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Hey, I'm working on a setting that is basically WW2 Fantasy. It's basically taking all the weird shit the Nazis did and pretending it was real.

For example, all the supernatural research and strange science projects that ended up to be goose chases, suddenly weren't.

Doesn't have to be Nazis, anything strange a country did or was rumored to do to get an edge in battle.

Basically I need help gathering all the legends and myths of WW2, shit Indiana Jones would chase after.

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Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first.


RIP "Dr." Axel Stoll

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Anon, read some Hellboy. You will find all the inspiration you need.

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Damnit! I was just gonna say Nazis using Rasputin to summon demons.

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This is good.

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The spear of destiny (lance of Longinus)
Look it up.

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I'm already familiar with that one

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>Churchill presents the Sword of Stalingrad to Stalin
>Churchill and Roosevelt hold it aloft and pronounce speeches
>Stalin quietly kisses the sword and unexpectedly passes it to Marshal Voroshilov, who fumbles and drops it on the floor

The Sword of Stalingrad is an artefact of great power, forged to oppose the Lance of Longinus supposedly in Nazi possession.
The poor Marshal was unfit to wield it.

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You've already got my favorite one there OP. I'm honestly drawing a blank other than Die Glocke that didn't turn out to be either hydrogen bomb or rocket related.

Having said that, you could always run with the classic reanimating the dead thing.

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Rocket-powered Nazi space bomber that would skip across the upper atmosphere like a stone across a lake, bombing America on its way to a safe landing in allied Japan.

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Nazi vampires, Transylvania belonged to the Axis powers in WW2. Should have been easy to dig up Vlad and turn the nazi party members into immortal bloodsuckers.

Nazi werewolves. Use you average concentration camp, infect the inmates and drop them over enemy lines a few minutes before full moon.

Ressurect King Heinrich. -> See Wolfenstein

Like the british legends about King Arthur protecting the kingdom in need there is also one for Germany. Barbarossa will defend the fatherland against the anglo saxon vandals and the wild men from the east.

Recreate Siegfried. Find a old dragon scale, clone a dragon, kill it and then dip a few elite SS divisions in it = Immortal warriors

We played a campaign as the SS Paranormal Division from Wolfenstein. The above mentioned examples where stuff the players managed to pull of more or less successful. By the end of the last session it was an all out war with pretty much every country on earth in war economy mode to either support the allies or give tribute to Nazi Germany. Shadowrun was a surprisingly good ruleset.

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Look up Wewelsburg, the castle that Himmler planned to be the HQ of the SS and the spiritual centre of the Reich. Extensive renovation works were planned. On the floor of the main tower there is still the mysterious 'swartz-sonne' symbol and below that a round vault/chamber with eternal flame that was intended to be used for ceremonies by top SS generals.

Also a repository for all the deaths-head rings that were ordered to be recovered from SS officers fallen in battle.

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There was a expedition to Tibet, maybe someone needed a yeti for the fatherland? Or build a nice alpine fortress?

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>Recreate the Sigfried legend
That's a good one. There's many, many points of failure in that plan. Especially when you get to the "kill a dragon" part of it.

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This happened after WW2, but imagine if it did? What if some other country gained control of a Demon Core and decided not to use it?


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Just go download GURPS' Weird War II

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And GURPS Hellboy.

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The V-2 Atombombe would be the ultimate weapon. But a trans Atlantic stealth bomber is nothing to sneer at. Neither are the Elektroboot submarines that only need to snorkel below the surface for a few hours every few days. But that's real stuff, OP wanted speculation.

This one is quite elaborate...

>legends about King Arthur protecting the kingdom in need there is also one for Germany
Himmler's Black Sun with a round table at Wewelsburg

>There was a expedition to Tibet
That was a cover to steal the Iron Man statue, an ancient relic of great power forged from the metal of a meteorite.

"GURPS: On the Spectrum - do I care?"

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>Nazi werewolves.
Fun fact: they had a werewolf division that was basically children with guns waiting in Germany for the order to go full guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines.


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You should read up on Gladio...

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There was a fairly interesting and well sourced documentary in German television a few years ago about the school that was housed in there during "that" time.

If a student wet his bed he had to hold the matress over his head in only his boxers in the schoolyard for the entire day.
Turns out that method was very effective.

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Wanna motivate your totalitarian students? Ritually murder some lowest percentile. Works like hell.

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Fucking nice. That would be a good setting.

Fuck it, I might make this a quest over on /qu/.

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>over on /qu/.
If only!

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Artifacts found as Nazis smuggle themselves into Yekaterinburg, where Nicholas II and his family is buried.

The Eastern Front changes completely as millions of Russians rejoin the White Army, lead by the Undead Tsar Nicholas II, and allied with the Nazis.

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www dot 8ch dot net slash qu slash

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I don't want to come. I just want cyoa and quests to go.

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This actually gives me an idea that OP may like.

>The world is actually full of various mystical artefacts
>Various European (and other) monarchs have spent centuries gathering them to strengthen themselves
>Saint Louis brings the Crown of Thorns to France, exponentially increasing its strength and allowing to become the foremost nation in Europe
>French power increases even further as Napoleon discovers various artefacts in Egypt
>The Russians use scorched earth tactics because they know that as is, Napoleon is nigh-unbeatable
>Through trickery, deception and self-sabotage the Coalition manages to break French power
>The remaining artefacts are divided among the victorious powers with Britain getting a small majority
>This sounds in a golden age for Britain
>A century later
>For some reason Hitler rises to power in Germany (maybe he discovered an artefact as a youth that was long considered to be lost?)
>Goes on a conquering spree in Europe, determined to gather artefacts from all nations he conquers

I'm aware of the fact that this setting as is must be pretty sloppy, but I'm just writing things down as they pop up in my head. It might need some polishing.

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>maybe he discovered an artefact as a youth that was long considered to be lost?
In the turmoils of WW1 one fateful transport got too close to the front lines and was overrun. Young Adolf just picked up the artifact and merely never bothered to report it to his superiors.

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Makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that we somehow need to account for a shitload, and I mean a fucking shitload, of artefacts going to America somehow. This is especially hard because America barely had any colonies, and none of them in "mythical" places like Africa, the Middle East or the Orient (except the Philippenes).

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Maybe they have amerindian artefacts ?

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Easy. American powers are just European powers looking for now lands to cultivate. They call it revolution and civil war, but behind the labels it's just the same old blood lines.

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Both good ideas. The second makes me think of something... wasn't there some conspiracy about how every US president could in one way or another claim to be a descendent of Charlemagne? That would go a long way to help us in this scenario. America would be ruled by a dynasty so extensive (after all the dynasty would be over 1000 years old) that you could appoint a seemingly random candidate every 4-8 years and create the illusion of democracy. The American Revolution might've just been a good excuse to get most of Charlemagne's descendents together in one place, one with a lot of space ripe for settling.

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And then there's the Bush clan.

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Back during the revolutionary war and the civil war both France and England sent assistance to the American mainland, artifacts that could have been forgotten or too difficult to retrieve. The war of 1812 could have been a failed retrieval mission.

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The war broke out because the French though they could safely keep their artifacts in the Caribbean. That went badly and they retrieved what they could, sending some to the mainland because it couldn't be brought back to France in time.

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This is great!

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America was founded by secret societies that brought these ancient artefacts to the Americas. They also got shit like Mayan and Native American artefacts of great power.

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>Rejecting sourcebooks full of fluff because it's GURPS and lol the many maths and lal the many rules.
Whatever, bud, your loss.

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Oh I use them for inspiration. But not as a reference, and stay miles from the 3d6. It's just autism in a can.

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Dude, can we have weird Kabbalistic Jewish shit too?

And can the Nazis and the Jews TEAM UP to take on everyone less evil than them?

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>And can the Nazis and the Jews TEAM UP

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Nicholas II fought Germans in previous World War. White Army was allied liberal puppet created after revolution, not some monarchists.

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One should never underestimate the amount of fun stuff that the soviets bring on the table: stuff like trying to create a humanzee supersoldiers, quest for Shambhala and various attempts to crossbreed communism with Buddhism, trying to reverse aging via blood transfers and the good old Tamerlane's curse.

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I already picked up you were a dumbass, no need to provide further proofs, Anon.

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This seems like it could be written to be interesting

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New Swabia, never officially claimed by the Nazi Germany but they put flags and all there. There could be a lot of secret base there.

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Well we did try to invade Antarctica in '46, so there's probably something down there.

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Apparently they're searching for a way to enter the Earth's center and locate Agartha.

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>Doesn't like my fetish system
>must be dumb and ass
A typical opinion for enthusiasts of that game. Just proves the autism point.

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The Americans have several indian relics and MANY old heirlooms immigrants brought over but the real source of their power is they have the only successful expodition turned outpost to the mountains of Madness and the primeval city hidden beyond them

Few of the relics from that place are usesable (or at least safely so for humans) and fewer still are comprehensible in their workings, but the research the facility has done and the scientific knowledge the few Elder Things they manage to safely unfreeze provides has proven invaluable

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I've already seen most of this stuff in Evangelion. It just had the swastikas filed off.
Doesn't make it any less cool, though.

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They didn't come here - they came from here. The Native American people constituted an entirely new "Mythical" culture which had developed independently. (This was the real reason for much of the exploitation of South America by European powers.)

Furthermore, the massive importation of African traditions in the slave trade population essentially brought a mythic continent to us - and the new magical traditions of Vodoun resulted in a sudden fresh boom of United States artefactogenesis.

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>America provided an untapped source of unclaimed artefacts whose holding cultures were devastated by disease and unprepared for the mass deployment of guns

>Voodoo created a boom of artefact creation

So wait, if that was the case, how the hell did Jefferson ever manage to acquire the Louisiana Purchase? That single transfer would have cost France a supply of new artefacts unrivaled by any European power. What on Earth did Jefferson offer Napoleon, to make that trade?

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Wait, what?

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Note: "swartz sonne" would be "schwarze Sonne" in modern Germany and probably was written like that back then. It means "black sun" and was basicly the nordic "S" glyph they used for the SS insignia X times in a circle.

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Had to get those delicious Elder Thing scienced magics

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Dumping things from my extended history class in Germany for inspiration:

>There were many assassination attempts on Hitler, not by pro-democratic guys, that he miraculously all survived, never severely harmed
It would be a shame not to use Hitler clones here.

>soldiers were given me the to fight better
Supersoldiers, berserker mode, mindless drones to slaughtet, take what you like

>nazis sent also political dissenter and Sinti and Roma to the concentration camps, even SS members proven loyal to the party.
Ample inspiration for opposing factions in a campaign set in Germany

>Himmler had a massive bone for medieval legends and the holy grail
Dude even wanted the return of Feudalism

Read once he had one occultist working for him that thought he was a descendant of Thor and wrote down new commandments in runes. Doesn't even matter if it's true, that shit is gold.

>SS members were given special daggers
Silver knifes to fight werewolves or some shit, this screams supernatural task force.

>Nazis planned to use nostradaums for propaganda, even faked prophecies
>There was a group that believed the Arians to be descendants of Atlantean priests that fled to the himalaya when the continent sank because the others shanked lesser races.

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Operation Highjump, anon.

Shortly after the end of WWII, the US Navy sent an expeditionary force of almost 5,000 men to Antarctica. Supposedly for nothing but training and scientific research. Does that add up to you?

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You are surprisingly adept at following links posted in the thread.

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Look into the untranslated visual novel Dies Irae, pic the fuck related. Here's a bunch of summaries (WARNING: MASSIVE HUSBANDO FAGGOTRY) for starters: http://kairosity.tumblr.com/post/103973774479/dies-irae-master-post

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Oh, also this.

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>bad animu pic

Maybe try Kishin Corps?

Although I'm not sure giant robo is the way to go here.

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"...during World War II, a group of German scientists at a research centre in Hillersleben began to expand on Oberth's idea of creating a superweapon that could utilize the sun's energy. This so-called "sun gun" would be part of a space station 8,200 kilometres (5,100 mi) above Earth. The scientists calculated that a huge reflector, made of metallic sodium and with an area of 9 square kilometres (3.5 sq mi), could produce enough focused heat to make an ocean boil or burn a city. After being questioned by Allied officers, the Germans claimed that the sun gun could be completed within 5 or 10 years"


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Your task is to find an ingenious way to explain this battle...


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The fuck is it?

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US bomb physicists kept making fatal mistakes with the same core, two metal hollow sphere halves about as large as a football is wide. It was eventually used in Crossroads: Able in Bikini, 1946.

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Didn't they only return with a fraction of the men they sent in?

Wonder what they found...wonder if we won...

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The operation lost men and planes, and was aborted. There have been questions as to the reason ever since.

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Now dats proppa O̶r̶k̶y̶ Skitarii!

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Don't forget Ghostapo, anon!

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not that guy but anyone knocking D6's is just as autistic as the people he claims he's superior to.

>> No.42037939

D6s are fine. Lots of systems have wonderful uses for them. They are the original dice, an age old tradition of gambling and games, a stochastic tool, a masterpiece of craftmanship, balanced OR weighed.

I just don't like THE 3d6, which is the standard roll for a standard distribution in standard GURPS.

And you are talking about superiority of people. I am talking about superiority of games.

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It seems likely that whatever they found, they were already too late and the facility was abandoned.

Who knows where the Nazis went. Maybe to space, maybe they're running the world already.

>> No.42038216

I'm not seeing it. 3d6 works as fine as any other d6 configuration provided we aren't hitting "roll a bucket of dice" tier.

have your opinion if you want man, but you sound snobby as hell about dice selection of all things.

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Way to take the metaphor literally.

You like straw, eh?

>> No.42038425

I calls it like I see it, you want to act snobby about systems and dice choice on an anonymous image board prepare to be called snobby.

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More like the Allies team up with the Nazis to stop the horrifying Jewish sorcery.

>> No.42040584

Hitler didn't murder any actual heirs of Israel. Those were all 13th tribe Jews, not of the bloodlines.

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Kishin Corps also has a long-haired pretty boy SS officer (as the villain)

>> No.42043426

I've always admired Louis Slotin. Even though he made a mistake (improper use of tools, incorrect procedure, etc.), he was brave enough to risk his life (and lose it, eventually) to save the others in the room.

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>> No.42045254

The cover of Gadio being blown in Italy during the 90s probably directly contributed to people like Berlusconi becoming viewable political alternatives.

Because it was either him or everybody else in politics, who were trying to overthrow the system in order to turn Italy into their own little Nazi fiefdom.

>> No.42045309

Some things worth to look at not already mentioned:

South America Connections (hollow earth with entrence beneath the Andes Mountains)
Submarine Bases there with links to Neuschwabenland

Green Glove Society (Soviets found a bunch of tibetan monks in berlin 45 who all wore green gloves and it looked like they did a suicide ritual)

Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano wrote books about a religion Hitler founded as the returning messias. According to Serrano, the decision to change the attack direction from moscow towards the caucasus was because they wanted to capture mount elbrus in the caucasus mountains where they believed the aryan race to have its origin.

the attack in the ardennes in 44 was to re-capture the merrowinger-castles because they were needed for rituals.

Some words to google:
Nazi ufos: haunebu, vril society, thule society
Project Riese, Hans Kammler (an Ss general responsible for the secret weapon development who disappeared right after the war)
Last battalion

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The bottle of coke just makes that image perfect.

>> No.42047986

But Nazis and Jews teaming up happened during GamerGate so it can happen.

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>> No.42049753

>Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano
Don't forget about Julius Evola, the notorious occult philosopher.

He was of noble ancestry and was supposedly considered by Mussolini to be the most powerful practitioner of black magic in the world. In the 40's he was hired by the SS to track down secret societies and participate in their various supernatural research projects. He would walk around the streets of Vienna during bombardments as a test of his power, until he was blown up by a bomb. Somehow he survived, and though he could no longer walk, he continued studying and writing on the occult until his death in the 70s.

Upon his death, his acolytes burned his body and deposited his ashes at the bottom of a shaft they carved deep into a glacier in the Alps.

>> No.42049944

...and still somehow worshiped by /lit/ and /pol/.

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I had a character named after OP's picture, once.
It was a Fullmetal Alchemist game, so everyone's surname was based on military equipment.
Everyone thought Deidre Glocke's name came from the firearm, but no, it was from Die Glocke because she wanted to do some MAD SCIENCE that would likely have doomed everyone had we gotten to that point

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What's the point of a dog with a gas mask on? Can't smell baddies and can't bite.

>> No.42050189

You only put it on when there is gas.

>> No.42050213

>Somehow he survived, and though he could no longer walk

Another cool factoid: Though he was paralyzed, he managed to die on his feet. Feeling his death coming, he asked his friends to lift him out of bed and hold him up.

>> No.42050234


I should add that this was much later in his life.

>> No.42050248

Well yes. One's death tends to be later in life.

>> No.42051662

Pretty easy to see why.

>> No.42051716

This is still pretty much the best answer.

>> No.42052625

>maybe he discovered an artefact as a youth that was long considered to be lost?
>one fateful transport got too close to the front lines and was overrun. Young Adolf just picked up the artefact and never bothered to report it to his superiors.
>on that day Hitler discovered the first and original Sword of Mars, a sword forged by the greastest Roman swordsmiths to give the power of conquest to its wielder and those under him.
>Hitler uses this swords power to take control of Germany and later the other countries of Europe.
>One by one the free countries of Europe fall. The leaders of France, ancient ancestors of the Gauls, instantly understand why their losing and inform Churchill of the situation.
>Churchill, in desperation, begs King George VI to melt the sword Excalibur to use it as bullets for the RAF planes.
>George, knowing this would break the Promise of King Arthur, agrees and gives Churchill Excalibur.
>The gamble works and Britain is able to hold off the tide of the Nazis in the skies above Britain.
>Hitler abandons Britain and plans to starve them out, while turning his sights east against the Soviet Union.
>The Nazis strike deep into Russian terriory with Operation Barbarossa and have sucess on all fronts.
>Hitler, sensing final victory at hand, gives the sword to Friedrich Paulus and says to conquer Stalingrad and leave it a wasteland.
>Paulus falters on command, the 6th Army is surrounded, and Paulus surrenders to Marshall Zhukov, who delivers the sword to Comrade Stalin
>The Germans are halted, and pushed all the way back to Berlin and beaten down by the reinvigorated Red Army.
>Hitler commits suicide from the despair as his city falls around him. He curses Paulus for his ineptitude and dies in shame.
>Stalin takes the sword and places it somewhere safe.
>Upon his death he is embalmed and his body is laid atop the sword.

>> No.42052779

>This was Stalins plan after the war, stating "I cannot let my enemies, within or without, to have this power, therefore it will end with me."
>The Soviets, after resounding sucess is met with defeat and collapse throughout the rest of the 20th Century.
>During de-Stalinization, Stalins body is moved and buried in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis.
>It is still unknown if the sword found its way to Stalins grave with him or if its in someones closet to this day.

I wish this type of stuff was really real /tg/. It would make history so much more interesting than it already is.

>> No.42055469

>> No.42057705

If you thought about this at all you'd know the answer

>> No.42057749

"Is it safe to take the masks off, Hans?"
"I don't know, Freydrich. Let's take the mask off one of the dogs and see."

>> No.42058031

America has it's own conspiracies and legends. Never heard of Skull and Bones? The Free Masons?

>> No.42060251

>> No.42060513

>ctl+f White death
>0 results


Here is your murder god

>> No.42063761


An entire room filled with amber, looted by the Germans, loaded onto a ship and never seen again.

>> No.42065134


>> No.42065240

Himmler was also sending expeditions to find the Yeti.

This guy was like a IRL comic-nazi.

>> No.42065461


that picture seems like a bad alucard recolour

>> No.42065687

I can't believe no-one mentioned the Old 666, the Cursed B-17 yet.

That's right, the Cursed B-17.


>> No.42066542

>> No.42067196

Actually there only 3 men lost I believe, out of 4'700 sent. Hardly a fraction.

>> No.42067223


Seriously, dude was basically IRL Red Skull.

>> No.42067224

The official line is worsening weather which is supported by contemporary meteorological sources I believe, though I don't have them on me atm. It was discussed in a /hwg/ a long while ago I believe, might be able to find it in the archive.

>> No.42067281

Might also wanna include the old classic Flight 19.

>> No.42067390

The Bell was never a mystery. It was a primitive tokamak that used high excitability of mercury fumes to breed weapons-grade uranium for the Nazi nuclear programs. Both the Soviets and the Allies captured a bunch of them but neither side found them useful because both already had proper uranium enrichment facilities, and the Soviets were ahead in magnetic plasma containment research and would be laying down finished designs for a proper tokamak a decade later.

>> No.42069648


>> No.42069912

The Achtung Cthulhu books have some great stuff in, well fleshed out groups within Nazi Germany trying to harness the mythos for their own purposes, legends and plot hooks from all over the world. 10/10 sourcebooks.

>> No.42069955


He thinks Jews came from space.

>> No.42070091

Webm relevant to this topic:


>> No.42070183


There was an RPG released in Sweden a while ago (still in English) that basically is this. It's focused on playing British characters though, trying to foil the Nazis' supernaturally evil plans. Intended to employ liberal amounts of English humor, something like a cross between Miss Marple, Indiana Jones and whichever Blackadder was set in the war.
It's got some interesting quirks, including the Life Board which turns character generation into a literal, physical board game. Kind of addictive.
I think the game's out of print, but you can get PDFs at http://www.fallen.se/

Fair warning, the backstory for the nazis in the setting may not be up your alley. But I'd say it's not critical for the game mechanics either.

>> No.42070192

>most powerful practitioner of black magic in the world could've been an Italian
The twist alone would be worth it.

>> No.42070458

Apparently there was an OSS plot to slip Hitler some estrogen by way of his vegetables. The goal was apparently to either make him lose his charisma by ruining his moustache, or more bizarely, to feminize him, so he ´d be less aggressive. I´ve been able to only find one non- clickbaity online source for this, here: httphttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/8701024/Revealed-sex-hormone-plan-to-feminise-Hitler.html

>> No.42070602

Beat you anon

>> No.42070810

I prefer Arthur to not show up in WW2, even with all that, just for the implication that all that would STILL not be the worst England is set to face.

>> No.42071837 [SPOILER] 

The Holocaust

>> No.42071930

This ordinary- looking guy was a Czech hermeticist, astrologer and ocultist who, translated some of Eliphad Levi´s works, was a member of a hemetic society, and most importantly he attempted to magically assasinate Hitler on three occasions. HE was latter arrested for making anti-
Nazi speeches and imprisoned in a concentration camp in Flossenberg, Bavaria, where they tried to presuade him to become one of Hitler´s astrologers. Wikipedia won´t tell you this, but I saw a documentary that claimed Kefer was considered so important to the Nazi occultist that they assigned some local SS guards to be his personal overseers and handlers and when he died of typhus, said guards were reassigned as infantry to the Eastern front as punishment.

>> No.42072019

I forgot my source, but sadly I´ve got nothing better than Wikipedia. I´m surprised this guy even has an English wiki page, to be honest.

>> No.42072148

I've never heard that one before. I'm going to need a source, because that sounds almost plausible, although I find the idea of a mercury-based fusion reaction rather suspect at best.

>> No.42072462

Why would the Germans burden themselves with Nicholas II when they already have the Italians to burden them.

>> No.42072997

Looks like I found another English source on the guy, but sadly this focuses much more on his biography rather that his occult works.

>> No.42073553

Pic related is a good source for this sort of thing Fiends of the Eastern Front.

Also importan not to neglect the opposition in these things.

A golem defending the Warsaw gehto.
Stalin's army of super gorillas.
A reborn King Arthur in the RAF.

>> No.42073667

Thread theme


>> No.42073870

>A golem defending the Warsaw gehto.
I could swear there was a movie featuring a King Tiger that was about this.

>heroic WW2 German soldiers (maybe even SS) fighting against the Jew menace

>> No.42075604

Night time page 10 bump.

>> No.42076030

Evola may have been a superior scholar of the occult, but Aleister Crowley was far more capable as a practical sorcerer, and he fought for the Allies.

>> No.42076057

muh master therion a shit.

>> No.42076182


>ash wms and dino-jesus
>vs the third reich

The Nasties never stood a chance.

>> No.42076396

All you need to know about Nazi mad science in order to go mad with horror is to look up their experiments with using "N-Stoff" otherwise known as Chlorine trifluoride, as a chemical weapon.

This substance will simultaneously burn, melt, corrode, and explode almost anything it comes into contact with. It only burns more furiously as one attempts to extinguish it, and the fumes of its combustion are poison gas.

>> No.42076751

>It is, of course, extremely toxic, but that's the least of the problem. It is hypergolic with every known fuel, and so rapidly hypergolic that no ignition delay has ever been measured. It is also hypergolic with such things as cloth, wood, and test engineers, not to mention asbestos, sand, and water — with which it reacts explosively. It can be kept in some of the ordinary structural metals — steel, copper, aluminum, etc. — because of the formation of a thin film of insoluble metal fluoride which protects the bulk of the metal, just as the invisible coat of oxide on aluminum keeps it from burning up in the atmosphere. If, however, this coat is melted or scrubbed off, and has no chance to reform, the operator is confronted with the problem of coping with a metal-fluorine fire. For dealing with this situation, I have always recommended a good pair of running shoes.

Decomposes to hydrofluoric acid and hydrochloric acid. The latter eats through inorganic materials like safety shields and pressure vessels, the former is one of the most insidious substances I have heard of. Hydroflouric acid is absorbed by the skin and collects it bones and nerves where it reacts violently, completely decaying the directly affected tissue and poisoning the organism attached to it.


>> No.42076796

Acoustic Mirrors are pretty cool:

>> No.42077059

>hypergolic with such things as cloth, wood, and test engineers, not to mention asbestos, sand, and water
>test engineers
Jesus Christ.

>> No.42077118

>Jesus Christ.
Yes, that's fuel.

>> No.42077216

If the Romans had used ClF3, would Jesus have been unable to re-spawn?

>> No.42077270 [SPOILER] 

Unknown. But he would have looked like a rotting slab of... wait a minute!

>> No.42077529


>> No.42078240

Die Sonne ist kalt...

>> No.42079347

Crowley's side may have won the war, but Evola cursed him to death in the end.

>> No.42081942


>> No.42082346

Which part?

>> No.42083365


>> No.42084022

>not a Hanzel und Gretyl song


>> No.42084075

>It's basically taking all the weird shit the Nazis did and pretending it was real.

Lamps, soap, mass gassings, mind control?

>> No.42085571

>Nazi armies marching forth with the lance of loginous in the first rank, destroying what ever it comes across
>King arthur and his knights, as well as the bodies of all of britain's war dead from before the roman invasion to the great war rising as one to form a massive undead army
>Escaped concentration camp prisoners running into the baba yaga in the forests of poland
>US raiders being sent to capture Amenonuhoko from the japanese to stop them wrecking every force in the eastern pacific with it
>Desert rats fighting the Afrika korps for control of the Ark of the covenant

>> No.42085606


>> No.42086906

>> No.42088998

>> No.42090795

Alright, so if I understand correctly:
>High-energy gamma-ray photons generated by inverse Compton scattering of photons off high-energy electrons
>Resulting gamma rays cause photodisintegration of beryllium, ejecting a neutron
>Neutrons breed thorium to fissile U-233

While I find the idea of photodisintegration as a neutron source interesting (and beryllium *does* have the lowest neutron separation energy of any stable nucleus), I find the proposed mechanism of generating those high-energy photons to be sketchy at best. You have to have relativistic electrons to get photon-electron collisions to result in higher-energy photons, and I just don't understand how this machine could produce them.

>> No.42090891

Blood sacrifice?

>> No.42091357

Weird Wars: Weird War II

>> No.42093699


>> No.42094240

>3/4700 isn't a fraction
Did you fail math anon?

>> No.42094471

>one non- clickbaity online source
>the bloody telegraph
Tell me you are having a fucking giggle mate.

>> No.42095465

i once read a story where the idea was the Nazi's forced german werewolves to fight by holding their families in concentration camps with silver barb wire

>> No.42097904

>> No.42099023


>> No.42099159

>in concentration camps with Barb Wire

>> No.42099181


>> No.42099193


>> No.42099642

>Having said that, you could always run with the classic reanimating the dead thing.

"Don't feel bad about killing them. They're already dead."

>> No.42102253

Except even the nazis went 'this shit is totally uncontrollable' and promptly didn't use it.

>> No.42102280

If you do not fight ze allies for us, your family will be forced to vatch ze movie again.

>> No.42102579

Here is a good idea. A story about a supernatural tank.

>> No.42105125

>> No.42105181

I didn't say it wasn't a fraction, I said it was hardly a fraction, not to mention fraction had been used in the manner of its alternative definition, namely:
>a small or tiny part, amount, or proportion of something

This >>42037489 anon said
>Didn't they return with only a fraction of the men they sent in?
To which the answer is that under the clearly implied secondary definition of the term fraction, the task force lost only 3 men and could not be considered to have returned with only a fraction of those who were part of it at the outset.

>> No.42105219

That guy (and the monster designs) made that movie worth watching.

>> No.42107103

>> No.42108268

>ctrl + f "uber"
>0 results

What the fuck.

>> No.42108317

Looks like a case of good taste to me,m8.

>> No.42109443

It was a joke anon.

>> No.42109780

Oh hay the bell, I read a book once that used the Bell as a key plot device.
In that book when the bell was yarded with "serum 525" it would release an odd radiation, that basically was the ultimate mutagen/evolution fuckery.
If exposed to raw bell radiation you would die horribly in around 3 days to a weak, but if it is controlled by computers and you can work out intended effects, so being nazi they tryed making the master race.
The better the computer the better the results

It was a good book, I can't remember the name.

>> No.42110449

On a related note, does anyone have the PDF for Achtung! Cthulhu?

>> No.42111343

This shit is actually pretty fucking creative. Kudos.

>> No.42111867

I could see something involving the rings being a fun little way of working crazy shit in. Perhaps the rings are phylacteries?

>> No.42112169

>Not Baba Yaga's flying mortar/pestle doing fly-over bombings of the Nazis.

>> No.42112678

The book you are thinking of is
"Black Order" by James Rollins
It's a part of the sigma force book series

It's good, the best shadowrun games I have ever ran where inspired by those books.
9.8/10 would raid for ideas

>> No.42115278


>> No.42115400

>as a chemical weapon.
I thought they were trying to use it as a rocket propellant?
Using it as a chemical weapon would've made a lot of sense though. If only it was containable.

>> No.42115433

Rotting slab of what?

>> No.42115463

It's a zombie origin story, geddit?

>> No.42115531

So, does the Spear of Destiny have the zombie virus on it in the bloodstains?

Can Hitler use it to raise an unstoppable army of the dead?

>> No.42115560

the swastika isn't a symbol exclusive to the nazis. you see it pop up in cultures all over the world. it's a naturally occurring symbol.

>> No.42115586

I think you might be on to something.

>> No.42115607

The ancient sun symbol turns the other way.

>> No.42115644

"If you have to explain the joke..."

Incidentally, found the article explaining the N-Stoff weapon tests.

"Somewhat nasty,-"

Understatement of the year....

"- ‘N-Stoff’ was of interest to the Wehrmacht as it was an extremely effective incendiary agent and when contained in iron vessels, it formed a passivating layer on the inner side of the container and could thus be stored. This also meant, of course, that it could be ‘stored’ in artillery shells and bombs. In contact with materials other than iron, chlorine tri-fluoride causes burns and generates flames, thus making it ‘ideal’ for use against pillboxes or personnel in protective clothing. It is also lethal if inhaled. It was initially planned to use it against filter units, for instance on the Maginot Line, where trials were carried out. The levels of carbon monoxide generated in the trials were far above lethal levels. The excessive heat set free would also have resulted in the individual bunkers being put out of action. Trials were also carried out on the West Wall. Conventional artillery fire and bombs were ineffective. When combined with flame-throwers, chlorine tri-fluoride resulted in temperatures in excess of 2400 °C."

...Yikes. Thank god for Hitler's PTSD.
(And I never expected to type that, ever.)

>> No.42115655

Your MOM turns the other way.

>> No.42115697

My mom has passed. I would be surprised if she did. And a little scared.

>> No.42115712

>When combined with flame-throwers, chlorine tri-fluoride resulted in temperatures in excess of 2400 °C.
You mean to say they experimented with ClF3 throwers?

>> No.42115752

Ow, sorry. My permanent roommate do the "your DOG does" whatever joke; one of the dogs she grew up with died recently, and I made her cry by popping off with that.

I'm sorry if I made you sad, and I hope you dwell on the fond memories you have of her. Here is a kitty to make you smile.

>> No.42115789

I don't say that, the article does.

It doesn't detail the flamethrowers in question, but I'll bet they threw a fuel stream(Something cheap like diesel or kerosene) in parallel with the CIF3 stream so that even if it didn't by some miracle find something flammable on the other side, it would still ignite with the pooling kerosene.

>> No.42115803

EDIT: At least, that's how I'd do it.

We need some sort of edit function.

>> No.42115814

I wish I could take this further, but you are just too nice. This place is evil. Get out while you can! Also mom's a bitch. But she's still kicking.

>> No.42116005

I don't think the quote implies that they loaded flame throwers with ClF3. I don't see how they could, the stuff cannot be managed.

I think they mean a tactical combination of the weapons, where bombs of ClF3 are used to attack a bunker, and then flame throwers are used to sweep it up. Any kind of large conflagration is fatal in a bunker, especially if it takes out the ventilation system. It may take a few minutes, but no one is coming out of a hole without oxygen alive.

>> No.42116329

>Hollow earth

So unbelievable even with suspensions of belief unless the interior is a dank underdark rather than a verdant primordial jungle, but so cool.

>> No.42116473

Not sure why you'd need the flamethrowers then-CIF3 ignites on just about anything remotely flammable, so you'd get your large conflagration anyway.
Maybe to mop up afterwards?

>> No.42117210

Was there ever a wacky plan to go on the moon? I an image of a manga that had Hitler going to the moon.

>> No.42117571

There were never any serious plans to go to the moon. Why would you. They eventually staged a big media event after going to the moon had been used as a symbol for technological superiority. But really what they did was misappropriate a nuclear weapon platform.

>> No.42117613

I am sorry, I was talking about the nazis tenfoil man.

>> No.42117622

I know at least some nazis believed the moon was made of ice. Look up welteislehre.

>> No.42117719

Just because the US used Nazi tech to go to the moon does not mean the Nazi intended to. They telepathically contacted ancient Aryans on Aldebaran and received instructions to manufacture Vril tech for flying disk propulsion which would take them there through Casimir effect portals in space.

>> No.42120986

>> No.42121407

>Also one of the few chemicals that can set fire to wet sand and asbestos.

Now I'm officially scared. Would make a nice endgame thought. If the war proves unwinnable the Nazis make their last stand in Berlin, set fire to it by liberaly dosing the city in CIF3 and then have a few tanks that are immune to it thanks to some plebotinuum stalk the burning husk for extra terror.

Ok, scratch that all articles regarding CIF3 explain the massive problem of handling it. There is pretty much nothing it can't eat through or set fire to.

>> No.42122064

Clearly you need more plebotinuum. Like a super metal.


>> No.42122202

>Nazi archeological expeditions into North Africa yield the discovery of a super-metal that rivals vibranium or Mithral in usability and durability
>chlorine triflouride shelling and God-Armor King Tiger counteroffensives push the war into the '50s
>continually escalating archeological race between Germany and the Allies to find more veins of the Übermetall
>the areas around discovered veins become Ragnarok-style hellscapes of noxious gasses, armor husks and melted flesh; the skies above them buzz with competing squadrons of the latest in fighter jet technology

>> No.42122402

I would've gone with just Mithral or something and not involve the Marvel Universe, but otherwise all good.

How often do threads like these spawn metal settings?

>> No.42122710

>- Herr Nicholas, we are truly glad to see you rejoin this world of living to support the glorious aryan crusade! We should immideatly depart to~
>- Uuuuuh-uh. I think I'll go for a walk by the river.
>- Wat? Mein Tzar, we must hurry as scheize Americans are already reacting to this power sh~
>- Sure, sure. We'll talk about it after the supper. Probably. Maybe. Now, I want to go ride a bycicle.

>> No.42122785

Have you seen the old footage of that project? Nightmare inducing.

>> No.42122897

Am I missing something? Why would Russians fight for the Nazis? The Nazis were planning to wipe out all Slavic peoples, and convert all the land up to the Ural mountains into German Lebensraum.

...Unless the Nazis never mentioned that plan to the White Army, and just played to their mutual anti-Semitism. In which case, damn, that's cold.

I love the idea of WW2 America building new Aztec ziggurats in the Nevada desert, and conducting blood sacrifices to curry favour with the gods and ensure good fortune on the European front.

All those nuclear tests they conducted in the desert? They weren't tests - at least, not entirely. The researchers brought something terrible into this world, and the government has been trying to quietly get rid of it ever since.

>> No.42123034

>Why would Russians fight for the Nazis
Well it's obvious. The jewish Bolshevik scum gave a rise to Tatars, Mordvins, Kalmyks, Udmurts, Cossacks, Bashkirs, Ukrainians and other untermenschen and used them to overwrite the true identity of Aryan Rus. German people must come and help their Aryan brethren to cleanse themslves of the Internationalist filth brought onto them by zionists, so that they can unite their efforts in the glorious crusade.

Tzarist Russian actually had a fuckton of Master Race overtones, which was one of the reasons most of the lesser nationalities supported the Bolsheviks.

>> No.42123363

>The Nazis were planning to wipe out all Slavic peoples

They weren't. Half of the eastern german population had slavonic roots. Being a slav wasn`t a proplem in nazi germany, being a communist or even worse, a bolshivist was.

If they really wanted to wipe out all slavic people, they could have started with the population of prussia.

pic related, ss general von dem Bach-Zelewski (a slav)

>> No.42123996

>implying jesus hated uncle addie

>> No.42124010

>Tzarist Russian actually had a fuckton of Master Race overtones, which was one of the reasons most of the lesser nationalities supported the Bolsheviks.
Not to mention that the last remnant of the Tsarist military was lead by a mad Prussian officer who went rogue and conquered most of Central Asia before instituting a theocracy and being worshiped as a sort of living god.

You'd better believe in a magic WWII setting, Baron von Ungern-Sternberg would rise from the grave. Hell, even in the real world, his last words before being executed were that he would return.

>> No.42124814

>How often do threads like these spawn metal settings?

It seems pretty often. All it takes is one person to post a proper brutal idea and the rest of us run with it.

And I love it

>> No.42124895

>Half of the eastern german population had slavonic roots
"roots" being the operative word here. read up on the nürnberger gesetze or the ariernachweis and bask in the glory that is "jewish ancestors two generations removed is a capital crime, three generations and we don't care" lolwut-tier derp

while, as an aspiring and optimistic-going dictator, ofc you want a whole race of slavic helots* but can't kick out half your country and can't afford a stalinesque officer purge just dabble in doublethink and logical fallacies that were the mainstay of nazi ideology.

* comfortably decimated by mass muders on a genocidal scale

>> No.42126014

Are you aware that almost half-million men from the Eastern Europe and Russia served in the German armed forces during the world war 2?

>> No.42126699

>no mention of Otto Rahn and the cathars
>No Guido von List
come on /tg/

>> No.42128220

>mfw a protestant scum think he is a true christian
St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, best day of my life.

>> No.42130663


>> No.42132868

i rather believe the nazis than someone on 4chan.

>> No.42133687

I've always been amazed that nobody's made a movie about him yet.

He's easily one of the most important figures in 20th century history, directly responsible for China succumbing to the Maoist revolution a few decades later, besides being the most successful conqueror since Napoleon (at least until he was killed) and a fascinating theological figure.

>> No.42133838

>I've always been amazed that nobody's made a movie about him yet.
Because nobody's going to watch a movie where the protagonist is ultra-Hitler.

Baron Ungern was like a cross between Kim Jong Un and the Witch King of Angmar.

>> No.42134057

>Guido von List
I'm sorry, even if he was a scary mystical motherfucker, I just can't take anyone seriously who has such a silly name.

>> No.42135992

How about Karl Anton List?

>> No.42136415

On the other side of the conflict, there are the Masamune swords well-versed and stepped in the history of Japan.

Hell, the Honjo Masamune, considered one of the finest of the swords, was surrendered to a US colonel in 1946 at a police station in Tokyo. Current whereabouts are unknown, but I'll bet the guy who took it didn't know the true value to it and probably had it scrapped and melted by the US government, if not locked away somewhere.

>> No.42137246

If it had the ablative shielding to do so, sure. The design they came up with IRL would've been roasted at the first skip.

>> No.42138451


Check out some of MercCommand's designs for "Reikland" in his Vertical Tank Quest threads.


Basically, Reikland is "Not Nazi Germany" on shrooms. Giant walking tank-mechs piloted by disembodied brains, zombie hordes for infantry, mad scientists for generals... all that good stuff.

Plus, it's TG homegrown. What's not to love?

>> No.42138908

There's no manga like that that I'm aware of, but there is a movie. It's called Iron Sky, and it's brilliant.


>> No.42140532

They realized it and had a corrected version, except it was even heavier than the original and so lost a bunch of payload.

>> No.42140741

Huh, hadn't heard that before.

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