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Let's try to do this properly this time.

>How do you keep track of all the named characters?

>How do you deal with the lifespan of named characters?

>Have you ever made a named character within your civ who gave more penalties than benefits?

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bump for interest

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>How do you keep tack of all the named characters
I just make a >special units: tab
>How do you deal with the lifespan of named characters?
They're either immortal or die in combat. I've never had a game that lasted long enough for one of them to die of old age.
>Have you ever made a named character within your civ who gave more penalties than benefits
I was planning to do so, but the game didn't last long enough. The original goblins followed an incredibly powerful pyromancer. After settling down close to a forest, one of them got blessed by a minor forest god, and became a wonderful plant mage. I was planning to create immense riots between the group that followed the pyromancer and the plant mage.

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How long should a turn be?

Most civs I see go for turns being very short, each turn lasting a few hours in-game. But to be quite honest, that isn't very civilisation-y. It feels more like a plotless quest where you're in-charge of an abstract village.

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>How do you keep track of all the named characters?
>special units: tab
>How do you deal with the lifespan of named characters?
Depends on your race. for humans I used to roll 1d50 for how many years past introduction they survived by age
>Have you ever made a named character within your civ who gave more penalties than benefits?
Yes. usually they are alcoholics.

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>humans have more tec than dwarves

use the fixed map for fucks sake!

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Huh, I hadn't noticed. I never did label the individual pictures, so I guess that's my bad.

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....wow, a lot of the images have that problem, even the ones made after that "expansion".

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notes for whoever intends to edit/make civ pics


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who was the casulshit who did that?

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what? Pretty sure this was made by the anon who did the last "official" civ pic, before the harpies and cyclops stuff.

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was the guy who made that autistic?

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Probably. That's why he comes back to every general thread to repost his shitty picture.

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Its nearly shitposting at this point. Considering how it baits arguments.

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That seems to be his goal, yes.
Also, 42072554
showed up just as the image was posted. I've noticed strikingly similar posting styles between them, and I think it's safe to assume it's the same person, who also claimed in one of the quest chat rooms he was spamming that he was the dungeons and dadaragons guy from so long ago, which also happened around the same time this image first appeared.

It's all just one really autistic shitposter.

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nah, I don't think he's the dadaragons guy. That one was more self aware.

so Myrm, read any good SOL quests?

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I was unsure for a bit, but I honestly think Myrm, the dadaragons shitposter, this dumb civ obsessed moron and that uguumon guy are indeed one and the same. They always respond with the exact same things, deflecting with a "you just don't get it" or "It's not meant for you, fuck off pleb" and just redirecting any further replies to the previous shitpost. They all have the same voice in their posts, coming off as a pretentious art major flunk out that thinks he's too good for the world.

I could still be wrong, but it all just seems to fit. I guess it doesn't really matter in the end though.

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Thankyou for putting it into words. I think it's the same person as well

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And here he is

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I usually have them abstracted to be anywhere from a day to a month. Usually averaging out to about 2-3 weeks devoted to doing whatever they're doing, but I leave my language intentionally vague so that it's extremely unclear how much time is passing.

During combat I'll engage in a much shorter term turn-table, though even still the turns are likely lasting much longer than the players realize.

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I feel like Gnolls should be good at close range, and shit at diplomacy, obviously. Maybe to work off their hyena origins you could have them be shit at tech, but be able to loot and reverse engineer tech from others? Breeding seems like it should be rather quick, but at the cost of needing lots of food.

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Neat organization, I'd just question the race traits. Overall decent design.

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See >>42078078

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yeah, i just left them at full so i can copy-paste it to other races then change it.

i'm just converting it from jpeg to something easier to edit

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can someone please post the latest template?

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>>42078831 See >>42073189

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you pathetic faggot

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Have we had anything Dryad or Insect related lately?

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No, but would be fun as hell to play an insect civ.

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there was a good one about 2 months ago. i think i missed most of it as i went on vacation in the middle of it.

(pic related)

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Oh, you mean the facehuggers one? That one lasted for about 3 days, something about a giant stomping on it and killing everyone.
Though I don't remember that map, maybe it's another civ.

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not sure, but there was a fuckton of goblins swarming the lands quite early that we survived, and most has evolved poison, we had some flying scouts, some tanks and 'honey dew ants'.

we were still friendly with a bovine race when i left.

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Eh, I run a shitty Quest thread (Take a guess.) and have been meaning to dip into Civ quests for a refresher. Maybe every Tuesday? What would you gents say to that? And also, suggestions as to race. I have my own setting ideas. :)

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the more the merrier

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Try one of these races. >>42078078

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You sir... are a horrid abomination. I'll consider a few of the less cancer ones, but more than likely, no.

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Hive Queen?

Just kill yourself for the love of whatever god there may be

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1 guess down. Shittier.

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fuck off you already got your wish here >>42078078

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oh flesh ok

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Nah, Flesh civ is pretty dope. It's a VERY shit Quest. Not a Civ.

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Sure, but I'd like to see the variations that can occur with it.

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I missclicked when going for /sp/ and entered this board but this thread got my attention. How do I roll in the comments?

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"Hivemind" races such as insects and mushrooms are fun to play with if you're willing to allow multiple mutations and/or subraces.

"Dark Age" races such as any flesh humanoid turns into "gotta melt some ore" fests with advancement judged by how strong is your strongest metal. It gets boring pretty fast, specially with "humans but-" races like halflings and gnomes. Hard to make a good one.

"Specialist" races such as Crystallids are the coolest in my oppinion, but are the hardest to work with. You'll need criativity, but it can become epic in the most amusing ways.

Choose your poison.

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It's "Dice+XdY" X being the number of dice and Y being the dice size. Stickied thread, bro.

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I've been thinking of adapting the ant-people from my setting and running them as a Civ.

Wouldn't be a true hivemind since the Hive is made up of three individual races lead by a triumvate of queens, Builders, Warriors and Tenders.

Also been wanting to take the challenge of running a Chrystalid civ as well

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Rolled 14 (1d100)

In the options field, type


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>ant-people from my setting

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Thanks for the help, as I said it's the first time I came here

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ew what

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lol think of blatant rip-off of Formians

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Was definitely going to skip the "classic" races. Probably tailor the list for my own personal desires before posting. Draft up a list of potential mutations and what have you. I've been looking at the Specialists chunk for a while and some of them are a pain to even envision properly. Although Crystallid is mostly, "Grow new species of rockman from this rock vs. this rock."

Has there been an Unseen or Dryad recently? Cause if not, I've got a bleak and depressing idea that would be interesting.

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The only advice I can give you is to research what you'll run. Don't make a layout for everything, but get the knowledge you'll need. For example, if you're running Chrystalids, research a bit about minerals and ores, look up some metal properties and play around with basic magic ideas. Names like "Bauxite" are better sounding than "Aluminium ore", and gives the players the possibility of searching for other uses for that stone other than just melting it into aluminium. Just don't go overboard.

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Unseen is one of the least used ones, IIRC. Haven't seen one in months.

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If you want to test your skills, be sure to join us here for your first civilization quest: >>42078078

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havent seen any of them in a good while

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Keep the trash to yourself

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In that case, drafting a list of specialists from available materials. Any request besides >>42073189 ?

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He's new and he already knows his shit.

I like this guy already.

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feel free to use my civ chart

also i will be making one in the future based off of a whole bunch of ideas, cant wait to try it

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Will do. Will trim it to get rid of ones I know have cropped up semi-recently. At any rate, need to figure a name now...

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no problem, and once you get a name, make sure to pop up here more often (the biggest problem in the civ community is absentees)

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Eh, I meant my name. Not a big fan of Civ OP.
It'll be And Yet Another Civ Quest.
Eh, screw it. I got work tomorrow, so gonna save my work and pick a name based on what ends up being picked. Thanks guys.

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check out >>42072988

>Although Crystallid is mostly, "Grow new species of rockman from this rock vs. this rock."
since i've been trying to avoid this.

>Has anyone made a civ during the Age of Colonization? Things like men in plate or with guns vs. tribal people in swamps.

>What's the biggest death toll you've ever done/seen in a civ, whether it was the enemy or player civ?

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and now to do what all GMs do while waiting for players: dick around with anime and video games.

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This is going to be a problem if noone is seriously around when I'm free.

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Can we suggest races for your future civ chart?

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wtf happened to james? I want my fucking mushmen back.

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I'm in the process of making a new chart. I have all the locations I want but I only have four races.

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