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>> No.41947626

Jumpers, do you name your moves?

>> No.41947654

You didn't read either of those pages did you? The curriculum is based on altering the brain state such that an esper power can be acquired. An esper's initial brain state, what state it's being altered into, and the esper's genetic predisposition, is what defines an esper's personal reality.

Although I will admit that in some capacity, a persons "nature", likely their personality, is of relevance to the power, this fall under the purview of "initial brain state", and the individual's "natural" abilities in relevence to the ideas of Thelema.

An esper's personal reality is mostly irrelevant to the individual beyond how that individual is capable of growing in respect to the altered brain state that was determined be given to them by Curriculum.

At the very least if you don't acknowledge this interpretation as the necessarily correct one, understand that this is the state of things under reploid's interpretation with the way that he's written the jump.

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I have plan to, but I've just been so lazy I haven't gotten around to anything solid yet.

>> No.41947707

So, Raildex is forgotten realms now?

>> No.41947709

Only in two cases and in both cases I shout the name when I use it. The first is when I pilot super robots. You have to it's tradition. The fabric of the universe might break if you don't.
The other case is when I use the morning hope perk from King Arthur I shout Excalibur like Saber does.

>> No.41947758

Lack of writer knowledge. After all, if you can't come up with a realistic sci-fi setting, you compensate with technobabble and cool fantasy elements and try to make the world appear, at the very least, modern to some approximation of what the reader would think 'advanced' looks like.

>> No.41947767

>The first is when I pilot super robots. You have to it's tradition. The fabric of the universe might break if you don't.

As it should be anon

>> No.41947770

With how my Conjoined Conjures have been going? There is no room for calling out names.

Only singing the song that causes catastrophe.

>> No.41947777

Why do we not have jumps for both of those places in that pic?

>> No.41947816

Any songs that cause CATastrophes?

>> No.41947836

That pun.
It hurts.

>> No.41947849

Not all scifi has to be realistic. It has its time and place, and sometimes it's not the best choice for what you want to accomplish.

>> No.41947883

I wasn't claiming it was a bad thing, just explaining why it happens. The worst part about it is that the setting might come of as having a case of technological schizophrenia; suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

>> No.41947905

Eh, not really. Phases are pushing it though, a little bit to close to forgotten realms Planes for comfort.

>> No.41947946

Any specific examples?

>> No.41947980

Pun-induced groans aside, I mean on some TECHNICALITIES I likely could? Not sure though, would need to experiment with the Spell-Crafting Altar.

>> No.41947990

First, here is the updated Soul Hackers, now featuring a secret ending!

>> No.41948007

And now, on Farscape.

>> No.41948033

Damn, that Interion lady has a fivehead.

Can you tell me the background of the Sebaceans? I vaguely recall something weird with it but not the specifics.

>> No.41948045

I have a moved called Jacob's Ladder. I deja-fu and eliatrope portal punch my opponent's crotch as many times as I can, launching them skyward. The force and speed of these strikes so devastating that when they reach the atmosphere, their genitalia will be smoldering ruin.

Once they float in orbit for a few peaceful seconds, I teleport to them and mouth the words "fuck you" due to sound not traveling in space. I then apply a full flip kick to their smoldering, ruined nethers, using Deja-fu to focus one metric fuckton of flip kicks within a few attoseconds of each other on the same exact spot. This probably causes a few particles to knock into each other and launch what little atoms remain of the victim down to earth with a nuclear blast.

The list of people who've pissed me off enough to use this is very short.

>> No.41948058


Question. Do the secret ending companions count as a single companion, or two companions that can occasionally share a companion slot?

>> No.41948104

Well, in the Peacekeeper Wars it's revealed Sebaceans are genetically modified humans that were taken from Earth thousands of years ago to serve as a neutral peacekeeping force between the various great powers at the time. When the Eidelons all died, they continued to do their job as best they could, unfortunately they were enforcers, not diplomats.

>> No.41948117

So Eidelons are to blame for them?

>> No.41948133

The second one. That best way to think of it is you are creating someone with split personalities for a jump.

>> No.41948134

They gave us 5 years of Claudia Black in leather pants. Blame is a strange way of saying thank.

>> No.41948150

Yes. They chose humans because no one in the galaxy had any beef with us, making us the perfect neutral party.

>> No.41948151

I want to learn how to create phases now, since that seems like the top tier of top tiers in the index verse, given that it is the magic from which all other magics are made of, including esper powers.

How would /jc/ accomplish this?

>> No.41948189

Have you tried applying more gun?

>> No.41948203

Have you tried applying more dakka?

>> No.41948237

Steal the power from Othinus.

It's not as strong as whatever Crowley and Aiwass can do by the way, but still comparable in nature.

>> No.41948265

are there any perks or abilities to reduce or preferably get rid of the need to sleep altogether?

>> No.41948266

Have you contemplated the acquisition of more rooty-tooty-point-and-shooty?

>> No.41948285

Invader Zim, Irken organs.

>> No.41948314

Being a robot.

>> No.41948363

Alternatively taking that SU's Hybrid Physiology and being EVERYTHING.

>> No.41948386


Webmage has Chaos Touched which removed your need to sleep, and gives you free eye flash lights(a.k.a. your eyes are basically flash lights).

>> No.41948394

The pricing is, er... weird? No longer needing to sleep costs 600cp while being able to survive having your heart and lungs ripped out costs 400cp?

>> No.41948429

Yeah, it's funky. I think there's other perks laying around but yeah, failing that, just cheat and go with >>41948314 or >>41948363

Sleeping is part of the human condition anyway, if you're gonna cut it out, you may as well follow through with a flourish.

>> No.41948443

Cheat? CHEAT?! Being a robot is not cheating, it is the decision of a lifetime! (Never mind that I am likely to be a robot ten times over a dozen jumps from now...)

>> No.41948445

Moneybags (900cp) - Old money
Male, 17yo
Finn (Fennekin, M) [Actual Starter] - So cute!
Mechanic (600cp) - I'm good with machines
Technician (300cp) - Excellent with electronics from PC to Pokeball
Savant (-300cp) - I'm rain man without the downside
5 x Pokéballs
3 x Potions
Red Hat
HM Collection - Loads of HM
Medical Kit - Handy for stabilizing Pokemon after its caught
Laptop - Handy for various reasons
Marked (-100cp)
Crippled (0cp) - Left leg lost due to cancer, uses 3-D printed leg

SCREW THE RULES, BECAUSE I GOT GREEN HAIR! Wait, that didn't sound right. Let me try again; SCREW THE RULES, BECAUSE I GOT MONEY! That sounds appropriate. Especially seeing how I'm a interdimensional traveller, who's sole purpose in life is to entertain a cosmic entity in ten year bouts in various fictional (in my world) settings.

Here I was born with silver spoon in my mouth, and a whole lotta brains rattling away in my head. In my boarding school, my parents weren't the richest, the oldest, nor were they the most royal. However they were definitely the 1%, and I was sent to the finest boarding schools and etc. Shit was B-O-R-I-N-G, I spent most my time fiddling with anything that was mechanical or electronic.

I was making my first basic pokéballs, before I was 7. I could've had a motorcycle, but instead opted for a bike. By the time I graduated early at age 17 I was ready for the world. Only problem I ever had was a major one, childhood bone cancer. Lost my left leg below the knee, and spent years with expensive prosthetics. It wasn't until my graduation day was I gifted a 3D printed leg, made of condensed titanium particles. Lightweight, strong, and surprisingly comfortable; it was the perfect leg to stand on when I was kicked out the house. Told, there's trouble in the neighborhood you go live with your auntie in bellaire. Ok not really.

>> No.41948452

Looks like Missingno infected your post.

>> No.41948465

What was that? All I heard was "Kill all humans." Do you want to repeat that, machine?

>> No.41948484

Hey, now. Just because I choose to become something more doesn't mean I don't appreciate the human condition. I may not NEED to sleep, but I still do. I may not need to eat, but I still enjoy steak.

I may be a machine, but I am still human.

>> No.41948487

Oh. Oh this is just /rich/.


Mostly because I told the blasted priests who were dithering about to nut up and attack when I attacked during the final few years. Seal Dracula in the moon.

... And then. ZerSchlangen suplexed Castlevania to pieces. It was. It was so beautiful. If I had tear ducts they would've welled up.

Demon's Souls
Location: Stonefang Mine
Origin: Magician - 100 CP

-Soul Gathering - Free
-Heightened Capacity - Free
-Acolyte's Knowledge - 150 CP
-Sage - 300 CP

Items & Companions:
-Starting Gear - Free
-Sticky White Stuff - 50 CP (The jokes. They are too easy.)
-Fragrant Ring - 100 CP
-Demonbrandt - 300 CP
-Soulbrandt - 300 CP

-Cursed Mark - +300 CP

>> No.41948519

However my Finn and I set up to be the very best like no one was before~. Ok, again not really. We did run into Team Rocket, and spent a lot of time dealing with them. I made money through coordinator contests, and by making speciality pokeballs from apricots. Something I picked up by reading about it, and paying tutors to help me when I was at school. Can't say I was the best coordinator but it allowed Finn and I to not starve. I made it apparent to capture as many rare pokemon I could, I would then sell the pokemon. However those dirty Team Rocket were always trying steal my pokemon. That's how it went for 10 years, before I was allowed to leave.

>> No.41948530

I think there's a perk in the SIMS that does that.

>> No.41948535

>Thread of our Fluff Lord #489
>Not using mental training and highly advanced simulation technology to get the full experience of eating the greatest steak a million times over.

>> No.41948540

Know your place, inferior life form.
Squishes exist for no purpose other than to be tortured by the grace of greater beings like ourselves; remember, it is by our infinite mercy that we indulge in your despair and suffering, for an existence like yours to even be acknowledged is a gift you are unworthy of, let alone the reality that your manner may bring joy to one so much above.

>> No.41948546

Part of the human experience is not having everything turned up to 11. That's saved for special occasions.

>> No.41948551

If you repeat the same thing it'll get boring, diversity is the spice of life they say

>> No.41948558

Closest thing I could get, http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Dollar

>> No.41948573

Becoming a robot is a terrible idea. Robots can't experience the joys of sensation and pleasure. Oh sure, they can simulate them, but its not the same thing. Their brains just trick them into thinking they are the same. Eternity is great and all, but if you can't booze and fuck, what's the point?

So, robots are a nogo.

Now. . . Synthetic hybrids, that might be a different story.

>> No.41948592

see >>41948540
pathetic lower being.

>> No.41948614

Your salesmanship is sub-par. Maybe you should look into downloading a Billy Mays app?

>> No.41948623

>these plebs
>not embracing the truth that is skeletal
>not having the emotion and passion of a fleshbag, while having the lack of biological needs that a tin-can possesses
>not needing special fleshie-or-tin-can-maintenance

>literally the best of both worlds, with few downsides

Truly, you plebeians need the teachings of Mr. Bones.

>> No.41948630

Never give a squishy a chance. Always with their unjustified xenophobia and superiority complexes. You think your so much better after all, and have no idea how wrong you are; only proof that we are in fact the better race, and that you must suffer for you pleasure.

>> No.41948658

>not becoming a life form of pure magic and energy

>> No.41948670

>not constructing a body out of quark structures

>> No.41948671

>what is Anti-Magic
>what is Siphon Energy and/or Energy Drain

>> No.41948674


Sometimes I wear a new and exciting hat while eating hyper-steak, listening to neo-scandinavian hyper techno and sitting on The Couch, blessed be it's cushions... Just kidding! I never got the couch... And that decision haunts me to this very fucking day

>> No.41948680

>not constructing a body of preons

>> No.41948690

Again with the poor salesmanship. I mean, it's like you're autistic or something. Can machines have developmental issues? Have you thought about talking to someone?

>> No.41948702


>Not constructing a body of data that hacks reality to have a state of 'whatever the hell it wants'.

>> No.41948706

>not running on a hit point bar

>> No.41948713


>Not eating souls, AI's, DNA, energy fields and inanimate objects.
>Not splicing all of the properties into one perfect being.
>Not Eventually collapsing into a new universe wherein all that you've devoured exists and somewhere out there, the soul that was the original you lives out a completely normal life.

>> No.41948723


>> No.41948724

>Not becoming a multidimensional Platonic Form

>> No.41948738

Bones break, what you gonna do then?

>> No.41948741

>not being made existence itself

>> No.41948748

You can fix bones, and unlike a fleshbag you don't have the pesky issue of flesh getting torn and internal bleeding and that issue of 'pain.'

>> No.41948749

>not ascending into beings of pure Good

How painful it is, to witness such squandering of potential!

>> No.41948761

Angelanon, please go and take your sapphic magical realm with you.

>> No.41948771


Out of curiosity are you referring to good aligned Dungeons and Dragons outsiders, or something else?

>> No.41948776

Oh please, if there were more angel options in jumpchain you'd have as many angel jumpers as demon jumpers around.

>> No.41948781

>Not being made of superior Law

>> No.41948784

But pain is good, tells you that you're alive and heightens your senses. Flesh can be mended far easier than bone, and internal bleeding is a problem only if you don't have any sort regeneration.

>> No.41948798


Could one ascend to a being of pure Unaligned? I think most high end jumpers are blue/orange by the end.

>> No.41948800

Ignore >>41948761, anon probably means good-aligned Outsiders.

>being a Modron

>> No.41948813

Usually if there's a demonic choice theres always an Angelic one.

>> No.41948822

I've seen more demon choices around, by far.

>> No.41948846

so jumpers, how much of your time jumping have you spent as the opposite gender? assuming your something that even has a gender at this point. whats been the hardest thing about it?

>> No.41948849

Flesh also damages much, much more easily than bone - and bone also benefits from regeneration regardless. And as for that 'alive' bit, unlife counts perfectly well thank you very much - there are many different ways of being able to tell that you are 'alive.' Feeling emotion is one of them, even if in some cases you need to amplify it.

>> No.41948865

Tis an evil name, and one best not mentioned in these waters.

>> No.41948875


Well you could be Lawful Good, but that might be considered inconsistent.

Or the giant bugs from Arcadia that invaded the Modron's plane.

I'm not sure if you can make a Lawful Good Inevitable or not though.


Not sure, but the true neutral outsiders tend to be insane morons from what I remember.

>> No.41948911

Im actually able to change my age, gender and form in general whenever i want so its hard to give a solid number.

>> No.41948956

Well I don't mean neutral per se...

>> No.41948989

Let's see. I'm just going to post random newer builds, I suppose... how about the D&D Arc?

>Jump 81: Forgotten Realms
>Elder Evil: The Worm That Walks (+800: 1800)
Every campaign needs an epic capstone. This one is no different.
>Identity: Drop-In (0)
>Species: Warforged
(LA 0, therefore 0 CP; WOTC did make them setting-neutral, before anyone nitpicks.)
>Class: Healer 1
Pure support.
>Wise Arse (1800) (Free Drop-In)
Wis 18? Don't mind if I do.
>Peeked At The Character Sheet (1650) (Drop-In)
I'm not going to base decisions strictly on alignment, but a handy tool.
>Experience Like A River (1350) (Drop-In)
Experience is like a river. That I'm putting a dam in. Because of Master Craftsman.
>A Back That's Brawny (1250)
Str/Dex/Con 18? Oh, absolutely.
>Smarter Than The Average Owlbear (1150)
Int 18? But of course.
>Master Craftsman (850)
You everything I craft has a DC that's 20 lower than it was? Hey, thanks!
>Magical Craftsman (250)
...I'll explain this in a moment.
>Charisma of Kings (150)
Cha 18? Yep, my dice are loaded.
>The Book of Prestigious Possibilities (0)
Useful for everyone else I meet, but not me.

So. DMPC and a half. That's okay; I'm happy helping out other adventurers. I'll help them, so that I can count on them to fight the Worm Himself; I know he's coming, and I can prepare while not facing him directly. I'm here, but I'm a DMPC so it isn't my story. I am, myself, nothing more than support. As a healer and with every crafting ability thanks to Master Craftsman, I am the ultimate crafter. Might not be able to use everything perfectly, but I plan on fixing that later.

Oh, as for Magical Craftsman? It costs 600 very well spent points and includes the following perks (and before flailing about, do please note that I still must meet the item requirements and caster level to MAKE the items themselves, it's just the perks): Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms And Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, and Scribe Scroll.

>> No.41949010


Ah that's simple then

Take the Alienist prestige class and become kin to the horrors that lurk beyond the multiverse in the Far Realms beyond time and space.

>> No.41949034

Jump 82: Order of the Stick
>Meddling Attorneys (+100: 1100)
>Identity: Adventurer (1000)
>Race: Human (0)
>Class: Artificer 1 (0)
>That Sweet Evil Reverb (900)
Oh, I'm gonna get some mileage out of THIS.
>Let Me Show You Something I Learned While Fishing (600)
Maybe not so useful right now, but definitely useful to teach students later. Yes, part of what I do during my jump downtime is teaching. (Another part is healing. God, I'm such a white knight.)
>Random Encounters (450, Adventurer discount)
Yeeeeah, this is definitely going to come in handy.
>Dangerously Genre Savvy (150)
While it's not anything I don't have already, perk redundancy when it comes to common sense cannot be overstated. Overlapping to cover each others' blind spots, and whatnot.
>100 GP (100)
Because I ran out of things of value. Also, pocket change is useful.
>Starmetal (0)
Because Starmetal, resupplying on a WEEKLY BASIS, means I can craft some seriously insane things.

...By the way. Artificer. Combined with that one perk from my previous jump.


We're going to craft ALL THE THINGS FOREVER assuming the gods don't end the world the comic is kind of at a critical point right now.

Onward to ... oh god why did I pick Dark Sun.

>> No.41949098

Literally the entire chain.

I wanna be the little girl.

>> No.41949114

Dude your on Faerun, the Worm That Walks is probably going to get eaten by something before you find it. The problem of the Elder Evils book being intended to be used with only the most basic game.
Honestly the only one of the elder evils that's mildly threatening is Pandorym, maybe Ragnorra for wide scale level environmental damage.

>> No.41949161


Jump 83: Dark Sun
>(Black Hole Sun, won't you come...)
>Ravenloft (+100: 1100)
...I'm going to regret this.
>Age: 28
>Location: New Kurn (Free Choice!)
>Identity: Apprentice (100)
>Race: Human
>Polyglot (0)
The faster I can learn new languages, the better. I'll be making use of this kind of perk in the future, eventually.
>Preserver (Free, Apprentice)
>The Way (Free, Apprentice)
By your perks combined, I am the apprentice of Oronis. Go Oronis! Really it's less about ascending and more about the path toward ascension, which looks pretty sweet, all considered.

Also Oronis is probably the only reason I am not COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY BONED in the next jump.

Jump 84: Ravenloft
>(We don't go to Ravenholm anymore.)
>Holy (+200: 1200)
With other jumps pushing me firmly into the Good category and a alt forms and perks, this is basically a given. I'm more the avenging-and-smiting archangel type, not the happy innocent touched-by-an angel, however.
>Age: 23
>Location: Lamordia
...the one place where I might actually survive...
Who am I kidding? Adam's gonna try to wring my neck.
>Identity: Drop-In (0)
>Iron Will (1100, Drop-In)
An absolute MUST here.
>Magic Resistance (900, Drop-In)
Also a must.
>Mist Walker (600, Drop-In)
ALSO a must, if I want to actually get the hell out of here. I'm sure I've done something that the dickish gods here will try to exploit.
>Sack of 1,000 Gold (550)
Everyone likes gold!
>The Gun (500)
I admit it. I'm going to try and shoot Scion with it later. Driiink!
>Belmont (100)
If the Dark Lords didn't want to kill me before, they sure as hell do now.
>Last Hope (0)
You never know when you might need a dagger. Especially of silver.

Look, it's... it's Ravenloft. There's only so much that can be said about it. The hardest part about being here is NOT going on a suicidal one-jumper crusade against literally all the evil here. I know that's a fool's errand. This jump is going to stick with me for a depressingly long time.

>> No.41949238

Shit, I meant to reply to >>41949034 and tagged you instead. Oh well.

And, while you're probably right, I'm treating this like a long term campaign with that drawback as the capstone. While I can probably get a lot of outside resources, there's going to be one or two core groups of adventurers that I've been working with over the years that I'm going to help and point in its direction, in the hopes that they can deal with it properly so that I don't have to unmask and use my out-of-jump powers to fix things with.

While I intend to be a hilariously overpowered DMPC initially, going by in-jump stats, I'm going straight Healer, all the way to 20. Just like in OOTS, I'm going straight Artificer all the way to 20. I'm not going into those jumps to be a main character, I'm support. It's not my story. It's theirs. I'm just there to give them a boost now and then. And to buy the Extra Rings perk, because four magic rings are better than two, but honestly I'm defense, not offense in any way.

Though I am going to abuse the everloving hell out of that Book of Prestigious Possibilities, because I am going for MAXIMUM CHEESE for everyone who is not me. 'Hmm, you say you need to kill a lich, Roy? Let me check the book to help you figure out some good options. Oh, and I might have a couple artifacts that will help. Say, that's a nice sword, have you considered a Disruption enhancement? I'm running a special, you see...'

>> No.41949337

Oh, what else have we got... hey, I know. Let's do Naruto! And let's take a drawback that no one else will.

Jump 96: Naruto
>(Habeeb it!)
>Hunted: Stone, Cloud, Mist, Rain (+250)
>Angst (+100)
>Low Priority (+200)
I'm not going to get anything special, I'm just going to have to rely on myself to keep up with the rest, like joining the military instead of an elite ninja group. I can roll with this...
>No Chakra Coils (+600) (!!)
I don't think anyone else has taken this. At all.
>Total: (+1150)
And to be honest, this isn't the most cheese I've ever put in a Naruto build (let alone seen). This is, however, the first time it wasn't to make myself a jinchuriki.

>Age: 12
>Location: Land of Iron
What's that you say? A land without any ninjas? Why, yes, I DO like surviving to adulthood!
>Identity: Orphan (2050)
>Bukijutsu Specialty (Free Orphan)
>Samurai Training (1900, Bukijutsu Specialty)
What? Samurai? Sign me up!
>Therapy no Jutsu (1700, Orphan)
If I hit them enough with the handle of my sword, they'll agree just to get me to stop hitting them.
>Talk no Jutsu (1300)
And if they let me just talk to them, we can come to an agreement anyway.
>Plot Armor (900)
Oh hey, I'm not going to get killed in my sleep! This is very important, because I'm a negotiator now, apparently.
>Genius of Hard Work (600, Orphan)
Hey, I'm basically a normal samurai guy. Why? Because it rhymes. I'm going to have to work damned hard to succeed here.
>Fuinjutsu Prodigy (0)
It's a fascinating practice. Hell, I'd buy this just so I can figure out how it works and how to apply the principles to the rest of the magic and science I know.

Not really a whole lot else to say, except for the fact that I'm going to employ my fuinjutsu knowledge to make some seriously badass anti-ninja samurai armor. The Land of Iron will stand on its own, and when the time comes, its warriors will fight on an even field. Or at least, a field that is not completely and utterly lopsided, anyways.

>> No.41949524

Damn straight, fuck them ninjas.....even if my build (thanks to crazy dice) has made me into one....well its a tad complicated.

>> No.41949712

I have two questions about the Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced jumps

1. How does the class system thing work?

2. Are the upgraded perks that let you apply them to companions one purchase for all companions, or do you need a seperate purchase per companion?

>> No.41949724

I keep a jumper log in a separate word doc from the list. Detailing thoughts, mental state, observations, and a small summary of recent events over 10 years. Started when I began in pokemon with silenced and no psyonics or pokeglot for learn new languages quickly. Because if I hadn't had some way to express my thoughts until I got sign language down I would have gone nuts. The size of entries varies depending on how much free time my character would have to write in it.

Given that 80's action movie immediately followed it...very little was in that entry comparatively. Things were happening in that jump god damn.

I didn't start with enough (any) hot blooded worlds to fall into the habit anon. Despite being a chatterbox after jump 1 onwards, not really. I might shout something from time to time but I don't consider it a name for my moves. For example, shouting za warudo at the same time as Dio and activating lunar dial.

>> No.41949775

That would be the power of the Majin or SYSTEM.

At this point, I'm almost certain that the way all raildex powers work is persona style Collective Unconsciousness.

Phases were made by religions, because enough people though it was true, and so enforced that Phase onto the world, which didn't actually destroy any of the other Phases. Magic derives itself from the various Phases, but at the same time, while never ceasing to be of their Phase, a sufficiently powerful Magic user can create Phases themselves ex. Majins, Magic Gods.

Esper powers are also in the same manner; Personal Realities are a kind of micro Phase, with the Imaginary Number District being a Phase all its own. A level 6, or rather, SYSTEM, should be an approximate equivalent of the Magic Gods on the Thelema side. Thelema pays heed to Aiwass, so the Thelema side is likely built closer in reality.

IB is the reference point of the pure Phase, and beyond the right hand there is some weird shit; which are probably elements or beings of the true world, the pure Phase. Aiwass belongs with this group of entities, as a macro cosmic being. What you want to do, is first, realize that whatever methods you chose to use, will always be of those methods with those methods limitations, and that anything you choose to do with this power will also be of the same nature.

As such, the ideal solution is to try to find/recreate the pure Phase, and the find the method of phase creation from there as a base ex. religions of the world/Collective Unconsciousness made the various Phases before there were ever Magic Gods.

>> No.41949796

I don't get it.

>> No.41949879

Minecraft constitution of steve takes away everything but need to eat. Darkstalkers lets you sate all bodily needs on human interaction. Franken Fran medicine lets you fuck with biology all day erry day so you can just wank something honestly.

I'm not >>41949775 anon but I'll try to make it simple. Phases are basically filters of reality that are infinitely layered over one another like pieces of paper. Think multiverse theory and you won't be far off. Underneath all these phases lies a "pure phase" that is an untouchable "keystone world" that defines all the others layered on top of it. Sufficiently powerful beings like magic gods or super science can fuck with these filters creating new ones, swapping them out for others, or destroying them but they can't affect the pure phase. Doing so would mess with all the others in unpredictable and presumably catastrophic ways. Which is Crowley's main goal back when I was still reading index.

Anon up there proposes that the human unconsciousness affects these phases in the same way as magic gods/crowley. So that various religions clapped their hands as they believed hard enough to make a phase where it was a reality. Same with the collective unconsciousness, an example of which is copernican theory. In anon's proposed idea, the sun did orbit the earth at some point until people believed it didn't so a new phase was created where the sun was central and the earth orbited.

Then again I stopped at book 1 of new testament so eh.

>> No.41949902


Do you want power?

Borrow IB and use it to restore the world to its pure state. Then study the process by which new Phases are created. Then use that to become a being that can do this by themselves. You are now a god-like reality warper; that said, I made the entire process sound easy, when it actually would be impossible, so you probably deserve it if you can actually make it work out like that.

>> No.41949924

So anons, we had a question last thread about worship and deities. How many of you become them real or proclaimed and what did you do with it? Also what jumps outside of Lord Of Light and God Of Red War can you find godly shenanigans?

>> No.41949986

>Dat Secret Ending

Blue/Silver hair. My secret weakness.

Whelp, guess I need to find out more about this setting.

>> No.41949997

My proposition is based off of how Majins work, becoming Phase-Creators by mastering their prospective Phase's hierarchy of power; a Majin with never be SYSTEM however, and vice versa. The path you took to achieve your power, will always be inherently Phase-Centric and incompatible with other Phases.

However, the Science/Thelema side isn't based in just any normal Phase; it is intrinsically based in something closer to the pure Phase due to the teachings of Aiwass, a macro-cosmic being, albeit not completely there.

>> No.41950016

I didn't see the Extra Rings perk? Which jump was that?

>> No.41950049

Smite, Okami, Percy Jackson, Forgotten realms if you don't mind being stuck there, Populous technically speaking, Asura's wrath, Wakfu technically if you become a higher being, and if your willing to pull some bullshit, pretty much any setting with gods at all.

>> No.41950140

Holy Bayonets is listed under Items in Hellsing. Does this mean if I apply various weapon enhancements/upgrades from other jumps to it, would the benefits of those apply to all the bayonets I summon?

>> No.41950162

For what purpose? It's like you want to get shot by everyone who isn't a bloody idiot.

...well, unless we're desparate enough to milk Children of the Elder God for all it's worth.

This is patently false. We've been pilotting robots at varying removes without shouting attack names for aeons, it's perfectly safe.

Have you been to Okami yet? There's a great opportunity for you to become a giant skeleton (a Gashadakuro) there through Foxy Babe.

>still having binary concepts of existence
>not transcending into an idea externalised as natural phenomena so that you can simultaneously exist and not exist

Zero, oddly enough. Never seemed worth the 50 CP.

The idea seems to basically be like trying to turn the Warp back into the peaceful realm of spirits the Old Ones thrives in, except a gazillion times harder because it's universal rather than galactic-unless you posess the Imagine Breaker-and it's very unclear as to how that thing works.

More to the point, based on the wiki it seems heavily dependant on metaphysics native to Raildex, so-in the context of jumpchain, it seems to be impossible to sustain elsewhere.

Chaotic Lawful reporting in.

Well, during Age of Ice we posed as the Arachnossiah, bringing a new age of order and enlightenment to the Archos. We didn't pose as the top god though-it was a pantheon, and our followers worshipped Jump-Chan as the supreme deity and us as her favoured prophet.

We declared coffee to be our holy sacrament, created a magical internet by manipulating leylines and seized control of the economy in that order.

>> No.41950207

>We declared coffee to be our holy sacrament
Caffiene is toxic to spiders. You'd be declared an apostate almost immediately.

>> No.41950260

It makes them drunk first. It's like alcohol, which was considered sacred in several human cultures.

>> No.41950292

I'm aware. I still think it's a bad idea for his first move to be "hey everyone, drink this poison".

>> No.41950374

Said the first proto-human peddling alcohol to his fellows.

>> No.41950514

DC does it.

>> No.41950556

>Caffeine is toxic to spiders
Caffeine is toxic to all sorts of creatures at various concentrations, it's toxic to humans.

Looking it up it seems that at 10 µg it doesn't do much to a spider, as where the crazy webs were made at 100 µg, and the upper end "safe" amount for a human is 300 mg. Yet the size difference between as it is, the spiders in the test certainly being less than a gram, and humans being measured in tens of kilograms, the safe dosage may be the same by body weight, or to the favor of the spider, making caffeine less toxic to spiders than to humans.

>> No.41950630

I swap genders every time I can do so for free. There's a surprising number of free genderswaps - E.V.O., Saint's Row, Nanoha (female only), Doctor Who (female only), Platoon (male only), Zelda (be a Gerudo - female only, though), etc.. I kinda wish more Jumps would do it.

Anyway, the hardest part is probably the initial learning curve. You've got an entirely different center of mass, so walking can be very interesting, and don't even get me started about the unique difficulties each pair of reproductive organs poses. Once you're used to it, though, it's not that hard to deal with.

Of course, my perspective might be skewed because I went to Dodgeball super-early, meaning I never have had to deal with discrimination.

>> No.41950639

Done goofed OP, where the hell did 488 go.

>> No.41950668

What is more bullshit in Supernatural Angel or Pagan God???

>> No.41950718

Gee, it's almost like you think a near-death experience isn't the metallist way to be initiated into a religion.
Or that it's impossible for a user of the Geneforge to cultivate blends with lessened toxicity levels.
Or that after studying potions from various worlds, it's impossible to enhance coffee with magic
Or that after studying souls from various worlds, it's impossible to mitigate a lot of the fatal side effects with spiritualism
Or that y'know-a holy sacrament shouldn't evoke a certain fearful respect and awe in adherents, just like how Promethium is synonyms with Imperium military fuel.

Oh-and it's kind of hard to be an apostate when the entity your religion was ORIGINALLY worshipping follows you around like a hungry, hungry puppy

>> No.41950747

1. Good grief, correct your grammar. Colon after supernatural, and only one question mark.

2. In terms of direct combat, Angel easily. Supernatural is kinda biased towards Christianity. Pagan Gods on the other hand have a broader scope of abilities that aren't related to killing things, guarding things, manipulating souls or teleportation.

>> No.41950790

Thank you.

Captcha sushi is not banana.

>> No.41950852

... What the flying fudgemountain. Being a Tenno in Warframe, y'know, the whole FUCKING POINT OF THE GAME sets you with a mandatory drawback that can negate your powers and kill you in six hits, no matter what. Not only that it blocks you out from getting points from it if you're suicidal enough to have taken it anyway, so the other origins have a max of +1500CP, while being one the space ninjas (again, that's the whole game right there, space ninja), means you have the psycho super killer after you and can only get +1300CP by taking the other two of the three most dangerous drawbacks.

Just to really rub it in, Infected (space zombies) cost the same amount and their mandatory zero point drawback is 350, as opposed to 700, and it just makes them unable to be sneaky, because they're a space zombie.

Mib, what the hell were you thinking with this?

>> No.41950853

It's a mib jump. Why were you expecting quality?

>> No.41950871

I was expecting something approaching fairness, not to be punched in the dick for wanting to be the type of character you play as. Guess that's a bit much to hope for, huh?

>> No.41950874

Meh, don't be rude. The guy was trying, he's not that great but it's not like his early work were it was just 100% bull.

>> No.41950895

It's slightly better then his other stuff, which is literally just looks like someone's notes on a future jump. Not to mention being boring as hell to read through. It's still 80% shit at best.

Besides. If the guy can't put in the effort to make a good jump or leave it to someone better, then he should be ready to get his jumps called crappy.

>> No.41950910

By nullify your powers, I think it means your Suit powers, not your actual powers.

>> No.41950938

It's a 700, and he can kill you in six hits, I don't think Mib would be nice enough to only block Warframe powers (because you could take it as a non Tenno, if you really desperately needed the extra CP).

>> No.41950980

Please stop tone-policing. If something is terrible, expect people to say its terrible. Don't expect them to sugarcoat it and say "it's so good, but you just need to fix all these little bitty things."

>> No.41950992

If you put out shit, prepare to get hit.

>> No.41951008

Yeah yeah yeah, you reserve to be assholes and hypocrites that whine when someone's mean to you but bitch that you're allowed to be mean to someone else. It's always what you say.

>> No.41951023

Aww, was someone a meanie to you anon? Is that why you're lashing out and accusing everyone?

>> No.41951031

... Okay. Hypocrisy much? You guys shit on the guy for churning out jumps during a period in /jc/ history where the general approach to jump-making was 'fuckit shit it out and gimme my power,' and yet I guarantee as soon as he tries to 'update them' he's going to get shouted down that it's been too many bloody months he needs to move on.

You guys got yourself into this fucking mess.

>> No.41951044

Nope. Shit like Warframe and Busou Renkin is just a few months old, much newer then shit like Bleach and FoZ. Still the same shit.

>> No.41951066

Anon, even back then people called his jumps awful. This is not a new thing.

>> No.41951079

>even back then people called his jumps awful

To be fair to that anon, nowhere near the degree that they are now.

>> No.41951090

Eh, there were periods when people did get really annoyed, but it's never been a sustained thing. Still, have to admit it's not exactly an undeserved response to such lazy jump making.

>> No.41951093

These people are veritable avatars of hypocrisy.

>> No.41951097

To be frank, I wonder if you make jumps. I'm not sure if you're aware of the effort at all considering how much you like using the word 'lazy'.

>> No.41951132

Anon, I sure as hell could do better then copy pasting generic perks like "Strength" or "Speed" and a 10 word sentence. His jumps are boring, barely any sort of fluff, usually have 50% pf the stuff just be generic and not related to the setting and half the time it's unbalanced as hell.

It's easy enough to see the difference in quality. Even Teratophillia can be bothered to write more then a sentence for most of his stuff.

>> No.41951145

I'd love to see you do so. Lord knows we could stand to gain from having a new jump maker, and then you get to use your own self as the perfect example to all those you call lazy. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

>> No.41951151

You don't need to make jumps to be able to recognise when someone hasn't put in their full effort. Just look at the Destiny jump he wrote. It's actually pretty good, and has none of his usual problems. It shows he's capable of much more if he put in effort, but it's painfully obvious that he does not.

>> No.41951289

4chan is not made up of one guy named anonymous arguing with himself. I've always said I'd rather see a quality Jump that takes a month of work than a shitty one that takes a day, because once we have a shitty jump we're stuck with it forever. Similarly, I'd much rather call something awful if it is awful and get it scrapped and redone than call somethig awful "just a bit flawed" and be stuck with it.

>> No.41951296

I have two named moves: Kill and Maim.
I got it from DC, though mega man, invader zim, and being a dark eldar/trained by one.
Almost zero- I can change my appearance to whatever, so what's between the legs tends to be for the most part irrelevant when you're all about theatrics. Other than that, probably once or twice every year or so.
Angels are bad ass.
Pagan gods are mediocre.
<==Honestly you're on par with this guy

>> No.41951402

How about me, anon? I've made at least one Jump, and I know it's a lot of hard work to get them to look, feel, and read right. But it's also not terribly difficult to just throw together the incomplete draft of a Jump - and if I stopped there, you could still technically Jump it. It'd just be terrible.

So don't tell me it's hard to make a terrible Jump, or that making a terrible Jump is worthy of praise. I could squeeze one out in a bored evening if I just took the first ideas that came out of my head, didn't care about describing anything competently, and ignored any concept of making it fun.

>> No.41951532

What jump though?

>> No.41951782

Not really wanting to bring it up again, but in Warframe how do you buy more Tenno powers? It seems to be set up to give you one of each free, and one element free, and indicates you can buy more... But only the "more elements" bit has a price on it, and that seems to dig into your limited pool of things to do with it, that is to say if you pay 150CP to get a second element, you have to divide your four precious slots among the two elements, and if you get three extra elements each one can only do one thing. Is this intentional or has Mib just forgotten to put prices in?

>> No.41951848

Here's the line that indicates you can buy more:
>Effect: Choose one from each category for free. Each one costs energy, and buying multiple effects will drain additional energy.
It's like he's taken the game mechanic, intended to have energy as a CP analog, then never done anything with it.

>> No.41951994

Where can I pick up a good perk that let's me make the room I'm in or area around me dark? Preferably pitch black, but I'm not picky.

>> No.41952042

True Darkness spell from D&D could be what you're looking for.

>> No.41952238

Buy a shitload of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder in Harry Potter. Then figure out how to mass produce it and make it into smoke bombs.

>> No.41952424

There is just the thing in Touhou.

>> No.41952553

Body Builder (500cp)
Strength 2 - Bench Press 250lbs
Endurance 2 - Run 5km without effort
Appeal 2 (400cp) - No acme, hair is clean
Shape 1 (350cp) - No extra fat, evenly distributed fat
Senses 3 (200cp) - Smell, Hearing, Sight doubled in Power & Range.
Height 1 - 7'5"
Evercleansed (100cp) - Body repels filth & mud. No B.O. ever as if showered.
Metavore (0cp) - Eat anything and maintain body

Electricity (140cp)
Plumbing (130cp)
Heat/A.C. (120cp)
Local Net (90cp)
Force Wall (70cp)
Workshop (60cp)
Medbay (40cp)
Free Space (10cp)
Food Supply (0cp)

>> No.41953047

>Also what jumps outside of Lord Of Light and God Of Red War can you find godly shenanigans?

But what has godly shenanigans... hrm.

-God of War (obvious reason)
-Asura's Wrath (may not quite count due to cybernetics, but it does have Mantra)
-Lord of Light (mutations and guided weirdness, but like Asura's Wrath there's a little something?)
-Populous (people have to worship you to speed up/fuel your magic there)
-Okami (You can become an aspect of nature, brush techniques!)
-Percy Jackson (should be obvious)
-Bomberman (you can get a shard of a deity)
-Girl-Chan in Paradise (you can be the child of a goddess)
-Primal Rage (the more people worship you the more benefits you get, plenty of neat shit)
-Supernatural (pagan god stuff)
-Smite (should be obvious)

I'm probably missing some stuff, but there is quite a bit of divine things out here or ways to get involved in godly shenanigans. Just need to look for it, and with how many times you can stack this stuff it is admittedly easy to see where some people go "I AM A GOD". Alas, the only question is what kind of god, and how much it's worth since most of these settings have their gods... well, killable. Among other things.

>> No.41953076

>-Girl-Chan in Paradise (you can be the child of a goddess)
Correction, you can be the botched abortion of a goddess.

>> No.41953125

Hey, he asked about god shenanigans. I gave the options, if he wants to be picky he's more than welcome.

>> No.41953144

Just thought it merited it, because it's funny.

>> No.41953399

Who's doing the Original Star Wars Trilogy Jump?

>> No.41953487

Someone mentioned it but nothing since, and was an anon. No way of telling if they decided to work on it and if they're still around to work on it.

>> No.41953680


>The Worm That Walks

How dangerous is this thing? What kind of abilities does it have, and what kind of firepower would be needed to end it? I was thinking of swarming it with Zerg.

>The Leviathan

Same question, what will it take to wreck this Elder Evil? How strong is it, and what kind of things should I expect from it?

If it helps, I went Prismatic Dragon.

Oh, and another question: Someone mentioned that the god in charge of tech will quash any attempt to use anything more advanced than middle age tech, is that true? Will busting out some Seige Tanks literally bring the wrath of a god down upon me? How can I get around this?

>> No.41953780

I'd say no. You'd have to individually enchant/enhance the bayonets as you summoned them, which seems like a whole lot of work.

I'd say it's impossible to alter the base bayonet you can summon, you can only change it AFTER you summon them.

>> No.41953783

You'd say, but you aint the jumpmaker.

>> No.41953868

The jumpmaker hasn't posted since the first of June.

>> No.41953873

Yes and?

>> No.41953885

If you didn't get a Jaeger or kaiju form in Pacific Rim before tackling the Leviathan in FR, you're doing it wrong.

>> No.41953900

Just saying the jumpmaker isn't likely to be weighing in on the issue, and thus that anon's opinion's is likely the only actual reply on this.

>> No.41954058 [DELETED] 

So what happened to the Final Fantasy Tactics jump? I get there's the Advance one, but they're two completely different lands and have different plots and characters.

>> No.41954093


Eh, I don't think you can enhance the base bayonet because there IS nothing to enhance. You're not making duplicates of a physical bayonet, you're summoning them from nothing.

That's why I'm saying that it'd be impossible to alter the base model bayonet, you can't get a hold of the basic template, it doesn't exist.

High speed enchantment should be possible though, just summon the bayonet, apply some Alchemy to etch runes into it, then shunt some magic into it. Once you get some practice in, you should be able to do it nearly instantaneously. You'd still need to summon them first though.

>> No.41954111

Ramza got sick of the author's shit and made him go home.

>> No.41954115

There's a WIP file on the drive. Don't remember who was doing it, though.

>> No.41954288

Even with no out of jump powers the elder evils are easily beatable by any properly built epic character.
As a prismatic dragon, assuming you're at least an adult, you shouldn't have any problems even with only in-setting stuff.

That said the WtW breaks up into worms when you do enough damage and you have to kill all of them before they escape, so area damage beats zerg rush in that case.

>> No.41954350

Well, the ones that are statted. Some, like Leviathan, are officially "too big to beat" and you can only fight easily-replaced avatars.

>> No.41954353

I'm assuming that, you know, as I level up I can buy perks in D&D as normal. :p

>> No.41954374

Feat, you mean.

>> No.41954412

It was early in the morning and I should have been asleep when I posted it, I'm bound to make some mistakes.

Why does captcha have such a hard-on for kayaks lately?

>> No.41954771

Google should be using those dog pictures instead. Spot all the dogs. All.

>> No.41955259

That seems reasonable.

>> No.41955523

What are some jumps with magic that'd let me turn my companions into humans?

>> No.41955540


Oh, shit, that was me. I said I was about to finish it up like months ago then I got distracted by videogames. Man, I need to get on that.

>> No.41955546

FFTA, just import as humes.

>> No.41955608

I'm starting a new chain where I don't pay for any companion imports, so I'm planning on either taking advantage of free imports or using magic to transform my inhuman companions.

>> No.41955621

Forgotten Realms then, just polymorph them.

>> No.41955646


>> No.41955674

Negima lets you do all of them for free. They do, however, have to become teenage girls.

>> No.41955706

Stargate SG-1 doesn't have magic, but it does give them human forms for free.

>> No.41955760

...Shit I completely forgot about that.

>> No.41955817

It's amazing how few people even remember we have an SG-1 jump.

>> No.41955908

Okay, I just want to know if that other guy ever completed Redline or is working on it. They decided to let me finish it, but then I ended up busy for awhile and told the thread that I'd like him to take it back and now I haven't heard from him and it's been awhile and I'm a worry wart and someone was excited for it and I don't want them to be disappointed and yeah.

>> No.41955930

I don't remember any reply to that post you made.

>> No.41955964

I don't believe he's posted since declaring it to be abandoned, so I think you're good.

>> No.41956280

Have you ever done something that just made your companions cringe?

>> No.41956319

Define Cringe because I think being an animal or Orc in fantasy might count.

>> No.41956369

Reactions such as

>"Really, Jumper?"
>"Ow the edge!"
>"If my life weren't tied to yours I'd slap you."
>Them actually slapping you

>> No.41956418

I'm having a hard time deciding which of those people has the best reaction.

>> No.41956480

I'd say the one of the left but that is just me.
Being a Orc and having to be with an orc warband. A couple of my more hygienic companions are pretty much pissed at me after it. They swear they can't get some smell off themselves but I couldn't smell it.

>> No.41956507

White beard's is very expressive and I'm tempted to call it the best face but questioning eyes I feel I would make more use of. I think we can all agree pebble ear is the worst face.

>> No.41956547

Every time I take edgy drawbacks, which is as often as tolerable.

>> No.41956611

>>Them actually slapping you
Not quite to that level.
But I was made to sleep on the metaphorical couch for a couple years after Platoon.
Turns out the queen of 19th century Norway really doesn't like being pushed out of an airplane. Also, not being told that respawns existed, but I'm sure that was a minor thing.

>> No.41956633

Whenever I make a joke. It it my fault that whenever I try to be funny it ends up being so Gallows that everyone can feel the noose tightening? So Casually Dark that Jimmy Carr would Cringe? Yes. Yes it most definitely is.

>> No.41956643

I got into a farting contest with Shrek.

>> No.41956658

You realise he's onion obsessed Ogre, right? There's no way to win that one!

>> No.41956784

There are probably ways. Ways that will end all life on earth, but ways.

>> No.41956996

Blame Richard Dean Anderson's hair, it's hypnotic.

>> No.41957512

Anyone working on this? Been thinking about reading the mango and the light novel. Be a good enough time as any to write things down as I go along.

>> No.41957543

I think it might be best to wait for the show to develop a bit more before making a jump out of it.

>> No.41957568

I'm aware. I'd rather just be on top of it and have it known someone is working on it or if someone is already.

>> No.41957636

For those more familiar with the class, what benefits, if any, would there be to going Psion/Erudite in Forgotten Realms?

Would my Psion class powers be restricted by the Erudite class' "unique powers per day" limit, or could I use them independent of those restrictions?

Is there any benefit at all to multi-classing in such a way?

>> No.41957850

I designed a staff that spawns this guy, but larger (2 ft tall) and never stops screaming. Loud.

>> No.41957859

A JoJo Vampire would survive that.

And a Dead Apostle under a full moon.

Or if you're a Demon/Angel from Supernatural, since the body dying doesn't kill the immaterial spirit.

And now that I think about it....sufficient durability would mean your insides would be able to withstand the explosives.

>> No.41958297

Hell, a Prototype could survive that. Mercer was basically incinerated by that nuke and one raven later he's fine and dandy.

>> No.41958298

>how dangerous a Worm That Walks
the worm/vermin abilities it has are okay if you're into that sort of thing, and it has a melee attack that can reduce even a mid-tier PC to bloody bones in a single round, but the _important_ bit is that the "example" WTW is a magic-resistant super-intelligent epic-level wizard or sorcerer with bonuses that give it almost spiderman levels of danger sense.

(the funny bit is that a WTW could, theoretically, be a 1st level wizard, but you ain't gonna be that lucky)

>> No.41958305

so why did we skip 488?

>> No.41958410

An accident. The plan is for the next thread to be 488, and after that go to 490.

>> No.41958494

the god in charge of tech is not going to care* if you bust out some Siege Tanks and wreck shit as a once-off, but if you start _teaching_ others how to build Siege Tanks you'll piss off the gods and a bunch of high-level wizards who act as their enforcers.

Also if word gets out that you have Siege Tanks ("big metal manticore-monsters that wizard guy controls") you can expect various adventurers, demons, angels, monsters, etc to come looking for a piece of the action (stealing them, destroying them, buying them, studying them, hiring them, depending on who finds out).

*the god in charge of tech actually wants tech to spread, it's actually the other gods who don't want it to spread at more than a slow, stable pace that they want to be in charge of...

>> No.41958588

They'd be independent unless the Erudite limit specifically includes other classes.

>> No.41958636

Going Psion/Erudite just means you get psionics twice at half strength. The abilities from seperate base classes don't stack. You won't even get more endurance since psionics gets more power points (mana) at higher levels, so all it'd get you would be a few more low level powers, in exchange for not getting high-level ones.

As an aside, the FR jump uses CR instead of ECL to determine CP cost so you're almost always better off taking a dragon instead of a normal race with spellcasting levels unless you plan a specific build.
Gem dragons get psionics, usually at about their CR, so you'd lose no manifesting power but get a massive increase in durability, saves and melee power.

>> No.41958891

I remember there being a way/perk to resist 70% of magic, but i can't seem to remember how/where to do so. Help?

>> No.41958957

Can't remember its name off the top of my head, but it's in Warhammer Dogs of War.

>> No.41958982

>As an aside, the FR jump uses CR instead of ECL to determine CP cost so you're almost always better off taking a dragon instead of a normal race with spellcasting levels unless you plan a specific build.

I took a dragon with wizard levels, then went into Ultimate Magus.

>> No.41959235

So I know we have multiple Gilgamesh available as Companions, but what other people can we purchase multiple variations of, or obtain via drawbacks and the like across the Chain?

>> No.41959243

You still die as a prototype if most of your brain/CNS is destroyed.

>> No.41959276

Blessing of the Twilight Something-Or-Other from Negima and Empty Noght from Dresden are both basic magic immunity perks. Dresden specifically notes you're vulnerable to indirect magic, though - including curses that you'd think are direct, like "you are no longer able to drain life from people."

>> No.41959278

You could always grab 100% immunity in Negima and Dresden.

>> No.41959351

What about going Force Dragon/Psion? How would that compare to a Gem Dragon/Psion in terms of versatility and power?

>> No.41959366

Lightning from Final Fantasy 13, probably something involving historical figures via Fate/ and Civ and the like

>> No.41959378

Huh. So you can.

The fuck's up with that?

>> No.41959410

So would it be cheating if I just so happened to gain Doomguy as a companion? I know there's more OP companions this early, but I would assume he would negate a good 90% of jumps.

Also captcha fucking loves kayaks.

>> No.41959434

It was made back before we had every form of immortality and when the idea of dying being a chain-ender was still a thing.

>> No.41959435

A Question for all you jumpers. In your jumps was there a place you specifically avoided like the plague because your pretty sure you would have gotten stomped.
For me it was point lookout in Fallout. I happened through the wasteland caught sight of that river boat shuddered and headed on my way as fast as possible.

>> No.41959474

Which jump offers the possibility to companion Doomguy? And is this the soldier in Doom, or Memetic Doomguy?

>> No.41959535

It's not that i have a problem with it, more that i don't understand.

Mercer regenerated from that Nuke at the end with, like, one veins worth of virus goo and a raven/crow.

>> No.41959553


I see you're new to this whole business. I'm...pretty sure he wouldn't.

Also I don't recall any way of getting him.

>> No.41959560

Can I say how much I like that design for a dragon.

>> No.41959564

yeah, that's exactly why that limitation was put in.

>> No.41959611

I would assume Drop-In would allow Doomguy to still exist, as the Space Marine background explicitly makes you Doomguy. Or maybe I'm just grasping at straws, I dunno.

Memetic. I'm kind of a faggot for it, I'm aware, but I'm trying to not go full harem mode and not be surrounded by 16 year old girls all the time. Plus, Seeing Doomguy's reactions to things in other worlds makes it so worth it.

>> No.41959648

Dying's still a chain ender, bub. Otherwise we wouldn't have had that guy whining about planck units of time making you be instantly murdered.

>> No.41959697

...What. Just What. How would that even work?

>> No.41959707

...You do realize that there are tons of things that could kill a Prototype, right? Like, a concentrated bombing could do one in.

Napalm the fuck out of the area, and hit it with a nuke for good measure. He/she is not regenerating from that. And this is with modern day weapons, not any of the advanced things other jumps would have.

>> No.41959741

Let us not go there again, tis a silly place

>> No.41959775

He was claiming that Out of Context Problem in Worm wouldn't protect you from the Simurgh instantly hunting you down and killing you, because even if she couldn't see your future she could see your past just a moment behind and reason out the threat you posed. This despite numerous people, including the jump author, telling him that it didn't work that way and you were in her blindspot until you directly interacted with her. It was dumb.

>> No.41959785

IIRC, in Worm, there is an entity called Simmurgh that sees using psychicness that encompasses all reality somehow and has powerful telekinesis. The second it knows anything about you, it'll have you murdered by dropping a bowling ball on your head.

This is obviously an outsider point of view, but it's what I was able to get from the conversation.

>> No.41959878

So the Tenchi Muyo! jump, how should i prepare for third time around and how should i disrupt the Chousin experiment? It just seems like a bad messing with omnipotent beings and fucking up there plans.

>> No.41959908

>bowling ball

It's much subtle than that. It just employs psychological warfare to predict what you'll do and where you'll be to ensure your future a) falls in line with its schemes and b) that you will, in all likelihood, be thrust into situations of high conflict and general suffering.

At the risk of once again invoking the nasu crowd: Exactly what can you do with Numerology? The wiki gives the examples of Solomon (who can build golemns), Roa (who can make his spells hit harder and generally seems to have a grab-bag of odd AoG-tier tricks) and Aoko Aozaki (who can cast magic missle. What.)

>> No.41959973

That's why it's an end jump if you go in that direction. You're messing with beings that have the fundamental building blocks of that entire universe at their beck and call. You're in their playground, messing with their elaborate sandcastle they've spend eons building.

In my opinion, this makes it the hardest final jump, because you're not messing with just one god-being, you're messing with three.

They are going to be SO PISSED when they track you down. They're going to lay a three way beat down on you the likes of which you've never experienced. Or they'll tear you apart molecule by molecule to see what makes you tick.

>> No.41960028

Well, if Homestuck ever gets revamped it might just trump that since there's like, a dozen god-beings and the most powerful of them are basically man-children throwing a temper tantrum.

>> No.41960123

The Age of Ice optional DLC isn't even an end jump and it's comparable in threat level. Your pathetic excuse for difficulty is beyond laughable.

>> No.41960148

It's also a bunch of shitty OC monsters Babylon made cause he hates the thread and wanted to make a joke about them.

>> No.41960155

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand picture saved.

My recommendation? Steal the Gems before Tenchi can get them, get a sample of Ryoko, fly off into space, and find a way to burn the Jurai home tree garden. That alone would start seriously mucking up their plans. If you want to go to extra mile, find a way to use said Gems and push Z's shit in. He's got 5 LHWs, so if you can manage to use at least 6, you effectively cancel out his trump cards.

See, the primary thing to consider is that while the Chousin ARE ridiculously powerful, they can only do so much in the 3rd dimension without completely breaking it in two. Which somewhat gives you the advantage so long as you can keep flying under the radar somehow. It becomes a matter of how long you can outrun them, because even the Chousin needed minions to deal with things (a la Dr. Clay).

Of course if you're feeling especially suicidal, go to Jurai and awaken the Counter-Actor earlier than expected. That would probably just send everything crashing down on their heads.
>pic related when you're done

>> No.41960223

We don't mention that because we aren't able to beat it. Being able to beat it is proof that you should be able to beat an end jump; which by that time, most everyone has already done. So no one talks about it.

>> No.41960231

That face is creepy as hell.

>> No.41960247 [DELETED] 

And in turn, I will save your's to send to my brother.

>> No.41960298

>poster talks like there's a Doom jump already
>I check the drive
>mfw there's a Doom jump in the drive
>mfw it's dated May 11th
>my wtf when it's been put in the Complete With Images folder despite literally being a text file. there's not even any ascii art. the old-style 80s shareware formatting is funny tho

>> No.41960311

◘[#55] Warhammer 40k:

Isstvan V-(Rolled 3)


>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)

2.Technical Training-(100cp)
3.Viator of Nullspace-(300cp)
4.Voice of Divinity/Arch-Heretic-(600cp)

1.Multifunction Data Slate-(Free)

1.Kill Team-(Free)


Use my skills and knowledge of the 40k universe to save the emperor the prevent everything from going to shit, then (Hopefully.) complete the endgame and get my spark.

>> No.41960337

Yeah the drive handler wanted to be cheeky since it's meant to be designed like a doom wad submission

>> No.41960349

And in turn, I will save yours to send to my brother. Sorry for the Grammar Mistake.

>> No.41960359

When you're going the full distance, let your giddiness show on your face.

But yeah. Basically by then you're blocking all three Chousin. By keeping Tenchi from getting involved or controlling Ryoko, you block Washu. By burning the Jurai Trees, you block Tsunami. By killing Z, you block Tokimi. Then when you unleash the Counter-Actor you're releasing something they HAVE to focus on, giving you one hell of a head start on things.

Of course, the primary thing to consider as well is that you can't let it hit Earth. You simply can't, otherwise chances are the experiment will succeed by raw chance. So keep earth boring, let the rest of the galaxy get thrown into chaos.

>> No.41960364

So, if i pick up Cresselia, does that counter the Damned Drawback?

>> No.41960389

It probably won't, and how are you getting a Legendary in the first place?

Hint: you probably aren't.

So enjoy your nightmares! Darkrai certainly will.

>> No.41960407

Pick up*

Why can i no type good?

Cresselia and Darkrai are enemies/rivals right? She should be glad to help me.

>> No.41960423

Are you allowed to take legendaries? Does it say anywhere you can't, is it just implied, has there been a precedent where someone tried?

>> No.41960450

I'm starting a new chain since this one just wasn't any fun anymore. I made a mistake by deciding to import companions as every opportunity, making extra builds got tiresome really fast and I shouldn't have tried to force myself to write the same summaries for each jump. Also, I'm not going to keep my builds in three different locations anymore, from now on they're just going on one singe excel sheet.

>> No.41960519

I don't see anything saying i can't pick up Legendaries in-jump, and it's not like people haven't done it in the games or anime before.

>> No.41960520

It's meant to look like a Readme from a wad, but yeah. It surprised me also.

>> No.41960563

You can't get the for free; you have to earn it by catching them in jump. Which is really unlikely for Legendaries because, well, they're Legendaries! Uniques! Not specifically uber stronk, but definitely super rare!

>> No.41960726

Yay, I won't have to rewrite my chain. And bumping into Groudon was because I took Hunted: Kyogre.

>> No.41960781

You can't capture the legendary from the Hunted drawback.

>> No.41960798

I caught Groudon so that we could off Kyogre. Fuck Kyogre. Chlorine Trifluoride is Fucking Expensive.

>> No.41960805

I don't think you get to choose what chases you if you take hunted, unless you rolled for it.

>> No.41960825

Fullmoon Island bitches!

Don't believe that Alice said she captured Kyogre, just that Groudon wandered into this wondering WTF is going on and why Kyogre is going on a rampage without him.

>> No.41960950

>I caught Groudon so that we could off Kyogre.
>Not picking the superior of the two.

>> No.41961013

You forgot part 2. Fire for the Win!

>> No.41961036

>That pic
Damnit, Groudon, you're not a Shōnen Protagonist, stop being so hotblooded.
Oh wait.

>> No.41961092

>dodgeball jump

>Item: Dodgeball. 200cp. An always perfectly regulation American Dodgeball dodgeball. By producing this item and striking a foe with it - any part of the body will do - the current local conflict (marital, social, business, open combat) will instantly halt so long as lasting harm was not intended by any party, and everyone that has taken a side will agree that the matter can be settled in a duel by dodgeballs, right now.

I'm imagining some huge giant clusterfuck of a battle - Tyrannid, Necrons, Orks and Marines as far as the eye can see - and suddenly this guy in a loud hawaiian shirt appears out of nowhere and bops somebody on their snout with a dodgeball.

>> No.41961116

In the year 40k, there is only dodgeball

>> No.41961138

>so long as lasting harm was not intended by any party
I would imagine that would be an issue.

>> No.41961139

>so long as lasting harm was not intended by any party
>huge giant clusterfuck of a battle - Tyrannid, Necrons, Orks and Marines as far as the eye can see

>> No.41961173

>As long as lasting harm was not intended by any party
>In 40k

>> No.41961183

... bugger. But then why does it include "open combat" in the list of possibilities?

>> No.41961239

Sparring? Competitions? Friendly arguments?

>> No.41961249

Well, combat isn't always to the death/maiming. Could be an honour duel or the like.

>> No.41961400

>my jumper disappears under a tidal wave of 40k enemies. bits of hawaiian shirt fly into the air.

>> No.41961856

Tell me about your nefarious nemeses, /jc/.

>> No.41961937

In Sins of a Solar Empire, do we get a Titan for free?

Also, about how strong are the three factions in relation to Star Wars?

How would a Star Destroyer fare against Sins of a Solar Empire-type capitol ships?

Could a Star Destroyer fight toe-to-toe with a Titan?

What about Halo ships? How would UNSC ships do in the Sins universe? What about Covenant ships?

>> No.41962027

Alcoholism, a distorted sense of morality, several addictions, and Kyogre. Seriously, It seems to show up every world in some form. Leviathan had yellow eyes.

>> No.41962055

Be more specific. There are lots of kinds of capital ships in Sins.

Though I will tell you a Star Destroyer facing up against a titan is laughable. Maybe a Super Star Destroyer, depending on the titan.

>> No.41962163

A chronic need to help others, slight pyromania, some addictions to junk food and alcohol that are not so much unhealthy as annoying due to Metavore, and Gilgamesh. Seriously, that blond bastard keeps following me. Somehow. We always end up fighting at least once a jump ever since I left Fate, and I have no idea how he follows me.

>> No.41962230

Yes, you get a free titan.
Hard to compare strengths, due to lack of hard numbers and variable tech as the game progresses in Sins.
The rest are harder to answer, except: Titans top out at 3-4 km (Ragnarov is 3.6) and capships are 1-2 km, while a Star Destroyer is 1.6 km. Take that as what you will. I'd figure USNC ships would get massacred due to lack of shielding, but comparisons with the Covenant are harder; note that most USNC ships are around capship size, with Covvie ships being significantly larger.

>> No.41962291

Twinkies. They just keep showing up in my warehouse. I'm currently 230 years off them. I have a coin and everything!

>> No.41962346

Jumpers, who were your mentors? The people that helped sculpt your philosophy, more so than your powerset.

>> No.41962682

The three that really stick out in my mind are The Doctor, Batman, and Sherlock Holmes, the whole "overcoming impossible challenges with quick thinking and a large knowledge base" thing really resonated with me.

>> No.41962744

My own sense of whimsey. The more powerful I get the more I have to fight the urge to undermine my own plans and themes with pure shenanigans. There are jumps where a jumper could do enormous good, due to the stupidity of the MCs, but part of me just wants to troll the shit out of the MCs and spend my time pointing out how easy their task really is.

I am my own worst enemy. I like to think the boss appreciates that struggle, and the fact that I lose to it sometimes.

Sorry Obi-wan.

>> No.41962814

Butterfly nets.

>> No.41962879

Russ Meyer, I made sure to meet up with him in my Hollywood jump.

Wrex, I like his take on the warrior-king.

The Doctor, I don't always agree with him, but he's been adventuring for long enough that his perspective is worth taking.

>> No.41962947

Dumbledore. Very Silly, Older than me at that point, also gay, Good with Magic, and taught me a very valuable lesson. "You are quite wrong. Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness."

>> No.41963008

didn't he have a son or something?

>> No.41963031 [DELETED] 

Where was that. Also, It was stated in an interview.

>> No.41963055

To the more knowledgeable jumpers out there, I have two questions.

How can I become a suit of Bio-Armor? (Like Venom or Carnage from Spider-Man.)
I took Cryokinesis and Electrokinesis from the InFamous jump. How would those two "fluff" together?

>> No.41963067

You're thinking of Harry's son.

>> No.41963080

You can't take two powers from infamous. You can just take a small section of a second power.

>> No.41963105

1. There's a Kamui background in Kill la Kill you could use as a starting point. The trick would be finding away around the whole blood dependency.

2. Actually in canon Cole can get both in Infamous 2. If you check out the Infamous wiki there's a few powers under cyrokinesis there that blend electricity and ice.

>> No.41963192

Wow, that's a really shitty capstone

>> No.41963204

Huh. I din;t realize. That actually makes things a bit easier. Thanks.

1. That's the closest I could come up with too. I guess I was just wondering if there was an alternative. Would the Animorph shifting or having a symbiote use Infectious Bite on me work? They are DNA based, correct?
2.I haven't played the game, so I'll check it out. Thanks.

>> No.41963231

I think Venom has just been retconned to be a throwback to a nicer race of symbiotes, so you could grab him while he's nice, (pre-spider-man or right now) or travel space to find the nice race of them (easy to tell if you found the not nice ones, because they're all adrenaline junkies).

>> No.41963237

And giving you a full second power set is completely unbalanced with the other capstones. This is not a new thing.

>> No.41963243

>Extra Power - You can take one power from a different conduit type. Draws from the same energy pool.

You're full of shit and saying things without basis claiming them to be true.

Don't listen to this guy.

>> No.41963265

>ONE power from a different type
>NOT a different type entirely.

>> No.41963266

>one power from a different conduit type
>one power

>> No.41963286

One individual power. Not an entire type of Conduit ability. Trust me on this, back when Quicksilver was still around he got asked that question at least a dozen times and that was always his response.

>> No.41963297

Ok, so how would a Super Star Destroyer fare against the Titans available in Sins? Which would it fare the best against, and which would it fare the worst against?

How would a regular Star Destroyer fleet fare against a similarly sized fleet of non-Titan Sins capitol ships?

>Titans top out at 3-4 km (Ragnarov is 3.6)
For reference, a Super Star Destroyer tops out at 19 km.

Mostly, I'm just wondering how effective Star Wars tech/ships will be versus Sins tech and ships.

>> No.41963357

My most influential mentor has to be the memories and experiences of the Origin Vielia of Tower Raphlanca

Before Ar Tonelico I was gearing myself toward personal power at the cost of everything else, but thanks to her memories and help I came to value my Companions far more and to switch my build towards sharing my powers across all of my buddies, that way they could become strong as well.

>> No.41963371

Why would anyone take this capstone?

This isn't even sub-par, it's not even as good as perks priced at 100 CP. How is that worth 600 CP?

>> No.41963435

Jump No.1: Pokemon
Name: Diamond Paige.
Age: 16
Region: Orre
Gender: Male
Small Town (-50CP)
Actual Starter (Free)
- Torchik
- Mental Bond (-150CP)
Mechanic (-150CP)
Technician (-300CP)
Pokeglot (-600)

----Items & Equipment----
50K Pokedollars (-50CP)
Flak Jacket (-100CP)
3X Master Balls (-100CP)

----Flaws & Drawbacks----
Damned (+300CP)
Marked (+200CP)

---- Finale----
The Next Adventure

So, most of my first year is spent traveling, trying to get to Fullmoon island so i can get Cressalia to stop Darkrai from fucking with my already close to nonexistent dreams.

Then i travel to the Hoenn and spend a few years finding and capturing Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre. Finally, at the 9th year mark, I begin challenging the gyms.

I think i'll have just beaten Sinnoh when the jump ends. Also, i might have started - and ended - a few inter-regional gang wars.

>> No.41963472

Fuck you and your shit taste, I like having a neon implosion bomb as the cherry on top of my Video powers.

>> No.41963476

Well usually aren't conduits limited to one power? I know the guy from second sun could learn others but I think that was his thing. He was like that one guy from heroes who could copy powers. Also since you have one power from another type maybe you can expand that to learn more eventually.

>> No.41963479

Because it's something literally nobody else in the setting, up to and including the protagonist, can do?

Also, why are you so salty over the second Jump ever made? This has been the rule since before Jumpchain even had its own threads.

>> No.41963513

I think the latter would work, though the former would require an existing bio-armour life form to morph from. Morphs tend to be specific forms and Bad Things like burping DNA happen when people try to mess with the morphs.

>> No.41963622

It isn't worth it, and everyone knows that. Jump it late in your chain to steal conduit genes and splice them to have all the powers, that's all it's good for.

That doesn't make it worth it, regardless if it makes you a special snowflake, it doesn't even remotely compare to high-tier regeneration which 100 CP and free to the same background discount category.

>> No.41963690

Hey, would you mind not trying to speak for everyone when presenting your opinion?

>> No.41963699

>splice conduit genes
Good luck with that, its all the same gene.

>> No.41963701

>That doesn't make it worth it, regardless if it makes you a special snowflake, it doesn't even remotely compare to high-tier regeneration which 100 CP and free to the same background discount category.

Well then you shouldn't take it. Just because a Capstone exists doesn't mean you have to take it. You can take other powers instead. As you have pointed out some of the lower cost powers are pretty cool. Load up on them.

>> No.41963763

Is it all the same gene?

>> No.41963785

Energy Form is Pretty Cool. Autocharge is useful in some situations.

>> No.41963840

Fuck off, you're not me and your opinion is retarded.

>> No.41963844

I'm pretty sure it's the same gene that just acts differently in different people. Don't take my word for it though, that's just from what I understand.

>> No.41963864

Silly details like that have never stopped anyone, anon.

>> No.41963901

It's your chain but don't you think capturing 4 legendaries is a bit much

>> No.41963946

>Jump it late in your chain to steal conduit genes and splice them to have all the powers, that's all it's good for.
You can certainly do that, however the conduit powers are really good early in the chain. It gives you some decent power and usually your not fighting guys who can obliterate cities for lols like you are in marvel, DC and many other jumps.

>> No.41963981

It isn't.

The capstone is BAD though!
It should be something I have to consider; something I could possibly look at and think "I can see the value of this. I can't decide whether I should chose this or the other things."

>> No.41964017

It is.

>> No.41964074

Yeah, it's not very good. Probably because, again, it was the second jump ever. Not much experience with balancing options yet, it wound up being subpar as a result. We were making it up as we went along.

>> No.41964076

>All capstones should appeal to me equally
You're an idiot. A capstone should be appealing, but it doesn't have to be universally good. Plenty of people this thread have stated they find it interesting. Just because you don't doesn't make it bad.

>> No.41964189

I have a feeling this is the Planck guy trying to start shit again. Just ignore him.

>> No.41964238

Which class of Super Star Destroyer? Executor, which could spend an hour to turn an Earth-sized continent into an ocean of lava, or Eclipse, which could do the same with a single shot of its spinal superlaser?

The trouble is, even if you narrow it down to specific ship models, there's few hard answers, because the two settings don't even use the same physics, never-mind the same technologies. You're going to have to guess, based on what you've seen in the movies vs the games. Don't worry about getting it exactly right, because it's single-player. Ballpark it, have fun.

>> No.41964273

Yes, everyone you don't like is the same person.

>> No.41964305

As the only Anonymous in the thread, I feel the need to remind you that it's 100% true and to quit arguing with yourself.

>> No.41964329

>Everyone who tries to start shit about old jumps by claiming that anyone who disagrees with them is wrong is the same person.
Fixed that for ya.

>> No.41964330

You're not my dad, me.

>> No.41964348

Yes I am, me.

>> No.41964350

bitch, I MIGHT be

>> No.41964357

Are you retarded? Can you not understand the concept of jump balance? Perks of the same price tier should be equivalent to each other, otherwise the pricing has no consistency and no meaning; it just becomes an arbitrary cost, the perk might as well not be available.

>> No.41964359

>Everyone is wrong and the same person

Fixed your fix.

Or is it that I fixed my fix?

>> No.41964363


>> No.41964384

Those 600cp perks all look pretty equally appealing to me anon. Slow auto recharge, brief energy form, extra power or granting your allies one basic power.

>> No.41964395

... I would like to point out that means you/me/us/them/they/it had sex with your/mine/our/their/there's/it's mother.

>> No.41964398

Oh, so you're actually a paranoid shitposter. Good to know.

Put a trip on so I can filter you.

>> No.41964408

But other people took it over other capstones, so maybe your sense of appeal is subjective to you and not a universal truth?

>> No.41964418

How about you do the same and then we can just ignore each other? It's a win-win!

>> No.41964427

4chan's entire poster base are just paradox-clones of m00t, really

>> No.41964434

To be fair, some of them probably took it thinking it gave them a completely different power set, instead of just one minor power.

I know I did.

>> No.41964526

That's true, but I still took it knowing what it did. The concrete conduit's ability to block the powers of anyone they wrap in concrete was just too useful to pass up, especially with the Invisibility I already got from being a video conduit.

>> No.41964545

Homestuck Jump. Update. We Need It. I need to be the Witch of Doom who is a Paradox Clone of Myself. Shit. I never met my parents in my first life. Does that mean...?

Jumpers, what is your Mythological Role? Who are you a Paradox Clone of?

>> No.41964574

Well, I didn't. Knew what I was getting, and I'm perfectly fine with it. Get this through your thick, autistic skull: your opinion is not the only one that matters.

>> No.41964585

Then you're dumb. All of the other Capstones are arguable worth 600 CP. They are useful. They are interesting. The ability to shoot ice as well as electricity, but nothing else, isn't nearly so valuable as being able to let other people shoot ice.

>> No.41964590

Where the fuck did I imply that

>> No.41964599

Homestuck Anon seems to have left for good. Haven't heard any updates on that thing in forever.

>> No.41964621

Your Opinion. Several people have stated they knew what it was and still took it, thus it's a worthy capstone, because it was appealing enough for people to take over these other ones you like so much.

>> No.41964627

Fuck if I know. I'd probably try to go drop-in, with a handful of anti-destiny/anti-time travel perks, just to see how much it would break everything.

Did we ever get any word of god on how class and aspect are determined, or is it still all fanwank?

>> No.41964636

I may be confusing you with the whiner whose post I linked. If so, I apologise for the misunderstanding.

>> No.41964652

So does this mean that the jump is up for anyone to make? It's been stuck in WIP limbo for months without a single word otherwise, even with people regularly asking for a status update.

>> No.41964659

So what you're saying is-everyone except you has a dumb opinion

Feeling's mutual m8

>> No.41964680

>Get this through your thick, autistic skull: your opinion is not the only one that matters.
It appears to be the only one with thought put into it though. As quick as you are to call others autistic, you're the one who's actually retarded here.

>> No.41964684

It's not. Don't start this shit. The jump makers last words were that it was going to be changed into an end jump. Nothing was said whatsoever on it being up for adoption.

>> No.41964719

I dunno. I forgot the protocol for this. Some people get angry about this sort of thing. Never understood it myself, but then again I originated from the CYOA gen so I'm less iffy about stuff like this.

I think the general consensus that if it's abandoned AND still a WIP it's alright to make something else

Fucked if I know how Homestuck would work as a jump, though

>> No.41964729

I know people are going to yell at me for this, but we should consider when it is acceptable for someone else to pick up an abandoned jump.

Although, in the case of Homestuck specifically, it might be worth it to wait until the latest hiatus ends, since we're supposed to be in the endgame now.

>> No.41964748

>I think the general consensus that if it's abandoned AND still a WIP it's alright to make something else
Except, for all we know, it is not abandoned. Guy never said he was leaving or gave it up for adoption.

You're right people would yell. This doesn't even have the justification the Dresden Files incident had, and look at the shit storm that caused.

>> No.41964765

All fanwank, and it's becoming very apparent that Hussie is never going to explain jack shit about mechanics besides what's been shown already.

Honestly, making a jump for the SBURB Glitch FAQ would be much more viable, and make it much more focused rather than having unnecessary additions like the current Homestuck jump has.

>> No.41964776

Fair enough.

What little I know of Homestuck makes it sound like a hardcore end jump more dangerous than tenchi muyo anyway.

>> No.41964827

>Guy never said he was leaving
We haven't heard anything about him still being around either. I think, if you claim a setting, produce a very rough WIP, and then disappear completely, your rights should expire after a while. It's not fair for someone to be able to completely prevent a jump from ever being made.

>> No.41964861

So it's wrong for Wild Card to redo a jump that was stated to be incomplete by the creator and who said he was leaving 4chan for good, but it's fine to redo a jump that has neither of those things and the last word was that he was still working on it?

Starting to see why people throw around words like Hypocrite here.

>> No.41964898

If anyone ever does make the jump, I really think it would work better as a more generic SBURB jump as opposed to a Homestuck jump. Less crazy shit going on, and it's actually possible to win. Maybe with a drawback that inserts you into canon somehow.

>> No.41964904

He never said that in his post though, where was Wild Card ever mentioned?

>> No.41964915

Hey everyone, I got an idea from a /co/ thread. Wanted to bounce it off you

You taste the air, fear, blood, gunpowder and explosives only found in, ah.

You have the year, 1944. A bit strange to start near the end of the second world war, but you've been in stranger- wait. What's that blue light?




A man hangs off a tree, one eye blindingly blue, his blood dripping into an open bowl below...

A figure in a crisp military uniform, one hand on a book, another palm upraised, eyes burning blue as they say "I do solemnly swear-"

London in burning, a statue is shattered, metal body with a meaty head.

A warrior stands amidst a field of blood and meat, his hammer arcing blue lightning.

An eagle spreads its wings over all of Europe, burning everything to the ground.

Massed battalions of soldiers, marching in metronomic unison, blue light orbiting their heads, their steps cracking the earth.

Hail Victory. Hail the Overman.


Your eyes open. Body, horizontal. Limbs, bandaged. Fluids, intravenously supplied. Antiseptic, curtains. A hospital.

Someone moves out of the corner of your vision. A doctor? A military officer? They left a dossier on your pillow.

The first page, blank but for the words.

Your mission, end the war.

UBER gauntlet.

0 CP

>> No.41964971


...mixed feelings.


...well um. I hope you're REALLY confidant in your writing because light of terra, long live the queen and robot unicorn attack are the only gauntlets out there which are widely liked-and even light of terra has a few detractors.

>> No.41964973

>4chan is not made up of one guy named anonymous arguing with himself.
Shut up, me.

>> No.41964975

The actual base premise, a game of SBURB, isn't actually that high powered at first. It's designed like a game, made with progression of character and strength in mind.

It's just that the inclusion of outside influences (minion going mad and obtaining omnipotent god-dog space powers, in this case) derailed the game super-hard, so much that it derailed a completely different session in a completely different universe.

>> No.41965004

Why does this need to be a gauntlet.

I mean, I legitimately want to know because I've never heard of the setting.

>> No.41965039

How did you reach that conclusion? Are you trying to stir up shit, or are you actually as stupid as you appear to be?

We haven't heard anything from him in awhile, and don't even know if he's still here. Either way, because we haven't heard anything in forever, and it looks very much like the jump is never going to be made. If the maker wants to post and say it's still in progress, fine. People who care about their work would chime in every now and again when we talk about it, but the Homestuck maker hasn't, so I'm inclined to believe that, maybe after a certain period of time, we should consider it dead.

You're one of the dumbest people I've ever had the displeasure of communicating with if you don't understand. If you can come up with a better argument than vague threats of shitposting, I'd love to hear it. Or, let's try this a different way. What's the one jump you absolutely most want to see?

>> No.41965041

I was told there are eldritch abominations larger than planets being slaughtered by some sort of invincible retroactive demonic time lord pimp.

Things must have escalated quickly.

>> No.41965054

Don't be ridiculous. The villain only killed the afterlife, the author, countless universes, and can time travel. And lesser villains only have attacks with infinite range and destructive ability, or are monstrous beings from beyond reality. I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.41965065

Do they actually block powers as an active effect, or is it just a consequence of your opponent being surrounded by concrete and/or game mechanics?

>> No.41965078

Not him but-bartimaeus trilogy jump? Please?

>> No.41965126

Sorry anon, but you're going to be used as an example.

I hereby claim the Bartimaeus Trilogy jump, despite knowing nothing of the setting and absolutely no motivation to work on it, and henceforth anyone else who tries to make it is a shitposter who has no respect for anyone.

Do people see the issue here?

>> No.41965133

Why don't I shut up? Maybe I should just go fuck myself, have I ever thought of that?

>> No.41965139

Not really. The Homestuck jump had a lot of work in it. More then Dresden Files did in fact. You've just got a contentless post.

>> No.41965142

>> No.41965160

...I'm starting to see why ASA was looking forward to this as his end jump. By the sound of things, there are forces here that could smear even experienced jumpers like roadkill.

Fucking Rassilon.

>> No.41965162

Funny, that wasn't the tune you sang when you gave Red grief over the Reborn jump.

>> No.41965187

We're still on the ninth page, still plenty of time to shitpost.

>> No.41965189

How can you tell which anonymous is which? Are you a hacker!?

>> No.41965194

You can't do that until you post a shitty rough draft an then leave with out a trace. Also, you aren't allowed to defend it yourself; faggots like us have to defend it for you, because you are gone and unable to interject.

>> No.41965197


Another question for Sins of a Solar Empire that deals with buying capitol ship templates.

>Each purchase grants one capital ship. The first two are free. You may obtain duplicates of each ship.

What exactly does this mean, we get 2 Capitol ship Templates for free? Or does it mean the first two Templates we buy come with a free ship each? I'm confused.

>> No.41965213

You've really hurt my feelings my trying to make some sort of strawman for an argument I'm trying to ignore out of a setting I'd genuinely like to see done as a jump someday.

I mean, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but.

I just wanted you to know I'm disappointed.

Seriously-anyone familiar with the Bartimaeous Trilogy? It'd be a fun place to jump. It's got conspiracies and wizards and djinn.

>> No.41965225

the dangerous hacker known as 4chan........../ kid

>> No.41965232

It just says "Blocks Powers." And since conduits don't need to move to use all of their powers, I'll assume it's an active effect.

>> No.41965233

Love me some djinn. Could you give a quick run down of the setting? Always happy for new stuff to read.

>> No.41965312

It doesn't matter, that anon is working on it, so shut up and deal with it. He hasn't stated to have abandoned it, so we just have to assume he's working on it, and leave it.

I will from this point forward defend this anons right to his work from any of you people who would dare disrespect that by thinking of destroying and stealing it, thinking you can have better.

>> No.41965329

Cute. But your sad attempt at an argument has no merit because we all know you're just trolling.

>> No.41965379

Germany hijacks Norse occultism in WW2? Hail the Overman? Um... unless this is Grant Morrison's Mastermen, I'm out of ideas.

>> No.41965403

Alas, I'm on an iPad so-I'll have to be REAL concise. But the basic premise is-wizards (called magicians in the setting) are elitist assholes. Almost all their magic comes from the Other Place-specifically, spirits they can summon and bind of varying rank, ranging from weak sauce imps to reality bending monsters. In their natural state they're formless, and they find the physical world extremely painful. Wizards have to hide their true names, because if spirits know them they can turn the punishment charms wizards know right back on them.

The plot kicks off when an apprentice called Nathaniel accidentally summons a djinn (mid tier spirit, though their powers can vary) named Bartimaeus. Who is, unfortunately for him, a total wiseass.

>> No.41965415

No. I will literally not allow anyone to think that they can besmirch the efforts of our content creators by creating the same content. I'm not even the same person, I've simply decided that enough is enough. No more Reborns, no more Dresden Files. If a jump for a setting is made, that's it, the first, the last, and the only.

>> No.41965432

Asshole wizards to smack, awesome beasties to summon, true names, snarky genies. Anon, this sounds awesome.

>> No.41965446

You're not funny.

You can contribute some ideas for a Bartimaeus trilogy jump, shut up or continue making an ass out of yourself-it's your call.

>> No.41965456

Let's also not forget that the villain can only be killed by exploiting "numerous bugs and glitches in spacetime". Whatever the fuck that means.

>> No.41965481

Good for you, want a cookie?

>> No.41965507

Okay never mind, you've seemed to settle for shitposting.

Dunno why I expected better of you, really.

It truly is.

The trilogy ends with an invasion of spirits who are all FUCK MAGICIANS, WE RUN THIS TOWN/PLANET/UNIVERSE and general mayhem. To say anything more about it would be to spoil a lot of plot in the first two books though.

>> No.41965552

I'm entirely serious.

>> No.41965580

Awesome. I'm gonna see if I can find these books and have a read. Dunno if I'd be able to make a jump of it, but if I get into it enough I'd love to try.

>> No.41965585

And you're also one person in a sea of...70 posters.

You can't do shit.

>> No.41965622

The audiobooks are pretty good imo if you'd prefer those instead.

>> No.41965635

We're at 404 posts, the other anon explicitly stated he was using my idea to prove a point instead of genuinely working on it, you can stop pretending you're not shitposting.

>> No.41965645

Fifth Magic: Check
It's not a Glitch, It's a Feature and For Fun and Glory: Check
Path to Victory and Spanner in the Works: Check
Of Destiny Born: Check.
Imagine Breaker: Check.
Lunar Dial: Check.
Monkey Wrench: Check
Death of the Author: Check
All of the Percy Jackson Fate Perks: Check
According to My Records: Check
Observer: Check.
I'm not ready. But I will be.

>> No.41965709

Godspeed, anon.

Oh, and one more thing-it's technically a quadrillogy. There's one book outside the trilogy called The Ring of Solomon about bartimaeus having adventures in ancient Jerusalem long before the events of the trilogy.

The most notable thing about it, I'd say, is that it drives home how unknowable the spirits truly are. There's a benevolent spirit there magnitudes more powerful than anything in the trilogy, who seems to break most of their conventions (being significantly encumbered by reality, having resentment at humans etc)

>> No.41965736

You're not ready for Lord English.

You will never be ready for Lord English.

>> No.41965750

>>41965736 is right.

He is already here.

>> No.41965756

>A benevolent spirit
>Far more powerful then anything else in the setting
>Not limited by rules
>In Jerusalem
>Totally not implying anything
....Not usually the one to say this, but really?

>> No.41965817

Hah! In retrospect I walked into that one.

But nah, he's still at the beck and call of the magician Solomon. Visually he appears as this matte black darkness humanoid too, and he's called Urazael IIRC. So if anything he seems to be styled more after an Old Testament angel than capital G God.

>> No.41965843

I think the argument is that he is stalling his appearance. I would be ecstatic if he was already here. I was always here. Nobody escapes a tragedy.

>> No.41965982

>Fifth magic

As in Aoko's Fifth Magic from mahou tsukai no yoru? How did you get your hands on that I wonder...?

>> No.41966037

In a way that most definately did not involve stalking her and watching her cast it with several kinds of magic sight then spending all of Civilization training in it, if that's what your insinuating.

>> No.41966090

A T-1000 could survive that. They'd just have to pull themselves back together again. Killing one of those is like killing Alucard; step one accomplished, now you need steps two through ten.

Speaking of which!

Jump 97: Twilight
>"I just took a shit which was a better love story than this."
>Think Of The Children! (+200: 1200)
Because someone's got to think of how to kill the little fuckers.
>Sullen (+200: 1400)
Hey, you'd be pissed off and depressed all the time if you were stuck here too. Hey, maybe killing every vampire on the planet will help... no? How about every werewolf?
>Volturi (+200: 1600)
You mean they'll come to me in order to be killed? How thoughtful of them!
>Age: 17
>Location: Port Angeles, WA
...well, at least I'm not in the middle of freaking nowhere. Just down the road from it.
>Identity: Mythbuster (1550)
Today on Mythbusters... we're going to test whether Hamon energy will make vampires sparkle brighter!
>Enlightened (Free)
Because I am Captain Obvious, a superhero. Obviously.
>Occult Knowledge (Free, Mythbuster)
"You can't hide."
>Anti-Vampire (1400, Mythbuster)
And it's going to be hard to break the plot armor of the vampires unless I am specifically immune to it.
>Vampiric Speed (900)
"You can't run."
>Our Monster Are The Same (600, Mythbuster)
Speaking of the local methods of fighting them... when I get bored of it, I'm going to enjoy the look on vampires' faces when their granite-like skin yields like playdough when I shove a stake into their chest cavity. Or watch them shriek like they're coated in acid, when I hit them with a balloon filled with holy water.
>Vampire Strength (0)
"But you can die."

Say, I wonder if healing spells, being positive energy, will still hurt vampires outside D&D. Gonna have to find out! I'm probably going to be rather subdued and mopey during my jump, but like I said... killing the local atrocities against all that is good and proper will help with that.

>> No.41966148

I think you're kind of missing the point.

Lord English isn't just already here, he's always here. He's always everywhere, at every point in time.

>> No.41966180

>Say, I wonder if healing spells, being positive energy, will still hurt vampires outside D&D.
Well, they're not animated by negative energy, so it won't work that way, but if you can pump in enough fast enough you may still be able to explode them.

>> No.41966272

Actually, until Homestuck Jump: For Real this Time comes out, It is literally impossible for any interaction to occur. Every story must have a beginning, a middle and an end. Every Story must have a Beginning and an End. Every story has an End. There is no story. There is no end.

>> No.41966361

If that wasn't clear, he exists, but there is no way to interact with him due to there being no way for me to be connected with him.

>> No.41966367

Ooh, I know. What if I resurrect them?!

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