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>occult Bestiary
>scan scan scan?

But seriously, can you post the Munavri if not the whole pdf?

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Can't post the PDF yet, should be up in the next couple days. Glad to upload pages, though.

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And since we're posting "playable" races, let's grab the Samsaran too.

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Xth for lewd character concepts that work in a regular game. Is there anything that /pfg/ can think of that might be your fetish, but could easily be sneaked into a normal character?

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Depends what you classify as lewd or a fetish. Someone who really likes MILFs could play a MILF and get away with it easily, but it might not be considered lewd or fetishistic to do so.

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Futa can probably get along just fine as long as they tuck in (if they wear anything tight), or wear clothes loose enough.

Cuntboys aren't likely to attract much attention unless they wear something tight.

Muscled women can work just fine if your character class justifies it (front-line fighter).

Teenage and younger people can work just fine, especially if they're in support roles.... long as they aren't lewd.

Homosexuals would need their attraction toned down, I suppose.

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Personally I find it easier to come up with a character, then look at what they can do and think of how it could be turned to lewd purposes.

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Threadly reminder that the Munavri are the latest and greatest puppets of the aboleth, and are merely permitted to believe in their pastel-punk CG sue-ciety.

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Anyone with /expansion/ or its opposite, /compression/ (or their spell counterparts, /enlarge/ and /reduce person/, which can be cast on others, but don't scale).

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Ignoring all flavor of the class, what are some interesting justifications for making everyone a gestalt kineticist?

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so, if folks have their hands on the occult stuff, hows the kineticist types handle now? i remember fire getting the shitty end of the stick in particular during the playtest

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Elemental-based setting. Restrict players to Suli, Ifrits, Undines, Oreads, and Sylphs <3

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Ladyknights. I sure do love me some ladyknights.

Maids, particularly as cohorts and whatnot.

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It's set in the world of AtLA.

The world is populated entirely by the genie-kin races.

Kineticist abilities can be activated by ingesting some kind of drug or potion, relatively easy to get, but with dangerous side effects, like Galerians.

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you're playing Avatar and cant be assed to use a better system.

your setting isnt a simple world in space, it's a nexus of all the elemental plains--floating islnads hovering over an endless sea, with a boundless sky above (and large eclipsed gates to the planes of fire and positive energy to act as a "sun"). time is charted by the orbits of the islands and proximity to certain planar gates. airship travel is recommended, since flying between islands can be exhausting or impossible, depending on weather and roaming monsters

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A voyeur who becomes a Diviner.

An exhibitionist who becomes an Illusionist.

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Whats the strongest monster in the occult Bestiary, highest CR ?

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Anything you can do with the /metamorphosis/ power line.

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Really, almost anything that could be someone's fetish could be worked into a game without alerting others IF the person in question were subtle about it and didn't shove their kink in everyone's face. If they keep it on the down-low and don't really bring it up in game, I don't care if one of the other players is jacking off after he gets home from every session.

Anyway, it's not one of my fetishes, but a lot of people are into mind control or transformations, and either one of those can easily be indulged by a wizard or sorcerer.

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Do you like your ladyknights with yandere wizard, or asshole knight archenemies?

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Also, first for Thean Tagonist.

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This literally never happens. There's a reason That Guy is a meme that exists. If you have some weird fetish about your kitsune sorceress temple prostitute of Calistria and you think to yourself, "Yes, I am being classy about this. Everyone is OK with playing with me," you are 200% wrong.

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there's even ways to get bonuses from running around naked (that shitty new cleric AT, and that one celestial obedience that gives you cha to AC if you're wearing revealing clothing or no clothing at all)

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Just a quick update on Steelforge:

I've gotten most of DrowAnon's Nonmagical Item Enhancement system set and tested. It is in its final editing pass, and will probably be in the main document tonight or tomorrow.

For those of you who have seen the document, I probably won't be doing Drawbacks, due to how tricky cost reductions are to actually balance out. Advanced Upgrades may be coming later, but need to be looked at MUCH more closely than the standard system.

As for the rest of his submission, two of the special materials are already on the document (Abyssium and Celesteel), with the others in discussion right now. Holy and Unholy Burst, I'm formatting for inclusion.

Anyway, from my own side of things, I've added a note to the Axiom that item-like effects made by abilities, such as a Soul Weapon or Astral Suit, count as being crafted by him and can be Bonded. Some item save DCs were corrected, as were some editing issues.

I'll be here for a while, so if you have any questions, fire away!

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AT whassat? Archetype?

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Currently GMing Iron Gods and my players are on their way to Silverdisk Hall. We have a paladin of Abadar in the group. What's the old Jew god's opinion on his paladins enjoying a little gambling?

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Aren't those the Exalted rules from BoED?

Look for Encyclopaedia Arcane: Nymphology

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I've actually been doing that second with a spherecaster for almost two months now.

The other players still don't know

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shrug. the celestial obedience feat/classes are from some paizo book or other that's supposed to go with the WotR path

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Riven Hourglass for Time Stop

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Question, does Celesteel with Holy/Holy Burst still only damage evil foes? Does the same also apply to Abyssium+Unholy/Unholy Burst?
Also, gods thank you for making a material that is all-round good to have in weapons.

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love riven hourglass

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What the fuck is this

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A Path of War discipline from Dreamscarred Press.


>Time exists. No one can deny this fact that time inexorably marches forward and brings all things to crumbling ruin, to death, and to dissolution. For others, time brings great things, as when things mature they grow and change, become more beautiful or potent. At the end of all things, the sand in the hourglass always falls and time passes. Some souls reject this notion, and learn through skill with a blade to cleave the hourglass in twain and alter the passage of time to their benefit. Thus, the Riven Hourglass was born. The disciples of this discipline believe that within each being there is an Hourglass in their soul, and within this hourglass resides the sands that flow endlessly towards the end of a creature's time in the world. By manipulating their own Hourglass and that of others, the practitioners of this art show that through will, determination, and the use of the sands of time within all beings that battle can be won before it has even begun. Riven Hourglass disciples are capable of seeing minute flows in the endlessly flowing sands of time and are capable of making decisions in the moments when they need to be made. The associated skill for Riven Hourglass is Autohypnosis, and its associated weapon groups are flails, hammers, and light blades.

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stop-man, the hero we dont want, need, or deserve, but who has arrived anyway.

check sadpanda.

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The Holy/Unholy enhancements will still only trigger against their respective targets.

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>DILF or MILF Oracle
>Big busty barbarians
>Paladin of Shelyn
>Anything Aasimar

It ain't hard to get me going, anon.

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>Ara ara oneesans
>Perfect wife skills

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How do I build Stopman? Must definitely be able to summon duplicates from other universes, and have very high stamina.

What maneuver, delivered through an 'unarmed strike' best replicates the Red Revolver 99?

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Played a wizard with around ten illigitimate children (that he knew of) among various races due to polymorphing and him generally being a huge horndog with sean connery's voice.

I have a huge creampie/pregnancy fetish, nobody found out because I didn't make a huge deal about it

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The only balanced one of the trio, holy shit. Why is Munavri even considered a "PC race" like that?

>> No.42341018

wizard or oracle, most likely wizard.

gestalt with a PoW class for riven hourglass for yet more time shit.

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You could easily check off four of those boxes with a MILFy Aasimar Oradin, anon.

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Is that even really a fetish you could be called out on? Even if you said your character had a hundred children across Golarion and made it a personal point never to use protection or pull out, it would take you outright saying "this is my fetish" to not spin it as a manhood/power thing.

I guess it could only be considered a fetish if you're starting out at level 1, when such a feat of virility would be impossible due to sheer time, money and logistics.

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dvergar tyrants are in the same bucket as drow nobles, not at all surprising (they're jsut the evil boos [dwarf] instead of the evil boss [elf]).

>sickass ability scores
>120ft darkvision (oh no light blindness whatever will i do with this -1 to hit?)
>fantastic spell resistance
fucking NOPE

actually seems a downgrade from the vanilla samsaran, especially since mystic past lives is a thing.

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Aww man you reminded me of Stopman and that ridiculous murder-chick. I know what I'm doing tonight.

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Make an Alchemist with the Polymath archetype. Use the Unorthodox Style trait to switch one of the disciplines to Riven Hourglass.

Take the Alchemical Simulacrum discovery at level 8 for a duplicate.

If you want your alternate universe duplicate, learn the Shadow Walk formulae and walk to another Prime and bring him back.

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Who the fuck thought this was OK?

>> No.42341484


James Jacobs.

>> No.42341565

The example is CG, so... yeah, probably JJ.

>> No.42341585


They're only 30 rp! It's perfectly balanced

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Tattoo Magic always gets me going because it lets me get two of my fetishes out of the way.
>Revealing clothing

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How do I go about being an unarmed character without being utter shit

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Mah brother of african american persuasion who is beneath the poverty line.

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Broken Blade?

>> No.42341769

Not to sound like a broken record, but Path of War. Steelfist Commando Warlord and Aurora Soul Mystic are both awesome, and iirc the monk archetype is pretty decent, too.

>> No.42341775

Brawler? It's T3 or T4, IIRC.

>> No.42341781

Ask your GM to let you use weapon-enhancing class features on your unarmed strike.

>> No.42341783

Be an initiator.

>> No.42341799

If you're crazy enough to go Gestalt, Monk//Druid. If you're playing a normal game, ask if you can use 3.X material and grab Tashalatora for unarmed psionic goodness.

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Other than being unarmed, what do you want to character to do?

>> No.42341952

What would you price a free 5 ft. step and temporary hit points equal to your level whenever you drop a creature at, /pfg/?

>> No.42341998

mostly striking I guess, maybe with spells mixed in or soemthing

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Isn't the mayor of the town Trunai n the Hold of Belkezen supposed to have, like, a dozen kids she popped out, most of them with Orcs?

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>> No.42342253

That doesn't actually say much... Maybe some unarmed magus archetype?

>> No.42342309

Something like a pillarman?

>> No.42342311


She left "young" and returned at 42 with a large number of children, all of them from different fathers. The wording on how many is ambiguous but it suggests a number in the dozen, maybe more.

So yeah, this was either some "girls can do it too" trope reversal that wasn't thought through or the guy writing her had a serious thing for impregnation, since the only way her story can make sense is if she was in an almost constant state of pregnancy or nursing for most of her adventuring career.

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I'm a heavy lolicon with a thing for bondage and yuri. Also a minor oral fixation that I'm sure Freud would have had a field day with. Those are the biggest ones, but they're also probably the most basic. I occasionally run with some kinda weird shit, though.

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Any tips on changing item size?
I'm playing Wrath of the Righteous and we have a new player who decided to play a Trox (at the GM's heavy handed recommendation). We just finished the first book, and I just feel bad a lot of the time since none of the equipment we find can actually fit him, and our GM isn't tailoring our loot to the party at all, he's just going by the book, mostly.

I was thinking of bringing up the idea of a sidequest for a rod or some shit that could change an items size a few times per day. But if there's already a work around, I would love to hear it. I'm playing an Arcanist, so we've got spells, but no 9th level divine casters in the party. Just a Paladin.

>> No.42342549

There's a bunch of stuff from Giantslayer that lets you change the sizes of equipment, it's not too expensive. I'll hunt it down.

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Can you imagine classic monsters with new and original designs?

Guess what the attached picture is.

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Pic related?

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There's this, but you could probably just commission an at-will item of resize item.

>> No.42342634

It's a manticore. Also, obligatory your taste in anime/waifus is shit, and that's not even a fucking lamia, it's a naga.

>> No.42342644

ah, I guess that would make sense, but I didn't even think to look there. I'm sure I can find a torrent, or hunt it down at my FLGS. thanks.

>> No.42342667

>no morphological differences between men and women
>women adventuring while pregnant
>traditional roles never manifested despite gender differences

Did no one at Paizo ever take biology?

>> No.42342670

Thanks again.

>> No.42342685

Glad to help, anon.

Paizo devs have confirmed that they think basic biology is sexist garbage.

>> No.42342714


The last time someone tried to explain the practical origins of gender differences they deleted the posts.

They weren't even bio-truths, it was stuff about the limits of ineffectual government and subsistence agriculture.

>> No.42342745

Too bad they nerfed the Sacred Fist in the recent errata; it was a great punching class with 6th level divine casting and the ability to self-buff as a swift.

But it is a lamia, anon.

>> No.42342754

When was that?

>> No.42342756

Paizo has been taken over by SJWs. Their whole shtick is being stupider than the American Tea Party.

>> No.42342766

another /pfg/ torpedoed by redpill dweebs

>> No.42342822

Late July.

>> No.42342824

It's a manticore. It has a spiked tail, is quadrupedal, and has Persian styling (the manticore is a Persian myth). The wings are absent because the artist doesn't play D&D.

>> No.42342828

Ok m8, way to take things further off topic in your butthurt.

No it isn't. Get your mythology straight.

"In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (/ˈleJmiə/; Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children.[1]"

The snake-tits version is this:
"Nāga (IAST: nāgá, Burmese pronunciation: [nəɡá]) is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a deity or class of entity or being, taking the form of a very great snake—specifically the king cobra, found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. A female nāga is a nāgī or nāgiṇī.[1]"

Actually, you're technically right, the female ones are nagi with the lines over a and i.

>> No.42342830

What part of Golarion, or beyond, do you want an AP set in, BUT, you're willing to let Paizo as they are handle it.

Are you really willing to risk them with something set in the Land of the Linnorm Kings?

>> No.42342842

Oh man, I had been playing one before that until the campaign died. Why on earth would they nerf them?

>> No.42342854

>What part of Golarion, or beyond, do you want an AP set in,
Oh boy oh boy-

>BUT, you're willing to let Paizo as they are handle it.
Nevermind. None whatsoever.

>> No.42342890

I thought the snake tail lamia was invented by that poet Keates?

>> No.42342892

You know folks, it's been since at least 2e that there's been no statistical difference between men and women in the majority of races, with Drow being the notable ancient exception. This isn't a new thing. Why do ya'll act like Paizo invented the fuckin' idea when it's been the RPG standard in almost every system since, like...ever?

>> No.42342923
File: 596 KB, 800x566, b886a5a2d1399dae59fbeb90652283c2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the cheapest way for a merfolk sorcerer to get a permanent fly speed of 30 feet or better, other than a mount or 54,000 gp spent on Wings of Flying?

>> No.42342944

We don't. They certainly didn't invent the idea and we're not objecting about stats. We're objecting to them being shitheads and also refusing to admit that getting in lethal situations while heavily pregnant may not be a great idea.

Get a reincarnation into a race with flight.

>> No.42342960

Since twats derailed, back to it.
I (the DM) am helping a player make an intelligent weapon as a part of their backstory to shoot for.
It does possess a special purpose power (murdering evil outsiders), and looking at the things available, what is an opinion on the more useful ability, +2 to attack/saves/checks, or true rez 1/month?
The +2 comes into play whenever demons are encountered, the true rez only in the case shit goes very poorly, but can be a tide turner. The player has openly admitted he is cribbing ideas from the dragon sword from Ninja Gaiden, which has, in setting, the ability to resurrect people, however, as a DM, I also do not want to discount the fact that the +2 comes into play every time, rather than as a OH SHIT button.

>> No.42342971


Not only not a great idea, but actively /evil/, because while that one Erastil thread was started on a misunderstanding, the Paizo devs went on about how his /current/ outlook is so sexist it cannot be good-aligned, ever.

>> No.42342973

The stats thing is mostly addressed at the repeated "no sexual dimorphism" complaints, which in my experience tend to be less about "one person attracts vampires for 3 days a month" and more about "muh -4 Str".

But then I've been dealing with RPG Pundit and his fucking cultists lately, so that might just be me.

>> No.42342992

Oh. Fair enough, blah blah I don't speak for everyone and there's always assholes. And it may interest you to find out that Paizo wrote another race with strong sexual dimorphism, the lashunta.

>> No.42342995

Actually, anon, that is not current.
Read Inner Sea, which is his current writing.

>> No.42343022

I was referring to the fact the other posted called her a naga.

I believe the original poster was referring to the fact the Pathfinder lamias are part lion rather than snake.

>> No.42343035
File: 63 KB, 800x800, prophet_of_kalistrade_by_beastysakura-d70tbar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Druma. AKA "Switzerland, now under the jurisdiction of the Prophets of Cashmoney". There's really nothing in the way of social strife for Paizo to shit their views all over, just a bunch of sick mercenary adventuring and politicking between the white-gloved Dosh Lords.

Also, we'd have to get an update/rewrite of the Kalistrade prestige class, for which I have always had a boner.
>wearing sufficient bling grants you stacking AC and save bonuses
>you can literally throw money at the universe to get more spells/day
>so many contacts that you can purchase items worth more than the entire village you're shopping in, and actual outsiders are strong-armed into working for less pay due to the extraplanar mafia

>> No.42343052

if you're going to hedge the sword with 'only in darkest hour' shit you're basically setting yourself up for a dm-may-I scenario when he dies and you're like "maybe you don't DESERVE this true rez"

why can't it just be a holy avenger variant?

>> No.42343079

>Get a reincarnation into a race with flight.

That only happens with a natural 100 and GM fiat, and then you're not a merfolk any more.

>> No.42343087

Also aren't Naga/Nagi shapeshifters rather than inherently snakepeople?

>> No.42343123

>"maybe you don't DESERVE this true rez"
And why, anon, would I do that, unless the player was being a fucktard and openly rebelling against the blade's ideals that, ideally, the player would share?
This is what the player asked for, and I have no reason to say, "No, you should take this thing that you did not ask for because some anon on 4chan believes you can't trust me to do right by you".
>not every DM is your enemy, anon, and it is disingenuous to act so

>> No.42343125

Maximized Reincarnate? You're losing levels from it to begin with, IIRC, so there shouldn't be a big problem.

>> No.42343126

You asked for cheap, 30-foot or better, and permanent, and excluded mounts. Racial features and mounts are the only cheap, permanent sources of relatively fast flight.

They're deities, so yes, but their most popular form is snake-people, and the word 'naga' means 'snake'.

>> No.42343182

well, you're double autistic, going by this fucky post, so there's one reason to disbelieve you, and additionally you're basically saying, "I will always give him the rez" in which case who cares, just make it always work

>> No.42343285

>additionally you're basically saying, "I will always give him the rez"
Anon, you are claiming I will, for some reason, deny him an item ability because I don't like it, and I am mildly offended at the assumption that I will be a twat because I am a DM.
You could simply answer the question of which would be more beneficial to the player in the long run, as I asked, rather than offer your needless opinion of myself as a GM.

>> No.42343292

Wait, what is this argument about? I thought shit going poorly was the whole getting butchered that makes the sword revive you in the first place. I mean, I'd say that if you were hanging with your buddies and getting shit done, walk into a room, and then everybody dies, that it had gone poorly.

>> No.42343423

This >>42342854, I'd love to see an AP set in Nirmathas and Molthune, where magical arms dealers are escalating things on both sides as a secret scheme of a coven of hags to form their own nation on the Western edge of Lake Encarthan. It could have additional matter on hags, Gyronna (with her creepy asshole Herald), stuff in Nirmathas, and stuff in Molthune. But Nirmathas is pretty CG, so focus would shift away from fighting these conspiratorial hags and their Changeling agents, to how bad and oppressive Molthune is to the enlightened, Milanite freedom fighting transfat lesbos of Nirmathas.

I'll just do it all myself!

>> No.42343454

An intelligent weapon can deny it's wielder it's Special Purpose ability if it chooses to.
Anon says I will use it as a cudgel against the player, and I think the fact that I am even offering it, as it does follow the spirit of the idea the player brought, would dissuade that kind of thinking. Cue personal attack, something else or another, and at the end, I still haven't had the question I put up answered.

>> No.42343462
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I'm playing in a campaign with a first time DM, I'm helping with Combat, and that's it. We're starting at level 10, and I REALLY wanna fuck with him. I normally play bard, but we're all playing classes we don't normally play. Give me an interesting character concept, paired with a hilarious class/Race combo (we can be anything that's basically humanoid)

>> No.42343499

If it was me, I'd probably go with the res. You can get bonuses everywhere, but safeties like that aren't as easy to come by, especially for Ninja Gaiden. If he's already set up with Clones and puppeting Astral Projections from his Demiplane, the saves would be better, though.

>> No.42343521

So what exactly is Steelforge? It seems to just be a generic 3PP "100 Magic items for your campaign" book, except written by DSP.

I mean, I guess it's cool and all, but does the world really need another supplement full of joke items?

>> No.42343574

>If he's already set up with Clones and puppeting Astral Projections from his Demiplane, the saves would be better, though.
He's not a caster, he is a DSP warlord. The weapon itself will come into play further down the line as a plot point.

>> No.42343605
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Well, from what I can see about it:

1. It's not just joke items, there's some legitimately useful materials and items in there.
2. The ability for players and GMs to create their own magical and more importantly NON-magical equipment with actual rules and boundaries to follow instead of just eyeballing everything.
3. Concepts that GMs can use in their games, players can get in their adventures, and can create in-game as goals for themselves or to give different characters/cultures unique twists.

Besides, Gravity Slime.

>> No.42343606
File: 35 KB, 520x395, Pleading Cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wound me, friend. Steelforge has /some/ joke items, because we have a sense of humor, but it is a fairly far cry from a book of joke items. It also needs to be noted that right now the playtest is focused on the items themselves and doesn't contain some of the...less crunchy bits we're looking to include, like advice on matching item selection to your game's genre, the role of items in the game, why WBL is important and other shit that I will likely think of at four in the fucking morning when it gets me out of bed to write it down and then I can't sleep again even though I have a TEN HOUR SHIFT THAT DAY, WHY CAN I NOT -

Anyway, check it out, then get back to us. Please?

>> No.42343631

I assumed he wasn't, I just provided it as a corollary. The res is both more valuable and more flavorful, and gives him more options that he wouldn't normally have available, whereas the minor stat boost just feels like more of the same, and not very exciting. It's useful, but it's not meaningful.

>> No.42343652
File: 31 KB, 736x1329, ba9ba7179e2a70c5ecb12722f567e9af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're up pretty late Gareth.

>> No.42343664

Hmm, alright, I see where you are coming from.
I was on the fence simply measuring the value of something that comes into play only in the worst scenarios, compared to something that would be in effect at all times.

>> No.42343671
File: 1.71 MB, 500x375, [fear intensifies].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shadow werewolves


>> No.42343687

I don't go to bed for another hour and a half. Currently working on stuff for my non-PF-related novel and lurking to answer questions as they manifest.

>> No.42343713


God, can you imagine a couple of those doing a run on ye olde dirt farmer village the day before the adventurers get there?

>> No.42343721

It goes a bit beyond merely putting out a bunch of new items. DSP's aim in this is to explore a few concepts that haven't been touched much. Items that facilitate back-line characters. Items that play heavily on class abilities, rather than spells.

Added to that will be several PrCs and Archetypes based around crafting, using, and otherwise exploiting items. There is also a DM Tools section with tips on using and handing out loot, plus the role of magic items in the game world (last part still forthcoming, we're focusing on the crunchy parts first)

Add in a few special materials, contenders against the Big Six, moving classics around the slots, new artifacts and legendary items, plus a few new spells (and, let's face it, some laughs along the way), and you have Steelforge.

>and Gareth snipes me as I type, but it's worth repeating

>> No.42343744
File: 1.95 MB, 500x228, A werewolf breaking a window and flipping the bird.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, well fuck you too, bro! Werewolves are people too!

>> No.42343754
File: 1.01 MB, 267x200, dark souls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>instantly 50 of them due to that one-hit-kill Slam attack


>> No.42343766

I am checking it out. Like I said, as far as I can see it's just a book of which we have millions for this system.

You know what? I would legitimately pay money if instead of publishing piles of generic magic items and crafting properties and "super cool legendary super swords" that no one will ever use, you guys did what I hoped the document was, which is an overhaul for the Pathfinder crafting system as a whole.

I just can't get excited while skimming a book of more generic magic stuff.

Hell, you're even trying to write crafting classes. Why not spend the time on the actual crafting system which is objectively the shittiest thing ever written, rather than writing a class that essentially is just "You get +5 on your Craft Magic Item check"?

>> No.42343780

The big draw of the book for me is Legendary Items. I really liked Weapons of Legacy's concept, and hated its execution, and the unique/named weapons in 3.x are mostly shit.

Are you going to give us useful grows-with-you weapons? Cus if so, I'm buying this book.

>> No.42343782


As a sometimes-GM who doesn't normally do low-level, I have to ask...

Is it ever forgivable to suddenly spring Shadows on level 3ish adventurers that don't, 90% of the time, tend to have ANY divine casters?

>> No.42343809

Don't do it, man.

All that gets you is 4-6 more Shadows.

>> No.42343854

If they win initiative, know that they're shadows, and have a clear avenue of exit, then sure, they can make a decent "FUCK OFF" sign. Otherwise, no.

>> No.42343856
File: 1.07 MB, 250x187, Colbert AAAAAAAH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Terrible idea. They gon die

>> No.42343866

I mean, if you want to end the campaign, why not just tell your players you aren't feeling it anymore?

>> No.42343887

Do the wight thing, man. Send them up against an even Cleric.

He just happens to have command of a wight and moved into the next town before they did. Same risk, but also an opponent they can feel more at home fighting.

>> No.42343891


It's more the "stop taking it so easy on us, man, we want DANGER" thing, but too far in the other direction is likely a poor decision.

Still, should be good for a "FUCK, RUN RUN RUN FOREVER AND NEVER STOP" encounter sometime.

>> No.42343916

As a player/DM who endorses the use of not magic items, I like how Steelforge is shaping up.

>> No.42343921

>Dosh Lords
>A campaign about becoming the Dosh KING

Would play.

>> No.42343946

Issue is they might either not run until someone is dead, or not be ABLE to run before they're dead.

And as a guy whose DM recently said 'you were supposed to run away from that', sometimes it's not obvious, and you think you've got a chance.

>> No.42343961
File: 103 KB, 1916x1046, 1347152936752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> tfw my synthesist is level 3
> and calls a Shadow as an eidolon

>> No.42344018


True. My players are a weird mix of squirrelly and obstinate. Probably best to telegraph big-time if I do go for it or wait for them to be a bit stronger first.

>> No.42344020

You monster.

>> No.42344035

I'd actually like to see a space-fantsy game in Golarion's solar system. Off the top of my head, the canonical planets include:

1. A planet populated entirely by robots that have been around so long they've forgotten their original purpose.

2. John Carpenter of Mars with the serial numbers filed off. Also, Elves live here because magic.

3. A planet in geosynchronous (solarsynchronous?) orbit with the sun, such that one side is always burning, one is always freezing, and the only inhabitable area is the stretch of twilight in between.

4. A planet that is literally like 20 liches and their undead kingdoms, everything else having been killed off.

5. A planet that was literally shattered by the aforementioned liches. Some beings still cling to life on the fragments.

6. A planet that is alive, not friendly, and possibly pregnant.

I'd even put up with waifuus/husbandos/transpeople since it would basically be fantasy Mass Effect anyways.

>> No.42344046

Players by and large have no measuring stick for danger.

You can (and I have) put them in a situation where them absolutely wrecked the enemy, one they outnumbered almost 3 to 1, and they came out of it saying "Man, that was a tough fight" even though no one even took a hit.

You can also put them in a situation with an extremely deadly monster or trap, one who you think it's obvious they should see and say "Fuck this, we're running.", only to have them charge headlong into combat and have their shit smacked,

They can do this, see, because players aren't really thinking about things in the bigger picture. They see the thing in front of them, and they think "If the DM put it here, it's for us to win against." not really ever thinking that just because they're meant to win, doesn't mean they're meant to win using whatever method they can come up with.

>> No.42344110

Well, it's only natural that your first instinct on seeing something dangerous is to poke it with a stick.

>> No.42344197

>I'd actually like to see a space-fantsy game in Golarion's solar system.


>> No.42344272

I know of Spelljammer, but there's no published material for Golarion's solar system. And i'm a lazy fuckwit who wants adventures spoonfed to him.

>> No.42344297

That's the one thing I disliked about most of the veteran tabletop players I've met. They blow through situations on the mechanics just fine, but sometimes they're so busy doing that they kinda turn their brains off about what an actual person would do.

For instance, we had a band out in the desert, they came across a minor fort and got to spend the night, but helped out with the watch. An encounter popped up on one's turn, a CR3 scorpion (in a party that was level 9). This player (and I do mean player, not their character, as they were quite sheepish about it after) was convinced it was the CR 15 Black Scorpion and immediately raised the entire fort to alarm, breaking everyone's 8-hour rest cycle to... go smush a thing that died in one round. Never stopped to examine it or ask what it looked like, or roll a Knowledge or anything. Nope, just immediately from something in the ground, wakes an entire 40-something person garrison for one lowly scorpion.

>> No.42344342


Cripes, I've been there.

>Oh shit, TWELVE of those level 4 guys the ranger has been curb-stomping! We better surrender, guys.
>Oh hey, a huge warship with black sails, bleeding dark fog and cold from small holes in its hull and warping the air around it with a feeling of sleepless malevolence. You guys stay here, guys, Imma go fight it.

>> No.42344370

how is synthesist?

>> No.42344407

Well, Psitech won't be out for playtesting for another couple of weeks.

When that happens, it should mean a wealth of not-full-caster stuff for exploring the multiverse at large. Right now even the Aegis can't handle hard vacuum (this pisses me off to no end, and it really shouldn't), having no customizations to allow this. It's Ioun Stones or bust,and even then that's just breathing, it does nothing for the pressure problem.

>> No.42344469

It doesn't help that there's often much less indication than the GM believes. As a result there's just as often been "reasonable" responses resulting in a fuckup.

>Bah, just TWELVE of those guys has been curb-stomping! Open fire, its looting time!
>Turns out those weren't 4s, they're level 11s, because the GM was pissed and wanted them captured, but they fought to the death instead

>Oh hey, a huge warship with black sails, bleeding dark fog and cold from small holes in its hull and warping the air around it with a feeling of sleepless malevolence. We'd better avoid that
>But... but guys that was the dungeon for tonight

>> No.42344654

It's fun enough if you want to go the turn-into-a-monster route. Normal summoner is largely better on mechanics since you get most of the same things with better action economy as two different people each making their own attacks.

Still, something quite fun about being able to morph into a roiling shadow with a magical 50% miss chance, while still being able to lob Sagaris via Summon Horror.

>> No.42344887

What's the best race for an assassin? Monster races included.

>> No.42344898

Are we talking the shitty class, or are we talking the actual JOB of killing people for money

>> No.42344961

so the dorks at d20pfsrd screwed up

>> No.42344970


>Choose one condition imposed by the dirty trick combat maneuver, such as blinded or entangled.

This tells us to choose from a list. It doesn't note that it must have been caused by your dirty trick or even "a" dirty trick.

>The target must spend a full-round action in order to remove that condition.

So now the target must spend this action to remove the condition. Presumably, this removes the condition.

No-save debuff, and also easy healing of blindness and deafening? Time to Jesus it up, guys.

>> No.42344999

Well, I mean, I know the class is absolutely shitty, but I want to try and at least utilize this guy. But, I mean, I'm fine with whatever is best recommended, yo.

>> No.42345005

So for android, Emotionless is noted under Skill and Racial traits, but it's also listed under Other Racial traits in the pfsrd

>> No.42345092

I once tried to make the Healer from 3.5 into a blaster. I screwed up, but in a good way.

You know, Jesus didn't actually do top much, in D&D terms, it's just that nobody else could do anything, in the same. He probably just had Initiate of Mystra.

>> No.42345101


>And lo, by poking the blind man in the eyes and kicking the sick man in the balls, they were healed.

>> No.42345142


Given that D&D Earth is in a dead magic zone, he definitely had either Iron Heart Surge, Initiate of Mystra, or Invoke Magic.

>> No.42345156

I'm partial to the idea of a doppelganger with PC levels. If your players don't metagame, the second one player leaves it imitates a person and slips in. A member leaves for a week to deliver a message, after three days it slips in, claims that he has urgent news and someone offered a free teleport back to cut the travel time in half. Set fire to camp, slit their throats, or use the opportunity to get a good hit in before it fights in open combat.

If you like the idea I can post some magic items and abilities it should have to make it believable.

>> No.42345160

Um, it says "imposed by your dirty trick combat maneuver". So it has to have been dealt by that.

>> No.42345179


Did they transcribe it wrong? Because I'm reading a "the", not a "your."

>> No.42345187

it says "imposed by the dirty trick combat maneuver", not YOUR dirty trick combat maneuver. (therefore, any condition that is a candidate for inflicting by dirty trick is a condition you can choose.)

>> No.42345214


Is Lingering Song still a thing? Because I think this would rock for a skald.

>> No.42345235

Still has to be a Dirty Trick's blind, not a "cause blindness'" blind.

>> No.42345307

Nope, it'd be that if it said "a." This is just saying to choose a condition imposed by /the/ dirty trick maneuver. Which means either there is only one ever used, or it's referring to the singular in the sense of the rules.

>> No.42345341

It could, thanks to how English works (or.. doesn't), be interpreted either way: a condition that has been imposed by a dirty trick, or a condition that a dirty trick could impose.

>> No.42345372

"A condition inflicted by the dirty trick maneuver" Means a condition inflicted by the dirty trick maneuver. Someone blinded due to their eyes getting gouged out wasn't blinded 'by the dirty trick maneuver'.

Seriously, this is the same fucking thing as people insisting that Construct Riders don't get Craft Construct.

>> No.42345406

But blinded is a condition inflicted by the dirty trick maneuver. It's not the only condition either, but it is a condition. If you were blinded by the dirty trick maneuver and remove blindness, you remove blindness. It doesn't matter if it's the only reason you're blind; you remove blindness.

>> No.42345471


>poke blind man in eye to unblind

All Three Stooges must have taken this feat.

>> No.42345509

Yes, but it wasn't 'a condition inflicted by the dirty trick maneuver', since dirty trick's blind is much different to another kind of blind.

You're just being pedantic for the hell of it.

>> No.42345553

I'd say that's exactly backwards. It's a little laugh about the wording. It's not abusive or harmful. It probably wouldn't amount to much if it actually happened at a table, and it wouldn't happen at all at a serious table. There's no reason to complain about it unless it was a legitimate error on the part of the srd people.

>> No.42345611


Yeah, I don't think anyone's suggesting it be used at an actual table unless the table's okay with it. It's an amusing gaff on someone's part, anyway. Either Paizo or the SRD peoples'. Anyone got the dirty tactics toolbox to check?

>> No.42346065

How is the psychic detective compared to the regular investigator?
It seems like having spells instead of extracts would make it a straight upgrade, but is losing alchemist discoveries worth it?

>> No.42346096

how is the Blood God Disciple is it any good?

>> No.42346458

Blood god?

>> No.42346482

its a Summoner; Half-orc archtype

>> No.42346602


It's not me, is it? This is literally just pokémon, right?

>> No.42346773

This is exactly what the goal is.

>> No.42346922

>the party were kidnapped from Earth by CN adventurers and thus refuse to believe in magic
>even those the gods would otherwise have chosen therefore cannot wield magic

Is this a decent excuse for an all-martial party, or does Russia's Greatest Love Machine invalidate that?

>> No.42347065

I think plenty of people would happily, or even do, believe in magic if they could. It's not, but I love magic, and very magicy magic at that, so I'm probably biased against an all-martial party from the start.

>> No.42347084
File: 39 KB, 426x640, Remove Rasputine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends which one you're talking about.

>> No.42347129

Arcane Duelist Bard - capable of holding their own in a party? Inspire Courage has lost a lot of it's ridiculousness from 3.5, but grabbing a Banner of the Ancient Kings and wearing that shit like a cape helps a bit, and you can self-buff to fairly stupid levels with Dance of a hundred/Thousand Cuts. Plus you get arcane casting in armor/shield and extra damage from Arcane Strike, which is free for you.

>> No.42347201
File: 42 KB, 900x506, red_queen_by_mmmurdock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would I make this weapon for my CUHRAZY character? Craft magic item + inserting some gems that let me cast fireball as a quick action like 3 times a day or something?

>> No.42347252

Steelforge's Complex Weapons (When it comes out) (Blame Psybomb)

>> No.42347270


Ask your DM if it can be used with Fireball. Failing that, Scorching Ray qualifies.

>> No.42347554

I've been playing with the kineticist. I've got a rough draft going. Note that this doesn't address lack of talents certain elements have. Also I don't want to entirely get rid of burn as a mechanic as I want to encourage a big risk, big reward style of play with this class.



>> No.42347977
File: 107 KB, 704x651, 1441401292127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a good place that I can find a list of Pathfinder releases by month? So I can figure out what all I need to catch up on?

>> No.42348103

Doing some self research:

Would the Arcane Duelist's Bladethirst performance be affected by the Master Performer and Grand Master Performer feats? Because if so that fully justifies both the class and the faction ties.

Here's the relevant links:

>> No.42348194

These are playable in PFS... right?

>> No.42348267

Reborn Samsaran might be eventually (but probably not), Munavri and Duergar Tyrant have +1 CR adjustment so definitely not.

>> No.42348283

>Eternal Tattoo
If you use this on Vigor, do you get permanent temp HP?

>> No.42348421

You'd get the temp HP, but when they're gone they're gone. Better to use it on a power that grants something like fast healing, if such a thing exists.

>> No.42348426

30? no, it ends up being 15-20 or so. Aasimar tier basically.

>> No.42348437

I think Offensive Prescience would be good, in that case. I was hoping for a 100+ hp soak, because this game isn't bloated enough.

>> No.42348743

Wait, eternal tattoo what? Where's that from? What'd I miss?

>> No.42349069

So, if I make a synthesis summoner how monstrous does the Eidolon have to look? And does it have to cover the character completely or could it just be a single item?

Also, general tips, tricks, and other useful information?

>> No.42349110

That has little to no real mechanical effect, so really the answer is to ask your GM.

>> No.42349130

Fair play, then. I thought so but figured it was worth double checking first. Currently debating a few class ideas and that was one.

>> No.42349144
File: 1.06 MB, 1600x1200, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I remember correctly, your Eidolon could look however you wanted it to look. I like to think mine kinda look like this, just placed over Nero instead of appearing like a stand.

>> No.42349179

I was thinking of having it either be a weapon, similar to, say, something from Soul Calibur, or it appears as a suit of armor.

>> No.42349196

Well, the Eidolon takes whatever form you want it to, but Synthesist says you "wear" it, so a suit of armor would be pretty much perfect.

>> No.42349254
File: 43 KB, 736x399, e27e5cc0741902eef3cdf563546f6fbf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The example they gave on the forums when asked was the MTG Umbra cards, like this. Basically a semi-translucent monster, recognizably not biological, with a recognizable summoner inside.

>> No.42349271

I feel that would only be improved if the summoner was repositioned to look like a kid playing cars

>neeeeowwww here comes the dog EEEEHHHHHH handbrake turn

>> No.42349374

Justice is my fetish!

>> No.42349415

If it's well-regulated gambling that fosters contentment amongst the citizenry and stimulates economic development, it's probably fine.

The key is maintaining order and encouraging financial growth and stability.

>> No.42349430

Shelyn gives her the power to love everyone!

>> No.42349456

To me, the weirdest part is that Trunau shouldn't truck with any of that Blanda Upp business.
They've got that hardcore siege mentality, plus Pathfinder's orcs are irredeemably awful, even by the standards of D&D And Pals' settings.

>> No.42349478

>AP set in Jewtopia, with guest appearances by their Jewdwarf allies

Fucking awful, unless you get to burn it to the ground.

>> No.42349485

I just want more delicious South African and Rhodesian adventures in Sargava and Mwangiland.

>> No.42349540

Does he play that funky music right?

>> No.42349548

That does sound pretty fun.

>> No.42349561

>or does Russia's Greatest Love Machine invalidate that?

This. Why must they fag out and deny magic, Anon? You gotta have some magic.

>> No.42349662

I'm plat mad and salty

>> No.42349698

If I make a gestalt harbinger//mesmerist, how much murderation will ensue?

>> No.42349751
File: 127 KB, 736x1134, 1441580916529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to marry her

>> No.42349795

Isn't it charisma-based?

>> No.42350229


Make a character, give them lovesick or a wife in their backstory, and then give the DM that image when they want to know what the woman looks like.

Now you are married, or about to marry her.

>> No.42350242

No problem, my stats are Str 30, Dex 42, Con 24, Int 40, Wis 24, Cha 30

>> No.42350255

Shit, meant for >>42349795

>> No.42350266

>being DEX-based

You're too much of a Sodomite for her, knave

>> No.42350269


No you are supposed to do it in a game you join not here, this isn't a game this is a shitposting theorycraft station.

>> No.42350282


>> No.42350333

Feminine, twinkish summoner with an eight foot tall, humanoid, body builder eidolon. Many, many jokes were made about the relationship between the two, and why the eidolon stuck around as my character's companion when he seemed to offer no obvious incentive to stick around and all the jokes are true

What did they do to nerf it...?

>> No.42350428

Why, mates?

>> No.42350491

Jeez, why are Paizo Duergar so damn boring? Have I just been spoiled by DSP's awesome mutated dwarves of "Keep that shit asleep!"?

>> No.42350572

Dexterity is the one physical ability score that's most associated with the alternative lifestyle, Anon. You didn't know?

>> No.42350603


>> No.42350685

Mesmerist can't cast if it experiences strong negative emotions.
Harbingers are always angry.

>> No.42350700
File: 156 KB, 1224x814, We're Not Taking the Wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just made me laugh so hard I woke my roomies up.

Mornin' /pfg/.

>> No.42350733
File: 45 KB, 580x369, desperation2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, as a Synt Summoner I just leveled up to level 2, and I find that the whole claw shebang isn't really my thing.

Thing is, I already took Arcane Strike as a feat, because I thought it was a good idea to have a bunch of attacks getting a free +1.

However, now I more leaning towards getting myself a good weapon trough a feat, and then focus on being more of a weapon wielder.

Is it still worth it at this point?
Alternatively I could go for a Slam build. Take Slam, improve the damage die with an evolution, grow big with Enlarge Person and basically go HULK SMASH, while still being able to cast some spells.

One other idea I had is to multiclass into a Fighter, to nab some free feats. But doing this will hurt my evolution pool AND my spellcasting. I don't know if two free feats(Exotic/Martial weapon prof, and Power Attack) are going to be worth it.

Advice is apreciated.
Note: Due to my backstory and how I RP my guy, I don't want to go with the 6 armed monstrosity route. Sure, that would make me a combat monster with a bunch of attacks each turn, but that is not how I envision my dude.

>> No.42350822

Suddenly i feel an urge to play a somewhat evil wizard. Except for the inguinal spider pouch.

>> No.42350837

Can't you switch the claws to feets?

>> No.42350852

I know well how it feels to not take the most effective option for RP reasons. The last game I played a hunter with, I chose an elk companion rather than something else because it fit my backstory better.

Anyways, Arcane Strike is, yes, better for a six-armed combat abomination than a weapon wielder, but keep in mind it's still a really solid ability for anybody that wants to get up into melee. Pick up power atack at level 3 and you'll have a really respectable amount of damage being tossed around, even if your ability to hit isn't quite as amazing.

Don't sweat it. Really.

>> No.42350872

Reminder he has penguins for boots

>> No.42350896

... my god. the more I look at this image the more weird it gets. Penguin boots, a giant spider for a chair, spiders on his crotch, and some kind of translucent octopus on his belt.

>> No.42350916
File: 111 KB, 1040x558, Ashitaka & Yakul.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The last game I played a hunter with, I chose an elk companion rather than something else because it fit my backstory better.

Is that so?

>> No.42350958

Also, Arcane Strike makes your weapons considered magical. So it's not entirely useless.

and 1 damage is 1 damage

>> No.42350968

Mhm. My character was a half-elf who had lived in a peaceful community all her life. Was raised to become a druid - until, of course, the nearby elven kingdom went all genocide on the region. Set her on the warpath, and the elk she kept with her was one of the only things that could calm her down.

Sucks that that game died. I was enjoying that character.

>> No.42351020
File: 397 KB, 700x933, Princess Ashitaka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems neat.

>> No.42351448
File: 115 KB, 1600x680, The Thing - 1982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>John Carpenter of Mars

I laughed

>> No.42351780

SF's flurry no longer uses its class level ibstead of its BAB, so when you flurry its basically 3/4BAB TWF.

Plus they also nerfed MoMS Monk which is an indirect nerf to it as well.

>> No.42352165

Does anyone have experience with Spheres of Power?


>> No.42352290
File: 19 KB, 500x375, 6247956465_6e7c9c3240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the pathfinder equivalent of wonder woman.

>> No.42352330
File: 343 KB, 1241x900, 743b4542d08693b327197f9745c9b040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Love playing synthesist summoner
>Feel guilty when we start getting to a higher level and it's obvious who the main damage dealer is
>DM's always try to deal with the main damage dealer
I just wanted to punch things magically

>> No.42352367
File: 174 KB, 1276x1445, 24797894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah yes synthesist summoner, last time I played on I fluffed it up to look like Ifrit from FF8 gave myself elemental punches, grabbed things quite easily cause my summon was large and then powerbombed things off the 2nd floor of the tavern. Good times

>> No.42352610
File: 429 KB, 1200x1800, Leoril_HENSHIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy here

I have to say it is quite fun even at level 1. I fluffed my suit too look a bit Kamen Rider/Sentai like. Fluffed claws as armblades.

It's quite fun to go all anime and charge up a defensive shield(Mage Armor) and then run into battle with 19AC at level 1.

I am going to try to roll with Slam from level 2.
The best part is that I can always go back to claw/blade stabby stabby if the whole Slam thing doesn't pan out.

If it does work, I will take Power Attack at level 3 as my feat.

On a side note, I actually do have a weapon on me. A Longspear since Summoners can use simple weapons. And I looted a Masterwork Spear. If I take Power Attack I can always use those to deal damage if I really need to use a weapon I suppose. Sure it's less damage than a Greatsword or w/e. But it will still hurt a lot from a enlarged synth I bet.

Pic related, my summoner in his suit.

>> No.42352961

Spheres is a great little system that is a lot smoother, both mechanically and thematically than Vancian ever was.

Just be ready for the.......art.

>> No.42353188

Okay, so Vampire Monk.

>Energy Drain (Su): A creature hit by a vampire's slam (or other natural weapon) gains two negative levels. This ability only triggers once per round, regardless of the number of attacks a vampire makes.

Now an unarmed strike is not a natural attack, at least that seems to be the opinion of everyone on Paizo forums and the RAW does make a differentiation between natural attacks and unarmed attacks.

My problem with this is that I want to use the Vampire's energy drain ability, but using a slam is going to be much worse than just using an unarmed strike. Are there any feats or whatever I can give the Vampire to allow him to apply the Energy Drain effect from his sub-type to his unarmed strikes?

I'm the DM, and don't want to just rule against the RAW like that, but this seems to be a special case. I can't see why the distinction would be made like that since it seems like the fluff is just "if a Vampire hits you with its body, you take energy drain."

>> No.42353207

id say feral combat training applies
from the special vampiric arts of ass kicking

>> No.42353227

>A monk's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Energy drain is improving a natural weapon attack, so it applies to unarmed strikes. Boom, done.

>> No.42353279
File: 221 KB, 390x590, cngjGaP[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It wasn't a joke, I just forgot the name.

Also what is captcha doing.

>> No.42353287

Huh. Well, I'm stupid I guess. Thanks man.

>> No.42353549

It's asking you to teach it exactly which parts of the picture have the sign in it.

>> No.42353607

T-minus 45 minutes and counting for the posting of DrowAnon's Nonmagical Item Enhancement subsystem. Undergoing final review now.

>> No.42353806

>These weapons are the psychic armory's mind blades, and while cosmetically they can look however they are imagined, they all function the same.

I feel like there's a lot of untapped potential here.

>You can fire giant floating fists at people
>You can fire energy sharks at people
>You can fire energy drow women at people
>You can fire the letters 'F U C K Y O U' giant-sized in sequence at enemies (All in a single turn at level 16 with rapid shot+haste+broken blade stance)

>> No.42353844

Waiting warmly. Please let me go full Bloodborne.

Unrelated, but tell Elric that the nanite bloodline gives Resurgent Transformation as a Ex. ability. So there's precedent for mundane super healing.

>> No.42353912

Precedent is awesome. Thankee kindly, anon.

>> No.42353957


Yep, message conveyed

>> No.42353970

Sounds like sufficiently advanced science.

>> No.42354013

Question, are there plans for lawful/chaotic equivalent to sacred/profane damage?

>> No.42354048

What ARE they trying to keep asleep anyway?

>> No.42354061

No there are not. There was some discussion, but it was felt that, ultimately, there wasn't a lot that could be done with the lawful/chaotic alignment axis that would be suitably unique.

>> No.42354065

Well, Paizo sure thought it was distinguishable enough from magic to label it Ex.

>> No.42354106

I like to leave the door open and see what walks through.

Evidently this is what walks in. I'm okay with this. Carry on, anons.

>> No.42354283

Alright, announcement time.

DrowAnon submitted a subsystem a while ago to enhance weapons without the use of magic. We at DSP looked it over, and found it to be a good idea and worth pursuing. The result of this has just gone up into the Steelforge Playtest Document, the Nonmagical Item Enhancement system! Check it out, it's Chapter 9 in the document.

>> No.42354305


Path of War. There's a stance you can get at level 9 from Silver Crane, Black Seraph, and Elemental Flux (Air) that give you flight.

>> No.42354440

Okay first, let me get a quick complaint out of the way:
DR just got more (somehow) useless. Fuck You, Barbarian and Aegis class ability, the chapter says.

I'm a bit annoyed at that, but was already marginally less annoyed at that to begin with.

Next: there's literally nothing for ranged weapons. How are
>Hyperdense (would require double-powder/charges probably to fire though)
>Hollow (dispenser)
>Double Impact (ammunition)

All melee only? BOOOOOOO

>> No.42354455

simply put, this is a perfect occasion to add non-magical improvements for technological weapons, firearms and crossbows (hey look autoloader mechanisms, and no that full-actions crank is not good!)

>> No.42354473

A conical (minie-ball) upgrade would be in-theme for early firearms users. +x' to the range increment.

>> No.42354508

My wizard has managed to turn himself from looking mildly normal to MAXIMUM OVERFREAK due to some fey faggotry fucking him over.

What's the best way to hide this? We have a TN Shelynite Cleric in the team who really isn't fond of me, is pretty shallow and might presume that my newly horrific form is proof of some deeper deviance on my part.
So I need to keep it hidden while I research a way to get rid of the fucking goat feet and horns.

>> No.42354547

Oh, on the plus side, I now have the sexy scent of a Blackwood Satyr.
I am the wizard your wizard wishes he could smell like, I guess I got that going for me, but I doubt the Cleric will ever fail a will save against it so I'm not safe.

>> No.42354595

Alter self.

But keep this part, you sexy animal.

>> No.42354657

This doesn't stack with the mwk bonus either, right?
>Monofilament Blade
I presume this one doesn't work with Blunt Weapons

>> No.42354666

Okay its true that the tech weapons (crossbow included I guess?) do deserve something other than "the only way to make it stronger is magic".

Things that come to mind:
Extended capacity
Targeting Aides
Increased range
P+ rounds, overcharge, etc etc:
>Boosters might have special requirements but still be perfectly doable: you might need additional powder and reinforced barrel, or having a longer barrel allows a little more power along with that range, better focusing lenses, etc etc
Composite crossbow construction with loading multipliers (hand-cranked? double strength if you keep it full-round instead of rapid-reloading by hand kind of things)
Skeletal Stock weight reductions (you're gonna need it with that hyperdense barrel)
bracing systems/frames or heavy armor mounts
generators (energy) or nanolathes (physical) for ammo

Things like higher penetration could involve focusing lenses or a higher muzzle velocity that doesn't quite give +damage due to overpenetration, and so on.

>> No.42354755

On refinement charms:
>All stack with one another, and with all other sources of bonuses to these class features.

Does this mean multiple identical charms stack?
Like, can you wear three charms of health for +6 HP, or two charms of horror for two extra terror uses?

I'm guessing probably not, but the wording is vague enough for me to think this is worth asking.

>> No.42354815

So, lemme see if I understand these rules right;

If I wanted to make a +2 Mithral Shock Katana into a +2 breakthrough weapon, it'd cost 6,000 + 30% of 6k, meaning 7,800?

>> No.42354836

>Hyperdense Weapons
Rather than increasing the "die step" which makes it pretty limited in use for the price, how about making it be something on the wording of "The weapon is treated in all aspects but user's size requisites as if it was one size category larger, stacking with enlarge person and similar effects". 24k+10% magic enhancement cost worth of investment should be just enough to keep it balanced.

>> No.42354936
File: 2.14 MB, 2000x2400, 1439054260716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, need some build advice. My DM is planning on doing a level 1 adventure, with the intention of us moving on up to at least the mid-levels.

I...really dislike Pathfinder myself, but I enjoy roleplaying more, even if the DM is a tumblrite, fedora-wearing SJW. Fucker once had us travel through Equestria for fuck's sake, and made it clear we'd be party wiped if we started shit. I hate magical realm.

But despite how awful this might be, I have no other roleplaying options. So I'm looking for advice on what to build. What are the best classes for starting out at level 1? I prefer dealing with problems head-on usually, and so I'd like a class that can lay some serious damage/power down, but I don't trust myself with the system to know which class that is.

Help me /pfg! You're my only hope.

>> No.42354975

What does the DM allow for third party materials
What class archetype (blaster, melee, ranged) do you ideally want

>> No.42355013

Path of War classes kick the shit out of everything at the lowest of levels.

>> No.42355042

He generally disapproves of non-core material, unfortunately. Despite owning basically every book.

>> No.42355062

I need something I can keep up 24/7, Alter self only lasts so long.

>> No.42355071

oh, fucking great, your dm sounds like a right fun lot

>> No.42355125

Commenting as I read through. Mostly a grammar check.
>Accurate: - Melee Weapons. A simple improvement, often mundane forging techniques that simply just makes the weapon better balanced, more responsive to the wielder’s efforts.

Grammar, should be 'make' instead of 'makes' because 'techniques' is the main noun.

>Double Impact
>This is the same type of damage as the original attack, and is not multiplied on by a critical hit

Grammar, remove one of 'on' or 'by'
I'm also not sure what the point is of saying 'every level is +1d6' twice.

>Hyperdense fluff text
I smiled.

>Lethal: This improvement is more difficult to install than it first appears, is different for every weapon it is placed on
Needs an 'and'.

>Expanded Damage Type
>Popularized by undead hunters who dulled the back of their swords to deal with skeletons, without having to carry two weapons.

I really liked the sound of this fluff until I stopped and thought 'why didn't they just use the flat of the blade?'

>> No.42355153

Your type didn't change, right? Just your appearance?


1800 gold and you can look like anybody. The changes in size/stature should be enough wiggle room to justify changing your legs back, but if the cleric actually touches your legs you're outed.

>> No.42355188

>why didn't they just use the flat of the blade?

Swords are reasonably flexible along that axis, so you couldn't deliver as much force as you could with a striking edge.

>> No.42355199

I'm planning to create a magic item that is coded to resurrect me if I'm killed, by any means necessary. Basically a dedicated servant item.
I'm thinking Int 18, probably decent Cha.
True Ressurection 1/month is a given.
Any advice on what else to give it?

>> No.42355279

>What class archetype (blaster, melee, ranged) do you ideally want

I like Paladins, or rather the idea of Paladins, and I like the idea of Wizards/Sorcerers. Paladins and martials for the roleplay and a litte of the Power, primary spellcasters for their utility and convenience.

He is indeed.

>> No.42355284

Well, I did consider that but being a wizzard I got nothing in disguise.
And the cleric is pretty fine at seeing shit and has a true sight 1/day item, sure it only lasts 10 rounds but if he catches sight of me I'm shit'd.
But the greater version of the hat looks poifect.

>> No.42355317

Oh, that makes sense.

Now I'm wondering if there's any feasible mundane way of making a whip deal piercing damage

>> No.42355351

>But despite how awful this might be, I have no other roleplaying options.

Bullshit. You can access /tg/, therefore you can roleplay in the internet. I'm not saying that it's easy to find a decent group online, either, but it most definitely can be done.

>> No.42355359
File: 917 KB, 744x1052, 2951ef92fe5712ccd58ee28b362e7a46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I will be forthright with you, Team DSP: I can play Pathfinder (almost always with your products) just fine, but as a GM, I cannot stand to run Pathfinder. Not one bit. It is simply wholly, utterly incompatible with my GMing style and preferences, and nothing Dreamscarred ever publishes will ever change that.

However, I like all of the cool character options that Dreamscarred produces so much that I port them over (some mainly in lore, some with minor mechanical nods) to other systems I run.

There are daevics who shape passion veils like the Bangles of the Jealous Seductress and the Vestments of the Maharajah, there are gurus who apply the Gentle Touch while augmented by dazzling Forcestrike Knuckles, there are cryptics who fire off black rays of pattern-disruption, there are aegis/soulknives who gird themselves in psychic armories, there are ki-manipulating stalkers who teleport around the transitive planes with Veiled Moon and strike the minute hand with Riven Hourglass, there are masters of martial arete who sling the Scarlet Throne and the Broken Slade, there are even gravity slimes. I usually try to capture the spirit of the original abilities from Pathfinder.

Akasha and daeva are even a central plot point in one of my games, under those names, even.

All of the above takes place under a highly anime-fied take on Planescape.

Am I some sort of deviant?

>> No.42355410
File: 523 KB, 834x1103, ea901571ed3f777fb01952a01e7ff232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are, but only because you're Touhoufag and not because of your opinions or your tastes although Suwako best 2hu

>> No.42355459

You are for making us read through all of that.

>> No.42355469

Play the game that makes you happy man. I'm glad you like our stuff enough to import it into your systems. We write this because we want people to use it. So thanks for the love and have fun!

>> No.42355485

If you were a deviant, you would have been in this thread last night when we were talking about Stopman.

>> No.42355508

I prefer roleplaying in person.

>> No.42355567

A few suggestions, in regards to the "WTF no ranged" crowd up there; which I don't disagree with.

Accurate: Remove 'melee only', feel free to add "Ranged weapons with this modification also halve this improvement's bonuses while broken, as it is partially dependent on improved targeting or aiming systems in their case" if you feel they need to be more limited.

Breakthrough: Weapon or ammunition. Suggest adding "Ranged physical weapons with this modification require Durable Ammunition due to the additional firing force"

Extended Capacity: Ranged Weapons or Tech-Charge Items with Capacity 2 or more. adds multiples to ammunition load, 0.25x per plus of the modification. Thus a 4 shot pepperbox rifle with Extended Capacity +1 would have 5 shots, all the way up to 8 (double) at +4
>because fuckit, if you can't even tape two fucking mags together there's something wrong with the SYSTEM, also why have we no speed loaders we need speed loaders and stripper clips

Double Impact: Add "Or Ammunition". It's a +d6 like elemental ammo. Tandem Warheads MUST be a thing

Hardened: Usable on any weapon. Required for certain combinations of ranged upgrades:
+1 for Lethal +1/2, +2 for Lethal +3/4, +1 for Overload. These requirements stack, so a +4 lethal overloaded weapon requires hardened III.

Overload: As Hyperdense Materials but for ranged weapons. If it absolutely must be limited: Requires double powder or charges (but not double physical ammunition).

I'd suggest changing overload/hyperdense to an actual unpenalized size up. So this makes it a large weapon, powerful build could combine with this to have a huge weapon, and this way there's no issues with pre-existing stuff like lead blades and "counts as one size larger". This would best fit with the 'limitation' added.

>> No.42355580

Motherfucker, suck it up and deal with it. If the group you play with is problematic, even if it's just one guy, don't fucking play. There's nothing that kills enthusiasm more. If there are no hobby shops within 30 minutes of your place, do some stuff over the internet, like roll20 or something. For God's sake, don't suffer through a shitty dm because "wah, I have no other options."

>> No.42355615

Okay /pfg/, I'm considering giving Maneuvers to boss enemies, using the appropriate archetypes for their class against a party that does not have any Initiators in it. Because they're all low level the enemy only has access to 1st level maneuvers and as a mercy rule he can only use a maneuver once and cannot regain it. How fair does this sound?

>> No.42355622

Plane shift and/or greater teleport so you don't resurrect right in front of the thing that killed you.

>> No.42355636

New thread:

>> No.42355639

Barbs along the length, particularly near the tip. I'd allow it, but I'm an enabler DM.

>> No.42355752

Attach a spike to the tip. Isn't that what a scorpion whip is supposed to be anyway?

>> No.42355991

Something that the mere sleeping presence of was enough to drive them all mad, mutate them and engrave a fear so deep it is in everything that enters their underground city of sleeping chimes and nightmare lullabies.

At least, that is what they believe. They may be just really deluded and the delusion is spread by what they are building.

....but what if they are right?

>> No.42356985

Get a ring of regeneration, remove the finger it's on, and turn it in at a temple or something for safekeeping. If you ever die, you'll regrow there.

>> No.42357537

>you will never puke magical bile into a poor downtrodden demilich

>> No.42358389

Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on handling PC death/player reactions to it. I'll preface this by saying that while I dislike when PCs die, I generally go by an "as the die rolls" philosophy.

To provide some background, I've recently taken up the GM mantle (for the first time in Pathfinder) for a group going through Rise of the Runelords. Last session, they dealt with Fort Rannick, culminating in the fight against Jaagrath Kreeg.

Jaagrath only actually had a single turn (Which I expected), but on that turn he attacked and critically hit the gunslinger, killing him.

The inquisitor then provoked an attack of opportunity (via movement) from Jaagrath, was critically hit, and also instantly died.

The gunslinger player seems fine with it, accepting that he shouldn't have allowed Jaagrath to get in range of him in the first place, but the inquisitor player seemed really frustrated.

It's the third time in the past two sessions that the inquisitor has been reduced below 0 hit points. The first was due to getting sneak attacked by one of the Graul ogrekin and bleeding out while the party was too far away to help him. The second was due to provoking an attack of opportunity by non-defensively spellcasting in a threatened space. In these cases as well he expressed intense annoyance and the belief that "It's not [his] fault" that he ended up in those situations.

Essentially, I'm worried that there might be a clash of expectations regarding possibility of failure, and I'd like tips on how to approach a conversation with him to see if I can, at the least, help reduce the likelihood of his character getting killed again, without simply never attacking him.

I'm especially concerned because he's expressed (casually, so I'm not sure if he was sincere) the belief that I'm going out of my way to kill his character, and I feel that that kind of thinking, if serious, would get in the way of a reasonable conversation.

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