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What are some of /tg/'s favorite races in the 40k setting outside of the core races (Humans, Orks, Necrons, Tau, Eldar, Tyranids, etc.)? Are there any you'd like to see become more prevalent in the setting? Are there any from other settings you think would fit well in the 40k universe?

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Ymgarl Genestealers ftw.

> been there before any other genestealers were detected in imperium space.
> violently hostile to any other genestealer form. Will actively hunt and destroy tyranid bioforms.

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I like the hrud way more when they were rats in hoodies.

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Those niggas still exist, you know. They just changed names.

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Pretty sure they work alongside other tyranids. Read up on their fluff before.

Still, they're mentioned as having come from the Moons of Ymgarl, and maps of the Eastern Fringe make mention of a "Ymgarl Monolith," so where exactly did these bioforms come from? Could it be that their genetic instability has something to do with their exposure to the Monolith?

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Rak'gol are pretty cool in that they're right saucy cunts who blast shit with radiation for fun and put DEldar to shame with their sadism.

They also look pretty neato bonito.

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Rak'gol could be their own army.

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The Zoat.

They eat Zoatibix.

This is known. It was never retconned.

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This thread needs more aliens.

I liked Tarellian Dog Soldiers, because they are badass mercenaries.
And I also loved the 3rd edition illustration of the Clawed Fiends.
Kind of a shame GW didn't turn Tau Empire into the 40k version of Dogs of War.
If they had done that...
Oh, or the inquisition codecies. They could have included some aliens for radical inquisitors.
Would have been an awesome opportunity to make some funky models.

At least we got the Dark Eldar Aliens.

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Ive heard a couple people say the Tau might get another auxilary next codex or something?

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I have made several races intended to fit on a 40k campaign. Mind if I explain them and you all give me your opinion about them?

A crystalline lifeform born when a Warp Storm engulfs an asteroid field whose asteroids have diamonds and other precious jewels on their interior. Merchant ships that transport jewels and have Geller Field failures might also become infested by those.

They are chaotical in nature and have a great access to psychic powers.Their powers are luminous in nature and attack blinding the enemy with light and then slashing them with their own blade arms. The most powerful of their members can create hard light or even multiply in seven clones ( each one with one of the rainbow's colors ) and fight independently.

Lasers are completely useless against them.

Insects with lithe and long limbs and beetle like wings. They move in swift premeditate movements and a combination of their movements and the white noise that their wings generate can penetrate into minds and hypnotize them. In small clusters they are easy to kill but in great amounts they can hypnotize entire armies and force them to commit suicide or kill each other.

Aliens with an strange biology, they are beings made from flesh and have a vague humanoid shape but their most strange features is that their bones are composed from Iron, their skin can resist a great amount of heat and their interior can reach massive temperatures.

They can vomit a bilious substance that can melt through most armours, their long claws have a melta like effect on their touch and their bite is simply lethal.

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All three are good creative sci fi aliens but they don't feel, I don't know, WarHammery. Hard to imagine fielding an army of them. Maybe the insects with some more development.

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Have stats for them?

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This. They feel more like off brand versions of Metroid aliens that already exist

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Not yet. I'm still polishing the details about them. That's why their descriptions are somewhat vague

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I know they're a type of human but I like Ogryns and wished they got more attention.

Anyone got that writefagging where an Ogryn Imperial Guard ends up screaming at and fighting orks?

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I personally like the Slaugth. I like their technology and their inhumanity, I also think cooperative swarms of insects makes for a cool monster.

Speaking of inhuman I also love the Saruthi, the description of their tetrascape was fantastic and I loved that they tried deliberately to make an artificial environment for human comfort and it was still creepy as fuck. I also love that they're Chaos worshippers but aren't human and aren't identifiably tied to any of the big 4.

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A little of this.


They should maybe be a bit more visceral in their descriptions. More hostile as only those things in 40k can be. Invasively, aggressively, and/or unreasonable hostile in a sinister or mindless kind of way.

Look up the 40k wikis and search for places like the Screaming Vortex and Calixis Sector and look for descriptions of Xenos you can use as inspiration.

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Which is the space Jew race again?

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You know as a gnostic, you'd think I'd remember that.

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Not really aliens but i love old fluff about imperial beastmen. There is something amazing about culture based mainly around shame about their own existence.

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Would be nice.
Kroot were great, Vespids sadly only meh.
The models are not really all that great, what they did on the table wasn't too impressive and we know next to nothing about them.

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I'm pretty sure Beastmen still exist in the current fluff, anon. They're mentioned in the 7th (?) edition rulebook as a form of abhuman.

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Vespid are cool fluff-wise, but their rules and models have always been garbage.

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But are they still serving as cannon fodder in imperial guard crying they are sorry for being born filthy mutants and begging emprah to forgive them this crime?

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At this point, I think they're teetering on the edge of being classified as mutants by the administratum, but there's nothing in the new fluff that precludes or retcons the old fluff. You can still have a Penal Legion made of Beastmen.

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Here's an idea for the crystal dudes: have it to where they store data on their crystal bodies, making them sort of natural born Callidus that kill psykers via overloading them with a positive feedback loop instead of sucking the life out of them with a negative one. They're especially dangerous since they gain the knowledge and memories of any they psyker they feed on this way. They travel I'm massive crystal ships that move forward by "vibrating" psyker energy across their thrusters and simultaneously act as nurseries for their young. The ships also serve as their own Gellar Field, but leaves large warp tears in their wake for daemons to slip through, leading to many hypothesizing a Chaotic origin to their species.

Smaller "larval" crystals are inert and can even be used as a focus to help safely vent and channel their psychic energies into more effective attacks with less risk of exploding, but doing so will feed the crystal, causing it to grow into another organism that will eat it's own source of nourishment as its first act of life. Their ships are notorious for assaulting Black Ships and abducting as many psykers as possible to chain to their nurseries and feed their young.

While these things can easily prey on Eldar, the Orkoid seems to be their natural predator, as the Waagh field disrupts their own natural psychic gestalt field, numbing their minds and in large enough quantities rendering them entirely inert. Maybe give Tyranids have a similar effect?

Tl;dr: Sapient, predatory force crystals.

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Who were the dudes with the plasma muskets?

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They work well as a terrorizing "what the hell is going on" kind of race. Their tech is understandable but archaic and bizarre, their abilities terrifying and they seem to give zero fucks about anything. Sort of like crossing orks with Khornate, giving them six legs and a bit of an Xenomorph vibe.

Space gypsies, not really jews.

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It's also worth mentioning that Chaos Beastmen (specifically Bloodgors) were in IA6 as well.

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Old ones, old one touched races beyond eldar and orks, Tarrellians, those shark men who's name escape me, the "thousand xeno races" that immmotek is ruling over, men of iron

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Don't think there's space jews, then, only gypsies.

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What race you think? I'm betting Tarrellians

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How were called this jellyfish aliens who treat war like a theatre and only care about how flashy and spectacular their warfare is? They are like a race of Michael Bays with tentacles.

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How you'd you fix the models? I'd go for a mix of wasp and thri-kreen

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>Tend to be good craftsmen
>No nation of their own
>Live in enclaves within other empires
>Own distinct language and culture
>Recognizable appearance

They a bit like pre-WW2 Jews.

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What are zoatabix?

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It's funny that Abnett is the only 40k writer that understands how diverse the Imperium is, so his IG regiments are all really interesting. But he prefers Imperium vs Chaos, so no interesting aliens from him.
Altough looking at the wikies, Loxatl sources are all from Gaunts Ghosts and later books. Did he come up with them?

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Demiurge are just blue squats, and squats are just space dwarves, and dwarves are just midget jews. Ergo, Demiurge are space jews

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They were even described as basically being Wheetabix in the book.

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I was talking about the Stryxis, who are a race of space-faring, seven feet tall, wet monster pugs with four eyes and waaaaay too large claws, mostly famous for faring in space with essentially caravan-train spaceships, being mysterious and looting wherever nobody's around to find out and then trade it away.

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Kill yourself.

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This is almost exactly a thing in Deathwatch. Living crystal data storage race and all.

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I believe that's the Thyrrus.

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He did, as well as a unique tri-radially symmetrical race in the book Xenos.

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The Nicassar, if only for the Tau to experience Daemon fuckery

>Powerful Psykers
>Allied with Tau

A waffle is not a Pancake CAPTCHA

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There are so many cool races but all new gw armies are just imperial organizations.

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This is irrelevant. Despite the idiotic tagline, there's more to the galaxy than war. A race doesn't need to be able to field a army's worth of models to fit in the setting.

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It kind of sucks that out of all minor races in 40k gw chose tau. Wouldn't it be cooler if they made some kind of truly diverse alliance of different races with varied anatomies? Aliens big and small! Every type of unit from a different civilisation!

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They Had three concepts and the Tau were the ones that got picked, the other two were folded into them

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Don't worry, the Tau will go through their Men of Iron phase.

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I've seen these a while ago.
He added wings and took the coneheads off.
Basically the idea was to make them look more like wasps.

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Kroot ...and what else?
Vespids only came out with the the second book.
And I can't really see them as an entire race for 40k.
Kroot would work. Vespids I can't really see used that way.

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I hope so. As a tau player, I would love the tau to be 50/50 hyper sci-fi mech combat and poorly armed hordes of "totally not slave races". It would also ramp up the grimdark the last codex has been emphasizing.

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It's true, though

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Maybe that's where I subconsciously got the idea, then. It's far from am original concept, at any rate

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Ambulls don't get enough love. Would love an updated model of one, even though it'll never happen.

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I can't remember anywhere where I saw it, but there was a thread on a forum where a guy sculpted updated versions of old GW monsters.

Was pretty neat.
All things considered I think the sculpt aged rather well though.

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I'd like to see GW take a stab at it again. Ambulls were always really cool to me.

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Is it bad that I kind of want the genestealer cult as an army back? I really liked the xeno twist on cultists.

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That's really cool.
Not the thread I meant, but really cool non the less.
Thanks for posting.

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They could be anywhere, at any time.

>> No.42036140


Nothing stopping you. I've seen plenty of people proxy Imperial Guard and Admech as Genestealer Cult forces.

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Lacrymoles are cool, but I would have preferred if they went more "The Thing" route with their shapeshifting aliens, rather than basically "vampires with polymorphine".

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They are meant to be something that has infested all rungs of society in all humanoid species. It is there to scare you with being replaced.

There is an xenos/deamon hybrid in somewhere that basically slide into our reality to be the thing. It is a beast made out of darkness that absorbed any crew on the vessel it needed and lead a deathwatch team astray for months until it was them and it. They ended up having to run because all you could do was beat it into its natural form and keep constant vigilance so it did not infiltrate your group again.

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Are you sure?

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>1 result

come on! step it up!

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What would you say if I showed up with Master Splinter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Pupniks?

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Suppose this is the thread to ask. Are there any non-Imperial Human factions which aren't just Chaos or possible Genestealer?

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I supposes I'd say "Radical!"

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Dark Eldar
Tyranids; they're NOT genestealers to be a bit technical.

Hrud and Rak'gol I want to see fleshed out a little more.

What are they called now?

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>non-Imperial Human factions
Technically every renegade Chapter of Marines or Imperial Guard regiments, random bands of Pirates or Outlaws, rebellious planetary Governors and forgotten colonies I guess.
Rogue Traders are a bit of grey area.
I imagine an Inquisition army with the Inquisitor being the Rogue Trader, his staff being an assortment of aliens and cutthroats and Sororitas being counted as private army could pass as canonically accurate.

Other than that the answer is basically 'yes, but... they are all insignificant compared to the Imperium and would be stomped the second they might look like a real threat'
For tabletop or roleplaying purposes that shouldn't stop you from inventing whatever you want/need though. There were rules for human Tau auxiliaries for example back in the day. But on a larger scale in the sense of it having meaningful impact on the setting the answer would be just 'No'.

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>non-imperial HUMAN factions

yes, but they're extremely minor and never touched on in the tabletop

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Generally, any non-Imperium Human faction would most likely be represented by Imperial Guard and Renegades and Heretics. Renegade Marines are almost always represented by CSM.

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Tarellians. Any of the fluff drummed up for them by /tg/ would be nice. Anything's better than just being a name on a list in the lexicanum.

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I have some Rogue Traders in my game use them as mercs. They work in packs, with larger leaders and never stick around when they are losing.

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>Hatred (Armies of the Imperium)

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they're reptiles, not actual dogs

>> No.42039773

while furry, those are still reptiles. Or reptomammals, whatever. In case you want classic lizardmen in space, just get rid of the fur and they've got scales underneath.

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They are more than a name.
3rd edition BRB had this and the 6th edition one featured them here >>42031422 on the right in the back, the second guy from the right.

They're reptiles. They're called dog soldiers, because they're mercenaries.

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Craftworld Eldar or Demiurge

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I was rather disappointed that Kroot werent given expanded options in the new tau book, or a merc codex of their own.

All the models are there. Only things they need are option-filed plastic kits for the HQ shapers/shamans.

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Well, its mostly because nowadays, Tyranids dont have a codex entry for Ymarl Genestealers. They have the "Ymarl Factor" to help facilitate the reactions. Normal Ymarls are seriously fucked in the head, mostly from living on catachan.

>> No.42039988


Rumor mill says they might get just that, based on the Kroot Merc 'Dex from White Dwarf, and later from IA3.

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>They work in packs, with larger leaders and never stick around when they are losing
So they're orks.

>> No.42044718

they don't look anything like that

>> No.42044850

I really liked the Loxatl, black-ops lizards tickle my fancy.

>> No.42044888

Literally just an umber hulk

>> No.42044913

It occurs to me I could reasonably convert cold ones into em, and call them rough riders for traitor guard.

>> No.42044960

>Almost all humans are either chaos devoted, imperial citizens, outlaws, enslaved or absorbed by xenos like the DE or the Tau, or isolated from the imperium my warp storms and shit.

Is it Zee-nohs or Zee-nahs?

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-Medium Size

-44 pts

-WS5 BS- S4 T4 W2 I4 A1 Ld10 Sv4+

-Quadrupedal: Creature moves as cavalry

-Resilient = +1 Wound

-Heavily Armored = 4+ save

-Predator = +1 WS

-Camouflage: This ability adds +1 to any cover saves. If the Creature/Flora is out in the open, it benefits from a 6+ invulnerable save

-Disorienting Attack: Medium and Large Creatures/Florae only. This attack may be made in the Shooting Phase instead of making any other shooting attack. Place an ordnance template centered on an enemy model within 12” of the Creature/Flora and roll 2D6. If the number rolled is equal to or higher than the number of models under the template, they become disoriented.

Disoriented models move D6” in a random direction (determined by a scatter die) instead of their normal movement in their turn. Normal squad coherency rules still apply to disoriented models. Models may shoot and assault as normal but must pass a Leadership test in order to do so. -Horns/SpikyCreatures only.The creature gains an additional Attack at +1S on the turn it assaults.

Creature/Flora receives a 4+ invulnerable save against all Attacks made with these weapons. Note that the heavy versions of these weapons (with the exception of heavy flamers) pack enough punch to penetrate the Creature/Flora’s Resilience. Only one mode of Resilience may be chosen:

Energy-Based: lasguns, laspistols, hellguns, hell pistols, pulse carbines, and pulse rifles

>> No.42045223


-Small Size

-35 pts

-WS4 BS- S3 T3 W1 I6 A2 Ld10 Sv6+

-Winged: Creature moves as if equipped with a jump pack

-Agile: Fleet of Foot

-Extra Attack: +1A

-Quick Reflexes +1 I

-Quick Reflexes +1 I

-Defensive Maneuver: If the Creature/Flora does not move in the Movement or Assault Phases, it adds +2 to its armor save until the beginning of the controlling player’s next turn. While in a defensive maneuver, a creature may not make attacks in close combat.

-Dodge: Small and Medium Creatures only. The creature benefits from a 5+ invulnerable save.

-Enhanced Senses: Enemy models may not Infiltrate within 24" of the Creature/Flora. In addition, the creature can see through 12" of woods rather than the normal 6".

-Mind Control: The Creature/Flora exhibits powerful mind-control abilities. To use this ability, the Creature/Flora may not move, shoot, assault, or make attacks in close combat during its turn. Choose an enemy model within 12”. That model must pass a Leadership test. If the model fails, the Creature/Flora may immediately force the controlled model to attack its unit or another unit nearby. Resolve either a shooting or melee attack against the controlled model’s unit as normal. If the Controlled model is on its own, it may shoot at or assault a friendly unit if there is one within range. At the end of the turn, the creature relinquishes control over the model and it can be controlled as normal during the owner’s turn. This ability has no effect on models that are Fearless or that pass Leadership-based tests automatically.

>> No.42045231


-Large Size

-100 pts

-WS4 BS- S6 T6 W4 I4 A1 Ld10 Sv4+

-Bipedal: Creature movement as infantry

-Resilient: +1 Wound

-Resilient: +1 Wound

-Resilient: +1 Wound

-Heavily Armored: 4+ save

-Tough: +1 Toughness

-Strong: +1 Strength

-Deadly Attack:
The creature gives up all other attacks for a single special attack. The attack hits on 5+. The hit is resolved at +2 Strength and ignores armor saves. Invulnerable saves can be taken as normal.

-Fearful Presence/Disturbing Aura: Enemies fighting the Creature/Flora suffer -1 to their Leadership characteristic.

-Gaping Maw: Any rolls of a 6 to Wound in close combat mean that an enemy model may be swallowed whole. The controller and the victim both roll a D6. If the Creature/Flora’s die roll is greater than the victim’s roll, the victim is swallowed whole without recourse or saves. This ability can only be used on creatures that are roughly man sized or modeled on a 40-mm or 25-mm base. Larger creatures like Tau Battle Suits or Hive Tyrants cannot be affected by this ability

>> No.42045238


-Intimidation: If the creature does not move, shoot, or assault in its turn, all enemies must pass a Leadership test at -1 to
assault the creature. Models that are Fearless are not affected.

-Massive: The Creature/Flora follows all the rules for a Monstrous Creature. This ability can be chosen only for Large

-Razor Sharp Claws/Fangs: Any rolls to hit of 6 in close combat will inflict an automatic Wound with no armor saves possible. Resolve other rolls to hit normally

-Resilience: From the following list, choose a single weapon type to which the Creature/Flora is resilient. All the weapons that fit into these categories are listed below. The Creature/Flora receives a 4+ invulnerable save against all Attacks made with these weapons. Note that the heavy versions of these weapons (with the exception of heavy flamers) pack enough punch to penetrate the Creature/Flora’s Resilience. Only one mode of Resilience may be chosen.

Heat-Based: melta guns, plasma guns, plasma pistols, flamers, heavy flamers, and fusion guns.

>> No.42045517

I remebers seeing a simular pdf but for making xeno creatures in 40k rpg's. Does anyone have it?

>> No.42045552

I have made a xeno for my dark heresy game called by the locals the "Death Creep" the easiest way to describe it is a sentinel machine from the Matrix, but alive instead of being a robot. Tehy are just mindless beasts who live in swarms and attack trading vessels that transports good between the cities on the planet.
Not much else to say about them.
I am thinking though of adding a smaller sentient species who were the natives of the planet before the Imperium came. Who are trying to get in touch with the Tau in order to force the Imperials from the planet. That is why I am also looking for this pdf that this Anon >>42045517 also is looking for.

>> No.42045560

Yeah. RT used to be rulebook with all rules for the entire GW catalog of miniatures, which included D&D at the time.

>> No.42045605

There's this one for Inquisitor.

>> No.42048249

not the pdf I was looking for, but I will save this for other stuff in the future.

>> No.42048385

My niggas.

>> No.42048518


Because i like my 40k even more Grimdark

>> No.42048584

Can't believe nobody has mentioned Umbra yet.

>> No.42048765

There's not much else I can think of that it could have been.
There's this for Necromunda.

>> No.42048785


>> No.42048787

They are not a xenos race.

They are the remnants of an Old Ones

>> No.42048806


>> No.42048817


Technically, the Old Ones are xenos, just of a specific kind.

>> No.42049132

Fra'al - Psychic alien pirates with crystal daggers for the win.

>> No.42049184

Putting my vote in for Rak'gol as well.

It's like an orc, a dark eldar and a heretek had one evil baby.

>> No.42049382

Just made a Xeno species from this pfd >>42045605
It is bipedal along with 3 arms (got the result where I could choose). It has the rock steady aim skill, the Exothermic body skill, Nerves of Steel skill and Spit Acid (this is the order I rolled for the skills). They also uses heavy weapons of various kinds. They are also wearing something simular to carapce armour.

Now for the fluff that I came up with:
The Gul'nak'roth is a species from the world of Lo'Bil, a planet with vast oceans and many lowland areas filled with giant sinkholes and caverns.. The Gul'nak'roth's technology is very primitive compared to the Imperium, but that was enough to colonize their many moons before the Imperium came and tried to purge them in the name of the Emperor. All of the first off world bases where completely destroyed. And all of their cities was oblitirated from orbit. But they manged to hold out in the giant sinkholes that dotted the planet, and used many secret tunnels and passage ways to inflict damage upon the Imperial forces. This had made the fighters and survivors patient and focused on using heavy weaponry, beacuse when the time was right to attack then they needed to hit hard.

This contined for many years untill they manage to seize a smaller warp capable vessel. and with a bit of luck manage to escape from the planet. Now they roam the eastern fringe and works as soldiers of fortune for those who needs an extra hand, but they will not strike a deal with humans unless the mission is to kill other humans.

That is the fluff I made up on the fly. Any tips and help to improve it would be great. Please give me feedback. Going to try to make a model in the future (it's going to be hard though)

>> No.42049413


And then abused it savagely.

>> No.42049550

That sounds pretty neat.
This thing always got my creative juices flowing. I even bought some models just to convert the crazies I rolled up. Never got around to kitbashing them though sadly.
Now that I'm thinking about it I'm rather tempted to get back to it though.

What system are you planning on playing and what scale of miniatures are you using?

>> No.42049609

Well I am thinking of useing them in my Dark Heresy campaign and perhaps a future deathwatch/Black crusiade. And I will perhaps just make models for fun, since we don't use models when we play. I just want to practice to kitbash aliens

>> No.42049708


Not him, but I'd be tempted to run this shit as wild xenos and other strange alien mercs in a KT campaign. Also an excuse to cannibalize a dozen different kits from Dark Eldar to Tau to Orks and Genestealers, and build something freaky. It'd be a chalenge to give it a uniform and cohesive design.

>> No.42049711

I got some Dark Elf cold ones and some 1/32 Russians in winter garb to convert into strangely armored alien bountyhunters for Inquisitor a few years back. Really should get back on that. Still sounds like a fun project.

>> No.42049868

Do you guys think that various chaos spawn bitz would work to create atleast 2 maybe 3 gul'nak'roth's?

>> No.42049939

>the Imperium eradicates their offworld colonies
>also eradicates the cities on their homeworld via orbital bombardment
>they don't bombard the sinkholes
>(presumably) still land forces on the planet
>allow the Xenos to plague them, even though they know where they are hiding, they are technologically inferior and can't leave the planet or expect any reinforcements from anywhere
>and this continuous for years until the xenos leave
This is nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking really, but you should change that. Either have the Imperials just be a random Crusade that was passing by and decided to purge some Xenos then fuck off or give a concrete reason why the Imperium didn't bombard/enter the sinkholes to exterminate them to the very last one.

>> No.42050038

As I said, I only made it up on the fly, but thanks for the help on fixing the plotholes

>> No.42050238

Aren't hruds space skavens?

>> No.42050360

Sort of.

They dwell beneath human settlements and live in the dark like the skaven but thats where the similarities end.

Hrud are ninja-librarians that hoard knowledge in stealth libraries for the day it will be needed to fight the Mirror Devils in the name of the Broken God.

>> No.42050800

Rak'Gol all the way.

Lizardmen, Tyranid and Delf/Deldar could be some cool conversions

>> No.42051025

these motherfuckers

>> No.42051728

Slann, they have been mostly scrubbed from the lore, but in the olden days they had a strong connection to the old ones and bridged the two universes.

>> No.42051845

Are't the Old Ones gods?
You can't call gods xenos.

>> No.42051982


Old Ones were a xenos race, like the Necrotyr, but it's possible they were revered as gods by the Eldar, and Eldar mythology uses their gods as allegories to the internal conflicts between the Old Ones. Then again, the Eldar gods might be warp entities created by the Old Ones or fashioned by the Eldar's faith.

It's accepted that they were xenos with a whole lot of power over the warp. It was the War in Heaven that caused so much suffering between themselves and the Necrotyr that the warp turned into the hellhole and shitfest it is in the contemporary timeline. Doubtful they were gods, more likely they were the quintessential "Ancient Aliens."

>> No.42052833

Not a favourite but I have always been intrigued by Cythor Fiends, in fact the enitrity of the Ghoul stars is a interesting subject for me due to the whole 'supernatural inhabitance' thing. I wish it would be expanded upon more.

Otherwise, although its not strictly a xenos and more of a warp creature, I really like the Vampyres and yes I know they are basically just regular vampires.

>> No.42052949


Pics please.

>> No.42053021

The Worldweave of the Noisome Reek and the Church of Dracolith. They just sound fucking awesome.

>> No.42053117

>Worldweave of the Noisome Reek

Didn't the Tau wipe them out?

>> No.42053220

In one system.

Interestingly the Tau of all people consider them "hateful".

>> No.42053307


If I recall, damn near everyone who encountered them or participated in their destruction called them "hateful," which begs some interesting questions in and of itself.

>> No.42053339

Well, they're referred to as the "noisome reek". They're smelly.

>> No.42053377


Hateful, smelly xenos.

>> No.42053468

As I said I didn't do anything to them yet. So all I can show you are the kits.

Though if you want to use 54mm for your Inq games it's probably worth pointing out that the difference between 1/35 and 1/32 is quite noticeable and even 40k weapons are huge compared to true scale weapons. Inquisitor weapons were even bigger.
I think I'd a pretty healthy middle ground to use 40k weapons on 1/32 minis. Looks quite sensible actually. As I said. Nothing glued together yet though.

>> No.42053522

The tau are manipulated by pheromones, at least to some extent.

The Noisome Reek have a name which basically says they stink. Perhaps they have a scent that triggers the Tau "FUCKING KILL IT WITH PLASMA AND MAGNETS!" response.

Although the worldweave sounds cool. I'm imagining a shit load of asteroids strung together with diamond fiber like dew drops on a spider's web.

The church of Dracolith I'm imagining as being the Men of Stone or something that survived from that conflict. They knew of the Dragon but not what it was beyond a sleeping god. They fled the conflict that consumed the Old Empire and set up a new life right on the eastern edge of the galaxy. Right on the ragged edge. Their little empire looks out into the total fucking emptiness of intergalactic abyss.

In time they forgot what the Men of Stone and the Men of Iron were. They forgot the nature of their strange sleeping god. They just know it as The Stone Dragon.

Also they are robotic. Sort of. They are semi-crystalline. OR at least parts of them are. Their brain and skeleton could be described as a self replicating mineral that can be used to house and process information. The rest of them is organic. The nature of the organic part of them is questionable. It appears to be animal but can adopt some of the characteristics of slime mold.

Psychics don't like them. The animal part of their body has enough intelligence to be detectable to psykers and have emotions of its own. It is ravenous and angry. The chunk of rock they use for a brain is thankfully doing the driving. It is colder and more restrained.

>> No.42054092

I think the slythhs from the dark eldar court of the archon could be there own race

Or something quite similar, there are too many 'humanoid' shaped aliens in 40K

>> No.42055407

Except in recent fluff they aren't hostile to other nids at all, nids just apparently don't have an interest in re absorbing them

>> No.42057416

Slaugth all up in this motherfucker. Who doesnt love worms that walk?


>> No.42057467

Enslavers. Should be an optional HQ choice for almost any army. In fact, I think WD did rules for them back in the day.

>> No.42057921


>> No.42057972

40k has Oogie Boogie? I didn't know.

>> No.42058015


>> No.42058029


>> No.42058118

There are a bunch of sculpts from reaper and some form AoW that could work as Sslyth.
Using rules froms something like AdMech you could probably make that whole 'their own army' thing come true.

>> No.42059138

Man that's some dope shit, I could see heaps of army options for them

While I'm at it what's the rules with them, do they get another attack for having 2 close combat weapons? Or is that already written on there profile

>> No.42059153

That would be Nurgle or any other Nurglite Chaos Lord. Slaught probably are the chosen race of Nurgle though.

>> No.42059263

Either Halo copied Slaugth for Lekgolo or 40K copied Halo.Maybe it was a coincidence though?
>No it wasn't Halo copied them
Feels bad man

>> No.42059500


>He thinks sentient worm colonies are only in 40k and Halo.

Oh, you sweet Summer child.

>> No.42059786

Worms. That. Walk. Nigger.

>> No.42060029 [SPOILER] 


>> No.42060184


Worm-dudes weren't something 40k invented, nor Halo, they've been around a lot longer than that.

And their technology makes them sound more like a 40k version of Necromorphs than anything else.

>> No.42062454

The Slaugth are actually basically the worm men from Lovecraft's short story "The Festival" (they got fleshed out a bit in Call of Cthulhu as well, think they're called Worm Priests or Larva Mages or something like that).

>> No.42062751

To be honest, I thought Skavengers as a separate race of scavenging space rodent men was a fun idea. Clearly Mantic thought so too.

>> No.42062816

I like the kind of human faction, that doesn't opress it's people so hard, they wish they were chaos pawns.
Emperor's finest chaos spawns.

That said, I want to know if there are any orks who have been finished by the great ones.
Not like ORK V. 0.34 beta, but ORK V. 1.
If they exist, they're my favourite faction.
I assume tey are a race of CONAN THE BARBARIAN. IN! THE! FUTURE!

>> No.42064368

They are indeed the Thyrrus

>> No.42064454

Nope. Entire race of Blanks.

>> No.42064559

Severan Dominate

>> No.42065562

>do they get another attack for having 2 close combat weapons?

They sure do. Each one has a shard carbine (range 18", assault 3, poison 4+) with two close combat weapons.

I would take them all the time, if I wasn't disillusioned with my DE army and they weren't prohibitively expensive points wise.

They are strength and toughness five with two wounds. And feel no pain. Quite impressive actually.

>> No.42065623


Rak'gol aren't really sadists, just rampaging psychopaths. They find you and you're completely fucked.

What's spooky about them is the opening quote for their section from the Koronus Bestiary. Talks about a second Age of Strife if they ever find what they're looking for, and it's known they actively seek the relics of another alien race that worshipped Chaos, called the Yu'vath. Yu'vath Shit as I've come to call it is some of the most skin-crawlingly creepy shit I've ever seen in 40k lore because they're supposedly all dead, and their technology is very clearly Warp shit, but not apparently daemonic. So the Rak'gol running around getting their hands on it is all kinds of spooky.

>> No.42065686

>Severan Dominate

I fucking love Severan Dominate uniforms.

>> No.42065732

Their grenadiers are fucking sexy.

Does anybody prefer grenadiers to scions? And I'm not just talking aesthetics wise here, I mean rules wise. I think they were just better and more customisable. I dunno.

>> No.42065799

I always liked Grenadiers, but I tended to run Guard in precisely the wrong way - fewer guys, concentrating on each trooper being better-equipped than a normal grunt. Stormtroopers (and later Scions - I still fucking hate that lore change, by the way) and Veterans to go with Grenadiers, with vehicle support.

Fewer models was never a good way to run Guard, but fuck it, I never play more than 1,000 points, and prefer my games down in the 700-800 point style of game.

>> No.42065848

Scions (previously stormtroopers) have always had interesting rules.

Grenadiers (previously kasrkin, from the EoT supplement) are scions with those interesting rules stripped away for a more desirable point cost.

Aesthetics are down to personal preference, but the guard being a motley crew of visually distinct regiments and detachments has always its most appealing aspect, in my opinion.

Also, grenadiers are just up-armored vets, and veteran guardsmen are always cooler when they've got the same gear as the regular platoons.

>> No.42065849

There is no wrong way to play an army, just not all of the options were balanced.

If you wanted to play elite guard, then you totally could.

>> No.42066078

It's actually done well in a couple of situations against Chaos. Mainly Cultist-heavy armies.

>> No.42066496

>they don't look anything like that

They look like this.

>> No.42066790

Real life Jews

>> No.42067199

>space moray eels
So much good shit was lost.

Those would make awesome headhunters or something. They look terrifying and grotesque in the good old school 40k way.

>> No.42067266

Hmm, given that Sslyth are mercenaries, what would their equipment be if they were employed by the Imperium, or the Tau?
I'm figuring two ccws, a lasgun or shotgun and flak armour for the Imperium, and two ccws, a pulse carbine and combat armour for the Tau.

>> No.42067360

the fluff for them, unfortunately, states that the Sslyth race is apparently extinct except for the ones that have gone to work for the Dark Eldar. I think I read that in one of the RPG books

>> No.42067392

>I think I read that in one of the RPG books
Then we're free to discount it.

What units would Sslyth have, anyway?
Their basic troops seem to have 2W S/T5 and FNP.

>> No.42067510

>their bandana-masks are the wrong colours
What the fuck?

>> No.42067565

>tau fanboy's face when the Kroot tell them and their Greater Good to get stuffed, and fly away to be space mercenaries
Please... pleeaaaassseeeeee!

>> No.42067588


The Sslyth apparently only work for DEldar

I think it's based off GW lore

>> No.42067660

>40K copying Halo
Go back to lurking for a while longer, cause that's an embarrassingly stupid thing to think.

>> No.42067682

>Kroot and Tarellians broing it up in space being mercs with stolen Tau tech.
Yes please.

>> No.42067999

Can we get some kind of minor xenos mercenaries 'dex where they can be treated as Battle Brothers for every army (but Tyranids)?

That would be amazing. Especially if it could be competitive and had a bunch of dudes in it that actually complemented each-other tactically.

>mfw Kroot Carnivores backed by Tarellian Mercenary Heavy Weapon Teams

>> No.42069126

yeah these lads are cool

>> No.42069927

far far far back in the day. I had a RT with them . . but lost to the ravishes of wet damp and mold.

>> No.42069956

Hey guys, Anon from yesterday who made this post >>42049382
Changed a lot off stuff, and added stats etc for units. Still a WIP though. Please tell me what you think.

>> No.42070891

They're not-Turtles. Plausible denyability. Total coincidence that they look like that.

>> No.42070968

If you're willing to dredge the archives, /tg/ did have a couple threads devoted to creating fan rules for minor Xenos in the Tau Empire.

>> No.42072213

well don't know how balanced this guys homebrew xenos is >>42069956
But atleast he's trying

>> No.42073194

Zee-nohs. Why would it be pronounced Zee-nahs?

>> No.42074666


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