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This is "flavor text" in Magic 2015.

This is the future you chose.

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Nothin personnel...kid...

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I miss the flavour text from real life stuff that they used to have, like quotes from Shakespeare and 20,000 leagues under the sea

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OP, sounds like you have a fatal case of being-in-the-way-of-a-millennia-old-vampire.

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Kind of immersion-breaking, though.

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Nonsense. The real world is just another plane.

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This is "flavor text" in Magic 1993.

This is the future you chose.

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... I fail to see the issue.

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No problem with this. When you play a card game designed for 14-year-old boys, you get flavortext designed for 14-year-old boys.

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Bonus points for pointing out it is a dominaria grizzly, just to make it sound special

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You cannot possibly be genuinely upset by this.

If you think it's anywhere close to being as bad as the flavor text in Innistrad, you must have a brain clot.

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I think one wacky flavor text for every fifty or so serious-if-bland ones is a good ratio. Makes them stand out more.

Although there is also room for lots of amazing stuff like Jaya Ballard's quotes.

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Im okay with this as only morons play green decks

regards, all black deck intellectual master race

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>Bragging about picking a color
Good job. Quite an accomplishment.

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They did use to have more fun with flavour text

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As opposed to what exactly?

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I tip my fedora to you my fellow black magic master race.

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when does his ban end?

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Storytime, please.

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>dude goes to mtg tournament
>has someone take photos of him looking grave standing or crouching beside large, slovenly magic players with exposed asscracks
>posts collection online, said people get understandably upset (though probably not enough to buy belts)
>in a damage control effort the guy in the photos is banned from going to official magic events
I think it expired 2 years later? Or maybe it's still up, I don't remember.

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From what I know, that planeswalker dedicated his magic to taking pictures of people with plumbers crack every single time he noticed it at big tournaments as a way to protest plumber's crack. He got banned for it, probably because it fits under sexual harassment.

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Why not just ask these people to pull up their pants while seated?

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Oh man, that is perfect. Serves you degenerates right. Magic has the worst community.

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Ask a man to pull up his pants, and he might do so for a day. Publicly humiliate a man on the internet, and he will begin wearing a belt.

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But anon that's in Battle for Zendikar not Magic 2015

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>especially Avacyn's Collar, the symbol of her church.

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Jesus its like one of those quotes from the DA:I characters. All terrible and edgy with no sense of wit whatsoever.

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This gives you everything you need to know. http://imgur.com/a/SjcgE

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File: 69 KB, 1024x624, 1941177,6smqz__aIic26rMDSBg%2B6ve0dXjWDMr9BzUEy88u3tYuoUqCKJQ7Ei55FETbGZcTaPgSwZWzkmpGEN4Oglzwng%3D%3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, we've got that ridiculously long alter of that card. But what I now really want is that someone makes a kronk version of it.

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That man IS wearing a belt.

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>Oh right, the collar. The collar of Avacyn. The collar chosen especially to represent her church. Avacyn's Collar.

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>Riiiight, Avacyn's collar, the collar of Acacyn, the collar that represents Avacyn's church, the church that hunts werewolfs and monsters, who don't like Avacyn all that much.
>That collar?

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What set has the best flavor text and why is it Lorwyn?

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Oh boy, thank you both so much!

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The best of the best

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It gets better. As all true lorefags know, Dominia is the Multiverse. Dominaria is "The Song of Dominia", the nexus at the multiverse's heart. The card is referring to literally any grizzly on any plane.

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can someone explain what's so terrible about it? it sounds generic, sure, but doesn't seem more egregious compared to older magic cards

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it explicitly is not.

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Edgyneric, actually. Could be from any other game. Really bland. Nothing catch the attention.

Etc etc. It's not horrible, but it sucks.

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Fuck off virt

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I know that guy IRL. He's actually pretty chill. Amusingly, a picture of *him* as the crack exists. I know this, because I have seen it.

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It wasn't immersion breaking since they used to mostly do that in the big "edition" core sets that were not setting-specific but a mishmash of cards from different sets.

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Daily reminder that Mark Rosewater wrote all of these.

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because they all sound like children's rhymes and that's awesome

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This one always bothered me not because it's badly written, but because it might be literally the blandest possible thing written on a magic card.

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That is pretty lame.

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Well he is a pretty fun guy.

But not trustworthy.

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Eh, at least it's a tidbit of setting detail.

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Guess we now now what he inteded to do with such a big banana

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That's the funniest flavor text I've ever read
Close second

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Not as bad as this.

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I dunno man, let's compare the adjectives in the FLAVOR text on these cards

Ironroot Treefolk

Underworld Coinsmith

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B-But Theros was bland because it was litteraly not!Greece.
Kamigawa was a japanese inspired plane, but has it's own merits, lorewise.

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This one gets me every time.

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Just reminder is fine, faggot.

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Adjectives used to describe treefuckery.

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i don't understand how this is edgy, it's not dark or brooding or misanthropic like most things that are edgy are. It's just implying that a good soldier becomes a good soldier through experience on the battlefield

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Sure it sounds a little cliche but it fits the ally flavor in my opinion

If you had to fight soul sucking eldritch horrors every day, you'd start saying some pretty cliche grim dark stuff too

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If you try in the slightest to be cool or serious, your edgy. If you try to be lighthearted, you're randumb. You can't win.

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Greatest of all time

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It's a neat bit of fluff talking about a very specific and unusual practice. That is the opposite of bland.

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This too.

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This is "art" in Magic 2015

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>specific insight into how a fantasy world works = bland
>generic, neutral saying = edgy
I'm glad to see that "/tg/ is bad at Magic" isn't limited to playing the game. It's like some kind of brain-rotting disease.

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but there's nothing wrong with this

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It looks like a pokémon card.

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Who cares about the crack when they're all sitting next to Lim-Dul the necromancer.

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Ah yes Richard Wright, the fag who also made pic related

When will he be fired

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this is "art" in magic 1993

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this one is awesome...everything new takes itself way too seriously and sounds like it was written by rejects from the assassins creed writers room

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Is that an underwater Tyranid?

>> No.42425566

Well, now we know why he couldn't stay in hollywood.

>> No.42425592

Too bad that's still more interesting and closer to an actual art piece. Let me guess you're going to post Stasis next because you're an Autist and need everything to be explained and shown to you

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id take something weird that makes me laugh over art that makes me cry

you remember this art even though its like 20 years old and you probably never even owned this card

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I remember threads made about how shitty that art was, but at least it was for a crap uncommon...totally shameful that we get this Myst shit on a rare

>> No.42425623

This was made by the art director on the spot when they found out the night before sending the set to print they were missing art for this particular card.

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You just ruined your own post.

>> No.42425644

Speak for yourself, I found elaborate tree mating to be delightful.

>> No.42425687


i still stand by getting a weird piece of technically bad art over something that was also made the night before but for no apparent reason

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Flavor text thread?

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Never, afaik.

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>implying we won't have threads twenty years from now with people mourning the loss of quirky, goofy low budget CGI

>> No.42425833

>as a way to protest plumber's crack
I thought it was in response to creepshots of women.

>> No.42425881

No, women just need to make everything about themselves all the time so they bullshitted this being sexual harassment and them being victims too.

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All the multisense art nowadays on cards sucks. I opened a jarquani jaguar yesterday and it smelled like nutmeg!

Mtg art was better when it was just cgi and they left it up to your imagination to fill in the sounds and smells

>> No.42426074

>This was made by the art director on the spot when they found out the night before sending the set to print they were missing art for this particular card.

So this piece of art made "on the spot" is STILL better than a poverty CGI drawing

I hope I never read this

>Meanwhile, Melissa del taco cheats in a game and gets away with it

Down with the patriarchy

>> No.42426087

Just like how /virgins need to make every thread on 4chan about how women ruin everything right?

>> No.42426147

Normally I'd agree with you, but his comment was directly relevant to the conversation. Ease that #trigger finger, partner.

>> No.42426281

Found the strong idependent wymn.
Dude was shaming people for having ill-fitting clothes, being in terrible shape and not caring enough to not flaunt it. And it would have been notthing more than a funny footnote if SJWs didn't make it about sexual harassment and fat-shaming because men aren't little bitches who demand people be fired for hurting their feels.

>> No.42426409

Daily reminder a man that literally raped someone at one one of these events is not banned.

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Note too that the man on the card is black.
Almost every strong-looking man in this latest set is black.

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Jaya Ballard's quotes were not amazing stuff.

>> No.42426685

Pretty sure you've got it completely twisted. People at the events got upset because it's kind of a fucked up thing to do. They were mocking random people for e-fame and lulz, even though the owners of the cracks might have been really cool dudes who didn't deserve that treatment.

If SJWs were involved, it was trying to hijack it to say "serves those MEN right" and "how do YOU like having your pictures of your ass taken without consent and put on the internet?".

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It occurred before gamer gate you fucking newfag. He got the ban because wizards didn't want people making fun of their ugliest players and get away with it.

Go the fuck back to /v and stay there

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if only they had more of this art on more playable cards

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Nils Hamm is the only current artist that uses digital means to make something that doesn't just look like shitty replaceable cgi shit.


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Ah I see, so you are an idiot. You forgot your sign, its fine, we understand. We keep a few spares around here just in case. Dont forget to leave home without it next time ok?

>> No.42427111

Wasn't Steve Argyle still working with WotC?

>> No.42427165

Sure, but he's shit. He fucks up lighting all the time.

>> No.42427514

>He got banned for it, probably because it fits under sexual harassment
Actually he got banned for it because the pros said he should be banned and magic is an old boys club now where have the design team is close friends with the current big name pros.

I mean what else do you expect to happen when you hire near exclusively from your pros?

>> No.42427573

If lighting is your primary concern, I don't think he's in that much trouble. Besides, his art is pretty good. He's apparently the reason that zendikar vampires have spider themes, from what I've heard.

>> No.42427635

He got banned because players playing in events should expect not to be photographed without their consent with the pictures then used online to mock them.

>> No.42427657

What? He did something that broke the rules, so he got banned. That's how it's supposed to work.

>> No.42427699

Eh, to be fair, we had to change the rules in his case. Because no one before him actually did shit like that. Which is why the rule he got banned for didn't exist before him.

>> No.42427701

Seb Mckinnon is my favorite new MtG artist, and the only one I know by name. I love artists whose style stands out so much I can recognize their work before reading the credit. Nielsen, Guay, Chippy, and Nils Hamm come to mind.

>> No.42427751

Actually thats untrue, in that particular usage the hall is considered public property and anyone can take a photo of anyone on the premise unless they have specific no photography signs up which I have never seen at an open or GP.

You have no right to privacy in that setting.

>> No.42427776

You sound like you know what you're talking about, and this isn't exactly a bullet proof source, but time.com's article says
>Commenting on the crack controversy, a Magic representative pointed us toward their guidelines for events, where they write, “Disrespectful, harassing or bullying behavior, whether onsite or online, is not welcome at Magic events and violates Magic tournament floor rules.” Creep-shotting players definitely falls into the no-go category.
Were those rules not already in place, or did they create an additional rule about taking photos and posting them on the internet?

>> No.42427788

That's true. But we can still decide who should be allowed to be playing in official tournaments. :^)

>> No.42427835

The rules aren't a list of "things you should not do at a tournament" etc. Whenever something happens that is new, we talk about it and find a solution. Someone photographing ass cracks was definitely not something we had on the list. But we found it necessary to put "Don't harass Magic players at our events or online" on the list because of that guy.

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You actually cannot claim harassment from his photos actually, there are no specifications of identity from his subjects.

The entire banning was 100% a public opinion bullshit spanned from idiots on twitter, Hell the guy never even intended them to become some public spectacle, they were something he showed to his team.

>> No.42427846

How deluded are you?

>> No.42427852

Can we all agree that Wayne Reynolds is the worst artist employed by WotC?

Also Foglio a great. Fuck the haters.

>> No.42427868

Well, he's still quite good when it comes to concept art. He's very fast at their world-building art sessions and draws a lot of cool shit on the fly.

>> No.42427941

>they're black

top kek

>> No.42427979

I thought the exact same fucking thing. Thats one of the few cards Ive seen in recent sets where the art has literally made me stop and think 'that looks so digitally made that its actually detracting from the card.'

I usually dont give a shit but that was my first thought as well, that it looks like some of the cheap digital art on pokemon cards made to hold a prepubescent childs attention for a few seconds.

It never really bothered me until now.

>> No.42427985


OP here.

It's not bland at all, it's an interesting and peculiar fact. Completely appropriate.

>> No.42427999

Literally modern day Faglios, I bet he makes shitty webcomics and erotica with that art style too.

>> No.42428122

>You actually cannot claim harassment from his photos actually, there are no specifications of identity from his subjects.
He can't be taken to court so that makes it okay? The intent of the photos was to mock people and have a laugh at their expense. It's unacceptable behavior, and they were right to ban him.

An official tournament is not your kitchen table.

>> No.42428150


You are quite right.

>> No.42428158

>He can't be taken to court so that makes it okay
No WOTC can ban anyone they want, this isn't up for debate.

But retards spout things like they had to ban him because he broke a rule when it was 100% because Turtenwald threw a hissy fit on twitter.

>> No.42428191

That's just indicative of typical corporate laziness. Shit that ought to get done won't get done until someone raises a stink in public.

>> No.42428209

The art is mostly fine, it's just an utter lack of composition. Ulamog takes up too much space, but nothing's properly centered, and the hedron ring is just uneven enough to look like they fucked up making it look even. The whole thing feels like it should either be zoomed in (on the hedrons) or they cropped it out of a bigger piece. CG has nothing to do with it - it looks like a screenshot not because it's digital, but because the scene wasn't laid out for a still frame. I'm not sure whether to blame the artist, or the art director handing down stupid dicta without realizing what art is supposed to look like.

>> No.42428221

Fear not. We didn't put the rule in place just because of one player. We put it in because it's a rule that makes sense. When you go to a tournament, your main concern should not be "I hope no one photographs me when I'm not looking and then puts it online".

>> No.42428224


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What about when actual harassment happened and everyone demanded they suspend turtenwald and wotc refused because hes buddies with them?

Was that also corporate laziness?

>> No.42428263

Or you just put no photography signs.
Like every other organization on the face on the planet with any amount of sense.

>> No.42428288

Or you can just pull up your goddamn pants like a decent human being.

>> No.42428304

Ban players photographing themselves with pros, artists, WotC employees, their decks etc. just because of one asshole? Nope. Not going to happen.

>> No.42428316

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that incident. Do you have a link?

>some dickwad takes inappropriate photos
>now no one can take photos
I don't think you thought this through.

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File: 85 KB, 620x450, 1154_mizzium-mortars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like Noah Bradley's art, and I'm really excited to collect his cycle of basic lands for BfZ.

>> No.42428342
File: 47 KB, 603x390, Salty Pros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just google goyfgate, pretty hilarious.

>> No.42428372

So untape your nuts, go up to the person, and ask them to pull their shirt down.

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>> No.42428441

I got the TS version of ancient grudge specifically to avoid that flavor text

>> No.42428442

Are you implying that something like that is hard to do?
Are you so socially inept that you can't even politely ask someone to stop being a fucking public obscenity?
Jesus christ you don't even have to be rude about it.
Just walk up to the guy, get real close, and say something like "Hey man sorry to interrupt your game but would you mind pulling up your pants?"
You can bet your ass I'll do it if I can see his asscrack in the corner of my eye every time I look at my hand.

>> No.42428496

Anon, that's exactly what I meant. If someone's ass is hanging out, you should do what you said, not take pictures of it and post it on the internet like a 12 year-old /b/-tard fishing for ebin lulz.

>> No.42428559

>This sword is for slaying eldrazi.
>This sword is for slaying people.

>> No.42428569


He's not even the worst Wayne that works for them.

Wayne England is a hundred times worse.

>Also Foglio a great. Fuck the haters.

The Foglios get hated on because despite having very mediocre work like several of Magic's early artists they have amazingly rabid fans.

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File: 28 KB, 223x310, story 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42428643
File: 30 KB, 223x310, story 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I like cards that kinda tell mini stories

>> No.42428651
File: 65 KB, 312x445, nullrod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that the Weatherlight Saga was the peak of Magic

The story was epic, cards depicted the story, and flavor text was excerpts from the story. Fat packs came with novels that you could read if you wanted to. You could discern a vague storyline by just reading the cards, almost like reading item descriptions in Dark Souls

Now, Magic is strictly a money-printing game that has nice artwork every so often, and the characters aren't so much characters but rather "mascots" to help push the product

>> No.42428654
File: 29 KB, 223x310, story 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42428655

Daily reminder that Wizards banned a man for a crime he had already served his sentence for.

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File: 33 KB, 223x310, vinelasher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is also a good one

>> No.42428681

Well, it's probably better than a zombie. A single human can still kill it.

>> No.42428686
File: 39 KB, 223x310, furnace celebration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42428751

It is gunna burn the fuck out of the human.

>> No.42428761
File: 68 KB, 312x445, 47[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still think this is one of the coolest cards just due to the flavor text and the scene depicted

Want to fix Magic? #BringbackUrza

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File: 74 KB, 312x445, Wave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 33 KB, 223x310, Minotaur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42428790

Why would he? He hasn't beat Drew Levin yet.

>> No.42428802

>card game
Pick one.

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File: 79 KB, 312x445, Doomed Traveler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Favorite combination of flavor text, art, and card name. They all coalesce together into an adorably spooky story.

>> No.42428861


Wait, what?

>> No.42428892

I think the Urza saga is pretty complete, man. As much as I'd like to see a return, it's complete as is.

Also, part of me would die to see Gerrard, Sissa, Volrath, Urza, etc as Planeswalkers. Karn is already one, but at least that makes sense kinda.

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Just reboot the shit out of it: Return to Time Spiral: Dominarian Boogaloo.

>> No.42429124

Game of Artifacts


>> No.42429160

I would be content with them remembering Tezzeret exists.

>> No.42429472

So the nerd collective decided to publicly Twitter-shame a dude because he opened a foil Gofy and decided to take the $500 card instead of the penny common that would have made his deck ever so slightly better?

>> No.42429562

>So the nerd collective
Incorrect, the vast majority of randoms agreed with the decision because we all know we would do the same thing.

It was the pros and his own teammates who were massive faggots about it.

>> No.42429677

Reynolds is the mastermind behind some awesome stuff like the aesthetics of Cathars and Naya elves.
His art is not the best, but his concept art is 10/10.

>> No.42429715

Always blame the art director, it's the one person that had the chance to say "Nigga, this is shit, change it!"

>> No.42429743


>black people demanding reparations

There are some things that are universal to all planes of existence.

>> No.42429763

I didn't know Bendis wrote Flavor Text

>> No.42429799

Steve "Plastic Skin" Argyle?

>> No.42429812

It's worth a lot more than $500 now. It sold for thousands.

>> No.42429819

Innistrad was 10/10 flavor, then Avacyn happened.

>> No.42429822


so they released a set with no immersion.

yeah, they aren't going that anymore.

>> No.42429823


It looks like a boss battle from some really crappy RPG that /v/ hates

>> No.42429831

Reminder that you're wearing rose-tinted glasses and that the Weatherlight Saga was shit that literally involved a wacky, fourth-wall-breaking insert of the head of Storyline who saved the day by erasing the original ending in which Yawgmoth won.

>> No.42429844

Urza "Let me just join Yawgmoth" Planeswalker? That Urza?

>> No.42429906

What's the deal with the Avacyn set, anyway? I'm a casual Magic player and observer, generally picking the game up and putting it down every few years, but I've heard this before on /tg/.

>> No.42429947
File: 739 KB, 1262x720, https%3A%2F%2F41.media.tumblr.com%2F2047050b36b7f12ae3f6df54057f0577%2Ftumblr_ni6nrh6Q0J1qa94xto4_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Niggas couldn't keep up with the draft

I like avacyn draft, I must be retarded

>> No.42429948

Ignoring the fact that the set was godawful and considered one of if not the worst sets to draft of all time?

They went from a gothic horror block to a set with literally nothing but angels and demons. There was like 1 zombie and 1 vampire in the whole set.

The whole flavor of the set pulled a 180 and was abrupt as hell.

>> No.42429956


The angels and demons theme simmering in the first 2 sets in the plane spilled forth and wiped out the dark shadowy themes.

>> No.42430004

>Horror set filled with spooky creatures
>A set tribal for each color combination
>With humans banding together to defeat the monsters
The Hellvault promotion was hilariously terrible too.

>> No.42430016


Angels are the Space Marines of M:tG.

>> No.42430029

This, and it was boring as shit.
Survival in a gothic horror setting was refreshing and had a morbidly dumb sense of humor that made you feel just how fucked people were, and then boom 100% angels vs demons as if we didn't have decades worth of that in fiction already.

>> No.42430042

>Avacyn falls, everyone evil dies.

>> No.42430097

Only because of the controversy after the fact. When he made the choice, that Goyf was worth $500.

>> No.42430107

>that Goyf was worth $500
It would have easily been a grand even without the controversy.

The top 8 stamp of the biggest magic tournament to have existed would have seen to that

>> No.42430141

at least the Fatlios actually draw something, with a pen and paper, rather than click a bunch of vectors into some non-Euclidean mess and call it a day.

>> No.42430253

Phil does all right, his work isn't half bad
But he's an enormously swollen-headed cunt

>> No.42431216

Showing your fucking asscrack like it's nothing is unacceptable behavior to me. Either have a diet or wear a fucking belt, geez.

I miss Kamigawa : Melancholy weirdness boogaloo.

Wayne Reynolds?
Are you serious? The guy can threw some amazing art like it's nothing. I'll take 15 Reynolds over 75% of the magic art cast.

>> No.42431293

There's more than one multiverse (for example, our universe isn't a plane on Dominia), so maybe our grizzlies are just that much worse than theirs.

>> No.42431296

For the longest time, that picture looked to me like Urza clinging onto the wall, and Gerrard clinging to him with his knees. It still does, but I know what it actually is now.

>> No.42431327

Yeah I can vouch for that
That's pretty good.

>> No.42431335

At this point all color combinations have their flavor text patterns. This fits the RW thematic of "soldier guy" doesn't it?

>> No.42431381

R/W is less "soldier guy" and more "militia that owes its loyalty more to its ideals than to the state."

>> No.42431782

Words by poets are not limited to our world, they can just as easily be applied to another, albeit fictional, one.

>> No.42431847
File: 249 KB, 750x1046, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is flavor text 2015
This is the future you chose

>> No.42432116

>top-down blocks should follow the pop culture understanding of the source material

Literally the PLEBEST of pleb-tier opinions. I get that Wizards and Hasbro are businesses, it's in their nature to want to attract customers but to have some fuck nut actually congratulate them for doing as little as possible to make a setting interesting, virtually copy-pasting Greek myth into card form, rather than using it as inspiration to do their own work (e.g. Lorwyn), that just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

>> No.42432375

>Theros is fascinating to me
Holy shit, it's been a long time since I've raged this hard.
And I'm looking at you, America.

>> No.42433253

Makes me cry like a bitch.


>> No.42435625

Its the future you chose.

>> No.42435865
File: 41 KB, 700x525, 1441073262260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lowryn was basically loose welsh mythology you stupid cunt. Unless you notice anything but phyrexia/mirrodin, Zendikar, and Alara in modern is basically ripped off of from somewhere else. Kamigawa rips off Japan, Ravnica and Fiora are renaissance italy. Innistrad is literally Draculian Romania, and Tarkhir is straight up Mongolia.

If you want an original feel to a set, expect it to be bland and boring unless your willing to base it off of source material so quit your bitching fuckboy

>> No.42436001 [DELETED] 

Underrated post

>> No.42436279

>Burma is Mongolia
>Siberia is Mogolia
>Turkey is Mongolia
>Tibet is Mongolia

Sure glad I got this great lesson in Geography on /tg/ today.

>> No.42436428

It explicitly is.

>> No.42436504

Try learning anything at all about writing. There's more to fiction than being serious or not serious.

>> No.42436527

Nope, it's bland.

>> No.42436586

World-building isn't automatically interesting, especially when you do a shitty job of it like on that card.

"Soldiers are forged in war" is generic, but it's not neutral. It's what a child thinks good writing is.

>> No.42436633

>sees some bullshit that looks like it came straight from deviantart

>compares it to actual art

fucking kill yourself.

>> No.42436710

They do ruin everything.

>> No.42436739

Daily reminder that rape victims always deserve it, and probably enjoyed it anyway.

>> No.42436759

Your opinion is wrong.

>> No.42436760


OP's card isn't wacky. It's just shit.

>> No.42436783

I don't get it. Women don't have privacy rights because they're women. If they wanted privacy, why didn't they choose to be born as the other gender?

>> No.42436883

It's neither interesting or peculiar.

>> No.42436907

But exposing yourself in public is okay right?

Wotc doesn't give a shit about rules, legality, or morality, they banned him because it was either ban one wallet or ban a lot of wallets.

>> No.42436922

What is art supposed to look like?

>> No.42436936

>this faggot keeps using "we" like he thinks anyone is buying that he's a part of anything

>> No.42436943

>Tarkir is Mongolia
>mountainous monasteries, jungles of gold and spice and wealth, tundra and forest, deserts, grassland/steppe
>disregarding the inclusion of Tibet, SE Asia, Siberia, and Turkey

>Ravnica [is] ... renaissance Italy
>literally Slovenian for "plain"
>Names like Orzhov, Agrus Kos, Simic
>Polish/Czech architecture
Fucking embarrassing.

I mean, your point is sound, but you really beefed it on the examples. Also Lorwyn/Shadowmoor best plane anyway.

>> No.42436967
File: 58 KB, 312x445, Doran.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, and can I just say that Doran's flavor text is some of my favorite ever? Honestly, this whole card is its own little masterpiece.

>> No.42437001
File: 842 KB, 1920x1120, GP_Prague.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ravnica is Fantasy Prague, not Italy.

>> No.42437010


>> No.42437035
File: 132 KB, 401x550, MAGIC-EX-HATRED-LP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how you do serious flavor text.

>> No.42437067

it has a nice little rhythm to it, seems like it could be a couple lines from a longer poem that soldiers enjoy.

>> No.42437194
File: 649 KB, 3711x313, slo4ROy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really dig the Lovesong of Night and Day. It would be cool to see them attempt a flavor detail across so many cards like this again.

>> No.42437214

Or, he's familiar with the source material, and still finds it fascinating.

>> No.42437236


>Kamigawa rips off Japan
>well done

>Ravnica and Fiora are renaissance italy
>confirmed for not knowing shit about italy

>> No.42437262

By trying to sound like a 12-year-old fanfiction writer?


>> No.42437311

>Blame it on America!

And I think the biggest problem with Theros's lore was that all of its actual deviations from what could be expected were tied to bad mechanics or cards (Bestow, Inspired, Heroic, I'm lookin' at you) or just outright not available just by looking at the cards.
The whole thing about their weird starry enchantment god-realm was pretty cool to me, ditto their take on apotheosis.

>> No.42438208

heroic is cool.

>> No.42438359

I thought it was too bland. It didn't hit the flavor they wanted: explicitly, it was supposed to feel like they were heros being bestowed by favors of the gods, (esp. with Bestow), but in practice they were only ever used with the instants and sorceries you were playing on your creatures anyway.
Hell, I once won a game by bolting my own Arena Athlete to swing lethal, which I don't think really fits the flavor of anything.

>> No.42438529
File: 1.67 MB, 868x757, Real-life GMPC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, I see you know the natural order of things.

>> No.42438665
File: 89 KB, 819x460, RER paint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42440579
File: 2.26 MB, 1920x1070, 1355460359348.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he went to uni for writing

>> No.42440645

Someone actually once wrote a couple of articles detailing Magic flavour text, including how the Love Song of Night and Day came to be (bonus neckbeard-rustling fact: it was written by a woman) and why flavour text is generally so godawful (spoilers: no one at Wizards is interested in such genuine creativity because it takes away from cranking out generic bullshit):

>> No.42440718

>it was supposed to feel like they were heros being bestowed by favors of the gods
That may be the case for enchantments, but heroism can also come from overcoming great trials. Like the twelve labours of Heracles.

I think getting bolted fits that.

>> No.42441904
File: 538 KB, 1508x1000, 1424200543663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stoopid kunt
>cannot into Ravnica or Tarkir (no H, silly)

>> No.42442086

You good sir are so damn right.

>> No.42442102


A bit too artsy for me, but nevertheless damn good articles. Thanks anon.

>> No.42442309

Compare it to Exalted.
"Everyone believes in you Timmy"
Now Timmy is a 13/13 trampling doublestriker.

>> No.42442333
File: 61 KB, 312x445, 164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42442347

They kinda tried it again with Elspeth's trials in Theros but it was so boring and on such lame cards that when you realized it wasn't an old legend but what was currently going on, you weren't filled with awe or interest for it's conclusion, you just didn't care.

>> No.42442373
File: 74 KB, 312x445, 34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42442430

>rather than using it as inspiration to do their own work (e.g. Lorwyn)
>missing the point this hard
It's fine if they take inspiration but theros was stupid and tacky as shit.

>> No.42442454

...so Bant was actually the shounen protagonist subplane all along?

>> No.42442501

>We learned our mistakes from making our best block in terms of flavor (lorwyn is also a respectable position) people want absolute shit writing and worse gameplay.

>> No.42442505

The thing is that some of it WAS an old legend, and some of it was Elspeth's trials, because there've been many Sun's Champions in the past and Elspeth is just the most recent one. It's pointed out in the Uncharted Realms article where Ajani and Brimaz talk

>> No.42442662

>doesn't understand that the art has greater value when it contrasts well with the other pieces of magic art.
>doesn't realize that it creates the feeling it's suppose to invoke while looking nice and being memorable.
It would literally be preferable to have fucking 5 year olds draw some percent of the cards than to have the artistic monotony that they have now.

>> No.42443143

I alwasy thought it was funny how it becomes a better creature when it dies.

>> No.42443955

It really needs a reprint with the flavor text "I wish I could hate you to DEATH"

>> No.42444132

>one terrible piece of flavortext
Have you ever heard of sample size, anon?

>> No.42444448

>"Soldiers are forged in war" is generic, but it's not neutral. It's what a child thinks good writing is.
It's just bland. It's not tryhard, and it's not edgy. It's the result of zero effort.

>> No.42445064

but he died tho

>> No.42445089

>shounen subplane
>no red

>> No.42445153


>> No.42445198
File: 23 KB, 382x308, MasterDecoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yourself.

>> No.42445296
File: 71 KB, 312x445, 1439848674266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my favorites. Yojimi is up there too.

>> No.42445467
File: 57 KB, 312x445, obliterate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42445779

Easily my all-time favorite

>> No.42445838
File: 65 KB, 312x445, APOCALYPSE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's pretty damn impressive, especially if you also know the lore behind it. Pic related is another red mass destruction spell with some pretty heavy flavor text.

>> No.42445861

>a fun guy
For you.

>> No.42445929
File: 70 KB, 312x445, ruination.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red mass removal spells in general seem to be pretty well-written.

>> No.42445934

>(bonus neckbeard-rustling fact: it was written by a woman)
Why do you think anyone cares?

>> No.42446024

The art really makes this, with worse art I might even cringe at the flavor text but the art sells it.
The flavor text of this never really made any sense (who is the shadow?) but it has really good tone to make up for it.

>> No.42446038
File: 30 KB, 223x310, Image (13).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this one

>> No.42446088

That's true. They're shit, but at leas they're shit on paper.

Boy, you sure showed me.

>> No.42446156


... Abzan are Turkish?


>> No.42446160

Reminder that flavor text writing is something wotc does constantly for every set- they send people completed cards / their designs and ask them to write three flavor texts for each- sometimes they send the entire fucking set.

And they get many people to do this every set.

And we still get this generic awful shit

>> No.42446179


It's a pretty good tree pun done dead serious.

>> No.42446203

It's almost like grabbing up random mooks with zero coherence of vision or direction is not conducive to creative, meaningful writing.

>> No.42446224

The shadow is Urza

>> No.42446259


Are you sure?

>> No.42446396

Comic book writer. Bit of a hack I'm told. I wouldn't know. I try not to expose myself to shit.

>> No.42446562

>wear a fucking belt, geez.
Take it from a fa/tg/uy, belts don't help if your jeans don't fit right. When you're a fatty, finding jeans that fit is nearly impossible.
inb4 just lose weight. Yeah buddy, I know. But if you can't be fat and play magic, there's literally no acceptable hobby left on Earth.

>> No.42446611

I'm pretty sure a few of the guys in the pictures actually were wearing belts, demonstrating your point. It seemed like the real problem was that their shirts were too short, or were scrunched up against the backs of the chairs.

>> No.42446635

I want a return to Innistrad with MORE real world influence actually. Maybe some Slavic and Baltic cryptids and mosters can make an appearance.

>> No.42446765

Yeah, exactly. Sometimes there's chairs that pull your pants down and your shirt up. It's hard out here for a tubby.

>> No.42446822

who gives a shit, all that matters is how good the card is

i only even give a shit about the pictures so i can identify the card at a distance

>> No.42446924

I feel the same way.

But I'm willing to say that 90% of players playing this game care very deeply about meaningless shit like flavor and art even if it's shit they eat it up.

I care about the art and flavor too but Wizards very obviously doesn't give a fuck about something as basic as continuity. The return to Mirrodin, Ravnica and Zendikar shows that clearly.

Card mechanics haven't been particularly inspiring either.

>> No.42446974
File: 131 KB, 500x333, 1422320589478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42447028

As a burgeoning chub, I like to tuck in a light undershirt, then put a decent shirt on top, usually left unbuttoned.

It can get kind of hot in the summer, but them's the breaks.

>> No.42447223

Some of them have decent vision i.e. >>42440645 but get ignored by everyone else to the point where he makes several articles which make it clear that he regularly cries due to how terrible the company is.

>> No.42447424

For some reason, wearing an undershirt makes my shirts ride up. I'm past the point of being able to to tuck the outer shirt, so I'm just S.O.L.
I'm taking steps to get a handle on my weight, but jeans and polos (only thing I can wear without feeling like a fool) aren't great sportswear.

>> No.42447504
File: 157 KB, 650x560, Ganbatte, anon-kun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe in you.

>> No.42447641

>I have no response so I'm going to strawman you

Foglio was not Magic's best artist, though I'll admit that Orcish Librarian was pretty funny.

I'm more of a Mark Tedin, I dare you to even try and argue against that one

Dan Frazier and Anson Maddocks are favorites of mine as well

Ian Miller's art I also really like but MtG just wasn't for him

>> No.42447837

Not only is it cliched as all hell, but they completely botched it anyways. It would have been much better if it were:
"Great steel is born in the hottest forges, as are great soldiers" or some such. As it's written, it would better apply to a soldier that doesn't use weapons, as the disconnect in sentences implies that they're separate things.

>> No.42448007

What? It's a simple analogy.

>> No.42448150

>They groan'd, they stirr'd, they all uprose,
Nor spake, nor moved their eyes;
It had been strange, even in a dream,
To have seen those dead men rise.

>> No.42448252

Still one of the best.

>> No.42448314

You know, I had a feeling that people saying all the art and flavor text in Magic is going to shit were just whiny, nostalgic assholes, but this thread pretty much confirms it. Thanks.

>> No.42448589

Nobody cares cupcake, nice blog post tho

>> No.42448635
File: 34 KB, 223x310, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time for intellectual black flavor text!

>> No.42448663
File: 27 KB, 226x311, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42448688

You clearly didn't even read the post. I understand that, I'm saying that it was horrendously written. If you honestly can't see how horrible the flavor text is, you're not old enough to be on this board.

>> No.42448698
File: 28 KB, 223x310, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42448770

I'm not saying it's good, but "Great steel is born in the hottest forges, as are great soldiers" is even worse. Much worse.

>> No.42448790
File: 31 KB, 223x310, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42448833
File: 28 KB, 226x311, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42448855
File: 36 KB, 200x146, 1380860945994.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that flavor text

Oh come here bro

>> No.42448961
File: 34 KB, 223x310, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because that would involve direct confrontation.

B-b-but Kamigawa was great for flavor.


>> No.42449080

Pokemon's cards have gotten better on some cards. But still not as good as most of Magic's art.

>> No.42449090


Best art.

Best flavor.

>> No.42449121

I don't actually mind this too much. The art style seems appropriate for the underwater shot. It may be drifting into uncanny valley territory, but not enough to make me complain yet.

Also I have a soft spot for kraken shots that show their scale.

>> No.42449186

I'm with you, anon.

>> No.42449439
File: 13 KB, 200x285, 36439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would not mess with that guy.

>> No.42449821
File: 30 KB, 226x311, Everytim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.42450027

A good card with good art and good flavor text is better than a good card with shit art/text or both.

>> No.42450068

The seething hate between the Vec and the Keld helps a lot.

>> No.42450439

Because of ethics in Magic setting design. Women are inherently unethical so we should avoid having them anywhere in the industry.

>> No.42452473

Just imagine David Attenborough saying it.

>> No.42452579

I remember Avacyn drafts being short on creatures. Everyone would grab them as soon as they could it you'd end up with nothing. It really wasn't worth a large set, there was enough padding already for a small set.

>> No.42452607

The draft format was overly simplistic, especially compared with the great format that was triple INN and that had preceeded it. Avacyn draft was in many ways worse than drafting Core Sets at the time.

>> No.42452636

>The whole flavor of the set pulled a 180 and was abrupt as hell.
Yes, this as well. As much as Maro likes to moan about how ROE was to mechanically disconnected from the rest of Zendikar it sure as hell didn't feel as bad as the flavour disconnect between Innistrad and Avacyn Restored.

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