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Let's get a thread started for all the GMs out there. Share tips and tricks and plot points you like to use. Give advice and tell us about what you've learned while being a GM. What works and what doesn't?

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A micro event is just a teeny tiny little interaction with an NPC, whose soul purpose is to provide a little opportunity for some roleplaying. I use them in cases where some characters are leveling up and others are kind of bored, or similar situations. The micro events are in no way important to the campaign (not that the PCs know that!).

The idea is that these scenarios are only slightly more interesting than small talk about the weather, but nothing that can't be brushed off with a simple, "Sorry, not now, I'm busy," if the character chooses not to interact at all. Some great times to use these micro events would be early in the game (to learn more about the personality of the characters), at slow moments (to give bored players something to do while other players are otherwise occupied), or as red herrings (if your players are figuring things out too quickly, toss one of these at them -- they might think it's significant and be thrown off the trail for a while!)

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What are the odds on triple dubs? Goddamn.
Also, thank you, I was hoping to find some of these event-tables earlier today.

If I had to contribute something, I'd say it's not all about the GM. I've seen it posted here and been worried myself about my GM performance and assumed everything that goes "wrong" in the campaign was my fault.
People don't need too much to be entertained.
Also, players must be willing and able to immerse themselves as characters; without this, they are wasting their own time. Best campaigns are full of people pitching concepts external to their characters.

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/r/ing more roll charts like these.

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Here's a tip: Don't railroad you party unless you really have to and in that case make it so they don't realize that they are being railroaded.

Aside from that just give your players freedom and present them with a world that seems alive and functioning. Interaction is key.

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Totally disagree with the 'Never play irrelevant scenes' part. Those parts are essential for role playing. It's lets the players easily get into character without feeling pressured by potential plot relations within that scene.

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Make your players feel powerful but not invincible. Remind them of their mortality and vulnerability every now and then.

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Rape is always a good answer when your players don't roleplay their characters as people, but as themselves.

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Yeh it doesn't make a lot of sense.
Some of my fonder memories of playing are when I was making decisions practically external to plot or combat.

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Currently putting together a mod for Tabletop Simulator to enable decent AD&D 2e hex-crawling.

Problem I'm hitting, at the moment, is the random encounter deck. It's 60 cards with each having an encounter for the terrain type, so 480 encounters. I balanced them so that, for each terrain, there are 20 challenges best suited to a particular class (like track something for a reward, or find a cliff that needs climbing, a test of strength, a person in need of healing...), 20 monster encounters (with intro text), and 20 fluff/shop/story-potential encounters.

It's a hell of a lot of work, to come up with 480 encounters. I've got like 70 done, so far.

Then I need an NPC deck that delivers an NPC that fits the world for when the DM doesn't want to make one up. Then a story-line deck for random stories. They all build a generic world that has its own flavor, if you play in it for a while. Oh, and a dungeon deck. Kinda a long-term work in progress.

I'll run it, obviously, but thought it might be nice for TTS players, too. It has a bunch of really shitty mods for RPGs already, so thought I'd put up a good one.

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Any GM's here who have lead huge campaigns in huge worlds NOT based on prewritten adventures or something like that?

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Do you mean in homebrew worlds, too? But yes... I'd imagine every single GM who has done it for very long has run such a game.

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What's a good way to get a group involved in the military for a war campaign

I was thinking something along the lines of drunken/prisoner conscription but that would just involve the players going "dating escape!"

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shoulda checked the catalog, but gonna advertise my thread I made for random rolltables, since its largely relevant to discussion here, please do come by, I posted a lot of links to various tables:

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Campaign Mastercraft: always relevant in GM threads.

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I finished a decade-long one in GURPS just last year. We had ten different players over the years, playing a total of 19 PCs, only one of whom made it to the very end. Also, there were shitloads of established NPCs, somewhere on the order of 200 of them.

All in all, it was the biggest clusterfuck I've ever run, I'm just glad I managed to wrap it up and give it a proper ending. Come to think of it, it was the first campaign we ever played that actually ended, rather than just fading away due to lack of interest.

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Sounds pretty cool. Details please?

What kind of setting? What kind of characters? What went down? How did it end? Highlights?

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>What kind of setting?
Homebrew, a bronze age world still recovering from a magical apocalypse caused by superpowered immortals millennia ago.

>What kind of characters?
Too many to list them all, but the main PC was a jungle rogue called Masagi, who was damn near unkillable after getting beat up by progressively more powerful enemies.

His traveling companions over the years included a hyperactive jungle princess, a gender-ambiguous inventor genius kid, an edgy and brooding samurai who was also the world's second best swordsman (his brother was the best), a seductive witch worshipped as a goddess near Masagi's primitive jungle home, and an ordinary blacksmith.

>What went down?
They were recruited by one group of surviving immortals from the great cataclysm, and set about making enemies of damn near everyone: the Sun Empress Sarnel, the northern warrior-king Rex Wulfgar, the pirate lord Tetang, and worst of all the Council of Twenty, made up of the most powerful of the surviving immortals.

>How did it end?
Thousands of years passed, and though the world was darkened and the stars themselves fading, Masagi and his group of Freedom Fighters took to the stars and faced down Zetko, Lord of Space and Time, preventing the universe from coming to a premature end.

Aside from the aforementioned final battle, a climactic showdown with Kaan, the Lord of Fear, outside his black tower from where he already ruled the entire world. And then there was the time Masagi beat up an immortal swordsman while still barely above average in fighting skill himself, using nothing more than poisoned knives, small rocks, and a well formulated plan.

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Same. Some of my characters absolutely love, say, getting in trouble with Barkeep #72. I even had a player latch on to my depiction of an old, slightly nutty alchemist. He'd visit him every time he was in town, and spent his off-time trying to help out with poultices and potions.

The alchemist was never a central plot point, but he was an important part of that player's character.

The best way to get a group involved is to have players that want to be involved. That's pretty much it.

If you tell them they're unwilling conscripts, of course they're going to escape. Why would they stick around? Their characters explicitly don't want to be there.

If you tell them "I want to run a military campaign," and they agree to it, they'll make characters that want to be there, and you can run your campaign without wondering if they'll just try to run off halfway through.

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bump for more awesome GM stuff like

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Sounds absolutely awesome, anon. Keep up the good work.

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