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Discuss Civs and shit.

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Civ game.

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more people would use this if you made it less abstract and established some ground rules and you were less of a elitist dick to people and didn't tell CMs to use this instead.

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Did Joyti die or is Ghoul Civ actually gonna run tomorrow?

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But that's wrong.

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I swear this picture is like pure, distilled autism. It is magnificent in it's stupidity.

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>>42109492 infectious slime in swampy swap
>>42110598 scorpionfolk on jungle

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This is like the opposite of autism.


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You are always free to offer an elaboration on that. I know you won't, since you never have before, despite him being incompletely accurate in his criticism, and you'l probably just link me back to your one line dismissal and feel smug about it, but still, you have the freedom to elaborate if you ever snap out of your strange flavor of autism.

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>incompletely accurate

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What timezones are ideal for whoever runs in my civs?

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Holy shit this is so much better than the one everyone else is using.

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Thank you. The last time I posted it, some guy spent the night trying to derail the thread claiming it was a pile of shit. I got the impression that he was responsible for making one of the other Civ Images.

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There IS potential here for an interesting, short civ i think. It needs a little clarification on the races though. Mlimlin or Optigere could work in mindscape or bioscape maybe, you'd need a very good CM though to strike a good balance between keeping things from being lost in translation, and getting the atmosphere right.

As always though, we'd need at least a couple sentences to further explain the races. Just so you know what they are capable of.

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Where's that one sheet floating around with the weirdo races and the weirdo terrain, such as the cubist city? I want to try my hand at nabbing the more exotic terrain options it provides and welding it onto the version of the game I'm working on.

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>There IS potential here for an interesting, short civ i think.
I agree. Past experience proves this. Check the archives for the Basphiark Civilization Quest and for the Cheraith too.

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I will be hosting in 6 hours time, if anybody would like to take part; keep your eyes on here a 10pm GMT+1.

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you should put a version number on it

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can someone explain how "choice" works?

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It means that particular attribute's score will depend on which of the perks that you choose in it's description. You choose one of the 2 before you start. It's just a way of having a bit more customisation for your Civ.

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Ghoul Civ 40 later this afternoon

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At a core level it's basically renaming a bunch of things that didn't need renaming just for the sake of calling it a redesign.

There's some merit in the way perks were presented, I'd even consider using it as is eventually if weren't for the tripfag signature of some attention whoring faggot from a wood engraving polinesian image board, a surefire way to ensure your version will be short lived despite the effort put into making it uniform and colorful. The terrain part is not bad, been awhile since anyone bothered with it.

4/10 for effort and the terrain part. If you're ever bothering with making another version either make the new crap you added meaningful or get rid of it, similarly don't just throw away meaningful things from past versions without at least filling the void, consider undoing part or all the pointless renaming and don't tripfag in the damn chart.

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There was something about a magic path?

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So do you have to choose between the traits for each race? Because that's a little odd.

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and some have two choice and only two traits, does that mean they get both?

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It literally is a redesign. I hated the way other Civs were presented.

No idea what wood-engraving nonsense you're talking about.

Thanks for your opinion though. If you don't like it then simply don't use it. I just didn't like the way previous versions assigned arbitrary values to random things in the description, amongst a few other minor annoyances. I do appreciate the feedback, and as for trip-fagging, yes I liked to brand that version because it took me a long time. I don't want somebody passing it off as their own. My intention wasn't to attention whore.


At work right now but I'll post it later. It's just an arbitrary list of disciplines to show something of a scale for progress when learning new magic; nothing major.

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Yeah it's a simple pick between the 2. I just thought it would be an interesting idea to choose between certain pros and cons for a race.

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so for example, gnomes have to choose between tech OR magic?

it's quite vague in the image's description... might wanna put how it works in there.

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I'll be damned, thought I'd included that at the top. My bad.


Used to describe anything and everything these days, has zero meaning.

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Continuation of either jungle scorpion or slime in swamp.

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I remember this one. Personally, I don't agree with this "choice" thing when it effectively gives the race less traits in actual play. It also fits less races in the same amount of space due to text width.

But I don't think it's BAD, just one I don't prefer.

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No problem. I cut out a lot of races because I thought the whole thing got a little cramped with them.

Anyhow, I'm running one here if you want to join:

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Preparing to run

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That took much longer to set up than I thought.

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Hows business CMs? Are you enjoying your works?
Do anons feel the same?

I'm rousing my ambition to finally run that overlord civ game. Though I have been mulling over using the same concept but maybe having an alternative MC?
I feel I'm just procrastinating, but I would like to see if there is any thoughts from you guys, maybe just to get a confidence boost.

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Sounds good. Let me play

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Maybe you should elaborate more on what you've already done or what aspects you want to explore.

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Waaaaait overlord Civ


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To summarize, I loved the Overlord franchise, but have gripes with a few things including a lack of additions to the core gameplay on sequeals, and the whole 'your the big bad guy but theres an even more big bad evil guy than you and you fight him to save the day or something' which was just off putting for me.

I'll be including things such as building equipment and resources, a little land management, and plenty of opportunity to smoosh do-gooders heads.
Also mistresses. I don't really know the extent of how useful they will be, but I will include them.

No, I'm a longtime lurker and only did a few interesting civs about a year back, stuff like 'machine civ/quest hybrid', 'multiplayer civ' games of 5-8 consistent posters that had their own faction each, and I like to participate occasionally but only as anon, sparking bandwagons for unusual civs or civ concepts that made boring races interesting.

There's my life story for you.

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Do it

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yes, but what do you have DONE? What kind of format are you going with, where are you lacking content, etc.

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Oh and aspects to be explored.
Overlord was actually an entire faction from a fairly good list of nations part of a multiplayer civ, each faction had 3 optional leaders and the 'Dungeon' faction choices were Overlord, Monster Queen, and Mad Scientist.

So I guess it came down to flavor and preference, The Overlord had a lot of powerful magic items and was a great commander.
The Monster Queen is a powerful boss monster that breeds different strain of typical things like harpies, nagas, minotaur, half-beast stuff mostly.
And a Mad Scientist had little physical or magical might, but was like upgrade paths and mutations for days.

So yeah, I have a lot of stat blocks already prepared, its just a question of whether I include them or stick to playing within the Overlord universe and style.

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You can either use the overlord universe as a base, or come up with a really good world yourself

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Format? I guess I play a bit loosely so the dice method or whathaveyou doesn't concern me all that much. My experience was with some kind of d100 thing where success was broken up into excellent 100-86 good 85-61 average 60-46 bad 45-31 abyssmal 30-1. So dice rolls with influence from choices and synergies, maybe like a d100+bonus.

I have hexographer for maps, takes me 15 minutes to cook up something.
I often have pastebins in my OPs for established rules and info dumps of resources.

Talking numbers of X does what and how many Ys do I get, I always ALWAYS bring the numbers low and round to keep track of it.
>The Overlord has 4 hp and loses 1 HP if struck by an enemy
>The Overlord has 4000 hp and loses 244 from two anons rolling a sum total of 156 against a threat range 200

Overlord pretty much retcons the world of the previous game every installment so it goes without saying really.

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That's not quite what I was asking for. What are your primary units and how are they controlled? Do you order everyone around based on function(miners do this, army goes there), or do you just have one 'blob' of minions that you have a set number of actions to do?

Hexographer tells me that placement and distance will be a thing. Do you have a way to make it easier to point to specific hexes? Labels, coordinates, etc.

What stats are relevant? How is a harpy different from a tengu, or whatever other monsters you have?

This would be a lot easier if you just posted a stat block.

>Overlord pretty much retcons the world of the previous game every installment so it goes without saying really.
and if you say that, we're kinda going to need the setting you'll put this all in to frame it, as well.

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but uhh, I kinda have to go, so I'll have a look later.

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I'm on break so the same goes for me. I had the weekend in mind to start a thread.

Minion stats probably go something like HP, Attacking power, special active, special passive.
A harpy to a tengu most likely has improved attack and a different passive effect, what the effect change would be I think is more relevant to anon choices of gow it got there.

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i guess its a different format for almost all of my ideas so it works

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Alright well I just spent a good 10 minutes making a reply in detail but then my computer crashed.
Here is the short and irritated version.

>What are your primary units?
Minions. Stupid goblin looking things, they're like ugly pikmin.
>How do you control them?
Magic helmet.
>How do orders and functions work?
Minions do everything except magic. Sometimes you need specific ones for some situations. Ugly pikmin.
>Placement and distance
Hub world and portals, fuck distance mechanics.
>Point to specific hexes
Hexographer already does that.
>How monster stats
>Stat block
I don't know what your expecting. I can photoshop something like the OP image I guess?
Its a generic fantasy but with a comedic twist.
Elves, dwarves, magic, monsters, ect.

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please, please do it!
i would play the fuck outta it! especially if based on the second one!

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>How do you control them
I didn't mean lorewise, I mean how you format votes.

Like is one vote literally only one action, despite having an army of minions doing various things?

Although speaking of Magic Helmet, do you need to take to the field whenever you order them to do something specific, like in the game? How big a force does it have to be before you need to get off the throne to manage it? On what scale is the focus of the experience?

And on a less serious note, don't forget to make offhand mentions of minions doing stupid things like banging pots and pans together or turning into running balls of wool when they "raid" sheep.

I think it's a cool, "fresh" idea, but I don't personally love Overlord so I don't know what the others would want in it.

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That's something I generally decide based on how many people are actually posting.
Lots of people let me do a 'three votes' method.
Few people I often go first come first serve.

Maybe I can do a little of both depending on the situation. Like if I were to say a vote of managing territories could be more significant but only after doing a day of stomping around with field work which is sped up by skipping a vote.

Iunno, just a speculation.

You are right about walking about like the game to do important or specific things, but as far as 'from the throne' goes, there is actually already an abundant amount of minions that scurry around doing jobs over the tower/castle/whatever, and I suppose they were just not tasked with rape and pillage duty.

And I had a lot of 4th wall jokes swimming in my head, but cartoonish nonsense certainly is important.

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I'm attempting to fix the Civ template I started on this thread. If anybody wants to help, out I'd appreciate it.

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So what are the god tier classics of civ threads?

Cyclopes? Ogrea? Those minotaur that scared a bunch of black peoole with ghosts,enslaved them and killed them all?(Seriously that fucking was insane)

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So I am working on a variant of a civ game, I suppose if you play MTG Tarkir would be a good eample.

It's a land if multiple factions, each flavorwise built around a specific cultural trope(Shamanistic,Imperial, Guerilla etc) and mechanically built around an alignment system (in the Tarkir anology it would be colors but it cold literally be anything)

The idea is you control a faction, and focus on leveling up it's warriors and competin and playing off of the other factions.

I wanted to know how best to excute this one, and qlso if to use an IP setting first (Avatar and Naruto are particularly well suited) or to do something orginal.

And waye to best take advantage of the concept without feeling to unoriginal, thanks.

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Has there ever been a multiplayer civ game?

That is, you have two thewads for say like Orcs and Minoraurs and they are in the same world actively fighting and stuff or whatever.

Seems like it would be fun

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I would say Cyclopes is the best one I've witnessed.

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Why do all civs seem to start in the stone age?
A kind of early medieval kingdom builder seems like it would be so much more fun. That way you already have a bit of infrastructure, plenty of room to grow, the basics of technology so you're not blitzing through a tech a turn.

>> No.42149620

That's how I want to run Civ. It's rather tedious starting at stone age tech

>> No.42149837

Yes, a long time ago. But it was in one thread.

>> No.42150741

Because it lets you set the tone from the ground up.

>> No.42150901


This. Starting in medieval needs plenty of other things to be voted on, such as type of culture.

Starting from the Stone Age just makes it more fun rather than voting.

>> No.42151125

I think voting on extra things lets you get to the meat of the civ thread.

>> No.42151185

Could you add faeries? They'd make a lovely addition to the chart!

>> No.42151406

>a bit of infrastructure
the question is WHAT bits of infrastructure, and how to choose.

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Really liking the idea of running an ant-based insect civ more and more

>> No.42152855

Some farmland, some shelter, a couple of artisans ie a blacksmith and a carpenter, a meeting place or leaders hall.

People really seem to over estimate the early medieval age Europe. This isn't knights and castles, this is people with functional villages and maybe a lord or something.
This stops the first fifty turns from building farms and researching tech.
This is exactly the place to start making choices on culture and all that, at stone age your incredibly linear

>> No.42154500

I think I get it. But should the facilities be already built, or do they need to be specifically built/expanded to a civ scale?

>> No.42154828

I'd say the basics and enough to just about support the clan should already be there, because otherwise it's just a waste of turns that could be spent going somewhere

>> No.42155349

What kind did you have in mind?
Fantasy or sci fi?

>> No.42155736

Yes quite a few times. Had a /b/ vs /tg/ one, no one realized it till the two had already declared war against each other then it was noticed and the cm stopped doing the two threads. It was pretty funny though.

>> No.42156227

Maybe sci-fantasy. Spelljammers maybe.

Sidenote, has anyone had a Civ reach the Spelljammer stage?

>> No.42156375

Bump waiting to see if the OP from the kobold civ last night will get online

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It's one of my favorite races to play.

One thing about mutation tho, dont let people instantly create new castes from all available mutations.
Last insect civ I played the CM did something like that where the Queen stored all available mutation DNA inside her and was able to pick and choose from them when laying new eggs.

The reason I'm against this is it becomes way too easy to create new super-units. For example, say you have 4 castes, and have each of them undergo different mutations a few times, create a new caste from them, repeat.
It also means you have to keep track of both old castes and all the new ones you create, which quickly becomes a clusterfuck.

>> No.42157709

Yeah I wouldn't be including the mutation trait. They would be giant ants with their preset castes

>> No.42157830

Also waiting for that civ. Hope Mort shows up. We gotta lay some eggs and get shit going.

>> No.42157930

But I like the mutation trait :(

The way to do it IMO is to create new castes from existing ones that branch off.

>> No.42158112

Yeah there will be options to advance/mutate castes but I've seen how hogwild people can get with mutations.

They would be a rare and valuable development

>> No.42158205

Sounds good.

>> No.42158292

Mort pls come back

>> No.42158982

Well he DID say that he might not be here tonight.. oh well maybe tomorrow

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So should Ghoul Civ die and Jyoti run a new civ?

They just hit 40 threads yesterday

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>> No.42161297

is it chived?

>> No.42161459

didn't know folks felt that way

>> No.42161626

No, so long as the story can reasonably progress it's good.
Dunno I was a /b/tard then if ours existed anymore it would be via screen cap.

There will always be people bitching and complaining because other people are enjoying something that they don't.

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>> No.42161797

really, we don't get a lot of civs that use established settings, so there's not much previous data to go on.

>> No.42161914

The only benefit to using established IP/franchises is that the fans MIGHT be likelier to participate. I'd choose things that are popular on /tg/ for this reason.

This is potentially outweighed by the drawback of increasing expectations and opening up cans of worms if people want to argue and bitch about different interpretations of the setting with each other, let alone the OP. Shitstorms may erupt at any time.

As such, understand that being diplomatic, resolving things rapidly, and then learning to ignore shitposters after they start their threadshitting is kind of key. Otherwise you wind up getting despirited.

Have clearly laid out means to resolve disagreements, right off the bat in the first post. Explain to people what you're willing to do about your fuckups or their disputes. Explain you'll stop bothering if shit gets ridiculous without going out and saying that. Then you have a chance in hell.

>> No.42161928

Oh, and it helps to have a strong understanding of the setting in question.

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I don't suppose anybody is up to continue?

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wonder if we have to wait for the next semester for things to pick back up. Maybe christmas, when everyone is holed up in their rooms, avoiding the family.

>> No.42167079

I know but that's more flavour than anyway, i meant the mechanics of how to build the game around tribal warfare and politics via the training of masters

>> No.42167114

why would there be any disagreement, how to you.argued with the role

>> No.42167354

Nymphacelot is clearly the best one.

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>Anything from that pic
>nice bait Myrmidon

>> No.42167944

why do you need help? you basically copied most of my ideas anyways

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Ghoul Civ 41 in a few hours. Big things happening

>mushroom buddies are under attack
>fleshcrafting unlocked

>> No.42169513

Don't feed the troll

>> No.42170414

>creativity is trolling

>> No.42171430

>Word salad is creativity
Hah no

>> No.42171462

>Poetry is word salad

>> No.42172026

So I made a quest concept where you play a character who is playing a japanese cartoon style card battle game.

I have it here in CIV because Quest games are more driven by charcater actions and multiple choice.

Civ's though use dice for random variance and since this is a card role that is needed.

This is my rough drafts of all the posts I would make in the thread, not all at once so the players would not be burnt out but to post each bit when it comes up

Feedback is encoraged.


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Right, this isn't really thr place for that
It has nothing to do with civilisation games

>> No.42172585

Mechanically civ games are the only place here on /tg/ that would help here.

I tried the quest threads but there whole philosophy is multiple choice railroading and no dice(not saying that's bad, just not applicable here)

The concept was explicitly based on civ quests where you have players roll dice and control the game so I'm asking for feedback on getting that here.

Mechanics wise, even if it isnt running a civ

>> No.42172763

Why not make it's own thread?
/tg/ does include traditional games
And traditional games do tend to involve random chance

>> No.42172996

I did, I was rerouted to Quest general.

Spoke with them realized quest as in the way Minotaur quest used it and quest as in quest game did meant two different things, and got some advice in ther chat that ehile good, would be totally unworkable

>> No.42173424

Thread is up and running
Come on in

>> No.42175475


>> No.42175528

There's plenty of dice in quests, a couple roll for almost every vote.

That said, there was one quest before you that did this ccg thing. Don't remember the name, but it was run by NamelessOP or some variation thereof. There are.....issues....with micromanagement and keeping each step interesting.

>> No.42176092

Is there an IRC for civ games?

>> No.42178016

Second attempt, come help save the mushroom buds

>> No.42178547

Bump wheres MORT

>> No.42178569


>> No.42181433

> Extremely poorly made haikus are anything other than trash.

>> No.42181538

What the h*ck is culture and education?
What do classes do?

>> No.42181687


>> No.42181709

I'm not him but I would guess culture is what defines how the civ is run. Eg whether they prone towards banditry, castle building, farming. Things that tend to blend with said culture get bonus to rolls while things out of character for them get penalties.

Education being ability to learn. So even if you aren't a technology savvy race by building schools and such you could overcome that penalty. Or it could mean how well you take advanced positions eg trained warriors, blacksmiths, alchemists, etc

>> No.42181757 [DELETED] 

>not shit trolling
Kill yourself wannabe

>> No.42181794 [DELETED] 

see >>42170414

>> No.42181850 [DELETED] 


>> No.42182003 [DELETED] 

See >>42171430

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>> No.42186634


>> No.42186953

how would he know? he copied 95% of that sheet

>> No.42188733

I suppose this is the problem with trademarking a civ pic with your name.

Honestly, if you'd like you could make more haikus and we could pick out the good ones.

>> No.42188958

Or we could just not waste time with pretentious bullshit.

>> No.42189548


The only things on there that are copied are the way stats are written and the first line or 2 of races.

Anyway, it isn't copied. I was sent that google doc by somebody telling me to use and build off it to make a nice Civ template. I'm getting rid of the choices and putting in perks now anyway.

Pull the stick out of your ass.

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File: 6.56 MB, 2300x6400, civ thread 1.3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

come on buddy....you literally even put "redesigned" like seriously its quite obvious, if you're going to give yourself credit, give the other people who spent days making a mostly original template for civs credit as well
pic related

>> No.42189613

At least fen is trying to improve things Jesus. Don't get why he is receiving so much hate

>> No.42189667


I'm not quite sure how mine looks anything more similar to that than it does to any other temp.

I agree about the brand though, I removed my name on it. It was either keep it on and credit everybody who helped out or just remove it and save the hassle.


Thanks Tansen. Good to know some people are supporting it.

>> No.42189695

>im not quite sure how mine looks
0/10 didnt even try

quite literally almost all of the descriptions on mine are on yours as well

thats not a coincidence
yea, why would someone get mad when people steal hard work?

>> No.42189749


I got a lot of the descriptions from the google doc.

There isn't a whole lot that you can do different for most of the races anyway.

Finally, I'm not stealing it. I personally don't like certain things about most of the templates I see; so I'm making mine for myself to use, and anybody who shares my opinions. I mean Jesus, it's not like I'm getting paid for spending time on this. If it makes you happy you can claim it was yours, I really don't care as long as people enjoy it.

>> No.42189809

it doesnt matter where you got it from, its the concept itself, look i dont care as it may spark imagination in some, but either give credit where its due, or dont take the credit for yourself, like you said earlier

honestly? if you want critique i believe you shouldnt be "locked" in to what kind of civ you have to play (for example all of the evil civs, a big no no) you should be able to be good/evil no matter the civ (barring demons/celestials for obvious reasons)

also does the person who sent you the stolen information google doc have a name?

>> No.42189837

dude, drop it, the main point is agreed upon on both sides.

If it's a matter of "stealing" information, we're ALL doing that every time we discuss how to improve or make our own version of the civ template.

Although I DO get miffed when stuff that was already replaced with something much better gets reused.

>> No.42189860

settle down there grumpy crog, it was dropped, and dont even tell me if you werent in my shoes you wouldnt be a bit mad...especially with your attitude some days

theres a difference between having a discussion on how to make a civ better/getting advice VS. just stealing information and using it then putting your brand on it like you made it

>> No.42189877 [DELETED] 

>being a plebeian

>> No.42189880


Not gonna lie man, I posted the unfinished template at least 5 times on this board and despite it only receiving a couple of comments, they were positive.

So I did post it for discussion, but it was largely ignored. It's quite annoying for me that it has now gotten negative attention for 'stealing ideas' or using bad perks or stats; when the actual process of me creating it wasn't critiqued.

The above is why I'm re-doing it.

>> No.42189905

I'm pretty sure you're the grumpy one this time.

But you could also just as easily say "I'm sorry, I didn't know, and now I do. We cool?"

Look, are you actually going to MAKE something, or what?

And do you actually know what the Unbearable Lightness of Being is about?

>> No.42189925

>Look, are you actually going to MAKE something, or what?
I made the chart.

>> No.42189926


I pretty much have.
>Removed my name
>Explained that they weren't stolen

I have no beef with Witter or Tyr, just wanted a different looking template with a few ideas changing.

>> No.42189960

>Being an uncultured failure trying to make up for it with shitty haikus

>> No.42189996

I mean that you're not always going to find them online, so having a "face to face" apology FEELS(I didn't say IS) more sincere. I think it's just a strange holdover with IRL interactions when it comes to how people react to what they hear/read.

The internet has made interactions very weird.

....anything NEW. Well, I suppose you have your hands full with Uguumon.

>> No.42189999 [DELETED] 

see >>42181687

>> No.42190029

Really you have like two choices. Either they are really really shitty haikus or the worst normal poetry ever written

Either way you are an over compensating faggot who feels the need to cover up something by pretending to be artistic and doing a terrible job of it.

>> No.42190047


I know exactly what you mean. I'm gonna try and post a draft later on today; if you, Witter, Tansen, Nate and anybody else wanna get in and give suggestions etc. on anything that would be great.

>> No.42190080

the weirdest thing about this is fenrir and tyr are both norse names and you are on away so you arent picking up which is cool

>> No.42190095 [DELETED] 

see >>42189877

>> No.42190150


Yeah I picked up on that too. I love Norse culture, got a tat of Yggdrasil going around my arm. Vikings were just so awesome.

>> No.42190154


>> No.42190186

myrm do you ever get tired of it?

>> No.42190202

I'm not myrm the other guy is. Linked the post to yours instead of his on accident. Lol my bad bud.


>> No.42190208

Heya guys! I'm planning on starting a civ-quest game in the near future and I just wanted to lay something down for it.

My idea is to start the whole thing with just one character whom, in time, develops the rest of the "inhabitants" by itself. My question is: what should I trow at them in the beginning civ wise?
I have an endgame planned and a couple of pseudo-quests that they will have to face one way or another but I'm stuck at the beginning

>> No.42190212

see >>42190186

>> No.42190221


Think of everything a Civ needs to flourish and survive, then make them quest for it somehow.

>> No.42190263 [DELETED] 


>> No.42190280

i'd be willing to try it
myrm?having fun?

>> No.42190281

Well primarily a Civ needs food shelter and water. So you could start off as a man in search of a place that can reasonably accommodate his people with these things

>> No.42190293

I actually am having fun. I can see why myrm never tires of this. It's like the simplest troll ever made lmao.

>> No.42190296

see >>42190263

>> No.42190299

Yeah, well I'm a bit stuck at that. The civ itself will be a version of treants who "wake up" after shenanigans happen and they will have to find out what exactly are they. That's all that I came up with 'till now. I just can't get my mind to think of a drama that wakes it up to do something..
Please do! I got most of my inspiration from Jyoti's Ghouls and I can't wait to narrate for you guys

>> No.42190364

Also, I'm very interested in any game mechanics that I could use like dice and all.

My only experience with /tg related stuff is from the board itself

>> No.42190387

What trolling? I'm just referring to my previous statements because there's no sense in repeating what is obviously correct.

>> No.42190426

How fun do you find math and accounting? Don't ever use dice mechanics more complicated than you enjoy dealing with.

A concrete goal would be nice. Not short term like getting food, but a long term goal that still feels close at hand. Like "find the source of that strange sound/light" or "Save the lives of the dying treants still in a coma".

>> No.42190503


>> No.42190512
File: 4 KB, 113x101, laughinggirls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Save the lives of the dying treants still in a coma
i actually like this, kind of like a race against time, and each treant is somewhat important (say a caster type,a blacksmith, etc)
you're having fun bumping? good job

>> No.42190515 [DELETED] 

see >>42190387

>> No.42190544


>> No.42190561

see >>42190515

>> No.42190574

It bumps the thread and focuses his shit posting on me instead of attempting to argue with you guys so you guys can just do what yah gotta do. Everyone wins.

>> No.42190580


>> No.42190627


>> No.42190642
File: 184 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-30-22-52-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42190665

I applaud not your proof, but that you managed to read and screenshot your reply in a single minute.

>> No.42190667

I'm seeing a trend here. You make alot of incorrect assumptions huh? Take a chill pill there kiddo.

>> No.42190669

So wheres the magic progression system that >>42111845 refers to?

>> No.42190701

>Endless trolling periodically interrupted by actual discussion.

>> No.42190711
File: 59 KB, 786x1353, CivMagic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do bear in mind that this is completely arbitrary. The power of each level is completely up to the CM's discretion.

It's actually just more of a way to track the progress of your learning of magic, as well as providing some ideas for arcane disciplines.

>> No.42190727

Well thats disappointing

>> No.42190741


Yeah it was never meant to be a spell list or anything like that. But I have no problem with writing something like that if people want. Will just limit what Civs can do, and will need a lot of input from other.

>> No.42190748

If you wanted SOME form of progression, you can check out


>> No.42190787


That's what I based mine on. I just didn't add any descriptions.

>> No.42190806

I mean that there's a ton of rambling in the errata if anyone is looking for inspiration for a particular branch of magic.

>> No.42190892

.....is this yours crog?

>> No.42190927


That's the one I was talking about earlier Witter.

>> No.42190941

It was made by one of the guys who made the "original" civ pic.

>> No.42190968

yea and im an astronaut in space, thats why i love this instant internet

>> No.42191055
File: 4.84 MB, 1841x3203, 1423789333809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not joking. He said he did the last "official" civ pic and was going to update it with whatever was on hand at the time. He made the googledocs and people randomly added stuff.

>> No.42191093

by official, i mean left half

>> No.42191112

unless it was tyr, he was lying through his teeth about both doing the "official" civ pic and that google docs shouldnt have been made in the first place

>> No.42191142


Does it really matter? I don't see why you're getting so bummed about all of this. I'd take it as a compliment that people want to use your ideas.

>> No.42191149

k. I don't really care since some stuff WAS contributed.

>> No.42191715

FUCK maths.. I'll just stick to 3d6's and 100's

and as for goals.. that's kinda spoilers so I don't want to lay it out right now. Food won't be a major issue (you are fucking trees), and the whole starting place will be not desserted.

Anyways I've got some ideas rolling, thanks to you guys, and hopefully by the middle of next week I'll have something for ya'll

>> No.42191981

and in all this, I forgot that I should have been running, and it is now almost midnight. whoops.

>> No.42192104

There are so many furbait choices in these civ pics these days.

>> No.42192183

Look up Romulus and Remus. Copy+Paste their shindig.

>> No.42193873


>> No.42194818
File: 139 KB, 650x938, hsl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.42196837


>> No.42196862

It stinks!

>> No.42197009


Could you tell me why so that I can improve it?

Or are you trolling?

>> No.42197159

Drop the shitty D&D 3.5 dungeonpunk artwork. Then fix the font sizes.

>> No.42197198


And what? Replace them with pictures of real trolls and centaurs? It's the best kind of art that can be found of these races. Unless you can prove me wrong?

>> No.42197397

Just search Deviant Art or something.

>> No.42198076 [DELETED] 

Don't worry it's just the uguumon/myrmidon/haiku civ asshole.

>> No.42198443


>> No.42201007

What's going on in here?

>> No.42202570

Cheesy Pizza

>> No.42206310


>> No.42209208


>> No.42211125

Where da civs at

>> No.42211164

it's 3 in the morning

>> No.42211208

it's 3 in the afternoon.

>> No.42211342
File: 52 KB, 343x356, 1430623801743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'm interested in running a civ sort of game but resolution mechanics, tech/production progression, event tables, and other crunchy stuff are a bit of a hurdle for me. Could anyone give me some of their notes or something to help me see what sort of stuff I should be doing in prep?

>> No.42211375

what kind of game are you trying to make? What is a 'civ' to you, and what makes it fun to GM?

>> No.42211415

Evil/Shady Corporation.

>> No.42211521

That is a very large scope. Being the board rather than the actual division preforming the task means that you are quite distanced from the decisions you make until their consequences are pretty difficult to stop.

It's also way too many things at the same time. Corporate Intrigue is already going to exhaust you ASSUMING the players actually know how to do it.

Mad Science R&D is pretty easy: Just use an incredibly swingy dice table like 1d100. Failure isn't usually loss, but more like "complications" that need to be either ignored or covered up, while encouraging the sacrifice of morals/laws to get more rolls. Like say, triple your rolls if you start kidnapping hobos and kids for experiments.

I think you should reconsider how much accounting you want to do before making this an actual mechanic.

What is the goal?

>> No.42211630

>What is the goal?

>> No.42211668

gonna need something more concrete here. Buy/Destroy all the other corps?

>> No.42211683

Acquire your competition, and form a monopoly without the public whining about your monopoly and legislating against you.

>> No.42211716

It was 4:25pm when you posted

>> No.42211791

So list down each of the things that will either help accomplish that, or get in the way, then make mechanics for them.

If your problem is that you don't even know where to start with making the mechanics themselves, you should probably read up on other systems and civs.

>> No.42211810

Yeah, I'm reading up on the pastebin/starter's guide and taking notes.

>> No.42213917


>> No.42215249

Hey, Running Machines in Ruins if anyone wants to join in.

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