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I love Summoners!

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Yeah, summoning is pretty cool. Anything in particular you wanted to talk about in regards to it, or just expressing your enthusiasm?

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I came in here to make a joke post about "wah wah not /tg/ related", but it looks like you've already taken care of that.

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I love them, too!

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So what's the point for making this thread, then?

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In Pathfinder I had a giant caterpillar that I was planning to make into a butterfly using the Flight upgrade!

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Awesome! Was it going to be as soft and fluffy as Volcarona looks to be?

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I hate that bitch, my friend's keepaway game with her is annoying as fuck.

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Stop maining Ganonmeme.

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Animal Companions > Summons


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Upkeep is too great for AC

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Arcanist Occultist vs Master Summoner, go.

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Any 4rrys here play a Shaman before? Leader is like my favourite role but I've only played Warlord and Cleric.

Actually, what does 5e have on summoning/pets?

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>Actually, what does 5e have on summoning/pets?
Probably works different depending on the archetype.

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OP is simply declaring his love

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Volcarona has to be one of the comfiest pokemons

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I will not outright disagree, but I will put Typhlosion on the table as a couch-sized fire type.

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>Love summoners and the concept of summoning.
>Only fantasy pnp with a class dedicated to it is pathfinder.


Anyone here interested in brain storming a Sorcerer Summoner archetype homebrew for 5e?

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No, because we don't want to break 5e like Paizo does with it's Summoners and Oracles.

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The Summoner class doesn't really break Pathfinder, it's just better than the martial classes at being martial.

I've never seen or heard of a Summoner being more broken than a Wizard, Cleric or nearly any other spellcasting class.

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They're not really the same thing. Summons big advantage is that they're disposable. Your animal companion is not (or it shouldn't be, unless you're a dick).

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I'll spitball something. Give me a minute.

Although it's worth pointing out sorcerors are not particularly good summoners in 5e as they don't even get the conjure elementalspells like wizards do. A conjuration wizard school would be a closer approximation.

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By fluff, the softest/comfiest pokemon is wigglytuff.
Just inflate one to the right size and you are set.

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I also love summoners.

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Elemental Bloodline

Elemental Ancestry:
Elemental sorcerers are descendants of humanoid elemental such as djinn or effreeti and possess some of the raw power of the elemental planes they inhabit. At first level choose Lightning, Thunder, Fire, Cold, or Acid. You gain resistance to that damage type.
Additional, you can speak and understand primordial and gain the spell Find Familiar. Your familiar has the elemental subtype and resistance to your chosen damage type.

Elemental Flux
During a short rest you regain a number of sorcery points equal to half your sorcerer level rounded up.

Living Elements
Starting at 6th level, when you cast a spell that deals damage of the type associated with your elemental ancestry, you can spend a sorcery point to conjure an elemental of CR equal to or lower than the number of sorcery points spent at the targeted location or creature or in the nearest empty adjacent space. The number of sorcery points you can spend on a given spell in this way is equal to 1/3 of your sorcerer level, rounded down.

Elemental Shaping
At 14th level you gain the ability to change the damage type of spells you cast to your chosen damage type by spending a sorcery point. Spells of your chosen damage type ignore damage resistance. In addition, when you roll damage for a spell you cast that deals damage that type, you can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2.

Elemental Conjunction
At 18th level you gain the ability to take on a primordial form once per day. You become an elemental or CR no greater than half your level rounded down. Your physical stats, hit points, and movement are replaced by that of the chosen form. While in this form you gain all abilities of the chosen form but retain all your class features. This form lasts up to a number of hours equal to half your sorcerer level rounded down. You regain this ability on a long rest.

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Well, I should add to Living Elements:

Conjured elemental last up to 10 minutes and the total CR of all controlled elemental cannot exceed your sorcerer level.

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Snorlax, m8

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I love martial summoners.

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>Only fantasy pnp with a class dedicated to it is pathfinder.
Pretty sure there are at least a few out there. Even Anima has summoners (and they have some funky tarot card system going there).

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What other games can you play a summoner? I made one for an online 3.5 game that everyone else went silent on ages ago so probably isn;t happening (thanks a lot, Game Finder thread...).
Savage Worlds Superpowers Companion would let you but the cost for it was quite high from what I remember (Minions power and Animal Control power).

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