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Character art thread!

Specifically requesting female Paladins/Knights, if you've got one that has a short, white-blonde braid, bright blue eyes and pale skin that'd be perfect. Have a lot of folders, open to requests if anyone needs something, can dump on request.

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I don't have any of the pictures myself but I do believe op just described lady Chris from suikoden 3

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Somewhat similar, but I was thinking more of a hanging-down braid, like the kind posted here.

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Also, Lady Chris's hair is silver, where what I'd be ideally looking for is pale blonde (AKA White-blonde, platinum blonde). Sorry for pickiness!

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Also 'Female Knight' from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Yes, that is her name.

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Gonna tag in with a different request.

Does anyone have a hulking armored guy wearing Paladin-esque armor? Hopefully undead?

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OP here, this good? Or by hulking did you mean inhuman-tier?

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>Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
hate that manga so, so much

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Meant larger than a normal man and undead, but that's brilliant right there. Anything else you might have?

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Might have some stuff.

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Hope you like one or two :)

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This is a dude, but, just pretend, anon... pretend....

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Running out of paladins... I got rid of all my character arts when I used to tripfag and post in these threads...

2 more after this.

Also, is 4chin fucking up for anybody else?

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That's even better.

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What.. that it's a dude or you're pretending it's a dude? Dudes with white hairs + paladins/knights are easier to get.

Last one which is a girl.

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Okay, found a few more.

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For the anon who asked about undead paladins: a softer touch

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dumping kni/paladins and requesting pirates

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Anyone have minotaurs? Preferably dressed and armed in some other way than typical barbarian fashion and axes.

Picture related.

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I'm in love with these

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Posting what I can as thanks for those four

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annnnd my personal favorite, which is the paladin I'm currently playing

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posting best FF girl

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It's been decades and I am still slightly salted she stopped being a character so fast.

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On the one hand, I love the armour and overall design. On the other, why does she have her sword on her left hip if she carries her shield right-handed? That implies she'd use her left for the sword, but wouldn't be able to draw it from that position.

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I had never noticed that before. Maybe she's usually on horseback, and can keep the sword in a place on the saddle where it can be more easily drawn with her left hand?

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So many interesting characters in that game that just becomg npcs after 1 or 2 missions. Like that engineer, or the heaven/hell mages

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If I had to guess, the author just wanted to draw here in that "hand resting on sword hilt" position, but also wanted a shield on her arm.

Now, you can't have her resting her shield arm on it, because it would get muddled.

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I'm gonna go with "she's holding her shield in her right arm to rest her shield arm for a bit."

Or perhaps "she's posing for a portrait."

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I'm honestly not sure, but I'm fairly certain the person on the left is a woman.

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Can definitely be an uggo that just looks bulky due to armor.

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She's OK, would gently rub her muscles at night

6/10 easy

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I don't know, she's actually kind of cute to me. Nice face under the dirt, smooth, unlined skin, short hair that doesn't look messed up, straight white teeth. I think she'd definitely stand out more if she was smiling. She's probably about as tall as the average man, assuming the lady next to her is the average female height. And something about her stance and expression makes me think she has a nice personality, rather gentle and nice to talk to. Only real problem is that she might be a bit big-boned and muscular to ever look good in a dress, despite rocking that armor.

I'd be generous and give her an 7/10 after she cleaned up.

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Anyone got any Barbarian art similar to this?

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Anyone got art appropriate for a gnome/halfling wizard professional criminal with rogue skills, ideally sharply dressed in dark clothing with an excellent moustache?

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>Only real problem is that she might be a bit big-boned and muscular to ever look good in a dress
Nah dude, you just gotta make one to her size.

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Best I got. The rest are younger or female.

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yeah. I get they wanted to push the created characters for the job system but I really feel like they could have pulled a FF5 and kept a core group of named characters instead of generics

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What FF is she from, 6?
I may play it to indulge in my ladyknight magical realm.

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Final Fantasy Tactics. The story is serious and pretty dark. Good things do not happen to anyone, pretty much.
But as far as ladyknights go, Agrias is pretty great. Up until she drops out of the story, she knows exactly what she needs done and works hard to get it.

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This pic actually brings back feels. Remember buying the three core books for 3.shit, and this was one of the first pictures I saw (I think it was in the DMG). Didn't even understand enough English to understand the rules at that age. It was just... DnD and pretty pictures.

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Final Fantasy Tactics. It has the best black mage art. You know you've got badass mages when their pants go all the way to their nipples.

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The art style is interesting, but weird.

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Anyone have the deleted Luna'reth Anarkath files from the deviantart user lunareth
i need it for reasons

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Anyone have any bearded characters? Bonus points for combat medic

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the guy's art from one of his newest game.

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>But as far as ladyknights go, Freya is pretty great. Up until she drops out of the story, she knows exactly what she needs done and works hard to get it.
What is it with SE and ladyknights?

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true secret of black mage is that they are just animated clothes. pants and cape with glove hat and boots. N'one the wiser.

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Best buddy cops

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Could I put out a request for Female Elf Monks?

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Could I make a request for Artificers or people who could be Artificers? Preferably male.

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Requesting a lightly armoured spear wielder. Preferably looking agile.

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Race specific?

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I'm looking for a saboteur or bombardier that would fit into Dishonored's setting.

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There are plenty of examples of people wearing their sword on the same hip as their sword arm. You can absolutely pull that sword out. Other issues with lindybeige aside he's done a video of himself doing just that.

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Didn't he have a short sword? Like a Xiphos or something?

I don't think you'd be able to do the same with a sword as big as she has. I can't do what he did with my katana, and that's about 4 feet long.

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That's gotta be the worst drawn chainmail I've ever seen

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Eh. Chainmail is hard, especially on a close up shot.

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>Knights will never be a playable tribe

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Any chance of some lady orcs? I'll share what I have:

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Saved for later. thanks anon

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I need some noblemen.

Young preferably.

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this is fantastic

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I'm making a kitsune-esque race for my setting and I really like this kind of design from the old Kamigawa MTG block.
But I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything remotely similar. Or even higher resolution versions of old Kamigawa art.

Hoping you guys have anything to share. It doesn't have to be an exact match, just something along these lines.

I'll be posting the few noblemen-ish pictures I have meanwhile.

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That's all I have at the moment. Hope that helps.

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That's cool as fuck.

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Do you know how little art there is of characters wielding maces or morning stars?
It's like people think theyre not cool or something.

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I think everything else I have is more obviously anthropomorphic, or just kemonomimi.

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These are great!
Please do keep going if you have any more.

Have another noble knight, OP.

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More Kitsune art please, I'm building a male character right now and need a good picture for him.

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Any evil cleric art? Male or female it doesn't matter.

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Any female barbarian art out there?

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Doesn't look like this threads too active anymore, but can I get a female warrior that looks really boyish and a smaller than average white Dragonborn? Sorry I don't have any to dump, not a regular on /tg/

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It's not active because it hit the image limit. Try making a new one.

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new thread?

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You just described Paksenarrion.

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