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>And this is my Barbarian!

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Obviously a bottom.

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How does he see?

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>this thread again
for fuck's sake, OP

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Welp, if we're doing barbarians...

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And with all the gay stuff out of the way that isn't porn, more literal barbarian pics.

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Woah buddy, take it easy. This is a christian board.

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Where's her oversized codpiece? She might as well be a Fighter.

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I know I know, but someone's gotta push the envelope.

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Only if I get to play his barbarian sister!

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I am not the best at naming my files.

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I also want a Pokemon-themed Monster Hunter game...

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And this is my party's Ranger!

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Pose Sight, equivalent to blind sight for 10ft around him as long as he is posed.

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Ara Ara~

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And that's about everything from me. May as well throw a husbando-level hunter on top of the pile and call it that.

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This is my barbarian.

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Here's my Barbarian.

>What's your Favored Enemy Souta-kun?
>Christmas Cake!

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I went ahead and rolled up some camp followers.

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Kinda sad to see that troll barbarian posting left this pic behind.

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This is my Monk!

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DEX barbarian coming through!

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My soul is screaming.

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I'd let her Sabbath my matza balls if you know what I mean

I don't know anything about Jewish culture

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Fuck, I'm straight and this turns me right the fuck on.

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Well, I think the party's got enough barbarians, so I rolled up this fighter. No, seriously, he is a fighter. Cool your tits, DM, he's just out of his armor right n-

What the FUCK!? Where did those goddamn rocks come from?

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Unicorn goat skulls turn you on?


she's turkish so it's okay?

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Would a Shrine Maiden be more a Druid or a Cleric?

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>DM will never let me return to the fur strewn fire pit warmth of a hide tent and into the arms of my beautiful, adoring (and admittedly kidnapped) male lovers

I thought this was a game of fantasies and fun for everyone.

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I'd say cleric since it's a holy, priestly, sacred occupation.

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That's because the party has come under attack by titty ninjas! Roll for initiative!

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Rolled 19 (1d20)

I think we got this boys.

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Rolled 2 (1d20)


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Rolled 13 (1d20)

W-what are Titty Ninjas doing in this part of the Kingdom? Vile things.

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Tool Music Videos.webm

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Rolled 19 (1d20)

Don't matter. Gotta kill them.

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i feel like his ear should be cut clean off

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I guess the titty-ninjas vanished? I really wanted to bring the druid into this too...

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The titty ninjas appeared to vanish, and suddenly the party finds itself in a misty wood.

There is a path to the north, the south and straight down.

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>and this is my paladin of iomedae!

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Okay... how much ammo can I carry in my automatic carriage again?

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>not Sarenea
get it right

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Right is so cash.

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Why is she wearing all that useless metal?

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One bullet.

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And this is my animal companion.

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this is a good bread

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>Okay, so he hits you for... 105 damage and you're in negatives
>I hit on him.
>You mean you hit him?
>No, no. I hit ON him.

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The most attractive guys are the big one who aren't the smartest, but are competent, compassionate and steady.

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Seems a bit fetishy but I'll allow it.

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thank you internet

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Be still, my bea-ribbit heart.

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I roll to grape.

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Okay, so you are attractive, the question is, do you have enough intellect, wisdom, and charisma necessary to actually utilize that attractiveness? No? Congratulations, you are attractive, dumb as a rock, not very good at applying the knowledge you DO somehow manage to retain, and are a dead fish in social situations.

Oh well, you can still be useful, we can whore you out to Gnolls and some of the stupider Ogre/Orc-kin when we aren't throwing you at the walls of hostile abominations, you waste of resources.

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Cool! This is my Bard. He's the barbarian's little brother.

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I prefer "Don't run kids! I'm going to tie you to the radiator and grape ya!"

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I can't tell if I should feel sorry for the guy, or laugh, when he has all those badass tattoos and scars, but has the story of how he got dumped drawn across his chest. Also a fetus on his forehead

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Ears are remarkably resilient. Theres even cases of an ear chewed off being places back on the head and held to it with nothing but bandages and it eventually reattaching. That being said if the cartilage its made out of gets damaged it tends to grow in weird ways such as cauliflower ear and it can do this with very little damage or rhyme or reason. Ear got clipped during barfight. Talking the tiniest little cut and now i got this sort of forward and outward facing 1/8" protrusion on the left ear.

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>And this is my Lawful Good Barbarian

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Okay, so this is my Cleric!

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Anyone ever played bard with performance dance?

How did it work out?

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I performed the dance of my people and promptly broke my ankle which meant i had to be carried everywhere while i regaled everyone on how great i was at dancing.
the dance was performed perfectly

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Oh, look, it's this thread, AGAIN.

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Oh, look, it's this post, AGAIN.

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Does it have lower than 2 int?

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