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This is a thread created for the discussion of quest threads, as well as sharing of advice and guidance for aspiring or current QM's.

Useful links: http://pastebin.com/x6BqaJ7r
Contains writing guides, IRC channels, and miscellaneous stuff. If you want to QM, you may want to read the pastebin before asking a question.

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[The Cabal] #QMC @ Rizon.net (slightly related to quests; enjoys worldbuilding, mechanics and politics)
[Hugbox] #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net (barely related to quests; enjoys Larro quests and anime)
[QuestMaster Directory] https://twitter.com/Eisenstern/lists/quest-runner-directory (post your twitter link in Spooky/Lively to get added; accounts that spam quest-unrelated messages may get removed)
[Anonkun] http://anonkun.com/user/Kas (CAN'T WAKE UP)
[Steam] http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SpookyG

Players: 1st or 2nd person?

QM: What would you change about your quest if you were to start it today?

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>Players: 1st or 2nd person?

I've gotten used to first

>QM: What would you change about your quest if you were to start it today?

I'd do chargen a little differently

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2nd person, 1st person is awkward as fuck in this format.

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My horrid writing in the first few threads

>> No.42330518

>awkward as fuck

I also hate reading in first person because, no, I'm not X character. I'm reading about X character.

I mean I'm all in favour for that oldschool CYOA feel, but first person irked me back when I was a kid too.

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Kitsunetsuki Quest when?

>> No.42330597 [DELETED] 

Kitsunetsuki Quest when? Can your QM run it?

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But anon, second person refers to the MC as "you", the reader.

In first person, the MC is his or her own person.

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I fucking derped there.

Rephrasing the answer then: neither - fuck I, fuck You, because, no, I'm not X character. I'm reading about X character.

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I've never read a third person quest. It seems like that'd be really awkward.

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Draw quests usually use the third person.

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Nilah vs Maria vs Nadjah. Who is best little girl witch?

>> No.42331408

Pretty sure that's already a thing.

>> No.42331492

Depends on how you're judging them. If it's by accomplishments or power then it's obviously Nila considering she's been at it over 300 years and isn't just a fledgling student. If it's who's the cutest then that's more subjective.

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When's a good day/time to start a quest?

I know that /tg/'s a fairly reasonably paced board but I'm almost ready to start one and I'd like as few things to go hilariously terrible as possible.

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>When's a good day/time to start a quest?

We keep putting this into the pasta or OP but nobody ever reads it.

Stop being stupid.

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Draw Quests can handle third person because of the visual medium assisting the players. Without it, it's difficult to get a clear perspective or idea of what the fuck's going on, which is why nobody uses it.

>Players: 1st or 2nd person?

Second. I absolutely despise the usage of first person, as no one (I've seen) is competent in its implementation.

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Nilah wins in power.
Maria in being dedicated.
Nadjah in cute innocence, which both of the above lack.

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Afternoon/evening in the US. Any other time and you have to have a dedicated following or really be bringing something good to the table to have more than a handful of posters.

Also that is not food, Captcha. That is Iron Man. What are you smoking.

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>not eating Iron Man
Captcha is trying its best to cater to /tg/'s Rust Monster demographic, anon. Please be considerate.

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Rust monsters should git bent.

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>captcha: select all of the kayaks
>immediately click on the two bicycle images
What is wrong with me

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How would you guys feel about a Quest fun on this premise?

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I meant run, obviously.

>> No.42331691

Maybe if you were a mermaid those would kind of be similar things.

Are you a mermaid, anon?

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Other than the addition of Dante I don't see how it's much different from the typical harem anime//quest. Just an attempt at being funny by pointing out that certain tropes exist.

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Setting: A race of magic-attuned humanoids have been living in their own corner of Earth undetected for millennia. When their unaging monarch is assassinated a war of succession breaks out, fracturing the kingdom and ending with no clear victor. Thousands of survivors leave the cradle of their civilization to blend into human society. The results are diverse; dozens rising to become global leaders in their fields, hundreds killed or starving in slums.

Plot hook: Six years after the exodus, the MC receives a message from a former rival they haven't seen since the war. A message must be relayed, but only in person. The MC follows the provided address to the decaying outskirts of a former metropolis, now teeming with refugees and criminal elements.

Abilities: The MC's starting proficiencies are dependent on their role in the Succession War (Soldier, Spy, Medic, Technologist, Analyst or Mage) and their occupation since (Security, Saboteur, Doc, Tinker, PI or Magician).

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The fuck are you on about? Draw Quests are usually in first person and break the fourth wall by addressing the readers directly.

>> No.42331773

>kayaks are like bicycles for mermaids
This statement makes an alarming amount of sense to me.

>> No.42331779

oh god

>> No.42331869

>1st or 2nd person?
I'd prefer 2nd, because using 1st falls apart beyond short remarks. Even inner monologue is better trying to eliminate it.

>> No.42331900

You're right. I was mainly thinking of Ruby Quest and Nan Quest, and also Larro's quests which frequently use third person narration in greentext.

>> No.42331950

>Larro's quests
Beyond the occasional script-like ">CHARACTER does a thing" greentext segments you mentioned, his quests are exclusively first person and break the fourth wall hard. I'm pretty sure Ruby was the same way too

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>/a/ comment

>> No.42332685

Someone give me the elevator pitch for why I should bother getting caught up on Totemist Quest.

>> No.42332719

Nah. Make the effort or don't.

>> No.42332876

Personally, yes.
From drawing few drawquests of sort, I feel it is easier to bring across the personality of the controlled character easier, while keeping the suggester-base and character's personality separate. They are still a character, after all. Plus I think it is more easier to write than 3rd person.
It is also extra-focus of sort, marking the character as the one controlled. 2nd person I just don't like, personal preference.

Anyway, I figure all of the characters are just insane and are hearing voices in their head.
Also, I got new idea I have to contemplate, since it might work better - although similar in tone, but different in structure.

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A Tale Of Witches ((>>42309800)) Chapter 49 has now concluded. I thank everyone who read and played!
What, like start to read it or...?
Is this modern day earth or equivalent? How open was this rise of Superhumans? Would you imagine this to be more politics, character or combat focused?

Isn't that just FQ?
Nilah wins in terms of style.
>QM: What would you change about your quest if you were to start it today?
More thought given to the mechanics.
Nothing much.
Not drop it.
Not run it because >fanfic
Nothing much to be said about it.

>Player Question
To be honest I have found I have trouble following 2nd person quests.

>> No.42333565

>Isn't that just FQ?
But it features Dante from the DmC series!

>> No.42333572

What about if the quest switches between them?

>> No.42333602

That's a horrible idea. Why would anyone do that?

>> No.42333617

>But it features Dante from the DmC series!
As Childhood friend?

>> No.42333625

Fuck you.

>> No.42333646

Elayne is married, right? This isn't some parthogenesis bullshit, right? Right?

>> No.42333666


>> No.42333695

Hexer's realm is magical, but not that magical.

>> No.42333696

If the point of view shifts, shouldn't the narration shift too?

>> No.42333739

I guess, but POV shifts are a horrible idea to begin with. Changing up the perspective on top of that just makes it worse.

>> No.42333814

I resent that.
>Elayne is married, right?
She is indeed. Most Clerics lead fairly normal lives in fact. Just because your wife absorbs sunlight with her breakfast doesn't make her any less lovable!

>> No.42333818

Gonna start Discarded Angel Quest in 46 minutes!

>> No.42333847

>Gonna start Discarded Angel Quest in 46 minutes!

>Discarded Angel
>immediately think Michelangelo's rendition of God throwing Satan from heaven and going "Into the Trash it goes"
Please stop funposting my imagination. Thank you.

>> No.42333857

>POV shifts are a horrible idea to begin with

>> No.42333912

>But it features Dante from the DmC series!
Where's that Maria Holic intro edit when I need it?

>> No.42333919

>To be honest I have found I have trouble following 2nd person quests.
>Hexer will at least give my future quest a read
That's cool.

>> No.42333942

Bitch you just went full Senpaiiii~ mode.

>> No.42333944

>dat art
Will you stop hyping and run it?!

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Nigga I got ya

>> No.42333972

Well, kind of. Am I that much of a faggot? My boyfriend currently hammering my back door says yes.

>> No.42334117

He must not be hammering it very hard if you can still type so coherently. You've got proper punctuation and everything. To me, that suggests unsatisfying anal.

>> No.42334166

I have autocorrection. And lots of idle time.

>> No.42334169

For those interested, an update on the Paladin of Avalon is up.

>> No.42334199

>Isn't that just FQ?

Alphabastard was a dick, but even he had to work to get some poon. OnDQ stars an MC with an already pre-established harem, and Dante!

>> No.42334228

All the girls end up NTRing going after Dante, right?

>> No.42334264

I don't think I am ready yet. I have sort of ideas, initial characters, but I still kinda need sort of material of events I can throw at people ( for example, traps, puzzles ), plus figure out my free time.
It will probably happen though, since I haven't run a quest in ages.

>> No.42334351

During the initial brainstorming, there was an idea tossed around where, through magical hijinks, the MC is transformed into a girl for a short period of time. Everything changes during that time, and the FeMC would eventually grow a crush for Dante that would remain even after he reverted back to being a guy.

>> No.42334454


>> No.42334479

>that would remain even after he reverted back to being a guy.
That's not much of a twist, is it?
>Alphabastard was a dick, but even he had to work to get some poon. OnDQ stars an MC with an already pre-established harem, and Dante!
I found it very confusing when I tried to read that.

Hey, if I come across it and it's not KH x HP fanfic I really might. This Hexer Supports Anon In Starting Soon.

>> No.42334524

>That's not much of a twist, is it?

It wasn't really intended to be much of a twist. I'm not the dude who pitched the idea, just someone who participated in the threads when we dicked around with the idea.

I'm honestly surprised anyone remembers.

>> No.42334542

>implying the MC would need to become a girl to learn to want the Dante D
Fuck, if Dante was in my life I'd have gone gay for that immediately.

>> No.42334588

>not KHxHP fanfic
Fuck, there goes my idea. ;_;

>> No.42334646

No fucking regrets. I pitched the idea, but I have no capacity to write. I also have a good chunk of the (better) concept art saved away from the the last few threads.

>> No.42334657 [SPOILER] 

Neolithic Pokemon Quest!


>> No.42334714

>Rei Clone
>All I can see is Ancient Aliens guy

>> No.42334718

much appreciated

>> No.42334734

That's the joke.

>> No.42334738

Any good urban fantasy quest you can recommend? Either completed or currently running is fine.

>> No.42334762

pitching a quest idea i've been working on

A soft Sci-fi setting where the MC is a Lich(or more appropriately named undead controller) that is trapped for centuries in a tomb on a desolate world with no means to escape.

Quest would be the Lich escaping the confines of their prison planet and spreading their undead gift among the stars.

Don't wanna spoil too much but think this would get some attention or just be derided as a Hive Queen Quest or Spore Quest rip-off?

>> No.42334796

>urban fantasy
You're asking for the impossible there, anon.

>> No.42334797

>Is this modern day earth or equivalent?
Near future. Digital-everything, cheap prosthetics, genetic modification, but no flying cars.
>How open was this rise of Superhumans?
Very clandestine. A handful of governments and corporations are aware of them, but to the public it's just rumor and conspiracy theories. A "miracle" here, a "magic trick" there.
>Would you imagine this to be more politics, character or combat focused?
Investigation/puzzle focus, with smatterings of the others.

Admittedly the lack of general interest is giving me second thoughts.

>> No.42334832

How will you make escaping a desolate planet interesting? Presumably there are actually other things living or at least "living" there that there can be conflict with.

>> No.42334845

Both Hive Queen and Spore Quest are rip offs of A.I. Quest anyways. It's never bad to rip off something else so long as you bring your own flavor to it. I'd be game for it, certainly. I'd love for there to be more character driven civ-like quests.

>> No.42334846

Without getting too spoilery, they don't remain the only sentient thing on the planet.

Hapless colonizers/treasure seekers and their spaceship

>> No.42334873

>You play as the Ancient Evil that was foolishly awoken.

When are you running?

>> No.42334927

Discarded Angel Quest has begun!

>> No.42334928

I couldn't have put it better myself.

Soon probably. Week or so I think. Going to be alternating between it and the quest/civ I already run

>> No.42334940

Oh look, an argonian.

>> No.42334954

I ask of you: Do you believe Call of Chtulhu's base system would work well for a quest?
>Admittedly the lack of general interest is giving me second thoughts.
J-just git gud. Fureals tho, pitches are always a bit of a gamble and their reception hardly - if ever - indicative of the size the quest will eventually come to achieve. Just look at this thread and the fact that Friend's has an IP count that eclipses it, for one.
>Investigation/puzzle focus, with smatterings of the others.
Phew, you got your work cut out for you then. Not to say it's not going to work but it's going to be a challenge.
>Near future. Digital-everything, cheap prosthetics, genetic modification, but no flying cars.
Seems interesting.
>Don't wanna spoil too much but think this would get some attention or just be derided as a Hive Queen Quest or Spore Quest rip-off?
Why would you care? If you can make it interesting enough to approach the interestingbess of the non-grind parts of HQQ you've already won.

Extranatural Enforcer.
RIP in pieces, Anon.

>> No.42334972

What is your twitter, and what is your current quest?

>> No.42334979

I think most of the lack of interest was because the short-form pitch feels sorta like "magic is secret, magic people are secret. shit hit the fan, now they have to live among the normals. you're a magic people. there's gonna be a plot", which is about as baseline as you can possibly get for this sort of thing.

Which mostly leaves it as being a matter of execution/where you want to focus the plot, which is the one thing nobody can actually pick up from the pitch alone.

>> No.42335027


Ghoul Civ Quest

>> No.42335055

You like Undead don't you?

>> No.42335127

I look forward to it. I've heard good things about Ghoul Civ but never got around to reading it myself. Figured I was too far behind.

>> No.42335160

>Extranatural Enforcer
He wanted a good quest.

>> No.42335168

So I guess House Brachen is dead?

>> No.42335338

>So I guess House Brachen is dead?
ASoIaF Quests surviving into their 20s is just not really something that happens a lot.
It's the only one active enough to be considered living, ergo it's the best.

>> No.42335398

>even he had to work to get some poon.
Literally magic semen
You mean Joss Whedon tier "snark"?

>> No.42335485

Maybe that's the idea for the quest. You have to weave your way through all these harem bitches in order to woo the Dante, especially since he's the only one who doesn't automatically want your D.

Because lets be honest, /tg/ would immediately go for Dante, half for LE EBIN DERAIL/SUBVERSION and the other half because it's fucking Dante.

>> No.42335527

>A.I. Quest

>> No.42335538

As long as it the old Dante and not the self-insert from the remake

>> No.42335550

>I found it very confusing when I tried to read that.
What was confusing? If you mean the formatting, that has changed.

>> No.42335557

Atleast House Malroy is showing signs to be decent. Just hope it will keep on living. But past experience i am not expecting it.

But really. Wish the dude with House Brachen would return aswell.

>> No.42336091

Dank Side Quest when.

>> No.42336316

>Dank Side Quest when.
When StonerDM returns.

>> No.42336465

Next time, be sure to include a picture with the announcement. I almost didn't see this post.

>> No.42336475



First person gets you more invested in characters.

> QM

I would probably cut down on the number of events the player is privy to in the star system. I feel like my players are getting a bit confused with all the actors in play around Ragol/Algol.

>> No.42336498

>What was confusing? If you mean the formatting, that has changed.
That's basically Hexcode for it was shit.

>> No.42336506

Title: Awake

Setting: Modern earth (possibly circa 2008)

Plot hook: After living your entire life in suspended animated dream you are contacted told by a person who looks like you, only wearing clothes from the 1950's, to wake up and kill someone called "4".

I will elaborate on some of the plot points if anyone wants to know more but it does go into some spoiler territory.

>> No.42336577

I'll keep that in mind, yeah.

>> No.42336614

Hogwarts Muggleborn Quest is up. Come read about wizards.

>> No.42337256


Good advice. On a related note, PSO Quest is running now!


>> No.42337592

Hey /wqdt/. I'm not looking for a particular setting or flavor, just an interesting read. I'm new to quest threads, so out of any completed or long running quests, is there any you would recommend as a must read?

>> No.42337630

Ruby. It's not that good, but you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone say it's bad except for "abloo-bloo furry shit", which is more than you can say for literally any other quest.

>> No.42337662

Totemist Quest
Elder Loli Quest
Joker Quest
A tale of witches
Shadow Quest
Ruby Quest
Void Quest
Oversized Weapons Quest
LEGO Quest.

>> No.42337673

Yeah, imo there aren't any absolute must reads, but reading Ruby is a good idea simply because of what it helped create. Now if you give us a genre you like, we can recommend some of the more iconic quests in that.

>> No.42337742

>A Tale Of Witches ((>>42309800)) Chapter 49 has now concluded. I thank everyone who read and played!
>the Twins are literally enemies to life

>> No.42337779



Also DBZ Human Quest by Dralo/Somnius

>> No.42337827

>Piece of Shit Online fanfic
Shut up and suck my dick, bitchboi

>> No.42337866


>> No.42338010


>> No.42338020


>> No.42338095

Look me dead in the reaction image and tell you believe that your quest and a DBZ fanfic are must reads of all quests that have been run on this board.

>> No.42338104

The fact that you recommend a DBZ quest ensures that I will never read anything you run.

>> No.42338137

They probably just have trouble with anything Deviance related due to not existing and all.

>> No.42338424


The first suggestion was just me plugging, but DBZ Human Quest Was legitimately good sans a few trouble spots.

>> No.42338998


>> No.42339406


Ruby, Journey (On tgchan), Hellborn (I think?), Shadow Quest, most of Exabyte's quests...

>> No.42339586

Blatant Fetish Quest, which was far better than the name implies.

>> No.42339666

Lots of people complain about Shadow Quest. Some people complain about Hellborn. Exabyte's quests are too bland for me to recommend. Never heard of Journey before.

>> No.42339743

Seeing you in 3 days, Cirno?

>> No.42339777



>> No.42339824

>Never heard of Journey before.

A slugman with borderline power armor with a railgun (That is also a lightning gun) and a bird-guy adventure through an abandoned town, fleeing a lizardwoman with wings and assisted by a blind, flexible fluffball.

>> No.42340027

Shadow Quest is pretty amazing, whether you just want to enjoy the quest itself, or giggle at /tg/'s flailing attempts to imitate sane human behavior and logic.

>> No.42340139

>QM: What would you change about your quest if you were to start it today?

Create the rules before starting the story, not that winging it relentlessly hasn't worked out well enough so far.

Don't mind me, first WQDT, gonna skim through it and catch up.

>> No.42340160

This is the first time I've seen DmC Dante called a self-insert. I haven't played the game, but from what I've seen, he really doesn't seem like a self-insert.

>> No.42340197

I think he was modeled to look like the director of the game right?

>> No.42340223

Really? Huh.

>> No.42340245

I dunno about self-insert, but there's a quite a bit about Donte's character that gets pretty Mary Sue-ish, especially since he often gets away with being a complete asshole to anyone. Since Mary Sue's are usually self-insert, and considering the behavior of the guy's behind DmC, it's not a stretch.

>> No.42340439


>> No.42340474

Yeah he says it's coincidental (at least according to the wiki) and that he's styling his hair after Dante when they were promoting the game

>> No.42340551

Alright, so...

I'm the QM for Become The Dragon Quest, and I have a question. I have almost no feedback on it at present aside from "this has lots of potential". What's the best way to get feedback from readers, aside from posting in this thread and announcing "rip my story to shreds and tell me what sucks about it so I can get better"?

>> No.42340594

There's not really a way to get feedback if your players aren't already giving you feedback. You can try asking some of the QMs in the IRCs to give your quest a look, but there's a good chance they won't have the time to.

>> No.42340630

Engage with your players at the end of the threads. Ask specific questions.

>> No.42340722

The trouble with that one is that the threads run til the bump limit and then die slow deaths. I suppose I could do a Q&A thread or something...

>> No.42340774

Trombone Tooter.

>> No.42340798

Definitely not a must-read for a beginner. You should have read at least ten quests before you dive into that shitshow.

>> No.42340841

It's a perfect reading of what NOT to do and required reading for prospective QMs but yes, it does require some familiarity with the medium to truly enjoy.

>> No.42340869

>I suppose I could do a Q&A thread or something...
I dunno if that's a great idea, anon.

>The trouble with that one is that the threads run til the bump limit and then die slow deaths.
I'm not sure I understand the problem.

>> No.42340909

I keep on questing until the thread burns out. There's no "end of thread" to run the Q&A at.

>> No.42340932

Might want to end it earlier sometime, at like a good stopping point in the story.

Making a whole new Q&A thread may a bit much, but to each their own.

>> No.42340990

I'd end the quest just before or at the bump limit, and then do Q&A until the thread falls off the board.

>> No.42342070

We're pretty much at the 10th year anniversary for Battlestar Galactica (Ron Moore edition).

Is anyone hyped to see a nuBSG quest, or a gritty down-to-earth remake of an existing quest?

>gritty down to earth version of JQ

>gritty down to earth version of Scorpion Girl Quest
>Hunzuu wakes up in the basement of a temple masquerading as yet another glass tower in the financial district
>she now has a scorpion tattoo that runs from her shoulder to her butt
>her gun is a customized Arizona Deathstalker .50 pistol, that she nicknames "The Stinger"
>They are all now part of a mafia cum freaky cult that's poised to wrap its claws around the city
>the "priests" are lawyers and CEOs in the daytime
>sacrifices are now human trafficking and exotic sex slave rings
>one plot arc dedicated to buying and selling child soldiers in conflict zones

>> No.42342153

>>gritty down to earth version of JQ

>> No.42342249

nuBSG Quest: The Dark Souls of Joker Quests

>> No.42342548

Now with 200% more rape and melodrama

>> No.42342720


That would just be actual gang warfare, except everyone wears masks for anonymity. Like the Warriors meets Hotline Miami.

>> No.42342762

>all energy weapons are replaced by flamers
>glorious hairspray + barbeque lighter metagame

>> No.42342791

Rolled 1, 7, 2, 10, 10, 5 = 35 (6d10)

>> No.42342856


Also, the two Jokers each have a single gun. Which is extremely rare in Japan.

Lachryma is a drug that combines the effects of meth and Krokodil.

>> No.42343320

Let's see how long it takes before a mod gives me a stern talking to about staying on topic when making threads. In other news, behold! Questions about quests! Well, a quest, and a general question about other quests.

>> No.42343350


>> No.42344200

>200% more rape
So none?

>> No.42344666

okay more technical coersion of consent

>> No.42345038

How the fuck do I into making a transparent hexgrid in photoshop?

>> No.42345204

Make hexgrid. Remove background layer.

>> No.42345344

Bunch of ways. Layer over, apply hex pattern, adjust opacity in layer properties.

>> No.42346293 [DELETED] 


>> No.42346294


>> No.42346312

Tank Commander Quest is up.


Expect armored combat soon after procuring a vehicle

>> No.42346813

Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest is pretty good!

>> No.42347967

MFW. HQQ. Triple 100s. 2 wasted. Last one counts.

>> No.42348500

>"Oh yes, let's do this." "Oh, you mean that?" John asks, to which Mary grins. "Hell yes I mean that."

Why the fuck to people bunch up dialogue like this? It's atrocious and turns me off from a quest like nothing else. Use paragraphs, line breaks, anything; it ruins the flow and makes sorting through who's saying what a chore.

>> No.42349794

>>"Oh yes, let's do this." "Oh, you mean that?" John asks, to which Mary grins. "Hell yes I mean that."
That's cringe from start to finish. Please tell me you typed that to illustrate the point.

>> No.42351220

It was just an example.

>> No.42351256

>They probably just have trouble with anything Deviance related due to not existing and all.
The temple is probably slightly phased out of existence. They're not really alive so anything that brims with it is anathema to them.

>> No.42351528

Also almost scored a nat 1 in a space battle, and now we're boarding a hive ship for revenge, after finding signs of another hives existence.

Also holy shit the obsidian queen must be mad, she just lost an entire capital fleet in a landslide battle. Where her drones couldn't even keep up against the force of railguns, pulse cannons, and the sheer force of radiation from our entry into the system. We didn't even get to deploy our doomsday weapons.

>> No.42353436

>They're not really alive so anything that brims with it is anathema to them.

>> No.42353780

the fuck's a tuffle

>> No.42353993

A kind of plant hunted by pigs.

>> No.42354035


>> No.42354041

no its a series of folds in clothing

>> No.42355989


>> No.42358245

bumping for MONDAYS

>> No.42358258


Short notice Hellborn Quest.

>> No.42358398


>> No.42358539 [DELETED] 

Excellent non-contributing post, friendo! You truly are a top meme lad. I rate your post 10 out of 10 wew puppers. :^D

>> No.42358659

>responding to a post made a day ago
>responding to a post made a day ago just to shitpost about shitposting

>> No.42360718


>> No.42362614



>> No.42362727

I'm going to give it a few days to get my sleep schedule adjusted and read over supplementary material and the old threads., but I think I'll give this quest a go. I'm a tad nervous.

>> No.42364005

>> No.42364875

Say, what happened to a couple of the RE: quests, like RE: Human and RE: Harpy?

>> No.42364996

Human is pretty much dead, Harpy said he'd run next weekend.

>> No.42365130

Anyone knows what happened to Wulin Hero Quest? It seemed to come back a couple of weeks ago, then I don't think I've seen WulinSage even post again.

>> No.42365170

Dude be real. Sage has been a flake since forever. Nigga has like 3 or 4 quests dead in the water.

>> No.42365602


Part 2 of Tank Commander Quest is up. I personally hoped it wouldn't be in the same thread as the first link I threw up, but I started that at a bad time so it's my own fault.

>> No.42367699

Please don't. Unless it's completely tongue-in-cheek it'll be absolutely cringeworthy, and even if it is tongue-in-cheek I still wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.42368188

Don't be a Debbie Downer.

>> No.42368352


>> No.42368858

I'm hereby revoking anonymous' right to use the word "cringe".

>> No.42371325

>reading Shadow Quest
>someone leaves his dice in the email field
>gets a 100 while responding to another anon
>everyone gets mad him for "wasting" the roll
Every time.

>> No.42371394

Borderline voodooistic tabletop dice-related superstition dies hard, anon.

>> No.42371433

>implying it dies at all

>> No.42371509

>first contact with adult, non-illusion Abby in the Archonium

>> No.42371550

Don't age the loli.

>> No.42371648

Who can stop him, anon?

>> No.42371747

Are you trying to summon XS with your pictures Hexer?

>> No.42371769

>Are you trying to summon XS with your pictures Hexer?
That's a family picture. Backround's XS, left is Callow, right is Hexer.

>> No.42372337

>"Do you really...love me?"
>What do you say?
10/10 SM for president

>> No.42372605

Rolled 9, 1, 6, 7, 3, 5 = 31 (6d10)

>> No.42372890

>SQfag again
>reading thread when I suddenly see a familiar post
>recognize it because I wrote it in response to the QTG spillover
The streams are crossing

>> No.42373091

Any relatively recent Quests that are pretty good?

And by recent I mean less than 10 threads.

>> No.42373121

What do you like/read?

>> No.42373128

Epic blog where do I subscribe?

>> No.42373148


Non-Slice of Life with Action, Adventure, etc. Romance is optional.

Setting doesn't really matter, although I could go for some sci-fi or space opera.

Nothing Magical Girl.

>> No.42373160

Thanks, anon. You can head over to my patreon, and help fund the fun.

>> No.42373187

>pretty good
I'll save you the time and tell you right now that there aren't any.

>> No.42373188

If I give you enough money will you translate it into Russian on a Russian questing forum while acting like it's your quest?

>> No.42373207

Okay. Then I'm fresh out of options. I guess you could read Journey Quest and Spore Quest.

>> No.42373214

I can only handle one project at a time, anon. Blogging is hard work.

>> No.42373218


Good is relative. Compared to the rest of /tg/? Quests are looking pretty fuckin' good.

>> No.42373245



Less characters overall, different MC, different overall tone, new BBEG... Basically, everything.

>> No.42373248


To be perfectly honest, I'm not going to recommend shit because if I mention it here, that Quest will be overrun by /qtg/'s particular brand of retardation. Just search for yourself Anon, it shouldn't take long.

>> No.42373259

>if I mention it here, that Quest will be overrun by /qtg/'s particular brand of retardation
This is my favourite meme.

>> No.42373262

>QM: What would you change about your quest if you were to start it today?
Bump the MC up in age by a year or two. That's about it.

>> No.42373278


Doesn't hurt that it's true.

Shadow Quest comes to mind, as does Banished Quest.

>> No.42373286

QM: Streamline Chargen, have a lot more prewritten stuff.

>> No.42373349

SQ and its fanbase was entirely SM's own doing

>> No.42373542


It started off innocent enough. It got worse as time went on and the tipping point was when it got popular with the /qtg/. That's when things went to hell.

>> No.42374966

It's not like that anymore.

>> No.42375920

The audience it got was due to SM's constant le ebin Doompauling and occasional bouts of extreme railroading driving away anyone who wasn't either a drooling retarded waifufag or as big of a shitposter as SM.

>> No.42377946

Creativity isn't shitposting.

>> No.42378027

I've been really enjoying Johnny Cage quest.

>> No.42378066

It is according to the SJW and /pol/ tards and antismut police on the board.

>> No.42378634

smut doesn't belong on here to the capacity that it currently does, though

>> No.42378705


>> No.42378716

You must be an exciting person to be around.

>> No.42378727

What capacity? Innocuous pastebins and casual "I'd fuck that" comments that are common on every board?

>> No.42378757

the dedicated smut general
name another blue board that has one

>> No.42378761

>weekend quest discussion
>meta arguments on a tuesday

>> No.42378894

QMs so dead the thread half-life ridiculous

>> No.42379828

And Doompauling isn't creative

>> No.42379857

>complaining about Doompauling
>complaining about the QM having fun and not being a robot who exists only to provide you, personally, entertainment
You are everything wrong with quests.

>> No.42379907

Wrong, that would be the guy bitching about the audience SM attracted with his lolsowacky antics, I'm just pointing out that QTG is not to blame for SQ being full of shitters

>> No.42380705

nice cherrypicking. It was one thread a week with barely any presence, and it's gone after rampant shitposting anyways, so you don't even have that to rally your crusade around.

>> No.42380954

I don't even know what caused the ruthless aggression various /qtg/ posters have against /wst/. Seems pointless and retarded as fuck.

>> No.42381013

Trolls shitposting in each about the other, and people retarded enough to fall for it.

>> No.42381061

Flaseflagging and shitposting
It turns out meta shitposting with CYOAs or generalfaggotry didn't get the desired effect, so it went right back to smutposting

>> No.42381129

Nobody in /qtg/ really cared about /wst/. It was just burmese shitposters.

>> No.42381404

>ruthless aggression various /qtg/ posters have against /wst/
Literally no one. It's the same dude who shitposted taleanon relentlessly however long ago, and the same dude who spammed /qtg/ threads in order to kill it off. It's just one pathetic psychopath flailing for some modicum of control in his worthless life.

>> No.42382841


>> No.42383931

What quests are ASQ and RAQ?

>> No.42385505


I'm not sure, Anon.

>> No.42385543

Aspiring Salesman Quest
Radically Awesome! Quest

>> No.42385699

Autistic Slutloli Quest and Renegade Ass Quest.

>> No.42385714 [DELETED] 

I can't say I'm sorry that /wst/ is gone though. It was always a vile shitheap. Hopefully CYOA threads will be the next to die.

>> No.42385765

CYOA threads are nice when effort is actually put into them. There should be less of them, and no dedicated CYOA general, only CYOA discussion threads made to discuss the creation of CYOAs.

I wish PACYOATE's community was half as good as the CYOA itself actually is. Yuck.

>> No.42386014

I want to run a quest with the core theme of impermanence.

Failure and consequences, fleeting moments of joy, only spelling out the rain to come.

>> No.42386063


They're alright. I don't see them as being bad as the other stuff.

>> No.42386433

Time to watch some of Makoto Shinkai's films, anon.

Maybe separate the quest into distinct segments by large gaps of time.

>> No.42386457

Take a lesson from this guy.

>> No.42386536


>> No.42386591

>Cashew Tins

>> No.42387905

i got lots of QM questions since i am a beginner myself in this field.

>How to introduce adult themes in your quest without sounding like an underage/edgy?

>What is your relation with your player?

Thank you for answering

>> No.42388032

With all due respect, your English needs work, anon.

>How to introduce adult themes in your quest without sounding like an underage/edgy?
First you have to ask yourself why you want to introduce adult themes. Are they important? What do they add to the quest?

>What is your relation with your player?
There will always be hecklers and tantruming autists. Stay positive, and try to engage with the good players. Arguing is almost always a terrible idea, and placation sets a bad precedent.

>> No.42388045

>How to introduce adult themes in your quest without sounding like an underage/edgy?

Define "adult themes." How do they factor into the collective story? How have you written about them before? How do you want to write about them? Is there a purpose to their addition?

>> No.42388150

Help me come with a cornily evil corporation name, /tg/

>> No.42388164

of course it needs some serious work. I try to make it better.

Just to cope with the general theme of my quest.

Drug abuse, rape, graphic scenes, torture...I can't pinpoint it. It just happens when i write it.

I did write them before but as you can see my English is kind of lacking.

they definitely won't be fanservice even if they looked like it. perhaps i meant Mature rather than Adult; I always mess with my nomenclature.

Its purpose to add another layer to the world, some 'realism' if you like.


>Prewritten stuff or writing on the go?

>> No.42388204

the majority of what i write is pulled straight out of my ass but it is important that i plan a basic skeleton beforehand or it will end up terrible

>> No.42388220


>> No.42388281

The Plendelnorf Conglomerate

>> No.42388314

Spooky Spooky Industries
Disreputable Imports
Unsavory Traders Incorporated aka UTI

>> No.42388331

[Weird sounding surname][Other surname][one word description of buisness]

>> No.42388341

I'm looking for something corny and over the top. The setting has full-blown corporatism as its form of government, where instead of being a citizen of a state, you are property of a corporation. Minority Report-esque instrusive ads are fucking everywhere, and everything from your home to your socks has logos all over it.

It needs to be deceptively non-evil, and have both long-form and short-form names, like, i dunno, Innosystech Industries: Life-defining administrative solutions LTD™, which can be called Innosys for short.

>> No.42388344


God damnit, WQDT.

>> No.42388350

i keep this skeleton in my mind. but i get it. Thanks for the help.


>> No.42388367

Look at when OP was posted, anon.

>> No.42388396

Acvtually, this proves WQDT is so well adjusted now it has other things to do during weekdays

>> No.42388398

Yes, that's well been established. What's keeping people from letting a weekend thread die off or sage out of courtesy?

>> No.42388490

>What's keeping people from letting a weekend thread die off or sage out of courtesy?
Having stuff to discuss and not being autistic about thread titles

>> No.42388513

/qtg/ was contained to the weekends because it was shitposted to death. As it is, there's no need to kill the thread.

Now dry those tears, and go post in a thread you enjoy. You shouldn't be wasting your time complaining about something so silly.

>> No.42389574 [DELETED] 

We need an Esperanto Quest!

>> No.42389682 [DELETED] 

Kial vi bezonas unu?

>> No.42389926 [DELETED] 

Lau vi.

>> No.42389954 [DELETED] 

Because reasons!

>> No.42390609

Wouldn't it be funny if this lasted until the weekend?

>> No.42390659

Not really
It'd be funny if it actually produced something, though. Even if it was macaroni art again.

>> No.42390660

It won't. It'll die in about 3-5 hours.

>> No.42391041

>Unsavory Traders Incorporated aka UTI
Jolly good show

>> No.42391045

System Shock 2 inspired quest guy here. Need some advice from more experienced QMs.

I want to have a period of time where things feel normal before shit hits the fan. How long is too long? Half a thread? A whole thread? Multiple threads? If I do a whole thread where they're just a worker bee on a station with some subtle mystery elements, is that going to bore people?

>> No.42391380


It's good you realized you need to establish normalcy before venturing into the abnormal.

People leap off into the adventure so quickly at times that there is no comparison to be made to what life was like before the adventure. This is critical for pretending at any semblance of character development. It also puts a burden on the reader; if you leap into the story, you're relying on an audience so steeped in the tropes of your chosen genre that they can fingerpaint a background on their own or simply not care about it.

So, you've got the right mindset already, which is great!

How long it takes to establish normalcy is how long it takes. An exact thread or post count isn't needed. Do as much as you need, and no more. For strictly by-the-book writing, only include something if it furthers the plot or furthers characterization. Everything else is pointless. This will keep things interesting before you get to the meat and potatoes.

Example: if we need to know some important information about the protagonist's family, include it. Do not waste time describing the texture of the morning dew on the grass of the protagonist's lawn. Yes, it's nice and poetic, but who cares? If it has no importance to the plot of characters, or it's not going to crop up again, don't waste the reader's time going on about it.

You can ignore this rule if you have an unreliable narrator, but otherwise, only bring the reader's attention to things that are going to be important. If you have an unreliable narrator, then you may want to intentionally distract the reader by manipulating their attention.

Many times it's good to slow down and get into the description/worldbuilding, but you're correct in thinking that the beginning of the story is not the place to do that. Quickly sketch a colorful scene to set us firmly into your narrative, but move the plot forward.

>> No.42391406

>If I do a whole thread where they're just a worker bee on a station with some subtle mystery elements, is that going to bore people?
I think it could work, but you really have to sell it. You can't go in with the mentality that this is just boring filler, because it will probably come through in your writing.

If you're confident in your ability to do character interaction, then that can be a great way to bide time. Give the MC a partner, someone they've been friends with. They can either work with the MC in-person, or be on constant radio contact.

If you aren't super confident in your dialogue, then you'll also want a conflict, if only a little one. Give /tg/ a space problem to solve with their space tools, something simple but interesting. Maybe include a choice with long-term consequences, like having to choose a room to temporarily put on reduced/backup power.

A completely different route to take might be to keep the updates in the first thread short, sort of a halfway point between text quests and the old drawfag quests. Bite-sized posts require a lot less investment from the players, but the thread itself doesn't have to be shorter.

I'm not a QM, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm just kind of spitballing.

>> No.42391427


Seconded, all of it. Not bad for spitballing.

>> No.42391455

Neat. I'm confident in my ability to tell a story but not so confident in my ability to draw/keep an audience.

>> No.42391501

Y-you too

>> No.42391541


If you can tell a good story and communicate in an authentic way, the audience will find you. Trust me.


tee-hee oh gosh anon

>> No.42391559

Another option is to do flashforwards to heighten the tension. Pick a couple of the mystery elements in the worker bee segments and show just how important they actually are in the near future.

It's a fine line to decide just how long these flashforwards are, though.

>> No.42391563


>> No.42391599


Yeah, just dropped in for a quick visit. /tg/ is the best board on 4chan, after all. What's up?

>> No.42391611


>> No.42391641


>> No.42391677

Don't be a whore.

>> No.42391693

hello yes welcome to qtg

where everyone is a whore

>> No.42391703

Well now we know who has been shilling SQ lately.

>> No.42391714

It's probably not really you, but I've been reading Shadow Quest for the first time over the past couple weeks and it's really great.

That'd be me, you congenital walrus.

>> No.42391786


Glad you're enjoying it!

Things get a little crazy at some points, but it was a fun and interesting experiment, all things considered. I got too invested in the story, though - the railroading thing was a rather messy circumstance. Be cautious on that front; let the players take the story where they want it to go, rather than where you think it should go, even if you disagree. I think that was my biggest issue.

By the way, if you're thinking about getting into writing, go for it. My email is on my Twitter.

>> No.42391807

>the railroading thing
>implying only one

>> No.42391821

I don't know what it will mean to you, but in retrospect my thought was always that shadow quest would do very well as an anime.
Take it as you will, cause I sure have no idea where to go from that.

>> No.42391873


I feel like I know what you mean.

I was watching a lot of anime at the time, so it makes sense that the tropes leaked into my writing. My inner child has a weakness for the action/cheesiness of anime, and I'm also a big fan of grand fantasy stories. Ergo, SQ.

>> No.42391893

It's probably all the bullshit asspulls SQ was chock fulla.

>> No.42391897

Rolled 10, 3, 10, 10, 5 = 38 (5d10)

>> No.42391905

Railroading or not, I feel that /tg/ has added a lot to the experience so far. Their reactions and suggestions are a ton of fun to read when they aren't going full tantrum mode.

Moments like the rainbow riddle and loli Abby showing off her dress just wouldn't have had the same impact in any other medium.

>> No.42391924


The fucking rainbow. Good times.

>> No.42391972

is Shadow Quest worth a read?

>> No.42391979

Depends. What kind of quests do you like?

>> No.42392026


>> No.42392070

Not really.

>> No.42392117


I only recognize one of those acronyms, and it's not really like Hollow Quest Redux.

>> No.42392125

I meant HMQ

Homeless Mutant Quest

>> No.42392138

Do you like fantasy stories where the main character starts off sorta weak, and slowly grows into a world-changing force of nature?
Do you like RPGs where the MC amasses a motley crew of eccentric individuals who all of their own histories and ambitions?
Do you like daughterus?
Do you like all-you-can-eat spaghetti?

If you said yes to any of these, then Shadow Quest may be for you.

>> No.42392153

You mean sci-fi. The whole setting is a fake fantasy computer simulation whatzit caused by humans ascending to another plane of reality or some whozit.

>> No.42392160

>Do you like daughterus?
Don't be cruel, anon.

>> No.42392181

Abby is a terrible no-good slut with an electra complex and by far the worst daugteru in all of questing.

>> No.42392214

Spoilers! But it doesn't really matter, because I'm like halfway through and it's still thoroughly fantasy.

All good things must come to an end, anon.

>> No.42392311

>Do you like fantasy stories where the main character starts off sorta weak, and slowly grows into a world-changing force of nature?
>Do you like RPGs where the MC amasses a motley crew of eccentric individuals who all of their own histories and ambitions?
>Do you like daughterus?
eh, they can be alright
>Do you like all-you-can-eat spaghetti?
I read HMQ so yeah

>> No.42392501

JJ really is the king of spaghetti.

After a quick binge of the quest, he reminds me pretty thoroughly of Wirt from Over the Garden Wall.

>> No.42392580

>You mean sci-fi. The whole setting is a fake fantasy computer simulation whatzit caused by humans ascending to another plane of reality or some whozit.
Makes me wonder if any other quest's going to ever pull that.

>> No.42392726


I have found the most retarded bleach quest on record.

>> No.42392789

>worst Bleach quest
>on anywhere but SB/SV

Sure, that quest is in the bottom 20%, but there are so many worse.

>> No.42392831

Does this faggot have no originality?

>Giving worthless side characters Zanpakuto's.

>> No.42394672

>Makes me wonder if any other quest's going to ever pull that.
Probably AToW, the metaphysics are convoluted enough for it.

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