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>no civ thread general
blasphemy...anyways topic question

What do you want to see in your civ's /tg/?do you want a tribal/sticks and stones caveman type tier(personal favorite, although im not sure how to run it)?do you want a bronze age?

also, do you like political aspects? would you like to see some in a civ game?

also, DO you want tech/research to be automatically with ideas that even you may "branch off" (with CM's consent)

How high/low fantasy magic do you want it?

and finally should there be "magi-tek" or guns?

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>also, DO you want tech/research to be automatically with ideas
....say that again?

Guns? There's definitely a wide range of tactics and strategies that still applies to guns, but I don't know how versed /tg/ is on those to keep it just as interesting as other forms of combat.

I'd love to try magi-tek, but that's a pretty involved process and I need time to work it out whether as player or CM.

I don't really know what I want in a civ these days, been bogged down by work pretty badly. I'm sure that if a mechanic plays badly, it shouldn't exist, but at the end of the day it's the players that make a civ.

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>and finally should there be "magi-tek" or guns?

Why not both?

>do you want a tribal/sticks and stones caveman type tier

YES, fuck yes. Anything becomes better when it gets transported to the Neolithic.

>also, do you like political aspects? would you like to see some in a civ game?

I'd like to see some more internal political aspects. Too many civ threads are just the players commanding a perfectly obedient troupe of (insert fantasy race here). There's very little internal strife, or power struggles, or divergent ideologies within a civilization. In my opinion, that's not very realistic, or challenging, or even fun.

Honestly, the thing I'd like to see the most is a scaled-down Neolithic Human Civ quest, with more focus on narrative than resource management as you would be starting out with a very small (~10) group. Kind of wander around as nomads by necessity for a while, then get to the civ construction part after the PC has cemented their rule.

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I'm new here, how does this work I pick a civilization then what?

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>Why not both
This. Guns should be one of the first applications of magi-tek. That and airships.

Personally, I'm a fan of space opera, but I'd kill for some magical flying diesel engine battleships. I actually once made a rather detailed setting with that kind of stuff centered around trans-dimensional aether ships cruising the void between planet sized pocket universes, with each 'world' essentially being a kind of inverted earth.

What? No, this is a general for the planning and discussion of civ threads, it's not a civ thread itself.

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>Guns should be one of the first applications of magi-tek

Agreed, even if you're only using magic to, say, make perfectly rifled barrels or aerodynamic / special effect munitions.

>That and airships.

What. No. I mean, yeah, airships are cool and all, but you really think that massive floating fortresses would be one of the FIRST combinations of magic and technology in a setting?

I'd say long-distance communications would probably be second behind explosives / weapons a la gunpowder or magitek rifles.

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In all seriousness, would anyone be interested in a Neolithic Human Civ Quest?

That idea's been bouncing around in my head all afternoon, I'm thinking of giving it a go.

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I mean the first thing implemented when making the setting. Of course, depending on how the magic works, basic aircraft could still be an early creation. Floating fortresses would still take a while obviously.

If it were a tech tree, I'd actually start with basic arcane tradition for wizard spells, and then arcane analysis for adding in the science, which would telegraphs, guns, and the light bulb, magical materials research, and animated mechanization research, which would both be needed for airships, while the first would unlock cannons and improved armor and weapons, while the second would unlock repeating rifles and arcane engines.

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I think you would need separate branches on that hypothetical tree for both scientific and magical advancement, only having the two disciplines come to a confluence once enough about each has been understood to meaningfully combine them.

Like, in order to gain a complete understanding of microbiology, you need to have prerequisite knowledge in both biology and chemistry. If you're lacking in one or the other, you have only a very partial grasp of the topic.

Same goes for combining magic and tech, I think. You'd need to have expert mages colluding with brilliant scientists, each learning enough about the other's field of study to find a workable middle ground.

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I know you're proud of that autistic cumdump you created but you need to stop showing it to everyone, anon.

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Do it

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Well that's why the start of the tech tree would be standard spell magic. Knowing how magic works is required to start shoving it into batteries and dynamos.

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sorry crog, i meant "should research be automatic, and if so, should players be able to still branch off them with their own ideas"

>internal political aspects, interesting idea, reminds me of something that would happen would gnoll females or the like

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Ghoul Civ Quest tomorrow

Starting off with Fang deciding how to progress in shadow magic. Rescued a half-eaten Bug and slaughtered a bunch of other bugs

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do it

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Stop feeding the troll.

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Creativity isn't trolling.

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hey gises, i'm making 2 civs, one with scorpion ppl on jungle (deathstalkers) and other with blue slime that can infect people if eaten on swamp. i'm already using hexmap and have the creatures stats ready, any tips?

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Alright, setting and leader generation tomorrow afternoon PST.

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Of course, it's just the last 3 times that it ran were really good only to end before a week was even over.

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>One thing that I personally would like to see more of is longer posts that have world building and descriptive texts. When it's just something like "A group of men travel outwards and scout the nearby lands. They draw up this map. you haven't set up a city yet, so you're not on there yet, but you're currently stood in the middle of the badlands, in the center of the map."

>You could have done something like describing what's in each cardinal direction from you in detail, and go on about the land, what creatures you see, and then add something to bait further options in the world like, "Your scout can hear a ferocious roar coming from the forest. Shivering with fear, the scout returns to camp unable to scout any further." This could come into play 10 turns later when one player remembers that something was in the forest and you finally have a military to scout it out, or if you think a sufficient time has passed and the threat suddenly stumbles out of the forest and into your town.

>Having the players roll the dice for you, further engages them into the game and allows them to feel the effects of their roll directly.
If something goes wrong in the next scene and they know it was because they rolled a 1, then they will try and come up with ideas to prevent that from happening in the future.

>When the players also write in something intelligent for the characters/civ to do, the CMs usually add bonus points to the roll in order to accommodate a well made plan.

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I love it when people actually come up with ACTUAL interesting ideas for Civs. So much fun

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I done did an insect civ previously. Was my first one, I forgot to ask the players what they thought and if there were things I could improve. If you guys read this give me your thoughts. ALL of your thoughts, thanks.


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How many times has a non-machine civ ever actually gone past the renaissance era? Is there a good way to balance civ games between tech/mag. progression and how much time each turn takes?

I wanna play with all the intricacies that transitioning from a non-industrial civ to an industrial one may incur, or at least include an industrial era race at one point.

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i actually like your insect civ, it reminded me of a very short one i did to test my new (the op image) template(feel free to use if you want as well)

as far as i know, CyclopsOp was (one of the only ones?) to ever go from rudimentary cavemen era to about steam power/engines before he left (rip)

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I like this quest, been rolling in both threads. What is it with bugs and nat 20s?

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They love'em. Too many nat 20's.

I mean, i'd like for the civ to become strong and powerful. Though not that quickly... xD

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You've already got a few anons in there talking some pretty serious battle tactics. I think the warpath is happening soon.

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Aye, the blacks need to die.

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One of the things I personally like about bug civs is the economy. They require some math and numbers, managing food production and caste system of various specialized insects. Often in civs the GM pits you against equal or superior forces but winning as the underdog. In bug civs it should be the opposite with you overwhelming them 5 to 1 even, losing a third, and not giving a fuck since you'll get those back in 3 turns. Other things I like is the ability to customize your units in greater detail, and of course glorification of the hive/queen for roleplaying purposes.

It's not far from the hive queen quests if you've seen them.

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That's racist

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Love Hive Queen. Love GodKing's Bug Civ.

That said, I'm disappointed that no one is running a Human Civ quest, so I'll be running char-gen and setting-gen tomorrow.

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I should have a look at them. Glory to the queen!

I enjoyed having the collectors be terribad at flight... Then the anons wanted advanced flight xD

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They had to, imo. Not taking flight on floating islands is like not learning how to sail or fish on regular islands.

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I'm thinking of interesting events that could occur. Any ideas?

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A massive storm moves over the floating islands.

Tengu from the next island over launch an exploratory party to our island.

An ambassador arrives from the gator-folk.

It turns out that the island itself has some primitive sentience, and one of our psyker drones opened a line of communication with it accidentally.

We learn that our species is actually from outer space.

I mean, there's tons of wacky shit you could do.

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>It turns out that the island itself has some primitive sentience, and one of our psyker drones opened a line of communication with it accidentally.

Something attempted to come into the hivemind, culturally it would have been an action to allow it through. I noted it on one of the turns. Bwahaha.

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Personally, I like how instead of the underdog, you get to be the dominating empire. Immunity to morale in battle, unquestioning loyalty, unmatched efficiency, ect ect. It lets you start with humble beginnings and quickly work your way up to zerging the fuck out of everything while acting like a cheeky shit to anyone you're not in the mood to eat.

Of course, then you need to write in enemies that are actually able to pose a threat. Something that can't just be out-numbered or out-produce. It's like playing a 3.5 dnd campaign where you're a city of wizards fighting other wizard cities, but there are also a bunch of martial towns all over pretending to be big shots.

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Other civs acting and not just waiting for us
Natural events, like floods, hurricanes or sand storms that prevent flight. A temporary migration of birds that are a lucrative food source. Some prime neutral carnivore showing up and wrecking our shit, etc.

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Mycenae can be pretty scary to bugs. There are also alliances of different civs.


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Right now the blacks are in a panic, they don't want to be killed or enslaved you know? So they're doing... Something. Thou shalt not know yet. Bwahaha.

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>be very descriptive
Got it.

>give bonus for nerds
Will be hard since im gonna plan ahead rather than improvise, but will do.

>have player roll
This way they will always vote for the suggestion with higest roll and disregard idea.
You mean after they vote and take the first roll yes? ok

Anything regarding food consuption, production through hunting and fishing, and pesant morale?
It may be a big population later on.

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There was the /pol/ civ, best and funniest civ i ever saw

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Hey Civ generals! Lately I have been doing other stuff for Skirmish games but here is the reminder (and shameless self promotion) that the 45 civ event cards are still freely available for you guys to use to spice up your civ threads.

All cards available for download here, the only problem is that the order got mixed up when I do the upload to imgur.

Or if you have other ideas and wish your players to draw a card here is an assorted screenshots wit ha different sized card hands

Remember there are no rules for using these you can use them freely as you wish, interpret their effects as it fits the situation. Or make up your own rules.

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Very nice.

-Grants the drawfag a virtual and metaphorical cookie-

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I use a few rules of thumb when it comes to research, but they're just what I use.

Allows players to research without spending all their actions to do so, while ALSO hardcapping research. Nothing is more boring than having every game be a rush for that one tech that breaks everything.

"Idea" actions solve the problem in a different way, but no less effectively(although perhaps lacking in a structure that encourages write-ins).

>branching off and write-ins
Of course! Why ever not? The question has never been "should", but "how" to encourage good write-in research.

>NEVER make research that gives you more actions
Again, because it becomes the obvious choice and nothing else will ever be picked. When the game becomes less about what techs you got and more about "how many turns did you waste before getting this one crucial tech", then there's no meaning to the tech.

>Don't make tech that allows more/better tech research
Also true for the above reason, but less so. The other major factor is that for every techline you write, you are increasing your workload without player input. If you aren't careful, you'll shoot yourself in the foot when you need to write 5 different technological achievements in one update.

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I wonder if allowing the insect colony to gain magic in some strange way would be a good idea...

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I'd be against it for anyone other than the queen to have magic

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We seem to have a completely different set of CMs these days, so I think this question has regained relevance:

How do you do magic? What are the mechanics? What does it require to be cast or improved? How common is it among player units and among enemies? How powerful can they be, and how versatile?

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Not a fucking clue. The insect civ was my first one, I just worked out the shit as I was going along.

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I'm with this anon. I think it'd be weird and maybe scary for individual bugs to have magic although in this civ (which is awesome btw GodKing) the bugs do have some psyonic power. Perhaps the queen could have magic and maybe send it out through the bugs via the hivemind

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I'm thinking of having a special type of bug that requires mana crystals to be consumed into the eggs birth, in order for the specialty type to use magic. It might come up in a choice. Possibly

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Don't I know it, that's why I was sure to included them.

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What about a "Royal" caste that can use magic or advanced psionic powers? There would have to be a limit to how many the bugs can make

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Prehistoric Human Tribe Quest is live!


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Or just make them expensive and require rare resources.

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Part 44 of Ghoul Civ is up, come and join!

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Welp, no ghouls tonight I guess. Hope folks show up Saturday

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