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"How are you able to use magic without the cards? Kaori, erm, Magician said that something was being worked on that could?"

"Do you want the specifics of it, or-" He seems more calm, now.
"Make it as simple as possible!"

"It's magic."

"No, no I mean a little more complicated than that."

"It uses a time-space distortion created by the cards to-"
"Less complicated, please?"

"It's magic."

I'm skeptical.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today is looking up, and I'm glad that it is. Recently, Cirrus was kidnapped from my yard. My own yard! No surprise, the one who kidnapped her was Asai. Mom has gone to pick Cirrus up in exchange that we don't mess with or bother Asai for the entire day.

Problem is, today is the day that Asai's spell which keeps him grounded expires. So I have no idea what he's planning to do when he's finally free. I've come to school today to talk with my allies and try to calm down while Mom is out there rescuing Cirrus.

Fortunately, I learned that they have a backup plan. Unfortunately, their backup plan seems to hinge on this huge coward sitting before me. He's telling me about this thing he made which can use magical powers without using cards. Which is, as far as I know, impossible. So he's going to have to come up with something a bit better than 'it's magic'.

"I don't get it. So it's magic how it works, but it's too complicated for me to understand. Can you, I dunno, tell me what it DOES instead?"
"THERE you are!" Ryouta appears from the hallway, noticing the monster sitting at the table in the pavilion. "Don't run like that again."

"How about I show you, instead?" His metallic eyes seem to perk up.
"Yeah! That'll be best!"

"Eh, yeah. Sure." Ryouta walks over to the monster.
Without the slightest hesitation, Ryouta grabs the monster by the hand.

Impressively, he starts to glow an almost aqua hue.
That's all.

>How does this help!?
>I don't get it.
>Okay. Fine.
>Text Mom again, see if she got Cirrus back.

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/E9ZihSBV

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>I don't get it.

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>I don't get it.

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>>I don't get it.

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>How does this help!?

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>I don't get it.
I feel like Masami is being made fun of, but I'm not sure by whom yet.

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>>I don't get it.
Be adorable.
Stupidly adorable.

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And adorably stupid? Or is that later?

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>I don't get it.

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>I don't get it.

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My eyes feel heavy. And my brow furrows. With the most deadpan tone of voice I can imagine, a single response escapes.
"I don't get it."

Ryouta laughs, the monster seems almost insulted.
"That what I said, too!"

"This is Ryouta's transformation. Just like when you use a card." The monster grumbles. He almost seems disappointed that I wasn't more impressed.

"Hold on, he's just glowing blue. How is that different?"
"He needs some more practice with it, last night he was able to manifest a full set of armor. His sister was able to manifest a dress for herself."

"So.. What you're saying is that they can transform? Into what? What do you mean 'transform'?"
"The idea that master had-" The monster searches for the right words. "Is that eventually, he could use magic better than your mother could. His goal was to surpass your mother's abilities and develop what he called an 'outer skin' made of magic."

"Why did he need you to make it, then?"
"I can't answer that, it was part of his 'great plan' which he had for all of monster kind." He seems to slump down in his chair.

"'Great plan'?"
"His goal, though he kept it closely guarded, was to supplant Asai through what he called his 'dominion'. This was a step in that plan, and was a kind of stepping stone to that. We can see where that led him."

"So, this 'transformation', what did it just do?"
"Simply put, Masami. I can use magic now!"

"Can you show me!?"
"No, I don't really know how to use it." Ryouta shrugs.

>Then what purpose does this serve!?
>Show me something else!
>Can I try?
>Ask something else about this, you're intrigued
>This is lame.

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Sleep demands I don't stick around for the rest of the thread, so thanks for running HotC!

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Thanks for playing!

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>Can I try?

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>>Ask something else about this, you're intrigued
Have you tried using a card?

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>Then what purpose does this serve!?
>Can I try?

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>Can I try?

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>Can I try?


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Gotta snooze, thanks for the thread HotC.

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"Ooh, is that true!?"
"I certainly feel stronger. I'll be able to fight alongside you soon enough!" Ryouta laughs.

"Can I try!?"

Ryouta stops, and he slowly looks toward the monster. The monster shrugs.
"Okay. I would like to see what happens."
The bracelet unhinges from Ryouta's arm and hands it to me. Slowly, I slip it on and move my hand toward the lever he pumped to activate it.

I find myself hesitating.
The cards are one thing, I can feel them. It's like I have a connection with every one of my cards. It's hard to mistake that connection, and I can vividly feel that warm sense of love and compassion every time I hold one in my hand.

This is different, it's just a machine. I can't feel love, compassion, or anything from it.
It feels, cold. I don't know what to make of it.
Slowly, taking one last gulp, I pull the lever on the bracelet.

Ryouta mentioned 'armor'. That's a strange way of putting it. I wonder what kind of armor he got? Was it like Belle? Was it a full set of head-to-toe suit of steel?

A suit of steel seems comfortable right about now.

"Hey!" My cheeks are red, my fists are balled. I'm not happy. "What IS this!?"

No, seriously! What is this!? There's something covering my face!
"I can't-" my hands reach up to my eyes, I can't see!

"Wow." Ryouta seems a little amazed.
"I expected no less. Impressive armor." The monster claps his hands together.

"But I can't see! There's something on my face!"

"Hold on, hold on." Ryouta approaches me, and starts trying to help me with the mask.
He pulls, and tugs, eventually my knock his arms away. Almost effortlessly, even.

"That's enough! You're pulling on my hair!"

"Well, what do you think?" The monster asks without a hint of sarcasm.

>Play around with the mask some more, find some way to see.
>Complain some more!
>This isn't helpful. You need a better plan Ryouta.
>Wait for someone else to come help.

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Sorry for the delay, there are RL issues happening here.

Like every Saturday.

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>>Play around with the mask some more, find some way to see.

"...It's really really dark."

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>>Play around with the mask some more, find some way to see.
>>Complain some more!

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>Complain some more!

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>>Play around with the mask some more, find some way to see.

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When the mask gets lifted up, what do you want to see?

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Mom and cirrus back safely but seeing for now works.

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The monster?

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a mirror? to have a good look at the rest of the armor?

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All good responses

>>Play around with the mask some more, find some way to see.
>Complain some more!


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How does this thing work!?

It doesn't slide up, it doesn't fold outward, it doesn't pull off.
What is this, anyway!?
It doesn't cover my whole face.

"Come ooon! Give me some kind of hint! How do I get this off!?"
"Err. Good question."

What does he mean by that!?
"Woow!" I hear a new voice. "That looks really cute on you, Masami!"
"Yeah! How did you do that? Is that a new card?" A second voice.

"Kaori! Maeda! Help get this thing off me! I can't see!"
"You want to take it off? But it looks so good on you."

Suddenly, I feel a light tugging on my sleeve.
"Besides, this coat looks so good on you!"
"With this dress, too! Did you make this?" I feel some tugging on something that I'm wearing.


"Wait! Look! She's wearing the bracelet."
"Ooh? What does that do?"
"It gave me a cute dress, too. But hers is pretty good!" Maeda happily nudges the device on my arm.

Wait! I think I figured it out, the mask lifts upward. I was trying to pull it off my face the whole time. Slowly, it rises.

"See? This suit is wonderful!"

I'm wearing a coat, a finely-made shirt, and a dress around my waist. I'm also wearings shorts, too? What are these, bicycle shorts? Also there's a mask on my face.

What is this?

"Get it offa me."
"But it's cute!"

The monster stands up to try and take the bracelet off, but I nudge him when he gets around to my side.
Woh, he's like paper. It's almost as if he weighs nothing at all.

"Hold on."
Ryouta tugs at my wrist, and the whole suit disappears. I'm back in my school uniform.

"So, what did you think?" Ryouta asks nervously.
"I liked it!" Kaori claps her hands together.

>Okay, enjoy playing dress-up. I need to think of a way to fight Asai.
>Can I see yours, Maeda?
>How about you, Kaori?
>How many of these can we make? How strong are they?

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>>Okay, enjoy playing dress-up. I need to think of a way to fight Asai.
>>How many of these can we make? How strong are they?

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>Can I see yours, Maeda?
>How about you, Kaori?

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Guys I'm sorry for how slow tonight has been. It's been a bunch of people taking up my time, and it seems like this is the case every week now.
I really just want to write.

>How many of these can we make? How strong are they?
>Can I see yours, Maeda?
>How about you, Kaori?

We'll do it all.


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"That was WEIRD!" I shout.
"But you looked really good!"

"It felt really weird, and I don't like the mask."

"But you did feel it, right?" The monster inquires. "That strength is relative to anyone who is magically sensitive. They could go toe-to-toe with even the strongest monsters from Fortune with that."

"Can I see yours, Maeda?"
Maeda takes her bracelet out of her pocket. She puts it on her wrist and pumps it twice.

With a flash of light, she's covered in a brilliant blue costume. It almost shimmers in the light.

"Kaori! You try!"
"I-" Kaori shudders. "I'll pass."

"..How many can we make?"
"Erm, I have the parts for a few, but-"

"Listen. Asai is planning something big for today. Can you make as many as you possibly can? We'll be needing a few."
"How many? Six? Eight?"
"No, no, just three or four."

"Ryouta has his, Maeda's is almost done. Will that be enough?"
"I'll need one for Aiko, and Kaori too. Can you do that by today?"
"I can get it done in a few hours."

"Please do it!" I grab his metallic hands. "I need all the help I can get and I'm too stubborn to ask for it!"

It's hard to admit it, but it's true!
"Fine, I can get this done for you. It's just-"

Phone vibrates.
"MOM!" I yelp as I clumsily grab it from my pockets.

I tap the tile on the face and take a look at the latest message.
"Cirrus is with me, everything is okay. Do not go to Fortune today."

Uh oh.

>Reply back with "You know I can't do that!"
>Ask friends what to do
>Worry about getting bracelets made first
>But mooooooooooooom
>Show Kaori and gripe about it together.

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>>But mooooooooooooom
Call her

>> No.42468700

>Show Kaori and gripe about it together.
>Ask friends what to do

>> No.42468879

>Show Kaori and gripe about it together.
>Call Mom

I should have started earlier, but I really thank you two for sticking with me this late!


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"Kaori!" I pout, "Look at this!"

She moves away from the device that Maeda and Ryouta and fawning over, and instead glances at your phone.
"..Really Mom?"
"I know, right!?" I cross my arms, "She can't really think that we're going to follow this, can she?"

"Maybe that's her plan. I read about something called 'reverse psychology'."
"What is it?"
"It's.. something like this."

"Well hold on! I'm going to call her right now and try to figure out what the big idea is!"
"Put it on speaker! I want to know too!"

I tap the tile on my phone for her number. The rest of the table realizes that we're placing a call and politely quiet down.

"Mom! What's the big idea?! Don't go to Fortune today? But we got Cirrus back!"

"I know, but." Mom pauses on the other side of the line.
Which is honestly kinda freaky.

"-but something doesn't seem right. I don't like it at all. I want Asai to make the first move, not us."
"Why!? We can totally take him down! What about your bracelet?"
"I- I rather not risk fighting him. Do you realize since yesterday he has somehow got a whole bunch of new monsters?"

A whole bunch?
"Define a 'whole bunch'."
"Lots, Masami. More than I think any one of us can fight. He's definitely thinking of something, but I don't think it's what we think it is."

"That's all the more reason to take the fight to him!"
"Is Kaori there?"

"I'm right here!"
"Make sure Masami doesn't go to Fortune today."

"Now now, let's get Cirrus home and we can argue about it. She's shaken up."
"How is she?"
"She's not very happy, and she's been sobbing nonstop. She keeps talking about the fire in the sky."

Oh right.

"I'll talk to you when we get home, okay?"
"..Okay." I pout, but I don't think she can hear that.

The phone clicks and everyone stands in silence.

>Well, I guess I should get home.
>No! Wait! That's not like me at all!
>I'm going to Fortune!
>I'm going with you to test this new thing out.

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>>I'm going with you to test this new thing out.

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>Well, I guess I should get home.

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Rolled 1 (1d2)

Tie, Rolling.

1. Go home
2. Test this new thing out

Also I think next post will be the last due to the fact that there are only two players now. But thanks for sticking with me!

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"Okay, forget it. Let's just do what she wants."

"I don't mean for the rest of the day, but we know she's going to be going home soon. So we should probably be there when she gets home so she doesn't freak out."

Kaori tries to find some way to argue, but instead sighs.
"That's a fair enough point."

"So-" You turn to the rest of the group assembled. "You need to practice with that. The deadline is today."
"Like I said earlier, Masami. We have this completely under control."

I don't know about that, but-
"Besides!" Maeda strides up to me, and pulls me into a hug. "You'll be right there for us."

"I wish you two weren't so reckless."
"But this time we're not going to be." Maeda pulls away. "This time, you can count on us to hold our own."

"And don't forget, I'm going to take you to meet Emillion, Mister Monster."
"Taoru." The monster corrects me. "And I'll only believe it when I see it."

We say our goodbyes and part ways. Kaori nudges me as we're walking away, seemingly confused.

"What did that monster want?"
"He thinks I killed Emillion."
Kaori composes herself.

"..There goes my plan of asking him why Monsters turn into humans. I thought if anyone would know about it, he would."
"Hmph. We still don't have a good way to turn Asai into a human."

Both of us are silent for a few minutes,
"Hey." Kaori seems serious. "What if we just.. didn't fight Asai?"

"I mean." She goes to defend herself. "We could just leave town, let Asai have it. Is it really worth risking any of our family just because Asai has some kind of big grudge or whatever? We're not even sure what he's planning anywa-"
"Kaori, Stop."

I grab her by the arm, "That's a terrible way. What about the people of this town? This isn't about just our safety, you know."
"Well, why not? They have police, and a military. Let them handle it. Why is it our job to be that?"

Kaori, I don't know what I'm going to do with you.

>Thread End.

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Thanks for the thread everyone. Sorry that it was so slow.

Let me know if this is a good pace for the story. I'm noticing that the pacing has slowed way down over the past couple of months. I'm trying to work on it, but it doesn't feel like I'm doing enough.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and I'll try to think of a make-up date for Thursday. Until then, take care!

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Thanks for running.

I think this pace is alright.

Good night.

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Thanks for running.
As far as pacing goes it feels like its dragging down a bit to allow for all the possible ways to deal with Asai that we may have missed along the quest. I imagine it will pick up quick after all the cards are on the table.
I do enjoy the slice of life stuff so I have no complaints with it.

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