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>Random bridge encounters

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>Surprisingly young Gnomish prostitutes occupy the center of the bridge. They offer to give you a 'bridgey whirl' for five coppers and a swig of ale

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>The bridge is an illusion

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>Kobolds/Goblins play smart for once. Steal some armour and crossbows.
>Put armour on biggest meanest ones, hide at the ends of the bridge.
>PCs get to middle of bridge block both exists with armoured guys, shoot PCs in the middle with the crossbows.

>PCs jump off the bridge, flipping the Kobolds/Goblins off while current drifts them away.
>Second in command slaps the commander on the back of the head.

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>a garishly dressed warrior with many arms stops you, claiming that he will defeat you and confiscate your weapons

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A scottsman and a unarmored samuri are in a deep debate on who should have to move aside for one to pass.

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>"Fools! You face the mightiest swordsman in all the world!"


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>The bridge appears to be alive.

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>Bridge can talk and wants to be best friends with the PCs, but after a conversation suddenly shifts mood, accusing them that they're probably just like all the other travellers, and just want to use him and then leave him, to maybe come back every now and then, even regularily, but always leave!

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>Bridge appears to be moaning when people walking on it.

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God what an amazing show Samurai Jack was.

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>it's covered in Flail Snails

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>The cleric in your party is raped by the bridge. Later, she discovers that she is pregnant.

wat do

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The bridge leads to a completely different location than expected.

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>The grim toll-man tells you that the price of passage is a human organ.

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This is Goosebumps level of writing.

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I hope he likes cock

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Thank you

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I give him my mouth organ.

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.Trolls obviously

>Bandits wanting you to pay toll
>A giant creature swimming underneath the bridge
>Bridge can't hold more than X people
>Once you finish walking over the bridge some kind of paradox stuff causes you to exit at the exact same spot you entered.
>The bridge is a portal to another realm

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Looks like a job for The Book of Erotic Fantasy.

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>You come across three old ladies playing bridge
>They coerce you into playing, then bully you with pedantic rules lawyering and spotting out any mistake as "cheating" until they take all of your money.

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But if you believe the illusion to be real, anon, then it is by D&D law! I see absolutely no problem here.

>inb4 different systems exist

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That doesn't have to be system specific. I mean, if you believe an illusion is real, doesn't that by default make it real?

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Yeah, and you're walking on Sunshine, while everyone else who doesn't believe it thinks you are the chosen one.

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>this is actually where you always wanted to go but never quite realised it or found the time.

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>for five coppers and a swig of ale

Is this a good deal?

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STOP RIGHT THERE CRIM.. i mean citizen.

You cant pass this bridge, not with all these illegal, unregistered weapons. Would you please lie them down right here.
You will get them back after you're on the other side.

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These are prostitutes of the vareity that have to go looking for business on bridges in the ass end of nowhere.

You do the math.

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Underrated post

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That's one nice bridge, OP.

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Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.

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Every time the PCs cross the bridge, somehow they come off of it on the exact same side they started from

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already mentioned

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>the bridge is only wide enough to allow one person to pass at a time
>there's a man in the middle of the bridge, crouching slightly and gripping both of the ropes on each side of the bridge
>as the party approaches, the mail bag at his hip comes into view. He is a messenger.
>He lifts a shaking hand momentarily ahead of him in warning before quickly replacing it on the rope
>"G-go back! Please! Oh gods, don't let me die here. Please, good travelers, don't trap me on this bridge. I have to go past. Please go back and I'll be on my way. (Oh gods, it's so high up.) Please. I won't take long, I've just stopped here to, uuhhhh..."
>He pauses for a long time as a sweat drop rolls down his forehead.
>"...catch my breath. Excuse me. Haaah, yes. Oh heavens. That's the thing about high altitudes, you know, you get winded faster. And we're, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, very high up indeed. (Oh gods...)"
>the party can't get past because the man is too scared of heights to move

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>Try to cross the bridge with smart paced steps contently checking awareness.
>GM isn't the kind to let us have one second of peace.
>All of a sudden arrows black out the sun like the dankest 300 meme to ever get overused on the internet.
>party collectively shields under gear while moslty holding onto the ropes
>Bridge snaps and we all have to roll reflex
>Fell 10 feet onto soft soil everyone nearly shitting about death
>Nothing wrong DM giggles for the next 10 minutes while we get sodas and fucking take chill pills
There is just no peace with some GM. You must always have tense welded puckers. Still no clue where the arrows came from possible act of god or plot device for next session assrape

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wonder why the fuck someone built a bridge in a fucking pseudo void where everything floats

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>You have never knew about it
>You are now across the ocean, but now just a boat trip away from the BBEG's evil lair, right where he isn't expecting you to come from

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"What is your name?"

Alternatively, the bridge has no end but instead many points to jump off and arrive at different locations. Essentially some interdimensional transport hub created by an unusual personality.

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Four youngsters on an adventure to find a dead body.

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>You've encountered two mountain golems who are yet to finish their tug of war game

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The bridge isn't all THAT big.

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>The troll isn't under the bridge, the troll IS the bridge.

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The moans are sexual.

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>offer them credits, e-clips, gems, magic
>they want literally nothing but the 5 coppers and swig of ale
>dimension of ruins and monsters
>dungeon crawling for the scraps of the dim past

Sounds good to me. Next Rifts adventure I run.

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And that's why theeey caaalll hiiiiim---!

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