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I'm bored, you guys wanna play a Civ? Treants could be fun, supermage bulldozers with neutral alignment. But first to three or best suggestion wins.

Custom races/locations welcome.

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Try this chart.

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Why don't you ever run that chart dude?

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I have.

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But it's only been run two times right? Were they both you?

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The second was someone else.
Just try it; it will be fun.

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Gnolls planes

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I second this notion of aeronautical gnolls.
We shall be like the Red Baron, except we are hyena-men.

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Treants would be cool with me too. Especially if that's what you're the most interested in OP.

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I vote for Treants / Swamps. Sounds like a great combo without the literal "tree in a forest" joke.

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I missed the first civ and I ran the second one. You should run one again because no one else is gonna try it out and you keep pushing for traction on it. Run it, I'll play.

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But I suck as a civ-master. :P

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And I'm sorry about that, but you've got to stop pushing it so hard. Or you can spend some time fleshing out the ideas and adding some additional pages to that starter, but it's getting frustrating to have you tell every CM to use your image.

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Then maybe you should try it.

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As I said, I ran the second one.

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why not use the one that this one blatantly copied?(and no not the original one)

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I'm unfamiliar, link?

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he didnt even hide it("revamped") but yet gave no credit

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bullywug in swamp

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We haven't done kobolds in ruins for a while. Let's try that, developing culture as ambush-prone lizard scrubs mite b fun.

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honestly the version op used seems like a redesign and improvement rather than a ripoff, shit has descriptions of environments and stuff

happy with either of these, but write-in option of a ruined walking or floating castle. gonna take work to get it off the ground again.

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Capture a gnome, let him alone with some branches for 3 days and you get a flying castle. Little shits are genius.

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>walking castle civ

Yeah, I'll change my vote here >>42138418
to some kobolds in a ruined walking fortress. Flying works too, fuck year!

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>m-muh descriptions
are you fascinated by bright colors too?

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>humans have less magic and more culture than dwarves

That and walking castle, are you autistic?


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I'll hop on the kobold/walking castle bandwagon so we can get this started.

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>>42138211 you guys can change to slimes

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Bullywugs are stupid, you won't ever advance from {frogs with wooden armor} before getting stomped by something bigger and badder (like actual fish people, for example)

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Are you the autistic anon?

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>tripfag troll
this thread is full of douche

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how is calling on your bs trolling?
you're supposed to have a name in civs.

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Kobolds are not exactly an evil race. They are long subjugated under their betters however. Some were relegated to work in the mines. Backs hunched through time, fingers crooked and bungled. Others, the luckiest of us, found their way onto boats and became very capable deck hands and fishermen. Some of us were used for manual labor. Golmar, the old king, was one such ruler. We and our 10,000 brothers built the city of Galgenmnanlein and watched as the non-fey of the world flocked towards our success hidden in the clouds of the mountain. They used to call Golmar the King of the Mountain. Fruit and milk were left for us every night. Some of us found love among the wild eyed youths, some of us became wild with the freedom of the forests, some of us wandered and became other things altogether. But most of us stayed, stayed and prospered under Golmar.

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autism confirmed

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okay, i'm suddenly very supportive of kobolds.

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It's not because they like frogs that they from /b/, stop being a faggot.

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youre just proving my statement, anon

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I think he's annoyed by their tripfagging autism-calling no fun allowed bullshit attitudes, Anon. And he kinda has a point. Frogs are fine. Nobody minds frogs, they're tasty.

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i've literally never understood this "insult"

how would you know what /b/ comprises of unless you go there...stop being autistic

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>no fun allowed attitude

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Until the Magician's Corps arrived. With them came the flying mounts of the outer layers, where alchemical energy fuses with magic resistant creatures and creates wild new amalgams.

On the backs of these flying beasts men and women of the order of the blue flame came, pouring clinging fire over our encampments. Removing the glamour from our castle, open warfare begin.

We outnumbered them 200 to 1 but the magic proved far too strong. Golmar was killed, a member of the Corps stealing the clouded throne. We were then auctioned off to different members of the Corps. 100 of us given to Elidun the Wise. His clambering castle walking South along the Zanaram mountains. (Zanaram is located in the East)

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>being a tripscum
>with 666 in your name like an underageb&
>calling other people autistic when they don't agree with you
>shitposting in the least entertaining way possible
>not even understanding your own lame behavior
check your /b/ privilege

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Nice, OP. Let's do this shit, ignore the trolls.

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I like the set up, I'm in. The trolls are just spam in the thread.

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nothig wrong with trips

its meant to be edgy

you didn't disagreed, you just made a wrong statement

you don't know what shitposting is do you?

you're the only one triggered here, newfriend

you do realize he's saying anyone with a name is a troll, don't you?

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Then we slit his throat in his sleep. He really shouldn't have underestimated us. However, with his life-force gone, so too disappears the mobility of the clambering castle.

Population: 30 males, 70 females
Animals: various birds and rodents kept in the castle
Food: 5 turns (Large underground storage facility with potatoes and leeks and some salted meats)
Supplies: Wood stores, un-categorized potions and poultices, lots of books
Weapons: Wooden clubs, a few iron daggers, a few crude swords
Technology: Tracking, basic husbandry, basic fishing
Magic: Invisibility
Defenses: Non-mobile castle

What do you do? (examples as follows)
>Scavenge for food (how?)
>Scout. (where?)
>Research. (what?)
>Build. (what?)
>Other. (what?)

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So are all civs under a shared setting or something now? I haven't been in a civ game in a while. I could swear I've seen that exact map before.

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It was just generated, so it's new but we probably used the same free service to make it. Or it might be one of my other threads. If you investigate the map a bit though you will find all of the locations are unique and we are located in the Zanaram mountain range of the Western Continent.

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Scout for food or places to grow it.

Either in the immediate area or in the castle itself - is it built into a small foothill of earth supported by the castle's ambulatory system, or does it not have anything but legs between it and the ground?

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Cool, thanks. Gonna go with scouting for now, seconding >>42139383

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Let's definitely take a look around, thirding

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Supporting. Also, we got potatoes, we can plant them and have a potato farm going on. Potatoes are one of the best food sources thanks to great crop yield and general nourishment value.

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Preferably we can plant them on land the castle takes around with it. Otherwise we may need to build some scaffolding or something to put a few terrace-gardens on.

We also have rats. Would not be that hard to feed them trash and eat them, kobolds got stronk stomach.

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Is this city on the map, or did it get razed to the ground in the attack or renamed? Could be a good place to go to liberate moar kobolds when we get powerful.

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The whole castle can't be made out of stone. It's bound to have some gardens, fountains and at least one decent patch of land for a small farm. Potatoes also grow on wildly varying soil conditions, as long as it's not fully frozen.

I don't think I made clear how much of a potatofag I am.

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Potatoes are cool and all, but kobolds breed like rabbits according to the stats. If we're gonna potato let's potato right and figure out how to maximize this shit.

>> No.42139690

Fair enough. We're not flying anymore, and on top of a mountain... Well, we're not dead yet, so it's not terrifyingly cold. We can cover those mountains in potatoes.

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Unfortunately our castle is just stone and legs. However it seems to be more than it appears. The stores in the cellar, for instance, are not apparent from the outside. The seemingly spacious and not altogether filled space would normally be seen as the vacant space between the castle and the ground, or perhaps more than that space. Currently however the vessel has crashed into the craggy and mountainous ground (and yet the subterranean storage space persists)>>42139517

I am also potatofan

Well the castle itself was never purely "real" so the metaphysical parts of it have been altered by the wizards but not destroyed. However, the real parts of it were wrecked and can be found (not on the map) filling that vacant area of the mountain range. You are still close enough to the city to see the smoke rising from the valley.

>> No.42139766

Cool, thanks. Do we need to roll to scout or something?

>> No.42139787

Awesome. If we have invisibility magic, do we have enough of it to put an invisibility spell on the whole castle? Say in a radius just beyond the walls and the legs.

>> No.42139818

We should still take a look around, if potatoes are out for the time being because of the lack of arable soil we should investigate local species and utilize our basic husbandry to build up herds for a food supply.

>> No.42139834

We'll get to the farming one day. For now, let's scrout our surroundings. I assume we have knowledge about the castle layout, right?

>Scout: castle surroundings
Do we need to roll?

We're a bunch of kobolds man, not an elven society.

>> No.42139846

Rolled 64 (1d100)

Going by the rules in the OP image it's 2 actions per round and a roll for the action by whoever suggested it.

Gonna let the QM confirm this but tentatively suggesting we use the other action to set up a potato plot in the metaphysical storage space and use mirrors or something to get some sunlight in there. Maybe use magic for that later.

Rollan for it.

>> No.42139866

Rolled 83 (1d100)

then I'll roll for scouting.

>> No.42139928


The kobolds only take up a fraction of the available space in the moving castle. It was known as the Clambering Castle because of the way the leviathan vessel moves its enormous mass over every manner of terrain. In their brief internal search the kobolds have found potions, potatoes, books, and much more. Bringing the potatoes forward into the main living area, a group of kobolds break off to make gardening boxes and another to look for soil or another source of food.

(roll 2d20)

>> No.42139972

Rolled 18 (1d20)


>> No.42139979

Rolled 18, 7 = 25 (2d20)


>> No.42139992

We actually haven't explored most of the castle. We like to stick pretty close together, so unless it has been specified we will probably all be crammed into one of the larger main rooms.

>> No.42140000

Rolled 6 (1d20)

>dem 18s

>> No.42140014

We could definitely learn how to do it, but invisibility is something we do innately due to our fey heritage.

>> No.42140090

Ok, so we might go on scout duty inside the castle itself, good to know. We might find actual readable books, so a study setup could be viable.

>> No.42140233


Kobolds move as a pack, mimicking the responses of the head of the group throughout the unit, unless something spook's them enough the think for themselves.

As one, the Kobolds move North among the mountains for the better part of an hour. It is cold and arid and their hands chafe from constantly switching between two and four legs. The smell of smoke and magical discharge fill the air as they shorten the distance between themselves and their recent oppressors. They back off before they get too close, but in the distance they can see mages, flying in the sky.

Heading East for another hour they find the terrain becoming more forgiving and giving way to small plants and bushes. Pressing further they reach a long stretch of small mountains, or very tall hills. Although sparsely populated the soil here is at least plentiful. One of the scouts notices Grey Ear, the fungus, growing from one of the trees and collects all he can find. Another scout notices smoke rising from the valley floor, past the rolling hills. An enormous white standard can be spotted from here, a speck on the horizon.

(+shitty soil, +Grey Ear)

Moving back into the mountains they begin to head south, but soon find themselves climbing a section of the mountain which leads higher and higher, above the clouds. In the distant south a forest can be seen with a small kingdom next to it.

Heading first North, and then East they avoid the higher sections of the mountain range, but find a nearly endless stretch of mountain in front of them. Having already spent the better part of the day scouring these mountains the group agrees to only press on for another two hours before heading back.
However, immediately after reaching this decision they find a path that leads down between two jutting rocks and into the mountain itself. Water can be heard in the cavern beneath. The group agrees to return to the castle before exploring inside.

>> No.42140239

well, at minimum we need
>water cisterns for drinking/a source of water for cultivation, maybe even an aquarium to get fish
>a place to dedicate to a nursery so we can breed and get moar actions
>a study for various research
>maybe a school, our culture a shit

>> No.42140261

Population: 30 males, 70 females
Animals: various birds and rodents kept in the castle
Food: 4 turns (Large underground storage facility with potatoes and leeks and some salted meats)
Supplies: Wood stores, un-categorized potions and poultices, lots of books, large planter boxes, shitty soil, grey ear
Weapons: Wooden clubs, a few iron daggers, a few crude swords
Technology: Tracking, basic husbandry, basic fishing
Magic: Invisibility
Defenses: Non-mobile castle

What do you do? (examples as follows)
>Scavenge for food (how?)
>Scout. (where?)
>Research. (what?)
>Build. (what?)
>Other. (what?)

>> No.42140270

Do we know what Grey Ear does or is it gonna take researching it to find out?

>> No.42140287

We know it tastes pretty interesting on food. And you can make liquor out of it. Alchemists cultivate it so it must have magical properties too.

>> No.42140339

Rolled 1, 11 = 12 (2d20)

I can't tell if we get only one action per turn or not, OP.

Proposing we:
1) try to improve gardens with our soil until they're producing food every turn, and
2) scout the cave for a water source with our veterans

>> No.42140363

Rolled 19 (1d20)

Scout the castle.

>> No.42140376

maybe we will find a water source inside anyway
that wizard had to drink something

>> No.42140382

We get two. I didn't describe making the planter boxes, but the list reflects their addition.

>> No.42140407

Then I'll support scouting the castle, my first action didn't seem relevant. Talk about shit luck though.

>> No.42140424

Rolled 12 (1d20)

first action >>42140363
second action is set up a nursery area, use the wood if necessary

>> No.42140439

Rolled 16 (1d20)


>> No.42140449

A do-it-all fungus, perfect.


Also, I believe we should fix our two actions before rolling for them (starting next turn, godly 19 is godly).

>> No.42140465

Nice roll! Is there anything specifically you were looking for inside the castle?

>> No.42140479

A map of the place, or a control room. This thing was designed.

I am okay with this provided it doesn't take forever. Gonna roll after gettan seconding and thirding unless the OP says otherwise.

>> No.42140484

Agreed on fixing before rolling. I mean you can roll but it won't count for anything.

>> No.42140502

After getting a second is fine

>> No.42140510


>> No.42140527

Cool, thanks! If a map is too much, an onboard water source will do. Wizards don't seem like the type to bother with getting off and hauling in water after finding a stream when they could just get a magic well or something.

>> No.42140591

a castlemap would be pretty fucking cool

>> No.42140659

As the Kobolds return the rest of the group leaves the castle to engulf them. With a windstorm of everyone talking, soon the group quiets and everyone has heard everything worth knowing, and they head inside.

Entering the main dining area that has been used as H.Q. due to its size, our scout party goes and lays on the furs in the corner to rest. A few kobolds have apparently found instruments. One with a strange hollow sounding fife, another with a small animal skin drum, and a third with a single stringed lute; gather around the sleepers and play them improvised tunes, poorly.

Most of the rest of the group elects to continue scouting, but now on the interior of their structure. What they find astounds and unsettles them. There seem to be two properties at work within the hallways leading off from the main living area.
1) There is no end to them
2) They appear to be shifting
These obstacles are easily overcome as a group however as the leader of the formation never enters a new section unless the tail of the group is still in the area before the previous room and connected by a series of kobolds. This gives them at least several rooms in a row with a consistent layout.

For fear of being lost in the castle they never venture more than a few rooms past the main section of the castle, although repeating the process has given them varied results. Doors which have been thus far un-taken have led to small gardens with glass rooftops, moonlit vistas overlooking turbulent seas and red stars, and a vast lavender ocean. Doors which have been thus far unopened hide the sounds of great beasts and other unidentifiable sounds beyond.

Pressing forward one last time the group finds themselves (all of themselves) crammed into a room paneled with dark woods. Each of the walls has a view port covered in volcanic glass. In the center of the room is a large control panel covered in arcane runes and metaphysical capacitors.


>> No.42140719

In the center of the panel is a heart shaped depression surrounded with black ash and still smouldering embers, cascading through colors, alive with unseen life. Shards of a crystal which seemed to fill this gap are littered around the room, the largest of them glowing crimson. In the center of the depression is a hole which leads into the center of the panel and through its stout base, into the room itself.

As best as you can tell (with you fey heritage and killer roll), magic energy is pumped through here *indicates the hole in the center of the panel, and comes out here *gestures "around" indicating the castle.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed the kobold closest to the door handle opens the door and the group finds themselves exiting through a new door back into the dining area. The resting kobolds and the musicians have rushed over and tell you about the green fire which erupted on the wall before this door appeared as you tell them about the ever changing scenery beyond this section of the castle. An emerald seal appears above the door in an unknown script. It doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

>> No.42140748

Wanting to distance themselves from the daunting task of magical guesswork the kobolds take their shitty soil and put it in their planter boxes. Using the far corner of the dining room, under the windows, as a temporary location we plant our first potato crop.

>> No.42140766

Pretty nice. We should research the control system, see if we can fix certain locations, etc. Since it's magical and we have the wizard's books available and an aptitude for both scholarship and magic, we probably have a good shot.

Does using both actions ensure success? Because we can't fuck this up and break the system.

>> No.42140767

Population: 30 males, 70 females
Animals: various birds and rodents kept in the castle
Food: 3 turns (Large underground storage facility with potatoes and leeks and some salted meats)
Supplies: Wood stores, un-categorized potions and poultices, lots of books, potato planter, grey ear
Weapons: Wooden clubs, a few iron daggers, a few crude swords
Technology: Tracking, basic husbandry, basic fishing, basic farming
Magic: Invisibility
Defenses: Non-mobile castle

What do you do? (examples as follows)
>Scavenge for food (how?)
>Scout. (where?)
>Research. (what?)
>Build. (what?)
>Other. (what?)

>> No.42140787

It does not. I'll give you more fluff if you want to dedicate a turn to one thing (kinda how last turn the potato farm got the shitty end of the turn) and the focus will go "better" but the dice decide.

>> No.42140795

i'm okay with this research

mort does using two actions guarantee success like your op image says or are we gonna need to roll?

>> No.42140818

In that case, suggest we devote an action to researching the wizard's books in case we find notes on how the castle works and another action CAREFULLY researching the control system.

I'm unclear on whether it just powers the castle or if it can arrange the rooms and make them accessible.

>> No.42140833

They do not. Sorry it doesn't match with the image, although it does also mention CM discretion I suppose.

Any particular way you would like to go about the research or items you would like to utilize while doing it?

>> No.42140847

The kobolds are also very unsure about this

>> No.42140862

My suggestion is to use the books of Elidun the Wise in researching the castle and the control room. Maybe his notes are available.

After that, send in our mages and see what they can understand, though I stress the need for care to be taken before they blow themselves up.

>> No.42140896


There's nothing else to do this early in the game. Seconding. Maybe after this we can figure out amulets that act like a mystic compass to help get around the infinite rooms.

>> No.42140901


I have to go to sleep now, just wanted to let you know that your civ is awesome. I really hope to see more of this one, so... see you next thread!

>> No.42140923

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Rollan for research actions with books and careful magery. Come on scholarly adept kobolds, don't fuck this up.

Noooo, we lost potatofan!

>> No.42140933

Well we have no mages, although we could separate some from the herd now for that purpose.

>So use books+control panel? Is this the consensus?

>> No.42140953

Thanks man, rest that starchy little head. Night.

>> No.42140956

Rolled 4 (1d20)

pretty much, don't see anything else to go on

not sure if we need more rolls?

>> No.42140967

Is it just me and you anon?

>> No.42140972

Rolled 14 (1d20)

I'll support consensus. If we don't have mages how do we cast invisibility?

>> No.42140991

It's to late in the night and I have never played civ before

>> No.42141004

I'm not sure. I'll take a name for clarity.

>> No.42141029

It's something we do naturally. So by that logic we are all shitty natural casters.

>> No.42141038

Looks like there's a few of us here Mort.

>> No.42141110

Rolled 14 (1d20)

This as well

Also to answer your question it's an innate talent homie

>> No.42141113

Where'd you generate the map, btw? I kinda wanna run a civ thread myself.

>> No.42141154

Cool, thanks.

>all these 14 rolls

>> No.42141167



>> No.42141170


The group considers leaving this place. Taking what supplies they can carry and heading towards the kingdom to the South, or along the mountains to the West. But they know they can't do that. They've been given a bloody chance when they liberated themselves and they will take this chance.

Some of the more soft spoken among us retrace their earlier steps and gather books they had seen about the castle, and in the mages bedroom. Many of the books are intentionally esoteric. Using scripts and codes that are made entirely unnecessary by the small circles the books are circulated in, they are inscrutable. However some of the books seem to be no more than the Elidun's personal notes. Plenty of sections seem to be on magical theory and are similarly inscrutable. However, another portion is more of a journal. Plenty of entries are about chasing women, or impersonating women to chase women. Most end with his calling forth some golem or summoning some entity for questioning, a couple end in overly detailed copulation.

A precious few of the notes however go into his personal exaltations for his creation rather than the magical theory it relies on. Apparently the mage crystallized his essence, much as liches have been known to do. But rather than implanting it into some creature he grew a special wood and enchanted some stone to resonate with his own flesh, making a magical castle metaphysically indistinguishable from his actual body. The crystal containing his essence would respond to his magical wishes and let him wander the endless castle at whim as well as direct it and use its defenses. This took unique and precise amounts of magical energy.

>> No.42141195


>> No.42141216
File: 15 KB, 292x257, 1439883288769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>overly detailed copulation.

>> No.42141227

There are also some notes scribbled in the last section of the journal about different concoctions that the mage was trying. Many of the descriptions match vials and jars you have found around the castle. Taking a large jar, which when moved shines violently before going dark again, you compare it to the notes and it matches the description of flight serum. Apparently he was trying to make a potion to sell to adventurers who wanted to fight harpys and other flying monsters on their own level.

However he counted the potion a loss. Too much energy for mortal consumption. On a desperate whim the potion is poured into the main hole of the control panel and (+mobile castle) suddenly the castle lurches back up on its feet. It begins to gently amble South due to the curve of the slope.

>> No.42141230

Np that last one is perfect for showing bases, combat, etc I used it alot when I hosted way back when.

>> No.42141232

>impersonating women to chase women
did we finded his fapfic or is he just a fa/tg/uy

>> No.42141245

Wizards. No sense of right and wrong.

>> No.42141248

Population: 30 males, 70 females
Animals: various birds and rodents kept in the castle
Food: 2 turns (Large underground storage facility with potatoes and leeks and some salted meats)
Supplies: Wood stores, somewhat categorized potions and poultices, lots of books, potato planter, grey ear
Weapons: Wooden clubs, a few iron daggers, a few crude swords
Technology: Tracking, basic husbandry, basic fishing, basic farming
Magic: Invisibility
Defenses: Non-mobile castle

What do you do? (examples as follows)
>Scavenge for food (how?)
>Scout. (where?)
>Research. (what?)
>Build. (what?)
>Other. (what?)

>> No.42141286

Rolled 5, 15 = 20 (2d20)

Research the control panel more. Maybe we can get those fucking rooms to stop moving around

Also further research on farming. We can't hunt due to the fucking castle moving. So need a sustainable food source

>> No.42141304

>Non-mobile castle
fix pls

Suggest we research the control panel and magic.

Get to work expanding our farms, we need a stable food supply.

>> No.42141319

1 for
>control panel

>> No.42141345

Rolled 7 (1d20)

These are basically the same, but we're supposed to roll after consensus.

So. Thirding and rolling for research on the control panel.

>> No.42141359

Rolled 2 (1d20)


>> No.42141360

Rolled 4 (1d20)

control panel research roll

>> No.42141364

Rolled 17 (1d20)

OK my bad

>> No.42141377

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Guess it's too stronk for our weak-ass kobold minds.

Rolling for farming improvement.

>> No.42141400

hopefully OP will take this because the person who makes the suggestion rolls for it

otherwise we fuckt and no good roll for us

at least something went right

>> No.42141515

Rolled 4, 6 = 10 (2d6)

Rolling for farm research

>> No.42141638

Let's start here
That mage was called wise but after reading so much of his "work" the kobolds felt tired. Moving back into the main dining hall through the sigiled door the kobolds go over to check on their potatoes.

As they walk they think about potatoes. How good they are. How quickly a kobold child will mature with great gobs of mashed potatoes and wild honey. Or potatoes submerged in the boiled fat of wild hogs. The sight that greets them is however is unkind.

By some strange magic the potatoes have fully grown! (+1 turn of food)
However they look like something not meant for consumption. Better to leave them in the ground for the voles and their kind. But, we hunger. Perhaps a larger trough? After utilizing half of the remaining wood a much larger trough is built. Something this size would provide a bit more (+1 additional food per turn) yield, even on a failed crop like this.

The problem is our (shit soil) the kobolds decide. Perhaps if they actually started shitting in it it would get more nutrients...
Actually there is probably a more direct path to solving this problem. Either we need to find something in the castle which can help the plants or go back to the cavern with the water and get some nutrient rich soil.

With no one to lead them the kobolds are prone to deferring hard decisions while more easy decisions lay at hand. They will decide how to deal with the potatoes soon. For now they need to try and steer this ship, or something.

>> No.42141733


Since the sigiled door stands always open unless closed from the inside the group awkwardly shuffles towards the control room. Getting the castle moving again was thrilling and filled with hope. But knowing that we then were in control of an unwieldy magic castle with no captain is a bit overwhelming.

The room looks different since the castle sprung back to life. Orange energy flows from behind the walls and interwoven in the control panel. Upon closer inspection there are numerous paths for energy to flow through and the orange energy paths only make up a fraction of the possibilities. The control panel seems to modulate these energies somehow. There are sections which appear to have spots for physical manipulation.

You press one of the buttons with the orange hue beneath it and from across the dining room another sigiled door blazes into existence.

>> No.42141768

Population: 30 males, 70 females
Animals: various birds and rodents kept in the castle
Food: 3 turns (Large underground storage facility with potatoes and leeks and some salted meats, growing scarce)
Supplies: Wood stores 1/2 empty, somewhat categorized potions and poultices, lots of books, potato planter, grey ear
Weapons: Wooden clubs, a few iron daggers, a few crude swords
Technology: Tracking, basic husbandry, basic fishing, basic farming
Magic: Invisibility
Defenses: Semi-mobile castle

What do you do? (examples as follows)
>Scavenge for food (how?)
>Scout. (where?)
>Research. (what?)
>Build. (what?)
>Investigate sigiled door
>Send a party after nutrient rich soil
>Send whole group after nutrient rich soil
>Other. (what?)

>> No.42141839

Investigate the other sigiled door.

Try to bring the castle to a stop without breaking anything.

We need to not shift far from our resources, marching off into the night is a bad idea.

>> No.42141849

Open the door

>> No.42141881

Rolled 12 (1d20)


>> No.42141894

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Let's investigate the door as a free action.

>> No.42141917

Uh sure, Mort. We'll take the free action I think.

Seconding this.

>> No.42141936


>> No.42141939

The door trembles slightly and a creature can be heard from behind. The sigil pulses when the door trembles.

Were we to go outside we could probably anchor the castle to something. It's barely moving.

>> No.42141953

Rolled 18 (1d20)

Rolling, then.

Oh, alright.

Let's send in a scout with invisibility to see what the creature is. If it's friendly, we can try to talk to it.

>> No.42141965

Gonna suggest this is for figuring out the fucking control system so we can figure out how to steer and stop this fucking thing already. Time to deal with that so we can move onto other shit.

>> No.42142070

I'll probably take it for the post that it went with but as a boon before checking the door out the group went outside and anchored several of the legs to large rocks and wedged another between stones.

Having anchored the castle, for now, a few of our braver kobolds silently volunteer to scout the room by stepping forward. Whatever is beyond can sense them and the sigil flares orange power as the door rattles. Starting with the nearest kobold, the whole group goes silent and then invisible.

Approaching the door is the single greatest feat of kobold bravery since the time of Golmar, opening the door - the first act of madness. In the darkness within and inky blackness resolves into a writhing earthborn sky mount of the mages. From the sigil the old mages voice shouts a command and the mount bows its head without volition. Sometimes with the head of a lion, sometimes that of an eagle the mount's body is made of pure plant energy. Every manner of vine and thorn composes and decomposes this mass of sometimes tentacles sometimes clawed paws.

Population: 30 males, 70 females
Animals: various birds and rodents kept in the castle, Earthborn skymount
Food: 4 turns (Large underground storage facility with potatoes and leeks and some salted meats, growing scarcer)
Supplies: Wood stores 3/4 empty, somewhat categorized potions and poultices, lots of books, potato planter, grey ear
Weapons: Wooden clubs, a few iron daggers, a few crude swords
Technology: Tracking, basic husbandry, basic fishing, basic farming, basic magic text deciphering
Magic: Invisibility
Defenses: Semi-mobile castle

What do you do? (examples as follows)
>Scavenge for food (how?)
>Scout. (where?)
>Research. (what?)
>Build. (what?)
>Send a party after nutrient rich soil
>Other. (what?)

>> No.42142123

Rolled 19 (1d20)

Throw a rock at the energy creature

>> No.42142134

Okay, we gonna get our guys back, shut the door for now, and maybe block it with some wood planks.

Then let's send a team to the cave to get good soil and explore a bit. We're nearly out of food.

Nope! Nope the fuck out of there. Thanks for wasting that 19 since we have to vote before we roll.

>> No.42142157

Seconding this
We should send a team to explore the cave and bring us good soil. Send them with wooden baskets or containers if possible.

We should dedicate however many kobolds it takes to start cultivating crops. 10 maybe, to produce 1 food per turn so our amount stays stable? What do you think OP?

>> No.42142175

We are currently at 2 food per turn (1 to eat 1 to keep). Our yield is always bad but the magic makes it grow super fast.

>> No.42142191

Rolled 8 (1d20)

Yup give me good soil from the cave

>> No.42142196

...Guys, guise. The mount's with us now, listed in our creature list.

Seconding expedition to retrieve better soil.

Seconding setting up dedicated farming, but in light of this >>42142175
maybe plant some leeks while we're at it. We need to diversify nutrition and lay a clutch of eggs.

>> No.42142210

In that case, rolling to get good soil for leek farming 'cause it got seconded more or less. Someone else can roll for the actual farming and production.

>> No.42142213

Unless acted upon externally the castle will not move for 2 more turns. If left to their own devices, the entire group will leave the castle to search the cave together, but can be convinced by consensus to split up.

>> No.42142245

So when the castle moves do you mean the entire castle physically moves position geographically or just the insides?

>> No.42142248

Also, I think it may be time for bed gents. If I don't stop writing now I'll be too preoccupied to ever sleep. Sometimes I wake myself up at night by considering different branches my dreams could take too hard after running a civ.

>> No.42142257

I mean it is temporarily anchored to the ground, but not thoroughly.

>> No.42142327

Rolled 12 (1d20)

durr, forgot roll

>> No.42142336

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolling to set up leek farming with a dedicated team.

I think consensus would leave a small group on the castle to guard against intruders.

If you're heading to bed, thanks for running. Was a good civ thread, novel location and all.

Next thread when?

>> No.42142341

>fukken 3
welp, no leek farming today.

>> No.42142390

thanks for the thread op

>> No.42142423


No problem, it's fun for me too. When works for you guys to play again? I'll be on as schedule allows.

>> No.42142441

Same time tomorrow's fine by me.

>> No.42142454

If not then, how is the following day at the same time? I will probably be available tomorrow, probably.

>> No.42142459

Sure, that works.

>> No.42142476

try it tomorrow and if nobody shows for a couple hours give it another go on the next day

sometimes 4chan is slow

>> No.42142492


I'll try and be there. Catch you next time, Mort.

>> No.42142518

Later, your trip is so humorous to me

>> No.42142530

Cya then bud, i didnt participate much but thats because i was playing dota.. ill be back tomorrow

>> No.42142565

Peace dude, see you then.

>> No.42142580

Ain't got no trip. My name, you mean? Glad you like it.

>> No.42142590

Yeah sorry it's late.

>> No.42142598

No worries. Get some sleep mang.

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