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Planning on sending my players down into the darkness deep below our earth, what should they discover down there?
They need to fear the deep and the dark

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The machines that run the world as they knew it, and beneath that the predatory morlocks that operate it, and beneath them the acidic slimes and infectious spores that thrive on them, and beneath that cyclopean ruins already empty and worn away to nearly nothing before there were seas and mountains, and beneath those the sleeping true masters of the planet. Then magma.

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Fucking more

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Nazis on dinosaurs.

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The Elder Shades. Dark creatures who retreated from the sun and have fed on the life force of thousands of creatures for thousands of years. Essentially really damn strong shadows that play with their food.

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The hall of the unending. A pitch black hallway where souls are absorbed into the halls, if a person sticks to closely they will still function but will be a husk of their former self.

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The interior of the Earth is infinite in size.

The further "in" you go the more fucked up it gets.

Realm of Chaos + Event Horizon + Requiem levels of fucked up if you dig far enough.

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You find the levels of hell according to Dante's inferno. With the Devils and demons coming after you more and more each additional level you dig through. Here's a pictograph.

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Carbon monoxide

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what about Nazi dinosaurs?

"Gentlemen, I applaud your success in surviving your harrowing journey here, to the center of the earth. Or at least, I would were my arms not so tiny they can never hope to meet.

But alas, your presence here means our ancient exodus, and your kind's extermination, was a fruitless farce. Yours was to be an icy tomb, while we slept safe in mother earth's womb. But here you stand, alive and well, having penetrated our deepest defenses and come face to face with us, your predators turned predecessors.

This will not do. It simply will not. Your extermination has too long been delayed, and I fear you may now completely overrun this planet's surface. We pure children must rise again and put an end to this..infestation.

But you.. you I shall deal with personally."

Then he puts on a pair of tiny boxing gloves, because he heard boxing was the gentleman's sport and he's not about to let a human best him at being a gentleman, tiny arms or no.

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Your players find a still sleeping world eating monster, it cannot be harmed but is clearly leeching life away from the planet and will, someday soon possibly, awaken to consume its very essence.

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the earth is hollow with a tiny star floating in the center and there is an entirely forigen series of civilizations on the inside.

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That's... That's amazing

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Give them nothing at first.
Focus on it just been and endless, pitch-black subterranean labyrinth. Put emphasis on how there's nothing down there, and it goes on for ever. Nothing but the occaisional ambient sound, a dripping, the occiasional bit of crunching or falling debris.

Make the routes twist and contort, to the point of becoming dangerous to venture further into for fear of becoming trapped. In situations where they come across a seemingly dead end, apply some sort of mechanic that makes them light headed. The stale air down here is getting to them. A few more noises.
>You thought you heard something, but the noise was so indistinct you're not sure if you heard anything at all
Expand into larger areas. Huge cavernous spaces.
Mention more specific sounds, but give them nothing. A faint scrape, a tumbling of debris after a quiet skitter. The laboured sound of hulking flesh being dragged across the stone floors. A slow breathing sound just outside the light cast by the torch. It's been going on for a while, perhaps it's just the wind?

Let your players wig the fuck over what could be out there, and when they're revealed what they hope it isn't, make it that, but turn it up to 11, and put them in situations where they have less control than usual.

But you build it up by letting them paint a picture for themselves of the horrors just out of sight. Prey upon them with feelings of helpnessness and claustrophobia.

Make them fear the dark, and what may lurk within.

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47 Beholders.

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The darkness is spiders.

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>what should they discover down there?
Their long deceased grandparents in a skeletal form having a tea party and complaining about youth these days.

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We Hell-vetica now?

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nothing, no light, no sounds other than the horrible noises of the earth shifting around you. nothing after nothing no matter how far you go, but there's always that horrible hair raising feeling when you get a warm, moist blast of air hitting your back. horrible moist chambers in the earth full of crystals, which has carvings coating every single one from dead and forgotten civilizations that no historian could say ever really existed.

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Increasingly warm, damp, constricted, jungle-like darkness as you leave the cold dark of the caves and caverns.

Thrumming, booming and heaving. Slime and mold and growths. Pulsing.

You're inside the body of the Earth and being eaten alive.

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Nothing. Caves. Tunnels collapse, floors give way, water and slime make the environment slick. Some players see or hear things that suggest they are being hunted by things; sometimes the things in the dark seem responsible for the dangerous terrain. Perhaps one player sees a tentacle brush a lose stone before a collapse, for example, but nobody else saw it. Nobody's descriptions of the things agree. NPCs brought with, if any, occasionally disappear when nobody is watching, for no adequately explained reason.

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Watch As Above, So Below. I liked that.

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After a long journey down, you reach a most unusual cavern, which seems to stretch on forever, broken only by the occasional pillar leading upwards.

The floor is a strange, geometric design of crystal and gold, with the occasional pit. The air smells of ozone.

Who could have made this place?

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Their fantasies.

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Underrated posts.

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A still open Radio Shack, fully stocked.
A yandere Leeman Russ tank.
Morlock disco.
A sun whose fires were put out by its crying.
A vast grey waste upon which Human Resources departments fight an interminable war over how to fuck over employees.
A sea of tomato sauce
A living moving metal goblet that drinks the fluids out of people
A guitar that gently weeps
An unspeakable purple haze
A library stocking only issues of Reader's Digest and People Magazine, but whose librarians are no less arrogant than normal
Sesame Street
A wardrobe that, if one were to travel through it, past the old musty smelling brown coats it's filled with, they would find contains a portal to a magical snow covered world in which... actually never mind it's just toronto
A sign saying "welcome to New Jersey"
A time machine to the year "nineteen-ninety-eleven"
A nieve Shadow
A worn pair of female undergarments with both red and brown stains on it. If disturbed, the undergarments will take flight and disappear deeper into the dark recesses of the earth.
A society of BRIAN BLESSED
A society of Donald Trumps
The End
A new beginning.
Two children's sized shoes (both for left feet) with claw marks on the inside.
A room filled with shelves. Each shelf is filled with eyes. Each eye is filled with regrets.
Jon Stewart, masturbating
a laptop with 20% of its charge left and with this thread open and a half finished reply on its screen

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kill yourself

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The partys noise in the darkness attracts zombies

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The party finds virtualoptim, hunched over a laptop shitposting on tg.

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The noise of the zombies attracts an imouto

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Absolute nothingness.


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bump. Don't die on me.

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Australians. The players are going way down under, right?

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Goddamn. That's awesome.

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Just the standard bacterias and microorganisms that are actually down there, but, you know.

Ten feet long.

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An autistic child, stripping and screaming about Mudkips.
An abandoned motel with no furnishings or other items left inside, except exactly 497,892 semen-encrusted dragon dildos.
A Nintendo cartridge labeled "Super Mario 61"
A twenty-foot-high wall made entirely of old, broken Funko Pop figures.
Over a terabyte of netorare hentai.
The abandoned, yet preserved, scene of what appears to be a Satanic sacrifice to Guy Fieri.
Paints so thin they cannot possibly be any thinner.
Pink unicorns dancing on sparkly rainbows.
The final spellcard of Touhou 71.56982
Constructive criticism.
A discarded, half-used can of spray tanner which, when picked up, turns into spiders.
Dog shits with eyeballs in them.
Skeletons. Lots and lots of spooky skeletons.
The words "Nissa Did Nothing Wrong" written in human blood on an otherwise plain billboard.
The answer to life, the universe, and everything. And no, it's not 42.

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The world is absolutely huge. That because the solar system used to be binary and the world is a Dyson sphere. When they go down far enough the rock stops and space-metal starts. Get some Blame! scenery porn and describe what you see like you have an Iron Age understanding of machinery.
Also Modrons.

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Lamprey eel mouths. They don't appear attached to any sort of organism.
An anime convention. Every single guest is a 300-pound 13-year-old girl cosplaying a Vocaloid.
Two crab rangoons. They've been just sitting there for an indeterminate amount of time, yet are still somehow edible.
A copy of the Q'uran with all references to Mohammed changed to Taylor Swift.
NiceDaemonette's nude Snapchats.
Steven Universe fanart.
Sentient clouds of purple smoke.
Fourteen thousand unworn Adidas tracksuits.
Your parents, lecturing you about what a disappointment you are.
An unnaturally large flock of pigeons.
Kids whose heads turned into fruit after eating Fruit Gushers.
You're not sure quite what it is. The only thing you know for sure: it is not a werewolf.
Out-of-context drug references.
Chuck Norris.
The patriarchy.
"Uh... I don't know... aliens or something?"
More netorare hentai.
Thousands of rare Pepes.
A warehouse stuffed to the brim with chicken nuggets.
The Pythagorean Theorem.

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The Rape Factory

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A stairwell extends downward as far as the eye can see into the darkness. A single torch is found at the entrance. It's small and cramped, though not uncomfortably so. The players descend with the provided torch for what seems like hours, until the torch is about to burn out. As it dies, another light can be seen farther down the stairwell. At the landing to the stairs, the players find themselves in another room, occupied only by a single torch, the exit down and a skeleton. After defeating the menace and if they're brave enough to move down the second set of stairs, similar to the first, the players find themselves in another room, this time with TWO skeletons

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Why is that cat always here?

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This is some good shit

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hotter magma under such pressure it goes back to being solid. At the center of that is a small room that serves as the cockpit to fly the entire planet and also to transform it into super robot humanoid form to deal with things that want to eat the whole planet.

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I can't help but reading that in Colonel Volgin's voice from https://youtu.be/6ah0UQONBYE?t=1405

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>A wardrobe that, if one were to travel through it, past the old musty smelling brown coats it's filled with, they would find contains a portal to a magical snow covered world in which... actually never mind it's just toronto

I like this one.

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For them to be afraid, it can't be anything they can fight. If the combat rules come into play (and avail them), then fear is impossible.

What they need to appreciate is the scale of the world. How deep the depths are, how wide the world is, how far the roots of mountains burrow- and how much farther they have not yet gone. They need to understand that, in the face of simple geology, they are insignificant.

Unreasonably large creatures that ignore them and Lovecraftian style shit might help too.

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Do this, and after they start to drop their guard, make them hear faint tribal drums in the distance.

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Dunno if players might think it'll take away their agency though

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Fucking player agency

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mole/lizard people that live directly underneath settlements, mimicking them. Each individual chooses someone on the surface to mimic and spies on them through magic. When their victim dies they eat the corpse in a ceremony.

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You meet this in the dark

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As well as this
Mostly this

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The Unending Ones
The ones that gnawed the tunnels from the bedrock of the earth itself.

The ones that watch, wait, and listen to the world above.

Have them find skeletons of impossible creatures, see things skittering in the darkness, shadows move against shadows in the distance, and the constant rumbling and shifting of the dirt and rock around them.

Then, suddenly, have it go pitch silent. The darkness stops swirling, the rumbling ceases, and the entire machinations of the world fall away.

Remove from them what was familiar by sending them underground.

Then remove the underground's normal (the noises and shadows), distancing them further.

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It's always worth remembering that the unknown is the most frightening thing. Letting your player's mind scare itself is generally more effective than anything you can come up with, though at some point you will need to start affirming their fears or they'll just conclude you're fucking with them.

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Shade spiders. They spin webs of shadowstuff that traps all light and sound, draining the surroundings of perceptible qualities. In an area of light shadeweb density, colors are faded, object outlines are blurred, and sounds seem muffled. The denser the webs get, the greater the degradation of light and sound, until you end up in complete sensory deprivation.

The spiders feed not on the light and sound trapped on their webs, but rather on the anxiety, terror, and despair that people feel when lost in the dark, cut off from their companions. As a person wanders in the oppressive, silent dark, their fear gradually ebbs away, and a growing, giddy madness rises in its place. Victims rescued from the maddening dark think themselves invulnerable, unable to process the concept of danger or risk. If left in the webbing long enough, the spiders may delve deeper into the victim's psyche, devouring other emotions after the fear and despair are completely drained. Joy, hope, love, anger, ambition, conviction -- in time, all are sucked dry, leaving the victim a listless, apathetic husk.

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The Gug cleric that has been following them for days

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A hideous malformed abomination that dwells in the darkest depths. Much like a vampire it feeds on blood; however, it has no fangs. The creatures uses a retractable proboscis to extract bodily fluids from it's prey. The foul creature has no eye's, for it needs none to see in such dark dwellings. Instead it uses echolocation to find it's prey, and often mimics the sound it's prey makes in order to draw them closer.

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Something like "The third police man"

Where the players go down into a different world

And at the end discover that they are dead; and were dead the whole time.

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An ever-expanding crystal cavern and a river running through it, all made entirely of Pepsi Blue.

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Balrogs. Infinite fractal balrogs.

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Holy fuck. I played the shit out of this as a kid and could never remember the title. Thank you anon.

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You could go the ghosts of mars route. Anyone have the copy pasta?

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As the party ventures forth through out the caverns, they might notice it seems to actually have been a path at one point in time. If they search long/well enough, they may find a skeleton, clutching some unidentifiable objects, with the remains of some oddly coloured furry boots on its feet.

As they continue on, they start to hear a beat, sometimes slow, but almost always fast. After more time has passed, they start to hear screams coming from deeper down. Soon, they see a bend in the cave up ahead, with light coming from around the corner, but the light keeps changing colour and intensity constantly, never staying the same for long. When they make it around the corner they see an insanely large rave party going on, stretching on further than the eye can see in every direction. Suddenly a stray firework flies behind them and detonates, collapsing the cave behind them, forcing the party to find another way out. Along the way they have to deal with mosh pits in the metal section of the party, drug barons trying to take over the rave, gangs of vicious break dancers, and a group of fun hating elderly people who are out to bring everyone back in line with their old ways. Later on it turns out Earth was actually just a giant interplanetary rave that got out of hand and a whole lot of dirt built up on it, to the point where it became planet sized. People who went to the surface, by choice or by exile for losing rap battles, eventually forgot about the long running party inside the planet

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Flann o Brien homebrew when

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Because it's the pancat

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Bring a desk lamp, and shine it directly on the players through the session. Then the party encounters a monster. Not just your average everyday monster, an otherworldly being that is a color the characters see "only when they turn their gaze away from the sun."

Then, turn off the lamp.

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> what should they discover down there?

Theyy ares called Carcomymrates

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Deep, yo

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Damn it Carlos

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If the setting is Sci-Fi, put them inside an earthship. A marvel of science, that can go into a "different state", at the same time being, and not being in its place. They decide to go right through the center of the earth. It shouldn't take too long. And so they go. At first, nothing happens. Then things get more weird. After they travel deeper, than man has ever been, strange, huge caves start appearing. Whole underground forests, with rivers going through them. Then some caves seem more... organized. They find strange civilizations, not like those they have ever seen, many riding strange creatures, able to bypass matter, and "swim" the earth, as if it was a liquid. Then, they notice, they can't go back anymore. Only down. And notice something even stranger. The deeper you go, the more compressed the matter becomes. The Earth is literally bigger, the deeper you go, to such an extent, that going 100km/h at the center you only get 1% closer to the surface in 100 years. Dwellers start attacking the ship. Strange, alien and agressive fauna appears. And they just keep going. Whole cities, civilizations, both dead and alive, some dying, every single one more alien than the ones before. And they just keep going deeper. They can't stop. Maybe after some time they will finally find something, that can help them.. maybe.. But they don't. They will die on this ship. Their children will die on this ship. And their children. Until nobody alive remains, but the ship will keep on going. And one day, a farmer ploughing his field sees a strange metal ship burst out of a hill.

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