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The insanely metal wencomic is not only back from hiatus, it now has a Patreon, which if fully funded will lead to a full RPG of the series being produced.

Would you play it /TG?

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Sorry, not into /pol/ ebin memes.

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Sure, the comic has a fairly neat setting so if I stumbled into an opportunity to I'd probably be willing to play it.

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Will there be a fanfiction writer class?

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No, but I'd plunder the living shit out of the sourcebook for Planescape games.

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I am scared to see what counts as fanfiction in Throne.

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I find it fairly meh. I would not play it.

The art is fine, but the story is lacking, and I've seen a lot of better otherworlds.

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Sure would. I'm still not onboard with this whole patreon thing though. It would give a lot of context to the comic. Like what a Vattra is.

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Vatra is basically wizard, or maybe just 'bad wizard'.

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Beggar Knight Master Race

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Damn I'm actually going to have to get in on patreon now. I'm too in love with this comic.

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Ditto. Most things that I watch/read (even things I've watched for years) are forms of entertainment that I don't feel like paying for for every iteration, but this one is different. When I feel like I'm in a better financial position, I'll definitely be signing up to Patreon for them. The world, the writing, the art-style, and the story itself is all worth it.

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art good
comic bad

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sure buddy sure

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Exalted, Malfeas is basically Throne.

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>it now has a Patreon, which if fully funded will lead to a full RPG of the series being produced
WHAAAAAAAT!? I need to go find my wallet!

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u wot

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Shilling? On my /tg/? It's more likely than you'd think...

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>not choosing the far superior gun witch

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I'll wait and see on the RPG. It could be good, although I'm hoping they play up the abstract/philosophical side of things while still having a decent set of mechanics to it.

I'd considered running a game based around it in Legends of the Wulin, higher up the fluff power curve than most (Although still not capping out at Asura's Wrath tier bullshit)

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Man, I don't mind shilling for that kind of quality. Thanks to /tg/ I've this on my read list and I couldn't be happier.

I just wish I actually had a proper job so I could contribute, but that'll have to wait a bit, for now.

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I'd never play it, fuck you and fuck kikestarter take your market research attempt, mix it up with a bucket of pool cleaning chemicals and speedrun that shit

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>I don't mind shilling
>as he pretends to be a customer with no money
Dude please kill yourself

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Jesus fucking christ you tryhard shill, un fucking believable

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>Hey I'd pay money for this because I think its of worthy quality to do so
>mfw I have no face

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There have been threads for this here for ages.

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No, there have been shills pushing this shitty comic with decent art for ages. Learn the difference

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Because its impossible for someone to have a different opinion to yours. Your perspective is objectively fact.

Fuck, I hate this shit. People crying about shills has created more shitposting on /tg/ than actual fucking shills.

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It's been great to have you Mr Shill.

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What the hell is with half the people in this thread? It's a great comic with fantastic art, and the OP asked a legitimate question. As far as the RPG goes, I'd definitely play it if it gets released. I even know a couple of fans personally that I could play with.

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see >>42514493

/tg/ has gotten to the point where people will cry 'Shill' the second anyone likes something they don't like, or tries to introduce something new to the board. It's insane.

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>it's a great comic

ok shill

>muh faux reasonableness
When identical threads are reposted over weeks, we notice.

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>dogshit-tier shill flipping is fucking shit trying to do damage control
Wow, seriously man either kill yourself or retire, you're doing way more damage to the product by being alive than you would by ending it right now

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"I made a thread to tell you that a comic wants your money. Please don't take this as shilling."

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Not that guy, but honestly, this is the first time I've seen K6BD mentioned on /tg/ in its own thread and I'm here a LOT.

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Shilling started as a word for being paid to anonymously promote things in social media and forums by pretending to just be a fan.

Now trolls use it to devalue actual enthusiasm. Ignore trolls maybe?

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>fucking retard posts this thread and then pretends that he's someone else
You are seriously, actually retarded

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>word is a thousand years old
>started on social media
The only thing here that started on social media was you when your parents met on myspace

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Oh right, GW doesn't want your money. Pathfinder don't want your money. Etc.

They just want your love and warm autistic feelings about their settings, rules, artwork. Oh and please don't mind the n-th thread about alignments system this fucking week. Because clearly this is valid and useful, /tg/ approved discussion.

Is that it? Am I getting this right?
Just asking because clearly I'm not in with the cool crowd anymore.

Anyway, don't care, I discovered K6BD thanks to /tg/, so that's a net positive for me, so far. Just wish the fucking witchhunting would calm the fuck down a bit.

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Please, please, please stop. Please just stop you idiot. Please. You fucking idiot.

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World population's 7 billion mate.

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Jesus christ, fucking stop. You are a fucking awful shitposter. Freaking out like this over any sign of enthusiasm doesn't protect the board, it fucking ruins it.

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Really? Dude you are so cringeworthy that my teeth feel like they're trying to retreat from my skull.

Please, please, I beg you, stop posting.

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>this thread
When did /tg/ become /v/?

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Supporting the work of artists that you like isnt the same as buying the latest imaginary 400 dollar spaceship for a game that wont come out for 5 years or throwing money at pay to cancer cellphone games.

go form some thoughts and opinions of your own you fucking /v/ meme drone

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I don't know how good the comic is. But the art is serviceable, not fantastic, from what has been posted here.

Regardless, if you've been here for any period of time, you should be able to work around people sperging out on you for little to no reason.

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Not the guy you replied to, but this is what /tg/ is. If you Don't like it, maybe you're the one who should stop posting.

In response to OP, I'd like to be able to see some sort of free preview for this hypothetical tabletop rpg online before I'd consider actually buying it. I love the comic, but I'd want to take a look at the tog to see if it catches my interest before spending money on it.

So much for /tg/ being the least cancerous board on 44chan with all this butthurt going on. What is this place becoming?

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I meant "game."
Fucking mobile.

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I don't think /tg/ is getting particularly worse. It seems to be a case of newfags not being able to handle your basic run-of-the-mill troll.

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>anyone calling out my shitty shill thread is /v/
>shilling is okay, it's not the same when I do it
>the product is great I swear
>/tg/ is shilling, deal with it

Wow weird it's like someone in this thread has some kind of agenda to sell their product. My real question is why the mods are letting themselves get cucked this hard by shills?

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>using "cuck" and "shill" in a single post
Okay, now we are just being baited everyone.

>> No.42514707

In the empire of trolls, the truth is the ultimate bait

>> No.42514718

>those two words
Get out while the getting's good, lads. I sense an impending deletion and possibly bans.

Sorry for your loss, OP! K6BD is actually rad, if a little hard to fathom!

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Just seems like a classic case of "All other interests besides mine are shit," to me.
If you don't like it, why even bother joining the thread?

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I don't know, man. They let a huge faggot like you roam the boards. They're obviously not interested in the quality of the boards.

Isn't it time for your daily sucking of nigger cock, though? You should get going, boy.

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>this is the first time I've seen K6BD mentioned on /tg/ in its own thread and I'm here a LOT.

and either lying or totally oblivious

GW and Pathfinder want our money, but they don't post shitty shill threads about it

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>shill gets the cover blown off his turdcutter by the truth and flips his shit
Every single time

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This thread is like watching a toddler try to fight Ivan Drago

>> No.42514816

Good Lord people just stop replying to him I swear it really is that easy.

I wonder how all the race stuff will be divided with the raw powerlevel disparity between species, it might make sense to just give characters "plot-power" to do thing irrespective of their stats with weaker races having a lot of plot and stuff like angels just kicking shit in without a real need for it.

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I discovered it about a month or so ago thanks to /tg/. Don't recall such allergic reaction to it last time around, but I guess as soon as you mention Patreon, people get their panties in a twist or something.
Heavens forbid that people can make a living out of something other people like!

Right. So K6BD is an auto shill thread sanction, because... fucks knows.
But anything Age of Sigmar related is not, because... every one else is doing it? Is that it?
Are we back in kindergarten?

Fuck I can't believe I got baited this hard. I feel dirty now.

>> No.42514836

>if I get on my phone and post that'll fool 'em
Shill is getting more assblasted by the minute

>> No.42514845 [DELETED] 

Fuck off, retard

>> No.42514857

Fuck, if this is worth an rpg then lets just homebrew up an rpg.
Oh wait.
New /tg/ is just /v/ and hates games rather then getting shit done and not needing other boards.

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>tranny main character
>wants to be a woman
>but also wants to be tuff and dangerous and le mysterious
Why don't you get your story straight you fucking faggot?

>> No.42514867

Holy fuck all the completely devastated shill asshole in this thread

>> No.42514891

She's a tranny? Since when? I thought she was a normal girl trying to become a popular girl by exercising and dying her hair blonde and all that crap.

>> No.42514907

typical author self-insert

>> No.42514923

>tranny main character
But that's wrong, anon. We've been given zero reason to believe she wasn't born a woman.

>> No.42514929


>> No.42514937

People aren't "born" women, anon, that's why sex with children is wrong.

>> No.42514950

He's talking about 82 who feels feminine which you could certainly argue is a metal illness among the asexual angels.

I mean he's just trying to start shit so it's not that relevant but that's who he's talking about.

>> No.42514967

Go take some hormones you sick piece of shit

>> No.42514976

>We've been given zero reason to believe she wasn't born with female genitalia

>> No.42514979

Whoever you are, other Anon calling out the shills, we are forever brothers in arms.

>> No.42514993

Jesus christ you are a fucking monster, forcing your fetish on children

>> No.42514999

He's talking about the angel.
And highly exagerating.

>> No.42515011

Alright anon, I chuckled, but I think you're having a little too much fun now.

Well that would be a bit more accurate, but considering they're not created with any gender I don't think "trans" really applies.

>> No.42515013

Or right. Yeah actually that was a bit weird, that bit. I'm not sure what it all means for the setting, but I guess it's one of those characters that just can't stay within the system.
Makes sense otherwise the story would be a bit boring.

>> No.42515035

a lot of people in this thread are just being stupid.

"Fetish"? "Sexuality"?

It's a world of DEMONS for fucks sake. Anyone expecting anything to be safe for ords should just shut the fuck up and get out of the goddamn thread.

>> No.42515043

>6 billion
is this have something to do with jews?

>> No.42515045

Is this the new way to say normie?

>> No.42515061

Nah, but you could always pretend or even do some photobashing.

>> No.42515068

>demons make my fetish shit acceptable
Every single time

>> No.42515129

>Exalted, Malfeas is basically Throne.

>> No.42515144

everything that has
a death of 6 million/billion/gorillion demons is just another shoah

>> No.42515192

Didn't the gods create the multiverse by telling a story of creation?

Fanfic writers might just be K6BD's wizards. Not sword-wizard or gun-witch, but actual "I'm fucking around with the raw shit of CREATION nigga" wizard.

>> No.42515203

As it should be. If you can't cope with adult themes in your stories, go back to the children's section of the library.

>> No.42515207

Gods have god powers. Fanfic writers have cheetos. Not the same thing.

>> No.42515288

>No, there have been shills pushing this shitty comic with decent art for ages.
The artist has not asked for money until setting up a Patreon like last fucking week.
There literally could not possibly have been shills for the comic before that, unless your definition of "shill" is so broad that it includes "liking a thing."

>> No.42515350

>Gods have god powers. Fanfic writers have cheetos. Not the same thing.
there's no difference between god powers and adequately cheesy cheetos

>> No.42515388

Neither exist?

>> No.42515482

Honestly, this does seem like shilling. It might not be, sure, but that's giving this thread the benefit of the doubt, which is precisely what shills take advantage of.

Good art, but weak story, okay world, bad characters, terrible dialogue, and it's altogether a little too far up its own ass. Not a game I'd play, because you can't really use the one good aspect.

I know the artist posts here, and while I can't say for certain that they're not the one making all the those begging and shilling posts, I don't really think they are, because at the very least the art is good enough for me to extend the benefit of the doubt. I'm hoping they also don't get discouraged by the people calling out those posts that seem like shilling. It's not a great comic yet, but there's potential.

>> No.42515504

I'd be super interested in seeing the setting book(s). Playing it would be contingent on how good that was. I enjoy the comic a bunch, and find the setting and lore interesting.

As for the shitposters in this thread, I do hope you get sodomized by a cactus sometime soon. You are really doing a bang up job fucking up the board.

>> No.42515671 [DELETED] 

>"The artist"
Only "artist" here is you, shill: A con artist.

>> No.42515755

If you really wanted to be honest, you'd be the first one to point out that a webcomic initially runs on advertisements and requires a fanbase before it can try to monetize itself in other ways.

It's dishonestly ignoring that which makes people think you are a shill. You might not be a shill, but you are certainly acting like one. You can deny the former, but you can't deny the latter.

Also, the whole "stop disliking what I like" meme you're trying to dig up is always a poor move.

>> No.42515777

I dunno, man. I like the writing under the comics. It's one of those comics that you really get more out of it if you read the attached posts.
I know some people get all hysterical about it ("how dare an author want to expand their universe beyond what's on the fucking page!?") but from my point of view, it's a wonderful aspect of online writing : you can do whatever the fuck you want, so why limit yourself? And for a reader like me, it's like instant gratification : I read the comics and its evocative names and things and I can just go with the flow or look it up, whatever.

It's certainly got that oh-so-serious vibe to the writing, but for me it works.
I'm not sure how to phrase it, but it's like the opposite of Dresden Codak.
DC makes me feel like I'm missing something. And no matter how fucking far back I read, I'm still left with basic questions.
Here with K6BD, it's like I know I'm not supposed to get it all, but a lot of it is evocative enough that it makes me want to know more.

Like when L5R came out, and all you had was the flavour text on those cards, and look what happened! A whole universe sprang forth (not super original, I'll grant you).

That's the feeling I get when I read this comic and its attached writings : possibilties. Makes me want to play.

So yeah, looking forward to hearing more background and universe details. Should be fun. ANd yeah, you could probably mix it up with Malfeas stuff, too. It's all good, in my book.

>> No.42515826

>the opposite of Dresden Codak

Regular updates and a likeable author?

>> No.42515880

>I dunno, man. I like the writing under the comics. It's one of those comics that you really get more out of it if you read the attached posts.

You mean a comic that fails at exposition.

>it's a wonderful aspect of online writing

People used footnotes in books long before the internet.

>its evocative names

The names are one of the things I distinctly hate.

>I'm not sure how to phrase it, but it's like the opposite of Dresden Codak.

No, it's not all that far from Dresden Codak. It's not quite the same level of pretentiousness, but at times it gets very close.

>So yeah, looking forward to hearing more background and universe details.

The more I read about the world, the LESS I liked it. It's more chaff and superfluous details than anything else, and while better than a lot of webcomics, it's still not quite the level of a professional work.

>> No.42515918

kek, yeah, I absolutely love the art style in DC, but the haphazard updates are just annoying. And the author reaaaaaaally thinks he's writing something ultra deep and philosophical or something.
So how come I don't get that from K6BD, with its crazy religious text like bullshit writing?
Perhaps it helps I have no idea who the author is or whether they take themselves as seriously as their writing?
The comments really break my balls, though. Full of totally IC fans...
I mean enthusiasm is nice and all, but fuck me those people are annoying.

That's how I know this thread isn't shilling, btw. You know they'd have to post in character.

>> No.42515956

>So how come I don't get that from K6BD, with its crazy religious text like bullshit writing?

How do you NOT get that?

>That's how I know this thread isn't shilling, btw.

Man, you've got to stop with these damage control style posts. Your best move is NOT to say exactly what a shill would say.

>> No.42515974

Not that anon we're all the same anon but whenever I see the phrase "damage control" in a post on 4chan, my eyes glaze over and I stop reading that post.

>> No.42516039

They're creations of the masculine aspect god in that world and are supposed to reflect that masculinity. That's why the big angel dude is giving him shit.

>> No.42516091

Honestly? I quit webcomics after Copper and Digger, because absolutely everything after those was an anticlimax in some way or other. I cannot in good conscience pay real money for something not at least as good as either of those.

I mean, I like the idea of Malfeas: Webcomic Edition. I'm just pessimistic about the plot measuring up to the hype.

Incidentally Digger had one of the best comments sections I've ever had the pleasure of rereading on the internet.

Man, I just picked it up to and I'm digging the art style.

I'd heard stuff about the author being up his own ass or whatever, but I've just been enjoying it as the schlocky magitech romp it is.

>> No.42516147

I think you get a good idea for how the author is if you've read the forum that K6BD had it's first incarnation on with the light-hearted commentary and sexy witch librarians.

Abaddon types things in character but I feels like it's just for atmosphere.

>> No.42516166 [DELETED] 

Funny, because that's exactly what someone hoping to perform damage control would say.

>> No.42516204

Ah yes, humour! That's the bit that makes it all palatable, compared to Dresden Codak (I don't have too many other comics that have that "high concept" vibe with excellent artwork coming to mind, so don't mistake me for picking on that particular one).
K6BD actually has some not too serious bit and pieces here and there. Let's hope it doesn't forget to laugh at itself, once in a while.

>> No.42516946

Shills btfo

>> No.42518321

If you can't into 6 Juggernaut Star Scours the Universe you can just fuck right the fuck out.

>> No.42518384

>All this whining because something has a slight tumblr connection
Jesus Christ /v/ has been leaking

>> No.42518390

Fucking christ I wish I knew. I was excited for a thread about a comic I like, but then somehow it transformed into /v/.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

>> No.42518450

>has only died five times in the entire existence of the multiverse

>> No.42519317

Well he's only been shattered in the material 5 times.
He might just choose to inhabit the void instead.

>implying that's hardcore
>When 2 Michael exists.

>> No.42519822

honestly guys if I wanted to shill my comic I'd just post a thread with a tripcode

I'm writing the RPG using the Powered by the Apocalypse system, since it's really smooth to play.

Here's an example martial arts playsheet for you nerds. It might not make a lot of sense to you if you aren't familiar with the system (and there's some stuff I've written in for the KSBD rpg in particular such as the +internal stat) but you guys may get a kick out of it.

Exquisite Limb

The multiverse is filled with strange and ascetic practices. Some will go to any extreme seeking some terrible source of power. The practitioners of Exquisite Limb styles have found that extreme, and then bound it inside their own body.

Weapon styles - You are proficient with your limb, empty hand, and one weapon of your choice.

Gain: Exquisite Limb

Choose a limb: Hand, Arm, Foot, Leg, Head, Finger
- It cannot be completely destroyed or severed in any way
- It counts as a weapon of your choosing (for example, club, spear, etc, but does not give you proficiency in that weapon), therefore you are always considered armed. You cannot be disarmed.

Choose 1 method
-Replacement with technology
-Runes or tattoos
-Blessed or cursed
-Ritually imbued with power

Choose 1 downside
-Your limb is deteriorating slowly
-Your limb requires constant maintenance or rituals
-Your limb is intelligent
-Your limb is profane or offensive to some group
-Your limb was stolen from a powerful being
-Your limb is a terrible burden (physical, mental or existential)

Choose a condition on which your limb is charged.
This is up to you and the GM to decide (for example, you must feed it blood, you must reload it, you must say secret words to imbue it with power). You can charge your limb a number of times a day equal to (+internal). When your limb is charged, mark ‘charged’ on your character sheet. You cannot ‘save’ charges and must recharge your limb each time you empty the charge.

>> No.42519846


Choose 1 form.

Limb of John
Your limb is a relic, a battering ram, a container of holy power.
You may expend the charge to (Choose 1 when expending your charge): - - Immediately negate 1 damage die affecting you or an ally. Your limb takes minor (if the damage is a d4 or d6) or major (d8, d10, d12) structural damage.
- Your limb can heal a minor wound or debility on touch.

Burning Limb
Your limb is ferocious, hungry, it burns with the Flame Immortal
You may expend the charge to (Choose 1 when expending your charge)
- Your limb can attack once with a [close/far][area][forceful] attack
- Your limb can attack once with a [close][destructive][messy] attack

Masteries (choose 2):

Storied limb - Your limb has a special history. It can unlock special doors and connections for you.
Conduit - You can charge your limb two extra times a day.
Iron-wrenching grip - When you make a supremacy (disarm) move, you may also choose to destroy your opponent’s weapon or reduce their armor by 1 (GM permitting).
Mercurial Limb- your limb is capable of limited shape-shifting. You can expend your limb’s charge to change the weapon type that your limb counts as and (at your option) give it a different appearance or shape.
Elemental - your limb is elemental, made of fire, ice, shadow, or something else, and will deal similar sources of damage and interact with the environment appropriately
Grasp Atum - your limb can read limited impressions of an object or person. If you have time and intimacy (forced or willing), you can re-roll a Query the Cosmos roll to read a specific object or person

>> No.42519883

Looks dope

>> No.42520025

>master race
What's better than one wheel skeleton?

>> No.42520060

Two of them, forming wheels of your bike?

>> No.42520208

Damn, if any of my friends were into the comic, I totally would want to play this. I might try nudging a few of them in that direction.

>> No.42520236

Yes, sadly captcha keeps eating my image.

>> No.42520331


You should definitely look into Fallen London. Not a webcomic, but it sounds like you'd love it. Assuming you're still in the thread, which you're probably not.

>> No.42520587

>I'm writing the RPG using the Powered by the Apocalypse system, since it's really smooth to play.
Ah nooooo


>> No.42520607

Is this Jojo?

>> No.42520719

Care to enlighten those of us who aren't familiar with the system?

>> No.42520841

OP here, Everybody is talking about shilling, but I saw that K6BD had shown up here before, and thought that since it had returned from hiatus, and with the possibility of an RPG being produced, why not make a thread? Chill people.

>> No.42520864

Mainly I'm irritated because it means I'll never be able to talk about it here.

It's fine though, well, Apocalypse World is fine. I'm not as keen on some of the variants but this looks fine.

>> No.42520919

Anytime anything is seemingly advertised here, at least one person's going to cry "Shill!"
It doesn't matter if you are actually trying to make money off it, or you're just saying "Hey, were you guys aware this is a thing?", someone's going to accuse you of being a cash-grabbing faggot.

>> No.42521071

Not him but it isn't anything, its not already popular things. When preview threads for the new Zendikar block, new D&D/Pathfinder, or new Warhammer/Warmahordes thing you don't see a bunch of people yelling shill. But you post a thread for a smaller cardgame, rpg, or wargame and suddenly you have fuckers convinced you are shilling.

I had some dude go all internet detective on my one thread trying to prove I was some employee from japan trying to bump sales by posting on 4chan. All because I misspelled a word in the OP and a bunch of guys saw that as proof I was some nonenglish speaking nip trying to sell them something.

>> No.42521095

>I'm writing the RPG using the Powered by the Apocalypse system
well, there goes that dream.

>> No.42521350


>> No.42521356

>So how come I don't get that from K6BD, with its crazy religious text like bullshit writing?
>Perhaps it helps I have no idea who the author is or whether they take themselves as seriously as their writing?
Totally this.
It seems to me the convoluted philosophical, theological stuff is part of the world's ascetic. It takes place in an ancient divine kingdom that has turned into a slum. Demons and angels are all over the place, quintessential nothingness and the greater psycho-gnostic impressions of the number blue are part of everyday life. It's taking something "too deep 4u!" and stretching it out to use as a table cloth for crazy monster fighting adventure.

It's does seem to have "deep" lore but not in the philosophical sense. K6BD gives the sense of a world with layer's and conflicts beyond what we are seeing. The writer has given the impression that world can hold up on it's own even without the story or the audience. The philo/theo stuff is just a really cool dressing for the set and presentation.

I think it's a really neat perspective that should be expanded on more. Taking crazy metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and using them for the sake of FUN and not broody serious business.

Reading K6BD I get the impression of:
>A couple of Tibetan monks drinking beer and watching dragon ball z inside one of their temples
>an elder monk walks in
>he says: "fuckin A"
>he lights up a joint and joins them

>> No.42521414


>Reading K6BD I get the impression of:
>A couple of Tibetan monks drinking beer and watching dragon ball z inside one of their temples
>an elder monk walks in
>he says: "fuckin A"
>he lights up a joint and joins them


>> No.42521433

>on /tg/
This pleases Yisun
Also, I hope you don't mind, but I've been cribbing your style a bit to work on a homebrew setting, minus the Planescape elements

Also as a side question, how do you feel about Michael Kirkbride and his work?

It may as well be. Heck, there are even kung-fu Angels that fight by doing poses.

>> No.42521493

>I like the idea of Malfeas: Webcomic Edition

I really don't get the comparison. If anything it's more like Planescape meets Morrowind.

>> No.42521537

I'm still here. Was just waiting for the kids to go to bed so grown ups can have a conversation at last.
Thanks for the tip, Anon. I shall look it up.

>I think it's a really neat perspective that should be expanded on more. Taking crazy metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and using them for the sake of FUN and not broody serious business.
That was me you were replying to, and I just had the strangest idea reading your reply : the esoteric mumbo-jumbo in K6BD is a bit like the techno-babble in Star Trek and other sci-fi!
And like techno-babble, some authors will take it too seriously (Dianetics?) and some will wield it for great justice, as long as it doesn't break the rule of cool. That really explains a lot, now I think of it like this.

I'm glad you are not going the whole Creator route and feeling the need to create a whole system for your own special snowflake of a universe. Fair play to you!

Also, how are you so good at drawing with both arms missing? Feck, how do you even type? Do you have demonic assistants and such?

>> No.42521735

I have never heard of this system, why is this a bad thing?

>> No.42521799

because it will be relentlessly trolled by people now

>> No.42521816

So what would the races be?

>> No.42521873

Trolls are not people, Anon.

>> No.42522003

I haven't touched this webcomic in a long while, so things may have gotten much better since and I admit my opinion may be outdated and stale.

From what I remember though, I feel like the author wanted the setting to be so large, alien, and incomprehensible to the lead character that it makes no sense from her perspective in the narrative. And I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing. It makes sense for her to be completely out of her depth, and for everything to kind of blurr together into an incomprehensible nightmare. It would've honestly been stupid to have her (Ally or something?) suddenly come to grips with being dumped in such a hellish landscape without warning and start learning the way the multiverse worked in a day or two.

What I find is detrimental though, is that nothing is ever really explained to us, as the readers, in the comic. Beyond of course "This is a thing here. We won't explain what 'this' entails, or when/why/how it came to be, because it's just a super special thing that happens in this setting just like the other 500 names you saw, and all of the important characters already understand it."

>> No.42522053

Well we did have a big creation myth story time with 82 a while ago, were you around for that?

>> No.42522063

It's just irritating and doesn't feel mysterious at all. As far as I made it, there was no semblance of foreshadowing involved either. It's just rubbing things in your face as a constant barrage of terms with no context and in my opinion simply gives off this really irritating quasi-elitist vibe. Almost as if we the readers don't deserve to be privy to what is going on in the universe. And yes, I read a lot of the early annotations. I just found they were never really enough to give you a feel for just what was going on, it felt like I was getting half-baked teasers. Add that to the fact the novelty of the broader setting wore off very quickly as someone who is vaguely familiar with Malfeas, and it wasn't very satisfying. I wanted to know what was going on with the more unique aspects, but I was constantly kept waiting, slogging through (what were honestly rather boring) plot points that didn't seem to be moving the story forward. It was just "Hello, I am Weird Denizen 1, enjoy your trip to WD2. Plot Important Weird Denizen 1 will show you WD3 as well, and you will bump into PIWD 2 shortly."

So all in all, I suppose I would be interested in playing an RPG set in this universe, but only if a second reading and the content that I missed was enough to make me really love what made the setting unique. It would take quite a lot to want to risk the mechanics being clunky and irritating when I could just get into Malfeas for the same flavor without the mediocre writing I remember from the comic.

>> No.42522085

It's not bad, it's just kind of weird and has some unadvertised ERP features that rubbed some folks the wrong way. I rather like it, but a handful of fa/tg/uys decided it was the worst thing ever so now it gets shit on in whatever thread it is discussed.

>> No.42522119

The writer of the comic actually rewrote the early parts and added an extra page or two so that there would be more setting exposition and a better explanation of the setting for both the readers and Allison. So you might like it more now.

Speaking for myself, i thought that the fact that everything was an incomprehensible nightmare for us as much as Allison was a selling point. It was interesting to see all this crazy shit going on with no explanation and being forced to put the pieces together. For the most part the world makes sense and stands on its own, even when very little of it is explained, so it gives the narrative a properly frantic pace when things just move on and happen without anyone bothering to stop it all to provide exposition. There was a certain magic to it that i think was compromised when the writter decided to add more exposition. Frankly exposition is boring, and if your world is good enough you really don't need it. See Mad Max Fury Road, there's basically a small opening narration and beyond that you get the world as is, and it works magnificently.

>> No.42522184

>the esoteric mumbo-jumbo in K6BD is a bit like the techno-babble in Star Trek and other sci-fi!
Well I think we've just seen a wonderful way to pull of in-depth sorcery in a high-magic setting.

>> No.42522495

I guess it's good they're off to bed, then? Don't you think the thread quality has vastly improved over the last few hours? I'm certainly feeling it.

Well, that's like, your opinion, Anon.
But it sounds you're having the same feeling I get from Dresden Codak, so I can really get where you're coming from.
But as I just said above (>>42521537) I really got the feeling the author weren't taking themselves too seriously about the whole esoteric-babble, so I never really got pissed off about left in the dark (too much). Just curious enough to want to know more and to dream of a RPG setting. And lo! here it comes!

>> No.42523106


And yet these people refuse to sage. Its become depressing that the most effective way of shilling is by being blatantly obvious with your shilling so that the constant bellowing of 'shill' keeps the damn topic on the front page.

Its like provoking a pack of walruses.

>> No.42523204

Its Planescape without a lady of pain, a wider net cast on source & visual thematic, also it is on crack and on fire.

Shit yeah I'd play it.

>> No.42523293

Uh, the angel which was created genderless is developing the identity of a gender.

It isn't a main character, but is fucking boss all the same.

Hardly the same in any context as a transsexual human. That said, the creation so expressed in the setting is vast, there may well be tranny characters in the future. I'm not bothered by that.

Why are you assuming someone would or would not be bothered by that?

>> No.42523486

>And yet these people refuse to sage.
I don't think that does anything. I'm almost certain that functionality was actually removed from the board.

>> No.42523996

>K6BD with ApocEngine
>returned erection of the blinding suns

>> No.42524718

Pretty sure 82 counts as a main character by now, just not the protagonist (that'd be Allison)

>> No.42524725

you aren't allowed to like things on 4chan. its been that way since /v/ broke. now liking a thing means you must be an employee of a massive corporation trying to get people to buy things from you.

>> No.42524779

>tfw you'll never have a motorcycle as metal as that

>> No.42525032

We God Hand now.

that being said the objective best build there is obviously a Blessed Arm with the Profane downside. And the Storied Limb and Conduit masteries.
Prime Protagonist material right there.

seriously though. good to see K6BD up and running again.

>> No.42525156

>Some comic about hell with decent art
>"Oh, that kind of looks nea-"
>'Btw we're opening a Patreon account, and if we get fully funded we'll make an RPG, which means it's related enough to your board to post about. Please like and subscribe :)'

>> No.42525531

Shit, these people AGAIN!
Ok, having fun is bad, sharing it with people is bad, working to make more fun is even worse. O thank you, anon, for your wise words full of absolute shit.

>> No.42525563

>>When 2 Michael exists.
The real question is - is there 1?

>> No.42525624

The number indicates ho many times they've existed.

Meaning 2 Michael has been the way he is since the Prime Angels were first shattered by the Conquering King
Meaning he is literally the oldest angel around, and the only one of the Original Prime Angels who chose to be reborn in a stone body.

>> No.42525784 [DELETED] 



>> No.42526067 [DELETED] 

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting mate.


>> No.42527208

Abaddon hinted in a /co/ thread that the motorcycle may actually be 6 Juggernaut Star Scours the Universe. Notice how the wheels are the angel eye-rings(or halos I guess) like the pegasus angel has?

>> No.42527511

By that logic all male humans are abominations because humans were created by the feminine aspect god. 82 gets shit for wanting to be more human (by having a gender)

>> No.42527776


>> No.42527988

By your logic, /pfg/ is full of DSP and DDS shills.

>> No.42528088

>replying to him
The fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.42528118

It's something to do while I wait for qanon over in /pfg/ to post more waifus and husbando from the new Races book.

>> No.42528298


>stop shilling the troll

>> No.42529791

It is

>> No.42530350

The number is how many times they've reincarnated. 2 Michael is only on its second life after an absurdly long time, which should hint at how powerful it probably is.

>> No.42530690


I get you man, bear with me though, because all the stuff I'm setting up in the first little arc there will become relevant in the long run. I literally haven't had the time to go through why certain things work like they do, it'll all kind of fit together in due course.

The problem this did create though is a lack of stakes. It's something I do have an issue with in my story. When there's no stakes or the reader doesn't understand them, they often get detached from the story, which was a problem I definitely have with the first part.


It is a weird RPG. But as a SYSTEM it's really good, because it builds consequence into every action and gets totally out of the way.


that's assuming ALL the prime angels were actually shattered



You're both right actually. But 82 does get shit for basically being a humanboo

>> No.42532363


I will say this thread introduced me to your comic, and I'm enjoying it a great deal. I get kind of a Dark Souls vibe from it sometimes, like with the wheel skeletons which is great.

>> No.42532432


>> No.42532448


>> No.42532460

>SJW comic

Go shill on tumblr or reddit.

>> No.42532489


>> No.42532563



>> No.42532602

> SJWs are portrayed in the comic exactly as annoying as they are IRL.

Dude, just because they exist in the comic doesn't mean the comic is going to be SJW preaching. If you ever read the original, you would know that is definitely not where it is going.

>> No.42532820

Is it so fun to be a non-constructive green piece of stupidity?

>> No.42532958

Honestly that just struck me as a visual way for communicating how 82 is becoming "too human" for the other angels, and it's important that it's a visual hint not only because duh it's a webcomic, but also because the physical transformation left 82 no room for arguing, it made their case obvious to the rest of the angels.

>> No.42533969

Genuinely, it looks interesting but it really would depend on how they do the game. At the very least, I'd give it a shot. Can't get too hyped without seeing at least some of the mechanics.

>> No.42533993

You should look through the thread a bit. Ctrl+f "Abbadon".

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