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"I guess those were just mistakes, he probably didn't actually mean them."
"Huh, good point."

I am Itsukuma Masami, and oh; I don't like where this plan is going at all. Cirrus has been kidnapped, and I decided to leave it to the adults to come up with a plan. So far, it's been a huge mistake. They're talking about trading Cirrus for Mom, and they somehow think that this is a good idea! This is absurd! What's worse: I don't know how to talk them out of it. They seem to think that Asai may not think twice about hurting Cirrus, but won't hurt Mom.

I don't see what the big difference is. Asai is still a huge jerk, no matter how you try to spin it. He may try to hurt both of them just to spite me, for all they know.

I'm nervously pacing back and forth near the hallway now as they chat away about how they're going to convince Asai to make this trade. Each time they mention it, I can feel myself tense a little bit more inside. I'm worried that I'm going to be sick before I even set foot outside of the house.

How did it get this bad? Adults ruin everything!

Suddenly, I feel a nudge against my shoulder.
"Hey." Haruko shakes me. "Calm down."
"H-how can I!? You hear what they're saying, right!?"

"Well." Haruko looks toward Julie, and then back toward me, "We could try sneaking out before they start this crazy plan. If they realize we're gone, they'll stop this trade plan and instead focus on finding us. Want to try that?"

>"N-No, I should really stay here and try to convince them that this is dumb."
>"How about we leave, but go try to find more sane people to talk to this about?"
>"I should just trust them, I'm worried over nothing."
>"I don't care, I feel faint."

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>"How about we leave, but go try to find more sane people to talk to this about?"

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>"I should just trust them, I'm worried over nothing."

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>"N-No, I should really stay here and try to convince them that this is dumb."
It is!

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>"I should just trust them, I'm worried over nothing."

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>"N-No, I should really stay here and try to convince them that this is dumb."

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>"N-No, I should really stay here and try to convince them that this is dumb."
>"I should just trust them, I'm worried over nothing."

Both at once!

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"N-no, no no. I can't just run away. I need to stay here and make sure that they don't come up with an even WORSE plan. Besides, there's still time to convince them that this plan is stupid."
"Aww. Well, if you insist."

"I don't get it though, Masami. You've raided Fortune more than anyone else in this room. You should be the one telling them how to do it, not the other way around!"

"Well, I don't really know about that first one, and-"
Wait a minute, she's right!

"Yeah! I should be telling them what to do. Why am I over here while they're coming up with crazy plans?! I should be coming up with crazy plans!"

I confidently march over to where Mom and the Principal are sitting. I'm about to open my mouth when I see Mom pull out her phone.
"Shh, one moment, honey."

She sets it to speakerphone and sets it down on the table. The room suddenly gets really quiet.
"Top of the morning to you, Izumi."

I feel two sets of tiny arms come up behind me and restrain my arms and my mouth.
That voice on the other end of the line is Asai. No doubt about it.

"Asai." Mom says, that coldness back in her voice. "You know why I'm calling, and you know what I want."

Some static on the other side of the line.
"I have an idea why you're calling, but I don't know what you want."
"I want you to return the child you took from my yard, Asai!"

Some more static, what is going on?
"Right, that. I'm sorry to tell you this, but Priestess took my child from my yard. Along with-"
"Put her on the phone, Asai. I am not talking any more until I know she's safe."

There's an audible click, for a second I thought he just hung up.
"W-who is this!?"
"CIRRUS!" I break out of Julie and Haruko's grasp. "Are you okay!? What happened!?"
"Masami!? W-where are you!? Are you inside this little box!?"

Oh, I forgot. She's not smart at all.
"Masami! This isn't funny anymore! I want to go home, but I don't know how!"

>"Where are you!?"
>"Are you hurt?!"
>"T-try to hide!"
>Let Mom speak

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>"Are you hurt?!"

>She's not smart at all.
Glass houses, Masami.

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>"Are you hurt?!"
>Let Mom speak

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>Are you hurt!?


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"Cirrus! Are you hurt!? Say something!"
"I-I'm fine right now. It's just very dark, and I can't see the big ball of fire anymore!"

"Cirrus! Where are you right now? Are you someplace safe?!"
"I don't know what 'safe' means! I'm just stuck in a room, and I can't get out, and I can't see the sky anymore!"

"That's enough of that."

Mom stops me, she calmly stands up and leans over the phone.
"Asai, I know the reason you have her. It's because you want something from me. Tell me. What is it?"

He adjusts his voice. I can tell that neither of us are going to like this.
"Don't come to Fortune today."
"You know we're not going to do that, right? At the very least, we're coming to pick Cirrus up."

"You can pick Cirrus up, when I decide that you can. Until then, don't come to Fortune today."
"How about this." Mom slams her hand on the table, "You can have me. I'll go sit in my stupid office in your stupid building. As long as you bring Cirrus back."

"That's a tempting offer which I have to decline, Izumi. I have other things to tend to today."
"Then at the very least!" She yells, "Let me come over, alone, and pick up Cirrus!"

"Fine. Alone, just you. Come pick up Cirrus, and take the week off."
"That's right."
"Come right now. Don't let anyone know you're coming. Especially that blonde-haired miko."

He must be talking about Maria.
"Fine, I'm coming over now. Bring her out."


The line is silent.

"rrARRRGGH." Mom falls back into her chair. "What do we do now!?"

>Just go pick up Cirrus, we don't have to keep our promise.
>You stay here, I'll go get Cirrus back.
>Hey, I wonder if I can just teleport in? It seems a little too easy.

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>Just go pick up Cirrus, we don't have to keep our promise.

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>Just go pick up Cirrus, we don't have to keep our promise.

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>Just go pick up Cirrus, we don't have to keep our promise.
Gotta get the Cirrus!

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>Just go pick up Cirrus, we don't have to keep our promise.


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I gotta turn in so thanks for writing!

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"Let's just go pick up Cirrus." I pat Mom on the back. "It's not like we have to keep our promise."

"I don't like lying to people, Masami." She has her head in her hands.
"I don't like it either, but think of it this way: Asai isn't people yet!"

"Masami, that's not what I meant."
"Then it's settled!" I help Mom up. "Go pick up Cirrus, and I'll think of a plan while you're gone!"

She grumbles, before heading back to her bedroom.
"Let me get changed. I'm too tempted to try something if I'm dressed in my battle outfit."

Even the air around her has a kind of depressing feel about it. Now I feel bad.
Anyway! We need to start planning the REAL plan now!

"Julie! Haruko! We're gonna think of a real plan, now!"
"I don't know."
"I think we should wait for Mom before we do."

No, don't do this now! You wanted to run off on your own less than a few minutes ago!

"Masami, I have a plan, if you want to hear me out. It involves going behind your mother's back." The principal sighs, I can tell he's not too happy about this.

>Okay, I'm listening
>No! I only want myself to get in trouble! Not you!
>W-well, now I'm not so sure.
>Let me hear it first.
>Hang on, listen to my plan first! (Write one in?)

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>Let me hear it first.
It's probably a terrible plan, these grown ups just haven't mastered the Masami school of panic-planning.

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>Let me hear it first.

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>Let me hear it first

Writing last post of the night!

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"Okay." I sigh, trying to compose myself. "Let me hear it, what is your plan?"

He leans forward, tapping on the table.

"Maybe.. while Izumi is busy driving to Fortune. You can try going to Fortune through the other world. Asai will be busy watching Mom, thinking the attack will come from there. You could try going in through the other world."

I think about it, and the possible way through the sewers into Fortune HQ. The friendly monster and I got in from that way, once.

"Asai was able to play those games on you, because he knew you were coming. Maybe this time, you can get the jump on him."

That seems a little unrealistic. I'm pretty sure he has eyes on the back of his head, or somewhere.

"But before that, you should see your mother off. You don't want her thinking that you may be planning something she's not aware of."

My mouth opens to say something, just as the bedroom door to her room opens.
It's Mom, she looks none too pleased, but at least she's wearing her normal business outfit again.

"I'm going."
"D-don't you want any help or anything?"

Wow, that sour tone in her voice is really telling.
I'm not letting her go off like that!

Quickly, I run up behind her and wrap my arms around her.
She lazily responds by gently tugging my arms off of her.
"I-I'm really happy you feel that way, Masami. But I'm not in the mood."

Just as she grabs her keys and walks out into the garage, I hear her say something.
"I'm just a terrible mother."

Oh no, this is way, way worse than I thought!

>Thread End

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Thanks again for the thread everyone. Sorry for all the weird delays the past couple weeks.

Hey I'm mostly done with the house! I could be in it by the end of next month! Which means WAY more questing time!

Let me know what you thought of Today's thread, see you Saturday.

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Forgot my cute image.

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Thanks for running, thread was fun though now I'm worried about mom.

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Thanks for running.

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