say something
I'd kill both of you right now, but I'm all out of chakra. You better get out of here while you can

>> No.42546057

Fine, then, if we're using Haku as precedent then we should take Gaara as a prisoner of war and brainwash him into having loyalty to us.

>> No.42546058

He is also in your words "a psycho who ENJOYS killing people who are no longer a threat.".

>> No.42546076

Shouldnt we leave the judgement to neji?
He is in a higher rank after all

>> No.42546082

I already supported this for that reason. Kon doesn't fuck about, Gaara's a threat. Thanks for putting it in perspective.
I don't think she's unscathed either, and we aren't out of chakra, just low.
I think that an invasion and him almost killing us all is more than a little justification
>No longer a threat

>> No.42546086

Or edge.

This certainly meta. And very naruto. I'm proud.

>> No.42546090

You mean like the Sand ninja invading our village and trying to kill our entire populace with a giant demon? Oh wait, that's happening right now. It's not going to start hostilities if we kill an opponent during an already-existing invasion.

>> No.42546095

I'll support this

>> No.42546104

People do realise that Temari is right there, and in better shape than us, right? We aren't killing Gaara even if we try.

>> No.42546116


>> No.42546118

You're not being the ninja the Third Hokage knows you can be, anon.

Also fuck you, Captcha. That is not a street sign. That is bread.

>> No.42546120


They're retreating instead when the war is being fought.

That means they're somehow important to the sand.

We capture them, we should be able to force the sand to retreat.

We kill them now, it might not end.

>> No.42546123

And people realize Neji is right there and in better shape than Temari, right? She's not stopping us even if she tries.

>> No.42546126

Jesus christ man can you be anymore metagamey?

>> No.42546127

Why are people so adamant about killing?
Kon is clearly nowhere near enough of an edgelord to consider killing a downed defenseless opponent and it would be far out of character.

especially not when we've talked to him each time we've been given an option to.

>> No.42546140

Gaara told us all this shit.

>> No.42546142 [SPOILER] 


"Of course you failed." you state. "You are stronger than me Gaara, but together we were able to defeat you. Through our desire to protect our village, we combined our strengths. That's why we won. You didn't have anyone. You were alone. Now, what was this all about?"

"We had a mission to destroy the Leaf village." Temari answers. "The Sand wanted to get out from under the the thumb of your village."

"Alright." Neji interrupts. "You're going to be coming back with us."

As Neji moves to grab Gaara, a large figure appears and beats him to it.

"I'll be taking this." The figure says.

>End of Chapter 18

Not running tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment. Next thread Friday.

Twitter is @LazeQM

>> No.42546144

Mostly because I'm frustrated by my feelings of powerlessness and trying to reclaim agency by derailing the plot.

>> No.42546155

Uh because he's a fucking threat to our village when he can TURN INTO A GIANT FUKCING MONSTER!

>> No.42546157

That's all information we were TOLD, anon. Gaara told us most of it personally.

>> No.42546160

Also kakashi warned us about shit like this. did you all forget that we were basically given a warning about pulling shit like killing Gato?

>> No.42546171



>> No.42546182

Great, and now he's probably going to be taken by Akatsuki. Gee, if only we had killed him before that could happen, we could have avoided so much trouble. Oh well.

>> No.42546187

Oh for fuck sake...

>> No.42546190

Oh. Shit.

>> No.42546198

>Akatsuki already?
Damn...that was fast

Thanks laze. Goodluck with the hot nurse carrying needles

>> No.42546203

Because IC we've only seen Gaara as an insane psychopath who turns into a giant sand monster.

>> No.42546205


>> No.42546206

Are you joking, or have you been lobotomized?

>> No.42546209


>> No.42546210



No sasuke recovery mission.

Gaara recovery mission go.


>Implying we would have been faster than a akatsuki member.


>> No.42546214


>> No.42546216

We aren't the law. This ain't Judge Dredd.
It's not our job to pass judgement. He's an EPW now, we should make sure he's properly secured and turn him over to the Uchiha, who will see if they can get anything useful out of him, and then either keep him as a POW, trade him for information or prisoners of our own, or try him in an actual fucking court.
Edgy faggots who think they know shit about war when they've probably never had any part in the taking of a human life and don't understand that prisoners are god damn useful. There's a reason why the proper methods for securing an EPW are something they teach you in basic training now.
Ah, balls. Why do I get the feeling Temari's gonna try and convince us to help her retrieve baby brother?

>> No.42546220

Hokay, and all the arguing was pointless anyway because LOL SURPRISE AKATSUKI.


>> No.42546225



>> No.42546232

Even if we want to kill him, what are the chance neji will not block us?

>> No.42546238

And we are officially off the rails. Fun.

>> No.42546249

We could have been if we hadn't paused to make a speech about our nindo instead of doing the smart thing and taking out the threat. So yeah, Akatsuki is now one step closer to ending the world and it's your fault.

>> No.42546253

You knew Orochimaru was still in the Akatsuki, anon. Sasori is his partner.

>> No.42546258

Seriously now people

From what we've(Kon) seen of Gaara he's a fucked up psychopath that can turn into a giant sand racoon of death that pretty much kills to feel like he's worth anything

Kinda hard to not want him dead...

>> No.42546270

Did you miss the part where he ALMOST DESTROYED THE VILLAGE!? We can't imprison him in a way that makes any difference to him. If this was a normal ninja, I would totally agree, but Gaara is a massive threat all the time.

>> No.42546295

>We could have been

>> No.42546305

So it looks like a bunch of asshats have decided to derail the quest by acting OOC and killing anything they can.

they probably saw the misarchived thread and were attracted like sharks to blood.

>> No.42546308

>Kinda hard to not want him dead...
>If this was a normal ninja, I would totally agree, but Gaara is a massive threat all the time.
Konohagakure isn't Megacity One, and we aren't a fucking Judge. We're a fucking Genin. We're the ninja equivalent of an E-1 fuzzy. Our normal missions are shit like retrieving some old hag's cat. We do NOT have the kind of authority it takes to make those calls.

>> No.42546310

>Why do I get the feeling Temari's gonna try and convince us to help her retrieve baby brother?
Not right now, at least. Kon's got barely enough chakra left to stand, Neji's all beaten the fuck up, Sasuke's half dead, Kankuro's probably getting eaten from the inside out by bugs someplace, and there isn't a Jounin around for miles. Not to mention we're probably out of not just explosives, but knives, kunai, and wire.

The fuck would we even do? Strangle him with our pants?

>> No.42546315

Keep being salty ye fag.

Fucker only moved in when Negi moved to capture gaara. Fucker was already on scene and bidding his time.

>> No.42546327

nah man they just want gaara dead cuz hes a full murderhobo with mental issues

>> No.42546332

>Not right now, at least.
Well, obviously. She's probably gonna ask Shikamaru for help, and he's gonna ask the rest of us for backup.

>> No.42546337

Even if we are going to kill them, Neji will pimp slap our ass

>> No.42546343

The way I always figure is that

Genin: Junior enlisted

Chunin: NCO

Jonin: Officer


>> No.42546350

>Not our decision
Fair enough, it would be Neji's shot and he pretty much said to put the fucker in special ninja jail

>> No.42546358

You make a good point. While I think Gaara should be killed, I now wholeheartedly agree that it's not Kon's decision to make.

>> No.42546364

There we go

>> No.42546373

Strangle him with SOMETHING am I right?

>> No.42546376

yeah and by talking to him at evey oppertunity and learning why don't you think that IC we are sympathetic?

we know he ain't a psycho just a kid who has been fucked over by his father and village.

explaining this to you may be wasted breath however because im pretty sure most of you kill guys are trolls who came in to derail the quest as hard as they could.

>> No.42546418

So like how you guys are trying to play Kon.

>> No.42546419

Well personally I only voted to talk to him other times because we weren't in a position to fight him without recklessly causing injury to ourselves and other by starting a fight. Sorry for wanting to try and kill a giant demon who is trying to destroy our village, luckily in Naruto hugs and talks of friendship can defeat anything.

>> No.42546428

i've been here since the begining m8 and seriously while i agree with>>42546308 i still think fucker's too dangerous to walk around without at least someone watching him to make sure he doesnt kill some random civ just cuz "muh way of life"

>> No.42546434

I'd argue that Chunin are high speed Specialists (Shikamaru is gonna go full sham shield and you know it) and junior NCOs, while Jonin are senior NCOs.
But that's mostly because I consider the vast majority of officers I've had the displeasure of working with to be drooling retards.

>> No.42546436

You're not familiar with how shows like these work, are you?

>> No.42546459

yeah but guess what

we aren't naruto, master of talk no jutsu

then again we did Haku in so we know a little of it...

>> No.42546467

>think fucker's too dangerous to walk around without at least someone watching him to make sure he doesnt kill some random civ just cuz "muh way of life"
Well obviously. But executing him like some kind of animal is the edgiest of retardation.

>> No.42546472

>Kon and Neji return
>Tenten asks Kon how it went
>"Today I've fought a tornado made out of biceps, an entire team of chunin, a psychopathic murderer, and a monster made entirely out of sand and anger."
>"I'm done being a ninja for the day."

>> No.42546474

>We can't imprison him in a way that makes any difference to him. If this was a normal ninja, I would totally agree, but Gaara is a massive threat
Who got taken out by a bunch of Genin only a few months into their career... and Neji.
As for holding him, one half decent seal user gets to him before he recovers - like, say, Jiraiya, the infamous seal master, who has a vested interest in the security of the village - and he's not fighting his way out of a paper bag.
Either way, the point is moot. It's not our decision to make - Neji's ranking officer on site - and we don't stand a chance against the anti-Pinocchio anyway.

>> No.42546503

Yeah, and that was literally the cheesiest shit I have ever read "you're beautiful just like that explosion, haku" why is Kon such a love everyone hippie?

>> No.42546508

Take it easy, the moment has passed.

>> No.42546520

Thats why I said "most" of the kill guys.

I can see how you point is logical but I don't think that it is very in character.

We killed Gato because he was a current threat and an unrepentant criminal, whilst we saved Haku because we realised he had issues that were leading to him acting that way, Garaa is the same and I thought that Kon would have known that from his interactions with him.

>> No.42546528

To be fair, he is a raccoon

>> No.42546551

I don't get it.

>> No.42546555

>Neji's ranking officer on site
Yeah, why is Neji on site, anyway? We were doing fine. Neji showing up served no purpose other than to steal the credit for defeating Gaara. Okay, and saving Tenten, I'll give him that. But once he had done that he should have left, we had it covered.

>> No.42546581

Because he was ordered to back you guys up

>> No.42546582

Crystal is non-cannon

>> No.42546585

You're either joking or an idiot, because in no way did we have that situation controlled.

>> No.42546603

>we had it covered
Even Neji couldn't have done it without us distracting Garra, what makes you think we could've done it without Neji?

>> No.42546605 [SPOILER] 

Well we might end up meeting someone who we'll get along with. And thought that was a beautiful speech.

https://youtu.be/4j1E15oabx8?t=4 KATSU!!

>> No.42546626

He was a real boy. He turned himself into a puppet.

>> No.42546640

Look, we're eventually gonna retire and make Gandalf-tier fireworks, okay?

>> No.42546643

It's obvious why he was here, I'm just not thrilled that all he did was say "kay thanks for staying Kon, make shit up while I save the day".

There's a difference between volunteering to stay behind to give your team a chance to escape, and being left to fend for yourself when you're supposedly working together.

>> No.42546654

I agree with you

But thing is, from our "discussions", Haku could reason with us while Gaara just wanted to kill shit.

Not saying Gaara can't get redemption or something like that, just saying that he's kinda nuts

>> No.42546662

No, I mean from a narrative perspective. He served no purpose to this fight other than to make it more frustrating and unsatisfying.

Simple. We get Sasuke and Shikamaru to distract Shukaku, then WE climb up him. Then when we get to his head we perform that blast strong enough to destroy his entire leg, only at the head.

>> No.42546664

>You like bomb too?
>Lets make out
>Wait you arent a girl?
>...well, they didnt call me a trap master for nothing

>> No.42546682

I dont know how an unconscious guy can distract him

>> No.42546698

No, SHUKAKU is a raccoon.
A Jinchuriki and their Biju are separate entities.

>> No.42546699

>When the fuck did you get here Haku?
>Just shut up and fuck me already.

>> No.42546705

>Still pretty cool that we're into the same stuff
>Yes it is, ahh, making friends I had forgotten... It can be such a blast

>> No.42546722

>>...well, they didnt call me a trap master for nothing
My sides

>> No.42546728

Fuck, you're right, I missed that he passed out. Fine, Tenten, then. Or Shikamaru distracts him on his own, clearly it only takes one person.

>> No.42546730

We did conquer Haku after all...

>> No.42546750

>...well, they didnt call me a trap master for nothing

>> No.42546753

Tenten got launched into a tree m8

Probably out of commission as well

>> No.42546776

>clearly it only takes one person with the strength to single handedly destroy the monster's leg
Fixed that for you

>> No.42546787


>> No.42546792

Shoulda gone Intel, m8

I'm gonna tell you right now, if you had tried that without Neji you would have been dead.

Neither Shikamaru nor Tenten could have distracted him in their states and would have gotten crushed, and you would have gotten impaled by sand spikes as you tried to climb.

Neji could do it because of his byakugan.

>> No.42546793

Tenten was barely conscious at the time. I don't disagree with you that Neji is full of shit for literally using us as bait without telling us up front, it's just that we really were in a bad spot. I'll only be salty about it if Tenten gets all over Neji's dick about it.

Kon can't be fucking everywhere all the time fight after fight.

>> No.42546802

To be fair we pretty much burned all of our chakra into that one Impact release shot

>> No.42546834

You guys are freaking out way too much about this Tenten and Neji thing

She only knows him from their time in the academy

>> No.42546863


Never underestimate how shitty people get when they think their waifu won't be theirs.

>> No.42546880

So how amazed will Kakashi/Third Hokage/etc be when they hear we actually knocked Shukaku down?

>> No.42546885


>> No.42546886

Naw, I'm aware that there shouldn't be anything there beyond "hey I know you". I'm just saying it would be a real dick move if you DID decide to have Neji swoop in and carry the only girl Kon ever talks to into the sunset.

It's a highly conditional kind of salt that comes from having seen it before.

>> No.42546888

well we blew one of his legs off

That's something right?

>> No.42546890

good thing we were such a good distraction, nothing would distract Shukaku more than having his "stongest defense" and leg shattered, probably took a huge blow to his pride.

>> No.42546893

Wow. Someone is seriously tanking the score on suptg.
+1 after 13 votes.

>> No.42546913

So basically confirmed for Chunin?

>> No.42546916

>I blew its leg off!
>I mean it just regrew it, but still. A morale victory is still a victory.

>> No.42546917

>Shoulda gone Intel, m8
Could have.
Decided field artillery looked more badass.
Enjoyed doing actual artillery shit, but garrison life sucked all the dicks.
Still, got free college out of it, made some great friends, experienced some shit I never would have otherwise...
Honestly, if I had the chance to go back and change it, I wouldn't.

>> No.42546924

I knew that most (not all) of those killfags were trolls.
That one misarchived thread was blood in the water.

>> No.42546926

>16 votes with the score on 0
Why so much fucking salt man

>> No.42546930

0 after 16 votes now. Dayum, someone is salt.

>> No.42546944

Truly, we have become the "master baiter".

And then after delivering that one we collapse out of exhaustion.

>> No.42546948

Someone conjured a salt elemental.

It's quite impressive how salty people can get when they disagree with each other.

>> No.42546951


>> No.42546973

If we get promoted, I vote we get a three day vacation where we can just nap after helping protect the village.

>> No.42546976

They'll be impressed, but your performance in the exam is the only factor as to whether you get promoted or not

They were impressed by that too, though

>> No.42546990

Really. I've seen some salt in my time, but this is beyond the pale.

>> No.42546999

>Misarchivist Anon: I'm back, bitches!

>> No.42547000

Fuck, Neji stealing Ten Ten from Kon would be hilarious. I'd enjoy the shit out of that.

>> No.42547004

High chance of Chunin then?

>> No.42547010

I'd say so

>> No.42547015

Let's be serious here, did Neji actually expect Kon to survive getting and maintaining Shukaku's attention?

>> No.42547016

>implying anons wouldn't decide that just means we have to ntr Neji

>> No.42547021

So what does Neji think of us???

>> No.42547023

Actually right now they're pretty much just friends

>> No.42547045


How many can pass the Chuunin Exams?

Is it just one or can there be multiple?

>> No.42547048

I always assumed that the majority of promotions to chunin are in the field.
Also worth noting that each of the major shinobi countries should have at least 10k ninja (Allied shinobi forces had 80k men total from the Five + Samurai).
Also means that assuming your average ninja has a 50 year active career (fairly generous I'd argue), each nation should have 200 new ninja graduating every year.

>> No.42547055

He had hope. He was watching your match and saw promise in your release.

He likes you. You have potential, and after the shit you two just pulled you have his respect.

>> No.42547079

Is Shisui alive here?

>> No.42547093

Any that participate in the finals can be promoted.

Yeah, but they don't do that shit for kids. The new genin have to prove they're ahead of the curve.


>> No.42547095

I always assumed that the faceless scrubs got led by new Chunin, the Jonin teacher test is basically for the gifted and talented program.

>> No.42547103

>He likes you. You have potential, and after the shit you two just pulled you have his respect.

>I'd say so

>> No.42547114

Can we romance the tail-wielder or Anko??

>> No.42547127



>> No.42547153

Have you actually crunched rough numbers for the big 5 and the minor villages?

>> No.42547191

like this girl>>42544909
or the two tailed cat girl

>> No.42547194

Y'know we've just gotten through the invasion and there's still only one girl who seems to have any sort of interest in Kon. Or that he interacts with. Like at all.

You could end the waifuing bullshit by just putting your foot down going into the next arc.

>> No.42547198


You're killing me here Laze

>> No.42547201

No, it just wouldn't make sense otherwise


>> No.42547215

>No, it just wouldn't make sense otherwise

>> No.42547240

If you get the chance to meet them, you could try

I'm not too concerned for now

You have pretty much no reason to interact with her

There need to be enough Chunin to lead squads, they could never get enough if they only had ones that passed the Chunin exams

>> No.42547276

So, in practice, Chunin exam Chunin are seen as the cream of the crop and shoe-ins for joining?

>> No.42547283

So like the bottom right but with an open flak jacket will be our chunin uniform, right?

>> No.42547289

Pretty much

It's like going to Westpoint

>> No.42547303

Meant jounin

>> No.42547306


Tenten wont be able to continue,neither sasuke or us right?

if so, then the exams over right?

>> No.42547325

>IF you get a chance to meet them


anyhow, whats with the appointment?

>> No.42547327

Yes, the exams are over

>> No.42547329

Somewhat confused. I asked if you had at least a vague notion where the various nations stood in terms of ninja manpower. Like say Leaf has roughly 18k, Sand is down to 12k due to their Damyo underfunding them, Sound as one of the two largest minor villages has around 5k like Rain, ect.

>> No.42547338

As the anon who made that speech

Why so mean ;_;
Thank you so much ; u ;

>> No.42547353

So...Technically we won right?

>> No.42547354

So we'd have to be a jonin like anko for her to be an option?

>> No.42547358

I was thinking more of Hashirama style armor with the bottom right while wearing that cap we nabed off that one guy and also a poncho

>> No.42547372

We're basically the last man standing, but after the invasion the exams are probably over anyway.

>> No.42547384

I'm red on my vaccinations, so they're making me go in

I wasn't concerned about it quite yet, I was going to address that later


Even then, you'd have to have some kind of reason to spend any time with her

>> No.42547398

And standing is a relative term because we have literally no chakra and will probably collapse by the time we make it back to the village

>> No.42547410

Okay, you've gotta be fucking with me. That's literally all of the shitty character quirks people were pushing for in the Zabuza arc rolled into one mess.

Also, we'll probably be getting the vest. This seriously constrains our options for silliness.

>> No.42547427

Like Ten-Ten won't demand a match.

>> No.42547430

>We still gonna brag that to sausage to piss him off

>> No.42547463

>the "match" consists of Kon hobbling over and slumping over her shoulder

>> No.42547487

>wrong image

>> No.42547517


>> No.42547543

>Short-haired ten-ten

>> No.42547598

Anon, you're wrong, she's always perfection.

>> No.42547606

Hey cool, #17 got fixed

>> No.42547625


It takes Licorice a bit to see the emails, but he does get the job done.

>> No.42547676

Not that anon, but at least the poncho, right?

>> No.42547753

With the vest? The thing that duplicates the function of the poncho while signalling our status?

Hell no.

>> No.42547782

>The thing that duplicates the function of the poncho while signalling our status

>> No.42547844

Flak jackets are used to store scrolls and weapons, and they're only worn by chunin or above. So it'd be functional and a sign of rank.

>> No.42547876


But the reason for the poncho is to hide hand seals

we could get a cloak later for that tho

>> No.42547899

>But the reason for the poncho is to hide hand seals

And we could shoot impact bullets with finger guns.

>> No.42547943

while doing pew pew sound effects like Zeppeli?

>> No.42547959

It's not like anyone can copy them, and it's not like opponents at the level of Neji or above can't already figure out that our release is unusual.

Besides, I'd rather move towards a style that doesn't require as many hand seals.

>> No.42547963


I haven't read or watched JoJo, so I don't know what sound effects he makes.

>> No.42547987

Or we just train hand seals until we don't need them anymore and terrify fucking everyone. Like Tobirama.

>> No.42548001

So have Kon's stats improved at all during the fight? Maybe stamina after pushing himself so hard, or something along those lines?

You'd mentioned a bump to Ninjutsu after our fight with Lee as well.

>> No.42548019


around 0:26

>> No.42548053

After all that shit, I guess you guys deserve a Stamina bump

Why not

>> No.42548081

how much, chief?

0.5? 1.0? or dare i say 1.5?

>> No.42548099


Don't get too greedy now

>> No.42548103


Are you gonna add it tonight, tomorrow, or Friday?


That sounds about right, sure.

>> No.42548112

Knowing this fuck. .5

>> No.42548114

>hold of a bunch of sound ninjas
>then fight Gaara half-transformed-
>-who goes straight to Shukaku rape mode

Yep, well deserved.

.5 is a lot, any higher than that would be like going from a caterpillar straight to a butterfly.

>> No.42548120

Awesome 3.0 in stamina then

>> No.42548123


An increase of 0.5 is pretty good when the maximum stat is 5.0.

>> No.42548150

You realize that 5 is the peak of human ability, right?
.5 is actually a lot when you consider that it's 10% of the max.

>> No.42548158

I'll have a whole bunch of shit to change in the pastebin after Friday's thread, so I'm gonna wait

>> No.42548176

We have 4.0 in speed yet Gaara half transformed still hit us with sand shuriken

Whats up with that shit?

>> No.42548200

>I'll have a whole bunch of shit to change in the pastebin after Friday's thread

Sounds good.


Turns out people with a Bijuu in them are pretty powerful.

>> No.42548204

On side note

Will it be Impact release or Thunder?

>> No.42548232

Strawpoll says thunder takes the majority vote, but we'l have to wait and see when the actual naming happens to know for sure.

>> No.42548236

No matter how fast you are, sometimes you can't successfully dodge. The combination of fatigue slowing us down, Biju being hax, and there being a LOT of those shuriken in the air meant we were gonna take some hits.

>> No.42548253


Impact won the strawpoll.

>> No.42548280

Oh never mind me, last I looked at it thunder was winning, seems impact actually took the lead.

>> No.42548288


Impact won by 2 points actually

>> No.42548289

Laze if we train hand seals could we eventually do seal less jutsus like Tobirama?

>> No.42548331

Yeah, that's like 4.0 and up though

>> No.42548344


We're willing to put in the practice.

>> No.42548360

What stat determines chakra pool? Or is it static?

>> No.42548386

Laze said the more jutsus we use the better our chakra control is

And it already is pretty fucking good IIRC

>> No.42548396

Oh we be doing that right anons? Be the terrifying Ninja that doesn't need to use hand seals? Fuck yo bullshit eye doujutsu snigga we seal-less.

>> No.42548397

Not our control, our pool.
How much chakra we have that we can actually use.

>> No.42548403

Our chakra pool is determined by stamina.

>> No.42548412

The is a correlation between chakra pool and stamina

Usually, you will have more chakra than people with lower stamina, and less chakra than people with higher stamina

It doesn't always work that way, but it's a good rule of thumb

>> No.42548426

Except for the finger gun we make when we use our release for a tight beam. And that's not really a hand seal, it's just to help us aim.

>> No.42548429

Sharingan can't copy your kekkei genkai anyway

>> No.42548437

Ah, nice.

Since our release requires enormous amounts of chakra, I think stamina and hand seals should be our focus.

Our speed is already good enough (for now).

>> No.42548494

So on a scale of one through ten, how happy will Tenten/Kiba/Sasuke/Kakashi/Jiraiya/Sandaime be that we're actually still alive?

Because fuck, that one was actually up in the air for a while.

>> No.42548531

did we ever get a clear telling that our bloodline eats more chakra than our normal techs?

>> No.42548559

When used for vibrations, yes.

Not sure about ordinary techniques.

>> No.42548561



>> No.42548588

Your bloodline techs are more chakra intensive in general, yes

>> No.42548604

>10/10 best tier
>Wolfman and Third Bro tier
>Sauceman and Tuxedo Mask Cool guy tier
>Frog oldman okay tier

>> No.42548615

So the third is more concerned than our teacher? The fuck kakashi? Don't you like Kon?

>> No.42548628

damn, kakashi is ice cold

>> No.42548642


He probably knew we'd make it.

>> No.42548643

Kakashi just isn't the type of guy to get more worried than the Third

>> No.42548705

Forgot to include Haku on that list, fuck. Keep forgetting he's alive.

>> No.42548720


>> No.42548756

So, on a scale of one to ten, how likely is it that Shine/Ino/Haku/Itachi/Asuma/Choji/Shikamaru/Tenten will believe we actually BTFO a giant sand demon with nearly unlimited power? With Neji's help, of course, but we still kept a giant fucking sand demon occupied and blew off its arm.

>> No.42548762

Bet if it was the sauce he'd be more worried. Fucker showin favoritism for the kekky genky.

And no I'm not serious.

>> No.42548769


>> No.42548797

But we also have a kekky genky

>> No.42548801



>> No.42548804

Arguably more impessive.

Also, if Shukaku was based on a Tanuki, did it have giant sand balls?

>> No.42548829

Only the third knows that for right now. Or does kakashi as well?

>> No.42548832

Well, remember that Kakashi is dealing with some pretty serious depression issues. Our death isn't going to make him feel that much worse, comparatively. He'll be sad, but it'll just get filed onto his list of "people who I cared about who I have failed" along with all the others.

>> No.42548845

>The majority is a bunch of Heretics
Goddamnit guys

>> No.42548853

Well, Sarutobi was supposed to be giving progress updates to Kakashi, so he probably knows. Though not having seen it in action he'd be surprised by how far we've gotten with it.

>> No.42548857

>Ino: "Giant sand demon? You? Yeah right."
Also, add Sauceman and Kiba to that list.

Will we add to Sasuke's inferiority complex?

>> No.42548861

Anybody with a clue who watched your match knows

Kakashi doesn't though, he didn't see it

>> No.42548884

Was too busy teaching sausage man how to punch people with lightning

>> No.42548887

Haku, Tenten, Kiba, and Shikamaru confirmed for being on the broteam. Sasuke can probably come too if he's not busy.

Ino can fuck off. I find her lack of faith disturbing.

>> No.42548897

While I'm aware you're joking, keep in mind that Kakashi walks around with his dead best friend's eye implanted in his face.
And that's just one in a long line of people who have died on him.
Kakashi has the Parker Luck.

>> No.42548917

No he doesn't care bout the Kon. He can go and stay go! It's not like Kon wants him as a friend or anything. Jeeze what a brat.

>> No.42548921

The Third kept your kek a secret, he wanted Kakashi to be surprised

But he missed your match



Ino wouldn't believe you because she is too busy being terrified at Shukaku's mention

>> No.42548928

Wait, so are you gonna do a small thing where someone tries to kidnap us for our kekking Genki?

will someone try and get us to impregnate one of their agents so they can take the bloodline from the baby?

>> No.42548943

I just gotta say guys, think about that for a moment.

>A genin has a Kekkai genkai that can blow limbs off legendary monsters

And the best part is it is fairly versatile, it's like we get to shape the allmighty push technique into various forms of use and it's awesome.

If Sarutobi is dead with the uchiha/ITACHI and Jiraiya around ima be surprised. And upset.

>> No.42548955

oh yeah she almost got counter mind raped by the Shukaku

that was fun...

that wasnt fun

>> No.42548956

We might, if the story of how we blew Shukaku's whole leg off with one jutsu while he was having trouble just penetrating Gaara's armor gets out.

>> No.42548965

Probably not, you're too old and skilled already for anyone to think it would be worth it

Also no

>> No.42548978

I guess we'll just get proof that the Uchiha are a shitty police force if that actually happens

>> No.42548981

>too busy being terrified at Shukaku's mention
That's actually kind of a fair point.

She still can't be on the broteam.

>> No.42549003

cuz it's boys only?
>if so then why is haku here?

>> No.42549019

Nobody's significant other gets to be on the broteam. Unless two members of the broteam hook up, that's fine. But the point is, we aren't gonna have any Yokos around here. And I get the feeling Ino would Yoko the shit out of Haku if we don't teach him about the sanctity of "doing guy stuff" and "bros before hoes".

>> No.42549038

Why does Tenten like Kon so much? Why is Sakura such a bitch? Am I done asking inane and pointless questions?

>> No.42549041

I take it this whole thing will be added to our 'list of clan worthiness' when we go to make our own clan recognized with Tentent

Also, how long until the village actually asks for our opinion on important shit?

>> No.42549065

We need a 2 year timeskip before the village cares about our opinions.

>> No.42549089

You're actually her best friend, her teammates aren't the friendliest people in the world

She thinks she always knows what's best

Not likely

Probably at least a couple of years

>> No.42549130


Wow, thats kinda sad...

Shouldnt she idk...Socialize with her team more than in missions or something?

>> No.42549132

Thanks for always staying behind to answer our bullshit.

>> No.42549135

Cool. But we just got friend zoned by Tenten. Crapbaskets. How did the village like our match with Lee? How is he by the by?

>> No.42549156

>You're actually her best friend, her teammates aren't the friendliest people in the world

That... that's actually really nice. I knew we were getting close, but not that close.

>> No.42549158

Is there gonna be a Hinata Rescue Ark?

Did Uncle's Ramen shop survive?

Is he finally going to be accepting of our going down the shinobi path?

How likely is it Him or Lee will believe us ripping off Shukaku's leg?

>> No.42549176

They get along fine, but they pretty much keep things strictly business

No problem

They loved it, and his arm's broke as fuck so he'll be in a cast for awhile

>> No.42549182

Because Haku is pleasant to be around, and he's another guy who's the only one with their respective kekkei genkai. We can bond and shit.

At least Haku actually seems to like Ino, so it wouldn't be as annoying as Sasuke and Sakura on the same team.

Also Lee and Neji should be welcome to be on the broteam.

Because he seems like a nice guy who listens to people and genuinely tries to be helpful. And then he does shit like volunteering to take on teams of higher-ranked ninja solo. And then he comes back.

What reasonable girl wouldn't fall for that?

>> No.42549199

>Uncle you'll never guess what happened
>What is it Kon
>I just blew off the leg of a giant demon racoon made out of sand
>Sure you did kid, next you'll be summoning monkeys and all that

>> No.42549210


He doesn't have a ramen shop, but his restaurant is fine

He's always accepted your decision


>> No.42549213

Oh yeah Satutobi Sensei said I could learn that! Bye see ya tonight! Gotta go bug him about it!

>> No.42549236

>Lee: "Wow. With one Jutsu? ...my fight with him could have gone alot worse."

>> No.42549237

>outnumbered 18 to 1
>lure enemy army into the castle, then seal the gates, trapping them inside
>slaughter them with arrows while they can't get away
Guys, I think I found the perfect Clan emblem for when and if we get one started.

>> No.42549242

Thats a good point we should ask Sarutobi to teach us how to summon monkeys

>> No.42549247

>the next day we're riding on King Enma's back

>> No.42549307

not sure if want

>> No.42549320

If only we could summon lizards/raptors

>> No.42549328

we'll have some time heal and git gud before that right?

>> No.42549337


>> No.42549341



>> No.42549349

Time to train hand seals!

>> No.42549351

Will Shikamaru still get Chunin?

Will Temari submit herself to his gentle 'interrogations'?

>> No.42549361


Explosive Shinobi raptors

>> No.42549379

Monkeys summons is a go mothafuka

>> No.42549409

Are we gonna bro it up with a monkeybro?

Can we end up a sage?

>> No.42549425

we'll summon Blade so we'll have both a awesome fighter with as well as a dodger so fucking good not even the taxes from our uncle restaurant will hit us

>> No.42549441


Not at this time


You can try

>> No.42549450

Jesus i fucked up the grammar there

>> No.42549467

That's...that's not the kind of monkey we summon...anon...

>You can try
You've done it now, Laze. The door you have opened cannot be shut.

>> No.42549487

>You can try

At least we can take a shot at it.

>> No.42549505

Will Tenten insist on tattooing her seal onto us when we finally do get into a proper relationship?

Is ANBU gonna gank the fuck out of that technique and not give her credit?

>> No.42549517

Come on anon, wouldnt be cool to summon Wesley Snipes?

>> No.42549523

>Not at this time
So guys, we're gonna wingman for him, right?

>> No.42549549

>Monkey summons

>Enma bro

>Monkey Sage


>> No.42549555

You're getting ahead of yourself, anon

Are you kidding? The higher-ups love it when their village's ninja use moves that make them look good

>> No.42549564


>"You know, Temari, Shikamaru's actually never taken to a job like this. I honestly think he enjoys being around you."

>> No.42549619

>Inb4 he shadow possesses us just to get to shut up and forces us to walk away

>> No.42549621

How often will Tenten abuse this seal if we just neglect to wash it off while we help fix things?

>> No.42549643

>All day every day

>> No.42549658

She isn't going to just interrupt whatever you're doing, what if it was important?

>> No.42549704

"Yeah, I fought a giant monster yesterday, so I'm gonna take it easy today."

>Tenten summons us constantly so we can "provide moral support."

>> No.42549707

Ahhh, but Laze, when is the Date thread?

awkward young love is always great.

>> No.42549721

I'm okay with this...

>> No.42549741

I wouldn't know

>> No.42549769

750 plus posts in a quest thread dear christ.

>> No.42549792

So, if things were left on their own and plot just walked away and anons disappeared from Kon's life, how would things go for him right now?

>> No.42549825

He's actually set up pretty well

At this rate, he'll be a highly respected Jonin

>> No.42549842

Last post before we fall off! Tenten a best!!!

>> No.42549853

Tenten a shit.


>> No.42549858

TenTen a shit!

>> No.42549865


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